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Re: Story: Rachel
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Nice updates

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Re: Story: Rachel
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Chapter 13 – Mike’s confession

Soon after John and Rosanne left the office and Mike and Rachel went back to work. Where Rachel was chitchatting all the time, Mike was quiet. Just before they were preparing to finish their day, Mike said: “Rachel, I know we ought to go to our own homes tonight, but something is bothering me. Can you come to my place tonight, because I have something to confess to you.”

Mike’s sudden remark scared Rachel and she replied: “What’th going on Mike? I know ouw welationthhip ith thtill a thtawt up, but what’th up. Awe we going too fatht? Awe you theeing thome one elthe? Awe you going to bweak up even that we awen’t in an official welationthhip yet?”

“No, no, don’t worry about my love for you or what so ever. I didn’t mean to worry you, but there is something you should know about me, something that I have to show you. And probably I should have shown you earlier.”

“Fowget about going to ouw own hometh. If it’th that impowtant that you thcawe the thhit out of me, we’we going to youw houthe wight away. At leatht you own that to me.”

Mike couldn’t deny at this point, so they quickly shut down their computers and left for home. The ride to Mike’s house was short but quiet. Mike was thinking about what he had done and how clumsy he had acted and Rachel was curious what was bothering Mike that much.

As soon as they arrived at Mike’s  house, Mike told Rachel to wait in the livingroom and that he would soon join her.
Rachel heard Mike stumbling around in the bedroom and within a few minutes Mike entered the room, carrying something that Rachel couldn’t see yet.
Then they fell onto the couch.

Mike grabbed Rachel’s hands and said: “Rachel, first of all I didn’t want to scare you or upset you, but today I realized that I might have been not completely honest to you.”

Rachel said nothing, just waiting Mike to continue.

“Last weekend I dared you to wear headgear in public, what you did with pride. You told me how embarrassing it was to wear headgear and how humiliating it sometimes felt. I know that these feelings are part of your desire of wearing braces, but may be I’ve put you over some limit. When you said today you want to wear the headgear for a longer period, I thought that you might wear your headgear to please me and to deny the discomfort, embarrassment and humiliation.”

Rachel opened her mouth to say something, but Mike raised his had and said: “please let me continue first. You might wanna say that you don’t care about the embarrassment and humiliation and you probably are gonna say I don’t know what’s it about to wear headgear, but, and that’s the confession I have to make to you, I exactly know what it is about to wear headgear.”

Rachel frowned her eyebrows but kept quiet.

“We have talked about braces and I’ve told you that I have worn braces as a late teen. What I didn’t tell you that I had more than only brackets. My treatment was a long one and it didn’t start with the brackets. I had quit an overbite, so my lower jaw was too far back. As you know some braces treatments, you know that you can pull someone’s lower jaw forward via several ways, like rubber bands on your brackets, a herbst as you have, of with removable appliances like a twin block. You might know there is something that is called a Van Beek activator. Within the braces-world that one is seen as the best for treating an overbite, but also the worst appliance someone can get.”

At this moment Rachel was slightly nodding her head to confirm that she recognized what Mike just said, but she interrupted Mike: “I have heawd it ith a huge piethe of plathtic with a headgeaw attached, but I nevew theen one. Ith that cowwect?”

“Yes, you are right. My orthodontist was an old fashioned one and he didn’t care about looks, comfort and humiliation. He just did what he was supposed to do and that was push and pull jaws and teeth in the right position. Knowing this, you wouldn’t be surprised that I was fitted with a Van Beek activator and that period of my treatment was hell. Although my parents were supportive and never made me wear the Van Beek activator in public, it was tough. The period afterwards with brackets and rubber bands was a relief compared to the first year and a half."
"You also know that after an active treatment, a period of retention is needed. Next to normal retainers, my orthodontist fitted me with a new Van Beek activator to prevent a possible relapse of my jaw position.”

“Okay, tho you had to weaw thome kind of awful bwathe that you didn’t tell me about earliew… Wath that the weason to thcawe me?”

“Well, It is not that I HAD to wear a Van Beek activator, but I still HAVE to wear it regularly. Up to now I wore it when I was alone at home, because I am so ashamed of wearing it in front of some one else, including you, but it felt more and more like cheating, especially after I made you wear headgear for the whole weekend even in public.”

“Okay, to get thome thingth cleawed. You have thome kind of – what ith thuppothed to be an awful – bwathe, of which you awe afwaid to weaw in fwont of anyone including me, but you fowce me to weaw thith humiliating headgeaw in public, acting like you don’t know what it ith to weaw headgeaw, while you know exactly how humiliating it ith?”

“Now fiwtht thhow me what actually a Van Beek activatow ith, befowe I can dethide what to think of what happened and what conthequentheth thhould be pwopwiate. I bet you picked up youw bwathe when you left me hewe alone, tho thhow it.”

Slowly Mike picked up the appliance he had hidden out of Rachel’s view and as soon as Rachel saw the appliance, her eyes grew.

“I heawd it wath big, but I nevew expected thomething like thith. Look at it… It’th jutht one big chunk of plathtic!” Rachel exclaimed: “How ith that thuppothed to fit in one’th mouth? Put it in!”

