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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Great, and very complicated.

Oh, I'm sure it might get a bit more complicated before too long!


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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Lots of twists and turns in these last few chapters. Very enjoyable. Thanks!!!!

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 62

An evening with Abbie

I arranged to meet Abbie after work in the car park at chambers: it seemed sensible to not be over-obvious about things. I was sat in the Tesla, door open, when Abbie came out. I got out the car.

"Hi Abbie!"

"Hi Dannie. That's a nice car, I never realised it was Amanda's. She must trust you, to lend you her car"

"Yeah, she's good like that. So, I booked us at a nice place that Amanda once took me, I think you'll like it." We both got into the car, and I drove us to the restaurant.

"Wow, how strange, the car's so quiet" commented Abbie

"Yes, it is, I remember that the first time Amanda drove me in it!". In terms of driving, it was a joy to drive: if you needed it, there was a lot of power, allowing you to pull away quite quickly, otherwise it was very smooth. So, as I had a passenger, I drove more gently.

The restaurant wasn't too busy tonight, so the service was good... and so was the food.

"It makes a pleasant change to going to the kebab place, doesn't it?" I joked as I removed my retainers, and put them into my retainer case, which I slipped back into my pocket

"True! For me a place like this is for special occasions... no doubt Amanda comes to places like this regularly"

"Not as regularly as you might think, she quite enjoys eating food at home. I mean, it's nice coming out to a place like this, but the food can be quite rich, and is good for putting on weight!"

I had started with a soup, Abbie had a prawn cocktail. For the main course, I had a lovely chicken and leek pie, Abbie had a sort of casserole, and we finished off with ice creams. And a glass of wine each to go with it. After finishing, I slipped into the the loo, to do the obvious, plus rinse my mouth and retainers, then returned to the restaurant, where I paid our bill.

"Dare I ask how much that lot cost?" she asked

"You really don't want to know!" I replied, then quickly showed her the bill.

"Oh... wow!"

"Don't worry, this is quite cheap compared to some of the places Amanda has to go to!"

We walked together out to the car park, and got in the car, and looked at each other. "You look like you're thinking whether you should kiss me..." I commented

"Yeah, I am, but I'm also thinking that you're going out with Amanda now"

"Not tonight I'm not, I've been out with you"

"In that case, can I?" she asked me. I put my lips onto her soft lips. I briefly touched her lips with my tongue, but pulled it back again. I could feel her tongue against my lips, slowly pushing between my lips, and finally touching my teeth, and the wire of my retainer. I could feel her tongue running softly over my top teeth, and then my bottom teeth, feeling both my teeth and my labial wires.. I suddenly remembered something she said the first time she kissed me: 'You know, I've never actually kissed a guy with braces before....'. Hmm, I wonder... I opened my teeth a bit, inviting her tongue between them. She took up my invitation, and slowly pushed her tongue between my teeth, arching up to feel the smooth plastic plate of my retainer. As her tongue touched the plastic, I could hear a soft moan, then, as she realised I was ok with what she was doing, I felt her tongue push in further, feeling more of the plate of my top retainer. After several seconds, she pulled her tongue back a little, moving it down, to try and feel the plastic of my lower retainer. There was no question that she was enjoying every moment of this kiss, so I let it continue. Once again, she moved her tongue to the roof of my mouth, feeling my upper plate again. Then she ran her teeth over where the labial wire comes out of the plastic, between my canine and first pre-molar, and around the front, tracing the wire across the front of my teeth, until she got to the other side. The kiss continued for another couple of minutes, and then finally our lips parted.

"When you first kissed me, a couple of nights ago, you said something about you'd never kissed a guy with braces. So how was it?"

"It was very nice and..... I'm now feeling very embarrassed."


"Well, because..... ummm....."

"Because you think you're the only person in the world that has a very strange attraction to braces, and guys in braces?"

"Yeah... something like that... Oh, god, this is so awkward..."

"There's no need to feel like that. You're NOT the only one. There's a surprisingly large number of us that have a thing for braces." I explained. She looked a bit confused. "I also find braces very attractive. On others, plus these retainers I'm wearing, they're not real braces"

"I thought it was just me that had strange feelings about braces."

"Have you never typed 'braces fetish' into Google to see what comes up?"


"Well maybe you should. You might be pleasantly surprised by what you found. Would you like to see my retainers? It's ok, don't feel embarrassed". I opened my mouth, so she could see the retainers in my mouth. Then I put my fingers up to my mouth, and took them out, putting them into my hand, which I held out for Abbie to see. "Touch them, hold them if you like...". She gingerly put her hand out, and took my top retainer from my hand.

