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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 68

Braces or no braces? The banker will offer you....

Dr Banaie inserted lip-spreaders into Abbie's mouth, allowing him to better see her teeth. He got her to bite up and down, then left and right, and then forwards and backwards. "Hmmm..." he said. "Ok, let me scan your teeth, then I can take a closer look on the computer... We need the scan anyway.". Like he had done with Amanda, he used the 'wand' to build up a 3D image of Abbie's teeth on the screen, but also did something extra: he removed the lip-spreader, then got Abbie to close her teeth, and used the wand to scan inside her cheeks: I guessed he wanted to see how her upper and lower teeth lined up.

"Just wait here a moment, and let me take a look at the images on the computer...". Dr Banaie went and spent several minutes looking at the computer, then came back to Abbie.

"So, Abbie, your actual teeth are in lovely condition, clearly you brush well, and take you dentist's advice. And at first glance, your teeth look to be nicely positioned: I'm assuming that you've never actually had braces before?"

"No, I haven't" confirmed Abbie

"Well, I'm seeing a slight issue with your molars. Whilst it doesn't seem to anything important right now, I'm pretty sure that without treatment, in maybe 5 or 10 years, you could end up with major pain issues in your TMJ... that's your jaw joint. If you don't mind, I'd like to take a panoramic x-ray, so I can see all your teeth, their roots, and your TMJ."

Abbie went off with the assistant, to have a panoramic X-ray taken.  "So, you think Abbie might need some real treatment, and braces?" Amanda asked Dr Banaie.

"If the X-rays confirm what I think I can see, then yes!" he replied. I smiled! I smiled very widely!

Abbie returned a few minutes later, and a few minutes after that, Dr Banaie was looking at her X-rays on his computer.

"Abbie, I think you have a real issue with the positioning of your molars, and left untreated, in the future you're going to have serious issues with your jaw joint. The treatment you'll need sin't particularly difficult, but it will require a combination of brackets on your teeth, and removable appliances. Now, knowing Amanda's background, and the fact that you were wanting some models of your teeth making - I'm guessing for some fake braces like Amanda's - I'm rather guessing that you will have a very positive attitude towards the idea of having to wear braces for real!"

"Well, with Amanda having to pay for her treatment, I'm sure she would be delighted to have braces!" I said

"Excuse me?" said Dr Banaie.

"Erm, we had a bit of a bet: I said that she would need braces, Amanda said there was no way she would need them. The forfeit is the cost of Abbie's treatment!". I smiled again.

"That is quite a bet! So, Abbie, do you want me to treat your problem?"

"Yes please!" said Abbie, without any hesitation, and with a huge smile."

"Ok, in that case I'll put together a treatment plan, and get it off to you: if Amanda will be paying for the treatment, I'll need both your signatures. Ok, Abbie, if you would like to get out of the chair, so Danny can get in to it...."

"What?" I asked, rather surprised.

"Well, given Amanda's background, and the fact that Abbie wanted to get some 'costume braces', I'm rather assuming that your retainers weren't given to you by an orthodontist either, so it would be very remiss of me to not check that they haven't caused any issues for you!"

"Ok, yes, I plead guilty!" I replied, and got into the chair. Dr Banaie quickly changed his gloves, then put a clean lip-spreader into my mouth. This was amazing, I was actually being examined by a REAL orthodontist! He started by looking at my teeth with my retainers on, then he removed the retainers, and examined my mouth. Like with Abbie, he got me to bite, and move my teeth around. He then removed the lip-spreader.

"Danny, have you ever had any sort of orthodontic treatment?" Dr Banaie asked me.

"No" I replied.

"In that case, you are probably the person with the best teeth I've seen for a very long time: not only do your teeth and your bite look perfect, they are probably better than most of my patients AFTER their treatment! In addition, I can say that your retainers are not causing you any problems, so do continue to wear them. Like with Amanda's 'costume braces', the quality of your retainers are excellent - I assume they were made by the same person that made Amanda's?"

"Yes, they were". I briefly explained to Dr Banaie how I'd been over to Asia, and had met Mei at a braces shop, and that she had made my braces while I was there, then made Amanda's.

"Well, Amanda, I'll see you in 6 weeks time for your next check-up, and I'll no doubt see you, Abbie, some time before that". With that, we left the orthodontist's, and went out for a coffee.

"Amanda, are you REALLY going to be ok paying for my treatment? I mean, there's no way I can afford it, and I'm sure it won't be cheap"

"Yes, I'm absolutely ok. Not only did Danny win his bet 100% fairly, I would have offered to 'sponsor' your treatment anyway. All I want to know now is how Danny actually *knew* you'd need treatment..."

"As I said, I believe Bruce: I think we're in a story about braces, and that our story-teller likes having a bit of fun with us. Anyway, it's going to be good seeing Abbie with braces, and I'm sure she's going to enjoy having them. Tell you what, I'm a bit jealous, I'm the only one that doesn't actually need braces!"

As we drank our coffee, I had an interesting thought: if *I* were to write a story and put it onto BracesForum, would that create it's own storyverse? And who would ACTUALLY be in charge of it - me, or the writer of THIS story?

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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You miscounted. It's Chapter 68.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Oh, curses..... hmm, might have to adjust the order of the next few chapters......

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 69

A party... Your place or mine?

Early last week Amanda's parents came up to London from the West Country, staying with her grandma, and last weekend we managed to get pretty much all of our families together along with quite a few friends for a big Engagement Party - I hate to think how much it actually cost! Amanda's mum did a lot of the work for it, as Amanda and I were both pretty busy at work.

It was nice to see Jenny and Ben again. Jenny, of course, still had her braces. So did Ben: he was wearing his fake brackets!

"Guys, I'm so glad you two got back together again! I just felt you were destined for each other! And Amanda, I see you have taken to wearing your fakes full-time!" said Jenny to both me & Amanda.

"Actually, Jenny, these are real braces, just like yours. And, like you, I have headgear as well! I assume you still wear yours?" replied Amanda

"No way! How did you manage that? But to answer the question, yes I still need my headgear for my treatment". Amanda quickly explained the story of her getting her braces. Just then Abbie came over to us.

"Oh, Abbie, meet Jenny and Ben..." I said. "Abbie is a good friend of ours, actually works in the same place as Amanda"

"You mean Jenny from...." asked Abbie

"Yes, that Jenny! It's ok, she doesn't bite!" I replied. She shook hands with both Jenny and Ben, smiling.

"Oh, another braceface! Dare I ask if they are real or fakes?" asked Jenny. Abbie looked a combination of confused and shocked, so I answered for her.

"It's ok, Abbie, Ben has the same 'affliction' as we do, and Jenny knows all about us too". I turned to Jenny: "So, we both went with Amanda to her ortho for her regular check-up, with the idea of getting him to take Abbie's impressions for some fakes for her, but when he checked her over, and she ended up needing braces for real. I'm the only one that doesn't need braces!"

"Abbie, I detected a slight lisp when you spoke" said Ben, "Am I allowed to ask what braces you have?"

"Well, as you can see I have a load of metal brackets, but I also have to wear a posterior bite plate... I'm guessing that if you're like all of us, you know exactly what that is!"

"Ah, yes, I do indeed. I did wonder why your front teeth are a little apart, and that explains it. Is it a difficult appliance to wear?"

"Apart from the slight lisp, no. I think my brackets have given me more problems than the plate"

"I guess you have to eat with it in as well..."

"Yeah, that's fun too. Chewing is ok, biting isn't too easy!"

"Were you lucky enough to get headgear tubes on your molars, or did you just get normal brackets?". Abbie smiled wide, to let Ben take a look for himself. "Oh, nice, so I'm assuming Danny has organised some headgear for you?"

"It's on it's way...." Abbie told Ben

"Hey" said Jenny, changing the topic "I've not properly seen your ring yet....". Amanda held her hand up to let Ben and Jenny take a look. "Wow, that is so nice! It lovely to see something that's not just 'yet another diamond ring'! I'm assuming you like it too?"

"Absolutely! It was actually 100% Danny's choice, but I really love it...."

We continued chatting... the discussion moved away from rings and braces, and Jenny told us that they now had a load of new songs, which they would be recording soon - she was a little apprehensive, as most of the songs were quite different from their previous stuff, and she worried that it might alienate some of their fans.

Of course, one of the advantages of inviting Jenny to our party was that I got to see yet another lovely silver smile! And Jenny, being Jenny, was very willing to flaunt her smile!

Janice was there too, and it was nice to be able to introduce her to Bean and Jenny too, I had mentioned them to her on several occasions. Janice was of course with Mike, and they are most definitely a couple once more. I was only thinking that it was a bit of a shame that Abbie didn't have a boyfriend right now, but then I spotted that she was talking with John, one of my colleagues from work... so you never know!


