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Re: Reading a story
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I ran this story through a text to speech app, using a premium, natural female voice, and enjoyed the story while doing some things that did not require much mental effort.  It was kind of strange listening to a story about forum stories getting used as audio books, which is what I was doing.  Unlike the main character, I sometimes get stresses in sentences being put on the wrong words, but it is easy to make the correction in one's head.

I really love the concept of the story.  It's written in a way that really keeps my attention.  I'm really looking forward to the next few chapters of the story.

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Re: Reading a story
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Chapter 7

After the kiss ended, he had me pose for him on the couch just the way that I had been when he knocked on my patio door. He said that he wanted to remember that moment for the rest of his life and took several pictures of me posed like that.

I wanted him to stay and I could tell that he didn’t want to leave, but I didn’t trust myself not to take things further than either of us were prepared to go. My stop at the pharmacy had shown me that I was prepared to take it farther than was good at this point, so I reluctantly kissed him goodbye and gently pushed him out the door.

To distract myself from my urges, I cleaned up my bedroom, neatly arranging all my shoes against the wall and hanging my clothes in the closet. When that didn’t work, I sat down at my computer and tried to write either another chapter or a new story. No matter what I tried, I just couldn’t write anything that was any good.

I went to the chatroom and saw that my online friend was signed on, so I chatted with the group for a while and then we started a private chat. I explained what had happened and what I was feeling for my boyfriend. The advice he gave me was to write a story about it and see what I would come up with. He also suggested that I take some time to let my emotions cool down.

For the next week, I tried to work on my story and made a little progress, but I didn’t make as much progress as I would have liked. Each day, before I went to work, I choose a different pair of shoes from along the wall and paired them with an outfit. I had to change into my work clothes when I got to work, but I always arrived early and waited until my boyfriend showed up so that he could see what I was wearing. He started showing up early too, and we had time to relax before starting work. He also picked up coffee for us each day.

The schedule had shown that it would be a busy week, so I had brought my tablet and tried to work on my story during my breaks. The few times that we had managed to coordinate a break, we had sat at the same table across from each other with our tablets. He seemed to smile at me a lot as he was typing. He wouldn’t tell me what he was doing but he seemed to be enjoying it.

Then my online friend posted another chapter. It made reference to being inspired by what I had put in my story and described it from the male character’s point of view. It was posted just as I was getting ready for work and I didn’t have time to read it all. When I got to work, my boyfriend was waiting for me and asked if I had read the story yet. When I said ‘no’, he said that I should let him hang onto my tablet until after work so that I wouldn’t have a chance to read it and wouldn’t be tempted to. The shift seemed to drag and I couldn't wait for it to end.

The start of the chapter was so enticing. I had read as far as him being pushed out the door and him getting a look at the mess in her room. He detailed how the shoes were lined up against the wall and which pairs he had liked. The next part dealt with the way that she kissed him before pushing him out the door. I hadn't had the time to finish that part.

Our breaks lined up, so it was even more frustrating to watch him working on his tablet. He had me sit across from him and we played footsie as he smiled at me. We talked a little but kept it to work-related things. By the time that we walked out the door, I was desperate to get him into the coffee shop and get my tablet back. He refused to give it back until we had our coffees and were sitting down. This time he sat beside me and I snuggled up against him as I began to read the story. I started from the beginning, wanting to enjoy it all.

When I scrolled down to the part with the goodbye kiss, his arm went over my shoulder and he snuggled closer to me. After reading about the kiss, I turned to him and said, "Is that really how you feel that the kiss was?" His response was nonverbal. He kissed me.

The story moved on to her getting ready for a date. It was told from her perspective and included a very detailed description of what she chose to wear. Some of the things I knew he had never seen me wear and he hadn't been in my bedroom, but they were mentioned earlier in the story. The chapter ended with them going on a mystery date. He wouldn't tell her where they were going, only that it would be someplace unusual and she would need an open mind to get the most enjoyment from it.

I turned to my boyfriend with an uncertain look on my face. Up until now, I had done things to copy the story or had read about things that we had already done. This was the first time that he had really written about what could happen. When I turned to him, he had an expectant look on his face.

Rather than say anything, I logged onto the chat room. A few seconds later my online friend logged on as well. I glanced over at my boyfriend, then started typing. It felt comfortable talking to my online friend and being able to take the time to think about what I wanted to say. He took his time responding to what I wanted to know and in the end, I had a much better idea of what I wanted to do. My boyfriend had his arm around me the entire time and occasionally gave me a tender squeeze.

Then I turned to my boyfriend and said, “I have a problem that I need your help with. I keep trying to write more for my story, but I can’t seem to come up with anything that I am satisfied with. Can you help me?”

He looked into my eyes and then down to my mouth and teeth. “Show me what you have written so far.” A flick of my finger opened the story file and we sat there as he read my latest attempt. “I think I see a part of your problem. When you are writing about what your female character is thinking of doing, is that something that you would be willing or interested in doing? Have you ever done something like that?”

I had to think about that for a while before I could respond. “I don’t know. It’s been a while since I dated anyone and even then, we didn’t date for long and weren’t that close. I never found someone that I felt compatible with until now.”

That brought a smile to his face. “I have a suggestion for you. Write about your last shopping trip and describe what you felt, what you did and why. Place yourself in your character’s shoes, but describe it from her point of view. See what you can come up with. Try it now and I will help you if you get stuck.”

For the next hour, we sat side by side, my boyfriend’s arm around me as I typed. A few times he stopped me and had me add more detail to something that I had just written. The part about looking for the particular sunglasses brought a smile to his face when I went into detail about what prompted her to buy them. The story wasn’t very long, so I continued with what she did at home after shopping. The part about the shower was very brief, so he had me expand it and add more detail. His arm had gradually moved from my shoulder to my upper back and his hand rested on my side underneath my arm. He moved a little closer as my description became more detailed. I blushed a little as I described how much hair there was to remove and why she did it, but I kept right on writing until I felt that I was done.

