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Re: Story: Rachel
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Chapter 4 – the first night

It wasn’t before long before he saw Rachel walking outside. He took a good look and realized he never had seen Rachel as a very nice looking and sexy lady, but now he saw her walking by, he definitely changed his mind. His eyes followed Rachel walking to the entrance and when she walked in, Mike thought her face looked funny. She had obviously trouble closing her mouth. As soon as Rachel saw Mike, she started to smile, but she kept her lips closed. Mike stood up to greet Rachel, but before he could say anything, Rachel embraced him and pressed her lips against his. Mike was overwhelmed by Rachels directness, but soon regained and replied her kiss. Her lips parted, but he felt no tongue coming his way. That’s when his tongue started exploring and as soon as he passed Rachels lips, he felt the sharpness of the brackets. Moving slowly around, he felt the roughness of the rubber bands and when his tongue went a little deeper, he felt his tongue was obstructed by some kind of metal fence. He felt the soft flesh of Rachels tongue at the other side, pushing though the fencing.

Feeling Mikes tongue searching for hers, Rachel pressed her tongue even harder through the tongue crib, but it made no effort. It was blocked very effectively. It made her even hotter than she already was.

When they parted Rachel smiled now broadly, showing her missive braces. “And, wha  hoo  you  thik  ov  my  bwatheth?”

“wow,” Mike replied: “just wow…” “I never could have imagined this feeling. Let me get a good look at you.”

While they sat down, Rachel parted her lips, so Mike got a good view of het braces.

“He made sure they couldn’t be missed, huh,” Mike said: “what did he put in your mouth? It looks puffed, you know”

“Fiwth  ov   awl  he  put in  aw  exthpawdew ,” Rachel said forming her words carefully: “It  hath  thethe  bitebockth, tho  I  han’t  clothe  my  mouth”, while she opened her mouth further and pointed to the plastic blocks covering her molars. “Itth qui low in my mouth, maki  it  hawd  to  tawk  and  to  thwallow.  Itth  vewy  pwethent. If  youw  mouth  is  not  fully  clothed,  itth  a  natuwal  habbit  to  puthh  youw  tongue through the opening,  thewefow  he  put  in  thith  tongue cwib  to  pwevent  my  tongue to  cauthe  any  damage.  The  wubbew   bands awe  jutht  fow  fun.”

Meanwhile a waiter had come to their table to take their orders.

 “I definitely need a large beer,” Mike said to the waiter.

“Wed  wi,“ Rachel said, while she smiled at the waiter.

“Sure,” the waiter replied staring at Rachels braces: “you guys want something to eat as well? Some bread, olives?”

“Yes please,” said Mike, while Rachel was just nodding.

After the waiter left, Mike looked Rachel in the eyes again, or in fact looking in the mouth again and said: “Wow, I just can say wow. You really are looking great and your braces are simply astonishing. I can see you look so happy. I bet you regret not getting your braces earlier.”

“You  don’t  know  how  wight  you  awe.  I  am  weally  weally  happy  with  my  bwatheth,  although they  awe  tough  and  I  will  cuwthe  them.  I  know  othewth  will  judge  me  and  call  me  a  fool weawing  thuch  mathive  bwatheth,  but  I  thimply  love  them.  You  know,  thince  they  wewe  put on  thith  mowning,  I  have  been  awouthed  and  thince  the  additionth  have  been  done,  it only incweathed. ” Rachel said getting red headed because of her pronunciation and because of admitting her state of arousal.

It wasn’t before long that their drinks arrived and Mike and Rachel looked each other deep in the eyes while they toasted, just a little too long for just a friendship. When Rachel took a sip, she soon discovered that it took a great effort to drink without spoiling it. Mike watched her struggling in big amusement. Rachel succeeded in not spoiling her wine.

“Tho,  you  enjowy  theeing  me  thtwuggle?” Rachel asked?

“Absolutely, I think you look very sexy with those shiny braces and I love to hear and see you struggle, of course I love it in a positive way, not a sadistic way. Seeing you so happy now, I wonder how you experienced this day, it must have been a rollercoaster of emotions.”

Rachel slurred away some saliva and replied: “You’we wight. Of couwthe I knew I wath getting bwaceth today and on puwpothe I didn’t tell you ow anyone anything. It felt good to pwepawe mythelf fow bwaceth without anyone knowing what I wath into. I fantathized a lot latht weekth, dweaming about my upcoming adventuweth and expewienceth with bwaceth. I wath weally dithappointed thith mowning when my bwaceth wewe put on. I felt thome thhawp edgeth, but it wath nowhewe fwom what I expected and I couldn’t hide my dithappointment. When my owthodontitht thaw my dithappointment, he fiwtht thought that I wegwetted getting bwaceth, but ath thoon ath he found out that I needed mowe bwaceth, he quickly took action and owdewed additional itemth fwom the lab. He didn’t tell me what he owdewed. Not knowing what to expect, I wath completely ovewwhelmed ath thoon ath I found out everything is fixed in my mouth.”

“Fixed?” Mike asked “So you can’t take anything out?”

“That’th wight. I can’t take anything out, except the elathticth. But ath thoon ath I take them out, I have thome bitth poking in my lipth and cheekth. It thcawed the thhit out of me when he told me that it ith all fixed. I wealized I would get a vewy hawd time getting uthed to the bwaceth, if I evew get uthed to them. But being thcawed I altho became hot ath hell; I bet you mutht have notithed.” Rachel said with lust in her eyes and voice.

They both couldn’t stop talking, only by taking a small bite of drink, what caused Rachel a lot of effort. When the club got more and more crowded, they both felt they had to leave to get some privacy. They left the restaurant and walked along the beach while the sun set. None of them knew what to say, but they both felt where the evening was leading to. Suddenly Rachel broke the awkward silence: “Mike, I’m getting mad of thith thilenthe. You know what I want and I know what you want. “What’th it gonna be, youw plathe ow mine, ow wight hewe on the beach?”

