(After you've read the first four chapters) What will happen at the braces installment?

Upper and bottom fixed expanders
37 (38.1%)
Upper fixed, bottom removable expanders
10 (10.3%)
Add an unexpected lip bumper
29 (29.9%)
Add unexpected bite blocks on molars
17 (17.5%)
Sarah sets the place on fire, races away in her car and continues her life on a desert island.
4 (4.1%)

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Author Topic: Story - Relax a little  (Read 7608 times)

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Re: Story - Relax a little
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This is my favorite story on here. Please write more!

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Re: Story - Relax a little
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This is really well written!

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Re: Story - Relax a little
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Thank you @bsma189, @cbraces522, @tdella and @castleg! Great to hear you like the story, keeps me motivated to actually finish the story :D

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Re: Story - Relax a little
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Chapter 8 - "The acrylic follows her teeth perfectly, see that Sandra?"

"Alright. Time for you lower expander," Davies announced. "You'll wear it day and night except for brushing. Because you'll talk a little funny, you may also make an exception for important meetings like we've discussed before. But I don't prefer that as we don't want it to lose its function. We want it to move your teeth."

Thomas breathed in.

Sarah looked small in the modern, sturdy chair. Smaller than Thomas had ever seen her before. She watched the room like it was a prison she couldn't escape and lay down obediently. The only thing that she had control of was the way she touched Thomas' hands on her belly.

"I want to check if it fits just as nicely with the bonded expander fixed in place." Davies got the bulky plate from the tray and cupped Sarah's chin and cheek with his other hand. He then lay his thumb just below her bottom lip in a request to open her mouth.

Sarah didn't stare-battle her new device this time.  She studied the ceiling like a lost puppy, desperately trying to get herself into a different world, into sedation, into whatever could help her to get rid of the appliance in front of her.

Which Thomas thought was even worse than following the expander around. Getting into her own headspace meant that she had lost it, that it was too much.

She wasn't communicating. She wasn't expressing herself. She was trying to make herself disappear.

Not good.

What caused it though? Was it her previous experience with braces? Was it embarrassment? Or was it the fear of being out of control? The thought that she needed these tools and this treatment?

"I will put the bottom expander in and you'll hear a click sound."

When Sarah opened her mouth, Davies put the plastic piece in there. After it clicked, he began pushing the plate with his thumbs, placing his index fingers under Sarah's chin for support. He pressed on her molars and behind her front teeth multiple times.

Thomas noticed how the gloves of Davies' index fingers were still a bit wet from Sarah's saliva and how it made moist spots under her chin.

"Hmm, perfect," Davies mumbled. "The acrylic follows her teeth perfectly, see that Sandra?"

Sandra moved her stool closer and bent over to study what Davies pointed at.

"Here, the Adam clasps fall nicely over her molars. And the screw aligns the middle of her front teeth. I only worry about the acrylic here with the bonded parts of the upper expander." 

Suddenly the older man turned very pensive and Thomas bit his lip.

What were they all talking about?  Thomas couldn't even explain it other than incomprehensible jargon.

Sarah shut her eyes and creased her brows tightly.

It didn't take long before they started discussing Sarah's bite again, her molars, and the way they were tipped inwards.

Thomas couldn't imagine what it was like for Sarah, being examined like she was. She had bright light directed at her mouth, at an appliance, or rather appliances, she probably felt embarrassed about. Appliances that she hadn't even seen what it looked like on her. Moreover, she had two people bent over closely analyzing aids they had produced for Sarah. Aids that were necessary and the dentists were presumably proud of.

He could feel Sarah shudder.

Her feet twitched and her arms were jittery.

She must feel exposed.

It couldn't be any other way.

Thomas bit the other side of his lip. He felt sorry for her. Sorry for her exposition. Sorry for the discomfort. Sorry for genetics, the reason her teeth needed movement. Sorry for the appliances needed to do that.

Then, the two medics finally got the appliance out, scraped something away, and placed it again.

The sound it made when it clicked in was weird.

"Bite down for me Sarah," Davies asked as he raised the chair upwards. Davies got his hands out of the way and Sarah opened her eyes.

Sarah's hair fell over her shoulders when she was upright and she looked a little confused, mouth slightly open.