When I started on describing what she decided to wear, he wanted me to give more detail, but I told him that it was more fun to leave some things to the reader’s imagination and left it a little vague, although I did write about how she felt getting dressed up a little and wearing the heels around her apartment. I literally put myself in her shoes, or maybe a better way to put it would be that I put her in my shoes, since that is what I had described. I decided to end the chapter there.

He surprised me by asking if he could have a copy of the chapter, as well as the file for the story that the audio file had come from, to add to his collection. I made him promise that he would not share it with anyone, as it had more detail than I was comfortable about people knowing. He promised me and sealed his promise with a rather nice kiss, which I gladly participated in.

Neither one of us had said anything about the date mentioned in the story. I wanted to think about it before saying anything. My online friend had given me some good advice by saying to wait until I was ready to do anything about it. I could tell that my boyfriend wanted to ask me about the date, but didn't quite know what to ask. We both had things to do, so went our separate ways after the kiss.

I was a little too wound up to sleep after the coffee date, so I sat down at my computer and began making lists of things I had done, things I would like to do and things I would be willing to do. A second list contained places. By the time I had temporarily finished with the second list, I was feeling tired, so I brushed my teeth. I took a close look at them, remembering how my boyfriend had looked at them at the coffee shop. They didn't look bad, but there were a few things that could be improved on.

It didn't take me long to fall asleep and I had a couple of pleasant dreams. When I woke up, fragments of my dreams remained in my mind, so I wrote them down before they faded completely.

As I was doing my grocery shopping for the weekend, I thought about trying to write another chapter for my story. By the time that I arrived home, the outline for my story was in place. I went through my outfits and carefully selected what I would have my character wear, then started to write my story. The idea was that she wanted to do something special for her boyfriend and decided that she would get her hair coloured to make it a little more appealing to him. Without her knowing it, her boyfriend found out where she was having it done and called them and changed the colour to one he liked better. The story ended with him showing up and taking her out for a romantic dinner.

When I was satisfied with the wording and structure of the story, I called my salon and booked an appointment for the next afternoon, telling them that I hadn't decided on the exact colour to do and that I might have my boyfriend call and let them know what I had decided. I gave them his name in case he did call. All of the details for the appointment were added to the story, and then I posted it to the group. I knew he saw it because he was logged in. Before any responses were posted about my story, I logged off.

I was committed now, the next step was up to my boyfriend. I slept well and spent the morning recording the last chapter of my friend’s story, using both the male and female voices, then uploaded it to the cloud server. There was still too much time before the afternoon appointment, so I played around with the male voice until it sounded similar to my boyfriends and used my natural voice to do a recording of my latest chapter and emailed it to my boyfriend, adding a note that it was for his ears only.

To kill a little more time, I had a long bath and removed the little bits of hair that had grown back before getting ready for my hair appointment. I timed my arrival so that I would walk through the doors just in time for my appointment, and as soon as I arrived, was escorted to the chair. The girl colouring my hair gave me an inquisitive look and asked if I was sure that I wanted to do this. I just smiled and nodded. I wasn’t sure exactly what was going to happen but I had to trust that my boyfriend did.

When she was done colouring my hair, she started to roll my long hair onto a variety of different sized curlers. Before she put me under the dryer hood, she said, "Someone must really care for you, because your whole appointment has been paid for in advance. They left a message for you. 'Sit back and relax.' I wish I would be treated as well."

While my hair was drying, I was given a Mani/Pedi treatment, with the colour of the polish matching the new colour of my hair. She left my hair in the curlers as she did my makeup, again the shades working well with my new hair colour. She kept me facing away from the mirrors as much as possible until she was finished. The finishing touch was a hint of perfume after I put my shoes on. My online friend had suggested that I wear open-toed heels for my salon appointment, and I realized that it was a wise suggestion. My feet looked so nice with the shiny polish on my toes. Then she turned my chair to face the mirror and I gasped as I got my first look at myself. I looked beautiful.

Then a familiar face appeared in the mirror from behind me. I spun my chair around and stood up. "You did this for me? Why? What did I do to deserve this?"

"Yes. Because you talked to me. Because you were willing to let me, and because this is how I have always seen you, even if you didn't see yourself the way that I did."

This prompted me to kiss him and I used as many of the descriptions from the stories that I could remember. I must have done a pretty good job of it, because the people in the salon started to clap and whistle. He escorted me out of the salon on his arm and we drove off in his van.

So far, things had turned out better than what I had written. I could only wonder what the rest was going to be like.

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Re: Reading a story
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Chapter 8

Before we drove off, he had opened my door for me, assisted me as I got in and then had buckled me in. He had made sure that the seatbelt had fit properly and comfortably across my body, his hands lingering briefly on my body as he had adjusted how the straps lay. The belt across my chest had a fuzzy sleeve surrounding it and he took his time positioning it so that it rested on my shoulder and down across my chest. The material of the sleeve felt very nice against the areas of exposed skin that my outfit didn't cover. Almost as nice as his hands did as he adjusted the belt.

While he was getting himself buckled in, I folded down the sun visor in front of me and looked at myself in the mirror. I couldn't believe that I looked like I did. I had always had some red in my hair, but this was a distinct change. It was still the same red, only more of it. There were still some hints of brown, but now they were highlights only.

There had always been a little bit of a wave in my hair and there had been more as it had grown longer. Now it was all waves and curls and there were a few tight curls that framed the sides of my face and draped over my shoulders. I had worn small hoop earrings to the salon and they peeked out between the curls, flashing gold among the red.

My makeup was flawless. Everything that had been done went with my new hair colour and made my eyes stand out. My lips looked spectacular and so kissable when I pursed them. I smiled at myself in the mirror and my eyes went to my slightly imperfect teeth. Even they looked better with the way my lipstick was done, somehow seeming as if they enhanced my look rather than detracting from it.

I looked over at my boyfriend and saw him watching me and trying not to laugh. I couldn’t blame him, I had been making faces in the mirror. I blew him a kiss as we drove off. I took the opportunity to look at the inside of the van. It seemed to be an expensive van for someone that worked where we did. Rather than bench seats, there were two high-backed bucket seats like the one I was seated in, and straps in the cargo area that looked as if they were custom-made to hold something specific. There were seatbelts where the rear bench normally would be.