"But this looks just like a real retainer"

"That's because it IS a real retainer. It just wasn't given to me by an orthodontist. I got it while I was over in Asia"

"It's lovely. You know, I never realised that there were other people around that felt like this about braces"

I thought for a moment about what I was going to say next, but decided that it might actually help the relationship between Abbie and Amanda, by empowering Abbie slightly. "I want to tell you something, but for rather obvious reasons, you can't tell anyone else about it. Can you promise me you won't say anything?". Abbie nodded. "Well, Amanda has as big a braces fetish as me....".

The expression on Abbie's face was amazing: her mouth was wide open as she realised the implications of what I'd just told her. "So.... her braces aren't real either?"

"Well, the ones she has NOW are real, but like me, she has quite a collection of fake braces"

"You have MORE braces?"

"Yes, I do..... and before I go any further, I need to do something.....". Abbie looked a little confused as I took out my phone. I was texting Amanda. Wow, this was going to be awkward, but I was hoping she would understand.

'Amanda. My darling. I love you! I love you loads! But I need a BIG BIG favour. Please trust me, but I need a 'hall pass' for tonight. I will tell all tomorrow, and I'm 200% sure you'll approve of why. Please?', and I added a load of hearts.

I got a reply back 30 seconds later. "Yes... of course I trust you. Have fun!" and a load more hearts.. I smiled widely.

"What was that about then?"

"Erm, how do I put this? I have permission to ask you back to my place, to show you my collection of braces. Would you like to see them?". Abbie was clearly both surprised and shocked.

"You just asked Amanda for permission to take me back to your place, and she actually agreed?". I showed her my phone.

"Amanda is quite an amazing person." I said, "And amazingly trusting. So, do you want to take that step? But be aware that there's no going back once you jump into the rabbit hole..."

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 63

Abbie definitely likes braces!

"It's not much, but it's home" I explained as we walked into my flat. "Coffee? Or would you prefer tea? Or maybe something stronger?"

"Coffee would be fine thanks". She sounded a little nervous, but she joined me in the kitchen area as I made the coffee. "This feels... well, a bit weird".

"Yes, it does, doesn't it. Ok, try this.... it might be hard, but just imagine Amanda never happened today. Imagine we had lunch together, and that I asked you to be my girlfriend. That we went out for a meal tonight to celebrate. That we kissed in the car, and that I discovered that you, like me, are a complete weirdo, and have a thing for all things braces". She giggled. As I waited for the kettle to boil, I went to her, put my arms around her, gently pulling her in to me, and put my lips on hers, and kissed her. "Hey, I want to do this. I think you do too, and Amanda is ok with it too. You can always say 'no' at any time, and I'll take you home any time, if you want, no questions asked. Ok?".


"So, how do you like it?" I asked, my arms still around her, and my face just inches from hers


"You women have worse minds than us men! Coffee! How do you like your coffee?". That bit of fun seemed to relax Abbie a bit.

"Oh, yeah, ummm, white no sugar please..." she replied, smiling. I put some coffee into the filter, which I placed on the jug, and poured the boiling water into it.

"So, where are all these braces then?" she asked.

"Most of them should be in a small plastic crate, which is.....". I looked over to the lounge area, but didn't see it. "Which is not in here, so I'm guessing its in the bedroom. Let me get it while we wait for the coffee...."

I had hidden my braces box in a quiet corner of my bedroom, so that any 'visitors' wouldn't start asking awkward questions. I grabbed it, and brought it into the lounge, then went back to check on the coffee: the water had finally drained out of the filter, so I was able to pour our coffees.

"My goodness, it's big" she said, as I took the lid off the box.

"Yeah, lot's of girls have commented about that... and this plastic box isn't tiny either!" I said with a big smile. "So let me explain: a few months ago, I went to Asia on business, and while I was there, I visited two braces shops. I'm still in touch with Mei, who makes the braces at one of them - she made a load of these, plus all of Amanda's. When I came back to London, I decided that 'I was going to get braces', by which I mean that I started wearing some fake brackets, as if for real... Then I met Amanda, who quickly spotted that my braces were fakes, because she's as much a braces weirdo as I am. But when we split up, and I started meeting other girls, the fake brackets became a bit of an issue, so 'my treatment' finished, and I started wearing these retainers a few weeks ago. So let's start by showing you the brackets I used to wear."

