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Re: Story: A Test of Metal
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Well worth the wait, it's

Chapter 8  ;D

I find no issue getting lost in the reflection of my phone, studying the drool-coated train accident now cemented into my mouth. Staring back at me, a hopeless braceface with enough hardware to put Home Depot out of business. I become entranced by the rhythm of clicks as I flex my jaws, parting and closing the two facebows of my headgear, over & over. I turn and tilt my head side to side examining the herbst mechanisms from different angles, each it's own sensation of pressure the litany of straps that wrap my head create. Even more distracting are the sensations behind my cheeks and enwrapping my tongue. Parting my jaws to the widest my herbst arms will allow, I can clearly make out the oppressive tongue cage that effortlessly follows my tongue, keeping it far away from the front of my mouth. Try as I might, I can't manage to stretch my poor tongue far enough back to make it past the cage, since the scopes that connect it to the molars of both of my jaws allow it's resting position to overtake the back of my mouth. Speech likely won't be the easiest thing with my tongue a prisoner to such an intense compliance device. I begin to wonder just what an unlucky patient would have to do to earn one of these.

12:52 arrives as I hear Alex call my name from the exit to the installation theatre. I jet from my seat at the sight of her, catching myself eagerly striding to meet her halfway. Why am I running to her? Am I scaring her? We don't know each other that well so why am I already so ready to meet up with her maybe I'm being too clingy what if she thinks-

"Hey! How're you feeling?"  :-\

Her tone shows concern and care. I hear her clearly, but I can only look up with a feigned confusion, an indication she'd need to repeat herself. I feel bad. I know I heard her, but I don't know what she said.

She angles her head to better meet my gaze to repeat her question, her expression matching her tone, a soft, compassionate concern. Instinctively darting my eyes away from hers, choosing to keep her within peripheral vision, I force a response so she doesn't think I'm being rude. I don't want her to think I'm being rude.

"...I-iim nah shorr..." I manage with a few short bursts of eye contact.

A thought softly clicks in her head as she straightens herself, hands still gripping mine. "Let's try to find something to eat, okay?"

We exit the lobby, the clock tower displaying 12:53. Alex begins by listing off potential destinations for lunch now that we're both finished with installations, offering to pay. I struggle to keep a reasonable pace with her, since with my hand still in hers, and being considerably shorter than she is, I try not to lose enough speed for it to feel like I'm pulling away from her hand, if my hand feels limp is she going to think I don't care? If I squeeze too hard is she going to be weirded out? I want to open my phone and ask Mom what to do but if she sees me texting will she be offended that my attention isn't completely on her? She seems really nice so now I really don't want her to think I'm weird or rude so for now I have to assess what's in front of me. She's listing off nearby restaurants & some food trucks, occasionally looking back to gauge my reactions, so I can use that opening to re-engage and participate in the conversation.

I'm forced to suck back saliva
"Mmaayee shhumffing shhoff?.."

"Oh! maybe a smoothie place!"
I finally looked up to glance the back of her head, the black & bright red straps clashing stark against her soft blonde hair. I hadn't thought of how she's feeling after the installation, she was probably more nervous than me! She probably thinks I don't care about how she feels she must think I'm self absorbed-

"Right here! I've been here a few times now, and they've got a lot of different ingredients you can mix and match for different smoothies and shakes." She leads me into a brightly colored modern smoothie shop, it's logo a kind of alien font rendering it's title comically unreadable. She seats us near a wall adorned with soft elongated bright green shaped against the white tile, swiftly dealing me a menu.

Setting hers down beneath her hands knit together, she coyly tilts her head with an eyebrow raised.
"So, you wanna see what mine look like?"

I find myself picking at my facebows, managing a nod.

She leans closer, allowing me to awkwardly examine her appliances. The most eye-catching by far, the bright red facemask with its multiple straps encircling the back of her head & neck, the metal sections around her mouth sporting springs that jets past her lips and lock to metal bands around each of her molars, between them strands of metal wiring connecting the frame to more bands wrapping her canines. Opening her mouth, I spot a number of springs running opposite to the ones connecting her facemask. She tells me that even though she failed a facemask designed for underbites, since she only has a mild overbite, her polo gave her springs that would help correct the overbite, and use the frame of the facemask to stabilize her jaws since she would be required to where it anyways. She blushes and admits that she's still embarrassed about the look, but she's thankful it isn't as bad as she was afraid it would be.

Her expression turns to thoughtful concern as she motions for me to show her mine. I meekly open my mouth, my hand still nervously hovering near my headgear. Her face turns more intense as she scans the trays of spikes meant to keep me from tampering with my braces. As I swallow, the tongue cage clicks as it strikes its scopes from resting against my tongue, drawing her attention to the source of my soon-to-be permanent lisp.

"Oh Sophie!  :( Does that hurt?!"

"Aan weelly, eeh uusht ffeelshh uh iill eehvayshhivv... shhowwy.."

"What are you sorry about?"

After nervously caving to mounding guilt for not sayin the right things and explaining I didn't want to seem rude or uninterested and not saying much before the installations, Alex floors me with a patient sympathy, and slowly asks me more about myself, such as why I entered the trial, if I knew anyone else here at Winterville, what my plans were as Vice President.

Doing my best to respond through near constant sucking back saliva and garbled lisping, we at least manage a conversation that does wonders to set my mind to ease. She doesn't think I'm rude! She tells me all about her mom who worked in dentistry, but waited to let Alex have orthodontic work done til she was here at Winterville. She talked about her major in environmental science and her prospects for applications in government work landscaping, and how she wanted to make at least one friend in Psi Sigma Nu since all her other friends from highschool went to a different university.

She brings up my duties as Vice President, and how they involved regular speeches at assemblies and events, and how I was going to manage them with the tongue cage.

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Re: Story: A Test of Metal
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It's always good to see stories come back, and yours has a very unique concept. I'm looking forward to chapter 9.

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Re: Story: A Test of Metal
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I'm so happy to see this continued!

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Re: Story: A Test of Metal
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Nice job!

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Re: Story: A Test of Metal
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Looking forward to more. Great job.

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Re: Story: A Test of Metal
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I love your story!

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Re: Story: A Test of Metal
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Welcome back!

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Re: Story: A Test of Metal
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I love thith thtowy! My we have thome mowe pleathe?

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Re: Story: A Test of Metal
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I love this concept!

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Re: Story: A Test of Metal
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A very interesting and somehow fascinating story....
i never had braces myself, but i admire people who take care of their health.... and well-being.....
And of course I really like this special different look!
Do you have braces?

I love this concept!