We drove through the downtown area where most of the good restaurants were to the business district, mainly office buildings and commercial stores that sell to other businesses. We pulled up to a tall building and my boyfriend punched in a code on a keypad, then drove through the wide door into an underground parking area, parking beside an elevator. He opened my door, unbuckled my seatbelt for me and helped me out of the van. It was nice to have the hand helping me out because I was not used to wearing heels that tall and my jeggings were a little tighter than I remembered them being. I had dressed for a special date, not fancy but comfortable and showing off my assets more than I usually would. I had dressed the way that I had described my character dressing in my story, hoping that my boyfriend would show up at the salon.

He pulled out his wallet and swiped it over the elevator controls and the extra-wide door opened, not into a freight elevator as I had expected, but a wood-panelled passenger elevator. He didn’t even push any buttons when the doors closed and we began to ascend. The elevator took us all the way to the top floor without any stops. When the doors opened, there was a set of glass doors across the hall from us and they opened as we approached them. He led me, arms linked, to a raised wood-panelled counter, with a very nice looking woman a few years older than us, sitting behind it.

She looked up and smiled at him and said, “We have your table ready, and the food will be ready in about half an hour. You can help yourselves to whatever you would like to drink when I seat you.” The reason for the raised counter became apparent when she pushed herself back from the counter and rolled out from behind it and down a short ramp beside it. I didn’t realize it until we began to follow her, but the floor beside the counter had been sloped to meet the ramp.

As she rolled from behind the counter, her legs and feet came into view. My eyes were drawn to the shoes that she was wearing. They had to be custom-made because I had never seen a pair like them before. The left shoe had a built-up sole and heel and the sides of both shoes had metal supports worked into the design of the shoes and extended beneath the hem of her skirt. The sole of the right one was only about an inch thick and had a heel that looked taller because of the design, but was only a little bit higher. The chair that she was sitting in seemed to just be a part of her body the way that she moved it around.

We followed her through a set of doors and into a dining room, then out to a patio on the top floor of the building. She escorted us to a table, surrounded on three sides by plants, and indicated where we could get whatever we wanted to drink. It seemed a little odd that there didn’t seem to be anyone to serve us, but then I realized that it actually was nice that we wouldn’t be interrupted.

My boyfriend watched as the hostess spun her chair around and wheeled back towards her counter, then pulled out my chair and waited for me to sit before pushing it in for me and sitting down beside me. I looked at the view of the city from where we were sitting and had to admire the view. There was a basket of breadsticks and a pitcher of water with glasses beside it, in the middle of the table. After asking me if I would like something else to drink, he went to the counter and brought us a pitcher of Coke.

I had to admit, the date so far had been a little unusual, but in a very interesting way. And then it got better. We talked about whatever happened to interest us until our meal arrived. And what a meal it turned out to be. It seemed to had a little bit of everything. If he had taken me to a different restaurant, it would have been called a sample-platter, but there was nothing sample about this platter. Everything on the platter had something to either dip into or spread on it, and everything was cooked to perfection or laid on a bed of ice to chill it.

As we were eating, the sun went down and the lights in the city came on. There was always enough light around us for us to see what was on the table without being bright, and we seemed to be in our own little world.

I finally brought our conversation around to the stories that we were writing. I did most of the talking and he seemed content to let me do it. Some of what we talked about had been discussed before, but I went into deeper detail about what I had done and why. The parts about colouring my hair to match his story and wearing things that he had put into his story were expanded on, then I talked about how much fun it had been to write about our date and what I had expected, and what had actually happened.

Then I turned to my boyfriend and said, “I have given this a lot of thought and I have come to a decision. With everything that you have done so far, it has exceeded my expectations, so I want to enact your latest chapter. I want to go on the mystery date with you.” Then I leaned over and tried to copy all of the kisses that he had written about in his stories. I had to move to his chair because some of the kisses needed more bodily contact than I was able to get from my chair.

When I asked how much the supper had cost and how he could afford it, he just smiled and said, “Don’t you worry your pretty little head over that, it wasn’t as much as it appeared to be and I know people that are willing to help me. The hostess is someone that I have helped in the past.”

Our date didn’t end there. We went back to my place and I sprawled out on the couch just like I had when he surprised me at the balcony door, only this time I used him to lean against instead of the end of the couch. We spent some time on the computer working on our stories a little and playing around with the voices that I used to record the stories. Rather than use the old male voice, we created a new one using his voice and altered it a little so that no one would recognize it. We also stored a copy of his normal voice so that I could use it if I wanted to record a chapter for his ears only.

We didn’t discuss when we would enact his mystery date.

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Re: Reading a story
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I always appreciate when people comment on my stories, even if I don't say anything about the comments. They help me to improve what I write and how I write. I write about what interests me and am happy when other people enjoy what I have written.

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Re: Reading a story
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I've been enjoying the story so far, keep up the good work!

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Re: Reading a story
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Also enjoying it, very well written.

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Re: Reading a story
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I have enjoyed the story

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Re: Reading a story
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Chapter 9

For the next week, I worked on the latest chapter of my story, making a little progress, but not really getting anywhere. My problem was that I  couldn't seem to be able to put myself into the story. Halfway through the week, a new story appeared, this one posted by my boyfriend. It was all about a student whose teacher was injured during the summer break and returned to class in a wheelchair while she was in rehab. She encouraged her students to volunteer at the hospital and he ended up volunteering in the rehab department with the hope that he might get to be around her. It didn't work out that way, but he enjoyed what he was doing and continued to volunteer after she recovered.

There was also an update on the previous chapter from my online friend. I read through it and found an update to her outfit for the “blind date”. My curls didn't last very long and I did take the time to add some, but it wasn't the same. The colour stayed and I was able to bring it out a little more by using a more expensive shampoo and conditioner. And of course, I still had the nail polish on my fingers and toes, which I added a clear topcoat to so that it would last longer.