I got out the 3 lots of fake brackets. "These were the first ones I wore, but as you can see, they broke after a couple of months, so I started wearing these, my backup-set". I passed the two lots fake brackets over to Abbie to look at, while I removed my retainers, and put my latest 'spares' into my mouth. Abbie had a massive smile on her face as she looked at the braces that she now had in her hands, then saw me smiling with the other pair in.

"Wow, they really DO look convincing...."

"For most people, yes, but there's a couple of give-aways.... the plates, of course, are one, the other is these wires behind the canines, that hold the archwire steady. Of course, it's no use having braces if you don't also have some headgear...", and with that, I pulled out the various facebows, Interlandi / high-pull / cervical headgears, plus my facemasks. I picked up one of the facebows, which I knew fitted my upper braces, and slipped it into place, then put an Interladi on my head, connecting the elastics to the facebow.

Abbie's eyes were almost popping out as she looked at me.

Over the next hour, I showed her my plate for my facemask, my herbst with tongue crib (which suddenly started me thinking about Daisy!), and finally, my twin blocks. Of course, she'd already seen my retainers. Needless to say, there was a lot of touching of the braces, both when they were in my mouth and when they were in Abbie's hands. And kissing too, definitely a lot of kissing.....

She tried a couple of the braces in her mouth, but of course they didn't fit - it didn't stop her enjoying trying though. She was also able to try the headgear and the facemasks.

She really liked the twin-blocks though, for the same reasons that I did: there was a LOT of plastic in my mouth, and it gave me quite a lisp. So, with my twin-blocks in my mouth, and headgear around my head, we started kissing once again. And touching... not just of the braces, but also of each others bodies... and Abbie certainly had a nice one.

At some point we moved into the bedroom, where we carried out some more strenuous exercises, and then finally fell asleep...

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Great "hall pass"

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 64

Wakey wakey!

"Good morning, sleepy heads!" said Amanda cheerfully. I was still in bed with Abbie cuddled up to me, about half awake, and Amanda had just let herself in with the key I'd left for her on reception last night, and had come into the bedroom. "Why don't I go and make us all a coffee?".

"Shit, what's Amanda doing here?" asked Abbie.

"Making uth all thome coffee, by the thound of it...". I was wearing my twin blocks, and was having problems speaking clearly.


"Don't worry - if she had an ithue with you being in bed with me, then I guarantee you would have known about it!".

Amanda came back into the bedroom, knelt by the bed, then leaned over and kissed me, in full view of Abbie: it was quite clear that she was 'marking her territory'. "Mmm, you got your twin blocks in.... nice! Shame about the braces breath though! So, from what I just saw in the living room, you've been showing Abbie your collection. Come on, I want all the gory details!"

I rolled back in the bed, and put my arm around Abbie, to help her understand that everything was ok. Well, I hoped it was ok.

"Well, my darling Amanda, as you know, this is Abbie, and she has a dark secret, an affliction. It's the same affliction that you and I suffer from. An affliction for which there seems to be no real cure" I explained.

"Oh, Abbie, you poor thing, you have my sympathies...." replied Amanda. "He's right you know, there's no know cure for it! It's kinda like drugs, once you've done it once, you can't stop! Ok, so I'm intrigued... what were you two doing when you messaged me last night? Abbie, I think you should tell me... and don't spare any details!"

"Well..." started Abbie, sounding very embarrassed and awkward. "I think I'd just kissed Danny.."

"A proper kiss I hope, with tongues.."

"Erm, yes...."

"Of course, Danny would have had his retainers in.... your first time kissing a guy with braces? I bet you enjoyed it!"

"Yes... and very much yes. It was pretty spectacular, just thinking about it again now is.... oh, maybe I shouldn't say that.". But it made Amanda smile.

"So, Danny, how did you work out she had 'an affliction'?"

"Well, the other day, when she first gave me a simple kiss, she said something like 'I've never kissed a guy with braces before', and the way she started kissing me, and moaning as she kissed me, made it pretty clear to me that maybe she was afflicted...."

Amanda looked over at Abbie. "That first kiss with a guy in braces is something quite special, isn't it? Remember it, savour it, because no other kiss with braces will ever be quite as good. I can still remember the first time I kissed Danny - he was wearing his fake brackets..". Amanda closed her eyes. "It was the first time I'd felt lovely metal brackets in a guy's mouth. The first time I felt that lovely smooth plastic on the inside of his mouth. I don't think Danny quite realised what had hit him that night! So, did you like Danny's collection? They are quite something, aren't they?"

