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Title: Story: Elly & Alex
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Story: Elly & Alex

First attempt at writing a story. English isn't my native language and interpunction is a weak point of mine.

Chapter 1: Elly

Elly was a shy 22-year-old girl who lived with her parents. She recently graduated from dental school and had ambitions to become an orthodontist. Both of Elly's parents had beautiful smiles but hers looked of, her own dentist said she didn’t need braces but Elly always doubted that due to her having narrow jaws and an overbite.

One day during summer holiday Elly walked downstairs and saw her parents sitting on the couch in the living room and took a seat right between her parents and handed them brochures of orthodontic collages she might like to go to. They took a look at all them and the name on last brochures her parents recognized as both had got treatment at that collage on recommendation of their dentists. 

Elly instantly made up her mind and told her parents she wanted to go that collage and went online to apply and a week later she got a letter of acceptance, and she would start on the 1st of august. 

Two weeks before starting college she shopped around for some supplies, she's needing a few A4 notebooks for class, a few new pencils and pens, a new bag while shopping she wondered what orthodontist collage and fellow her classmates would be like.
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Good start. Looking forward to where this will go!
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. I know your struggle while writing, just like you English is not my native language. I encourage you to keep writing.
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Chapter 2: The first day

Elly woke up on her first day of orthodontic college. She got dressed and went downstairs and quickly ate breakfast. After she was done, she went to the bathroom to brush her teeth and got ready to go to college. Her mother was going to drop her off.
They got in the car. About halfway there, her mother looked over to her and asked what was wrong. She could see Elly looked a bit troubled.
"Well, I don't know," Elly said. "I'm just a bit nervous, I guess."

"Don't worry sweetheart, you be fine."

"Thanks Mom." 30 minutes later they arrived at the college.
Elly gave her mom a kiss on the cheek and went towards the college reception.
"Name please?" said the receptionist.
"Elly Hall," said Elly.
"Your first class is in room 2.1C."

"Thank you." Elly went to go look for the room.
Elly looked around and saw she had to go upstairs.
Eventually Elly found the room and saw it was a small class of about 7 students.
She opened the door and a woman greeted her. 
"Hello, who might you be?"

"Hello, I'm Elly Hall."

"Oh, good, you're the last one in my class to arrive. Please take a seat."

Elly took a seat and the professor began with the usual welcome speech you would expect on every first day of class.
"Hello everyone, I'm professor Emilia Evans, but please call me Emily. I'm the teacher for your orthodontic related subjects. The other teachers probably will introduce themselves later in the day."

"I'm sure you all want to socialize with your fellow classmates but I'm afraid you have to do that during lunch break, as I want to start right away."

She gestured to the dental chair.
"I'm going to let each of you make an impression of the other classmate's teeth."
"Elly and Alex, you go first." She instructed how to make the alginate and how to use the tray and after that was done, everyone got to rinse to get rid of the remaining alginate.
"Now that everyone is done, we are going to make a model with the impressions that you all just took and I want you to do it in teams of 2." 
Elly picked Alex because he very was gentle with making impressions of her teeth and she tried to be gentle with his impressions as well, but she had to start again after she was startled by Alex's gag reflex, having to reapply the alginate in the tray.
Emily instructed how they should go about making the models.
After they were done with the models making, they had turned them in to Emily.
When Elly turned hers in, Emily looked at the model and raised an eyebrow of interest.
Elly didn’t notice it and left the classroom with her classmates for lunchbreak.
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Chapter 3: The rest of the first day

After Elly walked out of the classroom, she saw Alex was waiting for her.
"Hi, I'm Alex."

"Hi, I'm Elly, nice to properly meet."

"Want to go to the canteen to get something to eat?" Alex asked.
"Sure, anything to get the taste of alginate out of my mouth."

