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Re: Story - Never Been Kissed
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Part 2

Chapter 14

Nate called me and said he was going to my apartment, he said we needed to talk and I wonder if he is finally telling me that Jenny and him are dating, Jenny hasn’t sent me a single message today, but I don’t think he would ask her not to talk to me if they’re dating. It will break my heart, I don’t know if I’d rather have her forever in my life but with my cousin who is the person that I love the most and consider as a brother or have her with somebody else, who will take her away from me and we will never see each other again. He arrives and looks worried, he asks me to sit and I know that whatever he has to say is going to hurt because it’s not how Nate is. He isn’t serious, he isn’t thoughtful, he doesn’t worry about anything so why is he so serious, so thoughtful and so worried to have this talk.

“Frank… I don’t know how to tell you this… it’s Jenny… she… there was this accident and she…”

I don’t say anything, I don’t know what to say, I just start crying and I can’t even wipe my tears with all these wires and elastic straps around my head. They keep just falling, wetting the leather pad of the j-hooks or the corner of my mouth.

“No, man… she isn’t dead… her father called and told me she hit a dog on the road to the city he lives, she lost control and hit a tree. She hit her head… she doesn’t wake up. She hasn’t woken up and it was last night.”

“Where’sss she?”

“She’s in the Memorial Hospital. Two blocks from here. She had just taken the road, to visit her father.”

“I want to sssee her.”

“Frank, really. You haven’t exactly left home or the company since… well, since Dr. Rogers put on all these headgears…”

“It’ss Jenny, Nate. I... All thessse… it doesn’t matter, I need to be by her sside.”

“Yes, you do… and Frank… stay there with her… I can’t…”

Nate didn’t need to say but I know what he thought….

He can’t lose her… Neither can I, but he is thinking he will suffer if he sees her in the hospital, but what will make me suffer the most is not being by her side.

We go to the hospital and her father is there and when he looks at me I feel small, I didn’t want it to be like this, I didn’t want to meet the girl I love’s father wearing ugly dark and stained braces, with all these six wires coming out of my mouth. It feels like I am a teenager from the 50s but I wanted him to see me as a man. A man who deserves her daughter but amazingly he gives me an awkward hug and I don’t want to get stuck in his hair, or his shirt because I get stuck in everything but nothing happened and I can’t understand why he hugged me, not Nate. Oh, yeah… I’m THE best friend. He tells us there was no change and the doctors said we just needed to wait for her to wake up.
Two weeks. Two weeks that I wake up, go to work, and then to the hospital. Two weeks of embarrassment with people staring at me while I walk to Jenny’s room, two weeks that the nurses treat me like I was the patient, not Jenny. They even bring me soft foods for dinner. And Jenny is still sleeping. I missed the last appointment with Dr. Rogers but as much as I want it to be faster, I don’t want to leave Jenny so I skipped an appointment, I don’t think this treatment will take a long time now, I wear headgear for four years! It must come out soon. But it’s the last appointment before graduation. I don’t want to be wearing all this in the pictures. I told him about graduation tonight so he untied everything but he wants me in the morning there to wire everything again.
I’m glad that I have some graduation pictures. None of them smiling but at least I don’t display a ton of metal in my face. They made a beautiful tribute to Jenny. We had already finished everything when the accident happened, so she is also graduated now. We went out for dinner and it was nice to eat not only soft foods and wow, it feels good chewing things after such a long time, it even hurts a little.
In the morning I overslept because well, it felt nice sleeping without all those wires but I wake up, think about putting everything back on but it’s Saturday and I decided to go back to Dr. Rogers on Monday and called to let him know. He said that I am an adult, I didn’t need his permission, but I had to be there on Monday. I spend these two days with my family, enjoying my parents who aren’t so touchy towards me because the headgears are off even for just a weekend and at the hospital where I spend about six hours every day by Jenny’s side while her father rests.
On Monday I wake up and go to Dr. Rogers. He says that he can tell I haven’t been wearing so he tightens the archwire, the Interlandi, and the j-hooks and I feel my mouth hurts for the first time in… years maybe, I can’t even remember, but he doesn’t tighten the lower headgear, loose as usual. I asked him why he wouldn’t tighten it as well and he said it was there more to hold the elastics and it’s more comfortable than a facemask but if I want a facemask he gives me one, I decline. He also adds top and bottom expanders. I feel my mouth so full. These old opaque bands in all my teeth, lower expander, top expander, Interlandi headgear, j-hooks, lower headgear pulling six elastics from my incisors, two elastics crossing my mouth in an X that only stretches when I open my mouth to yawn or when I need to open it very big for cleaning, they have a special hook that prevents them to disengage because with my mouth closed they are very loose and when I eat they get in the way and I bite them. Today everything hurts and in the end I had to pay an exorbitant amount of money for the expanders.
I go to the hospital and it is good that Jenny is still sleeping because I discovered that I have speech problems now. Not exactly a lisp but my tongue doesn’t know what to do with all these things in my mouth. Eating is a pain, bread was one thing that I could chew but now it gets stuck in the expanders, and to clean I take a long time but reading for Jenny every day I learned how to speak with these things.
When I arrived from Dr. Rogers, Jenny’s father said that the only change was that Jenny had an orthodontist visiting her to make a kind of mouthguard because she could grind or clench her teeth and break them while sleeping and took her impressions. One week later this orthodontist gets into the room, he looks at me as if I have three heads and says he would just install the mouthguard. He says that it’s like a retainer, in the end, he asks me how long I’ve been wearing the headgears and I am ashamed of saying that I’ve been wearing some kind of headgear for more than four years, so I lie and say that I’ve just gotten them. He wishes me good luck and gives me his card, in case I want a second opinion.

