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Re: STORY: A dream ... Lucia
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I always find that when someone writes a story and apparently English is not their first language, how the difference in the way they say things so effectively gives the feel of taking place in a culture different from my own.  It's actually a plus!

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Re: STORY: A dream ... Lucia
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I probably should have added that I am enjoying your story and encourage you to keep writing. I agree with m1090y that there is the feeling of the story happening in a different country and culture.

Writing in English can be quite challenging. The way that Canadian, American, Australian and writers in the U.K. use the same words can be quite different.

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Re: STORY: A dream ... Lucia
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Repost other chapters becouse I think that braceforum had same problems today...

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Re: STORY: A dream ... Lucia
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Lucia had started her treatment. She kept a diary, where she wrote down all the sensations she had while wearing the braces. She wrote many technical and professional notes, but she also reserved a small part of our relationship, our days and the sexual complicity that the braces were creating between us. We often talked about my attraction to women with braces, trying to find out when and why I had it. At last I could speak freely about my most secret thoughts. We understood that mine was an attraction to beautiful women, just braces were not enough. I was attracted to high heels, erotic games, light bondage, orthopedic corsets… and all these things had in common the sense of diligence, discipline, determination, courage that a woman had to have to wear them. That was the real aspect that fascinated and attracted me in a woman. And she understood him perfectly, she was beginning to feel him, she was beginning to like him.
It allowed me to play with her braces on her teeth, to enlarge her palate expander in the evenings when we were together, to put on and take off her headgear and she was able to wear it longer than necessary, which was making her treatment go much better and faster.
Her orthodontist colleague was able to check on her almost every week, it was really a textbook treatment. We also enjoyed noticing the reactions of friends and girlfriends as soon as they saw her device. She was really beautiful, her physique was even more defined as she often ate less due to her braces than her and she was in great shape. At her house there was a walk-in closet full of beautiful dresses but also of all kinds of heels: she really had a passion for high heels. I loved giving her shoes, wedges, cheeky dresses that showed more and more of her body. I loved shopping with her in lingerie stores and for the summer I had given her a dozen swimwear that made her look like a goddess at the sea.
At first, people looked on with curiosity, but Lucia was achieving her goal. She had opened the orthodontics studio in the city and within a few months, 2 other friends we were dating ended up putting braces on their teeth. Bracing as adults was becoming a fashion in the city, and Lucia's business was booming.
One of them, Mary, put on a mobile brace because she wanted to achieve the perfection of her smile (she had worn the braces as a girl but her teeth had moved slightly and now seeing Lucia at work she was convinced to take it back) ... she never took it off, she often left it even while she ate, she said that she liked it and that it had become a part of herself and that slight lisp that she gave to his voice made her more fascinating than usual. Mary was beautiful, she was 34, she was brunette with green eyes, small breasts and a fantastic butt; she was a brilliant teacher, she was the most mischievous and libertine (that's why she didn't want any boyfriend) and her jokes were always spicy and intriguing. She was a very good friend of Lucia, they were accomplices and often, especially after a couple of drinks, joked that they should also share the boyfriend as well as the braces.
Cristy was the most elegant, always well dressed in her suit and her high heels. She was a successful, married lawyer, but she had divorced a year earlier. She was the most authoritarian and serious, and for the treatment of her he had chosen invisalign mainly because of her work. She could carry him most of the time, but when the discussion got more heated, she had a habit of pulling out her masks in any place, in front of anyone, holding them in her hand and then putting them back on her teeth at the end of the discussion. . She made me crazy that gesture! I told her that sooner or later she would have to put on a fixed appliance and she Lucia confirmed it.
Even some of the boys were convinced to put braces on their teeth and often, especially dinners at home, they turned into impromptu orthodontic sessions where Lucia monitored her patients.
One evening, returning home, Lucia made me sit in the chair, took a container from the bag and took out the box of appliances. She sat astride my legs and placed two movable appliances in my mouth, one above and one below. They were certainly not like the large block with Herbst and lingual grid that she had made for me for fun and that I occasionally wore during a few nights of passion, but they were two retainers with a couple of screws each. She told me:
<since braces are now in fashion, I have prepared these for you, so you can wear them whenever you want but above all I can adjust them and at least they will do some work to correct your teeth ... you can decide how long to wear them during the day, but if you keep them at least 10 hours a day they will be able to work>
She drove me crazy when she licked them before putting them in my mouth… they looked really good on me, I liked the feel of the resin on the palate and the smooth and tight lingual arches against my teeth. I tried to answer and obviously I had a lisp but she was able to talk quietly. She took the key, turned the screws halfway and I could feel the pressure on my teeth, then she kissed me passionately. That night was another fantastic night and I kept the devices all night, waking up in the morning with a sore mouth: the devices were working.
Now I also finally had real braces, made by my orthodontist girlfriend and shared with her. It was really all perfect.

