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Reading a story
« on: 19. January 2021, 12:35:08 PM »
I don't know how long this story will be. I was chatting with MikeB and this story began to form from that chat. Enjoy and comment if you feel like it. Writers always like to know that people have read their stories, even if it is only to hear what didn't appeal to you. Polite comments are always welcome and help us all to improve our writing skills.

Reading A Story

By Braceface2015

It all started with an innocent comment by one of the guys that I work with. We are on the night crew and many of us wear headphones so that we can listen to audiobooks or music. His complaint was that he couldn’t find any good stories that he liked that were read by females. Since he had a massive collection of audiobooks, I felt that he was qualified to make the comment. I had my collection of stories, and he had given many more to add to it. He tended to be quiet and kept to himself, but was quite friendly once you got to know him.

Every break, he would sit near the back of the breakroom and frequently would spend his time writing on his tablet. Sometimes he would get up to get something and he would leave his tablet on the table, and a couple of times I was able to get a peek at it just long enough to see the web address of the site he was on. It turned out to be a chatroom, and it quickly became apparent that it was a fetish room. At first, I didn’t know what to think, but after using a guest account, found that it wasn’t what I first thought it was. Most of the people on it seemed to be nice, even if they had an odd fetish.

I expected the people to be creepy, but the conversations were more about what was happening in their regular lives. Sometimes a new person would get out of line, but they were warned about it once or twice and then they got removed. I noticed that some of them also wrote stories about their fetishes, and many of them had more than one, and the stories were quite good. I also noticed that one person would frequently post at night around the time that our breaks were. Sometimes it would be a comment or part of a story.

I started to use my phone to watch the chatroom when we were on break and created an online character for myself. I began to comment on some of the topics being discussed or on a chapter of a story that I found interesting. I made it clear that I was female and that I wasn’t looking to get involved in meeting anyone, I was only there to chat occasionally. I also wanted to read the stories, as I was finding them to be a nice diversion from my real life. There was also a section for people that were more into their fetish and were more mature. No kids allowed, and No newbies. You had to prove yourself to be qualified before you got in.

There were a few stories that I had enjoyed the latest chapters of, so I went back and read them from the beginning. I began to comment on how they were written and what parts in particular I liked. Over time, I began to compare things between the story and things that were happening in the real world, sometimes using myself to compare them to. Things about my job crept into my comments, and the late-night author took note of them.

One comment that I deliberately started to make was that it was a shame that none of the stories were available as audio. A few people suggested that someone should use a text-to-speech program to do that, but the overwhelming response was that the voices just weren’t that convincing, and that far too often the more unusual language was too garbled to understand.

An idea began to form in the back of my mind, but I wasn’t ready to suggest trying it, at least not yet. I began transferring the new story chapters to audio files using the free software available on my computer and found that the voices sounded too flat and there just wasn’t any expression in them. I listened to them at work a few times, then deleted them from my phone, unsatisfied with the quality of them.

As the idea began to take shape into a plan, I began to ask if anyone had any good stories that were written with a female character telling the story and a few people said that they had read one in the past, but nobody had a copy of the story. People began asking around and rumours began circulating about someone having a collection of stories, but nobody seemed to know where it was. I started searching for stories online, but the ones I did find weren’t what I was looking for. Far too many just used braces as a tool to show how dorky a character was and they weren’t mentioned again. Other stories were written by kids and just weren’t of very good quality.

The type of story I wanted was turning out to be almost impossible to find. I began to make suggestions that someone should write a story from the female perspective and gave a few ideas to be included in the story. There was a little interest in the idea, but nobody seemed to take up the idea. I kept pushing the idea and began to develop a character, using myself as a template for her features. The character I wanted in the story should be short and busty, have long wavy hair with some red in it and be reasonably intelligent. I didn’t want her to be too much like me because I didn’t want to be recognized. There was a little bit of interest, but nobody wanted to do it.

I started to send private messages to the writers who were currently doing stories, asking them if they would be willing to help me. I got a lot of polite reasons they wouldn’t or couldn’t do it. Then I worked my way through people who had written stories in the past. I didn’t get much of a response, mainly because lots of them were no longer active. I still wasn’t sure if my co-worker was one of the people posting stories to the chatroom, but he was kind of cute and I made an effort to get to know him a little better. I also made an effort to form a friendship with the person online who posted during our breaks. I gave him a few details about myself that I withheld from the rest of the chatroom. I took it slow with both the person online and my co-worker, keeping them as separate people until I could be sure that my suspicions were correct.

Because there was an underwhelming response to my requests for someone to write me a story, I began to try to do one of my own. I had plenty of time on my drive into and away from work, so I started using the speech-to-text function on my phone. I quickly found that it didn’t work that well with my accent and that it was taking me just as long, if not longer, than just typing it myself.

I started to just record my attempts and then transcribe them onto my computer when I got home. This worked a lot better and I found that I had more time to do other things. At first I just deleted them after transcribing them, but I noticed that I liked the way I sounded on the recordings and left them on my phone. Sometimes I would listen to them a few times, trying to think of ways that I could improve on the story.