All Thomas could make out of her expression then was that she was scared to bite down. Maybe she was scared of the feeling that would follow. Or she was scared of how far she would be able to close her mouth.

Thomas could only guess.

He did see though, how Sarah watched Dr. Davies one more time en then closed her mouth.

It was the first time without any fingers or instruments around.

When she bit down a light thump was heard. Although Sarah's lips didn't meet, Sarah stopped closing her mouth. It was like her mouth was forced into the position it was now in. Were those the 'bite blocks' Sandra and Davies had been talking about?

Sarah flinched and instantly brought her lips together over her teeth, which was a weird sight. It made the skin around her cheeks stretch. Her chin was wrinkled and her mouth trembled some.

She opened her lips again with a small popping sound. She frowned hard.

Thomas felt Sarah's hands move like she wanted to feel or take out her expanders, but she resisted. Probably because she knew she couldn't nor shouldn't take them out.

"Very good. You're done." Davies announced.

Thomas smiled and gently shook Sarah's hands to congratulate her on her courage.

Sarah however, remained occupied with her new body parts. She quietly moved her lips around. Her jaw muscles quivered.

"Hey," Thomas tried, "good job!"

It was then that Thomas got the weirdest smile he'd ever gotten. It was almost scary. Sarah tried to laugh with her lips closed, which she never did. Her nose was stretched out from the effort.

Did she not dare to smile anymore?

In a matter of seconds, Sarah composed herself as she did during important work meetings or conversations with strangers. She shook her shoulders and took a deep breath.

"It all fits nicely," said Davies as he undid his gloves and mask. "No worries about swallowing or speaking. Most patients report no serious troubles. It takes a few days to get used to the appliances, which is normal. Singing and reading aloud will help. Sandra will give you further instructions-" He got up and threw some materials in the bin. "Any questions?"

No questions came up, so Davies smiled friendly. "I will see you next time then."

It didn't take long before Davies had left the room, instructions had started and instructions ended. Thomas and Sarah were ready to go home.

Sandra's help had been very welcome. She was understanding and sweet and got them through the many tips and tricks they needed. Swallowing had still been unpleasant, but not as much of an issue as when Sarah had been under Davies' watch. She hadn't talked though, only a few whispered words, which concerned Thomas.

Once outside the room, Thomas put his arm around Sarah. "You were so brave. I'm proud of you." He wanted to kiss her but decided against it as they were in the middle of a professional clinic. Not that Thomas minded that, but he knew it would bother Sarah.

Outside, before entering the car, he kissed the top of Sarah's head enthusiastically and felt her beautiful locks of hair. She'd just showered this morning, so it felt soft around his fingers. Sarah didn't look happy though.

Even when they were in the car, their mini-home, their safe place, Sarah looked down on her lap. She didn't make any eye contact. She remained perfectly still. Apart from her lips that moved uncomfortably after a few seconds.

Was she in pain? Did the appliances feel weird? She wasn't even wearing her lip bumper and removable appliance now.

"How are you doing?" Thomas asked.

Sarah shrugged.

Thomas put an encouraging hand on her leg.

Again a shrug

"They feel weird, don't they?" Thomas tried.

Sometimes it helped to give Sarah a start. To fill in what she was feeling, so she knew that Thomas didn't think she was weak or something. So, she knew it was okay to talk about her feelings.

"It was quite the adventure, right? Didn't think it would be like this. But you managed. The hardest part is over now and you know what... you did great. I'm going to call the newspapers. You're front page tomorrow."

Sarah smiled shyly and shook her head in protest.

Good. This was more like old Sarah.

Thomas was a bit surprised when he saw Sarah searching her pockets. "What are you looking for?"

After a second Sarah showed him pocket tissues and threw one at her boyfriend.

"Hey!" Thomas laughed, but his laugh quickly faded. The act appeared to be a diversion.

Sarah had gotten a tissue for herself and pressed it to the corners of her mouth, dabbing a few spots of saliva away.

Thomas wanted to tell her that it was nothing to be ashamed of, but he knew that Sarah didn't want him to see it. Which hurt him, because he was her boyfriend. No guilt needed.

