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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Nice updates, thanks for sharing!

(Personally though, I'd love to read the lisp more than just imagine it. I can imagine it's annoying to type, but from a readers (or more specifically my) perspective, it would add even more to the story :))

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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>> Personally though, I'd love to read the lisp more than just imagine it

Just for you, there's some lisping in this chapter....


Chapter 56

I need more sleep!

An alarm went off. I say 'an alarm' because it definitely wasn't MY alarm. I grabbed my phone to look at the time. It was 6:30

SIX THIRTY! WTF?? My alarm didn't go off until 8:00! It was far too early. So whose alarm was it?

I felt a pair of hands and arms around me, and when I turned over, I saw Daisy, looking at me. "Sorry for the early alarm, but I need to go have my run, get showered, and then be at work for about quarter past 8". She pushed me onto my back, and climbed on top of me. "So I reckon we have about fifteen minutes before I need to leave...." she whispered into my ear, then started to kiss me again. And do other nice things too....

Fifteen minutes later, she got out of the bed, put her clothes on, then came back and gave me another kiss.

"Thank you, Danny... I need to go... I'll see you tonight!". I didn't have a chance to reply, as she was bouncing out of my room, and moments later I heard her close the front door of my flat.

I decided that, after the physical activity, there was no way I was going to get to sleep again, so I got up and went into the kitchen. 'Where does she get that energy from?' I asked myself. It was well after midnight when we finally got to sleep, yet she was bright and wide awake moments after her phone alarm went off at 6:30! I put the kettle on, went and grabbed the dirty cups from last night, then made myself a coffee.

Less that six hours sleep: I was still knackered. Well, I was awake now, so I might as well get up: I could go into the office early for a change, that would surprise everyone! We did flexi-hours, and I usually didn't roll in till about 9:30, if only because the buses weren't quite so busy then.

Coffee made, I picked up my phone to send Daisy a message, but realised that we'd never actually exchanged numbers. Was it simply that we'd both forgotten? Or maybe it was because she had no intention of, having 'had her way with me', seeing me again? But then again, she had said 'I'll see you tonight' when she left. Well, she knew where I lived, hopefully she'll turn up tonight at some point.

Of course, it raised the question of whether I wanted to see her again, and I think my answer to that must be a definite 'yes'. It had been fun being with her at the pub. She'd been nice when walking back with Janice. And once back here, we'd definitely had a good late-evening together.

Janice messaged me mid-afternoon, asking how last night had gone: we agreed to share dinner at my place, and I would tell all. Having got to work early, I decided to go home a bit early too, so had plenty of time to make dinner for us.

Over dinner, I told Janice about what had happened.

"You like her, don't you?"

"Yes, I think I do...."

"Is it her or her braces you like.... hey, she has quite a lisp, doesn't she?"

"Ok, I'll admit it: it's probably a bit of both. She has a thing called a 'tongue crib' in her mouth..." (I quickly explained what it was) "but she doesn't seem to worry about her lisp. Hey, how old do you think she is?"

"I dunno... 20? 21?"

"She's actually 25, same as me"

I was halfway through my mandarins and ice cream, when the door bell went.

"I'll bet that's Daisy" I said, getting up, and going down to the front door to let her in. I had hardly opened the door when she was inside, with her arms around me, looking up at me, with lips pouted, waiting for me to kiss her. I leaned down, and gave her the kiss that she wanted. She looked slightly different today... hair done a bit differently? Slightly different makeup. Who cares, she still looked nice.

"I would have called, but we forgot to exchange numbers last night!" she said. "Hey, I have mum's car, I was hoping you'd like to come ice skating with me...". Well, I've not been ice skating for many years, so the idea did appeal!

"Hi Daisy, I was hoping you'd come around. Am I allowed to finish my dinner first?" I asked, leading her upstairs

"Oh, sorry, I assumed.... sorry..." she said as we walked up the stairs. "Oh, hi Janice, I didn't realise you'd be here!". In a way, Daisy seeing Janice and me together again so soon was actually good, it would reinforce the fact that, girlfriend or no girlfriend, Janice and I continued to be close friends.

