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Re: Story: Elly & Alex
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I know I'm rather slow on some parts and then go very fast again.

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Re: Story: Elly & Alex
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Chapter 5: The third day of college

After being done with other subjects that day, Elly walked over to Emily's classroom.
Elly knocked on the door but didn’t get an immediate response.
Instead, she saw Eva walking towards her and opening the door.
Eva said to Elly to go to Emily’s office and sit in the dental chair.
Again, Elly complied with that request.
As soon as Elly sat down, Emily came into her office.
“Ah, good, you’re here.”
“Now Elly, today I want to install everything.”
Elly hesitated for a moment but said 'okay', because she had to get everything anyway.
“Good, let's start then.”
Elly was lowered and a lip spreader was placed in her mouth.
“I’m going to start with removing all your spacers and go to the expanders next.”
After Emily removed the spacers, she showed the upper expander to Elly first.
It had 6 bands instead of the 2 or 4 banded version she had seen before.
“It has 6 bands because I won't be able to get a band between them,” Emily explained
Elly saw a bit of acrylic on it as well, but Emily didn’t explain about it, and she couldn’t ask with the lip spreader in.
Then she showed her the lower expander, this also had 6 bands and a piece of acrylic.
After Elly saw everything, Emily went about to test fit them and they fitted like a glove.
Meanwhile, Eva made the cement for the bands and filled the bands of the expanders after Emily removed them again.
“Eva, can you bring over the tray with the other bands, so we can continue after I put in the expanders.”
Eva did as she was asked.
After Emily was done with the expanders, she test fitted Elly's other bands and removed them and moved on to the next tooth while Eva filled them with cement. After she tested all the bands, Emily installed all of them.
When she was done, she put the chair up right and removed the lips spreader and gave Elly a cup of water to rinse her mouth.
Elly rinsed with water, her tongue hitting the expanders when she did and found she had a very full mouth already.
When Elly spit the water out, the lip spreader was replaced and the chair lowered again.
“I’m not done yet,” Emily said.
After that, Eva brought over the tray with the Herbst arms.
“Elly, these will go on both sides of your mouth to correct your overbite.”
After explaining to Elly, Emily went about installing the arms, and after that, the wire.
The bands where the Herbst arm connected to on the bottom had a hole for the wire so her whole mouth could be engaged by the wire. After her wire was in place, Emily put stainless steel ligatures on her rather bulky brackets.
“So, we’re done with installing your braces and appliances,” Emily said, while raising the chair.
“Now Elly, have a look at your mouth.”
Elly was shocked at the sight of her own teeth. The only part of her teeth that was showing was about 1 mm on the bottom of her top and she could only see the white top of her bottom front teeth.
She opened her mouth and could see the Herbst and her lower expander and the bulky brackets with a hook on each of them.
“Your expanders are the experimental type.”
Elly looked confused at that.
“Your expanders have a small battery that will last at least 10 years that turns your expander automatically every 2 days so you don’t have to do it yourself and you can’t forget it either. Here, let met activate them.”
Emily grabbed a tool with a hook and put it in a small hole in the acrylic just to the side of the expansion screw.
The moment Emily did, Elly heard a whir and the top expander did one turn. After that, Emily did the same with the bottom one. “Now both of your expanders are active they will do one turn again in 2 days, but it will be during the night, so you probably won't notice it till morning that there's a bit more pressure.
Eva showed Elly how she had to take care of her new braces and appliances.
After Eva was done, Emily told them they were finished for today and they both could go home.
Elly stood up from the dental chair and got her coat and bag and headed to the train station.

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Re: Story: Elly & Alex
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Chapter 6: Home sweet home?

When Elly got home, she saw she was home alone, it being only 15:30. Her parents were still working and wouldn't be home for a few hours.

She went upstairs to her room and sat down in front of her big mirror. Even with her mouth closed, she could see 2 bumps.

When Elly tried to smile wide, her lower lip got caught behind the 2 bumps when she quickly tried to get her lips together to hide all the metal.

She opened her mouth again, but this time to examine her whole mouth. Both expanders were rather bulky, with a piece of acrylic between the bands and the expansion screw.

While opening and closing her mouth, she could hear the Herbst arms making a clicking sound.

Elly had seen a lot of mouths in dental school already, some even with braces. She never had seen as much metal as she now had in her mouth.

She teared up because of the situation in her mouth and the appliances starting to hurt.

She laid down on her bed and said to herself, "wha did you geth youwseof into thisth time, eooy?"

After she said that, she sat up straight from shock, not being able to really talk properly and not discovering it sooner as she hadn't said a word since her braces were installed.

"Oh, men, I sthound howwible."

Sighing and falling back on her bed, she fell asleep from a tiring day.

A few hours later, her mother called from downstairs and woke Elly.

"Elly, dinners ready."

"I wioo be wight thewe mom," already having forgotten how hard it was for her to speak.

When she came downstairs, her parents were waiting for her at the dinner table.

Elly sat down without saying a word and put mashed potatoes and beetroot with gravy on her plate.

Mixing the mashed potatoes with the beetroot and the gravy to be able to at least eat something.

When she did take a bite of the food, she found it was rather difficult to chew the still chunky remaining pieces. It was hard to get it in a place she was able to chew it and it was even more difficult to swallow due to the expanders.

Her normal 10-minute dinner took her 30 minutes now.

After they had dessert, her dad asked how her day had been.

"I don't weally want to taok abouth ith."

"Come on honey, I know it's hard to talk but if you don't talk at all it won't get better."

"Whath do you guysth know abouth how hawd it isth," Elly said.

"Well Elly," her mom said, "we also had small mouths and we both had expanders. I, on my top jaw and your father on the lower jaw, and this has by chance resulted in 2 narrow jaws on you."

"So, we both know the struggle of having the difficult time talking and swallowing," her mom said.

"You even have your mother's overbite," her dad said, "but hers was corrected with headgear."

"Tho it'sth the both of youw fauot I need all of thisth metal," Elly said in a joking tone, feeling a bit better.

"I guess it is," her mother said, giving her a kiss on the forehead. "Now go and clean your mouth, your

braces are full of mashed potatoes and beetroot."

"Yesth mom." Elly rolled her eyes.

Elly went upstairs to the bathroom to clean her mouth with her toothbrush and the special L shape toothbrush. It was hard to get all the food out of her braces and off her upper expander.

After she was done, she smiled a very silver smile and thought she might do fine as a braceface at orthodontic college and went to bed.

(No it's not the end)

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Re: Story: Elly & Alex
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I'm glad your going to write more of this story be great to see more

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Re: Story: Elly & Alex
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This is great! Keep it up!