Alex laughs at that comment, and says he also wants to get rid of the horrible taste.
They pick up lunch from the canteen and they go and sit with their classmates.
They introduce themselves as Julian, Ian, Jack, Lily, Abigail and Emma.
After Alex and Elly introduced themselves to them as well, Alex asked Elly where she was from.
Elly explained she was from a small town about 60 minutes away and that her mother dropped her off here this morning, then it was her turn to ask Alex where he was from.
Alex told Elly he was from the city the college was in. But he lived on the other side of the city a good 15 minutes away.
While Alex was talking, Elly kept staring at Alex's mouth and after Alex was done explaining where he was from, Elly asked him why he didn't get braces.
Alex blushed a bit because Elly was looking at his mouth. He explained that his parents couldn't really afford them and after he turned 18, he was responsible for his own healthcare and since then, he didn't think about getting braces.
After a while talking, Emma said they have to go to their next class.
The rest of the day wasn't that exciting, the other professors introduced themselves and told them what they did and that the subject of orthodontics was going to take up Monday and Tuesday, and the other subjects were going to be on Wednesday and Thursday and that Friday was going to be a home study day.
After that was all over, it was time to head home. Elly said goodbye to her classmates and saw that her mom was there waiting for her.
She got in the car and they went home.
After getting home, Elly went to the college login portal and she saw she had an email from Emily.
In the email was a schedule with times Emily wanted to see each of them the next day.
Elly didn’t think much of it and saw she was the first one to have a one-to-one conversation with Emily at 08:30.
After that, she had dinner and went to her room to go to bed. She was very tired and fell asleep almost instantly.
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Let me be the first to say this is an interesting idea.  I'm sure that I won't be the first "like."  Looking forward to more.
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Chapter 4 goes a bit more into the aspect of braces :P
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Well, I think you've set the stage beautifully.  Fresh ideas are hard to come by and I was instantly intrigued.
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Chapter 4: The Second day

Elly woke up at 7 the next morning. She quickly got dressed and hopped on her bike to the train station. After she found a seat in the train, she wondered what Emily wanted to talk about. Elly was so lost in thoughts that she almost missed her stop.
After she got off the train, she walked the last bit to the college. It was only a 5-minute walk after all. 
She walked up the stairs to the classroom and knocked on the door.
Emily signalled for her to come in.
"Please come with me to my office." Emily's office was attached to the classroom, the only thing dividing it was a glass door.
"Have a seat, Elly," Emily said.
"I wanted to talk to you yesterday, but you were already gone. Elly, I've looked at the model of your teeth and I worked out a treatment plan already."

"Treatment?" Elly asked.
"Yes. At this college, the students wear braces during the whole education. We introduced that a few years ago, most students that attend the orthodontic college need braces anyway."

Elly looked a bit shocked at first but felt a little excited as well. 
"My dentist said I never needed braces."

"Well, you do. Your teeth aren't really crooked, but your jaws are rather small and you have an overbite."

"So, what does that mean?" Elly asked.
"Well, we need to expand your jaws with expanders. To fix your overbite, I want to use a Herbst appliance and you will need braces to go along with all that."

Elly looked a bit shocked. She never thought she needed so much done.
"I want to start right now. Take a seat in the dental chair over there."

Elly did what she was asked.
Emily went to get herself an assistant. When she returned, Elly saw a young woman. She introduced herself as Eva.
"Eva here is in her second year of orthodontic college," Emily said.
While talking, Elly saw nothing but metal in Eva's mouth.
Elly asked if her mouth was going to have that much metal as well.
"Yes, we need as much control possible in your mouth."

Elly shivered a bit but let it all happen.
Emily put spacers between all her teeth.
"Now, Elly, you won't be able to eat anything sticky. I want to see you again tomorrow after you're done with classes."

"Okay," Elly said.
"You can go now. Can you send Alex in next, please?"

"Yeah, will do." Elly stepped out of Emily's office and saw Alex sitting in the classroom.
"Alex, Emily wants to speak to you next."

Alex saw a whole lot of blue between Elly’s teeth.
But Emily was waiting for him, so there was no time to ask.
Elly left to get some food in the canteen because she had skipped breakfast that morning.
She got herself a cheese sandwich and took a seat, but as soon she took a bite from it, the pain shot through her mouth. She threw out the sandwich and went to the bathroom to look in the mirror. She saw a bunch of blue spacers between her teeth.
After she examined her mouth, she exited the bathroom only to see Alex heading to the canteen. She ran towards him to ask how the conversation with Emily went. She had an idea of what shock he went through as well.
"Hey, Alex."

"Oh, hi Elly," he replied, covering his mouth.
"Alex, it's alright, let me see."

Alex dropped his hand to reveal a bunch of spacers as well.
"Emily said that I have to get full banded braces with 2 fixed face-bows to move my molars back."

"I also have to get full banded braces, but with expanders and a Herbst appliance."

"I guess we both will have a mouth full," Alex said.
"Want to get some yoghurt? Because you won't be able to eat a sandwich."

"Yep, sounds good." After they ate their yoghurt, they hung out in the canteen for a while before heading to class.
Emily welcomed everyone and started her class for that day.
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where could i sign to this college... dream would come true if i could have such a treatment
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@aktivator82 Seriously! I'd enjoy going to school there!
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@aktivator82 Seriously! I'd enjoy going to school there!

