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Re: Story: Odontophobia
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looking forward to hearing more :)

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Re: Story: Odontophobia
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Here it is! Chapter 3! How are y'all liking the characters so far? Next chapter we'll see Abby outside the office!

Chapter 3 - The procedure

I felt the cold plastic slide into my mouth as Melanie slowly inserted the retractors. I could’ve gotten up an left if I wanted to, but this time it had to be different. I didn’t want to have to deal with dental problems when I was older and had a job. I had to face my fears right then and there. I took a deep breath and gathered all the courage I had. Here come the braces.

My lips became stretched as the retractors went into my mouth. I felt a piece of plastic touch my tongue and I began to breathe heavily. “Hey hey its okay. Thats the tongue guard. You’ll bite onto that instead of having to keep your mouth open, its alright. It’ll also serve as suction so that we don’t have a lot of saliva in your mouth while we work” Melanie said as she showed me with a mirror. My mouth looked massive with the retractors on, my eyes widened as I looked into my own mouth. Melanie giggled a little. “You look ridiculous in that thing I’m so sorry” she said, laughing as she did. I laughed back through the retractors. Its nice having her do this as opposed to a stranger. It makes me feel better. She connected the tongue guard to the suction and it began gargling inside of my mouth. “Lets begin!” she said with enthusiasm.

She began polishing my teeth, a task I was well familiar with. The whirring of the drill piercing my ears as she polished every tooth individually. I grasped the armrests tightly as she went on.
My eyes were closed during most of the polishing, opening to Melanie’s face and shutting tight right after. After the polishing, she began placing a blue gel on all of my teeth. She let it sit for a little while and then rinsed it off. As soon as the water touched the tongue guard it gargled fiercely and I got startled, jumping a little in the chair “I’m almost done Abby, you’re doing amazing!” she told me enthusiastically. I was doing incredibly well compared to my other visits. I had barely had an impulse to cry and I was feeling oddly relaxed around Melanie.

Just as I though that Dr Aziz walked into the room. Suddenly the panic set in. She was going to begin placing braces on my teeth and handling my mouth in ways she wasn’t going to tell me. I was terrified of this. I would have preferred for her to tell me every step that she was doing, but I had the retractor and I couldn’t tell her now. I just had to sit there and let her do her job.

Melanie had just finished painting my teeth with what looked like a clear substance. She stood up, gave me a smile and let Dr Aziz take her seat. “Melanie prepare each bracket with the adhesive please” Dr Aziz told Melanie firmly, to which she nodded and began moving things in the tray. She handed the doctor a tweezer and continued working on something on the tray. I felt pressure on one of my teeth as Dr Aziz placed the first bracket inside of my mouth.

Tears began to flow from my eyes at this point. I held back the crying, but the tears started flowing. I was so embarrassed, doctor Aziz kept going, apparently ignoring my tears. She kept putting the brackets on each of my teeth as I lay in the chair, holding back all of my feelings, trying to be a good patient. I tried to keep still but my hand instinctively tried to go to my mouth. Dr Aziz caught my hand before it touched my mouth and put it down by the chair. “Abbigail please don’t do that, you could’ve moved the brackets I already positioned. If something hurts please just raise your right hand okay?.” The way in which she said this wasn’t condescending, if anything it was neutral, but now I knew I just had to wait for her to finish. “I just have to get used to her handling my mouth” I thought to myself. She moved my face suddenly and my hands reflexively went to my face. Melanie caught them this time, making sure Dr Aziz didn’t see it. She gave me a look telling me it was almost over.

After placing all the brackets Dr Aziz shone a blue light inside of my mouth. I held the armrests, stopping myself from touching my face. Afterwards she stood up and took her gloves off. “Melanie please put her separators from molar bands and make her next appointment for a week from now.” Melanie nodded and changed her position to where Dr Aziz was. Dr Aziz looked at me for a bit before exiting the room. She stopped at the door and turned around for a second. “Can you schedule her next appointment for exam room 4 and get her to sign the consent forms please” she said to Melanie. “Yes doctor, of course” Melanie said back firmly.

Melanie then looked at me and grabbed what looked like an instrument to take teeth out and covered my mouth. “Its okay abby, I just put little rubber bands here so I can put them between your molars” she said calmly while showing it to me. “It’ll hurt a little but it isn't to bad” she said while taking my hands off my mouth. I reluctantly accepted and held my hands to my side. She proceeded to insert the bands between 4 of my molars, 2 on each jaw making for a total of 8 bands in my mouth. It didn’t hurt that much, but it felt sore. “Let me take that retractor off and put your bands and the wire into the braces” she said holding the retractor and pulling it out with one hand. A trail of saliva followed the retractor landing on my cheek. Melanie noticed and put the retractor down on the tray, cleaning off the saliva with her gloved hand. “I’m so sorry, let me get you a napkin.

While she went to get it I got to feel my braces for the first time. They rubbed against my cheek and felt rough to my lips. I ran my tongue across them and it almost cut me. “Are they going to be this rough all the t-time?” I asked Melanie, a little scared. “No, no, they feel like that cause you don’t have the wire and bands on” she said grabbing pliers and the wire. “Now open wide, we’re almost done!” she said with excitement.

She tied my arch wire into my braces with metal wire and put bands on it. She placed silver bands, guessing I wouldn’t want colours. “We’re all done, just come to the office and sign the papers” I got up, my mouth feeling a little sore and booked an appointment for a week from then. “Thank you Mel, I really appreciate it” I said. “No worries, I’ll see you here next week, just read these forms and sign them, I have to help Dr Aziz with another patient” She told me and left to go to one of the rooms in the back. I signed the consent forms without giving them much thought, it was probably just regular forms needed for insurance purposes and whatnot. I exit the office and headed home. While waiting for the subway I texted Mel. “Hey do you want to hang out during the week? Hopefully you won’t be working this wednesday!”
“I won’t! See you at my place?” I read that text and smiled “I’ll bring snacks!” I put my phone on my pocked and anxiously waited for Wednesday.

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Re: Story: Odontophobia
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Good job!

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Re: Story: Odontophobia
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Poor old Abby; I really feel for her.