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Re: Story: Ithabella
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Fixed, thank you.

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Re: Story: Ithabella
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Good job! Sounds like she'll be getting some fun appliances!

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Re: Story: Ithabella
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Looking forward to more!!

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Re: Story: Ithabella
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I'm really liking this so far and I can't wait to see more to this story.

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Re: Story: Ithabella
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Looks like she will get many of lithping applainces in her mouth.

Can't wait for the next chapter

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Re: Story: Ithabella
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This is a great story can’t wait for the next chapter

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Re: Story: Ithabella
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I also really enjoy this and would love to read more!

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Re: Story: Ithabella
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It is a pity that such a nice story has stopped. :(

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Re: Story: Ithabella
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This is a good story. Please continue!

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Re: Story: Ithabella
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Chapter 8

Picking up the small hand mirror Jacob (that’s the assistant’s name) gave me, I’m a little shocked at my reflection. Between the pink gunk crusting around my lips, and the baby blue spacers which go all the way up to my canines, I’m reminded of the outfit I wore last night.

Last night when things were normal, and I didn’t even have a thought of braces in my head.

The assistant returns, this time with Dr. Clements behind him. The doctor is carrying some papers in his hand.

He sits down in front of me.

“Hello, Isabella. Before we let you go there’s just a few things I need to see and then you’re good to go.”

 The chair is brought back down into a reclining position, and the light is back over my head for all of thirty seconds before I’m brought back up

“Perfect. Everything seems to be correct here. Now, final thing, for real this time. Amelia has already filled out the rest of the paperwork for you, but as you’re 18 we do need your consent to treat you. All you need to do is sign here.”

I glance at the papers.  I can barely make sense of the words written there. Ah, what the hell.

I sign the papers.

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Re: Story: Ithabella
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Chapter 9:

I left the office after that (my father was waiting for me. Amelia must’ve called), an appointment made for Monday morning. Three days.

When I get home I head straight to my room. I ignore any attempts from my father and Amelia to talk to me. They don’t get to do that.

Just manipulate me behind my back, setting up appointments, and twisting things until I saw everything their way. They’d need to make it up to me.

I texted my friends about what happened. Told them about how I was going to be a braceface again. A loser with some pieces of metal across her teeth (“Don’t worry it’s not going to be that much.” “Good, because no offense, but some of the people that walk out of that office look like a train wreck happened in their mouth.” Offense taken Brenda. Never liked her anyways).

And just like that the days flew by. I was still anxious about my appointment but I was starting to put it out of my head.

The only things bothering me were the spacers. A constant throbbing in my mouth, my teeth starting to move into place. Getting ready for Monday.

Sunday night was spent out with my friends. We chilled by Stacy’s house where I ran into her mom again.

Then I had to explain what those blue things in my mouth were, why I was deciding to get braces now (“Oh, but I think it’s great that you’re taking care of yourself.”), why I was getting them from Dr. Clements (“Well, y’know how my step-mom works there right? Yeah, so we’re getting a pretty big discount because of that.”).

Despite my attempts to take my mind off of the upcoming appointment,  it was still there.  It’s like I could feel it swimming around in there.

Isabella’s getting braces.

Oh, they’re going to be huuuuuge, you know that Dr. Clements.

What a shame about Isabella. She was so pretty but then she got those awful braces.

No, stop. I can’t focus on that. Tonight I’m going to have fun. Tomorrow is a new day.


The next morning I’m woken up my Amelia shaking me gently. I still haven’t totally forgiven her.

“C’mon let’s get ready! We’ve got to be there in 30 minutes!”

“We? Don’t you have to be in early to set up and stuff? Besides I’m the one getting braces. You’ve got nothing to do with it.”

“Weeeeeeellll…. I may have kinda of sorta askedtobetheoneputtingyourbraceson!”

She finished her sentence in a squeal and hugs me.

Huh. Oh hell no.

“Nooooo,” I groan out. It’s going to be so embarrassing. Imagine having your sister putting your braces on. That’s what that’s like.

Amelia pouts.

“Oh relax. It’ll be fun! It’ll be like a bonding experience.”

She laughs at that last bit and mutters something about there being a lot of bonding today.

“Fun for you maybe. I don’t want you poking around in my mouth. It’s embarrassing.”

“Tell you what. Why don’t you think on it. I’m the meantime you can get ready. And dress comfortably! You’re going to be sitting in that chair for a while.”

I nod and thankfully she leaves me alone. Pushing back my covers and sitting up with a yawn, I think about what to wear.

I got it. Black leggings, a nice white wool skirt that goes till about the knees (I am going to school after), and a nice comfortable shirt and cardigan top.

Then I run out, do my hair, brush my teeth, and head downstairs.

“Ready!” I call out.

I don’t bother with breakfast. I don’t think I could stomach it anyways.

Amelia comes out, her uniform already on.

