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Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
« on: 30. March 2021, 23:24:47 PM »
This story is "series 2" of the "Asian Braces" story, which I published over in the Club /Braces Stories & Braces Special (English) forum. As many of you won't have seen that story, here's a quick recap of what happened.

Danny Jones, 25, is a technical support & installation engineer at an engineering company, but also gives training on the company's equipment. He was recently sent to Asia, where he visited a company, and gave a week of training following by a week of helping the customer configure their equipment. A third week was spent travelling.

While he was there, he ordered several lots of fake braces, from a couple of braces shops. He wasn't actually planning on buying anywhere near as much as he did, but the prices were so low, he felt it was stupid not to use the chance to 'stock up'.... as it was very unlikely he'd ever get the chance again. Here's my story notes:

Braces shop 1:

- standard brackets; "Lovely shiny clear plastic! Clasps over the molars, with headgear tubes on them. A wire from the clasp all the way around, with brackets on every tooth. Small supporting wires, just behind the canines"

- twin blocks

- HG: an Interlandi, a neck strap, two high-pulls (one in bright yellow), and a couple of facebows. Plus a variety of spare ligatures, power-chain and elastics

Braces shop 2:

- wrap around blue retainers

- minimal plate for facemask
"The plate was actually quite small, in that it went between my main molars, but there was no plastic in the center beyond my small molars. The plastic went at the side almost as far as my canines. There were adam's clasps with the longer side-wires (for the elastics to hook on to) soldered to them on my molars, and there were small c-clasps coming around from the back of my small molars. Mei had extended the wires both from the c-clasps and the adam's clasps across (and thus inside) the plastic plate, to add strength"

- blue wide face mask, red single rod face mask

- brackets / herbst / tongue crib
"the metal started at the canines (where the herbst attached) and clipped onto the next two teeth, my pre-molars, as well. At the front, as well as some plastic on the inside of my front teeth, there was a very obvious metal expander module, with wires going across to my lower canines. There was plastic all around the inside of my teeth, with adam's clasps over my rear molars. And of course, all the way from the clasps, through the herbst attachments and around my front teeth were large metal brackets. And where the lower part of the herbst attached to my canines, it did not look at all fake, it looked exactly like pictures I'd seen of real herbst appliances.
the upper appliance to look at. If you removed the plastic from the appliance, then it would look just like a real appliance: metal around the two premolars and first molar, where the herbst attachment point was. Between those bits of metal she had soldered a metal expander, and to the front of the expander was a rather large and obvious tongue crib soldered in place. Again, there was an archwire with brackets"

"The clever thing about these appliances, compared to my other fake brackets, was that there was no need for the tiny supporting wires behind my canines, as the rather more substantial metal around the teeth did a far better job. Like on the lower appliance, there were adam's clasps on the rear molars, and plastic all around, but mainly to the front of the appliance, I was guessing to hold it in place in my mouth."

"some of the brackets had hooks on, for elastics."

- lip bumpers

- spare simple brackets (going away gift)

Mei will pop up in this series, so let me explain about her: when Danny went to the second braces shop, the 'receptionist / manager' didn't speak great English, so Mei, a lady in her late 20's, spoke with Danny. She is actually one of the Dental Technicians, trained in the US (so excellent English - very convenient!) and was able to chat with Danny and ended up making him some nice braces. She also likes braces (which is why she became a dental tech), and ended up wearing some fakes when she was with Danny. She & Danny had an affair for a week or two, while he was over in Asia, in fact she joined him for part of the third week while he was travelling around.

Here is Danny's comments from when he first met her:

"How would I describe Mei? In her late 20s. An inch shorter than Suki, but with a much bigger 'frame'. You know how people have different sized bodies... Suki is really slim, I'm kinda in the middle, but Mei was larger than me. Good sized hips, wide shoulders. But not noticeably overweight. A cute round face, with a nice nose, and a haircut I've seen on many asian girls: basically a bob, with straight hair at the sides, and a fringe. I mean, all she needed was a pair of those round glasses, and she would be so stereotypically asian!

Her smile had revealed a nice set of straight teeth, but sadly for me, no hint of braces."

Needless to say, he had many opportunities whilst over in Asia to wear his various braces, plus single and double facebows with various headgears, and a couple of different facemasks!

So after 3 weeks working and having fun over in Asia, Danny has returned back to London. He had a couple of extra days off to get over the jet-lag, and is now back at work. We'll be following his braces-wearing adventures as he goes out with his braces, and also decides whether to take the big step of wearing his fake braces, pretending he's having real treatment.

(It might be a week or so before I start posting this story, please be patient)

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Sounds like a great story. Looking forward to reading more.


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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Yes, definitely waiting. I enjoyed this one.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Welcome to Series 2 of "Asian Braces"!

I'm still actively writing this story, so don't expect daily posts..... My other story "Jenny loves singing", over in the "Club" area gets its last episode posted tomorrow, so thought I would start posting this story today. The original story (of Danny's trip to Asia) can be found over in the "Club" area, as well as at "The Braces Archive" - ask @braceface2015 if you want details of how to access The Archive.


Chapter 1

Whilst it had been fun working, and then being a tourist, in Asia, it was really nice to be back home again. Although I will confess that I do miss Mei a little - she was really good company. What I forgot to tell you all in the previous chapter is that Mei gave me a going-away present: I had told her of my plan to wear my brackets 'as if for real', and she said that I could come unstuck if they broke, so she had made me a set of almost identical fake braces, and gave them to me on our last day together.

I wore my fake braces (the metal brackets) on the flight back home - noone seemed to notice or care about them. I did consider wearing the headgear too, but wasn't quite brave enough to do that! Having worn them (and by that I mean various of my many braces) so much whilst in Asia, my speech is now pretty good when wearing any of them, thus making it difficult for anyone to guess that they aren't actually real.

One of the best bits that I enjoy about wearing my fake braces is eating, and getting food stuck in them. Possible a bit weird, I know, but heck, so is wanting to wear the fake braces in the first place!

One of the strangest things about being back home is hearing people everywhere speak English, and with an English accent! I had become used to hearing other people talking in a language I couldn't understand, and when they spoke English to me, it was with a heavy Asian accent. Don't get me wrong, I actually like the Asian accent: it is to English what English is to German: so much softer, and almost like a song.

So, because of the long and overnight flight back to England, I've had a couple of extra days off work to recover (given to me by the company!). I finally went into work today (Wednesday) for the first time. I spent the first hour chatting to my colleagues about the trip - leaving out anything to do with braces, of course (otherwise it would have taken all morning, and would have been much more embarrassing!).

Midway through the morning, my boss called me into his office.

"Nice to see you back again - how did things go from your perspective?" he asked me

"Yeah, everyone seemed to understand things, and they were pretty good the second week when we actually set things up. Had anything back from them?"

"Yes, they were VERY pleased with the way things went, and in fact they got it all integrated and running at the end of last week, a bit sooner than expected. So thank you, Danny, that was a job well done... and as a mark of appreciation for doing a good job, plus losing a couple of weeks of your life, expect a small bonus in your next wages."

"Oh, thanks boss!"

"So, next question: would you like to do it all again?"

"Probably... got something planned? And where?"

"Yes, there is a possibility: an existing customer in Mexico is buying one of our new models, so needs an 'update course' and help with the installation. Won't be for two or three months yet though. And there might be a couple more later in the year. Interested?"

"Hell, yeah!". If I were to think of 'places that are good for braces', then top of the list would have to be Asia, then below that would be Mexico or Brazil.

Much of the rest of that day, and the rest of the week to be honest, was taken up with catching up with things at work. At home, needless to say, I took the opportunity to wear my braces in the evenings, and whilst sleeping. I enjoy wearing my twin-blocks at home, if only because I knew I'd never really be able to wear them out in public. The reason I like them is simply the amount of plastic on them.... not only do I have plastic inside my mouth, it goes over the occlusal surfaces of my molars, plus over the top of my upper & lower front teeth! I have tried eating with them in my mouth, but gave up pretty quickly! I have a dream, one that I suspect will never be fulfilled, of kissing a girl whilst wearing my twin-blocks... The silly thing is that I'd not actually be able to feel a thing (apart from on my lips, and the front of my gums) simply because of the amount of plastic!

I feel a bit guilty about the rather nicely made brackets / herbst / tongue crib appliance that Mei made me: I'm not sure why, but I just don't seem to find it quite as exciting to wear as I thought it would be.

My facemask, with it's simple plate, was interesting to wear, but to be honest, what I really wanted to do was to go somewhere I wasn't known, and wear it out in public. Over in Asia, I could wear it out quite easily, as nooone knew me (and it had been really fun to wear it that day in the park with Mei)... in England there's always the risk of bumping into someone you know, especially if you stay in the local area. Of course, if I decided to wear my brackets as if for real, that would give me the option to wear my headgear out in public if I wanted to.

I had worn my simple fake brackets a lot when in Asia, both with and without the headgear, and my mouth felt really comfortable with them in place, so, I had a big decision to take: was I going to be come a 'brace face'? By that, I mean that I was wondering whether to wear my fake brackets full time. After a lot of thinking about the pro's (it WILL be fun!; I can talk well with the braces in) and the con's (I could be found out, which would be embarrassing; it would restrict what I could eat), I decided that I WOULD!

So the next thing to work out was the how, the timescales. I decided that I would not actually tell anyone, work or friends, that I would be getting braces, I would decide that, on a certain day, I would have 'been to the ortho to get them fitted', and then simply turn up wearing them.

From a practical perspective, I could easily have had several evening consults with orthos before I went to Asia, then arranged an evening or weekend install for when I returned. I was very tempted to 'have my braces installed' this Saturday, but bottled out, so decided I'd do it the next week.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 2

I had a bit of fun on Saturday: I put in the expander / brackets / herbst / tongue crib appliance, and caught a bus then a tube to the big shopping centre: the likelihood of meeting someone I knew there was, hopefully, close to zero. I had considered wearing my brackets and headgear, but decided that would be asking for trouble! The first thing for me to work out was the logistics of putting the braces in? I could put them in at home, and keep my mouth shut for a while. I could put them in after getting off the bus, but before getting on eth tube: all I would have needed for that was a quiet corner to put them in. Or I could have waited till I got to the shopping centre, and pop in the loos there.

In the end I decided to take the risk of putting them it at home: that was the simplest, and to be honest, the most exciting! The bus stop was close to where I live, and luckily there was noone else at the bus stop! I sat upstairs at the front: not only does that give you some great views, it's less likely anyone will come close to me, and thus possibly see my braces.

The tube station is a mile or so from home, so I felt a bit less worried about being seen: so much so that, while I was on the platform waiting for the train to arrive, I saw a girl, in her teens I would guess. She was looking at her phone, with a bit of a smile on her face, and I could see that she had braces. Without thinking, I smiled back at her.... just as she happened to look up, allowing her to see my braces. Wow, talk about suddenly being nervous! I closed my mouth as naturally as I could, and looked away: rule 1 of travelling on public transport in London: avoid contact if possible. Rule 2: avoid eye contact. Rule three: you are not allowed to talk to a stranger. Travelling on the tube can get a bit lonely at times!

The tube arrived a few minutes later, and I got on: it was busy, but not over busy, and I managed to get a seat. I looked around, just to be sure there was noone on the train that I recognised... finally I was able to let my mouth relax a bit, let my lips part a little, and hold my head up, all in the hope that someone might glance at me, and see the illicit metal on my mouth.

Once at the large shopping centre, I felt a lot more relaxed. I was one of thousands of anonymous people there. It was quite a way from where I lived, so the likelihood of meeting someone I knew was very low. I felt happy, so opened my mouth a little more as I walked around.

Of course, my main problem was that whilst I had worn these braces several times, I'd not really practised speaking that much with them in, so if anyone asked (and I was actually able to give an understandable reply!) I would simply have to say that I had only got them fitted that week.

It's very hard to artificially smile naturally! Obviously, I wanted people to actually SEE my braces, but whilst you can easily do a small smile (which shows very little), I somehow needed to make my smile bigger. I gave up after a few attempts, that I felt probably looked more like snarls than smiles. Instead, I just enjoyed my mainly-window-shopping, and smiling at things I liked or thought amusing. Like those amazing Lego models in the window of the Lego shop!

I went into Pr*m*rk, and had a look around, and found a few items of cheap clothing, and walked over to the checkouts, where, being a Saturday, there was quite a queue... one that zigs & zags a couple of times (just like all those queues I'd been in at the various airports, but not quite so big!). I kinda hoped for something nice to happen while I was queueing, but it didn't.

Finally, I got to the cashier, where I put my items on the desk, for the girl to scan. She was a teenager, so I'm guessing worked just at the weekends. I think she must have spotted my metalwork, because she smiled, showing some nice braces on her teeth, allowing me to smile back... after all, we were both in that 'braces club', weren't we?

"Would you like a bag?" she asked me. Damn, I was going to have to speak, something which was actually quite scary!

"Yeshth pweathshe!" I replied. Goddamn it, that tongue cwib maketh it tho hard to thpeak! Just speaking those two words sent shivers of panic and enjoyment through me! Of course, my lisping made it clear to the cashier girl that I had something more in my mouth than just simple brackets - which is what I guess she had. So I smiled, with my mouth open, hoping that she might look inside my mouth, and at least catch a glimpse of my tongue crib.

"Are you paying by cash?" she asked me. Damn her, why didn't she just ask if I was using a card, I could have managed a simple 'yes' to that.

"Cang I pay by carg pweathshe?" I replied. Another shiver of excitement went through me. She finished putting my clothes into one of the brown paper carrier bags, then pressed a couple of buttons on the till.

"Ok, can you insert your card and type in your PIN please". I already had my card in my hand, so inserted it, and entered my PIN. Phew, it was accepted. I waited till it said 'please remove your card', and removed my card. She handed me the brown paper carrier bag.

"Thsank you" I said as I took it from her. She gave me a lovely smile as I walked away... I wondered what was actually going through her mind.

That had been both a scary and exhilarating experience, but compared to my next 'conversation', quite tame.

It was getting close to lunchtime, and I fancied a snack. I know I should have gone into one of the places where you just pick up the food you want, then just ask for your drink. But no, I stupidly went into a nicer café, where someone came to the table to take your order. I sat down, and took a look at the menu. I had to think carefully about what I might be able to eat - stupidly, I'd not actually tried eating with these braces. Yes, I had tried drinking some water, and that was difficult enough. I needed something that didn't need much biting or chewing. So bacon sandwiches (and most other sandwiches!) would be out. So would cheese on toast, a favourite of mine. For goodness sake, how DO people with double expanders and a tongue crib actually manage to eat enough food?

I spotted that they did scones... now they crumbled, and I could easily take small bites of those.

"Good afternoon, sir, have you chosen what you'd like yet?"

"Cang I have a bwack amewicango coffee... ang a shshcone, pweathshe". Ok, having a small lisp is fun, but this was awkward. Ok, so it actually was fun too, but in a far more embarrassing way. The waitress looked at me strangely, I wasn't sure if she was thinking 'poor guy' or 'what an assh*le!'.

"Anything else, or is that it?" she asked

"Zhatsh awll, thsankthsh!" I manged to reply. The problem speaking was caused by a combination of the metal in my mouth: the lower and upper expanders, and mainly that tongue crib. Mei had warned me how hard it was, at least at first, to speak with a tongue crib. And it didn't help that she had made it a 'not so nice' tongue crib, thus making it so much harder to speak!

The coffee and the scone arrived a few minutes later. I took a sip of the coffee... it was far too hot, of course, but I still had a small amount of liquid in my mouth that I needed to swallow. I leant my had back a little, so the liquid naturally went towards my throat, then somehow managed to swallow it. Not easy, but it worked.

So, what about the scone? I put a very small amount of butter and jam on it (sadly, no cream....), then bit off a small amount. Yes, it crumbled nicely in my mouth, then I started producing saliva, which started to turn the crumbly scone into a sort of paste, which of course went everywhere it shouldn't in my mouth. Having the herbsts didn't help, as the rods just made more space in my cheeks for the gooey mess to hide.

There wasn't a lot I could do about it (ok, so yes, I COULD have removed the braces, but that would have been SOOOO embarrassing and awkward!), so I took small bites of the scone, then tried to use a bit of coffee to help swish things around in my mouth. It helped - a little!

By the time I had finally finished the scone (which took at least five times longer than it normally would), I had bits of scone stuck on my braces and my expanders. I paid my bill, then went to the toilets, which were the 'open' sort.... so a single cubicle, two urinals, and a pair of sinks, which rather ruled out the possibility of having some guaranteed privacy. So, not being able to remove the braces, I had to do the best I could with the toothbrush I had remembered to bring with me. I was actually right in the middle of brushing when a couple of teenagers came in, and clearly saw my braces. They went to the urinals and I could clearly hear one of them say something like 'he's a bit old for braces...'. Oh, the joys of 'having braces' in your mid 20's!

Nothing much else happened whilst at the shopping centre, so I made my way back onto the tube, then had to wait about 15 minutes for the bus to arrive. Like before, I sat upstairs at the front. The journey was again quite boring, and as we left the previous stop, I got up, and turned around to walk back the few feet to the stairs, when I saw someone I recognised, from work, sitting a few rows further back. They had also seen me. Normally I would have probably smiled at them, and waved, but today, I kept my mouth firmly closed, and just waved!

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 3

During the next week, both at work, and when out with friends, I so wanted to say to someone "Hey, I'm going to getting braces later this week", but didn't dare. To be honest, and ignoring my love of braces, it's the sort of thing I'd probably keep quiet about anyway. Ok, lets think of some other things I could need: glasses... would I tell anyone about getting those? Probably not. Hearing aids? Definitely not! So yeah, I think I'd not say anything about needing braces. I would probably be embarassed at the thought that, in my mid 20's, I needed to actually wear braces.

I still hadn't decided WHEN I would actually be 'getting my braces'. Monday became Tuesday, which became Wednesday. Wednesday morning I decided: I'm getting my braces tonight, straight after work! I had my initial consultation the week before I flew off to Asia, so clearly had to wait till I got back. They were busy last week (I wanted an after-work appointment), so I had to wait till this week.

Yes, a very plausible story.

As for the WHY I 'needed braces', it wasn't a cosmetic thing.... I think maybe my dentist spotted something... abnormal wear on some of my teeth maybe? Maybe I reported occasional pains on my jaw joint? So I went to see an orthodontist, who worked out I had some sort of issue with the positionaing of my molars, maybe some sort of 'muscular-skeletal' issue, that was giving me a slightly abnormal 'bite'? The thing in my advantage is that most people simply don't understand braces, or just can't be bothered. Ignoring kids for the moment: an adult has crooked teeth / tooth pain / whatever. They go to the orthodontist to get it fixed, they aren't really that interested in the details of their issue, they just want it fixed. Let me put it in car terms: someone takes their expensive car to the garage, the brakes seem to be pulling to the left a bit under heavy braking. They aren't THAT interested in the details of whats wrong, they just want their car fixed, so it no longer pulls to the left!

So where was I? Oh yeah, most people, even those with / who have had braces don't understand the technicalities, so I can say almost anything that's vaguely credible if I'm asked. What about kids with braces? Whilst they may be a little more interested in things, they probably couldn't understand the technical mumbo jumbo, even if they were told. They get braces because mum / dad / ortho says they need them. Many of their issues are obvious ('my teeth are crooked') but most probably won't listen as the ortho explains WHY they need that fixed expander for 9 months, they just hear 'you'll have this expander for 9 months' and freak out!

So, I'm feeling pretty confident that I can bluff my way out of any questions.

Right, so what's my actual treatment plan (hmmm, I'm half wondering if I could or should create a dummy treatment plan document, if for no other reason, it could be fun to research and do!)? Well, the simple answer is that I'll need upper & lower brackets. It will be for no less than 6 months, but more likely 9 months, and maybe as long as 12 months, all depending on how well the treatment goes. I must mark up a diary with my 'check-up visits' and remember to change my ligatures at the same time.

In addition, I will need to wear headgear at night, for at least.... um..... 14 hours? (Wow, for an adult, that *would* be hard to achieve!). Whilst I clearly wouldn't be forthcoming to others about my 'needing to wear headgear', I could still wear it out in public at the weekends if I wanted, to 'catch up my wear time'. In fact, the same could apply if I went out in the evening, if I wanted to (the reality, of course, is that I probably wouldn't actually wear the HG much at home!).

I left work bang on time on Wednesday: nobody asked why, but I would have just said 'I have an important appointment'. I put my fake brackets in as soon as I got home, and ate dinner with them in place. I cheated and removed them to brush them and my teeth, but put them back in straight away, and slept with them in.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Good to see this one being continued.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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<Thursday, braces week 1: first night / first day at work in braces>

Chapter 4

I woke up in Thursday morning a little earlier than normal. My mouth tasted a little rough, probably because I'd had a biscuit and drink after brushing my teeth last night, and couldn't be bothered to brush them again. Besides, there was a weird pleasantness in waking with a slightly smelly mouth with braces.

It's strange how, because I wasn't wearing the braces during the day, when I put them in in the evening, they felt a bit 'alien', but after I had slept with them in, they felt very much more 'normal'. Actually, the same applied when I managed to wear them all day at the weekend, or on the plane back home.

So, as far as my braces story went, I theoretically got them last night, after work. I also got my headgear, and would have managed to wear it for maybe 3 hours before going to bed. My ortho would have told me to start gently, and increase your hours over the first week, so 3 hours wear on the first evening would be credible. In reality, I decided not to actually wear my headgear at all last night!

Oh, yeah, last night I also looked up the names and addresses of two orthos, near-ish, but not local, so if someone asks who my ortho is, I can tell them. If they have braces themselves, then I will need to ask the question first, just in case they are at one of them, as I'll need to be at the other!

I made a fresh coffee using my AeroPress machine, and had some Shreddies (cereals), which of course left mess in my mouth and braces. Yes, I could have removed my braces to eat my breakfast, but where would be the fun in that? I had to get used to wearing them, so that they felt 'normal' during the day. Then it was into the shower: after washing, I removed my braces, and brushed my teeth, and then the braces, which I finally slipped back into my mouth. After drying myself, I dressed, then pulled out one of the simple 'portable braces kits' I'd put together in Asia (consisting of a ziplock bag, a toothbrush, a small tube of toothpaste, a few of those tiny 'interstices brushes', plus some wax) into my bag.

I was VERY nervous as I left home: today was the first day of 'being braced': I would be walking into my office with braces on my teeth. I don't think it was actually the fact that they were fakes that was making me nervous, simply the fact that my teeth would - apparently - have metal brackets on them. I had gone over the 'back story' many times: 'no, I know my front teeth look fine, it's a problem with my back teeth and my bite. I'll have them for about 6 to 9 months' - that time could easily be extended if I wanted it to, treatment could easily be 'a bit slower than expected'.

I walked to the bus stop, where there were already of couple of others waiting. I gave a slight (metal) smile as I got there, but I don't suppose anyone noticed.... and if they did, they probably didn't care. The bus arrived about 5 minutes later, and I ended up standing in the area opposite the middle door. Being morning, there were several school kids on the bus, with a couple of them sat next to where I was standing. A young lady looked up at me, and I spotted that, like me, she had brackets on her teeth (well, ALMOST like me!), and I smiled at her, and she smiled back: a tiny chill went down my back.

During the bus journey, I thought back to when I first wore these braces, a few weeks ago, how the brackets would catch a bit on my lips and my cheeks.... whilst I was now used to that, it would be something that I'd now need to slightly lie about.

Finally, a few minutes early, I got to work. I so wanted to shout out 'hey everyone, look, I got braces', but as a guy in my mid 20's, if I'd just got braces for real, I'd certainly not do that. The silly thing is that, despite wanting to shout about them, I was finding myself feeling quite awkward, sort of embarrassed about them. I was half thinking about sneaking somewhere quiet, and taking them out. I mean, what if someone found out that I was a fraud, that these were actually fake braces, and not real at all? That would be SOOOO embarrassing, wouldn't it?

At my desk, I took my bag off my shoulder, and sat down. I wasn't really quite sure what to do.... which I realised is probably how I'd feel if I'd just got REAL braces. I got up again, took a deep breath, and then walked to the kitchen, to get a coffee. As a newly braced person, having a coffee is definitely something I would still do. The kitchen was actually empty when I walked in, so I grabbed a cup from the cupboard, put in a spoon of instant coffee, then filled it just over 3/4 full with almost boiling water from the hot water drinks heater, then topped it up with a bit of cold water.

"G'morning Danny" said Simon, who had just walked through the door. I turned, and replied "Good morning, Simon...", and smiled a little, giving him the chance to hopefully see a little bit of metal in my mouth. I don't know if he did or didn't, as he said nothing (and to be honest, I wasn't expecting him to say anything either).

Back at my desk, I opened my laptop, and turned it on. While I waited for it to boot up, I took a sip of coffee. I was just logging into the email when James arrived, he sits at the desk opposite me.

"Hi James!" I said, trying to be as 'normal' as possible.

"Oh, hi there Danny! Hey, did you manage to fix that problem that you were working on yesterday afternoon?"

"No, not yet" I replied, "I thought I'd take another look at it shortly, with fresh eyes, maybe it will make more sense today!". Because I had worn my braces quite a lot in the last few weeks, I was able to talk quite clearly, without the initial slight lisp that the plastic plates had given me. I was trying hard to let my brackets catch on my lips a bit, and let that naturally affect my speech.

And the morning continued pretty much like that. No one made a comment about my 'new braces', and I started to wonder if anyone had actually noticed them!

At lunchtime, I went out and got a sandwich... I needed something really easy to eat, so I went for a simple ham and cheese on white bread. I took it back to the office, along with the drink I also bought, and went into our 'break room' (which is also our kitchen) to eat it. For convenience, I sat at one of the tables. In order to appear realistic, I was taking small bites of the sandwich. Of course, the remnants of it got stuck in my braces.

Several minutes later, of of the admin girls came and joined me. We started chatting while we ate our sandwiches, and then she commented "Hey, you got braces!". HOORAY! Someone not only noticed, but has said something!

"Yeah, I only got them yesterday..." I lied

"I don't really remember you having crooked teeth..."

"No, it's actually not an issue my front teeth, it's more to do with my rear ones, and they way they bite together". I was worried that someone would ask me to show them what I meant, but at least, with a mouth full of food, that wasn't going to happen!

"How they feeling so far? I remember when I had braces as a teen, the first week was hard"

"Not too bad, actually. The painkillers help, of course" I replied. The conversation quickly moved on, and that was my excitement for the day! Well, apart from having to brush my teeth after lunch.

Unfortunately, our toilets at work are the sort with shared facilities... so urinal(s), cubicle(s) and shared sink(s), which meant I had no privacy for brushing my teeth. I guess I could use the 'disabled' toilet, that's something I ought to look at. I can't imagine anyone would complain about my wanting a bit of privacy to brush my teeth and braces. However, today I used one of the normal toilets, and brushed my teeth and braces with the braces in my mouth. Ok, so not the first time I've done that, but whilst it's pretty ok at getting the food out of the actual brackets, some of it still gets under your plates. Which meant my braces were slightly smelly when I got home.


I had a pretty quiet evening at home that night. Friday at work was again fairly boring, although Simon did briefly comment about the fact that I'd got braces.

On Friday evening, I had dinner at home, then met up with a small group of friends at the pub. Drinking is definitely ok to do with either real of fake braces. I'd normally have a packet of crisps at some point, but decided that, as a braces wearer, especially one who'd just got braces, my teeth would still feel rather delicate to eat crisps. I read online that crisps could possibly knock of a bracket - hmmm, not really convinced on that, to be honest. And for a fake brace wearer, I suspect I'd get the same issue that I had at lunchtime, of a small amount getting under my plates. So, I didn't have any crisps or nuts.

A couple of the girls in the group spotted that I'd got braces, so I gave them my rehearsed story, which they seemed to accept. One of them spent a couple of minutes relating her pains of having braces as a teenager - her issues were more to do with (a lack of) peer acceptance than the pain of having them.

Back at home, as far as my theoretical HG wear goes, I doubt I would have had much time to wear it much before going to bed, so I'd clearly need to start wearing it more at the weekend!

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 5


I very much wanted to wear my headgear out in public when I went out to do my shopping at the local supermarket. My main worry was to do with meeting people I knew from work: they knew that I had only 'got my braces' on Wednesday after work, so might question why I was already wearing headgear in public. The good news is that, in the year plus of living here, I've never seen anyone from work locally. Yes, I might bump into someone else I knew, but they wouldn't know when I had 'got my braces', so whilst seeing me in headgear might seem a bit odd, I could actually use the old 'I'm wearing it to catch up on my hours' story.

I would only wear an upper facebow, but I needed to decide what headgear to wear: I had, of course, a choice of a neck-strap, a high-pull, and an Interlandi. If I really wanted to stand out, I could wear my yellow high-pull! In the end, I decided to go for the more sedate dark blue high-pull.

I'd had my breakfast (I decided to eat breakfast without my braces!), and had showered and brushed my teeth and braces, so before I put my braces back into my mouth, I inserted one of my facebows into my top appliance. Then it was a matter of making sure my hair was ok, putting the high-pull on my head, then pulling very slightly on the force modules I hooked the headgear onto the ends of my facebow. As I normally did, the pressure was the lowest I could get away with, whilst still having some actual positive pressure... without some pressure, as I moved my head, the headgear could go slack, and not look right.

I could feel my heart pumping as I opened the front door: this was the first time I had worn my headgear in public since I'd been back in London. Yes, I'd worn my headgear out in public quite a bit when over in Asia: in fact, in my third week, when I was 'on holiday', I wore some form of headgear quite a bit. But out in Asia, hardly anyone knew me, and while I was travelling, the only person that knew me and saw me was Mei, and she had actually made half of my braces! But in London, I knew quite a few people, some of whom could easily just happen to be at the shops. the good news is that they didn't know that I officially got my braces a couple of days ago.

I started by walking to the local supermarket, where I usually did my main weekly shopping. The couple of roads near my house were quiet, but as I got closer to the main road, with the many shops, there were people around. Once on the actual main road, there were quite a few people around (not surprising, as it was a shopping area on a Saturday morning!)... people who might look at me and stare embarrassingly at me and my headgear. I could tell that my heart rate was up, so was my breathing rate.... I was scared.

So why the heck do I do things like go out in my fake braces and headgear? Well, because all that worry and stress, and elevated breathing and heart rates were actually quite a turn on! The possibility that I could walk straight into someone I knew was incredibly scary... and such fun at the same time!

My eyes scanned around, hoping to spot someone looking at me, but I was sadly disappointed: everyone was busy doing their own thing. Of course, in London, we have such an ethnic mix of people, so things like turbans and hijabs are now quite 'normal', so people just don't look at others.

It was really only when I walked past the security guard standing by the entrance in the supermarket that I spotted him looking at me, with a slight smile on his face. I felt a tiny shiver go down my spine... that was a good start!

Now that I was inside the store, people were not just walking past me.... however, they were very much in their own 'bubbles', looking for the cheese, the cereals, the coffee, the milk. I decided I needed to interact with the staff, so went to the deli counter. Guy in his early 20's came over to me.

"Yes, sir, what can I get you?" he asked, looking straight at me. At my face. At my headgear. A shiver went through me.

"Ah, can I have a vanilla slice please?". He used some tongs to put one into a bag, and passed it over to me.

"Anything else?" he asked, once again looking at me. I think I saw him trying to suppress a slight smile.

"No thanks" I replied.

I continued to walk around the store, and asked a couple of different members of store staff where to find things, purely to see if there would be any reaction to my headgear. It was only when I asked a third member of staff, a teenager who I guess worked weekends, and who herself had braces. She smiled when she looked up at me, showing me her large NHS brackets. I asked her where to find 'popping corn', and as she lead me there, she quietly commented "rather you than me wearing that headgear!".

"I'm several hours down on my wear this week, so I need to catch up a bit" I lied in reply. It felt so good to talk about my braces!

The rest of my supermarket shop was uneventful, even the guy on the checkout managed to neither smile nor comment. After that, I had a bit of a wander around the other shops: I think I might have caught one or two people sneakily looking my way, but that's as far as it went. Eventually, I walked back home with my shopping.

Back home, I took my high-pull headgear off, then took my braces out of my mouth, leaving the upper facebow in the braces. It felt very strange to not have braces in my mouth, but at the same time it was nice to have a short break from them. Wearing these braces so much really makes me understand and appreciate what people with real braces go through.


Early that afternoon I had a call from a girl I knew, she asked if I fancied joining her and a few others that evening - it was her friend's birthday - and they were going out for a Chinese meal. Whilst I had eaten several meals over in Asia with my braces in, and a smaller number back here in England, I was still a little apprehensive. However, I knew that Chinese food tended to be fairly easy to eat - besides, I actually like Chinese food - so I said yes.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 6

Sat Evening, Chinese meal

We all met at a pub, where we had a drink, and a chat.

"Hi Danny..." said Janice as I arrived at the pub. I went over to her and gave her a hug, and she kissed me on my cheek. I've  known Janice for a couple of years now, we've become good friends. She works at the Natural History Museum, doing some sort of scientific research. Like me, she's a bit nervous about getting to know new people, and hasn't actually had a boyfriend since I've known her. We did try going out as a couple, but after just 2 weeks we both realised that, while we got on really well, enjoying each other's company, there just wasn't that sort of 'spark' between us to make a relationship work, so we remained very good friends, with occasional 'benefits'. Although I'd not seen her since before going to Asia.

Whilst Janice is far from actually being ugly, she's not a model either. Naturally her hair is light brown, but today she has it does in a gentle red, and it goes down to her shoulders. Her eyebrows are bold: not big and fat like some girls, but again not thin and whispy. She has mascara on her eyelashes and she has a bold red lip-gloss on her lips. One thing about Janice that I'm not too keen on is that I think she wears a touch too much makeup.

In terms of her body, she's about the same height as me, a medium frame, neither fat nor skinny, and has a nice pair of c-cup boobs.

"Hi Janice, good to see you again!" I replied with a smile. It was always nice to go out with a group of people you knew, especially when Janice was one of them.

"Hey, are those braces you got there?" she asked me. OMG, someone is actually interested in my braces!

"Well spotted, yeah..." I said as casually as I could.

"So how long you had those then?"

"I got them fitted on Wednesday, after work" I lied

"Go on, give me a quick smile..." she said. I smiled, making sure to keep my mouth closed, so that she wouldn't see my lower plate, or the wires over my teeth. Hopefully she didn't spot where the wires went around the archwires, just behind my canines either.

"They look good on you..... but why do you actually need them? Your teeth look pretty straight". Once again I explained that 'my problem isn't with my front teeth, it's with my back teeth'....

"So how long are we going to see you for with a lovely metal smile then?". I wasn't sure whether that was a 100% innocent question, or one from someone who had certin 'desires'. Oh, come on, Danny, this is Janice you're talking to, she's not the sort of person to have a braces fetish. Is she?

"Probably about 9 months, maybe a a bit sooner, maybe a bit longer". Luckily at that point I was saved by another couple of the group arriving, the last of this evening's group. After everyone had had their drink, we walked along to the Chinese restaurant.

The meal was quite nice: there were 8 of us, and we all knew each other, and we sat around a large round table, that had a turntable in the middle, where they put the food. So we all ordered different things, and got to try each others choices.

"So how was your trip to Asia?" asked Janice, "I've not seen you since you've been back!". I told her, and the others around us, about where I stayed, how the training went, and about my week of travelling. I told her about Mei, but didn't say anything about braces at all.

Eating the food with my braces was a bit of a challenge: had they been just real braces, I think I would have been ok, but the plates made it slightly harder, if only because your mouth was now a bit smaller. The food kept getting caught in my braces, and in my cheeks above and below the braces: you know how, without braces, you often get food in your cheeks? Well, normally you can just use your tongue to pull that food back into your mouth, but with braces, well, the braces are in the way. So whilst I was able to retrieve a bit of the food with my tongue, I resorted to swishing my mouth with a bit of the Chinese tea: it didn't get rid of everything, but it was better than nothing.

After the main course of course is desert, and I love Chinese deserts! Whilst the main course was "pay as you go" the deserts were in the form of a buffet. Some of the others went for the banana fritter (yes, I do actually like them, but not with my braces!), but I went for some almond tofu with some ice-creams.

By the end of the meal, we were all quite full, so we sat for a while, drinking a bit more of the Chinese tea, then we all decided it was time to go. Janice actually lives not far from me... same bus stop, it just that she lives to the north of the main road and the shops, I live to the south, we we walked together to the bus stop. The bus arrived about 10 minutes later, and 10 minutes after that we got to our stop, and got off the bus.

"Fancy coming back for a coffee?" she asked

"Yeah, ok..." I replied. It was just over a five minute walk to get to her place. The place was dark when we got there.

"Sonya is out with her boyfriend again, so it's just you and me...." she said, making hints. It was then that I had a slight panic... if we started kissing, and her tongue started exploring my mouth...... There wasn't actually anything I could actually do, it was rather too late now. I knew full well when I accepted Janice's offer of a coffee what she really meant!

Janice made us a coffee, and we went into the lounge area to drink it. As we drank, we chatted about this and that, then she leaned towards me, saying "I assume you've come here for a bit more than just a coffee", then put her lips to mine, and started to kiss me. Initially, it was just lip to lip, but soon her tongue was probing between my lips, and slipped in between them, running over my metal brackets. After a bit I pushed her tongue back, and used my tongue to feel her teeth. After a bit, Janice pushed her tongue back into my mouth, wanting to go between my teeth. Apprehensively, I opened my teeth a bit, letting her tongue through. Clearly, I couldn't feel anything apart from with my tongue, but I'm pretty sure she felt the plastic of my top plate, just behind my top teeth, although she never actually said anything.

"Hey" she said, finishing the kiss, "why don't we go to the bedroom....."


I woke the following morning with Janice behind me, with her arm over me. I carefully turned over to find that Janice was already awake.

"Good morning!" she said, "did you sleep well?"

"Yes, I did actually". She leaned to wards me, and our lips touched once more. Janice's breath was a bit rough, which didn't surprise me, as I don't remember her brushing them before we fell asleep. Mind you, my breath was probably just as bad: whilst I had brushed them at the restaurant, I had been planning on doing them properly when I got home. After several kisses just using our lips, our mouth moved closer together, and her tongue went into my mouth. After a while, she pushed her tongue between my teeth again, and I could feel her feeling the plate at the top of my mouth, as if she were thinking 'wtf?'.

I pulled away from her, ending the kiss. "Erm, Janice, erm, well, erm..." I stumbled "Janice... erm, there's something I think I need to tell you....". My stomach was full of butterflies, flapping away, and it felt like I was at the edge of a cliff, with a bottomless drop beneath. "You see, I have, erm... I erm, I like braces, and, erm.... well, these braces aren't actually real braces". Janice smiled with a lovely wide smile.

"Well that does explain things, I was starting to wonder, it felt weird feeling your plate. I had braces when I was a teen, and whilst I had metal brackets like yours, and I had retainers, but not at the same time."

"Oh, nice, I bet you looked cute with braces!"

"I'm not sure about being cute, but I wasn't over keen on them, especially the one with the plastic plate. So, you have a bit of a braces fetish do you, I often wondered what really turned you on, and now I know"

"So, what's YOUR secret then?"

"I'm not telling you! Probably no worse than having a thing for braces though!"

"Janice... please don't tell anyone else about this..."

"Don't worry, your secret is safe with me"

I put my lips to hers, and gave her a small kiss. "I can take them out if you like" I offered.

"Don't worry.... hey, fancy some breakfast?"

Janice got out of the bed, and put on her dressing gown, and I put on my pants, and we both went into the kitchen. While she made some coffee, I got a couple of dishes out, and found the cereals - yes, I'd had breakfast there a few times before! With the coffee made, we both moved to the lounge area of the kitchen / diner / lounge.

"Hey, would you like to stay for lunch?" suggested Janice. I'd had Sunday lunch with Janice and Sonya before, they usually had something like roast chicken with roast potatoes and veg, so I accepted

"Would you mind if I went home first, I could do with a shower, and putting on fresh clothes". I knew that, like mine, their shower was fairly small, so the concept of 'join me for a shower here' simply would not be mentioned!

"Of course... can you grab a bottle of wine on the way back though?"

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 7

<A fairly boring week... and then there's Saturday>

Sunday lunch was good, Sonya's boyfriend, Will, joined us. Whilst Sonya and Janice shared a flat, they didn't actually socialise together all that much. I had had a shower, changed, and brushed my teeth and braces before returning for lunch, and ate my lunch with my braces in. Sonya made a brief comment about my braces, and Janice kept my secret.

The following week at work was fairly normal and uninteresting, although a couple of other people did briefly comment about my having braces.

On Wednesday, after I got home, I decided to take out my fake brackets, and put in my twin-blocks - I do like them, there's so much plastic to them: not only does the plastic go over the occlusal surfaces of many of my molars, it also covers the front teeth of both my lowers and uppers, stopping just below the balls of the many ball clasps. I chose something very soft to eat, and actually ate with them in, which was not easy. I took them out to brush my teeth and braces, but then put them back into my mouth, and subsequently slept in them too. I've only ever slept in my twin-blocks once before, and like then, it felt very nice waking up with a mouth full of plastic.

I was feeling a bit bored on Thursday, so after work I called Janice, and asked if she fancied going out to see a film. We had a pleasant evening together, and on the way back, we chatted.

"Maybe we should try getting together again?" I suggested "Maybe it will work second time around."

"You obviously have a short memory... so no thank you! Danny, I really like spending time with you, being with you, and occasionally 'doing things together in the bedroom', but I cherish the fact that we also have a load of time apart. That's what screwed us up last time, being too close to each other, too much of the time"

"Yeah, I guess so. It's just that... well, things get a bit lonely at times..."

"Yeah, I know what you mean, and I'm happy to be there for you, same as you've been there for me on a few occasions I've needed it". She slipped her arm around me as we waited for the bus to arrive. Yes, definitely a strange relationship!

When we got off the bus, neither offered the other 'a coffee'... it was a week day, and it was getting late, so we went our own ways.

Finally, it got to Saturday. Now, last weekend, I went to the local shops, at the top of my road, whilst wearing my headgear. This weekend I decided I would go into town, and wear my headgear there. There would be loads more people, and a much higher chance of meeting someone I knew. The thought was both scary as hell, and exciting!

I've been 'wearing my braces with night-time headgear wear for just over a week now. The reality of it is that I wore some sort of braces to bed on 7 of the 9 nights, and I actually slept in my Interlandi headgear one night too, and I will admit that I was surprised quite how disrupting to my sleep it was. Anyway, if I were doing it for real, then I'd be up to full-night headgear wear by now, so claiming to be 'low on my hours' was actually quite easy, especially as I'd been out with Janice on Thursday evening.

Janice... yes, I do like her, but she was right the other night: things don't work for us if we see too much of each other. About 9 months ago, we decided to see if 'being a couple' would work for us. We saw each other pretty much every day, and after 3 weeks, we had a bit of an argument, after which we sat down and chatted about things, and realised that, whilst we both had feelings for the other, and feel really comfortable in each other's company, we simply didn't work as a couple.

But there were times when one of us either needed or wanted company, and at those times, the other would do their best to be there. All of which is a bit of a shame, as she's a very sexy lady, great to talk to, and is exactly the sort of girl I'd like to settle down with.

So, where was I... yes, going to town in my headgear. Last week I wore my high-pull, but today I think I'm going to wear my Interlandi. The Interlandi is actually quite comfortable, especially when the pressure on the elastics is low (which is the way I wear it when wearing it for more than 10 or 20 minutes). Plus, of course, there is the 'advantage' that it is a bit more visible (and I'm guessing real headgear wearers would say that was it's biggest DISadvantage!)

So I put on my headgear and my coat, and walked up the road to the main road, where I could catch the bus into town. There were a few people on the bus, but no one really seemed to care or notice...

Town was quite busy. As last weekend, most people's attention was elsewhere. Near the bus stop was a group of teens, and I walked near them, I could see one of them pointing me out to the others, and smiling. I felt strangely embarrassed. I bet I looked quite odd, a guy in his mid 20s, wearing headgear in public. I mean, headgear is a kid's thing, and they would never, if at all possible, wear it out in public!

I went into one of those 'cheap books' shops, and had a look around. They had some permanent markers going cheap, so I grabbed a pack, and went to the checkout. There was a teenager on the till, and when she saw my headgear, she smiled, revealing a nice set of medium sized metal braces, with a couple of elastics on the front. I smiled back, letting her see my braces too.

"Two pounds, please" she said after she scanned my markers. I pulled out my card and held it over the card terminal for a couple of seconds.

"Thank you" I replied as I took my receipt and markers. A slight shiver of excitement ran through me.

I was walking along the pedestrian precinct when I heard a voice to my left. "Hi Danny!" said Janice. I turned and looked at her: I'm not quite sure who was shocked the most, me or her.

"Oh, hi there, Janice" I replied, as calmly and normally as possible.

"Nice addition to your braces there, Danny. Let me guess, you're down on your wear time and your mum insisted on you wearing it to town!". Her comment made me laugh.

"Sounds to me like you're talking from experience"

"I am actually, but only the once. God, it was sooooo embarrassing! Never did it again though."

"You had headgear as a kid? You never mentioned it last night!"

"Well, it's not the sort of thing you really want to admit to, is it? Besides, you never said anything about your headgear either!". We started walking along together. "So where did you get these braces from then? And don't you find it embarrassing wearing it?".

I explained how I'd got the braces when I was in Asia. I didn't tell her quite how many bits I'd actually bought: she already knew I was 'a bit wierd', there was no need to change that to 'completely weird'. "And yes, it is a bit embarrassing, although this isn't the first time I've worn it out in public. But that's part of the excitement of wearing it out. And I think it's a lot easier as an adult than as a teenager, all that peer-pressure has gone."

"Hey, can you drink coffee with it on?" she asked

"Why, fancy a coffee?"

"Yeah, I do.... come on...". We went into one of the larger coffee shops, and joined the queue. When you are not moving (so not in a big shop, or in the street) there's a lot more opportunity for people to see you, to look at you, and potentially stare at you if you are 'slightly out of the ordinary'. I was rather hoping that someone might be staring at me.

"Don't you worry about people looking at you, even staring at you?" asked Janice

"That's part of the fun, the slight embarrassment, slight awkwardness. It's probably no worse than if I had a strange haircut, or was a girl wearing rather revealing clothes."

By now we were at the front of the queue, and the serving guy was looking at me. "What would you like, sir?"

"A large Americano for me... Janice?"

"Can I have a flat white, please?

"Anything else?". I looked over to Janice, then back to our server. "No thanks...". I paid, and a couple of minutes later we took our coffees and sat down at a free table, which was pretty much right in the middle of the shop. I took the seat that looked to the front of the shop, so that anyone entering might see me.

"You're quite enjoying this, aren't you?"

"Well, if I wasn't, I wouldn't be wearing it!"

"Fair comment. So, can you drink the coffee with it in?"

"I have manged to drink with it in before, but it's not easy, but I intend to make a fool of myself by trying! Then I'll take it out while everyone watches". I picked up my cup, and put it up to my mouth, just in front of my facebow (I had tried drinking with it just under my facebow once before, but that was a disaster!), then pushed my lips out. Luckily this facebow fitted between my lips, so I didn't have to push my lips out all that much.... I then tipped the cup up a little, and sucked at the coffee. It would have been a bit easier if the coffee wasn't quite as hot.

I decided that I would remove my headgear.... as obviously as possible, I unhooked the two elastics from the loops on the end of the facebow, then took off my interlandi headgear, putting it onto the table. Then I gently pulled on my facebow, removing is from my mouth, and put it with my headgear on the table.

"So, was your headgear the same as this one?" I asked Janice.

"No, I just had a strap around my neck. I'm guessing you chose this one because it's a bit more visible?"

"Yes, I did, you know me too well! I actually have some neck straps, and a couple of 'high-pulls' too, so I have a choice. So, now you know my 'dirtly little secret'.... so what's yours?"

"Oh, no... no way am I telling you any of my secrets....".

We chatted as we drank our coffee. Without my headgear acting as a beacon, I was far less obvious in the coffee shop.

"Hey, want to join me on Wednesday evening? I'm going out with Sonya, and some of her friends for an Italian meal, I'm sure she won't mind you coming along."

"Yeah, ok, you know I like going out....."

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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As usual, I am enjoying your story. I look forward to reading more of this one. I have been adding the chapters to TheArchive as you have been posting them and have combined them into one file.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 8

Thursday, daytime

I've been back in London now for about a month, and I've been wearing my (fake) brackets full time now for just on 2 weeks. Well, when I say full time, I have slept without them a couple of times, plus I do, of course, enjoy 'having some fun' with my other braces.

Last night (Wednesday) I met up with a small group of friends for a meal out at a nice Italian restaurant. There were 10 of us in total, but I didn't recognise several of them. I was sat in one of the end seats, with Janice sat opposite me. Next to Janice was Steve, someone I've vaguely known for a year or so. Sonya and Will were at the far end of the table.

But next to Steve (and thus in the middle of the 5 seats opposite me) was a girl I didn't recognise. She had lovely long red hair, was VERY pretty, and very smartly dressed. A couple of bits of nice jewellery too, I'm not talking cheap tacky stuff, it was all clearly up-market. Not too much makeup, and a lovely smile too, with lovely straight teeth.

And very definitely WAY out of my league!

We did exchange a few words, but where she was sat made any conversation a little difficult, besides, she was mainly talking to Sonya and a couple of others at the far end of the table. I did discover that her name was Amanda, and that she did live in the area.... and that was about it.

So I was quite a surprised to get a call from Janice the following day: "It seems you have an admirer"

"An admirer?"

"Remember that redhead last night, Amanda? Sat in the middle of the table, a couple of seats from me? It's come along a bit of a chain, but Sonya called me earlier, as she knew I had your number, and the message is along the lines of 'please pass this number to Danny, and ask him to call Amanda'. I'll forward it to you in a moment."

"Well, it can't be to ask me out on a date, she's way out of my league!"

"Don't underestimate yourself, Danny!... hey, maybe she fancies 'a bit of rough'?" said Janice with a laugh. We chatted for a bit, then after we finished, she sent me the number.

I'll admit, it's been a while since a girl has given me her number, and I've never had a number passed along to me like this before, it's always because I've asked her for it. I went and grabbed a coffee to calm myself, then went into an empty meeting room. After a couple of deep breaths, I called the number. It rang five times, then she answered.

"Hello, this is Amanda Spencer" said a very nice voice, but in a very formal way.

"Hi, Amanda, this is, err, Danny, we... we met briefly last night at the Italian restaurant, and.... I got a message to call you..."

"Oh, hi Danny, thanks for calling!". Her tone had instantly changed from a very formal business sort of voice, to a very much friendlier one. "We never really got a chance to talk last night, did we?... look, I was kinda wondering if you'd let me take you out for a drink tonight?".

To say I was surprised is an understatement. I've never actually been asked out by a girl before (well, apart from Janice, but she's a friend), it's always me doing the asking... and especially not one as nice as her. I mean, what did she see in me?

"Yes, sure, that would be nice.." I replied. In fact, it would be 10 times better than 'nice'.

"Oh, great... how does 7:30 at Jason's Wine Bar sound?"

"Yes, I know the place, and 7:30 will be fine"

"Look, I have to go, but I'll see you tonight. You have my number if there's any problems!"

"Ok, see you tonight!".

Wow, so I have a date tonight with a really hot redhead! I just hope I don't screw it up.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Nice job, keep it going!

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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I'm glad you kept this one going and explored what happened back home.  I finally got caught up on this story yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it so far.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 9

Thursday evening - at the Wine Bar

It was just after 7:20, and I was walking through town towards the Wine Bar, when I got a text: "Sorry, will be 5 to 10 minutes late.... A". I continued walking, but went a bit more slowly. The wine bar is in a pedestrian area, and almost outside of the wine bar are some seats, so I decided to sit there, rather than go into the wine bar: I'll be honest, Jason's Wine Bar isn't the sort of place I normally go, and I felt a bit uneasy going in by myself.

As I waited, I ran my tongue over my braces.... over the metal brackets, and over my plastic plates. Luckily, when Janice had kissed me, and discovered about my braces, she seemed to be pretty ok about things - in fact, she's not said a single thing about my braces being fake since - but would all girls be so ok about it? I mean, if I should ever get to kiss Amanda, I wondered how she would react. I'll be honest, I was miles away, when I was surprised by a voice to my left.

"Hi, I'm sorry I'm late, I got caught up at work..." said Amanda, who had just sat down next to me. I turned to her.

"Oh, hi... I was miles away, daydreaming..."

"About me, I hope!" she said, looking at me with a lovely smile on her face. "Come on, let's go in and have a drink...."

As we walked in, I looked at how she was dressed - she was very smart, actually quite formal: a black skirt just above her knees, a pale blue top with a black jacket over it, dark tights, and simple yet very smart shoes with medium heels. But boy did those clothes fit her so perfectly. Her hair, which seemed to be naturally red, went halfway down her back, and was currently tied in a ponytail - unlike yesterday, when she had it down. She wore a simple, yet classy, locket around her neck, a pair of simple - but clearly up-market - ear-rings, two very nice rings on one finger, one more on another finger, and a delicate bracelet on her left wrist. Mascara on her eyelashes, a little bit of makeup, but with bold red lips. Her hands were nice too, with nicely manicured fingernails, painted with the same shade of red as her lip-gloss. Her whole  look put out several messages, including 'I know what I'm doing', 'I'm professional', 'I do things properly' as well as 'I'm a woman!'. I was still at a loss to understand what she saw in me: I am a pretty average guy, with an uninteresting haircut, and braces (and even they are fakes!)

She led me to a table nearer the back of the wine bar. "So, what would you like to drink?" she asked, highlighting the drinks list on the table. "They do beers as well as wine, if you'd prefer". I'm not really much of a wine person, so I looked at the list of beers. Mainly lagers, but I did see that they had bottles of Doom Bar, so asked for one of those.

"I guess you've probably eaten already, haven't you? Would you mind if I got something, I haven't had a chance to eat since breakfast, I've been so busy at work today...."

"I'm ok, but you go ahead"

"Thanks". A few moments later, a waiter came over, and she ordered the beer for me, a large red wine for herself, plus a chicken salad.

"So what is it you do, that's keeping you so busy?" I asked.

"I'm sorry, we know nothing about each other, do we? Let me start by introducing myself properly: I'm Amanda Spencer, and I'm a barrister, a lawyer. I work in chambers at the other end of town. I was asked to look at a new, and rather important, case today: that's why I couldn't stay on the phone too long earlier, I was about to meet my client. What about you? All I know is that your name is Danny, and I think I overheard that you recently went over to Asia". As she spoke, she looked straight at me.

"So, yes, I'm Danny... Danny Jones. I'm a technical person, and yes, I was over in Asia almost two months ago, training up a small group of engineers on our product, then helping them install it. And after that, I took advantage of the fact I was there, and had a week being a tourist".

We chatted for a while, she explained that her parents lived in the West Country, her dad was an actuary, and her mum used to be an accountant, but had long since given that up to look after her and her brother and sister, and now that they had all grown up, was 'a philanthropist' who does quite a bit of charity work

"So what made you want to be a barrister then? And what does a barrister actually do?"

"Well, dad knows quite a lot of important people, one of his friends used to be a barrister, but is now a High Court Judge. He used to tell us stories about some of his cases, and I found them fascinating, and he inspired me - and helped me - to go into law. The bad news is that it can be very hard work at times, with stupid hours. The good news is that it keeps my brain occupied, plus I get to meet all sorts of people, with all sorts of different issues". She went on to briefly explain how barristers tend to be legal specialists, often working on tiny points of law, and the ones you see on TV in court in wigs and a gown!

"And is business good?"

"I've been very lucky. I'm in a great chambers, and in the last couple of years, I've picked up a number of really good business customers. So what about you? Tell me a bit about yourself."

As I started telling her about my family, her salad arrived, so while she ate, I told her that my dad was a manager at an engineering company, which sort of inspired me to go into the technical side of things. Mum was a secretary, but then became a full-time mother, and recently has been helping out at the local school, as a teaching assistant. My sister works as an administrator at the hospital.

"So how old are your brother and sister?" I asked

"My brother is 25, so 4 years younger than me, and my sister is 2 years older than me". I did a very quick calculation - Amanda is 29. "How old is your sister? Older or younger?" she asked

"Funnily enough, she's the same age as you, and I'm the same age as your brother!". The 4 year difference in our age didn't seem to worry her at all. "What else can I tell you? I rent a 1 bed flat, it's nothing special. Whilst I drive, I decided not to get a car, so tend to get around on the bus and tube, or occasionally an Uber." As I spoke she kept looking at me, so obviously she found me reasonably attractive. "I think you said the other night that you live around here too?"

"Yes, I have a flat, takes about 10 minutes to drive into the office"

"So what sort of work do you do? Anything exciting? Murderers? I mean, am I allowed to ask what you were doing today when I called?"

"To be honest, whilst the criminal work may sound exciting, there's very little money in it. No, I specialise in IP - Intellectual Property, so things like Patents, Copyright, Trademarks. Today I've been talking with a company being sued by another company, for copyright infringement"

"So I guess you'll be going to court then?"

"Hopefully not, it's much better if we can negotiate out of court, it actually works better for both sides. Today was our first meeting for this claim, so I was trying to get a feel for what the claim was all about, how much was involved. Anyway, that's work.... I'd much rather learn more about you.... ok, so what sort of music do you like? What sort of food do you like? That sort of stuff..."

We continued chatting for a while, she seemed to be quite open in telling me about herself, although I suspected that she was maybe playing things down a bit.

"Danny, I'm sorry to have to do this, but I'm going to have to go - I need to do some preparation for being in court tomorrow morning. Tell you what, why don't I give you a lift home, then we can chat on the way? My car is at my office, will only take 5 minutes to walk there"

She paid the bill, and as we walked together to her office, she said "Are you doing anything on Saturday evening?"

"No, I don't think so"

"In that case, can I take you out for dinner? But can I let you choose somewhere you like? It doesn't matter if it's a 5-star restaurant or MacDonald's, it's just that I sensed you were a little uneasy back there in the wine bar, and I'd much rather be somewhere where you feel relaxed. You have my number, just text or WhatsApp me the details". By this point we were walking into a small car park at the back of a very swanky looking building. There was just one car in the car park - a dark metallic blue Tesla. She pressed the remote, and the lights all flashed.

"Hop in then... and what's your postcode?". I got into the car, and looked around: almost everything inside was red, with a bit of black, it looked quite sporty. A huge LCD screen in the middle came on as she turned the car on. She typed my postcode in, and the map filled the screen: it's kinda like using Google Maps on your PC... but in the car! I heard almost nothing as she drove off.

"Nice car!" I said

"Yes, I got a good price on it earlier in the year, it wasn't actually new, but you have to admit, the red interior is rather cool!"

The more I found out about her, it was clear that she didn't have any money issues - Tesla cars aren't cheap, neither was the way she dressed or the few bits of jewelery she wore. As she drove, rather than seeing the front of her face, I saw the side. Her complexion was perfect, her face and jawline were exquisite, and the red hair just beautiful.

"Ok, here we are, which one's your place? she asked

"Over there, the one with the lamppost outside". My flat was on the first floor of a converted house - it wasn't anything special, but it was something I could afford, and was big enough for me.

I was about to open my door to get out, when she motioned at me with her finger. She leaned towards me, and gave me a gentle kiss on my cheek. "Thanks for tonight, I'm sorry we had to cut it short, but I really enjoyed it - see you on Saturday!"

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 10

Friday - an unexpected lunch date

Well, that had been a pleasant surprise, and one I hadn't fully expected. But I was still a bit perplexed by what she saw in me. It's clear that she lives in a very different world to me (as I said before, 'way out of my league'), but clearly realised that from the way she had asked ME to choose somewhere to go eat on Saturday, she wanted to do things that made me feel more comfortable, and I can't think of many girls I've met that would do that.

Back at home, I went to the bathroom, removed my braces, and rinsed out my mouth and my braces: I didn't bother brushing my teeth, as I'd shortly be going to bed, and would do it then. I made myself a warm drink, then sat and watched a bit of TV, whilst at the same time thought of where we could go for dinner on Saturday. I was trying to think of somewhere pleasant, yet comfortable... not too up-market.

With my drink and the TV program finished, I went into the bathroom, removed my braces, and brushed my teeth and braces. Whilst I was wearing my fake brackets pretty much 24/7 these days, I only get to see them when I take them out to clean them, and it was still nice to spend a moment looking at them.


Friday, just before lunch, I got a message "Hey, court finished earlier than expected, would you like to meet up for coffee and a sandwich at Pret? Amanda". My heart rate suddenly went up.

"Would love to... I can be there for about 12:35, that ok?" I replied

"I'll meet you outside...." she replied a few moments later.

"Someone looks rather happy today" said Sanjay, one of my colleagues.

"Yeah, it looks like I'm having lunch with a girl I just met"

"Nice... I hope she's pretty"

"Oh, yes, very pretty!" I replied, then thought to myself 'and out of both yours and my league... so why....?'

I went into the loo just before I left, to brush my teeth. I've started using the disabled toilet, which is close to reception, to brush my teeth - I had had a word with our receptionist, Brinda, and she said that no-one would mind. In fact, I left my toothbrushes (one normal, or with a tiny head) and toothpaste in there, along with a small note, saying they were mine, it made things so much easier. Because I was in there by myself, I was able to take out my braces to brush my teeth, which made it a lot easier. I wore my braces so much now, that it actually felt strange when they weren't in my mouth, as I could then actually feel my gums and my palate!

I walked the 5 minutes to Pret, and there she was, waiting outside. She was dressed pretty much as yesterday, clearly in her work clothes, so a black skirt, and a white blouse with a black jacket over it, dark tights, and simple yet very smart shoes with medium heels. Today, she had undone the ponytail, and her lovely red hair was nicely around her shoulders, and down her back.

"Hi there!" I said as I got to her.

"Hi Danny" she replied with an absolutely beautiful smile - not one of those forced smiles, but one that seemed 100% natural. Just seeing her raised my heart rate (and probably my blood pressure too!). She stepped a tiny bit closer to me, then gave me a tiny kiss, on my lips. That really surprised me, I was definitely not expecting THAT!

Inside Pret, I grabbed a pre-made sandwich (I would have much preferred a nice crispy roll, but you definitely need something nice and soft when you have fake braces!), she grabbed a salad, then we joined the queue.

"How can I help you?" asked the barista.

"I'll have an Americano... Amanda?"

"Oh, a Latte please"

I paid for the food and drinks, and we found a small table to sit at.

"So, if you finished early, does that mean you get the afternoon off then?" I asked. I knew that the answer would be no, but it gave us something to talk about.