We're now a few days later: I had met Amanda at her chambers, and we had come back to her place, where we had dinner together.

"So, I'm guessing I need to get myself sorted out, so I can move in with you here?" I said to Amanda

"Actually, no...." she replied


"Yeah, no. I was rather hoping I could move in with YOU!"

"Why, this place is so much newer, and bigger and...."

"...and doesn't feel half as nice as your place does! This place is modern, yes, but it does feel a bit bare, a bit clinical. Your place has a lovely warm feel to it...."

"So what will you do with this place then?"

"Probably nothing for the short term... I guess I could rent it out, but that could end up being more of a hassle than it's worth. We can store things here though, might give us a little bit more space at your place. In the longer term, I guess I'll sell it: I'm assuming we would probably want to buy a house together once we get married. So, you ok with me moving in with you?"

"Sure. Of course I am. Can you give me a few days to tidy things up, make some space for your stuff?"

"Yeah, there's no real rush. Why don't you go & get a few plastic crates to put stuff into, then if you want to bring them here, it will be a lot simpler. We can also look around here, and work out what stuff we would like over at your place"

It was a bit strange, I've lived by myself for a while now, so my stuff had kinda grown to fill my flat. Certain things could NOT be boxed up and stored, like my braces collection, but there was actually quite a bit of 'junk' that I was able to either pack up in crates, or even simply get rid of.

It was going to be a bit tight for 2 of us living at my place, but Amanda had said that she didn't mind if some of her clothes and other stuff stayed at her place. And I think she was right, my place does have a homely feel to it.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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The next couple of chapters are no more than a bit of fun....

Chapter 70

A different sort of Party

I got a message mid morning from Amanda, to join her at Jason's Wine Bar for lunch. When I got there, not only was Amanda there, but so was Abbie, which slightly surprised me. Amanda had already got me a drink, so I just needed to decide what to eat.

We all chatted, exchanging pleasantries. Over the last few weeks, we've met up with Abbie on a few occasions, she still doesn't have a boyfriend, and whilst Abbie is now clearly 'out of bounds' as far as I was concerned, we have been getting on surprisingly well.

"So, I guess you're both wondering why we're having lunch together. Well, Danny, we've been asked to a party in just under 3 week's time"

"A party? Not sure why THAT calls for a special lunch"

"Well, it's not your normal sort of mainstream party. It's allegedly a 'fetish' party. Which usually means the ladies will be in scanty dresses with stockings and suspenders. Perhaps a schoolgirl or two. Some of the men might go with the theme too, most likely many will have masks, and maybe a few simple accessories like fake whips. But I've been thinking that I'd like to do something a little more extreme, kinda stir things up a little"

This was the Amanda I knew and loved: wanting to take things a step further than most would even dare to think! "So, what you thinking? And why is Abbie here?"

"Ok, Danny, you know how I think, but Abbie, be broad-minded, remember what I'm suggesting is actually just a bit of mild role-play, but I think it could be great fun for us, as well as the others at the party, as long as we get it right. I want you two to go to the party as a couple, dressed up in something interesting, I'm not sure what yet. And Danny, I will be your servant. No, not servant, your slave! I will be yours for the evening. I will only do something if you give me permission, you will be 100% in charge of me. Oh, and you must tell me off, even chastise me if I do something wrong - and you can be sure I'll do THAT at some point". I was smiling, but I could see that Abbie was... well, maybe not 'shocked', but at least 'surprised'! What was in no doubt was that Amanda simply loved this idea.

"Ok" I replied. "And something tells me that you're gonna be dressed in something like a maid's costume?"

"No, far too obvious. I was thinking of going a bit more extreme that that!", and she started to describe her ideas, which I won't share with you yet... you can wait till we get ready for the party! However, I don't think I'd be giving the game away if I said that braces and other accessories were definitely included! Watching Abbie's face as Amanda described her ideas was amazing: I don't think Abbie realised that Amanda had a side like this to her. For me, my imagination was in overdrive, just trying to imagine what she'd look like!

"So what about us then? How we gonna dress?"

"Yeah, not sure about that. Any ideas. Abbie, think wild, what would you like to dress as?"

"Well, umm... I've always fancied dressing up all steampunk sort of thing... And I bet Danny would look good like that too.... but...". I knew exactly what steampunk was, I'd seen many pictures, but had never imagined myself getting dressed up like that. Yes, it could be fun!

"Steampunk... yes, I like it!" said Amanda, smiling. "It will, of course, need to be as extreme as we can make it..."

".. but won't that get a bit expensive?" asked Abbie

"Probably not as much as you think, there's loads of that sort of stuff online, pretty cheap. Besides, I'm not going to worry about a few pounds here or there".

"Braces bolt-ons for us all too?" I asked

"Oh, definitely! Hopefully Abbie's headgear will have arrived, so yes, we all need to be in headgear! Abbie, you going to be ok with that? It's not really 'wearing braces in public', but it's not far off.

"Tell you what, Abbie" I said, "You'll probably be scared shitless to start with, but after 10 or 15 minutes, it will feel pretty normal, but it would be an experience you would never forget - hopefully for good reasons"

"Sounds like I got a bit to think about, haven't I?" said Abbie. "I have a question: who is going to be at this party? What sort of people? And will I know any of them?"

"Yes, I understand your thinking there.... I would say that most of the people there you'll never have met before, and are not very likely to meet again after, but I'll guarantee that there will be at least one couple that you know quite well: Chris, the head of chambers, and his wife will most likely be there. But you really don't need to worry about them."

"Yeah, don't worry about Chris and his wife, they are actually a lovely couple. Besides, if he recognises you, I'm sure it will massively increase his respect for you!" I added. "You know, the more I think about it, this could be a fun evening... Abbie, you just HAVE to join us!"

So there we were, most of 3 weeks later, round at Amanda's getting ready for the party.

We'd had dinner together several times, planning the details, trying on the costumes that we had all ordered (and mostly paid for by Amanda!). Abbie's headgear had arrived a few days earlier: we'd told Mei that we needed it as quickly as possible, and she had delivered for us.

Amanda had made it very clear to me that, whilst Abbie and I would appear to be the couple this evening, I was NOT allowed to do anything with Abbie whilst at the party. If anything was going to happen, it would be between Amanda and me. I suspect she'd also had a similar chat with Abbie at some point.

So, I guess it's time to describe how we were dressed! Abbie and I had decided to go with the steampunk idea, so I had on a pair of dark patterned trousers, and a lovely 3/4 length jacket of faux leather, with elbow-length sleeves. Under that I had a traditional shirt, with a cravat, and a suitably matching waistcoat. On my left arm, I had an amazing bit of (faux) leather straps and links that connected to a very steampunk metal 'glove', plus I had a hat with an amazing pair of goggles... not just simple goggles, they had all sorts of extras on. Over my back, I had a stupidly large gun / rifle.

We'd had a couple of discussions about what Abbie should wear: should she wear a short dress, and show off her legs, maybe go with breeches, or go with a longer dress. In the end, she had a 3/4 length quite frilly, but dark, skirt, and white blouse on her top, with a black corset on top of that. No arms, letting her wear a quite spectacular full-arm 'leather' brace, covered in brass rivets, and with a dial, various brass hinges, and pockets with straps on, all ending in a chunky leather glove on her left arm, and some black 'strapping' on her right arm. Around her waist she had a couple of thin belts, at angles, one with her purse on, along with some large fake keys. The other had a couple of smaller pouches, a magnifying glass, and a very steampunk pistol. Around her neck she had a chunky necklace, and on her head, no hat, but a pair of goggles. With some carefully applied makeup, Abbie looked pretty stunning.

Most of our clothes had come from online shops, and being 'costume clothes' hadn't actually been all that expensive.

Oh, I completely forgot! I was wearing my fake brackets and we all had some sort of headgear too: I had both my blue facemask on (the one with thick wires each side, and a strap that went around my head), which I had managed to connect it to one of my pairs of fixed braces (to make it all so much more obvious), along with a facebow and a neck-strap. Abbie had a single facebow in her real braces, with a bright red neck-strap.

By comparison, Amanda didn't have quite as much clothing on: she was in a neck-to-wrist-to-ankles black leather cat suit, which fitted her absolutely perfectly, accentuating every curve of her sexy body! It had a long zip that went front to back on the crotch, for a couple of very obvious reasons, and another zip up her back. Her hair was in a pair of plaited ponytails, and went nicely over her shoulders and down her back. On her face, she wore triple headgear: double facebows with my interlandi headgear, and her J-hooks that were connected to a high-pull. On her feet she had her 6-inch high heels (which made her taller than me). Like Abbie, she had spent some time with her makeup: it was a little bolder than Abbie's, but fitted perfectly with the way she was dressed. I particularly like the very bright red lip-gloss she wore.

