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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Hi everyone! I hope you enjoyed the "cross-over episode"... something tells me this won't be the last we see of Jenny and Ben....

Anyway, just to let you know that I'll be away on holiday for the next week, so the story will be taking it's "Mid-Season Break"! I'm already working on the next few chapters, and I can tell you that the story will be taking quite a significant turn in those chapters, which might make the story a bit more interesting. Or not, depending on what aspects of the story you enjoy!


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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Have a great holiday. I have been really enjoying this story. Thanks!!!

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Just before I go off, thought I'd post this episode for you :-)


Chapter 42

He did WHAT?

(Amanda and Danny have been going out now for a bit over 4 months, and it's currently about 2 to 3 weeks before the end of their 3 month contract)

I feel guilty. Very VERY guilty. I was unfaithful to Amanda last night. I mean, it wasn't at all planned, it just 'happened'.

Let me explain...

Friday evening after work, I'd got the bus home, and had gone into the supermarket to grab some bread and milk. As I came out, and started to walk home, another bus stopped at the bus stop, and I saw Janice get off. I'd not actually seen Janice for a couple of weeks, she was clearly busy with her boyfriend, Mike.

"Hi Janice!" I said cheerfully. As she heard my voice she looked towards me.

"Oh, Danny, just the person I need!" she replied, and put her arms around me, and held me. A moment later, I realised that she was starting to sob, and cry.

"What's up, Janice?" I asked her.

"It's Mike... he's..... he... he split up with me!"

"No way, I thought you were getting on really well?"

"Clearly not well enough" she replied between sobs.


"He called me this afternoon...". Not good news, but at least he had the decency to actually tell her, rather than just send her a text.

I held her for a couple of minutes. "You going to be ok?"

"Not really, Sonya and Will are away for the weekend, and I'm not really looking forward to going back to an empty house". I understood her feelings completely, I've been there before myself. I started thinking what I could do: I was supposed to be going out to a dinner with Amanda tonight, but I couldn't leave Janice like this. I led Janice to a seat that wasn't far away, and we sat down together. Then I got my phone out, and called Amanda.

"Hi Amanda" I said when she answered. "I have a bit of a problem..."

"Janice?" she replied

"Yeah! News travels fast, how come you know already?"

"Suzannah came up earlier and let me know"

"Oh, right. I just bumped into Janice as I came out of the shops, she's not feeling great.."

"Yeah, I can imagine. Look, don't worry about tonight, good friends are more important than dinners... and no, I'm not being sarcastic. You're good at looking after people, you were there for me when grandpa died, so be there for her tonight!"

"You sure?"

"Yeah, of course I am. I'll call you tomorrow morning, before I come around... something tells me you may need a wake-up call: I know what happens when you and Janice get together!" Ok, I plead guilty, I remember only a few weeks ago drinking down the pub with Janice - she didn't drink half as much as I did, and I ended up passing out on her settee.

"Ok, thanks Amanda. Try and have a nice evening without me...". I turned to Janice: "Looks like I've got official permission to look after you this evening, so how about we start with dinner at my place?"

So, we had dinner at my place, then we went to the pub, and had a couple of drinks, enough to relax us both, but not too much to make us actually drunk. Over the evening, she explained that the relationship between her and Mike had actually started very well, and they seem to work well together. However, she hadn't seen him much over the last week or so: various plausible excuses, all of which sounded ok. They had gone for a drink in the evening on Wednesday, but she'd not heard from him until mid-afternoon today, which is when he, pleasantly and politely, told her she was ditched. He gave no reason, but Janice assumed there must be someone else, which given the circumstances, sounded quite plausible.

Back at my place, we made coffee, and sat next to each other on the settee. I put my arm around Janice, and held her close, to comfort her. The next thing I knew, we were kissing. My tongue had been exploring her mouth, then her tongue explored mine.

"Isn't it time your braces treatment finished?" she asked. I smiled

"It's only been about 6 months so far" I replied. "I was assuming it would need to be 9 to 12 months. Then retainers, of course"

"You really like your braces, don't you. And I'm guessing Amanda must be ok with them too". I'd never explicitly told Janice about Amanda's love of braces, but she had seen us together enough times to realise that Amanda certainly didn't object to them.

"Would you like me to take them out?"

"Please.....". Of course, I should have stopped things there, but I didn't. I removed them and put them down on the coffee table, and we kissed again, without them. Have I ever told you how nice Janice smells? Her natural body smells are quite a turn on, so it wasn't long before my second brain (you know, the one between a guy's legs) kicked in, and we were touching, and my hand found it's way up her skirt, and....

Ok, let me keep it simple: 'we ended up in bed together'. Nothing really new there, we'd done that many times before. Except, on all those occasions neither of us was actually in a relationship. Unlike now.

I was awoken on the Saturday morning by my phone ringing. I opened my eyes, and saw Janice in bed next to me. I leaned across her and grabbed the phone: it was Amanda!

"Hello" I sort of grunted.

"Ah, so you were still asleep! This is your 10 o'clock wakeup call!"

"Thank you, Amanda" I replied

"Well, I was going to say that I'll be over in ten minutes, but I guess you're going to need to have some breakfast and have a shower, so shall I make it 30 minutes?"

"That sounds better to me.... see you soon!".

Sh*t, sh*t and triple shi*t! By this point, Janice was waking up.

"That was Amanda, she'll be here in 30 minutes!" I told her, "so you'd better be gone by then..."

"It seems to me more likely that I would have spent the night on your settee, and might still be here...."

"Good call, in which case we need to make it look like that. Do you want to have a shower? I'll tidy up the bedroom, untidy the settee, then make us some breakfast"

"Yeah, ok....". I gave Janice a towel, and she went to the bathroom. I tidied the bed, then grabbed a blanket and spare pillow I had and put it on the settee. I spotted my braces on the table, so grabbed them, and put them in my mouth. (Yes, that would have been hard to explain if Amanda had seen them there!)

Next, in the kitchen, I got the coffee on, and got some bread out, ready to make toast. By this time, Janice was out the shower, and after drying herself off, she used some of Amanda's deodorant spray, and got dressed. I left her to continue making breakfast, and got into the shower myself. I had just got out of the shower, and was drying myself, when the doorbell rang.

"Don't worry" said Janice, "I'll get it, it will be Amanda".

Luckily, Amanda believed our story that Janice had slept on the settee, but that doesn't stop me from feeling very, very guilty about what happened.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Hi everyone! I hope you enjoyed the "cross-over episode"... something tells me this won't be the last we see of Jenny and Ben....

Anyway, just to let you know that I'll be away on holiday for the next week, so the story will be taking it's "Mid-Season Break"! I'm already working on the next few chapters, and I can tell you that the story will be taking quite a significant turn in those chapters, which might make the story a bit more interesting. Or not, depending on what aspects of the story you enjoy!


Very much enjoyed it, thank you! And I hope you're having a good break :-)

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Very much enjoyed it, thank you! And I hope you're having a good break :-)

I am indeed enjoying my holiday... We have come to Devon, just had the day out in Teignmouth and Dawlish. Had a lovely cream tea yesterday too!

Whilst I've not been writing, I've had a chance to think about the story...

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 43

No, they can't do that!

So, it's now the last week of Amanda's and my 3 month contract, and that's the time we have previously taken the decision to renew our contract. Both times before, there was no doubts for either Amanda or me that we wanted to renew our contract, but this time, things don't seem to be so clear cut. The last couple of weeks have felt a bit 'strange'. Amanda has, on a couple of occasions, turned down offers of going out with me, instead wanting to 'meet up with some girlfriends' (without me, of course). And she had to work late on a few other nights. I did start to wonder if there might be something going on, but I think I just wanted to suppress any thoughts like that, and therefore tried to assume that Amanda was just 'needing a bit of space'. I only wish she could tell me, if that's what she was wanting.