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Re: Story - Never Been Kissed
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Chapter 15


Three months and Jenny is still sleeping, she has put down weight and the doctors don’t know what else to say because nobody knows why she is still sleeping. Today I’m going to Dr. Rogers again. There are some things I need to discuss with him. John, my assistant, asked me about the braces when I was still adjusting with the expanders last month and I told him that I hated to wear everything but when I was 15 I made a mindless choice of participating in a study about old and present-day braces, being the subject for ‘old’ and he said that he was also wearing expanders and noticed I was having a kind of speech impediment and even gave me some tips. He said that he is wearing expanders as well and the braces were coming in the next month and that I inspired him somewhat because nothing could be worse than what I had and if his boss is brave he needs to be braver. He said he didn’t like the expander but hated when he had to turn the key of the expander and I had to answer “Yeah, it’sh tewible” while I thought “WHAT KEY??”. I started talking to John and it’s nice to talk with someone else, he is the first co-worker who talks to me more than the necessary. After some weeks I know I can say he is a good friend. Nate also spends a long time with us while we try to explain to him what he is supposed to do at work.
Once again nothing new in the appointment. Arrive, sit, open the mouth, see him putting a mirror and looking around, say I am good at cleaning everything as if I had another option, stand up and when I asked him about the key he asked me to sit again and did something with the top expander that hurt for two hours, open a drawer and puts something that looks like my old lip bumper in lower teeth, under the elastics and said that it will be faster if I wear it again and I only agree because ‘faster’ is a word I like. This is the first time he says that he wants things to be faster and that in a year my treatment is over. I’m so happy that I stand up, and again pay way more than the usual 500 dollars and go back home, still happy.

Six months after the accident and Jenny is still sleeping. Dr. Rogers is calling me every day because I NEED to have an extra appointment, but I just don’t feel like going, last month he said he had never said that my braces would be coming off in one year, that one and a half year is a better prospect and I wanted the second opinion but I lost the hospital’s orthodontist card. John got his braces last month and he also has to wear headgear, which he does at work, he only wears it for 14 hours a day and his braces are shiny little brackets. He also eats wearing his plain cervical headgear to make me company, I say he doesn’t have to, but he says he prefers wearing during the day, while he works than at night making me jealous… I wish I didn’t have to wear these contraptions at night. I wish I didn’t have to wear anything. I wish I could eat a steak, I wish all the stares stopped, I wish I could shave without having to take extra care, I wish I didn’t have nine straps on my head, I wish I could close my mouth and be able to drink things without a straw and holding a small towel because I learned that with the lip bumpers, the elastics plus all the whiskers I can’t hold liquids in my mouth and it doesn’t matter how much effort I make, something will spill through my lips, I don’t drink beer with Nate anymore because it’s repulsive. I wish I could see teeth, not an orthodontic junkyard.
Today Dr. Rogers called me five times and tells me that I must go today because it has been two months since I was there last. I tell John that I am leaving and if he wants to, he can go home early today. I arrive, his secretary asks me to pay in advance and when I pay four thousand dollars, different from the usual 500, I feel that I really need to have a not so nice talk with Dr. Rogers.
Once again I sit and tell him that we need to talk, he says that it’s better at the end of the appointment, I open my mouth, he puts on a lip retractor, looks around with his little mirror and leaves the room. It’s not good. Not good at all. He comes back and inserts another thing in my mouth and I can’t imagine where because my mouth has all kinds of appliances, he asks me to bite something and I fell the pressure in my second bicuspids, he removes the lip retractor and I feel something poking my tongue. He tells me we talk later because he’s in a hurry and he will travel for two months but I shouldn’t mind about getting my braces tightened because for the next year he will work with my tongue thrust problem and I’m just there… speechless and with that new thing that I don’t know what it is but already hate. I leave and get into the car, turn on the light, and see that I have a big rake in my mouth now, it has six spikes curved inwards that holds my tongue under or behind it, and my teeth next to the canines hurt like anything has ever hurt before. I hear my phone rings and it’s a message from Nate, asking me to pick him up because he wants to see Jenny and it’s about time, he never goes there to see her.

“Hey, Frank, what happened?”

I just shake my head no and I start crying and wow, how do I swallow? Where do I put my tongue? I wipe the saliva with my fingers in the corner of my mouth and slurp very loudly and Nate hugs me and I wet his t-shirt for ten minutes. He asks me to go with him to his apartment, to change the t-shirt and I head to the restroom, throw water in my face and use the straw I always carry in my pocket to shake water in my mouth. Luckily in these two months, I relearned how to close my mouth so liquids aren’t spilling all the time, but I still need to be careful. Well, I don’t know how I am going to talk. I’m as fearful as I look fearsome. Nate knocks and I open and show him the rake and he now is extremely pissed off with Dr. Rogers and wants to go there now. I take a deep breath and now I have to talk.

“E’th ot ‘ere. Shhhlllrp. E put ‘ith ‘ing in an’ thaid e wathin a wuwy shlrp and ‘ill e ‘ack in two onths. Shhhlrp. I gueth ‘at if I wead I earn owto thpeak a’ain Shhhlrp.  It elped ‘ith ‘e eh’an’erth. Shhllrp”

Well, that’s it, my life’s not gonna be easy from now on, not that it was. The rake not only gave me a lisp but also impedes my tongue to help me say some letters that are difficult to speak because of the lip bumper, the facebows and the j-hooks so it’s easier if I link words and I can’t swallow without making these noises.

“Washing a furry what?? Jack is two months? A dog? You have to learn how to speak because you have a two months old dog named Jack?”

I don’t know if I laugh, cry or punch Nate. I don’t know if he’s trying to make me laugh or if he really thinks I have a two months old dog named Jack. I send a message because with me speaking like this and my teeth and tongue almost bleeding and Nate’s brain we aren’t going anywhere. He reads and nods but I speak again.

“Et’th go. Shlrrp. You ave ‘o ake an effort to wanerth’and me. ‘ow I wantsho thee Jenny. Shlrrp. You ‘oo.”