"Can one of you put this onto me please?" she asked, holding a thin box in her hand. I took it, and opened the box: what I saw made me smile very widely: it was a black dog collar, about an inch or so wide, which in itself wasn't that exciting. It was the words on the collar that made me smile. In bold sparkly letters it said:

'Danny's Braces Bitch Lawyer'.

 I took great joy in putting the collar around Amanda's neck - it looked quite something! "You'll also need this" said Amanda, passing me a dog leash, to clip onto the collar. Amanda turned to Abbie, to let her see.

"Amanda! You're kidding me? You're really going to wear all that?" said Abbie, clearly understanding the joke of the wording.

"Too bloody right I am! I did say I wanted to dress to shock!"

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Wow, awesome!

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Wow, awesome!

I'm glad you like it.... the trio will be having some more fun at the party in the next chapter!

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 71

Let's Party!

I drove us to the party: clearly Amanda was in no state to drive, with her 6 inch heels on! Besides, as my 'bitch', she was in the back of the car, with Abbie in the front with me.

The person hosting the party was a senior barrister at one of the other chambers, who was clearly VERY well off: an automatic gate lead to a drive about as long as the road where I live. A huge area at the front of the house had space for at least a couple of dozen cars. The house itself was just HUGE! I mean, not just BIG, but MASSIVE! I don't think Amanda was that phased about it, but Abbie and I were in awe: this was NOT the sort of place we normally got to go to!

"Ok, take a deep breath. Danny, you are 100% in charge of both me and Abbie tonight. Abbie, let Danny try and 'control' me, unless he has 'problems', which I'm sure he will: at the end of the day, he's my 'master' for tonight. Let's go and have some FUN!"

I got out of the car, and could see that there were a couple of people around, so my 'role-play' needed to start right now. I started by going around the car and opening the passenger door, and helping Abbie from the car. Then I opened the back door - Amanda passed me the leash, and I said boldy, but not too loudly "Ok, slut, get out of the car!".

With my left hand I held Abbie's hand, with my right hand I held 'slut's' leash. I could feel that Abbie was actually very nervous. As we walked to the door, the few people outside turned and stared at us.

"Abbie, don't worry, we look just as strange as you do!" I said to her, holding her hand firmly. "Spend a moment to think what the worst that could happen would be.... and I'll guarantee it won't be ANYTHING like that!" I think that last comment helped, as I could see a small smile creep onto her face.

We walked in the large front door, and I presented our invitation: I'm not sure whether it was our clothing or our orthodontia that caused the looks, but neither was a problem, and we were let in. We were now in the hall, and clearly the party was happening in the room to the left, so that's where I led the two ladies. Amanda had been quite correct, many of the guests were dressed quite sedately. A few of the ladies were dressed in very short dresses with tights and heels. Most of the men weren't really dressed up at all.

As we walked into the room, a few people turned to look at us, and stopped talking. "That's our host, and his wife" whispered Amanda to me. Our host came over to us. He was dressed in a very traditional 18th century gents costume, which included a quite spectacular waistcoat and long jacket. On his head, he wore an excellent curly light grey wig. His wife was also dressed in an 18th century style of costume, with her own long hair beautifully plaited and arranged on top of her head.

"Good evening" he said, clearly trying very hard to suppress a smile. "I'm sorry, but I don't actually recognise you..."

"Good evening to you, sir, and thank you for inviting us this evening" I replied. Amanda had told me to be very polite and slightly formal when making first contact. "I'm Danny, this is Abbie - my 'partner' for the evening, and this is my 'bitch', Amanda!". As I said bitch, I very nearly lost it, but managed to suppress my own smile.

Our host, Sir David, looked quite surprised, to say the least, but then he recognised Amanda.

"Amanda Spencer? I must admit, I've not seen you dressed quite like THAT before!" he said. I assumed that Amanda would reply, but then remembered that I needed to 'give her permission'.

"It's ok, bitch, you can answer him....". It's odd, but I DID like saying that 'B' word! Especially because I was sure that it slightly shocked Sir David, and a few others. But Amanda had told me that I could use 'bitch', 'slut' or any other similar words as much as I wanted tonight!

"Good evening, Sir David.... Danny here is my fiance, and Abbie is our friend. Your invitation did say it was a fetish party! And may I say, you look pretty spectacular this evening."

"Thank you, Amanda, but I get the feeling that you might have managed to surpass us all! An interesting combination!"

"Ok, slut, that's enough, now go off and get us a drink.... I guess you'd better have one yourself too. But make sure you come straight back, no dawdling!". I passed Amanda her leash, and she went off to get some drinks.

Abbie and I walked further into the room, and we were approached by a slightly younger couple. She was dressed as a sort of goth / tart, he was wearing a white shirt with lederhosen and braces (the sort of braces that hold up trousers - if you are American, then you'd know them as 'suspenders'). "Nice outfits!" said the girl, "and I love all the braces stuff! Oh, I'm Davina by the way, this is Henry".

"Hi, I'm Danny, this is my good friend Abbie, and the slut in black you saw, who's just gone to get our drinks, is my fiance, Amanda". It was so hard to keep a straight face when I said things like that! "Ah, slut is back with our drinks.....". Abbie and I took our drinks from Amanda: sensibly, she had put drinking straws in each of our glasses, so we could drink with our various headgears on.

"So, this is Henry and Davina. Braces Bitch, you have my permission to talk to them.....". As I said that, I could see Abbie having fun using the straw to drink some of her drink.

"Hello there, Henry! And nice to finally meet you, Davina, Henry has said many nice things about you"

"I must say, Amanda" replied Henry, "you look very different tonight compared to how you look in court! So why am I not at all surprised to see that you have, of course, managed to upstage everyone else this evening! I think you guys look quite amazing, although I have a feeling that a few people might be a bit shocked"

"Well, it IS a fetish party after all...."

"So where DID you get all the braces stuff? It all looks so real!" asked Davina

"Well, slut's braces are actually real" I said pointing behind me to where Amanda was. "As is one of her facebows, but we thought that one facebow simply wasn't enough for tonight. Abbie's braces are also real, but her headgear isn't, and my braces are completely fakes , but are of the same sort of quality you'd get from a proper orthodontist. And yes, all three of us have a braces fetish!" Wow, that's wasn't something you'd want to say out in public very often.

"I must say" said Abbie, "I do like your costumes. I'm wondering whether, like our braces, it goes a bit further?"

"Umm, well, yes.... I guess it does" replied Henry. "Heck, I don't know why I'm so embarrassed, you guys make it look so easy!"

"I have a feeling that Abbie here is actually shaking inside: it's the first time she has worn headgear out in public. Amanda and I have both worn our braces and extras in public a few times, so it's not so bad for us." I explained. "So, have you noticed any other 'interesting costumes'?" I asked

"Yes, mostly younger couples like ourselves... there's a couple of schoolkids somewhere... but have you seen Amanda's boss yet?"

"No, we haven't"

"Oh, keep your eyes open then.... I won't spoil the surprise!"

We moved on, seeing who was there: of course, I didn't actually recognise many people, but Amanda did. I allowed her to introduce me to another lady she new (I guessed she was a tiny bit older than Amanda) and her husband: she was dressed rather nicely as a 'naughty schoolgirl', he was a 'schoolboy nerd'.

With our glasses in our hands, we moved on (with me keeping Amanda's leash firmly in one hand), and chatted to quite a few others. Suddenly, Amanda leaned down (she was currently taller than me, due to those 6 inch heels) and said "look.... over there", and she carefully pointed. We all smiled as we realised that it was Chris, the head of Amanda's chambers, and his wife. Three of us walked over to see Chris and his wife.

"Good evening, Chris" I said in greeting. "Or is it 'Christine' tonight?". Chris was dressed in woman's clothes, his wife was dressed as a man. Needless to say, Chris was showing a reasonable amount of (stocking covered) leg, a certain amount of boobs, and had makeup on. Cleverly, he wasn't trying to actually look perfectly like a woman, but very much as a man dressed up as a woman. The effect was actually quite good though, and worked really well for a fetish party.

"Well, hello Danny! You guys are looking good tonight. Hello Amanda, your costume shows off your body quite spectacularly! And who is this with you?"

"Well, you should recognise her, she DOES work at your chambers..." I replied. Chris looked at her again.

"Abbie? I hardly recognised you! Yeah, nice costume there, Abbie! Hey, I never realised you had braces, Abbie." I could have answered for Abbie, but decided that she should have the joy / fun / horror or replying, even though I knew she was probably pooping herself right now! I held her hand a little tighter.

"Good evening, thir..." said Abbie with her slight lisp, caused by her posterior biteplate..

"I think you'd better call me Chris..."