So, on those occasions, it did mean I could spend some time with my 'bestie', Janice - she certainly appreciated having some company since she & Mike had split up. And before you think about it, NO, nothing happened between us.

Tonight is Wednesday, and Amanda has to work a little bit late, but is coming over to my place by about 7:30 for dinner, which is home-made chinese.

Amanda arrived a few minutes early, wearing her fake brackets, and whilst she was quite 'pleasant', she just wasn't her normal self. Which meant I wasn't my normal self either. Whilst we ate dinner, we exchanged pleasantries, but it was clear that a lot was not being said. Even seeing Amanda struggling to eat with her braces in, and getting food stuck in them didn't really excite me. After we had finished dinner, I made us both coffees, and sat next to Amanda.

"Danny, there's something I need to tell you" she said after a long silence. The way she said it didn't sound good, and it was starting to confirm my feelings that we maybe wouldn't be 'renewing our contract' again.

"When we started this relationship, we promised to be honest with each other... and to be faithful, for as long as we were in our 'contract. Ummm..... I've not been very honest with you recently, and I think it's time that I come clean with you". My heart sunk into the pit of my stomach, and my stomach tied itself into a knot. "Remember the evening when Jannice split up with Mike, and I ended up going to that dinner without you... well, I started talking to someone there, and.... well, we've met up a few times since...". Ok, things were starting to fall into place now: my earlier fears about why Amanda wasn't spending as much time with me were 100% correct.

"So whilst I've not been technically unfaithful to you, it has been very close. I'm sorry Danny, I shouldn't have let it happen, but it has. And I've been thinking a lot about things this last week, and ..... I don't think I want to renew our contract at the end of this week... I'd like to see how it goes with him.... I'm so sorry Danny....". That was the big punch to the stomach.

I took a deep breath, and held it for a bit... if Amanda was being honest and open with me, then the least I could do is to be open and honest with her. "Umm... Amanda.... if we're being totally honest with each other, then there's something I think I need to tell you... that night... when Janice broke up with Mike, well, umm.... I WAS actually unfaithful to you". We sat in silence for a bit.

"I'm so sorry, Amanda"

"I did wonder, but I don't think it really matters now, does it?". Amanda put her hand on mine. "Look, Danny, I have have really enjoyed being in a relationship with you, and it's been very different from any relationship I've ever had before.... you are a really nice guy, but I guess it's now time for us both to move on". We sat there quietly for a few more minutes, Amanda was still holding my hand. "Hey, look, Danny, we still have a few days left of our 'contract', so let's go out and enjoy them together!". She leaned over, and gave me a quick kiss on my lips.

Ages ago, we had promised each other that, if and when our contract ran out, and we decided not to renew it, we would try to be as civil as possible to each other for the remainder of that contract, and end the relationship on as positive a note as possible. So whilst it was now quite clear that Amanda and I would be parting ways at the end of the week, I think we both wanted things to end as pleasantly as possible. I know that, with other relationships in the past, things have ended badly because we had not been honest with each other. Tonight, Amanda and I had been 100% honest with each other, which meant that we could accept things, and finish the week amicably.... ish!"

"So, does this new guy know about your love of braces?" I asked

"Actually, no.... well not that I'm aware of... that is one thing I'm really going to miss, the braces. We've had a lot of fun with our braces, haven't we?"

"Well, I'll be ok, I'll still be wearing mine, although yes, it's not going to be anywhere near as much fun without someone to share things with. Maybe you need to do some braces things over the next few days, while you still have a chance?"

"What you thinking about?"

"Well..." I said, thinking. "...You've not worn your facemask out in public yet, have you?" I suggested. Amanda looked at me as if I'd just suggested we go out and kill someone.

"No way!"

"Yes, I really think you should! I know the whole idea is scary as hell, but I can tell you that it is actually a LOT of fun! Go on, do it!"

Amanda thought for a while. "Um, how about I'll do it, if you do too?". That made me stop and think for a moment.

"Two of us, out in public, wearing facemasks? That would be interesting! Ok, yeah, why not? But where?"

"Well, nowhere near here, that's for sure!"

"Yup, no problems with that! Ok, how about..... Lakeside? I know it's a bit of a journey, but I can't imagine anyone we know will be there." I grabbed my phone, and searched for it online. "Ah, open till 9pm every evening... and looks like it will take about 45 minutes to an hour to get there. What you doing tomorrow?"

"Ummmm, I'm not really sure.". She picked up her phone, and spent a moment looking at it. "Looks like I have a client early afternoon, but I don't have anything specific after that." I could feel that Amanda was a bit apprehensive about the whole idea of going out in facemasks.

"You sure you're ok doing this?"

"Well, I guess if I don't do it now, I'll probably never actually do it... so yes"

"Ok... so why don't we leave work early? That way we can miss some of the worst traffic, and be there in plenty of time to have dinner. I'm sure my boss will be ok with me leaving a bit early"

"Yeah... well, come around to chambers when you're ready."

We chatted for a little while, and then Amanda decided that maybe she should go home early, before we 'did anything'.

After she left, I sat down on the settee. Tears came to my eyes, and I cried. My life with Amanda had just come to an end. I realised that, even though the whole idea of beeing civil with Amanda for a couple more days, and going out with her, was a nice idea, it was one that I just could not do. The pain would be just too much. Even the thought of going out in public with Amanda, with us both in facemasks, wasn't enough to make me want to actually do it.

I found a shopping bag, and went around my flat, gathering up Amanda's things - it was mostly clothes - but also her fake twinblocks, which she had left in the bedroom, and put them into the bag. Next, I found an envelope, and put her credit card and keys into it, putting it into the bag too. Finally I wrote a simple note to her:

"Amanda, I'm sorry, but the idea of spending more time with you is just tearing me apart, knowing that afterwards you will no longer be there to be with me, so I guess this is the final goodbye. Here's all your stuff, let me know if I missed something. Just leave my things at your reception, and I'll collect them. Danny".

Then I had a quick call with my mum, and arranged that I'd go and visit her and dad for a long weekend, going up after work on Thursday

I struggled through work on the Thursday - I dropped off Amanda's stuff at lunchtime (but not actually saying anything to anyone at her chambers), and had a word with my boss, who was ok with having the Friday and Monday off.

Whilst I was on the train home, I sent Janice a message, explaining that Amanda and I had split up, that I was going to stay with my parents for the weekend, and that I'd be back on Monday, and would really like to meet up with her when I got back.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Oh no!

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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@eddiestobart: Oh No indeed!


Chapter 44

Life without Amanda

Going home to my parents for a long weekend turned out to be a great idea, I was able to relax and clear my head a bit. Plus it had been a while since I had seen them: strangely, I'd never really thought to take Amanda to meet them.

Of course, mum and dad have no idea about my love of braces, so once I was on the train, I took them out, put them into a braces box, and hid them away in my bag. Having worn them so much for the last six months, it felt VERY strange to NOT be wearing them! Eating without them was quite a pleasure, as was the fact that I didn't need to clean them after each meal!

I called a couple of people I knew from a few years ago, who still lived in the area, and managed to meet up with one of them for a quick drink on the Saturday evening. Most of the people I knew from school and college had moved away: like me, many had gone off to university, and had just never returned 'home'... their 'home' was now somewhere else.

