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Re: Serena: a not so short story
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Chapter 44: Getting things ready

Saturday afternoon: the staff had finally left Mr Smith's Ortho building, meaning that Serena could start to (remotely) work on discharging the UV curing lights. Serena had been there earlier, and had managed to drop a bit of dirt onto one of the charging contacts of one of the UV lights which they had been using that morning - anything to make her job easier later on.

The spec of the curing lamp said 'over 400 uses at 10 seconds', so at 20 seconds use, that would be more like 200 uses. Add in a 10 seconds pause each time, and that's 100 minutes in total, so getting close to 2 hours.

Of course, she was sure there would also be a spare unit around: there was, in the cupboard, so she had to work on that one too. Talk about boring! But she got into a nice rhythm. Eventually, on both units, the 'low battery warning indicator' came on, and she kept going a bit longer, until they both just came on for a second or two before going off again. She double-checked that the bit of muck was still stopping the lamp from charging: that would look SO much better than the power switch being off.

After doing that, she remotely went over to Mr Jones' house, to take a look at his car: it was an old Mercedes, and the tyres were getting a bit old too, with one of the tyres missing its dust-cap. Rather than being nasty, and give him a puncture, maybe she could loosen the valve a little, to let the air out... she had a quick play, and found that it was indeed something she would be able to do. Excellent! If she could cause a car to also break down on his route to work, he would be not at all happy when he got there. So, last thing Sunday, she slightly loosened the valve, hopefully enough to make the tyre completely flat by morning.

Sunday evening she also went around to MM's house. She started by getting her mum to 'accidentally' find MM not wearing her headgear again (which really wasn't surprising because she really did NOT find it comfortable to wear... I wonder why?). She also took the opportunity to slightly hide her brother's school shoes, plus make a couple of MM's books fall down behind her desk. After doing that, she found the shoes that MM liked to wear to school, noticing that the heel was starting to come away from the sole a bit... maybe she could make it a bit worse... good enough for her to actually wear, but bad enough to break (maybe with a little help!) once at school. Yes, that would annoy MM.

There was another thing that Serena did that weekend: she went out shopping with Sarah and Samantha for some new clothes: she needed to look rather different and smart on Tuesday, when she drove to school in a fancy sports car.

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Re: Serena: a not so short story
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Chapter 45: Let's have some headgear fun!

Monday morning Serina had a lot to do. First of all, she checked Mr Smith's car: yes, he had a flat tyre! Next, she needed to do something to slow down the traffic: there was really only one sensible way he would go to his office, and it wouldn't take much to make the traffic worse. An inexperienced driver could easily stall their car and cause a blockage, the effects of which would have a knock-on effect for the next 30 minutes.

"Hey, Serena, take a break will you, the dark magic you're doing is starting to get to you" said her braces.

"Sorry guys, whilst this is simple, the intent really is rather dark - I hate to think about how many people will get wound up because of what I'm doing!". Serina stopped for a few minutes, to let her braces 'catch their breath', then it was on to MM's place.

Yes, it was indeed mayhem at MM's house. Her brother was having problems finding his shoes. She gave MM a couple of annoying interruptions that meant she made a couple of mistakes when doing her makeup. Then she had problems finding the books that had fallen off the desk. Her mum 'accidentally' spilt her coffee over her blouse, meaning she needed to change that. None of the kids bothered to put their dirty plates or dishes into the dishwaher ('it's ok, mum will do it!'). All helped along by a bit of dark magic.

By the time they all got into the car, they were running several minutes late, and MM's mum was NOT happy.

"Your appointment is at 1:30 this afternoon," MM's mum reminded her sternly as they finally got to the school, "so make sure your ready at the school gate by 1:15!". Serena was quite sure, with a bit of help, she would be a few minutes late!

Ok, she could take a bit of a break now, although she wanted to be at the orthodontist's to see how they reacted to a dead UV curing lamp! Sadly, it wasn't until his 10am appointment that he needed to use the lamp, and he discovered that it was only coming on for a couple of seconds at a time. His assistant quickly worked out that there was dirt on the charging contact, so it hadn't been charging properly. And of course, when they went to the cupboard to try and use the backup lamp, that was pretty dead too. As a result, the rest of Mr Smith's' morning appointments were running about 30 minutes late, and Mr Smith was definitely feeling a bit stressed.

Lunchtime came: whilst he should have finished his last morning appointment by about 12:30, it was actually closer to 1:00. Before going to lunch, he went and looked at the PC, to see who was his next appointment - Miss Amanda Miller. As the result of a nicely timely bit of magic, a bit of a chill went through Mr Smith. He had absolutely no doubt that she would have been skipping on her headgear wear - again. Another small spell did it's work, and Mr Smith smiled: maybe he should just wire it in for a few weeks! That might get her wearing it - assuming she wanted to even complete her treatment!

Back at school at lunchtime, MM had got her lunch. As ever, she was chatting to her friends, so it didn't take a lot to make MM ignore the time a bit. Suddenly she realised it was 1:14, and she was due to meet her mum outside in 60 seconds time. What the heck, it didn't REALLY matter if she was a minute or two late. On the way though, with a bit of help, MM's shoe heel finally broke off.

"Aaargh! Bloomin' thing!!" screamed MM. She wasted a couple more minutes trying to put the heel back on, but Serena ensured that her attempts failed. It was almost 1:25 by the time she finally got to the car.

"Where the HELL have you been? I've been here waiting since 10 past!" screamed her mum.

"My bloody heel broke off!" shouted MM back at her.

"Well, you shouldn't have left things till the last moment anyway, now put your belt on!".

Nice, neither MM nor her mum were in a good mood - the plan was actually coming together! It took a little over 10 minutes to get to the Orthodontic Surgery, so they were almost 10 minutes later.

After his late-running morning, Mr Jones HAD hoped that his 1:30 appointment might even be a few minutes early... but of course they weren't.

"I wonder if Miss Miller has been wearing her headgear enough?" thought Serena just loud enough for Mr Smith to also 'hear' it.

"Good afternoon Mrs Miller. Amanda, please come and sit in the treatment chair.". Mr Smith was doing his utmost to not get annoyed. Amanda sat in the chair, just like she had done several times before. A quick dark spell made Amanda a little worried: would he notice that she'd not been wearing her headgear enough? ('Heck, why shouldn't she be worried about it too' Serena had thought!).

Mr Jones fitted the lip-spreader, then tilted the chair back and adjusted the light, all letting him see the progress that Amanda's teeth had made. Or should we say 'the LACK of progress'? He removed the lip spreader, so he could talk to her.

"Miss Miller," he said very formally, "It's very clear to me that you haven't been wearing your headgear as prescribed..."

"I've tried..... but... well... it hurts so much.... and it's so annoying..." said Amanda.

