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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 9

Thursday evening - at the Wine Bar

It was just after 7:20, and I was walking through town towards the Wine Bar, when I got a text: "Sorry, will be 5 to 10 minutes late.... A". I continued walking, but went a bit more slowly. The wine bar is in a pedestrian area, and almost outside of the wine bar are some seats, so I decided to sit there, rather than go into the wine bar: I'll be honest, Jason's Wine Bar isn't the sort of place I normally go, and I felt a bit uneasy going in by myself.

As I waited, I ran my tongue over my braces.... over the metal brackets, and over my plastic plates. Luckily, when Janice had kissed me, and discovered about my braces, she seemed to be pretty ok about things - in fact, she's not said a single thing about my braces being fake since - but would all girls be so ok about it? I mean, if I should ever get to kiss Amanda, I wondered how she would react. I'll be honest, I was miles away, when I was surprised by a voice to my left.

"Hi, I'm sorry I'm late, I got caught up at work..." said Amanda, who had just sat down next to me. I turned to her.

"Oh, hi... I was miles away, daydreaming..."

"About me, I hope!" she said, looking at me with a lovely smile on her face. "Come on, let's go in and have a drink...."

As we walked in, I looked at how she was dressed - she was very smart, actually quite formal: a black skirt just above her knees, a pale blue top with a black jacket over it, dark tights, and simple yet very smart shoes with medium heels. But boy did those clothes fit her so perfectly. Her hair, which seemed to be naturally red, went halfway down her back, and was currently tied in a ponytail - unlike yesterday, when she had it down. She wore a simple, yet classy, locket around her neck, a pair of simple - but clearly up-market - ear-rings, two very nice rings on one finger, one more on another finger, and a delicate bracelet on her left wrist. Mascara on her eyelashes, a little bit of makeup, but with bold red lips. Her hands were nice too, with nicely manicured fingernails, painted with the same shade of red as her lip-gloss. Her whole  look put out several messages, including 'I know what I'm doing', 'I'm professional', 'I do things properly' as well as 'I'm a woman!'. I was still at a loss to understand what she saw in me: I am a pretty average guy, with an uninteresting haircut, and braces (and even they are fakes!)

She led me to a table nearer the back of the wine bar. "So, what would you like to drink?" she asked, highlighting the drinks list on the table. "They do beers as well as wine, if you'd prefer". I'm not really much of a wine person, so I looked at the list of beers. Mainly lagers, but I did see that they had bottles of Doom Bar, so asked for one of those.

"I guess you've probably eaten already, haven't you? Would you mind if I got something, I haven't had a chance to eat since breakfast, I've been so busy at work today...."

"I'm ok, but you go ahead"

"Thanks". A few moments later, a waiter came over, and she ordered the beer for me, a large red wine for herself, plus a chicken salad.

"So what is it you do, that's keeping you so busy?" I asked.

"I'm sorry, we know nothing about each other, do we? Let me start by introducing myself properly: I'm Amanda Spencer, and I'm a barrister, a lawyer. I work in chambers at the other end of town. I was asked to look at a new, and rather important, case today: that's why I couldn't stay on the phone too long earlier, I was about to meet my client. What about you? All I know is that your name is Danny, and I think I overheard that you recently went over to Asia". As she spoke, she looked straight at me.

"So, yes, I'm Danny... Danny Jones. I'm a technical person, and yes, I was over in Asia almost two months ago, training up a small group of engineers on our product, then helping them install it. And after that, I took advantage of the fact I was there, and had a week being a tourist".

We chatted for a while, she explained that her parents lived in the West Country, her dad was an actuary, and her mum used to be an accountant, but had long since given that up to look after her and her brother and sister, and now that they had all grown up, was 'a philanthropist' who does quite a bit of charity work

"So what made you want to be a barrister then? And what does a barrister actually do?"

"Well, dad knows quite a lot of important people, one of his friends used to be a barrister, but is now a High Court Judge. He used to tell us stories about some of his cases, and I found them fascinating, and he inspired me - and helped me - to go into law. The bad news is that it can be very hard work at times, with stupid hours. The good news is that it keeps my brain occupied, plus I get to meet all sorts of people, with all sorts of different issues". She went on to briefly explain how barristers tend to be legal specialists, often working on tiny points of law, and the ones you see on TV in court in wigs and a gown!

"And is business good?"

"I've been very lucky. I'm in a great chambers, and in the last couple of years, I've picked up a number of really good business customers. So what about you? Tell me a bit about yourself."

As I started telling her about my family, her salad arrived, so while she ate, I told her that my dad was a manager at an engineering company, which sort of inspired me to go into the technical side of things. Mum was a secretary, but then became a full-time mother, and recently has been helping out at the local school, as a teaching assistant. My sister works as an administrator at the hospital.

"So how old are your brother and sister?" I asked

"My brother is 25, so 4 years younger than me, and my sister is 2 years older than me". I did a very quick calculation - Amanda is 29. "How old is your sister? Older or younger?" she asked

"Funnily enough, she's the same age as you, and I'm the same age as your brother!". The 4 year difference in our age didn't seem to worry her at all. "What else can I tell you? I rent a 1 bed flat, it's nothing special. Whilst I drive, I decided not to get a car, so tend to get around on the bus and tube, or occasionally an Uber." As I spoke she kept looking at me, so obviously she found me reasonably attractive. "I think you said the other night that you live around here too?"

"Yes, I have a flat, takes about 10 minutes to drive into the office"

"So what sort of work do you do? Anything exciting? Murderers? I mean, am I allowed to ask what you were doing today when I called?"

"To be honest, whilst the criminal work may sound exciting, there's very little money in it. No, I specialise in IP - Intellectual Property, so things like Patents, Copyright, Trademarks. Today I've been talking with a company being sued by another company, for copyright infringement"

"So I guess you'll be going to court then?"

"Hopefully not, it's much better if we can negotiate out of court, it actually works better for both sides. Today was our first meeting for this claim, so I was trying to get a feel for what the claim was all about, how much was involved. Anyway, that's work.... I'd much rather learn more about you.... ok, so what sort of music do you like? What sort of food do you like? That sort of stuff..."

We continued chatting for a while, she seemed to be quite open in telling me about herself, although I suspected that she was maybe playing things down a bit.

"Danny, I'm sorry to have to do this, but I'm going to have to go - I need to do some preparation for being in court tomorrow morning. Tell you what, why don't I give you a lift home, then we can chat on the way? My car is at my office, will only take 5 minutes to walk there"

She paid the bill, and as we walked together to her office, she said "Are you doing anything on Saturday evening?"

"No, I don't think so"

"In that case, can I take you out for dinner? But can I let you choose somewhere you like? It doesn't matter if it's a 5-star restaurant or MacDonald's, it's just that I sensed you were a little uneasy back there in the wine bar, and I'd much rather be somewhere where you feel relaxed. You have my number, just text or WhatsApp me the details". By this point we were walking into a small car park at the back of a very swanky looking building. There was just one car in the car park - a dark metallic blue Tesla. She pressed the remote, and the lights all flashed.

"Hop in then... and what's your postcode?". I got into the car, and looked around: almost everything inside was red, with a bit of black, it looked quite sporty. A huge LCD screen in the middle came on as she turned the car on. She typed my postcode in, and the map filled the screen: it's kinda like using Google Maps on your PC... but in the car! I heard almost nothing as she drove off.

"Nice car!" I said

"Yes, I got a good price on it earlier in the year, it wasn't actually new, but you have to admit, the red interior is rather cool!"

The more I found out about her, it was clear that she didn't have any money issues - Tesla cars aren't cheap, neither was the way she dressed or the few bits of jewelery she wore. As she drove, rather than seeing the front of her face, I saw the side. Her complexion was perfect, her face and jawline were exquisite, and the red hair just beautiful.

"Ok, here we are, which one's your place? she asked

"Over there, the one with the lamppost outside". My flat was on the first floor of a converted house - it wasn't anything special, but it was something I could afford, and was big enough for me.

I was about to open my door to get out, when she motioned at me with her finger. She leaned towards me, and gave me a gentle kiss on my cheek. "Thanks for tonight, I'm sorry we had to cut it short, but I really enjoyed it - see you on Saturday!"

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 10

Friday - an unexpected lunch date

Well, that had been a pleasant surprise, and one I hadn't fully expected. But I was still a bit perplexed by what she saw in me. It's clear that she lives in a very different world to me (as I said before, 'way out of my league'), but clearly realised that from the way she had asked ME to choose somewhere to go eat on Saturday, she wanted to do things that made me feel more comfortable, and I can't think of many girls I've met that would do that.

Back at home, I went to the bathroom, removed my braces, and rinsed out my mouth and my braces: I didn't bother brushing my teeth, as I'd shortly be going to bed, and would do it then. I made myself a warm drink, then sat and watched a bit of TV, whilst at the same time thought of where we could go for dinner on Saturday. I was trying to think of somewhere pleasant, yet comfortable... not too up-market.

With my drink and the TV program finished, I went into the bathroom, removed my braces, and brushed my teeth and braces. Whilst I was wearing my fake brackets pretty much 24/7 these days, I only get to see them when I take them out to clean them, and it was still nice to spend a moment looking at them.


Friday, just before lunch, I got a message "Hey, court finished earlier than expected, would you like to meet up for coffee and a sandwich at Pret? Amanda". My heart rate suddenly went up.