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Re: Story: Rachel
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 ;D Nice.~

Heheh, maybe rachel gets some not so removable headgear in the future?~

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Re: Story: Rachel
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Chapter 5 - the night continues

Not used to Rachel’s directness, Mike hesitated a little, but then he stopped and pulled Rachel towards him. While he embraced her, he started kissing her again, exploring the sharp edges of her braces. He tasted the metal and rubber inside Rachel’s mouth. After a while their kiss broke.
Then Rachel said with a devilish grin: “That wath a nithe kith, but it wathn’t what I meant. Come to my plathe, it’th only two blockth away.”
Having said that Rachel broke away from Mike embracement and hurried away, looking back if Mike would follow her.

Of course Mike was following and it wasn’t before long Rachel halted in front of a building and started fumbling in her purse to get out her keys.
Before the door had closed behind them, they kissed again, while Rachel grabbed Mike’s shirt and started unbuttoning it. Still kissing and undressing eauchother, Rachel guided Mike to the bedroom, leaving a trail of clothes on the floor.

In the bedroom they briefly interrupted their kiss when Mike pulled Rachel’s dress over her head, leaving Rachel in just a nice red velvet lingerie set. Gently Mike pushed Rachel onto the bed and gave Rachel another kiss on her braces. Soon their kissing lead to further activities. After quite some time, they lay exhausted next to each other, looking in each other’s eyes.

“Tell me,” Rachel started: “Ith thith what you expected of me having bwatheth? I hope you’we not offended by my hawwethment. I thaw the lutht in youw eyeth when bwatheth wewe the thubject of ouw conthewvationth, tho when I wath tho hot aftew I got thethe additionth thith aftewnoon, I took my chantheth. If I went to faw, I’m thowwy and I hope you’ll fowgive me and we can thtill wowk togethew.”

When Mike looked to Rachel, he saw her teary eyes staring to the ceiling. Mike rolled over, so he got on top of Rachel, while looking into her eyes.
“Oh Rachel, don’t feel sorry. I’m absolutely not offended. In fact I’m proud, proud of being with such a wonderful woman. I feel honored that you trusted me with your secret braces fetish and that I can be part of it.  It sounds strange, but after our talks about braces, I started realizing that you are more than a coworker to me. I started seeing you as a warm and sexy person and I dreamed of you. Because of your professionalism in the office and your statements about relations with coworkers I didn’t want to harm you, or to jeopardize our work-relation, so I kept it to myself. When you sent your SMS this afternoon, I realized you might have changed your mind as well. I have absolutely no regrets about this evening. I hope you don’t as well and hopefully this evening can be the start of a nice relationship."

Now tears rolled over Rachel’s cheeks, while she replied: “I wath so thcawed I might have gone too faw with my behaviouw, but I felt the thame way ath you dethcwibed. I thaw you mowe and mowe ath a fantathtic guy. I did dweam about you ath well and I fantathithed how it would be kiththing you weawing bwatheth.”

Having said that, Rachel pushed Mike over onto his back, so she was on top and started kissing Mike again. Having her tongue blocked by her braces, frustrated her, but at the same time it was exactly why she wanted braces. Not having total control.

When Mike woke the next morning, he smelled the dried sweat on their bodies. He looked aside and saw Rachel still sleeping, her lips slightly parted, so he could clearly see the metal braces and bright orange rubber bands. Quietly he got out of bed, looking for the shower. He turned on the warm water and stepped in facing the wall. It wasn’t before long that he felt a cold draft and at the same time he felt two soft hands taking care of his body.

“Good mowning thweethawt,” Rachel said with a soft voice “did you thleep well? I think I have been in a coma aftew latht night”. By now Rachel stood behind Mike under the shower, her arms wrapped around his wet body. Then she pressed her sharp braces into Mike’s wet back, which caused an a shiver through Mike’s body. The shiver made Rachel  laugh and she turned Mike around. While kissing Mike’s breast making sure he could feel the sharpness of her braces on his skin, she fumbled all around his body. “Don’t move,” she whispered “I jutht want you to expewienthe the thhawp edgeth of my bwatheth.” Mike said nothing, but embraced Rachel and gave her a kiss on her forehead.

After what felt like an eternity, Rachel said: “I’m hungwy aftew ouw excewthithes of latht evening and I’m in the dethpewed need of a cup of coffee. You want thomething ath well?” Slowly Rachel fumbled Mike’s body, giving small kisses everywhere, got onto her knees, freeing herself from Mike’s embracement. Finding her tongue still blocked in her mouth, she ran her lips along Mikes sensitive part, making him moan loudly, just before she left the shower.

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Re: Story: Rachel
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I don't want this story to get removed, so please read the rules for posting stories.

I didn't make the rules and I have to follow them when I post stories.

Please read these so that you can continue to add to your story.

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Re: Story: Rachel
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I like how you have used a female character that wants braces and expanded it to include an extreme treatment and a relationship.

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Re: Story: Rachel
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Chapter 6 - weekend

Rachel quickly got dressed and started to make a simple breakfast, while Mike left the shower and got dressed. Breakfast seemed a new struggle for Rachel. When she wanted to empty a spoon in her mouth, she discovered she had to open her mouth very far to get the spoon under her tonguecrib, but then her lips couldn’t close to empty the spoon.

“Thhoot,” Rachel said smiling, having yoghurt all over her mouth: “I can’t eat liquidth with thethe bwatheth. I can’t clothe my mouth with a thpoon in it, becauthe of the tongue cwib, tho I can’t get the yoghuwt of the thpoon. It lookth like I have to change my mowning woutine and look fow a new bweakfatht.”

Mike enjoyed the struggles Rachel had to face because of her new braces. Although she just got them on, Mike dreamed about further additions, making it even harder for Rachel. He enjoyed being with Rachel and to be a part of her journey of discovering in the world of braces. He was certain Rachel would be in his mind for the rest of the weekend.