"Thorry, good evening, Chrith....". Yes, she was definitely a bit nervous, which I could understand: it wasn't just the headgear, it was that she wasn't really used to events such as this (not that I was a LOT better!). "Yeth, I only got them about 3 weekth ago, although I don't actually wear the headgear, that'th fake, just like Danny'th bractheth are....". Oh, thank you Abbie, drop me straight in it, why don't you?!!!

"Really? Danny, I assumed..... but clearly not!" said Chris

"Yes, my braces are 100% fakes, I'm a complete 'pretender'.

"And your headgear, Amanda?"

I turned to Amanda: it was time she got involved in the conversation. "Go on, Braces Bitch, I'll let you tell him.....". That made both Chris and his wife smile.

"Hi Chris! I'm only allowed to talk when my master lets me!.... Yeah, well as you know, my braces are for real, but I have to wear a single facebow, with a slightly different headgear, at night. But I DO like braces too, and the other stuff is fake." Amanda paused a moment. "And I must say, Chris, you DO look sexy tonight! You're going to have to be very nice to Abbie tonight, to make sure the work grapevine doesn't get the wrong story..... You know, for some reason I'm imagining your picture on the front page of the Metro, with a suitably lewd headline!"

"Hark who's talking...." retorted Chris.

"Oh, I'd have to be inside, on page 3, I think...."

We all chatted for a while, then it was announced that the food buffet was available, in the dining room. Well, the dining room was as spectacularly up-market as the rest of the house. The room had been set up with several smaller tables, rather than one big table, as you might have for a formal dinner. We took plates, and selected some of the rather excellent food that was on offer. We then found a table with spare seats, and sat down, joining the other couples already there. We had already met and chatted with one of the couples, so introduced ourselves to the other couple.

I noticed Abbie looking at me. "Danny, what do I do to eat?"

"Good point: eating with headgear isn't easy, I'd just take it out, and put it down on the table, that's what I'm planning to do". I could see that Abbie still looked a little nervous, so I started by unhooking the elastics from my facemask, which I took off and put on the table. Then I unhooked my neck-strap, putting it on the table with my facemask. Finally, I removed the facebow, with the fake brackets still attached, and out it also onto the table.

For Abbie, the task was a lot simpler: she just unclipped the bright red neck-strap, and pulled the facebow out from her mouth, putting it onto the table.

"Excuse me, master, but can you help me to take off my headgear?" asked my bitch. Amanda's headgear was a bit more complex than Abbie's. I started by unclipping the j-hooks from her top archwire, and removed them complete with the high-pull headgear that they were attached to. Next, I gently removed the elastics from her upper and then lower facebows, and removed the Interlandi headgear, allowing Amanda to remove the facebows herself. Amanda's 'normal' headgear used force-modules, so she wasn't that used to putting on or removing the Interlandi, with it's elastics.

The food was good, and by now Abbie was staring to relax and enjoy the evening. I had given my slut permission to talk freely to the other guests on the table, but about 15 minutes later, she wandered off, without permission! I continued talking with Abbie and the other guests on the table for about 5 minutes, and then decided it was time for a bit of fun. I looked around, and could see Amanda about 3 tables away. On my way there, I recognised someone I had been talking with earlier: the relevance was that this gentleman had a riding crop clipped to his belt, although it was currently on the table.

"Excuse me" I asked him, "but may I borrow your crop... I need to apply some training to my 'braces bitch', she has wandered off without permission!". He smiled at me, understanding that I was about to have a little bit of fun with Amanda.

"Certainly, be my guest!" he replied.

I took the crop, and walked over to where Amanda was sat. I took a deep breath: I had to do this without bursting out laughing.

"Bitch, stand up!" I commanded. She did as commanded. Ok, here goes.... "Bitch, how DARE you walk off without asking for permission!!"

"I'm sorry, Master!" said Amanda in a suitable voice.

"You know what we have to do with disobedient bitches, don't you?" I asked, whilst at the same time gently hitting the table with the riding crop"

"Yes, Master, I do...".

I sat down in the chair Amanda had been sat on. "Now, bend over my knees!". Amanda did as I commanded: this was something we had 'practised' before, although I had used my hand before. But the riding crop made it so much more fun!

By now, I had quite an audience, which made this a little bit more scary for me. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see that Abbie was watching too.

"So, what is a good obedient slut supposed to do, before leaving her master?" I asked, very gently tapping her bum with the crop. This wasn't about pain, it was about the humiliation.

"I should master for permission" she replied quietly

"Sorry, I didn't hear you!" I said

"I should master for permission" she replied rather more loudly

"And did you ask you master for permission?". I gently hit her bum with the crop once more

"No, Master, I didn't..."

"I hope you are very sorry for your misdemeanour?" I asked, with another gentle tap on her bottom

"Yes, Master I am very sorry, I promise not to do it again!" she pleaded.

"Oh, I don't believe that... maybe I'd better just give you another lashing, to save doing it next time...". I hit her bottom one final time, but this time slightly harder, so that it mode a lovely 'thwacking' sound! "Now, get up, and sit on my knee....". Amanda got up, to a gentle round of applause: that had been a simple bit of roleplay, we had both managed to play our parts well, and the fun had clearly been appreciated. More amazingly, I'd actually managed to kep a straight face through it all! Amanda sat on my lap, one leg either side of me, and put her arms around me. I also put my arms around her.

"You enjoyed doing that, didn't you?" she whispered to me, and then gave me a very nice and gentle kiss.

"I did, and I get the feeling that you did too!" I whispered back again. We kissed once more, then we both started started to smile, and even laugh a bit.

"Come on, you 'bitch lawyer', get back to our table, and I think as a further punishment, you should get us our deserts..." I said sufficiently loudly so that others would be able to hear. As we left, I picked up the riding crop, dropping it back to its owner as I passed.

Amanda went and brought us some deserts. "I think you'd better sit on my knee this time, we can't have you wandering off like that, can we?" I suggested. With Amanda perched on my knee, and Abbie sat in the next chair, we ate our desert.

"Hey, Abbie, you ok there?" I asked

"Yeah, I'm feeling fairly relaxed now. Ok, so it's maybe not the sort of party I'd normally go to, but it has been interesting to 'see how the other half live', if you know what I mean."

"I should say" said Amanda, "that this is the first time I've actually been to a party like this! Most formal parties I go to are far more boring than this! Not that I go to THAT many parties anyway!

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 72

Invitation to a CJD concert

"Hey, Danny, you doing anything on the 27th of next month - it's a Sunday"

"I don't imagine I am, why?"

"We have VIP invitations to go to Wembley Arena"

"Oh, nice, who's playing, anyone we happen to know?"

"Some small girl band called 'CJD', want to go?" said Amanda with a certain amount of sarcasm. "It's the last gig of their tour"

We obviously knew Jenny, and we'd heard CJD's music on the radio and TV, but we'd never actually seen them live. Whilst their original music style wasn't really to my taste, some of their newer stuff was quite good.

"Sounds like it could be fun, and last nights are probably the best to go to"

"Yeah, and we're also invited to the after-show party"

"Oh, nice.... so we'll finally get to meet Carol and Dianne."


"Hey, I have an idea" said Amanda, a couple of weeks later. "Why don't we ask Jenny and Ben if they'd like to go out to lunch while they're up at the Arena... say on the Saturday lunchtime? I mean, it's OUR bit of London, almost!"

"I'm up for that, I guess it depends on if Jenny is busy or not"

So, Amanda called Jenny (well, she left a message, and Jenny called back), and she liked the idea: they were playing Wembley Arena for 3 nights - Friday to Sunday - and they were planning on staying at a local hotel, so the Saturday lunchtime should be a relatively quiet time for them. So, on the Friday before, Amanda messaged with Jenny to confirm the details: we would meet them at their hotel at about 12-ish. Amanda booked lunch at a suitably up-market restaurant (so it wouldn't be full of CJD fans!) for 1pm, so we'd not be in a rush to get there.


Finally, it was the Saturday. Whilst the Arena isn't too far from us, parking there can be difficult, so we just grabbed a taxi to the hotel. As we arrived, Amanda messaged Jenny to say we were there, and she responded to say Ben would come down to reception to meet us. We didn't need to wait long for the lift to arrive, and Ben got out.

"Hey there, Danny, Amanda, great to see you again! Come on up, we're all up in Jennifer's parent's suite".

We went with Danny up in the lift. When we got out, and walked down the hotel corridor, I noticed far fewer doors than you normally had in a hotel: I soon discovered this was because the rooms are a lot bigger, and in the case of the room we went to, it was a huge suite, with a dining area as well as a lounge area and the bedroom: this made sense for the band, as it gave them somewhere to meet.

"Amanda! Danny! Great to see you...." said Jenny, hugging us both. "Come on, let me introduce you... this is Carol, Dianne, and Linda..."

"Hi again, Linda! How's it going?" I said.