"I wish!" she replied with a smile. "There's always something to do. I need to do some follow-up work on this morning's hearing, then I have a pile of documents to review for next week. It will be nice to maybe be slightly ahead of things for a change."

"I reckon you like being busy...."

"I do, actually, I hate getting bored" she replied. I noticed that, like the previous evening, she looked straight at my face as we talked, whereas most people find it a bit difficult to do that for more than a few seconds. I decided to ask her about it.

"So, I'm interested... why do you always look at me? Am I really so good looking?". That made her laugh

"It's a bit of a habit I have.... I've got used to looking for 'tells'... So, if I'm interviewing someone, or asking questions in court, it's useful to have an idea if someone is actually telling you the truth. Maybe they aren't actually telling a lie, but maybe they're only telling you part of the truth. And yes, you are actually quite handsome....". (Thinking back to this later on, I realised that maybe she wasn't actually telling the full truth)

"Only quite?"

"Yeah, I wouldn't want your ego to get too big.....". Now it was my turn to smile, letting her see my metal smile, complete with bits of sandwich stuck in it.

As we ate and drank our coffees, we continued chatting. She was such fun to talk to, she spoke nicely too, no doubt developed for suitably interacting with her corporate customers. But more than that, she understood how to make pleasant and intelligent conversation, how to keep the conversation going.

"So, would you like to meet up tonight then?" I suggested.

"Sadly, I can't, I have a dinner I need to go to, sort of work and pleasure. And tomorrow I have a family commitment... that's why I suggested tomorrow evening. Have you thought of a place yet?"

"Partly.... how do you like pub restaurants?"

"If it's half-decent, then yes...."

"Ok, I'll see about getting a reservation this evening...."

We finished off our lunch and coffee.

"Am I allowed to walk you back to work?" she asked me. So far we'd only managed to meet fleetingly, so I was happy to spend as much time with her as I could.

"Of course you can.....". I'd forgotten to bring my toothbrush kit out with me, so I'd have to brush my teeth and braces when I got back to the office.

As we started walking down the street, she took my hand...

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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I wasn't really quite sure how to finish this chapter without it being boring, so it's a strange chapter ending....


Chapter 11

Friday evening / Saturday morning.

I was on my way home, and the prospect of an evening at home by myself didn't really appeal, so I called Janice.

"Hey, fancy joining me at my place for dinner?" I asked Janice. Over the last couple of years, this is something we've done many times - it's so much nicer to have some company, rather than cooking for one, and eating it alone.

"Yeah, ok! What we having?" asked Janice

"I don't know yet, I've not bought it!" was my reply. "Anything particular you fancy?"

"One of those nice beef pies would be nice."

"Ok... maybe some oven-roasted veg to go with it?"

"Sounds good to me! And something that's bad for you for pudding.... I wonder if they have any lemon meringue pies?"

"Oh, yes, I love it when you talk dirty like that! I'll see what they have"

"Ok, I'll be leaving work in a moment, I'll pop home to change, then I'll be with you!"

As I sat on the bus, waiting for it to get to my stop, I ran my tongue over my braces. I still enjoyed the feel of having them in my mouth pretty well all the time - a strange combination of smooth plastic inside my mouth, and the sharper metallic feel of the brackets between my teeth and my cheeks. I could speak clearly whilst wearing them, and no-one, apart from Janice that is, knew that they were fakes. I suddenly had a terrible thought: if my 'relationship' with Amanda continued to improve, as I hoped it might, how would she react when she discovered I had fake braces? I mean, yeah, I can bluff for a bit, but at some point, if things go well, we're going to have a full-on kiss, involving tongues, and open mouths. And Amanda isn't stupid, she's going to know that fixed braces don't have plates. Ok, so sometimes you might have a plate in addition, like a bite plate, but that's just at the top, but certainly not at the bottom! And at some point I'd need to remove the 'plates', and I won't be able to do that without removing my braces at the same time.

I just hope she'll be ok with my strangeness. I will confess, I was surprised that Janice didn't get weirded out more than she did when I told her last weekend. But then again, we do know each other pretty well by now (which makes me wonder, what's HER secrets?)

I got off the bus, and went into the local Supermarket where, not only did I find one of those nice beef pies, I also found a tray of 'ready to put in the oven' mediterranean vegetables, as well as a 'ready to put in the oven' lemon meringue pie! I decided that custard wouldn't really work with it, so got some ice cream too. And there were a couple of bottles of beer on the shelf that were screaming out 'Danny, drink us!'

At home, I turned the oven on to let it heat up, while I changed into something a bit more relaxing, then put the main course into the oven. About 15 minutes later, I got a text from Janice: 'with you in a few minutes'.

"I got these on the way home" said Janice, giving me two bottles of beer as she came with me into the kitchen.

"Ah, they will go nicely with the two identical ones I bought!!" I said, opening them, and pouring them into a couple of glasses.

"So, I'm assuming you did actually call Amanda?" said Janice

"Yes, of course..." I replied


"And.... we've met up twice so far!"

"Twice??!!!!" said a very surprised Janice. I explained how we'd met at the wine bar on Thursday evening, albeit relatively briefly, then the bonus meet-up for lunch earlier today. And how she held my hand as she walked with me back to work.

"Wow, she definitely likes you! So tell me more about her...". I told her that Amanda was a barrister, aka a lawyer, had an office at the other end of town from where I worked, and I also told her about her family. "So, what does she see in me then?" I asked Janice

"You really must stop putting yourself down! You're not bad looking, and you are 'nice' to go with it. So, why you not seeing her again tonight then?"

"Unfortunately she's got some sort of dinner she has to go to. We're meeting again tomorrow evening though."

"Going somewhere nice, I hope?"

"The Black Bull, I hear they do nice food... do you know it?"

"Yeah, if it's the one I'm thinking of, then it's supposed to be quite reasonable. I'm sure you'll have a nice evening together"

"I get a feeling that we'll end up going out a handful of times, but she'll decide that she doesn't want to take our 'relationship' any further. But I guess I shouldn't complain."

We both enjoyed our dinner, chatting about girlfriends and boyfriends (or the lack of them), and other things that we usually chatted about, and after letting our food 'go down a bit', we walked to the local pub where, needless to say, we had a couple of drinks. After that, we went back to my place for a coffee.

We were sat together on my settee, when she leaned over and kissed me. "I'm thinking that, if you start actually going out with Amanda.... well, this could be our last chance to..... you know....." she suggested.

Ok, so I'm not ACTUALLY 'going out with Amanda' am I... yet? And I'm not all that sure that we'll get anywhere near that for a bit. So if I were to... you know... with Janice.... well, it wouldn't ACTUALLY be cheating on her, would it?

So I kissed Janice back.... her lips were on my lips, her tongue played with my tongue. I let her tongue into my mouth.... then she pulled it back out.

"Hey, I don't suppose you could take your braces out could you? It all feels a bit weird, and reminds me of bad times as a teen...".

I put my hand to my mouth, and removed my braces, first the top one, then the bottom one. My mouth definitely tasted rather stale, probably because I'd not actually bothered to brush them after dinner. "Let me go brush my teeth, unless you have a thing for guys with smelly mouths?....". I took my braces with me, and brushed my teeth and my braces, leaving the braces in my bathroom, then returned back to the settee.

Once again she put her mouth to mine, and we started kissing: it felt really strange being able to actually feel something touching the inside of my gums and my palate, and this time her kissing was much more enthusiastic.....

When I woke the following morning, Janice was still asleep, so I left her in the bed, and went quietly to the kitchen, where I put on the coffee machine. Clearly the smell of the fresh coffee had woken her, because just as I was pouring the coffee into a couple of mugs, Janice came into the kitchen, wearing my old dressing gown.

"Ah, attracted by the smell of coffee, eh?" I asked. "Here you go..." I continued, passing her one of the mugs.

"Thanks, I need a drink, I feel a bit dehydrated"

"Fancy some cereals?" I asked, opening the cupboard, and pulling out one of the packs for my breakfast.

"Yes please, they'll do just fine". I filled a couple of dishes, then put them, along with some milk and a couple of spoons, onto the table. I poured milk onto my cereals, then started eating. Something felt strange, then I suddenly realised that I didn't have my braces in my mouth.

"You're a bad influence on me!" I said to Janice. "I'm not wearing my braces!".

Janice smiled. "I really have a problem understanding what it is with you and your braces. I find it a bit strange simply coz I had braces as a kid, and didn't really like them, but apart from that, you know I'm pretty broad minded, but why? What is it about braces that you like?"

"Fair question, even this early in the morning. To help me explain, is there something that YOU like? Doesn't have to be weird in any way, could be as simple as liking wearing stockings, or wearing your hair in a bun...."

"Well, I guess there's my red-coloured hair"

"Ok, that's a good one.... when I first met you, it was your natural brown. Was this the first time you've coloured your hair... something makes me think not"

"No, I tried out several colours in my late teens and early 20s"

"Ok, so now try and work out WHY you like colouring your hair?"

"Well..... I guess part of it is that, well, everyone has brown hair. I wanted to be a bit different. There was a girl at school, she had really lovely red hair. Bright red, but 100% natural. She looked a bit different, stood out a bit. So I tried reddening my hair. I can still remember that first day I wore it to school, I felt like I was a bit of a rebel, doing something I maybe wasn't supposed to do"

"Did you get into trouble?"

"No, not that time, but a while later, when it got a bit more extreme, I did get told off"

"And how did that make you feel?"

"I actually quite enjoyed it in a way, it meant that I had been noticed"

"Ok, so now try and replace 'red hair' with 'braces'.... Most of us at school didn't have braces, but then when I was about 14, I noticed some kids started getting bits of metal on their teeth. Some were attached - fixed brackets, others were removable, with a wire over the front of the teeth - expanders and things like that. I really don't know why, but I felt a bit 'left out', and wanted to know what they were like. Seeing a girl with a bit of metal in their smile was a great feeling. I once kissed a girl with a retainer, and felt the plastic plate in her mouth, and wanted so much to know what it felt like. Unfortunatley for me, it wasn't quite as easy as colouring my hair red". I explained.

"Yeah, ok, that makes a certain amount of sense....". From the way she said that, I got a feeling that she had a little secret too, something that she wanted to try out, but couldn't, but maybe thought about quite a bit, like I thought about braces. Maybe one day I'd find out, but I knew that if I just asked, she wouldn't tell me.

"Has Amanda commented on your braces yet?"

"No, she hasn't. Look, Janice, you gonna be ok if things happen between me and Amanda?"

"It's odd, on one hand I'd love you to be Amanda's boyfriend, coz I think it's time you had a girlfriend.... but from a purely selfish prospective, I hope you don't, coz it would mean I'm probably not gonna see you so much" said Janice

"It's about time you got yourself another boyfriend!" I replied

"Nice dream..."

"Hey, who's putting themselves down now? Look, you know how insecure many guys are - like me for example - we're scared to ask a girl out incase they say no... so maybe either you need to start saying 'yes' a lot more, or go ask a guy out yourself?"

"But girls don't ask guys out...."

"Excuse me? Amanda asked me out on a date - it was you who passed the message on to me!"

"Ok, yes, how could I forget that?"

"So, take your own advice, ask a few guys out for a drink, or to the pictures, or ask them to come over for an informal dinner, or something like that. London is a lonely place - I'm so glad I got to meet you. It's just a shame we don't seem to be able to have a proper close relationship"

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 12

Saturday evening, an evening to remember!

I managed to book a table at the pub I had chosen, The Black Bull - I had been there a while ago, and the online reviews still looked good. I had WhatsApped Amanda the details, and knowing that I didn't have a car, she offered to collect me and drive us there.

As expected, she was nicely on time. I got in the car, and as we drove off, I took a look at her. I couldn't see everything she was wearing at that point, but I could see that she was wearing a rather nice black dress with white trimmings. Her hair was once again down, and for the moment, pushed back over her shoulders. Around her neck, I could see the locket that she had worn every time I'd seen her so far, and around her left wrist, she had a very delicate but attractive charm bracelet, and a single ring (which looked like it wasn't cheap!) on one of the fingers of her right hand. I was close enough to see that either she didn't have a lot of makeup on, or it was applied quite expertly, as it didn't look at all obvious. Clearly some mascara on her eyelashes, and a hint of red on her eyelids, and with a lovely bold red lips gloss. I could also smell a very gentle but very nice perfume.

"So how did last night and today go?" I asked her

"Last night was 'ok'..." she started

"Only 'ok'?"

"Yeah, 'only ok' probably describes it well. It was a meal around a sort-of-friend's place, someone I knew from when I was doing bar training, along with a couple of other people. I'd agreed to it a couple of weeks ago, and it's kinda important to keep in touch with people like that, you never know when you might need their help. But today was a lot nicer, my sister and I went and visited my grandparents - dad's parents - and took them out to lunch, then went for a gentle walk with them. We had a great afternoon!"

"So where do they live?" I asked

"Oh, only in Chalfont St Peter, so doesn't take long to get there". I'd heard of Chalfont St Peter, it's on the way to Amersham and it's a very nice area!

It didn't take us long to get to the pub, and there was plenty of space in the car park for Amanda to park. It was only when we got out of the car that I fully saw what Amanda was wearing. Whilst she obviously hadn't driven in them, she was now wearing shoes with good-sized heels, above that she was wearing some rather nice fish-net tights (well, I assumed they were tights, they could just as easily have been stockings). Her mainly black dress was made of a top layer of lace, with more black material underneath (from just above her boobs to nearly the bottom of the dress). The lace also covered her arms to her elbows, and the dress came to a couple of inches above her knees. The whole thing hugged her figure quite amazingly, and the overall effect was simply spectacular.

Luckily, I had also dressed reasonably smartly, in light chinos, with a pale green shirt, open at the neck, with a light-coloured jacket on top. I had even remembered to polish my shoes, and brush my hair!

I wasn't certain whether to take her hand, but I held it out towards her, and was quite relieved that she was very happy to take it. We walked together towards the rear entrance that led to the restaurant - I felt amazingly proud to have such an attractive girl next to me.

"Nice place" she commented as we entered. We only needed to wait a few moments as we entered the restaurant to be greeted, and were shown straight to our table, and given menus.

"We have some specials on tonight, they are on the blackboard over there, and I'm afraid we don't have the venison this evening" said the waitress, handing us the menus. "My colleague will be over in a moment to get your drinks order"

I had a glass of a local beer, Amanda had a lager. The food was really good, as was the company and the conversation. We talked about all sorts of things, including our childhoods and families. It was during the dessert course that Amanda leaned over the table towards me, and said quietly:

"Your braces, they're fakes, aren't they?"

Suddenly the world stopped. My blood seemed to drain out of my face. I had some very strange feelings: I had just been found out!

"Pardon?" I stammered

"Your braces, they aren't real....."

"What makes you say that?" I managed to ask. I was definitely in shock.

"Well, I've seen the plastic of your plates a few times, plus there's the wires that wrap around the archwires just behind your canines.... and I've seen the wire over your lower teeth too..... I'm guessing you 'suffer' the same problem as me..."

"What do you mean?"

"You have a 'thing' for braces, don't you? ..... So do I!".
Did I just hear that right? Amanda also has a braces fetish?

"You're kidding... you have a braces fetish too?" I whispered. Amanda didn't reply for several seconds.

"Yes, I do.... and you're the ONLY person I've ever told. And I'm so jealous that you have braces....". She put her hand gently onto mine, and suddenly I was able to relax. In fact, I smiled, and then laughed a little. "What's so funny?" she asked

"Well, it explains a few things. When did you work it out?"

"Earlier in the meal. I wasn't sure whether to say anything, and I've been trying to work out what to say, if anything, since. So what does it explain?"

"Well, why you keep looking at me. Why you even bothered to ask me out in the first place...."

"Ok, yes, slightly guilty, your braces were the first thing that attracted me. But in my defence, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I would like to point out that was only at the start. Since I've been getting to know you, I've been getting quite interested in you... Come on, let's finish our puddings, then we can go, and I can have a chance to 'investigate your braces'". Well, that's a come-on line I've never heard before. And all the time this had been happening, Amanda had kept looking at me, my face, my mouth, and now she was looking straight into my eyes.

We quickly finished the food and got the bill, which Amanda paid. We walked out of the building: the car park was currently deserted, so she pulled me to the side of the door, pushed me up against the building, put her hands onto my face, then put her lips on mine. Without any hesitation, she thrust her tongue between my lips, running it over my braces. Moments later she was pushing her tongue between my teeth, allowing her tongue to feel the plastic of my fake braces.

"Mmm, that was NICE!" she said. "VERY nice! Come on, into the car, quick.....". I did as I was told.

"So, when did you first know you had a thing for braces then?" I asked, as she started driving.

"Well, the first time I remember seeing someone in braces, I must have been about 7 years old: I was at a friend's house, and her elder brother had just got braces, some sort of removables, that gave him a lisp... so probably some expanders. I don't know why, but I found them fascinating"

"Then, in my last year at primary school, so I would have been 10 or 11, one of the girls in my class got twin blocks, and a lovely lisp to go with it. I got to see those braces a couple of times, when she brushed them after lunch in the girl's toilets. They were made of shiny clear pink plastic, with loads of shiny metal wires with the little balls on the end, and they looked so nice. I really don't know what it was about them, but I was so jealous, I wanted some! Back then, my teeth had slight gaps, and I kept hoping I'd need braces, but as my baby teeth fell out, and my adult teeth came in, the gaps disappeared, and I ended up with lovely straight teeth. It was torture at secondary school, all the kids with braces, that I so wanted, but knew I could never have! Don't get me wrong, I love my teeth.... but I so wanted to have braces on them! So wanted to experience what braces were like. What about you?"

"Yeah, a very similar story to yours, to be honest. I think I was maybe 11 or 12 when kids at school started getting braces - and I didn't"

We chatted about our braces histories.

"So where did you get those from? They are amazingly good, I don't think 'normal' people would ever spot they aren't real"

"Remember I said I was over in Asia a few weeks ago, well I got them there. I got a few other braces too."

"I'm so jealous...... I'd love to have some form of braces. Anything would probably do to start with!".

Amanda was slowing down, and turned into a driveway, and into a parking area behind a block of modern flats, where she parked the car. I followed her into the back door of the flats, and into the lift, where she pressed the button for the top floor. After a short vertical journey, the doors opened, into a very small hallway which had just two doors in it: one was the door to the stairs, the other was the door to her flat. The penthouse flat.

We were barely inside when she threw herself at me again, her tongue investigating the plastic and metal contents of my mouth. I was rapidly getting turned on, I think she was already several steps ahead of me. We stopped kissing, and she took my hand, leading me to what was clearly her bedroom. With barely a thought, she undid the clasps on the front of her dress, and pulled it up and straight over her head. I was now looking at a very attractive lady, clad in just a black corset (with a built-in bra), black panties, fishnet stockings, and a pair of fairly high-heeled shoes. Needless to say my blood was pumping hard and fast!

Moments later, she started undoing buttons.... buttons on my shirt and other bits of my clothing, which she then removed, and we fell onto the bed......

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 13:

Saturday evening, continued

I have never met a girl like Amanda before. Usually, I find that it's me doing all the chasing of the girl, pushing the relationship slowly forward. A touch. A kiss. Several dates later a slightly more intimate touch. Hugging. More dates leading to more touching. Then if you were lucky, after many dates, a bit of seduction. But always me pushing things forward.

With Amanda, it was her doing the leading. And tonight was only the 4th time we'd met, and all in less than a week. Ok then, 4 days! Although it felt like we've known each other for a lot longer.

As I lay there, she was running her finger over my brackets, then between my teeth into my mouth, and was feeling the smooth plastic of my plates.

"Would you like to see them properly?" I asked.

"Oh, yes please.....". I unclipped both my upper and lower appliances, removed them from my mouth, and passed them to Amanda.

"Sorry, they've still got bits of food on... I didn't seem to have a chance to clean them after having my dinner tonight... I got a bit distracted..." I said with a smile

"They are amazing! Beautiful!"

"I don't imagine they will fit, but try them in if you like" I suggested. She put the top appliance into her mouth, and it vaguely fitted her mouth (I subsequently discovered that the arches of her teeth are slightly wider than mine). I could see the pleasure on her face as she closed her lips and her eyes, and spent a moment running her tongue over the brackets, the wires, and the smooth plate. She opened her mouth, and tried the lower one too. It didn't fit quite as well, but she was able to mostly close her mouth and her lips, and feel both appliances together in her mouth.

I didn't interrupt, I let her savour the moment. It's a very special moment the first time you feel a braces appliance in your mouth, that smooth plastic has an amazing feel, and more so that first time. A big smile slowly appeared on her face. Finally, she opened her eyes again, then removed my braces from her mouth, so she could speak.

"Wow, it's kinda hard to describe that..... that was amazing.... and I'm so jealous". She passed the braces back to me, then started to laugh. "I was just thinking, is a mutual love of braces a good enough basis for a relationship? I mean, the whole reason I was initially attracted to you was your braces. Mind you, that's probably no worse than fancying a guy because of the shape of his face, or his chest or whatever."

"So... you'd like to make this into a relationship then?" I asked

"I'm not sure... the last couple of relationships I've had ended up being a bit of a disaster. The silly thing is that, looking back, I can see there were problems with both right from the start". She paused. "Hey, I have a silly idea - would you like to be my boyfriend for a month?"

"Just a month, not longer?"

"Sorry, I think I phrased that rather badly... let me try again. Would you like to be my full-on boyfriend for a month, then after that month, if things go ok, then we can decide what to do going forward. If not, we just both walk away from it. I don't know about you, but I'm enjoying every moment of being with you so far, and I'd really like to get to know you better. So be my boyfriend, come with me to my social things, and I'll go with you to yours."

You know, there was a LOT of sense in what she said. We were very different people, from quite different worlds, but we did seem to get on pretty well. We both liked braces too. I have no idea if that would be enough, but there was only one way to find out. And the idea of an opt-out sounded quite logical... I've been in a couple of relationships too that really went on far too long.

"Yeah, ok, I'm up for it....". OMG, I suddenly realised that I now had, for at least 4 weeks, the hottest, and most intelligent, girlfriend I'd ever had. And she liked braces! What wasn't there to like about that?

We kissed again - this time it was a braceless kiss, as I still had my braces in my hand, and I was able to feel her tongue inside my mouth.

"Fancy a coffee?" she asked, a few minutes later.

"Yeah. Hey, you got a spare toothbrush? I could do with a clean-up"

"No problems...." she got out of bed, and I followed. "Ok, so En-suite is over there. Front door is at the far end, main bedroom here, small bedroom second door on the right, second bathroom first door on the right, kitchen / living area on the left. The other door is a cupboard. Let me grab you a dressing gown, there's a spare one in the other bedroom."

She reappeared a moment later with the dressing gown, then took me into the en-suite, where she found me a new toothbrush in the cupboard. "You may as well leave it here, I'm sure you'll need it at some point!". Having brushed my teeth, and cleaned my braces (and put them back in again), I went into the kitchen, where the coffee was nearly ready.

"God, those braces give me the hots..." she said, putting her arms around me, and giving a very gentle but sexy kiss. "Hello new boyfriend!"

"Hello new girlfriend" I replied.

"Did I hear you say you have some other braces too?" she asked as she poured the coffee. "You like it black, don't you?" she said passing me my cup.

"Yes, I went a bit mad when I was in Asia, got braces from two different shops.". As we sat and drank our coffee, I explained a bit about what I'd bought. Ok, so maybe I kinda under-sold things a bit, I didn't QUITE tell her how much stuff I'd got. For example, I probably said 'I got some headgear' rather than 'I got 2 facebows and a whole load of headgears'. I probably also just said 'facemask' in the singular. And I think I also forgot to tell her about the lip-bumpers.

However, I did think it would be sensible to be open about what happened between me and Mei.

"Maybe she could make me some braces?" suggested Amanda

"I'm sure she could, you'll need to get some plaster casts done of your teeth though"

"Oh, how do I get that done? I mean, I can hardly go to my dentist and say 'excuse me, I want to get some fake braces, so can you make me some models of my teeth please', can I?"

"Well, I guess you COULD, but you may get an interesting response... I'll have a word with Mei, see if she has any suggestions"

We chatted a bit as we drank our coffee.

"Oh, by the way, what do you have in the way of *really* smart clothes?" Amanda asked me.

"I have a suit..."

"Ok... is it comfortable? Does it fit you?"

"Not really, it's my weddings and so on suit" I replied. Amanda thought for a moment

"Look, don't take this the wrong way, the clothes I've seen you in are quite ok, but if you're going to come with me and meet the people I meet with, you need to wear simple but really good quality stuff, so, can I buy you some new clothes? I'm thinking of a good suit, shirts, really nice trousers, jacket? Don't worry about how much, as you've probably worked out by now, I don't really have that much of a money issue"

"Yeah, I noticed you seem to be pretty well off.... definitely a lot better off than me..."

"My grandfather, my mum's father, died a few years ago. Mum was his only child, and mum and dad didn't really need the money, so they all decided that he would leave everything to me and my brother and sister. It was a lot of money, so I was able to buy this place, and the car, and still have plenty left over. And my work is doing really well now too. So, about the clothes?"

"Yeah, I'm ok with that, and thanks!"

"Ok, let me have a word with my brother, see who he uses, and I'll call them, get them to sort everything out for you. I would have suggested getting a made-to-measure suit, but that would probably take 4 weeks to be done."

We drank our coffee and chatted more, and eventually went back to bed together.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 14

Sunday, morning... let's go play with braces

When I woke up, I found that I was in a strange bed, with a strange girl looking at me. A few moments later, now fully away, I remembered that I had stayed over at Amanda's, and worked out that it was Amanda who was looking at me. Even without any makeup or jewellery, she looked quite stunning.

"Good morning, boyfriend!" she said in a lovely voice. "You know, you sleep with your mouth open a bit... so I was able to have a look at your braces!".

"Oh, do I? I'm sure you enjoyed the view. How long have you been looking at me then?"

"Maybe five... or ten.... or fifteen minutes...." she replied, smiling. "You ready to actually wake up? If so, I'll get some coffee on, and make us some breakfast"

"What time is it?"

"About nine o'clock..."

"Oh, ok, sounds like it's probably time to get up". Before Amanda went out to make the coffee, she swung her leg over me, sitting astride me, then leaned over and started to kiss me. I'm not talking about a peck on the lips either. One thing I quickly learned about Amanda was how good she was at kissing. Sexy. Sensual. Plus a few other similar words.

"Want to join me in the kitchen?" she asked, a few minutes later, "then you can see what options we have for breakfast.". She made a pot of coffee, and I decided that I'd have some cereals, followed by some toast.

We sat down together over in the lounge area (she has an open plan lounge / dining room / kitchen) and chatted. After that, we took a shower together: whilst my shower is a simple cubicle, with not even enough space for one person, hers was rather bigger, you could probably get a family of six in there, still with a bit of space! So, how I do I put this in a 'family-friendly' way: Amanda has a really nice body! She doesn't have a slim or skinny, straight-down body type, she definitely has curves, with pleasantly sized - neither over-large nor tiny - firm boobs. Nor was she overweight at all. More importantly, all of her 'component parts' fitted very nicely together!

While Amanda was able to put on some completely fresh clothes, I had to put on my clothes from yesterday evening, which felt a little odd.

"So, what's the plans for the rest of today then?" I asked.

"Well, I could do with going out and getting some exercise at some point, but apart from that, I'd love to spend some more time with you"


"I'm open to suggestions..."

"Pub lunch? Tell you what, why don't you give me a lift back home, so I can get changed, and you could see my braces. Then we could take a walk, there's a nice park not far from my place, then after that, we could go get some lunch..."

"Mmmm, sounds like I get to spend the rest of the day with you, I like that idea......" she said, putting her arm around me, then kissing me.


"I'm afraid it's not quite as big or up-market as your place" I explained as we went into my flat. My flat is definitely a bit smaller than Amanda's, and not as new. I have a small (could do with being updated) kitchen / dining / living area), a bedroom with a double bed, and a bathroom. Oh, and a tiny entrance hallway. That's it.

I took her into the living area. "Coffee?" I asked.

"No, I'm ok...."

"Ok, well it's only going to take me a few minutes to get changed, then I'm guessing you probably want to see my braces, don't you?"

"That's a kinda silly question, Danny.... of course I do!!"

I went into my bedroom, and put on something more suitable for a relaxing Sunday walk and pub lunch, then grabbed the plastic crate that I'd put all my braces stuff into, and took it into the living room. I sat next to Amanda, with the crate on the other side, so she couldn't just look into the box. I wanted to have a bit of fun with this, and stretch it out a little.

"Bloody hell, a crate-full?" said Amanda

"It's not actually full... but it makes it a lot easier to keep them together... so where shall I start? Ok, this is another set of fake brackets - Mei did them for me as a leaving present: she knew I was planning to wear these 'as for real', and of course, they could easily break, so they are a spare pair". I passed the retainer box with them over to Amanda to look at. Her eyes lit up as she opened the case.

"And then there's a pair of retainers...." I said, passing those over to her.

"I'm SO jealous, I'd love to have something like these! These retainers look like normal retainers."

"So then there's this one...." and I passed her the 'minimal plate', that goes with my facemasks.

"Ummm, what's this one for?"

"Tell, you what, let me take these braces out, and put that one in, see if you can work it out..." I removed my fake brackets, putting them onto the small table, then took the appliance from Amanda, and put it into my mouth, then smiled, letting her see the wires with tiny loops on, that come forwards from the back.

"That looks like it's for a facemask!"

"Yes, that's right!" I pulled out the red facemask - the one with the single thick rod down the front. There was an open round plastic (microwave) container in the crate that had a load of elastics in it, so I grabbed a couple of them. I hooked the elastics to my appliance, then put the facemask onto my face, hooking the elastics onto the horizontal rod.

Amanda was just staring at me. "I've seen pictures of them, but never actually seen one for real!" she said.

"How would you fancy wearing something like this then?" I asked. Amanda was gently touching the facemask, her expression said it all, she didn't really need to answer. "Actually, I have an idea....". I leaned into the crate, and found the other, blue, facemask. This one was the sort with wires that go around the side of the face, and an elastic strap that could go around the head to hold it in place. With tighter elastic tension that would be used for real wear, you probably didn't need the strap, but for 'playing' it was useful. I passed it to Amanda. "Go on, put in on.....".

Watching Amanda was like watching a child opening presents on Christmas Day....

"You got TWO facemasks?" she commented as she put the blue facemask onto her face, and pulled the strap around her head.

"Well, it seemed silly not to!" was my reply. "Oh, there's a mirror out in the hallway, if you want to take a look at yourself - it kinda suits you!". Amanda got up, and almost ran to the hall, to take a look at herself. While she was out of the room, I looked in my box, trying to decide what should be next. I decided to leave the twin-blocks till last. Hmm, maybe do the headgear next.

Amanda returned, with a massive smile on her face, and sat down beside me again, but seemed completely unable to speak. She took my hand, and put it up to the facemask she was wearing... clearly, this was all starting to have an effect on her.

"I have a feeling you might like to see my headgears next...." I suggested. "I need to take this facemask off again, but keep yours on, if you like.". I unhooked the elastics, put the facemask itself onto the table, then removed the appliance from my mouth. I left the elastics on it, and put it into its retainer box.

"I might have gone a little mad on the headgear" I commented. "For a start, I have a pair of facebows". I took the two facebows out of the crate, picked up my fake brackets, and put the slightly larger facebow into the upper appliance, and the slightly smaller one into the lower one. As I did this, I could see Amanda watching what I was doing. I put both appliances into my mouth, and let Amanda look at my mouth, with the two facebows coming out of it. Once again, she put her hand up to my face, running her fingers over the shiny metal facebows.

"So what sort of headgear did you get?" she asked

"Well, ummm... there's this one" I said, taking the high-pull from the crate, and passing it to Amanda, so she could look at it, and touch it. "Hey, want to put it onto me?" I asked.

"Can I?". This was a very different Amanda. Unlike the normal Amanda, who is clearly very much in control of things, this was an almost child-like Amanda, enthralled by all these new toys. Toys that she'd seen on her computer, but probably never had the chance to see in real life. And today she was getting to see pretty much everything in one go!

She put the high-pull on the top of my head, then pulled the ends of the force modules with the holes in to be by the ends of the upper facebow. "Which hole should I use?" she asked.

"It probably doesn't really matter that much" I said, "I won't have it on for long". Whilst I couldn't see what she was doing, I could feel her hooking the holes over the facebow ends - it felt a bit tighter than I'd normally have it, but that didn't matter. Again, she was running her hands over the headgear, feeling it on my head.

"I guess I need something for the bottom one too..." I said taking out the neck-strap, and passing it to Amanda. As she put it around my neck, and fitted it to my lower facebow, I could see that her breathing had become a bit quicker, and a bit more shallow.

"I'm having problems finding words....." she commented. She tried to put her lips to mine, but her facemask got in the way. I leaned over to her, and carefully pulled it away from her chin, then upwards, removing it from her. She tried putting her lips to mine once again, her lips around my two facebows: our lips touched and her tongue started to explore the thick metal wire of the two facebows.

"You ok there?" I asked a few moments later

"Not really, this lot is doing things to me..."

"Yeah, I guessed that. Want to see some more?"


"Yup!". I leaned into my box. "For example, I got this bright yellow high-pull too" I said, passing it to her.

"Oh, yes, now that is bright!!"

"Go on, try it.....". She put it over her head, then dashed out into the hallway again, to look at herself, then returned.

"Tell you what, I'd feel really sorry for a kid who was forced to wear THAT out in public! I mean, it's a bit visible!". She paused a moment, and looked at me. "You haven't? Have you?"

I smiled. "Yes, I have worn it out in public, while I was in Asia!".

"I bet that was exciting?!"

"Well, yes and no. I'd been wearing my other headgear a bit by then, and there was no-one around who knew me, so it didn't have the same effect as if I had worn it in London. I guess I'd better show you my other headgear...". I unhooked my neck strap and highpull, putting them both on the table, with the growing pile of other orthodontia (erm, 2 facemasks, facemask-plate, fake brackets, retainers), and took the Interlandi out of the crate, passing it to Amanda. It already had 2 elastics fitted, so I found another couple of elastics, ready to hook them on.

"This is my favourite headgear. This is the one I've worn out here in London" I said.

"You've worn this out in public?" said Amanda sounding quite surprised.

"Yeah, but only with a single facebow. Maybe I should wear it out this afternoon? After all, I'm now quite a bit behind on my wear schedule, after not wearing it last night!". Amanda was again looking at me. "My theoretical treatment includes night-time headgear wear, which means that last weekend, and now again this weekend, I'm noticeably behind on my hours, so I really ought to catch up...." I said with a big smile, taking the Interlandi from Amanda. I fitted the extra couple of elastics, put it over my head, then hooked the elastics over the ends of my facebows. "I wore it like this a few time when I was over in Asia" I commented. "It's surprisingly comfortable, and the elastics apply a very low pressure" I continued, 'twanging' the elastics. Once more I let Amanda feel the headgear on my head... I was starting to wonder how long she would last before she 'exploded', hoping that she'd be able to manage another five or ten minutes.

"Of course, if I don't want to wear my headgear, but still want to help my teeth to move, then I have these". I picked up the retainer case that had my lip-bumpers in, and passed it to Amanda. While she looked, I removed my interlandi (and put it on the table!), then removed my fake braces. With them in my hand, I was able to easily remove the headgear. Amanda passed me the lip-bumpers, which I put into my braces, which I then put into my mouth. I could feel the lip-bumpers pushing my lips forward.

"Your mouth looks really odd!" said Amanda as she once again put her lips to mine, kissing me on my lips. I let her inquisitive tongue go between my lips, to feel the lip-bumpers, with my brackets just behind them. Her tongue explored for several minutes: there was no question that she was absolutely enjoying every moment of this. Ok, so was I, to be honest!

"How much more stuff do you have?" pleaded Amanda, several minutes later.

"Well, there's this one" I said, with a bit of difficulty: I wasn't really used to talking whilst wearing the lip-bumpers. I took my 'herbst appliance' from the almost empty crate, and passed it to Amanda. This complex appliance needs quite a description:

The metalwork started on the lower canines (where the Herbst attached) and clipped onto the next two teeth, my pre-molars, as well. At the front, as well as some plastic on the inside of my front teeth, there was a very obvious metal expander module, with wires going across to my lower canines. There was plastic all around the inside of my teeth, to locate it well, with Adams clasps over my rear molars. And of course, all the way from the clasps, through the Herbst attachments and around my front teeth were large metal brackets. And where the lower part of the Herbst attached to my canines, it did not look at all fake, it looked exactly like pictures I'd seen of real Herbst appliances.

The upper appliance was similar in concept. If you removed the plastic from the appliance, then it would look just like a real appliance: metal around the two premolars and first molar, where the Herbst attachment point was. Between those bits of metal Mei had soldered a metal expander, and to the front of the expander was a rather large and obvious tongue crib soldered in place. Again, there was an archwire with brackets.

The clever thing about these appliances, compared to my other fake brackets, was that there was no need for the tiny supporting wires behind my canines, as the rather more substantial metal around the teeth did a far better job.

Like on the lower appliance, there were clasps on the rear molars, and plastic all around, but mainly to the front of the appliance, I was guessing to hold it in place in my mouth.

And to round things off, some of the brackets had hooks on, for elastics.

As Amanda looked at my fake Herbsts, I took out my fake brackets, leaving the lip-bumpers in place for the moment, and put them onto the table too.

"Want to see them in?" I asked, wanting her to pass them over, which she did. I took the appliances as a pair, with the Herbst pins inserted into the tubes, and put them into my mouth, gently biting together to start seating them, then I used my fingers to finally push them into place. I smiled, to let Amanda take a look.

"Wow, those really do look real! What's the tongue crib like?"

"Well" I said, "it makes it very hard to speak" I said with a very heavy lisp, "And pretty much impossible to eat. The crib is a bit on the large size!".

"And can you kiss with it?"

"I guess the best way is to try it....". Amanda didn't need any further encouragement: her lips were on mine, her tongue probing my brackets, my teeth..... and kinda got halted when it hit the tongue crip. Our tongues met through the prison bars of the crib, but we still continued to kiss for a while.

"So, what do you think of my braces so far?" I asked, still lisping.

"So far? How much more do you HAVE for goodness sake?".

"Just one more, but I think you're going to really like them....". I removed my Herbsts from my mouth, which was not easy as they clipped on well. I then took the case with my twin blocks from the crate, and without opening the box, passed it to Amanda. As she opened the box, her whole face lit up.

"Oh.... my.... gawd..... there's so much plastic! She removed the two plates from the case and ran her fingers over them. I could tell that her excitement levels were now going up very quickly. I held out my hands, and she passed the twin-blocks to me, and I put them into my mouth. Both appliances were good fits and needed to be pushed in to place firmly. Yes, they felt so good!

Whilst they were definitely twin blocks, they had more plastic, and more clasps, than a normal one, making them much nicer for a braces enthusiast like me. Or Amanda.

As you'd expect the clear pink plastic covered my molars. On the bottom, there were 5 ball clasps (= wires with tiny balls on the end) over my front teeth, canine to canine, plus plastic over the top of the teeth, and a couple of millimetres down over the front of the teeth. The top was similar: 5 ball clasps, but also a labial bow - like you'd have on a retainer, along with plastic over the top of my front teeth. Not to forget the chunks of plastic that held the lower jaw forwards. So much metal and plastic! But they were actually very comfortable. I ran my tongue around my mouth: all I could feel was the plastic.

I leaned over to Amanda, and we started kissing. I could feel her tongue in front of my teeth, feeling around the clasps and labial wire, and the plastic. As she put her tongue between my teeth, and into my mouth, whilst I knew that she could feel the smooth plastic in the top and bottom of my mouth, I could feel nothing, except when our tongues touched.

Still kissing me, Amanda reached past me, took the crate, and put it on the floor. She then pushed me back onto the settee, and got on top of me, still kissing me. Once again, buttons started to get opened, and.......

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Awesome job @sparky!

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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This is getting good. I added the latest chapter to TheArchive and am all caught up on this story now.

He's a man after my own heart and I just wish that I could find a woman into braces the way that she is.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Thank you all for your feedback, you know how much it appreciated.

On a different subject, whilst I was writing my story this afternoon, I started thinking about the words I often mis-spell. Sometimes it's just a missing letter, but sometimes the implications go further.

For example:
"Girlfiend" instead of "Girlfriend" (to be honest, I think that is a very reasonable mistake to make!)
"Ben and Jerry" instead of "Ben and Jenny"

I have problems spelling "Weird", it usually comes out as "Wierd" for some reason, and occasionally as "Wired"!

Ok, so what words do YOU have a problem with?


Anyway, while I'm here, I'll tease you all a little... in 3 chapters time, we will be having a short "crossover episode" (you know like they do with Supergirl / Flash / Arrow) with a character from one of my other stories. And there may be some other crossover episode(s) later on as well....

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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You are great, Sparky!

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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... I just wish that I could find a woman into braces the way that she is.

I think that would be the dream of many of us here!

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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chapter 15

Sunday with Amanda continues

"You recovered yet?" I asked, smiling

"Yes, I feel a lot better now I've got that out of me... Tell you what though, that's a lot of braces you have there! You realise of course that I'm now feeling even more jealous of you than I was earlier, I never would have guessed you had so much"

"So, you definitely want some for yourself?"

"Hell, yeah! Of course I do!"

"Think you'll want to wear them in public at all?"

"Hmm, I'm not so sure about that. Maybe if we go somewhere away from London."

"So you don't fancy wearing them 'as for real' like I do?"

"I think I meet too many people to make it practical, to be honest. But that won't stop me wearing them at home"

"So what do you fancy? As you can see, you can get pretty much anything!"

"Well... I guess top of the list will be some brackets"

"And headgear, I'm guessing"

"Oh, definitely! And I do fancy something like your twin-blocks... I'd just love to feel all that plastic in my own mouth!"

"Yes, it does feel rather nice, I will admit! I'd wear them out in public, but adults just don't wear twin-blocks, do they?"

"But how many people ACTUALLY know that? I'm also thinking that I might like something with a load of expansion screws in it, maybe three or four of them!"

"Mmm, sounds fun. Hey, I have an idea, why don't we give Mei a call right now... They're 7 hours ahead, so this would be a fairly good time to call her"

"Oh, yeah, that would be nice....".

I grabbed my phone, and with Amanda next to me, I video-called Mei: it took a while for it to connect and ring, and a short while after, she answered.

"Danny, nice to talk to you again! How are you?" she asked

"Hi there, Mei... I'm doing fine. Hey, can I introduce someone... this is Amanda, my new girlfriend". I turned the phone so they could see each other.

"Hi, Amanda, lovely to meet you! You must be a VERY new girlfriend, he never said anything about you when we chatted 2 weeks ago! I hope you're being good to Danny, he's a nice guy!"

"Hello, Mei... Danny has told me all about you..."

"Hopefully not ALL, gotta have SOME secrets! So, you just calling me to tell me about your new girlfriend?"

"Actually no. Erm, Amanda has the same 'problem' that I have.... and she fancies having some braces!" I explained.

"Ooooh, Amanda, you naughty little girl! Welcome to the club!" said Mei with a giggle.

"So, I'm guessing that you need some models of her teeth? What do we need to do to get those? I mean, it's a bit of a trip to come over to you to get them done!"

"Well, I could send you some moulding putty, but that will take forever to get to you, and then might start to dry out by the time it gets back. The best thing you can do is just go to your dentist, and ask him to take some impressions, and make you some models"

"Yeah, I thought of that, but I'm sure they will ask why she wants them. And I don't think 'I want to get some fake braces made' would be a good reply!". That made Mei giggle.

"Hmmm, yeah, probably not the best idea. One I've suggested to people is to just say that you want to get some custom cos-play teeth made - maybe she wants to be a female werewolf or something?"

"Yes, that sounds a lot better". I turned the phone towards Amanda. "You gonna be ok doing that?" I asked

"I think so...."

"Ok, so I'll send Danny the shop's address, and you can send them to me... if you can put them into a small cardboard box, rather than just a padded bag, that will protect them better... I suggest wrapping them up individually in some bubble wrap too, and make sure to fill the rest of the box, so they don't just bounce around. Any idea what you fancy yet? I assume Danny has shown you all of his braces?"

"Yeah, he showed me them earlier" said Amanda with a bit of a smile. "There's so much to choose from"

"Don't forget, in principle, I can make anything you fancy, it's doesn't need to be a 'real' appliance. Anyway, when you've decided, just let me know, and I'll work out a price. The shop does credit cards, so it should be easy for you to pay us"

"Thank you, Mei" said Amanda.

"Hey, Danny, have you started wearing your braces full-time yet?"

"Yes, a couple of weeks ago, after we last spoke I guess." I swung the camera back to me, moved it a bit closer, and smiled, letting Mei see my mouth. "See, I'm a brace-face now!"

"Those mine, or the ones that Ah-Too made for you?"

"Ah-Too's I'm afraid"

"Ohh, you traitor......." said Mei with a big smile.

After chatting a bit more, we ended the call.

"She seems to be a really nice lady, with quite a sense of humour" commented Amanda. "Her English is amazingly good, I was expecting her to have a really strong accent". I explained to Amanda that she'd spent some time getting her training in America, so it was more of an American accent than an English one.

"So, you need to go see your dentist sometime, and then decide what you fancy having. You know the sort of prices I paid, so I reckon you could get yourself several sets of braces, and a few other bits too"

"Yeah, there's just so much to choose from! Anyway, we going to have this walk - didn't you say there's a nice park near here?"

"Yes, with a pub that does a Sunday Carvery very conveniently on the far side of the park!"

"I have an idea" suggested Amanda, "I suspect your headgear wear is a bit down after not wearing it last night... so you should wear it this afternoon. In fact, why don't you wear double headgear? I'll let you take the lower one off when we get to the pub...."

I could tell that there could be some good braces fun to be had in the future with Amanda!

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 16

Monday - 'Hello, want to drive Amanda's Tesla?'

My phone rang, and I answered it.

"Good morning, Danny, I'm Suzannah Jameson, I'm one of the clerks at Kings Square Chambers. Amanda asked me to call you" said the voice on my phone, "She asked me to get your details so I can get you put onto the insurance for her Tesla. I don't suppose you have a few minutes, do you?".

Wow, being added to her car insurance? When she said she wanted me to be her 'full-on boyfriend' for a month, I didn't think she would do things like this, or so quickly. Clearly, she wanted to try and make our relationship work.

"Yeah, sure, what do you need to know?"

"Ok, I'm on the insurance website now, why don't I just ask you the questions as they come up.... starting with your full name, and then your date of birth." I gave Suzannah the information she needed, and she typed it into the web site.

"Ok, that all looks good, so I guess that means you're all insured. By the way, let me give you my mobile number as well as the office number, and my email: Amanda often gets tied up in meetings, so if you need to speak to her urgently, or get a message to her, just get in touch with me." She gave me the numbers and email, and I gave her my email too.

"So did she tell you anything about me then?" I asked

"Not a lot, other than you were her new boyfriend"

"Ok.... um, I don't suppose there's anything you can tell me about Amanda is there, I know so little about her.."

"Well, I only really know her through work, but I can say that she's a really good barrister, well respected here, she works hard, but gets good results. She's generally very nice to work for, but she does have quite a strong character, quite assertive, tends not to suffer fools lightly. But I'm glad she has a boyfriend again..."

"Oh, why?" I asked

"How do I say this... it seems to sort-of 'mellow' her a bit, which makes our lives a bit easier! Hey, Danny, don't be scared to stand up to her if you feel you need to, she won't actually mind, as long as you're not being stupid."

"Ok, thanks for that tip."

"By the way, if you come into the office, do get Amanda to introduce me, it's always nice to put a face to a name."

Wow, I've known Amanda less than a week, and she's gonna let me drive her car... sounds like she's taking this 'full-on boyfriend' thing seriously! Hey, I'm not complaining!

A little later, Amanda called me briefly.

"I've had a very quick word with Alfie, my brother, about that gent's outfitters, and I gave them a quick call. So I'll send you an email in a moment with details, they know what you'll be wanting, let them guide you. Alfie reckons they know their stuff - as I said before, my treat!"

"Amanda, thank you so much...."

"Don't worry about it, Danny. By the way, we must talk diaries this evening, there's a few things lined up in the next week or so that I'm hoping you come with me to.

That evening, Amanda told me about the evening events she had lined up, suggesting that for many of them she would love me to go with her. My diary, unsurprisingly, was quite empty. It's not often that I plan ahead: someone will get in touch and say 'what you up to tonight / tomorrow?', I explained that was often the case to Amanda, and she didn't have a real problem with that, but to always try and give her as much warning as possible. There was little lined up for this week, so I had a think of things that I often went to, such as a pub quiz, or just meeting friends at the pub. Amanda had said that she didn't want me ignoring my friends, she wanted us to continue to socialise with them.


Tuesday Lunchtime - the emperor's new clothes

I took a long lunchtime today, and went to that Gents Outfitters - its definitely not the sort of place I would normally go into. It had a rather pleasant 'old-worldiness' about it, in that there were proper sales assistants, and by that I don't mean someone who sits on a checkout, taking your money.

After explaining who I was, one of the assistants was delegated to serve my needs. They already had a list of things I needed, so after measuring me (never had THAT done before!) everywhere, I was trying on shirts, trousers and jackets, and finally suits. What surprised me was how comfortable clothes that fitted you properly were. The trousers were all to long, but they marked the length I needed, and promised to get them altered. Same with the suit jacket, it needed a couple of minor adjustments to fit me properly, but they would get it done. They also showed me several suitable ties, and I chose a couple... along with the matching handkerchief to go into the jacket pocket!

For so many years I'd just bought relatively low cost clothes 'off the peg'. Ok, I paid to get trousers shortened (I had no idea what to do to them!), but anything else, if it wasn't quite right, I would just put up with it. So I had several slightly 'baggy' shirts, a couple with rather tight necks (which wasn't too much of an issue as I normally wore them open), and a suit jacket with arms that were really a little too long.

With my own 'normal' clothes back on again, I arranged in principle to collect all of the clothes on Thursday, after work: either I'd ask Amanda to come along, or I'd just get a taxi home. In any case, they would call me on Thursday to confirm that everything was ready for me.

"Hey" said Brinda, our receptionist, as I got back to work. "I've got something for you"

"Oh, what?" I asked. She pointed to a very small plastic 'specimen vase' (ie a vase for a single flower, about 6 inches tall) that contained a single red rose, and passed me a small envelope.

"A very nice lady dropped this in for you about half an hour ago"

"Well dressed, red hair?"

"Yeah" I smiled, and opened the envelope. The small card had a simple message on it: 'Thinking of you.... far too much :-)' and was signed 'A xxx'.

"I'm guessing you have a new girlfriend?" asked Brinda, also now smiling.

"Yes, I do" I replied, proudly. "Hey, mind if I leave this here?" I said, referring to the rose.


Tuesday Evening - have you ever driven an electric car?

Amanda came over to my place for dinner, but what to give someone who was used to eating good um-market food. I knew I'd never be able to cook anything half decent, so I had decided to buy some smoked fish, along with a bag of mixed vegetables - they could all be easily cooked in the microwave! Amanda had already told me that, if I took her out, or we ate at home, she did not expect especially fancy food, she got plenty of that when she went out to more formal meals. In fact, she actually liked simple home cooking.

It turned out that my choice was good: the fish tasted excellent, and Amanda liked my choice of food.

"So, have you ever driven an electric car?" she asked me

"No, can't say I have. From what I've seen of you driving, it seems to be pretty much the same as a normal car"

"In principle, yes, but there's a few things that you'll find weird for a bit. The first is that there's no gears, so it's effectively an automatic, which is strange if you've only ever driven a manual car. The second is that, when you hit the accelerator, things happen instantly, you don't have to wait for the engine to get going... no revving up and slipping the clutch and that sort of thing. But the strangest thing is that it's pretty much silent, so you really have to watch what speed you're doing!"

"Ok, I can appreciate all of that.."

"So, how about you drive us somewhere, and get used to the car?"

"Anywhere in particular?" I asked

"It doesn't really matter. How about over to Ally Pally? We can have a walk while we're there." (for those of you who don't know London at all, that's 'Alexandra Palace', the location of the BBC's first TV transmitter, and a huge park). Its one of those places that I'd been to as a kid, but not since, so it would be fun to go there again.

It was interesting to drive the Tesla: as Amanda had said, a bit strange at first, but by the time we got to the car park at Ally Pally, I was getting fairly used to it. I drove us past the actual building, parking at the car park to the east, which gave us a lovely view of the big TV mast (which is still in use) then we walked around the front of the building, and down into the actual park, which gave us lovely views across the park, and in fact, views across London in the distance.

(Writer's note: Alexander Palace is on the top of a large hill in North London, with quite amazing views across a large part of London.... If you get the chance, take a visit, or use Google Maps street view... In 1979, I went to an open-air jazz festival in the gardens: it was an amazing location, and people like Muddy Waters, BB King and Chuck Berry played!)

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 17

<It's the 'once per series' special cross-over episode!>

For those of you who haven't read my story "Jennifer loves singing", Jenny is a member of a three-piece chart-topping girl-band called CJD (= Carol, Jenny, Diane, the 3 members), and seems to have a built-in ability to compose music. However, she's crap at the words - so Carol and Diane tend to write the lyrics. She also sings, plays piano, various guitars, and weirdly, the trumpet!

In terms of the other story, this happens maybe a couple of weeks before the start of it, so before she meets Ben, and before she gets her braces.


Wednesday - Jenny who?

I was supposed to be meeting up with Amanda for lunch on Wednesday, and got a message from her at around noon, saying that she was going for lunch with a client, that I was very welcome to join them, but they would be at Jason's Wine Bar instead - if that sounds familiar, then that's because it's the place I had my first 'date' with Amanda last week. I got a feeling that Amanda went there quite a bit.

I warned my colleagues that I might be back from lunch a bit late, and walked the almost 10 minutes into and across town to Jason's Wine Bar, where I found Amanda sat at a table waiting for me. With her was another lady, I'm guessing my sort of age, early to mid 20's. Amanda stood up and gave me a semi-formal hug & kiss, then we both sat down.

"This is Jenny... remember I was telling you about that pop group being sued for copyright by a small band for allegedly copying their song... she's the one who wrote the song, well, the music. Jenny, this is my boyfriend, Danny"

"Hi Danny!" said Jenny

"Ah, ok... hi there, Jenny! Nice to meet you! Erm, am I allowed to be a bit cheeky, and ask whether I should know your band?". She smiled, revealing a set of nicely crooked teeth. The top ones went inwards a bit, the second and canines teeth all stuck out a bit, and from what I could see, the bottom teeth were just as bad, with some twisted, some behind others. Ok, yeah, so it's what I notice! Some guys would instantly look down at a girl's... you know..., others would look up at her eyes or nose or hair, but you guys know me by now, I'm a mouth and teeth and braces sort of guy.

"I would be a bit offended if you didn't!" she replied, "Our band is CJD, I'm sure you've heard of us! Even if you're not into our sort of music". I looked at this lady. She was dressed in jeans and a plain top. Trainers. Minimal makeup, but actually quite good looking without it. Long dark hair in a braid. But not exactly what I would expect for a pop star! Especially someone in as big a group as CJD... and you don't really get THAT much bigger than CJD were right now. If I remembered right, they had just done a massive tour all over the UK and Europe.

"Ah, yes, I think I've heard of you.... a small struggling girl band with only 2 or 3 number-one hits to their name?" I said with a big smile, making it clear I was joking. Jenny laughed at my comment.

"I do like your style, Danny! And I bet you're also thinking that I'm not really dressed like a pop star either..."

"You can clearly read my mind!" I replied

"I think some people are in the music business for the fame.... you know, the Taylor Swift's of the world, they seem to enjoy being famous. Me, I'm in it because I just love music. I live and breathe music. I guess you'd maybe call me a bit of a 'reluctant pop star'. Don't get me wrong, I really love performing as well as writing music - but even that can get to be a bit of a pain at the end of a long tour. We just finished a big tour, and I'm having a few weeks off... so I'm currently just being me, Jenny, and trying to keep out of the limelight for a bit...."

"So what's the worst bit about being on tour then?" I asked.

"Boredom.... for example, we usually travel in a coach, so, especially over in Europe, the journeys can be long, and a bit boring at times. At the beginning of the tour it's not so bad, we chat together, we work on song ideas.... but you can only do so much of that. The other bad thing is not sleeping too well... you know, a different bed in a different place every couple of days."

"I was over in Asia recently, and yes, took me 2 or 3 days before I was sleeping ok, and I'm not thinking of the jet-lag, as you say, the bed, the room. So what're the best bits then?"

"Oh, that's easy: playing our music to our fans. You spend hours creating a song, then more hours practising it, and when the fans hear it and like it, that's an amazing feeling! I also love meeting our fans!"

"Isn't that a bit overwhelming?"

"Yes, it can be if there's a lot of them, so I try and find, or even arrange to meet up with, a small group of them. They are really nice when you can really interact with them. Sometimes, when we're in a place for a few days, then we do a 'fan's breakfast', where we all have breakfast with any fans staying at the same hotel as us, that's quite nice, coz we have time to chat with them, and no-one else is going to suddenly come along." 

It sounded like Jenny tried hard to make the best of what could, at times, be not such fun. As we continued to chat, I looked at the menu, and when the waiter came over, I ordered a simple quiche salad and a soft drink.

"So, have you managed to sort out Jenny's problem?" I asked Amanda

"Yeah, we did... The other band alleged that Jenny's song was based on theirs... I mean, this sort of thing happens more than you'd imagine, but you do have to wonder if they are just trying it on, to try and get a load of money out of them."

"So how do you prove that she didn't steal the song, even just a bit of it?"

"It's hard to prove a negative, that Jenny hadn't heard their song when she wrote her song, but in this case we managed to show that Jenny started work on the song about a month or so before the other band released their song - even though the CJD song was actually released several months after. And with the other band being from up north, so miles away, there's no way she could have heard their song before it was released. So it turns out the similarity was just 'one of those strange coincidences'"

"And the other guys are ok with that?"

"I spoke to their lawyers mid-morning, explained what we had found, and sent the files and other data over to them. They called back just before we came out for lunch, and they have withdrawn their case" explained Amanda.

"Yeah, it's kinda scary... I mean, we're here having lunch, and there's music in the background. I'm not actively listening to it, but it might get inside my mind, and then pop out later" explained Jenny

"So how did you prove your initial ideas were... well, yours?" I asked her

"Well, I carry this around with me.." she said, leaning down and pulling a small audio recorder out of her bag. "Whenever I get an idea, and I play it, or even hum it, I always record it, just in case I need to go back to it for some reason."

"And I'm guessing you have copies of everything you do?"

"Yeah, my brother, Callum, got me set up to copy everything into 'the cloud', and never to delete stuff. Hey, didn't Amanda said you're in IT... you'd probably get on well with Callum! So, yeah, I spent all of yesterday listening to something like five hundred or a thousand recordings, some short, some long, trying to find the recording of the first time I strummed that tune on my guitar"

"And I'm guessing you found it?"

"Yes, eventually... at about 11 pm last night. It turns out I had got the date wrong by a couple of weeks. But the date on that recording, and some other stuff I had put it just over a month before they released their song! Boy was I happy when I found it!"

As we talked, it was fun to occasionally look at Jenny's crooked teeth. To me, a girl with crooked teeth is the next best thing to a girl with braces! And to be honest, if I wasn't going out with Amanda, she is the sort of girl I'd want to chat up - although the likelihood of me meeting a pop star in the first place would be pretty slim! Having said that, that was pretty much my feelings when I first saw Amanda!

"So you live for music.... what inspires you then?"

"Anything and everything. I mean, yesterday, I was in Amanda's office, and something got my brain going. It might have been a sound, or something I'd seen, maybe a smell, I'm not really sure, but I started getting a tune in my head! And when that happens, I have to do something about it" explained Jenny.

"Yeah, not the sort of thing I'm used to.... she's in my office, and we're having a meeting, then suddenly she's like 'can you just give me a minute or two', and she pulls out her audio recorder, and starts humming and singing into it!" added Amanda

"Ah, so a sort of 'Barrister Rap' then?" I suggested, which made Jenny laugh

"Nice title! I like it... I may need to steal that from you!"

"It'll cost you.... copyright and all that. And I'll warn you that I have a good lawyer to protect my rights!"

"Tell you what, if I use it, I'll buy you a drink as payment!" said Jenny

"Yeah, ok, that'll do, deal!" I replied.

"Hey, Danny, next time make sure you speak to your lawyer first... I could probably have got her up to two drinks, if not three!" added Amanda.


"I'm glad you came along at lunchtime, you made something that could have been a bit boring into a fun lunchtime. I think Jenny quite appreciated your light-hearted attitude" said Amanda later that evening.

"Yeah, she's a nice girl, but nothing like I would have imagined a big pop star to be" I commented. "Hey, did you notice her teeth?"

"Yes, I did, and I saw you having a look too! She definitely needs braces, doesn't she? But I'm not sure I can imagine her getting them"

"She'd look cute in them though! I don't suppose it's the done thing for lawyers to tell their clients that they should get braces, is it?"

"No, not really! But yeah, you're right about her not being what you'd expect a pop-star to be like, she was amazingly and pleasantly normal"

"To be honest, if she had been all dressed up, like most pop stars you read about, I would probably have freaked out!"

"And she was amazingly willing to help me to find the information we needed. Many people in her position would just be 'oh, I'll get someone else to find it for you', and then you wait weeks to get anything. And usually you have to keep chasing them. But she was onto it straight away! I wish more of my clients were so helpful... when they are like her, you actually WANT to help them!"

"Hey, just remember that when your laptop goes wrong, and your IT guy comes to fix it!" I said with a smile.

"So, if Jenny wasn't what you expected a pop star to be, am I anything like you'd expect a barrister to be?" asked Amanda

"You're asking me leading questions again" I replied, hugging and kissing my very sexy girlfriend.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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It's always great when a really hot character from another story wanders into the current one. 

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 18

Friday evening

"I went to see my dentist today" said Amanda

"Ah, to get your teeth models done? How did it go?"

"Not too bad: I arranged to get a check-up, which was due, and mentioned that I was wanting to get some costume / cosplay teeth made, and could he make me some models of my teeth - he was absolutely fine about it, he said he's had a few people ask for the same thing before"

"I wonder if those people really wanted cosplay teeth, or like us, wants some braces? But I bet you're glad that's over"

"Yes, I was a little nervous when I went in"

"Amanda was nervous?" I said, joking.

"I'm used to being in charge, and at the dentist I'm not. I'm ok at work, I'm in charge. And I'm ok with you...."