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Re: STORY: A dream ... Lucia
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Months went by, work for both Lucia and me was going very well. We lived together, in the winter in my cottage in the countryside and in the summer months we moved to her house, near the sea. We traveled a lot, together but often separately (we didn't want to give up our spaces with friends and friends). We didn't even remotely think about betrayal, because we had decided that every adventure or fantasy we could and should share it ... and every now and then we would participate in some particular party or go to some private club together. Our complicity was total, we were engaged, friends, lovers, we discussed every topic, from work to politics. Sure, sometimes we fought, we fought but we never went to bed angry. When it happened two or three times close together, it meant it was time for a separate weekend or an evening with friends or friends. And everything came back stronger and more passionate than before.
Our open minds, having no taboos and secrets were the weapon of happiness.
We had been together for almost a year now, we had known our respective families and often had lunch or dinner together. She had a younger sister, Vera, she was 26 and was studying medicine. Vera was also very beautiful, 165 cm tall with dark eyes. She dressed more and more sporty, still as a student, very shy and had no boyfriend. She had only had one as a girl, but their story ended badly. For some months she too had been wearing the device, fixed, metallic, above and below. At night she wore a removable tongue grill for her open bite.
Lucia told me that Vera too had had a difficult adolescence. Up to 15 she was sunny, brilliant, the real leader of the whole school. Sometimes she too was a bully towards other shy girls. She was really a difficult girl to control, she was growing fast and seemed older than her friends. Then during the summer, she complained of back pain for a few days without anyone caring too much. A few weeks later, at her sea, her mother noticed that there was something wrong with her back and organized a visit with an orthopedic specialist.
Vera and her mother returned home terrified that evening, Vera closed herself in her room without saying a word. Without having dinner. Her mother said that Vera had been diagnosed with a major scoliosis that needed to be treated immediately without wasting time. Vera was almost 16 years old and the only alternative to surgery was to wear a Milwaukee brace 23/24 h 7/7.
<I remember that evening when Vera came home in that cuirass - Lucia told me - she entered the door tripping over the step, her head was up and she couldn't see the floor. Her curly hair pinned up with a high ponytail and that collar that held up her chin as it came out of her sweatshirt. She moved slowly, she didn't say a word, awkward and clumsy like I've never seen her before and her eyes swollen with tears. I tried to hug her, but I couldn't feel her body, just metal bars and straps. It was terrifying>
That night Vera became another person. Vera knew that she had to wear it and she could not do anything else, the idea of surgery or of remaining hunched over her terrified her. The bold and sunny girl became the most fragile and shy person in the city.
It was Vera herself who told me her story that evening. She was very embarrassed at first but she knew that she could discuss everything with me and Lucia, on the other hand, already knew the whole story.
After a few days and during the weekend, Vera began to wear her milwaukee brace 23 / 24h. The first day at school was scary: when she entered the school wearing that armor and that insecure and slow pace, there was a few minutes of silence. Then slowly Vera began to hear her first laughter, the first terrible comments, especially from the girls who had feared her until then. Her most important friends approached her more out of curiosity than out of the desire to be close to her and slowly she moved away from her in the following weeks. The most painful thing, however, was the reaction of her boyfriend. He arrived after her at school, he hadn't even recognized her. Vera turned her whole body because she had heard her voice looking for her gaze. When he saw her and understood what had happened, he violently pushed her back, in front of the whole school, making her fall to the ground and leaving her on the floor without being able to get up due to her torso until a professor came to her aid. Two professors.
Vera wore the Milwaukee brace until she was almost 19, since then she had no boyfriend and no affair with anyone else. She had learned to be good to other people, to help anyone who needed it.
The Milwaukee Brace had changed her and left her teeth crooked due to the chin rest pressing into her mouth. She told me about those terrible years, the pains, the wounds and the changes in her. She told me that strangely for the next few months, at night she wore her milwaukee brace even though she didn't have to, because she couldn't sleep without her.
She told me why she had chosen medicine, and she would become a great doctor. She is a great and beautiful doctor.