"Would love to... I can be there for about 12:35, that ok?" I replied

"I'll meet you outside...." she replied a few moments later.

"Someone looks rather happy today" said Sanjay, one of my colleagues.

"Yeah, it looks like I'm having lunch with a girl I just met"

"Nice... I hope she's pretty"

"Oh, yes, very pretty!" I replied, then thought to myself 'and out of both yours and my league... so why....?'

I went into the loo just before I left, to brush my teeth. I've started using the disabled toilet, which is close to reception, to brush my teeth - I had had a word with our receptionist, Brinda, and she said that no-one would mind. In fact, I left my toothbrushes (one normal, or with a tiny head) and toothpaste in there, along with a small note, saying they were mine, it made things so much easier. Because I was in there by myself, I was able to take out my braces to brush my teeth, which made it a lot easier. I wore my braces so much now, that it actually felt strange when they weren't in my mouth, as I could then actually feel my gums and my palate!

I walked the 5 minutes to Pret, and there she was, waiting outside. She was dressed pretty much as yesterday, clearly in her work clothes, so a black skirt, and a white blouse with a black jacket over it, dark tights, and simple yet very smart shoes with medium heels. Today, she had undone the ponytail, and her lovely red hair was nicely around her shoulders, and down her back.

"Hi there!" I said as I got to her.

"Hi Danny" she replied with an absolutely beautiful smile - not one of those forced smiles, but one that seemed 100% natural. Just seeing her raised my heart rate (and probably my blood pressure too!). She stepped a tiny bit closer to me, then gave me a tiny kiss, on my lips. That really surprised me, I was definitely not expecting THAT!

Inside Pret, I grabbed a pre-made sandwich (I would have much preferred a nice crispy roll, but you definitely need something nice and soft when you have fake braces!), she grabbed a salad, then we joined the queue.

"How can I help you?" asked the barista.

"I'll have an Americano... Amanda?"

"Oh, a Latte please"

I paid for the food and drinks, and we found a small table to sit at.

"So, if you finished early, does that mean you get the afternoon off then?" I asked. I knew that the answer would be no, but it gave us something to talk about.

"I wish!" she replied with a smile. "There's always something to do. I need to do some follow-up work on this morning's hearing, then I have a pile of documents to review for next week. It will be nice to maybe be slightly ahead of things for a change."

"I reckon you like being busy...."

"I do, actually, I hate getting bored" she replied. I noticed that, like the previous evening, she looked straight at my face as we talked, whereas most people find it a bit difficult to do that for more than a few seconds. I decided to ask her about it.

"So, I'm interested... why do you always look at me? Am I really so good looking?". That made her laugh

"It's a bit of a habit I have.... I've got used to looking for 'tells'... So, if I'm interviewing someone, or asking questions in court, it's useful to have an idea if someone is actually telling you the truth. Maybe they aren't actually telling a lie, but maybe they're only telling you part of the truth. And yes, you are actually quite handsome....". (Thinking back to this later on, I realised that maybe she wasn't actually telling the full truth)

"Only quite?"

"Yeah, I wouldn't want your ego to get too big.....". Now it was my turn to smile, letting her see my metal smile, complete with bits of sandwich stuck in it.

As we ate and drank our coffees, we continued chatting. She was such fun to talk to, she spoke nicely too, no doubt developed for suitably interacting with her corporate customers. But more than that, she understood how to make pleasant and intelligent conversation, how to keep the conversation going.

"So, would you like to meet up tonight then?" I suggested.

"Sadly, I can't, I have a dinner I need to go to, sort of work and pleasure. And tomorrow I have a family commitment... that's why I suggested tomorrow evening. Have you thought of a place yet?"

"Partly.... how do you like pub restaurants?"

"If it's half-decent, then yes...."

"Ok, I'll see about getting a reservation this evening...."

We finished off our lunch and coffee.

"Am I allowed to walk you back to work?" she asked me. So far we'd only managed to meet fleetingly, so I was happy to spend as much time with her as I could.

"Of course you can.....". I'd forgotten to bring my toothbrush kit out with me, so I'd have to brush my teeth and braces when I got back to the office.

As we started walking down the street, she took my hand...

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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I wasn't really quite sure how to finish this chapter without it being boring, so it's a strange chapter ending....


Chapter 11

Friday evening / Saturday morning.

I was on my way home, and the prospect of an evening at home by myself didn't really appeal, so I called Janice.

"Hey, fancy joining me at my place for dinner?" I asked Janice. Over the last couple of years, this is something we've done many times - it's so much nicer to have some company, rather than cooking for one, and eating it alone.

"Yeah, ok! What we having?" asked Janice

"I don't know yet, I've not bought it!" was my reply. "Anything particular you fancy?"

"One of those nice beef pies would be nice."

"Ok... maybe some oven-roasted veg to go with it?"

"Sounds good to me! And something that's bad for you for pudding.... I wonder if they have any lemon meringue pies?"

"Oh, yes, I love it when you talk dirty like that! I'll see what they have"

"Ok, I'll be leaving work in a moment, I'll pop home to change, then I'll be with you!"

As I sat on the bus, waiting for it to get to my stop, I ran my tongue over my braces. I still enjoyed the feel of having them in my mouth pretty well all the time - a strange combination of smooth plastic inside my mouth, and the sharper metallic feel of the brackets between my teeth and my cheeks. I could speak clearly whilst wearing them, and no-one, apart from Janice that is, knew that they were fakes. I suddenly had a terrible thought: if my 'relationship' with Amanda continued to improve, as I hoped it might, how would she react when she discovered I had fake braces? I mean, yeah, I can bluff for a bit, but at some point, if things go well, we're going to have a full-on kiss, involving tongues, and open mouths. And Amanda isn't stupid, she's going to know that fixed braces don't have plates. Ok, so sometimes you might have a plate in addition, like a bite plate, but that's just at the top, but certainly not at the bottom! And at some point I'd need to remove the 'plates', and I won't be able to do that without removing my braces at the same time.

I just hope she'll be ok with my strangeness. I will confess, I was surprised that Janice didn't get weirded out more than she did when I told her last weekend. But then again, we do know each other pretty well by now (which makes me wonder, what's HER secrets?)

I got off the bus, and went into the local Supermarket where, not only did I find one of those nice beef pies, I also found a tray of 'ready to put in the oven' mediterranean vegetables, as well as a 'ready to put in the oven' lemon meringue pie! I decided that custard wouldn't really work with it, so got some ice cream too. And there were a couple of bottles of beer on the shelf that were screaming out 'Danny, drink us!'

At home, I turned the oven on to let it heat up, while I changed into something a bit more relaxing, then put the main course into the oven. About 15 minutes later, I got a text from Janice: 'with you in a few minutes'.

"I got these on the way home" said Janice, giving me two bottles of beer as she came with me into the kitchen.

"Ah, they will go nicely with the two identical ones I bought!!" I said, opening them, and pouring them into a couple of glasses.

"So, I'm assuming you did actually call Amanda?" said Janice

"Yes, of course..." I replied


"And.... we've met up twice so far!"

"Twice??!!!!" said a very surprised Janice. I explained how we'd met at the wine bar on Thursday evening, albeit relatively briefly, then the bonus meet-up for lunch earlier today. And how she held my hand as she walked with me back to work.

"Wow, she definitely likes you! So tell me more about her...". I told her that Amanda was a barrister, aka a lawyer, had an office at the other end of town from where I worked, and I also told her about her family. "So, what does she see in me then?" I asked Janice

"You really must stop putting yourself down! You're not bad looking, and you are 'nice' to go with it. So, why you not seeing her again tonight then?"

"Unfortunately she's got some sort of dinner she has to go to. We're meeting again tomorrow evening though."

"Going somewhere nice, I hope?"

"The Black Bull, I hear they do nice food... do you know it?"

"Yeah, if it's the one I'm thinking of, then it's supposed to be quite reasonable. I'm sure you'll have a nice evening together"

"I get a feeling that we'll end up going out a handful of times, but she'll decide that she doesn't want to take our 'relationship' any further. But I guess I shouldn't complain."

We both enjoyed our dinner, chatting about girlfriends and boyfriends (or the lack of them), and other things that we usually chatted about, and after letting our food 'go down a bit', we walked to the local pub where, needless to say, we had a couple of drinks. After that, we went back to my place for a coffee.

We were sat together on my settee, when she leaned over and kissed me. "I'm thinking that, if you start actually going out with Amanda.... well, this could be our last chance to..... you know....." she suggested.

Ok, so I'm not ACTUALLY 'going out with Amanda' am I... yet? And I'm not all that sure that we'll get anywhere near that for a bit. So if I were to... you know... with Janice.... well, it wouldn't ACTUALLY be cheating on her, would it?

So I kissed Janice back.... her lips were on my lips, her tongue played with my tongue. I let her tongue into my mouth.... then she pulled it back out.

"Hey, I don't suppose you could take your braces out could you? It all feels a bit weird, and reminds me of bad times as a teen...".

I put my hand to my mouth, and removed my braces, first the top one, then the bottom one. My mouth definitely tasted rather stale, probably because I'd not actually bothered to brush them after dinner. "Let me go brush my teeth, unless you have a thing for guys with smelly mouths?....". I took my braces with me, and brushed my teeth and my braces, leaving the braces in my bathroom, then returned back to the settee.