I had several nice chats with Janice: I'm really lucky to have her as a 'best friend': even though we know there's no way we could ever be a couple living together, we just understand each other, and get on so well. Apart from the text I had sent her, she wasn't really aware of what had been going on (or not going on) between me and Amanda

I messaged Janice while I was on the train: she had invited me around for dinner, and no doubt there would be lots of hugs and talking too. I also remembered to put my fake braces back in, as it would seems as odd to anyone I knew in London to see me WITHOUT braces, as it would have been odd for my parents to see me WITH them!

The next couple of weeks were hard. In fact, so hard that I almost considered stopping wearing my braces, but decided the awkwardness of doing so was something I couldn't face. I was so glad that Janice was willing to continue to be there for me, I would have struggled to get through things without her.

Needless to say, on more than one occasion, large amounts of drinking alcohol were involved, I even had to 'phone in sick' one morning, as I was still drunk!

We were around my place one evening. "Hey, I have a crazy idea" said Janice. It was a bit over 2 weeks since Amanda and I had split up, and I was starting to feel a bit more 'normal'. "Let's both sign up to an online dating site!"

I laughed. "You kidding me?" I replied.

"Why not, at least we might meet someone!". I was rather surprised by how many dating apps there are. Some are aimed specifically at people wanting to just hook up to have sex. Some were aimed more at married couples, looking to have an affair. Some for older people. We ignored those, and we both loaded one of the more popular mainstream dating apps. Whilst one big disadvantage of living in London is that it can be quite lonely, this becomes an advantage for the dating apps, as there are so many more people to choose from.

Janice took a picture of me, and together we worked out how to describe me, and select the sort of girls I was interested in: I'm glad she helped, because it wouldn't have been anywhere near as good if I'd just done it myself. Then I took her picture, and helped her set up her account. Initially, we selected just North London, and this gave us quite a few matches.

For the next hour, we went through the profiles of loads of girls for me, and guys for her, swiping left and right as appropriate.

"Don't be too choosy" said Janice, "Yeah, initial gut feelings are important, but some of us girls aren't particularly photogenic, but that doesn't mean we ain't still nice!"

Sadly, the pictures of a lot of girls were terrible: I'm sure they thought that wearing lots of makeup made them look more attractive, but in fact it usually had the opposite effect, and even Janice agreed in most cases! I tried to be as inclusive as I could, including girls with slightly chubby faces (probably indicating that the rest of their body was equally chubby), and girls with not-so-perfect complexions. And, in the same way, I helped Janice select and reject loads of guys: there certainly seemed to be plenty of guys out there looking for girls, and if you were to believe their profiles, the majority of them were very good looking and trained at the gym regularly.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 45

Wow, you're so ugly!

By the time I woke up the next morning, I had 3 matches, so I sent off 'hello' messages to them all. I exchanged a few more messages with two of them through the day, but nothing ever came of them. Janice had told me to expect that, it probably happens for a ton of reasons... probably they are chatting with someone else, and enjoying it more, or maybe hooked up with someone.

The third one didn't respond till after I got home, and she asked if I'd like to go round to her place and.... well, I'll leave you to guess that bit!

I got a message from another girl whilst I was eating my dinner: it was hard to work out what she actually looked like, because the 2 pics showed her in what I'll call 'baggy clothes': she certainly didn't look fat, but was she skinny or maybe a little chubby? Her face in the pics was a bit small to see a huge amount of detail, but it looked fairly cute. Through the evening we get chatting, then it's time for bed. Oh, her name was Rachel, and she was 23, so a couple of years younger than me.

I got a message over lunchtime the following day, then that evening we were chatting again. She said she currently worked in tele-sales, which she didn't really like all that much, but at least she had a job. From the language she used when messaging, it was clear she was reasonably intelligent. I also found, without getting her full address, that she lived a couple of miles away from me, but her office was several miles away.

By mid evening, we had started to become quite friendly, so I gave her my phone number, and very soon after, my phone rang.

"Hi Danny, it's Rachel" she said. Her voice sounded very nice, and I could easily believe that she coped well in her telesales role.

"Hi Rachel!" I replied.

Now, I've watched plenty of episodes of Catfish to know that you can fake pictures, and even ugly girls can have nice voices: I had already decided that if any girl strung me along for more than a couple of days without letting me see her in one way or another, then I'd not waste any time with her. I suspect Rachel also knew that.

"So, we gonna do a video call, let me see you?". She was a little suprised by my request, and said she wasn't in a suitable state to do a video chat. So not right now.

"Tell you what, would you like to meet up for a drink, tomorrow night?" she suggested. Well, that would certainly sort out any issues, assuming she turned up.

"Ok, where would you like to meet?". She had already said she had a car, and she knew that I don't.

"Do you have any pubs near you, that are pleasant, but not too noisy, so we can actually chat?"

"Hang on a moment..." I said

"Oh, what you doing?"

"I know a pub, but I want to make sure it's not Karaoke night, or open mic night or similar....  just give me a moment....". I had opened my laptop, and was quickly searching. "Ah good, should be ok... so, how about the King James Arms?" I gave her the address and postcode. "From what I remember seeing when I've been there, you should be able to park pretty close. There's a post box almost opposite, I'll wait there for you".

We agreed to meet at 8:00, to give us enough time to have some dinner, and get ready, and for us to actually get there - it was a 10 to 15 minute walk for me.

We chatted on the phone for a while longer, then we both decided it was time to go.

I dropped Janice a quick message - on the dating app, just for fun - to tell her I had a date the following evening. I got a reply 10 minutes later: "Oh, goody! Hope it goes ok.... watch out for princesses that turn into toads :-) "

I was actually a couple of minutes late, but it seems that Rachel was a couple of minutes early, and was standing by the postbox. I took a look at her as I approached. I had expected her to be 'dressed up', but I don't think I was really ready for what I saw. Let's make it simple, and go from the top down. She was a couple of inches shorter than me, I'm 5ft 8in tall, but also take off 4 inches for her high-heels, I'd guess she was something like 5ft 2 ins. Her dark hair was in a ponytail that sprouted out the top of her head (oh, ok, so slightly to the back). Thin eyebows, no doubt plucked, with an obvious black covering to them. Eyelash extensions glued on, loads of mascara. Fake tan, plenty of make up, and fairly bold lip-gloss. I'm sure some guys would like that, but not me.

Below her neck: medium to large boobs, accentuated by a push-up bra, and a low cut top. Her skirt was pretty short, with dark tights (or maybe stockings) on her legs.... which would have been a lot better if she hadn't been slightly chubby. I'm not saying fat, because she wasn't, but she had an extra couple of inches around her waist. And her legs.

On her arms, I noticed she had a couple of tattoos: I'm still undecided about tattoos. These were reasonably small, so not taking over her arms, and looked quite fresh, so yeah, I think I was ok with what she had, but much more and I wouldn't have been. Also on her arms, on her wrist, she had a load of bracelets, and a couple of rings on her fingers.

So, what a dilemma: a girl who seemed to be fairly intelligent, and that I seemed to enjoy chatting with, with a body that did absolutely nothing for me!

"Hi, I guess you're Rachel?" I said when I got to her.

"Yes, so you're Danny. Hi Danny!" In the same way I'd been looking at her as I walked up, I think she had been eyeing me up too... I wonder what she thought about me.

"Any problems parking?" I asked as we started to walk over to the pub.

"No, real easy, I'm just over there" she said, pointing to her car. "What would you like to drink" she asked me when we got inside. It was a pleasant surprise for the lady to offer to buy the first drinks, but why not?