We went to Jenny’s room and again, nothing changed. He enters alone because I’m so shocked and tired. I feel helpless and I don’t want to see him saying things I will never say to her and stay outside, making awful noises to swallow the river of saliva in my mouth.
Nate talked to her and I took him home while going to my apartment to rest. It was my turn to sleep with Jenny but I’m not okay after the disaster at Dr. Rogers so Paul told me to go home and just bring him some clothes tomorrow morning. Yeah, Jenny’s father and I are roommates now. I offered and he needed a place to crash here and didn’t want to stay at Jenny’s apartment because it made him sad. I go home and cry, I can’t believe this is happening to me. I was so happy thinking that in less than a year I would be free from this hell but now I can’t speak, I can’t eat, I can barely survive. But I tell myself that I just need to be strong for Jenny, she needs me. I try to sleep but my teeth where Dr. Rogers installed the rake hurt so much and I need to stuck the air to swallow saliva and it keeps me awake but in the morning, exhausted, I take a painkiller and sleep, waking up a little more relaxed but with the leather pad of the j-hooks and the special pillow I use that has a depression where the face bows rest wet. The weekend ends and on Monday I’m feeling better and I’m learning to ‘live’ with the rake, I’m going to learn how to speak better and I hope I stop making slurp noises when I try to swallow. I read for Jenny every day. Well, I hope she understands that what I am doing is reading. Today I’m going to start Harry Potter.

"'arry Po’er and the  Thorcererth’one. Shhhlrp. Chapter  one, the ‘oy wo ived…”

And I continue reading to Jenny, my speech improved a little but I still struggle everyday to do simple things like eating, washing my face, drinking anything. When I wanted to fix my teeth I didn’t think it would be like this, I didn’t know I would have my mouth full of metal. Metal expanders, metal rake, metal bands, the face bows… and elastics to décor everything. I can only eat soup, mashed potatoes and other mashed vegetables, some fruits like bananas or scraped apples. Nobody knows but I cry almost every day. I’m extremely tired and I feel that I’ve reached my limit. I’m losing my patience easily, I’m depressed and hopeless. I need to get rid of these braces as soon as possible, I need to be me again. I need to remember what is like being a person, not the tin man. I decided to look for the hospital’s orthodontist because I lost his card but the nurse says the only orthodontists there is Dr Savannah, an old woman who said she had never visited Jenny and doesn’t even know there was someone there who needed a mouthguard.

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Re: Story - Never Been Kissed
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Thank you for the great story. Keep it up.

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Re: Story - Never Been Kissed
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Thank you am really enjoying the story.

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Re: Story - Never Been Kissed
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I really liked the part where we found out the true nature of the relationships between the lead characters.

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Re: Story - Never Been Kissed
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Chapter 16


“… “Ava-a Kedavwa!” A jet of gween ight shot fom the end of Thnape’th wand and ’it Dumbledore thquarely in the chetht. Harry’th thcweam of ‘owor never 'eft 'im; thilent and unmoving, 'e wath forthed to watch ath Dumbledore wath blathted into the air”. I wish you were awake tho I could 'ug you. I ‘ate thith part and I think you do too.”

I feel his hand touching my hair… Frank… God, I love his voice but this lisp, I don’t remember he had such a heavy lisp. I remember his touch, I remember the story he's reading, I don’t remember where I am. My mouth is dry and there’s something on my teeth and I don’t like it, I’m hungry… Maybe a milkshake… I open my eyes and see his gray eyes shocked. He starts crying and runs yelling “NURTHE, NURTHE”. And my head hurts, my mouth hurts too and I’m panicking because I guess this thing in my mouth can be braces and I said I would never have braces again in my life. Suddenly, the room is full of people. Nurses, doctors, everybody poking me and my arms are lighter, maybe I have put down weight. And I sleep.

“Jenny, Frank told me you woke up. Dad’s here now, Frank went home to rest. Wake up to daddy, I wanted to see you awake too.”

I hear my father and open my eyes. I’m thirsty and hungry and I want this thing off of my teeth. My father sees me awake and starts crying. I feel like panicking again.

“Calm down, baby, it’s just a mouthguard, open your mouth, let me take it off.”

I open my mouth and my father removes something like a retainer.

“Dad… water. What… happened?”

My father opens the door and asks for water. A nurse comes in with water and I sip avidly.

“Jenny, I’m so happy! I was so worried. You were going home… my home, a dog was crossing the road and you tried not to run over it, but you couldn't, then you lost control and hit a tree. I talked to the doctors and they think it would be better if I told you… or Frank but the boy needed to rest. Tonight was his turn to sleepover.”

My mouth feels weird but I guess it’s because of the accident. A nurse is there with us and helps me sit.

“How long am I sleeping? Yesterday I heard Frank reading Harry Potter… The sixth book, so I’d say… Six months?”

“A year. You’ve been sleeping for a year. Frank and I take turns here with you. Nate comes about three times a week. Frank’s and Nate’s parents usually visit you once a week.”

“Dad… Graduation…”

“Don’t worry about it. You had already finished everything.”

The doctors come and I spend the day being examined. The doctors don’t know how to explain but I had no brain damage, memory loss, anything. That reminds me…

“Dad… I remembered why I was going to visit you. I discovered that Frank’s orthodontist, Dr. Rogers, is Dr. Gonzalez.”

“Jenny. When I saw Frank I remembered everything you’ve been through and I thought about it but then he told me he is the subject of a study…”

“The study doesn’t exist, dad. It was a scheme to make money. I confronted him and he said it was to pay you and he would discontinue Franks’s braces if I convinced you not to asking for compensation anymore. And dad… one year!! Frank, dad!”

I start crying because Frank has suffered for one more year and I couldn’t help him.

“But Jenny, I’ve never asked him to pay me anything, I wanted him away from you, so he moved. Is that what he told you? I’m sure he wanted time to run away and then after the accident he didn’t need to run away anymore but I know that the first months you were sleeping he added many appliances in Frank’s mouth. Poor boy. That reminds me, it’s him, isn’t it? The man who stole my daughter’s heart. Does he know it?”

I shake my head no.

“Well, Jenny. The poor guy’s mouth is a mess. There are wires and metal everywhere and if you heard him reading to you, well, you’ll see in a few minutes… I need to warn you, it’s not easy to see. The man is tough. But we need to tell him. Actually, he hasn’t even visited Dr. Rogers/ Gonzalez, because he spends all his free time here with you.”

“Dad, find Dr. Rogers… this needs to stop.”

