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Story: Ithabella
« on: 12. October 2022, 06:48:07 AM »
Everybody seems to be writing a story now, so I figured I’d join in on the fun! I have written ahead, but I'm still figuring some stuff out. I haven't even gotten Isabella's treatment started yet. But I'll keep working on it, and I'll be adding new chapters soon!

Chapter 1:

I’d always been one of the more popular girls in high school.

Definitely not in middle school though. No one wanted to be the first to be friends with the strange girl who switched schools in the middle of the 7th grade school year. There were tons of rumors floating around about why I’d moved.

“They say she loves to pick fights.”

“I heard she bit someone.”

“Uh oh, she’s staring at us.”

“Let’s go, c’mon.”

Those are the sort of things I'd had to deal with listening to. The truth wasn’t quite as fanciful as the overactive imaginations of seventh graders. My mom had died after battling cancer for years, and my dad wanted a change of scenery after that. Too many sad memories at home, I guess.

The rumors certainly damaged my reputation, but the braces did their fair share too. They were quite obvious. I had something my orthodontist back home had called an “Activator.” I wore it fairly religiously despite it taking up lots of space in my mouth. I’d lisp pretty badly whenever I had it in, and it was obviously detrimental to my attempts at making friendships.

I was determined to try and fit in, so I threw out the activator at school one day and told my father I’d lost it. Luckily, he didn’t pressure me about it, and I was in the clear.

From then on, making friends was a little easier. At least I could tell people my name without having to lisp.

By the time I entered high school most people had forgotten about that ungainly device that had taken up so much space in my mouth, and it was easy to build myself up to be one of the more popular girls at school.

Okay, well maybe not so easy. But it was worth it. I was part of the most popular squad in school. I was practically nobility.

Life was good.

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Re: Story: Ithabella
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Chapter 2:

So I guess the story really starts about three weeks after my 18th birthday. I was walking home from cheer (no big deal, even in this frigid weather, considering the fact I’m only a ten-minute walk from school) when one of my friends' moms drove past.

She must’ve recognized me cause she slowed down and pulled over to the side of the road.

“Isabella right?”

“Yes! Hi! You’re Stacy’s mom right?”

“Yeah, I was just going to pick her up. But she can wait a little bit, come on. I’ll drive you home first.”

Stacy had left school early that day to go to the dentist for her six month check-up. It’s a bit of a walk from her house to the office so I guess her mom had decided to drive instead of making her walk in the snow.

“No, really it’s fine. I can walk, go on,” I tried protesting.

Mrs. Ellison wasn’t having it. After a few more rounds of arguing, I hopped in the back of the car. The heat was on full blast, jets of air moving around the stray strands of blond hair that had managed to escape from under my hat. The heat felt nice, especially compared to outside, but I was still a little sweaty from cheer so I needed to get home and shower fast.

Stacy’s mom dropped me in front of my house, and after some quick goodbyes, I ran inside.

On my way up the stairs, I ran into Amelia. She’s my father's second wife. They’ve only been married for a few years and she’s a bit younger than him, only 30 years old, but they seem to be happy. We get along pretty well, I guess. She’s not my mother, and I think she knows better than to try to be. We have a good enough relationship without her trying to act as my mom.

We’re not super close anyways. She spends a lot of time at work. She’s an orthodontic assistant at one of the places in town, and she really seems to have a passion for it. She’s really enthusiastic whenever the subject comes up, like when I mention one of my friends had gotten their braces off. Not that she’d know much about my friends. No way, they’d be caught dead in the office where she works. The doctor there is semi-infamous for being really strict with patients.

Still, it’s not like I’ll just ignore her whenever I walk past her.

“Oh, hey Amelia! What’s up?”

She glances up from her phone.

“Nothing much. How was school?”

“Ugh, remember that history test I was telling you about? Well, I think I bombed it.”

“Really? That bad?”

I sigh, “Yeah, but I think he’ll let me make it up. Anyways, gotta go shower. I’ll be down for dinner soon!”