"Because you're in charge?". Amanda stopped and thought a moment

"About that.... ummm.... Danny, don't be scared to take the lead with me. I really don't mind... in fact, it can be rather nice to not have to be in charge all the time....". She came over to me, and stood next to me, as if she was going to kiss me, but didn't.

"You testing me?"

"I might be.....". I leaned over towards her, and put my lips to hers, then without any hesitation, pushed my tongue straight into her mouth, and started a long kiss. She tried a couple of times to put her tongue into my mouth, but I stopped her. Finally I let her in, let her tongue run over my brackets, my archwires, and then my plates. As we finished the kiss, she smiled gently at me.

"So, did I pass?"

"Not too bad for starters....."

"So, when will your teeth models be ready?"

"Next week sometime, they'll give me a ring when they're ready"

"In that case, we should start thinking about what braces you want. I'll take it as read that you want some brackets with HG tubes, and some retainers...."

"Well, I was thinking it might be fun to have some sort of expander, with loads of screws and really thick plastic"

"... making it hard to talk, eh?"

"That's the idea. I also fancy something that has plastic all over the teeth, kinda like your twin-block, but not a twin block, if you see what I mean."

"So kinda like a splint, but two of them?"

"Yeah, that sort of thing. And I was also thinking about having some very simple, probably quite thin, plates"


"Well, I'm not really going to be able to wear braces for real like you do, but if I just had a thin plate in the top of my mouth, with maybe just a pair of clasps at the back, then I could wear that without anyone knowing, but still have the feel of that lovely smooth plastic in my mouth. And I'm sure Mei could come up with something similarly invisible for the bottom". Just listening to Amanda describing this was rather nice.....

"Oh, yes, I'd definitely love to get my tongue around those.... but I do like your idea of having something undetectable in your mouth... Anything else?"

"Well, headgear of course, and maybe a facemask. We can ask Mei to put the facemask wires onto some normal fake brackets"

"I'm absolutely certain she could do that. Fancy something like a Fraenkel, or an activator?"

"Not a Fraenkel.... but I remember seeing some sort of activator-looking thing, it has plastic between the biting surfaces of the teeth, like an activator, but then has a sort-of built-in lower lip-bumper"

"Oh yeah, I think I've seen those sort of things on the 'Braces-Shop' site... has a B-shaped sprung clip over the top two front teeth too"

"Yeah, that's the one. Lots of plastic and wires...."

"Oh, I love it when you talk dirty! So, what'e the plans for dinner? We going out, or we eating in?"

"I wouldn't mind a quiet night at home tonight, we've been out a bit this week. I've got plenty of stuff in the freezer, but not much fresh... I need to go shopping"

We went and raided her freezer, and made a nice dinner. I was about to get up to brush my teeth, when Amanda said "Hey, don't brush your teeth..... I'd like to kiss you with messy braces...". Well, who was I to disagree?

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 19

The Weekend

Oh, wow, I've been going out with Amanda for about a week now! I mean, when would you say we started dating? The Thursday was the first time we 'had a date', at the wine bar, but I guess it became 'official' last weekend. Since then, I've had one evening in by myself, otherwise it's been a mix of going out with A, and staying in with A. Tonight we're going out with some of my friends, including Janice, which will be nice.

I've been messaging with Janice the last week, and we did actually see each other briefly up the shops after work one evening. She says she's absolutely happy that I've found someone, but I got a slight feeling that she might actually be a little jealous. We have a strange relationship... we are very close friends. Plus we have been occasional lovers. We love being with each other for short periods of time, but we know that there's no way we could, for example, share a flat or house... we'd probably kill each other within the first month! But over the last 6 months, I guess we've seen each other maybe once or twice a week, when going out with a group of friends, going out as a 'couple', or maybe just having dinner together, for some company. I don't want to lose Janice as a friend, so I really must make sure I don't ignore her.

If she was a guy, life would be fairly simple: as far as Amanda would be concerned, she would be 'just one of the lads', but as a girl, well it's different, isn't it? In many ways, tonight is going to be quite important, letting both Amanda and Janice understand that I want them - maybe even need them - both in my life, but that they have different 'functions' in my life. I'm just worried that it's not going to be easy.

On another topic, I now have a load of smart new clothes - I'll probably wear some of them tonight. Amanda was over here yesterday evening when she dropped me off, so I showed her what I'd got. She insisted that I model them for her, and I'm very happy to say that she was very happy with what I'd bought. With the adjustments made to the trousers and the suit jacket, they fit so well, are really comfortable, and apparently look pretty good on me!

I slept in slightly late this morning. Amanda will be here in about an hour, then we're going to go to Brent Cross shopping centre: I've promised Amanda that I'll wear double headgear again, like I did last Sunday. Of course, last weekend I only wore it as we walked across the park, but today I'm going to be a lot more visible, as we walk around the shops. I'm just hoping that I don't meet anyone from work while we're out!

Last night Amanda suggested that I should get some clothes together, to leave over her place, then if I stay over, I'll have something fresh to wear in the morning. So I've pulled out a few pair of underpants, some socks, a couple of work shirts, and a couple of casual shirts. I also added in my old works trousers, just in case, then put it all into a holdall I have.

When I had my shower this morning, I had taken my braces out and cleaned them, but didn't bother to put them back in my mouth. So I went to the bathroom and got them, then went to the bedroom, where I pulled out my 'braces crate', and got out my two facebows and my interlandi. I fitted the facebows to my braces, then slipped them into my mouth - yes, that felt a lot better. I'm not quite sure the best way to describe the feeling - how about a cold morning, you've been walking around the flat in bare feet, then you go and put your slippers on. They make you feel better, they fit nicely... they just feel 'right'. Of course, my braces felt slightly different from normal, as I now also had a pair of facebows between my lips.

I picked up my Interlandi headgear: it only had 2 elastics on it, so I added 2 more, then put it over my head, then, a pair at a time, pulled the elastics over the ends of my facebows. I could feel the slight increase in pressure: Mei had selected the elastics so that they were small enough to not be too loose, but not too small to apply substantial pressure. I looked in the mirror, and slightly adjusted my hair, to make it tidy. I closed my eyes, and ran my tongue over my braces. I still enjoyed the feel of the smooth plastic, plus the feeling of the roughness of the brackets, not to mention the smoothness of the thicker wire of the inner ends of the two facebows in my mouth. I still felt I was a fraud: I wasn't really a braces wearer, I didn't REALLY need them. I was no more than a pretender. So what IS it about braces that I like? I'm guessing it's the same sort of reason that people get dressed up. They want to feel good. They want people to notice them. They want to be a little different from everyone else. Well, yes, wearing braces as an adult was certainly 'a little different' although maybe not as different as I would have been maybe 10 or 15 years ago, when nowhere near as many adults had braces in England.

I was flicking through the TV channels (there's nothing worth watching late Saturday morning, I can tell you!) when the doorbell rang. It was, of course, Amanda. She is amazing: today she was dressed caually, which for Amanda still means pretty smartly, with clothes that not only suit her perfectly, but fit her perfectly. She had clearly spent time brushing her lovely long red hair, as it cascaded beautifully down her back. Around her neck was that locket that she always seemed to wear, a set of thin bangles around her left wrist, and a rather nice ring with a stone in it on her right third finger. Her shoes had heels, but probably only a couple of inches tall.

As ever, her makeup looked amazingly discrete: some mascara on her eyelashes, and a tiny bit of eye shadow, and some fairly bright red lip gloss.... with a plain blouse on top and a red skirt to her knees, and some light tan pantyhose (or stockings?) the effect was stunning to say the least 

"Hello" she said, as she came in. "Wow, I still can't get used to seeing you in headgear, especially double headgear!" She licked her lips provocatively, then quickly looked at the way I was dressed. I was in a fairly smart casual shirt (the sort with buttons at the front and a full collar), and some fairly new and clean jeans. "Yes, I think you'll do!" she said as she kissed me around my two facebows.

"Amanda, you look simply stunning, as always...." I commented

"Thank you!" she replied, "I want to look good for my sexy boyfriend! By the way, I'm kinda hoping you're free on Wednesday evening"

"I'm sure I am, what's planned?"

"Chris, he's the head of our chambers, has invited us over to dinner with a small number of others. It's probably the best sort of evening for you to start off with: he's a lovely guy, great company, and he and his wife both love cooking, so the food will be delicious. Actually, Chris is the main reason I chose to join that chambers, I have a lot of respect for him. Don't worry, I'll 'brief' you before we go, so you'll know what to expect!"

As we chatted, my eyes were, once again, drawn to the locket around her neck. "Amanda, I have to ask - you always wear that locket, so I'm guessing it's important to you....".

Amanda smiled. "Yes, it is.." she replied, putting her hands up to the locket, and carefully opening it." This is my dad's parents, my grandmother and grandfather.."

"Ah, the ones you visited last weekend with you sister?" I commented as I looked at the two pictures inside the locket. Amanda is 29, so the picture were about 11 years old, and showed two rather pleasant smiling faces of an older couple.

"That's right. They gave me this on my 18th birthday, and I wear it pretty much all the time"

"I get the feeling that you are pretty close to them"

"Yes, very close, I love them dearly, they are always so good to me and my brother and sister, they always make time for us, and are always happy for us to visit. I think maybe I should take you with me next time I visit, I think you'll like them too"

"Yes, I'd like that. So, are we ready to go?". Amanda closed the locket again, took my hand, and we went out and down to her car. She got into the drivers side, removed her heels and put on some flats to drive in, leaving me to get in the other side. Traffic was slightly busy, and we got to the shopping centre about 25 minutes later.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 20

Shopping with headgear

"You sure you're gonna be ok with this?" asked Amanda just before we got out of the car, "it's going to be a bit more 'in your face' than it was in the park last week"

"I'll be ok, as long as we don't meet anyone I know. I can easily explain a single headgear, but double headgear might be a bit harder. But I did wear this a few time when I was in Asia." She took my hand as we walked from the car park into the actual shopping centre. Being a Saturday, we knew it was going to be busy, and we passed a couple of people even before we got to the shops.

Ok, so I've worn my double headgear out in public several times now. Most were over in Asia, where I really didn't mind who saw me. The other time was last weekend when there very few people around. But today, at the shopping centre, it was busy, with hundreds and thousands of people here. Even if 99% of people ignored me, I would still be seen by a lot of people. And people with external orthodontia are few and far between. People with extreme external orthodontia even more so.

Yet here I was, in my double headgear. Was I scared?

Hell, yes! I was scared. It was fun and exciting too, but I was scared. I looked at Amanda, and she looked at me, and smiled, then leaned over and gave me a gentle kiss.

As with the other times I've worn headgear in public in England, after a few minutes I began to calm down a bit as I, once again, noticed that very few people were interested enough to even look at me, let alone react. After wandering around the shops for a short while, window-shopping, we went into a book & stationary shop, where I ended up buying a book. There was a short queue at the till, and when it was my turn, the lady, probably in her 40s, looked at me, and appeared a but surprised.

"Never seen one of those before" she said, indicating my headgear. "What's it for?" she asked. Well, my heart was already beating fast just standing in the queue, it went even faster when she asked that.

"Erm, I'm getting my teeth fixed" I explained briefly, as I waved my card over the payment terminal. Outside the shop, I took a deep breat, and Amanda took my hand again, and smiled at me.

"That looked like it was scary but fun" she commented.

"Yeah, both those...." I replied. "Of course, you have this fun yet to come....".

"Yes... and I suspect I'll probably be a lot more nervous than you are!". As we continued walking around, I got the occasional stare, but noone said anything. My phone rang: it was Janice.

"Hey there, Danny! I'm guessing that you are somewhere with Amanda?" asked Janice

"Yeah, we're shopping up in Brent Cross" I replied, I didn't mention that it was really a 'braces adventure'.

"Are you guys still joining us tonight?" asked Janice

"Yes, that was our plan"

"Ok, so it looks like we're going to that same Italian place you first met Amanda. And before you ask, yes, I want to meet Amanda properly"

"Ok, give me a second, I'll just check with Amanda". I turned to Amanda: "It's Janice, she's checking if we're still wanting to go along tonight, they're going to that Italian place where we first met"

"Yeah, of course! It will be nice to meet her properly" said Amanda

"Actually, I think she want to meet you too" I replied quietly to Amanda. "Yeah, sounds like we're up for it! Want to WhatsApp me the details, and we'll see you there" I replied to Janice on the phone.

We continued walking around the shops for a while, occasionally buying something. I was looked at a few times, but noone actually said anything.

"Hey, fancy a coffee?" asked Amanda, as we approached the food area of the shopping centre.

"Oh, yes, great idea!" I replied. We went to one of the stalls, to get the coffee. Being a weekend, most of the staff were of school age, and of course, the girl who served us was only about 16 or 17, and as she saw me in my double headgear, she smiled, letting us both see that she had her own set of metal brackets.

"What would you like" she asked pleasantly. Amanda ordered a couple of coffees, as well as a large slice of flapjack. Whilst Amanda was actually her customer, not me, I did see a couple of flicks of her eyes, as they moved to look at me.

As we walked to a table to sit down, I gave up looking to see if anyone was looking at me.

"Am I allowed to take it off, to have my coffee?" I asked Amanda

"Of course..." seh replied. "I must admit, I expected more people to be looking at you, it's not as if you don't stand out"

"Yeah, most people just aren't looking around them as they wander around" I replied, as I unhooked the elastics from my facebow. "I mean, they know there's other people around them, so they don't bump into them, but their concentration is a lot closer to themselves" I continued, as I pulled the facebows from my mouth, and then took the interlandi from my head, and put them all on the table, between Amanda and myself.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 21

Planning braces for Amanda

"You know, in many ways, I actually prefer your place to mine!" said Amanda later that afternoon, when we had gone back to my place.

"You're kidding? Your place is so much better, it's newer, bigger...."

"Yeah, but this place has some character to it. I sometimes feel that my place is a bit bare and bland, if you know what I mean. Besides, your place contains a very interesting crate of goodies!". I had to laugh at the concept that my place was better because of my braces collection!

"Yeah, have you had a chance to think what you fancy from Mae yet? Why don't we make a list, and I can get a price from her"

"Ok. Well, top of the list has to be some fake brackets with headgear tubes, like yours, as well as some headgear and a facemask...."

I grabbed a pad of paper, found a pen, and started making some notes.

"Ok... and didn't you say you fancied some sort of thick expander with loads of screws and plastic"

"Yes... plus I fancied something with plastic over the teeth biting surfaces. And don't forget I need something to go with the facemask too."

"Right, got that lot.... I'm sure there was something else you mentioned. Oh yeah, B-shaped clip over the front..... wasn't that an activator or something?"

"Yes, an activator with a built-in lip bumper...."

"I think I'll need to dig out some picture to try and explain that one to Mei. Anything else? At this rate you're going to have more than me!"

"Erm, let me think.... oh, I almost forgot, some thin plastic plates I can wear without anyone realising"

"Ah, yes, I remember that one now..... let me have a look down the list....... hmm, not seeing any retainers yet"

"Oh, yeah, must have some hawleys!". I added them to the list.

"You REALLY want all of this? Mind you, I'm sure you can afford it!"

"I'm sure I can" said Amanda with a smile. "Hey, is there anything that YOU want? This would be a good chance if you do"

I had a think... to be honest, I already had pretty much everything I could want.... Then I thought of something. Something you didn't see much of these days. J-hooks!

"Well, one thing I had completely forgotten about was some J-hooks" I suggested.

"Oh, wow, yeah, you're right, they don't seem to use those much now, do they?". She paused for about 10 seconds and took a deep breath. "Sorry, just thinking about the whole concept of triple headgear!"

"Oh, Amanda, no, you'll get me going in a moment". Holy crap, double facebows on an interlandi as well as some J-hooks on sort of high-pull, that would be good fun to have to wear. "You realise I'll be daring you to wear triple headgear out in public now, don't you?". The look on Amanda's face was amazing.... a combination of major shock and extreme delight!

"Triple headgear? Hell, I'm gonna find a single headgear hard enough to wear in public...." said Amanda.

"I think you need to practice a bit - want to wear one of my facemasks while I make us a coffee?"

"Oh, yes please!" said Amanda like a small child being offered sweets.

"Tell you what, why don't you look in the crate for yourself, I'm sure you'll enjoy that!". I went over to my kitchen to make the coffee, leaving Amanda to look in the crate to find the facemask.

As I made the coffee, I watched as Amanda had a look in my box of braces. As well as looking for the facemask (which I'm sure wasn't difficult!) I could see that she was having another look at some of my other braces.

By the time I had poured out the coffees, and took them over to Amanda, she was wearing the facemask, and clearly enjoying the experience. However, she had to remove it in order to drink her coffee.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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This should be chapter 21.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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This should be chapter 21.

Thank you, changed.

I'm glad you mentioned it, as in my master copy, the next chapter would ALSO have been Chapter 20!!! I need to be more careful with cut & paste!!!

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 22

The Italian job

We all met at a pub just along the road from the Italian restaurant. Janice was already there with a couple of others when I arrived with Amanda. Knowing that this evening would be quite informal, I had suggested to Amanda that she dressed down a bit, which for Amanda still meant she looked amazingly smart and quite stunning, wearing a simple cotton dress that went to just above her knees, with black stockings (well, I hoped they were stockings rather than tights :-) ), and a nice pair of heels. Tonight her makeup seemed to be a bit 'softer', with a paler shade of eyeshadow, not as much mascara, and a more gentle pink lip-gloss.

"Hi Janice" I said, giving her a quick hug. "I'm sure you remember Amanda...."

"Of course... hello Amanda, it's nice to meet you properly, we hardly had a chance to talk the other week" said Janice, quickly shaking Amanda's hand. Janice introduced the others to us.

"What do you fancy?" I asked Amanda. "Wine? Lager?"

"Can I have a red wine please?" she replied.

I started to go to the bar, and turned to Janice. "Come with me to the bar, will you?" I asked her. We had known each other long enough now that there was a high level of trust between us that when I asked her to come to the bar with me, she knew there was a good reason, and probably actually guessed that reason.

"Something on your mind?" she asked as we waited at the bar to be served.

"Yeah....Janice, are you ok with me going out with Amanda?" I asked

"Sure I am... but please, don't shut me out.... I really appreciate having you as a friend, and I've kinda felt a bit shut out this last week"

"I'm sorry, yes, I have rather ignored you... it's been an intense week with Amanda. Look, I'm a bit worried that she might sort-of misunderstand our relationship, so can you sit with us tonight, and chat with Amanda, and help her understand?"

"Sure. I'd actually like to get to know her too... Look, I really hope it works out for you with her, but if it doesn't, you know where I am"

"Thanks, but things seem to be going ok, we seem to be pretty relaxed with each other's company so far". Just then it was our turn at the bar. I ordered a beer for me, and the wine for Amanda. "You need another drink?" I asked Janice.

"Thanks... a small lager will do nicely!". Our drinks were ready for us fairly quickly, so I paid, and we took the drinks back to the others. Amanda was talking with Sonya (Janice's flatmate), who had just arrived. I remembered back a week and a half, and I remember that Amanda had been chatting with her at that first meal at the Italian place.

"Hi Sonya!" I said whilst passing Amanda her wine.

"Oh, hi Danny! I see you two have actually managed to 'get together'... Amanda tells me you two are getting on well!" said Sonya

"Yes, things do seem to be going well between us. I guess I should thank you for passing on her original message!".

Amanda and I chatted with Sonya and Will (her boyfriend) for a minute or two, then they excused themselves to talk with someone else. "So, Amanda, you need to meet Janice.... although you did meet her the other week at the Italian place..."

"Ah, yes, I remember, hello Janice, nice to meet you"

"Nice to meet you too. It's about time Danny found himself a girlfriend!". Janice paused for a few seconds. "Look, Danny and I are very close, I guess we probably do love each other, but it's much more like a brother and a sister love.... or maybe that should be a step-sister. We love spending time together, but we've tried having a proper relationship, and it didn't work: I was screaming at him within a few weeks! What I'm trying to say is that I absolutely respect that you guys are in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, and will not get in between you. In fact, I'll do all I can to help you guys make it work!"

I could feel Amanda's hand slightly increase its pressure on mine. "Thanks for being so open, Janice, I appreciate it."

"All I ask is that you don't try to shut us off completely: if I was a male friend of Danny's, or even his sister, you'd have no problems with him meeting with me... I think we're each other's best friends, we need the occasional bit of time together... As I said, I think it's great that you two are going out together!"

"Ok" said Amanda, taking a breath. "This feels kinda weird, I've never known a guy whose 'bestie' was a girl! So how did you two meet?"

"Erm, I think we first met down the local pub, then we bumped into each other at the shops, and we just got talking; I think we were both a bit lonely, looking for company. That was about 2 years ago" explained Janice. "A few months after we first met, we did try being boyfiend and girlfriend, and I sort-of started living with him, but it didn't work"

"I'm guessing it wasn't anything big, otherwise you'd not still be friends?"

"No, it was silly little things... he'd get annoyed because I never put the cereals back in the cupboard. Then I'd get annoyed because he squeezes the toothpaste tube in the middle, that sort of thing....."

"He's not a 'middle of the tube squeezer' is he?" said Amanda, with a slight smile, then turning to me she added "It looks like I'm going to have to teach you how to squeeze a toothpaste tube properly!". She turned back to Janice. "So, I'm guessing you don't have a boyfriend at the moment - do you want one, or are you avoiding guys at the moment? I'm just thinking of a few people I know"

"Danny told me last week that I need to be a bit more positive towards guys, even ask them out, like you did with Danny"

"Shh, don't tell him, but I was actually quite nervous that first night when I asked him out for a drink" whispered Amanda loudly to Janice, "but I'm glad I did"

"You didn't seem that nervous" I replied, "you seemed to be in complete control"

"Danny, you're going to learn that I'm very good at hiding my emotions if I need to. It's been a couple of years since I've had a boyfriend, and I've never been good at meeting guys. I'm fine if it's for work, but not if it's personal. So, yeah, I was a bit scared that night. Scared you maybe wouldn't like me. And I was quite apprehensive about meeting Janice tonight too! As I said, I can hide my feelings if I need to"

"Well, I'm guessing you're ok with me now, how about with Janice?". Maybe I shouldn't have asked that second question, I was rather putting Amanda on the spot.

"Well... I'm feeling quite a bit better about it, but I'm hoping that we can chat a bit more tonight, get to know each other a bit"

"Hey, I'm ok with that. As I said, I want you two guys to work out, so anything I can do to help things along. So, who are these single guys you were thinking about?"

I breathed a sight of relief: the two most important women (ok, non-family women) seemed to be taking the first steps at getting to know each other, and there hadn't been any violence (yet!).

It wasn't much longer before everyone had arrived, and it was time to walk the 100 yards (= 100 metres) along the road to the same Italian restaurant, where, a week and a bit ago I'd first seen Amanda, the good looking red-haired girl that I thought I'd have NO chance with. How wrong I had been!

I suggested that Amanda and Janice should sit next to each other, so they could chat, and I sat opposite them. Next to me was Steve; Sonya (Janice's flatmate) and her boyfriend Will were further along the table.

The waiter came over for our drinks order: Amanda ordered a couple of bottles of not-so-cheap wine for everyone to share: I was driving, so I could only have a small glass of wine, so also ordered an OJ with lemonade. We looked at the menu: no one really fancied a starter - apart from some olives - so we jumped straight in at the main courses. Amanda and Janice both ordered pizza: I would have loved a pizza, but not with my (fake) braces, so went for a 'Pollo Cacciatore', which is 'pasta ribbons tossed with chicken, pancetta, onion & mushrooms in a tomato sauce, sprinkled with pecorino cheese'. Easy to eat, but would inevitably get stuck in my braces, which I was sure Amanda would appreciate! Amanda and I also ordered a side-salad, for us both to share.

(Whilst looking at the menu, I flipped over to the back, to see what deserts they had.... Chocolate Brownie with ice cream.... Tiramissu.... Lemon meringue.... Cookie Dough Al Forno with ice cream.... The most interesting seemed to be the 'Chocolate Etna', which was described as 'Hot toffee sauce is poured over the dark chocolate cup at your table, revealing a hidden scoop of vanilla gelato on top of a heavenly hot chocolate fondant'. Very appealing! I just hoped I would have enough space at the end to squeeze one of those in!).

Persuading Amanda and Janice to sit together turned out to be a good idea, as they seemed to get on surprisingly well. We were well into the meal, when I heard Janice say "So, Danny said earlier that it was his braces that attracted you..."

"Yeah, that's right... you got to admit, he DOES look rather cute in them, doesn't he?" replied Amanda. (I guess I should add that Amanda was on at least her third, if not fourth, glass of wine for the evening by this point)

"But I assume you know they aren't proper braces" said Janice quietly enough so that most others wouldn't hear her. Amanda was in the middle of eating a mouthful of pizza, so nodded. "Didn't you find that a bit strange?". Amanda smiled, and swallowed the piece of pizza she was eating.

"Not in the least... in fact, it made things far more interesting!" replied Amanda, keeping the conversation fairly quiet.

"In what way?" asked Janice.

"Well, it seems that Danny and I both share a bit of a dark secret... we both seem to have a thing for braces"

"Ah, right, things are starting to make a bit of sense... but is that enough for a relationship?"

"Well, it has been so far, plus we are starting to find out other things about each other. I mean, tonight I'm getting to know you a bit, and you're part of Danny..."

It was good to see that both Amanda and Janice seemed to be trying very hard to make things work between them. While they were chatting together, I was chatting with a couple of other people on the table.

Having made a mess in my braces with the pasta and the olives, I added to it with a rather scrumptious 'Chocolate Etna'. At the end of the meal, I was about to go to the toilets, to brush my teeth, when Amanda leaned over to me: "Don't brush them... the mess in them looks gorgeous!". Needless to say, Amanda was all over me again when we got back to my place.


in bed, later on...

"How do you feel things went between you & Janice this evening?" I asked

"She seems pretty ok, but she's so different from me, isn't she? I think I understand your relationship with her a bit better now, but I do have to ask: do I need to worry about you and Janice?"

"Well, the way you are satisfying my urges, I'm certainly not wanting to look elsewhere. And I think Janice respects our relationship enough to not try anything on. If only she had a boyfriend...."

"Well, funny you should say that....."


"There's this guy at chambers, one of our clerks, I know he's single and I reckon he might get on with Janice, so I'm thinking we need to do something to get them to meet."

"Maybe we could invite them over for an informal dinner one evening? I think it would probably work better here"

"Yes, that makes sense, as I said the other day, your place DOES have a nice feel to it. It's the same sort of feeling you get from an old comfy jumper, compared to a nice new one."

"Although I think this comfy jumper could maybe do with a bit of a wash, and a repair in places!" I replied.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Great writing. Enjoying the read, keep it up!

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 23

The next week ...

Before going to sleep on the Saturday, Amanda suggested I should sleep in my twin-blocks for a change, and I was woken by Amanda kissing me, running her tongue over the expanse of plastic that covered my front teeth, and into my mouth. Whilst I couldn't feel her tongue at all as it darted in and out of my mouth, I could feel it touching my lips, and occasionally my gums. Despite having brushed my teeth the night before, my mouth tasted - and probably smelt - pretty bad, not that it stopped Amanda kissing me: she seemed to like the feel of all the plastic that she could reach with her tongue

After that, we just cuddled and chatted in bed for a while. It was times like this that we were starting to learn more about each other. Today we were talking about the sort of music we liked: there was a certain overlap, but I do like a bit of rock and metal, which Amanda isn't so keen on, she prefers something a bit more soothing, including some of the lighter classical music.

We finally got out of bed, and had some breakfast: eating cereals with twin-blocks is not easy either, but Amanda encouraged me to keep going, and not take them out and give up. Needless to say, to both my and Amanda's delight, plenty of bits of cereal got stuck around the various clasps of the twin-block.

After that, we worked on an email to Mei, based on the notes I'd scribbled yesterday, to get prices for a load of braces for Amanda (and a couple of bits for me). This was the list:

- upper & lower brackets with HG tubes
- upper & lower retainers
- upper expander, with loads of screws and really thick plastic
- something that has plastic all over the teeth, kinda like your twin-block, but not a twin block
- quite thin plates, no / minimal clasps
- headgear (facebows & various HG for A, J-hooks for me)
- facemask (plus some sort of upper brackets with attachment for Facemask)
- activator-looking thing, plastic between the biting surfaces of the teeth, like an activator, with a built-in lower lip-bumper, and a B-shaped sprung clip over the top two front teeth too

There were some quite complicated bits in there, but I knew that the price wouldn't really worry Amanda, as long as it wasn't THAT stupid - which I doubted it would be.

Whilst our mutual love of orthodontia was a great start to our relationship, we needed to learn more about each other if our relationship was to grow and to last. So far, I was pretty happy with the way things were going: I knew that, over the next couple of weeks Amanda would be taking me to some social events that would maybe 'push my boundaries' (which is a way of saying 'scaring the sh*t out of me' if I was alone!), but I trusted that Amanda would protect me and help me take on these new challenges.

Wednesday evening was the first proper social event I went to with Amanda. We were spending the evening having dinner with Chris and his wife, along with two other couples. Chris is the head of Amanda's chambers, and is a QC (so a well experienced and senior post), but he turned out to be a really nice guy away from work. He and his wife both have a passion for cooking, so regularly invite people over so they can try out new dishes on them. The other guests were one of Amanda's colleagues, and her partner, plus one of the chamber's clerks, and his partner.

Amanda had told me that the dress code for tonight was 'smart, but absolutely NOT formal", so I wore my new chinos, one of the new shirts, but without a tie, plus my new jacket. I felt quite smart, as well as being surprisingly comfortable.

"You look good tonight" said Amanda, kissing me. Needless to say, Amanda herself looked quite stunning... I really don't know how she does it, but she just seems to know what to wear to look good: she set the bar very high for others!

"Thank you" I replied, "you look amazing, as ever....".

"You know, it would be such fun to persuade you to wear your headgear out one evening...."

"Maybe, but NOT tonight though" I said, smiling.

"Would you like to drive?" asked Amanda as we walked down to the car.

"You like having a chauffeur, don't you?" I said jokingly. I actually enjoyed driving when we went out: for a start, I don't get to drive a lot, so actually driving is nice; plus it was a fun experience driving an electric car, and the Tesla was a nice car too.

"Actually, it does make a pleasant change to not have to drive"

"You just like the fact that it allows you to have a drink"

"Well, yes, there is that, but there are things called taxis. If ever you want to be able to have a drink too, just say, and we can use a taxi."

We chatted as we drove the 15 minutes to where Chris lived: he lived in a quite upmarket area, in a quite impressive house (over 5 bedrooms I guessed, so a 'mansion' as far as the press goes!). The inside of the house was as impressive as the outside, but it very much had a 'home' feeling about it, it looked a little untidy in a few places, and felt that it was actually used and enjoyed by it's inhabitants, rather than being a clean, smart, sanitised sort of house.

We were the first there, and Chris answered the door to us, welcomed us in, and showed us around the ground floor, where we would be that evening. The kitchen was, of course, huge, with all sorts of things around the place: that didn't really surprise me, Amanda had told me how much they both enjoyed cooking. It pleased me to see a small stack of dirty cooking bits next to the sink!

The evening was amazingly enjoyable: Chris and his wife were excellent hosts, and I got on well with both the other couples (I say 'I', because it was obvious that Amanda knew everyone quite well). And, of course, the food was just amazing: what made it a bit more interesting was hearing about the ingredients for everything, and how it was all made / cooked. Inevitably there were questions about my having to wear braces (if only they knew the truth about them!), and both Amanda and I rather enjoyed that part of the conversation. I'm not quite sure how she did it, but Amanda even managed to slip in the fact that 'Danny has to wear headgear at night' - I'm sure I don't need to tell you how that made me feel!

At the end of the evening, Amanda drove me back home. "Want to come in for another coffee, or something?" I asked.

"Actually, can I have both please?" said Amanda joking.

"Thank you for coming with me tonight, it made a nice change to have a partner. I got the feeling you quite enjoyed this evening" commented Amanda, as I made us both a coffee. "You seemed quite relaxed"

"Yes, I was. I was a bit apprehensive before we went, but Chris is really nice, and so were the others. Oh, and thank you for telling everyone that I have to wear headgear at night!"

"Oh, yes, that WAS fun, and I'm sure you enjoyed every moment of it, didn't you. Hey, where IS your headgear, you really ought to be wearing it!". I told Amanda that it was in the bedroom, so as I waited for the coffee to filter, she went and got it, then I let her fit it to me, a small experience which we both enjoyed.

"It was a good 'first event' to take you to I think.... The one we're going to next Monday will be a lot more formal, and I suspect you'll maybe find it a bit more difficult. But don't worry" she said, putting her arms around me from behind, "I'll be there with you".

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Nice work. It will be fun to see how Amanda does when her new toys arrive.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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>> Nice work. It will be fun to see how Amanda does when her new toys arrive.

That's gonna be in a couple of "story weeks" time... as you'll see in today's chapter, Danny collects Amanda's models, and (whilst not stated) sends them off to Mei, over in Asia. I'm guessing airmail it's going to take several days to get there, then Mei has quite a list of braces to make!

{Aside: it was very tempting to call this chapter "Meet the Fockers" :-) }


Chapter 24

Meet grandma and grandpa

On the Thursday, I got a text call from Amanda just before lunch: "need a favour... can you collect my teeth from dentist?" and it included the dentist's details. I texted back to say I could. So, as well as going out to grab some lunch, I had a 20 minute detour to pop into her dentist's to collect the models of Amanda's teeth. Of course, Amanda's dentist was a fully private place, so when I walked in, I got a bit of a pleasant surprise - whilst my dentist is pretty clean and moden, it is fairly 'basic' and functional.... you go in, reception is just inside the door, then there's a load of seats over to the side where you wait, and a set of treatment rooms.

This dentist was in a large old house, the décor was modern by quite nicely up-market. The reception was in the quite large hallway, and I could see into the waiting room, where there seemed to be large chairs (the sort you'd have in your lounge!). The receptionist was very pleasant and very helpful: I explained that I was there to collect Amanda's teeth moulds, and she had them there waiting for me to collect. They had wrapped them in bubble-wrap, and put them into a small carrier bag.

So, back at work, I went into our warehouse area, and found a small box, and grabbed some more bubble-wrap from the big roll we had, so I could pack it up when I was back home.

I didn't see Amanda that evening, as I had my first evening out (since we started going out, of course) without her. I had called Janice during the day, and she suggested having dinner at her place, then a couple of drinks at the pub, both of which sounded very good to me.

Initially, Janice seemed to be a little distant, she still seemed a bit unsure where we stood. So while dinner cooked, we chatted... about me, about her, about Amanda, about how Amanda and I were getting on. I think her worries were more about losing me as a close friend.

By the end of the evening - and I have no doubt that a couple of beers helped things - we seemed to have sorted out things between us. After the pub, we walked together to her place (which was on the way back to my place). Outside, we put our arms around each other and hugged. Then I put my lips to hers, and gave her a simple kiss on her lips.

"We ok again?" I asked her

"Yes, I think so, as long as you remember I'm here..."


"How did last night go? You said were planning on seeing Janice"

"Yeah, it ended up fine - I think she was a bit unsure about how things really were between us. Your chatting with her last weekend helped a lot but..."

"Yeah, I met with one of my girlfriends last night" said Amanda, and I think she was finding it hard that I'm 'not as available' as before"

"I think it's about time I met a few of your friends. I'm not meaning people through work, I mean your real friends"

"Well, you know Sonya, although she's not an especially close friend, but yeah, I'd like that. Oh, thinking about doing things, do you have anything planned for us yet on Sunday lunchtime?"

"No, why?"

"In that case, would you like to come with me to have Sunday lunch with my grandparents, then spend the afternoon with them?". Amanda has mentioned her grandparent several times: it's their pictures she has in the locket around her neck, and I know she's very close to them.

"Yeah, ok, that sounds like a lovely idea!"

"Oh, did you pick up my teeth yesterday?"

"Yes, I did. I did consider mailing them off for you today, but I thought you'd want to have a look at them first." I went over to where I'd put the plaster models, the cardboard box, and the extra bubble wrap, grabbed them all, and passed the box, which I'd put the models in, over to Amanda. I'd already taken a look, which meant I'd already cut the tape on the bubble wrap, so she was able to take out the models quite easily.

It was interesting to actually see what Amanda's teeth looked like: they were, of course, lovely and straight, and in a nice arch shape, with uppers and lower interlocking just perfectly. Whilst some people have tiny teeth, others have large teeth, hers, like mine, were 'in the middle somewhere', like most people's seem to be.

But of course, the models were missing something: braces! Of course, we'd never see the braces on the models, as once we'd sent them to Mei, Mei would keep them, just returning the actual fake braces. Just for a bit of fun, I got my retainers out, and put them gently onto Amanda's models: it was clear that our teeth were different, my upper arch seems to be more rounded at the front, whilst Amanda's is a bit more 'pointy', if that makes sense... so whilst our actual arches have a similar width, my retainers are a bit too wide at the front.

So, on to Sunday: I had stayed over at Amanda's on the Saturday, so it was just a matter of getting up, having a little breakfast, then getting in the car to drive to her grandparents place in Chalfont St Peter. The satnav took us across to the A40, then across country, and indicated just under an hour. For some reason, I had let Amanda persuade me to wear my high-pull headgear. "You can take it off when we get there" she had said.

"Almost there" said Amanda as we actually drove out of Chalfont St Peter itself, along a pleasant  road that seems to have quite a few large houses in it, and big spaces between. She pulled into the driveway of one of these houses. In the front, not only was there a garden, but space for maybe 4 cars to park, plus a double garage to the side of the house.

The car stopped, and I was going to remove my headgear, when the front door opened, and her grandparents came out to geet us. I had a quick choice to make: remove the headgear immediately, or leave it on. Well there's no real choice to make, is there. I got out of the car, with my headgear still on, and waited for Amanda to come around the car and join me. She smiled as she approached me, and took my hand.

"So, this is Grandma and Grandpa..... guys, this is Danny, my boyfriend". It's interesting, but as I thought about it, the only time she had directly referred to me as her boyfriend was during a small number of 'formal' introductions, like the dinner at Chris's place the other night. I guess that she assumed people would know that, if I was with her, then I must be her boyfriend.

I was rather nervous as I shook her grandparents hands, for a couple of reasons. First, they were the first members of her family that I'd met, and second... well, there's no hiding the silver bow and straps of a high-pull headgear, is there?

"It's nice to meet you, Danny" said her grandpa as he shook my hand, "come on in....". Amanda had already hugged her grandpa, and was now hugging her grandma.

From the outside, the house looked as if it was maybe 80 to 100 years old (so built between the two wars), and probably had something like 5 or 6 bedrooms, which would mean that the downstairs would be big too. I wasn't disappointed: the lounge was huge, they had a separate large dining room, a massive kitchen, as well as a good-sized downstairs study. The decor was quite traditional - to be expected with a retired couple - but clean, modern and in an excellent state of repair: it was quite clear that her grandparents didn't have a money problem (well, unless the problem was that they had too much of it)!

"Now that you're here, I'll put the potatoes in to roast" said her grandma... come on through to the kitchen, and we can chat while I do it. I assume you'd like a cup of tea?". Out in the kitchen, she put the already-prepared potatoes into the oven. I could see there was a glass jug with what seemed to be batter waiting on the side: I recognised this from when I was younger, it's exactly what my mum did when we were having Yorkshire puddings, but that wouldn't need to go into the oven just yet. Next she filled a kettle, and turned it on.

"You have a lovely place here.... err... grandma?". She smiled as I said that.

"You are very welcome to call me grandma, but feel free to call me Mrs Spencer or Veronica if you prefer. Yes, it is a lovely place, isn't it?"

"Just wait till you see the garden" added Amanda, as she passed grandma the teapot. Amanda helped her grandma get 4 cups out, then put them onto a large tray, along with a jug of milk, a sugar bowl, spoons, a tea-strainer and finally, the teapot, now filled with hot water (and tea-leaves!).

"Danny, could you carry the tray out to the garden for us, please?". I picked up the tray, and followed the two of them out into the garden, where her grandpa had been setting up four chairs for us around a large outdoor table. After putting the tray down onto the table, I looked around the garden. It was large, and looked very smart, with nicely cut grass, and lots of flowers, shrubs and trees around.

Having let the tea brew for a few minutes, grandpa poured the tea, asked if I'd like milk, then passed me the cup. I realised that, of course, I'd need to remove my headgear, which I was still wearing. The practical aspect was simple, I could put the headgear on and take it off without even looking, same for the facebow. I just needed to do it in such a way that it looked like this was something I was not only used to doing, but used to doing it with an audience!

I grabbed the ends of the plastic straps of the force modules, one with each hand, then gently twisted first the left one, then the right one, unhooking it from the facebow. Holding the high-pull headgear in my left hand, I used my right hand to pull out the facebow, making sure that I didn't accidentally pull out my braces from mouth at the same time!

"Would you like me to put your headgear into my bag?" asked Amanda.

"Oh, yes please" I replied, passing her the headgear, in front of her grandparents.

"Danny has to wear the headgear as part of his treatment to straighten his teeth: he normally wears it just in the evenings and at night, but we've been out a lot this week, and he's a bit down on his wear-time, so he decided to wear it on the journey here too". I had absolutely no doubt that Amanda enjoyed every moment of giving that explanation, but it was useful, and would explain why I wouldn't be wearing it for the rest of the afternoon.

As we chatted and drank our tea, and then later over lunch, I started to realise how nice Amanda's grandparents were, and why it was that Amanda loved them so much. As an outsider, I was made to feel very welcome, almost as if I was already a part of the family.

As we went into the dining room a little while later, I could see that there was a nice mix of formal and informal. The formal was the large dining table, with six chairs around it (but I spotted another four chairs in the corner, so clearly the table could be expanded in size), and a table-cloth on it. Informal were the quirky table-mats, the quite modern cutlery, and the 'extras' in the middle of the table. Oh, and the bottle of red wine on the table, already opened, and 4 wine glasses. Formal was also the 4 napkins, held in napkin rings.

Lunch was lovely: roast beef, lovely crispy roast potatoes, and lovely light Yorkshire puddings, plenty of fresh vegetables, and lots of gravy! For desert, we had delicious home-made creme-caramels.

After lunch, Amanda took out my teeth-cleaning kit from her bag, and lead me to the downstairs cloakroom. "Your grandparents are really nice" I said as I opened the cloakroom door. "I'm glad you're getting on well with them" she replied, giving me a quick kiss, before letting me brush my teeth. I closed the door behind me, and locked it, then took a look at my mouth - or more specifically my braces - in the mirror. I was pleased to see that there were a few bits of brown meat and green broccoli stuck in my braces. Over lunch, I had tried hard to smile as much as I could, letting her grandparents see my shiny metal braces, apparently with food stuck in them! I removed my braces, and rinsed them under the tap: often that is enough to get the bits of food out, but today they needed a quick brush, then I brushed my teeth, and finally put my braces back in again.

We paused a bit after lunch, sitting out in the garden again, then we all went for nice walk. Finally, late afternoon, it was time to go home again.

"Grandma, grandpa, thank you so much, it has been lovely to meet you both, I've had a great time here today" I said, as I gave them both a hug, before getting into the car.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Ok, so there's not really any braces content in today's chapter, it's more of a filler to introduce us to one of the bits of Amanda's world of barristers.


Chapter 25

Dinner is served

I walked around to Amanda's chambers after work. As I walked in, I remembered that I had said to Suzannah, one of the clerks there, that I would say hello when I came around.

"Good afternoon, how can I help?" asked the smartly dressed guy on reception.

"Oh, hello, I'm Danny, Amanda's boyfriend... but I was actually hoping to have a quick chat with Suzannah first, if she's still here?"

"Oh, hello there, Danny, nice to meet you. I'm sure Suzannah will still be here, let me call her"

"Thanks". He picked up his phone, and made a brief call.

"She'll be here in a moment...".

A smart looking lady, I'm guessing in her early to mid 30s, came into reception. "Danny?" she asked I nodded, and she came over and shook my hand. "Nice to finally meet you. What can I do for you?"

"Well, I'm actually here to meet up with Amanda, and drag her away from work, but I did say I'd say hello to you when I finally came here"

"Ok, well, it's lovely to meet you, Danny, and nice to put a face to the name... so why don't I take you up to Amanda's office?". She looked over to the receptionist "Do I really need to get Danny to sign in, he's only going to be here a few moments, to collect Amanda". He shook his head. "She's up on the second floor" said Suzannah, leading me up the rather plush stairs. If I had to say to you 'imagine what a modern barrister's chambers looks like', I suspect you'd think modern but traditional, nice carpets, nice pictures on the wall, and that sort of thing: and you would be describing where I was.

Up on the second floor, there was a small and discrete sign next to the door that simply said "Amanda Spencer". The door was slightly open, but Suzannah still knocked the door before going in.

"I have a visitor for you...." she said, showing me in.

"Oh, hi Danny!... so you've met Suzannah then" said Amanda as she came over and gave me a simple formal kiss on my cheek. I took a quick look around her room. Over to the right was a large L-shaped desk, pretty much clear apart from a few personal bits, and a small pile of what I guess were law reference books. To the left was an area with four comfortable-looking armchairs in front of a window, with a table between them. On the table was a tray with glasses, and a couple of bottles of water. To the side was a sideboard, with what looked to be a drinks tray, with several small glasses and a couple of half-full decanters; next to it was a bookcase, full of reference books. On the wall were a couple of pleasant, yet modern, paintings. The décor was simple but very smart: I hated to think how much Amanda actually charged her customers to be able to pay for all this!

For some reason, my mind briefly imagined Jenny, from that girl-band, singing and recording her song ideas whilst in here.

"Yes, I asked for her when I arrived, seemed like a good time to actually meet her" I said, bringing my attention back to Amanda.

"Good thinking.. Ok, well I'm ready to go" said Amanda, picking up her bag. "Thanks Suzannah, at least next time Danny will know where to come!"

"Nice meeting you, Danny!" said Suzannah, as she left us in reception.

"Right, let's get over to my place and get changed, we need to be there at 7pm for a 7:30 start". I had left a set of smart clothes, including my new suit, over at Amanda's. We both had a very quick shower, and got dressed. I was in a white shirt, with tie, and the suit, plus my nice new shoes.

Amanda was in a very smart, yet formal, black dress, stockings, and red high heels. Whilst she hadn't actually spent long doing it, her makeup looked as excellent and discrete as ever.. well apart from the bold red lip-gloss that she liked to wear. Tonight, her hair was tied back into a smart ponytail. On her ears she had rather expensive-looking ear-rings, and a matching brooch (and knowing Amanda, I guessed they probably WERE expensive!), a delicate bracelet, and a couple of rings on the third finger of her right hand.

"Oh, my, you DO look good in that suit!" said Amanda.

"Thank you... you look pretty scrumptious yourself"

"I wonder how headgear would go with your suit - would it clash?" joked Amanda. Her phone pinged with a text, saying that the taxi was waiting for us.

On the way, Amanda explained what the dinner was: all London barristers belong to a 'bar', and there's a certain number of formal dinners that they need to attend. Some of these events are for barristers only, and is where the older, more experienced, barristers met with the younger inexperienced ones: these occasions often included some training, but was mainly a chance for the younger members to interact with their older peers. As well as, apparently, drink large amounts of alcohol, much bought by those 'older peers'!

However, tonight's event was a more social event, and partners were made welcome. So, I'd be meeting  both younger and older lawyers, and their partners.

"Anyone else from your chambers going?" I asked Amanda.

"No, I don't think so. But don't be intimidated by anyone. There's going to be a mix of senior and junior barristers there, and it's quite likely that there will be a high-court judge or two there too, but tonight isn't about rank, it's about meeting people, so just think of them as very intelligent, very experienced people, most of whom have some very good fun stories to share!"

Traffic was light, and we arrived with about 10 minutes to spare. As we went in, we were given name badges, so that everyone would know who everyone else was. Amanda's said "Ms Amanda Spencer, Kings Square Chambers", whilst mine said "Danny Jones, Guest".

We walked into the large hall, where the dinner was taking place.... wow, what a place. Imagine an old traditional building, maybe 300 years old, the inside looks like you'd imagine a building at Ocford University looks like... or that dining room at Hogwarts. Tall vaulted ceiling, wooden panels on the walls, various coats or arms and oher similar things on the walls too. The place was clearly oozing with history!

"Oh, hello David, fancy seeing you here tonight!" said Amanda to a guy also in his late 20's

"Amanda, lovely to see you, it must be all of... what... 72 hours since we talked!" replied David

"David, this is my boyfriend, Danny."

"Hi there, David.... so what's with the 72 hours then?" I asked

"Ah, yes, David and I were working on a small case last week, opposing sides of course"

"Oh, ok... anything interesting?" I asked

"Well, I was representing a small charity - pro bono - and Amanda's client was an artist: it was a copyright case concerning a picture someone had taken of her client's painting..."

"Oh, I thought photos of paintings didn't have copyright?"

"Like David's client thought, that is a popular misconception. It's only ok if the original paining is out of copyright.... so picture of old masters are fine. In this case, the painting was only months old, so there was no doubt that there was a breach of my client's copyright" explained Amanda

"If this case had gone to court, it would have probably killed the charity, as well as bankrupted the trustees, but instead, Amanda came up with an excellent win-win solution, for which my clients are amazingly grateful! So, a question for you Amanda, did you do this one pro-bono as well? I mean, I know your client is starting to make a name for himself, but I can't imagine he's especially well off"

"Well, no, but..... Hey, Danny, would you take a photo of me please.... He's going to paint a small and simple portrait of me, that I can give to my parents, as my payment."

"Having seen some of his work, that's going to be interesting...." commented David

"If I'm honest, that's part of the appeal, I'm really looking forward to seeing what he does! So you see Danny, sometimes its not all about the money, or winning!". She passed me her camera, and I got her to line up against an interesting part of the wall, and took a couple of pictures, which I showed her.

"Oh, yes, I like it... I wonder how he'll interpret that?".

Picture taken, Amanda lead me to the side of the room, where there was an easel with some papers on it.

"Let's see where we're going to be sitting, and who with.... ah, here we are....oh, now THAT will be interesting!" said Amanda

"What will be interesting?"

"Well, we're going to be with a few pupils, as well as with Sir Brian Hancock - he's a High Court Judge"

"The "Judge" bit I understand, but I think I need the crash court in understanding how the "High Court" bit fits in..."

"Ok, keeping is simple: a case is either criminal, civil, or family: Criminal is breaking the law of the land; civil is things like libel, so person to person, family is things like divorce. The majority of criminal cases tend to be dealt with in the Magistrates court, but can then go up a level, to the Crown court, where you get juries. On the other hand, most civil cases start in the County Court. The High Court, which is where Sir Brian sits, considers bigger civil cases, and appeals from the Magistrates, County and Family Courts. Then above that is the Court Of Appeal, with the Supreme Court above that - they both deal with appeals based upon 'points of law'"

"So where do you work?"

"I work mainly in the County Court, because pretty much all my stuff is civil, and not that exciting, but I have been to the High Court on a few occasions... and funnily enough, the last time I was in the High Court was about two or three weeks ago, in front of Sir Brian! But I've never met him outside of court, so tonight will be interesting."

"And judges are ex-barristers?"

"High court ones certainly are, some judges in the lower courts can be ex-solicitors"

"And how do I address him?"

"He will be 'Sir Brian', unless he tells you otherwise. I suspect that he will be formal with us, so calling me 'Miss Spencer', and you 'Mr Jones'... don't worry, that's just the way things get done. For other people, take my lead, it depends on who it is, some will be Mr, others will prefer their firstname."

Amanda turned, and recognised someone. "Oh, hello Justin, I wasn't expecting to see you here tonight!"

"Oh, hi there, Amanda. Yeah, last minute thing"

"Justin, this is my boyfriend, Danny. Danny, Justin is a pupil in our chambers"

"Yeah, that's another question I have: I'm seeing some people have badges saying 'Pupil', others saying 'Pupil Barrister', what's the difference?"

"Well" answered Justin, "I'm a pupil, so that means I'm in my first six..."

"First six?" I asked

""Yes, first six months of pupillage. Simplistically, in my first six I just watch what's going on. In my second six - so months 7 to 12 - I can actually do proper barrister work, so I will then become a 'Pupil Barrister'. It's a technical but also legal distinction"

"So, have you worked with Amanda yet?"

"No, I'm working pretty exclusively with one of the other barristers at chambers, but I would love the chance to work with Amanda for a few days, to see the sort of work she does"

"I'm sure that could be arranged" replied Amanda. As she said that, a discrete bell rang. "Ah, time to go and sit down." Amanda led me to the correct table, where there were name cards indicating where to sit. There were 10 seats at the table, and Amanda was in the middle on one side, and I was sat next to her. Already there was another couple, a Pupil Barrister called David, and his partner Alice. Next to arrive was a young lady who sat opposite me, whose badge announced that she was 'Ms Sarah Appleby, Long Street Chambers'.

"Hello Amanda!" she said as she sat down.

"Sarah, long time no see!... how's things going? Long Street Chambers, that's near Southwick, isn't it?"

"Yes, it is, and things are going pretty well for me - I'm guessing you're doing ok too, I saw your name mentioned recently, some copyright case wasn't it?". They chatted briefly.

"Oh, sorry, I forgot, this is my boyfriend, Danny. I met Sarah when we were both doing our BPTC... that's the post graduate course barristers have to do" explained Amanda.

As we chatted, other people arrived at our table, including Sir Brian. He looked to be in his late 50s, dressed in a very smart formal suit, and I was able to see that his name badge said "Sir Brian Hancock, Judge"

"Good evening, Sir Brian, so nice to see you again!" said Amanda as he sat down, "Can I introduce my boyfriend, Danny Jones".

"Good evening, Miss Spencer, it's always a pleasure to see you, and nice to meet you too, Mr Jones. I will admit that I do have a lot of respect for Miss Spencer" he said to me, "she's only been in my court a small number of times, but in all cases I seem to remember that she came very prepared, and presented a good case"

"Thank you very much, Sir Brian!" replied Amanda. Yes, Sir Brian looked every part of what I imagined a judge would look like: an older person, smartly dressed, formal, polite ...

"So, Mr Jones, I'm assuming you're not in the legal profession, so what is it that you do?" Sir Brian asked me

"Well, I'm a technical support engineer and trainer for a high-tech equipment manufacturer" I replied.

"Ah, that sounds like a much more 'hands-on' job compared to what we do, but by no means any less important. And don't let anyone here tell you otherwise!" he said with a smile on his face. "So, who else do we have on our table this evening? Please, briefly introduce yourselves...". 

"Why don't I start?" suggested Sarah, who was sat next to Sir Brian "I'm Sarah Appleby, Long Street Chambers. Amanda?"

"Amanda Spencer, Kings Square Chambers, this is my boyfriend, Danny Jones". Others around the table introduced themselves and their partners: most were still doing their pupillage, although there was one other, quite junior, qualified barrister.

"And I am formally known as 'The Honourable Sir Brian Hancock', or simply 'Sir Brian', but as we have guests with us tonight, I think it might be easier if you just call me Brian, if that's what you would prefer!".

It was about then that the soup was served at our table, which turned out to taste excellent. As we ate we talked.

"Tell me, Sir Brian, how did you actually get to be a Judge?" I asked.

"An excellent question. I'm sure most people here know all the details, but for those outside the profession, I can imagine it's a bit of a mystery how you become a judge. I started off as a barrister, so just like most of the people here tonight. After practicing for about 10 years, I applied to the Appointments Commission, and was appointed as a Deputy District Judge, then I think it was about 3 years later I became a District Judge, sitting in the County Courts. A few years later, I had the honour of being selected to be appointed as a High Court Judge. As with any other job, you have to demonstrate your abilities, and not upset anyone" explained Sir Brian. He then looked at Amanda (who was sat straight opposite him), and asked "Tell me, Miss Spencer, or even you, Miss Appleby, have either of you ever thought about applying to become a judge? We need more women and people from minority groups."

I think the question rather took Amanda by surprise, as she was silent for a few seconds. "I must admit, I 've never actually thought about it, although I probably do have just about enough experience"

"Well, please do think about it, I've certainly seen you in court, and I think you might enjoy it.". Sir Brian talked a bit more about it with Amanda and Sarah, then started to talk more with the others. By the time we were eating our deserts, many quite amusing anecdotes had been shared by Sir Brian, Amanda and Sarah.

After the dinner, Amanda introduced me to a couple of other people she knew, and spoke with them briefly.

"Well, you seemed to cope well with that, how did you enjoy it?" Amanda asked me as we were being driven home in the taxi.

"I was a bit apprehensive when you first said we'd be sitting with a judge, but by the end of the evening, I think I was quite ok. Not the normal sort of thing I do on a Monday night, but no, it was interestingly different. It seems to be a strange sort of profession, many quirks going back into history, like the place we were tonight"

"Yes, the Inns of Court go back hundreds of years, the original hall was built back in the 1400's I think, but it got damaged in the Great Fire of London, and finally got bombed out in the war, so the current building is actually only from the 50s. But it is rather nice, isn't it?" explained Amanda. "So, you think you're gonna be ok if we go to a few more things like tonight?"

"Yes, I think so... as long as I can persuade you to come along to some rather lower-brow evenings too"

"Oh, yes, I think I can manage that" said Amanda, putting her arm around me, and cuddling up to me in the back of the taxi.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Fascinating stuff! I'm really enjoying these characters.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Back again.... had a slight break, partly because I have been working, but also because my son got married last weekend, and we had a visitor as a result. But the story continues....


Chapter 26

A night out with Janice... and a hangover!

I had packed up Amanda's teeth models over the weekend, using the box and materials I had got from work, and Amanda posted them off to Asia on the Monday.

When I got home after the posh dinner, there was a message waiting for me from Mei: she had priced up the braces, plus worked out the shipping costs by airmail (and that bit wasn't cheap), so I forwarded the message to Amanda, and she was happy with the price, so I told Mei to go ahead, and let us know when she needed the card details, to pay for it all.

So, over the next few days, I had dinner with Amanda at her place, she came to my place, we went out to the pub a couple of times, and on the Friday we had an evening apart, giving me a chance to meet up with Janice.

On the Friday, Amanda called me: it seems she'd had a quick chat with Mike, the clerk at her chambers, and it seemed that he was up for meeting Janice, and the suggestion was all four of us meeting up somewhere suitable for lunch on Saturday. So Friday evening, after work, I went around to see Janice.

"I'm rather hoping you're not doing anything tomorrow lunchtime?" I asked her.

"Um, no, not I can think of, why?" she replied

"Well, we thought you might like to come and join us for lunch in town somewhere"

"'Us' being?" asked Janice, slightly suspiciously.

"Well, Amanda, me and Mike" I said quickly.

"And Mike?"

"Yeah, Mike. He's a clerk at Amanda's chambers. I've only seen him in passing, he's our sort of age..."

"So you're trying to set me up with someone?"

"Ummmm.... yes, I guess we are, but it's no worse than you setting me up with Amanda"

"I never 'set you up', I was just passing on a message"

"Ok then, so I'm just passing on a message from Amanda. Come on, Janice, what do you have to lose? If nothing happens then you've still had a pleasant lunch with me and Amanda. And you never know....."

It took a few more minutes to convince her, but eventually she agreed to join us.

"So, now you're here, you're welcome to stay for dinner" she suggested.

"Very tempting... let me have a quick word with Amanda, I've no idea if she has anything planned for us tonight". I called Amanda, let her know that Janice was up for lunch, and asked what she was doing: she told me that she'd had a text from some friends, asking if she would like to join them for a 'girls evening out', and said I was welcome to spend the evening with Janice if I wanted to, as long as I 'behaved myself', whatever that actually meant!!!.

So I ended up having dinner with Janice, then we decided to go to the pub.

"Let's go to 'The Dragon' for a change" suggested Janice, "leave your bag here, you can collect it on the way home later on."

Well, we met some friends at the pub, and I will confess that I did drink quite a lot of alcohol. What I remember of the evening was good fun, and afterwards Janice helped me to stagger back to her place, where it seems I must have sat down on the settee, and passed out. The next thing I remembered was being woken by my phone ringing. I opened my eyes, and realised that I wasn't at home, and a few seconds later worked out that I was at Janice's, on the settee, with a thin duvet over me. It took me a few more seconds to find and answer my phone.

"Hello?" I said, as Janice came out of her room, fully dressed, and looking very much brighter than I was.

"Where are you? I'm at your place, and I've been ringing your bell, but you're not answering" said Amanda, on the phone.

"Ah, that's because I seem to be around at Janice's...". There was a pause. "It's ok, I think I must have passed out on her settee.". Janice came over and leaned towards my phone. "Don't worry, Amanda, he wasn't in any fit state to do ANYTHING last night when we got back here!" she said with a giggle.

"Why don't you come over to Janice's, and collect me, it will save me having to walk back to my place". I heard a bit of a deep breath, then she said she would. "What's her address?" she asked

"Erm, Sidney Road.... er, Janice, what number are you?". Janice walked over to me

"Just give me the phone....". I passed it to her. "Hi Amanda! Yeah, he looks rather rough this morning, he drank a load last night, much more than me.... yeah, I'm feeling fine... so come over and join us for a coffee..... 47 Sidney Road, it's a red door, left side of the street.... ok, see you in a few minutes, bye!". She ended the call, and passed the phone back to me.

"I'll get the kettle on, you definitely need a coffee. I know you're black, what's Amanda?"

"White no sugar...". Janice went out to her kitchen, while I stretched, then laid back on the settee again. Yuk, my mouth tasted pretty disgusting.... And yeah, I felt rough! As I lay there, I let my tongue wander around my braces. My fake braces. The plastic felt as smooth as ever, but also felt slightly 'slimy', I guess that's the start of plaque? Then my tongue ran over my brackets: I was now so used to my braces that they no longer felt 'odd', they felt like they were actually part of me. I thought for a second, then remembered - probably a bit slower than normal, part of the effects of a hangover - that Janice knew they were fakes, so I gently pulled on them with my fingers, and took them out of my mouth. The taste in my mouth - previously hidden by the plastic plates of my braces - was even worse. I took a sniff of my braces... yuk! I guess I should have gone into Janice's bathroom, and rinsed my mouth out as well as rinsed my braces, but my slow, partially functioning brain didn't consider that option, so I just put my braces back into my mouth.

A minute or two later, the doorbell rang, and Janice let Amanda in. She came over, and sat on the settee next to me, took my hand and smiled. "You look like you had a good time last night! I hope your hangover's worth it!".

"We went to 'The Dragon' and bumped into some friends we'd not seen for a bit, and we all ended up drinking too much... well, I don't think Janice had quite as much as the rest of us...". She leaned over and kissed me on the lips.

"You smell disgusting!" commented Amanda with a smile "... a combination of braces breath and stale beer! But sounds like you had a good evening"

"Yes, it was fun..." and I told her briefly about my evening. "How was your evening?"