"I've made it VERY clear to you several times now that wearing your headgear as prescribed is essential to your treatment. If you're not going to comply, then I might as well just stop your treatment today!" said Mr Jones.

'The car.... what about the car...' whispered a strangely magical voice inside Amanda's head. About two seconds later the reality hit her: no treatment = no car!!!

'Remind her about the car' whispered a very similar voice in her mum's head.

"Well, it sounds like we won't be needing to buy you that 'special thing' then," said her mum, clearly a bit annoyed.

"No, mum, no...... you can't do that! I'll do anything!..."

"Anything?" asked her mum. She turned to Mr Smith: "I'm really at my wit's end... beside she's 18 now, so I can't force her. I don't suppose you have any suggestions do you?".

"Well, there IS one possibility. It's not something I have ever done before, but...." began Mr Smith

"Please... please, I'll do ANYTHING!" pleaded Amanda.

"You really mean anything?"

"Yes, anything, as long as I can complete my treatment, and get my..... 'special thing'....". Clearly Amanda found it very awkward to actually say that if she didn't finish her treatment, then she wouldn't get the car that she had been promised.

"Well, a few years ago, my colleague - now retired - was involved in a research project, where they wired in the patient's headgear for a few weeks, meaning that the patients could NOT remove their facebows, it was fitted to their braces 24/7. The final conclusion was that the main problem was the initial fear for the patients of having to actually wear their headgear, and after 2 to 3 weeks, they had got used to wearing their headgear: after that, all the patients had no problems wearing their headgear as requested." He paused for a few seconds to let what he had just told Amanda sink in.

"So I'd have to wear it ALL the time.... like to school.... and when out with my friends?" said Amanda. The colour had completely drained from her face.

"Yes, ALL the time!"

Amanda sat there thinking for a few more seconds. Serena helped her thoughts along. The idea of having to wear headgear to school... well, it was abhorrent! And when out with her friends too? Noooo!!!! They would mock her! But the car... she SOOOOO wanted that car! She would do anything for that car! She finally realised that she'd actually brought this on herself, that no-one else was to blame. Her ortho had told her several times. Her mum nagged her incessantly. Even her dad had mentioned it a few times.

No, there was now only one thing she could do.

"Yes, ok, I'll do it!" said Amanda dejectedly, starting to feel really bad about her whole life.

"You are absolute sure about this? This really IS your last chance! We can make an appointment for 3 weeks time, and then review your progress." said Mr Smith.

The contents of Amanda's guts felt like they wanted to leave her body. Her social life was about to come to a complete stop. A minimum of 3 weeks of wearing headgear 24/7 - the idea scared her witless. But she so wanted that car....

"Yes, I'll do what you tell me..." said Amanda rather meekly.

Serena watched as Mr Jones 'wired in' Amanda's headgear. What he actually did was to fit the facebow, and then crimp a couple of tiny tubes on to the back of the headgear prongs, holding them in place. It was close to impossible for a patient to remove the tiny tubes, but an ortho with the right tools would have no issues.

MM and her mum were completely silent as they drove home, and once home, MM went and hid in her bedroom.

Part one of 'The Mission' was accomplished!

A little later that evening there was a knock at Serena's front door. "It for you, Serena!" called her mum. Lucifer was there.

"I have a little something for you outside, come and take a look....". Serena followed Lucifer outside: she was expecting that he would be lending her some sort of 'standard' sports car, like a Porsche, but no, this was no simple sports car, this car would be better described as a 'super car': it was a brand new, sparkling, electric green, Lamborghini Huracan Technica.

"Try not to break the 30 mph speed limit!" said a smiling Lucifer, giving her the keys.

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Re: Serena: a not so short story
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Chapter 46: Something nasty is about to happen...

Serena woke up a few minutes before her alarm went off. Yes, today was the day the last couple of weeks had been leading up to!

Serena got out of bed, went and had a shower. After having breakfast, she went back up to her room to get ready for today, putting on her rather smart clothes, and doing her makeup. While she was at it, she decided that she would fit her dark jewellery - there was no harm in letting it 'help her along' with what she was going to do today!

A little while later, Serena arrived at school in the rather nice sports car that Lucifer had arranged for her. As she got out of the car, she could feel the anger inside her start to rise. Today, Mandy Miller was about to be taken down - and hard!

She slammed the car door closed, and strode purposefully to the school's main entrance. The combination of the car and the way she was dressed was getting people's attention.

"Where are you hiding, Mandy Miller?" shouted out Serena as she walked into the building. With the boost from her dark jewellery, she found her easily: as expected, she was with a load of other students by the 6th form lockers. With a singular purpose in mind, Serina strode down the corridors until she was at the lockers.

"Mandy Miller!!!" screamed Serena walking over to her. Serena looked at Mandy Miller: as expected, she was having to wear her headgear to school, but that didn't seem to interest Serena at all. She grabbed Mandy and slammed her backwards against the lockers. To say that Mandy was surprised was a bit of an under-statement. Serena quickly cast a spell to put up a 'protection barrier' around herself and Mandy Miller - she didn't want anyone trying to stop her, and what she was about to do.

"You are a real piece of evil, Mandy Miller!" said Serena pulling her forward, then slamming her hard into the lockers again. MM winced. "Why were you ever even born?". She slammed her into the lockers a third time, her anger increasing by the second. She pulled her right arm back, closing her hand into a fist, which she then used to punch Mandy in the middle of her face. Mandy's nose started bleeding - her nose was quite probably broken - and her facebow looked like it might have been bent a bit (so goodness knows what might have happened to her teeth - not that Serena would have cared right now). "You have made so many people's lives a misery!". Serena grabbed her, slamming her into the lockers yet again... then pulled her forward, and threw her in disgust into the floor.

"That is for all the kids who have had braces, including me, whose lives you made a living hell..." said Serena as she use her right foot to kick Mandy hard in the stomach. "And that's for all the kids that got glasses, or look at all geeky, whose lives you ruined!" said Serena, using her left foot to kick her hard again in the stomach. "And THIS one is for all the kids that aren't as well off as you, and can't dress up quite as fashionable as you like, that you openly despised!". Another kick landed on her body.

"And this one is for all the other kids whose lives you ruined, you uncaring B*TCH!". After the last very hard kick, she put her foot onto Mandy's chest, holding her down on the floor, and stopping her from getting up.

The anger inside Serena had almost reached bursting point, and whilst she had just made mincemeat of Mandy Miller, she actually didn't feel THAT much better.

"Serena!" called a man's voice. 'Probably one of the teachers, about to tell me off,' thought Serena. She closed her eyes, wondering what would happen next.