"Yeah, we just had dinner together. It's so much nicer than sitting at home by yourself. You're lucky we weren't around at my place"

I had sat down at the table, and indicated to Daisy to sit with us, and continued to eat my desert.

"So, Danny, are you gonna come ice skating with me then?" Daisy asked me.

"Well, it depends on how good you are - it's been quite a while since I've been skating!"

"I'm pretty ok... and I'd love to teach you!"

"Ok, I'm up for that! What about Janice, is she invited too?"

"Don't worry about me... you two go and enjoy yourselves! So where is it?"

"Over at Ali Pally...

"Oh, never realised they had an ice rink there.... Daisy, want a coffee?" asked Janice: typically we would sit down with a coffee after we'd finished our dinner.

"Yes please, but we need to make it quick.... black 2 sugars please" she said in reply to Janice, then turning to me she said "Ok, unlock your phone and pass it to me...". I was confused. "I'll put my number into it, then text myself.....".

"Ah, ok...". She passed me my phone back, and I checked the contacts list... 'Daisy Jackson'

The ice skating was actually good fun: Daisy is (what a surprise) pretty good, and helped me to skate the proper way... by the end of the evening I was skating around the rink quite confidently.

Over the next 4 weeks, I saw Daisy every day, and we did something every evening, and mostly it required energy: cycling in the park, having a walk, playing badminto, swimming, and things like that. She did invite me to a Park Run one Sunday afternoon, but I managed to refuse that one, instead I just watched her do it! She also stayed over every night, and whilst that was good, it got rather exhausting. By the second week, I was struggling with a lack of sleep, as every morning she woke up pretty early, even if she wasn't starting till a bit later. She would go for a run, go home, shower, get dressed, and then go to work. I tried hard to get back to sleep, but I never could.

The problem was simple, and I can't explain it: Daisy didn't seem to need much sleep, did a lot more exercise than me, yet still had about three times the energy that I had! And that's without factoring in the energy she must expend at work, looking after young kids!

By the fourth week I was starting to get irritable with people, and I even managed to fall asleep at work one afternoon!

I did try and talk to Daisy about it on a couple of occasions, but she always managed to somehow brush it off. It all came to a head one evening when I had gone to Janice's for dinner, and I started shouting at her for no real reason.

"Danny!!! What is WRONG with you?" said Janice. I sat down, and put my head into my hands.

"I'm sorry, Janice, but I'm just so exhausted! Daisy has so much energy, and I can't keep up with her, she tires me out. It's getting to a point that I'm almost too scared to meet up with her". Janice sat down on the settee next to me, and put her arm around me, to comfort me, as I told her more.

"Have you spoken to her about it?"

"I've tried, but...."

"But no luck? Well, you need to do SOMETHING, you can't go on like this. I know you like her... well definitely what's in her mouth...". I smiled

"Yes, she's VERY nice, especially her braces, but...."

"Another 'but'... Ok, is there any way you can get her to... well... 'slow down' a bit?"

"I tried that too, didn't seem to work"

"Well, she not doing you any good, you're not in a good place right now.... I hate to say this, but...."

"... but you think maybe I need to stop seeing her! Yeah, I'm starting to think that too! But I'm not sure how... Whatever I say, she just seems to sweet-talk her way out of it"

"Ok, so how about..." Janice paused for a few seconds, thinking. "How about you invite her here to tell her? I'll be here too, and can help you if you need it. In fact, even better, I'll ask her to come around..... give me your phone..."

Janice was, of course, right: things couldn't go on any more. I was a mess, and I needed to somehow get myself sorted out. Daisy is a lovely girl, and has me wrapped around her little finger, and whatever I had already tried, things had just got worse and worse. And I'd only been going out with her for 3 weeks!

I unlocked my phone, and passed it to Janice: it was times like this I appreciated having Janice as a friend. Janice called Daisy, who answered quite quickly.

"Hi, Daisy, it's actually Janice here. Look, Danny is around at my place: are you free at the moment, to come on over?"

<a pause as Daisy replied>

"Yes, he's ok, and 15 minutes will be fine, let me give you my address...". Janice gave Daisy her address.