"Yes, it was very nice to catch up with my friends. You know, I think we need to plan in a bit more personal time into our calendar..."

"I agree... I mean, I absolutely love being with you, but I think we also need a bit of time on our own too. So yeah...". Amanda put her arms around me, and hugged me, but at the same time keeping her face away from my smelly mouth.

"Ok, you two lovebirds, I have your coffees"

"Oh, thanks, Janice, I think I need this much more than either of you two do!" I replied, taking the mug carefully from her.

"So, what's this Mike like then?" asked Janice

"No use looking at me" I replied, I don't know him, I only met him once, and that was briefly!"

"Well, I don't really know that much about him, but he's mid to late 20's I guess, he's been working with us for about 4 years now, I guess. Not really my type, and as I have no idea what your type is, I have no idea if you'll like him, but he seems to be pretty normal, fairly easy-going, and from odd bits of conversation I've heard, he's been single for a while - no idea if that's from choice, what life has thrown at him, or because he's just 'unsuitable material'....". Amanda smiled at that last bit. "So yeah, just treat it as a 'blind date', which of course it is!"

"More importantly" I added with a wry smile, "are you HIS type?"

"Well, I guess I'll soon find out! So where we meeting?"

"It's a small bistro in town.... I can give you a lift if you like. Unless you're planning on going into town before then?"

"No, a lift would be good."

"Ok, I'll take Danny home as soon as we've finished our coffees, so he can fully sober up. How about we come back just after 12 o'clock to collect you?"

"That works for me, gives me enough time to pop down the supermarket"

"Ok... hey, Sonya not around?" Asked Amanda

"No, I think she's over her boyfriend's, which is part the reason I didn't mind letting Danny die quietly on the settee last night ..." replied Janice

"Hey, it's good for you to get drunk occasionally!" I commented

"As long as it is only 'occasionally'"

"Amanda, are you trying to tell me that you've never been drunk? I've heard plenty of stories about student lawyers...."

"Well, ummmm... yes....  ok....  I do plead guilty to over-indulgence as a student, and when I was a pupil too, I guess... but not so much recently"

"Only 'not so much' then!" I said with a huge smile. It was good to hear that Amanda was just as bad as I was.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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You ran out of fingers and toes again. It's chapter 26.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 27

The Blind Lunch Date

Back at my place, the first thing I did was to take my clothes off.... and get into the shower! I took out my braces, and rinsed my mouth out, then washed my hair, then my body, and finally brushed my teeth and my braces. Having towelled myself down, I went into my bedroom, where Amanda was waiting.

"Oooh, yes, you smell a bit better now" said Amanda, putting her arms around my still slightly damp body, "but there's just one thing: take your braces out...."

I took my braces out, and put them on the bedside table.

"Now, put these in...". She had my twinblocks in her hand. I took the top one, and pushed it firmly up into my mouth: whilst my fake brackets had 'loosened' due to the regular wear, these were still very tight, needing a bit more effort to put them in, and even more to remove them. Then I took the lower appliance, and pushed that firmly down onto my lower teeth. I let my tongue run over them... over the large expanse of plastic in my mouth, and over my teeth. Then I felt the clasps and the wires.... It all felt very good! It was a shame that I couldn't really wear these out in public, as they were by far my most favourite of my appliances. Ok, well maybe first equal with my double headgear. Or the facemask....

Amanda pushed me gently back onto the bed, and got on top of me, then put her mouth to mine, pushing her tongue furtively into my mouth so that she could feel the wires and clasps and the small amount of plastic that was on the front of my teeth. I could tell that she also needed to feel the large amount of plastic inside my mouth too, but I teased her by refusing her tongue's requests to open my mouth, forcing her tongue to keep feeling the metalwork outside of my teeth. After a while, I opened my jaws just enough to push my tongue through, still refusing her tongue entry. Our tongues danced together for a while, then finally I pulled my tongue back, giving her tongue the entrance that is desperately wanted. Whilst I could feel that her tongue was inside my mouth, the large amount of plastic meant that I could feel nothing unless her tongue happened to touch my tongue.

As we kissed, I ran my hand through her lovely long and naturally red hair. Then my hand went down a bit, to where the zipper was on her dress: I took hold of it, and started to move it downwards. Then I moved my hands to her..... am I allowed to write the word 'bra' without breaking the rules of writing stories? I moved my hands to her bra, and undid it......

<the next bit you have to imagine for yourself>

We lay on top of the bed, holding each other.

"Is it too soon to say 'I love you'?" asked Amanda

"Well, we've been going out together for three weeks.. so no. Besides, I think I love you too...." I replied, kissing Amanda yet again. "So, I guess next weekend we'll need to decide if we want to continue our relationship."

"I guess there's actually no reason we can't decide now... I mean, you don't leave renewing your insurance to the last minute, do you?"

"So, do you want us to continue?" I asked

"Hell yes! I'm only just getting to know you, and I do like what I've seen so far. WHat about you?"

"Well, actually...." I said, teasing her a little, "... actually, I'd like to get to know you a lot more too, so yeah. What do you think, another 4 weeks? Or do you want to go longer?"

"Good question.... let's just go for another four weeks, I think by then we'll know how we feel about each other a lot better."

"Ok, so another four weeks it is....!". Whilst I didn't really doubt that we would both want to continue things, it was nevertheless a pleasant relief to know that we now had another five weeks to see how we got on. From my perspective, I've really enjoyed the last three weeks, it's been so much fun in so many different ways, and I was really looking forward to when Amanda got her braces!

I got dressed, Amanda got re-dressed, then we had time to sit down for a while, before we went to collect Janice. She was ready, and to be honest, looked quite gorgeous: she had clearly made a big effort to look especially good: She had her hair (still coloured red) clipped back and out of her face, a very gentle bit of carefully applied makeup, and nicely painted nails. Her outfit was simple, but very flattering. In fact, I was trying to think the last time she had spent as much time on her appearance when we had gone out somewhere together, before I'd met Amanda!

It didn't take long to get into town, and we were nicely on time as we walked up to the bistro, where Mike was already waiting for us.

"Hi Mike! So this is Janice... Janice, meet Mike!". The two of them looked at each other, and I got the feeling that their first impressions were good for both of them. "We have a table booked for.... about now" said Amanda, checking the time on the elegant watch she was wearing today. "Are we ready to go in?" she asked. She led the way inside where, needless to say, the staff recognised her.

"Good afternoon, Ms Spencer!" said the waitress who greeted us. "Please follow me, your table is ready for you...". Whilst I'd never been here myself, I could see why Amanda came here: it was nice and bright, felt spacious, and the decor was fresh. I sat down with Amanda to my right, Janice to my left, and Mike opposite me. "Someone will be over to take your drinks order in a moment, but here's the menu. If you look over at the blackboard, you'll see that we also have a few specials as well" said the waitress, who then left us.

Amanda looked over at Janice and Mike. "Guys, feel free to have whatever you like, do NOT worry about the price: I've kinda set you two up, so knock yourselves out, and enjoy the treat!". I was starting to appreciate that Amanda tried to be very generous where she could, not just to me, but to others. You hear stories about people who have money can be very stingy, but that was not Amanda. That's not to say she wasted her money, I would say she was 'wise' with it, using it to allow herself and others around her to have a pleasant time.

"So, Janice, Mike is one of our clerks at chambers: I'll not say any more, otherwise you won't have so much to talk about. Mike, I know that Janice works at the Natural History Museum, doing some sort of scientific research, and I'm actually interested to learn what it is she does too, but again, I'm going to leave it to you to ask her about it! I guess I should also introduce my boyfriend Danny, I think you guys have met briefly once before... As far as I can work it out, Danny does technical support and training at some sort of manufacturing equipment place, and of course, I'm a barrister, working at the same chambers as Mike" said Amanda, introducing everyone.

The drinks waitress appeared a moment later. "Do you know what you'd like to drink yet?"

Amanda was looking at the drinks menu. "I have a fun idea: who would like some Pimms?" she asked. I will admit that I've never had Pimms before, so I was willing to try. I nodded.

"I've heard about them, but never actually tried one, so yes please!" replied Janice.

"I'd like to try one too" said Mike.

"Ok, so a good sized pitcher of Pimms then, plus I guess some water too".

We all spent a few minutes looking at the menus, and at the list of specials, then having all decided, Amanda looked up towards the waiting waiter ho came straight over. "You're ready to order?" she asked. We each told him what we'd like, with him asking us how we'd like things cooked, fries or baked potato and so on.

With our order taken, things went silent for a bit. It was clear that both Janice and Mike were a little awkward. "So, Janice, do tell us a bit about what you do at the Natural History Museum" said Amanda, starting the ball rolling.

"Well, I studied Environmental and Marine Biology, and I'm now part of a research project that's looking into bird evolution. It probably sounds quite boring, but we have an amazing collection of specimens at the museam - most of which the public don't get to see - that we are reviewing using more up-to-date technology than was used originally, and we're actually discovering all sorts of interesting things" explained Janice, who spent a couple of minutes telling us a bit more about what she did.

"So, I know that a Barristers Chambers is where barristers work, but I have no idea what a Barrister's Clerk does" said Janice.

"So, whilst barristers like Amanda work at the chambers, they are actually all self employed, but pay for the privilege of having a fully-serviced office... so a bit like having a room at a Regus building. There's a whole team that provide everything the barristers need, from receptionists, IT support, as well a several clerks. We're sort of the 'Office Admin' team, but it goes a lot further than that. We look after their diaries, schedule their clients, send out bills, liaise with the courts, even do a bit of research too" explained Mike.

"You missed out the most important thing, Mike: you guys make us coffee, and make sure there's always a good stock of biscuits!" said Amanda

"So how did you get into doing that then?" asked Janice

"Well, like Amanda, I studied law at university. However, unlike Amanda, it wasn't as prestigious a university, and I didn't get as good a degree as I'm sure Amanda did... so rather than thinking about becoming a barrister or a solicitor, I decided to become a barrister's clerk"

"And does it help, having the law degree?" asked Janice.

"Well, I think it helped me get the job in the first place, but it also means I can help Amanda and her colleagues a lot better - when I read something legal, it actually makes a lot of sense to me..."

Once the two started talking, things went very well. We let them do most of the talking (and to be honest, I think we both found it interesting learning more about Mike and Janice), but joined in occasionally.

We all enjoyed the Pimms, and the food was excellent too. We even managed a desert! And Janice and Mike seemed to be chatting together quite happily.

"Janice... I don't suppose you'd like to do something together this evening would you? Maybe a drink at a pub or something" asked Mike as we left the Bistro.

"Yes" replied Janice, "I'd like that. Let me give you my number...."

"I'll see you again later" said Mike to Janice, as he left us. I looked over at Janice, and could see a smile on her face.

"Something tells me that you like him..." I said to her, as we all walked together through town.

"Yes, he is rather nice! Amanda, thank you so much for lunch, it was a lovely idea! And the company was rather good too!"

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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I'm enjoying the story, and looking forward to them both having braces.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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This story is moving on very nicely. You've taken great care to craft each character with all their back stories and it really adds to the enjoyment factor when reading.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 28

Keys to the doors?

After walking around town a little, we dropped Janice off at her place, then went around to Amanda's place, where we had another coffee. As we drank it, we chatted.

"So, it seems like Janice and Mike hit it off ok"

"Yeah they did, it actually went a lot better than I thought it would."

"I never really knew what Janice did, it was something we never really got around to taking about. Plus it was interesting learning what a Barrister's Clerk does"

"I'll be honest, I couldn't do my job without having them there to back me up." We talked about Janice and Mike for a bit, clearly both of us felt hopeful that something further might develop between them

"Anyway, less of them, more about us.." said Amanda, going to her bag. "You can start by taking out those braces, and putting these in again". She handed me a large braces box, which I discovered contained my twin-blocks, which she had clearly put into her bag earlier on. With the twin-blocks in my mouth, there was clearly only one thing to do: exchange tongues!

Then she got up: "I also have something else for you", and she went over to her bag, and took out an envelope, and something a bit smaller.

"So, that's the car key, and the others are the keys for the flat" she said, passing me a keyring. "And can you sign this for me?" she said, taking a couple of bits of paper out of the envelope.

"What is it?" I asked. (Look, I've been going out with a lawyer for three weeks now, and one thing she has drilled in to me is 'never sign something unless you're 100% happy you know what it is')

"It's an application form so you can have a credit card on my account. Don't worry, I'll be paying the bills". I looked at her quizically. "It just seemed to me that it would be a lot easier for us both if you had a copy of my credit card... so as well as using it when we're out together, you can use it to pay for cabs if you need to get here, and all that sort of stuff" she explained. It actually made a lot of sense.

"Wow, you trust me that much?"

"Of course I do! That's one of the first things I worked out about you, Danny... you're a straight-up decent and honest guy. Just don't go buying a sports car on it though!" she added, smiling.

"So, what do we want to do for the rest of the afternoon?" I asked

"Hmm, I don't know... hey, don't suppose you have a bike do you?"

"Yes I do, why?"

"How about I put the bike rack on my car, put my bike on, then go collect yours, and we could go somewhere like, say, Hampstead Heath for a ride. It's a lovely day, and I think we could both do with a bit of exercise"

"Yeah, ok, although I suspect I'll need to blow my tyres up..."

"Don't worry, I have a good bike kit, with a decent pump."

So, after Amanda changed into something a bit more suitable for cycling, I helped Amanda fit the bike rack (which was actually quite simple, it effectively just hung on the back door, with its bottom on the rear bumper), and put her bike on it, making sure it was strapped in place.

Back at my place, I too changed my clothes, then we went and got my bike out of the shed, pumped up the tyres, and gave it a quick check-over: it looked fine. After putting it on the bike-rack, I went back inside, and was just removing the twin-blocks that I'd left in, ready to put my fake brackets back in again, when Amanda came over to me.

"How would you feel about wearing your facemask this afternoon?" she suggested. I'd not worn my facemask much since being back in England, so the idea appealed to me. I found my 'facemask plate', which I put into my mouth.

"Go on, put the facemask on now.... the car's right outside, so I doubt anyone will see you". I could see her pleading face.

"Ok" I replied. "Which one?" I held up the blue one that had the wires that go around the face, and the red one, that had a single thick bar down the centre.

"Blue one, I think" she replied. I got a couple of elastics, and fitted them to my braces, then put the facemask onto my face, putting the elasticated strap over my head. Finally, I hooked the two elastics over the two short bars that were an inch or so in front of my mouth.

"Tell you what, I'll also bring my brackets and double headgear along, in case I want to change over" I suggested.

"Sounds good to me" she replied. I put the braces, along with some bottles of water, into a lightweight rucksack, and we walked out of the front door. I was, of course, feeling very nervous: whilst many people had seen me in my braces, and a few had seen me in my headgear, I'd never worn the facemask out in public since returning to England! Plus, trying to explain why my brackets had all suddenly disappeared would be a problem!

I walked down the stairs, out to the car, and sat in the passenger seat: luckily there was no-one around to see me. Being a Saturday afternoon, the traffic was fairly heavy. Away from home, where I wasn't know, I relaxed about the facemask. Stopped at traffic lights, I even turned and smiled at a couple of kids in the car to the left, who smile back when they saw my facemask. Finally, Amanda parked the car at Hampstead Heath. Still wearing my facemask, I got out of the car, and helped Amanda to remove the bikes from the bike-rack, then removed the rack, and put it into the back of the car, lest it get stolen.

The likelihood of bumping into someone who knew me this far from where I lived and worked was pretty minimal, so I was able to relax as we started riding our bikes across the common. There were quite a few others both walking and cycling on the common, but with so much space it wasn't at all crowded for the most part. We cycled uphill for a while, finally reaching the Parliament Hill Viewpoint. Whilst there were nice views from there, there were also quite a few people, and I could spot a few pairs of eyes looking at me for a few more seconds than you might normally expect. I could feel my heartrate go up a notch.

Plus there was one pair of eyes staring straight at me: Amanda's. She seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the experience of being with her boyfriend, who was wearing what could only be described as 'an extreme orthodontic appliance', and out in public! Ok, so I admit, I was also rather enjoying the experience as well!

We took a look at a map on my phone. "I have a suggestion: let's cycle to the north of the park, through the trees, and then stop at the teashop next to Kenwood House - I bet they do ice creams there...." I suggested. "Looks like it's about a mile"

"Ok, sounds good to me!"

The ride was fun, but when we got there, there were rather a lot of people about. We parked our bikes, and locked them. Amanda took my hand. "Don't worry, I doubt if anyone here actually knows you, so you'll be ok". It was dangerous to say things like that, because it means that five minutes later I would probably bump into my parents or my sister, who 'just happen to be there'. Luckily, I didn't actually meet anyone I knew, but the mere possibility made it a bit more exciting for us both.

In the shop, where they sold the ice creams, we were served by a teenage girl, who I guessed probably just worked there at the weekends. Of course, my facemask shone out like a bright beacon, and her eyes were looking at me as we walked over to the counter. It pleased me greatly to discover that she had a lovely set of fairly large metal brackets on her own teeth. I just hoped she didn't ask me about 'my treatment', as I'd not actually worked out what treatment I was having, that required me to wear a facemask!

"Hi, how can I help?"

"Well, I fancy one of the two scoop ice creams" I replied, looking at what was on offer. "I think I'll go for one scoop of that pineapple and coconut, and one of the pistachio. Amanda?"

"Oooh, it's so hard to decide". After a few moments thought, she went for one scoop of banana, and one of orange sorbet.

Despite looking at me, the teenage girl never mentioned the facemask at all, which was a great relief. Outside, Amanda asked me "So, it it actually possible to eat an icecream wearing a facemask? I think you should give it a try...."

I led Amanda over to a bench, where there was space for the two of us. With many others around us, I tried putting the icecream up to my mouth, underneath the horozontal thick metal wire that was in front of my mouth. Whilst I could just about reach the ice cream with my tongue, there was clearly no way I was going to be able to eat it with the facemask on. I passed my ice cream to Amanda, and unhooked the facemask from my face, leaving the elastics attached to my brace, and put the facemask on the bench between us.

"You're enjoying seeing me in that facemask as much as I'm enjoying wearing it, aren't you?"

"Yes, it is rather fun....".

There was a certain strange pleasure in seeing someone in their late 20s, and a professional at that, gaining such excitement from seeing someone wearing orthodontia on their face!

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 29

Patently a problem at work

First thing Tuesday morning, I had just arrived in the office, and was putting my bag down at my desk, when my boss came over.

"Hi, Danny. Can you make yourself available at half-past? There's a rather important meeting happening in the boardroom, and I'd like you to be there, we may need your skills"

"Yeah, no problems - what it's about?" I asked

"Probably best you get the full story in the meeting. So get a coffee sorted out, check your emails, then take your laptop up with you, just in case"

So, I grabbed a coffee, checked my emails, then just before half past, walked up to the board room with my coffee. The door was open, so I walked in, to find several of the bosses there, plus someone I don't know. It's always worrying when you're asked along to a meeting, and several of the bosses are there.

"Good morning," said Mr Jones, "Danny, isn't it? Come in, take a seat. I hear you are the person who is good at explaining stuff.... you did that training recently in Asia, didn't you?"

"Yes, that was me... so what's this meeting all about then?" I asked, sitting down, and putting my laptop on the table in front of me.

"We'll explain everything in a few minutes, once everyone is here. To be honest, we may not even need you...."

Over the next couple of minutes, several others came in: my immediate manager, the design manager, and a couple of the product design guys.

"Thank you all for coming. Can I introduce you all to Mr David Sampson, he's the company's solicitor. I'll let David explain things....

"Thank you. So, I'm David Sampson, I work for Davis, Smith and Lyons solicitors, we work with your company when they need any legal help. Yesterday, your company received a letter from a solicitor who represents one of your competitors, they are alleging an instance of patent infringement. We need your help to understand the issues here, and work out if there is, in fact, a patent infringement."

"Erm, excuse me... Mr Sampson...." I said, interrupting. "I'm Danny by the way.... I don't know if it could be at all relevant, but my girlfriend is an IP lawyer, I believe this is the sort of stuff she deals with all the time, I wonder if she may be of use to us?"

"Oh... who is your girlfriend?"

"She's Amanda Spencer, I don't know if you've heard of her?"

"Oh, I definitely know of her, she's at the top of my list of specialist lawyers to contact after this meeting."

"Would it help if I called her... like now?"

"Ummm.... why not, it might actually save us quite a bit of time......"

I took out my phone and called Amanda. She answered on the third ring.

"Hello sexy, what you doing calling during the day?" she said

"Hiya.... you got ten minutes?"

"Yeah, sure.... what is it?"

"Amanda.... this is a business call.... I'm in our boardroom, with several of our bosses and other people, plus the company's solicitor. It seems that we've been accused of patent infringement, and I was thinking you might be able to help us."

"Sounds exactly like what I do...."

"Ok, why don't I put you on speakerphone, and pass you over to Mr Sampson, he's the solicitor?"

"Sounds good to me...". I set the phone to speakerphone mode.

"Can you hear us ok?" I asked her

"Loud and clear... go ahead!"

"Hello, Ms Spencer, I'm David Sampson, I work for Davis, Smith and Lyons solicitors, we represent Jones Machinery. Yesterday, the company received a letter from Brigstock and Parks, who are the solicitors for Gumball Processing, claiming a patent infringement. I'll admit that patent infringement isn't a particularly strong point for me, so I was planning on calling your office after this meeting, then Danny offered to call you. I'm wondering if you may be free and able to help us with this issue?"

"Good morning David, do call me Amanda. I don't think we've actually spoken before, but I have worked with a couple of your colleagues before." said Amanda. "Yes, definitely something I can help you with. I'm actually free at the moment, I wonder if it might be useful if I just come over there right now? I know where Danny works, I could probably be with you in 10 or 15 minutes..."

"Oh, excellent, yes, I think it could be VERY helpful. I'll have a word with our office to contact your clerk, to make everything official - I'll assume standard rates?"

"Sound fine by me. Ok, can you get copies of the relevant documents organised? I'll be with you shortly... Danny, you there?"

"Yes, I'm here"

"Can you meet me in your reception?"

"Yeah, I can do that. Anything else?"

"Ummm, I'm gonna need internet access at some point, I know in some places that can be a pain to organise, so can you make it happen?"

"Sure, no problem!"

"Ok, I'll be with you as soon as I can!". She ended the call.

"Danny, thank you for that, that might make things happen a lot faster. Can I suggest we all take a short break while we wait for Ms Spencer to arrive".

I called the IT support team. "Guys, I need a contractor login for the wifi please... name is Amanda Spencer..... she's a legal lady coming in to sort out a problem. Can you email me the details when you've done it, please?... Thanks!". Luckily the IT guys knew me well enough that when I asked for something like that, they were willing to help. I went downstairs and had a word with Brinda on reception.

"I'm guessing this is related to the solicitor guy who's here?"

"Yeah, Amanda is a specialist in patent law. You'll remember her, she dropped off that rose for me a few weeks ago".

"Oh yes, she was nice..." said Brinda with a smile

A couple of minutes later I saw Amanda's car arrive: she went and parked and came in to reception.

"Hi Danny!" she said, giving me a 'professional hug and kiss'. As ever, Amanda was dressed perfectly, her look clearly saying 'I'm here to do business'. "Hello again," she said to Brinda with a pleasant smile. "I had to double park.... if I give my keys to Danny, then you can call him if it needs to be moved, that going to be ok? Got a bit of paper and a pen?". She took the pen and wrote down her registration number.

"Ok, so I filled in your visitor pass, but you'll need to sign it.....". Brinda took the pass, and put it into a plastic holder, and passed it to Amanda.

"Your call was timed nicely," Amanda said to me, "because I didn't have anything specific in my diary for today. Ok, so let's go meet your bosses, and see if I can sort out your problems". I led Amanda up to the boardroom, where everyone was waiting. I was about to introduce her, but she did that herself: "Good morning everyone!" she said, clearly taking command of the room. "I'm Amanda Spencer, I'm an Intellectual Property Lawyer, and I'm here to assist you with your Patent issue...."

"Good morning, Amanda, David Sampson, we spoke a few minutes ago. Thank you for coming straight over. Please take a seat, and maybe everyone can introduce themselves very briefly" She sat down, putting her bag down next to her, and taking out a notepad and pen. One of the bosses went around the table, asking everyone to briefly introduce themselves.

"And finally, I guess you know Danny.."

"Yes, I do, but Danny, can you tell me your relevant skillset?". Wow, she was handling things very professionally.

"Product installation, pre and post-sales tech support, and training" I replied

"We asked Danny in, because he will be good at giving you a good overview, and a certain level of detail, of our products", added my manager.

"Ok, thank you all for that information", and she wrote notes for a moment

"Amanda, would you like a coffee?" I asked as she wrote.

"Oh, yes please...". She didn't need to say how she wanted it, I knew that she usually had it white with no sugar. I was about to go to the kitchen to get the coffee, when someone pointed out that containers of coffee and biscuits had been brought into the room. I poured two coffees, one for me, one for Amanda, then took the coffee, and the plate of biscuits, and put them on the table next to Amanda. Over the next few minutes, David and Amanda talked, then Amanda scanned through the legal documents.

"Ok, so this is a very common thing we see: Gumball Processing believe that we have used their patented process, and quite rightly, want to get some money out of us. In principle, there's 3 general responses we can make. First, we prove to them that we are not in breach of their copyright, in which case they drop the case, and that's pretty much an end to things. Second, we accept that we HAVE breached their patent, fully or in part, in which case it's my job to help negotiate a suitable licensing deal with them. The third is that we don't reach a suitable agreement, and we go to court. We want to avoid number 3 if at all possible: it will take too long, it will cost too much, and our products could end up in 'limbo' until things get sorted out." I quickly picked up on the way she was using the word 'we' and 'our', making it very clear that she was on our side.

"Now, one thing I should make clear to you all is that there should be no blame here. Unless one of you knowingly used the information in the patent, then the breach of the patent was undoubtedly accidental. The first thing I need to do is to work with you guys to understand the patent, and understand the way YOUR equipment works, so I can ascertain whether there IS a breach or not."

The meeting went on for pretty much the whole morning. I had received the email from the IT guys, and got Amanda's wifi connected: she needed to get online to pull up the patent details, which we displayed with the projector, so everyone could see.

Having worked out what bit of our kit the patent was applying to, I gave a product overview - using some of my training slides - and a bit more detail relating to that relevant module. She also had an initial chat with the design guys.

"Ok, thank you, everyone, for all the information, I don't know about you, but I need a break and some lunch. After lunch, I think I would like to talk with the design team in a bit more detail. I'm guessing that you probably have some original design notes, so if you can dig those out, and find the relevant bits, that might be very helpful....."

Before this morning, I didn't really appreciate what Amanda did, how she did it, and how completely professional and in control of things she could be. My respect level for her was way off the chart, and it explained so much of the Amanda that I was getting to know.

"Hey, can I take you to lunch?" asked Amanda. "This time it's a legitimate expense!". We walked the short distance to town and found somewhere to eat.

"Wow, Amanda, that was pretty impressive, the way you took control in there...." I said as we looked at the menu

"It's the way I work... the way I have to work. If I don't keep things tightly focussed, then we can waste a lot of time. And I will admit, you came over pretty professional too. And hey, thanks for calling me in the first place, I was wondering what I was going to do this week! The court case I was supposed to go to got adjourned yet again.". I explained to her what had happened, and that the solicitor had her at the top of his list to call after the meeting.

"Yeah, the problem then would be that their guys talk to my guys, and it's several days before we could have all got together. No, systems are there to bypassed when needed, and today has worked out well for everyone. Anyway, it's lunchtime, less work talk! What are we going to eat?"

By the end of the day, it had become quite clear that we had, in part, used the tech in their patent, and Amanda had already spoken to the other company's lawyer, and got an approximate cost for licensing the technology. She asked me to get the relevant managers together.

"I've had some great help from all the staff today, so do please thank them all. Moving on to the claim: it's clearly your choice, but I strongly recommend that we accept that we breached their patent, and that we should pay these licence fees - they are actually very reasonable" said Amanda to them, showing them the figures. "I suspect that re-engineering our product would cost us way more, and besides, it appears that the current design work for the upgraded product will breach that patent even more. There are 3 or 4 other patents that their lawyer has highlighted to me, I suggest that we carefully review those too. In addition, I can recommend a good patent engineer, and I suggest that you might want to get him to do an in-depth patent review with you"

So, today kinda sums up Amanda: she knows her stuff, picks up new things very quickly, interacts amazingly with others, and is able to instantly take control of situations.

It also explains why she sometimes wants someone else to take control of things.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 30

We're now a couple of weeks later. Janice and Mike do seem to have hit things off, and are now officially boyfriend and girlfriend. So we're now having coordinate diaries so that Janice and I are actually able to meet up! Of course, Mike knows nothing of Amanda's and my braces interests, and we don't plan to tell him... I'm assuming that Janice won't say anything either.

Got a message from Mei last week to say that Amanda's teeth models had arrived, and that they were excellent (and didn't she have nice teeth!), so she would be starting on making all the braces on that long list!

Then I got a quick WhatsApp earlier today from her, with some pics of the upper & lower brackets with HG tubes she had made: as you would expect, they looked amazing! Apparently the next ones she would be making would be the upper & lower retainers. She explained that the lab was busy right now, so it would take a few days before she got through the long list of braces for Amanda.

I continue to wear my 'braces': I changed the lig colours to pink the other week, and have had a couple of fun comments from people at work. I've been wearing them for over 2 months now, and I find that I often forget I'm wearing them. Mind you, at other times, I find them to be quite annoying and frustrating.

It is clear that Amanda's favourite braces for me are my twin-blocks, and luckily, I like wearing them too. The thing we seem to both like about them is the sheer amount of plastic: if you remember, as well as having plastic plates, with the plastic going straight across the roof of my mouth between my molars, and on my molars, the plastic comes right over the tops of my front teeth, and about 5mm over the front.... so I have plenty of plastic to enjoy inside my mouth, and Amanda can also enjoy a lot of plastic from outside my mouth.

Whilst the plastic plates aren't all that thick, the plastic on my molars is lovely and chunky, and the effect of all that plastic, plus the fact I can't actually close my teeth, is that it gives me quite a lisp, which both Amanda and I quite enjoy.

I've slept in the twin-blocks a few times now: when I first put them on, there's a certain 'discomfort' as the lower jaw is pushed forward a bit from my normal rest position. But when I wake up, my lower jaw has now become accustomed to naturally being in a slightly forward position, and stays like that for up to an hour... a strange yet nice experience!

I went with Amanda to another formal evening meal last week: I seem to be coping quite well with these events, although I know that if Amanda wasn't with me, I'd be panicking! And I think she's enjoying being able to actually take a partner along to these events. In terms of braces, I am so tempted to wear my twin-blocks along to one of these evenings, if only to see what reactions I got. But that wasn't going to happen, for so many reasons, but it was still fun probably being the only one with braces at such events.

So yeah, things seem to be going well between Amanda and me: we're past that initial 'infatuation' stage, and are starting to get to know each other a lot better. And despite our differences (or maybe because of our differences) we are enjoying each others company a lot.

Our 'contract' comes up for renewal again in a couple of weeks, and unless anything goes badly wrong, I'm rather assuming that we'll keep our relationship going for a while longer: in fact, I'm going to suggest that we go for a 3 month contract this time.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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A very different chapter, but an opportunity to see our characters in a very different setting. Not much braces though, but we do get to meet a few more of Amanda's family.


Chapter 31

Oh, no! (you'd better get those hankies out)

I had just got to work when I had a phone call from a very tearful Amanda:

"Danny.... I really need you...."

"Oh, what's happened?"

"I just just had a call from mum: it's grandpa, he's had a stroke, and he's...... he's...... he's dead!". I could hear sobbing from Amanda, which didn't surprise me in the least: she was VERY close to her grandparents, and grandpa was a REALLY nice guy. I'd gone with Amanda to have Sunday lunch with them a couple of weeks ago, and had found grandpa to be most welcoming, very laid back, and a truly nice person. Hearing the news that he had died brought a few tears to my eyes, so I knew Amanda would be in a mess.

"What can I do?" I asked

"Mum and dad are driving up, but they won't be there for ages, so I need to go up to be with grandma... but I'm in no fit state to drive there.... I don't suppose you could drive me, could you?"

"Of course... let me have a word with my boss, but I'm sure it will be fine..."

"Danny, thank you so much..... I love you!". We chatted a little more, I was trying hard to calm her down a little, but not sure I had a huge effect.

I went and had a word with my boss:

"Erm, I need a favour" I asked "A big favour"...

"What sort of favour?". I explained what had happened. "Are you doing anything that is time critical at the moment?"

"Not at all, I'm just working on some Tech Notes, and some more training materials"

"In that case go, be with Amanda. Keep in touch, let me know when you'll be back: if anything important happens, we can always call you."

"Thanks. I'll have my laptop, so I can always remote in....."

So I quickly packed my stuff, then walked through town to where Amanda's chambers were... I guess I could have called a taxi, but it would probably have been no faster, plus the walk gave me a few moments to gather my thoughts. As I walked, I called the chambers, and spoke to Suzannah, asking if she could be there in reception when I got there.

"What's going on?" Suzannah asked when I got there.

"Is there somewhere we can talk privately?"

"Sure...". Suzannah lead me to a small meeting room. "I went in to see her about ten minutes ago, and she was in quite a state, crying"

"Yeah, she'd just had a call from her mum: her grandpa had a stroke last night, and has died". We were both silent for a moment.

"Shit, that is terrible news! I'm not surprised she's in such a state, she loved her grandpa! So what's happening?"

"I'm going to drive her up to be with her grandma, which means she's going to be out of circulation for a day or two at minimum: what's in her diary?"

Suzannah typed on the tablet that she had with her. "She's clear this morning, but has a client this afternoon... then nothing tomorrow morning, but another client in the afternoon."

"Ok, so you'll definitely need to cancel the one this afternoon... how about you pre-warn tomorrow's client that there's a possibility you'll need to cancel... but you can confirm early tomorrow morning what's happening"

"That sounds like a plan to me. Anything else I can do?"

"Yes, I'm sure you have some small bottles of water around... can you get... hmm, four bottles for us, for the drive? Oh, and can you tell Chris". (Chris is the head of chambers, who we had dinner with a few weeks ago)

"No problem. I will need to get you signed in on reception, then I'll take you up to her..."

"Thanks: look, you have my number, if there's anything you need, call me rather than Amanda"

"Ok, yeah, I understand"

Having signed in, we walked up to the second floor, and Suzanna knocked on her door. "Just go straight in" she suggested. Amanda was sat on the settee, over by the window. I put my bag down and went straight over to her, and put my arms around her.

"Thank you for coming, Danny..." she said between sobs.

"That's ok, I'm yours for as long as you need me....". As we held each other, I spotted a decanter and some glasses, I guess normally used when she had important clients visiting. "Hey, let me get you a drink.....".

"What at this time of the morning?"

"Don't argue, it will help relax you a little". I took the glass stopper out of the rather nice cut glass decanter, and poured her a good sized glassful: from the smell, I guessed it was brandy.

"Here, drink...." I said, passing it to her. She stood up, looked at the glass for a couple of seconds, then drank it down in a single go. Three seconds later she took a couple of deep breaths, as the strong alcohol hit her.

I held Amanda in my arms again, trying hard to comfort her. "I had a word with Suzannah: your diary is clear this morning, and she's going to cancel your client this afternoon, then we'll sort out tomorrow a little later. So what's the plan, assuming there is one?". From a combination of my being there, plus maybe also the strong alcohol, Amanda was starting to calm down.

"So mum and dad are on their way, but they won't be there till a lot later, it's a long drive from Cornwall... so I need to get up to be with grandma as soon as I can. Evelyn (that's Amanda's sister) can't make it till this afternoon, and Alfie is away on business, so not sure if he'll make it any time soon"

"We planning on staying over tonight?"

"Yes, I think so. I'm ok, I keep a 'grab bag' in my boot, in case I need to be away unexpectedly, but we'll need to drop by your place so you can grab a change of clothes."

There was a knock at the door. "Come in" I said. Chris, the head of the chambers came in, and walked over to Amanda.

"Amanda, I'm so sorry to hear your news, I know you were very close to both your grandparents, but I'm glad Danny is here for you. Look, Suzanna has explained things, and she seems to have things under control, so just take as much time as you need"

"Thanks Chris...." Amanda replied. There was another knock on the door, and Suzanna came in.

"I've got the water for you, I also put in some packs of biscuits: I'll leave them on the desk.." she said

"Thanks Suzannah" I replied, and she left again. "You want to get going, or do you want a bit more time?" I asked Amanda.

"Let's get going" she said, taking my hand. On the way out, we grabbed our bags, plus the carrier bag with the water in. I drove us to my place, went in and quickly grabbed my washbag and a change of clothes and shoes, then we started driving up to her grandparents' place. Traffic was fairly light, so we made good time. About 15 minutes before we arrived, Amanda used the car's hands-free to call her grandma. It turned out that she was still at the hospital, having had to sort out some paperwork, but was waiting for a taxi, so would be home when we arrived.

Moments after I pulled the car into the driveway, her grandma came out the front to greet us.

"Go... be with her" I commanded. She rushed over to her grandma, and threw her arms around her. I got out the car more slowly, went over to them, and put my arms around both of them. There were no suitable words for that moment, so we all just held each other for a while.

A few minutes later, we all went into the house: I could sort out our stuff in the car later. "Hey, it's nice outside: why don't you two go and chat out in the garden, and I'll make us all some tea. Oh, Amanda, can I have your phone please?"


"Your phone... The last thing you need right now is a phone call interrupting you, so I'll act as your 'Personal Assistant' for the moment"

"Ah... ok.....". I don't think Amanda was 100% with it: she took the phone from her bag without any argument, and passed it to me, telling me the passcode. Wow, that is some trust she has for me! I put her phone in my right hand trouser pocket, mine was in my left pocket. While Amanda went outside with her grandma, I made some tea: I vaguely remembered where stuff was, but it took me a moment to find the actual tea! I got a tray, put the teapot, 3 mugs (I decided that mugs would be better than elegant cups and saucers if we were drinking outside!), strainer, small jug with some milk in, and the sugar bowl on to it, and carried it outside, putting it on the picnic table.

Amanda and her grandma were chatting as I walked out, which was good. I put the tray down on the table. Hell, what do you say to a lovely older lady whose amazing husband just died? Or to Amanda, whose grandpa just died, for that matter? I guess I'm lucky, all four of my grandparents are still alive, I've not suffered the pain of their deaths yet, so I didn't really have much experience with this.

"Hey, grandma, how do you like your tea?" I asked.

"A touch of milk, and one small spoon of sugar, please Danny" was her reply. I put a little milk into the cup (which I'm told is absolutely the correct way to make tea!), then poured the tea from the pot, through the strainer, and into her mug. I then added a small spoon of sugar, stirred it well, and passed it to her.

"Thank you, Danny... and thank you for bringing Amanda up to see me!"

"That's ok, grandma, it's the least I could do". I didn't dare mention the state that Amanda had been in earlier on. "Amanda.. white no sugar?" I asked.

"Yes please". I poured her cup of tea out, passed it to her, then did mine, then moved one of the chairs so I could sit down next to Amanda. As I looked at Amanda, I could tell she had been crying a little, so took her hand.

I took a deep breath. "Well, I only met grandpa that once, a few weeks ago, but he was a really nice guy" I said. The three of us sat out in the pleasant sunshine, drinking our teas, and talking about grandpa. Well, I mainly listened, and grandma and Amanda exchanged stories and memories.

I had finished my tea, and whilst sitting there with Amanda and grandma was nice, it was a bit boring for me. Amanda picked up on that fact: "Hey, Danny, don't feel you have to stay with us... if you want to go in and do some work or whatever, that's ok with us". So I went to the car, got my PC bag out from the boot, and went inside. I set up my laptop on the kitchen table, found the wifi login from the router - which was in the hall - and started working on the Tech Notes.   

As I worked, Amanda's phone pinged a few times, with non-urgent emails. Just before 12, her phone rang: it was her sister, Evelyn.

"Hello Evelyn, this is Danny" I said. I should add that I had never met or spoken to Evelyn before.

"Oh, hello Danny, why are you answering Amanda's phone then?"

"Oh, I confiscated it from her earlier, so she could spend some time with grandma, without getting distracted"

"Good idea! How are grandma and Amanda?"

"They are both out in the garden, chatting and reminiscing about grandpa. By the way, I'm so sorry about your grandpa, Amanda told me how much you both enjoyed coming here to visit him"

"Yeah, he was a lovely guy...."

"So, would you like to speak to Amanda?"

"Not necessarily, I was really ringing to let her know that I was about to leave, and I'll be with you in about 30 to 45 minutes.... hey, have you guys planned any lunch yet - it's just that I could pick up some sandwiches and stuff on the way if you like"

"Let me go outside, and have a word...". I walked out with the phone. "Amanda, Evelyn's on the phone, she's just about to leave, so will be here in about 30 to 45 minutes, but she was asking if we'd like her to pick up some sandwiches on the way". I passed her the phone.

"Hi there Evelyn, how you doing?". Slight pause as Evelyn replied. "Yes, sandwiches sounds like an excellent idea - grandma, you ok with some sandwiches for lunch?" Grandma nodded. "Yes, sandwiches will be great, and some nice cakes too." Another pause. "No, just the three of us and you, mum and dad won't be here for another 2 to 3 hours". They chatted a few moments more, then ended their call. "So Evelyn's gonna get us some lunch, and will be here soon".

"In that case, I'm going to nip in and use the loo" said grandma, leaving me alone with Amanda for a moment. Amanda passed her phone back to me. "You know, I'm glad you took my phone, it's stopped me from getting distracted".

"You guys ok?"

"Yeah, amazingly so. But I think grandma is glad to have someone here, I have a feeling that she would have struggled a bit if she were alone". As she talked, she looked at me, with amazingly relaxed, loving eyes. I went back inside again, and started working again. About 10 minutes later, Amanda's phone rang again: this time it was her mum, another person I'd never spoken with,

"Hello Amanda's mum, this is Danny"

"Hi Danny, nice to talk to you, albeit not in the best of circumstances. I'm betting you've taken Amanda's phone from her to stop her getting distracted?"

"Yup, that's the idea. How's your journey going?"

"We've just stopped for a break and a drink near Bristol, the traffic has been terrible, but it seems to getting better now. According to Google maps, we should be with you in a couple of hours. Has Evelyn got there yet?"

"No, she just rang a few minutes ago, she's on her way though, bringing some lunch. Amanda and grandma are out in the garden chatting,  they both seem to be coping ok. I don't know what the weather is there, but it's lovely sunshine here."

"Oh, good, I'm so glad you two were able to get there so soon, I can't think how grandma is feeling."

"Do you want to speak to Amanda?"

"No, I won't disturb her, just let her know how we're doing, and that we'll see them both soon."

"Ok, fine. Do call again if there's any problems..."

"Ok. Thanks Danny!". I went outside, and passed the message on, then stayed outside and chatted with them for a bit, then went back inside again. It wasn't long before I heard a car arrive, so went to open the front door. A lady, aged around 30, got out of the car.

"Hi, I'm Evelyn, I'm guessing you must be Danny. Here, want to take this?". She passed me a carrier bag containing sandwiches and cakes.

"Hi Evelyn, nice to meet you, Amanda has mentioned you a few times"

Evelyn laughed. "Amanda doesn't stop talking about YOU!"

"Come on in, they are still out in the garden". As we walked in, Evelyn suggested cutting the sandwiches up smaller, and putting them all on a big plate, same with the cakes.

"Nice braces, by the way, they suit you!" commented Evelyn, before she turned and walked out the back door. Hmm, not the sort of comment I would have expected, but maybe Amanda had told her that I 'had braces'. I stayed in the kitchen, letting Evelyn go out to the garden alone... they didn't need me getting in the way. I could see them all hugging each other, trying very hard to make the best of a rather sad day.

I put the kettle on again, rinsed the teapot and mugs out, and got another one out for Evelyn. While I waited for the kettle to boil, I unwrapped the sandwiches, cut them, and put them onto a plate, then did the same with the cakes. The kettle boiled, so I made a fresh pot of tea for us all.... while the tea brewed, I took the plates out, and put them onto the large outdoor table, then returned to collect the tray with the teapot, mugs etc, which I also put on the table.

Amanda got up. "Hey, come here" she said to me gently. As I got to her, she put her arms around me, giving me a lovely hug, then a soft kiss on my lips, then put her head beside mine. "Thank you, Danny....". I heard a slight sniff, and realised that she was starting to cry again. She had managed to cope for the last two hours ok, so it didn't really surprise me. I put my arms around her, and held her for a while, saying nothing.

"Hey, your big sis is here now"

"Yeah, and it will be even better when mum and dad get here...."

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 32

Meet the parents....

We were all out in the garden a couple of hours later, when Amanda's phone rang: it was her mum again. I answered the call.

"Hello again" I said

"Hi Danny, just a quick call to let you know that we'll be there in five to ten minutes"

"Oh, great, I think everyone will be very happy to see you both. I'll go get the kettle on again: see you soon!".

There are a few things that quintessentially identify the British. One is that they spend so much time talking about the weather: if you have ever been to the UK, you will understand that this is simply because we have so much of it. Unlike places such as mainland Europe or America, where the weather tends to be stable for days and weeks at a time, the weather here changes on a daily, if not hourly, basis, due to the fact that the weather is driven from one of three (changing) directions: from the north we get colder arctic air. From the south (more in the summer) we get dryer hotter air. But much of our weather is driven by the wetter weather coming from the west, the Atlantic. So much to choose from!

Another one is that the British are reknown for 'putting on the kettle' when visitors arrive, or simply when 'it's been a while since the last one'. Ok, maybe we drink a bit more coffee now, but that doesn't matter, it's the ceremony of 'putting on the kettle' that really matters!

Today, the weather was clearly coming from the south, making it sunny and warm. And it was time to gather up the dirty cups from earlier, and get that kettle on again! Evelyn helped me take the dirties inside.

"I'm starting to see why Amanda likes you... I've never heard her go on so much about a boyfriend before, she clearly likes you a lot. But don't say I said so!". I smiled, if only because this was actually news to me. I knew things were going fairly well between us, but Amanda isn't one for actually saying too much about it. "I mean, today, she's actually amazingly calm, so you're clearly doing something very right!"

"Well, I'm not really sure what it is that I'm doing, but I'll try and keep doing it!" I said

"Oh, by the way, you got your toothbrush handy? There's a bit of food stuck in your braces" commented Evelyn. I ran my tongue around my brackets, and found something stuck at the top. "You go brush them, I'll sort this lot out". I went out to the car, and brought Amanda's and my bags in, taking my toothbrush kit out of my bag, then left the bags to the side in the hallway. The house has a downstairs cloakroom, so I went in there, and locked the door. Looking in the mirror I could see a few bits stuck in my braces: some green lettuce leaf at the front, and more leaf and some ham at the side. The thought that some one other than Amanda had spotted food stuck in my braces felt good.

I removed the braces from my mouth, rinsed them, then brushed my teeth, and my braces. I packed up my toothbrush kit, and was just putting it on top of my bag when I heard a car out the front, so went to the front door and opened it. A lady was just getting out of the car.

"Hello there, Amanda's mum...."

"Hi Danny, we're finally here. Oh, call me Mary for goodness sake, you can't keep calling me 'Amanda's mum'. This is my husband, Neil, by the way... and it's nice to actually meet you!". Mary had come over to me, and gave me a quick hug.

"Hi Mary!" I replied. Then went over to Amanda's dad and took his hand. "Hello, err, Neil" I said shaking his hand. "I only met your dad the once, a few weeks ago, but I know he was a really nice man, so I was very sorry when I heard what happened"

"Thank you, Danny... thank you" he replied.

"Last time I saw them, Grandma and Amanda were out the back, and Evelyn was in the kitchen". I was of course wrong, as they had heard the car arrive too. Amanda had rushed out, and put her arms around her dad, then Evelyn joined them moments later.

"I think you and I are going to be on tea duty" said Mary, walking with me towards the door, "so the rest of the family can talk... although I do need to visit the cloakroom first". Everyone came inside, meeting up with grandma in the hallway, where there were, of course, many more hugs. I went back into the kitchen, and finished off what Evelyn had started, then Mary joined me in the kitchen a couple of minutes later.

"Well, not quite the way I thought we might meet, but it's nice to meet you nevertheless. Amanda keeps saying nice things about you..."

"Yeah, Evelyn said that too..." I replied, slightly embarrassed

"... but I'm guessing maybe Amanda's not been quite as open about it with you. Don't worry, she's a bit like that. I think she gets that from her dad...". She helped me make the tea, which we took outside, using a second tray for the larger number of mugs. After she had put her tray down, Mary went over to grandma, have her a big hug, and had a quick chat with her.

"So, I remember that Amanda said you're a fairly good cook" said Mary when she came back over to me.

"Yes, I'm ok at it"

"In that case, you and I can make dinner later on. There should be plenty of food in the freezer, I'm thinking maybe a casserole"

"Nice and straightforward... might be worth getting some meat out now, so it can defrost"

"Good idea, I'll go do that before I forget..."

We all sat out in the garden. I was very much a listener, I knew very little about grandpa, other than what I had learnt a few weeks ago. Mary obviously knew him a lot better, so could join in rather more, but we both enjoyed the rest of them telling their stories about things that they did with grandpa, and so on.

"Come on" said Mary a while later, "let's get going with this casserole". Between us we found some fresh vegetables as well as some frozen ones, and put some of them, along with the meat into a casserole, and into the by now hot oven. We prepared the rest of the vegetables, including some potatoes, ready to cook a bit later. As we prepared the dinner, Mary and I chatted about this and that: she was a really nice lady, and I could see where Amanda had got that side of her personality from.

A couple of hours later, Amanda and I got the table in the dining room ready. Evelyn found a couple of bottles of wine, and by about 7pm we were all sat around the table, ready to have dinner together. The wine got poured out, warm plates were put in front of everyone, and the casserole and other vegetables were in serving dishes in the middle of the table.

Before we started, I stood up in front of them all. "Look" I said, "I hardly knew grandpa, I only met him the once, a few weeks ago, when Amanda and I came here for Sunday lunch, and we had a very relaxing afternoon. But in that short time, I learnt what a really nice gentleman he was. Polite, gentle, sharing, funny too. Definitely loving, I saw him sharing his love with Amanda... and with Grandma, of course. I saw a man who enjoyed life, enjoyed people. If I close my eyes for a moment or two.." I said, closing my eyes, "I can see a handsome relaxed face with a smile on it... a big warm smile". I paused. "Hey, everyone... just close your eyes for a moment, and think of the happy times you had with him.....". I closed my eyes again, remembering him telling us one of his jokes. After a slight pause, I picked up my wine glass. "How about we start dinner with a toast: to happy memories of a lovely man.... to grandpa!".

"To grandpa!" said everyone, raising their glasses.

The day had been a strange one, a mix of sadness, but also of joy. Saying 'goodbye' to one nice person, but saying 'hello' to three new ones.

"Thank you for everything you've done for us today" said Amanda as we cuddled together in bed. "And those words you said before dinner, they were just spot-on.". I could hear Amanda starting to cry again, obviously thinking about her grandpa, so I just lay next to her, with my arms around her, trying to make things a little bit better. I will admit that a small tear did come to my eye too....

The next morning after breakfast, Amanda spoke with Suzannah from chambers. With her mum and dad there for several days, she decided there wasn't really a lot she could do to help, so we decided to drive back mid-morning. this meant she would be back in the office by lunchtime, and would be able to meet with her afternoon client. I also called my boss, updating him on the situation, and decided I would work from home for the rest of the day.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 33

I love you!

Amanda's grandpa's death last week has brought us even closer together. I have got to know a more emotional side of Amanda, and she has got to see a stronger, supportive side of me.

We went back to her grandma's at the weekend - her parents were still there. Things felt a lot more relaxed this time, I think that everyone had managed to get over their initial strong emotions, and were now waiting for the funeral, to bring a bit more closure.

I managed to go for a pleasant walk with Amanda's dad - Neil - and Amanda, giving me a chance to get to know Neil a bit better. Now that he was less emotional, and a lot more relaxed, I could see certain traits that he had inherited, or maybe learnt, from grandpa. 

Like last week, we've taken things gently this week. We went out on Wednesday to a semi-formal dinner with a small group of Amanda's barrister friends and their partnets at a rather posh, up-market restaurant. I hate to think how much it cost, probably more than I earn in a month! It's such a different world, where contacts are so important. Unlike techie people like me, who would just meet at the pub, and share a few packs of crisps!

So, next week, it's grandpa's funeral, on Thursday. The end of next week is also when our second 'contract' expires, so it seemed to me that we needed to chat about our relationship now, rather than then.

On Saturday, the two of us went out and had a rather nice, but simple, Thai meal, then went back to my place, where we sat together on the settee.

"You know, things seem to be working ok between us, don't they?" I said

"Yes, they are. I will admit that I was a bit apprehensive when we started, but no, now I'm getting to know you more, I am really enjoying being your girlfriend, plus enjoying having you as my boyfriend.". I sat there, saying nothing: I was hoping she might be a bit more forthcoming. "Look, I'm not really good at this, but... I enjoy every moment I'm with you. I look forward to being with you when I'm not with you. You have been a great strength for me the last couple of weeks since grandpa died: I'll be honest, I'm not sure how I would have coped without you being there for me.". She paused for a moment, then continued: "I love you, Danny, I love you so much, and I hate to think how I would manage without you". I put my arm around her, and put my lips to hers, kissing her gently.

"So, do I assume that means you'd like to continue our 'contract'?" I asked. Amanda smiled, then laughed.

"Of course it does, my darling Danny!"

"How would you like to make it 3 months this time?"

"Yeah, ok, that sounds sensible..... um, just a thought though?"


"How about we take few days break from each other first... so the week after next, we don't meet up during the week? I think it might do us both a lot of good, we've been on top of each other quite a bit recently" suggested Amanda

"Ok, I can cope with that... how about we get together for dinner on the Friday?"

"Yeah, I'm up for that. By the way, I've not said it, but I WILL be there for Grandpa's funeral next week, I'm taking the day off."

"Thank you Danny, I have a feeling that it's going to be quite an emotional day for everyone..."

We sat and hugged and kissed for a while. "Hey" said Amanda, "go put your twin blocks in for me, you know how much I like them!". Who was I to deny such a request. As I went to get them, I started to think about Amanda's braces: Mei sent us a message a couple of days ago, along with a load of pictures of whet we'd ordered... they looked amazing, and when I showed the pics to Amanda, she was very excited. They were now in the post, so we now just had to wait. If we were lucky, it would be a few days; if we were not so lucky, it could be several weeks.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Thanks for continuing this story - I'm really enjoying it. And I'm impressed with the speed you post new chapters!

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Certain bits of the story got written a while ago, which allows me to post regularly. You may have noticed a pause for a couple of weeks a bit ago.... I was busy, so unable to write. I'm likely to be quieter next week too

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 34

It feels a bit like christmas

Last week was grandpa's funeral. I took the day off work, and went with Amanda. I finally got to meet her brother and his wife. I was treated amazingly pleasantly: clearly I had made a suitable impression on Amanda's family, and as Amanda's boyfriend, I was made to feel part of the family. Most pleasing was that I had a really nice chat at the wake with Evelyn, Amanda's big sister, and she told me a few stories about when she & Amanda were kids. As Amanda's big sister, she was obviously very protective of her little sister, but seemed to approve of me.

Even better was that I had a chat with Amanda's mother: I'd already managed to spend some time with her the day we met, when cooking the dinner, and we got on really well. "You must persuade Amanda to take some holiday, and come down and see us in Cornwall!"

After the funeral, we went back to Amanda's, where we made dinner together, but Amanda was quite quiet. After dinner, I sat next to her on the settee, just holding her, saying nothing, letting her lean against me: I could tell that today had been a very emotional day for her, and she just needed time to come to terms with her feelings. The good news is that, by the weekend, she seemed to be feeling a lot better, possibly helped by the fact that I made sure we did plenty together, to help distract her.

So, this week we're about to start our new 3-month contract and Amanda and I had agreed to take a few days break from each other: she was right, we had spent so much time together, especially the last couple of weeks, and we did need a short break from each other.  So, Monday I had an evening in, being a couch potato, and watching TV!

On Tuesday, Janice and I managed to have dinner together at my place: like me, she's been a bit busy, spending lots of time with her new boyfriend, Mike, but I explained what was happening, and she made the effort to have an evening without Mike for a change. After dinner, we chatted for a bit, about her and Mike, and about me and Amanda, then we walked to my local pub, and had a drink together. The evening was very nice, but in a different way from ever before: this time we were both happily in relationships, and neither of us felt any need to even consider..... s e x !

On Wednesday, I went with a couple of the guys after work for a pint, which turned into going to the local Chinese restaurant. It's odd, it doesn't matter how carefully you order, there is ALWAYS too much food! But it was am amazingly pleasant and fun evening.

I hadn't worked out what I was going to do on Thursday, but mid-afternoon I had an unexpected  call from Amanda.

"Hiya" I answered. "I wasn't expecting to hear from you till tomorrow"

"And I love you too.... I mean that by the way!"

"You sound cheerful"

"Well, I have several reasons to be cheerful. For a start, I'm talking to my lovely boyfriend. Second, I won my case in court this morning, and finally......". She paused

"And finally?"

"You know, it's been strange but nice having a few days apart, but I feel sort-of refreshed, and very much wanting to see you again..."

"And finally?" I repeated. I could tell Amanda was trying to tease me.

"I hope you don't have anything planned for tonight?" she asked.

"No. But I thought we were getting together tomorrow?"

"Yes, we are, but we need to get together tonight too - something rather important has happened!" Amanda sounded far to cheerful for this to be something bad.

"Ok, what's happened that's so important then?"

"Well, there seems to be a smallish cardboard box on my desk.... one that's come from deepest Asia! And I want to open it with you, but there's no way I'm gonna be able to wait until tomorrow!"

"You mean you've not opened it already?"

"You kidding? I'm not risking anyone here seeing what's inside! They'll think I'm a weirdo!"

"But you ARE a bit of a weirdo, aren't you?". I lowered my voice. "You have a braces fetish, you weirdo!" Amanda started giggling.

"Yeah, ok, but I don't want THEM knowing that, do I?" she whispered back. "Come on over here after work, and we can go back to my place, and see what santa has sent me...."

"You sure you really can't wait till tomorrow?" I asked, starting to tease Amanda

"Oh, Danny, don't you dare...".

I started giggling. "I think it sounds sufficiently important that we should meet up a day early.... I'll come over to your office after work. And hey, Amanda...."


"I love you too....."

Sometimes, time flies past quickly. However, it is a well known fact that if you are looking forward to something, time slows right down. Tonight I was looking forward to seeing Amanda again. And I was looking forward to seeing her new braces. More importantly, I was looking forward to seeing Amanda IN her new braces! And I was looking forward to watching her reactions as she opened that box, and sees her braces for the first time... then puts them into her mouth for the first time.

Amanda has put various of my braces in her mouth on many occasions, but of course, they are MY braces, and don't fit her. Tonight, the braces WILL fit her.

Anyway, time... this afternoon time went stupidly slowly, simply because there was something exciting to do a little later on! I found it hard to concentrate on what I was supposed to be doing, I kept trying to imagine what Amanda would look like in her own braces. How she would react to them.

FINALLY! It was time to go home. I unplugged the PSU from my laptop, and put them both, along with my mouse, into my bag, then saying goodbye to people as I left, I walked to Amanda's office.

"Good evening, Danny!" said the guy on reception.

"Hi there!" I replied. Then I stopped, as I realised that I STILL didn't know his name. "Um, you know, I still don't actually know your name...."

"Oh, sorry, yes, noone has ever actually introduced us, have they? I'm Jacob!" he said, introducing himself.

"Hello Jacob! I'm here to collect Amanda, do you need me to sign in?"

"If you're just collecting her, then no. As far as I know there's noone with her at the moment, so feel free to go on up, I'm sure you're used to where her office is by now!"

I knocked on Amanda's door, and she said to come in, so I did. As I walked across to her, she stood up. She looked a bit different, but I couldn't quite work out what it was. As I got to her, she put her arms gently around me.

"I've missed you..." she said, "I know it's only 4 days, but I still missed you". She put her lips to mine, and we kissed.

"Yeah, it's been strange....I've missed you too!" I replied. "So, you have a box from Asia?"

"Yes, here it is" she said, picking it up and passing it to me. "You might as well carry it, let me grab my bag...".

"You excited?"

"Yes... very!"

"I bet you've been imagining what it will be like to have one of these items in your mouth since the parcel arrived, haven't you?"

"Ummm, I will admit that I have been a bit distracted this afternoon!"

"The lovely feel of the plastic plates intimately connected with your mouth... running your tongue over the plastic and the metal" I said, teasing her.

"Oh, stop it, will you!"

"You feeling horny?" I asked quietly. "You are, aren't you?". She smiled, then opened her office door, and led the way downstairs. As I follower her, I was looking at her, then suddently realised what it was that made her look different.

"Hey, you've had your hair done, haven't you? Maybe a slight trim?"

"Well spotted, I was wondering if you'd notice"

"I actually noticed something was different when I walked into your office, but couldn't quite work out what it was".

Finally, we got to Amanda's place. We made a cup of tea, and were about to sit down together, to open the box, when I realised that Amanda would need a mirror.

"Do you have a small mirror?" I asked.

"Ah, yes, good idea.... I have a makeup mirror...". She went into her bedroom and returned with it moments later, putting it on the coffee table. Next, she picked up the package, used a small knife to cut the tape, and carefully opened the box. Inside we could see paper packaging, but on the top were a couple of pieces of paper. One was a receipt, the other was a hand-written letter from Mei:

"Hi Amanda and Danny!

I hope you enjoy wearing these braces as much as I enjoyed making them for you!

Amanda, you're going to have great fun trying braces for the first time: I hope you enjoy the experience!

Danny, your replacement brackets are in a box marked with your name.

I've made you both an extra free gift, they are the ones wrapped in special paper: wait till you've opened the others before you open them!

Love to you both!


(After ordering Amanda's braces, one of the clasps of my fake brackets had broken, and I was now wearing the brackets that Mei had made for me when I was in Asia... so I had asked Mei to make me some more fake brackets, which she had sent with Amanda's braces)

"Oooh, extra pressies...."I said, "that's nice of her, I wonder what they are? So, you ready for this?".

Amanda carefully removed the paper packaging from the top, revealing a set of different coloured braces boxes. Most were the normal, slim, retainer-sized, but one was bigger. Below them, I could see several plastic bags: they would contain facebows, headgear and facemasks, plus hopefully a load of elastics, ligatures, and power-chain. I let Amanda remove the many braces boxes, and put them onto her coffee table: we noticed that she had put labels on the boxes for us. Next she took out the plastic bags, and that was when we noticed what, under the bags, were a couple more retainer boxes, but wrapped in colourful paper: our 'presents' from Mei.