Once again she put her mouth to mine, and we started kissing: it felt really strange being able to actually feel something touching the inside of my gums and my palate, and this time her kissing was much more enthusiastic.....

When I woke the following morning, Janice was still asleep, so I left her in the bed, and went quietly to the kitchen, where I put on the coffee machine. Clearly the smell of the fresh coffee had woken her, because just as I was pouring the coffee into a couple of mugs, Janice came into the kitchen, wearing my old dressing gown.

"Ah, attracted by the smell of coffee, eh?" I asked. "Here you go..." I continued, passing her one of the mugs.

"Thanks, I need a drink, I feel a bit dehydrated"

"Fancy some cereals?" I asked, opening the cupboard, and pulling out one of the packs for my breakfast.

"Yes please, they'll do just fine". I filled a couple of dishes, then put them, along with some milk and a couple of spoons, onto the table. I poured milk onto my cereals, then started eating. Something felt strange, then I suddenly realised that I didn't have my braces in my mouth.

"You're a bad influence on me!" I said to Janice. "I'm not wearing my braces!".

Janice smiled. "I really have a problem understanding what it is with you and your braces. I find it a bit strange simply coz I had braces as a kid, and didn't really like them, but apart from that, you know I'm pretty broad minded, but why? What is it about braces that you like?"

"Fair question, even this early in the morning. To help me explain, is there something that YOU like? Doesn't have to be weird in any way, could be as simple as liking wearing stockings, or wearing your hair in a bun...."

"Well, I guess there's my red-coloured hair"

"Ok, that's a good one.... when I first met you, it was your natural brown. Was this the first time you've coloured your hair... something makes me think not"

"No, I tried out several colours in my late teens and early 20s"

"Ok, so now try and work out WHY you like colouring your hair?"

"Well..... I guess part of it is that, well, everyone has brown hair. I wanted to be a bit different. There was a girl at school, she had really lovely red hair. Bright red, but 100% natural. She looked a bit different, stood out a bit. So I tried reddening my hair. I can still remember that first day I wore it to school, I felt like I was a bit of a rebel, doing something I maybe wasn't supposed to do"

"Did you get into trouble?"

"No, not that time, but a while later, when it got a bit more extreme, I did get told off"

"And how did that make you feel?"

"I actually quite enjoyed it in a way, it meant that I had been noticed"

"Ok, so now try and replace 'red hair' with 'braces'.... Most of us at school didn't have braces, but then when I was about 14, I noticed some kids started getting bits of metal on their teeth. Some were attached - fixed brackets, others were removable, with a wire over the front of the teeth - expanders and things like that. I really don't know why, but I felt a bit 'left out', and wanted to know what they were like. Seeing a girl with a bit of metal in their smile was a great feeling. I once kissed a girl with a retainer, and felt the plastic plate in her mouth, and wanted so much to know what it felt like. Unfortunatley for me, it wasn't quite as easy as colouring my hair red". I explained.

"Yeah, ok, that makes a certain amount of sense....". From the way she said that, I got a feeling that she had a little secret too, something that she wanted to try out, but couldn't, but maybe thought about quite a bit, like I thought about braces. Maybe one day I'd find out, but I knew that if I just asked, she wouldn't tell me.

"Has Amanda commented on your braces yet?"

"No, she hasn't. Look, Janice, you gonna be ok if things happen between me and Amanda?"

"It's odd, on one hand I'd love you to be Amanda's boyfriend, coz I think it's time you had a girlfriend.... but from a purely selfish prospective, I hope you don't, coz it would mean I'm probably not gonna see you so much" said Janice

"It's about time you got yourself another boyfriend!" I replied

"Nice dream..."

"Hey, who's putting themselves down now? Look, you know how insecure many guys are - like me for example - we're scared to ask a girl out incase they say no... so maybe either you need to start saying 'yes' a lot more, or go ask a guy out yourself?"

"But girls don't ask guys out...."

"Excuse me? Amanda asked me out on a date - it was you who passed the message on to me!"

"Ok, yes, how could I forget that?"

"So, take your own advice, ask a few guys out for a drink, or to the pictures, or ask them to come over for an informal dinner, or something like that. London is a lonely place - I'm so glad I got to meet you. It's just a shame we don't seem to be able to have a proper close relationship"

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 12

Saturday evening, an evening to remember!

I managed to book a table at the pub I had chosen, The Black Bull - I had been there a while ago, and the online reviews still looked good. I had WhatsApped Amanda the details, and knowing that I didn't have a car, she offered to collect me and drive us there.

As expected, she was nicely on time. I got in the car, and as we drove off, I took a look at her. I couldn't see everything she was wearing at that point, but I could see that she was wearing a rather nice black dress with white trimmings. Her hair was once again down, and for the moment, pushed back over her shoulders. Around her neck, I could see the locket that she had worn every time I'd seen her so far, and around her left wrist, she had a very delicate but attractive charm bracelet, and a single ring (which looked like it wasn't cheap!) on one of the fingers of her right hand. I was close enough to see that either she didn't have a lot of makeup on, or it was applied quite expertly, as it didn't look at all obvious. Clearly some mascara on her eyelashes, and a hint of red on her eyelids, and with a lovely bold red lips gloss. I could also smell a very gentle but very nice perfume.

"So how did last night and today go?" I asked her

"Last night was 'ok'..." she started

"Only 'ok'?"

"Yeah, 'only ok' probably describes it well. It was a meal around a sort-of-friend's place, someone I knew from when I was doing bar training, along with a couple of other people. I'd agreed to it a couple of weeks ago, and it's kinda important to keep in touch with people like that, you never know when you might need their help. But today was a lot nicer, my sister and I went and visited my grandparents - dad's parents - and took them out to lunch, then went for a gentle walk with them. We had a great afternoon!"

"So where do they live?" I asked

"Oh, only in Chalfont St Peter, so doesn't take long to get there". I'd heard of Chalfont St Peter, it's on the way to Amersham and it's a very nice area!

It didn't take us long to get to the pub, and there was plenty of space in the car park for Amanda to park. It was only when we got out of the car that I fully saw what Amanda was wearing. Whilst she obviously hadn't driven in them, she was now wearing shoes with good-sized heels, above that she was wearing some rather nice fish-net tights (well, I assumed they were tights, they could just as easily have been stockings). Her mainly black dress was made of a top layer of lace, with more black material underneath (from just above her boobs to nearly the bottom of the dress). The lace also covered her arms to her elbows, and the dress came to a couple of inches above her knees. The whole thing hugged her figure quite amazingly, and the overall effect was simply spectacular.

Luckily, I had also dressed reasonably smartly, in light chinos, with a pale green shirt, open at the neck, with a light-coloured jacket on top. I had even remembered to polish my shoes, and brush my hair!

I wasn't certain whether to take her hand, but I held it out towards her, and was quite relieved that she was very happy to take it. We walked together towards the rear entrance that led to the restaurant - I felt amazingly proud to have such an attractive girl next to me.

"Nice place" she commented as we entered. We only needed to wait a few moments as we entered the restaurant to be greeted, and were shown straight to our table, and given menus.

"We have some specials on tonight, they are on the blackboard over there, and I'm afraid we don't have the venison this evening" said the waitress, handing us the menus. "My colleague will be over in a moment to get your drinks order"

I had a glass of a local beer, Amanda had a lager. The food was really good, as was the company and the conversation. We talked about all sorts of things, including our childhoods and families. It was during the dessert course that Amanda leaned over the table towards me, and said quietly:

"Your braces, they're fakes, aren't they?"

Suddenly the world stopped. My blood seemed to drain out of my face. I had some very strange feelings: I had just been found out!

"Pardon?" I stammered

"Your braces, they aren't real....."

"What makes you say that?" I managed to ask. I was definitely in shock.

"Well, I've seen the plastic of your plates a few times, plus there's the wires that wrap around the archwires just behind your canines.... and I've seen the wire over your lower teeth too..... I'm guessing you 'suffer' the same problem as me..."

"What do you mean?"

"You have a 'thing' for braces, don't you? ..... So do I!".
Did I just hear that right? Amanda also has a braces fetish?

"You're kidding... you have a braces fetish too?" I whispered. Amanda didn't reply for several seconds.

"Yes, I do.... and you're the ONLY person I've ever told. And I'm so jealous that you have braces....". She put her hand gently onto mine, and suddenly I was able to relax. In fact, I smiled, and then laughed a little. "What's so funny?" she asked

"Well, it explains a few things. When did you work it out?"

"Earlier in the meal. I wasn't sure whether to say anything, and I've been trying to work out what to say, if anything, since. So what does it explain?"

"Well, why you keep looking at me. Why you even bothered to ask me out in the first place...."

"Ok, yes, slightly guilty, your braces were the first thing that attracted me. But in my defence, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I would like to point out that was only at the start. Since I've been getting to know you, I've been getting quite interested in you... Come on, let's finish our puddings, then we can go, and I can have a chance to 'investigate your braces'". Well, that's a come-on line I've never heard before. And all the time this had been happening, Amanda had kept looking at me, my face, my mouth, and now she was looking straight into my eyes.

We quickly finished the food and got the bill, which Amanda paid. We walked out of the building: the car park was currently deserted, so she pulled me to the side of the door, pushed me up against the building, put her hands onto my face, then put her lips on mine. Without any hesitation, she thrust her tongue between my lips, running it over my braces. Moments later she was pushing her tongue between my teeth, allowing her tongue to feel the plastic of my fake braces.