We get to the office at about half past 9. It’s not completely empty, but also not nearly as full as it was Friday afternoon. It makes sense. Most of the patients are probably in school. These early appointments must be the long ones where the doctor has more to do things. Like putting on braces.

The second we walk through the doors, Amelia turns to me with a pleading look. I know what she wants. And bless my kind soul I’m going to give it to her.

“Fine, but you owe me for this,” I mumble.


She regains what little composure she had to begin with.

“Alright follow me.”

She leads me to some sinks and hands me a  wrapped toothbrush.

“It already has toothpaste on it. Just add water. And make sure you do a good job brushing! When you’re ready I’ll be by chair number six.”

I take the toothbrush hesitantly, before walking towards the brushing area.

“You can do this. C’mon, you’re okay. It’s just a little bit of metal. It’ll be over before you know it.”

I try to hype myself up but it’s hard. Tears are coming up and I feel myself starting to hyperventilate. My cheeks are flushing and I’m starting to take deep breaths.

Footsteps. Amelia’s back.

“Aw Isabella. What’s wrong?”

I’m covering my face. This is stupid. I’m 18 years old and here I am about to cry because of something I AGREED TO DO.

Amelia kneels down in front of me. Strong hands grip my arms and pull them away from my face. She lets out a small gasp at the sight of the small tears I can feel leaking out of the corners of my eyes.

“Come here.”

She folds her arms around me holding me tight as I shake. This is ridiculous. I’m a grownup crying over some metal.

And I was fine before! I didn’t mind yesterday! Why here, why now?

I think I know.

It’s the finality of it. This is it. The last time I’ll be normal in who knows how long. Now they say “Oh Isabella? The cheerleader? The pretty one with the blond hair?”

After today it’ll be “Isabella’s the one with the braces right?”

And that’s a little scary.

Amelia is still hugging me. I’m half laughing half crying now. Laughing from the absurdity of it all.

“You good?”

“Yeah, yeah it’s okay. I’m ready. Let’s do this.”

And so, I brush my teeth one last time, look at the young girl staring back at me in the mirror, and march onwards.

Chair 6 here I come.

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Re: Story: Ithabella
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Chapter 10:

Amelia led me over to a different chair than the one I’d been in last time. This one was facing the windows, giving me a pretty good view of outside.

“Figured it was the least I could do after spring it all on you,” she tells me.

There’s a small table next to the chair. Piled onto it are a variety of instruments and tools and, I’m sure, my braces.

“Allrighty, let’s get you set up.”

Amelia clips a bib, like the kind you get when you’re getting a cleaning at the dentist, around my neck.

“Just in case some gook starts to go flying.”

She leans the chair back now, bring the light over my head, pulling her mask on.

“If at anytime anything starts to hurt I want you to let me know, okay?”

She must still be feeling guilty. She’s acting all nice and gentle.

I nod.

“Okay, so first thing I’m going to do is put in a cheek retractor.”

A what?

Turns out to be nothing more than a piece of plastic that, well, retracts my cheeks. Keeps me off of my teeth. Doesn’t hurt at all, but it’s not the most comfortable.

Next, Amelia takes out one of those picks the kind the dentist uses to probe for cavities.

She starts pulling out all of the separators which had been wedged into my teeth. They came out fairly easily, unlike how they came in. Guess that means they did their job.

“Now it’s time to start getting your braces on. Normally the doctor does this part, but I’m qualified as well and I wanted to do this with you. He’ll just check everything over.”

I can’t really speak so I shrug to let her know I’m okay with her doing this.

“Great, let’s get started.”

Amelia takes out a tool and starts moving it across my teeth. It white as it goes, and the taste of dentists toothpaste fills my mouth. Probably the same tool they use. She must want to polish my teeth before the braces are put on. A little overkill considering I just had a cleaning last week.

Once she’s done polishing, she doesn’t take out that syringe with the blue stuff that I’ve seen in all the braces videos (etch I think they called it). Instead she reaches over to the tray resting on the table next to her.

She picks up something with four bands on it (two on each side) and something floating in between the bands.

“So. Isabella. This is your first appliance. Your upper jaw is too narrow, and to fix this we’re going to be using something called an ‘expander.’ It’s a little different than other kinds because we’ve adapted it specifically for your problems. The expander itself is lower down in your mouth instead of just resting on the top of your palate. You may find that you have a lisp, but it shouldn’t cause too many issues other than that.”

Um what? Did she just say I was going to have a LISP. No way, uh huh.

I make some grunts in protest and I’m pretty sure Amelia gets what I’m objecting to.

She looks down on me sympathetically, the corners of her eyes crinkling as she smiles underneath her mask.

“I know, but you did sign a contract agreeing to listen to the doctor no matter what. And the doctor really thinks it’s absolutely necessary. All of your appliances are.”

Appliances? Plural? And they were all going to be like this? Oh. My. God.

“Okay let’s continue.”

