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Story ideas for you (MayDay update)
« on: 29. April 2022, 18:08:40 PM »
Let's see if I can provide more inspiration for you story writers.

Here's a couple of short story ideas: use in any way you like...


On the train home. Reading paper. See advert looking for people to wear braces. Must never have had any braces before, but also need people who have perfect teeth, to act as "control patients".


Once again it was standing room only on the train to work. In fact, that's being very generous: today the train was over-full, and we were stuffed in like sardines.

I was right next to a girl. She was an inch taller than me, with a slightly chubby face. Her fingers (which I could see as she, like me, was holding onto one of the rails) looked masculine, but with nails that were definitely girls nails.

I later discovered that she was a little overweight, although not enough to be called chubby.

She wasn't particularly pretty in any way.... until she opened her mouth.


Here's the first 2-and-a-bit short chapters I wrote for a story, back in 2010, anyone fancy completing it?


Chapter 1

Thinking back, I'm not 100% sure how I came across Jenny's blog... you how it is, you click on a link, then another, then another. And I can't even remember what the first blog of hers that I read was either. In any case, the upshot was that I became a regular reader of her blog.

It described her life, sometimes fun, sometimes sad. At the moment, it seemed that she was between boyfriends, and was a bit down in the dumps.

I often commented on her blogs, sometimes to try and cheer her up, sometimes to say "hey, great news"... and sometimes she would respond back.

I had seen a couple of pictures of her - ok, maybe not the most beautuful of girls, with a bit of a chubby face and a spot or two, but she was certainly far from being ugly. Probably just another "typical person" like you or me. One thing I did spot was that her teeth were very typically British: they were crooked!

Now, I know I'm not alone in this, but I have a thing about teeth... well, not teeth per se, but girls with crooked teeth, and girls with crooked teeth and braces. And Jenny's crooked teeth looked quite sexy to me.... I would have definitely enjoy running my tongue over her teeth. And if she ever got braces, well, running my tongue over those would be almost worth dying for! Not that THAT was likely to happen any time soon.

I've liked the idea of crooked teeth and needing braces, and girls with braces ever since I was a young teen, but sadly I never needed braces, so never got to find out what they were like...and thus braces remained a fantasy for a few more years. However, a little while ago, I managed to partly fulfil my fantasies, when I found a site on the web where they will make you fake braces. Well, real braces, but just not from an ortho. I now had a lovely pair of Hawley retainers.

The problem I now had was being able to actually WEAR them. You see, I have a girlfriend, and she doesn't strike me as being someone who could understand someone having a braces fetish, so I can't wear them when we're together, either at home or out in public but away from wear we live. So I have to content myself with wearing on the few occasions when I go out alone, or when I'm at home at night.

I've been dating Emma for about a year now: we met through friends... I think the first time I ever saw her was at a pub, but we got talking when a group of us went out together for a meal, and - purely by chance - I ended up sat next to Emma. Emma is about the same height as me (I'm 5ft 6ins), is a very 'pretty' girl, dresses smartly (and not cheaply either), is very intelligent (which makes me sometimes wonder why she's still going out with me :-) ), and is generally very good company. Unlike Jenny, Emma has perfect teeth, as a result of having braces as a teenager.

Whilst being a very "nice" girl, Emma is a bit of a prude in many ways. And she wears far too much makeup.

Another thing, which really annoys me at times, is that she can be incredibly jealous. The problem is that she not always like that: one day I'm ok if I chat to another girl, but the next day she'll bite my head off! And its no use saying "but I only.......".

"Why don't you just dump her then?" you might ask. The answer to that is that I guess I love her, and love is partly about accepting the rough with the smooth, the good with the bad.

And I guess I'm probably not exactly perfect either!

Whilst we have been seeing each other for almost a year, we don't live together: she has her own (very nice) flat, and I have a small 2 bedroom house I finally managed to afford a deposit on a couple of years ago. Nor do we sleep together, or even have sex. Emma is still a virgin, and has made it very clear that she really DOES intend to stay that way for the foreseeable future, and probably until she gets married. Not that it stops us doing OTHER things, but it IS a bit frustrating at times.

Chapter 2

In her blog today, Jenny mentioned that she had been out with her friends, and gone to The Lakes shopping centre, which I recognised as being the name of the shopping centre in the town about 15 miles down the motorway. Ok, I guess it's possible that there are other shopping centres around with the same name, but I had to ask.

