(After you've read the first four chapters) What will happen at the braces installment?

Upper and bottom fixed expanders
37 (38.1%)
Upper fixed, bottom removable expanders
10 (10.3%)
Add an unexpected lip bumper
29 (29.9%)
Add unexpected bite blocks on molars
17 (17.5%)
Sarah sets the place on fire, races away in her car and continues her life on a desert island.
4 (4.1%)

Total Members Voted: 57

Author Topic: Story - Relax a little  (Read 8248 times)

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Re: Story - Relax a little
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Really anticipating the next chapter.  Can't remember a story that had me so engaged.  I'm sure I'm not alone.  No pressure intended  ;)  I'm sure it will be worth the wait.

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Re: Story - Relax a little
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Thanks again everyone who commented and voted!! Now that I've access to the bracesstories part on the site, I see Sarah in a lot of stories. Whoops... Wasn't aware of that before. We can conclude Sarah's are born with misaligned teeth. Anyways, here we go with the next chapter... ;D

@retained Thanks!! I'll change the 'freezed', thanks for letting me know! Oh and didn't know about pirate Radio Caroline and Radio Veronica. Often they speak very fast on the radio I find, so congrats on learning some Dutch  ;D

@TimeandBrace Honestly, I don't think I'll put Sarah into headgear, but I do plan on elaborating on her previous experiences which includes headgear.

@corynnehunzyker Oh, that gives me an idea...  :) Nice to see you're so engaged in the story by the way!!

@hercimur Thanks for your compliment!  :) Next chapters will take a bit longer I expect, but I know what I want to write down, so that helps!

Chapter 6 – “So, what we’re going to do today is install your braces”

This time Thomas talked to the receptionist and Sarah followed him to the waiting room. There were more people now. Three teenagers in their late teens and a bunch of younger children with one of their parents around. Lastly there was an older woman, probably fifty years old, and when she smiled Thomas saw her brackets.

Thomas got up to get some books again, but Sarah took his hand and pulled his arm. Apparently she didn’t want him to leave now, so he sat down again and sighed.

Waiting was boring.

Thomas observed the kids in front of them. One had brackets as well and a younger child definitely needed brackets. His teeth stuck out of his mouth, even in rest mode.

He looked at Sarah again. She owned beautiful teeth and didn’t mind showing them. Her smiles were often toothy smiles and she happily laughed with her mouth wide open during parties.

These were her last minutes with an empty mouth. After this she would walk around with appliances for approximately more than a year. Appliances she couldn’t all take out.

Thomas felt sorry for her.

Sarah’s knee bounced up and down at a fast pace. She then spoke up: “Let’s just get it over with. It won’t be that bad right?” She nodded firmly. “I’ll just let it wash over me.”

Thomas's eyes got bigger. Did she really say this? Did she really go for it? Maybe his words from before made a change in Sarah or it was the fact that she couldn’t really escape her braces anymore, now that they were already at Davies’ surgery. Maybe she’d realized that she’d better just accept her faith.

Whatever made Sarah’s attitude towards her braces installment shift, Thomas was glad about it. He put his hand on her bouncing knee and smiled. “That’s the spirit. You’ll do great.”

Sarah smiled. A toothy smile, like usual. “Thanks.”

Not shortly after, the couple followed an older assistant, together with a Justin and a Kaylee and their parents. The assistant, named Sandra, directed them all to the right chairs. While the children found their way through the open space, Sarah and Thomas were brought to a private room situated in a hallway at the side of the main treatment area.

“Welcome, Miss Wilson,” the assistant said in a friendly manner.

Sarah smiled. “You can call me Sarah.”

Thomas looked around. The place was fairly small, white and bright with just one window at the ceiling. A blue chair was situated in the middle of the room and attached to it was a shiny white construction of a sink, a table with mechanical dental instruments and a lamp attached to it.

It was quite a unit to be honest.

Before Thomas could take in any more of the environment, they were asked to sit down. Thomas in a normal chair and Sarah in the treatment seat. She bravely shuffled her way into the chair. Her feet were already a bit up.