"Things are good, although I'll be glad when it's all over tomorrow evening, it may be fun, but it's tiring!.... hey, I hear you're coming along tomorrow?"

"Yes, we are, we're quite looking forward to it!"

".. and this is my brother, Callum, I've told you about him before. And mum and dad, of course." We shook hands.

"And this over here is Paige, one of my 'superfans'. We had quite an evening at last night's gig, we got loads of the students from our old college - which is where Paige still is - to come and perform with us, and my 'superfans' helped us to stream the whole thing! The others all went back last night, but Paige stayed over with us." Jenny had told us on a previous occasion how her 'superfans' were a small group of students that were still at the college the girls used to attend, that she'd become good friends with, and they got involved with helping Jenny and the band. Often it was doing some social media stuff, other times it was being there when they met up with their fans.

"Hi there, Paige" I said

"Hi guys, nice to meet you, Jenny explained who you are earlier." We sat down and chatted with everyone for a while. It was fun to finally meet Carol and Dianne: like Jenny, they were actually quite normal people, who had become famous simply because of their love of music. It was interesting to hear about their tour from their perspective.

Paige came over to the group. "Hey, Jenny, I think there's a group of fans waiting out the front... what you gonna do when you leave with Danny and Amanda?"

Jenny waved us over to the window, where we all looked out: as Paige had just said, there was a group of teenagers along the pedestrianised area, a bit from the front of the hotel. "There's not too many of them...." said Jenny, looking at the time on her phone. "If Danny and Amanda don't mind, why don't we 'make their day'?"

"Yeah, we're ok, lunch isn't till 1, and it's only a few minutes walk to get there" said Amanda

"Ok, Paige, would you like to go down, and 'prepare' them? Linda, now you're nearly a band member, why don't you come down with us?". She turned to us. "Umm, by the way, that's not public knowledge until Tuesday, but Linda's joining CJD as a full band member after the tour... so please don't say anything!"

Paige left the room. "Hey, Callum, do you have the badges?". Callum went to the side of the room, and came back with a small fabric bag, with a CJD logo on the side. Jenny took a couple of the badges out, and passed them to us. They said 'I met Jenny on her tour' over a background CJD logo: the word 'Jenny' had been hand-written. "They are a little something special that I like to give out when we meet our fans: go on, put them on!"

"Doesn't it ever worry you, that you might get mobbed by your fans" I asked as I pinned the badge to my shirt.

"I used to worry a bit, but I'm amazed how well behaved they are... I really love meeting them, and they seem to know that as long as they behave, I'll keep meeting them. Ah, right, Paige is with them, let's go.... you ready, Linda?"

"I just called Dave, he'll meet you in reception" said Callum.

"Don't worry, Dave's one of our security team, he'll come along to make sure there's no problems... oh, no, not to lunch, just when we meet our fans". The five of us went down to reception, where we met Dave, then went out to meed Jenny's fans. Paige was clearly used to doing this, because when Jenny and Linda got to the fans, they all shouted out a bit, but quickly quietened down.

"Hi everyone, thanks for coming along!" said Jenny to her fans. "Look, Ben and I are going out to lunch with my friends here, so we can only stay for ten or maybe fifteen minutes, but that should be enough, if you are all organised. I'm sure you all know my darling Ben, but this is Linda: she's actually a session musician, but has been working with CJD for the last couple of months, and playing with us on the tour". It was facinating watching Jenny 'control' her fans: there was about twenty of them, and they really were well behaved, and as a result, not only did they get to take selfies with her, Ben and Linda, but they got to have a brief talk with her, and ask a few questions. Oh, and got some very limited-edition badges! Whilst we weren't involved in any way, it was actually fun to watch what was going on.

"Ok, guys, it's been really GREAT meeting you all" said Jenny, about 20 minutes later, "but Ben and I really need to go now. Maybe Linda doesn't mind staying with you all for a few more minutes.... And enjoy the show tonight!". The fans all cheered as they left, and as we walked away, Jenny was smiling. "That's probably one of the best bits about touring: spending a few quality minutes with a small group of fans!". As we walked to the restaurant, she explained that, whilst the playing their music on stage was fun, it was also quite tiring, and when you added in all the travel, moving to a new hotel room every night or so, how it could end up quite stressful. "I did get a bit stressed out earlier in the tour, but this guy seems to calm me, just by being near me!" said Jenny, putting her arms around Ben's. "He's been with me since last weekend, so the last week has been pretty ok"

"She's been looking forward to having lunch with you guys all week" added Ben, "I'm sure that helped too!"

A few minutes later, we got to the restaurant, and were shown to our table. As we looked at the menu, I could see a couple of the waiting staff chatting and pointing. The girl who had shown us to our table came to take our orders.

"Hey, bring your phone when you come back" Jenny said to her quietly. As we waited for our food, we chatted. Amanda and Jenny started talking woman stuff, Ben and I talked a bit about work, then things turned to braces.

"So, you're not wearing your braces then?" I asked Ben

"No... to be honest, my love of braces isn't something I really share a lot" replied Ben.

"Do the other girls in the band know? Or Jenny parents?"

"No, I don't think so. I mean, I have them with me, but they are, shall I say, more 'for private use'. Tell you what though, it WAS fun being able to wear my braces to your engagement party: that was Jenny's idea! I see you still wear your retainers"

"Yes, I do, I decided that my ortho told me I'd need to wear them full-time for at least 6 months!"

"Don't you ever get annoyed with them?"

"Occasionally, but not very often. To be honest, most of the time I forget I'm wearing them! I see Jenny still has her braces then..."

"Yes, although she no longer officially needs the headgear" said Ben

"Oooh, do I hear you talking about me and my braces?" interjected Jenny

"I was just asking Ben if you still wore your headgear, and he said 'no'"

"Yeah, I went to my ortho just before the tour started, and he said that I was finally done with the headgear and lip-bumpers. Hey, Amanda, didn't you say that you have headgear too?"

"Yes, I do, but I'm not bold like you, I don't usually wear it out in public!"

"Yes, it has been great fun being able to shock a few people by wearing it out. And maybe it will make it a bit more acceptable for the kids that have to wear it. Hey, I don't suppose you two are maybe up for a bit of fun?"

"Well... I guess it depends what you mean by 'fun', I've heard stories about some of the things you get up to!"

"I was thinking.... if you two wear your headgear to the gig tomorrow night, then I'll wear mine, up on stage..."

"Oh, you have it with you then?"

"Of course I do, Ben would be very upset if I didn't!" she replied, smiling, and stroking Ben. Just then, the waitress returned, with our meals.

"Bring your phone?" asked Jenny. The waitress smiled. "She knows who we are, so it's only fair that I make her day too...". Jenny also got her phone out, and they both took selfies. "You ok if I put this out online?".

"Yeah, sure, thanks Jenny!" replied the waitress, with a massive smile on her face.

"There we go... 'Out with friends... smiling Danni just brought us our lunch!". The picture showed her & Danni, with Ben behind, and the food to the side.

Whilst Amanda and Jenny had fixed braces, I had my removable retainers - the fact that they were 'fakes' made no difference - and I needed to re ove them before eating. Normally I would try and be very discrete, but today I was with 'braces buddies', so I took the retainer case out of my pocket, and put it to the side of my plate, then slipped my fingers into my mouth and removed first my upper, then my lower retainer. Out the corner of my eye I could see Ben watching, and taking a look at my retainers, so rather than closing the retainer box's lid, and putting it back in my pocket, I just left it open where it was. The possibility that maybe one of the staff might see my retainers gave me a slight thrill!

As we started eating, Jenny asked "So, what do you think? You up for it?". I thought a moment: on the negative side, it was always worrying doing something like wearing orthodontia that wasn't real, out in public. On the positive side, it really WAS fun doing so, and to be honest, I don't think we'd bump into anyone we knew at a CJD gig!

"Ok, I'm up for it if Amanda is....". I could tell Amanda wasn't quite so sure. "It's not as if we're going to meet anyone we know at the gig!". I put my hand on Amanda's. "Go on...."

"Yeah, ok..."

We kept chatting as we ate our lunch.

"Tell you what, it's so good to have a little oasis of normality for an hour or two: on tour we don't usually get much time to get out and do stuff. I guess the last time was up in Birmingham, but that was much more a NEED to get out.."

"Oh, what happened in Birmingham then?"

"That was the 'meltdown' I had that I mentioned earlier: I ended up being rather rude to our stage crew during our sound-check. So, the next day I went out with Ben to buy some 'I'm sorry' gifts for the crew... and even just getting out to do that was really good. The best times are when you're somewhere for a few days, like in Birmingham, and here: there's a lot to do that first day, but after that, it's a lot easier... So that's why today is a good day. Besides, the end is in sight, just tonight and tomorrow left!"