So I sent off a private message to her, and got a reply back to say yes, it WAS the one I was thinking of, and yes, she DID live near there, so where did I live then?

I sent another message telling her where I lived, and she said that the next time I was over her way, to get in touch, it would be nice to meet one of the people who bothered to read her blog and comment. I must admit, the idea was VERY appealing - I would LOVE to see those beautifully crooked teeth close up. To be honest, I'd love to kiss those beautifully crooked teeth, but as I said before, I didn't think that was likely to happen.

But how on earth was I going to manage to get over and meet her? You see, I can't tell a lie to save my life, and what with Emma being so jealous, it was going to be difficult to do.

A couple of weeks later, an opportunity arose when Emma decided to go home for the weekend - her grandma wasn't feeling well, and she wanted to visit her. This left me on my own for the weekend, so I contacted Jenny a few days before, to see if she would like to meet up.

She replied that she would, and asked what I was doing on Friday evening, would I like to meet up with her and a couple of friends for a drink... safety in numbers and all that. Oh, and how about a picture? I sent her a picture and said, yes, I'd love to come for a drink, where and when? God, if Emma ever read these messages, I'd be dumped instantly!

So, there I was, having dinner with Emma on the Thursday evening, and she asked me:

"So, what you going to do while I'm away then?"

"Well, I hear there's going to be a big orgy with hot and cold running women on Saturday, I thought I'd take advantage of you not being here, and drop by!" I said jokingly, but also knowing full well it would wind Emma up a bit. It worked, she gave me one of her 'looks'.

"Actually" I said, "I think a couple of my mates are going out for a few beers tomorrow" I half-lied, "I thought I might go along and join them".

How WAS I going to explain what I did over the weekend to her, when she asks for the blow-by-blow account when she's back (I did tell you she was jealous!). I can hardly say "I drove 15 miles to meet a girl with crooked teeth, coz crooked teeth turn me on", could I? Mind you, I would love to see her face if I DID say that!

"Try not to get TOO drunk this time" said Emma with a grin. Since meeting Emma, I'd not gone out with my mates as often as I used to, but there was one weekend, a month or so ago, when a friend of a friend had a stag night. Suffice it to say that I had one hell of a hangover the following day, which didn't particularly impress Emma, as we were supposed to be going out the following day.

As we chatted, I was looking at Emma's teeth: she had very nice teeth... 'nice' meaning they were white, they were straight, and they fitted together perfectly. I have seen some pictures of her before she had her teeth fixed, and she had a lovely set of buck teeth. Knowing how well off her family are, I have no doubt that she had private orthodontic treatment, not the more normal NHS treatment that most the kids at school had. I wish I'd known her back then, and had seen her in her braces.

I know nothing of the details of her treatment... I could ask her I suppose, but she would think me a wierdo, I mean, asking people details about what orthodontic treatment they had as a kid just isn't 'normal', whatever 'normal' means!

My mind was wandering... I started to wonder if Emma had a fetish at all... and if so, I wondered what it would be. Glasses? Leg braces? Nappies? That one made me smile silently to myself, trying to imagine her in nappies!

"A penny for them?"

"Uh?" I said, snapping out of my daydreaming

"A penny for your thoughts?" asked Emma. Boy, would she be surprised if I had told her what I was REALLY thinking about!

Chapter 3

Friday, 5:30pm. At last I was finished at work for the week, and had the weekend ahead of me.

An Emma-free weekend.

I'd not had a weekend alone for.... well, ages. And tonight I was off to meet up with Jenny and some of her friends at a pub- she's the girl who writes the blog, and lives about 15 miles away. She had emailed me the details, and I'd looked on Google maps, so I knew where I was going.

So I dashed home, had some food, had a shower, and a change of clothes.

Then I had a big decision to make: should I wear my fake retainers? If you remember, I got them a while ago, but don't actually get to wear them much. And tonight I was going away from where people knew me, and was meeting with other people who didn't know me.. so WHY NOT!


(there's loads of possibilities there: Jenny gets braces, maybe as a result of meeting <name?>. Emma find out about <name?>'s braces & crooked teeth interest. <name> ends up with TWO girlfriends. All sorts of possibilities......)