“How are you doing Sarah?” Sandra asked.

“Good, bit nervous.”

“No need for that, we’ll take care of you and take it step by step.” She briefly put a hand on Sarah’s shoulder. “So any plans for the holidays?” She asked and sat down on a stool pulling a movable table on wheels closer to her.

“We’re going to Italy,” Sarah happily said while looking at Thomas.

Sarah really was going for it! She seemed way calmer now and Thomas gave her a an encouraging wink.

“Italy..,” the assistant nodded cheerfully. She put her gloves on and started preparing some tools on a tray. “So lots of culture and beautiful, old towns to look forward to!”

“And pizza,” Thomas added.

“Oh, love pizza!” agreed the nurse.

Sarah chuckled a bit.

Well, this was a surprisingly relaxed start, Thomas found. He noticed that he had been sitting at the edge of his chair up until now as if he must rescue Sarah any moment. But he decided that he could sit back.

“So, what we’re going to do today is install your braces,” Sandra waited for Sarah’s acknowledgment and continued. “First, I’ll clean your teeth and get everything ready. Then Dr. Davies will come in and we will fit your braces, make sure the're comfortable and possibly make some adjustments. Then he’ll put them in and after that I will give some further instructions on how to wear them... how to take care of them etcetera.” 

Both youngsters nodded.

Didn’t sound too difficult. Just like Thomas and probably Sarah as well had expected.

Thomas tapped his armrest with his finger. “Sounds like a plan.”

“Any questions?” Sandra asked.

When no questions came up, the older lady tilted the chair back and only stopped when Sarah was laying fully horizontally. Then Sandra brought the horizontal chair up a bit, so she wouldn’t have to bend over as much. She asked Sarah to crawl upwards a bit so that her head was nicely laying on the headrest. Lastly she pulled the dental instrument tray that was attached to the unit closer, over Sarah’s body, so she could reach the tools she needed for cleaning.

Sarah crossed and uncrossed her feet a few times and did the same with her arms on her tummy.

Thomas took a deep breath in and out. He prayed Sarah could hold on to her calmness.

Though Sarah didn’t freeze, which was a good thing, she did follow all of Sandra’s movements with a watchful eye. She also gazed at the tray several times, that had been put just above her upper body.

You can do it Sarah, Thomas internally cheered.

“Do you like me to tell you what I’m doing whilst working? Or would you rather not?”

“Eh,” Sarah blinked her eyes, “I think so.”

“All right, let’s get started then! We want your teeth nice and clean before the braces go on, so I’m going to do some normal cleaning. Just like at the dentist, okay?”

That was good! Thomas thought. ‘Just like at the dentist,’ well… that was what Sarah could do. Easy peasy…

And…it turned out to be exactly that. The cleaning went pretty well. The sound of the drill was unpleasant and a few times Sarah’s cheek stuck to the suction device that vacuumed all the water from the drill. But Sarah didn’t seem startled by it.

It gave Thomas the opportunity to study the cupboards and the movable table. It contained a metallic tray with lots of tools. Some wires and a little plastic. The plastic form Thomas recognized as an expander. Would that be Sarah’s? It looked quite an appliance.

Suddenly the door opened.

“Well, look who’s in here!” Dr. Davies clapped his hands. “Family Wilson. Good to see you.” The tall man walked around, padded Thomas on his back and took place at a stool next to Sandra.

Somehow the energy in the room changed. Thomas tried to ignore it, but found that all he could think about was that the moment Sarah got her braces was incredibly close now.

“I see you’re almost done cleaning, Sandra. Have you talked through what we're going to do today?”

Sandra explained a little and Dr. Davies said hi to a laying Sarah.

Immediately the girl picked up her habit of crossing and uncrossing her limbs, like she couldn’t find a comfortable position to stay in.

Why did dentists always have to say hi at moments when patients couldn’t respond? Thomas got a bit frustrated, but kept his cool.