"Yes, it was a bit overwhelming to be honest"

"Did he tell you that I have a similar collection. I'm every way as much afflicted as he is!"

"Yes, he did, but I'm a bit confused. He said that the braces you have now... they are real braces. What happened"

"Yes, such irony! After I split up with Danny - so about 3 months ago - the guy I went out with for nearly 4 ... long .... weeks..... yeah, he didn't show any indications of liking braces, so I stopped wearing them. When I tried them back in again, a few weeks ago, they didn't fit: my teeth had moved. It seems that my un-erupted wisdom teeth, which had been behaving up until then, decided to move my teeth! So I had to go see an actual orthodontist! Who gave me REAL braces! Oh, yeah, I get to wear a real headgear too! I can't describe the pleasure I got from getting these braces fitted, it was good! The only downside was not having someone to share with."

"Hey" Amanda continued, "The coffee should be ready by now. Why don't you two get covered up, and come out into the lounge, and we can talk some more. How do you like your coffee, Abbie?".

"White please, no sugar" she replied. Amanda then disappeared off to the kitchen.

"She's really ok with what happened between us last night, isn't she?" said Abbie

"Yeah. What you maybe don't realise is that she was probably getting off on us talking about last night as much as we did last night! Here, take this and put it on.." I passed her over my old dressing gown, while I put on my newer one - one that Amanda had actually bought for me. Amanda had brought the coffees into the lounge, and sat on the settee, next to Abbie. She turned and looked at Abbie, and smiled. Abbie, of course, took the opportunity to look at Amanda's braces.

"Do you like what you see?" asked Amanda softly. "These are real braces of course. So no plate. No lisp."

"Apart from Danny's, which aren't real, I've never actually seen braces this close before". Amanda took Abbie's hand, and gently pulled it towards her mouth. "Touch them....". Amanda released Abbie's hand, and Abbie used her forefinger to touch Amandas braces, gently running it over her medium-sized brackets. I had a feeling that this was probably doing things to both girls. Abbie removed her finger from Amanda's braces, and they looked at each other. The next thing that happened was that Amanda leaned in towards Abbie.

"Kiss me, feel my braces with your tongue" said Amanda. I watched, amazed, as Abbie kissed Amanda, running her tongue over her braces. I could hear moaning from both girls. The next thing I saw was Amanda running her fingers through Abbie's hair, holding Abbie's head to hers.

"Abbie" said Amanda several minutes later, "you kiss very nicely, very sexily...."

"Erm, excuse me, but what did I just see?"

"Two girls both probably having one of the best kisses in their lives?" suggested Amanda. She got up, and came and sat astride my lap. "I'm so sorry, my darling, are you feeling a bit left out?" and she put her lips to mine, and gave me one hell of a sexy kiss. As we kissed, I could smell Amanda's sexy aromas, and I suspect she could also smell Abbie's natural aromas on me.

"Umm, will you excuse us for a few minutes, Abbie... play with Danny's braces, drink coffee, or something....". Amanda dragged me into the bedroom, pushed me quite forcibly onto the bed, then got on top of me, and proceeded to xxxx xx xxxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxx xx xx!

No more than five minutes later, we returned to the lounge. Abbie had clearly been looking at my braces, and it wouldn't surprise me if she had actually tried putting some in her mouth again, and then xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxxx.

"If you had asked me on Thursday what I thought would happen to me in the next 48 hours, I think I would have been quite wrong." said Amanda "In fact, if you had asked me only 24 hours ago, I would have been just as wrong! Abbie, I have a serious question for you: are you ok with what's gone on yesterday and today?"

"Yes, I think so"

"More importantly, are you and I ok? I'm thinking about Monday morning, at work."

"Strangely, I think we are MORE than ok. Amanda, you are actually quite an amazing person. I can see that you love Danny deeply, that you trust him a lot, and that, out of work, you clearly like to enjoy life. And all of that within less than 2 days of you two getting back together again! Yeah, we're good!" replied Abbie, nodding.

"So what do we want to do today? Clearly breakfast. Then I bet you two might enjoy having a shower together. Then we need to get Abbie home, so she can get into some sensible clothes. Abbie, would you like to have lunch with me and my boyfriend?". Oooh, clearly setting boundaries again!
"You sure?"

"Of course"

"Ok, yeah, that would be nice"

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Wow - really complicated! But amazing!

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 65

Mike and Janice?

