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Re: Story: Lila's Treatment
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Wow, dream treatment!

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Re: Story: Lila's Treatment
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this is getting more and more intense!

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Re: Story: Lila's Treatment
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Here's Lila's Treatment - Chapter 5! Hope you enjoy!


Zoey gently pulled Lila's lips back, getting a better look. "Wow, they really stuffed you! This really helps with your transition?"

Lila nodded. "It'th thuppothed to releathe hormoneth thlowly over the next month." She still felt embarrassed talking with her new appliances. "Did you ever wear bratheth?"

"For a year and a half in middle school, but nothing like this. My older sister Anna wore them for what seemed like forever, but she never wore her elastics or headgear or anything. She wound up getting some experimental treatment she never gave me the details of, but it seemed to work for her." Zoey paused. "How do you feel anyway?"

"It'th only been a day, but my mouth ith thtill thore. My thkin feelth a bit thofter, but that might jutht be my imagination."

Zoey smiled. "Well, I've got a surprise for you! Here..." She pulled a package from under her bed, handing it to Lila.

Lila opened it and immediately blushed. It was a cute pink dress with a floral pattern.

"Try it on now! I promise I won't look."

Zoey turned away as Lila put on her first dress. It fit her quite nicely, though it was a little short. She twirled around in front of the mirror and grinned. Maybe the mess of appliances she saw weren't so bad...


A month had passed, and Lila once again approached room 433. She wore the dress Zoey gave her, one of the first times she wore it out around campus. She nervously walked through the dental center, receiving passing glances from young women in pink scrubs. Nothing to see here, just a regular girl going to the orthodontist, she thought to herself.

In the past month, she'd gone through some slight changes. Her skin had definitely gotten softer, and her breasts had begun to develop slightly. In terms of her teeth, she hadn't noticed much of a difference. She'd been trying to wear her bands like Pearl told her to, but had been forgetting a bit. It was also hard to keep up with her dental hygiene around all the equipment in her mouth, even with Zoey giving her advice.

Lila took a deep breath and pushed open the door.

Pearl and Flossie were waiting for her.

"Lila, right on time! Take a seat, we're just about ready for you!" Pearl said, patting the chair's headrest.

Lila nervously slid into the chair, wincing slightly as Flossie began applying the restraints.

"That's a lovely dress, have you been dressing up more often?" Pearl asked, pulling up her mask and rolling over to Lila's side.

"Not really, not a lot of people know I'm tranth yet..." Lila said watching Flossie strap down her torso.

"That's fine, it's okay to take your time. And how are the braces treating you?"

"A bit uncomfortable, but I like the effecth tho far." Lila mumbled.

Pearl adjusted the examination lamp as Flossie applied the last few straps. "Now, this first month has been a bit of a trial run, we'll be moving you into the next stage of treatment today."

Lila squirmed a bit under the restraints. She wasn't sure if she wanted to know what that meant...

"Now, before we start, we did notice you were a bit uncomfortable during our last appointment. Would you be interested in sedation beforehand?"

Lila perked up. "O-oh, yeth pleathe actually."

Pearl clipped a paper bib around Lila's neck. "Alright then, Flossie, would you please set her up?"

Flossie nodded, scooting up to Lila. "Okay thweetie, you're a poetry major aren't you?"


"Could you tell me one of your favorite poeth?" Flossie asked, placing a rubber mask over Lila's nose.

"E-Emily Dickenthon..." Lila replied, nervously watching the hygienist.

"Do you think you could rethite one of her poemth for uth?" Flossie asked, turning on the gas.

Lila gulped, a strange scent filling her nostrils.

"Hope ith the thing with featherth, that percheth in the thoul, and thingth the tune without the... without..."

The last thing she saw before drifting off was Pearl looming above her, snapping on her gloves.


Lila moaned as she slowly came to. Her mouth felt even more stuffed than before, and something seemed to be tugging on her cheeks. She stretched, apparently no longer being restrained, though she still felt something wrapped around her head.

Her eyes fluttered open, seeing Pearl and Flossie in front of her again.

"How do you feel?" Pearl asked, seeming to carefully study Lila's face.

"Uh ah I aring?" Lila managed to get out.

Flossie held up a mirror to Lila's face. Pearl spoke up. "In order for your facial feminization to work fully, you'll have to wear a headgear full time."

Lila's eyes widened as she saw her reflection in front of her. It looked almost like a bright pink football helmet, with a plastic cup on her chin, a bumper on her forehead, and a metal halo around her head. Most peculiar was a series of six metal hooks in the corner of her mouth, pulling her lips wide open, giving a full view of her braces, linked to the headgear via a complex network of bands.