After breakfast, as  Mike prepared to leave, Rachel said: “Mike, I withh we could thpend mowe time togethew. Do you weally need to leave? Can I thee you latew today, ow would you have dinew with me tonight? I will cook you a nithe meal.” And before Mike could reply Rachel continued: “I’m thowwy Mike, I feel like a fool wight now, like a thixteen yeaw old giwl that ith hopelethly devoted. I’m thowwy puthhing thith hawd. I almotht thound like a dethpewate thlut. That’th not what I meant, but I weally liked youw company latht night and I think I weally thtawt to have thpecial feelingth fow you. The way you helped me in the theawch of my feelingth wegawding thith whole bwatheth thing, thhowed me the weal Mike. And I’m becoming mowe and mowe awawe that that ith the Mike I love and the pewthon I would like to know bettew and bettew.”

Mike gave Rachel a hug and said: “It’s not that I won’t be with you, but I have some activities and dates planned this weekend.”
With a wink he added: “And it’s with guys, no girls, so don’t worry about that. I’m sure we’ll see each other a lot in the future. For now I think it is better if you discover and experience the impact of your new braces in your social life by yourself without somebody’s protection.”

Rachel only nodded and just before she let go Mike, she gave him a last kiss: “I thuppothe you awe wight. I wealithe I’ll have to fathe a lot of thtaweth and weactionth by mythelf and pwobably it’th good to thtawt with it wight away, while I’m thtill on cloud nine…”

With a quick peek on her lips Mike left.
During the day both Mike and Rachel had their own activities and although they were in each other’s mind, they were too busy to daydream, but at about nine o’clock, when Mike was zapping around through the varies TV shows, he heard his phone beeping noticing a new message. When he opened the message he saw a selfie of a wide smiling Rachel, showing a good view on her metal mouth. It made Mike smile instantly when a text message came in:
“Hi Mike, we didn’t thee each othew for thuch a long time, that I thought you might fowget how I look like. Tho hewe’th a thelfie, tho you can daydweam… PTH: I know my bwatheth have a huge impact on my thpeech, tho I thought I bettew can adjutht my wwiting to my pwonounciation ????”.

He quickly replied: “Thanks, but how could I forget you after last night! Going to sleep now, tomorrow a huge cycling trip in the planning. See you Monday.”

Sunday afternoon came quickly and after Mike’s cycling trip he decided to go for a drink with Ron and Patrick two of the other cyclists. They were chitchatting what happened that Mike had so much energy during the trip. Mike told them he met a nice girl that caused good feelings. Ron and Patrick started making jokes and fooling around as Mike normally didn’t tell anything about his love live, so this girl must me very special.

Suddenly Mike heard someone in the distance calling Rachel’s name and he quickly saw a hand raising in the air, waving. Before too long he heard: “Hi Ra… WHAT? What happened? Look at you. Why are you dressed up like Jaws? It’s not carnival, you know.”

Because of the separations Mike couldn’t see who she was talking to, but suddenly it flashed his mind that Rachel was about five meters away and when he heard the reply he was sure.

“Hi Thhawon. Tho nithe to thee you! What do you think of my new bwatheth?”

“I see that, but you have braces and braces. Your mouth looks horrible and I can barely understand you. But I must admit. Besides the braces you look great. You look happy and full of energy. What happened?”

“Well I’m happy I finally thtawthed my bwatheth tweatment. I denied the thubject fow a long time, but wethently I wealithed I had to do it thoonew ow latew, tho I bettew could thtawt it now. Fuwthewmowe I feel gweat becauthe I met a nithe guy, making me feel like a woman.”

“Then he probably didn’t see you wearing your braces, did he?"

“He abtholutely did thee and experienthe my bwatheth. Neithew he ow me awe hindewed by them at thith moment, so hopefully it will lead to thomething nithe. I’m tho in love with thith guy, I hope he’ll nevew leave me, although we awe not in an offithial welationthhip yet.”

Hearing this Mike was absolute sure Rachel was in the boot next to them and after hearing Rachel’s nice words, he wouldn’t let Rachel know he accidentaly heard what she had said, so he quickly said Ron and Patrick goodbye and left for home to take a shower and prepare for what Monday would have in store.

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Re: Story: Rachel
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Chapter 7 – back to work

Monday morning came and when Mike came in the office, he found Rachel already present. She jumped up and hugged Mike, giving him a kiss: “Goodmowning Mike. You had a good weekend? I did, but I must admit I weally miththed you. The work meeting kept thpinning thwough my mind.I’m a little wowwied about evwy on’s weaction”.

“Goodmorning Rachel,” Mike replied: “I did miss you as well and don’t worry about the meeting. I’m sure everyone will be supportive, all can John be a little grumpy as usual.”

At 8.30 everybody gathered for the work in progress meeting. Of course everybody noticed Rachels braces, so before the meeting officially started, Rachel stood up: “Good mowning evewybody, ath you can thee, I thcowed thome bwatheth thith weekend. I know they awe hawd to mithth, but I need them to pwevent fuwthew pwoblems in the futuwe.” she said while she gave Mike a wink.

“Ath I am a little oldew, bwaceth awe lethth effective, tho thethe bwaceth will be on fow the long wun, tho you bettew get uthed to thith pictuwe. Altho my thpeech pwobably will thtay affected, although it will impwove thlightly. If any one hath quethtionth, pleathe do athk. Fow me, my bwaceth awe no taboo ow a thubject to ignowe. I can’t ignowe them and I am glad my futuwe pwoblems might be taken cawe of. I will weaw my bwaceth with pwide.”

Then John reacted and said: “I’m very sorry, but we as long as you have those braces on, you can’t have contact with clients. How can people take you seriously looking like a teenager with those horrible braces unable to speak clearly. It’s simply not professional”

Some people frowned their eyes hearing Johns words, but before anyone could say anything, Rachel reacted: “Tho you think that appliantheth needed fow youw health awe not pwofeththional. That thoundth intewethting. That meanth that Jack can’t have contact with clientth ath long ath hith leg ith in a catht, that THabwina thhould leave the weception dethk ath hew pwoththetic awm ith an appliance and that you, John, can’t have contact with clientth, becauthe next to the maththive glaththeth fwom the theventieth, you altho have heawing aidth. Ow do you think I weaw thethe bwaceth jutht fow fun? By the way, looking to youw mouth, it might be withe to conthidew bwatheth tweatment youwthelf.”