<short pause>

"Ok, see you soon, bye..."

"What she say?"

"Nothing much, but she seemed a bit confused why I had called her. Ok, so when she gets here, you need to be in the single chair, she can sit with me on the settee." She got up, and made us both our coffees, which helped me a bit. I went and slouched in the single chair. As we started to drink our coffees, Janice suggested that she could do most of the talking, but maybe I needed to start things off.

It wasn't long before the doorbell rang, and Janice let Daisy in. As Daisy came in the room, she saw me sat alone. Janice was just behind her.

"Sit on the settee, please, Daisy..." she said, firmly.

"Have I done thomething wrong?" asked Daisy.

"No, but we need to talk to you... Danny?"

"Daisy" I started, "you are a lovely girl, as well as a very loving girl. The last 3 or so weeks since I met you have been quite amazing, I've enjoyed spending my time with you, it's been good fun, but we can't keep on like this... well, >I< can't"

"What do you mean?" asked Daisy.

"It's kinda hard to explain this, Daisy" replied Janice, "but you always seem to have so much energy, and... well, Danny just doesn't seem to be able to keep up. As a result, he's tired, he's irritable. He even shouted at me earlier for no real reason!"

"I'm sorry, Daisy, but I can't do this any more......" I added. Daisy was silent, as she took in what we were saying. "You're a lovely girl, Daisy, I just wish I could find your speed control, and slow you down a bit...."

"I'm thorry, but it's jutht the way I am, I really have no idea why I have all that energy, and I'm thorry it's too much for you... Mum's tried looking for my thpeed control thince I was a kid, but never theemed to find it, and I think she'th glad I can look after mythelf now...". Daisy had a slight smile on her face as she said the last bit, which of course let me see her metal braces, that went with that lovely lisp. "So, I'm guething that meanth are thplitting up then?" she added, with a slightly sadder look on her face. I nodded, then stood up.

"Come here, Daisy" I said gently. Daisy stood up, and came over to me, and I put my arms around her, and she put her arms around me. "Daisy, thank you... the last few weeks with you have actually been great fun, you've got me to do things I'd not normally do. You are a lovely girl, it's just you've got far too much energy for me!"

"It was fun for me too, so yeah, thanks Danny....... I guess I maybe ought to go now?"

"Yeah, I guess so....", and with that, I removed my arms from around Daisy, and Janice quietly showed her out.

"I'm actually gonna miss her: despite the fact that I'm so exhausted, going out with Daisy's been fun..." I said as I sat down again. "Those braces of hers are quite something.... not that you're at all interested in them!"

I closed my eyes for a moment. The next thing I knew was it was dark, and Janice was quietly watching the TV.

"I think I fell asleep..." I said

"Yeah, you need it. Look, stay over... you can share my bed, it will probably be a lot more comfortable than sleeping on the settee. And don't worry, I'm not planning on seducing you...."

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Presumably you meant to say ‘not’ ?! (Or perhaps you didn’t !...)

Great reading.
Its now getting interesting to guess who could possibly pop up next.!

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Presumably you meant to say ‘not’ ?! (Or perhaps you didn’t !...)

Great reading.
Its now getting interesting to guess who could possibly pop up next.!

Well spotted, thank you.... I just added the missing 'not' in!

In the next chapter, Danny will meet Abbie, through the dating app.....

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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So, today's chapter happens maybe a week or two after the last one...


Chapter 57


Today was Tuesday. Ok, I guess it still IS Tuesday for a few more hours. Work was a bit hectic today, not one specific thing, just a whole load of little things that just needed sorting out. But finally I was home. I'd messaged Janice to see what she was up to (whilst I hoped she was free, I also hoped that she was out with another guy!)

Whilst I waited for her reply, I was looking at my dating app once again, to see if there's been anyone new joined in my area: there were indeed a couple of faces I'd not seen before. One looked quite nice, kinda familiar (but if you look at enough faces, some will always appear to be familiar!), her name was Abbie. From what I could see in the picture, she had dark shoulder length hair with a fringe (which I find quite attractive), and didn't seem to wear too much makeup, again, a positive.