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Re: STORY: A dream ... Lucia
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That night we went to sleep with Lucia, she wore her headdress and I my mobile expanders. We talked about Vera and her story about her, about how if she had known better and more open people, maybe she would have had an easier adolescence. It was then that I told her:
ME: <have you ever tried your sister's milwaukee brace?>
LUCIA: <No, never, I was terrified of it. I often helped her to take it off and put it on, in fact sometimes I was curious to ask her to try it on but I never found her courage>
ME: <I'd like to see you wearing the milwaukee brace, before I remove the braces>
LUCIA: <I think it is still kept in our parents' house. Maybe in the garage, but maybe it's still in Vera's room ... at least the last bust, because in those years she had changed 3, but I've never seen the others around the house again>
As always, everything between Lucia and me became "normal", even the strangest request intrigued her.
A few weeks went by and we didn't talk about the bust anymore, Lucia checked my mobile braces every night and in fact my teeth were getting straighter because I was able to wear braces every night.
One evening I came home later, after Lucia's. She had made the sushi dinner, opened a bottle of wine and was already drinking a glass. She had that perverse and amused air about her that I could recognize at the first glance of her, so I approached her with that mischievous smile of hers, filling my glass with wine. We chatted for a while during dinner, finished the whole bottle of wine and were already starting to tease each other. She took me by the hand and led me to the sofa, in the living room, in front of the fireplace. He turned on some background music. She came back leaving something behind me, coming in front of the fireplace: she was wearing a black satin dressing gown and black Louboutin 12cm heeled sandals that she knew drove me crazy. Underneath her she was wearing a black lingerie set, which I saw as she dropped her robe. In her hand he held his facebow and her headdress; she first she tied her hair into her best high ponytail of hers, then she put on her headdress.
<Now I need your help - she said ->
She grabbed a sack from behind the couch, unfolded it and pulled out Vera's Milwaukee Brace. I knew that type of torso well, it had steel bars, a collar and a white plastic pelvis grip. I could count at least 3 straps with their respective thrusts, one of which with a leather ring that I had never seen.
I went over to see better, she opened it and began to put it on. Without saying anything I helped her by placing myself behind her. When she put it on, her head was already turned upwards (Vera was a few cm taller than her, so her chin rest pushed harder than hers) and she told me to tighten the back straps.
<tighter> - she said… I could feel her arousal as she awkwardly danced with her milwaukee brace on.
Then I began to tighten the leather push straps. Finally I took the last strap, with the leather ring and Lucia told me to put her right shoulder inside her and then tighten.
<how do you feel? - I asked ->
<It is a strange sensation, I feel taller, caged, I cannot see anything on the ground and I am afraid to move fearing I will fall ... it is difficult to breathe and I cannot move my head to the side>
To look at me she had to turn her whole body. Speaking was much more complicated, the chin rest pushing her jaw even more than her headdress. But her posture, her body caged in her, her breasts out of her crossed by the central steel bar with a breast crushed by the strap that reached her shoulder, her voice scared of her, they excited me a lot.
<try walking - I told her ->
She began to move and was clumsy, also because her high heels made everything more complicated. I followed her with her gaze, seeing how step by step she began to gain greater confidence and grace her bearing. I hugged her from behind her holding her up after trying to go down a step and I could feel the power of the metal. She knew I was hugging her but she couldn't feel any physical contact.
I felt her labored breathing, she felt the weight of that armor on her. I began to kiss her neck through her collar, then her back through the steel bars, looking for every strip of uncovered skin. We went to the bedroom and going up the stairs was a real undertaking for Lucia, she had to go one step at a time and I had to hold her hand. She sat on the edge of the bed and immediately her chin rest moved even higher and she had to lie down to release the tension on her mouth. She was beautiful as always, I began to kiss her belly or at least what was discovered, going up to her breasts. Removing the bra was a strange undertaking as I had to take it off from behind that metal and those leather straps.
Lucia was finally getting to grips with her new milwaukee brace and she knew she was completely in my hands. She couldn't dominate anything, she could only trust and this new feeling of her excited her tremendously. All our games, our positions, could not fit and the passion increased as we tried to discover new ways on our bed. She could feel the physical contact of my tongue through her brace, her legs and her feet were the most sensitive erogenous zones because they were totally free. She placed herself on top of me, standing before my eyes with a power and a greatness never seen before, perfectly straight, with the head that she tried to look at the ceiling and the nape stopped by the occipital pads. She started stroking me and soon she realized that her right arm was very limited by the strap around her shoulder, so she started using her left arm and those unusual strokes of her were really cool.
We found ourselves on the bed, exhausted by those unnatural movements and that whirlwind of sensations never experienced before. She looked tired as if she had been on a morning run, with her brace still on her. She got up from the bed that looked like a turtle, she sat on the edge and tried to take her headdress on the ground that I had taken off because I needed to feel her lips. She obviously she couldn't, and she asked me to take it. She went to the bathroom, came back after a while with her headdress and still wearing the milwaukee brace.
<It is really strange and difficult to wear a corset for scoliosis like this, I'm trying to understand how my sister may have felt all those years ... I was taking it off, but I'm determined to keep it all night to really understand how to do it feel… for us tonight it was a new game, a beautiful erotic game, but I really want to understand what it feels like>
And she went back to bed, first sitting on the edge of the bed, then slowly lying down. That night Lucia could not sleep, she could not move in bed, she breathed with difficulty. We stayed up all night, I held her hand because it was the only thing I could do, she couldn't even turn to look at me. We chatted about this and that, about the sensations she was experiencing and the tenderness that she was her sister, imagining her in that hell.
<Do you know what is the best feeling I have right now? - said Lucia - It is knowing that despite everything you are here by my side, that you have loved me even with all this, that I am not alone. I think Vera really felt alone in those years after her friends and her boyfriend left her that way; if she could also have lived the passion inside that orthopedic corset, her life would have been easier>
At the first light of dawn we got up, went to the bathroom and I began to unhook all the straps, the back bands .. I opened her collar and she slipped out in a moment. She felt pain everywhere, her back, her belly, her neck, her breasts showed the red marks on the skin of her milwaukee brace. I unhooked her headdress, pulled her face bow out of her, took off the two rubber bands that connected her upper and lower teeth. We brushed our teeth, got under the hot shower, hugging each other like we had never done before, felt our bodies and needed it. We got back into bed, hugging each other, falling into a deep sleep until lunchtime.
This experience also went beyond fetishism and erotic passion. She had united us again, she had made us more accomplices, she had made us more in love and happy.

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Re: STORY: A dream ... Lucia
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I'm loving this. Plus, the addition of a Milwaukee brace is just too delicious. Part of me wonders if Lucia will have Vera make one for him, too. Either that or leg braces.