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Re: Serena: a not so short story
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Nice try but this is just a dream.. for sure ;)

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Re: Serena: a not so short story
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Nice try but this is just a dream.. for sure ;)

Oh, what makes you say that then? I mean, she's wearing that new 'dark jewellery', which has an effect on her, ramping up her dark feelings. And Serena does have some anger issues with MM!

Keep reading for the next exciting instalment... :-)

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Re: Serena: a not so short story
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Oh, alright, you worked it out!!!! Chapters 46 and 47 were a last minute "hey I have a crazy idea" thing I got this morning! But it was still fun!


Chapter 47: Dad?...

"Serena!" said that same voice again. Serena opened her eyes, ready to face whatever consequences there would be for what she had just done. Her heart was beating hard and fast, and she still felt very angry.

But she wasn't at school. She was in her bedroom.

"You alright there Serena?" asked her dad. "You were shouting out loud...."

"I just had one hell of a nasty dream" said Serena... "Give me a moment will you?". She took a deep breath, and closed her eyes. "Hey braces, can you help me?".

"Well, you've not ACTUALLY done any magic, dark or light, so no. We think you need to quickly find that small box that Lucifer told you about, and put your anger back into it..."

"Yes, of course....". Serena imagined that small box again, and started to put her anger back inside. As she did so, she started to feel a better. As she continued putting her anger into the box, she calmed down. Finally, she closed the lid, and opened her eyes again.

"I think I'm ok now....."

"So what was the dream about then?" asked her dad.

"Well, you know I'm going to be 'sorting out' that bully girl at school?" Her dad nodded. "Well, I was basically beating the sh*t out of her. I mean, I knew I didn't like her, but I never realised I hated her THAT much!".

Her dad put his arms around her. "Better to work it out in a dream than for real. Your mum and I do worry about you, you know, the effect this darker magic you are having to learn about is having on you. Are you sure you can cope ok? It's a LOT for an 18 year old girl to have to deal with. Look, you know mum and I are here for you, whatever happens...".

"Thanks dad! I'll be ok... and I'm rather hoping I'm at least 19 before I need to fight the 'dark evil'!!"

"Ok, let's get back to sleep again, it's the middle of the night!" said her dad. Serena looked at her clock: yes, it was nearly 4am. "Hey, would you like me to do a 'go to sleep' spell on you, like I used to sometimes do?" he added.

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Re: Serena: a not so short story
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Chapter 48: It's THE day.. the REAL one this time!

Serena parked the brand new, shining, electric green, Lamborghini in the school's car park, and she slowly got out. She needed to be seen. She needed to be seen getting out of the car. She needed MM to hear that she, Serena, had just driven to school. And not just in ANY old car. In a very expensive Lamborghini! A brand new shiny green one. That alone would wind her up so much. Already she could see other students getting their phones out.

Sarah and Samantha had helped her choose her power-wardrobe for the day: an amazingly smart dress, dark tights and high heels. With her recently cut hair still looking very crisp, and some equally crisp makeup, along with her (fake) nose and lip rings, she looked quite amazing. Completely cool. 100% in control (that bit was quite hard for Serena!). As she walked slowly and purposefully towards the school entrance she could see eyes turning to look at her. Phones being used to take pictures of her. Phone calls made, messages sent. The school's social media was suddenly very alive!

Good! There was no way that MM would NOT know what was happening in front of the school.

Serena felt VERY good. She knew that what she was going to be doing was not really a good thing, but that was the whole idea of it: to learn to use but also control her dark abilities. She did not feel alone: her braces had told her many times that they would be with her. Besides, this wasn't really for Serena, this was payback from probably half of the school, students whose lives had been affected - and probably devastated in some cases - by the years of MM's bullying behaviours.

As arranged, Sarah had arrived at the same time. Everyone knew that Serena and Sarah had some sort of special relationship, and would often talk together, so it seemed quite normal as they stopped and chatted.

"You ready to do this?" asked Sarah quietly.

"Not really" said Serena. "I'm about to do thomething pretty nathty to thomeone....". (Whilst Serena normally talked without a lisp, her braces always gave her one when she was at school... all trying to make things a bit more authentic!)

"True, but even I think that she deserves it. I've seen her be quite nasty to many students over the last 5 years. Don't worry I'm sure you'll make a lot of good come out of it.... Shall we go?"

"Yeth, let me juyht thtart my camera recording."

"You're gonna record it all?"

"Hell, yeah!" said Serena, the darkness staring to rise inside her.

Serena and Sarah walked into the main school entrance. Many eyes were looking at them... well, at Serena. Students were wondering how come Serena, normally a quite normal girl, had just arrived at school in a VERY expensive, and brand new, sports car. And yeah, she was dressed up rather nicely too, but you'd want to do that if you had driven to school in a really cool sports car, wouldn't you?

In the door, they turned right, and walked slowly. As they walked, they both did 'probing' spells around the school, to find where MM was.

"Nextht left, half way down the corridor" whispered Serena. They turned left, and could see MM not far away, next to the bank of lockers. Even better, there were quite a few other students nearby, getting their books ready for lessons too, and just generally chatting.

"Hold on a moment" said Serena taking a deep breath. "Ok, braces, time to help me do the dark stuff....." she said silently.

"Ready when you are" said a voice inside her head. They continued walking again, and slowly approached MM, talking together.

"Tell you what" said Sarah in a slightly louder than normal voice as they got close to MM, "that's a rather nice car you got yourself there... what it it actually? A Bimmer?"

"A Bimmer! Wash your mouth out, Mith Davith! I wouldn't touch one of thothe with a bargepole! It'th a Lambo!" said Serena, pulling the keyring out of her pocket, and shaking the keys in front of Sarah, making sure that MM saw them too. Serena could feel both pleasure and darkness surging up inside herself.

All of this had, as planned, most definitely got Mandy's attention. She was with one of her 'friends', and had turned and was looking straight at Serena, with a noticeable look of jealousy in her eyes - she had already heard about the car, this was just rubbing it in even more! Serena saw the facebow that Mandy was wearing, the facebow that she had watched getting fixed into place the previous afternoon, and smiled widely, artificially letting everyone see her mouthful of metal. Serena felt great pleasure, with even more darkness rising up inside her.

For a moment, Serena allowed the darkness to take over. "Oh, my, what a LOOTHER! Mandy Miller ith wearing a HEADGEAR to thchool! And I alwayth thought HEADGEAR wath for 12 year oldth? Oh, you poor thing - how EMBARRATHING for you! I mean, you'd never catch ME wearing one of thothe to thchool... no way!!!" said Serena in a rather loud voice, so everyone anywhere nearby could hear. And probably a few that weren't quite so nearby. There was, of course, no reply that MM could make that could rebuff what Serena had just said, and the fact that Serena spoke the 'takedown' with a lisp actually made it so much better!