Lunch was fun, we talked about all sorts of things, including braces of course. Oh, and the engagement ring I had got Amanda: Jenny really liked its simplicity, which is what first attracted me to it, and luckily Amanda had liked it too.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 73

The Gig

It's the next day, late-afternoon on the Sunday of the CJD concert. Amanda and I decided to go up to Wembley Arena a bit early and do a bit of shopping at the shopping centre close by, then it was off to Wembley Arena itself:  as instructed by Jenny, we went to the box office with our tickets and our photo-ID: the guy there took photos of us, and printed out our "VIP-Passes": these would give us access to the back-stage party after the concert. We also took the opportunity to look at the seating-map, and discovered our seats were fairly close to the front, with a clear section in front of us, so no legroom or access issues!

So, having got our passes, we then went off to get some dinner: as we were no longer needing to be as 'discrete' as we had been yesterday, with Jenny, so we went to a pretty normal Italian place, where the food was surprisingly good. We got back to the Arena at about 7pm, where we discovered another perk of the VIP tickets: we had our own, very short, queue to get in... plus we discovered a bar for just the VIPs! Thank you, Jenny! We were not, at that point, wearing our headgear: just before going into the arena itself, we each went to the loo, and put our headgear on: in both cases it was just a single facebow with a cervical strap: it was bad enough wearing headgear itself, so there was no reason to make it over-obvious by wearing a high-pull or even an Interlandi!

It was clear that, when Amanda came out of the ladies, she was quite nervous. Yes, we have both worn our headgear in public before, but I've done it a lot more, and in more crowed places. Plus, I think that as I've actually worn fake braces for quite a while, I'm just more used to it. When Amanda has worn her out and about, it's been in relatively quiet places (like the park) although she HAS worn it in a shopping centre once - but that turned out to be a fairly quiet evening. So I took Amanda's hand, to try and calm her. We must have looked a strange couple: Amanda is 29, I'm 25, and I can't imagine anyone there would have ever seen adults in headgear before, let alone TWO adults in headgear.

Finally, we were in our rather comfortable VIP seats, wearing our headgear. The support band came on, and played their set. Whilst they weren't a big band, I had heard of them, and they were actually pretty good. Finally, it was time for the main act. The crowd were cheering as the four girls came on stage: "Hi, I'm Carol... I'm Jenny.... and I'm Dianne... and we are CJD!" (Linda not being actually part of the band at the moment, just took her place over at the side of the stage. Oh, yeah, and as agreed, Jenny was indeed wearing her headgear!). The crowd all screamed, and they started playing: their first few songs were their older 'girl-band' style, then they started playing something noticeably different, something quite a bit 'rockier'. I actually much preferred the newer style, but some of the audience were a bit undecided.

Jenny came to the front of the stage. "So, our next song has a bit of a story behind it.." she explained. "A few months ago, we had a slight copyright problem, so I had to go and see a lawyer: she was VERY helpful, her name was Amanda... and she should be sitting just over THERE...". Not only did she point straight at us, but a spotlight swung around to highlight us. I could see her smile as she spotted that we too were wearing our headgear. That in itself wouldn't have been so bad, but I could now see that a camera was pointing straight at us, and Amanda's face - and headgear - was being shown on the back-stage display: her headgear was very visible! Amanda reached over and held my hand firmly.

"Now, while I was in her office, I started thinking about a new song, and started singing a bit: it was a bit odd, because I couldn't really work out the style of the song. Anyway, I went and saw her again the following morning - yes, some of us pop-stars DO do mornings! - and she sorted out our copyright problem, and took me out to lunch.... and that's where I met her boyfriend - now her fiancé - Danny.... and he's sat down there next to Amanda!" - once again, she pointed straight at us! And that's when MY face appeared on the large screen, and MY headgear was now clear for everyone there to see! It was my turn to press firmly on Amanda's hand! I think that one thing that heled us feel a little bit better was that, of course, Jenny was also wearing her cervical headgear, and had been throughout the show!

"Anyway, Amanda and I explained to Danny how I'd started to write a song in her office, and he said to me 'hey, you should call it...' and suggested a name to me. I thought the title was quite amusing, and told him I'd buy them both a drink if I used the name."

"And you know what.... we did use that name for the song" continued Jenny, "but... when I met Amanda and Danny for lunch yesterday, I realised that I'd never fulfilled my part of the contract, I'd never bought them the drinks as payment - and you all know that you should never mess with lawyers!!!"

It was then I spotted Ben walking over to us: he had a towel over his arm, just like a waiter, and in his hands he had a tray, on which there were two huge cocktail glasses, full of bits of fruit as well as the drink, with a couple of straws, and one of those tiny paper umbrellas on the top! We took them from the tray, and took a quick sip.... mmm, yes, tasty, and plenty of alcohol too! I could also see the whole thing being shown on the back-stage screen.

"So, Amanda, Danny, I hope you'll accept this as payment for the use of the song title you suggested!". To say we were embarrassed - at several levels - was an understatement: we had clearly been set up by Jenny! Needless to say, the crowd loved it, and were shouting and cheering.

"So once I told the girls what the song title was, we all had great fun writing the lyrics: the song is, of course, 'Barrister Rap'!!". Instantly they started playing, and they sang this quite amusing rap song, that described the experience of visiting a lawyer, singing in her office, meeting her boyfriend, and then going on and writing the song!


The performance continued... the girls were giving their all, there seemed to be an extra bit of excitement in the air, as this was their last concert in the tour. Finally the girls walked off stage, to take a quick break, before coming back to do a customary encore. Finally, they came back onto the stage  (I spotted that Jenny had removed her headgear by this point).... and so did the support band.

"We thought we'd do this last bit rather differently tonight, what with it being our last night. It's been an absolute pleasure having these guys as our support band for this tour, and over the last week, we've been working together on this song for you....". The two bands played a song together, maybe not perfect, but it was pretty good.

"Before we continue, can you all put your hands together for our stage crew... these are the guys that mix the audio, drive the lights and AV, fix our broken guitar strings and so on. They also build this stage and lighting rig every time we move, and then take it down afterwards... we would not be here if it wasn't for these guys!". We all clapped loudly for the tech crew: as a technical person myself, I understood what she had said, as well as understanding the fact that the tech crew will have really appreciated her gesture.

"So, we have absolutely no idea what our next song will be!" said Carol. "During our sound-check earlier, we asked the stage crew to go away and chose a song for us to play, one that we've not played today."

"Yeah, this should be fun" continued Dianne, ".... and I'm rather hoping that one of the crew is about to join us, to tell us what we're doing!". At that point a fairly young guy, dressed in jeans and a dark top (so, standard roadie dress then!), walked out onto the stage, clearly a bit nervous.

"Hey, it's Matt, isn't it?" said Jenny. "Come on over, don't be scared. It's just the three of us and you.... you can ignore that lot out there....." she said, pointing at all of us in the capacity 10,000 plus crowd. The girls huddled around Matt, and the whole thing was being displayed on the big screen.

"So, what we playing then?" asked Carol.

"Well, once someone suggested it, the decision became quite unanimous" said Matt. "Carol: you and Dianne aren't playing this one.... We would like Jenny to play that lovely song that she played up in Birmingham, the one she did as an encore, with just her and her boyfriend.... speaking of which, I'm guessing you're going to need a boyfriend to sing it to.....". Ben started to walk across the stage, a stool in his hand.

"Wow!" said Jenny, "I would never have guessed that one...."

"You ok with that, Jenny?" asked Carol. Jenny nodded.

Ben came almost centre stage, put the stool down, and continued over to Jenny, who put her arms around him, pulled him close, and making sure we could all see the on the screen at the back, gave Ben a nice kiss on his lips, then lead him back to his stool. Of course, the crowd loved it, cheering loudly.

As she went to get her acoustic guitar, Jenny explained to us: "So.... this lovely guy is Ben, my boyfriend." There was another big cheer from the crowd. "I wrote this song 4 days after we first met - so several months ago now - it was the day he called me his girlfriend for the first time... I mean, how many girls will write a love song for their new boyfriend only 4 days after meeting them?... that's the effect he had on me. The first time I actually played it to him was about a week and a half later"

"The second time I played this song was on-stage when we were in Birmingham, a little over a week ago: I was having a bit of a bad time, and my 'knight in shining armour'..." she pointed to Ben... "drove up to Birmingham early, and saved me: I sang it to him again, as an encore that night."

"So this is only the third time I've ever played this song to anyone other than myself. And I'm thinking that I may need to add a third verse at the end, to bring it up to date... I've no idea what the words for that verse are yet, I guess I'll sort that bit out when I get there!"