"Mmm, that was NICE!" she said. "VERY nice! Come on, into the car, quick.....". I did as I was told.

"So, when did you first know you had a thing for braces then?" I asked, as she started driving.

"Well, the first time I remember seeing someone in braces, I must have been about 7 years old: I was at a friend's house, and her elder brother had just got braces, some sort of removables, that gave him a lisp... so probably some expanders. I don't know why, but I found them fascinating"

"Then, in my last year at primary school, so I would have been 10 or 11, one of the girls in my class got twin blocks, and a lovely lisp to go with it. I got to see those braces a couple of times, when she brushed them after lunch in the girl's toilets. They were made of shiny clear pink plastic, with loads of shiny metal wires with the little balls on the end, and they looked so nice. I really don't know what it was about them, but I was so jealous, I wanted some! Back then, my teeth had slight gaps, and I kept hoping I'd need braces, but as my baby teeth fell out, and my adult teeth came in, the gaps disappeared, and I ended up with lovely straight teeth. It was torture at secondary school, all the kids with braces, that I so wanted, but knew I could never have! Don't get me wrong, I love my teeth.... but I so wanted to have braces on them! So wanted to experience what braces were like. What about you?"

"Yeah, a very similar story to yours, to be honest. I think I was maybe 11 or 12 when kids at school started getting braces - and I didn't"

We chatted about our braces histories.

"So where did you get those from? They are amazingly good, I don't think 'normal' people would ever spot they aren't real"

"Remember I said I was over in Asia a few weeks ago, well I got them there. I got a few other braces too."

"I'm so jealous...... I'd love to have some form of braces. Anything would probably do to start with!".

Amanda was slowing down, and turned into a driveway, and into a parking area behind a block of modern flats, where she parked the car. I followed her into the back door of the flats, and into the lift, where she pressed the button for the top floor. After a short vertical journey, the doors opened, into a very small hallway which had just two doors in it: one was the door to the stairs, the other was the door to her flat. The penthouse flat.

We were barely inside when she threw herself at me again, her tongue investigating the plastic and metal contents of my mouth. I was rapidly getting turned on, I think she was already several steps ahead of me. We stopped kissing, and she took my hand, leading me to what was clearly her bedroom. With barely a thought, she undid the clasps on the front of her dress, and pulled it up and straight over her head. I was now looking at a very attractive lady, clad in just a black corset (with a built-in bra), black panties, fishnet stockings, and a pair of fairly high-heeled shoes. Needless to say my blood was pumping hard and fast!

Moments later, she started undoing buttons.... buttons on my shirt and other bits of my clothing, which she then removed, and we fell onto the bed......

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 13:

Saturday evening, continued

I have never met a girl like Amanda before. Usually, I find that it's me doing all the chasing of the girl, pushing the relationship slowly forward. A touch. A kiss. Several dates later a slightly more intimate touch. Hugging. More dates leading to more touching. Then if you were lucky, after many dates, a bit of seduction. But always me pushing things forward.

With Amanda, it was her doing the leading. And tonight was only the 4th time we'd met, and all in less than a week. Ok then, 4 days! Although it felt like we've known each other for a lot longer.

As I lay there, she was running her finger over my brackets, then between my teeth into my mouth, and was feeling the smooth plastic of my plates.

"Would you like to see them properly?" I asked.

"Oh, yes please.....". I unclipped both my upper and lower appliances, removed them from my mouth, and passed them to Amanda.

"Sorry, they've still got bits of food on... I didn't seem to have a chance to clean them after having my dinner tonight... I got a bit distracted..." I said with a smile

"They are amazing! Beautiful!"

"I don't imagine they will fit, but try them in if you like" I suggested. She put the top appliance into her mouth, and it vaguely fitted her mouth (I subsequently discovered that the arches of her teeth are slightly wider than mine). I could see the pleasure on her face as she closed her lips and her eyes, and spent a moment running her tongue over the brackets, the wires, and the smooth plate. She opened her mouth, and tried the lower one too. It didn't fit quite as well, but she was able to mostly close her mouth and her lips, and feel both appliances together in her mouth.

I didn't interrupt, I let her savour the moment. It's a very special moment the first time you feel a braces appliance in your mouth, that smooth plastic has an amazing feel, and more so that first time. A big smile slowly appeared on her face. Finally, she opened her eyes again, then removed my braces from her mouth, so she could speak.

"Wow, it's kinda hard to describe that..... that was amazing.... and I'm so jealous". She passed the braces back to me, then started to laugh. "I was just thinking, is a mutual love of braces a good enough basis for a relationship? I mean, the whole reason I was initially attracted to you was your braces. Mind you, that's probably no worse than fancying a guy because of the shape of his face, or his chest or whatever."

"So... you'd like to make this into a relationship then?" I asked

"I'm not sure... the last couple of relationships I've had ended up being a bit of a disaster. The silly thing is that, looking back, I can see there were problems with both right from the start". She paused. "Hey, I have a silly idea - would you like to be my boyfriend for a month?"

"Just a month, not longer?"

"Sorry, I think I phrased that rather badly... let me try again. Would you like to be my full-on boyfriend for a month, then after that month, if things go ok, then we can decide what to do going forward. If not, we just both walk away from it. I don't know about you, but I'm enjoying every moment of being with you so far, and I'd really like to get to know you better. So be my boyfriend, come with me to my social things, and I'll go with you to yours."

You know, there was a LOT of sense in what she said. We were very different people, from quite different worlds, but we did seem to get on pretty well. We both liked braces too. I have no idea if that would be enough, but there was only one way to find out. And the idea of an opt-out sounded quite logical... I've been in a couple of relationships too that really went on far too long.

"Yeah, ok, I'm up for it....". OMG, I suddenly realised that I now had, for at least 4 weeks, the hottest, and most intelligent, girlfriend I'd ever had. And she liked braces! What wasn't there to like about that?

We kissed again - this time it was a braceless kiss, as I still had my braces in my hand, and I was able to feel her tongue inside my mouth.

"Fancy a coffee?" she asked, a few minutes later.

"Yeah. Hey, you got a spare toothbrush? I could do with a clean-up"

"No problems...." she got out of bed, and I followed. "Ok, so En-suite is over there. Front door is at the far end, main bedroom here, small bedroom second door on the right, second bathroom first door on the right, kitchen / living area on the left. The other door is a cupboard. Let me grab you a dressing gown, there's a spare one in the other bedroom."

She reappeared a moment later with the dressing gown, then took me into the en-suite, where she found me a new toothbrush in the cupboard. "You may as well leave it here, I'm sure you'll need it at some point!". Having brushed my teeth, and cleaned my braces (and put them back in again), I went into the kitchen, where the coffee was nearly ready.

"God, those braces give me the hots..." she said, putting her arms around me, and giving a very gentle but sexy kiss. "Hello new boyfriend!"

"Hello new girlfriend" I replied.

"Did I hear you say you have some other braces too?" she asked as she poured the coffee. "You like it black, don't you?" she said passing me my cup.

"Yes, I went a bit mad when I was in Asia, got braces from two different shops.". As we sat and drank our coffee, I explained a bit about what I'd bought. Ok, so maybe I kinda under-sold things a bit, I didn't QUITE tell her how much stuff I'd got. For example, I probably said 'I got some headgear' rather than 'I got 2 facebows and a whole load of headgears'. I probably also just said 'facemask' in the singular. And I think I also forgot to tell her about the lip-bumpers.

However, I did think it would be sensible to be open about what happened between me and Mei.

"Maybe she could make me some braces?" suggested Amanda

"I'm sure she could, you'll need to get some plaster casts done of your teeth though"

"Oh, how do I get that done? I mean, I can hardly go to my dentist and say 'excuse me, I want to get some fake braces, so can you make me some models of my teeth please', can I?"

"Well, I guess you COULD, but you may get an interesting response... I'll have a word with Mei, see if she has any suggestions"

We chatted a bit as we drank our coffee.

"Oh, by the way, what do you have in the way of *really* smart clothes?" Amanda asked me.

"I have a suit..."

"Ok... is it comfortable? Does it fit you?"

"Not really, it's my weddings and so on suit" I replied. Amanda thought for a moment

"Look, don't take this the wrong way, the clothes I've seen you in are quite ok, but if you're going to come with me and meet the people I meet with, you need to wear simple but really good quality stuff, so, can I buy you some new clothes? I'm thinking of a good suit, shirts, really nice trousers, jacket? Don't worry about how much, as you've probably worked out by now, I don't really have that much of a money issue"

"Yeah, I noticed you seem to be pretty well off.... definitely a lot better off than me..."

"My grandfather, my mum's father, died a few years ago. Mum was his only child, and mum and dad didn't really need the money, so they all decided that he would leave everything to me and my brother and sister. It was a lot of money, so I was able to buy this place, and the car, and still have plenty left over. And my work is doing really well now too. So, about the clothes?"

"Yeah, I'm ok with that, and thanks!"

"Ok, let me have a word with my brother, see who he uses, and I'll call them, get them to sort everything out for you. I would have suggested getting a made-to-measure suit, but that would probably take 4 weeks to be done."

We drank our coffee and chatted more, and eventually went back to bed together.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 14

Sunday, morning... let's go play with braces

When I woke up, I found that I was in a strange bed, with a strange girl looking at me. A few moments later, now fully away, I remembered that I had stayed over at Amanda's, and worked out that it was Amanda who was looking at me. Even without any makeup or jewellery, she looked quite stunning.