Besides, it was a cute sight and she looked even a bit sexy.

But he respected her boundaries for now. The afternoon had been intense already and he didn't want to put her through more feelings.

"Beyonce playlist?"

He hated it, but he knew she liked it.

And to no one's shock, Sarah nodded.

Thomas started the engine, hit the gas, and enjoyed the music and nature with his new-faced girlfriend at his side who kept fumbling with her tissue, struggling with swallowing and swaying on powerful songs.

Another chapter quickly this time, thanks to all comments and the heatwave which gave me a sleepless night and time to write. To everyone battling the current heatwave, good luck! To everyone not battling the current heatwave, well...also good luck I guess? Don't want you to feel excluded. You are also my dear readers. ;)

And thanks again all people commenting!!

Even if this particular braces installment has come to an end. There are still plenty of wonderful situations left that involve braces * mysterious sound*  8)

Well, I'm going to sit under the parasol in my backyard today. Hope to see you all around next time!!

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Re: Story - Relax a little
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Keep up the good work, really enjoying this story!

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Re: Story - Relax a little
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I love all the little details of the installation process!

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Re: Story - Relax a little
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Really amazing story!

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Re: Story - Relax a little
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This is an amazing story. The characterization in particular is excellent. I'm really looking forward to reading more.

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Re: Story - Relax a little
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probably this is my favorite story

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Re: Story - Relax a little
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Great story! Could you please give a more detailed description of the lower expander? eg colour of acrylic, type of clasps? Thanks

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Re: Story - Relax a little
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It was a long wait. For me as well. I haven't disappeared. I've just started working again. Holidays are over, which means time to write is over. I had a completely different chapter 9 ready, but when I came back to it today I didn't like it and decided to try again. So here is a new chapter that I wrote in one hour and a half. I hope you all still like the story!  :)

Chapter 9 - "You'll adjust, Sarah."

When Thomas and Sarah arrived home, the first thing Sarah did was sprint up the stairs. Thomas hadn't seen her moving this fast in a long time. He watched her go and pondered following her but decided against it. Maybe she needed some time alone?

It didn't sit right with him, but since Sarah hadn't spoken on their way home and didn't make any contact with him, he should probably let her be for a bit.

He put his coat on the rack, walked into the living room, and made himself comfortable on the couch.

This had been quite an experience.

Sarah now had appliances in her mouth. Appliances she needed according to Davies.

Thomas had been surprised by the procedure. It had taken long and the appliances had looked more intruding than he had expected. Sandra had given them a list of how to take care of Sarah's braces. She needed to brush her teeth in a certain way to clean the upper bonded expander. Then she needed to take out her lower appliance and lip bumper to clean those as well.

Sandra helped Sarah practice putting the lower expander in and taking it out. It had clasps on the sides which had to cover her molars and there was a little wire on the front.

It was weird seeing Sarah with a wire over her lower front teeth. He noticed how she tried to hide it, pulling her lower lip upwards, but since she couldn't fully close her mouth because of the upper bonded expander, she regularly failed in hiding the wire.

He could see what Sarah had been so worried about before the appointment.

Davies had made her look a little different.

He had changed the way she held her lips together, the way she closed her mouth, and the most worrying: the way she swallowed.

Thomas had heard her struggle in the car. With a handkerchief held close to her mouth, she made small, watery noises of discomfort.

Maybe he should join check in on her upstairs?

Even if she didn't want to see Thomas right now, or if she wanted a moment for herself, he should know if she was doing okay.

"You're here?" Thomas asked once upstairs. Instead of a proper answer, he heard shuffling coming from the bathroom.

There she was.

He walked towards the bathroom and much to his surprise the door wasn't closed.

"Hey," he said when he saw his girlfriend standing in front of the mirror.

In the second before Sarah turned away, he saw a look of fear in her eyes. Her shoulders were slumped and her face was red-colored. His heart dropped.

Sarah was probably defeated by everything done in her mouth. She had feared the worst, had gotten so many reassurances, but still got those intruding appliances she now had to learn how to deal with.

He rushed to her, put his arms around her, and pulled her into his chest. He was glad to wear a thick and soft sweater.