The stories posted to the chatroom were better than what I had come up with, so I started to record them so that I could listen to them at work. The quality wasn’t very good because I just used the microphone on my wireless phones, but at least I had something. My collection of recordings began to grow, but the audio quality was poor.

I did a little online investigation into how to get good quality audio at a reasonable price, and found a couple of microphones were recommended. Our store had employee discount days from time to time, and one was coming up, so I kept an eye on what was available in the electronics department. A few days before the next sale, I noticed that there was one of the better microphones that had a damaged box sitting in the discount bin and the store hadn’t been able to sell it. It was easier for the store to mark it way down than it was to send it back and have it replaced. With my discount, they would almost be giving it to me. I stuck it under the counter with a note to hold it for me.

On the day of the sale, I couldn’t wait to get it home to try it. The software loaded into my computer and it came with a program that I could use to edit and adjust the quality of the recording. I went to the chatroom and read the newest chapter of one of the stories. First I listened to the audio with my headphones, then the desktop speakers hooked to my computer. Still not sure of the quality, I linked to the BlueTooth connection on my stereo and played it that way. I compared it to a professionally produced audiobook and couldn’t tell the difference in quality. The next part of my plan had just fallen into place.

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Re: Reading a story
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Chapter 2

With me working nights, I didn’t have much of a social life. When I got off work, I would go home and relax for a while, then go to bed. After I bought the new microphone, I started to record the stories and develop a collection for myself. I played around with the settings and altered my voice so that it sounded a little different and disguised it. Some of the stories sounded better if they were read by a male voice, so I created one that sounded more masculine and saved it in the settings. For stories that had a male and a female character, I recorded separate tracks so that it sounded as if they were on opposite sides of the microphone. And my collection grew.

I kept working on my story, recording, changing, adjusting and trying again, but just couldn’t get anywhere with it. It wasn’t that I couldn’t write, it was just that I didn’t know what to put into it. I would have an idea and work on it, then it would just stop and I would have to try again. I quickly developed a respect for those people who could write a story. I couldn’t seem to.

The late-night online guy quickly became a friend and we started to develop a bit of a relationship. He was friendly and fun to talk to, and he shared a little bit about himself and his fetishes. Yes, he had more than one and liked to combine them in his stories. Just like me, he didn’t have much of a social life and had a hard time meeting and talking to girls face to face. He found that it was much easier to talk to them online, but never took it beyond that.

My co-worker, on the other hand, was friendly but I had to work at getting much out of him. I already knew that he had a large audiobook collection and that gave me a place to start. I told him that I had started to play around with my new microphone and that I was having fun recording with it. I didn’t tell him what I was recording and how big my collection was. I convinced him to stop for coffee after work a few times and he started to relax around me a little.

The conversation online about the story I wanted to write got a little bit of interest as I worked on developing it. My character description became more detailed and I asked for suggestions on what to do to make her more appealing. I paid particular attention to what my online friend had to say. Some of the things were a little strange, but overall, not unbelievable. I altered her appearance slightly to take into account his preferences.

He had a thing for hair. Long hair, the longer the better. And the color was a factor too. His thing was for red hair, natural-looking, not artificial. He already knew that I had red hair and that may have contributed to his interest. Just for the fun of it, I began to grow my hair longer without telling him about it.

My co-worker and I began to have a ‘coffee-date’ on the last morning of our workweek each week before heading home. One week I actually called it a ‘coffee-date’ when I asked him if we were going to go for coffee.

That weekend, my online friend posted a new chapter and he used the term ‘coffee-date’ in it. Right away, I went out and bought a package of red highlighter for my hair just one shade redder than my natural color. It wouldn’t be a big change to how I looked, just enough to bring out my natural reddish hair a little. Then I sat down and recorded the latest chapter of his story using my altered voices and emailed it to him with a note saying that I had found it while ‘surfing the web’. I didn’t respond to his requests for information about where I found it.

The highlights in my hair turned out better than I hoped. I only used half the bottle and saved the rest for another application. The first day back at work, I made a point of talking to my co-worker as often as I could and using my hands to fluff up my hair a little while talking to him. I was a little disappointed that he didn’t seem to notice my hair, so I pulled a little more of my long hair forward over my shoulders each time.

During our lunch break, I sat so that I could keep one eye on him and one eye glued to my phone, hoping that my online friend would be there. I was disappointed again, because my friend didn’t log on and my co-worker was busy typing on his tablet.

By the end of the week, I was feeling pretty frustrated. My online friend hadn’t been on much and my co-worker didn’t seem to be paying as much attention to me as I hoped. To make myself feel better, I decided that I would braid my hair before going into work. When I saw how the highlights stood out in the braid, I felt much better. It was a busy night and everyone’s breaks got staggered.