"Now, you're all probably aware that I am having my teeth fixed, and wear braces....". She smiled widely at the camera that was pointed at her, and was currently being shown on the display at the back of the stage. Everyone could clearly see her teeth, and the metal brackets that she had on her teeth, as well as her cervical headgear. "I got them a couple of days after meeting Ben, and a couple of days before I wrote this song. So, the song is called something along the lines of 'The girl with the cute metal mouth hath jutht fallen in love with a thexthy guy called Ben'...." said Jenny, in a girly voice with a very exaggerated lisp. The crowd cheered loudly, and Jenny waited for them to quieten down, before she started strumming, and then singing the song.

When she got to the end of the second verse, she kept strumming the guitar. "Ok, a new verse...... how about this?.... 'the girl with the metal mouth.... she is still madly in love with her Ben.... we've had lots of ups, and a few downs, but he has always been there for me. He makes my life so amazing, I feel that I don't ever want to lose him....'". She stopped singing for a moment, and just strummed while she thought, whilst looking straight at Ben. The crowd was almost silent as she continued: "'So that just leaves one question I think I must ask him.....'". Jenny stopped playing, took the guitar off, put it on the ground, then walked over to Ben, and took his hands in hers. The whole place was now almost silent, we all wanted to see what would happen next....

With her face just inches from Ben's, she sang out loudly the final line of her song: "My darling Ben, will you marry me?".

The crowd remained completely silent: yeah, we all wanted to hear his answer!

Ben was obviously not expecting that. "Are you for real, Jennifer?" he asked quietly. However, he was close enough to Jenny that we could all hear him quite clearly him over the PA system. Jenny put her hands onto the sides of Ben's face, then moved her face closer to his, and once again kissed his lips....

Softly she said "Yes, I'm very much for real! Marry me?"

"Yes..... Jennifer.... I'd LOVE to marry you!" was his reply. Needless to say, the Arena erupted! Carol and Dianne rushed onto the stage, and hugged them both. It took a couple of minutes for the crowd to quieten down.

"Well, I don't think any of us were expecting THAT to happen! I'm not really sure how we can top that!" said Carol, who was still hugging Jenny and Ben.

"Me neither" said Dianne, "But let's have a go.... this is our final song for tonight... in fact the final song for this tour! Thank you all for coming along tonight!! This was our first ever number one......". A backing track started and all three girls, who were at the front of the stage, started to sing. Ben was there too: he had no option, as Jenny didn't seem to want to let go of his hand!

"Wow, what an amazing end there" I said to Amanda as the main 'house-lights' came on a little while later. "I don't think Ben was expecting that!"

"True, and I'm not really sure Jenny was either"

"Really? I guess we can ask them shortly... yeah, the after-show party suddenly got a lot more interesting...."


As the crowd started leaving, we went over to one of the security guards, asking what we needed to do to get to wherever the party was. After speaking with a couple of colleagues, and checking our badge, he took us over to a door which went to the backstage area, and pointed us in the right direction. "There should be some other security guys down there, they can tell you exactly where to go."

We were soon shown to a large room, where there was loads of drinks and snacks. Already there were a few people there, probably a few liggers, and although we didn't recognise any of them, we could clearly hear what they were talking about: Jenny and Ben! Slowly, more people came in. Then we saw Ben, albeit without Jenny, so we went over to him.

"Hey, Ben... congratulations man! I mean, that was one heck of a proposal!" I said to him.

"It was, wasn't it, although....."


"Well, the thing is that I have been thinking recently about proposing to her, and now I can't".

I thought for a moment or two. "Actually, maybe you can... I have an idea, if you're up for it." I turned to Amanda... "Amanda, my darling, can Ben borrow your engagement ring?". One of the things that a good barrister needs is a quick mind, and tonight Amanda was on form: she instantly realised what I was suggesting, took off the engagement ring I'd given her, and passed it over to Ben.

"It's yours for the evening!" Amanda said to him, smiling widely.

"Thank you so much, Amanda, don't worry, you'll get it back" and he took the ring, holding it carefully in his hand. I could tell he was a bit nervous. "Come on Ben, let's get you a drink, something tells me you could use one....".

As we waited, more and more people came in... but Carol, Jenny, Dianne and Linda hadn't yet arrived. Then Callum came in, so I went over to him. "Hi Callum, just a quick heads up: get your phone out and be be ready to video what happens...."

"Oh, what's going on?"

"You'll see, but you definitely need to record it - Jenny will kill you if you don't!"

Finally, several minutes later, the four girls all walked in to big cheers. As things quietened down, Amanda took control (she's good at that!): she banged loudly on one of the tables, saying "Excuse me everyone, can we have some quiet: I think Ben has something that he'd like to say.....". I could see Callum starting to record things.

Ben walked over to where Jenny was, and went down on one knee in front of her. "Jennifer, my darling, just because YOU've already asked ME isn't going to stop ME from asking YOU.... " He took her left hand, and held out her fingers. Then he opened his hand to reveal the ring, which he put onto her ring finger (and luckily it did fit!). "It's on loan for the evening" he said with a big smile, "Jennifer, my darling, will you marry me?"

"Hey, Amanda, thanks for lending Ben the ring!" said Jenny, looking over at us with a smile (yes, that lovely metal smile of hers.... oh, stop it Danny!). "And you >know< I'll marry you!" she said, looking at Ben lovingly, then kissing him once more. Once again, there was much clapping, and Ben and Jenny came over to where Amanda and I were.

"So, Jenny, you set us up earlier... this is your payback!" I said.

"Well, a rather nice payback, I must say! Hey, Danny, can you give Ben the details of where you got this ring, I'm sure they can do something equally as nice for me. But thank you for playing along, and wearing your headgear earlier on, it did make the moment so much better! Anyway, I think we'd better mix, I need to show off my fiance! See you later...".

The rest of the evening was, by comparison, pretty uninteresting. We chatted a bit with Carol, Dianne and Linda, plus Jenny's parents, and her brother Callum: it was nice that we didn't need to introduce ourselves to them, having met them all briefly the day before. They also introduced us to a few of the other people there. It would have been nice to have been able to spend a bit more time chatting with Jenny and Ben again, but they were, of course, 'stars of the show', and thus rather tied up.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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In order to make the chapter a tiny bit more interesting, whilst it's mainly from Danny's point of view, there's a few bits that are written in the third-person, if only so I can cover a few bits that Danny might not quite be aware of. This chapter takes place some time after the last chapter...

Chapter 74

The big day!

'Today's their big day' tweeted Jenny. 'My good friends Amanda and Danny are getting married, and guess who's a bridesmaid!'. Needless to say, there was an associated picture of Jenny in her bridesmaid dress. 'We're just about to leave for the church....'

I stood at the front of the church with Janice: she was holding my hand... Ok, you're thinking 'but Danny, you're supposed to be getting married to Amanda'... well yes, that is correct....this was  before Amanda came down the aisle: Janice was my 'best man', and the reason she was holding my hand was to keep me calm! As we waited, Carol, Dianne and Linda were singing some rather nice (and very much NOT CJDL-style) music: it's really nice that they offered to come & sing for us, although I'll bet that the majority of the congregation had absolutely no idea who they were!

The church was full: my family and friends were but a small part of the congregation, there were many people who knew Amanda through work here too (and I recognised quite a few of them, from the fetish party we had attended, albeit now dressed far more normally), plus Amanda's family and friends. Luckily the fact that all four girls from 'you know who' were not just attending, but actively taking part, had not leaked out.

It's quite a nerve-wracking thing to ask a woman to marry you, but standing in the church, waiting for that lovely woman to come down the aisle is about 10 times worse!

Finally the three girls started to sing 'I will always love you', that well known Whitney Houston song, to indicate that Amanda had arrived. To say that Amanda looked amazing was an understatement. Amanda has quite an amazing figure, so almost anything would have looked stunning on her, and this dress fitted her perfectly. She had decided to NOT have a plain white dress, instead it was made of many layers of white and red wispy lace, with flowers and gold highlights in it. But for me, the thing that really set it all off was her smile: a smile of white teeth and metal brackets, with red ligatures that matched her dress.

Behind her were her two bridesmaids, Jenny and Abbie, also in red dresses (but a lot simpler), and also sporting big smiles with metal brackets, and red ligatures: what a beautiful sight! I had also suggested that all three of the girls could wear headgear with their braces, but for some strange reason, that idea was rejected. Odd though it might seem, I WASN'T wearing any braces: I had decided that it might raise far to many questions from my family.

Amanda was walked down the aisle by her very proud father... she came and stood next to me, and held my hand. The vicar welcomed us all there, and then Jenny went to the front. "I am very lucky that God has given me many songs to sing, many specifically to praise him, and last week he gave me this one, that he said I really must sing for you today..." and Jenny proceeded to sing a very nice, and very relevant song for us. No backing, just Jenny singing.