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Re: STORY: A dream ... Lucia
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The months with Lucia passed quickly, we continued to play and discover new things with our toys, our appliances, the milwaukee brace that had now become her. We had a lot of fun. Sometimes I tried to wear the milwaukee brace but obviously it couldn't even close. We had set up a room in my house where we could keep our things, with a large extra bed in the center of the room. Over the months I had given her vibrators, even those with remote control, with which I sometimes enjoyed driving her crazy in front of other unsuspecting people. Really sexy dresses and costumes that she could only wear when we were alone. We shared many passions, not just those for sex or orthodontic and orthopedic appliances.
One night she asked me to pick her up from the studio at the end of the day. When she got there she told me on the phone to come in because she still had something to do. I left my Mercedes GLE outside and went inside. There was no one and I heard her voice telling me to enter the room and take advantage of a dental check as the mobile appliances had done their job.
There was something that didn't convince me, but you can't resist Lucia, in her study alone, wearing the white coat, the 14 cm red heels and the glasses she wore at work. She made me sit in the chair and after giving me a kiss on her lips she told me to open my mouth and began to work.
Suddenly she said to me:
<My love, you can no longer keep those mobile braces ... I didn't expect you would get this far .. it would be a shame not to completely fix your fantastic teeth ... and then in a few months I will take off the fixed braces, I would like to do this last period with you. A simple treatment will be enough, I have studied your prints and I have everything ready…>
I didn't really have in mind to wear a fixed brace, I had never worn the movable ones in public. Actually Lucia's studio had really made the use of braces in adults become a fashion ... and I can't deny that just sitting in that chair with her talking to me about braces was already starting to excite me.
Lucia began to assemble the device. In fact it was a simple treatment, which would last a year, perhaps less, ending up with Lucia. She mounted two bands on the upper molars and two on the lower ones (she told me that there were tubes for headphones, but that I would not need them, at least for the treatment ... but she was sure that I wanted to try to wear them for fun, knowing myself well ).
Then the metal attachments both above and below and the two arches. I could immediately feel the pressure on my teeth. She immediately put on the powerchain that connected all my teeth both above and below because it served to tighten them in the correct position since they had been previously widened.
The treatment was really simple, as Lucia had told me. I didn't know whether to be happy or if I was actually more curious to try a series of more complex devices. Lucia told me that no, she would not have ruined my mouth for fun and that in the end we could have all the “fake” braces we wanted… but now we had to really work.
I liked the pressure on my teeth, as did the feeling of the attacks on my lips and cheeks, which I had never experienced before. Talking was not a problem. Lucia told me that in a few months I would have to use rubber bands like hers, but not now. She pulled down her mask, checked her work and before I could say anything she jumped on me in the dental chair, starting to kiss me by running her tongue over my braces. She was no longer the dentist, she was now my mistress.
<I was going crazy with curiosity to know what it was like to kiss braces, I had been waiting for this moment for a year and I knew I had to take you by surprise. You are beautiful and very sweet. And your metallic taste is really good. Let's dispel the myth that you can get stuck with braces! > And laughed.
When we got home, of course, the first thing we tried was the cuff, first only mine and I could feel the greatest pressure on the molars and behind the neck. Talking was more difficult but not impossible, I enjoyed trying to have a drink and then kissing Lucia with her cap on (she hadn't used it for a few months actually, but she kept it every now and then during some of our moments of passion). We found that with headgear on both of our lips they could never meet, so all the work was left to our naughty tongues.
The first few days were a little painful, I received some curious glances at work but nothing that could worry me. I received compliments from my secretary who said that the fixed device was really good for me and despite the fact that I immediately had bad thoughts, I smiled and changed the subject (for now).
Eating was a little more complicated, but I think Lucia decided to put braces on my teeth also to make me lose a few extra kilos that I had accumulated. Mission that at least in the first months was perfectly successful. Not being able to eat too hard foods and having to brush my teeth every time I ate something, I had eliminated all snacks between meals and together with a bit of sport my fitness was improving… and Lucia liked me even more! Putting braces on your teeth could be a viable alternative to diet.
Lucia was starting to make a few more jokes about our future, we were fine, business was fine, we had shared a lot in these years, we had no secrets but above all we knew that there were no secrets that we could not tell each other ... and maybe we should start to talk about marriage.
Lucia's references on the end of our treatments were starting to be at least suspicious, I think she imagined our marriage without braces ... I understood that, and that was what I wanted too ... but I enjoyed the idea of keeping her on her for a few more days. thorns.
Lucia and I could never get lost.

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Re: STORY: A dream ... Lucia
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I love it. I can't believe he finally got fixed braces. I can't wait to see where he and Lucia's relationship goes from here.

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Re: STORY: A dream ... Lucia
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The first few days with braces were challenging, my teeth ached and I could only eat the softest foods. But basically I liked that feeling but above all I loved Lucia's attention and cuddles.

We could experiment with many new games with our devices, we played with our face bows and with rubber bands.

I loved competitions to put more rubber bands in our mouths to make it impossible to open. Or when we joined our mouths using the rubber bands of our braces. Our secret room was getting more and more equipped. We had costumes, sexy masks, a collection of mobile appliances, headgears, face masks, a collection of sex toys. The large bed was in the center of the room, with black silk sheets, we had bought some lamps that made the room warm and welcoming, lots of scented candles. It was a secret refuge where we could experience everything. And it was ours alone.

One winter evening we decided not to go out due to bad weather and we invited Mary to dinner. I had prepared a fish dinner, a dozen French oysters, red shrimp, a seafood risotto and a large salt fish, baked in the oven.
The fireplace was on, Lucia was wearing a very tight dress, no bra, showing her beautiful back. She wore a pair of over-the-knee boots with a 12cm heel.

Mary arrived around 8 pm, outside she was pouring with rain. She knew that Lucia would look very elegant, and she too was really sexy in her black dress and her high-heeled boots. She took off her coat and gave Lucia the two bottles of Moet & Chandon she had brought (she knew one of her wouldn't be enough).
Of course Mary wore her hawley retainers. She was so used to wearing them that I could barely feel her lisp… I guess I never heard her speak without her braces.
Mary was funny, she always had a joke ready. She loved spicy jokes, she liked to have fun and when she was with her, Lucia also became happier.
And the oysters, the prawns and especially the champagne were turning a harmless dinner into something really spicy and I can't hide that some thoughts were on my mind.

Mary went up to go to the bathroom after dinner to wash her retainers and her teeth and while we were on the sofa in front of the fireplace, I saw an expression of panic on Lucia's face. She jumped to her feet, whispering in my ear that she didn't remember closing the door to our secret room and she ran off hoping that Mary hadn't noticed the room.