I run past her, head right past my room, and go straight into my bathroom. It’s got pink glossy tiles on one side of the wall, and some mirrored medicine cabinets on the other.

Making sure the shower isn’t too cold before I enter it, I hop in, clean myself off, and hop back out again.

I run into my room and start looking for some clothes to change into.

Not pajamas, even if I don’t feel like going out tonight. Still a little early for that. Maybe some sweatpants? That’s it.

I pull on some blue sweatpants, and a baggy pink sweatshirt with the words “Class of ‘23” written on the back. Instead of having the sweatshirts given out at the end of the year, the students had decided we wanted them at the beginning of the year (that way we could wear them on all our class trips and have pictures with them in the yearbook).

I admire myself in the mirror real quick. Clear skin, dirty blonde hair tied back in a bun, and a clear pair of glasses covering my green eyes.

I snap a quick photo, caption it “#sweaterweatherishere”, and post it to my story before heading down.

Amelia is waiting for me in the kitchen, stirring something on the stove. She asks me what time it is.

“6:03,” I told her.
She sets an alarm, then frowns.

“You’re home early.”

I explain about how Mrs. Ellison gave me a quick lift before she picked Stacy up from the dentist.

Amelia opens her mouth to say something but the timer interrupts her. She busies herself with the food, and calls my dad down for dinner. We all eat our share, then help clear the plates and dishes. Then we each go our separate ways. I head to my room to focus on some schoolwork, maybe read a book, and call a few of my friends (“So Stace, how was?” “Uh, good I guess. No cavities or anything if that’s what you mean”). My dad goes up to his office to continue working, and Amelia mumbles something about checking appointments.

Later that night I’m just about to shut the lights when there’s a knock on the door and Amelia pokes her head in.

“So your story about Stacy got me thinking. It’s been a while since you’ve had a check up, especially since Dr. Booker retired. I’ve made an appointment with that new dentist in my office for tomorrow at three. He’s really good and I think you’ll like him. Plus I'll just be able to take you back with me on the way home from work. No need for your father to have to go out and get you.”

I’m a little upset that she made an appointment without asking me first, especially on a Friday afternoon, but I don’t pay it much mind. We talk a little bit and then I head to sleep.

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Re: Story: Ithabella
« Reply #2 on: 12. October 2022, 18:09:30 PM »
This should be interesting!

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Re: Story: Ithabella
« Reply #3 on: 12. October 2022, 18:22:26 PM »
Chapter 3:

I get out of school early the next day, and while I’d normally be able to go out with my friends, my time is now otherwise occupied by the big nice hour in which I have to sit in a chair and be told my teeth are fine.

At around 2:30 my father comes down and tells me to hop in the car. He’s driving me to the appointment. I try to tell him I don’t have to be there until 3, my dad is someone who likes to be early to everything.

It’s not that far of a drive, and we chat about school and stuff. My dad keeps glancing at me everytime we get to a red light.


“Well I wouldn’t be if you stopped looking at me like that!!!”

He chuckles, “Yeah well, I’m just thinking about that time you wouldn’t get out of the car because of how scared you were.”

“Dad, I was nine. And I was scared because they told me I had four cavities that need to be fixed that day. This is just a checkup. I’ll be fine.”

We pull up in front of the building. It’s very new, very modern. Big glass doors are right in front of the building. The words “Clements Orthodontics” are written on the left side of the building, and “Smile Center, by Dr. Shawn Carter” is written on the right.

I hop out of the car and walk into the building, a slight tingle building up in my stomach. My dad had gotten me pretty nervous even though I knew there was nothing to be afraid of.

Worst that could happen is I get a few cavities.

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Re: Story: Ithabella
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Chapter 4:

I follow the signs up a staircase, and walk into a small waiting room.

“Isabella Anderson for, uh, Dr. Carter?”

The receptionist smiles at me. She’s pretty young, maybe four or five years older than me.

“Oh you must be Amelia’s daughter! She said you’d be a little early. Here, sit down and someone will call you in a few.”

I guess Amelia knew my father would insist on dropping me here early. Figures she’d tell everyone about that.