I took a look at the pumps, and selected a pint of real ale, she had half a pint of lager. As we sat down, I tried hard to ignore what my eyes saw, and remember the girl I had chatted to on the phone. We chatted about various things, but not about what we thought about each other's appearance. I asked what her day at work had been like, and told her about mine. Finally, our glasses were nearly empty, and it was time to either go home, or get another one.

"So, Rachel, it's time to get another drink. The question is whether we actually want a second drink, or whether either of us wants to escape!". Luckily Rachel understood what I meant, and smiled. She turned the question back on me.

"What do YOU want to do?" she asked.

"Well... how do I put this without upsetting you? I am thoroughly enjoying chatting with you, but to be honest, I don't actually find you attractive, and don't fancy you at all. But if you'd like to stay and chat, I'd be veryy happy to stay too. What do YOU want to do?" As I said that, she chuckled.

"Funnily enough, I was thinking exactly the same: I don't fancy you either, but sitting and chatting with you, having a drink, is much nicer than sitting alone at home. So, go get us some more drinks, then I think we need to be honest about why we don't fancy each other.... you never know, it might improve our chances in the future!".

I went and got us the drinks, then sat down.

"Ok, why don't you start... let's do it bit by bit. Start with general body..."

"Hmm... well, you're a little overweight. To be honest, that's not a major issue for me, but I suspect you'd look a lot better if you could lose some of it. Next one... I'm really not into girls with big boobs... I don't know why, I'm just not. I'm guessing you're wearing a push-up bra, to make your boobs look more obvious, and your dress doesn't exactly cover them....". I was expecting her to glare daggers at me, but she was quite calm.

"You're absolutely right about my weight, and I'd love to lose some, but it's not easy... I have actually managed to lose a bit recently. As for the size of my boobs... not a lot I can do about that, and yeah, ok, I do like to advertise them, a lot of guys like that... sadly not you! So what about you then?... I mean, you're a bit on the scrawny side, no six pack, or nothing even like it! Wimpy looking hands and fingers!" By now, you'd think we'd both be getting very upset with each other, but in fact we were both smiling. "Ok, so up to your face and head. What's that mop of hair on your head? Much too long for me, I like guys with short spiky hair! And your ears stick out a little. And as for the metal on your teeth - what self-respecting guy in his mid-20's wears braces? Ok, so maybe the braces on your teeth aren't actually that bad, but it is a bit odd! Your turn...."

"You're probably going to hate this next bit..."

"Yeah, I think I already worked that out, go on, I can take it..... this is actually fun, slagging each other off on their looks!"

"Your hair.... I'm sorry, I just hate ponytails like that...."

"Fair call, but tell you what, let me put it down, and see what you think...". She undid the ponytail, and let her hair down - yeah, it wasn't that much better. "I'm trying to grow it a bit, so the ponytail seems to keep it vaguely tidy. Go on, I have a feeling you don't like my makeup either..."

"Sorry, but yes... I bet you pluck your eyebrows, don't you? Thin eyebows are so unnatural. And whilst I like a girl in a delicate amount of mascara and eye-liner, yours IS a bit on the heavy side... so is the rest of your makeup to be honest. I do like that small piercing in your lip though! As for your fake tan.... I'd better say no more!"

"I guess you're not too keen on my clothes either, are you? To be honest, your dress sense isn't all that great. Jeans? A polo shirt? And that naff jacket? They just don't go together, either from a style perspective, or a colour perspective! Go on, tell me how bad my clothes are!"

"Sorry, just not what I'd expect a girl I'm with to wear. Far too low at the top, and far to high at the bottom, showing off much too much of your over-sized boobs! I can understand you wearing it out to a club, to try and lure in some unsuspecting guy who's into that sort of thing, but tonight you're actually with a guy, so you should be a bit more.... well, 'demure'"

"You really don't like the way I look, do you? Surely there's something more than my piercing - which is actually fake by the way - that you actually LIKE about me?"

"Well, I do like the tattoos.... I'm hoping they are temporary ones. But you've not gone too mad with those. They look pretty recent. Oh, let me have a proper look at your hands...." She held out her hands for me to look at. The nails were, I assumed, stick-on ones, but weren't stupidly long, and they were dark blue, which actually looked nice. "mmm, I like your hands and nails"

"Why thank you! Something about me that you like at last! I was actually doing the tattoo last night, that's why I couldn't video chat with you! As for the nails, you probably don't want to see my real nails"

"Oooh, you don't bite them really short do you?" I asked. She nodded, and I grimaced a bit. Girls with really short bitten nails really do not look good!

The good thing about all of this is that we were actually enjoying ourselves, and to be honest, it was actually interesting to find out my 'shortcomings' from the perspective of someone who didn't fancy me!

After we finished our second drinks, we decided it was time to go home.

"Would you like a lift? I'm guessing that you walked all the way here" asked Rachel

"Yeah, that would be nice, thanks, it's not actually all that far in a car....". I got into her car, it was a small Peugeot, second or third hand, but there's nothing wrong with that. I gave her directions to my place.

"Pull up near that lamp post I said, pointing to the left", which she did. "You're welcome to come in for a coffee, up to you..."

"No, I don't think so. Look Danny, whilst we don't seem to fancy each other, I'd still like to chat with you sometime, I have enjoyed our conversations...."

"Yeah, ok...."

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Always a good read. Interesting changes of direction. I wonder where we are going here?

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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@ retained: oh, there's PLENTY of places to go from here.... let's explore a few ideas, shall we?


Chapter 46

Let's P-A-R-T-Y-!

Janice came around and had dinner with me: nothing special, but it's hardly any more effort to cook for 2 as 1, and that's one of the reasons we often get together. Of course, she wanted to hear all about my evening with Rachel went, so I told her how we berated each other.

"Did she mention your braces at all?"

"Yeah, she did... something like 'what self-respecting guy in his 20's wears braces?'". Janice laughed.

"And you're still on talking terms?"

"Yeah, that's the silly thing. We hate how each other looks, but as people, we actually get on well." I showed her the message I got from her that morning: 'Hi Danny, thanks for last night: even though it didn't work out, I really had a lot of fun, so not a wasted evening. Keep in touch, Rachel xx"

"So, you had any luck with any guys from the app yet?" I asked her

"I'm chatting with a couple of guys, might meet one of them sometime for a drink". Just then, my doorbell rang, so I went downstairs, and opened the front door. I vaguely recognised the guy at the door.

"Hi... Danny isn't it? Look, I'm Raymond, from 2 doors down" he explained, pointing towards his house. "We're all having a party on Saturday evening, and rather than annoy you with the noise, we thought you might prefer to just come along."

It had been a while since I'd gone to a party, so the idea appealed. Besides, you never know your luck.... "Hey, that sounds like fun. Bring some booze I guess?"

"Yeah. Bring your girlfriend too. Starting something like 8 or 9...."

"OK, thanks.... see you on Saturday then!"

"So what was that about then?" asked Janice when I got back upstairs.

"They're having a party a couple of houses down, on Saturday. Come with me if you like". Maybe I should explain that where I live is in a row of reasonably sized, but fairly old houses. Some have been split into individual flats, like where I am, but many are still a single house, shared by a group of friends... which I assumed is what the place having the party would be. It would be interesting to see what these houses are supposed to look like when they haven't been hacked into flats.

"If I don't have a date, I will...".

On Saturday, Janice didn't have a date, so she came around my place again for dinner. Around 7:30 we head the music start - I guessed they were getting the place ready, and decided to test out the music setup. We didn't want to get there too early, so went around at about 8:30. The front door was closed - I'm guessing they didn't want gate-crashers - so I knocked on the door, which was opened moments later.