John was clearly not prepared for Rachels reply and tried to stammer some words. Then Mike said: “Okay, John, I think Rachel has a point right there. Probably it wasn’t the most tactic you just said. I totally disagree with you and I think people should have contacts with clients for the content and we have to bring the right professional for the content, based on knowledge and experience, not because of the looks. So to speak for me: I will bring Rachel to my customers, because she is an excellent structural engineer and I don’t care what the client will think of braces, casts, glasses or whatever, as long as we can offer him the right solution. Personally I think anyone should be very proud and supportive to Rachel that she had the strength to start this procedure.”

Others supported Mikes words and the meeting finally started. John kept very quiet, clearly not amused that he was overruled. During the meeting Mike and Rachel searched each other for eye contact, in a hurry to be in their office again.

When the meeting ended and everybody left the room, John snapped to Rachel: “I don’t care what others think, but as long as you wear those stupid braces, you are not in my projects.”

Rachel was just too overwhelmed by these words to react, while others shook their heads in disbelieve or disapproval.

After the meeting Rachel and Mike returned to their office and as soon as they were in, Rachel closed the door behind them. Then she embraced Mike and kissed him deeply. When their kiss broke Rachel said: “I weally miththed kiththing you. Thanks fow youw thuppowt duwing the meeting. John ith thuch a jewk.”

“I think you handled very well by yourself,” Mike replied and kissed Rachel again.

Just at that moment the door opened: “What an son of a bitch is Jo…” following by a moment of silence as Rachel and Mike quickly ended their kiss.
“I knew it, I knew it,” they heard: “I always knew you two were meant for each other and now I see I was right!”

“Hi Wothanne,” Rachel said with a red face: “THankth fow yelling awound. We awe jutht dithcovewing ouw intewethtth in each othew. It’th vewy eawly, tho pleathe keep it fow  youwthelf.”

“I will, I will,” Rosanne said enthusiastic: “I think you two are so cute together. But I came in to ask about your braces. I was wondering what happened that you have such massive braces. And by the way, what a great reply towards John. I knew he was a jerk with no empathic powers, but nothing beat his rudeness this morning. Just to let you know that I will support you, no matter what braces.”

Then Rosanne closed the door, saying: “Won’t disturb you any longer, have fun with each other.

Both Mike and Rachel started laughing, when Rachel said: “Thhe ith tho nithe. I withh we had mowe Wothanneth in the offithe and lethth Johns. Now, letth get to wowk”.

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Re: Story: Rachel
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Bravo, the change in confidence she gets is amazing

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Re: Story: Rachel
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Chapter 8 – first check up

During the next days and weeks Mike and Rachel continued to explore their romance and Rachel’s braces. Yes, there were moments of embarrassment, comments and struggles, but most of the reactions were positive. After a few weeks on a Friday afternoon Rachel closed her computer early:
“Mike, thhall we get a dwink in Otheana at about five o’clock? Fiwst I have to go to the owthodontitht for a check up, but love to thee you aftewwawdth.”

“Having a drink and may be something to eat sounds nice. Are you worried for your check up?”

“Not weally, but I have notithed I hit my tongue cwib with my lowew jaw thometimeth. I’ll athk if it won’t cauthe any twouble in the futuwe. Thee you latew.” Rachel said, while she gave Mike a kiss.

Arriving at the orthodontist Rachel faced a handful of people in the waiting room. Every one was wearing braces, varying from a simple retainer, brackets and two other girls, obvious friends, were wearing headgear. One of the girls had a strap around her neck and could speak quite clearly, but the other girl had her mouth full of plastic and had a strap around and over her head. It looked very uncomfortable. She was not talking much, while her friend was chatting all over.

Not before to long Rachel was called to the back and was directed to a chair.

“So, good afternoon Rachel. How did it go the first weeks of wearing braces. Do you still enjoy them, or do you want me to remove them?” the orthodontist said smiling.

“It wath wondewfull and I have abtholutly no wegwetth of getting bwatheth. Yeth, they awe cauthing twouble now and then, but nothing to wowwy about. Thith wath what I wanted and I am weally enjoying them.”

“That’s great to hear. Today I will change your ligatures and I will check if everything else is fine. Did some bits cause more trouble or something annoying?”

“Well, thinthe latht week my lowew jaw ith hitting the tonguecwib now and then, but fuwthew I have no complaintth.”

“Hmmmm, that’s certainly something we have to take a good look at,” the orthodontist replied and then he asked Rachel to open and close her mouth a few times.

“I see what’s causing to problem. Since the tonguecrib is quite big, it not only blocks your tongue from your upper jaw, but also from your lower jaw. The lack of counterpressure from your tongue, makes your lower jaw retract a little. That is something we have to take care of. For now I will add a few elastics, making it easier to move your lower jaw forward, but I need to see you in two weeks to monitor the progress. Now for the ligatures, what color do you want this time?”

Rachel was hesitating for a moment and then said: “Can I have owange pleathe? But can you change the colow of the wubbew bandth ath well, bwight gween fow inthtanthe?”

“No problem, miss. No open up wide for me.”

Within a few minutes Rachel’s brackets got bright orange ligatures and the orthodontist grabbed a little bag with bright green rubber bands from a drawer.
“So I want you to wear these rubber band from your lower back molars to your upper canines. Further you have the rubber bands like you had them before. As the distance between your molars and canines is a lot  bigger, you will feel them pulling your lower jaw forward. Hopefully that’s enough to keep your lower jaw from hitting your tonguecrib.”

Rachel definitely felt the pulling of the rubber bands, but further more, it more or less felt the same as before.

“Thankth, I’ll thee you in two weekth then. Have a good weekend,” Rachel said as she left the chair.

Arriving at Oceana Mike was already waiting and he noticed the change in ligatures immediately. Rachel definitely felt the rubber bands pull her lower jaw forward and when she opened her mouth, the green rubber bands were clearly visible.

“What’s up with the rubber bands?” Mike asked?