A doctor comes in and tell us that after breakfast I’m free to go. They bring yogurt and a fruit salad and I don’t know if it’s because I slept for a year but it’s difficult to chew the fruits, and I end up swallowing bigger pieces. Frank arrives and my father was right. It’s not easy because I feel guilty, it’s my fault that now he has this rake that makes him lisp heavily. But when he hugs me everything seems better. I love him. I need him by my side. And we need to talk.

We arrive at my apartment and everything is clean and organized. Nate is there too and told me that Frank hired someone to take care of everything. Frank is very quiet but I ask dad to tell him that I’m waiting for him in my room and I go there, but who enters is Nate so I decide to tell him and ask for help to talk with Frank. I tell Nate the whole story; about my parents divorce, my stepmother, the braces, Dr. Gonzalez, my discovery, why I was on the road going to my father’s and what Dr. Gonzalez asked me to do and my father's suspicion. Nate let's me know that every time Frank went there he had to pay and he had thought that Frank’s parents had already paid for everything so we decided to tell the truth now and Nate sends him a message inviting him to come talk to us and he replies that he’ll be here in an hour, so Nate and I keep catching up and having a great milk shake, my mouth is still weird and I’m afraid my teeth shifted a little and it would be a disaster, I don’t want to wear braces again but I want my perfect smile, I’ll have to take a good look in the mirror.

“How’s life, Nate? Still dating?”

“Yeah. This weekend is our third anniversary.”

“The staircase guy?”

“Yeah, the staircase guy. And you… still in love?”

“More than ever… I want to tell him everything so that we maybe start something, if he wants me, of course. But I’m afraid that he will never see me like this, only sees me as a friend.”

“You deserve to be happy… Both of you”

Nate is laid on the floor and tries to have his milkshake but of course, spills it all over his shirt. I don’t know if Nate is this stupid or he pretends very well. I ask my father a shirt while Nate goes clean himself. I think about looking how my teeth are but I'm afraid so I just pretend everything's fine.

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Re: Story - Never Been Kissed
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Chapter 17


My cousin arrives while I’m heading to Jenny’s room but I’m ashamed of talking to her with all these braces, I ask him to go talk to her because I have to go. It’s still early and I haven’t eaten anything today so I decide to go home, say goodbye to Paul, who tells me he wants to go to my apartment to get his clothes. I go with him to leave Jenny and Nate together, Paul gets his suitcase, returns the keys and leaves.
A little after that, while I decide what to have for breakfast, Nate sends me a message inviting me to go to Jenny’s house as if it’s his. I’m sure his invitation is to finally tell me they are together or worse, that they are engaged. I eat something, if scrape an apple with a spoon, open my mouth really big finally stretching the elastics and drop it just to find its place under or above one of the expanders, spilled in my clothes or my chin and then, drink water with a straw to help the apple go down my throat can be considered eating, we’ll, another option would be scrambled eggs but I’m in a hurry and it takes time to make, almost an hour to eat and I need to brush thoroughly, which takes me about 30 minutes, while a quick brushing takes a little over ten.
I brush all the metal and take a shower to try to clear my head but nothing makes me forget that they are together since college, they just have never told me, before leaving I take a sedative, something tells me I need this extra help. I don’t even want to go there.
Before the accident my body was nice, I was exercising and gained muscle mass but now after spending most of the time in the hospital or at work and I’m not eating well because of the rake I've put down lots of weight, my suits just hang on my shoulders and they look too big for me.  I don’t want her to see me like this. Hiding behind her father was easy but now I will have to face her, making Jenny see my face with these six ridiculous thick wires out of my mouth, my head full of straps. She wants to talk to me. TALK. I can’t talk. I’m so overwhelmed. I can’t stand these braces anymore.
I’m about to break.

I go back to Jenny’s, Paul opens the door and tells me they are in her bedroom and I knock before getting in not to hurt my eyes, and my heart.

“Frank, come in, it’s so nice to see you”

(No, it’s never nice to see me with this junkyard in my mouth and my head covered by wires. I look like a train wreck). "It’th nithe to be ‘ere”.

“Come here, would you like some water or something stronger?”

(as if I could drink something without a f***ing straw) “No, thankth.”

“Just wait, Nate is changing his shirt… clumsy as usual”

Yep, definitely together. I bet he even has clothes here. And here he comes, my cousin who is more than a brother, drying his hair in a towel, that he throws on the bed making Jenny complain. They even act as a couple.

“Frank, brother, I’m glad you’re here. Listen, sit down. Our talk is not going to be easy.”

(No, it’s not. That’s why I took a sedative and when it kicks in everything’s gonna be just fine) “I gueth I already know.”

“You do?” (They even talk together God, kill me) and Jenny continues.

“How do you know that Dr. Rogers is Dr. Gonzalez and more importantly, why are you so calm about it all?”

(What? Who is Dr. Gonzalez and what Dr. Rogers has to do with their engagement?)
“What doeth Dr. Rogerth ‘ave to do with the engagement?”

“With what? Frank, what are you talking about?”

“Nothing. Who’th Dr. Gonthaleth and what doeth Dr. Rogerth hath to do with ‘im?”

And she tells. Everything. All the pain and suffering she felt, when she was a child, Disney, high school, taking off her braces before college, when she met me, that she wanted to protect me and I hug her when she tells me that she swore to protect me but the accident happened. And then I think about me. All the suffering, all this time wearing these braces. The part of my life I didn’t enjoy, the experiences I didn’t live, losing Jenny for my cousin…

“All thith time, all these bratheth, thith rake, the ‘eadgearth… all for… money?”

“Frank, I’m so sorry. I should have told you before looking for my father”

“Jenny, I don’t want you to feel thorry for me, I’m happy, really happy becauthe you are awake, and you’re a’ive. Thinthe the acthident I don’t care about anything anymore, it’th been onths thinthe my ast appoint’ent and e hath’t called e, I gueth e wanted to justify the money and installed thith damn rake and the exthpanderth and the li’ bumper, but all I wanted wath to thee you again. But now that I know… well, I gueth I need to find thomeome to remove thethe thingth.”