"Good morning, boyfriend!" she said in a lovely voice. "You know, you sleep with your mouth open a bit... so I was able to have a look at your braces!".

"Oh, do I? I'm sure you enjoyed the view. How long have you been looking at me then?"

"Maybe five... or ten.... or fifteen minutes...." she replied, smiling. "You ready to actually wake up? If so, I'll get some coffee on, and make us some breakfast"

"What time is it?"

"About nine o'clock..."

"Oh, ok, sounds like it's probably time to get up". Before Amanda went out to make the coffee, she swung her leg over me, sitting astride me, then leaned over and started to kiss me. I'm not talking about a peck on the lips either. One thing I quickly learned about Amanda was how good she was at kissing. Sexy. Sensual. Plus a few other similar words.

"Want to join me in the kitchen?" she asked, a few minutes later, "then you can see what options we have for breakfast.". She made a pot of coffee, and I decided that I'd have some cereals, followed by some toast.

We sat down together over in the lounge area (she has an open plan lounge / dining room / kitchen) and chatted. After that, we took a shower together: whilst my shower is a simple cubicle, with not even enough space for one person, hers was rather bigger, you could probably get a family of six in there, still with a bit of space! So, how I do I put this in a 'family-friendly' way: Amanda has a really nice body! She doesn't have a slim or skinny, straight-down body type, she definitely has curves, with pleasantly sized - neither over-large nor tiny - firm boobs. Nor was she overweight at all. More importantly, all of her 'component parts' fitted very nicely together!

While Amanda was able to put on some completely fresh clothes, I had to put on my clothes from yesterday evening, which felt a little odd.

"So, what's the plans for the rest of today then?" I asked.

"Well, I could do with going out and getting some exercise at some point, but apart from that, I'd love to spend some more time with you"


"I'm open to suggestions..."

"Pub lunch? Tell you what, why don't you give me a lift back home, so I can get changed, and you could see my braces. Then we could take a walk, there's a nice park not far from my place, then after that, we could go get some lunch..."

"Mmmm, sounds like I get to spend the rest of the day with you, I like that idea......" she said, putting her arm around me, then kissing me.


"I'm afraid it's not quite as big or up-market as your place" I explained as we went into my flat. My flat is definitely a bit smaller than Amanda's, and not as new. I have a small (could do with being updated) kitchen / dining / living area), a bedroom with a double bed, and a bathroom. Oh, and a tiny entrance hallway. That's it.

I took her into the living area. "Coffee?" I asked.

"No, I'm ok...."

"Ok, well it's only going to take me a few minutes to get changed, then I'm guessing you probably want to see my braces, don't you?"

"That's a kinda silly question, Danny.... of course I do!!"

I went into my bedroom, and put on something more suitable for a relaxing Sunday walk and pub lunch, then grabbed the plastic crate that I'd put all my braces stuff into, and took it into the living room. I sat next to Amanda, with the crate on the other side, so she couldn't just look into the box. I wanted to have a bit of fun with this, and stretch it out a little.

"Bloody hell, a crate-full?" said Amanda

"It's not actually full... but it makes it a lot easier to keep them together... so where shall I start? Ok, this is another set of fake brackets - Mei did them for me as a leaving present: she knew I was planning to wear these 'as for real', and of course, they could easily break, so they are a spare pair". I passed the retainer box with them over to Amanda to look at. Her eyes lit up as she opened the case.

"And then there's a pair of retainers...." I said, passing those over to her.

"I'm SO jealous, I'd love to have something like these! These retainers look like normal retainers."

"So then there's this one...." and I passed her the 'minimal plate', that goes with my facemasks.

"Ummm, what's this one for?"

"Tell, you what, let me take these braces out, and put that one in, see if you can work it out..." I removed my fake brackets, putting them onto the small table, then took the appliance from Amanda, and put it into my mouth, then smiled, letting her see the wires with tiny loops on, that come forwards from the back.

"That looks like it's for a facemask!"

"Yes, that's right!" I pulled out the red facemask - the one with the single thick rod down the front. There was an open round plastic (microwave) container in the crate that had a load of elastics in it, so I grabbed a couple of them. I hooked the elastics to my appliance, then put the facemask onto my face, hooking the elastics onto the horizontal rod.

Amanda was just staring at me. "I've seen pictures of them, but never actually seen one for real!" she said.

"How would you fancy wearing something like this then?" I asked. Amanda was gently touching the facemask, her expression said it all, she didn't really need to answer. "Actually, I have an idea....". I leaned into the crate, and found the other, blue, facemask. This one was the sort with wires that go around the side of the face, and an elastic strap that could go around the head to hold it in place. With tighter elastic tension that would be used for real wear, you probably didn't need the strap, but for 'playing' it was useful. I passed it to Amanda. "Go on, put in on.....".

Watching Amanda was like watching a child opening presents on Christmas Day....

"You got TWO facemasks?" she commented as she put the blue facemask onto her face, and pulled the strap around her head.

"Well, it seemed silly not to!" was my reply. "Oh, there's a mirror out in the hallway, if you want to take a look at yourself - it kinda suits you!". Amanda got up, and almost ran to the hall, to take a look at herself. While she was out of the room, I looked in my box, trying to decide what should be next. I decided to leave the twin-blocks till last. Hmm, maybe do the headgear next.

Amanda returned, with a massive smile on her face, and sat down beside me again, but seemed completely unable to speak. She took my hand, and put it up to the facemask she was wearing... clearly, this was all starting to have an effect on her.

"I have a feeling you might like to see my headgears next...." I suggested. "I need to take this facemask off again, but keep yours on, if you like.". I unhooked the elastics, put the facemask itself onto the table, then removed the appliance from my mouth. I left the elastics on it, and put it into its retainer box.

"I might have gone a little mad on the headgear" I commented. "For a start, I have a pair of facebows". I took the two facebows out of the crate, picked up my fake brackets, and put the slightly larger facebow into the upper appliance, and the slightly smaller one into the lower one. As I did this, I could see Amanda watching what I was doing. I put both appliances into my mouth, and let Amanda look at my mouth, with the two facebows coming out of it. Once again, she put her hand up to my face, running her fingers over the shiny metal facebows.

"So what sort of headgear did you get?" she asked

"Well, ummm... there's this one" I said, taking the high-pull from the crate, and passing it to Amanda, so she could look at it, and touch it. "Hey, want to put it onto me?" I asked.

"Can I?". This was a very different Amanda. Unlike the normal Amanda, who is clearly very much in control of things, this was an almost child-like Amanda, enthralled by all these new toys. Toys that she'd seen on her computer, but probably never had the chance to see in real life. And today she was getting to see pretty much everything in one go!

She put the high-pull on the top of my head, then pulled the ends of the force modules with the holes in to be by the ends of the upper facebow. "Which hole should I use?" she asked.

"It probably doesn't really matter that much" I said, "I won't have it on for long". Whilst I couldn't see what she was doing, I could feel her hooking the holes over the facebow ends - it felt a bit tighter than I'd normally have it, but that didn't matter. Again, she was running her hands over the headgear, feeling it on my head.

"I guess I need something for the bottom one too..." I said taking out the neck-strap, and passing it to Amanda. As she put it around my neck, and fitted it to my lower facebow, I could see that her breathing had become a bit quicker, and a bit more shallow.

"I'm having problems finding words....." she commented. She tried to put her lips to mine, but her facemask got in the way. I leaned over to her, and carefully pulled it away from her chin, then upwards, removing it from her. She tried putting her lips to mine once again, her lips around my two facebows: our lips touched and her tongue started to explore the thick metal wire of the two facebows.

"You ok there?" I asked a few moments later

"Not really, this lot is doing things to me..."

"Yeah, I guessed that. Want to see some more?"


"Yup!". I leaned into my box. "For example, I got this bright yellow high-pull too" I said, passing it to her.

"Oh, yes, now that is bright!!"

"Go on, try it.....". She put it over her head, then dashed out into the hallway again, to look at herself, then returned.

"Tell you what, I'd feel really sorry for a kid who was forced to wear THAT out in public! I mean, it's a bit visible!". She paused a moment, and looked at me. "You haven't? Have you?"

I smiled. "Yes, I have worn it out in public, while I was in Asia!".

"I bet that was exciting?!"

"Well, yes and no. I'd been wearing my other headgear a bit by then, and there was no-one around who knew me, so it didn't have the same effect as if I had worn it in London. I guess I'd better show you my other headgear...". I unhooked my neck strap and highpull, putting them both on the table, with the growing pile of other orthodontia (erm, 2 facemasks, facemask-plate, fake brackets, retainers), and took the Interlandi out of the crate, passing it to Amanda. It already had 2 elastics fitted, so I found another couple of elastics, ready to hook them on.

"This is my favourite headgear. This is the one I've worn out here in London" I said.

"You've worn this out in public?" said Amanda sounding quite surprised.