So, I was back with Amanda once more, and life felt 'right' once more! I think I need to remind you that Amanda is no 'ordinary' woman, she's incredibly intelligent, incredibly attractive, full of love and emotion, gets on well with other people, and enjoys having fun (without tiring me out, like Daisy did!).

So, we've been back together for just over a week, and I had agreed to meet Amanda at chambers after work. As I walked into reception, I saw Mike.

"Hey, Mike, nice to see you!"

"Oh, Danny, good to see you too, and great that you and Amanda are back together again! Hey, Danny, do you have a moment?"

"Sure, go ahead"

"Let's just pop in here..." he said, leading me into the meeting room next to reception, and closing the door. "It's about Janice.."

"Let me guess, you made a big mistake, you still have feelings for her, would like to go out with her again, and want to know if she might still have feelings for you, despite the fact that you split up with her? And you're not sure what to do...."

"Um.... yes.... exactly that!"

"In that case, I think you need some professional advice... come with me". I led Mike out of the meeting room, up the stairs, and into Amanda's office.

"Hello Danny... oh, hi there, Mike, why you here?" said Amanda

"He's in need of your professional advice!" I said

"My professional advice? It doesn't come cheap, you know" said Amanda, smiling

"Yeah! You see, there's this girl he used to go out with, that he split up with, but he now regrets what he did, and would like to maybe go out with her again, but isn't really sure what to do"

"Ah, yes, that sounds to be a very familiar story! Yes, Mike, you've definitely come to the right place! So, you'd like to try and get back with Janice then?"

"Yes, I really would, but I'm a bit scared to call her..."

"Yup, been there, done that, I think I even got the matching T-shirt! Of course, the big question is whether SHE still likes you, and wants to give it another go. If only we knew someone who had some relevant and pertinent information... Oh, Danny!! What can you tell us?"

I smiled. "I think she'd love to get a call from Mike!"

"Ok" said Mike, "but I have no idea what to say to her"

"Well, I think Amanda is probably better placed to answer that one than me..." I said, "after all, that's why I brought you up here!"

"So... You need to make it clear that it was you who screwed up... tell her you're VERY sorry about what happened. You made a big mistake, a stupid mistake, and have regretted it ever since. It's essential you actually say that word, 'sorry'. Of course, you have no idea how you could ever make it up to her, but maybe you could start by taking her out for a drink tonight, or even dinner" suggested Amanda.

"You don't need to take her anywhere expensive, just make it somewhere nice, somewhere that she'll feel comfortable" I added.

"You think that will work?" asked Mike.

"Well, it worked when Amanda tried it with me, so what you got to lose? The worst that will happen is that she hangs up on you, but I doubt she'll do that. Go on, go make the call! Now!"

"Yeah?" he asked

"Yeah, definitely!" I replied

"Thanks guys" he said as he left the room.

Five minutes later I got a text from Janice. It simply said "Thanks xxx".

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Wow, awesome two chapters!

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 66

Will you?

It's three and a half weeks since Amanda and I got back together again. Three and a bit weeks of fun, of joy, of laughter, and of braces (of course)!

Not only does she have beautiful, larger-than-average brackets on her lovely teeth, she wears headgear in the evenings, and in bed. Amanda has told me that she is enjoying wearing her - real - braces so much more, now that she has someone to share them with. And I'm very happy to share them, of course!

It's interesting how different they feel to when she wore her fakes: I love the feel of the plastic plate of a set of fakes, especially when it's in someone else's mouth, so that's a big plus for the fakes. But you always know, in the back of your mind, that they ARE fakes. There is something special about kissing someone who has REAL braces. A feeling of authenticity. That these braces are actually DOING something to their teeth, rather than just pretending to. Perhaps even a bit of a perverse feeling that you know that, at times, the person with the braces will feel pain, possibly quite a bit of pain. Amanda told me that, the first night she wore her headgear to bed, even though she had taken painkillers, she still experienced a certain amount of pain, but she said it was a strangely positive feeling, because she knew that it meant her teeth were starting to move.

The braces that I wear when we are together at her place or my place varies: sometimes I don't wear any, sometimes it's my 'normal' retainers, other times its my twin-blocks, either with or without headgear, and occasionally my brackets.

So, over the last 3 weeks, I've had a good social life, without the stress I had in the weeks before. Hmm, maybe I should take Amanda to the pub quiz sometime, and let her meet Daisy! If nothing else, I'm sure she'd like to see Daisy's braces: if nothing else, Daisy DID have a nice mouthful of metal!