I had worn all of my more practical shoes to work and had found several pairs that I really liked, so had worn those pairs in rotation. I had set aside the outfit and shoes described in the story about the blind date in anticipation of the opportunity to go on the date. The suspense was really getting to me, so I asked my boyfriend when we could go on it.

His smile at my question was so nice to see, and his response was even more welcome. "We can do it tomorrow morning if you want. I just have to make one call and everything will be ready. Are you sure that you are up for this? It may be more than you are ready for."

He looked at my eyes as he waited for my answer. It was a change from looking at my mouth. "I will just have to trust you, won't I. You haven't done anything that I haven't enjoyed so far, and have far exceeded my expectations most of the time. Is there anything special I need to do or bring?"

"Just dress like the character in the story, and be sure to bring your sunglasses, you will need them." The look on his face was one that I hadn't seen before. It was a mix of excitement, anticipation and uncertainty, combined with a few other emotions.

The rest of the shift seemed to fly by. I was so excited that I found it hard to get to sleep, so I had a long bath and got myself all cleaned up for the morning, including removing any hair that had grown back. The bath worked and I fell asleep easily when I lay down.

My boyfriend had let me know that he would pick me up mid-morning and that we would have a late lunch together at an unusual place. I had a late breakfast and was dressed and ready to go when he arrived. Once again, he took my hand and escorted me to the van, took his time fastening my seatbelt and adjusting it across my chest. Before we set off, he sent me a file from his phone and said, "Read this while we are driving. It will explain a little about what is going to happen on our blind date."

What he had transferred was another chapter from his story. It continued from where the last chapter stopped and detailed what some of the training was to be a volunteer at the hospital, then started on what advanced training had been provided to work in the rehab unit. I had only been able to read about halfway through when we arrived at our destination.

I had been grinning at some of the descriptions in the story and had laughed a few times. He had looked over at me more than once, and had a big smile on his face when he came around to my side and undid my seatbelt, then helped me out of the van. He took my hand and we walked through the underground parking lot to a set of doors that said, 'Authorized Personnel Only'.

I was beginning to think that his wallet was magical, because every time he waved it over something, a door opened. He led me down a hallway and into an office with an unusual chair. We had been talking as we walked and I had told him how far I had read and what I thought about the story so far.

As I sat in the chair, he asked me, "Are you sure that you are ready for this?"

I nodded my head even though I wasn't quite sure what I was getting myself into. "You haven't done anything to me that I haven't enjoyed. This will just be something else for me to experience, something that I will just have to trust that I will enjoy."

Then a lady dressed in a white lab coat with a hospital's name stitched on the pocket came into the room. She smiled at my boyfriend and said, "You're right on time." Then she turned to me and asked, "Are you ready to start? This is going to take a while, so sit back and relax. When was the last time that you had your eyes tested?"

I just shrugged, not sure when it was.

"Did they put the drops in your eyes and did you have any adverse reaction to it?" she asked.

I replied, "They did, and things were a little blurry for a while and I had to wear sunglasses for the rest of the day."

She smiled at me. "It's good that you have been through this exam before. It makes it easier if you know what to expect. I'm going to do an eye exam first, before we proceed with the rest of the training."

I looked at my boyfriend with a puzzled look. I didn't know quite what she was talking about, but he sat down beside me and took my hand. "You didn't read quite that far in the story. I've been through this as part of being trained as a volunteer. I quite enjoyed it and I think you will too. I'll be with you the whole time. We can stop anytime that you want to."

I turned back to her and said, "Okay, let's start."

She had me read from the chart on the wall, the top line first, then farther down until I couldn't make out what the letters were. She put a machine in front of my eyes and had me do it again, this time with different lenses in front of my eyes. She seemed pleased with the results. Then she moved the machine away and tilted the chair back. She placed a couple of drops in each of my eyes and things went blurry. "Try to look straight ahead at the black circle on the ceiling." She shone a light into my eyes. "Everything looks good. Your eyes are very healthy. Now for the interesting part. I am going to put contacts onto your eyes. You probably haven't worn contacts before, so it will take a little getting used to. Did you bring your sunglasses? You are going to want them for the rest of the day."

My boyfriend gave my hand a squeeze and said, "I made sure that she brought them." Then I felt him breathe on my ear as he quietly said, "Things are going to get dark now. Don't panic, it is all a part of what I planned for this date."

I felt her hands on my face as she spread my eyelids a little and she placed something over my eye. Suddenly it was completely black on one side. She repeated it on the other side and I was unable to see. "Blink a few times and see if they feel okay." I blinked several times, and even though it felt strange, the lenses were comfortable.

"They feel fine," I replied.

"I'll be here for the rest of the day. If you have any problems or they start to bother you, come see me right away. You two can stay here for a while until you get used to the contacts if you want. I'm going to go for lunch and then I have a couple of patients to see on the ward." I heard her heels tapping on the floor as she left the room.

I turned to where I thought my boyfriend was sitting and asked, "Now what? I can't see anything!"

I could hear him trying not to chuckle as he said, "Now we go for lunch."

"How? I can't see!" I squeezed his hand, and he caressed it gently.

He took my sunglasses and gently placed them on my face. "You'll just have to let me help you then." I moved my legs to the edge of the chair and put my feet on the floor, then tried to stand. I began to sway, so I sat again. "It is going to take your brain a little while to adjust to not having your eyes to help balance you. Use my arm to steady yourself." His voice seemed to be moving around me. He took my hand and placed it on the inside of his bent arm just below his elbow.

This time when I tried to stand, his arm gave me a point of reference and I was able to steady myself easier. "Ready to try walking?" I nodded and we took a few steps. It was a good thing that I was wearing low heels, because I found that I wasn't completely steady on my feet. After several hesitant steps, I found that having his arm guiding me was working, I could maintain my balance and began to take bigger steps. Even though he was in control of the direction we were going, I was the one setting the speed.