“Well, I told you that my lowew jaw thometimeth hit my tonguecwib. My lowew jaw is wetwacting becauthe the tongucwib pweventth countewpweththuwe. Thethe wubbew bandth pull my lowew jaw fowwawd. I have to be back in two weekth to monitow any changeth.”

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Re: Story: Rachel
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Nice story~ will u plan to ask Mike to wear braces too?

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Re: Story: Rachel
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Chapter 9 – New additions

The weeks went by very quickly, filled with work, exploring the new romance and braces struggles and before Rachel knew it, it was time for the next check up. This time Rachel had an early appointment, so she could go to work afterwards. In the waiting room was only one shy girl with her mom. The girl had no braces, but when she saw the wide smiling Rachel, she whispered to her mom: “Mom, do I look like that woman when I get my braces?”

“You won’t honey. You are setup for clear braces, that doesn’t show off that much. Nobody will notice you have braces.”

Rachel couldn’t depress a feeling that not noticing the braces was more for the mom, than for the girl and showed them another view on het metal mouth.

When Rachel was back in the chair, the orthodontist asked how Rachel experienced last weeks wearing the rubber bands.

“I’m fine with them. They don’t bothew me vewy much, although it’th annoying when they thnap. If they awe neceththawy to keep my jawth in the wight pothition, I’m fine with them.”

“Well, let’s see how your lower jaw is doing.” The orthodontist removed the rubber bands and told Rachel to open and close her mouth a few times.

“Hmmm. It certainly did not improve during the last weeks. Assuming you wore the rubber bands full time, we can conclude that additional measures are needed. To be honest, I expected this, so I had the lab made an appliance already.”

Having said he put in the lip spreader and removed her lower archwire and popped of the brackets of her canines.

Rachel couldn’t see what was happening, but she felt something pushed on her canines simultaneously and soon she saw a blue light, telling her something new was glued in place. Next she felt some fiddling on her top molars causing her lower jaw forward.

“Oke,”Rachel heard, “I’m going to remove the lipspreader, but then I have to take some measurements first. Afterwards I will explain what I have changed to your braces. When the lipspreader was removed, Rachel felt her lower jaw pushed forward a little. She could move it from side to side and forward, but not backwards. Further, she felt a small but solid metal bar behind her lower front teeth connecting the canines.

Next she felt something like a metal bar pushed onto her upper molars several times and when she was told to close her lips, she felt something sticking out her mouth. Next she felt the device removed for the last time and the chair came upright.

“Oke, the measurements are done. I added a so called herbst appliance to your braces. You see the metal pistons at the side of your jaws prevent your lower jaw to go backwards. You can move your jaw freely forward and from side to side, but not backwards. The only side effect is that it prevents your mouth from opening very far. Behind your lower front teeth you feel a piece of metal. Your canines have to be connected to prevent an uneven movement of your jaw.”

Rachel opened and closed her mouth a few times, testing the flexibility. Beside a soft squeaking noise of the moving pistons, she was fine and ready to go.

Arriving at the office, she heard “Good morning Rachel, how are you? Why are you so late?”

“Good mowning THabwina, I had a check up fow my bwatheth thith mowning. He inthtalled even mowe metal in my mouth, but I’m fine with it.”

“You look great anyway, with, of without braces, and they will be temporary unlike my arm” Sabrina said.

“But you awe doing gweat with youw pwothtetic. Thee whewe you came fwom and what you can do now. Don’t be athhamed of it, be pwoud of it! And don’t let John inthpire you in a negative way.”

“Thanks for your nice words. Speaking of John, can you take Mr. Johnson to the meeting room for him? He’s right there in the waiting area.”

“Thure, no pwoblem,”and with a wink: “Do you think John allowth me to have contact with one of hith clientth?”

Rachel left for the waiting room and saw a man flipping though the magazines.

“Mithtew Johnthon? My name ith Wachel, I will take you to the meeting woom fow your appointment.”

Rachel notices that right at her first words Mr. Johnson’s eyes were glued to her mouth and he stammered:

“Thanks Rachel, nice to meet you. What do you do within the company?”

“I’m one of the thtwuctuwal engineewth,” Rachel said smiling, adding: “a little difficult to pwonounce with bwatheth. I hope you don’t mind.”

“I really don’t mind and I’m sure they increase your appearance.”

Within moments they reached the meeting room and when she left to get John, the only thing Mr. Johnson looked at, was her metal mouth.
When Rachel finally arrived at her office, Mike was concentrated behind his computer, but as soon as he heard Rachel come in, she had his attention.
“What did he do, you look different.”

“Well, he exchanged the wubbew bandth fow thith new applianthe called a hewbtht. It pweventth my lowew jaw to go backwawdth. It feelth weiwd, but ok. Motht fwuthtwating ith the thqueaking noithe when I open and clothe my mouth,” said Rachel while she opened and closed her mouth a few times, so Mike could hear the moving pistons of the herbst.

“It gives you two bumps under your lower lip,” Mike said, while he touched Rachel’s face where the herbst showed through the skin under  her lip. And after he gave her some kisses, he said: “You know, you look cute with those bumps.”

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Re: Story: Rachel
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Sounds like a cool relationship

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Re: Story: Rachel
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Chapter 10 – The weekend trip

The next days people were commenting onRachel’s new additions, but not in a negative way. Although the squeaking sound was annoying, Rachel was happy with the herbst, because her lower jaw wasn’t interfering with her tongue crib anymore.

The romance between Mike and Rachel got stronger and stronger, resulting in a citytrip, just a few weeks after the herbst had been installed.
After they just left the office and drove on the highway, from out of nowhere Mike said: “Truth or dare?”

Rachel looked up to Mike saying: “THowwy, what did you thay?”, after which Mike said again ”Truth or dare?”

Rachel hesitated for a moment, but as Mike knew already almost everything about her, she said: “Dawe. I don’t like being not in contwol, but I think it’th exthiting ath well”. Saying that made her shiver but aroused at the same time.

Mike reached into his pocket and handed Rachel a small package about 10” long, 4”wide and 1” thick and said: “You will have to wear what’s inside the package fulltime until Monday morning eight o’clock”.