"Yeah, but only with a single facebow. Maybe I should wear it out this afternoon? After all, I'm now quite a bit behind on my wear schedule, after not wearing it last night!". Amanda was again looking at me. "My theoretical treatment includes night-time headgear wear, which means that last weekend, and now again this weekend, I'm noticeably behind on my hours, so I really ought to catch up...." I said with a big smile, taking the Interlandi from Amanda. I fitted the extra couple of elastics, put it over my head, then hooked the elastics over the ends of my facebows. "I wore it like this a few time when I was over in Asia" I commented. "It's surprisingly comfortable, and the elastics apply a very low pressure" I continued, 'twanging' the elastics. Once more I let Amanda feel the headgear on my head... I was starting to wonder how long she would last before she 'exploded', hoping that she'd be able to manage another five or ten minutes.

"Of course, if I don't want to wear my headgear, but still want to help my teeth to move, then I have these". I picked up the retainer case that had my lip-bumpers in, and passed it to Amanda. While she looked, I removed my interlandi (and put it on the table!), then removed my fake braces. With them in my hand, I was able to easily remove the headgear. Amanda passed me the lip-bumpers, which I put into my braces, which I then put into my mouth. I could feel the lip-bumpers pushing my lips forward.

"Your mouth looks really odd!" said Amanda as she once again put her lips to mine, kissing me on my lips. I let her inquisitive tongue go between my lips, to feel the lip-bumpers, with my brackets just behind them. Her tongue explored for several minutes: there was no question that she was absolutely enjoying every moment of this. Ok, so was I, to be honest!

"How much more stuff do you have?" pleaded Amanda, several minutes later.

"Well, there's this one" I said, with a bit of difficulty: I wasn't really used to talking whilst wearing the lip-bumpers. I took my 'herbst appliance' from the almost empty crate, and passed it to Amanda. This complex appliance needs quite a description:

The metalwork started on the lower canines (where the Herbst attached) and clipped onto the next two teeth, my pre-molars, as well. At the front, as well as some plastic on the inside of my front teeth, there was a very obvious metal expander module, with wires going across to my lower canines. There was plastic all around the inside of my teeth, to locate it well, with Adams clasps over my rear molars. And of course, all the way from the clasps, through the Herbst attachments and around my front teeth were large metal brackets. And where the lower part of the Herbst attached to my canines, it did not look at all fake, it looked exactly like pictures I'd seen of real Herbst appliances.

The upper appliance was similar in concept. If you removed the plastic from the appliance, then it would look just like a real appliance: metal around the two premolars and first molar, where the Herbst attachment point was. Between those bits of metal Mei had soldered a metal expander, and to the front of the expander was a rather large and obvious tongue crib soldered in place. Again, there was an archwire with brackets.

The clever thing about these appliances, compared to my other fake brackets, was that there was no need for the tiny supporting wires behind my canines, as the rather more substantial metal around the teeth did a far better job.

Like on the lower appliance, there were clasps on the rear molars, and plastic all around, but mainly to the front of the appliance, I was guessing to hold it in place in my mouth.

And to round things off, some of the brackets had hooks on, for elastics.

As Amanda looked at my fake Herbsts, I took out my fake brackets, leaving the lip-bumpers in place for the moment, and put them onto the table too.

"Want to see them in?" I asked, wanting her to pass them over, which she did. I took the appliances as a pair, with the Herbst pins inserted into the tubes, and put them into my mouth, gently biting together to start seating them, then I used my fingers to finally push them into place. I smiled, to let Amanda take a look.

"Wow, those really do look real! What's the tongue crib like?"

"Well" I said, "it makes it very hard to speak" I said with a very heavy lisp, "And pretty much impossible to eat. The crib is a bit on the large size!".

"And can you kiss with it?"

"I guess the best way is to try it....". Amanda didn't need any further encouragement: her lips were on mine, her tongue probing my brackets, my teeth..... and kinda got halted when it hit the tongue crip. Our tongues met through the prison bars of the crib, but we still continued to kiss for a while.

"So, what do you think of my braces so far?" I asked, still lisping.

"So far? How much more do you HAVE for goodness sake?".

"Just one more, but I think you're going to really like them....". I removed my Herbsts from my mouth, which was not easy as they clipped on well. I then took the case with my twin blocks from the crate, and without opening the box, passed it to Amanda. As she opened the box, her whole face lit up.

"Oh.... my.... gawd..... there's so much plastic! She removed the two plates from the case and ran her fingers over them. I could tell that her excitement levels were now going up very quickly. I held out my hands, and she passed the twin-blocks to me, and I put them into my mouth. Both appliances were good fits and needed to be pushed in to place firmly. Yes, they felt so good!

Whilst they were definitely twin blocks, they had more plastic, and more clasps, than a normal one, making them much nicer for a braces enthusiast like me. Or Amanda.

As you'd expect the clear pink plastic covered my molars. On the bottom, there were 5 ball clasps (= wires with tiny balls on the end) over my front teeth, canine to canine, plus plastic over the top of the teeth, and a couple of millimetres down over the front of the teeth. The top was similar: 5 ball clasps, but also a labial bow - like you'd have on a retainer, along with plastic over the top of my front teeth. Not to forget the chunks of plastic that held the lower jaw forwards. So much metal and plastic! But they were actually very comfortable. I ran my tongue around my mouth: all I could feel was the plastic.

I leaned over to Amanda, and we started kissing. I could feel her tongue in front of my teeth, feeling around the clasps and labial wire, and the plastic. As she put her tongue between my teeth, and into my mouth, whilst I knew that she could feel the smooth plastic in the top and bottom of my mouth, I could feel nothing, except when our tongues touched.

Still kissing me, Amanda reached past me, took the crate, and put it on the floor. She then pushed me back onto the settee, and got on top of me, still kissing me. Once again, buttons started to get opened, and.......

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Awesome job @sparky!

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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This is getting good. I added the latest chapter to TheArchive and am all caught up on this story now.

He's a man after my own heart and I just wish that I could find a woman into braces the way that she is.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Thank you all for your feedback, you know how much it appreciated.

On a different subject, whilst I was writing my story this afternoon, I started thinking about the words I often mis-spell. Sometimes it's just a missing letter, but sometimes the implications go further.

For example:
"Girlfiend" instead of "Girlfriend" (to be honest, I think that is a very reasonable mistake to make!)
"Ben and Jerry" instead of "Ben and Jenny"

I have problems spelling "Weird", it usually comes out as "Wierd" for some reason, and occasionally as "Wired"!

Ok, so what words do YOU have a problem with?


Anyway, while I'm here, I'll tease you all a little... in 3 chapters time, we will be having a short "crossover episode" (you know like they do with Supergirl / Flash / Arrow) with a character from one of my other stories. And there may be some other crossover episode(s) later on as well....

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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You are great, Sparky!

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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... I just wish that I could find a woman into braces the way that she is.

I think that would be the dream of many of us here!

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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chapter 15

Sunday with Amanda continues

"You recovered yet?" I asked, smiling

"Yes, I feel a lot better now I've got that out of me... Tell you what though, that's a lot of braces you have there! You realise of course that I'm now feeling even more jealous of you than I was earlier, I never would have guessed you had so much"

"So, you definitely want some for yourself?"

"Hell, yeah! Of course I do!"

"Think you'll want to wear them in public at all?"

"Hmm, I'm not so sure about that. Maybe if we go somewhere away from London."

"So you don't fancy wearing them 'as for real' like I do?"

"I think I meet too many people to make it practical, to be honest. But that won't stop me wearing them at home"

"So what do you fancy? As you can see, you can get pretty much anything!"

"Well... I guess top of the list will be some brackets"

"And headgear, I'm guessing"

"Oh, definitely! And I do fancy something like your twin-blocks... I'd just love to feel all that plastic in my own mouth!"

"Yes, it does feel rather nice, I will admit! I'd wear them out in public, but adults just don't wear twin-blocks, do they?"

"But how many people ACTUALLY know that? I'm also thinking that I might like something with a load of expansion screws in it, maybe three or four of them!"

"Mmm, sounds fun. Hey, I have an idea, why don't we give Mei a call right now... They're 7 hours ahead, so this would be a fairly good time to call her"

"Oh, yeah, that would be nice....".

I grabbed my phone, and with Amanda next to me, I video-called Mei: it took a while for it to connect and ring, and a short while after, she answered.

"Danny, nice to talk to you again! How are you?" she asked

"Hi there, Mei... I'm doing fine. Hey, can I introduce someone... this is Amanda, my new girlfriend". I turned the phone so they could see each other.

"Hi, Amanda, lovely to meet you! You must be a VERY new girlfriend, he never said anything about you when we chatted 2 weeks ago! I hope you're being good to Danny, he's a nice guy!"

"Hello, Mei... Danny has told me all about you..."

"Hopefully not ALL, gotta have SOME secrets! So, you just calling me to tell me about your new girlfriend?"

"Actually no. Erm, Amanda has the same 'problem' that I have.... and she fancies having some braces!" I explained.

"Ooooh, Amanda, you naughty little girl! Welcome to the club!" said Mei with a giggle.

"So, I'm guessing that you need some models of her teeth? What do we need to do to get those? I mean, it's a bit of a trip to come over to you to get them done!"

"Well, I could send you some moulding putty, but that will take forever to get to you, and then might start to dry out by the time it gets back. The best thing you can do is just go to your dentist, and ask him to take some impressions, and make you some models"

"Yeah, I thought of that, but I'm sure they will ask why she wants them. And I don't think 'I want to get some fake braces made' would be a good reply!". That made Mei giggle.

"Hmmm, yeah, probably not the best idea. One I've suggested to people is to just say that you want to get some custom cos-play teeth made - maybe she wants to be a female werewolf or something?"