"Do you think that you are ready to go for lunch?" I hesitated for a moment, then nodded. We walked through the door and into the hallway. Even though I couldn't see, my ears seemed to be picking up sounds better and I could hear a change in the sounds around us as we left the room. My ears were compensating for my lack of sight. I became more confident and my stride became longer until we were walking at a more normal pace.

My nose also seemed to be compensating for my lack of sight and I guided us towards the smell of food. I could tell that I was the one guiding us because of the way I was putting pressure on different parts of his arm. The smell got stronger until we entered a large room and I heard other people talking. I lost all sense of direction and he took over again.

When we reached the serving line, he began to describe what was available to eat. I got the feeling that this wasn't the first time that he had done this from the way that he explained what was available. He took a tray and placed the food items that I selected onto it. I think that he must have waved his magic wallet over something, because we didn't stop moving until we reached a table. He set the tray on the table and then positioned me beside a chair and pulled it out for me, waited until I begin to sit and pushed it in for me. I heard him slide a chair close to me and sit.

"Do you want to try eating by yourself or would you like me to feed you?" That seemed like a rather odd question until I realized that I have no idea where my food was.

"This is going to sound a bit odd, but I don't know how to feed myself. I think it would be better if you feed me." That brought a chuckle from him. It was rather strange to have him feed me. He cut everything up as we ate and shared everything. He alternated between us, one bite for me and then one for himself. As our meal progressed, I found that I was enjoying having him serve me that way. It was actually kind of romantic in an odd way.

We didn't always manage to coordinate our movements and I ended up with food on my lips more than once. He took the time to wipe my mouth when it happened, and he seemed to spend more time than was necessary wiping my lips. A few times, I parted my lips and trapped his fingers between them.

When we were done eating, he left me sitting there while he took our dirty dishes away, and I began to panic a little. When he returned, he found me gripping the edge of the table. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have left you alone like that."

It felt so nice when he took my hand and placed it on his elbow again. We spent the next hour or so walking around the hospital. He described things everywhere we went. He took me to the flower garden in the center of the hospital and had me smell some of the flowers and plants. Without being able to see them, I had to use my other senses to experience them.

It seemed that very little time had passed when he said, "We need to return to the doctor's office soon. She has to remove the contacts and check your eyes again." We took our time walking back to the office and an idea kept building in my mind.

By the time that we got back, it had fully formed. She removed the contacts and checked my eyes, which had returned to normal by then. When she was done, I asked my boyfriend to get me something to drink from the machine down the hall. I wanted him out of the room for a little while when I'm asked her a few questions.

As soon as he left, I asked her, "Would it be okay if I kept those contacts? I had such an enjoyable time this afternoon, and I wouldn't mind doing it again sometime." She smiled at me and said that it would be fine, as long as I followed a set of instructions on how to take care of the contacts and my eyes correctly. By the time that he returned with my drink, she had prepared a kit for me to take home that included the contacts and sample bottles of everything that I would need. She also had me put the contacts back in and take them out so that she was confident that I would be able to do it myself.

As we were leaving the hospital, I stopped at the bathroom and put them back in. It was a struggle to get out of the bathroom, but I managed to do it. I couldn't see his face when I made it through the door, but the kiss that followed sure said a lot. I think that he took the long way back to the van, because it took us a while to walk there and I smelt the flowers a couple of times on the walk.

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Re: Reading a story
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I appreciate the people who have commented on my stories. It shows me that there are people who are enjoying them. Even a comment about something that you didn't like is helpful. It may not change what I am going to write, but it does show me that my story has been read.

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Re: Reading a story
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It is definitely being read - it would make a great novel, I would binge-read it!  :)

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Re: Reading a story
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Great story! A very enjoyable read. Thanks!!!!

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Re: Reading a story
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I like where this is going, can’t wait for more!

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Re: Reading a story
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I really hope you will continue this!

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Re: Reading a story
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Chapter 10

We finally arrived at the van and he assisted me into my seat. So many of the things that he did and how he moved began to make more sense now that I was unable to see. Everything that he did seemed to be to keep me relaxed as we had walked, especially how he guided me and yet let me set the pace. He buckled me in and took the time to adjust the belt around my body and over my chest, maybe more than was necessary, but still nice, since I was unsure how to do it without being able to see. I could probably have figured out how to do it myself, but it was so much more enjoyable having him do it. A better word might be 'stimulating'.

I was most definitely being stimulated. The first time that I had my sight taken away, it had been involuntary and a bit of a disorienting experience. This time I had done it deliberately and I had a better idea of what to expect. I was enjoying the experience of being temporarily blind this time, more than I expected to.

It was still a strange experience driving through the city to my place. I had no idea where we were. We talked the entire trip and I kept our conversation on other things so that he wouldn't have a chance to describe where we were driving.

When we arrived at my place, I waited for him to come around to my side of the van and unbuckle me, then took his hand and ran mine up his arm until I reached his elbow, after getting out of the van. When we reached the doors to my building, I fumbled with the keys until he asked if he could help. I gladly let him take them and told him which key to use. I did the same when we reached my apartment.

As soon as we were inside, I let go of his arm and started to feel my way along the wall of my apartment. I expected him to follow me, but he stopped moving as soon as the door closed and after a few seconds said, "Would you mind telling me where the light switch is? It would help if I could see. You may know where things are, but I don't have that advantage." That is when I realized just how late it was.

Rather than tell him where the light switch was, I followed his voice back to where he was and took his hand, placed it on my elbow the way that he had done with mine and headed for my bedroom. It became a case of the blind leading the blind. It isn't until we reached my bedroom that I finally turned on a light. I sat on the edge of my bed and held out my foot, then said, "pick out a pair of shoes for me to wear. It doesn't matter which pair you select, as long as you like how I look in them, and you have to put them on my feet for me."

I listened as he walked to my closet and began to open boxes. That told me that he was looking for my taller heels. All the shoes that I normally wore were in a rack against the wall. It wasn't long before I felt my foot being lifted and the shoe being removed to be replaced by another one. When my foot was returned to the floor, I smiled. My foot was significantly higher off the floor. He repeated the procedure on my other foot, then took my hand and gently pulled me to my feet, placing my hand on his elbow.