Lucia ran upstairs, and I behind her. She got to the door of the secret room before me and got stuck: Mary was inside our room, she was looking at all our toys. She moved slowly, brushing everything, picking up some appliances and holding her glass of champagne in her other. She turned and we could see her expression of her curious about her but certainly not scandalized by her. Lucia approached her, I remained silent in front of the door.

<wow, Mary said, looks like the 50 Shades of Gray set to me! Sorry if I entered but the door was open and the glow of the soft lights attracted me>

Lucia was quite embarrassed, she was about to say something when Mary put a finger on her lips ... taking her hand and bringing her glass to Lucia's mouth.

<say nothing, please ... show me this room> ... and she began to move her finger on Lucia's lips, then her device over her, delicately, until it touched her tongue. Mary unhooked her upper device with her lips and moved it in her mouth, getting closer and closer to Lucia's mouth.

I could not believe my eyes, watching Mary and Lucia in our secret room, with the light just illuminating the room and showing their figures, their shapes, leaving some glimmer of their appliances, was the most exciting scene I had ever seen . While the two of them began to explore our toys and our room, I went back downstairs, took the basket with ice and the bottle of champagne and went up ... I turned on some music in the room and silently sat on the bed.
Mary and Lucia turned together, seeing me on the bed ... they were very close, Mary had her upper braces between her lips and Lucia at that point brought her lips close to Mary's and kissing her took off the brace holding it between her teeth ... he took it with his hand, licked it with his tongue and put it back in Mary's mouth, starting the sexiest kiss I could imagine.
The excitement was skyrocketing, I could no longer hide it ... I approached them pouring more champagne into their glasses, running a hand on Lucia's bare back and placing the other hand on Mary's breast.
They both looked at me and kissed me together.
They didn't say a word, Lucia had taken control of the most fiery and unimaginable night that had ever happened to us. She lowered the zipper of Mary's dress letting her dress slide to the floor, leaving her in her black lace lingerie set, strapless bra, thong, suspenders and black nylon stockings like her stiletto heel boots.

There was no need to talk, to say anything, Mary and Lucia understood each other with a look and Mary was ready to let herself go totally between Lucia's games and me.
I could feel her taste mixed with her champagne, I could feel with my tongue the resin that covered her palate above and below her, her perfect teeth and the smooth thread of her braces that I enjoyed to release them with the tongue.
Lucia took the Milwaukee Brace and together we placed it on Mary's body, starting to tie every band and every thrust of her listening to her moans as her every movement was limited.
The sex toys did the rest of her while Mary couldn't look down with her head still and her mouth pushed by the chin rest.

We ended up on the bed, I took off Mary's boots because I knew she needed to feel physical contact on her legs and on her feet. We spent the whole night in our secret room, Lucia put on her face bow and her bonnet that Mary had never seen and with which she played for a while ... I took off her Milwaukee Brace and we fell asleep together in the large bed of the room .

The next morning we woke up and looked at each other. Lucia and Mary went to the bathroom together, I heard them talk but I never knew what they said to each other that morning. We each showered, each one alone, and went downstairs for breakfast. I made coffee, we hugged together, Lucia had lent Mary one of her jogging suits ... and Lucia said:

<after all you always said that we had to share the boyfriend too .. and you always manage to get what you want> ... and they laughed hugging together ...

It was there that I intervened saying:

<maybe you shouldn't share the boyfriend ... but the husband> I took out the diamond ring I had bought, the diamond glow spread throughout the house opening the box and showing it to Lucia ... her eyes became shining, for the first time once you hear Lucia's voice tremble ...

<do you want to marry me? > About her I asked her on her knees, holding her hand

<yes, yes yes yes ... forever yes> and she kissed me!

Mary too was crying with emotion and for her happiness ... it was then that Lucia said to her:

<Mary, I don't think anyone deserves to be my best man. We have a secret to share together and I am happy that you are by our side on the altar>

Mary's eyes were swollen with tears, she began to jump for joy, she hugged me too and she was happy to accept.
She knew that in the next few months she would have to help Lucia organize the most beautiful wedding in the history of the city.

With Mary, nothing ever happened again. A night like that cannot be organized, it must be born spontaneously and it is not easy for it to happen.