"Hi there, I'm Danny from 2 doors down, this is my friend Janice. Raymond told us to come over... and I come bearing gifts..." I said, holding up the box with 10 cans of beer in

"Oh, hi there Danny, Janice, come on in! As ever, booze is in the kitchen, so's Raymond, I think...". So, whilst our house has a second door that goes straight to the stairs (which are all boarded in), this house had a hallway with the stairs off to the side, and a corridor through to the kitchen, at the back. On the way, we could see the lounge-dining room, originally two rooms, now joined into one large room, which is where part of the party was happening.

The first person I recognised in the kitchen was Raymond

"Hi Raymond"

"Oh, hi Danny, good to see you. This your girlfriend I'm guessing?"

"This is Janice... she a good friend, and is a girl, but not actually my girlfriend",

"Oh, well nice to meet you too, Janice" said Raymond, quickly eyeing her up.

"I have beer" I explained.

"Oh, great, put it over there with the rest, grab one for yourselves, then let me introduce you to a few people." I put the box of beers on the table, grabbed a couple for me and Janice, then followed Raymond, who introduced a few people. It was quite early, and the party was still very quiet, but before long, a few more arrived.

By 10 o'clock, the place was getting quite full. Janice was over in one corner, being chatted up by a couple of guys (she's not stupid!), and I had been chatting to a guy near the front door. My Beer can had been emptied a few minutes before, so it was time to go to the kitchen to grab another. In the kitchen, I could see a group of three, two girls and a guy, had just arrived: they still had their coats on.

"Hi guys.... coats seem to be going upstairs - hey, why don't I take them for you?" I asked, trying to be nice.

"Thanks..." said one of the girls, and they passed the coats over to me. From the way they were behaving, I got the feeling that the guy and one of the girls were a couple, and that their friend was single. I quickly took their coats upstairs: I could see that one of the bedrooms had it's light on, and the coats were being put on the bed.

So, I still needed a beer, so went back to the kitchen, where the 3 newcomers were. I had to push past the single girl to get it.

"Hi, I'm Danny by the way, I live a couple of doors down" I said, introducing myself. The girl was actually a relatively plain girl, with freckles across her nose and cheeks. Her hair was slightly 'bouncy, going over her shoulders, with a curly sort of fringe. her eyebrows looked normally medium, neither too thick nor too thin. A touch of mascara and eye makeup.

"Hi Danny, I'm Sandra" she said. I did a bit of a double-take: did I just see a glint of something in her mouth? Clearly I needed to talk to her more, and look at her in a bit more detail. As she reached her hand to get a drink, I could see that her fingers, and more specifically her fingernails looked natural, with the ends of her nails being maybe 5mm beyond her fingers - so neither stupidly short, now stupidly long, but quite attractive, and well maintained. I could see a couple of rings on her left had (nothing on the 3rd finger!). As she reached out her other hand to get a plastic cup, I could see another ring on one of the fingers of her right hand.

"You live around here too?" I asked, trying to start a conversation. She turned a bit more towards me, which let me look at her a bit more. So, about 3 inches shorter than me (but I couldn't yet see what shoes she had on). Pleasantly shaped body, probably a B to C cup, and not obviously fat. In the side of her nose she had a small nose ring. She was wearing a purple tank-top with jeans, and I could see a couple of tattoos on her left shoulder. A fairly normal but plain girl, who I would score as a 5 or a 6.

"No, we're over in Finsbury Park, but Jim - that's the guy you saw a moment ago - knows a couple of the people here. We all share a house". The best bit of her talking to me was that I could confirm that she did indeed have braces! Which of course pushed her score up to be a 7 or an 8!

I knew I'd have plenty of time to talk to her again later, and of course, with me also having braces (ok, so they are fakes, but that doesn't really matter, only an expert would realise) it gave me a good topic to chat to her about, so I decided to leave her for the moment, so it didn't look quite so obvious I was wanting to chat her up.

"I'm gonna go see how my friend is getting on, see you around..." I replied, leaving the kitchen, and going back to the main room where I knew where Janice would be. She was still being chatted up by the same two guys, who I don't think realised that we had come to the party together, so I decided to have a little fun.

"Hi there, beautiful!" I said with a slight wink as I got to her, hoping she would pick up on what I was intending.

"Hello handsome, to you too!" she replied, flirting back at me.

"So who's these handsome gents you're chatting up then?"

"This is Pete, and that's Jamie"

"Hi guys, I'm Danny, I live a couple of doors away. You guys local too?"

"We just discovered that we don't actually live far from Janice, so about 10 minutes away. You know each other?" asked Pete

"Our paths have crossed occasionally" I understated. There was no reason for them to have any idea about the true relationship between us. Besides, I didn't really want to mess up her chances with either of them! I left them, and wandered around for a bit, finally stopping to have a nice chat with Raymond, the guy who invited us. It turned out that he did something not that much different from what I did. My beer can was empty, so I excused myself, and went back to the kitchen, where I found Sandra, looking a bit bored, so having got my beer, I went over to her. I guess now was the time.

"Hi again, Sandra, you still out here, keeping the booze company?" I said jokingly

"Yeah, it's a bit quieter here too!" she said with a smile. A smile that let me see that not only did she have nice metal brackets top and bottom, but I could see elastics on the sides of her mouth. Mmm, nice....

"Maybe I can persuade you to come and have a dance with me... although I should explain that the best I can do is just waggle a few bits of me around, vaguely in time to the music!". We went into the lounge, where the music was: it was a bit louder there, but the lighting was rather less harsh. I'm not sure who was looking after the music, or even what it's source was, but after a couple of dancing tracks, the music slowed a bit. I looked straight at Sandra, and asked her "Would you like a slow dance?". The reason for asking was simply because I would be able to get a bit closer to her, and talk loudly into her ear.

"So, how long you had your braces for?" I asked her. For most people (by which I mean people without braces), that would be a strange opening line, but from someone else with braces, it was a very reasonable question.... and I'd certainly made sure she had seen my braces!

"Oh, just over 2 months now. What about you?" she replied

"Um, must be about 7 months now" I replied. That was actually 100% true, as it was something like 7 months ago when I was in Asia, and that 'when I got my braces'! "I probably won't be wearing them much longer though": no longer being with Amanda meant that trying to explain my fakes away could become difficult, but retainers would not have that problem, so my plan was to 'visit the ortho and get them removed' fairly soon.

"Oh, you're lucky, I'll have mine for something like 18 months"

"Do I see some elastics in your mouth?"

"You're pretty observant, yes, I do"

"What they like - I've never needed them?". I was trying to be as truthful as I could, whilst at the same time being vague, about my braces. I was doing well so far! We talked a little more about braces, mostly hers, then I moved our conversation on to other things, like music, where we came from, even work. She seemed to be quite willing to chat, and we were getting on pretty well. The slow music stopped, and the faster stuff started again, which rather stopped us chatting.

"Come on" she said (or should I say shouted) "let's go somewhere quieter". We went into the kitchen (grabbing some more drinks as we passed), and I saw the back door was open: of course, they would have a garden, wouldn't they? Being on the top floor, I didn't have access to the garden, only the flat below did. But this was a 'normal' house.

There were two others already out in the garden. They had put a few lights outside so you could see, plus they'd put all the dining chairs (as well as the table) and a few other chairs out there, so we found a couple next to each other and sat down, and continued talking. As we talked, I realised that I could see the back of my flat from the garden.