For the first time, my co-worker asked me if we were still going to have our ‘coffee-date’, and he put a little emphasis on ‘date’. I guess he had been looking at me after all. When we got to the coffee shop, he suggested that I get us seats while he ordered our coffee. We like to sit near the back where it is quiet and there is one table that is sort of tucked away behind a short wall away from the others. Nobody was using it and I got it for us.

He waited for our orders to be ready, then brought them to the table. He seemed to be a little withdrawn, so I started talking about audiobooks. It gave us something to talk about that we have in common and he loosened up a little. I could tell that he had something on his mind, so I began to talk about females reading stories, something that we have talked about before, and that I have been experimenting with my new microphone. This gave him the perfect opportunity to mention that he found a part of an audiobook with a female reading it.

This was just the opportunity I had been looking for and I took it. I asked him if he would give me a copy. To my surprise, he had it with him and transfered it to my phone. He blushed a little as he said, “It’s not your typical story. I don’t know if you will like it. Someone I know sent it to me, but they won’t tell me where they got it.” I smiled at him and played with my braid a little, pulling it over my shoulder. I was pleased when he looks at it and then commented, “I like what you have done with your hair.” His blush deepened a little.

I decided not to push him any further and eased his discomfort. The conversation moved on to other topics. We had a good time taking and our coffee-date extended longer than usual. By now, my suspicions had become stronger that he was the same person as my online friend, but I was not going to force the issue.

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Re: Reading a story
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Nice start!!!!!

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Re: Reading a story
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A great start. This could go a long way.
We are probably all guessing how it goes from here!

I like the way it is written with just the right amount of description.
Also it is much easier to read than some because it is broken up into paragraphs.

(The one thing I dont like about the way some other writers write is strange way that they seem to almost use the present when describing something that happened in the past ie saying things like 'he goes to the store and buys a drink' instead of saying 'He went to the store and bought a drink')

Anyway, now waiting for next chapter.

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Re: Reading a story
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Heheh, not a bad start!

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Re: Reading a story
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I agree that the way some people write is hard to read. I am trying to write this story in the past tense and still find myself switching to the present tense too often. I have gone back and corrected that several times already.

I hold my writing to a higher standard because I have commented on things like that in the past. I also have the largest collection of braces stories on the internet and have seen some very bad writing since I started my collection. I have to walk the walk if I want to talk the talk.

I use three spellcheckers when I write. Most of my writing is done on Google Docs with the Grammarly add-on. Then I transfer it to the Grammarly app itself and do a second check. The final check is done using OpenOffice. All of them are free for the basic program and they catch most of the errors I make. Even then, I usually find something that has to be fixed when I go back to a story and read it again.

If someone finds an error in my stories, I am always willing to hear about it. I try not to be too critical of other writers writing habits, but sometimes I do have to say something.

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Re: Reading a story
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Chapter 3

Each time that a new chapter was posted, I recorded it and sent it to my online friend. I still refused to tell him where they were coming from, but that I hinted that he might be able to find out. I noticed that his female character had changed herself slightly to be more like my character. And as a consequence, more like me. Some of the situations that they were in began to sound familiar.

As my hair grew longer, I did more with it, sometimes adding curls, other times a ponytail or braids. Then I began to copy what she did with her hair. If a chapter had her with pigtails, so did I. Some of the other people at work commented on my hair and I liked their comments, but really enjoyed it when my co-worker said something about my appearance. Our coffee-dates became more frequent, and each time I sent my online friend a new recording, I got a copy from the guy at work. Some of the other people in the chatroom obtained copies as well, so I couldn’t be sure where my co-worker was getting them.

I decided that it was time to take a risk. The next time that a chapter was posted, I recorded it and kept it until our next coffee-date. At the last minute, I chickened out and sent it to my online friend just before the end of our shift. My co-worker stopped on the way out and said he was going to be a few minutes late and to get us our usual table if I could. He also said that he would pick up our coffees when he arrived.

After he had given me the first chapter of the audiobook, I had told him that I found it interesting and we had discussed some of the new chapters after I had a chance to listen to them. I hadn’t told him that I was changing my hairstyle to match the character in the story and he hadn’t mentioned it either, but I knew he had noticed it.

Each chapter was fairly short and didn’t take very long to listen to. When he arrived at our table, he was smiling a little and had more than just our coffee on the tray. In the latest chapter of the story, the female character had her hair braided with a red ribbon running through it and I had copied that before going to work. As he sat down, he said that he had received a copy of the latest chapter of the audiobook.

There was no way that he could have gotten that unless he received it from my online friend or was that friend. There was no way that I could have known to braid my hair with the red ribbon unless I had read the story or heard the audiobook. Since he was the one that always gave me the audiobook, I couldn’t have listened to it yet. I knew it was a risk to braid the ribbon into my hair, but I figured it was worth it. As we started to talk, I said, “I have to confess something to you. I have been reading the stories for a while already. I peeked at your tablet a long time ago and copied the website that you were on. You aren’t mad at me are you?”