As Serena started to walk away, she thought back to the dream she had last night... no, this was all that she had to do, violence would not achive a thing. As she looked around, as well as the look of shock and embarassment on MM's face, she saw many of the students starting to smile - a couple even started to clap - they had never seen a takedown anything like this: Mandy Miller, who had hurt so many of them was finally the one being taken down! Oh, how the mighty fall!

Serena felt so good! She had just done something that, a couple of months ago she would never have even considered doing. But she had done it! The planning had all come together, and she could see Mandy Miller feeing feeling such pain - exactly as she had imposed on so many others over the last 5 years or so. Even better was that there was no evidence actually linking Serena to the fact that MM was having to wear headgear to school today, it was (apparently) all her own stupid fault! Serena could feel the darkness inside herself exploding. Sarah sensed it too.

"Control it, Serena, hold it in, put it into that tiny box, and lock it away!" said Sarah quitely as they continued walking along the corridor. Serena could feel her own braces helping her, comforting her, helping her to control the darkness..... She took a couple more deep breaths.

"It's ok, I think I have it under control..... yes, I'm good..."


Over break time, MM was clearly hiding away, and the only talk around the school was of the rather spectacular put-down of the mighty Mandy Miller that morning before classes had started. Whilst several of the students in her own class had asked questions, she kept silent about what she had done. She also kept silent about why she ACTUALLY had a sports car, and why she was dressed the way she was. Those were several large cans of worms that Serena did not want to open...


At lunch time, Serena was sat in the canteen having lunch with her friends Julie and David. She saw MM walk in and sit down. Alone. Wearing headgear that Serena knew she would be unable to remove. Headgear that would make it very hard for her to actually eat. She did not look at all happy.

"Guyth, thorry, but I need to leave you......" she said. She picked up her tray with her lunch on, and went and sat with MM instead.

"I'm thorry, Mandy, what I did earlier wath rather nathty..."

"Its ok, I think I've had it coming for some time, if not from you, from somebody else" replied a rather dejected Mandy.

"The thing ith.." said Serena, "you're in the top year now, like me. We've made it... we have thurvived thix yearth of thecondary thchool, and we are now the 'top dogth'. You don't really need to prove anything to the other kidth any more. You jutht need to prove to yourthelf that you can get the A-levelth that you need."

"I guess so" replied MM, starting to feel a bit better for herself.... helped a bit by the spell Serena had just silently cast on her.

Serena had originally planned over lunchtime to anonymously post the video she'd taken that morning, but whilst it might be (darkly) satisfying to do so, it would actually serve no real purpose: she had achieved what she needed to do on so many levels. All the planning and dark magic spells had come together so well. She was learning to control the dark feelings needed to do much of the dark magic. And, of course, Mandy Miller would no longer be the threatening bully that she had been for so long.

So the video would just remain as her own private 'trophy'.

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Re: Serena: a not so short story
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Chapter 49 - Serena needs Samantha's help

That evening, back at home, Serena was still feeing rather bad about what she'd actually done that day, so called Samantha on WhatsApp video.

"You sound to me to be a bit down" said Samantha, "so why don't you come over?"

"Ok, hey you're lying on your bed too..... ok, leave me some space next to you....."

Serena asked Wanda for a little help. "Did you already probe where you're going?" asked Wanda

"Erm, not exactly....". She concentrated, and could feel Samantha's bed, and Samanth on the bed. "Ok, I'm ready". She concentrated on the teleporting spell, and with a bit of a turbo-boost from Wanda, landed nicely on the bed next to Samantha. Needless to say she was a little exhausted from the teleport.

"Come here..." said Samantha, pulling Serena close, and putting her arm around her. Serena could feel something. Not a spell, but a really nice feeling flowing through her. It relaxed her.

She smiled at Samantha. "Thanks...." and she put her arm around her too, and they just lay there together for a while, then Serena explained the details of what she'd done earlier in the day and showed her the video she had recorded.

"I'm not surprised you're feeling a bit bad. Would you let me do a 'recouperation' spell on you? Actually, let me use my wand too, might make it work better...".

"Yeah, go on...."

Samantha picked up her ornate wand with the jewels in it: as she picked it up, the jewels started to shine. Holding Serena with one hand, she waved her wand over her with the other. "Does that help?" she asked

"Yes, it does, thank you!"

Samantha put her wand down, and held Serena again. "I've been thinking about the relationship we're supposed to have: I'm wondering if this is what you need me for, for when you are suffering from using the dark magic, or just a bit stressed out. Look, if you ever need my abilities, you only have to let me know..."

"Thanks...". They lay on the bed together, facing each other, and chatted for a bit.

"Hey, I don't remember seeing that nose ring before" said Serena. "It looks good on you though"

"Yeah, got it at the weekend. I was feeling a bit jealous of your braces and your bits of jewellery." (Maybe I need to add that, so far, neither Samantha nor Sarah knew anything about her dark jewellery. And, whilst 'working' on MM at school, she had left all 4 dark rings on her finger)

"Jealous of my braces?"

"It's odd, I had braces when I was about 12, hated them. But yours, they are kinda sexy. Extreme, but sexy..."

"Want a proper look?" asked Serena. Samantha nodded, so she opened her mouth, letting Samantha see the front of her mouth: her front metal bands and her lip bumpers. Samantha ran a finger over her lip bumpers, then back along the brackets on her bands, although that was hard, as the lip-bumper got in the way a bit. Then she opened her mouth, and tilted her head back, letting Samantha see her upper expander and the tongue rake. Samantha put a finger inside her mouth, and felt the rake - to her it felt stiff, and rather sharp.

"Is that some sort of plate up there, under that sharp bit?" asked Samantha

"Yes, it's a fairly thick metal plate, that goes from the back of my teeth, and almost up to my expander. Then in the bottom, I have another expander...." said Serena, dropping her head, and opening her mouth so Samantha could see.

"Wow, and is that a Herbst I can almost see there?"

"Yes, it is" said Serena, closing her mouth, and making a wide smile, letting Samantha see and touch her Herbst.

"Yeah, definitely too much metal for one person. I mean, when I had braces, all I had was tiny upper and lower brackets on my teeth. I can barely see any of your actual teeth!" Samantha put her lips to Serena's, and kissed her gently on the lips, and Serena kissed her gently back again. Samantha opened her mouth, pushing her tongue out, and ran it over Serena's lips, then between her lips. Serena opened her lips, and let her slip her tongue in: she ran it over her metal brackets at the front, then over the front of her lip bumpers. Serena opened her mouth a little, and Samantha's tongue went between her teeth, and up, and touched the smooth metal plate on the roof of Serena's mouth"

"Hello, you mutht be Thamantha...."

Shocked, Samantha pulled back from Serena. "What was THAT?"