"Yes, that sounds a lot better". I turned the phone towards Amanda. "You gonna be ok doing that?" I asked

"I think so...."

"Ok, so I'll send Danny the shop's address, and you can send them to me... if you can put them into a small cardboard box, rather than just a padded bag, that will protect them better... I suggest wrapping them up individually in some bubble wrap too, and make sure to fill the rest of the box, so they don't just bounce around. Any idea what you fancy yet? I assume Danny has shown you all of his braces?"

"Yeah, he showed me them earlier" said Amanda with a bit of a smile. "There's so much to choose from"

"Don't forget, in principle, I can make anything you fancy, it's doesn't need to be a 'real' appliance. Anyway, when you've decided, just let me know, and I'll work out a price. The shop does credit cards, so it should be easy for you to pay us"

"Thank you, Mei" said Amanda.

"Hey, Danny, have you started wearing your braces full-time yet?"

"Yes, a couple of weeks ago, after we last spoke I guess." I swung the camera back to me, moved it a bit closer, and smiled, letting Mei see my mouth. "See, I'm a brace-face now!"

"Those mine, or the ones that Ah-Too made for you?"

"Ah-Too's I'm afraid"

"Ohh, you traitor......." said Mei with a big smile.

After chatting a bit more, we ended the call.

"She seems to be a really nice lady, with quite a sense of humour" commented Amanda. "Her English is amazingly good, I was expecting her to have a really strong accent". I explained to Amanda that she'd spent some time getting her training in America, so it was more of an American accent than an English one.

"So, you need to go see your dentist sometime, and then decide what you fancy having. You know the sort of prices I paid, so I reckon you could get yourself several sets of braces, and a few other bits too"

"Yeah, there's just so much to choose from! Anyway, we going to have this walk - didn't you say there's a nice park near here?"

"Yes, with a pub that does a Sunday Carvery very conveniently on the far side of the park!"

"I have an idea" suggested Amanda, "I suspect your headgear wear is a bit down after not wearing it last night... so you should wear it this afternoon. In fact, why don't you wear double headgear? I'll let you take the lower one off when we get to the pub...."

I could tell that there could be some good braces fun to be had in the future with Amanda!

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 16

Monday - 'Hello, want to drive Amanda's Tesla?'

My phone rang, and I answered it.

"Good morning, Danny, I'm Suzannah Jameson, I'm one of the clerks at Kings Square Chambers. Amanda asked me to call you" said the voice on my phone, "She asked me to get your details so I can get you put onto the insurance for her Tesla. I don't suppose you have a few minutes, do you?".

Wow, being added to her car insurance? When she said she wanted me to be her 'full-on boyfriend' for a month, I didn't think she would do things like this, or so quickly. Clearly, she wanted to try and make our relationship work.

"Yeah, sure, what do you need to know?"

"Ok, I'm on the insurance website now, why don't I just ask you the questions as they come up.... starting with your full name, and then your date of birth." I gave Suzannah the information she needed, and she typed it into the web site.

"Ok, that all looks good, so I guess that means you're all insured. By the way, let me give you my mobile number as well as the office number, and my email: Amanda often gets tied up in meetings, so if you need to speak to her urgently, or get a message to her, just get in touch with me." She gave me the numbers and email, and I gave her my email too.

"So did she tell you anything about me then?" I asked

"Not a lot, other than you were her new boyfriend"

"Ok.... um, I don't suppose there's anything you can tell me about Amanda is there, I know so little about her.."

"Well, I only really know her through work, but I can say that she's a really good barrister, well respected here, she works hard, but gets good results. She's generally very nice to work for, but she does have quite a strong character, quite assertive, tends not to suffer fools lightly. But I'm glad she has a boyfriend again..."

"Oh, why?" I asked

"How do I say this... it seems to sort-of 'mellow' her a bit, which makes our lives a bit easier! Hey, Danny, don't be scared to stand up to her if you feel you need to, she won't actually mind, as long as you're not being stupid."

"Ok, thanks for that tip."

"By the way, if you come into the office, do get Amanda to introduce me, it's always nice to put a face to a name."

Wow, I've known Amanda less than a week, and she's gonna let me drive her car... sounds like she's taking this 'full-on boyfriend' thing seriously! Hey, I'm not complaining!

A little later, Amanda called me briefly.

"I've had a very quick word with Alfie, my brother, about that gent's outfitters, and I gave them a quick call. So I'll send you an email in a moment with details, they know what you'll be wanting, let them guide you. Alfie reckons they know their stuff - as I said before, my treat!"

"Amanda, thank you so much...."

"Don't worry about it, Danny. By the way, we must talk diaries this evening, there's a few things lined up in the next week or so that I'm hoping you come with me to.

That evening, Amanda told me about the evening events she had lined up, suggesting that for many of them she would love me to go with her. My diary, unsurprisingly, was quite empty. It's not often that I plan ahead: someone will get in touch and say 'what you up to tonight / tomorrow?', I explained that was often the case to Amanda, and she didn't have a real problem with that, but to always try and give her as much warning as possible. There was little lined up for this week, so I had a think of things that I often went to, such as a pub quiz, or just meeting friends at the pub. Amanda had said that she didn't want me ignoring my friends, she wanted us to continue to socialise with them.


Tuesday Lunchtime - the emperor's new clothes

I took a long lunchtime today, and went to that Gents Outfitters - its definitely not the sort of place I would normally go into. It had a rather pleasant 'old-worldiness' about it, in that there were proper sales assistants, and by that I don't mean someone who sits on a checkout, taking your money.

After explaining who I was, one of the assistants was delegated to serve my needs. They already had a list of things I needed, so after measuring me (never had THAT done before!) everywhere, I was trying on shirts, trousers and jackets, and finally suits. What surprised me was how comfortable clothes that fitted you properly were. The trousers were all to long, but they marked the length I needed, and promised to get them altered. Same with the suit jacket, it needed a couple of minor adjustments to fit me properly, but they would get it done. They also showed me several suitable ties, and I chose a couple... along with the matching handkerchief to go into the jacket pocket!

For so many years I'd just bought relatively low cost clothes 'off the peg'. Ok, I paid to get trousers shortened (I had no idea what to do to them!), but anything else, if it wasn't quite right, I would just put up with it. So I had several slightly 'baggy' shirts, a couple with rather tight necks (which wasn't too much of an issue as I normally wore them open), and a suit jacket with arms that were really a little too long.

With my own 'normal' clothes back on again, I arranged in principle to collect all of the clothes on Thursday, after work: either I'd ask Amanda to come along, or I'd just get a taxi home. In any case, they would call me on Thursday to confirm that everything was ready for me.

"Hey" said Brinda, our receptionist, as I got back to work. "I've got something for you"

"Oh, what?" I asked. She pointed to a very small plastic 'specimen vase' (ie a vase for a single flower, about 6 inches tall) that contained a single red rose, and passed me a small envelope.

"A very nice lady dropped this in for you about half an hour ago"

"Well dressed, red hair?"

"Yeah" I smiled, and opened the envelope. The small card had a simple message on it: 'Thinking of you.... far too much :-)' and was signed 'A xxx'.

"I'm guessing you have a new girlfriend?" asked Brinda, also now smiling.

"Yes, I do" I replied, proudly. "Hey, mind if I leave this here?" I said, referring to the rose.


Tuesday Evening - have you ever driven an electric car?

Amanda came over to my place for dinner, but what to give someone who was used to eating good um-market food. I knew I'd never be able to cook anything half decent, so I had decided to buy some smoked fish, along with a bag of mixed vegetables - they could all be easily cooked in the microwave! Amanda had already told me that, if I took her out, or we ate at home, she did not expect especially fancy food, she got plenty of that when she went out to more formal meals. In fact, she actually liked simple home cooking.

It turned out that my choice was good: the fish tasted excellent, and Amanda liked my choice of food.

"So, have you ever driven an electric car?" she asked me

"No, can't say I have. From what I've seen of you driving, it seems to be pretty much the same as a normal car"

"In principle, yes, but there's a few things that you'll find weird for a bit. The first is that there's no gears, so it's effectively an automatic, which is strange if you've only ever driven a manual car. The second is that, when you hit the accelerator, things happen instantly, you don't have to wait for the engine to get going... no revving up and slipping the clutch and that sort of thing. But the strangest thing is that it's pretty much silent, so you really have to watch what speed you're doing!"

"Ok, I can appreciate all of that.."

"So, how about you drive us somewhere, and get used to the car?"

"Anywhere in particular?" I asked

"It doesn't really matter. How about over to Ally Pally? We can have a walk while we're there." (for those of you who don't know London at all, that's 'Alexandra Palace', the location of the BBC's first TV transmitter, and a huge park). Its one of those places that I'd been to as a kid, but not since, so it would be fun to go there again.

It was interesting to drive the Tesla: as Amanda had said, a bit strange at first, but by the time we got to the car park at Ally Pally, I was getting fairly used to it. I drove us past the actual building, parking at the car park to the east, which gave us a lovely view of the big TV mast (which is still in use) then we walked around the front of the building, and down into the actual park, which gave us lovely views across the park, and in fact, views across London in the distance.

(Writer's note: Alexander Palace is on the top of a large hill in North London, with quite amazing views across a large part of London.... If you get the chance, take a visit, or use Google Maps street view... In 1979, I went to an open-air jazz festival in the gardens: it was an amazing location, and people like Muddy Waters, BB King and Chuck Berry played!)