Our 4 week contract is nearly up, so it's time for us to decide what to do next. Things have been really good between Amanda and myself, from the moment we re-started going out. I very quickly decided that, from my perspective, I wanted to extend our 'contract', so I decided to 'plan a few things, which will become aparent in a moment.

So, tonight I left work early, and got myself a taxi to Amanda's place, and started to prepare us something a little special for dinner: I'd picked up some nice steak (we both like steak) and some fresh vegetables. Amanda had called to let me know that, whilst she had needed to work a bit late, she'd be leaving in 10 or 15 minutes. She was true to her word, and was home about 30 minutes later, by which time the grill was hot, and the steak ready to cook. The first thing she did was to find me, and give me a kiss, which, as ever, sent a pleasant chill down my spine as my tongue touched those braces of hers!

I opened a bottle of red wine, and poured us both a glass. "How was your day?" I asked her

"Very busy. I just seem to have a lot of cases happening at the same time, and I'm in court pretty much every day for the next 2 weeks, which will mean prepping in the evenings, I'm afraid"

"I can do what we did before if it helps... come around here and make dinner while you work. At least you'll get a bit of 'down time'.

"Yeah, that will be good..."

As we were chatting, the steak was cooking nicely, as were the vegetables. It wasn't long before we were sat at the table, eating the food. I had, as normal, removed my retainers, putting them on the table between us - not something I would do in any other company, but it was such fun to tease Amanda with them!

The steak turned out really well, and it was nice to be able to see bits of it, along with bits of the veg, still stuck in Amanda's braces when she smiled! For desert, we had some pineapple (another good food for getting stuck in braces!) and icecream... and, of course, another glass of wine.

"So, Danny, are you happy with us, and the way things are going?" Amanda asked as she finished the last bit of her desert. I looked across the table at her, into her loving eyes, and saw an amazing person.

"Absolutely..." I replied

"So you're ok for us to renew our contract for another 4 weeks? Or maybe we should be a bit bolder, and go for 3 months?"

"Actually, Amanda, I have another idea.....". I put my hand into my pocket, and pulled out a small box. "I was wondering if you might be interested in being very bold...". I opened the small box, revealing a delicate ring, and put it on the table in front of Amanda. There was no way I could ever afford the sort of jewellery that Amanda already had, so this ring didn't have any precious stones in it, instead, it had been custom made for me by an artisan jeweller, and contained a simple, but rather beautiful, red polished stone. Over the last week or so, I'd managed to find one of Amanda's rings, one that I'd seen her wear on the third finger of her right hand, and 'borrowed' it to get it measured, so I was hoping the ring would fit her perfectly. I just hoped that Amanda would like it. I looked up, and could see a huge smile on Amanda's face

"Would you be interested in signing up to a whole-of-life contract?" I asked her.

"Yes.... YES!!!" she replied without any hesitation. She took the ring from the box, and looked at it. "Danny, it's absolutely beautiful!" she said. She passed the ring back to me, then proceeded to take off the three rings that she was currently wearing, putting them on the table, then held up her left hand so I could put the ring on her finger. It fitted perfectly!

"Oh, Danny, I love you! I love you so much... and this is such a surprise, I was NOT expecting this! And the ring, it's lovely!". Amanda stood up, and came around to table to me, and  put her arms around me, and hugging me tightly, then kissed me. "So where DID you get it?".

"It was made by a small specialist jeweller I found online. You like it then?"

"Very much so, it's so simple, yet so elegant, and I do like the red.... I'm guessing it wasn't as expensive as some of my other rings, but that doesn't matter, this one is priceless to me! OMG, I'm gonna be Mrs Amanda Jones!! I've got to tell mum and dad....".

Amanda was clearly very happy! So was I... The next few days were days of telling everyone our news....

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Very nice to see this. So many ups and downs in this story. Well done!!!!

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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I was really enjoying going through the whole 'dating scene' with this guy and the interesting ladies he encountered.  Taken in combination with the original Asian Braces first series, this makes the 100th chapter!  Way to go!

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Chapter 67

At the ortho

One of the nice things about where I work is that we do flexible working hours, so if I need a couple of hours off, or just want to leave a bit early, I don't need to use my holiday. At the moment I am about 20 hours in credit, so I'm taking the afternoon off, and am walking down to Amanda's chambers, because she, Abbie and I are going to see her ortho.

Yes, I forgot to tell you all about this, didn't I? Ok, let's rewind a couple of weeks... Abbie had joined Amanda and myself at my place, for dinner, and to relax for the evening. We all enjoyed dinner, and we were sat in the lounge area, with our coffees.