I waited for him to process the information I had just dropped on him, not quite sure what was going to happen. He sipped at his coffee, his expression changing several times. Finally he smiled at me and said, “That explains how you knew to braid a ribbon into your hair. It’s very nice, by the way.” I was so relieved that I had gotten away with the ribbon, and that he wasn’t mad at me for invading his privacy the way that I had. He still transferred the audiobook to my phone as we were talking.

From time to time, he seemed to get distracted by his thoughts. Finally, he pushed the muffin in my direction and asked me, “Can I ask you something personal?” When I nod, he continues, “Do you think it would be okay if I asked you on a real date? I know that we have been having coffee together for quite a long time, but this isn’t really a date, is it?”

I did something that I had wanted to do for a long time but had hesitated to do. I placed my hand on top of his and wrapped my fingers around it. “‘Yes’ to your first question. You can ask me a personal question whenever you want to, but I might not answer it. ‘Yes’ to your second question. You can ask me out on a date anytime you want to. And as for your last almost question. I don’t know how to answer that. If two people go out for coffee and one pays for everything, wouldn’t that be a date?”

He nibbled on his muffin, then sipped at his coffee, thinking about what I had just said. “If you look at it that way, I guess it would be a date.” A big smile appeared on his face. “Wow, I’ve been dating a hot girl for quite a while. Wow.”

We sat there for a while, nibbling on the muffins and sipping our coffee. I wasn’t sure what to say. He called me hot, something that I was not prepared for. “How about I take you out for supper at a restaurant. Nothing expense, maybe pizza?” He waited for me to answer.

I smiled at him. “Sure, but can we wait a couple of days? I’m not quite ready for our relationship to change yet.” I noticed his eyes had shifted to my mouth. I was used to people’s eyes dropping to my chest, but not my mouth, especially when I have a couple of buttons undone. After a little more discussion, we agreed to wait a week before talking about our pizza-date.

By the time that I drove home and logged onto the chatroom, the latest audio version of the story was spreading through the group, thanks to one of the tech guys setting up a cloud-share account. One of the big topics of discussion was where the audio versions were coming from. Everyone knew who was writing the story and that the author was also one of the first to receive the audio copy, but he wasn’t telling, or didn’t know, who was making them. Just for the fun of it, I suggested that it was some old guy living in a basement somewhere, changing his voice to make it sound different. After I hit enter, I realized that much of it was actually not that far off from the truth. I wasn’t old and I didn’t live in a basement, but I was changing my voice to make it sound different.

One popular idea was that it was a couple who were making the audio copies. There were two voices and they were always the same two, so it made sense. There were other theories, some pretty wild. Just about everyone agreed that it was a human doing the recording, there was just too much emotion in it to be computer-generated.

I was too tired to stay awake, so I went to bed.

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Re: Reading a story
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Chapter 4

When I woke up, I noticed that there was a new chapter posted. There was also an email from my online friend letting me know that he had posted a new chapter. This chapter was not what I had expected. It was about her getting ready for a date. As soon as I read the chapter, I knew that I had a decision to make. The chapter was very descriptive in what she was wearing, and I recognized the outfit from our store. He practically described which aisle each item was located in.

Doing my hair to match the female character was one thing, dressing like her was a whole different dimension. It also pretty much confirmed that my online friend and my co-worker were the same person. They were completely different when I talked to them. I wasn't ready to start thinking of him as my boyfriend yet, but the way things were going, it might not be long. Something else that was in the story was a scene with her standing in her bathroom looking at herself in the mirror. It described her smile as being pretty, but slightly imperfect.

While I was thinking about what to do about our date, I recorded the latest chapter and emailed it to my co-worker. After I sent it, I realized that I had made a mistake. I sent it to the wrong email address. I stared at the screen for a few seconds, then got up and went to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. The person looking back looked scared, and her teeth weren't that bad were they?

When I am stressed, I shop. I grabbed my phone, keys and purse, and was out the door. I had no plan of where to go, instinct took over and I drove to work. I began to walk up and down the aisles. There was the dress described in the latest chapter. I had to admit, it was very pretty. It wouldn't hurt to try it on.

When I looked in the mirror, something didn't look right. The dress was fine, it was the shoes that weren't working. So I changed my shoes to the pair described in the story. That looked better, but something still wasn't right. My legs were bare. The story described stockings, and not just any stockings, a particular colour and style. They were right where the story said they would be. The style of stocking couldn't be worn without the right lingerie, and that was right across the aisle from the stockings.

I looked at the lingerie that I was holding. I was almost at the point of no return. If I went back to the dressing room and put everything on, I would be right on the edge. Did I want to step over the edge?

My mind said, "No, Don't do it." My body said, "You want to do this. You haven't been on a date in a long time." My body won.

I stepped out of the dressing room and looked at myself in the mirror. Was the person in the mirror with the smile on her face really me. I could see that the description of her teeth was accurate, they weren't perfect and the slight imperfections were perfectly right for her face. Then I stepped over the edge. I took out my phone and sent a text to my hopefully soon to be boyfriend. "Can you meet me at the restaurant for pizza? I think we need to talk."