"I'm guessing you just heard a voice in your head saying 'Hello, you must be Samantha', but with a heavy lisp... that was my braces, just saying hello to you!"

"Your BRACES?"

"Yeah, we talk sometimes. Don't worry, they won't hurt you, they are actually rather nice. Go on, kiss me again, and talk to them...."

Samantha started to kiss Serena again, putting her tongue inside her mouth, this time touching the tongue rake very gently. To her tongue, the rake felt very soft, not hurting at all. She also ran her tongue over the metal plate again.

"Thorry, Thamantha, we didn't mean to thurprithe you. Hi!" said the voice inside Samantha's (and Serena's) head

"Erm... hello there... erm... Serena's braces. OMG, this is weird!" thought Samantha

"Thank you for helping Therina jutht then, it helped her a lot more than I think you apprethiate"

"That's ok. Hey, how come you have such a lisp?"

"If you had as much metal in your mouth, I think you'd have quite a lithp too!"

"Fair enough. But hang on, Serena has you in her mouth, but she doesn't have a lisp"

"Yeth, we felt it was rather unfair that she had to thuffer with a lithp, thimply becauthe we were in her mouth. Mind you, we do let her lithp a bit when she'th at thchool, it would theme strange if she didn't, don't you think?"

"That sounds very nice of you, and yes, I understand about school.... so why DOES Serena even need braces... erm, you?"

"We are like you, we are here to help Therena with her many thtruggleth. For exthample, we helped her contain her darkneth today - itth not eathy for thomeone who has chothen to follow the path of the not-quite-tho-light to manage their darkneth, and that ith one of the many things we will do to help her fulfil what she must, according to the prophethieth"

"But why so much braces?"

"We believe itth thomethiong to do with phythicth... you need a thertain math of thtuff to have enough effect - kinda like the critical math needed to make an atomic bomb exthplode. Therina's wand was very helpful in working out exthactly how much math of brathes and thtuff she really needed. Tho yeth, we are thadly a lot of brathes in her mouth... Anyway, we will thay goodbye for the moment, and let you conthentrate on Therena, I'm sure we'll talk again, and you know where to find uth!"

"Thanks for looking after Serena...." thought Samantha. "How weird, I've just been talking to your braces." said Samantha out loud.

"I found it a bit odd at the start too, but I'm pretty used to them now. They do seem to be trying to help me, and they're so polite too!" said Serena.

They kissed again. "Hey, why don't you take out my lip-bumpers, it will make it easier to kiss" suggested Serina. Samatha put her finger and thumb onto the top lip-bumper, and tried to pull it out.

"It seems to be stuck!"

"Ah, half a moment.... guys, can you let her take them out for a while, we're safe here, so it's ok"

"No problemth" said a voice inside Serena's head

"They are a bit over-protective, but with good reason. Try now....". Samantha was able to now easily remove both lip-bumpers, which she put carefully on the bedside table. Their lips touched again, and Samantha was able to enjoy the sensation of her tongue running over the complete surface of Serena's teeth - or should I say metal bands (as her teeth are hardly visible), and then around to feel the front part of Serena's Herbsts. Then back inside her mouth, where her tongue could feel the smoothness of the metal bands that covered the insides of her teeth, then up to touch Serena's metal plate, which reminded her of the hawley retainer she had to wear after getting her braces off. Then her tongue reached the strangely smooth and soft ends of the sharp spikey tongue rake. The expander was too far back for her tongue to explore.

Next her tongue went to Serena's lower teeth, where the braces and bands, like her teeth, were smaller. Inside and just below her lower front teeth Samantha's tongue found her lower expander. Then, moving her tongue out and to the side, she explored the front lower mounting point for Serena's Herbst, then the front part of the actual Herbst.

"Serena, you have my greatest respect: that is one hell of a lot of metal you have in your mouth, and you're gonna have to wear it all... well, I guess for the rest of your life"

"I'm told it will probably get better with time: the metal will be absorbed into my teeth and gums, so I'll actually have metal teeth rather than metal braces"

"Oooh, I'm not sure which sounds worse, metal braces or a true metal mouth...."

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Re: Serena: a not so short story
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Very nice. A little girl-on-girl action there.

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Re: Serena: a not so short story
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Chapter 50 - Serena in headgear

Serena woke a lot more refreshed the following morning - spending the evening with Samantha had been so good. Not only could she help her just by touching her, but her simple spells had removed all her tiredness from the teleport, as well as all the stress from the day. She was starting to understand why Samantha was so important to her.

She went and had her breakfast, then went back upstairs and had her shower. While she showered, she used the 'clean my braces' spell to get rid of all the little bits of food from her braces, her expanders, and everywhere else the food got to. She still needed to actually brush her teeth, to remove the slight plaque build-up, but that was easier now than it used to be with her older braces, as her braces helped to pull the brush bristles into all those awkward-to-get-to places.

She was getting dressed (similar to yesterday, but not QUITE as smart) when she remembered the plastic zip-lock bag in the drawer of her bedside unit. She thought for a few seconds, then took it from the drawer, and put it into her shoulder bag.

"'Bye mum, dad, see you tonight" said Serena. Outside she got into the lovely electric green Lamborghini sports car which she still had, putting her bag on the passenger seat, then drove to school. Strangely, driving the fancy sports car didn't feel quite so much fun today. She arrived at school, and parked the car. She picked up her bag, and opened it, removing the plastic zip bag, which she opened and removed the contents.

"Guys, I need to remove my top lip-bumper for a while..." she thought to herself, then gently removed it, replacing it with the facebow she'd taken out of the plastic bag (and putting her lip-bumper into that same bag). Finally, she put the neck-strap around her neck, connecting it to the facebow.

With the un-needed headgear in place, she got out of the car. As expected, many pairs of eyes saw her, but Serena didn't mind: with so much metal already in her mouth, a facebow hardly made much difference. She walked over to the entrance, where she found Mandy Miller sitting alone on the wall. She didn't actually recognise her at first, because today Mandy looked very different: no fancy jewellery, almost no makeup, and much more 'normal' clothes

Serena sat down next to her. "You look a bit different today. How you doing?" she asked.

"I'm actually feeling pretty good."

"How'th the headgear?"

"Actually, now that I'm wearing it as I should, the pain I was getting isn't anything like as bad as it was to start with. I can hardly feel anything right now."

"Oh, good, it'th alwayth when you inithially put it in that it's worthe. You're thounding a lot more relaxthed than you normally theem to be"

"Yeah, I had a really long and nice talk with my mum last night, something we've never really done before. It cleared the air between us, and I think we both have a lot more respect for each other. I think I have a lot more respect for myself too. It's probably going to take a while longer before everything sinks in, but I have to say I couldn't be doing this if it wasn't for what you made me realise yesterday" said Mandy. "Hey, what's with your headgear, you had it wired in too?"