Not knowing what to expect, Rachel took the package and opened it carefully.
“Oh my Gothh, awe you thewiouth? You want me to weaw headgeaw fow the weekend?”

“Yes, I do. Having your braces now for a couple of months, I thought you would be in for a next challenge, so I asked your orthodontist to measure you up for one, what he did when he installed your herbst. On top of that I think wearing headgear makes you look even sexier. You have to place the inner bow into the tubes on your back molars with the loops upwards. Then you push the safety clasps over, so the facebow can’t come loose by accident. I think you know how the strap works. Make sure you tie your hair in a ponytail, so your headgear is clearly visible.”

Not knowing what to expect by wearing headgear Rachel hesitated a little. On one hand she was anxious to get the experience of wearing headgear, on the other hand she was scared as hell what others would think seeing an adult wearing headgear.

With trembling hands Rachel opened the make-up mirror on the passenger side and adjusted, so she had a good view on her mouth. Pulling her lips to the side, she saw the molar tube on her left top molar. It was tricky to get the facebow aligned in the moving car, but finally it slid in perfectly. Quickly she pushed the safety clasp so the facebow wouldn’t come out again. Then she pulled her other cheek to the side and tried to align the other side of the facebow. Manoeuvering around, she felt pressure on the left side of her mouth. After a few tries Rachel got the facebow in and locked it in by the safetyclasp as well. Then she took the neckstrap and connected the metal triangle on the left before getting her hair out of the way and looping the neckstrap around her neck . With her other hand she took the neckstrap and stretched it a little so she could hook it onto the right side of her facebow.

After admiring her looks in the mirror, she looked at Mike: “All geawed up jutht ath you withh. I indeed think he meaththured it when I got my hewbtht. The facebow paththing my lipth feelth the thame ath during the meaththuwementth he did at that time.”

Mike looked aside shortly as he had to keep his eyes on the heavy traffic. “How does it feel? Painful?”

“No, it’th abtholutely not painful. It feelth weiwd having thomething thticking out of youw mouth. It is not uncomfowtable, but a little akwawd. If I move my head, I can feel the preththuwe change. On top of that I have the thame feeling ath when I initially got my bwatheth… thcawed but happy at the thame time. I weally want to expewienthe kiththing you, but I thuppothe I’ll have to wait until we thtop. “

Looking again in the mirror, Rachel saw that the facebow was positioned in such way that her lips met naturally. She still had trouble closing her mouth completely because of the biteblocks and now the facebow felt perfectly in the opening between her lips.

When Rachel looked outside the window, she became aware that the headgear was very visible for anyone. Up to now people wouldn’t notice her braces unless someone looked quit closely. Her new headgear couldn’t be missed and when they halted in front of a traffic light, she noticed other drivers take a double look on her braces. It made her scary and aroused at the same time.

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Re: Story: Rachel
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Chapter 11 – Checking in

When they arrived at the hotel they got out of the car and saw quite a cue in front of the check in desk. It was then that Mike said: “If you cue up to check us in, I will park the car and get our bags. I’ll see you in a minute.” Before Rachel could say anything, Mike got in and drove off.

Waiting in line made Rachel think about her new headgear again. She noticed people watching her. Most people immediately looked away when she looked back. As she came closer to the desk, she realized she would have her first public encounter with her headgear as Mike wasn’t there yet.

“Hello Miss, My name is Ssussan, can I help you? Did you had a good ride?”

“Hi Thuthan, we have a wethewvation.” Rachel said while she saw Mike come into the lobby. “It’th under the name of Wichawdthon.” Rachel noticed her speech was even more garbeled as the inner bow of her headgear made it harder for her lips and cheeks to form words.

“I’m ssorry, can you ssay that again?” the girl behind the desk asked politly, causing people around her taking a closer look.

Now forming her words even more careful, Rachel repeated: “We have a wethewvation under Wichawdthon”.

“It musst be very hard to talk with your bracess, but do you mean Richardsson?” she asked friendly. It was then when Rachel noticed Susan was wearing reatainers. She saw a glinstering metal wire crossing her teeth when she smiled. “I ssee we have more resservationss under Richardsson. Can you give me your resservationnumber pleasse?”

Rachel looked in her phone and said: “It’th fouw thwee zewo nine thix theven thwee” feeling her head getting red by embarrassment. From the corners of her eyes, she saw Mike watching her enjoying her struggle, without any intention of helping her. Then she knew she would have this experience all over the coming weekend and she better get used to it.

By now Susan had the key of their room and explained the do’s and don’ts in the hotel and explaining the restaurants and bars. It was then that she said: “I have a voucher for you to get a free drink in our bar, but if you wish I can change that to a roomsservice-drink. I can imagine you rather avoid public placess having to wear ssuch bracess.”

Knowing Mike heard about the offer, Rachel knew she couldn’t escape, so she said: “Thankth fow the offew, but a dwink in the baw is fine. I have to get uthed to the fact that I will have thethe bwatheth fow a long time, tho hiding ithnt weally an option if you want to have a thocial life at all.”

Having said Rachel felt proud, even more when Susan replied: “Great. I admire your braveness wearing ssuch bracess in public and you look absolutely sstunning with them. I wish I had your attitude when I wass in active treatment.”

Rachel just smiled: “Thankth”, before she left the desk heading for Mike. When they walked to their room Rachel said: “Wath thith what you wewe up to? Getting me embawwassed the whole weekend? I thought we would jutht have a womantic weekend, thrawling around town. But now everybody will thee a thilly newd weawing a maththive thteel contwaption on hew head and in hew mouth.”

“No,” Mike said: “I only see a tough woman that is looking very sexy. Before you started your treatment you told me that the fact that you have no control, is part of your excitement of wearing braces. Although you experience every day the impact of your braces, you are quite used to your braces. I thought you were in for a new challenge and something unexpected about what you have no control. I am sure right now you’re not only embarrassed, but also very aroused. You did great at the check in. Did you notice the girl behind the desk. She was getting hot seeing you in your braces.”