The difference in heel heights was evident as we walked to the living room and he guided me to the couch, where I positioned myself on the couch in what I hoped is a sexy pose. I could hear him moving around my living room, not quite sure what should happen next.

The part of his story that I read hadn’t had anything in it about what happened towards the end of the date, so I had used my discretion and prepared for what I wanted to happen and had stocked my fridge ahead of time. I wanted it to be casual, so I had prepared a platter with sandwiches, crackers and sliced fruit and vegetables, along with little bowls to dip the stuff into. It could be placed on the table between us and we could take what we wanted or it could be set on the coffee table near us and we could nibble whenever we wanted to. It also had the advantage that we could feed each other things from it if things went in that direction. I had also placed a couple of six-packs of wine-coolers on the bottom shelf so that we could have something to relax us a little if we felt we needed it.

I turned in the direction that I thought he was standing and said, “There’s some stuff in the fridge for us to eat. Could you get it out of the fridge for us? You can set it on the coffee table for now and we can nibble on it.” His reply came from a completely different place than I expected. I realized that I was looking in the wrong direction. Being blind, if only temporarily, was not as easy as it seemed.

I heard him moving around me as he brought everything into the living room and placed it on the coffee table, then sat down beside me. I shifted my body until I was leaning against him and asked, "How does a blind person eat? I don't know where anything is and if I start feeling around, all I will do is get my fingers dirty and end up touching everything, which isn't a very safe thing to do."

His reply was very detailed and revealed that he had much more knowledge of the subject than I was aware of. He explained that most blind people set up their plates like a clock so that they could find everything easily. He also explained that they relied on the people that they were with to assist them.

That brought a smile to my face. The stuff that I had prepared to eat was perfect for that. "I guess that I am going to have to rely on you to help me, won't I. Nobody has taught me how to cope with being blind yet."

He shifted slightly and put his arm around me, then asked, "Would you like me to teach you or would it be better if I took care of you instead?"

I didn't even try to stop the smile from crossing my face as I replied, "I think that you should take care of poor helpless, defenceless little me." I fully intended to take full advantage of this opportunity. I reached up and took the hand that was around me and moved it lower so that it was against my side. The next move was up to him.

He snuggled closer to me and I felt him lean forward a little. When he leant back, he set a plate on my lap. I felt the plate shift slightly as he picked something up, then something against my lips as he brought his hand to my mouth. When I opened my lips, he placed a piece of fruit between them. The flavour of the small piece of fruit seemed to be more intense as I bit into it. His hand returned to the plate and brought another piece to my mouth.

Each time that he picked up a piece, I felt his hand brush against my leg and the plate move slightly higher on my leg until his hand was brushing against the inside of my leg and the plate was resting almost at the top of my thighs. His hand began to linger a little longer each time and his fingers brushed against my leg a little more than was necessary.

His other hand shifted so that it was resting against my side just beneath the band of my bra, then slowly began to move around to the front of my chest. His hands weren't going anywhere they shouldn't be, but they were getting closer to that line. Then I felt his body shift slightly and he brushed a piece of fruit against my lips, leaving something sticky behind. Before I could lick it off, his mouth touched mine and he was kissing me. He pulled back slightly, licked the sticky stuff from my lips and kissed me again, this time running his tongue over my teeth and slipping it into my mouth. The taste on his tongue was more intense than I expected.

The kiss didn't last long, but it was very pleasant. I was a little disappointed when his mouth left mine, but it had still been an unexpected pleasure. I felt his breath on my ear and then he whispered, “Up until now, you have had me to help you. Now it is time for you to be on your own for a while. Leave the contacts in for a while and find out what it is like to be blind. As much as I would love to stay longer, I think that it would be better if I left before things go farther than they should. I’ll guide you to the door so that you can lock it when I leave, but I will kiss you one more time before I leave.”

He shifted beside me on the couch, stood up and took my hand to help me up. The angle between our bodies was slightly different than I remembered it being as we walked to the door, and when he kissed me at the door, I found that it felt as if I was taller than him. The kiss was pleasant but brief, and I found that I wasn't ready for him to leave just yet. As he turned away, I took his hand and pulled him to me again, bringing his hand between us, then trapping it there by keeping my arm outside his as I put my arm around his back and pulled him to me.

This time I was the one who was doing the kissing. I pressed myself against him and did my best to reproduce the kisses that I had enjoyed the most in the past. I could feel his hand between us and did my best to shift my body so that his hand would end up higher than it was, but the height of my heels worked against me. I felt his hand twitch a few times and it did move a little higher, but not to where I was hoping for. Even though I wanted the kiss to last longer, I finally pulled back and let him go, then opened the door and let him leave.

As the door latch clicked into place, I realized that I was all alone for the first time and I had nobody to come to my rescue if I needed help. I ran my hand up the door until I found the lock and turned it, locking myself in.

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Re: Reading a story
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Chapter 11

I flicked the light switch down, then up and down again. There was no difference that I could detect. I blinked a few times, my eyelids sliding over the smooth surface of the contacts between my lids and my eyes. There was no difference in the amount of light. Everything was black, not just dimly lit like I was used to it being at night, but completely black.

I left my fingers against the wall as I stretched out my arm and took a step away from the door. Right away, things felt different. The tall heels on the shoes gave my body a more upright posture and my center of gravity was slightly more forward than I was used to, and the lingerie that I was wearing, while very comfortable, tended to exaggerate the amount that my center of gravity had moved forward.

I began to smile as a picture formed in my mind of how I must look. The picture in my mind changed slightly as my free hand moved to my chest and felt the weight projecting in front of me. I didn't usually wear lingerie like this because it tended to make me look too big, but I had felt like dressing up special for my boyfriend on our blind date. Our date hadn't gone quite as I had planned, but it had definitely been an unusual and exciting one. And it didn't have to be over just yet if I didn't want it to be. Just because my boyfriend wasn't here didn't mean that I couldn't enjoy the rest of my night.