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 17

<It's the 'once per series' special cross-over episode!>

For those of you who haven't read my story "Jennifer loves singing", Jenny is a member of a three-piece chart-topping girl-band called CJD (= Carol, Jenny, Diane, the 3 members), and seems to have a built-in ability to compose music. However, she's crap at the words - so Carol and Diane tend to write the lyrics. She also sings, plays piano, various guitars, and weirdly, the trumpet!

In terms of the other story, this happens maybe a couple of weeks before the start of it, so before she meets Ben, and before she gets her braces.


Wednesday - Jenny who?

I was supposed to be meeting up with Amanda for lunch on Wednesday, and got a message from her at around noon, saying that she was going for lunch with a client, that I was very welcome to join them, but they would be at Jason's Wine Bar instead - if that sounds familiar, then that's because it's the place I had my first 'date' with Amanda last week. I got a feeling that Amanda went there quite a bit.

I warned my colleagues that I might be back from lunch a bit late, and walked the almost 10 minutes into and across town to Jason's Wine Bar, where I found Amanda sat at a table waiting for me. With her was another lady, I'm guessing my sort of age, early to mid 20's. Amanda stood up and gave me a semi-formal hug & kiss, then we both sat down.

"This is Jenny... remember I was telling you about that pop group being sued for copyright by a small band for allegedly copying their song... she's the one who wrote the song, well, the music. Jenny, this is my boyfriend, Danny"

"Hi Danny!" said Jenny

"Ah, ok... hi there, Jenny! Nice to meet you! Erm, am I allowed to be a bit cheeky, and ask whether I should know your band?". She smiled, revealing a set of nicely crooked teeth. The top ones went inwards a bit, the second and canines teeth all stuck out a bit, and from what I could see, the bottom teeth were just as bad, with some twisted, some behind others. Ok, yeah, so it's what I notice! Some guys would instantly look down at a girl's... you know..., others would look up at her eyes or nose or hair, but you guys know me by now, I'm a mouth and teeth and braces sort of guy.

"I would be a bit offended if you didn't!" she replied, "Our band is CJD, I'm sure you've heard of us! Even if you're not into our sort of music". I looked at this lady. She was dressed in jeans and a plain top. Trainers. Minimal makeup, but actually quite good looking without it. Long dark hair in a braid. But not exactly what I would expect for a pop star! Especially someone in as big a group as CJD... and you don't really get THAT much bigger than CJD were right now. If I remembered right, they had just done a massive tour all over the UK and Europe.

"Ah, yes, I think I've heard of you.... a small struggling girl band with only 2 or 3 number-one hits to their name?" I said with a big smile, making it clear I was joking. Jenny laughed at my comment.

"I do like your style, Danny! And I bet you're also thinking that I'm not really dressed like a pop star either..."

"You can clearly read my mind!" I replied

"I think some people are in the music business for the fame.... you know, the Taylor Swift's of the world, they seem to enjoy being famous. Me, I'm in it because I just love music. I live and breathe music. I guess you'd maybe call me a bit of a 'reluctant pop star'. Don't get me wrong, I really love performing as well as writing music - but even that can get to be a bit of a pain at the end of a long tour. We just finished a big tour, and I'm having a few weeks off... so I'm currently just being me, Jenny, and trying to keep out of the limelight for a bit...."

"So what's the worst bit about being on tour then?" I asked.

"Boredom.... for example, we usually travel in a coach, so, especially over in Europe, the journeys can be long, and a bit boring at times. At the beginning of the tour it's not so bad, we chat together, we work on song ideas.... but you can only do so much of that. The other bad thing is not sleeping too well... you know, a different bed in a different place every couple of days."

"I was over in Asia recently, and yes, took me 2 or 3 days before I was sleeping ok, and I'm not thinking of the jet-lag, as you say, the bed, the room. So what're the best bits then?"

"Oh, that's easy: playing our music to our fans. You spend hours creating a song, then more hours practising it, and when the fans hear it and like it, that's an amazing feeling! I also love meeting our fans!"

"Isn't that a bit overwhelming?"

"Yes, it can be if there's a lot of them, so I try and find, or even arrange to meet up with, a small group of them. They are really nice when you can really interact with them. Sometimes, when we're in a place for a few days, then we do a 'fan's breakfast', where we all have breakfast with any fans staying at the same hotel as us, that's quite nice, coz we have time to chat with them, and no-one else is going to suddenly come along." 

It sounded like Jenny tried hard to make the best of what could, at times, be not such fun. As we continued to chat, I looked at the menu, and when the waiter came over, I ordered a simple quiche salad and a soft drink.

"So, have you managed to sort out Jenny's problem?" I asked Amanda

"Yeah, we did... The other band alleged that Jenny's song was based on theirs... I mean, this sort of thing happens more than you'd imagine, but you do have to wonder if they are just trying it on, to try and get a load of money out of them."

"So how do you prove that she didn't steal the song, even just a bit of it?"

"It's hard to prove a negative, that Jenny hadn't heard their song when she wrote her song, but in this case we managed to show that Jenny started work on the song about a month or so before the other band released their song - even though the CJD song was actually released several months after. And with the other band being from up north, so miles away, there's no way she could have heard their song before it was released. So it turns out the similarity was just 'one of those strange coincidences'"

"And the other guys are ok with that?"

"I spoke to their lawyers mid-morning, explained what we had found, and sent the files and other data over to them. They called back just before we came out for lunch, and they have withdrawn their case" explained Amanda.

"Yeah, it's kinda scary... I mean, we're here having lunch, and there's music in the background. I'm not actively listening to it, but it might get inside my mind, and then pop out later" explained Jenny

"So how did you prove your initial ideas were... well, yours?" I asked her

"Well, I carry this around with me.." she said, leaning down and pulling a small audio recorder out of her bag. "Whenever I get an idea, and I play it, or even hum it, I always record it, just in case I need to go back to it for some reason."

"And I'm guessing you have copies of everything you do?"

"Yeah, my brother, Callum, got me set up to copy everything into 'the cloud', and never to delete stuff. Hey, didn't Amanda said you're in IT... you'd probably get on well with Callum! So, yeah, I spent all of yesterday listening to something like five hundred or a thousand recordings, some short, some long, trying to find the recording of the first time I strummed that tune on my guitar"

"And I'm guessing you found it?"

"Yes, eventually... at about 11 pm last night. It turns out I had got the date wrong by a couple of weeks. But the date on that recording, and some other stuff I had put it just over a month before they released their song! Boy was I happy when I found it!"

As we talked, it was fun to occasionally look at Jenny's crooked teeth. To me, a girl with crooked teeth is the next best thing to a girl with braces! And to be honest, if I wasn't going out with Amanda, she is the sort of girl I'd want to chat up - although the likelihood of me meeting a pop star in the first place would be pretty slim! Having said that, that was pretty much my feelings when I first saw Amanda!

"So you live for music.... what inspires you then?"

"Anything and everything. I mean, yesterday, I was in Amanda's office, and something got my brain going. It might have been a sound, or something I'd seen, maybe a smell, I'm not really sure, but I started getting a tune in my head! And when that happens, I have to do something about it" explained Jenny.

"Yeah, not the sort of thing I'm used to.... she's in my office, and we're having a meeting, then suddenly she's like 'can you just give me a minute or two', and she pulls out her audio recorder, and starts humming and singing into it!" added Amanda

"Ah, so a sort of 'Barrister Rap' then?" I suggested, which made Jenny laugh

"Nice title! I like it... I may need to steal that from you!"

"It'll cost you.... copyright and all that. And I'll warn you that I have a good lawyer to protect my rights!"

"Tell you what, if I use it, I'll buy you a drink as payment!" said Jenny

"Yeah, ok, that'll do, deal!" I replied.

"Hey, Danny, next time make sure you speak to your lawyer first... I could probably have got her up to two drinks, if not three!" added Amanda.


"I'm glad you came along at lunchtime, you made something that could have been a bit boring into a fun lunchtime. I think Jenny quite appreciated your light-hearted attitude" said Amanda later that evening.

"Yeah, she's a nice girl, but nothing like I would have imagined a big pop star to be" I commented. "Hey, did you notice her teeth?"

"Yes, I did, and I saw you having a look too! She definitely needs braces, doesn't she? But I'm not sure I can imagine her getting them"

"She'd look cute in them though! I don't suppose it's the done thing for lawyers to tell their clients that they should get braces, is it?"

"No, not really! But yeah, you're right about her not being what you'd expect a pop-star to be like, she was amazingly and pleasantly normal"

"To be honest, if she had been all dressed up, like most pop stars you read about, I would probably have freaked out!"

"And she was amazingly willing to help me to find the information we needed. Many people in her position would just be 'oh, I'll get someone else to find it for you', and then you wait weeks to get anything. And usually you have to keep chasing them. But she was onto it straight away! I wish more of my clients were so helpful... when they are like her, you actually WANT to help them!"

"Hey, just remember that when your laptop goes wrong, and your IT guy comes to fix it!" I said with a smile.

"So, if Jenny wasn't what you expected a pop star to be, am I anything like you'd expect a barrister to be?" asked Amanda

"You're asking me leading questions again" I replied, hugging and kissing my very sexy girlfriend.

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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It's always great when a really hot character from another story wanders into the current one.