“But I can’t talk with it,” Mike reacted.

“I don’t cawe, jutht put it in,” Rachel said, now more strictly: “And tho that I can thee how you put it in.”

Next Mike disconnected the headgearstraps and opened his mouth. He pushed it passed his teeth and moving his lips around to accommodate the plastic intruder. Then he took the straps and put them around and over his head and connected it to the headgear piece.”

“Wow,” Rachel said: “that lookth uncomfowtable. You even can’t clothe your lipth awound it, can you?”

Mike said nothing, just shook his head.

“Now I know why the giwl in the waiting woom looked so unhappy. I think she wowe the thame ath what you have in youw mouth now.”

Rachel then pulled Mike closer, but before their lips met, Rachel’s headgear was hitting the plastic of Mike’s activator, getting them both to laugh.

“THo, kiththing ith out of the quethtion now,” Rachel said, while Mike said nothing: “but fow me that’th no weathon why you thhouldn’t weaw it. I think you look cute weawing it. That a tough guy like you lookth tho hawmlethth, jutht becauthe of a piethe of plathtic. What doeth it feel like to have thomething that big in youw mouth?”

Mike started to unhook the headgear, so he could answer Rachel, but immediately Rachel said: “Don’t even dawe to take it out.”

“I   cah  tah  wih  ih,” Mike tried, while some tears formed in the corners of his eyes.

“Jutht twy,” Rachel said: “If you don’t twy, you nevew leawn.”

“ahcuahy   thih   bwah   mah   meh   feeh   vehy   ihsehuhe,   eveh   ih   fwoh    oh   you” Mike stammered.

“I don’t cawe if you feel inthecuwe becauthe of youw cute bwace. Fow now you awe not thuppothed to take it out until tomowwow mowning, becauthe you thaid you’ll have to weaw it wegulawly and, ath I wath with you fow the whole weekend and latht week, I bet you have to make up thome time. I will make you a dinew that you can dwink, tho eating won’t be a weathon to take off youw bwace. Fuwthewmowe I will think of pwopwiate meathuweth fow a) not being completely open and honetht to me and b) thcawing the thhit out of me thith aftewnoon.”

And with these words Rachel stood up and left for the kitchen, leaving Mike in his own misery.

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Re: Story: Rachel
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awesome next chapter  :o forced to wear a vanBeek activator
dream would come true if this would happened to me. Interested in what Rachel will do with Mike because of not wear his brace

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Re: Story: Rachel
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Can’t imagine still having to wear one. Nice update

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Re: Story: Rachel
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I have updated TheArchive with the latest chapter.

The story just keeps getting better and I am enjoying it very much. Now both of them are enjoying their braces.


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Re: Story: Rachel
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Looking forward to more! Keep up the good work!

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Re: Story: Rachel
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Chapter 14 – Mike’s verdict

It wasn’t before long that Mike heard:
“Mike, dinnew ith weady. I aththume you undewthtand that I won’t let you take off youw bwathe duwing dinnew, tho I made a thoft meal. It might not look vewy appetizing, but it tathteth delithiouth.”

While Rachel succeeded in eating quite normal, Mike had more trouble. When he opened his mouth very far, he succeeded to get small bites into his mouth behind his activator. Swallowing was another issue, but taking small bites it worked.

The evening went by very quickly and in silence. Mike was silenced properly by his brace and Rachel was searching the internet, not letting Mike know what she was after. Mike kept quiet and didn’t dare to interrupt Rachel as she acted still being pissed at Mike. Rachel on the other hand wasn’t mad at all, but thought about pay-back time without actually harming him.

The next morning Rachel already made breakfast before Mike woke up and when he arrived in the kitchen she said: “Goodmowning thweetheawt, I’ll thhow you mewthy and let you take off youw bwathe, tho you can have a pwopew bweakfatht.”

Thankfully Mike quickly released the headgearstraps and took the activator out of his mouth, visibly relieved that the big intruder has gone.

Then Rachel continued: “Yethtewday I told you I would think about appwopwiate meathuweth wegawding youw behaviow towawdth me, but befowe I make my dethithion, you have to tell me two thingth. Fiwtht, how much do you have to weaw youw bwathe and thecond, ith thewe a poththibility of negative effectth, bethideth youw thelf-aththuwance if you weaw youw bwathe fow a longew pewiod.”

“Rachel, I’m really sorry for my behavior and I will accept the consequences. I understand that I might have hurt you. Please know that I didn’t mean to.”

“They told me it would be the best if I wear my activator one day per week, but more is no problem. As it isn’t an active appliance but acts like a retainer, it won’t do any harm but discomfort.”

At this point Rachel had trouble hiding her amusement facing the pitiful Mike, but she succeeded barely, saying: “Okay, I’ll take youw wowdth into account and will get back to it latew. Might take a few weekth. Let pwepawe fow wowk now.”