"No", said Serena, putting her hand on Mandy's, "I don't actually need it any more, it'th jutht that I thought you might apprethiate a bit of moral thupport - I thuthpect you're gonna get a lot of sh*t in there today. Come on, let'th go in together."

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Re: Serena: a not so short story
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Chapter 51 - And your next task is....

"I hear that congratulations are in order! Quite a spectacular put-down I hear! By the way, you can keep the car for a couple more weeks if you like!" said Lucifer. The car was one that Lucifer had decided to buy on a whim - to him, the cost was almost loose change.

But, whilst the idea of having a Lamborghini for a couple of weeks was very appealing to Serena, it had served its purpose, and keeping it would probably just cause a lot of resentment. "It was fun to be able to drive it - thanks, but no thanks" said Serina, giving Lucifer back the keys.

"Ok, I can understand. But well done. Your planning was good, the spells were elegantly simple, and they worked exactly as you planned. How are you coping with the darkness? After all, part of this exercise was to make you use dark magic, and to 'suffer' the fallout from it"

"I'm actually ok. I could feel it quite strongly at the time, but Sarah coached me, and I controlled it, contained it. Plus I went and saw Samantha last night"

"Good, that is so important, being able to control it. I'm sure your braces played a big part?"

"Yes, they did. I'm sure I would have struggled without them."

"Well, that means we can move on to your next task: I want you to steal something."

"Steal something?"

"Yes, steal something. It needs to have a certain danger to doing it, and it needs to be something that, if you were caught with it, then you could maybe end up being sent to prison... so I'm not talking about stealing some sweets from the local shops."

Sarah looked at Lucifer, shocked. "You're kidding me? Stealing is not good at the best of times! And what you're suggesting is even worse!"

"Yes, I know, it's meant to be difficult and dark. And if you think THAT's bad, you're going to hate the task that follows this one....". Lucifer turned to Serena. "Once again the planning is important. Don't rush it. If you like, take a bit of a break before working on it"

"I might just do that, but it would make sense to do some training tonight, now I'm here."

"Yeah, no problems with that. Ok, so there's one skill that comes to mind that can help with covering your tracks when doing anything 'not so legal', and that's mind-wiping."

"As in making someone forget something?"

"Yes. It's definitely somrthing that's covered by the 'dark magic' banner. It's a relatively short term thing, so something like 'the last 10 minutes', or maybe as much as 'the last hour': short times are pretty easy, longer times take a lot more effort. Let me give you a demonstration. I'd like you to slowly start counting, one two three, trying hard to remember where you got to. After a bit, I'll do a 30 second mind wipe on you... I'm assuming you're ok with that?"

Whilst a bit apprehensive, Serena realised that, if Lucifer REALLY wanted to be nasty, he could probably do a mind wipe at any time, whether she agreed to it or not. "Ok, I guess I need to feel it to understand what I'm going to do. So... one......... two.......... three......... ".

Lucifer let her count for about a minute: Serena had got to 66. "Ok, you can stop now. Ok, and now I'll wipe the last 30 seconds from your mind....". He looked directly at Serena, and cast the spell.

"So, what was the last number you remember then?" he asked her.

"Thirty-one... then there's a strange blankness after that, until you asked me the question." said Serena.

"You ok?" asked Lucifer.

"Yeah, it just feels strange having a gap in my memory. And scary too. Out of interest, is there any counter to it?"

"Yes there is: it doesn't bring back any memories, but it does counter the spell from working in the first place. Ok, I know you like writing stuff down to learn it, so get pen and paper, and I'll give you the details". Lucifer gave Serena the details she needed, and as Serena wrote it down she also put the spells onto a post-it note in her memory.

"So, can I do something really short then, maybe just 5 seconds."

"Oh, absolutely, sometimes that's all you need anyway. And the shorter the time, the better it works, and the easier it is to do."

"This is a scary bit of magic... I mean, you could really screw up someone of you did 30 minutes rather than 30 seconds by accident."

"Yeah, although I think you'd soon feel the difference, and just stop the spell before you went too far."

"So what's the longest you can do?"

"The best I've ever done, and it was hard for even me to do, was about 90 minutes. Left me quite exhausted, so nature is stopping us do silly things!"

"And it's always 'up till now'? I mean you can't do a 'forget between 5 and 10 minutes ago'?"

"No, just 'up till now'. Now, a bit of warning from experience: it can often be difficult to actually count the time accurately. Sometimes you think it was only 2 minutes, but it was really only 1 minute or maybe it was 5 minutes. If you slightly over-estimate the time, you're ok, but if you under-estimate, it can be a bit embarrassing - as I found out once, And no, you don't get any more details!"

"And what about on a group of people?" asked Serena.

"Good question: yes, just widen your target a bit, and as you'd expect, the more people then the more effort you'll need."

Serena looked at both Sarah and Lucifer. "So who's gonna let me try it on them?"

"I think you'd better start with me," suggested Lucifer. "I'll trust you to be sensible!"

"Right, so I'll aim at a minute, that ok with you?"

"Sure, go on....".

Serena looked at Lucifer, plus in her mind thought of just Lucifer, then said the words of the spell, making it very clear that it was just a minute. Serena could sense that the spell had worked. "Ok then, what do you remember?"

"You asked about the effect of a group, and I'm sure I must have told you, but I don't remember. So, how long did you aim for?"

"She said a minute, but I think that was inside the minute you just lost!" replied Sarah. "I'm probably going to regret this, but you can try one on me, if you like. If nothing else, it might be useful for me to know what it actually feels like if someone does it on me!"

"That makes me wonder: does it affect normies any differently from witches?"

"From what I've seen, there should be no difference. And Sarah, maybe you should learn the protection spell too?"

"Will I be able to actually do it?"

"You'll never know if you don't try... so, why don't you try the spell out now, and see what happens."

Lucifer went through the spell with Sarah (and Serena listened in to: a bit of extra revision is always a good idea!), and then Sarah tried to cast the spell. "Well, it 'felt' ok... go on Serena!"

Serena concentrated on Sarah, and threw a 30 second mind wipe at her: she felt it 'bounce back' at her. "I'm guessing you still remember everything? I felt it come back at me."

"Yeah, I could feel something trying to get to me, but bouncing off, so I'm good, looks like it worked. Luce, how long does the spell last for then?"

"A few minutes, but it's an easy one to cast and then re-cast, as long as you're capable and remember to do it!"

"Could you also implant some sort of false memories, to cover the missing period?" asked Serena.

"I believe there are spells that can do that sort of thing, but I've never learnt them, and I suspect they are not so trivial. What you CAN do though is use some sort of 'suggestion' spell on your target, then wipe their memory, so they don't realise what you did - I've used that trick a few times!"