I sat down in one of the chairs lining the walls, took out my phone, and started going through all my messages.

My legs start shaking. It’s hard to sit still. Damn it Dad! I didn’t need the nerves.

After a few minutes of mindlessly scrolling, not registering anything I’m seeing, I hear my name.

“Isabella?” There’s a young nurse in blue scrubs waiting for me.

“That’s me.”

“Come this way.”

I follow her through the hallways and we make our way to a small room. The nurse (her name tag reads Jackie) sits me down in a red leather chair, and puts a heavy blue apron over my front.

“So we noticed your x-rays are a little bit out of date. The doctor likes to have all the records good before he looks at everything. Think you can handle a few tests?”

I shrug.

“Okay, let's go.”

Jackie pulls some plastic covers over the portion of the machine that will be going into my mouth.

“Open wide, aaaand bite down for me. Good girl.”

It’s a little uncomfortable, but nothing too bad. Jackie walks outside the room, flips a switch, and comes back in. She adjusts the machine and repeats the process for the other side of my mouth.

After that, we’re ready to get started with my cleaning. She takes me into another room, leans back the chair, shines a bright light, and starts.  It’s all pretty standard. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Then the doctor walks in.

He looks to be about 35 years old, and has a smile on his face that seems to be permanently fixed there. Perfect teeth, obviously.

He pulls up a stool and rolls over to my chair.

“Alright Isabella, let's see those pearly whites.”

I open as best I can, and he pokes around with a tool. Nothing seems to be off, and I’m confident this'll be the end of my visit and I can just go home after this.

Dr. Carter tsks.

Uh oh.

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Re: Story: Ithabella
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I think Ithabella will go home.. but with a mouthful of metal  >:D

Great start of this story... can't wait to read what happens next with Ithabella

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Re: Story: Ithabella
« Reply #6 on: 12. October 2022, 20:01:03 PM »
Thank you! I have written ahead quite a bit. So I already know what she'll be getting at her first appointment at least. But I'd like to write what happens after that before adding some more here. There will be some updates tonight, but I can't promise I'll be keeping this pace as the story moves on. Writing is hard!

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Re: Story: Ithabella
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Chapter 5:

“Okay here’s the deal. Your teeth seem to be in great shape. Healthy, white, and no cavities that I can see. But.”

Oh, man there it is. This is where it’s all gonna go wrong, I can feel it.

“I was looking at your x-rays and there are some rather big issues that need to be fixed in regard to your teeth's alignment. I know your mother Amel-”


“I’m sorry?”

“Amelia is my step-mom.”

“Ah, I see my mistake. Anyways, Amelia has written here that you’ve been somewhat reluctant to fix your teeth in the past. And I have here some records from your old orthodontist that say you’ve had some appliances. Obviously, you were not very compliant.”

I squirm guiltily in the chair, trying to disappear into the leather.

“I- Uh, I guess so? I mean it wasn’t really that big of a priority for me at the time.”

“Nor, does it seem to be one now. Else, you’d have already dealt with your teeth. So. Here’s what I’m proposing. Why don’t you come with me to Dr. Clements office? We already have some time set aside for you. Amelia wanted us to take care of you. And we can all have a small chat together. About your teeth, and about your general health.”

I’m sweating. This was not how I wanted today to go. They must’ve planned to have me go to the orthodontist from the start. That’s why Dad dropped me off so early.

There’s only one thing I can say. Not like I ever had much of a choice once the appointment was already made.

“Okay, let’s go.”

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Re: Story: Ithabella
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Good start you've done a good job on your first story. I do occasionally write storys myself so I know how hard it can be all I can say is keep up the good work!!

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Re: Story: Ithabella
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Thank you! I‘ve read your stories and I’ve really liked them.

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Re: Story: Ithabella
« Reply #10 on: 12. October 2022, 21:37:45 PM »
A very nice start - take it easy and take your time, quality needs time!  :)

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Re: Story: Ithabella
« Reply #11 on: 12. October 2022, 22:27:43 PM »
I'm enjoying this so far - thanks for sharing!