As I began to feel my way through my apartment, the image of how I pictured myself looking stayed with me, especially as I thought about the way I had been kissed. There was something about the way that he had run his tongue over my teeth, both between my lips and inside my mouth. I licked my lips to moisten them, then ran my tongue over the outer surface just the way that he had.

For the first time in many years, I paid attention to how they felt against my tongue. I took care of them, brushed them a couple of times a day at least, and regularly saw my dentist. They aren't perfectly straight, but then nobody's teeth are unless they have been straightened by an orthodontist, and even then they aren't always perfect, just better than they were before. This time I paid attention to each gap or difference in height and alignment to the teeth beside each tooth. If I was really honest with myself, there was some room for improvement, but nothing that I felt was worth the money to change.

Suddenly the wall disappeared from my fingertips and I realized that I was lost in my apartment. Rather than panic, I stopped and took a small step backwards and in the direction that I thought the wall was. My fingertips brushed against the corner of the wall and I knew where I was again. If I turned the corner, I would be in the hall to the bathroom and my bedroom. If I went straight, I would have to walk across my living room, eventually ending up in the kitchen. I thought I knew where all my furniture was, but I had always been able to see where everything was, even with the lights off.

If I was barefoot, I could probably feel my way across the room by checking for the difference in the way the carpet felt, but the shoes are just too high to do that. Besides, I was having fun wearing them, particularly because my boyfriend picked them out for me and put them on me.

I closed my eyes and tried to picture how the area in front of me was laid out. I knew that if I went straight, I would end up in the kitchen. Off to one side would be the couch and the dining room table would be on the other side. I let go of the wall and started to walk forward with my hands extended in front of me, not quite sure what I would encounter first. There was a brief moment of panic as I became lost in my apartment again and my eyes snapped open to complete blackness, then I realized what had just happened and I began to chuckle. There was no reason to panic because I was safe in my apartment, I just couldn’t see where I was going, and having my eyes open or closed didn’t make a difference.

I moved my hands from side to side in front of me as I moved forward again, then my hand brushed against a fabric surface and I found myself behind the couch. My sense of direction had been off a little and I hadn’t gone quite in the direction I expected. The couch was as good a place as any to stop, and there was food and drink on the table in front of it, so I would have something to nibble on as I experienced the rest of my evening.

I moved around the couch until I reached the front, then sat down and slid along until I felt the coffee table in front of me. Being careful and taking it slow, I moved my hands over the top of it until I found the platter of food, then felt around for the drinks. My hands encountered a flat oblong object and I realized that my tablet was on the table. I moved it closer to the edge where it would be easy to locate again and finally my hand bumped against the carton of bottles, which I moved beside the platter of food.

I began to nibble on the food, undecided what to do for the rest of my evening. Watching TV didn't sound like something that would be fun and going on the computer was pointless, since I couldn't see the screen. Listening to music was an option, as long as I didn't care what I listened to, unless I wanted to spend time trying discs until I found what I wanted.

As I reached for another sandwich, my hand bumped my tablet and a smile appeared on my face. My tablet was already set up for voice access and all I had to do was turn it on and swipe, as long as I could find my headset. I always plugged it in beside my computer when I wasn't using it, now all I had to do was find my computer. I knew my computer was close to the TV, but I wasn't sure if I could find my computer. All I could do was try.

I maneuvered myself around the coffee table, carefully lined myself up in the direction that I thought the wall was and stepped away. I counted the steps I took and knew I was right when my hand contacted the wall. Finding my headset was easy. Getting back to the couch wasn't. When I counted the steps as I returned and reached for the coffee table, it wasn't there. I felt a tingle run through my body. This was more fun than I thought it would be. One more step and I bumped into the couch, just not at the place I was expecting. I felt around until I located the coffee table again and sat down.

As soon as I turned on my headset, it chirped and said, "connected" and I knew I was ready to go. I stated that I wanted a new file, titled it 'dream sequence' and began to write the new chapter for my story. I didn't know if I had set it up right and could only hope that I wouldn't lose all my work. I sat there in the dark for quite a long time and talked, taking occasional breaks to nibble on the snacks and sip at the liquid. The whole chapter centered on what I would have liked to happen before my boyfriend left, but didn't actually take place. It started out with us kissing and ended up being very adult.

I had no way of knowing what the time was and decided that I would have a shower before heading to bed. What I didn't think of doing was using my voice control to ask my tablet what time it currently was. I knew where I was in my apartment and I knew where I wanted to go. Getting between the two places proved to be more difficult than I expected. I made my way to the end of the couch and lined myself up in what I hoped was the right direction.

I thought I knew how many steps it was between the couch and the wall to the hallway and my bedroom. I let go of the couch and stretched my arms in front of me, hoping to feel the wall before I bumped into anything else. When I took as many steps as I figured I should need to reach the wall, I paused, then took one more step. Still no wall. I moved my arms to either side of me and felt my fingertips brush against the wall. Either I had lined myself up better than I thought or I wasn't where I wanted to be.

With one hand in front of me and the other touching the wall, I walked forward. After a few steps, I knew that I was where I wanted to be. I could smell the floral scent that emanated from my bathroom getting stronger. As soon as the wall vanished again, I stopped and turned so that I was facing the doorway, then moved into my bathroom. My clothes began to drop to the floor as I removed them and they would stay there until I picked them up in the morning.

Showering was an exciting experience. Without being able to see, I had to do everything by feel, including finding out what each bottle had in it. Some were easy to identify by their shape, but mostly it was by smell. I had different scents from the same company and changed which one I used depending on my mood. Everything seemed more intense without being able to see, especially how the water cascaded over me.

When I stepped out of the shower, I realized that I had a problem. I couldn't see where the towels were and finding my bathrobe would be just as difficult. The towel rack should be right beside me, but I wasn't sure if I was facing the right direction. I moved my arms in a circle around me until I found the towels, then dried myself off. I took the time to give my teeth a thorough cleaning, and it was an experience to do it.