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Re: STORY: A dream ... Lucia
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Our orthodontic treatments were doing very well. We made much more frequent checks than normally expected and the adjustments of the devices were really precise and accurate. Our smiles were truly perfect.
Many of Lucia's friends had been persuaded to wear braces as adults even for small cosmetic defects and in the city it often happened to meet people with braces, much to the joy of Lucia's business.
Our friend Marco had been dating his new girlfriend Nicole for a few months.
Nicole was a beautiful young woman. She was 28, she was 1.75 meters tall and when she wore heels she became the tallest of the whole group. She worked in the family business, she had curly blonde hair, blue eyes and a breathtaking body. About a year ago she had had her breasts remade and showed it in her tight dresses with ease.
Nicole was not a very nice girl. She was very beautiful and she knew it, but she was very arrogant and spoiled. It was clear that her father had never said "no" to her since she was a child, and she was convinced that she could always judge everything and everyone. She treated Marco as a trophy to show, I don't think he really loved her and if she loved him she had a strange way of showing it. She certainly didn't have a good relationship with anyone in the group and she certainly didn't like Lucia very much.
She criticized all the women in the group, not missing an opportunity to point out the faults of others, to make fun of someone. She was the only one who teased Lucia for her braces on her teeth, she caricatured her for the lisp caused by the palate expander or made a disgusted face when Lucia removed the rubber bands before eating. Yet she certainly didn't have a beautiful smile; as a girl she refused to wear functional braces because she could not speak and said that "there cannot be a school queen with disgusting braces on her teeth", she had a conspicuous open bite but did not even agree to have a check up at the Lucia's studio.
Marco, on the other hand, was madly in love; he was a good boy and a great accountant, he was 38 and she made him feel that difference in age. But he suffered everything, in silence, for fear of losing her. Sometimes we talked about it together, we talked about the relationship between Marco and Nicole and Marco didn't know how to behave. He was almost certain that Nicole was cheating on him with the young instructor in the gym, it wasn't the first time she had cheated on him after all. But Marco always ended up forgiving her or pretending not to know anything about her.
One evening around 10 pm he rang Lucia's phone:
<Hi Lucia, I'm Marco ... we have an important problem: Nicole is crying with pain in her jaw, she can't move her mouth well ... please can you do something?>
<But yes of course, let's meet in 20 minutes at the studio> Lucia looked at me with a slightly evil smile, I offered to accompany her (I do not hide the fact that the idea of seeing Nicole in difficulty and without her usual air of pride intrigued me a lot) .
When we reached the studio, Nicole and Marco were already waiting for us outside. Nicole was really down in her spirits, she was wearing a large gray jumpsuit and flat sports shoes; she wore no makeup and I had never seen her like this. She couldn't speak, but she couldn't even look Lucia in the face.
We entered the studio and Lucia began her visit, made X-rays and was able to take the impressions of Nicole's teeth thanks to 3D laser scanning ... after a few minutes Lucia said:
<Dear Nicole, your mouth is really bad. Your crooked teeth and your open bite are creating irreversible damage to your jaw and unfortunately these episodes will be more and more frequent in the future. For now I have been able to unblock my jaw and give an injection to reduce the pain due to inflammation. I am already 3D printing a temporary brace that you will need to wear in the next few days to allow for healing, but I believe that in the next few days we will have to meet again and seriously discuss your treatment>
Nicole was simply terrified. Her eyes were swollen with tears no longer from pain as from embarrassment. Her worst nightmare was coming true and she had always hated dentists.
Lucia put the device in her mouth which was a single block of plastic with a hole in the center of her and covered all of her teeth. Nicole's mouth was totally different, she tried to say in an incomprehensible way "Thank youeeehhh" as a thread of drool ran down from her mouth, making her face red like a pepper.
We went home and Lucia told me about the seriousness of Nicole's situation and the fact that she had to find the courage to start a treatment.
The following evening, around 8 pm, we heard the house intercom ring. It was Marco ... alone.
He went into the house and we said goodbye.
<Lucia, Marco said, I'd like to talk to you about Nicole's treatment; I know that what I will say may seem strange or perhaps crazy, but I know that with you we can talk about everything. Since last night Nicole has been terrified of having to wear braces on her teeth, she always tries to remove the device you gave her but she immediately starts the pain again and she has to put it back in tears. But while she is wearing it she looks like another person, a more fragile and good person. I would like you to start the treatment, by now you know that you can no longer escape, but I would like it to be a strong, invasive treatment. An old-fashioned treatment, with metal braces, rubber bands and all the necessary accessories. Firstly because I wish it didn't last too long, but mostly because I think that such a treatment could save our relationship, it could turn Nicole into a better, kinder, less spoiled and less arrogant person. And I'm sure the gym instructor wouldn't look at it anymore. I know it will be difficult for me too, but I am willing to wait for her at the end of her treatment, so as not to lose her.>
Lucia replied:
<Marco, I understand your request. Nicole needs treatment for at least three years, it will be demanding and she too will have to agree, otherwise we cannot proceed. Usually in these cases we try to use transparent ceramic brackets, not to use functional appliances and make the treatment more bearable even if in reality a treatment in the old way is certainly faster and more effective. Are you sure what you are asking me? It will be difficult for you too… have her come to the office to discuss the terms of the therapy and get started>
Marco went away excited but determined to follow this path. I had listened to the whole discussion and I do not hide the fact that the image of Nicole with the device a little excited me.
Lucia looked at me, understanding everything and with her mischievous smile, and she said to me:
<I can already read your mind, hell of a lusty husband ... I had never thought of orthodontic treatment as an educational method to change a person's character, but I think it can work ... it will all depend on Marco, if he can convince Nicole , but toothache sometimes works wonders.>