@carking... Yes, seriously!!! Full banded braces, expanders, herbst appliances and 2 fixed facebows awesome !!!!!
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This is so good!
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Good story so far seems a promising start  keep up the good work
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Your story is really starting to make progress. It's not that I don't like your story but I always like to see some mysteries. For my all details of their treatment plans feels a bit rushed. What else is going to happen now? Maybe I'm completely wrong and some unexpected turns are made during your story, I'm curious. Good luck continuing your story.
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I know I'm rather slow on some parts and then go very fast again.
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Chapter 5: The third day of college

After being done with other subjects that day, Elly walked over to Emily's classroom.
Elly knocked on the door but didn’t get an immediate response.
Instead, she saw Eva walking towards her and opening the door.
Eva said to Elly to go to Emily’s office and sit in the dental chair.
Again, Elly complied with that request.
As soon as Elly sat down, Emily came into her office.
“Ah, good, you’re here.”
“Now Elly, today I want to install everything.”
Elly hesitated for a moment but said 'okay', because she had to get everything anyway.
“Good, let's start then.”
Elly was lowered and a lip spreader was placed in her mouth.
“I’m going to start with removing all your spacers and go to the expanders next.”
After Emily removed the spacers, she showed the upper expander to Elly first.
It had 6 bands instead of the 2 or 4 banded version she had seen before.
“It has 6 bands because I won't be able to get a band between them,” Emily explained
Elly saw a bit of acrylic on it as well, but Emily didn’t explain about it, and she couldn’t ask with the lip spreader in.
Then she showed her the lower expander, this also had 6 bands and a piece of acrylic.
After Elly saw everything, Emily went about to test fit them and they fitted like a glove.
Meanwhile, Eva made the cement for the bands and filled the bands of the expanders after Emily removed them again.
“Eva, can you bring over the tray with the other bands, so we can continue after I put in the expanders.”
Eva did as she was asked.
After Emily was done with the expanders, she test fitted Elly's other bands and removed them and moved on to the next tooth while Eva filled them with cement. After she tested all the bands, Emily installed all of them.
When she was done, she put the chair up right and removed the lips spreader and gave Elly a cup of water to rinse her mouth.
Elly rinsed with water, her tongue hitting the expanders when she did and found she had a very full mouth already.
When Elly spit the water out, the lip spreader was replaced and the chair lowered again.
“I’m not done yet,” Emily said.
After that, Eva brought over the tray with the Herbst arms.
“Elly, these will go on both sides of your mouth to correct your overbite.”
After explaining to Elly, Emily went about installing the arms, and after that, the wire.
The bands where the Herbst arm connected to on the bottom had a hole for the wire so her whole mouth could be engaged by the wire. After her wire was in place, Emily put stainless steel ligatures on her rather bulky brackets.
“So, we’re done with installing your braces and appliances,” Emily said, while raising the chair.
“Now Elly, have a look at your mouth.”
Elly was shocked at the sight of her own teeth. The only part of her teeth that was showing was about 1 mm on the bottom of her top and she could only see the white top of her bottom front teeth.
She opened her mouth and could see the Herbst and her lower expander and the bulky brackets with a hook on each of them.
“Your expanders are the experimental type.”
Elly looked confused at that.
“Your expanders have a small battery that will last at least 10 years that turns your expander automatically every 2 days so you don’t have to do it yourself and you can’t forget it either. Here, let met activate them.”
Emily grabbed a tool with a hook and put it in a small hole in the acrylic just to the side of the expansion screw.
The moment Emily did, Elly heard a whir and the top expander did one turn. After that, Emily did the same with the bottom one. “Now both of your expanders are active they will do one turn again in 2 days, but it will be during the night, so you probably won't notice it till morning that there's a bit more pressure.
Eva showed Elly how she had to take care of her new braces and appliances.
After Eva was done, Emily told them they were finished for today and they both could go home.
Elly stood up from the dental chair and got her coat and bag and headed to the train station.
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Chapter 6: Home sweet home?

When Elly got home, she saw she was home alone, it being only 15:30. Her parents were still working and wouldn't be home for a few hours.

She went upstairs to her room and sat down in front of her big mirror. Even with her mouth closed, she could see 2 bumps.

When Elly tried to smile wide, her lower lip got caught behind the 2 bumps when she quickly tried to get her lips together to hide all the metal.