"Your appliances are far too delicate for your lips to rest on them, so I'm afraid you'll have to wear this as often as possible. Unlike most headgear, this can't be removed by the patient. Instead of going to the dining hall, you'll have to report to room 230 of the dental center for your meals, a student will be there to assist you." Pearl explained with a strange sparkle in her eyes.

"I really hah to alk around like thith?" Lila choked out.

Pearl nodded, smirking slightly. "Yes, I'm afraid so. Flossie here has been wearing headgear since she was a teenager, she can assure you that you get used to the stares quite quickly."

Flossie grinned. "I'm here if you ever need to talk!" She chirped.

"In the meantime, we increased your estrogen dosage, so you'll be seeing progress more quickly. I look forward to seeing you next month!" Pearl said with a smile, showing off her own orthodontia.

Lila sighed as she climbed out of the chair feeling the weight of her new devices. "I'll thee you then."


Lila again walked through the dental center, passing more groups of dental students. Nothing to see here, just a regular girl leaving the orthodontist...

(Note: Lila's headgear is based on Willy Wonka's from the 2005 movie, if you had trouble imagining it!)

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Re: Story: Lila's Treatment
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Oh I remember that contraption. Poor lila!

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Re: Story: Lila's Treatment
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I had to go look up the movie’s headgear for a visual reminder - oh my! Curious how Lila is doing with her orthodontia and the gender affirming hormones?!

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Re: Story: Lila's Treatment
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Love the latest chapter!

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Re: Story: Lila's Treatment
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Great story, I hope it gets continues soon!

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Re: Story: Lila's Treatment
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Interesting angle, I like it! Please continue

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Re: Story: Lila's Treatment
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Sorry for the wait! Here's Lila's Treatment - Chapter 6! What do think is in store for her next?


Zoey cocked her head, inspecting her friend's new appliances. Lila had knocked on Zoey's door a few minutes ago, having just come from her appointment.

"I've done a lot of research on braces before, but I don't think I've ever seen anything like this..." Zoey pursed her lips. She was trying to be sympathetic, but was trying to hold back her curiosity.

"Ay outh ith tho thore, I can't elieve I have to go out like thith..." Lila looked like she was holding back tears.

Zoey looked at her friend once more. It was like her gentle features were being pried apart by an alien facehugger. The whole device seemed to be designed as a cruel joke, colored like the trans flag to further mock the poor patient.

Zoey squeezed Lila's hand. "You'll get used to it, and it's not forever, just remember that."

Lila solemnly nodded. "I gueth..."

Zoey sheepishly reached for her dental kit. "Sorry if this sounds weird... would you mind if I took a closer look?"

Lila shook her head, opening wide.

Zoey began to poke around Lila's mouth with her mirror. "They gave you a pretty thorough cleaning while you were under, things were starting to look a little nasty in there to be honest."

Lila blushed, not making eye contact while Zoey continued her examination.

Zoey couldn't hide a slight smile. "I'm sorry, I know this is hard for you, but this is... fascinating. To be honest, I'm a little jealous..."


That afternoon, Lila approached room 230. Her stomach rumbled as she creaked the door open.

"About time you showed up! Here, take a seat." A rather attractive young woman in pink scrubs gestured towards a plush chair. Her natural hair hung over her right side, and her makeup made her resemble an Instagram model.

Lila took a seat. The chair wasn't a dental chair, but resembled something closer to what you'd sit on while getting blood drawn.

"My name is Willow, I'm a dental student and registered nurse, I'll be helping you with your meals from now on, okay?" She smiled, showing off a stunningly beautiful set of teeth, yet something about the look in her eye put Lila on edge. "Now, would you please sit your arms on the armrests for me..."

Reluctantly, Lila complied, letting out a small grunt of discomfort as Willow applied a pair of plastic restraints on her wrists. "I'm afraid we'll have to use a bit of extra security while your headgear is temporarily removed, Dr. Whites was quite worried about girls trying to cheat their way out of their treatment. Now hold still..."

Lila nervously obeyed as Willow unlocked the headgear, the device abruptly disconnecting with her mouth and allowing itself to be removed.

Lila breathed a sigh of relief, the immense pressure finally released. "Thank you, that feelth a lot better..."

Willow sat down the device on a section of the counter lined with pink tissue paper. "I'm sure it does!" She flipped down a small table attached to the chair, and moved a cafeteria tray on top, peeling off the plastic.