"So, what do I need to do to get some fake braces from your place in Asia?" asked Abbie, "And how much is it going to cost me?"

"Well, first of all, you're going to need to get some models made of your teeth, so we can send them over to Mei. In terms of the cost, well, you've seen all my braces... I guess the total cost of that lot was well under £200. Ok, in your case, same as when Amanda got hers, there's shipping, but braces are pretty light, so that's not a lot." I replied

"Ok, so where do I get models of my teeth made then?"

"I got mine made when I was over in Asia, so that was easy. Amanda got her dentist to do hers"

"Right, but what did you tell him you wanted them for?"

"I just said I wanted to have some cosplay teeth made, but I've got a better idea for you..."

"What's that?" asked Abbie

"I've got my next ortho visit next week, for my regular check-up: you could come along with me, and he could get them done for you"

"You sure that will be ok?"

"I'll give him a call, and make sure there's enough time. But he knows about my fakes, and is very happy with their quality, so I can't see him freaking out if I ask him to make some models of your teeth"

"I'll need to come along too..." I commented. Amanda looked a bit confused

"Why? Ok, I know you would like to come to the ortho's as would anyone with a thing for braces, but why specifically?"

"Well, if I don't come along, how will our readers know what goes on?"

"Readers? What ARE you on about?"

"Ah, yes, I don't think I ever told you about Bruce, did I?"

"Bruce? No..."

"Well, it seems we are not actually real..."

"Don't be silly, Danny, of course we're real! I mean, if I pinch myself, I can feel it..."

"That's dreaming! Bruce explained it to me: we are in a fictional braces story, one of many braces stories. As such, unless there's a story crossover, each story apparently lives in its own 'storyverse', kinda like the multiple-universe-theory, like in The Flash and Supergirl. Bruce created an arm-mouted device that lets him jump between the storyverses"

"And why would he do that then?"

"Well, it's the sort of thing scientists do! But in his case, his world was having big problems, and he decided to escape"

"Yeah, pull the other one, it's got bells on it!"

"I actually used his device! I found it in the park - it seems someone had stolen it from Bruce. Anyway, I charged it up, and pressed the button, and I jumped from my flat to his flat. He'd set up some sort of homing system, in case it got lost"

"But you're still here... not in some other story"

"Yeah, that's because Bruce was in our storyverse at the time"

"And where precisely was he?"

"Well, only in the flat next door, but that's not the point! I would love to actually introduce you to him, but he left a couple of weeks ago, I have no idea where he is now."

"Danny, you do speak to some strange people! Ok, so how can you PROVE to me that we are in a story. I'm a lawyer, I need to see evidence"

"Fair comment, give me a moment......". Yeah, that was a hard one... how could I prove it? Ok, if I were writing a story for BracesForum, how would I do it? Some sort of magic trick? Mind-reading? Predict the future.... hey, that last one might work, let's try it. "Ok, here's an idea, I'm going to try to predict the future.. I need something unlikely, but vaguely possible... Ah, ok, how about this: Abbie, I've seen your teeth, and they look really good, and to my untrained eye, there's no way you need real braces.... Abbie, what do YOU think?"

"I agree 100%, my teeth are fine"

"Amanda, spend a moment, and take a look at Abbie's teeth - which I'm sure you'll enjoy.... Do YOU think she would ever need real braces, real orthodontic treatment?" Amanda spent a few moments looking at Abbie's teeth, both open and closed.

"Yup, I think I'd agree with you..."

"Ok, I'll bet that, when we visit the orthodontist with you, the ortho will chack out Abbie's teeth - I don't think that's any big deal - but he'll find something sufficiently wrong that she will need real braces, and without ANY prompting from any of us"

"Seriously?" asked Amanda

"Seriously! Tell you what, I'll bet you the cost of Abbie's orthodontic treatment" I suggested

"That's a lot of money, you sure you can afford it?"

"Yes, I can, just, but I don't think I'll be paying!" (please Mr / Mrs storywriter, don't let me down on this. It's a lot of money for me, but no real problem for Amanda!)

"Ok, you're on! Abbie, you've witnessed this contract.... A bet for the value of orthodontic treatment, that when we visit my ortho, that he will say that you should have real braces"

So, I'm on my way to meet up with Amanda and Abbie. When I got there, Abbie was in Amanda's office, and they were both drinking coffee and chatting.

"Oh, hiya, you're a bit early" said Amanda. "Want a coffee?"

"Please!". Amanda made me a coffee from the machine in her room (when I say 'made me a coffee', she put a cup under the spout, inserted a coffee pod into the machine, and pressed the 'start' button!).