"Oh, yes, sneaky! But yes, I could see that being useful."

"It's interesting," commented Lucifer, "but when you say things like that, I can see you're starting to think more like a dark witch: as long as you make sure you can control it, it's going to probably help you!"

They continued chatting, waiting for 'a few minutes' to pass, then without saying anything, Serena quietly ran a 30 second wipe on Sarah: this time it felt like it worked.

"What the hell? Did you just hit me with a mind wipe? I have a strange nothingness in my mind..."

"Yes, sorry, I hope you don't mind, but I wanted to make sure I could do it without being too obvious about it. I guess I really need to ask Lucifer, coz you won't remember!"

"No, that was pretty good. And of course, if someone does see you getting ready to do a wipe, the wipe gets rid of that memory too!"

"Serena. Please be VERY careful with dark magic like this. I mean, from a general perspective, it is HIGHLY unethical to wipe someone's mind. But I understand you need to be able to do it. Just be careful is all I'm saying!" said Sarah very seriously.

"With great power comes great responsibility! Yup, couldn't agree more, and I think that's going to apply to a lot of the magic I'm learning. Sarah, you absolutely have my permission to tell me off if you think I'm over-stepping at all. But I'll try very hard not to... plus I think my braces will also be watching me carefully."

"Don't worry, we WILL!" said Serena's braces.

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Re: Serena: a not so short story
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Chapter 52 - Read some more books...

Serena decided to take the rest of the week off from training with Lucifer: her first 'project' had been quite stressful, so she decided to do some other bits. For example, it had been a while since she had been to see Mrs Johnson. She had finished reading some of the books she had borrowed, so wanted to return them, and borrow some others: now that she was starting to use some real dark magic, she had a much better idea what she wanted to learn about.

"Come on in, Serena, you know you're always very welcome - besides, it's also nice to have some company. Cup of tea?"

"Oh, yes, that would be lovely!" She followed Mrs Johnson into the kitchen.

"So, I know you're back at school again, how's it going?"

"Not so bad, starting working on my A-levels, although I'm not really sure how much help they will be whilst I'm fighting the 'dark evil forces' or whatever it will be."

"Yes, I can see that, although WHAT you're learning at school is probably less important that the skills of understanding and learning that you're developing. For example, those books you've brought back... they are less meaningful if you don't actually understand what they are saying. And thinking of which, were they of use?"

"Actually yes. Not so much the detail, but the descriptions and explanations helped explain a few things I wasn't sure about."

"So, are you looking for anything specific today?"

"Yes, I've been given the task of 'stealing something dangerous' as my next training task."

"I guess the stealing isn't the problem, it's going to be using magic to hide the fact that it was you?"

"And hiding what I steal too. I'm not really sure what to do, so I'm not going to think too much about it, but I was hoping that some of the books might inspire me."

The kettle boiled, and the tea was left to brew for a few minutes before Mrs Johnsone poured out two good-sized mugs of tea. She was a lovely lady, and if she wanted, she could be very genteel, and use her fancy cups and saucers. Today she was being not as genteel, but more pragmatic, thus the mugs. And some biscuits to go with the tea, of course!

"Come on, let's go through to the library." Once there, Mrs Johnson took the books from Serena, and replaced them 'correctly' on the shelves.

"How on earth do you remember where they go?" asked Serena.

"Well, the first hint is the gaps of course, but over the years I've looked at these shelves so many times, I think I can pretty much remember where everything goes. Although, I'm not QUITE sure what reasoning behind the order is: my late husband collected all of these books, many were from his father, and HIS father before that."

"Ah, ok, explains the very old books you have here. Wanda, you there?"

"Your exalted overlord, and infallible leader! Mistress of the universe, supreme god of all she surveys,  Serena! May your reign be eternal! Yes, I'm here!" said Wanda in greeting.

"What ARE you on about?" asked Serena

"Sorry, I've been getting a bit bored, so I've been working on alternatives to 'Your Majesty'"

"Don't go there....."

"Anyway, how can I help? Oh, please pass my greetings on to the lovely Mrs Johnson!"

"Wanda, you've definitely got too much spare time! Mrs Johnson, Wanda sends her greetings! So, Wanda, do you remember the books I looked at last time, but put back on the shelves?"

"I do, you looking for anything specifically?"

"Yes, there was one that had something about 'magic of deception'...."

"Ah, yes..... let me think.... try the top shelf, about 10 or 12 inches in from the right... If you are doing some background reading for you next 'project', may I suggest that you might want to do a search for  'mind control', it might be helpful, extend what you said you were doing with Lucifer the other day."

"Ok, makes sense I guess."

Serena climbed up the small set of steps, and took a look: Wanda was of course right, it was just where she said. She took the book down, and then sat down with Mrs Johnson. Neither of them was in a rush, so Serena had decided that she would be polite, and chat with Mrs Johnson for a while. Widowed she may be, but she was far from being stupid: in her time it seems that she had actively practiced magic - light magic of course - so Serena was very interested in trying to learn from her experience.

"Look, I have a couple of things I need to do," said Mrs Johnson some time later, "so why don't you look for what you need, and I'll come back when I'm done."

Serena ran three magic searches, one for 'theft' (and things related), another for 'improving effectiveness of dark magic', and one for 'mind control', as suggested by Wanda. She was successful on all counts. The most interesting was a small book that contained a report into research of 'the use of drugs with magic': it seemed that there were a couple of drugs that, when used carefully, could massively boost the effectiveness of many dark and light spells. Whilst Serena generally did not condone the use of 'recreation substances', discovering 'magic enhancing drugs' could be very useful for her future needs. As they say, 'it's better to have and not need, than to need and not have': whatever this evil was that Serena would have to fight, she wanted to make sure she had the upper hand, however that was achieved - legal or otherwise!

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Re: Serena: a not so short story
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Chapter 53 - Another stroke

It was just after school when Serena's phone rang: it was her dad.

"Hey, Serena, Grandpa's back home again, would you like to come with me and see him tonight?"

"Absolutely. So I assume they got all the extra help needed in place then?"

"Yes, there's carers coming morning and night to get him in and out of bed, and to 'attend to his personal needs'."

Serena felt rather sad: grandpa had had another stroke a couple of weeks ago, and had been in hospital since. She had been to see him a couple of times, but grandpa didn't deserve to be stuck in a hospital, so she was happy that he was back home again, he would like it so much more.

So, after dinner, Serena and her dad went off (her mum was doing something else she couldn't cancel that evening) to see Grandma and Grandpa. When they got there, he was sat in a big comfy chair. While her dad chatted to Grandma out in the kitchen, Serena went and chatted to Grandpa. The second stroke had affected him badly: he could now hardly move, and speaking was quite an effort for him, but he was happy to hear what Serena had to say.