"OMG, there's so much stuff!" said Amanda. I looked at the boxes, and spotted the one that said 'Danny - brackets', so put that to the side. Then I found one that said 'retainers', and passed them to Amanda.

"I think you should start simple, and try in the retainers....." I suggested. I looked at Amanda, she seemed a little nervous. "You ok?"

"Yeah, just a little nervous: it's finally happening, I've got braces!". She took the box from me, and opened it, and opened the tissue inside that stopped the braces rattling in the case. The look on her face was just like a child who discovers that Santa has given her the game she so wanted for Christmas. She removed them from the case, and looked at them closer: she had chosen to have pink clear plastic, and they looked lovely. She put the lower one back into it's box for the moment, then angled the mirror (it's one of those circular ones that's on a stand) so she could see her mouth, then carefully put the upper retainer into her mouth, then pushed it up... I heard a slight 'click' as it seated itself into place.

Amanda closed her eyes, and let her tongue feel the top of her mouth. Without really thinking about it, I did the same, feeling the smoothness of the plastic in the roof of my mouth. For me, this was something that I had felt many times, but for Amanda this was the first time she had experience the rather nice feeling. I watched as her tongue came out of her mouth, and started to feel the wire over her front teeth, then to the sides as she felt the clasps. By the time she opened her eyes again, she had a huge smile on her face.

"It feelth abtholutely amathing!" she said with a bit of a lisp. "OMG, i've got a lithp!" she said, starting to giggle.

"Put the lower one in" I suggested. Before she picked up her lower retainer, she put her finger up to her mouth: she started by running it along the archwire, then she turned it, and put it into the top of her mouth, touching her top plate. I remembered back to when I got my first braces, and I'm pretty sure I did something similar! Its one of those thigs that you can only experience once: the first time you have braces in your mouth (and ones that fit you, rather than someone else's... Amanda had tried my braces in he mouth on several occasions, but they didn't fit her, so the experience was nothing like as 'intimate')

She picked up her lower retainer, took another look at it, then put it into her mouth, pushing firmly down on it until it too clicked into place. Once again her tongue explored, both with her mouth open, and jaws apart, and with her mouth closed. There was a look of joy, even ecstacy, on her face. Amanda was clearly enjoying this experience greatly.

"There's tho much plathtic in my mouth" she said, with a stronger lisp, "but it feelth great!". She opened her lips wide, and looked at her mouth in the mirror. Finally, she relaxed her lips, smiled, and looked at me: her lips were a bit apart, and I could clearly see the two archwire over her front teeth: it was a lovely sight!

"You look good with retainers.... would you like to try a kiss? I'll warn you that you won't feel anything when I put my tongue into your mouth though". I leaned over to her, and she leaned towards me, and our lips met, our tongues touched. For the first time, I ran my tongue over her teeth, feeling the thick wire at the top, and then the one at the bottom. Finally, I gently pushed my tongue between her lips, and felt the smooth plastic of her top plate. I had sudden memories of the first time I had EVER kissed a girl with braces: when Mei was wearing her retainers. But my feelings for Amanda were much deeper, and this just felt so much better.

"Itth odd" she said, "I could hardly feel your tongue kithing me. But wow, these retainerth feel tho good!". I didn't really know -although I could guess - what effect the braces were having on Amanda, but they were certainly doing something to certain parts of MY anatomy!

"Want to try the brackets next?" I asked

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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What a fantastic update - really good! I love the description of Amanda's first time in retainers. Can't wait for the rest!

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Sparky, I admire you so much! Your stories are so good!

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 35

The fun continues...

Of course, never having worn braces before, Amanda wasn't used to removing braces from her mouth. Mei had made the braces so well, that they fitted to her teeth quite tightly, and she had a bit of a problem getting them out that first time - I think it was mainly a matter of her getting used how to pull, and in what direction.

Having removed her retainers, and put them back into their box, I passed her the box marked "top / bottom brackets". As she opened it and pulled back the tissue paper, I could see the braces: clear plastic, with quite large brackets, and, of course, headgear tubes on the molar clasps. Amanda took them out of their box, and inspected them, once again completely enthralled by them. She lined up the mirror, and put them in to her mouth, first the top ones, then the bottoms, each going into place with a pleasing click.

I had thought that she looked good in the retainers, but these brackets were even better, and they looked so real. Amanda was smiling widely, looking at the large amount of metal apparently on her teeth. However, when she tried to close her lips, she had a bit of a problem, as her lips were catching on the brackets. So she used her fingers to lift her lips over and onto the brackets.

"Don't worry" I said, "You'll soon get used to pushing your lips out a bit when you want to close them". With her lips now on her brackets, she opened her mouth a little, and put her tongue over her brackets at the front, lifting her lip up out the way, so she could explore her new braces. It was, once again, fun to watch her as she explored her new braces whilst at the same time looking at her mouth in th mirror. While she ran her tongue across her brackets, I ran my tongue over my brackets, to remind myself of the sensations that Amanda would be feeling.

At that point, I wasn't sure what effect the braces were having on Amanda, but they were definitely having quite an effect on me! Our heads once again moved closer, our lips touched, my tongue pushed itself between her lips, and touched metal... I ran my tonge first over her top brackets, then over her lower brackets. Whilst this was not the first time I had kissed a girl with braces - I'd kissed Mei when I was in Asia - the circumstances were very different today. Amanda is my girlfriend, and this is her first real experience of braces.

I pulled back from kissing her. "Amanda, I think we need to get into the bedroom fairly quickly...." I commented

"Oh, what'th the wush? I'm enjoying thith..."

"And I'm enjoying it too, but probably rather too much, if you know what I mean..."

"Ah, right....". We both got up and quickly went into Amanda's bedroom, where various things happened (that you will have to imagine, as I'm not allowed to give the details in this story!).

"Well, that wath kinda unexthpected...." said Amanda with a big metal smile just a few minutes later.

"Sorry about that, but I didn't want to 'waste it'!" I replied, "I should be ok now.... tell you what, you do look hot as hell in those braces! Although there is something that will make you look even hotter..." I suggested

"What'th that?"

"Headgear!" I replied. "Tell you what, why don't I bring your braces stuff in here, so we can continue to play....". I went out to the lounge, pulled all the packaging from the box, then used it to carry the braces boxes and the headgear stuff into the bedroom.

"Ok, so if you give me your upper braces....". Amanda tried to remove her upper fake brackets, but they were tightly in her mouth, but after trying a couple of different ways, she managed to get them out. "Don't worry, they'll slacken off a bit as you put them in and out a bit more. I looked at the facebows that Mei had sent, one bag said 'top' the other 'bottom'... I took the top one out of its bag, and it fitted nicely into Amanda's braces: Mei had already adjusted the facebow for us. I passed it to Amanda, so she could put it back into her mouth. "So, which headgear would you like to try?"

"Oh, so many decisions in life..... let's go for the neck strap!" responded Amanda with a lisp. I opened the plastic bag that contained the cervical strap, and then spent a few moments attaching the two force modules to the fabric strap. I put the strap around Amanda's neck...

"Ok, can you hold the facebow in place for me?". Amanda put her hand up to hold the front of her facebow in place, while I attached the straps on both sides. "So, you need the third hole for your cervical strap" I commented. Amanda picked up the mirror, and looked at herself, and smiled. "What do you think?" I asked

"I never in my life ever dreamed that I would ever get to wear braces and headgear, this is just amazing!!" she replied. Her lisp was slightly different, because of the facebow. I moved towards Amanda, putting my lips around the facebow, and kissed her on the lips. Again, this is something I had done before, with Mei, but it was a completely new experience for Amanda.

After kissing for a bit, I pulled back. "You know, I don't know about you, but I'm thinking we need to sort out some dinner."

"Hmmm, there's some stuff in the freezer.... or why don't we just get something delivered?! she suggested, talking stightly strange because of her braces and headgear.

"Home delivery sounds pretty ok to me". I got my phone out, and ran up the 'Deliver2Me' app. "OK, what do you fancy... there's pizza, donner kebab, Thai..... Chinese and Indian of course.... ah, Nandos if you fancy something spicy. Or if you're desperate, there's even KFC...". We decided to go for the Thai, so spent a few minutes deciding what to order.

"Remember to use my credit card" said Amanda. When I got to the checkout, it still had my card details, so I got 'her' card out (ok, actually my card, but on Amanda's account), and added it as an alternative card. The app suggested that it would be about 30 minutes before it got delivered, so I suggested that Amanda could try in some more braces.

"Hmm, what next? I said aloud. I thought about giving her the expander next, but an evil idea went through my head, so instead I found the one that said 'NOT a twin-block :-)'. This is the one we had asked for that was 'something that has plastic all over the teeth, kinda like my twin-blocks, but not a twin block'. I opened the box to find an upper and a lower brace. Made of fairly thin clear pink plastic, the top one was a horse-shoe shape, with the plastic coming over the teeth to the outside, and about halfway over the teeth - and when I say that, I mean over ALL her teeth, molars and front ones alike. The lower one was similar: a thin plate, but with platic over the teeth. In a way, they looked a bit like essix retainers, but a lot thicker, pink clear plastic, and only covering half of the outside of the teeth.

"These are your twin-blocks that aren't twin-blocks" I said, passing them over to Amanda.

"Mmm, nice...." she commented. I helped her remove her facebow and neck-strap, and she removed her brackets, then put the plates into her mouth. When she smiled, I could hardly see any white teeth, everything was covered in pink. It was only when she smiled wider that I could see the white tops of her teeth. I watched as she sat there, running her tongue over her 'teeth', but in reality the plastic over her teeth. I could imagine what she was feeling, as my twin-blocks were similar, but of course hers were completely smooth, no lumps like the twin-blocks had. "Oh, yeth, jutht ath good ath I hoped they would be...." was her initial comment.

Of course, I wanted to see what they felt like, so leaned towards her, and we kissed. I gently pushed my tongue past her lips, and immediately felt the lovely smooth plastic that covered her teeth. after enjoying the feel of the outside of the plates, I slipped my tongue between her... well, I was about to say 'teeth', but I guess it needs to be 'plates' or 'plastic covered teeth'. Mmm, nice, the plastic continued over the back of her teeth, and back as far as my tongue could reach. I could feel nothing of her teeth, or the rough skin of her palate, just the smoothness of the shiny plastic. I assumed that, like when she kissed me in my twin-blocks, she could feel almost nothing of my kiss, except on her lips and her tongue.

"It'th odd, but I think thethe are my favouriteth tho far" she lisped. She put her finger up to her teeth, and felt the smooth pink plastic that covered all of her her teeth.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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So good!

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Excellent chapter!!!!

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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If you remember, Amanda ordered quite a few braces from Mei, so still some more to come....

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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You are great, Sparky!!!

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 36

Let me expand the story a little...

We spent a few more minutes exploring her 'non-twinblocks' together, it was a shame I didn't have my twin-blocks with me, because that would have been an amazing combination! Something for us to try another day!

"Want to try the expander?" I suggested.

"Oh, yes, that sounds like fun!". She managed to get her upper 'appliance' out fairly easily, but had a bit of difficulty with removing her lower one.

"Don't worry, you get used to how to get them out pretty quick, plus they'll ease off a bit..." I commented

I picked up the green braces box that had the 'expander' label on it, and opened it: wow, they looked quite amazing! I say 'they' because whilst I had expected to find a single upper expander plate, there were actually two, an upper expander and a lower expander.

Let's start with the upper expander... this was not your typical plastic plate with a split down the middle, with a single screw. No, this looked much more interesting! How do I describe it? Ok, so overall the plate covered much of the upper palate. At the front of it, there's a 3-way expander, expanding left, right and forwards. The front 'sub-plate' was kinda V-shaped (actually, probably more of a 'U') that fitted behind / would push forwards the 4 incisors. Behind that was a slit along the middle, with each side of the plate having another expanding screw, which would push the large molars backwards. So is that 3 expansion screws, or 5? - after all, the 3-way expander does have 3 screws.

The lower expander was more like a normal expander, but thicker, and with 3 single expansion screws: the first was in the middle, behind the incisors, and the ones on the sides were next to the rear pre-molars.

In terms of clasps, the upper one had Adams Clasps over the front premolars and the front molars, as well as having a nice thick archwire. The lower was similar, with 4 Adams Clasps, but instead of having a labial wire, the plastic came over her lower incisors.

Knowing that Amanda would probably not be wearing these out out in public, Mei had managed to make the plastic plates such that each part was a different colour! So, as I said, an amazing pair of expanders. Did I say they felt pretty thick too? No I didn't: the top one is a lot thicker than my expander (I don't have a lower expander), so I had no doubt that Amanda would have a much stronger lisp with these expanders than with the retainers or brackets.

I passed the expanders to Amanda, who spent a moment looking at them: I think she was as impressed with the quality and colourfulness as I was.

"They are quite thick, aren't they!" said Amanda, not as a question, but phrased more like she was thinking 'goody, goody!'. Looking once more into the mirror, she inserted the top one into her mouth, and pushed it upwards, seating it with a pleasing click.

"Oh my, itssth thso sssthick!" she said with a strong lisp. She put the lower expander in her mouth, and pushed it down into place.

"I cang hargly ththsssthpeak!" said Amanda. Well, it sounded something like that!

"Hey, can I have a look at it in your mouth?" I asked. She leaned back on the bed, with her mouth wide, so I could look inside: it looked quite amazing. Then I ran my finger over the archwire that went over her top front teeth. Next, I leaned over, and once again kissed her, slipping my tongue into her mouth. I was able to feel the plastic, as well as the two slits just behind her front teeth. Even better was the slit in the middle at the bottom, which of course was obvious because the plastic came over her teeth.

We were kissing when the dorbell went.... ah, good, my earlier planning looks like it has worked! "that must be our food, I think you need to go and get it" I suggested. "But make sure you leave your braces in...". Amanda gave me a really dirty look, as if to say 'you are kidding, aren't you?'. "Go on, don't keep the man or lady waiting!".

She went to the door entry intercom, and pressed the button. "Hello?" she said.

"Hi, it's your 'Deliver2me' order!"

"Oh, yeth, come thtraight up, top floor, itth the only flat up here" replied Amanda with a really nice lisp. I could tell from her big smile that, scary as it was, Amanda had enjoyed that. Of course, the next bit would be even more exciting for her: a couple of minutes later the doorbell rang. I made sure I was there to watch what happened, as well as to help, if a second pair of hands was needed for the food.

Amanda opened the door: it was a deliveryman, in his early 20's I guessed.

"Amanda Spencer?" he asked.

"Yeths, that'sth me, I'm Amanda Thspenenther" she replied. I was pleasantly surprised at Amanda, I had expected that she'd keep her mouth closed and just nod.

The deliveryman put his warm-bag on the floor, opened it up, and took out our food, passing it to Amanda, who smiled at him, letting him see her braces. "Thsank you thso much!" she added. I could see the slight smile of the delivery guys face: it wasn't often you saw a woman in her late 20's with braces and such a lisp!

"Oh my god, that waths stho sthcary!!" she said, "But thsuch fun!! Come on, let'sth have thisth before it getths cold"

We put some mats onto the dining table, which we put the foil trays on, removing their lids. "What is there to drink?" I asked

"There'th sthome sthwawbewwy miwlk in the frwidge" she replied, "and there'th thsome beer". I think she was enjoying speaking with a lisp as much as I was enjoying listening to it! Rather than the beer, I chose the strawberry flavoured milk for a change.

"So, you gonna try eating with your expander in your mouth?" I asked Amanda

"I thfink I'll trwy to thsee what itsth like..." said Amanda with difficulty. I smiled, because I  know how hard it is to eat with ANY sort of removable braces in your mouth: I did it all the time, and it took me several weeks to be good at it, despite the fact that the plates of my fake brackets were actually quite thin, and didn't cover all of my palate. Amanda was doing this for the first time, her plates were a lot thicker and covered much more of her palate, so filled her mouth so much more.

"Start with small amounts" I suggested, "That should make it a bit easier for you". She started with a small forkful of noodles: she got it into her mouth ok, but I could instantly see that she was struggling.

"That wasth stho difficulwt" she commented

"Yeah, it takes a while for your brain to get used to how to use your tongue again, because you don't have the normal amount of space in your mouth. My mouth feels huge when I take mine out, and the plastic on these is pretty thin. I bet you have half of it still stuck in your cheeks, held there by the clasps!". I could see her tongue probing the sides of her cheeks, and a smile came to her face.

"How doeths it do that?" she asked with a smile. She tried a couple more mouthfuls. "I'm taking them out, I need to eat before the food awll getsth cold!". I watched carefully as she removed her lower and upper expanders, and put them onto a mat on the table. I could see food - probably noodles - stuck in the gaps between the plastic, plus a bit on the clasps.

"Danny, I must say that I am so impressed that you manage to eat so well with your braces in. I know you've worn them a while now, but when I first met you, you'd only been wearing them about 3 weeks, and I don't remember you having problems eating"

"I can tell you that I WAS having problems, I was just being very careful not to show it! But mine are nowhere as thick as those are. Next time, try eating with something a bit more 'normal', you'll find it a bit easier!"

As we ate, we chatted about the braces she had tried in so far. "Which are your favourites so far, then?" I asked her

"They are all nice, but in different ways. These plates are so thick they make it so hard to speak and eat, which is fun. The hawley retainers are really nice and seem quite easy to wear, and only give me a bit of a lisp. But those 'not twin-blocks', having all that smooth plastic in my mouth felt absolutely amazing! And the brackets... well, I just love the look of them, they seem to look so natural on my teeth, but I also love the awkwardness and discomfort of the brackets on my lips and cheeks. "

"Yes, the brackets do tend to dig in a bit, don't they? Wearing the headgear helps to hold your lips and cheeks off the brackets a bit. But your cheeks soon get used to the brackets if you wear them a lot. So, did you enjoy answering the door in your expanders? I was going to give you them after the brackets, but thought that I might be able to time things so you'd be in them when the food arrived... that's why I have you the 'not-twinblocks' after the brackets!"

"You mean you actually *planned* that? You... you.... Oh, Danny, I hate you.... but I love you! It was rather nice though: I was both scared and excited at the same time!"

"Just wait till you wear your braces and headgear out in public the first time!". Amanda was silent for a moment, taking in the implications of my comment, then she smiled.

"My gut instinct is to say 'No Way!', but yeah, that's gonna be fun. What was it like for you, the first time you wore your headgear in public?"

I thought back for a moment... I remembered being in the first braces shop with Suki(*), where I had tried in both facebows and my interlandi, then had taken out my lower facebow, and tried my neck strap, then added my high-pull to make it into 'combi headgear'... and had been persuaded to leave it like that when we left the shop, and went to a bar, before having dinner. It was quite scary, but was made a lot easier because, apart from the people I'd met on my course, I knew noone.

(* a quick explanation: in the first part of this story [see the 'club' story area], over in Asia, I had bought braces from two different braces shops, Mei's shop was the other shop. Suki was an Asian girl - who wore fake braces - that was on the training course I was giving)

"Yeah, it's quite scary, but I think it was a lot easier for me because I didn't really know anyone over in Asia, so to be honest, if someone had started to stare at me or laugh at me, it wouldn't really have worried me that much.". I spent a few minutes telling Amanda a few more of the details of my Asian trip, especially how I felt when I had collected my braces.

"It a way, it was easier for me, because I was collected them one or two at a time. Yours have arrived in one big boxful!"

"So, what have we got left to try then?" she asked as we continued eating.

"Well, I seem to remember you wanted a sort of activator, with a B-shaped wire on the top..."

"Ah, yes, that's going to be fun to try...."

"Then there should be some sort of top plate so you can wear the facemask... and the facemask of course. Then there should be some sort of really thin plates..."

"Ah, yes, I'd forgotten those. I need to get used to those, if I want to wear them at work and out in the evenings! So what is in there for you then?"

"Well, there should be my new brackets, my 'spares' that will replace the broken ones. Oh, there's some J-hooks too"

"J-hooks should be interesting, they don't seem to use them any more, do they?"

"Well, you certainly don't see many pictures of them, do you. I guess they probably use elastics and other things instead."

"Hey, any idea what Mei has put in our 'gifts'?"

"No, absolutely no idea. Knowing Mei, I'm sure we'll like them.". We continued chatting as we ate our dinner. For pudding, we had ordered their 'selection of cold sweets', which contained a nice mix of a couple of the small egg-tarts, and some of that almond jelly, some lychees, and some lovely sticky banana pieces in a sticky sweet batter. I decided to give in, and removed my braces before attacking them!

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Excellent. Really like the amount of detail.
Looking forward to her going out with them in for the first time. And then, perhaps always keeping one or other of them in.

The descriptions certainly remind me of when I got my first ones and then others later. So self-conscious, especially of speaking, but so good.
I had made up my mind that right from the start once I had plates I would put them in straight away and keep them in, only taking them out for cleaning or swapping to different ones. I did manage that, and what a great feeling, almost 'relying' on wearing them for speaking and eating. I was a bit worried that the novelty would wear off but it didnt.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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All the details of the appliances are well written. Very descriptive, without going on too long, so we can get back to the wearing of the devices.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 37


After dinner, we both cleaned up our respective braces, and brought all the braces back into the living room.

"So, you have your activator, facemask and plate, and the 'thin plates'... which do you want to go for?

"Hmmm, let me have my activator". Amanda's activator was in the deeper braces box (so the same as a normal retainer box, but about 50% deeper). I opened it and took it out, letting us both see it. It was as you would expect an activator to be: U-shaped, pretty chunky, with plastic between the teeth, and molar clasps to hold it in place. At the front, the top had a B-shaped wire to fit around the margins of her top front incisors, with a sort of lip-bumper at the bottom, in the form of a small zig-zagged wire, with the wire coming out of the middle of the activator just behind the canines. The plastic was coloured dark blue.

In many ways, it was probably the most extreme of the braces so far, and I didn't imagine Amanda would ever wear it out in public (which of course meant that I might need to work on a devious plan, to get her to wear it out in public!)

Amanda lined up the mirror, and put the activator into her mouth, pushing it up onto her top teeth, allowing the clasps to hold it in place. She closed her mouth and smiled, letting me see it in her mouth. The activator held her teeth apart by a couple of millimetres, with the B-shaped clasps on her top teeth fitting quite nicely, and looking interestingly different. And the lower lip bumper, even though it was set to be quite close to her lower jaw, visibly pushed her lower lip forwards.

"How on earf are you fupposed to talk wiv thif in your mouf?" said Amanda with a lot of difficulty: I'm afraid that I did laugh at her attempt to speak with it in her mouth. I watched as she ran her tongue around her mouth (I clearly couldn't see her tongue directly, but I could see the muscles under her chin moving)

"Wanna twy kiththing me?" she asked. The first thing I noticed was her lower lip, pushed slightly forward my the lower lip-bumper. I slipped my tongee between her lips: the most obvious thing I felt was her lip-bumper, at the bottom. Then my tongue reached the plastic that was holding her jaws slightly apart. Finally, I got to the B-shaped wire at the top, which didn't feel as obvious as a normal labial wire, as it was quite close to Amanda's gum-line.

So whilst the appliance looked good, and probably felt rather nice to wear, from a kissing perspective, it wasn't actually all that exciting. Well, except for the lip-bumper!

"You ready to try  the next ones yet?" I asked

"Give me a bit longer" said Amanda (heck, I can't work out how to type the sort of lisp that an activator gives you, I'm sure your imagination will do it for you though!)

While Amanda 'played' with her activator, I found my J-hooks. In concept, it's similar to a high-pull, but without the force modules, and the material extended to come down to the cheek, and at the end it's doubled back, with a space to put the j-hooks in: this bit lines up the j-hook & holds it in place. Further up the material is a hook, and you put an elastic between that and the top of the j-hook. Under the material is a pad, to make it a bit more comfortable on the cheek. The j-hook itself is, of course, like a thick metal wire, shaped like a fish hook: the top has a simple 180 degree bend in it (similar to a facebow), the other end is a lot thinner, and has a loop with a slight opening on it, which you hook over the archwire (or the hooks on the archwire, if you have them).

I put the bits together: Mei had included a bag of elastics specifically to go with it, which made it quite easy.

So, I borrowed the mirror, and put the headgear bit over my head: that was the easy bit. However, it took several attempts to successfully hook the j-hooks to my archwire. I'm sure once I've done it a few times, it will be much easier.

The elastics that Mei had included didn't actually apply much pressure, and it was surprisingly confortable to wear: unlike a facebow, there was no thick welded bit that goes between the lips, just the pair of thick wires going between my lips.

Next, I went over to Amanda (who was still 'investigating' her activator) and tried giving her a simple kiss on the lips: it was so easy to do! Finally, Amanda opened her mouth, and after a little tugging, got her activator out.

"You like that activator, don't you?" I commented.

"Yes, it's surprisingly nice... but let's have a kiss without it...". With my J-hooks still connected to my upper archwire, we kissed: as she kissed me, Amanda ran her hand over my headgear and the J-hooks.

"I think you should try on your facemask" I suggested when we ended the kiss.

"Oh, yes please! So what sort of facemask do I have there?" she asked me. There were actually two facemasks, so I grabbed the plastic bag containing the first facemask: it was the sort that has a chin-cup, with thick wires to the side of it (so maybe 5 cm apart) that go vertically, then at the nose, the wires come together, until they are about 1 cm apart... at the top there's a plastic clip, that connects to a strap, which has hooks at the end (similar to the hooks that hold the elastics on my J-hooks) that a strap hooks onto. As I opened the plastic packet, I noticed a note inside. "Hey, I came across this facemask hiding in our storeroom - I don't remember you having one like this, so thought you might like to try it! - Mei"

The facemask was in pieces, so I clipped the plastic chin-cup into the bottom of the wire bit, then fitted the top end of wire bit (where it's narrow) into the top strap, and passed it to Amanda, then got a couple of elastics from the bag that Mei had also included in the plastic bag of the facemask, and passed those to Amanda too.

"So what brace do I I use this with?" asked Amanda.

"Ah, sorry, yes....." I quickly found the box that said 'for facemask' on it, and passed it over. Amanda opened it, and unwrapped the brace: it was very similar to the one she had made me for my facemask: very minimal. Amanda had played with my facemask plate, so knew what to do: she hooked the two elastics to it, and put it into her mouth, then looking in the mirror, she put the facemask up to her face I then took the elastic strap with hooks at the end, and clipped it to the top strap on one side, pulled it around her head, and tried to clip it to the other side of the top strap, but it was really far too tight. So, having removed it, I adjusted it, and tried again: this time is seemed to be about right.

Next, Amanda stretched the two elastics from her mouth onto a couple of the pins on the 'bar' that goes across the front. I quickly realised that the elastics were pushing her top lip up: the bar needed to be adjusted down a bit. I noticed the small adjusting tool in the corner of the bag, so took it out, and used it to adjust the bar down a bit for her.

Whilst I had seen myself with a facemask in the mirror, and had seen Amanda trying my facemask on, this was the first time I had seen someone else properly wearing a facemask - and besides, this one was different from mine.

"It suits you!" I commented, "There's another facemask here when you're ready to try it. I opened the bag that contained the rather more normal facemask: it was the type with a heavy, and slightly bent, square-section rod down the front of the face. It too would need to be adjusted, so that the chin-cup, forehead pad, and the metal bar in the middle would be in the right places.

"Yes, it is rather nice" replied Amanda, "and the brace doesn't seem to affect my speech that much... nice!". As she talked, she put her hand to the top part of the facemask, feeling the top of the two vertical wires, and the strap across her forehead. Then she moved it down, following where the thick wires diverged as they came past her nose, briefly running over the horizontal bar where the elastics were connected, then finally, her hand felt the chin-pad.

After looking at herself a bit more, and feeling the facemask again, she unhooked the elastics, pulled the chin-cup outwards, allowing her to lift the facemask up and off her head. "I guess that one needs to be adjusted, to fit me..."

"Sure, let me do it." I put the facemask to her face: the chin-cup and forehead pad were clearly too close together, so I used the small Allen key to adjust it more sensibly, then held it to her face once again. "Hook the elastics on..." I said. Once she had done that, I adjusted the metal bar that went across the front, so that the elastics were comfortably between her lips. One again, I watched her as she looked in the mirror, and used her hand to feel the facemask.

I picked up the other facemask - the first one - and put it on myself: like my own facemask (the one with wires that go around the face) it had an elastic strap around the head, which held it in place, without needing any elastics connected to my braces. I borrowed the mirror from Amanda, and took a look at myself - yes, it looked good: I was going to have to borrow this from Amanda, and wear it out in public sometime! The question would be whether Amanda would ever be brave enough to try wearing a facemask - or headgear for that matter - out in public? I would just have to make sure it happened sometime!

"Not much left" I said to Amanda, "just your minimal plates and the 'presents'". While Amanda continued feeling her facemask, I got out the last (unwrapped) braces box, that simply said 'thin plates' on it, opened it, then unfolded the tissue to reveal Amanda's two minimal plates, one upper and one lower. They were both made from clear acrylic, and were amazingly thin, and the only wires were c-clips that would go around her rear molars. The top plate was large, to completely cover her palate, the lower one was quite delicate, like a thin retainer without the labial wire or clasps.

"They look nice!" said Amanda when I showed them to her, "I can't wait to try them...". She unhooked her elastics from the facemask, which she passed to me, then she removed her facemask plate, which she also passed to me, then took the two clear plates from my other hand. As the plates only had simple clasps at the reat, they fitted into her mouth silently. I could see the look of joy on her face as she felt the plates with her tongue.

"Mmmm, lovely" she said in an almost perfectly clear voice.

"Come on, let me have a look...." I asked. She opened her mouth, and tilted her head back: as I knew what I was looking for, the plate was reasonably obvious, but I suspected that most people would never notice it. With her head down, I looked for her bottom plate, but it was hidden by her tongue. "Move your tongue over a bit" I asked. When she did so, I could just manage to spot the plate, but I very much doubted that a normal person, unaware she had it in her mouth, would ever see it. The clasps around her rear molars were so far back, that they were pretty much impossible to see.

Whilst I hadn't even attempted to kiss her with her facemasks on, this time I leant towards her, and we kissed. My tongue quickly found the plastic of her upper plate, but it was clearly a lot thinner than the plates of her retainers or her brackets. The lower plate felt equally thin. As before, it was obvious that I was the one getting the most joy from this kiss, as my tongue could feel the lovely smooth plastic inside her mouth, yet the inside her mouth could not feel my tongue!

After we finished the kiss, Amanda tried talking with them in: she had a very slight lisp, that I was sure would disappear very quickly.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Thankyou for this great instalment. Can't wait to see what's in the "present" box!

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Can't wait to see what's in the "present" box!

Ah, that's something for the 'future', but they will be things that have been talked about elsewhere, in the "past".

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Just a short chapter tonight!

Chapter 38

The presents

So, all that were left, that Amanda (and I) hadn't tried on were the two braces boxes that were wrapped in colourful paper. One had a label saying "Amanda", the other had a label saying Danny. I passed Amanda her 'present', and watched as she upwrapped it, then opened the box: in the top was a piece of folded paper that said:

"A little something to go with your brackets, I'm sure you'll enjoy them - blue is for the top. Mei". She upwrapped the tissue paper to find a rather nice pair of simple lip-bumpers. They were both made from a zig-zagging bit of wire, but unlike the lip-bumper attached to her activator, which had zig-zags of about 1cm, these were about half that size, and covered in clear blue or green acrylic. I passed her her brackets, and she fitted the blue lip-bumper to her top brackets, and the green one to the bottom brackets: they both fitted perfectly, and were about 5 mm in front of the brackets. When she put her brackets into her mouth, they noticeably pushed both of her lips outwards, which looked a bit strange.

"Go on, open yours!" she said in a bit of a distorted way. Amanda watched as I removed the wrapping from my box, and opened it. Again, there was a small folded note from Mei: "A little something to go with your new brackets: put your brackets in your mouth, then fit this over the top. Mei". I was intrigued to see what my present was. I opened the tissue to find what I quickly worked out was a red plastic bite-plate: a U-shaped appliance with lots of plastic at the front, and some large open-ended clasps that would hopefully bend out to fit over my brackets. I explained what it was to Amanda.

"Oh, nice!" she commented.

I found my - new - braces, and could see that this would sit perfectly on top of my top fake brackets. "Wow, Mei is amazing....".

I took out my current fake brackets, and put them onto the table, then put the top (new) brackets into my mouth - that was the easy bit. Next, using the mirror, I put the bite-plate into my mouth: the large clasps stopped it popping into place (they clashed with the brackets and tubes), so I had to carefully pull the large clasps outwards, and over my brackets: at that point it fitted perfectly.

So now, instead of having a fairly thin plate in the top of my mouth - one that I could talk with just fine - I now had a huge lump of plastic just behind my top teeth. Mei had made it from clear red plastic, and it was clearly visible, sticking down about 2mm below my incisors.

I spent a moment feeling around the extra plastic at the side and front of my mouth... the bite plate fitted perfectly on top of my main plate, and the front felt just huge!

"Tho, whak do you think of my bikeplake?" I asked Amanda, with a terrible lithp.

"It lookth pwetty extweem!" she replied, also with a substantial lithp. We spent a few moments letting each other examine our braces, then we kissed for a while.

As we finished kissing, I spotted the time on the wall-clock: it was nealy 10pm.

"Tho" I asked, "goo you like your ngew bwatheth?"

"Yeth, I do..." she replied. I decided to take my new brackets with bite plate out of my mouth, so I could speak more easily. When Amanda saw what I was doing, she did the same. The table was full of braces and headgear..

"Which is your favourite then?"

"Oh, that's unfair, there's so many to choose from. Tell you what though, I do like the thin plates, once I can speak ok with them in, I'm gonna have to wear them to work"

"Or maybe to court?".

Amanda smiled: "Yes, I guess I'll have to try that too!"

"Want a hand putting them away?"

"Actually, no, if you don't mind, I'd like to do that myself, so I can look at them again as I do so". That sounded very reasonable to me. She leaned over, and picked up her thin plates, and put them back into her mouth.

"I'll put my braces back into their boxes, so they don't confused with yours, but I'll leave them here for the moment" I said. "So, what's the plans for tomorrow?"

"Ah, yes, our 'end of short break from each other' meal out. It's all booked, come opver to Chambers when you're ready, there's no rush, no need to dress up. We'll go for a drink, then off to the restaurant.... you'll find out about them tomorrow."

Amanda got up and walked to the kitchen, and put on the kettle. "Fancy a hot drink?" she asked, "I don't know about you, but all this evening's braces excitement has made me a bit dry!"

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 39

A Dark Knight

Our relationship continued on strongly over the next few weeks. As well as attending a couple of formal dinners with Amanda, we went to see a play at the theatre, visited the cinema, saw a stage show in central London, and went to "the 99 Club" in Leicester Square, which is a comedy club.

We've been having a lot of fun wearing various braces when together at home. Amanda wore her thin plates pretty much all the time (except at work) for 3 weeks, during which time she got sufficiently used to them that her lisp was 99% undetectable. However, it was taking longer for her to get used to eating with them.

One thing she has noticed - which I had noticed when I first got my braces, but had completely forgotten about - is that they expand a tiny bit when you drink something hot, and contract a tiny bit when you eat something cold, like ice cream. The cold isn't as noticeable, but the slight expansion when drinking coffee puts a tiny bit of pressure onto the teeth. It's a small thing, but is one of the fun effects of wearing removable braces.

I got her to wear her brackets out in public one weekend, when we went shopping over at Brent Cross (so it was very unlikely she'd meet anyone she knew), but I've not persuaded her to wear her headgear of facemask in public - yet!

It was on the Friday of the fourth week into our 3-month contract that I went out without Amanda, but with a mate of mine, to see a rock band at Wembley Arena. We had booked the tickets quite some time ago, when Amanda and I had just started going out. 'Darkest Knights' was one of my favourite bands, and it had been a pleasant surprise when we managed to get a couple of tickets: the Saturday gig had quickly sold out, leaving tickets for just the Thursday and Friday: we got tickets for the Friday.

With Wembley Arena not being too far from us, we were both able to leave work at our normal time, go home to change, and still get up to Wembley in plenty of time for a quick drink at a local pub, and still get to the gig ok. As expected, there were a lot of people around, but we managed to get in without any problems.

The gig was a really great gig, they played all their big hits, and a few others too. Plus there was a little bit of 'excitement' that happened part-way through the gig, that I was sure Amanda would be interested to hear about.

"How was your 'Darkest Whatsits' concert?" asked Amanda when I got to her place, later that evening.

"Darkest Knights" I said. "But you'll never guess who was there..."

"No... go on..." replied Amanda

"Remember Jenny, from CJD? It seems she has a new boyfriend...."

"Oh, you saw her in the crowd?"

"No, she was on stage.... So about six songs into Darkest Knight's set, Jenny walks onto the stage with her boyfriend, introduces herself, and after a bit of fun theatrics, gets the band to sing 'happy birthday' to him! Then a couple of songs later, she's changed from the jeans and t-shirt she was in, to a short white girl-band sort of stage costume, high heels, pink bow in her hair..... and a FACEBOW! ... then proceeds to play a couple of songs with Darkest Knights..... and I don't mean 'girl band style' stuff, she was playing full-on rock with the rest of the band. She's amazingly good!"

"Well, I've only met her on 3 or 4 occasions, but yeah, I could imagine her doing something crazy like that! Good on her! And I bet you enjoyed seeing her in headgear?"

"Of course! You know, when I met her that lunchtime, I spotted that she had rather crooked teeth, so maybe she got braces, and the headgear is actually for real? I mean, why would she even consider wearing it if it wasn't..... unless she's.... 'one of us'?"

"Let me look at her social media, might give us a hint...." said Amanda, quickly using her phone to search on Twitter. "Bloody hell! Look at this..." she added, showing me a couple of pictures of Jenny with closeups of her braces and headgear. "Let me get my laptop out...". Amanda was clearly as keen as I was to look at the pictures of Jenny in braces and headgear.

It didn't take us long to realise that Jenny was clearly no longer 'in hiding', and knew how to use social media to good effect, as there were quite a few pictures of her 'flaunting' her braces and her headgear, and her fans loved it all! There were also pictures of her with her new hair-style. "Ah, yes, I thought something looked different about her tonight... that new hairstyle really suits her!" I commented to Amanda. Having seen Jenny's own social media pictures, we found a load of other pictures taken recently by a few of her fans - it seems she like to organise 'meet-ups' with small numbers of her fans. Then we found a few 'professional' pictures, showing her apparently 'at work', some of which had her in her headgear.

"She doesn't seem to be scared to wear her headgear, does she?" commented Amanda, "it does start to make you wonder if she's like us...."

"Hey, you got her phone number? You ought to text her, tell her that I enjoyed what she did at the gig tonight" I said, changing the topic slightly.

"I have actually.... you really want me to?"

"Why not, I bet she'd appreciate hearing from someone who saw it. Do you think she'll remember us?".

"There's only one way to find out". Amanda got her phone out, and started to write a text: 'Hi Jenny, my boyfriend Danny saw you at the Darkest Knights concert tonight, says he enjoyed your bit of theatrics, and loved your playing with DK. Amanda (copyright lawyer)'... and hit 'send'.

About 5 minutes later she had a reply "Hi Amanda! So lovely to hear from you again! And so amazing that Danny was there! Tell him thanks for his comments: it's been a really fun evening, and I don't think Ben's gonna forget tonight - DK are one of his favourite bands, and we both chatted to them for ages before they played! And playing with them was absolutely amazing!!!"

Over the next 30 minutes, we exchanged a few texts: it seems that it was Ben's birthday weekend (Ben is her boyfriend), and Jenny had got in touch with Darkest Knights, and managed to set up the whole thing. She'd played the same two songs with the band the previous night, but wearing jeans and a t-shirt: the costume she wore tonight was a surprise for everyone, the band included!

I asked about the music style, Jenny replied "I've been greatly inspired by Ben, and discovered that I really love playing rock stuff.... some of CJD's new stuff will be a bit rockier, and will probably surprise some of our fans"

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 40

HG in public

This week, Amanda wore her upper 'thin plate' to work for the first time. She's been wearing both her 'thin plates' at home almost all the time, and sleeping in them too (as well as wearing various of her other braces at various times!!), so her mouth has got quite used to them. Speaking hasn't been an issue, she only had a tiny lisp with the plates to start with, and that disappeared within about a week. It was eating with them in that she found harder. So last week, she tried seeing how things went if she just wore her top plate: she found that a LOT easier... she could eat pretty ok with it in, it seemed that having the lower plate in at the same time is what was making things difficult.

So far, no one has commented about her voice sounding at all different, so what she's decided to do is to continue to wear her upper plate all the time, and add her lower plate as soon as she leaves work (ok, so occasionally she wears some other braces 'for fun', but apart from that, she wears her plates), so that includes eating at home... it's a slow process, but she's getting better.

Then, last night, with both her plates in her mouth, we went out for a meal, and she managed to eat the meal without any real problems, so good progress.

I will confess that I definitely approve of Amanda wearing her plates, if only because I really love their smoothness when we are kissing...

All of this doesn't mean that she doesn't wear her other braces... not at all, it's just that she now has SOMETHING in her mouth pretty much all the time.

It took some doing, but I FINALLY managed to persuade Amanda to come out in public with her headgear at the weekend! With her fake brackets in her mouth, we drove over to Alexander Palace, and parked. In the car park, she fitted her top facebow, along with a high-pull headgear: I'm not 100% sure who was more excited, Amanda or me, because she looked really good in it - a red strap in her red hair.. She had wanted to just wear a cervical headgear, but I reminded her that part the reason for doing it was to be actually seen (albeit hopefully NOT by someone you know!), and the high-pull would be a bit more visible.

It was clear that she was VERY nervous as we got out of the car, so I took her hand, as we started to walk in the park. It was interesting to NOT be the person actually wearing the headgear, which made it a lot easier for me to spot anyone who took a look at Amanda. As I had got used to, most people's attention was elsewhere, but occasionally someone would lokk, do a double-take, and take a second look.

We had got to a cross-junction between 2 paths, where there were a couple of seats, and I got Amanda to sit down with me... the idea was that, if we were static, and others were walking or cycling past, they might spot us more easily. Of course, when i say 'us', I really mean Amanda! We sat there for about 10 minutes, during which time 4 cyclists and 2 couple walking passed by... of which 1 of the non-cyclists looked straight at Amanda for a second or two.... and that was all. A bit of an anti-climax really.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 41

Sunday at the zoo

So, it's a couple of weeks later... I had suggested to Amanda a few days ago that we could take a trip to London Zoo today. She liked the idea, so, late morning, we caught the tube to Regents Park. We had found there were a couple of places to eat nearby, so had an early lunch, then walked through Regents Park to the Zoo: our plan was to spend the afternoon having a relaxing look around. We got to the zoo around 1:15, giving us plenty of time to walk around before the place closed at 6pm.

I should also add in here, because it does become relevant later, that both Amanda and I were wearing fake braces. I always wore my brackets anyway, and Amanda wears her plates most of the time, but I'd persuaded Amanda that she was pretty unlikely to bump into anyone she knew at the zoo, so why not wear one of her sets of fake braces: she had decided to wear her retainers.

We started at "Gorilla Kingdom" where there were a variety of apes, large and tiny. After that, we saw the Tigers, and then went into the reptile house. From there, there was a tunnel under the road which lead to "Into Africa", where of course we saw giraffes, zebras etc. From there we saw the lemurs, the sloths, and next it was the meerkats. Of course, for us English, meerkats have become very popular, as a result of the use of meerkats in a long running set of car insurance adverts.

As you might expect, there were quite a few people looking at the Meerkats... after all, they ARE rather cute! Amanda and I were talking about them.

"Hey, look over there, behind that tree..." said Amanda with a very slight lisp caused by her retainers. Whilst Amanda wore her plate most of the time, and had worn her various braces quite a bit at home, she was still not 100% used to them, so still had a slight lisp - and to be honest, it was rather cute!

"Ah, yes... very cute..." I replied. We chatted about the meerkats for a bit. Then a familiar face appeared next to Amanda.

"Hey, Amanda, it IS you! I thought I recognised your voice!". Amanda turned to face her.

"Jenny?..... what are you doing here?" replied Amanda

"Well, probably the same as you are.... looking at the meerkats! And hello there, Danny isn't it?". It was, of course, Jenny, from CJD, who I had met one lunchtime with Amanda, the first week we were going out. I was a bit confused, because I thought she'd had a major haircut - she certainly had shorter hair when I'd seen her onstage at the Darkest Knights gig a few weeks ago - she now had long hair that looks pretty similar to what I'd seen when I first met her.

"Hi Jenny!... yes, well remembered. You here alone?"

"No, I'm with my boyfriend, Ben... Ben, this is Amanda, and her boyfriend Danny.". Jenny then explained to Ben that Amanda was her copyright lawyer, and how she had met me over lunch. As she spoke, I spotted that Jenny now had metal brackets on her teeth. Jenny turned to Ben: "Ben, remember I was texting on the way home after the Darkest Knights gig - well that was Amanda, telling me that Danny had just seen us at the gig"

"Hi Ben.... yeah, I was in the crowd at the Darkest Knights gig, so I only saw you at a bit of a distance."

"You were there? That was a crazy but amazing night! Jenny told me I was getting a birthday treat... she took me up to Wembley, and I saw the banners, and assumed she had got some tickets to the gig. No, that wasn't enough for Jenny, she had wrangled back-stage passes, and I got to meet the band before they went on stage. I assumed we'd just be watching them from the side of the stage, but the next thing I knew was she was dragging me onto the middle of the stage, and got the band and the crowd to sing 'Happy Birthday' to me... well, I guess you know the rest!"

"Yeah, that was quite some theatrics you did there, Jenny! By the way, I loved the outfit you wore when you came on to play!"

"The band didn't know I was planning on doing that" explained Jenny with a big smile, as we walked out of the meerkat section. "I'd actually gone up the previous day, practiced with the band, and we had worked out our plans for the evening.... then I played those 2 songs with them in the evening, but I was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. So on the Friday, I started off in jeans and t-shirt again, but I went and changed into one of my stage outfits before I played with them... The look on Ginger's face when he saw me was just amazing!"

"Well pink and white aren't colours you'd normally associate with Darkest Knights. Hey, were you wearing some sort of headgear too?" I asked a bit nervously. Whilst I was quite sure she was, I didn't know if it was for real, or 'just for fun'.

"That's very observant of you, Danny, yes I was.... but I guess I shouldn't be too surprised, I see you are a braces wearer too. It's actually part of my treatment"

"Ok, but it's not what I'd expected to see in public, let alone onstage at a big gig!"

"Well, soon after I got the headgear, I realised that the reason people didn't want to wear it in public was the fear that people would stare at them. Now, come on, if I go out as me, I'm gonna get stared at anyway, so I thought I might as well have a bit of fun with it. Besides, maybe it will make it easier for any kids who have to wear it".

"That sounds reasonable. But Jenny, I'm confused about something else - I thought you'd had your hair cut?"

"I did, my hair is quite short now... you saw it at the gig. This is my 'Clark Kent' wig" she explained, stroking her hair, "it's similar to how my hair used to be, and it's an attempt to try and disguise myself... not really sure if it's that effective, but I think it helps"

By now we had followed the path back under the road, and were by the zoo shop, and opposite us was 'The Terrace Restaurant'. I took a look at my phone: it was just after 3:30pm.

"Hey, anyone fancy a cuppa?" I suggested.

"That's an excellent idea" replied Amanda. "Jenny, Ben, why don't you join us?"

"Sounds good to me" replied Jenny, with Ben nodding in agreement. We went in and got teas and coffees, and some scones / cakes, and found an empty table. I sat next to Amanda, and opposite Ben, which allowed Ben and I to have a chat while Amanda chatted to Jenny.

About 5 or 10 minutes later, Amanda leaned towards me, and whispered into my ear: "Hey, have you noticed that Ben keeps looking at our mouths?"

"Not especially"

"Tell you what, let me smile in a moment, then you also smile a bit later, we can have a look."

"What you two whispering about" asked Jenny, smiling.

"Oh, nothing, just boyfriend - girlfriend smalltalk" replied Amanda, smiling. I quickly looked over at Ben, and indeed, I could see him looking at Amanda's mouth.

"Don't worry, Jenny, it wasn't about you!" I said, also smiling as wide as I could whilst keeping it natural. I was, at that point, looking at Jenny, taking the chance to have a look at her braces, but out the corner of my eye, I could see Ben looking at me.

Amanda and I looked at each other again. "He was, wasn't he?" said Amanda out loud.

"Yes, he definitely was!" I replied, nodding. Jenny looked confused, and Ben looked a little guilty.

"He was what?" asked Jenny.

"Ben..." asked Amanda, loud enough that Ben and Jenny could hear, but noone else would. "Ummm, do you, by any chance... erm... like braces?". I will admit that I would not have been able to ask such a leading question like that, but heck, that's what Amanda does for her job. Ben looked a bit embarrassed, and awkward.

Things were silent for a couple of seconds, then Jenny answered for him. "Yes, he does.... and?". Of course that made both Amanda and me smile widely.

"Don't worry Ben, you aren't the only one..." I said

"What do you mean?" Ben replied, clearly feeling rather awkward.

"Well, you see..." I said fairly quietly, "It seems you have the same 'problem' that both Amanda and I do... we both like braces too!" Ben was clearly a bit confused. "The braces that Amanda and I are wearing are actually not 'real' braces at all. In fact, I suspect that the only person here with real braces is Jenny! Well, I assume they're real, Jenny?". She nodded.

"OMG, you're kidding me?" said Ben, relaxing at last. "Those are really fakes?". I put my fingers into my mouth, and pulled my upper brackets slightly off my teeth, so Ben could confirm that they were not attached to my teeth. "Wow, I'd not worked that out, they look so real! Actually, Jenny bought me some fakes recently, but I've not been brave enough to wear them out yet."

"Well, this is the first time I've worn these retainers out in public, and it is fun" admitted Amanda, "but Ben has been wearing his braces for months now". We chatted about braces for a bit.

"You know, I kinda feel left out here" said Jenny, "I seem to be the only one that doesn't have a big thing for braces, I just happen to wear real braces!"

"Did you actually get them for Ben?" asked Amanda.

"No, I didn't.... I got them fitted two days after I first met Ben. Of course, for the first couple of weeks after we met, he had no idea who I really was, he just thought I was 'Miss Normal' with braces"

"Really?" I asked

"He's a rock fan, like you, Danny, and like you, he hardly knew who CJD were. In fact, after I met Ben, I started listening to some of his sort of music, and that inspired me. You probably don't realise, but some of the new music I've been working on recently is very rock-inspired, and that was because of Ben. And I guess that's how I ended up playing on stage with Darkest Knights."

"I bet you 'appreciated' her braces when she got them though, didn't you, Ben?" I said

"I can't deny it! And when I found out that she had to wear headgear too, well that was a very pleasant bonus!". We continued chatting about braces for a while longer, as we finished our drinks and cakes, then we went back out and visited the last part of the zoo, where we saw the monkeys and the lions. As we walked, we chatted: the afternoon had become so much more enjoyable, being able to share it with Ben and Jenny.

"Well, I have thoroughly enjoyed spending the second part of the afternoon with you guys - we should get together again sometime!" commented Jenny as we all left the zoo.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Hi everyone! I hope you enjoyed the "cross-over episode"... something tells me this won't be the last we see of Jenny and Ben....

Anyway, just to let you know that I'll be away on holiday for the next week, so the story will be taking it's "Mid-Season Break"! I'm already working on the next few chapters, and I can tell you that the story will be taking quite a significant turn in those chapters, which might make the story a bit more interesting. Or not, depending on what aspects of the story you enjoy!


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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Have a great holiday. I have been really enjoying this story. Thanks!!!

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Just before I go off, thought I'd post this episode for you :-)


Chapter 42

He did WHAT?

(Amanda and Danny have been going out now for a bit over 4 months, and it's currently about 2 to 3 weeks before the end of their 3 month contract)

I feel guilty. Very VERY guilty. I was unfaithful to Amanda last night. I mean, it wasn't at all planned, it just 'happened'.

Let me explain...

Friday evening after work, I'd got the bus home, and had gone into the supermarket to grab some bread and milk. As I came out, and started to walk home, another bus stopped at the bus stop, and I saw Janice get off. I'd not actually seen Janice for a couple of weeks, she was clearly busy with her boyfriend, Mike.

"Hi Janice!" I said cheerfully. As she heard my voice she looked towards me.

"Oh, Danny, just the person I need!" she replied, and put her arms around me, and held me. A moment later, I realised that she was starting to sob, and cry.

"What's up, Janice?" I asked her.

"It's Mike... he's..... he... he split up with me!"

"No way, I thought you were getting on really well?"

"Clearly not well enough" she replied between sobs.


"He called me this afternoon...". Not good news, but at least he had the decency to actually tell her, rather than just send her a text.

I held her for a couple of minutes. "You going to be ok?"

"Not really, Sonya and Will are away for the weekend, and I'm not really looking forward to going back to an empty house". I understood her feelings completely, I've been there before myself. I started thinking what I could do: I was supposed to be going out to a dinner with Amanda tonight, but I couldn't leave Janice like this. I led Janice to a seat that wasn't far away, and we sat down together. Then I got my phone out, and called Amanda.

"Hi Amanda" I said when she answered. "I have a bit of a problem..."

"Janice?" she replied

"Yeah! News travels fast, how come you know already?"

"Suzannah came up earlier and let me know"

"Oh, right. I just bumped into Janice as I came out of the shops, she's not feeling great.."

"Yeah, I can imagine. Look, don't worry about tonight, good friends are more important than dinners... and no, I'm not being sarcastic. You're good at looking after people, you were there for me when grandpa died, so be there for her tonight!"

"You sure?"

"Yeah, of course I am. I'll call you tomorrow morning, before I come around... something tells me you may need a wake-up call: I know what happens when you and Janice get together!" Ok, I plead guilty, I remember only a few weeks ago drinking down the pub with Janice - she didn't drink half as much as I did, and I ended up passing out on her settee.

"Ok, thanks Amanda. Try and have a nice evening without me...". I turned to Janice: "Looks like I've got official permission to look after you this evening, so how about we start with dinner at my place?"

So, we had dinner at my place, then we went to the pub, and had a couple of drinks, enough to relax us both, but not too much to make us actually drunk. Over the evening, she explained that the relationship between her and Mike had actually started very well, and they seem to work well together. However, she hadn't seen him much over the last week or so: various plausible excuses, all of which sounded ok. They had gone for a drink in the evening on Wednesday, but she'd not heard from him until mid-afternoon today, which is when he, pleasantly and politely, told her she was ditched. He gave no reason, but Janice assumed there must be someone else, which given the circumstances, sounded quite plausible.

Back at my place, we made coffee, and sat next to each other on the settee. I put my arm around Janice, and held her close, to comfort her. The next thing I knew, we were kissing. My tongue had been exploring her mouth, then her tongue explored mine.

"Isn't it time your braces treatment finished?" she asked. I smiled

"It's only been about 6 months so far" I replied. "I was assuming it would need to be 9 to 12 months. Then retainers, of course"

"You really like your braces, don't you. And I'm guessing Amanda must be ok with them too". I'd never explicitly told Janice about Amanda's love of braces, but she had seen us together enough times to realise that Amanda certainly didn't object to them.

"Would you like me to take them out?"

"Please.....". Of course, I should have stopped things there, but I didn't. I removed them and put them down on the coffee table, and we kissed again, without them. Have I ever told you how nice Janice smells? Her natural body smells are quite a turn on, so it wasn't long before my second brain (you know, the one between a guy's legs) kicked in, and we were touching, and my hand found it's way up her skirt, and....

Ok, let me keep it simple: 'we ended up in bed together'. Nothing really new there, we'd done that many times before. Except, on all those occasions neither of us was actually in a relationship. Unlike now.

I was awoken on the Saturday morning by my phone ringing. I opened my eyes, and saw Janice in bed next to me. I leaned across her and grabbed the phone: it was Amanda!

"Hello" I sort of grunted.

"Ah, so you were still asleep! This is your 10 o'clock wakeup call!"

"Thank you, Amanda" I replied

"Well, I was going to say that I'll be over in ten minutes, but I guess you're going to need to have some breakfast and have a shower, so shall I make it 30 minutes?"

"That sounds better to me.... see you soon!".

Sh*t, sh*t and triple shi*t! By this point, Janice was waking up.

"That was Amanda, she'll be here in 30 minutes!" I told her, "so you'd better be gone by then..."

"It seems to me more likely that I would have spent the night on your settee, and might still be here...."

"Good call, in which case we need to make it look like that. Do you want to have a shower? I'll tidy up the bedroom, untidy the settee, then make us some breakfast"

"Yeah, ok....". I gave Janice a towel, and she went to the bathroom. I tidied the bed, then grabbed a blanket and spare pillow I had and put it on the settee. I spotted my braces on the table, so grabbed them, and put them in my mouth. (Yes, that would have been hard to explain if Amanda had seen them there!)

Next, in the kitchen, I got the coffee on, and got some bread out, ready to make toast. By this time, Janice was out the shower, and after drying herself off, she used some of Amanda's deodorant spray, and got dressed. I left her to continue making breakfast, and got into the shower myself. I had just got out of the shower, and was drying myself, when the doorbell rang.

"Don't worry" said Janice, "I'll get it, it will be Amanda".

Luckily, Amanda believed our story that Janice had slept on the settee, but that doesn't stop me from feeling very, very guilty about what happened.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Hi everyone! I hope you enjoyed the "cross-over episode"... something tells me this won't be the last we see of Jenny and Ben....

Anyway, just to let you know that I'll be away on holiday for the next week, so the story will be taking it's "Mid-Season Break"! I'm already working on the next few chapters, and I can tell you that the story will be taking quite a significant turn in those chapters, which might make the story a bit more interesting. Or not, depending on what aspects of the story you enjoy!


Very much enjoyed it, thank you! And I hope you're having a good break :-)

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Very much enjoyed it, thank you! And I hope you're having a good break :-)

I am indeed enjoying my holiday... We have come to Devon, just had the day out in Teignmouth and Dawlish. Had a lovely cream tea yesterday too!

Whilst I've not been writing, I've had a chance to think about the story...

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 43

No, they can't do that!

So, it's now the last week of Amanda's and my 3 month contract, and that's the time we have previously taken the decision to renew our contract. Both times before, there was no doubts for either Amanda or me that we wanted to renew our contract, but this time, things don't seem to be so clear cut. The last couple of weeks have felt a bit 'strange'. Amanda has, on a couple of occasions, turned down offers of going out with me, instead wanting to 'meet up with some girlfriends' (without me, of course). And she had to work late on a few other nights. I did start to wonder if there might be something going on, but I think I just wanted to suppress any thoughts like that, and therefore tried to assume that Amanda was just 'needing a bit of space'. I only wish she could tell me, if that's what she was wanting.

So, on those occasions, it did mean I could spend some time with my 'bestie', Janice - she certainly appreciated having some company since she & Mike had split up. And before you think about it, NO, nothing happened between us.

Tonight is Wednesday, and Amanda has to work a little bit late, but is coming over to my place by about 7:30 for dinner, which is home-made chinese.

Amanda arrived a few minutes early, wearing her fake brackets, and whilst she was quite 'pleasant', she just wasn't her normal self. Which meant I wasn't my normal self either. Whilst we ate dinner, we exchanged pleasantries, but it was clear that a lot was not being said. Even seeing Amanda struggling to eat with her braces in, and getting food stuck in them didn't really excite me. After we had finished dinner, I made us both coffees, and sat next to Amanda.

"Danny, there's something I need to tell you" she said after a long silence. The way she said it didn't sound good, and it was starting to confirm my feelings that we maybe wouldn't be 'renewing our contract' again.

"When we started this relationship, we promised to be honest with each other... and to be faithful, for as long as we were in our 'contract. Ummm..... I've not been very honest with you recently, and I think it's time that I come clean with you". My heart sunk into the pit of my stomach, and my stomach tied itself into a knot. "Remember the evening when Jannice split up with Mike, and I ended up going to that dinner without you... well, I started talking to someone there, and.... well, we've met up a few times since...". Ok, things were starting to fall into place now: my earlier fears about why Amanda wasn't spending as much time with me were 100% correct.

"So whilst I've not been technically unfaithful to you, it has been very close. I'm sorry Danny, I shouldn't have let it happen, but it has. And I've been thinking a lot about things this last week, and ..... I don't think I want to renew our contract at the end of this week... I'd like to see how it goes with him.... I'm so sorry Danny....". That was the big punch to the stomach.

I took a deep breath, and held it for a bit... if Amanda was being honest and open with me, then the least I could do is to be open and honest with her. "Umm... Amanda.... if we're being totally honest with each other, then there's something I think I need to tell you... that night... when Janice broke up with Mike, well, umm.... I WAS actually unfaithful to you". We sat in silence for a bit.

"I'm so sorry, Amanda"

"I did wonder, but I don't think it really matters now, does it?". Amanda put her hand on mine. "Look, Danny, I have have really enjoyed being in a relationship with you, and it's been very different from any relationship I've ever had before.... you are a really nice guy, but I guess it's now time for us both to move on". We sat there quietly for a few more minutes, Amanda was still holding my hand. "Hey, look, Danny, we still have a few days left of our 'contract', so let's go out and enjoy them together!". She leaned over, and gave me a quick kiss on my lips.

Ages ago, we had promised each other that, if and when our contract ran out, and we decided not to renew it, we would try to be as civil as possible to each other for the remainder of that contract, and end the relationship on as positive a note as possible. So whilst it was now quite clear that Amanda and I would be parting ways at the end of the week, I think we both wanted things to end as pleasantly as possible. I know that, with other relationships in the past, things have ended badly because we had not been honest with each other. Tonight, Amanda and I had been 100% honest with each other, which meant that we could accept things, and finish the week amicably.... ish!"

"So, does this new guy know about your love of braces?" I asked

"Actually, no.... well not that I'm aware of... that is one thing I'm really going to miss, the braces. We've had a lot of fun with our braces, haven't we?"

"Well, I'll be ok, I'll still be wearing mine, although yes, it's not going to be anywhere near as much fun without someone to share things with. Maybe you need to do some braces things over the next few days, while you still have a chance?"

"What you thinking about?"

"Well..." I said, thinking. "...You've not worn your facemask out in public yet, have you?" I suggested. Amanda looked at me as if I'd just suggested we go out and kill someone.

"No way!"

"Yes, I really think you should! I know the whole idea is scary as hell, but I can tell you that it is actually a LOT of fun! Go on, do it!"