"One hour," was the reply.

I got there early and ordered a glass of wine to have something to do while I waited. I still hadn't finished it when he walked in. He had showered and changed into a nice outfit, casual and comfortable, and nice. I liked how he looked. A lot.

At first he didn't see me, so I stood up and waved. I waited to see what his reaction would be. I hadn't done much with my hair other than to pull it back and clip it out of my face, and my nails could have used a new coat of polish. My makeup had been freshened, but I knew that I could do better if I took the time. I put a brave smile on my face and said, "Let's get a table at the back where we can talk without being disturbed."

I led the way so that I didn't have to see what his expression was. It turned out that it was a good move. It gave him the opportunity to see me in the dress that he had described in his story. Before I could sit down, he reached past me and pulled out my chair, then waited to push it in for me as I sat down. It wasn't what I was expecting and took me by surprise.

Neither of us said anything for a while as I sat there with my wine glass. Finally I said, "I don't know where to start. Maybe you could help me out a little? Ask me something. What do you want to know first?"

His eyes dropped slightly, but not to where I am used to. His eyes dropped to my mouth. His first question took me completely by surprise. "Will you be my girlfriend?"

My mouth opened slightly and I tried to form an answer, but my mind was struggling to catch up. I smiled and nodded. It was a good start.

Our waiter arrived and asked if we were ready to order. My boyfriend asked him to give us a few more minutes to decide. That was just enough to break the tension I was feeling and I was able to begin to relax. We decided on a half-and-half pizza with some mutual toppings and a pitcher of Coke.

When the pizza came, the real conversation began. It turned out that he asked one question, which I would answer, then I would ask a question to be answered by him.

Once we got started, I found that he was much like his online personality. We already knew quite a bit about each other, so that made it much easier. Even though it was our first official date, it didn't have the awkwardness of one.

I was the one who finally brought up the subject of the story. It turned out that he liked writing stories and found that it was a good way to deal with his insecurities. He could place himself in a situation he would like to be in and explore the possibilities without the risk of being hurt.

The story had started out as one of those scenarios, but it had changed when I had started to talk to him at work. Then he had made a friend online and things changed again. He began to write about what was happening and began to add little things that he would like to happen. The character that I had created for my story attempt had appealed to him and he had used it in his story. At the same time, he had started to pay a little more attention to how I looked and saw a resemblance to my character, but didn't connect the two.

He liked to add things he found turned him on, to his stories, and hair was one of those things. When I started to do my hair the way that he was describing in his stories, he began to experiment with that.

He talked about some of the other stories that he had written, and what had happened in them. There were some that he had never posted because of the content. When I asked about them, he blushed and said, "I can't show them to you. They are just too embarrassing. They aren't realistic and could never happen."

I had to smile at that comment. "I don't know about that. Look what happened with your latest story." I stood up and gestured to what I was wearing. "You didn't do too bad with that one." I did a slow spin, not wanting the hem of my dress to rise too far. "How about we get out of here. I have something I want to show you at my place."

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Re: Reading a story
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I like to where is going, keep up the good work.

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Re: Reading a story
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Reading A Story - 5

I waited for him at the front while he paid for our meal, then took his hand as we walked to my car. After asking for his phone, I typed my address into the map application and handed it to him. I wanted to do more than hold his hand, but I wasn't quite ready yet. He seemed to be reluctant to release my hand when I handed him his phone. I was the one that pulled back first.

We arrived at my place at just about the same time, so I waited until he parked, then took his hand again for the walk to my apartment. What I really wanted to do was link my arm with his but wasn't quite sure if I could handle that. Still, walking hand in hand was more than I had experienced in longer than I liked to think about.

My apartment was tidy for a change, as long as you didn't look in my bedroom. After he had a brief look at my apartment, I led him into the living room where my computer was. It was linked to my flat screen tv so that I could sit on the couch in comfort and type. This proved to be very convenient for us. We sat side by side as I logged on, then opened the audio program. Rather than try to explain what I had done, I played the latest audio file for him using the female voice, then switched it to the male voice.

I didn't look at him, I just waited for him to say something. He shifted beside me and took my face in his hands, turning it so that I was facing him. "That is amazing. You did this all on your own? And why my story? There are so many other stories that are much better than mine."

I told him about trying to write my own story, and how I started recording my thoughts. Then I put my latest attempt at writing on the screen. He looked at it for a while, then said, "Part of your problem is that you are not putting yourself into the story. Can I show you how I would write that scene?"

I pushed the keyboard in front of him and leaned against the cushions behind me. I didn't realize just what I had done until his eyes dropped to my body and a smile appeared on his face. "Very nice, and very distracting. Especially in that dress." My couch was fairly wide and I had just sprawled out on it.