"Hey, see up there.... two houses over... that's my place" I commented, pointing up to my windows.

"What, the whole house?"

"No, it's been split into 2 flats, mine is the upstairs one". We talked briefly about it, then moved on to other things. In the background, I heard the music slow down again. "Fancy going in for another dance" I suggested.

"We could just dance out here, we're all alone at the moment"

"Ok..." we stood up, and I put my hands on her waist. She put her arms around my shoulders, and we started dancing. My head was next to hers, and I could smell her delicate perfume. She nuzzled her head into my shoulder, my neck, and I could feel her kiss my neck. Things were looking good. I moved my hands upwards, onto her back, gently rubbing her. She pushed her body closer to mine. Then she pulled her head back, away from my shoulder. I took the hint, and did the same. We looked into each others eyes for a bit, then she put her lips onto mine. Before I knew it, our tongues were touching, and they played together gently for a few moments.

It goes without saying that, as a normal warm-blooded male, I was quite enjoying this. I gently pushed her tongue back into her mouth, and was finally rewarded by the feel of my tongue touching the metal of her braces. I kept my tongue at the front of her mouth, gently running over her top teeth, and top braces, then moved down to feel her lowers, finally pulling my tongue back: the whole action had taken but a few seconds, but felt rather good.

A moment later, she slipped her tongue past our lips, and ran it over my braces... the way she did so hinted that she'd probably never kissed anyone else with braces before. One of her hands moved behind my head, and she ran her fingers through my hair. I took this as permission to let my hands wander too... through her hair (which was actually rather nice).

"I have a suggestion..." I said as I 'came up for air'. "Why don't we continue this round my place? It'll be more comfortable, plus we won't get interrupted!"

"Ok then..." she replied, "lead the way!". I took her through the house, and out the front door. Then the massive 20 metre walk to my front door, then up the stairs. Once in the lounge, she grabbed me again, and we started kissing again, but this time, because we knew there was no one else around, she was a little less inhibited. It was a lovely feeling kissing a girl with real braces. Before long, we ended up in the bedroom, on the bed. The kissing moved from just the lips to other parts of the body. Many (actually, all) items of clothing got removed, and there was much heavy breathing.

Having 'had our daily exercise', I was lying on my back, and Sandra was on her side, and kissing me (on my lips, and inside my mouth).

"I'm intrigued" she started, "you have what looks like headgear over there, and have braces that seem to be just like mine.... but what's the removeable bits for?"

"What do you mean" I replied, trying to act all innocent. The reality of it was that I was actually starting to panic. I'd completely forgotten that I'd left my headgear out, although that wasn't the main problem. The problem was that she had realised that my brackets, or something else in my mouth, was different from hers. Of course, we all know why I have plastic removable bits: they hold the brackets in my mouth! But how the hell was I going to explain this away?

I think that was the exact time that I realised that I needed to stop wearing my fake brackets: on Monday, I would be 'visiting my ortho' to have my braces removed, and would start wearing my Hawleys. Fake brackets were fine when the other person knew about them, and even better if they actually liked them. But on occasions like now, having fake braces was not such a great idea. Hawleys would be ok, but not fake brackets.

I guess I could have told her some lie, but then she'd probably want to have a look, or ask me to take them out. So I decided to just tell her the truth, and hope she'd understand. How wrong could I have been?

"Well...." I said. "Um, it because these aren't real braces...."

"What do you mean, 'not real braces'?"

"Well, you see, I have a bit of a thing for braces. I like seeing them on other people, and I always wanted to have them myself, and the only way I could do that was by getting fake braces" I told her. "I guess you might say I have a bit of a braces fetish!"

Well, the look she gave me was the most dirty look I've seen for a while. "Braces fetish? You are a weirdo! A complete weirdo!" She paused for a moment, then continued. "I bet you're one of those guys with a collection of pictures of kids, although yours will all have braces! You dirty bastard! Shit, did you just get me into bed simply because I have braces? You sicko!"

"It wasn't JUST because of your braces...." I tried to explain, but she wasn't listening to me. She was straight out of the bed, she put on the minimum needed clothes, grabbed the rest, and was going down my stairs no more than 20 seconds later. I heard the front door slam behind her!

I decided NOT to go back to the party....

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Nice update!

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 47

The day after the night before

"So, I saw you leave the party with that girl last night..." said Janice the next day, "so how did it go? Gonna see her again?" Janice had just arrived at my place to have Sunday lunch with me.

"I don't think so..."

"Oh, that doesn't sound good, what happened?"

"Come in the kitchen, and while I make us a coffee I'll explain". I filled the kettle with water, put it on, then started to explain what had happened the night before. By the time I got to where Sandra said "...did you just get me into bed simply because I have braces?" Janice was actually laughing. To be honest, looking back at it, it WAS funny!

"Yes, I don't think you'll be seeing her again, will you? Especially if she sees you first!"

"So what about you... last I saw, you were chatting up those two hunks.... Pete and someone, wasn't it?"

"They were nice, but I didn't really fancy either of them. However, I DID meet a guy called Simon a bit later, and we DID hook-up."

"That likely to progress?"

"Nah, just a another one-nighter. Tell you what, meeting all these guys makes me realise what a thoroughly good guy you are". She put her arms around me, and hugged me. "It's just a shame we can't actually make us work for more than a few days at a time" she said, referring to when we tried living together, and only managed to make it work for a little over a week.

Just before eating lunch, I decided to remove my braces: it would make actually eating a lot simpler, plus I wouldn't need to clean my food-filled braces either. And Janice knew about my braces, so it didn't matter.

"So, sadly, I think my main braces treatment is over" I commented as I removed them, "I'll 'get my brackets off', probably after work on Monday, and start wearing my retainers 24/7". I knew that Janice had no real interest in my braces, but it was useful for her to know what was going on.

"It's gonna be strange not seeing you with all that metalwork on your teeth"

"Bah, you're not really interested in my braces, so you won't care! But it's gonna be odd not feeling the brackets, although the amount of plastic inside my mouth won't change that much. I'll have to put on a bit of a lithp for a few days, won't I?"

"Hey, let's have a look and see if there's anyone new on the Dating App...." suggested Janice. We started looking at her possibilities. "Ooooh, he looks nice..." she said, and we took a look at his profile.

"Well, if he matches his profile, he sounds good" I commented. "But I think there might be a queue for him.....". Janice swiped up on him straight away.

"Ok, let's see who there is for you.... no... no... oh, take a look at that one" she suggested with a slight grin


"Just look at her picture..." she said. I opened her picture up.

"Oh, wow, YES! what AMAZING teeth!" I replied, "And I doubt there'll be a long list of guys fancying her" I added. Maybe I should explain that the pictures showed a quite cute girl, with long dark hair, relatively plain (as in 'not wearing huge amounts of war paint'), but the thing that had attracted Janice's attention was her noticebly protruding top teeth sitting over her lower lip. The question was, was it protruding top teeth, or a receding lower jaw? Or maybe a bit of both?

She had a couple of other pictures, one was slightly from the side, and her lips were slightly open, and it looked to me that it was protruding top teeth. Mmmm, those teeth would look good with some braces on them!

What the heck! I mean, what's the worst that can happen if I swipe right... we talk, and no more? More likely I'll persuade her to meet up, and I can take a proper look at her.

So, I swiped right on her. I thought for a moment about how the app process felt from her side. Now, Janice is both good looking and photogenic, so she is very likely to get plenty of likes. But what's it like for a plainer girl? Swipe right on loads of guys, and hope one of them also likes you? (which is what we guys have to do!!!)

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 48

Danny gets his braces off!