After Sandra finished cleaning, she engaged in what looked like preparing tools for the braces installment. Meanwhile Dr. Davies took the lead.
“So Sarah, we’re about to fit your expanders. Have you already spotted them?”

Sarah shook her head and licked her lips, like they were a bit sore from having been open during the cleaning.

“Okay, so here they are,” Davies grabbed two pieces from the movable tray. “This is your upper expander. You see the acrylic on the sides? That’s going to cover your molars.”

Thomas creased his brow. The thing looked massive. Different from the example Dr. Davies had shown during their first appointment which didn’t have any plastic on it. Was this whole thing going into Sarah’s relatively small mouth?

“It’s called a bonded expander which is a bit different from a banded expander. The acrylic makes sure your whole jaw is going to expand, instead of only your molars tipping to the sides. Plus, it will help to close your open bite. Which is what we want to achieve don’t we?”

The next part of the explanation Thomas couldn’t follow, because Sarah started breathing faster. Where her belly had moved a bit earlier, now her chest was rising and falling at a faster pace.

Because of his soccer experience and Sarah’s previous explanations about breathing, Thomas knew that abdominal breathing was way better for relaxation than chest breathing. It allowed deeper and steadier breathing.

Which Sarah obviously was not thinking about.

“- it’s removable. So you can take it out for cleaning and for important meetings at work. That was important to you as I remember. Though try to wear it as much as you can. So the appliance can do its job.”

This was a lot of info.

A lot.

Bonded. Tipping molars. Open bite…

What did all of that mean?

Thomas had already missed a part of Davies’ lecture and the bits that had reached his ears he didn’t think he would be able to recall.

Apparently Sandra noticed the overwhelming amount of information as well. “Let’s just fit it, shall we? We can go through all details after. I’ll give you a step by step explanation of how to use it. Don’t worry.”


So this was it then.

Dr. Davies adjusted the lamp above Sarah’s head to make the light shine directly onto Sarah’s lips. He put a mask over his nose and mouth and got his dental mask with a small lamp and magnifying glasses.

With a pedal he adjusted the chair to his own liking.

Thomas watched Sarah go up a bit. She almost touched the tray above her belly.

He wondered what she was thinking. Was she thinking about the expanders that she’d just seen for the first time? Was she focusing on her toes? Was she imagining walking through the Colosseum in Rome? Or was she thinking about the removable appliance she apparently had to wear all the time?

He couldn’t figure it out.

Sarah was gazing at the ceiling. Pokerfaced.

She got a lip spreader which looked funny and Thomas would have commented on it if the situation had been different.

“Okay, can you open for me?”

Thomas watched as Sarah obeyed and Davies, together with Sandra, checked her teeth out.

“Can you move your chin up a bit?”

Again Sarah followed orders.

“Well done. Sandra, could you pass me the upper palatal expander?”

While Sandra tackled the complicated wire-and-plastic apparatus, Sarah began wiggling her feet and toes more and more.

“I’ve asked the lab to let it cover her deciduous canine to the second deciduous molar. Maybe I need to adjust the surface. Can you hand me the- ”

It took a lot of professional jargon to get the device into Sarah’s mouth. Thomas could see it was uncomfortable. Sandra had to ask Sarah to open even wider than she already did and when the expander was in place, Sarah had her eyes shut and her nose scrunched up.

Davies held the device into place and moved Sarah’s head around slightly. “Perfect. Can you bite down? Slowly?”

When Sarah had her teeth together Davies gently took her jaw and brought her head to the left side, inspecting her molars. He did the same on the right side.

Sarah let it all happen, let it all wash over her, like she had told Thomas in the waiting room. However, she looked very tense. Muscles held tight and all.

“Let me scrape away a bit of acrylic on the left side.”

After Dr. Davies had taken the appliance out for adjustments, Sarah opened her eyes. Like she had just been for a swim, taken a deep dive into the ocean and reached the surface again.

“You’re doing well,” Sandra said.

Another dive into the ocean started. This time it took less long and when Davies took the plate out, he seemed satisfied with the result.
The procedure was repeated with the bottom expander. Thomas learned that the bottom expander was less wide, but seemed more plastic than the upper one.