The service went pretty much as a wedding service does: the vicar said things about marriage and about us. He asked 'is there any reason in law that these two should not marry'... I was half expecting Jenny to do or say something, but she didn't. We made our vows to each other, we exchanged rings, prayers were said, and at some point we went and signed the register. There were hymns before and after our vows, lead by a certain 4 girls from a well known girl group.

Finally, it was time for us to leave the church. I had my bride, Amanda, to my side. Behind us were Abbie and Janice, followed by our parents and family, and behind them were Jenny, Carol, Dianne and Linda, who sang 'Walking on Sunshine' as we all walked out... and continued to sing it outside! All the time our photographer, and others, were taking pictures.

Of course, it was then proper photos time, and we made sure that there were plenty of pictures taken that showed off Amanda's braces, as well as those of her two bridesmaids. In an effort to entertain people - especially the younger members - whilst the pictures were being taken, our 'house band' sang a handful of their songs. Even more fun was that they decided to sing whilst they were having their pictures taken!

"Hey, Amanda, Danny, quick selfie...." said Jenny. 'Congratulations Danny and Amanda, now man and wife!' she wrote. "Ok, Amanda, can I have one of you me & Abbie, please?". 'Three braces buddies - such an amazing day!' was the caption to that one - all three of them were smiling widely, showing off their metal smiles to the world!

From there, it was off to a rather posh place, where we had our reception. There was some background music playing... suddenly Jenny started singing, and Carol, Dianne and Linda joined in: the song playing was one of theirs, so they had decided to entertain us all with a live vocal rendition, which was greatly appreciated by all present. Various people made short speeches: clearly Amanda's dad had to make a 'father of the bride speech' which was very good. Janice, as my Best Man, also said a few words, but we had decided that Amanda would make a speech, rather than me, which turned out to be a good choice.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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And this is where this story finally comes to a close. I'm sorry, not a lot of braces in this one :-(


Chapter 75

Wedding evening

Jenny walked up onto the stage, wearing a headset microphone. The DJ faded the music down, so that Jenny could speak.

"Good evening everyone!" she said with a large smile, letting anyone who was close enough see her lovely braces. Everyone cheered in response. "I can see there's a few of you here tonight who weren't with us this afternoon.... I don't know if you guys have managed to work out who I am, but I'm Jenny, and I'm... heck, let's do this properly: Carol, where are you? You know what you need to do..."

"Hi everyone, I'm Carol!" said Carol from somewhere in the room, but nice and loudly, so everyone could hear her.

"I'm Jenny!" said Jenny from on the stage.

"I'm Dianne!" said Dianne, from the back of the room

"And I'm Linda" said Linda, who was just in front of the stage

"And we are CJDL!" said all four of them together, causing a friendly cheer from the small crowd of people.

"Now, you might be asking yourselves why we are here today, and more relevant, how come we know Amanda and Danny. Well, let me tell you a story: something over a year ago now, we had a copyright issue, and after talking with our solicitor, it was suggested that we should speak to someone with a good legal understanding of copyright law... so that would be Amanda then!" <cheer from crowd> "So, I went up to North London to visit her, and whilst her initial greeting was quite formal... I mean, she's a lawyer, so that's probably normal ... she very quickly became someone I felt really able to chat with, and she helped me understand the issues we had, and asked if I had any documentary proof to back up our side of things. I said I probably did, but I'd need to find it."

"Now, part way through all this, I started getting inspiration for a song, and I know full well that when that happens, there's just one thing I can do: get out my audio recorder...." Jenny opened her bag, and took out her recorder. "... and start singing into it. So there I am, in my lawyer's office... and you KNOW how much THEY charge..." <a few jeers from the crowd> "... they do it by the minute! So heaven knows how much I got charged for my singing!". <a few more laughs from the crowd>

"Anyway, late that night, I found what we needed, and called Amanda first thing, then went off to see her again. She spoke to the other side's lawyers, and an hour later our problems were sorted. It was almost lunchtime, so Amanda asked if I would like to go for lunch... so we did, and a few minutes after we arrived there, this handsome guy turns up" <oooohh!> "and Amanda introduces him as her boyfriend. It was fun watching them interact, I could see that there was quite a spark between them. Of course, what I didn't realise was that he was her boyfriend of about only 4 or 5 days! Heck, if I'd known that back then, I might have launched a counter-offensive, and try to chat him up myself!" <another good laugh.>

"So, over lunch, Amanda started telling Danny about me singing in her office, and Danny jokingly said 'Hey, you should call the song 'Barrister Rap!'. The silly thing was that later on, when I thought about what I'd written, the music was indeed for a rap song, and when I told the girls about this, and the title, they loved the idea, and we all had so much fun working out the lyrics." While she had been talking, Linda, Carol and Dianne had joined her up on the stage.

"So that's how I first met Amanda and Danny, and how our song 'Barrister Rap' got written. Now, we're going to be performing some songs for you all later on, but a few days ago, Linda suggested that we should change the words to Barrister Rap, make it more relevant to today, and sing it to Amanda and Danny... so Amanda, Danny, let's have you up here on stage!". Amanda and I went onto the stage, the girls stood to our side, so they could sing to the pair of us. "Let's have some fun, shall we?" said Jenny. She picked up her acoustic guitar, and started strumming, and they started singing the song... many of the words were the same to start with, describing how Amanda had helped with the band's copyright issues, but things started changing a lot at the end, and rather than ending the song with 'and that's the Barrister's Rap', it ended with 'and that's the Lover's Rap... yes, it's the Lover's Rap!'. There was, of course, much clapping!

"Thank you all very much.. we're going to be back singing for you all a bit later! Danny, Amanda, I love you both!" said Jenny, hugging us both.


A while later, the disco music stopped again, and once more, Jenny came on stage, but this time dressed in her stage outfit.

"Hi again, everyone! Before we start, I need to continue my story about how I got to know Amanda and Danny... it was a few weeks after our first meeting: I had just taken my boyfriend.... sorry, my FIANCE, Ben, to see Darkest Knights... well, ok, it was a bit more than that, they sang Happy Birthday to him, and I also performed with the band. What I hadn't realised was that Danny was out there in the audience, and saw it all too. So on the way home, I got a text from Amanda, explaining how Danny had been there, and had enjoyed it." Yes, it would have been nice, throughout her story, for her to have added in how braces seemed to feature a lot, but that was not really something the assembled crowd needed to know!

"The next time I met Danny and Amanda was absolutely by chance: Ben and I had gone to London Zoo, and we were looking at the Meerkats, and who else just happened to be there, also looking at the Meerkats? Yes, Danny and Amanda! Coincidence is such an amazing thing!" Of course, she left out the fact that Amanda and I were wearing our fake braces, and the fact that I had 'outed' Ben, and his love of braces, over afternoon tea!

"Since then we've met up a few times, and in fact they were in the audience, watching us at Wembley Arena when I proposed on stage to Ben. But more importantly, Amanda demonstrated her generosity afterwards at the after-gig party, when she lent her lovely engagement ring to Ben, so he could propose to me: Amanda, thank you, that meant so much to me!"

"Now, when Amanda was starting to organise today, I asked if there was going to be an evening do, and she said yes: so I asked if she would let me organise the musical entertainment for this evening, and stupidly she said 'yes'". That caused a big laugh.

"Ok, first of all, will you all give a big hand to John, our DJ tonight!". <Clapping> "Now, we're going to play you a couple of lots of music tonight: the first lot will be us playing our own songs. Then John will play some more music for you, then we're gonna come back and play a load of 'wedding party music' that I'm hoping you'll want to dance to! So, let's get on with it, you will recognise these three ladies from earlier....". Jenny went and stood behind her keyboards, Dianne went to the drums, and Carol and Linda grabbed their guitars, and they started playing.

About 45 minutes later, they stopped playing, left the stage, and joined the rest of the crowd for a while, while the DJ played again.

After a bit of a break, CJDL went back on the stage, and started to play and sing a load of well-known songs, to which a load of the crowd danced.

"Well, that was fun...." said Jenny when they finally finished playing. "Amanda, Danny, come up here a moment will you!". Danny and Amanda joined the 4 girls on the stage. "Hasn't today been just amazing? And don't Danny and Amanda make an amazing couple? Guys, it has been a pleasure to be able to come here on your special day, and share the fun with you!". They all hugged Amanda and Danny. "Now I have a bit of a favour to ask you.... as you know, Ben and I hope to be getting married soon, and I was wondering: I don't suppose you guys are any good at singing are you?"....

### THE END ###

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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This has been a great story Sparky! Thanks so much for your time and effort to write for us.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Awesome story!

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Thankyou Sparky for this epic story, full of so many twists and turns, time travellers, pop stars, lawyers and braces geeks - I've REALLY enjoyed reading it and am so grateful that you kept going with it and got us to the delightfully happy ending.