She opened her mouth again, but this time to examine her whole mouth. Both expanders were rather bulky, with a piece of acrylic between the bands and the expansion screw.

While opening and closing her mouth, she could hear the Herbst arms making a clicking sound.

Elly had seen a lot of mouths in dental school already, some even with braces. She never had seen as much metal as she now had in her mouth.

She teared up because of the situation in her mouth and the appliances starting to hurt.

She laid down on her bed and said to herself, "wha did you geth youwseof into thisth time, eooy?"

After she said that, she sat up straight from shock, not being able to really talk properly and not discovering it sooner as she hadn't said a word since her braces were installed.

"Oh, men, I sthound howwible."

Sighing and falling back on her bed, she fell asleep from a tiring day.

A few hours later, her mother called from downstairs and woke Elly.

"Elly, dinners ready."

"I wioo be wight thewe mom," already having forgotten how hard it was for her to speak.

When she came downstairs, her parents were waiting for her at the dinner table.

Elly sat down without saying a word and put mashed potatoes and beetroot with gravy on her plate.

Mixing the mashed potatoes with the beetroot and the gravy to be able to at least eat something.

When she did take a bite of the food, she found it was rather difficult to chew the still chunky remaining pieces. It was hard to get it in a place she was able to chew it and it was even more difficult to swallow due to the expanders.

Her normal 10-minute dinner took her 30 minutes now.

After they had dessert, her dad asked how her day had been.

"I don't weally want to taok abouth ith."

"Come on honey, I know it's hard to talk but if you don't talk at all it won't get better."

"Whath do you guysth know abouth how hawd it isth," Elly said.

"Well Elly," her mom said, "we also had small mouths and we both had expanders. I, on my top jaw and your father on the lower jaw, and this has by chance resulted in 2 narrow jaws on you."

"So, we both know the struggle of having the difficult time talking and swallowing," her mom said.

"You even have your mother's overbite," her dad said, "but hers was corrected with headgear."

"Tho it'sth the both of youw fauot I need all of thisth metal," Elly said in a joking tone, feeling a bit better.

"I guess it is," her mother said, giving her a kiss on the forehead. "Now go and clean your mouth, your

braces are full of mashed potatoes and beetroot."

"Yesth mom." Elly rolled her eyes.

Elly went upstairs to the bathroom to clean her mouth with her toothbrush and the special L shape toothbrush. It was hard to get all the food out of her braces and off her upper expander.

After she was done, she smiled a very silver smile and thought she might do fine as a braceface at orthodontic college and went to bed.

(No it's not the end)
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I'm glad your going to write more of this story be great to see more
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This is great! Keep it up!
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Chapter 7

The next day, when Elly woke up, she had a very sore mouth from all the metal. Elly was very happy she
didn't have to go to school that day, because her classmates went in for the same fate as she did the day
before. She picked up her phone and she saw a message from Alex asking how she was doing. He knew
she had to go to Emily yesterday and today was his turn. Elly messaged him back saying she had a sore
mouth but was alright and wishing him good luck with his procedure.

Alex thanked Elly and got on his bicycle to go to the college.

When Alex arrived at the classroom, he went inside and headed toward Emily's office.

Emily saw Alex and signalled for him to come into her office.

Alex said, “Good morning,” when he entered Emily's office.

“Good morning Alex, please have a seat in the dental chair.”

Alex did as he was asked and sat down in the chair.

“Alex, today I’m going to fit your braces and both headgear.”

Alex just nodded, with Emily lowering the chair and placing a lip spreader in his mouth.

Just like with Elly, Emily removed the spacers and test fitted all the bands.

Emily had no assistant for her first patient, so she had to make the glue herself and fit the bands quickly
before the glue started to dry.

Emily raised the chair when she was done with fitting the bands and curing the glue. "Alright Alex, just
rinse a bit."

Alex could feel the metal bands in his mouth but didn’t say anything.

After Alex spit out the water, he was lowered again, and Emily placed his wires with steel ligatures
around all the brackets.

Emily rolled over to the counter where the face-bows and straps were on a tray and took it over to the
chair and showed Alex the 2 face-bows.

These will go in the tubes on your back molars.

Alex looked over the 2 face-bows. They had a long end, but he didn’t question it and before he knew it
the chair was lowered again.

Emily started with the lower face-bow. She inserted it and bent the ends of the face-bow down and then
again but to the front of his mouth and did the same to the upper face-bow.

After she was done with fitting the face-bows, she raised the chair and gave Alex a mirror.