After some light turns Sarah gave in and fell into his embrace. He felt her head fall against his chest and immediately ran his hand threw her soft hair. He kissed the top of her head and rocked back and forth.

"What's up?" He whispered after a while. He took her shoulders to see her face, but Sarah held her head planted in the fibers of Thomas' shirt.

"Talk to me," he encouraged.

Sarah shook her head.

Thomas sighed. "Sweety, there's no shame in this all. You did well and Davies said you will quickly adjust." He didn't know what to say anymore.

It was then that Sarah pulled away and for the first time since the installment properly looked him in the eyes.

Her eyes were red and puffy, supported by blue circles underneath her eyes. She honestly looked exhausted.

Then, her jaw stood out more than usual and her mouth was opened.

Thomas stroked her puffed and sweaty cheek with the side of his index finger like he would do with a newborn baby and smiled. 

Sarah looked down to inspect the bathroom floor tiles. Was she insecure? Embarrassed?

"Let me see them," Thomas asked. "You're appliances."

Sarah looked up, in visible doubt. Whether she wanted it or not there would be a moment that Thomas would spot her appliances. She couldn't hide them forever. She had to talk sometime, had to eat, had to smile, and had to sleep.

She turned to the mirror and inspected herself. She moved her lower jaw around, aware of her restricted movement.

Thomas came closer and cupped her jaw. He held his thumb close to her lips and searched her eyes for approval. She stopped moving her jaw around and immediately stilled. She watched him and he knew it was okay. He then knew she wanted to be in his hands. He knew that she wanted to be his. Still, he waited for her little nod.

Her little nod followed and his thumb pulled her lower lip carefully downwards. Her lips were soft like always, but they still felt different. He felt many small fractures in her skin, probably because of the treatment and dryness that came along with it. At the same time, her lip was watery with saliva as well. Like she wasn't able yet to keep her mouth adequately moisturized.

When her lip was pulled downwards, the moisture spread towards her chin a little. It was then that Thomas saw the wire covering her beautiful lower teeth. They sat nicely behind the metal bar.

He didn't see the lip bumper, and she also had to wear that one. He wanted to ask about it but knew it wouldn't be a good move. Not when Sarah had been brave enough to show him her new mouth.

"Looks pretty," Thomas said.

He ran his thumb across the wire and felt the loops at the sides. He touched her upper teeth in the process as well. Then, Sarah automatically opened her mouth a little wider. That's when he saw the lower expander in full sight. Behind the lower front teeth, acrylic took up some space where her tongue would usually go. He could see some metal inside the plastic, that's where she had to put a screw in. He remembered that from Sandra's instructions. The screw had to widen her bite. The Adams clasps surrounded her back molars. The metal was a little shiny, so Thomas guessed that it would be seen when Sarah would speak.

What would Sarah think about that?

She wouldn't talk with her mouth closed, right? That wasn't an option?

Please, let her be the same Sarah as always.

Then, Thomas softly tilted her head. Now he could see the bonded expander covering all of her upper molars. It was like she had this extra set of molars on top of hers. The lego stone in the middle with its metal arms took up some space as well.

He wanted to feel them, but apparently, Sarah had enough of opening her mouth. She moved her head, which made Thomas' hand retract, and closed her mouth.

"You look good Sarah. It's not that bad."

Sarah smiled slightly with her eyes. "I don't like it," she said.

Instantly, a drip of water ran down from the corner of her mouth. She had to slurp in a reflex and grabbed a towel to dry her face.

Wow, this was how Sarah talked?

This was how Sarah sounded now?

It was the first time Sarah had said more than one word and Thomas felt a heaviness set in. Her words sounded slurred and she had a lisp. A big lisp, which would fade he had learned. Luckily it would fade. But he hadn't thought it was this bad and he couldn't see how it would fade quickly. He couldn't see how this would get normal soon.

Sarah seemed aware of her problem as well and buried her mouth in her towel. She shook her head in disbelief and closed her eyes.

Once more, Thomas took her in his arms. Towel now between her face and his shirt and he stroked her back. "You'll adjust, Sarah,"  he whispered softly.

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Re: Story - Relax a little
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Just another nicely written story, it is interesting where it may leed.

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Good job @teddybear