At some point it clicked into Sarah’s mouth.

Sarah immediately recoiled, but couldn’t really step back as she was laying in the chair and Davies hand was still holding the device in her mouth.

“Easy, sweetheart. It’s okay. It’s just clicked into place,” Sandra told her. “That’s a good sign!”

Within a second Davies took it out. “It all fits properly. I see no issues.” He places the expander back on the metallic tray. “Ready to start, Sarah?”

As if they hadn’t started yet, Thomas thought. This was quite the adventure already.

Thomas put his chair a little closer to Sarah, so her hand was within reach in case he was needed.

Sort of braces time? But almost, almost, almost real bracestime…

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Re: Story - Relax a little
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congratulation, very interesting proceeding!

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Re: Story - Relax a little
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I make this suggestion to all the writers. Use a good spellchecker while you are writing your stories. It makes it easier to catch the mistakes as you write.

I recommend the free version of Grammarly. Sparky. m1090y and I write our stories using a variety of programs such as Word, OpenOffice, Google Docs, and Grammarly. It is easier to do it that way and then copy and paste it to the Forum. I also offer to proofread each chapter before it gets posted to catch any spelling mistakes that may slip through. Even the best writers miss things when they proofread their stories. Feel free to ask for help if you feel you would like it. There are a few of us that are willing to help, just ask.

I'm really enjoying your story. Keep going.

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Re: Story - Relax a little
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congratulation, very interesting proceeding!

Thanks!  :D

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Re: Story - Relax a little
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I make this suggestion to all the writers. Use a good spellchecker while you are writing your stories. It makes it easier to catch the mistakes as you write.

I recommend the free version of Grammarly. Sparky. m1090y and I write our stories using a variety of programs such as Word, OpenOffice, Google Docs, and Grammarly. It is easier to do it that way and then copy and paste it to the Forum. I also offer to proofread each chapter before it gets posted to catch any spelling mistakes that may slip through. Even the best writers miss things when they proofread their stories. Feel free to ask for help if you feel you would like it. There are a few of us that are willing to help, just ask.

I'm really enjoying your story. Keep going.

Thank you for the suggestion and offer to help! I write in Word and I've now put this chapter in Grammarly and corrected some mistakes. I'll try to do the same with upcoming chapters. Hopefully, the mistakes don't bother readers too much. I'm not a native speaker, so writing English is quite challenging already.

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Re: Story - Relax a little
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You are doing just fine. Even the writers like Sparky, m1090y and I can use a little help from time to time. If we all help each other, we all get better at writing.

You write very well and have an interesting idea for a story. Being able to write in more than one language is impressive, and to write as well as you do is amazing.

The more that you write, the better that you will get.

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Re: Story - Relax a little
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I am really enjoying this story. Very well though out and written, excellent work.

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Re: Story - Relax a little
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Good job!

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Re: Story - Relax a little
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Great story????????????????????????

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Re: Story - Relax a little
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Sorry for the long wait! I discovered that having family around on vacation doesn't go well with writing about your fetish. Hope everyone here is doing fine. Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments!!

Thanks also for voting on the poll!! I've given Sarah a fixed upper expander and a lower lip bumper. However... I've considered a fixed bottom expander like you voted, but I like the thought of her refusing to wear it and laying it on her nightstand and Thomas helping her out too much... so sorry for not following that suggestion. I hope it doesn't keep you all from reading the story.

Have fun!!

Chapter 7 - "It might feel a bit weird on your palate and the bite blocks keep your molars from touching, but you'll adjust quickly, okay?"

Sandra and Davies started hovering around. Sandra busied herself with moving tools, and Davies worked attentively with some clay.

Both medics seemed very focused on their job, squinting their eyes.

Okay, this was it then. The part Sarah had feared the most. Thomas was determined to get her through it all. He took her small, slender fingers between both his firmer hands.

Her palms were sweaty.