"While we're in charge of planning your meals, we thought it'd be ideal for you to be on a liquid diet." On the tray was a bowl of broth, a small plate of Jell-O, and a cup of lemonade.

Willow clipped a pink paper dental bib over Lila's shoulders, and brought a spoon of broth to her lips. "Here comes the airplane! Open wide..."

Lila opened her mouth, giving Willow a full view of her appliances. She made a face as she tasted the cold, bland broth.

"Good girl, there's a lot more where that came from..." Willow said with a devious smile.


Lila walked through the quad, ignoring stares from fellow students. She clutched her books to her chest and walked a bit more briskly.

She was wearing the pink dress Zoey gave her, and almost felt pretty, if it wasn't for the heavy appliance weighing her down. She saw a cute girl staring at her stretched open mouth, making her sheepishly turn away.

She'd just come back from another humiliating breakfast with Willow, who wouldn't let her go until she finished, no matter how late for class she was.

She arrived 15 minutes into class, as if she didn't get enough attention walking in. She quietly slid into her seat, the entire classroom staring at her.

As the professor returned to her lecture, Lila shamefully reached into her bag for a pink spray bottle. With her lips being pulled apart at all times, she needed to rehydrate her mouth often, giving her quite a few stares in public.

As she slid the spray bottle back in her bag, she heard her professor's strict voice. "Lila, since you're late once again, would you please read the next poem for us?"

Lila blushed beet red. She nervously opened her textbook...

"All oergrown ay cunning moth,
All intertherthed ith eed,
The little cage of “Currer Ell”
In qiet “Hayorth” laid.

Thith Ird – othering otherth
En throth too sharp became
Retire to other latitudeth –
Qietly did the thame –
Ut dithered in returning –
Thinth Yorkshire hillth are green –
Yet not in all the neth I eet –
Can Nightingale e theen –"

Lila lisped out the poem, her classmates stifling their laughter.

The professor smirked. "Lila, your pronunciation is still very far off. Why don't you read another poem for practice?"

Lila gave a resigned sigh, turning the page...

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Re: Story: Lila's Treatment
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Sorry for another long wait, here's Lila's Treatment - Chapter 7!


Lila sat still as Flossie wrapped the straps around her once again.

"So, how are the hormones treating you so far?" Dr. Whites asked, snapping on her gloves.

"They're great tho ar... ay reathtth are ig enough I have to wear a ra..." Lila's progress did feel amazing, even if the methods were questionable...

"That's wonderful! You've made incredible progress so far, are you excited for the next stage of treatment?"

Lila gulped as Flossie fastened her forehead to the chair. "Nextht thtage?"

Dr. Whites smirked before donning her mask. "You didn't think we were done with the surprises did you? Don't worry, when you wake up, we'll explain your new appliances, okay sweetie?"

Lila's eyes darted to Flossie, who was placing the mask over her nose. "Don't worry jutht take deep breathth like before."

As Lila began to drift off, she felt Flossie's breasts push against her scalp once again...


The first thing Lila noticed when she woke up was that she felt cold. She shifted around, noticing she wasn't strapped down this time, but her movement still felt restrained...

Her eyes fluttered open and she looked down, and began to moan in confusion.

She was mostly nude, with the exception of a heavy device made of metal and pink plastic covering most of her torso.

"There'th our girl!" Lila felt Flossie's hand on her shoulder. "Pearl, would you like to exthplain what we've thet her up with?"

Dr. Whites leaned over. "Lila, for the next stage of your treatment, we've given you a slightly modified Milwaukee brace. Since this is connected to your headgear, this will mostly serve to add extra pressure on your teeth, but with the added benefit of training you to have a more feminine posture. Moving on..."

She touched Lila's arm, which had a heavy pink plastic braces alongside it. "In one of our prototype trials, we had some difficulties with a patient who kept tampering with her headgear, forcing us to install these arm braces to improve her behavior. Luckily you've been an exceptionally obedient patient so far, but we felt it would be beneficial to take these measures regardless. Finally..."

Dr. Whites gestured between Lila's legs. "Flossie noticed some... peculiar reactions during your treatment. While expressing yourself sexually is important, we felt we should take some measures to keep these reactions hidden. We've installed a chastity cage, which can take a little bit of getting used to, but some patients say wearing one has helped their dysphoria immensely..."

Lila groaned and squirmed in the chair. She was unable to bend her arms with her new devices, and her back was kept firmly straight.

"Here, let'th get you out of thith chair..." Flossie bent down to carefully help Lila to her feet.

Lila began to whimper. "There there, thweetie..." Flossie hugged her poor patient, pressing her face into her breasts.