I looked at her details: 24, a secretary / administrator, and because my distance filter was quite low, clearly lived somewhere near. I swiped up on her (ok, for those who don't know, swipe right = yes, swipe up = YES!!!), and instantly got told that we were a match!

I sent her a message in the app, telling her which bit of London I worked in, and suggested that, if she happened to work in the area, would she like to meet at the park in town one lunchtime? I've done that with a couple of girls now, they seem to like the fact that it's a public place, and nicely informal. And a limited time, which both people can probably put up with!

Ten minutes later, I had a reply from Janice: "Sorry, going out on a second date with a guy from the app....", to which I replied: "No probs, have a great evening!"

To be honest, I didn't really fancy cooking tonight, so walked up to the shops, and decided to eat in at the curry place. Ok, so it cost a bit more than a take-away, but it was nice to not just be sat at home entirely by myself. While I was eating my curry, my phone pinged: it seems Abbie DOES work close to me, and would love to meet up with me, how about tomorrow?. Of course, I messaged back, saying that would be fine, and if I were getting sandwiches and a drink for both of us, what would she like? I also took a picture of me alone in the curry house, and sent it.

My curry took about 15 minutes longer to eat, as we were exchanging messages, but it was fun. And I had a date for lunch tomorrow.


We had arranged to meet at 12:40. I knew a nice sandwich shop that was on the way to the park, so I'd texted my order through, which meant when I arrived there at about 12:30, it was waiting for me. I got to the park just before 12:40, and waited just inside the entrance, where we had agreed to meet. It should be no problem recognising each other, as we'd both seen pictures of each other. (ok, yeah, so some girls use other girl's pics, but they are hardly going to be willing to meet up straight away if they have done that!)

A couple of minutes later, Abbie arrived. I looked at her: she seemed familiar. I noticed that she was also looking at me, as if she recognised me.

"Hi Abbie!...". Abbie was a tiny bit smaller than me.... I'm 5ft 8ins, so I'd guess she was 5ft 6in. As in her picture, she was quite slim, with quite dark hair, down to her shoulders with a fringe. Carefully applied makeup, and smartly dressed in a simple dress. (Whilst it all looked simple, I guessed she had spent ages that morning trying to work out what to wear, and also spent some time making sure her makeup looked good). A fairly plain ring on the third finger of her right hand, and a simple pendant around her neck. As she smiled, I could see a lovely set of straight white teeth... the sort of teeth that shout out 'I had braces as a teenager, and I still wear my retainers to keep them straight!'

"Hello Danny! Nice to meet you..". As it was still early in the lunch hour, we were able to find a park bench that had a couple of spaces, and I passed her her lunch.

"Thank you, Danny."

"My pleasure! Abbie, I'm not quite sure how to say this, but you look familiar.... have we met before?"

"Now that I see you in person, I now realise exactly who you are, and yes, we have met before" she replied. I was thinking hard to work out where we had met, but I couldn't work it out.

"Ok... so where have we met then?" 

"Well, I'm a secretary / administrator, and I work at Kings Square Chambers - I believe that you know the place quite well?". Know it? I'd been there so many times! It's where Amanda works! Talk about 'it's a small world'! So I had probably seen her once or twice 'in passing', which explained why she looked quite so familiar. "I hope that's not going to be a problem for us?" she added.

Clearly she knew about me and Amanda, and that we had dated for several months.

"Um, I hope not.... I'll try extra hard to not let it be!". As I smiled, I could see her looking at me, and more specifically I saw her quickly glance at my retainers. She started to eat the sandwich that I had got her. "Excuse me a moment" I said. Letting Abbie see what I was doing, I pulled out my retainer box from my pocket, turned away from her, and took out my retainers, putting them into my retainer box, then turned back, and let her see me slipping it back into my pocket!

"So when did you work out who I was?" I asked, as I started on my sandwich.

"Well, when I saw your picture, it looked slightly familiar, and so did your name, so I discretely asked someone at work today what Amanda's ex's name was, and it all fell into place. Don't worry, working in the law makes you very careful what questions you ask!" she said, smiling. "Anyway, less about all that, tell me a bit about yourself, Danny". I was impressed that, despite knowing exactly who I was, and that I had dated Amanda until about 3 months ago, she didn't seem to be getting cold feet. I told her a bit about what I do, and certain parts about my trip to Asia earlier in the year.

