Author Topic: Reading a story  (Read 12324 times)

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Re: Reading a story
« Reply #60 on: 26. June 2022, 01:21:17 AM »
I absolutely love this story. Usually I enjoy the fast-paced stories more, but this one offers such a unique different perspective. I really like the in-depth descriptions from all the different senses. I can only imagine how hard it must be to write those.

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Re: Reading a story
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Believe it or not, the hardest part for me is to not get lost in the details. I want the reader to have a general picture in their mind of what is happening and fill in the fine details. There are many shades of red, and each reader will come up with their favorite shade for my character.

I also have a difficult time keeping my stories tame enough to post here. Sometimes i just have to write a chapter or two that gets added to TheArchive or DeviantArt.

I'm always glad when someone sends me a comment letting me know that they read my stories and they enjoyed it or thought that I might like to know what kind of stories they do like. I write stories for myself and hope that someone else will like them too.

Polite comments are always welcome and encouraged.