Thomas tried to make eye contact, but Sarah preferred the ceiling. She was laying horizontally with her chin up. Her head rested nicely on the top part of the chair that slightly curved upwards on the sides. Her neck, back, and feet perfectly followed the hilly form of the chair.

"All right, Sarah. We're going to put your upper expander in place," Davies said, not looking up from working on the expander.

Thomas watched Davies' hands carefully put a white substance on the device.

The appliance looked massive. It had bulky, plastic pieces of light-blue glitter on the sides, like wings on an airplane. The wings were attached to a central plastic part with four metal rods. Was this thing going into Sarah's mouth permanently? How would this thing ever become a comfortable part of Sarah's body?

"Okay, Sarah. Open really wide." Sandra asked as Davies got the expander.

Thomas remembered he had told Sarah she wouldn't even notice her new appliance after a day. How could he ever be so stupid to have told her that?

The expander looked wider than her actual teeth and the acrylic part in the middle seemed bigger than a lego stone. Thomas tried to imagine what it would be like having a lego stone in his mouth all day. Eating with it, talking with it...

"Can you open your mouth for us, sweetheart?"

Sarah's hand instantly turned into a sweatpool. Thomas run his thumb over her palm. Not that it was ever going to be enough to take her worries away, but he could try. He felt her heart beating through her skin at a fast and steady pace.

He watched Sarah swallow heavily while her eyes darted the ceiling.


Only after a third call, Sarah opened her mouth. Slowly. Carefully. Reluctantly. Her lips quivered a bit and her eyes got big and wide. Thomas could see her pupils were elated as her eyes turned into a darker color.

When Davies held the device in front of Sarah's mouth, she tried to spot the device. Like she was looking for the darkest enemy following her. An enemy that was soon going to be a part of her. An enemy she had to learn to live with.

She observed the thing as best as she could, but when Davies moved it inside her mouth, she had to give up. The appliance was out of sight. She had to have faith in the two people sailing above her, watching her and working on her.

"Very good," Sandra petted Sarah's shoulder. "You'll feel some of the glue that might taste sour."

The two medics pushed the expander over her teeth. Thomas could see it was an important job as Sandra and Davies inspected Sarah's mouth from all sides. Probbably to check if the airplane had landed correctly. They pushed one more time to get the thing over her molars.

Sarah squinted a bit. She brought her teeth closer together, but couldn't close her mouth fully because of all the fingers inside. Thomas could see that she tried her best to keep her head still.

Once the expander was in place, Sandra immediately put two fingers at it, holding it securely against Sarah's palate. "That's it. We'll take away the excess glue now."

Sarah didn't react. She closed her eyes and moved her chin down a bit, which seemed hard as Sandra held the expander.

Taking away the excess glue took a while. David swept with one cotton wool after the other, having Sarah's head bend over slightly from time to time.

How would Sarah feel now that the lego block with wings was inside? Both Thomas and her hadn't expected the appliance to look like this in her mouth. They had seen examples on white molds, but in a real mouth, in Sarah's mouth, it appeared different.

Maybe it was because the expander intruded in her life. In his girlfriend's life instead of an unfamiliar object.

Thomas watched as Sarah followed the motions of the two hands working on her. She tilted her head up and to the sides while having her eyes closed. She was doing alright. She was okay. Thomas squeezed her clammy hands and felt Sarah squeeze back. She trembled.

It would soon be over, Thomas thought.
"Try to stay still, Sarah."

After the sweeping Sandra got a big, white stick. "Okay, sweetie. We're ready to glue the expander in, and we will do that with a UV lamp. The light will help the glue settle. It doesn't hurt, you will only hear some beeping, all right?"

In no way could Sarah talk. Thomas had expected her to nod a bit or to say something with her eyes. But she didn't do any of that. She just kept laying still, like she was in her own world somewhere far away.

The roots of her long, dark hair seemed clammy just above her forehead.

"It's okay, Sarah," Thomas said. He wanted to take her on his lap and cuddle her. He wanted to tell her it was going to be all right. It was just an orthodontic treatment. Something she needed to get a wonderful smile. The expander wasn't going to be in her mouth forever.