Lila blushed, then felt some pressure in her lower regions, causing her to let out a soft grunt.

Flossie smirked, running her hand through Lila's hair. "Ith the cage giving you trouble already? Don't worry, you'll get uthed to it, and jutht remember it'th not permanent."

Lila solemnly nodded as Flossie released her from the strangely intimate hug.

"Now, let'th get you drethed..."


Once again, Lila walked from the dental center to the coed dorms. She'd gotten used to stares at this point, but every new appliance brought out a new feeling of humiliation.

At this point she was beginning to wonder whether this treatment was even worth the humiliation. Traditional HRT would be slower and more expensive, yes, but did she really have to waddle around campus looking like a Saw victim?

Lila finally made it to her dorm, having to awkwardly sit her purse on the floor to get out her keys without bending her arms.

When she finally unlocked the door, she heard a familiar voice. "There she is!"

Zoey was waiting in her dorm, in the middle unpacking. Lila didn't have a roommate, the boy she roomed with at he beginning dropped out a couple months ago.

Lila sat down on her bed. "Wha are you doing here?"

Zoey smiled. "Dr. Whites contacted me, apparently at this stage of treatment, it's best for you to have a caretaker to help you with day-to-day tasks. If her trials are successful and this treatment becomes commonplace, this will be a new job requirement for dental hygienists, so this counts as extra credit for school too!"

Lila blushed. "Tho you'll e taking care oh e?"

Zoey sat down next to her and nodded. "Mm-hm. For the rest of your treatment."

Lila looked at the ground. "I-I don't  know ih I want to do thith anyore..."

Zoey put her arm around her. "It's only about a month more, I'll be with you ever step of the way. You can make it."

Lila nodded, still looking depressed.

Zoey looked into Lila's eyes. "As your dental caretaker, is there anything you'd like me to do for you right now? What would cheer you up?"

Lila blushed, looking up at Zoey, not saying anything.

With that, Zoey leaned in for a kiss...

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Re: Story: Lila's Treatment
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It's great to see a story return. Nice cliffhanger there, and it's good to see a Milwaukee brace.

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Re: Story: Lila's Treatment
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Yay, I'm not saying that I was worried, but... well... I was kinda worried  >:D
Good to have you, Lila, Flossie and Zoey back  ;D

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Re: Story: Lila's Treatment
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I can't wait for more!

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Re: Story: Lila's Treatment
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Sorry for such a long wait, I've been a bit busy! Here's the last chapter of Lila's Treatment. Please tell me what you think!


A metal rod connected the bumper and chin cup of Lila's headgear, blocking Zoey from kissing her from the traditional angle. She awkwardly leaned to the right of Lila's face to let her lips make contact. Then came the trouble of the appliances built-in cheek retractor. Zoey at first kissed Lila's upper lip, but then moved down to directly kiss her teeth.

Lila let out a soft moan, a mixture of surprise and arousal. She parted her jaw, allowing their tongues to meet. Zoey had begun to explore the strange nooks and crannies of Lila's braces, pulling their bodies closer. Lila fell backwards onto the bed, letting Zoey climb on top of her. Lila groaned as her arousal was halted by the chastity cage.

"Good girl... keep your mouth open..." Zoey sighed as she moved down from Lila's face and began to kiss her neck, sticking her fingers through Lila's orthodontia instead. Lila moaned again with pleasure, a bit of drool oozing down her chin.

Finally, Zoey loomed over Lila with a sly grin. "Now, do you need help getting undressed?"

Lila looked up at her, simply letting out a soft "Uh-huh."


The next month was very peculiar. Lila no longer had to see Nurse Willow for her meals, Zoey was able to take care of that. However, all her new appliances meant she required help with everything from getting dressed to using the restroom.

Zoey was there every step of the way, and their odd relationship allowed tedious and humiliating situations to become something a little more intimate.

Three times a day Lila would look forward to Zoey helping clean her teeth, a lengthy process that became almost erotic from her caretaker's love and precision.

The pair would work together to study for their finals, Zoey even helping Lila speak a bit more clearly through her hardware for her oral exams.

Despite all this, Lila was still waiting for the end of the semester, when she could finally switch to regular, non-orthodontic HRT.


Lila's last final was for Poetry, taking the form of an oral exam. That professor had it out for her since day one, and didn't seem to be letting Lila's predicament get in the way of her strict grading process. Even with Zoey's help with pronunciation, Lila slurred and lisped her way through the recitation, definitely earning her a flunking grade.