Amanda thought for a while. "Um, how about I'll do it, if you do too?". That made me stop and think for a moment.

"Two of us, out in public, wearing facemasks? That would be interesting! Ok, yeah, why not? But where?"

"Well, nowhere near here, that's for sure!"

"Yup, no problems with that! Ok, how about..... Lakeside? I know it's a bit of a journey, but I can't imagine anyone we know will be there." I grabbed my phone, and searched for it online. "Ah, open till 9pm every evening... and looks like it will take about 45 minutes to an hour to get there. What you doing tomorrow?"

"Ummmm, I'm not really sure.". She picked up her phone, and spent a moment looking at it. "Looks like I have a client early afternoon, but I don't have anything specific after that." I could feel that Amanda was a bit apprehensive about the whole idea of going out in facemasks.

"You sure you're ok doing this?"

"Well, I guess if I don't do it now, I'll probably never actually do it... so yes"

"Ok... so why don't we leave work early? That way we can miss some of the worst traffic, and be there in plenty of time to have dinner. I'm sure my boss will be ok with me leaving a bit early"

"Yeah... well, come around to chambers when you're ready."

We chatted for a little while, and then Amanda decided that maybe she should go home early, before we 'did anything'.

After she left, I sat down on the settee. Tears came to my eyes, and I cried. My life with Amanda had just come to an end. I realised that, even though the whole idea of beeing civil with Amanda for a couple more days, and going out with her, was a nice idea, it was one that I just could not do. The pain would be just too much. Even the thought of going out in public with Amanda, with us both in facemasks, wasn't enough to make me want to actually do it.

I found a shopping bag, and went around my flat, gathering up Amanda's things - it was mostly clothes - but also her fake twinblocks, which she had left in the bedroom, and put them into the bag. Next, I found an envelope, and put her credit card and keys into it, putting it into the bag too. Finally I wrote a simple note to her:

"Amanda, I'm sorry, but the idea of spending more time with you is just tearing me apart, knowing that afterwards you will no longer be there to be with me, so I guess this is the final goodbye. Here's all your stuff, let me know if I missed something. Just leave my things at your reception, and I'll collect them. Danny".

Then I had a quick call with my mum, and arranged that I'd go and visit her and dad for a long weekend, going up after work on Thursday

I struggled through work on the Thursday - I dropped off Amanda's stuff at lunchtime (but not actually saying anything to anyone at her chambers), and had a word with my boss, who was ok with having the Friday and Monday off.

Whilst I was on the train home, I sent Janice a message, explaining that Amanda and I had split up, that I was going to stay with my parents for the weekend, and that I'd be back on Monday, and would really like to meet up with her when I got back.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Oh no!

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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@eddiestobart: Oh No indeed!


Chapter 44

Life without Amanda

Going home to my parents for a long weekend turned out to be a great idea, I was able to relax and clear my head a bit. Plus it had been a while since I had seen them: strangely, I'd never really thought to take Amanda to meet them.

Of course, mum and dad have no idea about my love of braces, so once I was on the train, I took them out, put them into a braces box, and hid them away in my bag. Having worn them so much for the last six months, it felt VERY strange to NOT be wearing them! Eating without them was quite a pleasure, as was the fact that I didn't need to clean them after each meal!

I called a couple of people I knew from a few years ago, who still lived in the area, and managed to meet up with one of them for a quick drink on the Saturday evening. Most of the people I knew from school and college had moved away: like me, many had gone off to university, and had just never returned 'home'... their 'home' was now somewhere else.

I had several nice chats with Janice: I'm really lucky to have her as a 'best friend': even though we know there's no way we could ever be a couple living together, we just understand each other, and get on so well. Apart from the text I had sent her, she wasn't really aware of what had been going on (or not going on) between me and Amanda

I messaged Janice while I was on the train: she had invited me around for dinner, and no doubt there would be lots of hugs and talking too. I also remembered to put my fake braces back in, as it would seems as odd to anyone I knew in London to see me WITHOUT braces, as it would have been odd for my parents to see me WITH them!

The next couple of weeks were hard. In fact, so hard that I almost considered stopping wearing my braces, but decided the awkwardness of doing so was something I couldn't face. I was so glad that Janice was willing to continue to be there for me, I would have struggled to get through things without her.

Needless to say, on more than one occasion, large amounts of drinking alcohol were involved, I even had to 'phone in sick' one morning, as I was still drunk!

We were around my place one evening. "Hey, I have a crazy idea" said Janice. It was a bit over 2 weeks since Amanda and I had split up, and I was starting to feel a bit more 'normal'. "Let's both sign up to an online dating site!"

I laughed. "You kidding me?" I replied.

"Why not, at least we might meet someone!". I was rather surprised by how many dating apps there are. Some are aimed specifically at people wanting to just hook up to have sex. Some were aimed more at married couples, looking to have an affair. Some for older people. We ignored those, and we both loaded one of the more popular mainstream dating apps. Whilst one big disadvantage of living in London is that it can be quite lonely, this becomes an advantage for the dating apps, as there are so many more people to choose from.

Janice took a picture of me, and together we worked out how to describe me, and select the sort of girls I was interested in: I'm glad she helped, because it wouldn't have been anywhere near as good if I'd just done it myself. Then I took her picture, and helped her set up her account. Initially, we selected just North London, and this gave us quite a few matches.

For the next hour, we went through the profiles of loads of girls for me, and guys for her, swiping left and right as appropriate.

"Don't be too choosy" said Janice, "Yeah, initial gut feelings are important, but some of us girls aren't particularly photogenic, but that doesn't mean we ain't still nice!"

Sadly, the pictures of a lot of girls were terrible: I'm sure they thought that wearing lots of makeup made them look more attractive, but in fact it usually had the opposite effect, and even Janice agreed in most cases! I tried to be as inclusive as I could, including girls with slightly chubby faces (probably indicating that the rest of their body was equally chubby), and girls with not-so-perfect complexions. And, in the same way, I helped Janice select and reject loads of guys: there certainly seemed to be plenty of guys out there looking for girls, and if you were to believe their profiles, the majority of them were very good looking and trained at the gym regularly.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 45

Wow, you're so ugly!

By the time I woke up the next morning, I had 3 matches, so I sent off 'hello' messages to them all. I exchanged a few more messages with two of them through the day, but nothing ever came of them. Janice had told me to expect that, it probably happens for a ton of reasons... probably they are chatting with someone else, and enjoying it more, or maybe hooked up with someone.

The third one didn't respond till after I got home, and she asked if I'd like to go round to her place and.... well, I'll leave you to guess that bit!

I got a message from another girl whilst I was eating my dinner: it was hard to work out what she actually looked like, because the 2 pics showed her in what I'll call 'baggy clothes': she certainly didn't look fat, but was she skinny or maybe a little chubby? Her face in the pics was a bit small to see a huge amount of detail, but it looked fairly cute. Through the evening we get chatting, then it's time for bed. Oh, her name was Rachel, and she was 23, so a couple of years younger than me.

I got a message over lunchtime the following day, then that evening we were chatting again. She said she currently worked in tele-sales, which she didn't really like all that much, but at least she had a job. From the language she used when messaging, it was clear she was reasonably intelligent. I also found, without getting her full address, that she lived a couple of miles away from me, but her office was several miles away.

By mid evening, we had started to become quite friendly, so I gave her my phone number, and very soon after, my phone rang.

"Hi Danny, it's Rachel" she said. Her voice sounded very nice, and I could easily believe that she coped well in her telesales role.

"Hi Rachel!" I replied.

Now, I've watched plenty of episodes of Catfish to know that you can fake pictures, and even ugly girls can have nice voices: I had already decided that if any girl strung me along for more than a couple of days without letting me see her in one way or another, then I'd not waste any time with her. I suspect Rachel also knew that.

"So, we gonna do a video call, let me see you?". She was a little suprised by my request, and said she wasn't in a suitable state to do a video chat. So not right now.

"Tell you what, would you like to meet up for a drink, tomorrow night?" she suggested. Well, that would certainly sort out any issues, assuming she turned up.

"Ok, where would you like to meet?". She had already said she had a car, and she knew that I don't.

"Do you have any pubs near you, that are pleasant, but not too noisy, so we can actually chat?"

"Hang on a moment..." I said

"Oh, what you doing?"

"I know a pub, but I want to make sure it's not Karaoke night, or open mic night or similar....  just give me a moment....". I had opened my laptop, and was quickly searching. "Ah good, should be ok... so, how about the King James Arms?" I gave her the address and postcode. "From what I remember seeing when I've been there, you should be able to park pretty close. There's a post box almost opposite, I'll wait there for you".

We agreed to meet at 8:00, to give us enough time to have some dinner, and get ready, and for us to actually get there - it was a 10 to 15 minute walk for me.

We chatted on the phone for a while longer, then we both decided it was time to go.

I dropped Janice a quick message - on the dating app, just for fun - to tell her I had a date the following evening. I got a reply 10 minutes later: "Oh, goody! Hope it goes ok.... watch out for princesses that turn into toads :-) "

I was actually a couple of minutes late, but it seems that Rachel was a couple of minutes early, and was standing by the postbox. I took a look at her as I approached. I had expected her to be 'dressed up', but I don't think I was really ready for what I saw. Let's make it simple, and go from the top down. She was a couple of inches shorter than me, I'm 5ft 8in tall, but also take off 4 inches for her high-heels, I'd guess she was something like 5ft 2 ins. Her dark hair was in a ponytail that sprouted out the top of her head (oh, ok, so slightly to the back). Thin eyebows, no doubt plucked, with an obvious black covering to them. Eyelash extensions glued on, loads of mascara. Fake tan, plenty of make up, and fairly bold lip-gloss. I'm sure some guys would like that, but not me.

Below her neck: medium to large boobs, accentuated by a push-up bra, and a low cut top. Her skirt was pretty short, with dark tights (or maybe stockings) on her legs.... which would have been a lot better if she hadn't been slightly chubby. I'm not saying fat, because she wasn't, but she had an extra couple of inches around her waist. And her legs.

On her arms, I noticed she had a couple of tattoos: I'm still undecided about tattoos. These were reasonably small, so not taking over her arms, and looked quite fresh, so yeah, I think I was ok with what she had, but much more and I wouldn't have been. Also on her arms, on her wrist, she had a load of bracelets, and a couple of rings on her fingers.

So, what a dilemma: a girl who seemed to be fairly intelligent, and that I seemed to enjoy chatting with, with a body that did absolutely nothing for me!

"Hi, I guess you're Rachel?" I said when I got to her.

"Yes, so you're Danny. Hi Danny!" In the same way I'd been looking at her as I walked up, I think she had been eyeing me up too... I wonder what she thought about me.

"Any problems parking?" I asked as we started to walk over to the pub.

"No, real easy, I'm just over there" she said, pointing to her car. "What would you like to drink" she asked me when we got inside. It was a pleasant surprise for the lady to offer to buy the first drinks, but why not?

I took a look at the pumps, and selected a pint of real ale, she had half a pint of lager. As we sat down, I tried hard to ignore what my eyes saw, and remember the girl I had chatted to on the phone. We chatted about various things, but not about what we thought about each other's appearance. I asked what her day at work had been like, and told her about mine. Finally, our glasses were nearly empty, and it was time to either go home, or get another one.

"So, Rachel, it's time to get another drink. The question is whether we actually want a second drink, or whether either of us wants to escape!". Luckily Rachel understood what I meant, and smiled. She turned the question back on me.

"What do YOU want to do?" she asked.

"Well... how do I put this without upsetting you? I am thoroughly enjoying chatting with you, but to be honest, I don't actually find you attractive, and don't fancy you at all. But if you'd like to stay and chat, I'd be veryy happy to stay too. What do YOU want to do?" As I said that, she chuckled.

"Funnily enough, I was thinking exactly the same: I don't fancy you either, but sitting and chatting with you, having a drink, is much nicer than sitting alone at home. So, go get us some more drinks, then I think we need to be honest about why we don't fancy each other.... you never know, it might improve our chances in the future!".

I went and got us the drinks, then sat down.

"Ok, why don't you start... let's do it bit by bit. Start with general body..."

"Hmm... well, you're a little overweight. To be honest, that's not a major issue for me, but I suspect you'd look a lot better if you could lose some of it. Next one... I'm really not into girls with big boobs... I don't know why, I'm just not. I'm guessing you're wearing a push-up bra, to make your boobs look more obvious, and your dress doesn't exactly cover them....". I was expecting her to glare daggers at me, but she was quite calm.

"You're absolutely right about my weight, and I'd love to lose some, but it's not easy... I have actually managed to lose a bit recently. As for the size of my boobs... not a lot I can do about that, and yeah, ok, I do like to advertise them, a lot of guys like that... sadly not you! So what about you then?... I mean, you're a bit on the scrawny side, no six pack, or nothing even like it! Wimpy looking hands and fingers!" By now, you'd think we'd both be getting very upset with each other, but in fact we were both smiling. "Ok, so up to your face and head. What's that mop of hair on your head? Much too long for me, I like guys with short spiky hair! And your ears stick out a little. And as for the metal on your teeth - what self-respecting guy in his mid-20's wears braces? Ok, so maybe the braces on your teeth aren't actually that bad, but it is a bit odd! Your turn...."

"You're probably going to hate this next bit..."

"Yeah, I think I already worked that out, go on, I can take it..... this is actually fun, slagging each other off on their looks!"

"Your hair.... I'm sorry, I just hate ponytails like that...."

"Fair call, but tell you what, let me put it down, and see what you think...". She undid the ponytail, and let her hair down - yeah, it wasn't that much better. "I'm trying to grow it a bit, so the ponytail seems to keep it vaguely tidy. Go on, I have a feeling you don't like my makeup either..."

"Sorry, but yes... I bet you pluck your eyebrows, don't you? Thin eyebows are so unnatural. And whilst I like a girl in a delicate amount of mascara and eye-liner, yours IS a bit on the heavy side... so is the rest of your makeup to be honest. I do like that small piercing in your lip though! As for your fake tan.... I'd better say no more!"

"I guess you're not too keen on my clothes either, are you? To be honest, your dress sense isn't all that great. Jeans? A polo shirt? And that naff jacket? They just don't go together, either from a style perspective, or a colour perspective! Go on, tell me how bad my clothes are!"

"Sorry, just not what I'd expect a girl I'm with to wear. Far too low at the top, and far to high at the bottom, showing off much too much of your over-sized boobs! I can understand you wearing it out to a club, to try and lure in some unsuspecting guy who's into that sort of thing, but tonight you're actually with a guy, so you should be a bit more.... well, 'demure'"

"You really don't like the way I look, do you? Surely there's something more than my piercing - which is actually fake by the way - that you actually LIKE about me?"

"Well, I do like the tattoos.... I'm hoping they are temporary ones. But you've not gone too mad with those. They look pretty recent. Oh, let me have a proper look at your hands...." She held out her hands for me to look at. The nails were, I assumed, stick-on ones, but weren't stupidly long, and they were dark blue, which actually looked nice. "mmm, I like your hands and nails"

"Why thank you! Something about me that you like at last! I was actually doing the tattoo last night, that's why I couldn't video chat with you! As for the nails, you probably don't want to see my real nails"

"Oooh, you don't bite them really short do you?" I asked. She nodded, and I grimaced a bit. Girls with really short bitten nails really do not look good!

The good thing about all of this is that we were actually enjoying ourselves, and to be honest, it was actually interesting to find out my 'shortcomings' from the perspective of someone who didn't fancy me!

After we finished our second drinks, we decided it was time to go home.

"Would you like a lift? I'm guessing that you walked all the way here" asked Rachel

"Yeah, that would be nice, thanks, it's not actually all that far in a car....". I got into her car, it was a small Peugeot, second or third hand, but there's nothing wrong with that. I gave her directions to my place.

"Pull up near that lamp post I said, pointing to the left", which she did. "You're welcome to come in for a coffee, up to you..."

"No, I don't think so. Look Danny, whilst we don't seem to fancy each other, I'd still like to chat with you sometime, I have enjoyed our conversations...."

"Yeah, ok...."

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Always a good read. Interesting changes of direction. I wonder where we are going here?

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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@ retained: oh, there's PLENTY of places to go from here.... let's explore a few ideas, shall we?


Chapter 46

Let's P-A-R-T-Y-!

Janice came around and had dinner with me: nothing special, but it's hardly any more effort to cook for 2 as 1, and that's one of the reasons we often get together. Of course, she wanted to hear all about my evening with Rachel went, so I told her how we berated each other.

"Did she mention your braces at all?"

"Yeah, she did... something like 'what self-respecting guy in his 20's wears braces?'". Janice laughed.

"And you're still on talking terms?"

"Yeah, that's the silly thing. We hate how each other looks, but as people, we actually get on well." I showed her the message I got from her that morning: 'Hi Danny, thanks for last night: even though it didn't work out, I really had a lot of fun, so not a wasted evening. Keep in touch, Rachel xx"

"So, you had any luck with any guys from the app yet?" I asked her

"I'm chatting with a couple of guys, might meet one of them sometime for a drink". Just then, my doorbell rang, so I went downstairs, and opened the front door. I vaguely recognised the guy at the door.

"Hi... Danny isn't it? Look, I'm Raymond, from 2 doors down" he explained, pointing towards his house. "We're all having a party on Saturday evening, and rather than annoy you with the noise, we thought you might prefer to just come along."

It had been a while since I'd gone to a party, so the idea appealed. Besides, you never know your luck.... "Hey, that sounds like fun. Bring some booze I guess?"

"Yeah. Bring your girlfriend too. Starting something like 8 or 9...."

"OK, thanks.... see you on Saturday then!"

"So what was that about then?" asked Janice when I got back upstairs.

"They're having a party a couple of houses down, on Saturday. Come with me if you like". Maybe I should explain that where I live is in a row of reasonably sized, but fairly old houses. Some have been split into individual flats, like where I am, but many are still a single house, shared by a group of friends... which I assumed is what the place having the party would be. It would be interesting to see what these houses are supposed to look like when they haven't been hacked into flats.

"If I don't have a date, I will...".

On Saturday, Janice didn't have a date, so she came around my place again for dinner. Around 7:30 we head the music start - I guessed they were getting the place ready, and decided to test out the music setup. We didn't want to get there too early, so went around at about 8:30. The front door was closed - I'm guessing they didn't want gate-crashers - so I knocked on the door, which was opened moments later.

"Hi there, I'm Danny from 2 doors down, this is my friend Janice. Raymond told us to come over... and I come bearing gifts..." I said, holding up the box with 10 cans of beer in

"Oh, hi there Danny, Janice, come on in! As ever, booze is in the kitchen, so's Raymond, I think...". So, whilst our house has a second door that goes straight to the stairs (which are all boarded in), this house had a hallway with the stairs off to the side, and a corridor through to the kitchen, at the back. On the way, we could see the lounge-dining room, originally two rooms, now joined into one large room, which is where part of the party was happening.

The first person I recognised in the kitchen was Raymond

"Hi Raymond"

"Oh, hi Danny, good to see you. This your girlfriend I'm guessing?"

"This is Janice... she a good friend, and is a girl, but not actually my girlfriend",

"Oh, well nice to meet you too, Janice" said Raymond, quickly eyeing her up.

"I have beer" I explained.

"Oh, great, put it over there with the rest, grab one for yourselves, then let me introduce you to a few people." I put the box of beers on the table, grabbed a couple for me and Janice, then followed Raymond, who introduced a few people. It was quite early, and the party was still very quiet, but before long, a few more arrived.

By 10 o'clock, the place was getting quite full. Janice was over in one corner, being chatted up by a couple of guys (she's not stupid!), and I had been chatting to a guy near the front door. My Beer can had been emptied a few minutes before, so it was time to go to the kitchen to grab another. In the kitchen, I could see a group of three, two girls and a guy, had just arrived: they still had their coats on.

"Hi guys.... coats seem to be going upstairs - hey, why don't I take them for you?" I asked, trying to be nice.

"Thanks..." said one of the girls, and they passed the coats over to me. From the way they were behaving, I got the feeling that the guy and one of the girls were a couple, and that their friend was single. I quickly took their coats upstairs: I could see that one of the bedrooms had it's light on, and the coats were being put on the bed.

So, I still needed a beer, so went back to the kitchen, where the 3 newcomers were. I had to push past the single girl to get it.

"Hi, I'm Danny by the way, I live a couple of doors down" I said, introducing myself. The girl was actually a relatively plain girl, with freckles across her nose and cheeks. Her hair was slightly 'bouncy, going over her shoulders, with a curly sort of fringe. her eyebrows looked normally medium, neither too thick nor too thin. A touch of mascara and eye makeup.

"Hi Danny, I'm Sandra" she said. I did a bit of a double-take: did I just see a glint of something in her mouth? Clearly I needed to talk to her more, and look at her in a bit more detail. As she reached her hand to get a drink, I could see that her fingers, and more specifically her fingernails looked natural, with the ends of her nails being maybe 5mm beyond her fingers - so neither stupidly short, now stupidly long, but quite attractive, and well maintained. I could see a couple of rings on her left had (nothing on the 3rd finger!). As she reached out her other hand to get a plastic cup, I could see another ring on one of the fingers of her right hand.

"You live around here too?" I asked, trying to start a conversation. She turned a bit more towards me, which let me look at her a bit more. So, about 3 inches shorter than me (but I couldn't yet see what shoes she had on). Pleasantly shaped body, probably a B to C cup, and not obviously fat. In the side of her nose she had a small nose ring. She was wearing a purple tank-top with jeans, and I could see a couple of tattoos on her left shoulder. A fairly normal but plain girl, who I would score as a 5 or a 6.

"No, we're over in Finsbury Park, but Jim - that's the guy you saw a moment ago - knows a couple of the people here. We all share a house". The best bit of her talking to me was that I could confirm that she did indeed have braces! Which of course pushed her score up to be a 7 or an 8!

I knew I'd have plenty of time to talk to her again later, and of course, with me also having braces (ok, so they are fakes, but that doesn't really matter, only an expert would realise) it gave me a good topic to chat to her about, so I decided to leave her for the moment, so it didn't look quite so obvious I was wanting to chat her up.

"I'm gonna go see how my friend is getting on, see you around..." I replied, leaving the kitchen, and going back to the main room where I knew where Janice would be. She was still being chatted up by the same two guys, who I don't think realised that we had come to the party together, so I decided to have a little fun.

"Hi there, beautiful!" I said with a slight wink as I got to her, hoping she would pick up on what I was intending.

"Hello handsome, to you too!" she replied, flirting back at me.

"So who's these handsome gents you're chatting up then?"

"This is Pete, and that's Jamie"

"Hi guys, I'm Danny, I live a couple of doors away. You guys local too?"

"We just discovered that we don't actually live far from Janice, so about 10 minutes away. You know each other?" asked Pete

"Our paths have crossed occasionally" I understated. There was no reason for them to have any idea about the true relationship between us. Besides, I didn't really want to mess up her chances with either of them! I left them, and wandered around for a bit, finally stopping to have a nice chat with Raymond, the guy who invited us. It turned out that he did something not that much different from what I did. My beer can was empty, so I excused myself, and went back to the kitchen, where I found Sandra, looking a bit bored, so having got my beer, I went over to her. I guess now was the time.

"Hi again, Sandra, you still out here, keeping the booze company?" I said jokingly

"Yeah, it's a bit quieter here too!" she said with a smile. A smile that let me see that not only did she have nice metal brackets top and bottom, but I could see elastics on the sides of her mouth. Mmm, nice....

"Maybe I can persuade you to come and have a dance with me... although I should explain that the best I can do is just waggle a few bits of me around, vaguely in time to the music!". We went into the lounge, where the music was: it was a bit louder there, but the lighting was rather less harsh. I'm not sure who was looking after the music, or even what it's source was, but after a couple of dancing tracks, the music slowed a bit. I looked straight at Sandra, and asked her "Would you like a slow dance?". The reason for asking was simply because I would be able to get a bit closer to her, and talk loudly into her ear.

"So, how long you had your braces for?" I asked her. For most people (by which I mean people without braces), that would be a strange opening line, but from someone else with braces, it was a very reasonable question.... and I'd certainly made sure she had seen my braces!

"Oh, just over 2 months now. What about you?" she replied

"Um, must be about 7 months now" I replied. That was actually 100% true, as it was something like 7 months ago when I was in Asia, and that 'when I got my braces'! "I probably won't be wearing them much longer though": no longer being with Amanda meant that trying to explain my fakes away could become difficult, but retainers would not have that problem, so my plan was to 'visit the ortho and get them removed' fairly soon.

"Oh, you're lucky, I'll have mine for something like 18 months"

"Do I see some elastics in your mouth?"

"You're pretty observant, yes, I do"

"What they like - I've never needed them?". I was trying to be as truthful as I could, whilst at the same time being vague, about my braces. I was doing well so far! We talked a little more about braces, mostly hers, then I moved our conversation on to other things, like music, where we came from, even work. She seemed to be quite willing to chat, and we were getting on pretty well. The slow music stopped, and the faster stuff started again, which rather stopped us chatting.

"Come on" she said (or should I say shouted) "let's go somewhere quieter". We went into the kitchen (grabbing some more drinks as we passed), and I saw the back door was open: of course, they would have a garden, wouldn't they? Being on the top floor, I didn't have access to the garden, only the flat below did. But this was a 'normal' house.

There were two others already out in the garden. They had put a few lights outside so you could see, plus they'd put all the dining chairs (as well as the table) and a few other chairs out there, so we found a couple next to each other and sat down, and continued talking. As we talked, I realised that I could see the back of my flat from the garden.

"Hey, see up there.... two houses over... that's my place" I commented, pointing up to my windows.

"What, the whole house?"

"No, it's been split into 2 flats, mine is the upstairs one". We talked briefly about it, then moved on to other things. In the background, I heard the music slow down again. "Fancy going in for another dance" I suggested.

"We could just dance out here, we're all alone at the moment"

"Ok..." we stood up, and I put my hands on her waist. She put her arms around my shoulders, and we started dancing. My head was next to hers, and I could smell her delicate perfume. She nuzzled her head into my shoulder, my neck, and I could feel her kiss my neck. Things were looking good. I moved my hands upwards, onto her back, gently rubbing her. She pushed her body closer to mine. Then she pulled her head back, away from my shoulder. I took the hint, and did the same. We looked into each others eyes for a bit, then she put her lips onto mine. Before I knew it, our tongues were touching, and they played together gently for a few moments.

It goes without saying that, as a normal warm-blooded male, I was quite enjoying this. I gently pushed her tongue back into her mouth, and was finally rewarded by the feel of my tongue touching the metal of her braces. I kept my tongue at the front of her mouth, gently running over her top teeth, and top braces, then moved down to feel her lowers, finally pulling my tongue back: the whole action had taken but a few seconds, but felt rather good.

A moment later, she slipped her tongue past our lips, and ran it over my braces... the way she did so hinted that she'd probably never kissed anyone else with braces before. One of her hands moved behind my head, and she ran her fingers through my hair. I took this as permission to let my hands wander too... through her hair (which was actually rather nice).

"I have a suggestion..." I said as I 'came up for air'. "Why don't we continue this round my place? It'll be more comfortable, plus we won't get interrupted!"

"Ok then..." she replied, "lead the way!". I took her through the house, and out the front door. Then the massive 20 metre walk to my front door, then up the stairs. Once in the lounge, she grabbed me again, and we started kissing again, but this time, because we knew there was no one else around, she was a little less inhibited. It was a lovely feeling kissing a girl with real braces. Before long, we ended up in the bedroom, on the bed. The kissing moved from just the lips to other parts of the body. Many (actually, all) items of clothing got removed, and there was much heavy breathing.

Having 'had our daily exercise', I was lying on my back, and Sandra was on her side, and kissing me (on my lips, and inside my mouth).

"I'm intrigued" she started, "you have what looks like headgear over there, and have braces that seem to be just like mine.... but what's the removeable bits for?"

"What do you mean" I replied, trying to act all innocent. The reality of it was that I was actually starting to panic. I'd completely forgotten that I'd left my headgear out, although that wasn't the main problem. The problem was that she had realised that my brackets, or something else in my mouth, was different from hers. Of course, we all know why I have plastic removable bits: they hold the brackets in my mouth! But how the hell was I going to explain this away?

I think that was the exact time that I realised that I needed to stop wearing my fake brackets: on Monday, I would be 'visiting my ortho' to have my braces removed, and would start wearing my Hawleys. Fake brackets were fine when the other person knew about them, and even better if they actually liked them. But on occasions like now, having fake braces was not such a great idea. Hawleys would be ok, but not fake brackets.

I guess I could have told her some lie, but then she'd probably want to have a look, or ask me to take them out. So I decided to just tell her the truth, and hope she'd understand. How wrong could I have been?

"Well...." I said. "Um, it because these aren't real braces...."

"What do you mean, 'not real braces'?"

"Well, you see, I have a bit of a thing for braces. I like seeing them on other people, and I always wanted to have them myself, and the only way I could do that was by getting fake braces" I told her. "I guess you might say I have a bit of a braces fetish!"

Well, the look she gave me was the most dirty look I've seen for a while. "Braces fetish? You are a weirdo! A complete weirdo!" She paused for a moment, then continued. "I bet you're one of those guys with a collection of pictures of kids, although yours will all have braces! You dirty bastard! Shit, did you just get me into bed simply because I have braces? You sicko!"

"It wasn't JUST because of your braces...." I tried to explain, but she wasn't listening to me. She was straight out of the bed, she put on the minimum needed clothes, grabbed the rest, and was going down my stairs no more than 20 seconds later. I heard the front door slam behind her!

I decided NOT to go back to the party....

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Nice update!

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 47

The day after the night before

"So, I saw you leave the party with that girl last night..." said Janice the next day, "so how did it go? Gonna see her again?" Janice had just arrived at my place to have Sunday lunch with me.

"I don't think so..."

"Oh, that doesn't sound good, what happened?"

"Come in the kitchen, and while I make us a coffee I'll explain". I filled the kettle with water, put it on, then started to explain what had happened the night before. By the time I got to where Sandra said "...did you just get me into bed simply because I have braces?" Janice was actually laughing. To be honest, looking back at it, it WAS funny!

"Yes, I don't think you'll be seeing her again, will you? Especially if she sees you first!"

"So what about you... last I saw, you were chatting up those two hunks.... Pete and someone, wasn't it?"

"They were nice, but I didn't really fancy either of them. However, I DID meet a guy called Simon a bit later, and we DID hook-up."

"That likely to progress?"

"Nah, just a another one-nighter. Tell you what, meeting all these guys makes me realise what a thoroughly good guy you are". She put her arms around me, and hugged me. "It's just a shame we can't actually make us work for more than a few days at a time" she said, referring to when we tried living together, and only managed to make it work for a little over a week.

Just before eating lunch, I decided to remove my braces: it would make actually eating a lot simpler, plus I wouldn't need to clean my food-filled braces either. And Janice knew about my braces, so it didn't matter.

"So, sadly, I think my main braces treatment is over" I commented as I removed them, "I'll 'get my brackets off', probably after work on Monday, and start wearing my retainers 24/7". I knew that Janice had no real interest in my braces, but it was useful for her to know what was going on.

"It's gonna be strange not seeing you with all that metalwork on your teeth"

"Bah, you're not really interested in my braces, so you won't care! But it's gonna be odd not feeling the brackets, although the amount of plastic inside my mouth won't change that much. I'll have to put on a bit of a lithp for a few days, won't I?"

"Hey, let's have a look and see if there's anyone new on the Dating App...." suggested Janice. We started looking at her possibilities. "Ooooh, he looks nice..." she said, and we took a look at his profile.

"Well, if he matches his profile, he sounds good" I commented. "But I think there might be a queue for him.....". Janice swiped up on him straight away.

"Ok, let's see who there is for you.... no... no... oh, take a look at that one" she suggested with a slight grin


"Just look at her picture..." she said. I opened her picture up.

"Oh, wow, YES! what AMAZING teeth!" I replied, "And I doubt there'll be a long list of guys fancying her" I added. Maybe I should explain that the pictures showed a quite cute girl, with long dark hair, relatively plain (as in 'not wearing huge amounts of war paint'), but the thing that had attracted Janice's attention was her noticebly protruding top teeth sitting over her lower lip. The question was, was it protruding top teeth, or a receding lower jaw? Or maybe a bit of both?

She had a couple of other pictures, one was slightly from the side, and her lips were slightly open, and it looked to me that it was protruding top teeth. Mmmm, those teeth would look good with some braces on them!

What the heck! I mean, what's the worst that can happen if I swipe right... we talk, and no more? More likely I'll persuade her to meet up, and I can take a proper look at her.

So, I swiped right on her. I thought for a moment about how the app process felt from her side. Now, Janice is both good looking and photogenic, so she is very likely to get plenty of likes. But what's it like for a plainer girl? Swipe right on loads of guys, and hope one of them also likes you? (which is what we guys have to do!!!)

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 48

Danny gets his braces off!

Monday after work was my 'big day', the day 'I got my braces off'. Although, in my case, a 'not so big day'. Whilst most people would go to their ortho to get this done, I did this at home, after dinner! Having brushed my teeth, and having brushed, rinsed and dried my fake brackets, I went into my bedroom, got the small crate I used to store my braces in, out of the bottom of the wardrobe, and put it onto onto my bed. I quickly found my retainers, as well as an empty box to store my fake brackets in.

It was with a slight sadness that I put my brackets into their box, and put that box in the crate: between these braces and the previous set, they had been my constant companions for over 6 months now. But it was now time to move on. I also remembered to grap the headgear that was by my bed, and put that into the crate too: I left my headgear by my bed so I could wear it easily, and besides, if anyone came into my room, I would just claim it was part of my treatment.

So, I now opened my retainer box, took out my hawley retainers, and slipped them in my mouth: they fitted in easily, as I had actually worn them on many previous occasions, usually with a certain ex-girlfriend. I also grabbed a spare retainer case, so I could leave one in the bathroom, and keep the other with me in a pocket or bag.

These retainers were 100% standard, thus anyone looking at them would assume they were 'for real': thin clear plastic plates, both in a U-shape, with a labial bow & bends that went over my front 6 teeth, and adams clasps on both sides over my first full molars.

Having the retainer in my mouth felt quite different. No longer did I have the brackets catching on my lips and cheek (although my cheeks had got used to them pretty well, and I probably relaxed my cheeks more to reduce how much they dug in), instead I had smooth wires over my teeth.

Also, whilst similar, the plastic plates were very slightly different from the plates of the fixed braces... I'm maybe talking fractions of a millimetre, but anything in your mouth feels so much larger.

One thing I had to remember to do for the next week or so was to have a slight lisp: if I were a REAL braces wearer, this would have been the first time I would have had plastic plates in my mouth. It wasn't actually all that hard to do, but it was something I would need to remember to do.

I quickly looked around my bedroom, to check that no other braces stuff was lying around, then put the crate lid back on, and put it back into the wardrobe. When I had been going out with Amanda, it usually lived in the living room, for easy access, since we split up, I had decided that it needed to be a bit out of the way, in case someone else came around. I wasn't too worried about Janice, I was thinking more about certain girls from parties.....

So, yesterday I ended up swiping right on a dozen or so girls in the app, but got no instant matches. I finally got a match from that plain girl tonight, just as I was finishing my dinner.... I guess she had a load of guys to look through!

We messaged online: her name was Nicole, but she preferred to be called Niki. She seemed to be a fairly normal sort of girl, 3 years younger than me. Works in an office a couple of miles from town. She sent me a couple more pics, which she was wearing glasses in. Turns out she normally wears contacts, but that night, when she'd taken the pics, her eyes were feeling a bit itchy, so she'd taken them out. The glasses looked ok, made her look a bit nerdier though!

I guess I should describe her for you, shouldn't I? So her hair is a mousy sort of colour, a bit over the shoulders, with no fringe. In some pics it's just split down the middle, covering the top corners of her face, in others it's clipped back on both sides, which I thought looked nicer.

We only messaged that night, I didn't want to push her if she wasn't ready to actually talk.

Tuesday at work was fairly boring, but I did remember - at least most the time - to have a slight lisp from my 'new retainers'. I'm sure most people noticed that my braces had gone, but only got a couple of 'in passing' comments about them.

On the Tuesday evening, I messaged Niki again, and after a while I sent her my phone number, telling her she was welcome to call me on a WhatsApp video call if she wanted. About 10 minutes later she called me: I got the feeling that she had spent those 10 minutes doing, or at least re-doing, her makeup, because it looked quite crisp and clean. Needless to say, I made sure I talked with a thlight lithp.

As we started to chat, I could feel that she was a bit shy and nervous, which I could understand: after all, she hardly knew me. So I started by keeping things fairly simple, not too personal. As I spoke, I tried hard to relax my mouth in a way that my retainer wires were visible: luckily Mei had made them with the wires slightly closer to the edges of the teeth than most retainers you see. All the time, I was, of course, looking at her teeth, and confirmed that her problem was indeed protruding front teeth, with noticeable gaps between the teeth. So not caused by crowding, as I had initially guessed.

As for her lower teeth, I only saw them briefly, and they looked to be pretty normal, well, certainly no gaps, but I guess they could have been a bit crooked, I just couldn't tell from the short glimpses, and I wasn't about to say 'hey, give me a closeup of your teeth'.... I learned my lesson on THAT 3 nights ago!

"So, what sort of music do you like?" I asked, trying to talk about things she might be interested in.

"Oh, Anne-Marie.... Weekend.... CJD....." was her reply

"Oh, I know one of the girls in CJD..." I said, nonchalantly.

"No way!! So you mean you met her once?"

"No, I mean I know her, I know Jenny. Had lunch with her, and talked with her pretty much one-on-one. Had afternoon tea and cake at the zoo with her too. She's really nice, quite a normal person. I met her boyfriend, Ben, as well... he's a very nice guy"

"Wow, that's amazing. So if I were to call her, and ask her if she knows you, she'd remember your name?"

"Yes, I think she would!". I'd clearly managed to impress Niki. What I didn't say was that, if she had mentioned my ex-girlfriend's name, there would be no doubt that she'd remember it! Of course, if she called Ben, I had absolutely no doubt he'd remember me, especially after I had 'outed' him whilst at the zoo, plus passed on Mei's details to him.

As it was our first chat, and she did seem a little shy, I decided it would possibly be better to wait a few more days before suggesting we meet.

By the end of our video chat, she had noticeably relaxed, and was starting to open up.

I sent her a message when I got home on the Wednesday evening, and about 15 minutes later got a 'sorry, I can't chat tonight, busy...' response. Did I just get the old 'sorry I can't meet you tonight, I'm washing my hair' response??

Thursday after work I got a response from her. 'Hi, wanna chat?'. So we text chatted while I made my dinner - I assumed that she was making her dinner too, or at least eating dinner, as there were noticeable paused from both of us. Once we'd both had our dinners (we did exchange pics of our dinner plates - yeah, very sad!), I asked if she'd like to video chat again, but for some reason she seemed to be a little reluctant.

'What's the problem?' I messaged

'Well, it's just that......" she messaged, and went silent

'Go on, don't be shy.... I promise not to laugh or bite your head off!'

'Well, I got braces yesterday...'

'So, you're chatting with a guy who just got his braces off, and who now wears a retainer, and you think I'll be all judgemental about you having braces????'. Wow, lying can be such fun!

Moments later, she video-called me.

"Thorry" she said, "I just find them a bit embarathing"

"Well don't be embarrathed" I replied, exaggerating my own lisp a bit. "What bratheth you got then?". I was hoping, of course, to see a lovely set of large metal brackets on her teeth. The reality of it was very different, and explained her slight lisp. She held the phone to her mouth, letting me see a pair of clear plastic aligners. Of course, because of the gaps in her teeth you could clearly see (well, >I< could clearly see!) the plastic in the gaps. The lower aligner was slightly less obvious.

"Oh, tho you got invithilign then?" I asked, trying to sound all innocent and unknowledgeable, but with a slight lisp

"Not actually Invithilign" she replied, "Thomething thimilar, it'th called 'Grin Direct', it'th a lot cheaper". Now, you're probably thinking 'but Danny, clear aligners don't give you a lithp!', and I would normally agree with you, but you need to remember that Niki had front teeth with gaps in, and the aligners now blocked those gaps, so it has indeed slightly affected the way she speaks, and given her a thlight lithp.

Ok, so sadly not metal, but better than nothing: I'd still absolutely LOVE to feel them, run my tongue over them, see what they are like.

We chatted for a bit: compared to most other girls, she was still a bit shy, but she was starting to relax with me. To be honest, I was wondering whether I really fancied her that much, but that was, of course, over-ridden by my desire to actually see, and maybe get to feel her new braces. Clear aligners was something I was yet to experience on someone else.

"Would you like to meet up sometime?" I asked her. She sounded a bit undecided. "I was thinking about maybe buying you a drink tomorrow at the pub, or coffee in town on Saturday?"

"Yeah, coffee sounds nice...."

"When's a good time for you? I'm not doing anything specific, so any time will work for me"

"Well, I was planning on coming to town with mum after lunch...". Hmm, did that mean she still lived at home with her parents? I was guessing that was a definite possibility, might explain a few things.

"Ok, well why don't you message me on Saturday, when you know roughly when you'll be there, and I'll get myself to town. Then you can call me when you're ready to meet, I can do some shopping to kill the time"

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 49

She's so cute!

I got a call from Niki late Saturday morning, saying she and her mum would be going to town after lunch...

"So how about meeting by the clock tower at about 2.30 to 3.00?" she suggested

"Ok, that's fine, I can be in town, so if you give me a call about 10 minutes before you get there...." I replied

"Sure, I can do that....". we chatted for a couple of minutes, she seemed to be fairly excited about meeting me.

I was a tiny bit worried about the fact that she was coming to town with her mum. That could actually mean several things.... the most obvious was that she still lived at home. The next was that, although she had left home, she was still close to her family - and absolutely nothing wrong with that. I just hoped that she didn't actually bring her mum along, that would just be terrible!!

I got into town a bit after 2pm, and did the small amount of shopping I needed to do. I got a message: '3:45 at clocktower, see you there!'

I got there at 2:40, and she was already there too, which was useful as it meant I could take a proper look at her as I approached her. She was dressed quite simply, but it looked good on her. She is a few inches shorter than me, so something like 5ft 4ins or so. A slim petite figure: I would put her boobs at a large A or a small B, which suited her shape well. her long hair was clipped back with clips with plastic flowers on, allowing me to see her face clearly.

She turned and saw me, and as she recognised me, she smiled at me. And when I say smile, I don't mean one of those very artificial grins, I could see the smile in her whole face, and it made her look very pretty.

"Hi, Niki, nice to actually meet you!" I said in greeting

"Hi, Danny..." she said a bit hesitantly - I could tell that she was rather nervous.

Now that I was closer, I could see her face better. She had makeup on, but not a huge amount, but the style was rather simple, and looked a bit inexperienced, as if she didn't usually wear makeup, but apart from that, it looked quite nice.

For me, the best thing was seeing her protruding teeth, which were covered in a layer of clear plastic: her braces. I couldn't yet see her lower teeth though.

"So, is there anywhere in particular you'd like to go for a coffee?" I asked

"Not especially, no"

"Ok, well there's a place I know, not one of the chains, which is nice... let go there". I held my hand towards her, and after a moment, she understood what I was doing, and let me take her hand: I was hoping that by doing so might relax her a bit. I lead her along the road, and down a street to the left. One nice thing about the place we went was that it was table service, which is so much nicer than having to queue, then go to a table.

"So, would you like tea or coffee?" I asked her.

"Oh, coffee please.... umm, a Cappuccino I think"

"Ok, how about a cake or maybe a scone to go with it?"

"Hmm, it's tempting, but I'm not really hungry enough"

"How about we share something? A scone maybe?"

"Yes, ok....". I waved my hand in the air, the 'waiter' came over, and I ordered two coffees, and a scone to share.

"So, what is it that you actually do... at work I mean?" I asked Niki

"I work in the accounts department, I'm the junior there, so I get to do stuff like opening the post, and filing stuff"

"Do you enjoy it there?"

"Actually, I do, I'm learning a lot. And they are nice people to work with. Didn't you say you do IT support work?"

"Not quite IT support.. I do technical support for the manufacturing products we design and make, so I'm often helping customers with their questions. I also do some training for our customers too: I was over in Asia a few months ago training one of our new customers". We talked a bit more about what we did, and then the drinks and scone arrived.

Of course, whilst I could have drunk coffee with my retainers in if I had wanted to (ok, yeah, officially you're supposed to take them out whenever you drink, but I can tell you that nothing happens to your retainer if you drink hot coffee!), but there was food to be eaten, so I pulled out my retainers box, and in front of Niki, I removed my retainers. That in itself was a good feeling, but it reminded Niki that she too needed to take off her clear aligners too.

"Ah, yes, I guess I need to take mine out too, don't I? I've never actually done it in public before..." said Niki, clearly feeling a bit awkward. I think, if I hadn't just taken mine out, she would have excused herself, and gone to the toilet to take hers out, but now felt she couldn't.

She opened her bag, and took out the round case that said 'Grin Direct' on the top. She opened the case, then opened her mouth, reaching towards the back, and pulled down on her top aligner, at the same time giving me a lovely view of her top teeth, with lovely gaps between the front teeth. Clearly she was still getting used to them, as it took her a couple of attempts to get them out. Next was her lower aligner: she tipped her head down, and put her fingers by her lower molars, at the same time giving me my first clear look at her lower teeth. Her lower crooked teeth, with spaces in a couple of places.

As she closed the case, I could see her face was a little pink with embarrassment.

"Don't worry about it" I commented. "People really don't care as much as you might think!"

As we started drinking our coffees, and eating the scone, I told her a bit about myself, and my family, then encouraged her to tell me about hers. Yes, she did still live at home, but her parents were encouraging her to be a bit more independent. As part of that, she paid them some rent, but she also made a point of occasionally going out for dinner with friends. I could tell she wasn't really used to chatting to people she didn't know (ok, so I really mean 'new boyfriends'!), and I had to prompte her a bit.

Of course, as we talked, I looked at her, mainly because I found her protruding teeth to be quite fascinating: I'd never actually dated a girl with teeth like that!

"So" I said, as I took my last mouthful of coffee, "have you had enough of me, or would you like to come with me for a walk in the park, and chat a bit more?"

"A walk in the park sounds nice" she replied with a lovely smile.

"Ok, tell you what, why don't you go to the loo to clean your teeth and put your braces back in, and I'll pay for this". Oh, yes, I still loved being able to say 'braces' in public!. So I paid for the coffees, and a few minutes later she returned.

"Ok, you have another chance to escape if you want to, as I now need to go to the gents to rinse my mouth out, and put my retainers back in!". Unsurprisingly, she was still there when I returned.

In the park, we walked a bit, then sat down for a while. Finally, she said it was time for her call her mum, who was going to come and collect her - I explained that, if I had a car, I would have happily taken her home. So we stood up, and I took her hands, and pulled her to me, and gave her a gentle kiss on her lips. Whilst there were no tongues involved, I could feel her protruding teeth, covered by her aligners, on my lips.

Back home an hour or so later, I thought back to the afternoon with Niki. She's a very cute girl, pleasantly attractive, with a nicely proportioned body. Once she relaxed, I could tell that she was actually quite bright, as she spoke well, and about things that some people would have no idea about. But the big takeaway was how inexperienced she was with dating, guys, dressing up and that sort of thing. Whilst she hadn't actually said so, I suspected that she'd never actually had a proper boyfriend before. I was clearly going to have to take things rather slowly... certainly a lot more slowly than I had with Sandra!

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 50


I got a lovely message from Niki when I was home, thanking me for the lovely afternoon, and hoped we could meet up again soon.

We spoke later on. "Would you like to meet for lunch tomorrow?" I asked her.

"Yeth, ok, that would be nithe! I can borrow mum'th car and drive over, if you tell me your addreth" she replied with a bit of a lisp.

"Ah, well if you have a car, I know a place that does a nice carvery....". She liked that idea, so we ended up having a nice lunch, then came back to my place. I made us coffees, and we sat together on the settee.

Before she had a chance to remove her aligners, I leaned towards her, and gave her a gentle kiss on her lips. She seemed to be ok about that, and hadn't pulled away, so I gave her another one, but this time took the opportunity to touch her aligner-covered teeth with my tongue. The good news for me is that she didn't seem to be scared to kiss me, although her lack of experience was fairly obvious. I gently pushed my tongue between her lips... well, actually between her top teeth and her lower lips, and touched her tongue. After a little persuading, she let my tongue play with hers, which allowed me at the same time to feel her top teeth, covered in their clear plastic aligners. Whilst not being 'proper' braces, they still felt good, and her protruding teeth were a surprising turn-on.

Being our first kiss, it wasn't long but it was enough. Of course, then she needed to, once again, remove her aligners. Unlike when we were out, when she had put them into her case, and put them back into her bag, this time she just put them in the plastic case, which she left open on the table in front of us, allowing me to have a quick look at them: there's not really a lot you can say about a pair of clear aligners, apart from they are made of thin clear plastic, and are in the shape of her teeth. Her molars seemed to be pretty much in line, her lowers were a bit twisted, but probably had enough space to be easily moved into place, and her uppers, they stuck out a bit! Actually looking at her teeth, specifically her top front teeth, they were fairly long and thin, probably a tiny bit longer than mine, but narrower.

I had also taken out my retainers, and had just put them onto the table, close to her aligners.

"How you getting on with your braces then?" I asked her. "Three days now, isn't it?"

"Yes, that's right. It still feels very strange when I'm wearing them, it's surprising how much you can actually feel them, even though they are very thin". With her aligners out, her lisp had, of course, disappeared.

"Do they make your teeth hurt at all?"

"I was a bit sore on Wednesday evening, when I first put them in, and I felt a bit of tenderness when I had lunch earlier, but otherwise they seem to be pretty ok. I'm guessing you must have had metal braces?"

"Yes" I lied. "My problem was mainly with the bite on my molars, and they said that aligners wouldn't really work for me, but I really didn't mind having metal braces. They made my teeth delicate for the first week... as you say, not actual pain, although I kept myself dosed up on painkillers the first couple of days!"

"Didn't the metal brackets dig into your cheeks at all?" she asked

"They did a bit, but you soon get used to it. I guess that's one thing you don't get with your aligners"

"No, but I did get a lisp, I think its because the plastic kinda fills in the gaps between my front teeth. I guess the brackets don't give you a lisp... what about your retainers?"

"Yeah, I had a bit of a lisp for the first two or three days... I guess it's all about your tongue finding where it needs to be to make the correct sounds".

Needless to say, I was more than happy to talk with Niki about our braces.

Over the next two to three weeks, we met up most nights. She was able to borrow her mum's car in the evenings and at weekends, so could come around to see me. She had dinner with me at home a few times, others I took her out for meal, or we went to the pictures. One evening, Niki, Janice, and her current boyfriend joined us for dinner.

Whilst I quite enjoyed spending time with Niki, as a typical male, I had certain sexual 'needs', which Niki was clearly not ready to fulfil, so I got a bit frustrated. She was ok kissing (and was learning fast). I managed to rub her lovely small boobs a couple of times (through her clothes!), but that was about it. If I tried to do anything 'below the waist' she either pushed my hand away, or said something like "I'm not ready to go that far yet".

Whilst I absolutely respected her for setting such boundaries, it didn't do anything to address my 'urges'. Nor did I think she would be ready to go any further any time in the near future. She needed someone who was willing to 'take things more slowly', something I felt I wasn't wanting to do.

So, three weeks after our first meeting for coffee, I met up with Niki in town, and we went to a simple restaurant for lunch. Niki chose a chicken salad, I went for a club sandwich. We chatted as we ate: the food was simple, but very adequate for lunch.

One we had finished, I decided to say what needed to be said.

"Niki, I need to tell you something... in fact several things... that are very important. Please can you let me say what I need to say...." I said

"You want to split up with me, don't you?" was her instant reply.

"Hmmm, yes, I guess so, but I also need to tell you a lot of very nice and good stuff about you. Tell you what, take a few moments to take in the bad news, then let me know when you're ready. OK?"

Niki picked up her drink, and took a couple of large sips, then sat quietly for a short while. "OK, go on then..." she said - I could see a tiny tear in her eye

"Niki, you are a lovely girl. You are actually quite attractive, you have a lovely face, and a most delightful smile: many people just smile with their mouths, but you smile with your whole face... your mouth, your cheeks and your eyes, and it feels so natural. In fact, it was when I saw your smile that first time we met for a coffee, that I realised how pretty you are." The good news for me is that she actually responded with one of her lovely smiles, which let me see her beautiful protruding teeth, currently without her braces, as we had just been eating.

"Oh, and don't worry about your teeth, or your braces for that matter: anyone who is put off by either just doesn't deserve you. Besides, your braces won't be forever, and I bet you'll look amazing once your treatment has finished". I paused a second or two as I thought what I should say next.

"You don't use a lot of makeup, and what you do use, you seem to apply it with care... I get the feeling that you aren't all that experienced with makeup, because since I've known you, you've actually tried quite a few combinations... but all have looked good on you. Moving down your body, your chest is quite small, and I suspect you want to be bigger, but don't think that: what you have actually looks just great on your body. Not all of us guys like girls with big chests, many of us prefer girls just like you. In addition, you're not at all fat, nor underweight either, which makes you look so good". As I continued talking, I looked at Niki, to make her appreciate how serious I was about what I was saying: she continues to grin.

"I've also noticed that you look after yourself well: for example, unlike some girls I've seen, you don't bite your nails, so don't need to wear stick-on nails: it's obvious that they are your own nails, and you keep them in great condition, and the way you paint them makes them look lovely. You also care for your hair, and it suits you a lot! Your clothes are simple, but they make you look fantastic! Oh, yeah, you also smell nice too!". Niki continued smiling, which is what I wanted - I wanted her to leave today feeling good with herself, and not upset.

"I've noticed over the last couple of weeks that you are still a bit shy, and seem maybe a little intimidated by me, I guess because I'm a guy, and I think you are maybe a bit scared of us guys: don't worry about that, we guys are just as scared of you girls, I think it's just that many of us are better at hiding it, and putting on a very brace face! You don't have a lot of experience of us guys, so that's all to be expected, but you'll get better as you meet more people"

"I think you also put yourself down a lot: you are actually quite bright, as well as having a lot of common sense: we've had some amazing conversations. You have many interests, and have worked very hard to meet me halfway, as your interests and mine are really quite different. But I think we're a little bit TOO different, and that's one reason I think it's better for us to split up: it's not any fault of yours, it's simply that we ARE different". By this time I had gently placed my hands on Niki's.

"The other reason I feel we need to split up is our intimate relationship, or maybe I should say our LACK of intimacy: you clearly do not want to 'go anyway near all the way' yet, and I absolutely respect you for that, and the fact that you didn't just give in: however, I just find that very frustrating, I just need more than you are ready to give at the moment."

"But somewhere out there is a guy a bit more like you, that is more willing to take things slowly with you, and is waiting to meet you. Just don't under-sell yourself, you are a really lovely girl!". I took a deep breath.

"You ok?" I asked Niki.

"Yes, actually I am. No one has ever said anything like that to me before, and I feel...
well, very flattered! Wow! Thank you!"

"I'm still sorry about actually splitting up with you though, we've had some nice times together. But I wanted you to realise that, just because we don't seem to properly work together doesn't make you a bad person, and I wanted you to go away feeling good about yourself!"

"Yeah, thank... at first I was worried you were going to maybe say a few nasty things about me. But you're right, we are different, and I think if we'd just kept going out together, you probably would have said some not so good things about me!" she replied with a smile. I must say, breaking up like this was actually quite pleasant, maybe I should try and be like this a bit more.

"So, now that we've formally split up, would you like a desert? I fancy some ice cream!"

So, that's how my 3 week long relationship with Niki finally ended.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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I'm really enjoying how you are writing short little stories about the girls he is meeting and putting them within the larger story.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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I did think about making this chapter happen a week or two earlier in the timeline, so that Danny invited Niki along too, to meet Jenny, but decided that it would probably piss Jenny off a bit, having a fan-girl tagging along. So, it's happening soon after Danny has split up with Niki...


Chapter 51

Danny meets up with Ben

I had been over in South London visiting one of our customers for the day. It was just before 5pm, and I decided that I'd get some dinner nearby. I remembered that Jenny and Ben both lived somewhere near I was. I'd got Ben's phone number when we'd met that day at the zoo, so decided to call him, see if he'd like to join me for dinner and a couple of beers. It took him 3 rings to answer

"Hi, Ben, it's Danny here. I used to go out with Amanda, and we met at the zoo one Sunday" I explained, in case he had problems working out who I was.

"Hi Danny... yeah, I'm not gonna forget THAT Sunday too quickly!! What can I do for you?"

"Well, I'm visiting a customer just outside Croydon, and I know you live down here somewhere, and I was just wondering if you fancied joining me for a beer and a meal somewhere suitable - I'm sure you must know somewhere. My treat, by the way!"

"Hmm, I do like the idea, but I'll just need to check with Jennifer to see if she has anything planned for us tonight. Otherwise, yes, I'm on!"

"Ok, why don't you call her, then get back to me. I still need to finish up here, so I'm gonna be another 10 or 15 minutes before I'm ready to go"

"Yeah, I'm a 5:30 finish too, so that should work fine. I'll call you back shortly..."

I started logging out of the various systems I'd connected to, spent a few minutes finishing off my notes, and was just about to shut my laptop down when my phone rang.

"Hi Ben!"

"Hi again. So Jennifer is ok with me coming out to play with you, but has also suggested would you like to go out to a club afterwards? Knowing Jennifer, I'm sure she'll be busy arranging someone like Dua Lipa to be your partner for the evening!". I loved the way that Ben always seemed to call her 'Jennifer', whilst everyone else called her just 'Jenny'

"I keep forgetting that Jenny's a pop-star, and lives in a very different world from us mortals. It was a bit like that with Amanda too" I said with a laugh. "But yeah, I'm up for going out to a club, although I won't be able to stay all that late, I have to be back here with my customer again tomorrow. So, you worked out where we can go for a meal then??"

"Well, where exactly are you right now?" he asked me. I told him where I was. "Oh, I know just where you are, you're actually a matter of minutes from where I work. Are you in a car?"

"No, public transport and Ubers seem to work ok for me"

"Ok, wait outside the reception, I'll be there something like quarter to. I'll be in a dark blue Skoda Fabia, if you know what they look like"

"Isn't that the one like a Golf?"

"That's the one, so see you soon"

So, not long after, Ben pulled up where I had been working, and took me into town, and parked, then we walked to a bar. Because I would be going back to the customer again the following morning, I'd left my laptop in a secure area there.

"I thought we could start with a pint, then get dinner....". Over dinner we talked about various things, including braces of course.

"Last time I saw you, you had the fake brackets, what happened to them then?"

"Ah, yes, a bit of a story about that" I explained, and proceeded to tell him about Sandra, the girl I'd met at the party, who'd stormed out on me, accusing me of being a braces weirdo, and 'only wanting to get her into bed because she had braces'. Ben thought it was hilarious.

"So, yeah, I decided it would be a lot simpler to 'finish my treatment' and start to wear my retainers. I mean, they are 100% normal retainers"

"Do you miss wearing the fake braces?" Ben asked me

"Not really. I'll be honest, the first month with them was really great fun, and for as long as I was going out with Amanda, who was just as bad as me in terms of braces, it was ok too. But since we split up, I've not enjoyed them anywhere near as much - it's actually nice to have something else in my mouth for a change. With the advantages that I no longer get brackets making my cheeks sore, and I can actually take them out to eat... and doing THAT with people watching is good fun too! So, you have some fake braces, do you ever wear them out in public?"

"I don't think I'm quite as brave as you are, no, I haven't"

"You should! You really should. Ok, after you've worn them like I have for a few months, the excitement does massively reduce, but the first few times you do it, it's really such fun! You just need to make sure you're somewhere no one you know is likely to be. So, when wearing any of my other braces, I'd go somewhere like Westfield, either West London or Stratford, they are far enough out the way."

Ben asked me about what sort of other braces I had, and I told him. "I'll send you Mei's contact details... just tell her 'Danny sent you', and she'll sort you out. She speaks really great English."

We had finished our main course, and were both having some ice cream, when Ben's phone rang. It was Jenny.

"Right, so the plan is for us to drive to Jennifer's place. From there' we'll get a taxi to Linda's, then off to the club."

"Who's Linda then?"

"I'll leave Jennifer to explain, but don't worry, she's a nice girl."

We finished our meal, I paid, and after quickly brushing my teeth, and putting my retainers back in my mouth, we walked back to his car. From there we drove to a very ordinary part of South London (it didn't look THAT different from where I lived), and stopped close to Jenny's place. To be honest, I had no idea where I actually was! Ben used his key to open the front door, then we went upstairs to Jenny's flat. I was expecting it to be something quite flash, more like Amanda's place, but it actually felt quite pleasant and homely, and more like my place.

"Danny, it's so good to see you again" said Jenny, hugging me politely. She was wearing her long dark-haired wig again, like she had done the day we'd met at the zoo, to make herself a little less recognisable. Every time I saw Jenny, I'll admit that I found her to be very attractive. The first time I'd met Jenny, I had just started going out with Amanda, and now I wasn't, but Jenny was now in a steady relationship with Ben. So any thoughts I might have about Jenny were just going to stay as thoughts.

"Hi Clark!" I responded. It was obvious that she hadn't remembered her comment at the zoo. "You're in your 'Clark Kent' disguise again, I see". She smiled as she remembered the reference.

"I thought it would be a bit easier for us if I went out as me, rather than as 'Jenny from CJD', so yeah, I'm Clark Kent again tonight. Actually, that gives me an idea....". Jenny disappeared, then reappeared moments later, wearing a pair of glasses. And unlike some fake glasses that girls wear that really don't suit them, these actually looked pretty realistic, and vaguely suited Jenny's face.

"What do you think?"

"Well, they certainly look good on you, and you know, they may even help you not look like Jenny" I commented

"They are actually proper glasses, I'm very slightly long sighted, so sometimes wear them if I get tired". The doorbell rang. "That will be the taxi..." she said. Downstairs there was a standard black cab waiting for us. Jenny gave the driver the first address, I guessed it was for where Linda lived.

"You know, Danny, I'm so sorry you and Amanda have split up, I thought you worked well as a couple! Never mind, there's plenty more of us out there waiting to meet you!"

"Including Linda, I believe. So who is Linda then? Clearly not one of CJD. I mean, her name starts with an 'L', not a C, J or D!"

"Well, she is, sort of. Linda is a session musician, but we also know her from college - she was in the year below us. But she's working with us at the moment: I think I told you that, as a result of meeting Ben, I've been writing some 'rockier' songs, as well as our more 'normal' stuff. Well, we realised that we really needed a 4th player in the band for that. So we're rehearsing the new stuff, still writing some new songs too, and it's been really great having Linda with us to help. She's gonna come in the studios with us too, and we're thinking about asking if she'd like to come on tour with us. Oh, please don't say anything about that last bit to her though!"