“Yes, I guess you do”. Jenny answers and yawns.

“Frank and I are going to find him an orthodontist and let you rest, bye Jen”

Nate kisses her forehead and I leave her room embarrassed and her father is in the kitchen.

“Frank, I know the story now, I’m sorry, I feel guilty, all that you’ve been through…”

“Paul… you don’t ‘ave to feel guilty. But ‘e can’t ethcape, I want ‘im in jail. But now I need to go. I’m ‘aving a chanthe to ‘ave a ‘ife”

Paul says he will hire a private investigator to look for Dr. Rogers/ Gonzalez and Nate tells him he’s going to help. I’ve never been so angry in my life, I’m so angry that I’m almost crying but I can’t because if I cry I will make the slurp noises that I learned not to make anymore. I need to find an orthodontist, asap. I’m so overwhelmed that I just say goodbye and leave. Nate runs to me and tells me he is sorry and that they will find Dr. Rogers/ Gonzalez and make him pay. I thank and hug Nate and get in my car to cry. After crying for like 15 minutes, I call John.


“Frank, hey boss, do you need me now?”

“Yeth. Call your orthodontitht, check if ‘e can thee me now, it doeth’t matter the prithe. I’m waiting in the car.”

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Re: Story - Never Been Kissed
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The best story ever!! Can't wait for more

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Re: Story - Never Been Kissed
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Part 3

Chapter 18


John sends me a message with the location and tells me Dr. Williams is waiting for me. Dr. Candy Williams is a young orthodontist and graduated with honors five years ago. First, she wants me to call her Dr. Williams because her first name does not show respect, she takes pictures and tells me I was going to be the best before/ after of her entire career. She asks me to open my mouth, sees the elastics and laugh saying they are useless, she removes the elastics of the lower face bow, the face bow with the hooks, then the j-hooks and its leather straps, the top face bow, and the Interlandi. When she removes the lip bumper she tells me that at least the lip bumper was removable and I don’t say anything because I will just make a fool of myself if I tell her that I’ve been wearing this shit for 10 months as if it was fixed. Then she removes the rake saying “this rake… it’s like it was not made for you to wear, it was attached to your second bicuspids but it’s small so it’s pulling your teeth inwards, we will take some time to fix it, I can only imagine how difficult it is to put in on every time you clean it” and I just close my eyes for her not to see my stupidity, how come I was considered a genius when I was younger??? The bottom and the top expanders are removed and she finally starts removing the bands. It takes her about one and a half hours to remove everything. She takes lots of pictures, whatever she removes she takes pictures. When she finishes, she makes impressions, x-rays, and then does a deep cleaning and asks me if I want to see. I think it will be like a fairy tale but what I see in the mirror is far from it.

My teeth are very white, but it looks like I had never even thought about braces in my life. My canines are lower, so this was something that worked in my previous “treatment”, but my top incisors were more protruding, the lower incisors are more aligned but there were gaps everywhere, the upper first bicuspids are not in the position they were before, they moved inwards, she said that most of the gaps were because of the bands but we have lots of work to do and that it’s up to me, I will tell the speed of the treatment and I didn’t ask anything, just said that I want it as fast as we can be.
She said she regretted what she was about to say but the truth is these six years wearing bands, five with headgear wired in meant nothing, I have a deep overbite and I’m not so sure if I had it before because it is the first time I hear the deep part, I knew I had an overbite but this is new. She didn’t have my first records, but it doesn’t matter because we are going to start from scratch.
My lower teeth just need to have the gaps closed, so something in the previous treatment worked but to close the gaps will take some time because the gaps needed to be closed and then be wired for some time to hold the position or else they would return. My top teeth are our real problems.

It’s noon and her very state of the art clinic has already given her the brackets I’m going to wear. I called Paul and he told me that Jenny woke up, had lunch and they talked a little, she felt tired and slept again. I’m not used to my mouth without appliances and talking is weird, it’s been five years with at least one headgear in the way and my mouth feels… foreign. I wanted to start next week, enjoy one week without braces but Dr. Williams told me that she would like to start as soon as possible, for me not to get used to something different from my next years, yes, in the plural, that’s why she is putting on the brackets now. She glues them in and asks if I prefer removable or fixed appliances and fixed is all I know so that’s what I told her. I guess she liked the answer because she smiles and tells me I can go to work now. It’s funny, my orthodontist wears braces. She is nice and I liked the way she works; she explains everything and asks my opinions regarding my treatment. I will go to work and return at 5 pm to put on the archwires, I also asked if I could have lunch and she told me just not to eat crunchy things. I run my tongue on my teeth and it feels weird but nice, although the brackets are scratching my cheeks but not as bad as the bands did.
I spent some time thinking what I was going to eat, there are so many foods that I love but I couldn't have because of the wired in headgears and then the expanders and the f**ing rake. I decide on a hamburger and French fries, which I love but there are ages that I don’t eat, I want to eat in the car because I don’t eat in public, the clerk says they are out of straws and I reply that I have my own then I remember that I don’t need a straw, when I remove the cover and sip the iced tea I ordered I feel my nose itching and my eyes full of tears and once again I cry. I’m too emotional today, I eat the hamburger, the fries, then I go to Jenny’s but she’s sleeping, I get into her bedroom and there she is, my sleeping beauty. For the first time I kiss her forehead and again, feel my eyes full of tears and I let her sleeping and go to Montgomery’s. My first stop is in my restroom to brush the metals and now I start to love the new braces because brushing is easy and faster, it took me only five minutes.
Everyone looked at me at work and even some girls stared but now in a nice way but I only have eyes for Jenny, John says that I look nice and asks me to let him see my new brackets and it’s weird but I understand that it’s a braces wearers thing, so I just smile and I can see that now who has jealous eyes is him, his brackets, bigger and colorful, this time they are bright blue and for the first time he is wearing headgear and I’m not.

“John, you don’t have to wear your headgear at work anymore, well, my new braces aren’t all in yet, but I won’t need to wear it all the time again.

“Oh, boss, but I want to keep it on, if you don’t mind, I have to wear it for at least 18 hours now, preferably all the time but not less than 18 hours. And I prefer not wearing it at home.”