Sarah however flinched as soon as the lamp started beeping.

Thomas saw blue light coming from Sarah's mouth. He remembered the beeping from getting his braces. Right after this, the braces would be stuck in there.

The beeping went on and Sarah bravely held her mouth open. Her nose was scrunched up like she was hurt.

Davies and Sandra both focused on the mouth of their patient. They had probably done this a million times before. They worked in sync without hitches, like working on the assembly line in a factory. They moved their fingers around in a rhythmic way, finding the right spots to keep the stick and to hold the appliance.

Thomas was a bit afraid they had lost sight of Sarah's feelings now that they were doing hardcore orthodontic stuff.

Sarah didn't look comfortable. The always composed and enthusiastic  Sarah even lightly moaned at some point and... she just didn't look okay.

Thomas started to feel alarmed. He hadn't expected to hate the sight in front of him, but he did. He hated how two people worked inside Sarah's mouth, had her open her mouth for so long, and placed a device Sarah felt uncomfortable about.

But it was necessary.

Thomas knew it and Sarah knew it as well.

"One more time," Sandra kindly sing-songed, like getting an airplane in your mouth was no obstacle at all.

Thomas anxiously waited for the beep tone. It was done. Finally, it was done. They could take the lip spreader out now, give them that other stupid appliance and let them go home.

"Well done, Sarah. The upper expander is in! You're doing okay?"

Sarah opened her eyes, looked at Thomas, and barely nodded. Her eyes pleaded with him to have this all stop. So Thomas tried to tell her it was all okay and she tried to relax after seeing Thomas.

"Good. It might feel a bit weird on your palate and the bite blocks keep your molars from touching, but you'll adjust quickly, okay?"

Sarah squeezed Thomas' hand tightly.

Davies took over. "Good. What we want to do now is put two bands on your lower back molars. So the lip spreader will stay in for just a little longer, okay?"

Weren't they done already? Weren't they supposed to get that removable appliance, some instructions, and go home?

While Davies explained something and Sandra prepared instruments, Thomas saw that Sarah had bitten down and started to move her throat weirdly. It was like she swallowed. Or rather... tried to swallow. Her throat kept moving up and down.

Sarah moaned and instantly recoiled like she was startled by her sound. She blinked a few times and repositioned her upper body, trying to compose herself.

Was she troubled by the expander? It must be her first time truly feeling the airplane in her mouth. She didn't seem to like it. The lip spreader started moving a little as well. But obviously, Sarah couldn't take it out.

Thomas looked at Sandra and Davies, to find what? A reaction? An acknowledgment of Sarah's difficulty?

The two were only focusing on the next step of the treatment. A step Thomas couldn't follow.

"Everything okay Sarah?" Thomas asked.

Sarah searched the ceiling and shook her head a little bit.

Thomas looked at Sandra and fortunately she bent over Sarah. "I think you have a bit trouble swallowing, don't you?" She squeezed her shoulder. "Try to bring your teeth together and have your tongue do its work okay? I will get you a suction tube, cause it's not easy with a lip retractor."

Sarah tried to obey, but she seemed panicky and her throat still looked bubbly.

Sandra placed a plastic tube into Sarah's mouth. Immediately, a piercing sound ensued and Thomas saw Sarah's drool (?) being led away through a pipe.

Was she really not able to swallow properly anymore?

Thomas decided to bury his worry as Davies and Sandra seemed unaffected by the situation. They had Sarah bite open again, placed some sort of metal rings inside, and had Sarah bite down on a stick several times.

"You're doing well"

Biting down on the stick seemed hard work, but his girlfriend managed according to Davies.

After the blue light had done its job again, the lip spreader and suction tube were removed accompanied by some lines of drool. Thomas was glad the whole thing came to an end. The process had taken long enough now and much longer than he'd predicted.

Freed from her cage Sarah instantly moved her lips around and tilted her head, like she had forgotten what the room looked like. She moved her jaw around and frowned like Thomas had not seen before.