"So, you ready to get your braces Abbie... one way or the other? I reckon you're getting REAL braces!"

"No way, Danny, her teeth are just too good. You're going down on this one!". We chatted for a bit: this 'competition' was making the visit a lot more interesting. We finished our coffees, and went down to Amanda's car, and drove to her orthodontist's place.

"Good afternoon" Amanda said to the receptionist. "Amanda Spencer, and friends, for Dr Banaie"

"Ah, yes. If you would all like to go to the waiting room, I'll let him know you are here".

Of course, this place was 100% private, so the surroundings were rather pleasant: nicely decorated waiting room and reception, thick carpets, big comfy seats, free coffee machine with a good selection of coffee pods. You get the idea! We had hardly sat down when a lady came into the room.

"Amanda? Hi again, come on through, we're expecting all three of you!". We followed her through to the surgery.

"Hello again, Amanda" said Dr Banaie. Yes, he did have a slighly Swedish accent.

"Hello. This is my boyfriend.... oops, my fiancé, Danny, and this is our friend, Abbie"

"Ah, yes, Abbie, you want some models making of your teeth, don't you! Let's deal with Amanda first, then we'll sort you out. Amanda, if you would like to get into the chair? I'm guessing you guys would like to watch, so stand where you like, as long as you don't get in the way". I was suitably impressed so far: he was in control of things, but friendly at the same time. He sat to Amanda's right, his assistant sat to her left, so we stood next to them, by Amanda's legs, so we both got a reasonable view of what was going on.

"Before I start, have you had any issues at all? And I hope you've been wearing your headgear..."

"No, no problems at all. And yes, I've been very good with my headgear wear, haven't I, Danny? ... sorry, I do have it with me, but I just forgot to put it on"

"That's ok. In that case, let me see how things are progressing, then we'll take your ligatures off, take out the wires, and give you the opportunity to have a good brush of your teeth. While you do that, you can choose what colour ligatures we'll be putting on you today"

"I'll let Danny choose my colours....." said Amanda

Dr Banaie took the lip-spreaders from his assistant, and used it to open Amanda's lips, giving us all a lovely view of Amanda's teeth, with the metal braces, archwire and ligatures. Yes, what colour ligs should she have.... He got Amanda to open and close her teeth a few times, and seemed happy with what he saw. He then quickly removed all the old ligatures from Amanda's braces, then removed the archwires..

"Before you go brush your teeth, let me scan your teeth again, then I can compare it to the original scan". His assistant passed him something the size of an electric toothbrush, but with a wire coming from it: using the end of it, he started scanning inside Amanda's mouth, and we watched the screen as an image of her teeth slowly appeared: quite an impressive bit of equipment, and I could see how useful it could be. Not only could the ortho get a very good view of a patient's teeth (which I soon discovered he could move around in 3D), but by repeating the scan (like he was currently doing) he could see the treatment's progress. Plus it meant that patients no longer needed to have horrible impressions taken with alginate, which many people simply hated.

While Amanda brushed her teeth, he looked at the scans, and seemed to be quite happy with her progress.

"Things are looking very good, and I'm thinking that, if you want to prolong your treatment a bit, maybe you should reduce your headgear weartime...". I smiled: he completely understood that Amanda WANTED to wear the braces, and that speedy treatment - usually what patients wanted - was NOT relevant in her case. "So, Danny, what colour ligatures is Amanda going to have?"

"I think these orange ones will look good, but I think you'd better let Amanda decide if she's ok with it...". Dr Banaie showed Amanda the ligatures, and Amanda, albeit a little surprised, said they were ok.

"Ok, so I've put in a slightly thicker archwire, but I don't think that will give you any pain" he commented as he fitted the orange ligatures to Amanda's brackets. With them all on, the assistant passed her a mirror, so she could take a look.

"They actually look quite nice... good choice there, Danny!" said Amanda.

"Oh, don't forget to check the backs of the archwire, that they aren't too long" I reminded Amanda. She slipped a finger into her mouth, and confirmed everything was good.

"In that case, Amanda, you are done!" he said. "Abbie, would you like to get into the chair now?". Abbie got into the chair, and sat back.

"So, before I just blindly scan your teeth to get you some models made, why don't I check you out properly, you never know....".

Ok, so it's crunch time! Will she need real braces?"

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Looking forward to seeing how this develops!

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Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
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Maybe after wearing so many fake braces Danny needs real braces himself this time...????