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Re: Story: Ithabella
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Chapter 11:

Amelia brings the expander into my mouth. My eyes are shut, but I can feel her hands moving around inside my mouth. She places the bands over their corresponding teeth.

“Bite down for me.”

She positions a stick under each band and my biting pushes them on.

“That looks good. Let me get the doctor.”

I’m left there, my mouth held open, laying helplessly in that chair. My tongue starts to explore the first part of my braces. The expanding mechanism is extremely conspicuous. It’s practically in the middle of my mouth!

Moving my tongue along the outside of my teeth all I can feel is smoothness interrupted by four bumps. Two of them aren’t that big. I’m reasonably sure these are my brackets. But the other two bumps (one on each side of my mouth) are much much bigger. I’m still trying to figure out what they are when the doctor arrives.

“Ah, I see you’re acquainting yourself with your new hardware.”

He smiles down at me, and I give a small, shy nod.

“Well, everything seems to be good so far. And as for that but you were talking about, yes I definitely see that Mrs. Anderson. Miss Anderson here can definitely benefit from them, and I see no harm in adding those.”

“Perfect. We’ll do those last then.”

The doctor walks away and Amelia rolls her chair back over my head.

“Okay Isabella. Now that I know the expander fits, I’m going to go ahead and cement it it.”

She takes it out of my mouth, fills up the rings with some goo, and we repeat the process of biting the stick.

Now she reaches over to the tray again.

“I’m going to finish banding your top teeth now.”

She checks the fit, fills the bands with goo, and one by one my teeth are covered in metal, all the way until my canines. These, thankfully, have small(er, but still pretty large) brackets placed on them.

“And there you go! Top jaw almost done, but we’ll finish that later!”

We’re about an hour into the process now, but it feels like forever. The Isabella of yesterday has been replaced with braced Isabella.

“Now time for your bottom teeth!”

Ugh, she is waaay too happy.

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Re: Story: Ithabella
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Chapter 12:

Amelia’s reaching over to the tray again. This time she picks up two bands with a piece of wire connecting them. Somethings sticking out of the sides of each band too. These must be the same things the expander had.

We go through the same process that we did for the top teeth. A lot of opening, and biting, and cementing.

I can feel the wire from that thing with the bands resting behind my teeth. It’s a little annoying and my mouth is starting to water more and more. The poor suction machine is working overtime.

Amelia finally finishes banding my teeth.

“Just a few more things and then we’re done, okay?”

I grunt. Whatever. Get me out of here.

“So Isabella, you’re going to want to pay attention to this.”

Amelia holds up some tubes. These are part of your appliance. I’m going to connect them to you bands and then put them together. This should move your bite into the correct position. I know it’s a lot right now. It’s going to be a lot to handle. But it’s going to be okay.”

She shoots me a reassuring glance.

She starts fiddling with the tubes, attaching them like she said she would.

“So these tubes DO come apart. So you need to be careful not to open your mouth too wide, otherwise the tubes can be dislodged and they’ll just be hanging out. If this ever happens to you, you can just squeeze them back together okay?”

I nod.

“Okay I’m going to take out the lip spreader now. You may be a bit overwhelmed by everything but it’ll pass, don’t worry. And after this I’m just going to double check a few stuff, put some words and a few other things in, and we’re good to go!”

Come ON, just get it over with already.

Amelia leans over me, slips her gloved hands into my mouth, and slides out the cheek retractors.

And I can feel my braces.

Ho. Ly. Crap.

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Re: Story: Ithabella
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All right, here's the deal. I wrote these a while ago, all of them in one sitting. I haven't looked over them, nor do I think i will in the future. Some parts clearly need to be cut, but that's okay. I kinda just fell out of writing this story, I'll be honest with you guys. If anyone want's to finish this, they're welcome to. I didn't really intend to have a full blown story. I just thought of something, then decided "You know what? Maybe I should do something with this."

Here was the idea that got me to start writing this:

Everyone loves it when someone gets full bands. But I feel like you should save that so there's somewhere for the story to go after a while. Something new to add.

I would give BLANK something intense but not so intense. Like maybe a Herbst with an upper expander in addition to the braces. It might not seem like so much, but it's a lot to start off. Unable to move her jaw as much, constantly having it in an awkward position, big screws poking out at her cheeks giving her that chipmunk look, and that's just the arms!

That little bar that goes across the lower jaw is probably preeettty conspicuous. Something on the back of the teeth on the lower side. And for the top, of course, there's the expander. But maybe there's something different about it. Something to ensure she can't get over the lisp as others do. Maybe it's intentionally placed in an unusual spot. It's lower down than usual, and closer to her front teeth ensuring a perpetual lisp.

Another thing you could add is some bite turbos on the back teeth. Those small little blue mounds of cement that go on the molars. They may look small but man are they a pain. I've had them. And something you can do with that is make it so that the ortho accidentally put more on one side by accident, and that leads to her bite being thrown off. So now she needs even MORE treatment!!!

I don;t think I'll be adding anything else to this.