“Okay, John, it’s up to you, and I’ve already told you, don’t call me boss, we’re friends.”

“Right, boss, but here at work o prefer calling you boss.”

“Well, call me whatever you want. I’m going to call Jenny, bring me the reports I asked in ten minutes.”

“Okay, Frank, boss.”

I call Jenny but she’s sleeping and I let her father know that I’m still worried because she’s too thin, even her face is different, but Paul told me she ate and will be waiting for me for dinner. At 4:50 I leave work and return to the clinic.
Dr. Williams puts on the archwires, explains everything she wants to do because she spent the afternoon studying my case and came to some conclusions and warns me that I won’t be happy with some things. She is going to use heat-activated wires with the self-ligating metal brackets, they work faster but I still need to wear headgear if I want this treatment to be fast, and when she told me that, I couldn’t believe my ears.
My teeth were foully pulled in the wrong direction and caused some bite problems that only the headgear would give her results faster and precisely. She explained that it would be only a cervical headgear for at least 16 hours a day but preferably 18 hours, although she warned me that if I wear it for less than 12  hours a day I can add three more years wearing headgear in my life, she can’t wire anything, what Dr. Rogers did was a crime, but my non-compliance means more time wearing anything she asks me to wear, the headgear, for example, each two hours I don’t wear it, means about four extra months. She still can’t tell me for how long but no less than one year if I handle the force she will apply. I’m going to wear elastics to put my canines faster in the correct place now and later elastics to help correct my bite.
My frontal top incisors that are protruding a little so I’ll have to wear a bite plate and explained me what it was and told me that was why she asked me if I preferred fixed or removable appliances and that I made a great choice once the fixed one is smaller. She glues the bite plate in and I feel how big it is but it feels nice but Dr. Williams says that I might have some difficulties with the bite plate but I will get used to it. She gives me two pills and while I take them without questioning she’s explaining they are painkillers and warns me that I will need them, she asks me to buy two boxes of Advil and asks me to return next Friday because she wants to see if there’s any unwanted movement or if she will need to change something. I think she’s too worried, I don’t think the Advil is necessary, but I say I’ll buy the boxes just to show that I understood but I don’t think I’ll take them.

“Okay then, Mr. Montgomery. I recommend you take a picture to remember the configuration of your elastics, now come here, you need a mirror.”

 She sits behind her desk and asks me to sit, then she puts a mirror in front of me and I see all set for the first time. It’s nice, it’s clean, the archwire is zigzagging my top teeth and almost straight on the bottom ones. She asks me to open bigger and shows me the new shiny bands around my molars and teaches me how to put on and take off the headgear and shows me the correct position of the elastics: from my top and bottom canines to my top and bottom molars. First, put on the headgear, then the elastics, or else I won’t be able to open my mouth.
“I recommend you take a picture in case you have some doubts about the configuration: from upper molar to the upper canine, down to the lower canine and back to the lower molar. You need to wear them all the time, especially while eating, change them at least twice a day but four times would be the call to the fast mode. This is the right side of the face bow; first, you put it in the tubes, then you attach the cervical strap. It’s already with the amount of force I want it to apply, not that I don’t trust you, but some kids try to cheat when it hurts so with these straps, they don’t have this option. If you feel pain or any discomfort take an Advil, two during the first two days, if you feel too much pressure, cold beverages can help. And, of course, you need to relearn how to speak, so start, repeat my instructions.”

I wasn’t waiting for it and then I realized that I was so happy because I wasn’t wearing the bands and all those headgears and the frightening rake that I didn’t think that I could continue having speech impediments.

“I need to take a picture to remind the configuration: from the upper molar to the upper canine, down to the lower canine and back to the lower molar (okay, slurring a little but nothing shameful). I need to wear the elathticth (uh-oh) all the time, ethpethially to eat, change them twithe a day but four timeth to be fathter, check the right thide of the fathe bow (ugh), firtht put the tubeth and then the thervical thtrap (God, not again, at least it will improve through time), if I feel pain or any dithcomfort take an advil or drink cold beverageth and I need to learn how to thpeak again.”

“Okay, but forget the last part, you don’t have to learn how to speak, you’re a pro! It won’t be better than this.” She tells me smiling and somewhat proud.

“It won’t be better? Tho I’ll thound like thith for… how long?”

“I’m afraid that until the end of the treatment, but let's see how it goes, some people even need it after finishing the braces.”

With my luck, that’s probably my case. She gives me a bag of elastics (they are different, the ones I used to wear I could buy at stationary stores), two cervical straps, which she asks me what color I want telling me that she suggests black to match the suit I’m wearing and I choose dark blue, thinking about my other suits. She explains that the cervical straps are bigger because of the size of my neck and that she needs the strap to provide the anchorage she wants without hurting me, and that’s why they are this big. She teaches me how to put the headgear and the elastics on, and when I finish she says that I’m done and this week, if I feel pain because of the headgear, wear it in a break-in mode but I don’t pay attention when she explains it because I know that the pain the headgear causes is not unbearable. Then we start talking about the costs and I’m shocked. She tells me that these brackets, archwires and headgear are a little more expensive because they are the most modern they have nowadays and I might think it’s too much but from now on she will only charge for the tightening visits and any other appliance I may need to wear but so far, that’s it. When she tells me the price, I think she’s kidding me because it’s cheaper than the last 6 months I paid for Dr. Rogers/Gonzalez.
She follows me to the reception desk where I pay and tells me she wants to see me next week just to check how’s everything doing and that she won’t even charge for it. I get into my car and drive home. In the elevator, I look at myself in the mirror and see that I’m still wearing headgear. I’m so used to wearing headgear that I didn’t even notice and went to many places wearing it. I get into my apartment and head to the bathroom to take a good look at my new metals. Even with the ugly contraption my mouth is now something nice to see. The brackets are shiny little metallic pieces, the archwires aren’t even but they are thinner than the former ones, the face bow is thick, maybe a little thicker than the older ones but it’s shiny and brand new, the black cervical strap is comfortable and not very hot but it’s bigger that the old one, covering great part of my neck, it connects to the endings of the face bow with a very strong triangular piece of metal. The bite plate feels huge but isn’t very visible.