It wasn't long before we got to Linda's: she was already waiting outside, as Jenny had called her to say we were on the way. Jenny told the driver where we were going to now.

"Linda, this is Danny, Danny, meet Linda!". Linda was pretty good looking. My sort of height (but she was in short heels). Very nice crisp haircut with medium brown hair a couple of inches above her shoulders, with a fringe. Nicely dressed and manicured too. The thing that made her stand out a bit was the inch wide pink streak in her hair, at the front.

"Hi Linda! I'm sorry, but I feel slightly awkward that you've been dragged out to be my partner for tonight"

"Don't worry, it actually makes a very pleasant change for me to get out, we've been so busy rehearsing recently. I mean that Jenny, she's such a slave-driver!" said Linda

"What do you mean, slave-driver? We only did 14 hours the day before yesterday!" joked Jenny. "She's right though, we have been busy recently, so a night off will be rather nice for us!"

"Yeah, it's alright for you two, you two can just sleep in tomorrow. But Danny and I have to work tomorrow" said Ben.

"Bah! Just drink a bit more coffee, you'll be ok! But we don't need to stay out THAT late, I just thought it might be a bit of fun...." commented Jenny

The club turned out to be one of the many towards the centre of London, but not right in the middle. Once at the club, Jenny had a discrete word with one of the security guys on the door, with the result that another guy came out a minute later.

"I guess I probably need to take these off" said Jenny, removing her glasses for a moment. The guy smiled, as he recognised Jenny.

"Come on in, Jenny, always nice to see you!" he said - clearly Jenny had been here a few times before. Being midweek, and relatively early, it wasn't too full.

One advantage of being with someone famous is that you get to sit in the 'VIP Area'. There's nothing amazingly special about it, but there was a bit more space, fewer people, and it wasn't quite so noisy, so we could actually speak without needing to shout. Being the 'odd one out', I ended up chatting with all three of them, although Linda did make a point of taking me away from Ben and Jenny, and onto the dancefloor. Initially the music was quite fast, but after a few songs it slowed down. I was about to leave the floor, when Linda motioned me towards her.

"You think I'm coming out clubbing with a guy, and not having a nice dance with him?" So I put my arms around her, and she put hers around me.

"So, is that retainers or actual braces?" she asked me after we'd been dancing a while.

"Retainers. You sound very knowledgeable!" I replied, phrasing my words carefully.

"Ah, yes. I still have my retainers somewhere" she said, "although it's been a while since I wore them!"

"I'm guessing you had probably braces as a teen then?" I asked carefully. I had to assume that Linda wasn't like me.... or Ben for that matter....

"Yeah, my teeth were a bit of a mess, and I had several different braces... I started off with a pair of chunky removeable ones to help push my bottom jaw forwards". Ah, twin-blocks then, I thought. "It also had a screw thing in the top - boy that used to hurt when it was adjusted. Then I had brackets - like Jenny has - for a while. Then the retainers". So twin-blocks with an upper expander, then simple brackets, then a pair of Hawley retainers! It was fun trying to imagine Linda with all of those braces!

"Which you don't wear any more! But your teeth look ok to me, so it probably doesn't matter too much any more"

We continued dancing slowly. I was looking at Linda, with my mouth slightly open (just enough to let her see the wire of my retainer across my front teeth.) She put her finger to my mouth, running it over the wire. "You look cute with that... I remember my first kiss at school was with a boy who had a retainer!". Without saying anything, she put her lips to mine, then slipped her tongue between my lips, running it over the wire of my retainer. Without thinking, I opened my teeth a little, and her tongue quickly slipped in between them, touched my tongue for a few fleeting moments, and then ran over the plastic of my retainers for several moments. You can imagine the effect this was having on me. She then gently ended the kiss.

"Bring back a few memories?" I asked

"Yes, it did. His name was... Thomas Finkler, we were both 15 years old, I think. I was still in my train-tracks, but he had already finished his treatment, and had retainers, like yours. I seem to remember we dated for a few weeks". Hmm, I would have loved to have met a girl like Linda, with braces of course, when I was 15. Or even 16 or 17 or 18.....

Back at the table, there were some more drinks waiting for us. Jenny had made it clear that this bit of the evening would be on her, which suited me fine, as I had no doubt that a round of drinks here would massively reduce my bank balance. Ok, I was being a bit presumptive that Jenny was well off, but heck, she's a major pop-singer, and it looks like generally she's not an extravagant person. It's interesting, you hear about pop-stars going out on the town, flaunting their popularity, but Jenny seemed almost the opposite: whilst she clearly enjoyed being able to treat a few friends on an evening out, she was doing her best (and apparently succeeding tonight) to keep her privacy!

Linda, as a session musician, was not in the same league as Jenny... but if she went on tour with the group, having worked with them already, I could see her maybe joining them, and taking that step up in the future.

Over the almost 3 hours we were there, we danced all together, and as couples; we chatted, and we laughed... all in all, it was a fun night out. Linda and I got on pretty well, chatting together quite a bit, but I felt that it would absolutely not be appropriate to suggest taking things any further tonight - although it would be nice to maybe meet up with Linda sometime in the future.

At the end of the evening, Jenny even paid for a taxi to take me home, as they left in another one.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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A couple more great chapters there - thank you for keeping this story moving along. It's very enjoyable.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 52


It was lunchtime, and thus I needed to go and get something to eat. As I walked out of our building, I met Kelsey, who worked up in accounts (and before you start thinking, she's about 5 years older than me, and married!).

"Hi Danny! Off to get some lunch?"

"Oh, Hi Kelsey! Yeah, gonna try that new sandwich shop"

"So how you getting on with finding a new girlfriend then? Didn't I hear that you had met someone online?" she asked. It was clear that the work's jungle drums were working well! I explained that I had split up with my latest attempt (Niki) at the weekend.

"Well, I'm actually meeting my little sister for lunch, nothing special, just a sandwich and coffee... why don't you join us - my treat. She's also between boyfriends... you never know, maybe you'll hit it off. And even if you don't, you get a free lunch out of it!"

I wasn't especially keen on being set up on blind dates, but this wasn't a blind date really. So I thought 'what the heck!'. "Ok then.... so tell me about her"

"Well, her name is Megan, she's 25, and works at an Estate Agents. About your sort of height, quite pretty too, but then I'm biassed, she IS my little sister! Anyway, I'd better not tell you too much, or you won't have anything to talk about, will you?". So she changed the subject, and we talked about something else for the rest of the walk.

"Ah, she's already here.... right hand side, third table, black dress". I quickly looked over and saw a reasonably attractive girl just sitting down. She waved at Kelsey. We stood in the short queue, and finally got to the front, where I asked for a Coronation Chicken Sub, and a medium Black Americano. A few minutes later, with our lunch in our hands, we joined Megan at the table - I had to steal a chair from another table.

"Hiya!" said Kelsey to Megan. "This is Danny, he's one of our technical team at work. Danny, this is my little sis, Megan!"

"Hi Megan, nice to meet you..." I said to her.

I guess this is the point where I need to describe Megan to you all. So, as Kelsey had said, she seemed to be about my height. Nice dark brown - almost black - hair cut almost straight around at just above shoulder height, and parted down the middle. Relatively thick eyebrows, nice eyes, and a nicely proportioned nose that had a slight upward curve at the tip. Freckles across her cheeks and nose, and a rather nice looking pair of lips. All of that I loved: she looked very attractive.

However, as my eyes looked a bit further down, I couldn't help but notice the size of her chest. I like girls with smaller boobs, so anything from a large A to a C is my preference. Now, I can imagine what a D, E or F looks like, but Megan was at lest two or three sizes bigger than that. Yes, Megan had rather large boobs, sufficiently large to worry me.... no, 'worry' isn't really the word. Maybe 'intimidate' would be better. Yeah, I'm just not into 'big girls', their boobs make me a bit nervous.

Beyond that, she was dressed in a smart work dress, which, unfortunately for me, showed three or four inches of her cleavage.

"And you too, Danny" she replied, with a nice smile. She had a lovely voice, but even better, her smile had revealed something else: the wire of a retainer across her teeth. Oh my god, I was now in a huge quandary: if I didn't look below her shoulders, I found Megan to be very attractive. It was just those other two big things a bit further down that made me worry.

Having sat down, I looked at my roll and my coffee: to eat those, I needed to take my retainers out, so I put my hand in my pocket, pulled out my blue retainer case and opened it. Then, trying to be as visible as possible, yet look as if I was trying to be discrete, I removed my retainers, and put them into my retainer case.

"It's good to see for a change that I'm not the only one with braces!" said Megan very clearly, and with no hint of a lisp, as she got her retainer case out of her bag: it was, of course, pink! I watched as discretely as I could as she removed her retainers. Whilst mine were made of clear plastic, hers were a lovely non-transparent blue.

"So how long have you had yours for then? I only got mine about 3 weeks ago"

"Oh, I got these about 2 months ago now.... I'll be glad when I don't need to wear them all the day though!"

"So in about 4 months time then, I'm guessing?"

"Yeah, that's right - so I guess you're in for 6 months too?"

"Yup.... So, Kelsey told me you're an Estate Agent"

"That's right. I was actually showing a couple around a property, and realised I could easily meet up with Kelsey for lunch, and catch up a bit with her... we've not seen each other for a couple of months"

"You know, it's odd, there's loads of people at work, and I know that some of them, like Kelsey, are married, but I never think of whether they have parents or brothers or sisters.... so is it just the two of you?"

"No, we have an older brother, Jimmy"

"So you're the youngest then. I'm the youngest of two: I have a big sister too, probably about the same age as Kelsey! I'm guessing that, if you're meeting for lunch, you get on pretty well?"

"We had a bit of a bad patch just over a year ago" explained Kelsey, "but I think we're ok again now"

"Yeah, it can get hard at times, with Kelsey being married and me not..." added Megan

"I can understand that: my sister is married too, with a young girl. She lives up in the midlands, so I haven't seen her for a while, but we do try and keep in touch".

We chatted as we ate our lunch, mainly Kelsey and Megan. Megan was actually very pleasant, and was very willing to chat. Whilst I could feel there was a certain 'attraction' between us, no one said anything about boyfriends or girlfriends or dating or anything like that. It was interesting to watch a couple of sisters chatting over lunch, it wasn't something I saw that often, but I could see that despite their differences, there was a lot of love and good feeling between them.

After finishing our lunch, both Megan and I went to the toilet, to rinse our mouths and put our retainers back in. As we both got back to the table, Kelsey was smiling. "For some reason I'm reminded about school lunches, when the kids with braces took them out before lunch, then had to go to the toilets to clean their teeth and put them back in again" she said. "But, tell you what, Meg, your teeth look really nice now!". Megan took that as the compliment it was to be, and smile at Kelsey.

"So, what do you think about my little sis then?" asked Kelsey as we walked back to the office.

"Well, she's very nice, but there's a couple of things I have a problem with"

"A couple of things? What things?"

"A COUPLE of things" I said, putting my hands about a foot in front of my chest.

"AHHHH, ok, a couple of things!" she said with a bit of a giggle. "Yeah, she is a bit of a big girl, isn't she? I used to be really jealous of her as a teenager, having such big boobs, but these days I think she's a lot more jealous of me, and my rather more normally sized ones. And I don't think you're the first guy who's not quite so keen on her... yeah, you know what I mean.". And that answered my other question, whether they were 'natural: clearly they were.

90 minutes later, Kelsey came down into our office, and over to my desk. "I had a call from Megan" said Kelsey quietly. "I think she rather likes you, so I mentioned about your 'two worries', and she understands, but still asked me to ask you if she could take you for a drink tonight. She promised to 'dress in a suitable fashion' for you." We both smiled at the way she put things.

"So, she's clearly single, what else can you tell me about her?"

"Yes, she's single. She had a boyfriend for a couple of years, and they split up about two or three months ago now. I don't think she's been dating anyone since, so her asking you out for a drink is a big step for her. Look, you both seemed to get on ok at lunch, I think you should meet up with her - probably do you a bit of good too! And if nothing happens, then it's not a big deal. I'm sure you can ignore her 'problems' for an evening"

It was a difficult one. I'd never actually gone out with a girl with such big 'problems' before. Maybe it was time to just confront my fears? I mean, as a person, she seemed to be quite nice, and the REST of her body looked rather good. And not forgetting that she had retainers.....

"Yeah, ok...."

"Ok, well here's her number, just give her a call.... and have a nice evening together!"

So, I grabbed my phone, and went into our small meeting room, and called her. It turns out that, because of her job, she has a car, so I gave her my address, and she came and picked me up. True to her word, she had put on a far less revealing dress: I mean, her large chest was still there, but at least it wasn't >quite< so obvious.

We actually had quite a good time out. She told me that she appreciated that I wasn't too keen on her large pair of 'attributes', and to be honest, she wasn't all that keen on them either: they were sufficiently large that she needed to buy very expensive support bras for them, and even then, they often gave her aches in her back and shoulders - sufficiently so that she was serious thinking whether to have some reduction surgery.

After our evening out, she drove me back home.

"You're very welcome to come in for a coffee, if you like..." I offered

"Yeah, ok, why not...".

Back in my flat, I put the kettle on, to make us both a coffee. Megan was with me in the kitchen.

"I'm guessing that, although we both had a nice evening out, you're not wanting to 'have some deserts' after we've had our coffee" she offered

"No, I don't think so..." I replied

"I understand... in that case, how about a kiss at least - a proper kiss?". Well, I knew she still had her retainers in her mouth, so I wasn't going to turn THAT down, was I?

I moved closer to her, but found my path blocked by... yeah, you know what! "Don't worry about them, I know it's difficult, but just try and ignore them" she said, smiling, and letting me see the labial wires of her retainers over her lovely straight teeth. She leaned towards me, and our mouths met. We both pouted, and let our lips touch, then a second and a third time. Then I felt her tongue pushing softly between my lips, and gently running over the front of my teeth, and my labial wire. Then she pulled it back, inviting me to try the same, which of course I did.

Whilst I have kissed two other girls who wore hawley retainers, this was the first time I had kissed someone who had REAL hawley retainers! As I ran my tongue over her lovely front teeth, she opened her mouth slightly, letting my tongue go between her teeth, where it met with her tongue. The tips of our tongues played together for a while, then she let my tongue into her mouth a little, where I was finally able to feel the smooth plastic of her top retainer plate. I had to be careful, as I didn't want to appear to be 'too eager' to feel her retainers, so I pulled my tongue back, and let her tongue into my mouth, where she was able to feel the smooth plastic of my retainers. As far as she was concerned, my retainers were as real as hers, and I didn't intend to tell her otherwise.

Interestingly, once her tongue touched my plastic retainer plate, it stayed there for several seconds, savouring the experience, then explored other parts of my mouth. Compared with Niki's inexperience, it was an absolute delight to kiss with someone who had clearly practised kissing so much more. Over the next few minutes, our tongues explored each others teeth, each others mouths, each others retainers.

"Well" she said as we finally finished our kiss, "that was interestingly different, I've never kissed someone else with retainers: it was strangely nice!"

"Tell you what, lets make the coffee, and maybe we can try it again...." I suggested

So, we made the coffee, we drank the coffee, and we did kiss again, but I still felt so intimidated by her big boobs. I think she could sense that, so no further mention was made about having any further 'deserts'.

"Thank you for coming out with me tonight, I had a really nice time" she said as she was leaving. "And look, if you ever manage to get over your fears of 'these things', do get in touch, I'd love to get to know you more".

As I sat down, I briefly thought about the last two girls I had met with: Niki, then Megan. they were so different! Niki was very inexperienced, shy and unsure of herself, while Megan was very much the opposite, mature, experienced, and very self assured. But both were equally nice, in their own ways.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Nice job!

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 53


For some reason, I didn't sleep too well last night, and today at work had been a little stressful - we'd had some problems with one of our customers that took ages to sort out - so it was good to be home at last. I went to my kitchen, filled the kettle, and put it on to boil. I then sat down on the settee in the lounge area, put my phone down next to me, and closed my eyes for a moment, knowing that I'd hear the kettle 'click' when the water was boiled.

I'd closed my eyes for no more than about 10 seconds, when my phone started to ring. I opened my eyes again, picked up the phone, and looked to see who was calling: it was Jenny, so I answered.

"Hello there, Jenny, you're possibly the least likely person I would have expected to be calling me! How are you? Oh, and thanks for the other night"

"Hi Danny! I'm fine, thanks - and the other evening was my pleasure. Look, I've been doing an appearance in north London, not all that far from you, and I was wondering if you'd like to come out for dinner with me". Well, it's not often that you get invited out for dinner by a pretty girl, especially one who's a big pop star.

"That's sounds lovely! Although maybe being seen out with a guy who isn't your boyfriend could be awkward for you.... I have an idea: would you like to come and have dinner here, at my place? I mean, it won't be quite such fancy food, but you won't risk having pictures taken."

"That's a GREAT idea... and to be honest, I'd much rather have some proper food: restaurant stuff is nice, but can be rather rich. Let me get a taxi, and I'll be with you soon! I know your address."

"Ok, I'll see you soon!". Oh, wow, I was going to have dinner with Jenny! So the next question was what to have: I knew the freezer had plenty in it, I'd actually done a load of shopping a few evenings ago. I pulled out some bags of vegetables, as I knew we'd want some of that, then took a look at what else I had: Ah, yes, I'd got a couple of pieces of nice sirloin steak, that would do nicely. I had just put the meat in the microwave on a defrost cycle, when the doorbell went, obviously Jenny, so I went down to let her in.

"Hey, Danny, great to see you again!" she said, throwing her arms around me.

"Come on up, Jenny". I noticed that tonight Jenny was dressed as the very recognisable CJD Jenny, with short hair, a bit more makeup, and quite flashy clothes. No wig or glasses today. Yeah, Jenny could be really attractive when she wanted to be.

"Ah, yes, of course, you're in an upstairs flat, like me... although I also have the downstairs one for work too!" she commented with a nice smile. "Hey, nice place" she added as I took her into the lounge / kitchen / whatever room, "it feels quite homely..."

"Coffee?" I asked her

"Oh, yes please, black, no sugar". She took off her coat, and sat down on the settee. I made the coffees, took them over and put them both on the small table.

I was about to sit opposite Jenny, when she tapped the seat next to her. "Come and sit next to me!" she commanded. I sat down, and we both took a sip of our coffees. "I brought something along with me, I think you might like it...", and she opened her bag, put her hand inside, then pulled out a clear ziplock bag, that contained a facebow and a red neck strap. I recognised it as the same headgear that Jenny had worn onstage at that Darkest Knights concert.

"Shall I put it on?" she asked.

I nodded eagerly. Jenny without the headgear was sexy, but with it I knew she would look even sexier!

Having put the headgear on, she turned to me and smiled, letting me see her upper and lower metal brackets, and the lovely shiny metal facebow. I guessed that she had done this with Ben, and knew what effect this had, and unsurprisingly, it was having a similar effect on me. Jenny leaned over and put her lips to mine and kissed me. Oh, yes.....

Next thing I knew was that Jenny had temporarily taken off the headgear again, and we had our arms around each other, and were kissing very passionately, as in 'tongues in mouths' and 'feeling braces'

"Jenny" I said, pulling back for a moment, "I'm not really sure we should be doing this. I mean, what about Ben?"

"Look, Ben's not here, and since we all went out to the club last week, I've not stopped thinking about you. I'm just so glad you're not going out with Amanda any more, I can finally do something about the feelings I've had since I first saw you....". She leaned over and kissed me once again, and let her hand start wandering over my body.

I'll be honest, Jenny was head and shoulders above any of the girls I'd met since splitting with Amanda: not only was she as hot as hell, she had braces, and knew that I had a big thing for girls in braces. Maybe it was time to do something about this.... so I kissed her again, letting my tongue run over her lovely metal braces once more. As I did so, I ran my fingers through her relatively short hair. It doesn't take much imagination to work out the effect that this was having on me.

So we continued to kiss, and then we started to touch each other a bit more, initially in quite innocent places like the face and the neck, but then in slightly more intimate places - I don't need to spell it out, I'm sure you can work it out for yourselves!

But my head was in a bit of a spin. Yes, I did rather fancy Jenny, she was an incredibly attractive and fun person to be with. But she was going out with Ben, and this just seemed so wrong! I stopped kissing her and touching her, and pulled back.

"Jenny, give me a moment, will you?". I sat back up and closed my eyes for a moment, and took a deep breath.

No more than 10 seconds later my phone started to ring. I opened my eyes, picked up the phone, and looked to see who was calling: it was Janice, so I answered. Moments later, I heard the kettle 'click' as it switched itself off, after having boiled.

"Hi Janice" I said, noticing that I was, once again, alone in my flat

"Hiya... you ok? You sound a bit dopey"

"Yeah, I closed my eyes and fell asleep for a few moments, and had the weirdest of dreams...."

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Amazing! Loved it. You really had me believing it!

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Amazing! Loved it. You really had me believing it!

You clearly have no faith in the integrity of my characters! As if either Danny or Jenny would even THINK of doing such a thing!

But, yes, it was fun, wasn't it?

In the next episode you'll meet Danny's next girlfriend.....

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Great writing!!! Thanks for taking the time and effort to do this.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 54

Lets go to the pub quiz...

So Janice had split up with her latest guy a few days ago - she'd met him online via the dating app, and things seemed ok for a week or two, then she started finding out what he was really like, so promptly told him where to go: that was one thing I admired about Janice, she was quite willing to do what was needed.

Thus, tonight, like many nights in the past, we were having dinner together at my place.

"I know it's a bit of a walk, but I hear there's a good pub quiz tonight over at The Crown, let's go, it's been a while since we've done a pub quiz together".

"Ok, yeah, that could be bit of fun, although I doubt we'll actually win!"

"Who cares, it's the taking part and drinking that counts!" replied Janice. Yes, that girl has good priorities!

"What time does the quiz start?" I asked

"7:30 I think"

"In that case, we'd better get ready in a few minutes." Luckily, whilst the evening was cool, it was quite dry, and we had a pleasant walk to the pub. We got ourselves some beers, found a small table over to the side, sat down and took a look around. It was a pretty good turnout: over at the front of the bar there was a team of about 8, several teams of about 5 or 6 around the place, and three tables of 4. Plus a team of two guys and a girl on a smaller table next to the door for the loos. We were the smallest team, with just the two of us.

I wondered what the other people there thought about us: most would probably think we were a normal couple, having a drink together: how wrong they would be! The landlord came around, collected our £2 per person entrance fee, explained how the quiz worked, and told us that the prize was a cash-rollover: if we got more than a certain score, the winner would get a bit over £200, otherwise it would be about £40. Clearly the jackpot had been building up for a few weeks now!

So, the quiz started. Unlike many quizzes, where there's several rounds, this one was 50 questions, done as 2 lots of 25, with a break in the middle, to let everyone get more beers! There were some picture questions, which would be referenced later on. There was quite a mix of questions, a bit of history (Janice was ok with that!), sport, news and so on. By halfway, we had about 15 answers out of the 25 questions.

For some reason, as we had been doing the quiz, my attention had been attracted to the girl with the 2 guys. She was quite short, had long blonde (probably bleached) hair currently in two pony-tails to the sides of her head, and a quite attractive face. Her manner was quite 'bouncy', but the way she interacted with the two guys made me think that they were no more than friends. It was as she was, yet again, smiling, that the light caught her face in the right way, and I saw a slight sparkle in her mouth. As I looked at her more carfully, I realised that yes, she DID have metal in her mouth.... braces!

"She's too young for you!" said Janice, pulling my leg.

"Well, she's at least 18 if she's in here!" I replied, "but actually, I think she's a bit older than that"

We worked on the next quiz question - whilst it was a history question, Janice wasn't quite sure if the date was 1817 or 1818, so we put 1817.

"She's probably going out with one of those guys though"

"I'm not so sure, watch the way she's interacting with them...."

Ah, a chemistry question, and one that I definitely knew the answer for!

"Ok everyone, that's the first 25 questions, so time for you all to refill your glasses...." said the Landlord over the small PA system.

"I need the loo" said Janice, and she got up and walked to the loos. However, when she got to the table with the two guys and the girl on, she stopped, and had a quick chat with the girl. Moments later, Janice continued to the loo, and the girl got up, picked up her drink,  came over to me, and sat in the chair that Janice had been in just a minute before.

"Hi, I'm Daithy! You friend thaid I should come over and thay hello!" said Daisy, very enthusiastically, and with a lovely smile, that let me see that she had a lovely set of upper and lower metal brackets.

"Erm, I'm Danny, hi there....." I replied, smiling in a way that she couldn't avoid seeing at least one of my retainer wires. It was only them that I realised that Daisy had just spoken with a lisp! Which meant that she had something more than just metal brackets in her mouth. Apart from her lisp, her voice sounded quite pleasant, not at all screechy like I might have imagined from just seeing her.

"Hi Danny, it'th nithe to meet you!" She continued. "Tho, how you getting on with the quizth then?" she asked me, picking up our answer sheet. Where we didn't know the answers, we'd put notes, in case we got inspiration later. "Ah, yeth, number thixth... that's 1818, not 1817, you're pretty clothe though. And you don't know number twelve? It'th 'yellow and red', of courthe!"

"Yeah, Janice and I aren't all that great at quizzes" I explained

"Oh, I love quiztheth!" she replied "We come here motht weekth, I'm guething thith ith your firtht time here?" As she spoke, I couldn't help but look at her mouth, I so wanted to know what she had inside it!

"Yes, this place is a bit further from where we live" and I explained the pubs we normally go to. "One of them does a quiz that we've been to before, but it's a different style to this quiz"

"Tho, who'th Janithe then? I'm guething from what she thaid to me that she'th not your girlfriend?"

"No, she's a very good friend though, we've known each other for a while now". As I said that, I looked over to the table that she had been sat on, and could see that Janice had returned from the loo, and had joined the two guys there. "So who's the two guys you're with then?"

"Oh, that'th my bwother, Keith, and hith fwiend Wob.". I so wanted to know about what was causing her lisp. Ok, let's try this....

"I'm intrigued, I used to have braces like you have, but I never had a lisp, so I'm guessing you have something extra that I never had...". It was great, as the fact that I wore (fake) retainers made me 'one of the club', allowing me to ask braces questions that would be deemed taboo to a non-braces wearing person.

"Tho you jutht had pwain bwatheth?" she asked. I nodded. "In that cathe, I thuthpect I have quite a lot more than you ever had! Not only do I have thith exthpander and a tongue cwib, I also have tethe Herbtht thingth..." she explained, opening her mouth and pulling back her lips a bit, letting me see her Herbsts. She then opened her mouth a bit wider, and tipped her head back, letting me see the expander and the tongue crib! Yes, that was definitely a lot more than I would have had, if my brackets had been real. Of course, I DID have a fake herbst with a tongue crib on it, and although I didn't really wear it that much, I knew how much the tongue crib affected speaking!

"Yeah, you definitely have a load more metal in your mouth than I ever had!". I was thinking quickly about what to say next. I really wanted to talk a little more about her braces, but needed to be careful what I said, so I appeared as 'normal' as possible. "So which bit is it that gives you that lisp then?" I asked.

"Oh, that'th the tongue cwib: it thtopth my tongue from touching the back of my teeth, and maketh it impothible to thay thertain thounds.". Wow, her lisp was just amazing, and beautiful, and I was impressed with how she didn't let it get in the way of talking. Despite the lisp, it was actually relatively easy to work out what she was saying.

[Ok, so now you know what she has in her mouth, you can imagine her lisp for yourself! I'm going back to normal spellings! - Ed]

"Ah, ok. So, Daisy..." I said, quickly changing the topic, "tell me a bit about yourself, like, what do you do?"

"Oh, I'm a nursery assistant, I work with pre-school children, it's really good fun!"

"Oh, wow, there's no way I could ever do that! So I guess playing with them and that sort of thing?"

"Yeah, leading the play, trying to keep them occupied, but trying to make it a bit educational too, so things like counting games. Or even just encouraging some of them to talk a bit more. It's fun watching them progress too. I love it!"

"I bet they tire you out though?"

"No, not really, I seem to have plenty of energy". I would soon learn how true that last comment would be.. if I were to say 'Duracell bunny', then I think you'll get my meaning!! "So what about you, Danny, what do you do?"

I explained how I did product tech support for the manufacturing products we sold.

"Ah, so no use asking you to sort out a PC problem, then?"

"Well, I probably could but it's not what I do as my job". Just then, the landlord came on the PA again.

"Ok, let's settle down again, for the second half of the quiz...."

"Tell you what" said Daisy, "Why don't I stay with you for the second half, you might do a bit better!"

"Yeah, that's fine with me!" I replied. So I did the second part of the quiz with Daisy as my partner, and Janice stayed on the other table, with Daisy's brother and his friend... I had no doubt that she was taking the opportunity to see if she fancied either of them.

The strange thing is that I had massively underestimated Daisy: she actually knew a LOT of the quiz answers! Unfortunately, there were several questions for which neither of us knew the answer, but she was certainly doing much better than me. At the end of the evening, we were 4th equal, shared with the table Janice had joined. After the quiz, Daisy and I went over and joined them.

"We could have done with you for some of those questions!" said Daisy's brother. "So, back home I guess"

"Well, actually, I was rather hoping that Danny was going to invite me back to his place for a coffee...." replied Daisy, looking sweetly up at me.

"Oh, ok, well I'll see you..... tomorrow... I guess!" he replied

As I walked out of the pub with both Daisy and Janice, it struck me quite how short Daisy was: the top of her head barely came up to my shoulders, which meant she would probably be under 5 ft tall (I later discovered that's she's 4ft 11ins). I guess now is as good a time to describe Daisy in a bit more detail.

Whilst short, her body was in good proportions.. so let's take it from the top... she had long blonde hair, currently in two pony-tails to the sides of her head, which reached well past her shoulders: I suspected it was bleached / dyed / whatever, but I could be wrong. Her face was more round than long, but looked really nice. Her nose looked very normal, and suited her. Some dark makeup around her eyes, and quite bold lip gloss. Of course, her mouth contained a substantial amount of orthodontic metal. Going down further, I would guess that her chest was between a B and a C cup, which again fitted her body very nicely. The rest of her body was nicely slim, making the 'whole package' pleasantly attractive.

Ah, yes, I forgot about her jewellery. Several small delicate rings in her ear-lobes, a thin golden nose ring in her left nostril, and a couple of small rings on her right hand.

As we walked, I felt Daisy taking my hand in hers, which was rather nice.

"So, did you two actually go out with each other at all?" asked Daisy.

"Yes, we did" replied Janice

"So what went wrong then?"

"It seems that we have deep feelings for each other, but can't put up with each other for very long!" Janice continued.

"I guess we were going out for two or three months, then Janice thought we should try living together, so she sort-of moved in to my place. We didn't even make 2 weeks! I mean, she squeezes the toothpaste tube in the middle for starters!". Daisy looked at me with a slightly guilty look on her face. "Not you too??!!!" I said with a grin.

"Sorry, yeah, must be one of those girl things!"

"So, after that, I seem to remember we avoided each other for a couple of weeks, then we bumped into each other at a party, followed by a long talk the following morning" said Janice.

"Do you two still ever... you know...?" asked Daisy

"Oh, definitely, but only if we're both unattached" I replied

"With the one exception" added Janice

"Ah, yes, that one time, which I wish I could be allowed to forget about...."

We continued chatting, as we walked down the couple of roads that lead to my flat.

"I'm sure you'll let me know what you're up to" said Janice as she left us to walk the extra few minutes back to her place.

"Yeah, I will... see you!".

"So which is yours then?" asked Daisy excitedly.

"First floor of this one" I replied, leading her towards my front door.

"It's kinda like our house" said Daisy once we'd got into my flat, "except ours is still a normal house"

"Yeah, the one a couple of doors down is still a house, I went to a party there a few weeks ago" I explained, suddenly thinking about Sandra. "It felt quite odd, recognising the layout, yet not quite recognising it". I was in the kitchen, filling the kettle, then putting it onto its base, and switching it on to boil.

"Lets go sit down for a moment while the kettle boils". I lead Daisy around to the settee, and I sat down, expecting Daisy to sit next to me, but instead she kinda jumped onto my lap, her legs either side of mine, such that her face and mine were next to each other. She leaned towards me, and gave me a gentle kiss on my lips.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 55

Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do.....

"I like you, Danny..." she said, putting her lips on mine once more. It actually felt rather pleasant having her sitting on me like that, with her petite body pressing against me. Of course, it was a good position for her, as like that her head and mine were on the same level, making things so much easier.

The third time she kissed me, her lips were at an angle to mine, and open, so that she could get her tongue past her tongue crib, and run it over my lips, then gently between them, and running over the front of my teeth, and my labial wires. I opened my teeth a little, and her tongue darted between them, to see what it found inside my mouth - whilst I couldn't feel anything, I guessed it found the smooth plastic of my plate. As we kissed, I heard the 'click' of the kettle switching itself off after boiling.

"Shall we pause a moment, and make some coffee? Or do you want to skip the coffee?" I said, half jokingly.

"Actually, I wouldn't mind a cup of coffee... I'm assuming you're not in any particular rush to get to sleep tonight?". I was interested by her choice of words... normally you'd say 'in a rush to get to bed', but 'in a rush to get to sleep' has a subtly different meaning to it, one that implied that Daisy had no intentions of stopping with just a few kisses. And I'll be honest, Daisy was quite good looking, smelt sexy, and I was a warm-blooded male, so I wasn't going to stop her!

She got off me, and we went back to the kitchen area. I got two mugs out, putting them on the counter top. "How do you like your coffee?" I asked her

"Stronger rather than weaker, black, two sugars....". I put a large spoonful of the nice instant coffees into each mug: I too preferred it a bit stronger. I left a bit of a gap at the top, so I could add a little cold water.

"Oh good, you do that too... I hate it when people fill the cup with boiling water, then wonder why you can't drink it for ten minutes". I gave her a spoon, and passed her the sugar, so she could put in as much as she wanted.

We went back to the lounge, and put our drinks on the small table, and I sat down on the settee again.

"Would you mind if I sat on you again? It's just that I get so fed up at always having to look up at people! I hope I'm not too uncomfortable?"

"Yeah, ok, it was actually quite comfortable for me". Daisy pretty much jumped on top of me once more, and gave me another quick kiss, then sat back a bit, looking at me, then ran her hand through my hair.

"I guess I'll get retainers like yours when my treatment is done. What they like to wear?" she asked me.

"Well, they felt a bit odd to start with, but they now feel like they're just part of my mouth... probably a bit like that expander thing in your mouth. The good news is that I can take them out to eat, and so don't end up with half my dinner stuck in the braces. And its a LOT easier to brush your teeth!"

"I've never seen retainers properly... can I have a quick look?". I opened my mouth, and let Daisy look inside.

"I guess I should take them out before I drink my coffee, then you can have a proper look at them". I put my two hands up to my mouth, forefingers extended, in preparation for pulling my retainers out, but Daisy put her hands onto mine.

"Can I take them out for you?" she asked. The way she said it was the way an inquisitive child might ask.

"Ok... just put your fingers on the clasps, and pull down gently but firmly". I opened my lips wide, and pointed to the clasps. Using her forefingers, she deftly pulled down on my upper retainer, took it out my mouth, then spent a moment looking at it. I held my hand out, so she could give it to me, which would let her remove my lower retainer.

"Same for my lower retainer, but obviously you need to pull up...". Once again, she slipped her fingers into my mouth, and removed my lower retainer. I passed her my upper retainer, so she could take a look at both of them.

"They are so small!" she commented. "For some reason I thought they would be bigger" she added, as she rotated them in her hands, looking at them for several seconds, as well as running her finger over the wires and clasps.

It was actually useful that she had taken an interest in my retainers, because I could now ask to have a look at her braces, without it seeming that I was too much of a braces weirdo!

"What should I do with them?" she asked me

"Oh, just put them on the table behind you.." I suggested. She briefly turned, put them down, then turned back to me. Our faces were just inches apart.

"So, do I get to see yours then?" I asked as innocently as I could. She started by smiling whilst keeping her teeth together, letting me see her lovely metal brackets. "I don't mind if you touch them" she said, so I ran my forefinger over the upper and lower brackets on the front of her mouth, going as far as the attachment points for her herbsts on her lower braces. Then she reduced her smile, and pulled one side of her mouth out and back, letting me see the herbst on that side.

"It's kinda like jewellery, isn't it?" I commented. "So, what's inside your mouth, that gives you your lisp?" I asked. She opened her mouth, putting her tongue out of the way at the bottom, and leaned her head back, allowing me to see her expander and tongue crib. The expander was quite normal, and I could see it had been expanded by maybe 5 mm. But her tongue crib was quite chunky: because she had an expander, the crib was made of two bits of fairly thick metal 'wire' both in a zigzag shape, one attached to the left, the other to the right, and overlapping. As such, it made the much thinner wire of the tongue crib on my fake appliance amazingly light-weight!

I put my finger into her mouth, and touched her tongue crib. She lifted her tongue up, and put it behind the crib.

"It looks like your tongue is in jail" I said.

"It kinda feels like that too!" she replied, "that's why I had to open my mouth when I kissed you before, so my tongue could get out on parole for a while!". Once again, she put her lips to mine, with her mouth open, and ran her tongue over my lips. I met her tongue with mine, and she invited it into her mouth to explore her metalwork.

I started by running my tongue over her brackets, feeling the sharp-ish edges, and the archwire, held in place with the tiny rubber ligatures, then on the bottom I felt where her herbst attached. Then I stretch my tongue inside her mouth, when I felt the bars of her tongue prison. As I felt it, I could feel her tongue inside the prison cell, pushing up to my tongue, through the cell's bars...

If it had been someone like Janice, who knew about my love of braces, I would have carried on doing this for some time, but as far as I could work out, Daisy seemed to be quite normal (as far as braces go!), so I decided to keep things short, and gently pulled my tongue back, and ended the kiss.

"So, Daisy, am I allowed to ask you how old you are?"

"Only if you tell me why you're asking.."

"Fair enough. Well, you're obviously over 18, although you possibly look a bit younger - I bet you get age-checked a lot, don't you! But the way you talk, and the stuff you seem to know says to me you're older"

"So how old do you think I am?"

"Oh, that's so unfair.... ok, I'm thinking 23 or 24..."

"I'm actually 25" she said

"Oh, same as me!"

"And yes, I'm so fed up of always being age-checked. At least they know me now at the pub!". She turned around, and picked up our coffees from the table, passing mine to me. We both took a drink, then she put them back onto the table again.

"So how long you had your braces for so far?" I asked

"Oh, let me think.... must be about 8 months now"

"Oh, that's about when I got my braces too"

"Oh, your treatment wasn't very long then! I'm gonna be wearing this lot for about another 10 months, then the brackets by themselves for a bit, then I guess I'll finally get retainers" 

"They given you any problems? I'm thinking about how people treat you."

"Yeah, my boyfriend split up with me because of them!"

"Oh, no, that's not nice"

"Yeah, and he wasn't that nice when we split. I think one of the nicer words he used was 'embarrassing'"

"Had any other boyfriends since?"

"No, they all seem to give me a wide berth when they hear my lisp and see how much metal I have in my mouth! You don't seem to be at all bothered though"

"I guess having braces myself, it would be a bit hypocritical of me if I were bothered by them. But no, I'm quite ok with them, they look kinda cute on you!". Daisy took that as a cue to give me another quick kiss.

"Thank you Danny, you don't know how much that means to me", and with that she dropped into second gear, and started running her hands over my chest, whilst kissing me once more. I took that as a cue to let my hands feel her body too, shortly afterwards confirming that she wasn't actually wearing a bra this evening. Of course, all of this was having a certain effect on one particular part of my body, something which Daisy had already confirmed as her hands wandered over my body.

After several minutes, we paused, and drank some more coffee, and chatted a bit more.

"So, would I be right in thinking that you're probably not planning on going back home tonight?" I asked

"I think you would be quite correct...."

"In that case, why don't we go into the bedroom, it's a lot more comfortable...."

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Great story so far hopes it continues.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Awesome chapters!

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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I think Danny has finally hit the jackpot!

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Nice updates, thanks for sharing!

(Personally though, I'd love to read the lisp more than just imagine it. I can imagine it's annoying to type, but from a readers (or more specifically my) perspective, it would add even more to the story :))

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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>> Personally though, I'd love to read the lisp more than just imagine it

Just for you, there's some lisping in this chapter....


Chapter 56

I need more sleep!

An alarm went off. I say 'an alarm' because it definitely wasn't MY alarm. I grabbed my phone to look at the time. It was 6:30

SIX THIRTY! WTF?? My alarm didn't go off until 8:00! It was far too early. So whose alarm was it?

I felt a pair of hands and arms around me, and when I turned over, I saw Daisy, looking at me. "Sorry for the early alarm, but I need to go have my run, get showered, and then be at work for about quarter past 8". She pushed me onto my back, and climbed on top of me. "So I reckon we have about fifteen minutes before I need to leave...." she whispered into my ear, then started to kiss me again. And do other nice things too....

Fifteen minutes later, she got out of the bed, put her clothes on, then came back and gave me another kiss.

"Thank you, Danny... I need to go... I'll see you tonight!". I didn't have a chance to reply, as she was bouncing out of my room, and moments later I heard her close the front door of my flat.

I decided that, after the physical activity, there was no way I was going to get to sleep again, so I got up and went into the kitchen. 'Where does she get that energy from?' I asked myself. It was well after midnight when we finally got to sleep, yet she was bright and wide awake moments after her phone alarm went off at 6:30! I put the kettle on, went and grabbed the dirty cups from last night, then made myself a coffee.

Less that six hours sleep: I was still knackered. Well, I was awake now, so I might as well get up: I could go into the office early for a change, that would surprise everyone! We did flexi-hours, and I usually didn't roll in till about 9:30, if only because the buses weren't quite so busy then.

Coffee made, I picked up my phone to send Daisy a message, but realised that we'd never actually exchanged numbers. Was it simply that we'd both forgotten? Or maybe it was because she had no intention of, having 'had her way with me', seeing me again? But then again, she had said 'I'll see you tonight' when she left. Well, she knew where I lived, hopefully she'll turn up tonight at some point.

Of course, it raised the question of whether I wanted to see her again, and I think my answer to that must be a definite 'yes'. It had been fun being with her at the pub. She'd been nice when walking back with Janice. And once back here, we'd definitely had a good late-evening together.

Janice messaged me mid-afternoon, asking how last night had gone: we agreed to share dinner at my place, and I would tell all. Having got to work early, I decided to go home a bit early too, so had plenty of time to make dinner for us.

Over dinner, I told Janice about what had happened.

"You like her, don't you?"

"Yes, I think I do...."

"Is it her or her braces you like.... hey, she has quite a lisp, doesn't she?"

"Ok, I'll admit it: it's probably a bit of both. She has a thing called a 'tongue crib' in her mouth..." (I quickly explained what it was) "but she doesn't seem to worry about her lisp. Hey, how old do you think she is?"

"I dunno... 20? 21?"

"She's actually 25, same as me"

I was halfway through my mandarins and ice cream, when the door bell went.

"I'll bet that's Daisy" I said, getting up, and going down to the front door to let her in. I had hardly opened the door when she was inside, with her arms around me, looking up at me, with lips pouted, waiting for me to kiss her. I leaned down, and gave her the kiss that she wanted. She looked slightly different today... hair done a bit differently? Slightly different makeup. Who cares, she still looked nice.

"I would have called, but we forgot to exchange numbers last night!" she said. "Hey, I have mum's car, I was hoping you'd like to come ice skating with me...". Well, I've not been ice skating for many years, so the idea did appeal!

"Hi Daisy, I was hoping you'd come around. Am I allowed to finish my dinner first?" I asked, leading her upstairs

"Oh, sorry, I assumed.... sorry..." she said as we walked up the stairs. "Oh, hi Janice, I didn't realise you'd be here!". In a way, Daisy seeing Janice and me together again so soon was actually good, it would reinforce the fact that, girlfriend or no girlfriend, Janice and I continued to be close friends.

"Yeah, we just had dinner together. It's so much nicer than sitting at home by yourself. You're lucky we weren't around at my place"

I had sat down at the table, and indicated to Daisy to sit with us, and continued to eat my desert.

"So, Danny, are you gonna come ice skating with me then?" Daisy asked me.

"Well, it depends on how good you are - it's been quite a while since I've been skating!"

"I'm pretty ok... and I'd love to teach you!"

"Ok, I'm up for that! What about Janice, is she invited too?"

"Don't worry about me... you two go and enjoy yourselves! So where is it?"

"Over at Ali Pally...

"Oh, never realised they had an ice rink there.... Daisy, want a coffee?" asked Janice: typically we would sit down with a coffee after we'd finished our dinner.

"Yes please, but we need to make it quick.... black 2 sugars please" she said in reply to Janice, then turning to me she said "Ok, unlock your phone and pass it to me...". I was confused. "I'll put my number into it, then text myself.....".

"Ah, ok...". She passed me my phone back, and I checked the contacts list... 'Daisy Jackson'

The ice skating was actually good fun: Daisy is (what a surprise) pretty good, and helped me to skate the proper way... by the end of the evening I was skating around the rink quite confidently.

Over the next 4 weeks, I saw Daisy every day, and we did something every evening, and mostly it required energy: cycling in the park, having a walk, playing badminto, swimming, and things like that. She did invite me to a Park Run one Sunday afternoon, but I managed to refuse that one, instead I just watched her do it! She also stayed over every night, and whilst that was good, it got rather exhausting. By the second week, I was struggling with a lack of sleep, as every morning she woke up pretty early, even if she wasn't starting till a bit later. She would go for a run, go home, shower, get dressed, and then go to work. I tried hard to get back to sleep, but I never could.

The problem was simple, and I can't explain it: Daisy didn't seem to need much sleep, did a lot more exercise than me, yet still had about three times the energy that I had! And that's without factoring in the energy she must expend at work, looking after young kids!

By the fourth week I was starting to get irritable with people, and I even managed to fall asleep at work one afternoon!

I did try and talk to Daisy about it on a couple of occasions, but she always managed to somehow brush it off. It all came to a head one evening when I had gone to Janice's for dinner, and I started shouting at her for no real reason.

"Danny!!! What is WRONG with you?" said Janice. I sat down, and put my head into my hands.

"I'm sorry, Janice, but I'm just so exhausted! Daisy has so much energy, and I can't keep up with her, she tires me out. It's getting to a point that I'm almost too scared to meet up with her". Janice sat down on the settee next to me, and put her arm around me, to comfort me, as I told her more.

"Have you spoken to her about it?"

"I've tried, but...."

"But no luck? Well, you need to do SOMETHING, you can't go on like this. I know you like her... well definitely what's in her mouth...". I smiled

"Yes, she's VERY nice, especially her braces, but...."

"Another 'but'... Ok, is there any way you can get her to... well... 'slow down' a bit?"

"I tried that too, didn't seem to work"

"Well, she not doing you any good, you're not in a good place right now.... I hate to say this, but...."

"... but you think maybe I need to stop seeing her! Yeah, I'm starting to think that too! But I'm not sure how... Whatever I say, she just seems to sweet-talk her way out of it"

"Ok, so how about..." Janice paused for a few seconds, thinking. "How about you invite her here to tell her? I'll be here too, and can help you if you need it. In fact, even better, I'll ask her to come around..... give me your phone..."

Janice was, of course, right: things couldn't go on any more. I was a mess, and I needed to somehow get myself sorted out. Daisy is a lovely girl, and has me wrapped around her little finger, and whatever I had already tried, things had just got worse and worse. And I'd only been going out with her for 3 weeks!

I unlocked my phone, and passed it to Janice: it was times like this I appreciated having Janice as a friend. Janice called Daisy, who answered quite quickly.

"Hi, Daisy, it's actually Janice here. Look, Danny is around at my place: are you free at the moment, to come on over?"

<a pause as Daisy replied>

"Yes, he's ok, and 15 minutes will be fine, let me give you my address...". Janice gave Daisy her address.

<short pause>

"Ok, see you soon, bye..."

"What she say?"

"Nothing much, but she seemed a bit confused why I had called her. Ok, so when she gets here, you need to be in the single chair, she can sit with me on the settee." She got up, and made us both our coffees, which helped me a bit. I went and slouched in the single chair. As we started to drink our coffees, Janice suggested that she could do most of the talking, but maybe I needed to start things off.

It wasn't long before the doorbell rang, and Janice let Daisy in. As Daisy came in the room, she saw me sat alone. Janice was just behind her.

"Sit on the settee, please, Daisy..." she said, firmly.

"Have I done thomething wrong?" asked Daisy.

"No, but we need to talk to you... Danny?"

"Daisy" I started, "you are a lovely girl, as well as a very loving girl. The last 3 or so weeks since I met you have been quite amazing, I've enjoyed spending my time with you, it's been good fun, but we can't keep on like this... well, >I< can't"

"What do you mean?" asked Daisy.

"It's kinda hard to explain this, Daisy" replied Janice, "but you always seem to have so much energy, and... well, Danny just doesn't seem to be able to keep up. As a result, he's tired, he's irritable. He even shouted at me earlier for no real reason!"

"I'm sorry, Daisy, but I can't do this any more......" I added. Daisy was silent, as she took in what we were saying. "You're a lovely girl, Daisy, I just wish I could find your speed control, and slow you down a bit...."

"I'm thorry, but it's jutht the way I am, I really have no idea why I have all that energy, and I'm thorry it's too much for you... Mum's tried looking for my thpeed control thince I was a kid, but never theemed to find it, and I think she'th glad I can look after mythelf now...". Daisy had a slight smile on her face as she said the last bit, which of course let me see her metal braces, that went with that lovely lisp. "So, I'm guething that meanth are thplitting up then?" she added, with a slightly sadder look on her face. I nodded, then stood up.

"Come here, Daisy" I said gently. Daisy stood up, and came over to me, and I put my arms around her, and she put her arms around me. "Daisy, thank you... the last few weeks with you have actually been great fun, you've got me to do things I'd not normally do. You are a lovely girl, it's just you've got far too much energy for me!"

"It was fun for me too, so yeah, thanks Danny....... I guess I maybe ought to go now?"

"Yeah, I guess so....", and with that, I removed my arms from around Daisy, and Janice quietly showed her out.

"I'm actually gonna miss her: despite the fact that I'm so exhausted, going out with Daisy's been fun..." I said as I sat down again. "Those braces of hers are quite something.... not that you're at all interested in them!"

I closed my eyes for a moment. The next thing I knew was it was dark, and Janice was quietly watching the TV.

"I think I fell asleep..." I said

"Yeah, you need it. Look, stay over... you can share my bed, it will probably be a lot more comfortable than sleeping on the settee. And don't worry, I'm not planning on seducing you...."

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Presumably you meant to say ‘not’ ?! (Or perhaps you didn’t !...)

Great reading.
Its now getting interesting to guess who could possibly pop up next.!

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Presumably you meant to say ‘not’ ?! (Or perhaps you didn’t !...)

Great reading.
Its now getting interesting to guess who could possibly pop up next.!

Well spotted, thank you.... I just added the missing 'not' in!

In the next chapter, Danny will meet Abbie, through the dating app.....

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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So, today's chapter happens maybe a week or two after the last one...


Chapter 57


Today was Tuesday. Ok, I guess it still IS Tuesday for a few more hours. Work was a bit hectic today, not one specific thing, just a whole load of little things that just needed sorting out. But finally I was home. I'd messaged Janice to see what she was up to (whilst I hoped she was free, I also hoped that she was out with another guy!)

Whilst I waited for her reply, I was looking at my dating app once again, to see if there's been anyone new joined in my area: there were indeed a couple of faces I'd not seen before. One looked quite nice, kinda familiar (but if you look at enough faces, some will always appear to be familiar!), her name was Abbie. From what I could see in the picture, she had dark shoulder length hair with a fringe (which I find quite attractive), and didn't seem to wear too much makeup, again, a positive.

I looked at her details: 24, a secretary / administrator, and because my distance filter was quite low, clearly lived somewhere near. I swiped up on her (ok, for those who don't know, swipe right = yes, swipe up = YES!!!), and instantly got told that we were a match!

I sent her a message in the app, telling her which bit of London I worked in, and suggested that, if she happened to work in the area, would she like to meet at the park in town one lunchtime? I've done that with a couple of girls now, they seem to like the fact that it's a public place, and nicely informal. And a limited time, which both people can probably put up with!

Ten minutes later, I had a reply from Janice: "Sorry, going out on a second date with a guy from the app....", to which I replied: "No probs, have a great evening!"

To be honest, I didn't really fancy cooking tonight, so walked up to the shops, and decided to eat in at the curry place. Ok, so it cost a bit more than a take-away, but it was nice to not just be sat at home entirely by myself. While I was eating my curry, my phone pinged: it seems Abbie DOES work close to me, and would love to meet up with me, how about tomorrow?. Of course, I messaged back, saying that would be fine, and if I were getting sandwiches and a drink for both of us, what would she like? I also took a picture of me alone in the curry house, and sent it.

My curry took about 15 minutes longer to eat, as we were exchanging messages, but it was fun. And I had a date for lunch tomorrow.


We had arranged to meet at 12:40. I knew a nice sandwich shop that was on the way to the park, so I'd texted my order through, which meant when I arrived there at about 12:30, it was waiting for me. I got to the park just before 12:40, and waited just inside the entrance, where we had agreed to meet. It should be no problem recognising each other, as we'd both seen pictures of each other. (ok, yeah, so some girls use other girl's pics, but they are hardly going to be willing to meet up straight away if they have done that!)

A couple of minutes later, Abbie arrived. I looked at her: she seemed familiar. I noticed that she was also looking at me, as if she recognised me.

"Hi Abbie!...". Abbie was a tiny bit smaller than me.... I'm 5ft 8ins, so I'd guess she was 5ft 6in. As in her picture, she was quite slim, with quite dark hair, down to her shoulders with a fringe. Carefully applied makeup, and smartly dressed in a simple dress. (Whilst it all looked simple, I guessed she had spent ages that morning trying to work out what to wear, and also spent some time making sure her makeup looked good). A fairly plain ring on the third finger of her right hand, and a simple pendant around her neck. As she smiled, I could see a lovely set of straight white teeth... the sort of teeth that shout out 'I had braces as a teenager, and I still wear my retainers to keep them straight!'

"Hello Danny! Nice to meet you..". As it was still early in the lunch hour, we were able to find a park bench that had a couple of spaces, and I passed her her lunch.

"Thank you, Danny."

"My pleasure! Abbie, I'm not quite sure how to say this, but you look familiar.... have we met before?"

"Now that I see you in person, I now realise exactly who you are, and yes, we have met before" she replied. I was thinking hard to work out where we had met, but I couldn't work it out.

"Ok... so where have we met then?" 

"Well, I'm a secretary / administrator, and I work at Kings Square Chambers - I believe that you know the place quite well?". Know it? I'd been there so many times! It's where Amanda works! Talk about 'it's a small world'! So I had probably seen her once or twice 'in passing', which explained why she looked quite so familiar. "I hope that's not going to be a problem for us?" she added.

Clearly she knew about me and Amanda, and that we had dated for several months.

"Um, I hope not.... I'll try extra hard to not let it be!". As I smiled, I could see her looking at me, and more specifically I saw her quickly glance at my retainers. She started to eat the sandwich that I had got her. "Excuse me a moment" I said. Letting Abbie see what I was doing, I pulled out my retainer box from my pocket, turned away from her, and took out my retainers, putting them into my retainer box, then turned back, and let her see me slipping it back into my pocket!

"So when did you work out who I was?" I asked, as I started on my sandwich.

"Well, when I saw your picture, it looked slightly familiar, and so did your name, so I discretely asked someone at work today what Amanda's ex's name was, and it all fell into place. Don't worry, working in the law makes you very careful what questions you ask!" she said, smiling. "Anyway, less about all that, tell me a bit about yourself, Danny". I was impressed that, despite knowing exactly who I was, and that I had dated Amanda until about 3 months ago, she didn't seem to be getting cold feet. I told her a bit about what I do, and certain parts about my trip to Asia earlier in the year.

She then told me a bit about herself, we seemed to be getting on quite well. My phone pinged, indicating some activity on the dating app..

"I recognise that sound!" said Abbie, "you should check it, it might be from some really good looking girl you've swiped right on!". I took a quick look: it was from Janice - ages ago, we had  found each others profiles, and swiped up on each other, and occasionally we would send messages via the app, just for fun.

"It's ok, it's only Janice" I said with a smile. Which is when I realised that was maybe NOT the best thing to have said. "Erm, I guess I now need to explain who Janice is, don't I?" I said, feeling a bit embarrassed. "She's my best friend, we've been friends now for about 4 years. It was her who suggested that we should both sign up to the dating app. I guess, in a way, we are each-other's wingman. Oh, and we enjoy drinking too much together!". I could have said more, but not only wasn't it appropriate right now, it would have taken me down a long rabbit-hole..... "Here, take a look at her message" - I passed the phone over to Abbie.

'Hey, if you don't have a date lined up tonight, want to come over for dinner?'

"So, what you going to tell her?"

I thought quickly. To be honest, if she was interested, it would be nice to have dinner with Abbie. "Well, I guess it depends if someone else wants to have dinner with me tonight" I replied.

Abbie still had my phone, and started typing back to Janice. I was a little worried what she was typing, but as soon as she had sent the message, she passed it back to me so I could see. It said: 'Hi Janice, sorry, but Danny has a date with me tonight - Abbie'.

A minute later, there was a reply, which I showed Abbie: 'That sounds like a good enough excuse to me - hope you both have a great evening!'

So it was that I went out for the evening with Abbie, nothing particularly special, we went to a pleasant (but not too expensive!) chain restaurant. She was nice company, pleasantly chatty, and the evening seemed to go nicely. I got the feeling that she wasn't wanting to rush things, which was fine with me.

"So, would you like to have lunch together again tomorrow?" she suggested. "My treat this time".

"Yeah, ok!"

"So what would you like me to get you to eat?"

"Ham salad or ham and cheese, something like that. Not tuna though!"


"Sounds like a date to me!"

"Well, thank you for tonight, you were nice company" she said, and leaned over and gave me a quick kiss on my lips. "You know, I've never actually kissed a guy with braces before...."

It wasn't late when I got home, so I gave Janice a call - she was at home too.

"Hi Danny!... how did it go tonight?" she asked me

"Very well, thank you... but you'll never guess who she is"

"Well, I'm assuming her name is Abbie, and you were clearly flirting with her at lunchtime if you let her have your phone. So who is she?"

"Well, it's not so much who she is, but where she works. She works at the same place as Amanda! It turns out that we have historically seen each other at her chambers".

"You're kidding me? So she knows that you and Amanda used to go out? Which means I guess she knows that you split up with Amanda"

"Yes on both counts. But luckily that doesn't seem to worry her"

"So, tell me all about her, and what you talked about tonight". I spent the next 45 minutes telling her about it all.

"Oh, by the way, I'm off work tomorrow, have a few things lined up to do in town, want to meet for lunch, or you meeting Abbie again?"

"Sorry, I'm meeting Abbie..."

"Ok, well let me know tomorrow afternoon if you'd like to come over for dinner".

I met Abbie for lunch: once again, we had an enjoyable time chatting. It was so nice to chat with someone who was actually able to to talk about something other than music, makeup and that sort of stuff!

"So, want to do something tonight?" I asked.

"Sorry, but Thursday is badminton. So how about we meet for lunch again tomorrow? It's actually quite a nice way to get to know someone, sitting here chatting, slightly away from the world."

Once again, as we parted, she gave me a kiss on my lips: it was a slightly bolder kiss: our lips touched, her tongue quickly pushed between my lips, and ran across my upper teeth, also feeling my retainer wire.... and then it was over. A very cheeky kiss! But I was hardly going to complain!

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 58

Janice meets someone...

<this chapter was written by Janice... It's about 3 months since Amanda and Danny split up, and this is happening the very same lunchtime as the last chapter, where Abbie and Danny are having their second lunch together in the park.>


So, I was in town at lunchtime, and decided to get lunch at The Coffee House. I chose a suitable sandwich, then went to the counter, where I ordered my coffee. Having paid, I went to look for somewhere to sit down.

"Janice?" said a voice I recognised. I turned to see Amanda sitting at a table, having her lunch.

"Hey, Amanda, it's been a while....". Other than the fact that she had split up with my best friend, Danny, I had nothing against Amanda. When she and Danny were dating, I had met her several times, and found her to be quite pleasant company, and thus absolutely deserving of being Danny's girlfriend.

"Yes, it has! Hey, do come and sit with me...". I put my food and drink onto the table, and sat opposite Amanda at the small table. I wasn't really sure what to say to Amanda, so we were silent for a bit, as I undid the wrapping on my sandwich.

"So, Janice, how are you?" asked Amanda with a nice smile. Hmm, was that braces I just saw on her teeth? I remember Danny telling me that she was as bad as him, also having a thing for braces, so I assumed that she was doing the same as Danny did, and had started wearing her fake braces full time.

"Yeah, not too bad, mostly good days, but the occasional bad day. How about you?"

"Yeah, know what you mean, good days and bad days. Life was busy last month, I had a couple of big cases, but been a bit quieter the last couple of weeks. So, you got another boyfriend yet?"

"Nothing serious, not since Mike split with me. I've met a few guys through a dating app, and had a several 'flings', and went out with a guy last night, but nothing's come of any of them yet."

"I assume you still see Danny.... how is he?" Amanda asked

"He was in a bad place for a few weeks after you.... after you two split up. Then I persuaded him to try the dating app too, oh gawd, some of the people you get on there! Danny met three or four of them, even went out with one for a week or so. Oh yeah, then there was Daisy, Danny was eyeing her when we were at a pub quiz, so I sort-of introduced them. Bad move!". I decided that I wouldn't say anything about Abbie to Amanda, could be awkward.

"Oh, why?"
"Well, at first glance quite a pleasant girl, and the fact that she had quite a lot of braces helped to attract Danny to her, of course". That made Amanda smile. Yeah, she definitely has some sort of braces on her teeth. "But she wasn't good for Danny"

"Not good? In what way?"

"A bit clingy, maybe a bit immature, and very bubbly, far too much energy. Think of a bottle of cola... you can cope with that, can't you? Now imagine what happens when you drop a mint into it..... whoosh! That would be Daisy! She completely exhausted Danny. He tried to end things with her and failed, so we ended up inviting her to my place, with both of us there. I mean, she was a nice kid, but....". I shook my head as I said the last bit. "So what about you then? You still seeing that guy you went off with after you split with Danny?"