In the meantime they had reached their room, and while Rachel was having trouble opening the door of the room, Mike started tickling her. Just in time Rachel got the door open and they practically fell into the room, just making the bed.

Before the door had automatically closed behind them, they were cuddling and kissing on the bed.

“Tith ith what I wanted to do thinthe I put in thith headgeaw thith aftewnoon,” Rachel said while she put her hands in Mike’s neck and gently pulled his lips to her facebow, opening her lips slightly. Mike felt the metal of Rachel’s facebow. It was a little wet from saliva and it felt warmer than he expected. Carefully he opened his lips a little, searching for hers. He felt the facebow between his lips when their lips met. Then his tongue started exploring. He felt the room between the smooth inner bow and rough brackets and he felt Rachel’s tongue locked behind the tonguecrib, desperately searching for his tongue.

Still kissing Rachel pushed Mike on his back and managed to get on top.
Wow,” she whispered “I nevew knew that the intenthity of kiththing ith pwopowtional to the amount of bwatheth in my mouth. Knowing thith, I wondew what the futuwe holdth. To be honetht, I’m thtawving wight now. I thuggetht we get a thhowew, get dweththed and head fow a wethtauwant to get thomething to eat. May be we can have a dwink in the baw when we come back. You know we got a vouchew fow a fwee dwink.”

And without waiting for Mike’s reply she got up and head for the bathroom. Not long after Mike heard the shower running, Rachel asked: “Mike, can I undo the thtwap when I take a thhowew, ow what am I thuppothed to do?”

“Yes, you can. You’re not allowed to take off the facebow, but you can release the strap.” Mike replied, while he got up and sneaked into the bathroom. There he saw Rachel standing in front of the mirror, with nothing than a facebow sticking out of her mouth. With the strap released the bow stood out further from her face. Mike slipped behind her and started kissing her neck. Then he carefully took both ends of the facebow in his hands and turned Rachel towards the steaming shower.
Totally perplexed Rachel understood that Mike had taken control about her movements.

“Ith thith what you’we aftew by giving me thith bwidle? Guiding me like a howthe?”
Mike said nothing but by manipulating her facebow he made Rachel’s head shake no. They both started to laugh while Mike guided Rachel into the shower, still holding her facebow. Under the shower he turned Rachel around and with his arms underneath Rachel’s arms to her back he grabbed the ends of the facebow from the back. Via her facebow, he maneuvered Rachel’s head so their lips met.

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Re: Story: Rachel
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Chapter 12 – Headgear at work

The weekend was over in a hurry with Mike and Rachel strawling around the city. During the sightseeing and shopping Rachel was often the center of attention, but it bothered her less and less. She enjoyed the stares and the embarrassment of others when she looked back at their stares. It was certainly less anxious as she thought it would be.

During the ride home on Sunday evening Rachel said to Mike: “Thankth fow thith mawvelouth weekend. You weally thcawed me when you came up with the headgeaw, but I think it intenthified my expewienyheth thith weekend. I admiwe how you thucceed to pinpoint my needth. The headgeaw weally puthheth my bwathethexpewienthe to a next level, that I didn’t wanna have miththed. Howevew now I’m looking fowwawd to getting it off. Weawing headgeaw in fwont of thtwangewth ith thcawed, but weawing headgeaw in fwont of acquaintanceth ith anothew level that I’m not weady fow.”

Monday morning Rachel and Mike went to their office quite early. On the parking lot Rachel asked Mike: “Do you weally want me to weaw the headgeaw until eight o’clock, ow do you gwant me pewmiththion to take it off now? I wowe it fow the whole weekend without complaining and I will give you a big kithth befowe I take it out.”

Rachel wasn’t quite prepared for Mike’s answer when he told her the choice was completely hers and after a quick kiss on Rachel’s facebow, he opened his door and left the car. Rachel became desperate about Mike’s answer and didn’t know what to do. She was scared that coworkers would see her headgear, but she liked the feeling of the facebow passing her lips and the pressure in her neck caused by the neckstrap. Furthermore did she agree to the dare to wear it until eight o’clock and it was so early that probably no one would be in the office. She took a deep breath and opened the car door and hurried to catch up with Mike. They quickly arrived in their office without seeing any coworkers and started up their computers.

They were both working concentrated when they heard: “Gooooood morning guys, I saw the lights in your office, so I thought you two might want some coffee.” In a reflex they Mike and Rachel turned towards the door where they saw Rosanne, one of their coworkers enter the room with three mugs filled with damping coffee.

“Oh my God,” Rosanne exclaimed: “they got you a headgear!”

It was then when Rachel realized she was still wearing her headgear and got busted.

“Oh good mowning Wothanne. Yeth I got it latht Fwiday,” and then she surprised Mike, continuing: “and you bettew get uthed to the view, becauthe I have no idea how long I’ll need it.”

“Wow, you’re a tough girl. I must say you look great with it. It looks so natural on you, like it has to be there. It even brings a you a flare of sexiness. Do you think John will like it as well?” Rosanne smiled, while she put the mugs on the desks.

“You know,” Rachel said: “I don’t cawe what he thinkth, but he bettew adapth quickly, becauhe thith aftewnoon mithtew Johnthon is coming to dithcuthth our offew and he thpecificly athked fow my pwethence. Actually I think mithtew Johnthon wantth me to pawtithipate becauthe of my bwatheth. Latht time he couldn’t get hith eyeth of my mouth.”

While Rosanne left the room to start her own computer, she laughed and said: “You might be right and may be you can take advantage of it to close the deal.”

“What did you just say?” Mike asked after Rosanne left the room: “You don’t know how long you’ll need to wear headgear?”

Rachel got up and walked up to Mike to put her arms around his neck. “You know Mike, Untill thith mowning ago, I wanted the headgeaw to go ath thoon ath poththible, but when Wothanne caught me and actually didn’t judge the headgeaw, but complimented me with it, I thought I jutht had it to let it happen. I wealithed I only wanted the headgeaw to go, becauthe of judgementth of otherth. You awe thuppothed to dithlike bwatheth and ethpethially headgeaw, but that’th only becauthe of gwoup preththuwe. I weally have to thank you again for dithcovewing mowe and mowe of myself.” Before Mike could reply, Rachel kissed Mike. The feeling of the wet facebow between his own lips made him realize that Rachel’s braces journey wouldn’t be over for a long time.