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Re: STORY: A dream ... Lucia
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A few days later, Lucia saw Nicole's name on the studio's electronic diary: she had made an appointment; Lucia already had everything she needed of her, so she immediately set to work on the case knowing that she would have to take advantage of the opportunity and not waste time: if Nicole had known beforehand what kind of treatment she was waiting for, she surely she would have run away.
Nicole arrived at the appointment: she was better, of course, and she could see it. She was dressed in a pair of very tight black leather pants, a pair of black over the knee boots with a 12cm heel. On top of her she wore a very tight top that left her belly uncovered and showed her piercing in her navel. She wore no bra and had her hair pulled back into a very high ponytail which she bared tattoos on her neck and back. There was a deafening silence as she entered her waiting room as they watched her take off her big black glasses and turn to the reception secretary.
Her turn came and her assistant accompanied her to the chair. Lucia smiled into the room and looked at Nicole with a hint of satisfaction.
<Hi dear Nicole, you look beautiful today! I know that you have already signed all the documents, now I would like to explain what we will do, but I would like you to wear the device today. I see that you are not wearing the mobile device, but it does nothing>
Nicole, beautiful as the sun, like a model on the cover of Vogue, remained silent, nodding her head and widening her eyes in an expression of terror;
<I'm not going to be like those nerdy high school girls, right? - Nicole said with a worried voice - will I be able to live as I have done until now?>
<I don't know what you mean by "nerdy girls", you know it will be a challenging path and you will have to show strength and courage, but above all a lot of discipline if you really want to go back to living well ... let's start? … Will I explain everything to you while I assemble your appliances?>
Lucia gave Nicole a mild sedative to calm her down while she worked.
<Now I will mount the bands on the back teeth: 4 above and 4 below. These will serve to anchor the entire device and will have tubes for extra oral tractions. I will now mount the metal brackets on all the upper and lower teeth, which will hold the arches in place. We cannot use ceramic brackets, as they are too delicate and your mouth needs more pressure. We need to create a bit of space both above and below, for this I will mount two expanders (one above and one below) that you will have to expand every night with the supplied key, maybe Marco can do it. - While he continued to fumble and Nicole remained silent - The most important problem, however, is your tongue pushing your front teeth. For this I am installing a tongue grid, needles that will force you to hold the tongue backwards in the correct position. With your mouth so full of metal, you will no longer be able to wear the mobile device but we must ensure that your jaw remains in the correct position. I am cleaning two pistons that connect the teeth above and below, you can open your mouth up and down, but you will not be able to move your jaw sideways: It is called the HERBST appliance. We are almost done, I put on the last bands and increase the traction of the arches. How do you feel? Do you want to see yourself in the mirror?>
Nicole instinctively said, <Yeeeeshhhhhhh ...> almost incomprehensibly, as she spat a few drops of saliva from her mouth. She immediately put her hand in front of her mouth and despite this she couldn't cover everything with one hand. She took the mirror in her hand and as she looked at herself she began to cry, soiling her whole face with the makeup she was draining.
<How will I do? She-she She said even more incomprehensibly - I can't go out like this, I can't eat, talk, kiss… it's hell. >
Lucia and her assistant remained silent, a little excited to see Nicole, the Amazon Nicole, so in trouble.
<Dear Nicole, you will see that it will not be hell, and that there are so many aspects of life that you can't even imagine. It is for your health, in the next few days you will begin to get used to it and your language will also improve. Of course, for a while you will not be able to sing for sure, you will have to pay attention to the foods you eat, to the hygiene of your teeth, you will have to be careful during your sexual intercourse, and the pain will also decrease. You know that I had braces on my teeth, even my treatment was challenging, but now I have a perfect smile and my teeth are fine. You will also need to wear this headgear, but only when you are at home, and all night, at least 12 hours a day. It starts at 4 hours today, then increases the hours until next week. I'll show you how to put them on and off. This is also something that Marco can do, you have to find a new complicity>
Nicole was shocked. Her mouth looked huge and she couldn't cover all the metal with her lips. Herbst's piston marks were clear on her cheeks. For the first time Nicole did not show her breasts out of her, on the contrary, she tended to cover it with her arms as a sign of shame. Whenever she tried to say something, she couldn't hold back her tears, and she had to repeat each word slowly over and over to make herself understood. She went out into the waiting room full of people, two guys looked at her and remained shocked as soon as their gaze stopped to stare at Nicole's mouth and her embarrassment was total.
Marco was in the waiting room. He was petrified at the sight of Nicole ... he approached her and in an awkward way and not knowing what to do with her, he placed her lips on her face bow trying to give her a kiss, without saying anything.
In the following weeks Nicole did not have the courage to leave the house. She only went to work in the family business where she locked herself in her room without receiving anyone. Talking about her on the phone was almost impossible, no one could understand her and she was so embarrassed. She went to the studio for checks, and Lucia was the only person she could talk to Nicole with. The expander of her lower palate was the one that bothered her the most in eating, while the needles of her lingual grid created the greatest problems with her language.
Lucia told her that she had to practice, otherwise her language would never get better. She that she had to have the courage to go out and not hide; that people would notice her embarrassment more about her than her braces or her speech.
For the first time Nicole was listening, she had thought several times to remove all the device, but Marco had managed to convince her not to. In fact Nicole was becoming much more attached to Marco and certainly, as expected, she did not see and no longer hear her young instructor in the gym. She had changed gym, she used the phone a lot less now.
Marco's plan had perhaps really worked. Nicole was always beautiful, but she could no longer be arrogant. She began to notice the people who would really love her, those not interested only in her boobs and her butt. She began to discover the kindness she had never known before her.
That treatment was definitely changing her teeth, but she was changing her character, probably for the better.
One evening Marco and Nicole came to our house for dinner. We had been drinking quite a bit and were telling them how Lucia and I played with our braces because we realized that their sexual intercourse was not going very well. Lucia went upstairs to our secret room and returned with our fake braces (she knew that deep down in an orthodontist's house it wouldn't be so strange to have this kind of family heirlooms), we put them on and we start kissing more and more passionately in front to the curious gaze of Marco and Nicole. They were amazed at how complicit we were and how we played with our machines. It was then that Lucia looked at me with her usual mischievous look, she turned to Marco and said:
<do you want to try to kiss me? And you, Nicole, do you want to try kissing my husband? >
Marco and Nicole looked at each other in amazement, even though the discussion and alcohol had already raised everyone's levels of excitement. Just a few months ago, Nicole would have rushed without hesitation, now she was waiting shyly for Marco's opinion. Marco let Lucia take her hands (after all, resisting Lucia was impossible) and let himself be carried away by her. Nicole got up from the sofa, placed the goblet of red wine on the table and brought her metallic mouth to mine. I brought my index finger of her to her swollen lips, brushing her face before her in correspondence with the HERBST marks then passing it over her device. I began to touch Nicole's tongue by wedging my finger between her tongue and her grill, touching her needles with my fingertip. I began to kiss her fearlessly, running my tongue over her device, her lower expander, searching for her tongue between the needles of her grill.
For me and for Lucia it was all so natural, and Marco and Nicole were realizing that they could do much more than they thought despite Nicole's device.
Obviously we didn't go any further with sex, even if Nicole's fake breasts and that huge appliance were much more than a temptation. We sat on the sofa and went back to drinking some good red wine. We had helped Marco and Nicole to be more accomplices, to see the game even where it seems impossible. Of course, they had not become passionate about braces, but that night they learned not to give up their intimacy, Nicole realized that she can be attractive even as a nerd, even with the braces she had always despised. Marco began to kiss Nicole on the sofa, discovering with her mouth, with her fingers, with her tongue every piece of the huge device.
Needless to say, we spent that night with Lucia in our secret room, she wearing a lingual mesh retainer (yes, I couldn't get it off my head…) and my milwaukee torso and I wearing my fake HERBST braces.
<Nicole is a really beautiful woman, and now she is a beautiful person too. I think we'll be really friends after tonight. - Lucia said trying to move her tongue through her grid - I should ask her for some advice on fake boobs, maybe I'll do a little thought>
I sat on top of her, motionless with her milwaukee torso on, holding her wrists up on the bed, I approached her with my mouth, then I began to kiss her neck between the metal collar and under the chin guard, then her breasts, passing the tongue around the central bar of his torso ...
<when you want it will be your choice and I will be by your side - I said - but I think we will have to look for a real artist to make these breasts better than they are now ...>
And we fell asleep.