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Re: Story - Never Been Kissed
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Chapter 19


Before arriving home I bought flowers for Jenny and also bought a pizza and I start to cut it in pieces but I remember that I don’t need to, so I remove the elastics and the facebow but now I can see that eating with the bite plate sucks, the bite plate gets in the way and I still have to cut the pizza in little pieces, chewing is very hard because using my back teeth is kind of impossible because they don’t touch so I have to use the bite plate to help me chewing with my front teeth and it’s difficult. I see now that eating will take me some time every day. I go to the bathroom and brush my teeth, put on new elastics (Dr. Williams is right, I’d better not getting used to a life that isn’t mine yet, so I’m wearing the elastics all the time as directed, but just today, no headgear) and it feels good although I’m not exactly feeling things because of the sedative, and the two Advil that Dr. Williams gave me. Not spending so much time cleaning that disgusting junkyard I used to have is a bliss, then I shave and finally take a shower. I put on my favorite jeans and a t-shirt, but they don’t look so good because I have to go back to the gym, I put down a lot of weight this last year, because of Jenny, and the rake.
While I get ready I receive a message from Jenny, asking me to go there and I’m extremely excited, because it’s the first time she’s gonna see me without the bands and even with the new braces, and gaps on my teeth, my smile is much better. I know she’s inviting me just because Nate tries to include me in whatever he wants to do, and I go because they are all I have. I arrive and I can’t stop smiling, Paul compliments me, or the braces, and says Jenny and Nate are in the bedroom. Of course, they are. I knock to warn them, get into her bedroom and shyness shows up again, I give her the flowers, she stands up and hugs me and it feels like home. She’s so beautiful, but I need to get over. Now everything is okay, and they probably want to tell me they’re finally going to get married, ask me to be the best man…

“Hey guyth, I’m sorry to interrupt. I know you mutht be mithing being alone together, I just came to thee how you are, Jenny.”

“Being alone together? Are you drunk? What do you mean?”

“I know you’re together… dating… for thome yearth now.”

“We are not together”/ “Jenny doesn’t have a....”, they say at the same time he makes a gesture.

“You are not together? She doesn’t have a... Are you gay? But... The thignth”

“Signs? Is that what you said? Since when do you believe in signs? You are all science and shit. Whatever, for a genius, you are pretty stupid. We are not together but sit, we have more important things to talk besides my sex life. Jenny needs to tell you something.”

“I… I thought you were going to athk me to be the betht man” (I don’t understand... How come...)

But I need to focus because Nate is talking to me.

“Are you insane? How could you think Jenny and I... Yuck. I can’t even think. Me and... Ewww. And Jenny... She loves you since day one. Thinking about it... That’s why you destroyed the boy’s lip that day... Jenny, Jenny. Fierce. Rrrrr.”

“I was supposed to tell him” / “She loves you”. Jenny and I say together.

“No, my little brother, she loves YOU. She has always wanted to kiss you with headgear and all and one day she almost did and ran away like, well, a pussy. And Jenny, I told my secret, I don’t have to keep yours anymore. You just didn’t kiss him yet because you are afraid of his reaction although I’ve always thought it would be a little weird you kissing baby Frank full of acne with those dark bands and the headgear that lived in his mouth. When I was 16 and had acne and had to wear headgear for like 18 hours but I never wore for more than 10, I felt I was disgusting. I don’t know how Frank survived all these years and I don’t know how you could fall in love with our little tin man, well, maybe because both of you are weirdos, and…”


“What? I’m just helping my little brother and my little Jenny having their first k… wow… both of you have never kissed before… where do I sit? Do you need me to explain? Of course, you do. I know how to do something you don’t, oh my god, I’ll call mom, can I record? No, no, no, can I explain? First you...”

“NATE”, Jenny calls or else our Labrador wouldn’t stop barking and I can only think that Nate said she loved me.

“Ith that true? You love me?”

She looks at me with her eyes full of tears and shakes her head yes.

I walk the three steps that separate us and kiss her. It’s my first kiss. I’m almost 22 and it’s my first kiss and I don’t know if I’m doing it right, I only know it feels right. Then I start feeling self-conscious because of the braces and I try to remember if I brushed, well, at least everything is clean… I hope… because the bands catch lots of food… no, they are regular braces, not the bands anymore yet still braces, she moans, am I hurting her? The bite plate, she will feel how big it is, but at the same time, she doesn’t seem to mind. She is so hungry that it’s like she doesn’t want to stop.

“Kids, wow, it’s hot.”

I look down, looking into her eyes, still shy as usual; I don’t say anything because I don’t know what to say. But Jenny is not so she starts blabbing, that’s what she does when she’s nervous.

“For the record, I was going to do the same even with the headgears, the rake… I don’t know how but I was… I am… so crazy about you and I’ve always dreamed about it...”

“Jen, stop embarrassing yourself. So, lovebirds, I’ll leave you alone… Frank, you’re so funny… Me and Jenny… Bye, little weirdos.”

I hold Jenny’s little hands in mine and look at Nate. I’m a little hurt.

“Not so fatht, Nate. Why didn’t you tell me you are gay? I feel betrayed. I grew up with you, I don’t even conthider you ath a couthin becauthe you’re my brother. And you let me thuffer all thethe time thinking she loved you.”

“Remember when we used to live together and we were going to watch a horror movie and I left to buy popcorn?”

“Yeth, she ran away”

“Because she wanted to kiss you”

“But, the bratheth, the headgear?”

“She thought that if she kissed you then she would lose you because she knows how much you hated those braces.”

“Well, she wath right”

“But she ran away and saw me with John on the stairs and told me she loved you as if it was a secret.”

“WAIT!! John, John? What John? My John?”

“No, MY John, but yes, your John, your assistant John is my boyfriend.”

“But… you never told me. Why?”

“Then I was afraid, I knew you wouldn’t care but I don’t know why I never told you, it’s not because I didn’t trust you but we were in college and all those girls hitting on me and I was ugly when I was younger and my high school was awful and I was feeling good not being ugly anymore but then you started working, John started working for you and he didn’t want me to tell you.”