Monday after work was my 'big day', the day 'I got my braces off'. Although, in my case, a 'not so big day'. Whilst most people would go to their ortho to get this done, I did this at home, after dinner! Having brushed my teeth, and having brushed, rinsed and dried my fake brackets, I went into my bedroom, got the small crate I used to store my braces in, out of the bottom of the wardrobe, and put it onto onto my bed. I quickly found my retainers, as well as an empty box to store my fake brackets in.

It was with a slight sadness that I put my brackets into their box, and put that box in the crate: between these braces and the previous set, they had been my constant companions for over 6 months now. But it was now time to move on. I also remembered to grap the headgear that was by my bed, and put that into the crate too: I left my headgear by my bed so I could wear it easily, and besides, if anyone came into my room, I would just claim it was part of my treatment.

So, I now opened my retainer box, took out my hawley retainers, and slipped them in my mouth: they fitted in easily, as I had actually worn them on many previous occasions, usually with a certain ex-girlfriend. I also grabbed a spare retainer case, so I could leave one in the bathroom, and keep the other with me in a pocket or bag.

These retainers were 100% standard, thus anyone looking at them would assume they were 'for real': thin clear plastic plates, both in a U-shape, with a labial bow & bends that went over my front 6 teeth, and adams clasps on both sides over my first full molars.

Having the retainer in my mouth felt quite different. No longer did I have the brackets catching on my lips and cheek (although my cheeks had got used to them pretty well, and I probably relaxed my cheeks more to reduce how much they dug in), instead I had smooth wires over my teeth.

Also, whilst similar, the plastic plates were very slightly different from the plates of the fixed braces... I'm maybe talking fractions of a millimetre, but anything in your mouth feels so much larger.

One thing I had to remember to do for the next week or so was to have a slight lisp: if I were a REAL braces wearer, this would have been the first time I would have had plastic plates in my mouth. It wasn't actually all that hard to do, but it was something I would need to remember to do.

I quickly looked around my bedroom, to check that no other braces stuff was lying around, then put the crate lid back on, and put it back into the wardrobe. When I had been going out with Amanda, it usually lived in the living room, for easy access, since we split up, I had decided that it needed to be a bit out of the way, in case someone else came around. I wasn't too worried about Janice, I was thinking more about certain girls from parties.....

So, yesterday I ended up swiping right on a dozen or so girls in the app, but got no instant matches. I finally got a match from that plain girl tonight, just as I was finishing my dinner.... I guess she had a load of guys to look through!

We messaged online: her name was Nicole, but she preferred to be called Niki. She seemed to be a fairly normal sort of girl, 3 years younger than me. Works in an office a couple of miles from town. She sent me a couple more pics, which she was wearing glasses in. Turns out she normally wears contacts, but that night, when she'd taken the pics, her eyes were feeling a bit itchy, so she'd taken them out. The glasses looked ok, made her look a bit nerdier though!

I guess I should describe her for you, shouldn't I? So her hair is a mousy sort of colour, a bit over the shoulders, with no fringe. In some pics it's just split down the middle, covering the top corners of her face, in others it's clipped back on both sides, which I thought looked nicer.

We only messaged that night, I didn't want to push her if she wasn't ready to actually talk.

Tuesday at work was fairly boring, but I did remember - at least most the time - to have a slight lisp from my 'new retainers'. I'm sure most people noticed that my braces had gone, but only got a couple of 'in passing' comments about them.

On the Tuesday evening, I messaged Niki again, and after a while I sent her my phone number, telling her she was welcome to call me on a WhatsApp video call if she wanted. About 10 minutes later she called me: I got the feeling that she had spent those 10 minutes doing, or at least re-doing, her makeup, because it looked quite crisp and clean. Needless to say, I made sure I talked with a thlight lithp.

As we started to chat, I could feel that she was a bit shy and nervous, which I could understand: after all, she hardly knew me. So I started by keeping things fairly simple, not too personal. As I spoke, I tried hard to relax my mouth in a way that my retainer wires were visible: luckily Mei had made them with the wires slightly closer to the edges of the teeth than most retainers you see. All the time, I was, of course, looking at her teeth, and confirmed that her problem was indeed protruding front teeth, with noticeable gaps between the teeth. So not caused by crowding, as I had initially guessed.

As for her lower teeth, I only saw them briefly, and they looked to be pretty normal, well, certainly no gaps, but I guess they could have been a bit crooked, I just couldn't tell from the short glimpses, and I wasn't about to say 'hey, give me a closeup of your teeth'.... I learned my lesson on THAT 3 nights ago!

"So, what sort of music do you like?" I asked, trying to talk about things she might be interested in.

"Oh, Anne-Marie.... Weekend.... CJD....." was her reply

"Oh, I know one of the girls in CJD..." I said, nonchalantly.

"No way!! So you mean you met her once?"

"No, I mean I know her, I know Jenny. Had lunch with her, and talked with her pretty much one-on-one. Had afternoon tea and cake at the zoo with her too. She's really nice, quite a normal person. I met her boyfriend, Ben, as well... he's a very nice guy"

"Wow, that's amazing. So if I were to call her, and ask her if she knows you, she'd remember your name?"

"Yes, I think she would!". I'd clearly managed to impress Niki. What I didn't say was that, if she had mentioned my ex-girlfriend's name, there would be no doubt that she'd remember it! Of course, if she called Ben, I had absolutely no doubt he'd remember me, especially after I had 'outed' him whilst at the zoo, plus passed on Mei's details to him.

As it was our first chat, and she did seem a little shy, I decided it would possibly be better to wait a few more days before suggesting we meet.

By the end of our video chat, she had noticeably relaxed, and was starting to open up.

I sent her a message when I got home on the Wednesday evening, and about 15 minutes later got a 'sorry, I can't chat tonight, busy...' response. Did I just get the old 'sorry I can't meet you tonight, I'm washing my hair' response??

Thursday after work I got a response from her. 'Hi, wanna chat?'. So we text chatted while I made my dinner - I assumed that she was making her dinner too, or at least eating dinner, as there were noticeable paused from both of us. Once we'd both had our dinners (we did exchange pics of our dinner plates - yeah, very sad!), I asked if she'd like to video chat again, but for some reason she seemed to be a little reluctant.

'What's the problem?' I messaged

'Well, it's just that......" she messaged, and went silent

'Go on, don't be shy.... I promise not to laugh or bite your head off!'

'Well, I got braces yesterday...'

'So, you're chatting with a guy who just got his braces off, and who now wears a retainer, and you think I'll be all judgemental about you having braces????'. Wow, lying can be such fun!

Moments later, she video-called me.

"Thorry" she said, "I just find them a bit embarathing"

"Well don't be embarrathed" I replied, exaggerating my own lisp a bit. "What bratheth you got then?". I was hoping, of course, to see a lovely set of large metal brackets on her teeth. The reality of it was very different, and explained her slight lisp. She held the phone to her mouth, letting me see a pair of clear plastic aligners. Of course, because of the gaps in her teeth you could clearly see (well, >I< could clearly see!) the plastic in the gaps. The lower aligner was slightly less obvious.

"Oh, tho you got invithilign then?" I asked, trying to sound all innocent and unknowledgeable, but with a slight lisp

"Not actually Invithilign" she replied, "Thomething thimilar, it'th called 'Grin Direct', it'th a lot cheaper". Now, you're probably thinking 'but Danny, clear aligners don't give you a lithp!', and I would normally agree with you, but you need to remember that Niki had front teeth with gaps in, and the aligners now blocked those gaps, so it has indeed slightly affected the way she speaks, and given her a thlight lithp.