During the morning more and more co workers dropped by to compliment Rachel with her new headgear.

When lunchtime arrived, Rachel said to Mike: “Can you thhow me how I can weleathe the fathebow? I want to take it of fow lunch, making eating and dwinking a lot eathiew. You don’t have to wowwy, I’ll weaw the headgeaw a lot, but I will although take it of fow thome time.”

That Rachel wore her headgear longer than she had to on a voluntary base, was already more than Mike would have expected, so he was more than happy to help her. During lunch talks were about headgear and it showed that a majority of the coworkers had headgear in the passed. Most of them mentioned their struggle and couldn’t be happier when headgeartime was done. Only Rosanne told she kind of missed the feeling of the facebow after she had worn it for a long time and gave Rachel a wink.

When lunch was almost over Rachel got a call that Mr Johnson had arrived early. While Rachel got up, Rosanne asked: “No headgear?”

“No time to put it in now ath mithtew Johnthon ith waiting, but I have a plan that might cauthe my headgeaw to clothe to the deal.”

When Rachel arrived at the reception to collect Mr. Johnson, she smiled widely, making sure he could see she still had her braces. Seeing her braces, Rachel got his attention right away. Although Mr Johnson kept staring at Rachel’s mouth, the meeting was struggling forward as none of the participants would give in. After almost an hour of frustrating Rachel slipped John a note “give me 5 minutes with him alone before I have to leave for my next meeting… get two coffees.”

John looked astonished to Rachel and although he had his thoughts, he got up to get some coffees. As soon as John left the room, Rachel started: “Look mithtew Johnthon, I don’t want to be wude, but I notithed you have thtawed at my bwatheth thinthe I picked you up at the wetheption. Itth no doubt that you awe intweged by them and my bwatheth awe the only weathon that you wanted me to pawtithipate in thith meeting. I weally don’t cawe what you think of me ow my bwatheth and in what dweamth I appeaw, becauthe I altho feel that you wethpect me. I have no pwoblem pawtithipating in thith pwoject, tho you can fullfill youw bwatheth fetithh. I have a pwopothal to clothe the deal, while I will be involved and John ow thomebody elthe doethn’t need to know about youw bratheth fetithh. Ath thoon ath John hath wetuwned with coffee, I will leave the meeting. In a few minuteth I will walk by and extheed youw wildetht dweamth. If I’m wight you agwee to our offew with the only additional wequiwement that I will be a pwoject membew, ath a take it ow leave it pwopathal. I enthuwe you John will agwee, all be it fwustwated, becauthe John wantth me out of the pwoject, becauthe he doethn’t like bwatheth and thinkth they awe not pwofeththional. I pwomithth I won’t let you down duwing the project, becauthe thethe bwatheth awe on fow the long wun.”

While Rachel gathered her notes to leave, John entered the room with two cups of hot coffee. “Thank you mithew Johnthon fow the nithe meeting. I am thuwe you two can clothe the deal.”

As soon as Rachel left the room, she headed for her own office and when she entered both Mike and Rosanne were waiting for her. “How did it go?” Rosanne asked.

“Not now, I’m about to finithh it now” Rachel said, while she took her facebow from her purse and put it in her mouth and connected the neckstrap. Then she quickly left the room, leaving Mike and Rosanne with puzzeled faces.

Rachel hurried to the toilets and when she passed the meeting room, where she left John and Mr Johnson alone, she slowed down and took a good look into the room. John was sitting with his back towards her, but Mr. Johnson had a clear view and when he saw Rachel, his mouth felt open. Rachel made sure she answered him with a broad smile, leaving him a good view on her braces, when she thought he let escape a soft fulfilling moan, without John noticing.

She continued her way to the toilets and when she returned, she saw John and Mr Johnson shaking hands. After making sure Mr. Johnson had another good view on her metal mouth, she returned to her own office, where she found Mike and Rosanne still debating about what happened.

Rachel fell down on her chair and said: “Rothanne, you didn’t know how wight you wewe thith mowning about uthing my bwatheth fow clothing the deal with mithtew Johnthon. I thent John away and then confwonted him wathew diwectly. Befowe he could anthwew I left the woom to extheed hith expectationth him with my headgeaw. I don’t know what happened next but I thaw them thhaking handth, tho pwobably the deal ith clothed”.

At that moment John entered the room and said: “Rachel, I don’t….. “

He stopped as soon as he saw Rachel’s headgear, “Woah look at you. As your braces weren’t noticeable enough. Why are you wearing that stupid headgear? You look ridiculous. I won’t let you contact any customer wearing that contraption. But I must admit… I don’t know what you told him after you sent me out of the room, but you pushed the right button. He didn’t protest anymore and he fully agreed with our offer as long as you are included in the project team.”

“Well, I guethth you have to thep ovew your pwinthipleth as mithtew Johnthon hath no pwoblem with my bwatheth. Actually I think he wantth me in the team, becauthe of my bwatheth and the headgeaw wath the final puthh.”

“He what?” said John

“Like I thaid. Mithtew Johnthon theemth to be intwigued by my metal mouth, which ith fine with me. I told him my bwatheth awe on fow a long time, tho he can enjoy the view if he wantth. Ath he didn’t object my thtatement, I thought that a glimp of my headgeaw thhould do the twick and it theemth I wath wight. I think I have to congwatulate you gaining thith big pwoject”

Shaking his head and not believing what he just heard, John left the room, leaving the others behind.

“Did you really put on your headgear to tempt him?” Rosanne asked.

“You bet I did. I was almotht wude when I confronted him with the fact that I knew I wath only in the meeting becauthe of my bwatheth, but when he only weacted in thilenthe I knew I wath wight. When I appeawed with my headgeaw, I think it made him cwothth the line.”

“I think I’ll wewawd hith behaviouw by thhowing up in my headgeaw fow our next meeting.”