"Grandpa" said Serena after a bit, "would you mind if I tried something?". Grandpa grunted a positive response. "Wanda, might need your help here....". Wanda appeared. "Wanda, I want to try and talk to grandpa, kinda like when I was probing at Sarah's, and we spoke."

"The problem with that is that you were both actively doing magic to make that happen, I suspect your Grandpa won't really be up to it. However, and you know I hate saying these sort of things, I suspect you can use some dark magic to help it happen."

"Ok, thanks, Wanda!".

Serena had been reading a LOT of books recently, some with light magic, some with not-so-light magic, and some with downright dark magic. She though carefully for a moment, and came up with an idea that might work.

"So, Grandpa, you know I've been doing some darker magic, I have some jewellery that helps me do it, so I'm going to put that in, and then try some dark-ish magic to see if we can talk more easily". She swapped out her clip-on lip rings (thus using 3 of the 4 bits of jewellery), then warned her braces what she was about to do. Holding grandpa's hand, she said the words of the three spells that she hoped, when combined, might let her talk to grandpa.

"Hi Grandpa, I don't suppose you can hear me, can you?" thought Serena.

"Hello Serena, yes I can...." said a familiar voice in her head. "That's some useful magic you can do!". Grandpa was speaking slowly and gently, but it was much better than him trying to speak through his mouth.

"Oh, grandpa, it's so good to hear your voice. How are you? Not so good, I'm guessing, but are you coping?"

"My brain seems to be running at only 10 mph, and I just can't seem to do a lot with this body, but I'm still here. It's so frustrating trying to tell anyone what I want". Tears were welling up in Serena's eyes: it felt so terrible seeing grandpa like this. They chatted for a few minutes.

"So, is there anything you'd like right now?" she asked him.

"I wouldn't mind a drink. And I don't suppose this magic would let me speak with your dad and grandma, would it?"

"I don't know... let me go get you a drink, and let me get grandma and dad. Now, you just stay here, don't go running off!" joked Serena, trying to make light of grandpa's condition.

"Grandma, grandpa would like a drink.... and... I think I might be able to let you guys have a chat with him."

"What do you mean?" asked Grandma.

"Well, I just managed to put together some magic that let me speak with him, I'm hoping that I can do it for you too. I'm assuming you'd both like that?". The unsaid part was along the lines of 'this could be our last chance to have a proper conversation with him'.

Grandma got him a drink: a plastic cup with a lid and a thick tube, like a straw, and they all went and sat with grandpa.

"Ok, so this is a mix of light and mainly dark magic I used a moment ago, I have no idea if this will work for you two, but I'm hopeful. So, if we all hold his hand together, and we three hold our other hands together too....". Serena closed her eyes, and repeated the previous spells she had used, and added another, 'just in case'.

"Hi again, grandpa, I'm hoping that we can all hear each other... grandma, say hello to grandpa! Just say it in your mind, and hopefully grandpa will hear you."

"Hello, Jack, it's Muriel...."

"Hello, my darling Muriel!" said grandpa softly and slowly, but clearly.

They talked for some time like that: maintaining the magic took effort... the dark jewellery helped a lot, but by the time they finished talking, Serena felt quite tired. But she didn't really mind, it was something so worth doing.

Grandma put her arms around Serena, and held her. "Thank you so much for doing that my darling! It was so good to be able to talk with grandpa, even though it was just for a while. I'm guessing it's probably not something your dad or I would be able to do?"

"No, unfortunately not. But I'll try and come again soon, so we can talk to him again. But grandma, do keep talking to him, like normally... you know he can hear you, he must feel very lonely and isolated like he is."

"Don't worry, I will. And just come over anytime you like, I don't think I'll be leaving the house a lot for the forseeable future. No need to call, just turn up....".

"Serena, thank you for what you did earlier." said her dad back at home. "I never realised that dark magic could be used for such good."

"Yeah, it's strange, whilst it still has a dark 'edge' to it, there's a lot of dark magic that can just as easily be used for good purposes. I guess I'm lucky, and am able to do the dark stuff as well as the light stuff."

"I hear that you've been doing a dark magic project, as part of your training to fulfil your role in the prophecy - you coping ok?"

"Yeah, it wasn't all that nice to have to do it, but you know that I need to practice magic to be any good at it. Lucifer has set me a second project, to help me develop some more dark skills, but having Sarah and Samantha there helps a lot, plus I know you & mum are always here for me too."

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Re: Serena: a not so short story
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Chapter 54 - Certain 'substances'

Serena found Trixie standing alone by her locker. Trixie was in Serena's year, and had a certain 'reputation'. Oh, I should add, Trixie is not a witch, and knows nothing about witches either.

"Hi Trixie, I hear you might be able to help me...." said Serena, a bit nervously. Trixie knew who Serena was - heck, since her 'takedown' of MM, EVERYONE in the school know who Serena was, but the two of them had never directly interacted before.

"Oh yeah?"

"I hear you might be able to supply.... erm... some small round coloured things..." said Serena quietly.

"Maybe.... although I never took you for the sort that wanted to 'dabble'".

"Yeah, looks can be deceiving sometimes, can't they?" replied Serena, smiling. "So can you help me?"

"Possibly, depends what you'd like". Serena pulled a piece of paper from her pocket. She had no real idea about drugs, but had found some references in one of the books she had borrowed, and the internet had helped her find the current chemical names, plus some street names.

"Don't suppose you have any of these, do you?" she asked, carefully showing her the piece of paper, which listed 2 possibilities.

"I'll be outside the shops at about 4 o'clock. You've never done this before, have you?.... I'll do you a couple this first time, I don't want you to hurt yourself" said Trixie, and gave her a price. "Cash!"

"Thanks, see you later...."

Serena got to the shops just after 4: never having bought such things before, she was a bit nervous. Trixie was there, waiting for her. Serena discretely passed Trixie a couple of banknotes, Trixie passed a small plastic bag that had 2 blue tablets in it, which Serena put into that small pocket in her jeans.

"Just do one at a time: this lot are good, and pretty clean too, so shouldn't do you much harm. Have fun!"

"Thanks, Trixie" said Serena, as she turned to leave.

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Re: Serena: a not so short story
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Chapter 55 - Thunderbolts and lightning, very very frightening me...

It's the next day.

Serena was lying on her back, in the grass at the edge of a field, a couple of miles from home. Above her was a huge raging dark thunderstorm: the rain was very heavy, plus there was lots of loud thunder and bright lightning going on all around.

Serena had a massive grin on her face. "It's so pretty...." she said to herself, sending yet another lightning bolt up into the sky from her finger tips.