He turned back to the coffee table in front of us and began to type. My coffee table had a top that lifted up and towards us, at just the right height to be comfortable to type on. I watched as he opened a new page and the words began to flow across the screen. What had taken me hours of labour only took him minutes to do, and he made it seem so easy. I wasn't paying attention to what he was writing, just watching him work was fascinating.

"Okay, what do you think about this?" He waited as I focused on the screen. As I began to read, a smile spread across my face. He had placed the characters in a living room and described how she was using her fully clothed body to seduce him. The end of it was how she kissed him. "It isn't that hard to write when you have an idea of what you want to happen in your story."

I had another decision to make, and it wasn't that hard to make. I rolled my body towards him, pushed him back and did my best to copy what he had written. I think that I didn't quite manage to copy the kiss right, but I sure did my best.

"You might have to rewrite the kiss a little. I couldn't seem to match what you wrote."

His smile was enough to show me that he was more than satisfied with my attempt.

"How about you show me some of your other stories? I read a couple of the stories you posted in the chat room and thought they were good."

He turned to the keyboard and began to type. "I hope that you don't find them too strange. Some of them have some pretty unusual things in them. I've spent a lot of time alone, and sometimes my mind goes to some strange places." The screen began to fill with a list of stories, and then he scrolled down, and down, and down. "I have been collecting stories for a long time. Most of these are not mine. I also have a couple of names that I have used so that I can write different types of stories. This is that collection of stories that people are looking for and can never find. Sometimes I will send a person the story that they are looking for if I have it in my collection, but I use a different email address so that I can remain anonymous."

It was not what I was expecting. I had thought that he would show me a couple of stories, but there must have been over a hundred stories listed. "How many are yours?" He just shrugged. "Don't you know?" He shook his head. "Do you have a favourite story?"

He began to blush. "I have several. Some stories have parts I like, but not the whole story. Others take too long to get moving and then just end suddenly."

"Do you have a short one that you like? One that is only a couple of pages long?"

He thought about it for a while, then began to scroll through the stories, finally clicking on one. A new screen opened and a story appeared. It was only two pages long and after glancing at it, I knew what I was going to do.

It was written from a female point of view and was the type of story I had been looking for. I pulled the mic in front of me and told him to sit back, relax and stay quiet. Then I read the whole story while the mic and computer recorded it, using my natural voice. There were a couple of places that I stumbled a bit with how to pronounce the words and some of them came out a bit garbled, but I did my best.

When I was done, I stored it on my hard drive. Then I linked to my stereo and played it for him over my speakers.

The sound quality was good and I had done a good job of adding expression to it, but I noticed each time I mispronounced a word or a word was not understandable. When it ended, I turned to him and asked, "So, what do you think? If I had more time, I would go back and fix a few things that I didn't do right? It was hard to get the mispronounced words right, and the part with the lisp was awkward to do." I paused briefly, then said, "Her lithp ith thomethin vat I feed to thork ong."

He tried very hard not to start laughing, and once he calmed down, said, "You have the right idea, you just don't have the pronunciation right. It's easier if you put your tongue on the top of your mouth when you are speaking. Or keep your tongue against your front teeth. Both will give you a lithp and they will be different listhpth."

When I tried it, it worked, but when I tried to read the parts of the story with a lisp in them, it came out too garbled. He rewrote them so that I could read them as they would normally be pronounced and I tried again. This time it was much more understandable, but it didn't seem quite right.

Then I had an idea. The female character in the story had an Essix retainer that was affecting her speech. I went to my bathroom and took out an old whitening kit and inserted the tray into my mouth. It was only the top tray, but that was all I could find. It didn't fit very tight and I had to use my tongue to hold it in. This time, when I read the lisping parts, it sounded a lot better.

I had recorded each attempt and we listened to this one several times, talking about what we liked about it and what could be changed.

He had been fidgeting and shifting around as we played around with the last recording. He had that look that he had something on his mind. Finally he said, "I have something to ask you. Would it be okay if we reenacted the kissing scene again?" I realized that this was his way of asking me for a kiss.

I started to move my hand to my mouth to remove the tray but he took my hand and said, "Leave it in. I want to try it like that." I lowered my hand and it landed on his hip. This time it was him that initiated the kiss. This kiss was so different from the last one. I had to use my tongue to hold the tray in place, and I felt his tongue brush against mine. Then he was using his tongue to hold the tray, or more accurately, to press the tray against my teeth as he explored them. This kiss just seemed to get better as we went along. I didn't want it to end.

I held onto him when he started to pull back, prolonging it for a second longer. It was me who said, "Wow," this time. "Where did you learn to kiss like that?"

He smiled, "I wrote that kiss in one of my stories a long time ago."

“See. Another one of your stories came true.” We both smile at that. “Now that we have corrected the errors in the audio, how about we put all the parts together into a complete story.”

We sat side by side on the couch as we worked with the files and I kept inching closer until I was pressed against his arm, then I took his arm and put it over my shoulder. He took the hint and his arm moved from my shoulder to my side so that he could pull me closer. The closer I got, the more his hand moved around my body. I had no problem with where his hand was, and since I was doing most of the work on the computer, it didn’t matter if he was distracted.