"There's a cup next to the sink. You can rinse your mouth if you want to," Sandra said and instantly Sarah propped herself up on her elbows and got herself a cup of water at the small plastic sink on the chair.

Thomas could see how some of the water slipped out of her mouth like she was three-year-old drinking independently for the first time. She covered her mouth with her hand straight away and bent her head closer to the sink.

Thomas couldn't figure out if she looked more upset or more embarrassed.

He also wanted to see her mouth properly to confirm she looked still the same, but she turned away and her hair hid the side of her face.

Spitting the water out sounded horrible.

This wasn't the composed, sophisticated Sarah. Even Sarah herself seemed shocked by it. She coughed some, put the cup away, and grabbed the sink tightly with both hands.

"Easy," Sandra told her. "It might feel a bit weird on your palate, but that feeling will go away, okay?"

Sarah barely nodded. She seemed in a total trance, hanging over the sink defeatedly. Her shoulders were slumped, and it looked like she tried to turn away from all the people in the room, hiding her mouth.

Was she embarrassed? Hurt? Overwhelmed?

It wasn't long before she had to lay down again for the last part of the installment. Even then Thomas couldn't see her mouth properly as she was laying with her chin up.

"So, here is your lip bumper," Davies showed them a little metal bow with a small transparent piece that covered the front. "It will help push your lower molars to the back by using the force of your lower lip. It will go into tubes on the rings that we just put over your molars. Let's see how it fits."

Luckily this appliance didn't seem so big, it was just a small bow in an arch shape. Thomas guessed it wouldn't change Sarah. She wouldn't even feel it in there.

Another series of fitting followed in which Sandra's fingers occasionally took over the function of the lip spreader. When the bow suited perfectly. Thomas saw it bumping Sarah's bottom lip forward. What was this kind of weird thing? It looked strange.

He didn't get the time to study this appliance, because Davies got the bumper out and moved on to the last part. The removable expander.

Sarah could take this one out and Thomas was delighted about that. No more construction work glued in place.

Before Davies could continue with the appliance though, Sarah's throat got bobbly again. She seemed to try and hold back, but that only made things worse.

"Easy, close your mouth and bring your lips together, then try to swallow," Davies said. "It's very important to close your mouth first, okay?"

Thomas couldn't follow what was going on. "Can't she swallow anymore?"

"She can, but she needs to adjust a bit," Sandra reassured him. "The expander sits on top of her palate, where your tongue usually goes to swallow, so it feels a bit odd. And because it's new, she produces more saliva than usual." She made eye contact with Sarah. "Feels weird, doesn't it?"

Sarah nodded at coughed at the same time.

"It's okay. It will soon feel much better! Just try to do what Dr. Davies said. Bring your lips together first, then swallow."

All eyes were on Sarah's mouth and throat and she seemed very embarrassed to be examined like this. She turned her head away and closed her eyes, focusing. But all that happened was her getting more panicked. Her shoulders moved along with her breathing as she couldn't get rid of the saliva building up in her mouth. Thomas saw the ends of her mouth getting wet with drool.

She shook her head and coughed.

"Hey, easy, easy," Sandra immediately interfered. "Let me get the suction tube again. We will go through some swallowing and speaking tips soon. Don't worry." Sandra gently placed the tube in Sarah's mouth again.

Thomas got a little nervous.

"That feels better doesn't it?"

Sarah nodded. Her cheeks were red, whether it was because of embarrassment or effort. But she appeared calmer now.

Sandra elaborated a bit on how to swallow and Sarah tried her best to the instructions. She brought Thomas hand to her stomach while doing so and grabbed his hands with her other hand as well.

She was okay, Thomas reminded himself. And she was doing well. He felt a certain fondness going through his body along with a little worry still.

In the middle of braces time! Yeah!!   ;D

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Re: Story - Relax a little
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Great story!

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Re: Story - Relax a little
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Great story!

Thank you acornjohn2001!!  :D

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Re: Story - Relax a little
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Re: Story - Relax a little
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Really good detail and character development.  Thanks.