The next challenge happened when I made my way to my bedroom. My dresser wasn't the most organized place I have and I could only guess at what I had selected to wear. Whatever it was, it felt very nice on my body. It seemed as if I fell asleep as soon as my head touched the pillow.

I slept like a rock. I woke up a couple of times, but when I did, it was still dark, so I just went back to sleep. Eventually I got to the point where I was just laying there, half-awake, and it dawned on that I still had the contacts in and I didn’t have a clue what time it really was. It was actually kind of fun to wake up that way, but I did need to get up and use the bathroom.

I made sure that I washed my hands, then felt around until I located the supplies that I needed to use when I removed my contacts. Locating the supplies before removing the contacts wasn’t necessary, but it just felt right to do as much as possible without being able to see what I was doing. It was a good thing that I did that, because when I removed the contacts, my vision was blurry and the light seemed to be a bit too bright. I had been told that it would probably happen and that it wouldn’t last long. Putting on my sunglasses would help with the brightness.

I squinted at the blurry image in the mirror, then chuckled at what I was wearing. It was a shame that my boyfriend had left because he definitely would have enjoyed seeing what I was wearing. I decided to leave it on for a while longer, with the addition of a pair of platform heels to spice up the look a bit. The heels were what took the look from sexy to seductive.

I wandered around my apartment, closed the drapes to reduce the brightness, and located my sunglasses. I felt so much better with the apartment dimmed. I realized that I was a little hungover when I saw just how many empty bottles were on the coffee table and thought about putting the contacts back in just for the relief from the still to bright light.

As tempting as the idea was, I still had to clean up my apartment, and I also wanted to see if I was successful with recording and converting my latest chapter. The story would have to wait until my place was cleaned. I figured that the bathroom might be the best place to start as there were no windows there, then I would move to the bedroom. The living room and kitchen could be done last.

I put all the wet things into the washing machine, along with the other stuff from the laundry hamper, and let it run. The clothes went into the hamper in the bedroom to be done later. I smiled when I saw which shoes my boyfriend had chosen for me, he obviously had a kinky side, as the shoes were my 'stay at home and have fun' shoes. I had never had the courage to wear them outside my apartment because they needed a very risque outfit to do them justice. I had the outfit in my closet but never was brave enough to wear it.

My hangover had decreased significantly by the time I moved to the kitchen and cleaned up the dishes from the night before. The sun had moved far enough that it wasn't shining in my windows anymore, but I still wore my sunglasses. I plugged my tablet into my computer and logged onto both of them. I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was both an audio file and a print copy of the latest chapter. As soon as I put it into the spell checker program, I saw that there were quite a few errors to fix, partially because of how my accent was and the slur in my voice from the alcohol hadn't helped. As I read along, I found that some of the errors made the story sounded better when the female character was talking, so I left them in.

The audio file went through the voice alteration process and I listened to it a couple of times, liking how the accent and alcoholic slur sounded. The final step was to send my boyfriend a copy of both files before I posted the story to the chat room and added both files to the storage site.

I was feeling hungry, so I decided to make myself a meal. I didn't want to get what I was wearing dirty, so I went to change into something more appropriate, although what I changed into could not really be described as suitable for cooking. When I went to my bedroom to change, what I chose to wear was a short tight dress that was quite revealing. The dream sequence in the latest chapter, as well as the blind date with my boyfriend, had me quite worked up and I saw no reason I shouldn't keep the mood going. Just for the fun of it, I added a pair of patterned stockings that ended below the hem of the dress.

When I looked in the mirror and saw how I looked, it was an easy decision to take a few pictures of myself from different angles. It was also an easy decision to text my boyfriend a copy of one of the less revealing pictures. One that had me running my tongue over my slightly uneven teeth. I wasn’t worried about him showing it to anyone and wouldn’t mind if he did. I had nothing to be embarrassed about.

I decided on a simple pasta meal that involved boiling the noodles and opening a jar of sauce, then adding a few ingredients to add flavour and texture to the sauce. I left the sauce on low and went on the computer while I waited for the noodles to cook a little. The final step was to bake it in the oven with a crumb topping and cheese.

My latest chapter already had several responses, a couple of them from females saying how much they were enjoying having a female writing a story from her perspective. Even the negative comments were respectful when they said that my story was good, just not something that they were interested in. It didn't surprise me since they were from guys who liked stories about guys. I was a bit surprised by how fast people had responded.

I got responses from both my online friend and my boyfriend, and the responses were different from each other. Both made me smile at what they said. It was as if there were two people writing comments with my boyfriend's being the more suggestive of the two.

I was feeling creative, so I set up the computer to connect to my headset, opened files for both an audio recording and a print version the same way that I had the night before. Then I went to my bathroom and put the contacts in again, rendering myself blind for the evening. As soon as the second contact slipped into place, my whole body began to respond very pleasantly.

My other senses became more acute with my sight gone. I could smell the aroma remaining from my supper, hear the computer fan whirring and feel the different textures in the paint as I made my way back to the kitchen, where I took a six-pack from the fridge to enjoy in the living room.

I positioned myself on the couch the way that I would want my boyfriend to find me if he had been coming over, then began talking to my computer. The first part of my story was about how I remembered the date happening and about what I had felt during the date, then I wrote about being alone in my apartment after my boyfriend left and what I did. The final part of the story was about what I was wishing could happen as I was sitting on my couch writing a story. That part contained what I was wearing and feeling as the air in my apartment moved over the skin on my legs between the hem of my dress and the lace tops of my stockings and how I wished it was my boyfriend's breath instead.

By the time that I was finished audibly writing the chapter, I knew that I needed a shower to relieve the excitement. A bath would have been more relaxing, but I needed the effects of the shower spray on my body more. It was a good thing that there was almost unlimited hot water because it was a long shower.

After my shower, I left everything laying on the floor except for my shoes, which I wore to my bedroom. I had left what I wore to bed the night before on my bed, ready for me to put on again. As I crawled into bed, my mind went over how my life had changed in the last couple of days.