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Re: Story: Ithabella
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Chapter 6:

I stand up on shaky legs and walk towards the orthodontist’s part of the building. I know where to go. I’ve been here before to drop off some stuff for Amelia.

Dr. Carter and Jackie walk behind me, almost as if they’re herding me along.

We get to the ortho’s waiting room and I turn to the pair.

“I assume we’re going to one of the side rooms. Not a chair.”


I continue on. The room is full of kids, teenagers all bearing some kind of metal in their mouths. All no doubt wondering if I’m going to be joining them.

Yeah, they wish. No way I’m getting braces. And no way I’m getting them from this guy. Like I’ve said, Dr. Clements is pretty infamous for using harsh appliances and being pretty strict on patients.

I stop at the entrance to Dr. Clements personal office. I glance backwards.

Jackie gives me an encouraging look.

“Go on,” she says.

I walk inside.

Amelia is there, along with an older man I assume to be Dr. Clements. Amelia has a guilty little smile on her face.

Good. She should feel guilty.

Clements, meanwhile, is looking at some papers. My records I’m assuming.

“Uh, hey Isabella,” Amelia makes a tentative attempt at conversation.

I ignore her.

“So what am I here for Dr. Clements? I mean, what do I need to do?”

“Hmm?” He looks up at me.

“Oh goodness, well there’s a lot to be done.”

He starts to point out every miniscule detail, every small thing that’s wrong with my mouth.

My teeth aren’t straight, my jaws are too narrow, my bite isn’t right, bla bla bla.

I just care about one thing.

“Do I really need braces?”

“Undoubtedly,” was the resounding answer from the other 4 people in the room.

When I’d first walked into the office, I’d been dead set against them. Now… I’m not so sure

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Re: Story: Ithabella
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Chapter 7:

Looking back on it, it was all my own fault I think. I allowed myself to get bullied into braces. I let them convince me that the braces were necessary.

The next hour passed in a blur. I was being bullied and bludgeoned into understanding that I needed braces. And after a bit I gave in. They were right, after all. I really did need the braces.

And naturally I had to be treated here. My issues were too severe, we’d be getting a discount (thanks Amelia), and Dr. Clements said something about compliance not really being an issue.

And so, despite my concerns here I was. Ready to get some braces.

Once I admitted to them, and myself, that I was ready to have braces things moved quite quickly. Amelia led me out of the room over to a chair situated in the main room. She mixed up some of the pink gunk I remember my last orthodontist used to make molds. She tested out several different tray sizes in my mouth before deciding on one.

She filled the tray with the pink gloop, smoothing the excesses off the top, before telling me to open.

When I do, Amelia maneuvers the oversized tray into my mouth, slipping it past my lips before pressing it up against my teeth.

I can feel the gunk slinking past my teeth, oozing out from the cracks in the tray, and coming to a rest on my lips. I want to gag. I can hardly breathe, and I already know that I’m going to have to do this a second time for the bottom.

“Just two more minutes, honey,” Amelia says.
I glare at her. She does NOT get to call me honey after today's stunt. I’m still not happy with her.

When the two minutes are up, Amelia wrenches the tray off my teeth, and repeats the same process for my lower jaw.

She leaves after that, presumably to take care of the molds, and another assistant takes her place.

He leans back my chair, and moves a tray to rest over my chest.

“Okay Isabella, now I’m just going to be putting in some spacers. These are just so that we can make sure we have enough space for some of the appliances you’ll be having during your treatment.”

Yeah, they mentioned something about appliances, but I’ll be honest I wasn’t really paying much attention to that. I figure I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

The assistant is placing the spacers now. I can feel him stretching them, wedging them between my teeth. There’s a lot, I realize. I don’t know exactly how much, but a lot.

“All right, and we’re all done! Let me just get the doctor real quick, and then you’re free to go.”

Before he leaves, I make sure to ask him for a mirror. I want to see just what has been done to me so far.

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Re: Story: Ithabella
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Chapter 6 is missing. Was it just a numbering issue or did it get missed.