Despite this, she still had a skip in her step as she left the classroom, or at least as much of a skip she could manage with all her bulky appliances. She had an orthodontist appointment right after, and she was ready to tell Dr. Whites she was done with the orthodontia.


Lila awkwardly shifted into the chair as Flossie and Dr. Whites loomed over her.

"So, now that the semester's over, have you thought about continuing with the WPFT? Or would you prefer to switch to a more traditional treatment?"

Lila looked up at the dentist, who was looking down at her expectantly, her blue mask dangling under her chin. "I think aye duh with the ratheth..." She managed to squeeze out, a bit of drool dripping from her mouth.

Dr. Whites smiled sympathetically. "You think you're done with the braces... I understand. You have to remember, this was a prototype, later models will be a lot more pleasant. Nevertheless, it was nice getting to know you these past few months."

Lila smiled as much as the metal hooks would allow. "Cah I get thethe oth today?"

Dr. Whites gave a bit of a smirk. "Not quite. In the documents you signed at the beginning of your treatment, you agreed to help us with one more thing..."

Lila gulped.

"The university is hosting a joint endocrinology and orthodontics conference this weekend. Obviously, there would be no better place to unveil our new techniques. But..."

"We need a model!" Flossie piped in.

"We just need you to let the doctors there take a look at you, and then we'll get it all taken off, okay sweetie?" Dr. Whites cooed.

Lila gave a strange grimace through her orthodontia. "I-I gueth..."

Dr. Whites smiled. "Good girl. Now, let's get your teeth cleaned, you don't want anyone seeing all that plaque in your mouth..."


Lila stared up at Zoey as she carefully applied lipstick, taking care to not get any on the appliances.

Lila was firmly strapped to a dental chair, dressed in nothing but a skimpy pink bikini to show off her Milwaukee brace.

Their booth in the convention center was curtained off while they prepped their model. Dr. Whites was dressed in a white business casual outfit, while Flossie wore a pink blouse with a short blue miniskirt. Zoey was dressed in her usual scrubs, doing Lila's makeup.

Lila shivered, the building was rather cold. She heard people outside the booth walking around and chattering.

"And... done! Does this look okay, Dr. W?" Zoey asked.

Dr. Whites looked down at Lila, with a pleased smile. "Perfect, I think we're just about ready! Lila, open wide please..."

Lila nervously opened her mouth, allowing Dr. Whites to insert a molt gag, cranking her mouth wide open.

Flossie pulled the curtains apart, revealing a small crowd of medical professionals, dressed in a variety of formal wear, labcoats, and scrubs.

Dr. Whites addressed the crowd. "Ladies and... hm, the crowd seems to just be ladies! Regardless, I'm proud to finally unveil the WPFT! My wife and I have been collaborating on this treatment for years now, and I'm happy to finally show you the fruits of our labor! Please, feel free to take a closer look at our model, and come to Flossie and I for any questions you may have!"

The doctors crowded around the chair, peering over the various appliances installed on Lila's body.

A woman in pink scrubs with dark curly hair began to inspect Lila's mouth with a dental mirror. "Her teeth are almost perfect, I can't believe those before pictures..."

Another woman with short natural hair wearing a burgundy cocktail dress began to palpate Lila's breasts. "Extremely impressive development for... you said only three months?" Dr. White nodded in confirmation.

A blonde woman in a white suit tapped Lila's arm braces. "Are these really necessary? I have a hard enough time getting patients to wear their retainers, let alone headgear. Something like this..."

Dr. Whites laughed. "Our patient hasn't objected to any of the appliances we've installed. In fact, we have something else to show you..."

Lila loudly moaned in surprise as Flossie abruptly pulled down her bikini bottom, revealing her chastity cage. Her face turned a deep red as the crowd of attractive women murmured to themselves, one of the braver doctors beginning to poke at it.

Lila could barely squirm against the restraints, only being able to watch as every inch of her was inspected by a group of strange women.

"Shh, it's okay, you're okay..." Lila looked up as Zoey stroked her cheek, and began to relax...


Lila twirled in the women's bathroom of the convention center. She hadn't felt this light in what felt like an eternity. Her torso wasn't weighed down, her arms were free to move, she could even use the restroom without help.

She ran her hands down her chest, finally being able to feel her new body. The strange methods really had worked. She still wasn't sure if it was all worth it, but she felt giddy in a way she never had before.

She grinned in the mirror. No more bulky headgear, no pads on her forehead or cups on her chin, no metal hooks pulling her cheeks back...

The only thing she saw was a set of pretty pink powerchains...

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Re: Story: Lila's Treatment
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great story~