She then told me a bit about herself, we seemed to be getting on quite well. My phone pinged, indicating some activity on the dating app..

"I recognise that sound!" said Abbie, "you should check it, it might be from some really good looking girl you've swiped right on!". I took a quick look: it was from Janice - ages ago, we had  found each others profiles, and swiped up on each other, and occasionally we would send messages via the app, just for fun.

"It's ok, it's only Janice" I said with a smile. Which is when I realised that was maybe NOT the best thing to have said. "Erm, I guess I now need to explain who Janice is, don't I?" I said, feeling a bit embarrassed. "She's my best friend, we've been friends now for about 4 years. It was her who suggested that we should both sign up to the dating app. I guess, in a way, we are each-other's wingman. Oh, and we enjoy drinking too much together!". I could have said more, but not only wasn't it appropriate right now, it would have taken me down a long rabbit-hole..... "Here, take a look at her message" - I passed the phone over to Abbie.

'Hey, if you don't have a date lined up tonight, want to come over for dinner?'

"So, what you going to tell her?"

I thought quickly. To be honest, if she was interested, it would be nice to have dinner with Abbie. "Well, I guess it depends if someone else wants to have dinner with me tonight" I replied.

Abbie still had my phone, and started typing back to Janice. I was a little worried what she was typing, but as soon as she had sent the message, she passed it back to me so I could see. It said: 'Hi Janice, sorry, but Danny has a date with me tonight - Abbie'.

A minute later, there was a reply, which I showed Abbie: 'That sounds like a good enough excuse to me - hope you both have a great evening!'

So it was that I went out for the evening with Abbie, nothing particularly special, we went to a pleasant (but not too expensive!) chain restaurant. She was nice company, pleasantly chatty, and the evening seemed to go nicely. I got the feeling that she wasn't wanting to rush things, which was fine with me.

"So, would you like to have lunch together again tomorrow?" she suggested. "My treat this time".

"Yeah, ok!"

"So what would you like me to get you to eat?"

"Ham salad or ham and cheese, something like that. Not tuna though!"


"Sounds like a date to me!"

"Well, thank you for tonight, you were nice company" she said, and leaned over and gave me a quick kiss on my lips. "You know, I've never actually kissed a guy with braces before...."

It wasn't late when I got home, so I gave Janice a call - she was at home too.

"Hi Danny!... how did it go tonight?" she asked me

"Very well, thank you... but you'll never guess who she is"

"Well, I'm assuming her name is Abbie, and you were clearly flirting with her at lunchtime if you let her have your phone. So who is she?"

"Well, it's not so much who she is, but where she works. She works at the same place as Amanda! It turns out that we have historically seen each other at her chambers".

"You're kidding me? So she knows that you and Amanda used to go out? Which means I guess she knows that you split up with Amanda"

"Yes on both counts. But luckily that doesn't seem to worry her"

"So, tell me all about her, and what you talked about tonight". I spent the next 45 minutes telling her about it all.

"Oh, by the way, I'm off work tomorrow, have a few things lined up to do in town, want to meet for lunch, or you meeting Abbie again?"

"Sorry, I'm meeting Abbie..."

"Ok, well let me know tomorrow afternoon if you'd like to come over for dinner".

I met Abbie for lunch: once again, we had an enjoyable time chatting. It was so nice to chat with someone who was actually able to to talk about something other than music, makeup and that sort of stuff!

"So, want to do something tonight?" I asked.

"Sorry, but Thursday is badminton. So how about we meet for lunch again tomorrow? It's actually quite a nice way to get to know someone, sitting here chatting, slightly away from the world."

Once again, as we parted, she gave me a kiss on my lips: it was a slightly bolder kiss: our lips touched, her tongue quickly pushed between my lips, and ran across my upper teeth, also feeling my retainer wire.... and then it was over. A very cheeky kiss! But I was hardly going to complain!