During the next weeks the subject was never brought up. Mike didn’t dare to ask and Rachel just let it happen. About once a week Mike put in his activator and headgear after dinner. Every time he was wearing it, Rachel couldn’t stop teasing him, sometimes by asking him questions showing his trouble talking, sometimes making something nice to eat that took a lot of effort, or teasing him by kissing just the plastic of the brace, leaving Mike in agony.

Another weekend Rachel and Mike had planned to make a hike of a few days. Before they got involved in a relationship, Rachel made several hikes all alone, while Mike just made daytrips, so it was clear that Rachel organized the weekend.

They took the Friday off, and after breakfast they left, this time Rachel behind the wheel.

“Can you tell me where we are going this weekend?” Mike asked, just after they left.

“In the black mountainth I found a thwee day hike with lot of vawietieth. We will pathth a few thummitth, laketh, thome fowethtth and tho on. The hike ith only known in a thmall fowum of enthuthiathtic hikewth, tho we won’t thee a lot of people, if we thee people at all. Fuwthewmowe we will thee a vawiety of biwdth. I expect it will be you and me and thome biwdth.”

“Sounds good to me. Looking forward to enjoy the beautiful nature and of course your beauty.”

“That wemindth me of thomething,” Rachel said smiling widely: “The latht time we went out fow the weekend, you had a thuwpwithe fow me and made me weaw thith headgeaw fulltime, humiliating me in public. On top of that you had that tewwible confeththion aftewwawdth, of which you thhouldn’t be pwoud. You can thee thith weekend ath payback time and I’m vewy eathy on you, ath I expect vewy little public encountewth to humiliate you. I pwomithe you aftew thith I won’t wowwy you about youw brathes and headgeaw anymowe, tho you can weaw it whenevew you want.”

Mike got a little white around his nose, worrying his fate when Rachel continued: “THo open the plathtic containew. In thewe you’ll find youw activatow and headgeaw. You will weaw it until we awe back home, tho youw uthual Buwgew King on the way back home liketh to be a dwive thwough.”

Mike said only: “It seems not unreasonable. I’ll put it in as soon as we reach the wilderness.”

“You might not get my point exactly,” said Rachel: “You awe going to put it in wight now, othewwithe thewe won’t be a hike thith weekend, thomething that will cauthe you to dithappoint me fow the thecond time becauthe of youw bwatheth. I haven’t thaid thewe will be no public encountewth, I thaid thewe will be minimal. THo act like a man and put it in.”

A little overwhelmed by Rachel’s firm words, Mike didn’t hesitate longer and took the activator and pushed it over his teeth and when he bit down to push it firmly in place, his eyes grew wide: “Whah  dih  you  dooh  wih  ih?”

“Oh I juth added thome dentuwe glue to pwevent you to take it out” Rachel said still smiling: “It thhould come loothe aftew fouwtyeight houwth ow tho. Duwing my pwepawationth I found mealth that you thhould be able to eat with youw activatow in plathe although it wouldn’t be eathy.”

Hearing that Mike let out a deep breath and fastened the straps around his head, taking his faith

“Did I tell you, you look cute with cwamped mouth and those contwathting thtwapth? Although pwobably no one will thee you weawing youw headgeaw, I thought you might want to hide youw thtwapth, tho I bought you a nithe new cap. It’s in the bag undew the containew whewe youw bwathe was in. And on top of that I have anothew thuwpwithe ath thoon ath we awe at the pawking lot to decweathe youw embawwaththment, ow to dithtwact people’th attention. ”

About an hour later Rachel and Mike arrived at the parking lot, where three cars were parked, without any people around.

“You thee,” Rachel said: “No one but me ith hewe to make a fool of you.”

They quickly grabbed they backpacks. Then Rachel took some other items, that Mike couldn’t see.

“Mike, I thaid I had anothew thurpwithe fow you. You know thethe zip-tieth?” Rachel said while she showed Mike green colored an eight of an inch wide plastic straps.

“Oh couh I knoh zih tiehs. Whah ah you goih tooh dooh? Loh my bwahtheh?”

“No, I’m not going to lock youw bwatheth, I’m going to lock mine, tho you can dethide when mine come off.”

Having said Rachel pushed a zip tie behind the archwire of her two lower front teeth, going up behind the archwire between her front two upper teeth, to fasten it in front of her facebow. By pulling it tight, she not only locked her facebow in place, but also locked her jaws together. Then she clipped the end of the zip tie and handed Mike the clipper.

“You thee? Now you can dethide when I can weleathe my headgeaw ow open my mouth again.”

Mike could see that even when Rachel closed her mouth, the zip tie was very noticeable between her lips, as it was to big to close her lips over it.
And before Mike could say anything, Rachel turned around and started off to the trail saying: “Now huwwy thlowly, othewwithe whe won’t go anywhewe.”
It took about ten seconds for Mike to realize what happened, before he put his backpack on, shaking his head thinking what a strange but lovely girlfriend he had, before he qcuikly walked off to catch up with Rachel for some nice things to come.

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Re: Story: Rachel
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Splendid work this chapter!

Heheh, maybe next time at the orthodontist, she could have her headgear/jaws locked together with wire instead of a zip tie..

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Re: Story: Rachel
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Looking forward to more! Please continue.