It took me longer than usual to put the file together because, quite frankly, I was getting distracted too. After the last kiss, I had taken the tray from my mouth and put it on the table beside me. Just as I was patching the last file into place, I slipped it into my mouth again. “Oh hay, let’th gib thith a thry.”

His eyes snapped from where his hand was, to my mouth and the smile on his face got bigger. I started the file playing and we listened to the final result. As the part with the lisp played, his hand moved up a little and I moved my arm out of the way. “I thin you goh thinth wew in han, don you? I lil lake you a coffee of the file.” I smiled at him as the double meaning dawned on him.

I moved my arm back into place, trapping his hand where it was. If he wanted to move his hand he could, but he made no effort to move it. I found that I could use my lip to hold the tray in place and when I said, “I thin we thould pauth before thinths get outh of han,” he flexed his hand slightly to let me know he understood.

I turned my face towards his and shifted my body away from him slightly. He followed me until we were about to fall over and then our faces connected. His lips felt so good against mine. The kiss started out gently and continued that way all the way to the end. He took his time exploring my mouth with his tongue, and his hand stayed around my body the whole time. I didn’t want it to end and reluctantly moved my arm so that he could sit upright again.

He was the one that suggested that he leave. He did have one last important question as he left. He wanted to know just how accurate the description of his character's outfit was. I told him I wouldn’t answer his question, but was smiling as he left.

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Re: Reading a story
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I seldom comment on stories, but I too am enjoying this one. I like how you're taking the time to tell a full story, not rushing anything. Sometimes the anticipation is nearly as good as the actual event!

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Re: Reading a story
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Chapter 6

The next chapter of the story appeared in the morning. It began with the couple going on a date, and followed what happened on ours fairly closely with a few differences. The pitcher of Coke changed to a bottle of wine and the pizza became spaghetti, which we shared. None of what we talked about was included, which I was glad wasn't included.

It was written from the male character’s point of view and dealt with how he felt about having a date with such a gorgeous girl. He went into great detail about not recognizing her at the restaurant, even though he looked for her. He made it seem as if she had been to a beauty salon. His description of her outfit was accurate to what I had been wearing, but he made her seem more glamorous than I had been. There was one difference that stood out, she was wearing glasses, and he was very specific in his description of them.

The story shifted to her apartment and the way that she seduced him. Okay, maybe I had done that a little, but his portrayal of the seduction was way better than what I had done. His description made me want to be there. He left out the part about recording the audio, but he did put in a part about her leaving him on the couch and coming back wearing a dental appliance. Instead of it being a whitening tray, he made it much more interesting by making it a set of Invisalign braces. He put in the part about her having a lisp and wrote it in such a way that it would be easy to pronounce those lisped words when I recorded it.

I took my time recording the whole chapter using the male voice, then went back and recorded the female parts using my altered female voice. For the parts with the lisp, I used my whitening tray again and used my lip to hold it in. It turned out better than I expected.

My emotions were confused though. Our date had been very nice and I wanted to do it again, but I was scared of what I would do if I got him back to my place again. It all seemed to be happening so fast. The solution I came up with was to send my online friend a message along with the latest recording. It seemed that it would give me a way to deal with what was happening so suddenly in my life.

As soon as the latest audio spread through the group, the comments started to appear. Overwhelmingly, they were about how the emotion had changed. It seemed as if there was more passion, and the lisp was a nice touch. There was some speculation about if the lisp was real or fake. It appeared that I was becoming somewhat of an internet mystery.

I did get an email from my boyfriend, but I was glad that he didn't expect me to respond to it. My online friend wasn't quite that patient. He wanted me to talk about things a little more, but to take my time. He would be working on another chapter of the story and would try to respond when he had a chance.

To distract myself, I tried working on my story. Some of the things that I had seen my boyfriend do while he was writing seemed to work for me. For the first time, I had something that looked like a story rather than a bunch of disconnected thoughts. I made a couple of changes to my character description that I thought might work and then set the whole story aside.

When I am stressed, I shop, so that is what I did. Rather than shop at where I work, I went to the mall. I wandered for quite a while, not really looking for anything in particular. My mind wouldn't settle down and the latest chapter of the story kept circulating through my mind. Several times, I found myself wandering through the optometry department of the stores. When I figured out what I was doing, I decided that actually looking for a pair of frames I liked wouldn't hurt. I needed a new pair of sunglasses anyway.

Now that I had a purpose for my shopping trip, I began to feel better. The benefits plan at work would pay a certain amount each year for glasses as long as they came from certain stores, so I always bought my sunglasses there. Even though they weren't prescription glasses, I was still able to use the allowed amount.

There was one store in the mall that was on the list of providers and I headed there. I spent quite a while looking at the selection available, trying to narrow it down and find something that I would want to wear. It wasn't until the salesgirl offered to help that I was able to make some progress. I began to describe what I was looking for and she quickly came up with an acceptable option.