"Oh, yeah, Gerald. What a mistake! I was so glad when the 30 days was up! I managed to not meet up with him most of the last week, it was that bad!". Danny had explained about the way he and Amanda had several 'contracts' for their relationship.

"That bad?"

"Oh, yes, definitely that bad! One of those guys who seems ok to start with, but once you get to know them.... sorry, just thinking about him makes me feel bad!"

"Anyone else since?"

"No, life started to get busy a few days after - those big cases I mentioned - but life's been a bit quiet since"

I kinda guessed from the way she was talking that Amanda still had feelings for Danny, and I knew that Danny still had deep feelings for Amanda, even if he maybe wouldn't admit to it. However, at the back of my mind was the fact that Danny had just met Abbie. I really hoped he wouldn't mind what I was about to say.

"Do you miss Danny?" I asked Amanda

Amanda took a deep breath. "Yes, I think I do" she replied, nodding.

"I think he misses you too. Maybe you should call him?"

"You don't know how close I've been to doing that already, but...."


"I'm just scared he'll not want to know me. That's he'll just hang up on me"

"I really don't think he'd do that to you, I think he'd love to hear from you! So go on, call him....".

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Oh, the tease. You don't say whether the braces are real or fake.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Oh, the tease. You don't say whether the braces are real or fake.

I'm sure it's something we might find out about in a later chapter.....

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 59

The phone call

<ok, so we're back with Danny again...>

Abbie and I had spent our second lunchtime together this lunchtime, and things seemed to be going well between us.

I would probably give Janice a call later, see if she wanted to get together tonight, like she had suggested... after all, Abbie was going to be at badminton.

It was about 4pm when my phone rang. I pulled it out of my pocket, to discover it was Amanda, which was quite a surprise - a nice surprise - I'd not heard from her at all since we parted ways, about 3 months ago.

"Hello Amanda...."

"Hi there, Danny, how are you?". Her voice sounded slightly nervous, which kinda made sense.

"Ok, I guess. I must admit, I wasn't expecting to hear from you. How are you?"

"Yes, 'ok' kinda describes me too, I think. Look, I don't suppose, by any chance, you are currently single, and are free tonight? If so, I'd like to offer you a six hour contract!". I smiled, understanding what she meant: she needed a partner, probably for some sort of semi-formal dinner.

Ok, so I've met with Abbie for dinner and two lunches, but I don't think we're actually dating... yet! Are we? So, technically, I *am* single. And I'm not meeting Abbie tonight because she's playing badminton. And spending the evening with Amanda would actually be nice... without being nasty, I'd much rather spend an evening with Amanda than Janice, which was the other option.

"Yes, as a matter of fact, I am free tonight.... so a six hour contract could be of interest to me... Some special event that you need a partner for?"

"No, nothing like that. I was just hoping you might like to come and have dinner with me somewhere". Again, I could sense a bit of nervousness in her voice.
"Yeah, ok, why not...". Maybe I should have mentioned that I was starting to see someone else - someone she knew. But, hey, this was an invitation for dinner, that was all.

So, I'm guessing that her relationship with the other guy didn't work out for her, otherwise I'd not be getting this call. I'm sure I would find out the details about that tonight.

"Ok, I'll book us somewhere, and I'll collect you at, say, quarter to seven?"

"Ok, that'll work for me."

I will admit that the idea of spending the evening with Amanda cheered me up greatly. Our relationship had always been surprisingly honest: the whole idea of one- and three-month contracts may sound very strange, but it made us look at our relationship carefully, helped us express our feelings for each other. While we were together, we were dedicated to each other, and when we 'ended our final contract' there was no real animosity. Plenty of sadness, but no real animosity.

So, I got home, took a shower, took out my retainers and brushed my teeth. I had decided several weeks ago that continuing to wear my fake braces could give me more issues when meeting girls, so had decided that my 'treatment' had finally finished, and now I would be having to wear Hawley retainers for 3 months... or maybe 6 months!

As it approached 6:45, I started to get nervous, like I was about to go out on a first date with Amanda.... and thinking back to my ACTUAL first date with her, I can remember I was a bit nervous back then too. And quite intimidated by Amanda!

The doorbell rang at 6:44: it was, of course, Amanda. Standing at my front door, she looked as lovely as ever, dressed as sexy as hell, smiling and showing off the fake braces Mei had got her. We looked at each other for a moment, then we had a bit of an awkward hug, which actually felt very good. I could smell the Amanda that I had got so used to, and it smelt good. Familiar. Pleasing.

We walked down to the car, and got in. Before driving off, Amanda turned to me. "Danny, before we drive off, there's something I need to say to you. Three months ago, when we.... when we ended our contract, I made a big mistake. Looking back now, I realise we had something good... something VERY good, and I completely messed that up.". She stopped a moment, and took a breath. "I'm not really sure what to say, and just saying 'I'm sorry' doesn't really seem to be enough...".

I put my hand on hers. I knew that it must have taken quite a bit of guts to actually say what she just did: Amanda wasn't one to apologise easily. "Hey, don't beat yourself up, relationships start and end all the time. Yes, I was a bit upset at the time, but I think I forgave you quite a bit ago. So 'sorry' will do me just fine! So let's go and have a nice evening together!"

Amanda smiled at me. "Thank you, Danny...". I have no doubt that, had this sort of thing happened when we were together, we would have kissed, but that didn't seem appropriate at the moment.

We both put on our seatbelts, and Amanda started driving.

"So, still enjoying the fake braces I see" I commented, as we drove off.

"Actually, no... these are REAL braces" she replied

"REAL braces? As in stuck to your teeth, needed for REAL treatment?".

"Yeah! So after we parted, I didn't wear my fake braces all that much, well certainly not the month I was dating Gerald, and that kinda got me out of the habit. So, about 3 weeks ago, I tried my braces again, and they felt stupidly tight. I mean, not just a little bit difficult to get on, almost impossible to get on, and even then, they hurt. My retainers were slightly better, but not much. So I looked in the mirror, but couldn't really see anything wrong: no crooked teeth or anything. I mean, there MUST have BEEN a difference, the braces used to fit my teeth just fine"

"Oh, right.... so I guess you went straight off to see an ortho?"

"Well, not quite straight away, a few days later. I mean, how do you go to an orthodontist and say 'hey, I know my teeth still look good, but my fake braces aren't really fitting me any more'".

"Hmm, yeah, I see what you mean. So what did you do?" I knew full well that Amanda was getting as much enjoyment from telling me her story as I was listening to it.

"I finally plucked up the courage, and went to see an ortho. Boy, I've never been so scared". Now that wasn't something I had heard Amanda say, I'd never really known her to be scared. Upset, yes, but never actually scared. "I felt like a naughty child, having to admit to doing something wrong. I'm sure you appreciate that fake braces isn't something you expect orthodontists to like"

"So what happened?"

"Well, he opened with something like 'Good afternoon, Ms Spencer... or is it OK to call you Amanda? What can I do for you today?'. I responded with 'I hope you are open-minded, a have a bit of a story to tell you....'. His reply was along the lines of 'try me, I'm happy to listen...'. I told him that I had purchased some 'costume braces', which used to fit me just fine, but were now, only a few month later, very tight. He gave me a bit of a dirty look, but when I took out my braces, and he saw how they were actually made, he became a bit more positive. We chatted a bit, and he fully appreciated that the fake brackets were really no worse than a Hawley Retainer, and that if it used to fit, but no longer fitted, then yes, I had a problem, and he would be happy to take a look"

"And what WAS the problem then?"

"Well, it seems that I had some small, slightly impacted, un-erupted, wisdom teeth. I vaguely remember my dentist mentioning something a few years ago, along the lines of 'well, if they aren't actually causing you any problems, I'd be tempted to leave them as they are'. But it seems like they had changed their minds, and were now causing my teeth to move a bit."

"So, I'm guessing you've had them removed... I bet that wasn't particularly nice?"

"I know I should have maybe gone and seen another ortho to get a second opinion, but he seemed to be just fine, even if he's maybe not the cheapest. He booked me in a couple of days later with a colleague, who works more on the oral-surgery side of things, and I had my wisdom teeth removed under a local anaesthetic - not a particularly nice experience - and got my braces fitted a couple of days later. And I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that I'm also having to wear headgear and elastics for 3 months, just to move my molars back a tiny bit".

I smiled widely: the irony of life! Amanda, like me, has a massive braces fetish, and she has actually ended up NEEDING braces!

"Are you enjoying having them?"

"Yes, although they were rather sore the first week. But it's been so hard not having someone to actually share the joy with.... "

"So I'm guessing that's part the reason you asked me out tonight?"

"Well, maybe a bit more than just 'part the reason'" she replied with a lovely smile showing a lovely set of quite large metal brackets - in fact, larger than I would have expected.

"Do I gather that your orthodontist was willing to indulge your fantasies a bit...."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, those brackets ARE a bit on the large size..."

"Ah, yes.... he did! Hey, we're here...." she replied as we pulled into the car park.

The waiter showed us to our table, and we sat down, and started looking at the menu.

"I see your braces treatment has ended" commented Amanda.

"Yes, there's a bit of a story behind that..." I said, as I removed my retainers, and put them into the retainer box I had in my pocket

"Ok, I hope you're going to tell me over dinner.". We chose our food, and Amanda got us a bottle of wine. "So, what happened to cause your treatment to end?"

I explained about the girl with braces I'd met at the party, who had asked about why my braces had plates. How I had confessed that they were actually fakes, and how she had called me a 'weirdo', and walked out on me.

"Sounds about right, you ARE a braces weirdo... but no worse than me! So, what about Daisy then?" she asked. I thought a moment: I'd not mentioned anything about Daisy to her, so how did she know?

"Erm, how do you know about Daisy?" I asked her.

"Well, I might have, completely by chance, had lunch with Janice today, and maybe she mentioned her". Ah, so THAT is why she called me this afternoon!

"By chance?"

"It was, actually". I remembered that Janice was taking the day off, and had offered to meet me for lunch, so it probably WAS by chance.

I told Amanda all about Daisy, and she thought the whole thing was rather funny, and looking back on it, I guess it was.

"So" I said after I'd finished the story about Daisy, "you've not told me about the guy you left me for...."

"Ah, yes, Gerald...."

"I'm guessing, from the way you just said that, that you aren't a couple any more?"

Amanda explained about Gerald, the accountant. It seems that while at first he seemed interesting, once they started being a couple, he became rather demanding. The word 'chauvinist' was even used. "I ended up making up stories that I was 'otherwise busy' for the last week of the 30 days, it was that bad!"

"Ah, so you didn't renew his contract then?": that made Amanda laugh.

"Nope!" was her reply. She went on to explain that after that, she'd been quite busy with a couple of important cases, and since then simply couldn't be bothered to do anything about meeting guys.

"You could have called me" I suggested

"Oh, I did think about doing that, several times, but I just felt so bad about the way things ended between us, and I was worried you'd not want to talk to me. Maybe wouldn't even answer my call. It was Janice who said I should call you, that you'd probably be ok with getting a call from me".

Oh, Amanda, why didn't you call me a couple of days ago? Before I'd met Abbie! Things would have been so very simple even just 3 days ago. Maybe I should have told Amanda about Abbie at that point, but I decided not to. After all, this was just an evening with Amanda.

Finally, we finished our deserts and coffees, and Amanda went to the toilet to brush her teeth. Oh, the irony of it: it used to be ME going to clean MY (fake) braces, but I was now wearing retainers, while Amanda had (real) braces. As as we left the restaurant, which was actually out of suburbia, and in a rather nice village, Amanda kissed me in the car park. I was now in a slight quandary: I was actually getting to like Abbie, but then again, I probably had ten times as many feelings for Amanda.

"About that 6 hour contract..." she said, kissing me again. "Would you be interested in extending it to maybe 24 hours?"

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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What a wonderful turn of events! And a bit stressful too, for Danny at least.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 60


When I woke up the following morning, I could feel an arm across me. Amanda's arm. As I opened my eyes, I could see that Amanda's eyes were already open, and she was looking at me. I could also see that Amanda was still wearing her headgear: a lovely metal facebow that was positioned between her lips, and a blue cervical strap around her neck, the sort with a force-module on each side.

"I've really missed you, you know" she said. "I've missed having you to cuddle up to. I've missed waking up with you next to me! I've missed spending my evenings with you. I've missed playing braces with you!"

"I've missed you too" I replied. Our heads moved closer together, and our lips met. Our tongues played with each other, and I ran my tongue over her facebow, and then the braces on her top teeth. The REAL headgear, and the REAL braces on her top teeth. I was so jealous that Amanda had REAL braces and REAL headgear!

"So, tell me all about your braces.... your REAL braces.... I want all the gory details about your ortho visits...."

"Ok, so I started looking online, and tried to see what places were fairly local and getting good reviews, and found Green Street Orthodontics. Once I finally plucked up the courage to do something, I called them, and got an appointment the next day: it's probably just as well they could see me so quickly, I might have bottled out if I'd had to wait. The outside was just a normal semi-detached house, but inside it was so nice: not only bright and clean, but nice big comfy chairs in the waiting room. Mind you, didn't make me any less nervous"

"You were actually nervous?"

"Absolutely! Although when I met him - Dr Banaie - I calmed down. He's originally from Sweden, but speaks lovely English. I was so worried about what I was going to tell him. I think initially he was a bit worried, but once I explained things, and I showed him my 'costume braces', he was so ok about things, and took me quite seriously. So I sat in his treatment chair, and he examined me in detailed, and once he'd taken x-rays of my jaws, the problem was so obvious: my wisdom teeth were starting to move my teeth. So obviously, I'd need to get the wisdom teeth removed, and then I could get braces to move my teeth back again. My only worry was what braces he'd give me - I mean, no way would I want clear aligners! He suggested that I have brackets, and asked if I knew what 'headgear' was. That was difficult, because I couldn't just say 'yes please, gimme gimme....' could I? So I said that I knew about headgear, a friend had it when we were teens, and that if he felt I needed headgear for my treatment, then I'd wear it as needed. What I'd forgotten at that point was, of course, that my fakes had headgear tubes on!"

"Oh, nice. What about getting the bigger brackets"

"That was actually something he suggested. 'I see the brackets on your costume braces are quite large... our normal brackets are smaller (and he showed me some tiny ones), but if you'd prefer slightly larger brackets, that isn't a problem. Needless to say, I liked his idea!"

"So you didn't get a second opinion?"

"I know, I guess I should have got a second opinion, but I felt good about him, so decided not to waste my time or energy, and just go with him, so we filled in the forms, and he took pictures of my teeth, and scanned my mouth and all that sort of stuff. Tell you what, the scanner he used was really cool, about the size of an electric toothbrush, with a wire coming out of it. It was ten times better than getting impressions taken! Then he booked me in for a couple of days later, with a colleague, to get my wisdom teeth out: the good news is that they came out very easily. "

"Before I left, he fitted me with spacers. Unfortunately, I hadn't really expected to get things started so quickly, ao I hadn't taken any pain killers... shit, those things hurt! I mean, not straight away, but by the time I got home, I was in pain, and of course, it took a bit for the painkillers to kick in. After that, I made sure I was dosed up, both for the extractions, and for the braces fitting."

"How did you feel coming out the ortho's then?"

"Oh, wow, I felt so good... the pain from the spacers hadn't kicked in, and I was about to get braces - REAL braces!! "So, 2 days later, I got my extractions done, and picked up my formal treatment plan while I was there. Three days later I was back to get my braces."

"Ah, good" I said, "we're getting to the more interesting bit...."

"You're really enjoying this, aren't you?" she said

"Of course I am.... and you're having just as much fun actually telling me! So, do go on..."

"Anyway... the first thing he did was to remove my spacers: a couple had already fallen out, and he said I had plenty of space to fit my molar bands. I think getting the bands fitted was the hardest bit, they have to be large enough to fit, but not too large, so he was trying them in, taking them off, adjusting them, and trying them again. Seemed to take ages to get them right. So yeah, once they were all ok, he did the etching of ALL my teeth, then he he glued the 4 bands into place."

"UV activated glue, I'm guessing?"

"Yeah, that's right. Then it was the brackets: getting them fitted was, by comparison, easy. My teeth were already etched, so it was just a matter of him putting glue on the tooth, add bracket, shine light... repeat loads of time. Fitting the archwires was pretty straight-forward... my teeth were pretty much lined up ok, so there wasn't a huge amount of pressure on my teeth. He was really quick at putting on the ligatures."

"So what colour did you start with then?"

"I went with that sort of neutral clear colour, didn't want to be too obvious, given what I do."

"And what was it like the first time you saw your braces"

"Not all that exciting, to be honest, I'd already seen my teeth with my fakes on, and it wasn't THAT different, although there WAS the added bonus that these are REAL braces. Of course, that wasn't the end of it..."

"Ah, yes, your headgear!" I said, running my finger along the silver facebow that was currently between her lovely lips. And I bet that wasn't all that exciting either, as you already had some headgear".

"Well, you say that, but with the fakes, the pressure from the facebow goes into the whole appliance, so it's spread over all your teeth. With real braces, the pressure is directly on your teeth, so I guess you only have two molars - the front and the rear molars - taking the pressure."

"Ah, so it hurt a bit?"

"Not so much when he was fitting it, I'd made sure I was maxed on pain-killers, but when I put it in again a couple of hours later at home, yeah, I could feel it!"

"Sounds like you quite enjoyed the experience of getting braces then?"

"A bit of yes, and a bit of no. Yes, it was a fun experience, but the no is all the long boring bits, lying there as he fitted the brackets"

"So, I'm guessing you've had another visit since... you don't hove the boring ligs any more..."

"No, I had a look online, and decided to get these blue ones. What do you think?"

"It suits you actually!"

It was so good being with Amanda, talking about braces like we used to, both enjoying the experience, feeling so relaxed in each other's company. We kissed an cuddled for a few minutes.

"I have a crazy idea..." said Amanda

"Oh yeah, what's that?"

"Well, three months ago, when we ended our contract, I made a very big mistake. That 30 days with Gerald was another big mistake. Ok, so we were going through a bit of a bad patch, but maybe we just needed another short break from each other, before continuing on together, like we did before... so I was wondering: how would you like to extend this 24 hour contract to a 30 day one?"

Oh dear, I needed to make a big decision: did I want to go out with Amanda again? I guess there was really no doubt in my mind what my answer would be, but that would leave one slight 'loose end'.

"Amanda, before I answer you, there's something I need to tell you. A few days ago, I met a girl through a dating app"

"And is it serious?"

"Well..... not yet....  but I was hoping it might get serious. We've had lunch in the park a couple of times, and we went out for dinner the other night, and I was thinking about asking her to be my girlfriend. She's actually very nice, but the real problem is with who she is....."

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Very nicely done. I like how you handled explaining the way that she got the braces.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Awesome job! It will be interesting to see what happens next!

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 61

Amanda or Abbie??

"Ok, so who is she then?"

"I believe you know a girl in her early 20s called Abbie Kilburn? She works at Kings Square Chambers, and certainly knows you!"

"Ah..." said Amanda, "that COULD be awkward for you! Well, for BOTH of us, actually..."

"So, what should I do about Abbie? If we're going to get together again, I need to tell her. I'm supposed to be meeting her for lunch again today, in the park."

"Tell you what, lets have some breakfast, and we can think while we eat...". We got out of bed, Amanda took off her headgear, then we went out to the kitchen, where Amanda made coffee, and I grabbed some cereals.

"I have an idea" suggested Amanda about 10 minutes later. "Meet Abbie in the park, and explain things. Also explain that you're worried that, if she says anything untoward at work about any of this, it could affect her - it certainly won't affect me, you can be sure of that! And to help things along, she needs to meet the real Amanda, not the lawyer Amanda, so if I turn up maybe 10 minutes later, we can all chat"

"Yeah, ok, that might work..."

So, on the way to the park, I got 3 lots of sandwiches and drinks, and as I walked to the park, I sent a simple text to Janice.. it just said 'Thank you xxx'. Minutes later, at 12:40, I met Abbie as arranged, at the entrance to the park.

"Hi!" I said, making a point of giving Abbie a simple kiss on her cheek. "There's something I need to talk to you about" I continued, as we walked into the park, and found a place to sit.

"So, what is it you need to tell me?", she asked, starting to open the paper bag that contained her sandwich.

"This is kinda difficult for me" I explained to Abbie, "as I was getting to rather like you. So.... after lunch yesterday, I had decided that I was going to ask you today if you'd be my girlfriend..."

"I get a feeling you're about to say 'but...'"

"But I can't. Yesterday afternoon I had a phone call from someone, who invited me out to dinner. I did feel a little bit guilty about accepting, but we aren't actually going out together yet, are we?"

"Yes, true... go on...."

"It ended up being a bit more than dinner, I'm afraid... I went back to her place. And we slept together". From the look on her face, I could see that Abbie was probably both annoyed and upset. "Hear me out, it's important..." I said. "this morning she asked if I would go out with her again...". The look on Abbie's face turned to shock, as she realised EXACTLY what I just said.

"It's Amanda, isn't it? The bitch lawyer! So I guess you said 'yes' to her?"

"Actually, I haven't given her an answer yet. But we're both worried about you...."

"Worried about me? Why would SHE be worried about ME?"

"Actually, when I told her about us, it was one of the first things she said: Amanda out of work is VERY different from Amanda the lawyer... and I've seen her at work. What we're worried about is... how do I put this? I guess the worst case is that, probably accidentally, you say something at work about Amanda that you later regret... whatever you said would affect YOU much more than HER, if only because she's much more senior than you. Pretty shit I know, but that seems to be the way the world works for those of us further down the food chain."

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see that Amanda was approaching us, but because Abbie was looking at me, she hadn't seen her.

"So, I'd like you to meet Amanda outside of work, maybe get to know her a little, discover another side of her..." I look up at Amanda, who was now a couple of feet behind Abbie. "Oh, hello bitch lawyer!" I said to her with a big smile. "I think you know Abbie....". Amanda laughed at my welcome.

"Hello Abbie. What do I say? I'm sorry? Up until yesterday lunchtime, I had absolutely no plans to call Danny, or even ask him out to dinner. It was only when I - purely by chance - met Danny's friend, Janice, at lunchtime, when she suggested I should call him, that the idea came up. I'll admit that I've thought about calling Danny several times, but was always too scared to actually do anything. Until yesterday that is. And it was only this morning, when I asked him if he'd go out with me again, that he mentioned he had met you. And that he was worried about how to tell you."

"Abbie, I hardly know you" continued Amanda. "I have no axe to grind with you, but I'm just worried you might resent me for what has just happened, and I really don't want that. Plus it might affect things in the office. So I'm wondering if maybe you'd like to get to know me a bit, as a person, rather than someone you know at work."

"You ok, Abbie?" I asked, as she hadn't actually said anything yet.

"It's a lot to take in so quickly. Yeah, Danny, I was starting to like you too, even though we've only met a few times, and yes, I'd have liked to have been your girlfriend.... but don't worry, I don't intend to stir things at work... well, not intentionally at least".

"Thanks, Abbie. But I meant what I said about getting to know me." Amanda sat on the bench, in the space next to Abbie. "I hope you remembered to get me some lunch....." she said to me.

"Oh, yes, here you go..." I passed over the bottle of drink and the paper bag, which Amanda opened, and she started to eat her sandwich. "So what I want to know is what's with the 'bitch lawyer' thing?" I asked.

Amanda smiled again, revealing the lovely set of metal braces on her teeth, with the blue ligatures. Even Abbie took a look at them.

"Yeah, not heard that for a while, maybe people are just better at saying it out of my earshot! So, yeah, when I started at Kings Square, I was only... what... 23? So a couple of years before Abbie joined us, I guess. I knew I had what it would take to be a good lawyer, I just had to make sure it happened.... and of course, even in these better days, it's harder as a woman. So I was pretty pushy. Sometimes rather abrupt with the chambers staff when something went wrong or wasn't done on time. I justified it to myself by saying I needed things done so I was prepared when meeting clients or going to court. But I'd like to think that was in the past, that I'm rather more mature now, and less of the bitch. So, tell me Abbie - and we're not at work now, so do speak freely - am I still that 'bitch lawyer'?"

Abbie was actually smiling at what Amanda had just said. "I think it only gets used in jest these days, on the odd occasion you are being pushy with us. These days I think most people have a lot of respect for you, especially the female staff, you seem to have done well for yourself"

"Thanks for that, Abbie, it's appreciated. It's taken a lot of work to get to where I am, but the staff at chambers are actually very good. So, Abbie, how did you come to end up working at Kings Square?"

Abbie explained that she had taken law as an A-level, but had gone on to study admin and management, and had found the job almost by chance. "It's hard work at times, but it's generally a pretty good place to work." We continued chatting... Abbie seemed pretty relaxed as she started to know the 'not in work' Amanda. "Hey, Danny.... earlier on, didn't you say you'd not actually told Amanda if you'd go out with her again?"

Before I could say anything, Amanda put down the sandwich she had nearly finished eating, came in front of me, and went down on her knee, and took my hand. "Danny, will you be my boyfriend again? Please? I promise to never be a bitch to you!".

I smiled. "Abbie, you ok with this?". She nodded. "In that case, yes, I'd love you to be my girlfriend. 30 days?"

"30 days sound good to me" replied Amanda.

Abbie looked very confused. "30 days? What's that about?". I explained about our contracts. "It has actually made things between us work very well. Even when we split up, it made things easier... I don't think we'd be here today if we'd just had a more normal 'things just go down the pan at the end' sort of relationship".

By now, Amanda had sat back down again, and was just eating the last bit of her sandwich. She opened her bag, and got something out.

"Danny, I think you'll be wanting these again...", and she passed over her keys and the credit card to me. "You know, I think you should use both of these this evening"

"What do you mean?"

"Take the car, and take Abbie out for a nice meal this evening. I think you two still have things to talk about, without me. I can get a cab home. Go as cheap or expensive as you like, my treat!"

"Why, thank you, Amanda!" I replied. "What do you think, Abbie? Would you like to go out with me one last time?"

"I'd like that, yes... thank you Amanda. You know, there's that nice place in the centre of London, only a couple of thousand pounds a head, we could go there!" joked Abbie.

"You're VERY welcome to try, but I doubt you'd get a table at such short notice!" said Amanda. "Last time I tried, there was something like a 4 week waiting list! But it WAS good!"

We all talked for a bit longer, until it was time to get back to work.

"Are we ok, Abbie?" Amanda asked her

"I think so! It's actually been nice to get to know you out of work."

"Hey, thinking about work.... if there's anything you need to talk about, anything you need help with, feel free to ask me. In fact, I bet some of the lady members of staff have a few niggles that they can't bring up with the senior male members of chambers, maybe I can help out?"

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Great, and very complicated.
It makes me think I might have missed a lot more than just having braces when I was around that age and leading a very simple life!!

A new post form Sparky is always the first thing I look for. It must be time to start thinking about making this a published novel!

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Great, and very complicated.

Oh, I'm sure it might get a bit more complicated before too long!


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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Lots of twists and turns in these last few chapters. Very enjoyable. Thanks!!!!

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 62

An evening with Abbie

I arranged to meet Abbie after work in the car park at chambers: it seemed sensible to not be over-obvious about things. I was sat in the Tesla, door open, when Abbie came out. I got out the car.

"Hi Abbie!"

"Hi Dannie. That's a nice car, I never realised it was Amanda's. She must trust you, to lend you her car"

"Yeah, she's good like that. So, I booked us at a nice place that Amanda once took me, I think you'll like it." We both got into the car, and I drove us to the restaurant.

"Wow, how strange, the car's so quiet" commented Abbie

"Yes, it is, I remember that the first time Amanda drove me in it!". In terms of driving, it was a joy to drive: if you needed it, there was a lot of power, allowing you to pull away quite quickly, otherwise it was very smooth. So, as I had a passenger, I drove more gently.

The restaurant wasn't too busy tonight, so the service was good... and so was the food.

"It makes a pleasant change to going to the kebab place, doesn't it?" I joked as I removed my retainers, and put them into my retainer case, which I slipped back into my pocket

"True! For me a place like this is for special occasions... no doubt Amanda comes to places like this regularly"

"Not as regularly as you might think, she quite enjoys eating food at home. I mean, it's nice coming out to a place like this, but the food can be quite rich, and is good for putting on weight!"

I had started with a soup, Abbie had a prawn cocktail. For the main course, I had a lovely chicken and leek pie, Abbie had a sort of casserole, and we finished off with ice creams. And a glass of wine each to go with it. After finishing, I slipped into the the loo, to do the obvious, plus rinse my mouth and retainers, then returned to the restaurant, where I paid our bill.

"Dare I ask how much that lot cost?" she asked

"You really don't want to know!" I replied, then quickly showed her the bill.

"Oh... wow!"

"Don't worry, this is quite cheap compared to some of the places Amanda has to go to!"

We walked together out to the car park, and got in the car, and looked at each other. "You look like you're thinking whether you should kiss me..." I commented

"Yeah, I am, but I'm also thinking that you're going out with Amanda now"

"Not tonight I'm not, I've been out with you"

"In that case, can I?" she asked me. I put my lips onto her soft lips. I briefly touched her lips with my tongue, but pulled it back again. I could feel her tongue against my lips, slowly pushing between my lips, and finally touching my teeth, and the wire of my retainer. I could feel her tongue running softly over my top teeth, and then my bottom teeth, feeling both my teeth and my labial wires.. I suddenly remembered something she said the first time she kissed me: 'You know, I've never actually kissed a guy with braces before....'. Hmm, I wonder... I opened my teeth a bit, inviting her tongue between them. She took up my invitation, and slowly pushed her tongue between my teeth, arching up to feel the smooth plastic plate of my retainer. As her tongue touched the plastic, I could hear a soft moan, then, as she realised I was ok with what she was doing, I felt her tongue push in further, feeling more of the plate of my top retainer. After several seconds, she pulled her tongue back a little, moving it down, to try and feel the plastic of my lower retainer. There was no question that she was enjoying every moment of this kiss, so I let it continue. Once again, she moved her tongue to the roof of my mouth, feeling my upper plate again. Then she ran her teeth over where the labial wire comes out of the plastic, between my canine and first pre-molar, and around the front, tracing the wire across the front of my teeth, until she got to the other side. The kiss continued for another couple of minutes, and then finally our lips parted.

"When you first kissed me, a couple of nights ago, you said something about you'd never kissed a guy with braces. So how was it?"

"It was very nice and..... I'm now feeling very embarrassed."


"Well, because..... ummm....."

"Because you think you're the only person in the world that has a very strange attraction to braces, and guys in braces?"

"Yeah... something like that... Oh, god, this is so awkward..."

"There's no need to feel like that. You're NOT the only one. There's a surprisingly large number of us that have a thing for braces." I explained. She looked a bit confused. "I also find braces very attractive. On others, plus these retainers I'm wearing, they're not real braces"

"I thought it was just me that had strange feelings about braces."

"Have you never typed 'braces fetish' into Google to see what comes up?"


"Well maybe you should. You might be pleasantly surprised by what you found. Would you like to see my retainers? It's ok, don't feel embarrassed". I opened my mouth, so she could see the retainers in my mouth. Then I put my fingers up to my mouth, and took them out, putting them into my hand, which I held out for Abbie to see. "Touch them, hold them if you like...". She gingerly put her hand out, and took my top retainer from my hand.

"But this looks just like a real retainer"

"That's because it IS a real retainer. It just wasn't given to me by an orthodontist. I got it while I was over in Asia"

"It's lovely. You know, I never realised that there were other people around that felt like this about braces"

I thought for a moment about what I was going to say next, but decided that it might actually help the relationship between Abbie and Amanda, by empowering Abbie slightly. "I want to tell you something, but for rather obvious reasons, you can't tell anyone else about it. Can you promise me you won't say anything?". Abbie nodded. "Well, Amanda has as big a braces fetish as me....".

The expression on Abbie's face was amazing: her mouth was wide open as she realised the implications of what I'd just told her. "So.... her braces aren't real either?"

"Well, the ones she has NOW are real, but like me, she has quite a collection of fake braces"

"You have MORE braces?"

"Yes, I do..... and before I go any further, I need to do something.....". Abbie looked a little confused as I took out my phone. I was texting Amanda. Wow, this was going to be awkward, but I was hoping she would understand.

'Amanda. My darling. I love you! I love you loads! But I need a BIG BIG favour. Please trust me, but I need a 'hall pass' for tonight. I will tell all tomorrow, and I'm 200% sure you'll approve of why. Please?', and I added a load of hearts.

I got a reply back 30 seconds later. "Yes... of course I trust you. Have fun!" and a load more hearts.. I smiled widely.

"What was that about then?"

"Erm, how do I put this? I have permission to ask you back to my place, to show you my collection of braces. Would you like to see them?". Abbie was clearly both surprised and shocked.

"You just asked Amanda for permission to take me back to your place, and she actually agreed?". I showed her my phone.

"Amanda is quite an amazing person." I said, "And amazingly trusting. So, do you want to take that step? But be aware that there's no going back once you jump into the rabbit hole..."

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 63

Abbie definitely likes braces!

"It's not much, but it's home" I explained as we walked into my flat. "Coffee? Or would you prefer tea? Or maybe something stronger?"

"Coffee would be fine thanks". She sounded a little nervous, but she joined me in the kitchen area as I made the coffee. "This feels... well, a bit weird".

"Yes, it does, doesn't it. Ok, try this.... it might be hard, but just imagine Amanda never happened today. Imagine we had lunch together, and that I asked you to be my girlfriend. That we went out for a meal tonight to celebrate. That we kissed in the car, and that I discovered that you, like me, are a complete weirdo, and have a thing for all things braces". She giggled. As I waited for the kettle to boil, I went to her, put my arms around her, gently pulling her in to me, and put my lips on hers, and kissed her. "Hey, I want to do this. I think you do too, and Amanda is ok with it too. You can always say 'no' at any time, and I'll take you home any time, if you want, no questions asked. Ok?".


"So, how do you like it?" I asked, my arms still around her, and my face just inches from hers


"You women have worse minds than us men! Coffee! How do you like your coffee?". That bit of fun seemed to relax Abbie a bit.

"Oh, yeah, ummm, white no sugar please..." she replied, smiling. I put some coffee into the filter, which I placed on the jug, and poured the boiling water into it.

"So, where are all these braces then?" she asked.

"Most of them should be in a small plastic crate, which is.....". I looked over to the lounge area, but didn't see it. "Which is not in here, so I'm guessing its in the bedroom. Let me get it while we wait for the coffee...."

I had hidden my braces box in a quiet corner of my bedroom, so that any 'visitors' wouldn't start asking awkward questions. I grabbed it, and brought it into the lounge, then went back to check on the coffee: the water had finally drained out of the filter, so I was able to pour our coffees.

"My goodness, it's big" she said, as I took the lid off the box.

"Yeah, lot's of girls have commented about that... and this plastic box isn't tiny either!" I said with a big smile. "So let me explain: a few months ago, I went to Asia on business, and while I was there, I visited two braces shops. I'm still in touch with Mei, who makes the braces at one of them - she made a load of these, plus all of Amanda's. When I came back to London, I decided that 'I was going to get braces', by which I mean that I started wearing some fake brackets, as if for real... Then I met Amanda, who quickly spotted that my braces were fakes, because she's as much a braces weirdo as I am. But when we split up, and I started meeting other girls, the fake brackets became a bit of an issue, so 'my treatment' finished, and I started wearing these retainers a few weeks ago. So let's start by showing you the brackets I used to wear."

I got out the 3 lots of fake brackets. "These were the first ones I wore, but as you can see, they broke after a couple of months, so I started wearing these, my backup-set". I passed the two lots fake brackets over to Abbie to look at, while I removed my retainers, and put my latest 'spares' into my mouth. Abbie had a massive smile on her face as she looked at the braces that she now had in her hands, then saw me smiling with the other pair in.

"Wow, they really DO look convincing...."

"For most people, yes, but there's a couple of give-aways.... the plates, of course, are one, the other is these wires behind the canines, that hold the archwire steady. Of course, it's no use having braces if you don't also have some headgear...", and with that, I pulled out the various facebows, Interlandi / high-pull / cervical headgears, plus my facemasks. I picked up one of the facebows, which I knew fitted my upper braces, and slipped it into place, then put an Interladi on my head, connecting the elastics to the facebow.

Abbie's eyes were almost popping out as she looked at me.

Over the next hour, I showed her my plate for my facemask, my herbst with tongue crib (which suddenly started me thinking about Daisy!), and finally, my twin blocks. Of course, she'd already seen my retainers. Needless to say, there was a lot of touching of the braces, both when they were in my mouth and when they were in Abbie's hands. And kissing too, definitely a lot of kissing.....

She tried a couple of the braces in her mouth, but of course they didn't fit - it didn't stop her enjoying trying though. She was also able to try the headgear and the facemasks.

She really liked the twin-blocks though, for the same reasons that I did: there was a LOT of plastic in my mouth, and it gave me quite a lisp. So, with my twin-blocks in my mouth, and headgear around my head, we started kissing once again. And touching... not just of the braces, but also of each others bodies... and Abbie certainly had a nice one.

At some point we moved into the bedroom, where we carried out some more strenuous exercises, and then finally fell asleep...

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Great "hall pass"

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 64

Wakey wakey!

"Good morning, sleepy heads!" said Amanda cheerfully. I was still in bed with Abbie cuddled up to me, about half awake, and Amanda had just let herself in with the key I'd left for her on reception last night, and had come into the bedroom. "Why don't I go and make us all a coffee?".

"Shit, what's Amanda doing here?" asked Abbie.

"Making uth all thome coffee, by the thound of it...". I was wearing my twin blocks, and was having problems speaking clearly.


"Don't worry - if she had an ithue with you being in bed with me, then I guarantee you would have known about it!".

Amanda came back into the bedroom, knelt by the bed, then leaned over and kissed me, in full view of Abbie: it was quite clear that she was 'marking her territory'. "Mmm, you got your twin blocks in.... nice! Shame about the braces breath though! So, from what I just saw in the living room, you've been showing Abbie your collection. Come on, I want all the gory details!"

I rolled back in the bed, and put my arm around Abbie, to help her understand that everything was ok. Well, I hoped it was ok.

"Well, my darling Amanda, as you know, this is Abbie, and she has a dark secret, an affliction. It's the same affliction that you and I suffer from. An affliction for which there seems to be no real cure" I explained.

"Oh, Abbie, you poor thing, you have my sympathies...." replied Amanda. "He's right you know, there's no know cure for it! It's kinda like drugs, once you've done it once, you can't stop! Ok, so I'm intrigued... what were you two doing when you messaged me last night? Abbie, I think you should tell me... and don't spare any details!"

"Well..." started Abbie, sounding very embarrassed and awkward. "I think I'd just kissed Danny.."

"A proper kiss I hope, with tongues.."

"Erm, yes...."

"Of course, Danny would have had his retainers in.... your first time kissing a guy with braces? I bet you enjoyed it!"

"Yes... and very much yes. It was pretty spectacular, just thinking about it again now is.... oh, maybe I shouldn't say that.". But it made Amanda smile.

"So, Danny, how did you work out she had 'an affliction'?"

"Well, the other day, when she first gave me a simple kiss, she said something like 'I've never kissed a guy with braces before', and the way she started kissing me, and moaning as she kissed me, made it pretty clear to me that maybe she was afflicted...."

Amanda looked over at Abbie. "That first kiss with a guy in braces is something quite special, isn't it? Remember it, savour it, because no other kiss with braces will ever be quite as good. I can still remember the first time I kissed Danny - he was wearing his fake brackets..". Amanda closed her eyes. "It was the first time I'd felt lovely metal brackets in a guy's mouth. The first time I felt that lovely smooth plastic on the inside of his mouth. I don't think Danny quite realised what had hit him that night! So, did you like Danny's collection? They are quite something, aren't they?"

"Yes, it was a bit overwhelming to be honest"

"Did he tell you that I have a similar collection. I'm every way as much afflicted as he is!"

"Yes, he did, but I'm a bit confused. He said that the braces you have now... they are real braces. What happened"

"Yes, such irony! After I split up with Danny - so about 3 months ago - the guy I went out with for nearly 4 ... long .... weeks..... yeah, he didn't show any indications of liking braces, so I stopped wearing them. When I tried them back in again, a few weeks ago, they didn't fit: my teeth had moved. It seems that my un-erupted wisdom teeth, which had been behaving up until then, decided to move my teeth! So I had to go see an actual orthodontist! Who gave me REAL braces! Oh, yeah, I get to wear a real headgear too! I can't describe the pleasure I got from getting these braces fitted, it was good! The only downside was not having someone to share with."

"Hey" Amanda continued, "The coffee should be ready by now. Why don't you two get covered up, and come out into the lounge, and we can talk some more. How do you like your coffee, Abbie?".

"White please, no sugar" she replied. Amanda then disappeared off to the kitchen.

"She's really ok with what happened between us last night, isn't she?" said Abbie

"Yeah. What you maybe don't realise is that she was probably getting off on us talking about last night as much as we did last night! Here, take this and put it on.." I passed her over my old dressing gown, while I put on my newer one - one that Amanda had actually bought for me. Amanda had brought the coffees into the lounge, and sat on the settee, next to Abbie. She turned and looked at Abbie, and smiled. Abbie, of course, took the opportunity to look at Amanda's braces.

"Do you like what you see?" asked Amanda softly. "These are real braces of course. So no plate. No lisp."

"Apart from Danny's, which aren't real, I've never actually seen braces this close before". Amanda took Abbie's hand, and gently pulled it towards her mouth. "Touch them....". Amanda released Abbie's hand, and Abbie used her forefinger to touch Amandas braces, gently running it over her medium-sized brackets. I had a feeling that this was probably doing things to both girls. Abbie removed her finger from Amanda's braces, and they looked at each other. The next thing that happened was that Amanda leaned in towards Abbie.

"Kiss me, feel my braces with your tongue" said Amanda. I watched, amazed, as Abbie kissed Amanda, running her tongue over her braces. I could hear moaning from both girls. The next thing I saw was Amanda running her fingers through Abbie's hair, holding Abbie's head to hers.

"Abbie" said Amanda several minutes later, "you kiss very nicely, very sexily...."

"Erm, excuse me, but what did I just see?"

"Two girls both probably having one of the best kisses in their lives?" suggested Amanda. She got up, and came and sat astride my lap. "I'm so sorry, my darling, are you feeling a bit left out?" and she put her lips to mine, and gave me one hell of a sexy kiss. As we kissed, I could smell Amanda's sexy aromas, and I suspect she could also smell Abbie's natural aromas on me.

"Umm, will you excuse us for a few minutes, Abbie... play with Danny's braces, drink coffee, or something....". Amanda dragged me into the bedroom, pushed me quite forcibly onto the bed, then got on top of me, and proceeded to xxxx xx xxxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxx xx xx!

No more than five minutes later, we returned to the lounge. Abbie had clearly been looking at my braces, and it wouldn't surprise me if she had actually tried putting some in her mouth again, and then xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxxx.

"If you had asked me on Thursday what I thought would happen to me in the next 48 hours, I think I would have been quite wrong." said Amanda "In fact, if you had asked me only 24 hours ago, I would have been just as wrong! Abbie, I have a serious question for you: are you ok with what's gone on yesterday and today?"

"Yes, I think so"

"More importantly, are you and I ok? I'm thinking about Monday morning, at work."

"Strangely, I think we are MORE than ok. Amanda, you are actually quite an amazing person. I can see that you love Danny deeply, that you trust him a lot, and that, out of work, you clearly like to enjoy life. And all of that within less than 2 days of you two getting back together again! Yeah, we're good!" replied Abbie, nodding.

"So what do we want to do today? Clearly breakfast. Then I bet you two might enjoy having a shower together. Then we need to get Abbie home, so she can get into some sensible clothes. Abbie, would you like to have lunch with me and my boyfriend?". Oooh, clearly setting boundaries again!
"You sure?"

"Of course"

"Ok, yeah, that would be nice"

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Wow - really complicated! But amazing!

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 65

Mike and Janice?

So, I was back with Amanda once more, and life felt 'right' once more! I think I need to remind you that Amanda is no 'ordinary' woman, she's incredibly intelligent, incredibly attractive, full of love and emotion, gets on well with other people, and enjoys having fun (without tiring me out, like Daisy did!).

So, we've been back together for just over a week, and I had agreed to meet Amanda at chambers after work. As I walked into reception, I saw Mike.

"Hey, Mike, nice to see you!"

"Oh, Danny, good to see you too, and great that you and Amanda are back together again! Hey, Danny, do you have a moment?"

"Sure, go ahead"

"Let's just pop in here..." he said, leading me into the meeting room next to reception, and closing the door. "It's about Janice.."

"Let me guess, you made a big mistake, you still have feelings for her, would like to go out with her again, and want to know if she might still have feelings for you, despite the fact that you split up with her? And you're not sure what to do...."

"Um.... yes.... exactly that!"

"In that case, I think you need some professional advice... come with me". I led Mike out of the meeting room, up the stairs, and into Amanda's office.

"Hello Danny... oh, hi there, Mike, why you here?" said Amanda

"He's in need of your professional advice!" I said

"My professional advice? It doesn't come cheap, you know" said Amanda, smiling

"Yeah! You see, there's this girl he used to go out with, that he split up with, but he now regrets what he did, and would like to maybe go out with her again, but isn't really sure what to do"

"Ah, yes, that sounds to be a very familiar story! Yes, Mike, you've definitely come to the right place! So, you'd like to try and get back with Janice then?"

"Yes, I really would, but I'm a bit scared to call her..."

"Yup, been there, done that, I think I even got the matching T-shirt! Of course, the big question is whether SHE still likes you, and wants to give it another go. If only we knew someone who had some relevant and pertinent information... Oh, Danny!! What can you tell us?"

I smiled. "I think she'd love to get a call from Mike!"

"Ok" said Mike, "but I have no idea what to say to her"

"Well, I think Amanda is probably better placed to answer that one than me..." I said, "after all, that's why I brought you up here!"

"So... You need to make it clear that it was you who screwed up... tell her you're VERY sorry about what happened. You made a big mistake, a stupid mistake, and have regretted it ever since. It's essential you actually say that word, 'sorry'. Of course, you have no idea how you could ever make it up to her, but maybe you could start by taking her out for a drink tonight, or even dinner" suggested Amanda.

"You don't need to take her anywhere expensive, just make it somewhere nice, somewhere that she'll feel comfortable" I added.

"You think that will work?" asked Mike.

"Well, it worked when Amanda tried it with me, so what you got to lose? The worst that will happen is that she hangs up on you, but I doubt she'll do that. Go on, go make the call! Now!"

"Yeah?" he asked

"Yeah, definitely!" I replied

"Thanks guys" he said as he left the room.

Five minutes later I got a text from Janice. It simply said "Thanks xxx".

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Wow, awesome two chapters!

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 66

Will you?

It's three and a half weeks since Amanda and I got back together again. Three and a bit weeks of fun, of joy, of laughter, and of braces (of course)!

Not only does she have beautiful, larger-than-average brackets on her lovely teeth, she wears headgear in the evenings, and in bed. Amanda has told me that she is enjoying wearing her - real - braces so much more, now that she has someone to share them with. And I'm very happy to share them, of course!

It's interesting how different they feel to when she wore her fakes: I love the feel of the plastic plate of a set of fakes, especially when it's in someone else's mouth, so that's a big plus for the fakes. But you always know, in the back of your mind, that they ARE fakes. There is something special about kissing someone who has REAL braces. A feeling of authenticity. That these braces are actually DOING something to their teeth, rather than just pretending to. Perhaps even a bit of a perverse feeling that you know that, at times, the person with the braces will feel pain, possibly quite a bit of pain. Amanda told me that, the first night she wore her headgear to bed, even though she had taken painkillers, she still experienced a certain amount of pain, but she said it was a strangely positive feeling, because she knew that it meant her teeth were starting to move.

The braces that I wear when we are together at her place or my place varies: sometimes I don't wear any, sometimes it's my 'normal' retainers, other times its my twin-blocks, either with or without headgear, and occasionally my brackets.

So, over the last 3 weeks, I've had a good social life, without the stress I had in the weeks before. Hmm, maybe I should take Amanda to the pub quiz sometime, and let her meet Daisy! If nothing else, I'm sure she'd like to see Daisy's braces: if nothing else, Daisy DID have a nice mouthful of metal!

Our 4 week contract is nearly up, so it's time for us to decide what to do next. Things have been really good between Amanda and myself, from the moment we re-started going out. I very quickly decided that, from my perspective, I wanted to extend our 'contract', so I decided to 'plan a few things, which will become aparent in a moment.

So, tonight I left work early, and got myself a taxi to Amanda's place, and started to prepare us something a little special for dinner: I'd picked up some nice steak (we both like steak) and some fresh vegetables. Amanda had called to let me know that, whilst she had needed to work a bit late, she'd be leaving in 10 or 15 minutes. She was true to her word, and was home about 30 minutes later, by which time the grill was hot, and the steak ready to cook. The first thing she did was to find me, and give me a kiss, which, as ever, sent a pleasant chill down my spine as my tongue touched those braces of hers!

I opened a bottle of red wine, and poured us both a glass. "How was your day?" I asked her

"Very busy. I just seem to have a lot of cases happening at the same time, and I'm in court pretty much every day for the next 2 weeks, which will mean prepping in the evenings, I'm afraid"

"I can do what we did before if it helps... come around here and make dinner while you work. At least you'll get a bit of 'down time'.

"Yeah, that will be good..."

As we were chatting, the steak was cooking nicely, as were the vegetables. It wasn't long before we were sat at the table, eating the food. I had, as normal, removed my retainers, putting them on the table between us - not something I would do in any other company, but it was such fun to tease Amanda with them!

The steak turned out really well, and it was nice to be able to see bits of it, along with bits of the veg, still stuck in Amanda's braces when she smiled! For desert, we had some pineapple (another good food for getting stuck in braces!) and icecream... and, of course, another glass of wine.

"So, Danny, are you happy with us, and the way things are going?" Amanda asked as she finished the last bit of her desert. I looked across the table at her, into her loving eyes, and saw an amazing person.

"Absolutely..." I replied

"So you're ok for us to renew our contract for another 4 weeks? Or maybe we should be a bit bolder, and go for 3 months?"

"Actually, Amanda, I have another idea.....". I put my hand into my pocket, and pulled out a small box. "I was wondering if you might be interested in being very bold...". I opened the small box, revealing a delicate ring, and put it on the table in front of Amanda. There was no way I could ever afford the sort of jewellery that Amanda already had, so this ring didn't have any precious stones in it, instead, it had been custom made for me by an artisan jeweller, and contained a simple, but rather beautiful, red polished stone. Over the last week or so, I'd managed to find one of Amanda's rings, one that I'd seen her wear on the third finger of her right hand, and 'borrowed' it to get it measured, so I was hoping the ring would fit her perfectly. I just hoped that Amanda would like it. I looked up, and could see a huge smile on Amanda's face

"Would you be interested in signing up to a whole-of-life contract?" I asked her.

"Yes.... YES!!!" she replied without any hesitation. She took the ring from the box, and looked at it. "Danny, it's absolutely beautiful!" she said. She passed the ring back to me, then proceeded to take off the three rings that she was currently wearing, putting them on the table, then held up her left hand so I could put the ring on her finger. It fitted perfectly!

"Oh, Danny, I love you! I love you so much... and this is such a surprise, I was NOT expecting this! And the ring, it's lovely!". Amanda stood up, and came around to table to me, and  put her arms around me, and hugging me tightly, then kissed me. "So where DID you get it?".

"It was made by a small specialist jeweller I found online. You like it then?"

"Very much so, it's so simple, yet so elegant, and I do like the red.... I'm guessing it wasn't as expensive as some of my other rings, but that doesn't matter, this one is priceless to me! OMG, I'm gonna be Mrs Amanda Jones!! I've got to tell mum and dad....".

Amanda was clearly very happy! So was I... The next few days were days of telling everyone our news....

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Very nice to see this. So many ups and downs in this story. Well done!!!!

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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I was really enjoying going through the whole 'dating scene' with this guy and the interesting ladies he encountered.  Taken in combination with the original Asian Braces first series, this makes the 100th chapter!  Way to go!

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 67

At the ortho

One of the nice things about where I work is that we do flexible working hours, so if I need a couple of hours off, or just want to leave a bit early, I don't need to use my holiday. At the moment I am about 20 hours in credit, so I'm taking the afternoon off, and am walking down to Amanda's chambers, because she, Abbie and I are going to see her ortho.

Yes, I forgot to tell you all about this, didn't I? Ok, let's rewind a couple of weeks... Abbie had joined Amanda and myself at my place, for dinner, and to relax for the evening. We all enjoyed dinner, and we were sat in the lounge area, with our coffees.

"So, what do I need to do to get some fake braces from your place in Asia?" asked Abbie, "And how much is it going to cost me?"

"Well, first of all, you're going to need to get some models made of your teeth, so we can send them over to Mei. In terms of the cost, well, you've seen all my braces... I guess the total cost of that lot was well under £200. Ok, in your case, same as when Amanda got hers, there's shipping, but braces are pretty light, so that's not a lot." I replied

"Ok, so where do I get models of my teeth made then?"

"I got mine made when I was over in Asia, so that was easy. Amanda got her dentist to do hers"

"Right, but what did you tell him you wanted them for?"

"I just said I wanted to have some cosplay teeth made, but I've got a better idea for you..."

"What's that?" asked Abbie

"I've got my next ortho visit next week, for my regular check-up: you could come along with me, and he could get them done for you"

"You sure that will be ok?"

"I'll give him a call, and make sure there's enough time. But he knows about my fakes, and is very happy with their quality, so I can't see him freaking out if I ask him to make some models of your teeth"

"I'll need to come along too..." I commented. Amanda looked a bit confused

"Why? Ok, I know you would like to come to the ortho's as would anyone with a thing for braces, but why specifically?"

"Well, if I don't come along, how will our readers know what goes on?"

"Readers? What ARE you on about?"

"Ah, yes, I don't think I ever told you about Bruce, did I?"

"Bruce? No..."

"Well, it seems we are not actually real..."

"Don't be silly, Danny, of course we're real! I mean, if I pinch myself, I can feel it..."

"That's dreaming! Bruce explained it to me: we are in a fictional braces story, one of many braces stories. As such, unless there's a story crossover, each story apparently lives in its own 'storyverse', kinda like the multiple-universe-theory, like in The Flash and Supergirl. Bruce created an arm-mouted device that lets him jump between the storyverses"

"And why would he do that then?"

"Well, it's the sort of thing scientists do! But in his case, his world was having big problems, and he decided to escape"

"Yeah, pull the other one, it's got bells on it!"

"I actually used his device! I found it in the park - it seems someone had stolen it from Bruce. Anyway, I charged it up, and pressed the button, and I jumped from my flat to his flat. He'd set up some sort of homing system, in case it got lost"

"But you're still here... not in some other story"

"Yeah, that's because Bruce was in our storyverse at the time"

"And where precisely was he?"

"Well, only in the flat next door, but that's not the point! I would love to actually introduce you to him, but he left a couple of weeks ago, I have no idea where he is now."

"Danny, you do speak to some strange people! Ok, so how can you PROVE to me that we are in a story. I'm a lawyer, I need to see evidence"

"Fair comment, give me a moment......". Yeah, that was a hard one... how could I prove it? Ok, if I were writing a story for BracesForum, how would I do it? Some sort of magic trick? Mind-reading? Predict the future.... hey, that last one might work, let's try it. "Ok, here's an idea, I'm going to try to predict the future.. I need something unlikely, but vaguely possible... Ah, ok, how about this: Abbie, I've seen your teeth, and they look really good, and to my untrained eye, there's no way you need real braces.... Abbie, what do YOU think?"

"I agree 100%, my teeth are fine"

"Amanda, spend a moment, and take a look at Abbie's teeth - which I'm sure you'll enjoy.... Do YOU think she would ever need real braces, real orthodontic treatment?" Amanda spent a few moments looking at Abbie's teeth, both open and closed.

"Yup, I think I'd agree with you..."

"Ok, I'll bet that, when we visit the orthodontist with you, the ortho will chack out Abbie's teeth - I don't think that's any big deal - but he'll find something sufficiently wrong that she will need real braces, and without ANY prompting from any of us"

"Seriously?" asked Amanda

"Seriously! Tell you what, I'll bet you the cost of Abbie's orthodontic treatment" I suggested

"That's a lot of money, you sure you can afford it?"

"Yes, I can, just, but I don't think I'll be paying!" (please Mr / Mrs storywriter, don't let me down on this. It's a lot of money for me, but no real problem for Amanda!)

"Ok, you're on! Abbie, you've witnessed this contract.... A bet for the value of orthodontic treatment, that when we visit my ortho, that he will say that you should have real braces"

So, I'm on my way to meet up with Amanda and Abbie. When I got there, Abbie was in Amanda's office, and they were both drinking coffee and chatting.

"Oh, hiya, you're a bit early" said Amanda. "Want a coffee?"

"Please!". Amanda made me a coffee from the machine in her room (when I say 'made me a coffee', she put a cup under the spout, inserted a coffee pod into the machine, and pressed the 'start' button!).

"So, you ready to get your braces Abbie... one way or the other? I reckon you're getting REAL braces!"

"No way, Danny, her teeth are just too good. You're going down on this one!". We chatted for a bit: this 'competition' was making the visit a lot more interesting. We finished our coffees, and went down to Amanda's car, and drove to her orthodontist's place.

"Good afternoon" Amanda said to the receptionist. "Amanda Spencer, and friends, for Dr Banaie"

"Ah, yes. If you would all like to go to the waiting room, I'll let him know you are here".

Of course, this place was 100% private, so the surroundings were rather pleasant: nicely decorated waiting room and reception, thick carpets, big comfy seats, free coffee machine with a good selection of coffee pods. You get the idea! We had hardly sat down when a lady came into the room.

"Amanda? Hi again, come on through, we're expecting all three of you!". We followed her through to the surgery.

"Hello again, Amanda" said Dr Banaie. Yes, he did have a slighly Swedish accent.

"Hello. This is my boyfriend.... oops, my fiancé, Danny, and this is our friend, Abbie"

"Ah, yes, Abbie, you want some models making of your teeth, don't you! Let's deal with Amanda first, then we'll sort you out. Amanda, if you would like to get into the chair? I'm guessing you guys would like to watch, so stand where you like, as long as you don't get in the way". I was suitably impressed so far: he was in control of things, but friendly at the same time. He sat to Amanda's right, his assistant sat to her left, so we stood next to them, by Amanda's legs, so we both got a reasonable view of what was going on.

"Before I start, have you had any issues at all? And I hope you've been wearing your headgear..."

"No, no problems at all. And yes, I've been very good with my headgear wear, haven't I, Danny? ... sorry, I do have it with me, but I just forgot to put it on"

"That's ok. In that case, let me see how things are progressing, then we'll take your ligatures off, take out the wires, and give you the opportunity to have a good brush of your teeth. While you do that, you can choose what colour ligatures we'll be putting on you today"

"I'll let Danny choose my colours....." said Amanda

Dr Banaie took the lip-spreaders from his assistant, and used it to open Amanda's lips, giving us all a lovely view of Amanda's teeth, with the metal braces, archwire and ligatures. Yes, what colour ligs should she have.... He got Amanda to open and close her teeth a few times, and seemed happy with what he saw. He then quickly removed all the old ligatures from Amanda's braces, then removed the archwires..

"Before you go brush your teeth, let me scan your teeth again, then I can compare it to the original scan". His assistant passed him something the size of an electric toothbrush, but with a wire coming from it: using the end of it, he started scanning inside Amanda's mouth, and we watched the screen as an image of her teeth slowly appeared: quite an impressive bit of equipment, and I could see how useful it could be. Not only could the ortho get a very good view of a patient's teeth (which I soon discovered he could move around in 3D), but by repeating the scan (like he was currently doing) he could see the treatment's progress. Plus it meant that patients no longer needed to have horrible impressions taken with alginate, which many people simply hated.

While Amanda brushed her teeth, he looked at the scans, and seemed to be quite happy with her progress.

"Things are looking very good, and I'm thinking that, if you want to prolong your treatment a bit, maybe you should reduce your headgear weartime...". I smiled: he completely understood that Amanda WANTED to wear the braces, and that speedy treatment - usually what patients wanted - was NOT relevant in her case. "So, Danny, what colour ligatures is Amanda going to have?"

"I think these orange ones will look good, but I think you'd better let Amanda decide if she's ok with it...". Dr Banaie showed Amanda the ligatures, and Amanda, albeit a little surprised, said they were ok.

"Ok, so I've put in a slightly thicker archwire, but I don't think that will give you any pain" he commented as he fitted the orange ligatures to Amanda's brackets. With them all on, the assistant passed her a mirror, so she could take a look.

"They actually look quite nice... good choice there, Danny!" said Amanda.

"Oh, don't forget to check the backs of the archwire, that they aren't too long" I reminded Amanda. She slipped a finger into her mouth, and confirmed everything was good.

"In that case, Amanda, you are done!" he said. "Abbie, would you like to get into the chair now?". Abbie got into the chair, and sat back.

"So, before I just blindly scan your teeth to get you some models made, why don't I check you out properly, you never know....".

Ok, so it's crunch time! Will she need real braces?"

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Looking forward to seeing how this develops!

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Maybe after wearing so many fake braces Danny needs real braces himself this time...????

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 68

Braces or no braces? The banker will offer you....

Dr Banaie inserted lip-spreaders into Abbie's mouth, allowing him to better see her teeth. He got her to bite up and down, then left and right, and then forwards and backwards. "Hmmm..." he said. "Ok, let me scan your teeth, then I can take a closer look on the computer... We need the scan anyway.". Like he had done with Amanda, he used the 'wand' to build up a 3D image of Abbie's teeth on the screen, but also did something extra: he removed the lip-spreader, then got Abbie to close her teeth, and used the wand to scan inside her cheeks: I guessed he wanted to see how her upper and lower teeth lined up.

"Just wait here a moment, and let me take a look at the images on the computer...". Dr Banaie went and spent several minutes looking at the computer, then came back to Abbie.

"So, Abbie, your actual teeth are in lovely condition, clearly you brush well, and take you dentist's advice. And at first glance, your teeth look to be nicely positioned: I'm assuming that you've never actually had braces before?"

"No, I haven't" confirmed Abbie

"Well, I'm seeing a slight issue with your molars. Whilst it doesn't seem to anything important right now, I'm pretty sure that without treatment, in maybe 5 or 10 years, you could end up with major pain issues in your TMJ... that's your jaw joint. If you don't mind, I'd like to take a panoramic x-ray, so I can see all your teeth, their roots, and your TMJ."

Abbie went off with the assistant, to have a panoramic X-ray taken.  "So, you think Abbie might need some real treatment, and braces?" Amanda asked Dr Banaie.