“Well Alex, these are your 2 face-bows and now I will show you how you should put on your straps. This
one will go on top of your head and you need to have these on hole 3 on both sides on your upper face-
bow and this one will go on your neck and needs to be on hole 2 on both sides and goes on your bottom

As soon as Emily put them on, Alex could feel the pressure on his molars and it was a bit painful.

“Since I bent the ends of the face-bows, you won't be able to take them out and the reason why is that we
want to see how fast the molars can be moved when it's in all the time. That reminds me, these are the
same kind of straps, but these are waterproof, so if you want to go swim you switch the ones you're
wearing now for these.”

Emily instructed Alex on how to brush with the braces and face-bows and after she was done said he was
free to go.

Alex said his goodbyes to Emily and walked out of college and saw he had a message from Elly.

Elly: “Hi Alex, how did it go? Do you want to come over for a bit?”

Alex was interested in Elly from the first day. She seemed nice, but he was a tiny bit self-conscious due to
the headgear, but really wanted to see Elly.

He decided to go to Elly and messaged her he would like to come over and they would talk at her place.
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great to see another chapter! really enjoying this story so far, keep up the great work!
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I'm a bit unsure on how to proceed I could:

1. Go by all the classmates of Elly & Alex on how they get everything put on but that seems like its a repeat of what happend to Elly & Alex.

2. Let Elly & Alex find out when they return to class.

What do you guys think?
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I'm a bit unsure on how to proceed I could:

1. Go by all the classmates of Elly & Alex on how they get everything put on but that seems like its a repeat of what happend to Elly & Alex.

2. Let Elly & Alex find out when they return to class.

What do you guys think?

Wait, are their classmates getting Headgear and braces, or just being informed what happened?

Hmm, it's ultimately up to you, but maybe option 2?  :-\

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All of them are getting braces for sure its what appliances I add to that I've yet to think of.

But do I want to go through all hows its done or one reveal in class.
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Wow! Really interesting! Please, keep going!
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I agree that writing about each classmate getting their braces on would be repetitive. Hearing about the additional appliances being installed might be more fun. Option 2 is my vote, unless there is an interesting device or an unusual situation involved.
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If you go for option 2 (the reveal in class), you have the option of looking back on other people in "flashbacks" if you come across something that you particularly like later, whereas if you introduce everybody now, you run the risk of getting bored with all the characters before you are ready to reveal what is going on.

Option 2 for me... but with option 1 as a back-up plan!
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Won't do Option 1 as stated it would repeat to much.
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Won't do Option 1 as stated it would repeat to much.

Ah, stick with option 2 then.

( Heheheh, would be nice to read about some female students that can't remove their headgear!    ;) M)
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I love this story so far! Elly and Alex are very cute, I'd like to see how they act together! I also can't wait for the other students to receive their treatment, even if it'll be just brief glimpses. It'd be interesting if some of them have to deal with much more extreme appliances, maybe some more "experimental types"?
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Chapter 8

Alex got on his bike to the train station. Elly messaged him what station he needed to get off and what bus to take to her house.

Being 22 and having a day off, Elly fell asleep again after she messaged Alex and woke up again 1 hour later. Elly got dressed and went downstairs to get herself some breakfast. She got some yoghurt because her mouth was still hurting. When Elly had just sat down, the doorbell rang, which made her jump. She got up and walked to the door and opened it. When Elly opened the door, her eyes got wide when she saw Alex.

With a beet-red face, Alex said “Hi,” to Elly.

Elly looked at Alex with his 2 headgear protruding from his mouth. "Uh, Hi, Aoex, come in."

Alex came inside and followed Elly to where she was about to eat breakfast. "Stho I sthee you got
headgeaw," breaking the awkward silence.

Unlike Elly, Alex could still speak fine. "Yes. It's fixed as well."

"Weaooy, can I sthee?" Elly asked.

Since Elly was Alex's classmate and he liked her a lot, he said sure and opened his mouth.
Elly turned on the flashlight on her phone and looked in Alex's mouth seeing all his teeth had bands on them and the face-bow inserted on his rear molars. She was so caught up with her examination that she pulled on the front of his face-bow. Alex let out a little grunt of pain.

"Oh, im stho sthowwy, aoex."

"It's alright," Alex said, "just don't do it again, like I said, they are fixed."

"Youw tuwn," Elly said.

Elly gave Alex her phone and opened her mouth.

He saw 2 large expanders, full-banded braces and a Herbst appliance.

"No wonder you can't really speak," Alex said.