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Re: STORY: A dream ... Lucia
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We had set the wedding date for the following summer, in order to have time to organize everything perfectly without taking too much time away from our respective businesses.
Lucia knew we would be removing our fixed appliances by that date. Every now and then we talked wondering what it would have been like without our fixed sets. By now we were completely used to it and they were part of each of us, but also of our life together.
Our smiles were now almost perfect, we had fun combining our powerchains or our rubber bands with the outfits we wore and Lucia always had heels of the same color as her braces. Our friends enjoyed it so much. Nobody really knew about our passion for braces, our games and our room, except Mary, but it was a secret that she jealously guarded and of which she was really proud, because that magical night had strengthened the bond between Mary, Lucia and me.
I loved when spring came, the first hot sun, because Lucia began to use her colorful, low-cut dresses, open sandals or wedges.
By now everything was organized for the wedding, we had invited all our friends and families. We would have been around 150 people.
A few weeks earlier the long awaited day arrived: Lucia was waiting for me at her office, together with her orthodontist colleague. I sat in the chair, the doctor began to remove the bands and brackets, then to clean the surface of the teeth. I got up feeling that feeling of emptiness in my mouth, I didn't remember how smooth my teeth were ... I gave Lucia a passionate kiss and she sat down on the armchair. The doctor removed her upper and lower braces and after a few minutes I saw Lucia with her perfect smile, her very white teeth.
She took the prints, we waited a couple of days before receiving our hawley retainers. We wore them at home, and every night, laughing every time we talked to the teenage lisp that made Lucia really sweet.
A few days later, Lucia returned home later than usual, holding two small packages with a nice red ribbon in her hand. She came up with her usual mischievous smile and gave me a package, keeping the other one for herself.
<Let's open it together, it's a little gift from me for both of us>
There were two orthodontic boxes, the same as the ones we used to store our retainers.
<I made these for us, they are invisalign masks on which I glued our fixed appliances. We can wear them whenever we want, I have also mounted the tubes for the facial arches and they are our old fixed appliances> said Lucia, taking my new masks and hooking them to my upper and lower teeth. And I did the same with hers.
In the following years Lucia made dozens of fake braces, of all kinds, for both of us, which we chose in our hottest nights even though our relationship was perfect even without wearing braces. We used them every now and then, sometimes we took some on some trip playing wearing them in public where no one knew us to see other people's reactions.
In our secret room there is a showcase full of our appliances, old and new.
The wedding was perfect, an exciting ceremony and a wonderful party. We didn't wear our retainers and none of our friends wore braces anymore.
Over the years we had met many people who love braces, so many people put the braces at 30 or 40 years and discovered that there could be an exciting aspect in that type of device, which could also play with those braces that as teenagers would have considered instruments of torture.
We couldn't talk about our passions with everyone, of course. And we certainly didn't want to go into all the details. But it often happened with friends who had had braces on their teeth to talk about the exciting aspect ... and every time Lucia and Mary looked at each other as accomplices and keepers of our secret.
We were sure of our recipe for happiness: we had no secrets, we had no taboo, we were accomplices, we set no limits to the imagination. There are no people without erotic fantasies, but many are afraid to share them with their partner for fear of a judgment. We have never judged each other.
I wish all women to be like Lucia: free, intelligent, brilliant, with an open mind and to all couples to be able to apply the recipe for happiness, any fantasy and however strange it may seem.
I know it's not that easy in reality. But if you find such a person, don't let them escape.

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Re: STORY: A dream ... Lucia
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This is the end of the story. I had been taking a lot of notes over the years, trying to understand more about sexual fantasies. I have read many stories, trying to grasp the point of view of the author, in this forum I have found people to talk to, to confront, with whom not to feel strange. Fantasies are good in the life of a couple, one should find the courage not to have taboo. I tried to describe what I feel, my ideal as a woman, I was able to tell my deepest secrets and my fantasies. I hope you enjoyed it, I hope you have read it all. I am not a writer, so I will hardly write any more stories ... but I understand that it is a harmless way to escape from the everyday routine, so who knows ... bye bye everyone.

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Re: STORY: A dream ... Lucia
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@giacc Awesome story, thanks for sharing!