“How long are you together?”

“Hum… three years, tomorrow is our anniversary. Now, I’m going home. He’s waiting for me. And you two… You have some time to catch up”

Nate leaves and closes the door.

“How were you going to kith me with lotth of headgear and the rake?”

“I don’t know… I had never kissed before”

And we stay until late in bed, cuddling. She asks me about my visit to the new orthodontist and I tell her, everything. About the last treatment that fixed only some lower teeth, about the new treatment and how it will be, I feel embarrassed but I tell her that I still have to wear headgear and she tells me she had to wear double to fix what Dr. Gonzalez/Rogers had damaged and after about 11pm Paul tells me it’s time for me to go home.
We kiss for more 30 minutes or so and I leave.

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Re: Story - Never Been Kissed
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Chapter 20


At home, I put on the headgear and it really is more difficult with the elastics in and go to bed. I wanted to spend this first night without it but there are no straps on my head and I’d rather wear it to sleep because even if I wear it to work, and sometimes I work 12 hours a day, I still have more six hours of headgear wear. To put it bluntly, I’d better think about it as 24/7 with some hours to relax.
I wake up at 3 am and my molars are throbbing, all my teeth hurt and the pressure is almost unbearable. I remember what Dr. Williams told me that I was supposed to wear for two hours and release for two hours and that’s what I do. The pressure is okay but it doesn’t matter what I do, I can’t even touch my upper molars with the lower ones, and with the elastics, it’s impossible not to touch them, so I take the elastics out too. She said that cold beverages would work and I drink a beer. The pressure subsides but my molars are killing me, then I remember about the break in mode but I don’t remember exactly how it is. I decide to go to bed and try to sleep but my whole mouth hurts.
In the morning, I get ready to work and I feel a little better, I put on the headgear and the pain resumes so I decide to call Dr. Williams to ask about the break in mode and she explains. I wear two hours, don’t wear for two hours, then wear for four/two, then six/two but I must wear at least 12 hours a day during the first two days and at least 16 hours from the third day on. All my teeth are tender but all I want is to see Jenny.
It’s Saturday and I work for just six hours and go to Jenny’s house, she asks me to have lunch with her but I’m embarrassed because of the bite plate but she insists so I try not to make a big mess, and while eating is a problem for me because everything hurts and only being able to use the front teeth, Jenny is having problems too, she says that chewing is weird since she woke up, it’s like her teeth can’t work together.
The days go by and I still hate the bite plate and dread to wear the headgear because of the pain, but Jenny and John encourage me and I wear it for at least 16 hours a day, and I have no idea how many painkillers I’ve taken recently. I’m going to my appointment with Dr. Williams and Jenny wants to go with me, I get in first, Jenny asks if she can go with me and it’s said there’s no problem.

“Frank, where’s your headgear?”

“Here, Dr.Williamth. I wathn’t wearing becauthe I’ve jutht taken it out, leth than thirty minuteth ago.”

“Okay, but I want you to wear it when you come here. You have to be wearing for at least 30 minutes.”

Dr. Williams tightens my braces again and I told her that I thought it would be once a month but she says that I’m doing fine and if I can put up with the soreness, there’s no reason not to tighten the archwires again and that she can see some movement. I tell her the headgear is too tight and hurts a lot, but she told me that I asked for fast treatment and now I need to comply.

“Most of the orthodontists say that the headgear for an adult only works to hold the teeth in place but I don’t. I think we still have movement, but we need a strong pulling and we can only have this pulling with lots of strength and continuous wearing. The 18 yours need to be uninterrupted. I’m sorry but you will have to eat at least two meals with the headgear on. But don’t worry, I won’t count this first week but now that you are used to it, give yourself these 18 hours a day. And remember, you’re not doing it for me, but for yourself.”

Dr. Williams puts on the face bow again, then the neck strap and says that I’m done.
I introduce Jenny to doctor and when Jenny smiles, Dr. Williams asks Jenny to sit but she doesn’t want to, but I talk her into it.
I can see in Jenny’s face that she’s unhappy, but I can tell that Dr. Williams is unhappier.

“Jenny, why don’t you take steps and start an orthodontic treatment? The time is now, dear, or else we won’t be able to fix your bite. We have to start before you’re 30.”

“What? But I wore braces my whole life, I don’t need it, I’m sure.”

“Did you? With THIS overbite? Haven’t you worn your retainers? Because I can swear that you haven’t.”

“Well, I wore it for two years! During the firsts years in college.”

“Not all the time, right? Because with an overbite like this, dear, you will have big problems in the future.”

“But that’s impossible, I’ve been sleeping for the last year and I even wore a mouthguard. It is like a retainer, I guess I have it here, in my bag.”

“Can I see it?”

“Yeah, sure. Here”

“But dear… it’s not a mouthguard. It’s not a retainer. This is, my girl, a very weird palate expander in a shape of a mouthguard. Has she worn it for how long?”

“Almotht a year, I gueth.”

“But who was turning the key?”

“Everybody thays key, key, what key to open what? My exthpander didn’t have a key. Why does herth need to have”

“Frank, we all know that your last treatment wasn’t exactly working, an expander needs to be opened by turning the key and someone was turning this key regularly, I’m pretty sure that’s what caused this overbite. And we need to fix it… now. Are you feeling any discomfort while eating?”
“Well, actually, yeah. I chew but the pieces are still big.”

“So, dear, let’s make some impressions.”

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Re: Story - Never Been Kissed
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What an amazingly compelling story.  I love all of the twists and turns and aspects of mystery and romance. Keep it up!

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Re: Story - Never Been Kissed
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Great story; I love where it's going!

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Re: Story - Never Been Kissed
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I hope the next chapter. Thanks to the author because the effort is very big.

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Re: Story - Never Been Kissed
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i know it's fiction - but when someone is in a Coma for 1year - he wouldn't be able to walk out of the hospital within a day  ;)
But really nice Story so far :)

And i've already an idea who made the "expander" for her..