"Yesth, I'm awawe of that," Elly said. "It huwtsth a oot, youw awe kind of oucky that you hawen't had youw bwacesth fow a night aoweady."

"Yes, but the headgear puts a lot of pressure on my molars."

"Have you had anything to eat yet?" Elly asked.
"No not yet," Alex said.

"Want some yoghurt and an aspirin?"

"Yes, please."
They both sat down and tried to navigate the spoon to and inside their mouths. Alex had trouble getting in to his mouth with 2 face-bows with 1 moving when he opened his mouth and Elly struggling to swallow the yoghurt due to the expanders. After a while, they managed to finish the yoghurt.

They talked for a bit about their lives and about the braces and appliances they had gotten. After a while, Alex tried to get his lips over the face-bow making it look like he was going to kiss. Not that he ever considered doing it. What Alex didn't know was Elly liked him as well. When Alex got his lips together over the face-bow, he never expected that Elly would give him a quick kiss on the lips. They both went very red after what Elly did.

"Uh, that was unexpected," Alex said.

"I'm stho stho sthowwy," Elly said, her face being as red as a tomato.

"No, no, it's fine, I just didn't expect that."

"Weoo, to be honest, I kind of oike you." Elly felt her face getting even redder and Alex's face got red as well.

They sat in an awkward silence for a moment before Alex blurted out he liked her as well. They sat there for a while longer in an awkward silence when Alex said he should maybe go.

"No, poease sthtay," Elly said quickly. "Maybe you want to go sthomewhewe togethew?"

"Well, I usually go to the pool on Thursday. If you want to come with me?"

"But do you have youw sthwimweaw with you then?"

"No, but we can get that at my house and go to the pool from there."

“Yeah, okay, oet me gwap my sthtuff.”

Elly quickly got her swimwear, towels and clean clothes, as she preferred clean clothes after swimming, and her toothbrush kit in case she needed it and messaged her mom she would be home late. Her mom said, “okay and be safe.”

“I'm weady oetsth go.”

They both got on Elly's bike and headed for the train station.

(dang this relationship is moving fast)
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Chapter 9

After a very awkward train ride to the city, they got on Alex's bike and headed to his house.
When they got to Alex's home, his mom looked a bit shocked at the contraption around his head and face.

"Oh my, what did they do to you?!?" his mom asked.

"Mom, relax, it's okay, this is a headgear. I need it for treatment."

With that, his mom relaxed a bit and noticed Elly.

“Who’s this, Alex?”

“This is Elly.”

“Heooo, nice to meet youw.”

“Hi, Elly nice to meet you. Sounds like you have a hard time talking.”

“Yesth, I have 2 expandewsth.”

“Sorry to hear that, hope you get used to them soon.”

While Elly and Alex's mom had been talking, Alex went to grab his swim gear.

“You ready, Elly?” he asked when he got downstairs again.

“Yesth, I am.” And they headed over to the pool.

Once at the pool, they paid entry and went to the changing rooms, both grabbing a different cubical. Elly was done rather quickly, but not Alex. He took off the straps, then tried to take off his shirt but got caught on both face-bows, which hurt pretty bad because he was pulling with some force on his shirt. After he managed to get it off, he grabbed the waterproof straps, then put his clothes in a locker together with Elly's stuff to save on the money. He asked Elly if she could help him put on his straps. Of course Elly was happy to help him. He said on what hole both straps needed to be and Elly attached them.

Alex took a good look at Elly. There she was a beautiful girl with long hair, not that tall (like he cared about that) and a good body shape. While Alex was looking at Elly, Elly did the same to him. Alex was taller than her and was in good shape, no six-packs, but she didn't care.

They both had a great time at the pool swimming and going down the slides just like they were little kids, the braces gave them a much younger look as well.

After they had been in the pool for a few hours, they decided to get out and go home.

On the way back to Alex's place, he asked if she wanted to stay for dinner.

Elly said she would like that, if it wasn’t any trouble at least.

Alex said it wouldn’t be a problem at all. His mother always made too much.

When they came back to Alex's house, it was almost time for dinner.

“Hi Honey, Hi Elly. Did you guys have a good time at the pool?”

“Yes, we did mom. I invited Elly to stay for dinner.”

“That’s fine.”

Half an hour later, dinner was ready and they again struggled to eat, but they managed eventually.

When dinner was over, Alex's mom asked if Elly wanted to stay the night.

“Oh, I don't know if I can sthtay the night,” Elly said.

“Oh, I insist and it's already getting dark and there's no train service tonight because there's engineering going on from 20:00 to 05:00.”