Ok, so sadly not metal, but better than nothing: I'd still absolutely LOVE to feel them, run my tongue over them, see what they are like.

We chatted for a bit: compared to most other girls, she was still a bit shy, but she was starting to relax with me. To be honest, I was wondering whether I really fancied her that much, but that was, of course, over-ridden by my desire to actually see, and maybe get to feel her new braces. Clear aligners was something I was yet to experience on someone else.

"Would you like to meet up sometime?" I asked her. She sounded a bit undecided. "I was thinking about maybe buying you a drink tomorrow at the pub, or coffee in town on Saturday?"

"Yeah, coffee sounds nice...."

"When's a good time for you? I'm not doing anything specific, so any time will work for me"

"Well, I was planning on coming to town with mum after lunch...". Hmm, did that mean she still lived at home with her parents? I was guessing that was a definite possibility, might explain a few things.

"Ok, well why don't you message me on Saturday, when you know roughly when you'll be there, and I'll get myself to town. Then you can call me when you're ready to meet, I can do some shopping to kill the time"

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 49

She's so cute!

I got a call from Niki late Saturday morning, saying she and her mum would be going to town after lunch...

"So how about meeting by the clock tower at about 2.30 to 3.00?" she suggested

"Ok, that's fine, I can be in town, so if you give me a call about 10 minutes before you get there...." I replied

"Sure, I can do that....". we chatted for a couple of minutes, she seemed to be fairly excited about meeting me.

I was a tiny bit worried about the fact that she was coming to town with her mum. That could actually mean several things.... the most obvious was that she still lived at home. The next was that, although she had left home, she was still close to her family - and absolutely nothing wrong with that. I just hoped that she didn't actually bring her mum along, that would just be terrible!!

I got into town a bit after 2pm, and did the small amount of shopping I needed to do. I got a message: '3:45 at clocktower, see you there!'

I got there at 2:40, and she was already there too, which was useful as it meant I could take a proper look at her as I approached her. She was dressed quite simply, but it looked good on her. She is a few inches shorter than me, so something like 5ft 4ins or so. A slim petite figure: I would put her boobs at a large A or a small B, which suited her shape well. her long hair was clipped back with clips with plastic flowers on, allowing me to see her face clearly.

She turned and saw me, and as she recognised me, she smiled at me. And when I say smile, I don't mean one of those very artificial grins, I could see the smile in her whole face, and it made her look very pretty.

"Hi, Niki, nice to actually meet you!" I said in greeting

"Hi, Danny..." she said a bit hesitantly - I could tell that she was rather nervous.

Now that I was closer, I could see her face better. She had makeup on, but not a huge amount, but the style was rather simple, and looked a bit inexperienced, as if she didn't usually wear makeup, but apart from that, it looked quite nice.

For me, the best thing was seeing her protruding teeth, which were covered in a layer of clear plastic: her braces. I couldn't yet see her lower teeth though.

"So, is there anywhere in particular you'd like to go for a coffee?" I asked

"Not especially, no"

"Ok, well there's a place I know, not one of the chains, which is nice... let go there". I held my hand towards her, and after a moment, she understood what I was doing, and let me take her hand: I was hoping that by doing so might relax her a bit. I lead her along the road, and down a street to the left. One nice thing about the place we went was that it was table service, which is so much nicer than having to queue, then go to a table.

"So, would you like tea or coffee?" I asked her.

"Oh, coffee please.... umm, a Cappuccino I think"

"Ok, how about a cake or maybe a scone to go with it?"

"Hmm, it's tempting, but I'm not really hungry enough"

"How about we share something? A scone maybe?"

"Yes, ok....". I waved my hand in the air, the 'waiter' came over, and I ordered two coffees, and a scone to share.

"So, what is it that you actually do... at work I mean?" I asked Niki

"I work in the accounts department, I'm the junior there, so I get to do stuff like opening the post, and filing stuff"

"Do you enjoy it there?"

"Actually, I do, I'm learning a lot. And they are nice people to work with. Didn't you say you do IT support work?"

"Not quite IT support.. I do technical support for the manufacturing products we design and make, so I'm often helping customers with their questions. I also do some training for our customers too: I was over in Asia a few months ago training one of our new customers". We talked a bit more about what we did, and then the drinks and scone arrived.

Of course, whilst I could have drunk coffee with my retainers in if I had wanted to (ok, yeah, officially you're supposed to take them out whenever you drink, but I can tell you that nothing happens to your retainer if you drink hot coffee!), but there was food to be eaten, so I pulled out my retainers box, and in front of Niki, I removed my retainers. That in itself was a good feeling, but it reminded Niki that she too needed to take off her clear aligners too.

"Ah, yes, I guess I need to take mine out too, don't I? I've never actually done it in public before..." said Niki, clearly feeling a bit awkward. I think, if I hadn't just taken mine out, she would have excused herself, and gone to the toilet to take hers out, but now felt she couldn't.

She opened her bag, and took out the round case that said 'Grin Direct' on the top. She opened the case, then opened her mouth, reaching towards the back, and pulled down on her top aligner, at the same time giving me a lovely view of her top teeth, with lovely gaps between the front teeth. Clearly she was still getting used to them, as it took her a couple of attempts to get them out. Next was her lower aligner: she tipped her head down, and put her fingers by her lower molars, at the same time giving me my first clear look at her lower teeth. Her lower crooked teeth, with spaces in a couple of places.

As she closed the case, I could see her face was a little pink with embarrassment.

"Don't worry about it" I commented. "People really don't care as much as you might think!"

As we started drinking our coffees, and eating the scone, I told her a bit about myself, and my family, then encouraged her to tell me about hers. Yes, she did still live at home, but her parents were encouraging her to be a bit more independent. As part of that, she paid them some rent, but she also made a point of occasionally going out for dinner with friends. I could tell she wasn't really used to chatting to people she didn't know (ok, so I really mean 'new boyfriends'!), and I had to prompte her a bit.

Of course, as we talked, I looked at her, mainly because I found her protruding teeth to be quite fascinating: I'd never actually dated a girl with teeth like that!

"So" I said, as I took my last mouthful of coffee, "have you had enough of me, or would you like to come with me for a walk in the park, and chat a bit more?"

"A walk in the park sounds nice" she replied with a lovely smile.

"Ok, tell you what, why don't you go to the loo to clean your teeth and put your braces back in, and I'll pay for this". Oh, yes, I still loved being able to say 'braces' in public!. So I paid for the coffees, and a few minutes later she returned.

"Ok, you have another chance to escape if you want to, as I now need to go to the gents to rinse my mouth out, and put my retainers back in!". Unsurprisingly, she was still there when I returned.

In the park, we walked a bit, then sat down for a while. Finally, she said it was time for her call her mum, who was going to come and collect her - I explained that, if I had a car, I would have happily taken her home. So we stood up, and I took her hands, and pulled her to me, and gave her a gentle kiss on her lips. Whilst there were no tongues involved, I could feel her protruding teeth, covered by her aligners, on my lips.

Back home an hour or so later, I thought back to the afternoon with Niki. She's a very cute girl, pleasantly attractive, with a nicely proportioned body. Once she relaxed, I could tell that she was actually quite bright, as she spoke well, and about things that some people would have no idea about. But the big takeaway was how inexperienced she was with dating, guys, dressing up and that sort of thing. Whilst she hadn't actually said so, I suspected that she'd never actually had a proper boyfriend before. I was clearly going to have to take things rather slowly... certainly a lot more slowly than I had with Sandra!