“Oh, I didn't know that,” Elly said.

“We have a spare room where you can sleep.”

After informing her mom what was happening and why she wouldn’t be home tonight, she spent the evening on the couch talking to Alex and his mom and dad.

At 23:00 they got ready to go to bed. Elly brushing her still sore teeth and Alex trying to get a toothbrush in his mouth, but was a bit frustrated from all that happened that day. He sighed. Elly picked up the toothbrush and said, “Open your mouth, I will help you. I will be as gentle as I can.” After she was done, she gave him a kiss and they went to bed.
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Chapter 10

At 02:00, a whirring sound came from Elly's mouth. This of course was her expanders doing a turn, but like Emily had said, she didn't notice it.

In the morning, Elly woke up at 7:30 like normal but her mouth was very sore again. After she got dressed, she went downstairs and saw Alex's mom making breakfast.

“Good morning, Elly, hope you had a goodnight's sleep.”

“Good mowning. Yesth I did, but my mouth isth huwting a oot.”

“I figured, that's why I got you some soft food and some aspirin.”

“Oh, thank you stho much,” Elly said.

A few minutes later, Alex came downstairs and his mother gave him the same breakfast as she gave Elly.

After again struggling to eat anything, Alex asked Elly how she was doing.

“Weoo, my mouth isth sthowe. The expandewsth activated duwing the night, and what about you?”

“My mouth hurts a lot after the first night, just like you said it would.”

“You wioo be aowight,” Elly smiled.

“We should get ready. We need to go in 5 minutes or so.”

“Oh cwap. I have no decent sthhoesth here.” She took a rather old and dirty pair of sneakers with her expecting she would go home the day before.

“With size do you have?” Alex's mom asked.
“40,” Elly replied.

“I've got 39 myself and have a pair of shoes that are way too big for me. I think they're size 40. After bought them, I couldn't return them.”

“That wouod be gweat if I couod bowwow them,” not knowing what she was getting herself into.

Alex's mom grabbed the shoebox and gave it to Elly.

Elly opened the box and saw a pair of rather high-heel ankle boots. She was pretty good at walking in heels, her being short and sometimes wanting to be taller.
“Weoo, thisth isth way bettew than the diwt and ood sthneakewsth I've got cuwwentoy,” Elly said.

“Well, if they fit you can have them.”

“Weaooy thank you, they fit gweat.”

“Great to hear. Now you two better go or else you'll be late.”

“Thanks, mom,” Alex said.

They got on Alex's bike and headed towards the College.

“What do you think the othewsth have gotten put on?” Elly asked Alex.

“No idea about any appliances. The only thing I know is that the others have braces just like us,” Alex replied.

After a while they arrived at the college and they started walking towards class, Elly taking Alex's hand to walk hand in hand towards the classroom.

When they came into the classroom they looked over to their classmates and saw .....

(something that will be in chapter 11 :P)
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Chapter 11

When Alex and Elly came inside, they saw their classmates had braces and some had external appliances as well.

“Good morning class,” Emily said when she came in. “Today we will take a look in each other's mouths and discuss some of the treatment plans after. Sound okay?”

The class gave a grunt of agreement.

“Great, let's start. Does someone want to go first?”

“I wioo,” Emma said with a lisp.

Emma stood up and laid down on the chair.

“This camera will assure you can see everything on the screen.”

“Emma, like every one of you, has banded braces, but unlike all of you, has a tongue crib and elastics. These boxes around her teeth will pull her teeth together. The elastics run from her top first premolar to her central incisor to the same teeth on the bottom and it's the same on the other side. Thank you for showing us, Emma.”

“Who’s next?” Emily asked.

“I will go next,” Ian said and got in the chair.

“Again, Ian has braces but his lips are pushing on his teeth a lot, so he has an upper and lower lip bumper to keep his lips out of the way. These normally are removable, but these springs keep them in and these springs on the wire will make sure I will be able to connect the wire to these two teeth soon. Thank you for showing us.”

“Who wants to go next?”

“I will,” Abigail said and got in the chair.

“Abi here has an underbite, for that, she, of course has braces with something that's called a tandem appliance. It's like a reverse pull headgear without the massive frame around the face. The inner part is just like a face-bow but the outer part has these two hooks on them. Normally we use elastics, but we want to see if it's faster to use springs. It's a lot more discrete than the frame but she still has something sticking out of her mouth, and if Abi opens up you can see the TPA and the lingual arch to hold the arch of the teeth. Thank your Abi.”

“Who’s up next?”

Julian just got up without saying anything and got in the chair.
“Julian here has a deep bite, so he has been given a bite plate and these 2 springs that go from his upper canines to his second lower molar on both sides to pull his lower jaw forward a bit and his upper jaw back. He might need headgear on the top as well, but we will see that if it doesn't really want to move. Thank you, Julian.”

“Who wants to go now?”

“I wioo,” Jack lisped.

“Right, have a seat, Jack. Jack here has a fairly narrow upper jaw, so he got an expander but he might need more appliances. We have to wait and see how his mouth responds. Thank you Jack.”

“Elly, do you want to go next?”

“Sure,” she said and got in the chair.

“Elly here has an overbite, and for that she got a Herbst appliance, and also two narrow jaws, for that she got upper and lower expanders. These expanders will turn automatically and if I'm right that happened last night, right?”

Elly nodded.

“Good! Did you notice it when they turned?”

Elly shook her head.

“Elly and Jack both got these self-turning expanders that will turn during the night to ensure the most comfort. Thank you, Elly.”

“Who wants to go next?”

“I will,” Alex said.

“Good, have a seat. Alex here needs his molars moved back so that's why he got these two face-bows. They are fixed in the tubes to ensure optimal wear time. He also got an extra pair of waterproof straps, so showering or any water-based activity can be performed with the straps in place.”

“Yeah, they worked well yesterday.”

“Oh, you already tested it?”

“Yes, Elly and I went to the pool.”

“Well, very good you used the straps. Thank you, Alex.”

“And Lily you're last, please have a seat.”

“Lily here has just got braces for now. She might need more appliances later but her teeth need to move a bit first. She's the only one that doesn't have something extra. Thank you, Lily.”

“For all of you, it's possible you need an appliance removed, replaced with a different one, or one or more that need to be added.”

“We will look more into the treatment plans next week. This “mouth showcase” has taken a long time, but I have to inform you of one thing before you go for a break and stay here for nothing. Mr. Williams called in sick so you’re out, now have a nice weekend everyone.”

Everyone got up and left, Elly grabbing Alex's hand again.

They saw Lily in the hallway.

“Hi Liooy,” Elly lisped.

“Oh, hi guys,” she said, sounding a bit down.

“Whatsth wwong?”

“Well, I'm the only one that just got braces, but I'm a bit worried about what I might get.”

“Oh, you be aowight, what I got isth sthounding wowse then it isth.”

“Thank you, Elly,” while hugging Elly.

“So you two a couple?” Lily asked.

“Yeah, we kind of awe,” Elly replied, “we oike each othew.”

“That was quick,” she laughed.

“Yeah, we know, but you know how funny love can be,” Alex said.

“Yeah, I do. My boyfriend called me Jaws,” she giggled.

They all laughed at that.

“Well, I need to go,” Lily said.

“Yeah, so do we. I need to go to Alex's place to grab my stuff and head home.”

After they said their goodbyes, Alex and Elly got on Alex's bike and headed home.

They hang out together somewhat at Alex's place and at 16:30, Alex took Elly to the train station. On the platform, they both kissed and Alex asked Elly if she wanted to be his girlfriend to make it a more official relationship. She said she would love that and kissed him some more until the train came and Elly had to go.

She waved to him from inside the train and left for home.

On the train she messaged her mom she was on her way home.

Mom: I’m already home I’ll make something soft for you to eat tonight.

When Elly made it home, she put her bike in the shed and came inside.

Elly's mother heard the tapping sound of high heels and said, “You have a pair of high heels on.”

“Yesth, I think they awe 15 or 16 cm high, but ouckioy they got a poatfowm asweoo.”

“Did you buy them in the city?”

“No, Aoex'sth mom gave them to me. They wewe too big fow hew and couodn't wetuwn them.”

“That's nice of her. Well, dinners ready in 30 minutes.”

Elly didn’t want to tell her about Alex being her boyfriend just yet.

She sat down on the couch and messaged Alex she was home. They talked a while longer on Whatsapp until dinner was ready.

After dinner, Elly took off her shoes and went upstairs to brush her teeth and remained upstairs watching some YouTube videos until 23:30 when she put her phone away and went to sleep.
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I've to think for a bit on what to write next.
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Take the time you need. It is better to put together a good story that takes time rather than a poor story that you hurried to write just so that you could post it.

I am enjoying what you have written so far, and am looking forward to more good material from you. I have been adding the chapters to TheArchive as you have been posting them.