She told me that they had some old stock on a display in the back that they were trying to get rid of and that she would show them to me. As soon as I saw them I knew just what I was looking at. They were a perfect match to the glasses in the story, and the lenses had a coating that changed when the light changed. I could wear them indoors as well as outside.

The decision to buy them was easy. Because of the benefits plan and the discount, they wouldn't cost me anything. I even had enough left over to get a second pair with a different colour coating on the lenses.

Even though I hadn’t spent much, I still decided to go home. I was feeling hungry, so did a quick stop for groceries, and a few things from the pharmacy. It didn’t take me long to prepare a meal and pop it into the oven.

The food wouldn’t be ready for at least an hour, so, to fill the time, I figured, why not have a shower. I had picked up a can of shave gel and some new razor heads. Now was as good a time as any to shave my legs. I hadn’t shaved them in a while and they had been a little hairy when I was wearing the stockings on our date. I started spreading the gel at my ankle and worked upwards to my knee, then shaved that area. I alternated legs until I had removed more hair than I was used to removing.

Normally I would put on sweats and a hoodie when at home, but that just didn’t seem right after my shower. I dug through my dresser and closet, looking for something to wear. I found a pair of stretchy jeans that I hadn’t worn in a long time and a long T-shirt that stretched to my upper-thighs. I had put on a couple of pounds since I had worn them last, so they fit me a little more snuggly than I remembered. It didn’t look right wearing my battered slippers dressed like that, so I put on a pair of slip-on heels. When I looked in the mirror, my image looked pretty good, the extra two or three pounds had gone to the right places. I didn’t normally take selfies, but this was one time that I would be glad I did.

When I put on my new sunglasses, I took a second selfie because I liked how they looked. My bedroom floor was a mess after I had dug through it, so I started to clean it up. There were shoes all over the place, so I started lining them up along the wall. I hadn’t worn many of them in a long time, so I started to try them on with the intention of getting rid of the shoes that didn’t fit or I didn’t like. It just seemed natural to take a picture each time so that I could see myself from a different angle. I did something that I hadn’t tried before, I set my camera on a tripod and linked it to my laptop. Even though the screen on my laptop wasn’t that big, it still gave me the ability to see how I was posed and change it a little, and the camera program on the computer allowed me to take pictures without having to press a button. I could take a sequence of pictures and they would be stored on the computer without me touching a button.
I had only tried on a few pairs of shoes when the oven beeped. The pair that I had on had a platform sole and the heel was about three inches higher. I didn’t remember where I got them or why I bought them in the first place. Since I had them on, I just wore them to the kitchen to take my food out of the oven. It was a new experience bending over to reach into the oven. I had to bend over farther and my balance was different. It was a feeling that I could get to like. Even sitting at the table with the heels on had a different feel to it.

As I sat there eating, I began to think about what my boyfriend had said about putting myself into the story. This might be a good time to try it. By the time that I was done eating, I had the basic idea already worked out.

It would take me a while to write my story, so I made a pot of coffee and grabbed a box of cookies from the cupboard. For the first time that I could remember, I was able to reach the bottom shelf above the counter without having to use a stool. That would have to be included in my story. When the coffee was ready, I put everything onto a tray and carried it to the living room. Bending over to place it on the coffee table involved me having to bend with my knees together to get low enough. The next thing I encountered was that I couldn’t get my knees under the edge of the table to type on the keyboard, but that was easy enough to solve. I just bent my legs at the knee and sat with them beside me on the couch. Without the tv screen being on, it made a nice reflective surface and I could see that the way that I was sitting was a rather appealing sight.

It didn’t take me long to get lost in writing my story. I started with a scene about working in the kitchen to prepare a meal while wearing the heels that I had on. While most of that section was not something that I had experienced yet, I left it brief.

The good part started as I described sitting at the table while eating and cleaning up after. Then I moved on to being in the living room, and how it felt to be sitting the way that I was. Finally, I let my imagination take a turn and wrote a scene where her boyfriend showed up unannounced and she met him at the door wearing her new glasses. I relied on the three kisses that my boyfriend had already given me for the scene with the kiss.

It took me the rest of the day to write it, but I found that instead of writing something and deleting it, just to try again, I was changing words to make it sound the way I wanted it to. It only amounted to two pages, but it was more than I had managed so far.

I recorded it and before I could chicken out, put it on the cloud server. Then I went to the chatroom using a guest account and mentioned that there was a new story. It took a while for the comments to start, but I was relieved when they did. Just about all the comments were positive, with the negative comments being that the story was too short. I looked for comments from two accounts but neither one seemed to be saying anything.

It was just about dark outside when there was a knock on my balcony door. My apartment was on the third floor and the only way to get to my balcony from the outside was from the roof beside my apartment. My couch faced the glass doors which took up half the wall. I had found it comfortable the way that I was sitting with my legs tucked beside me, just the way that I had described in the story. As the sun was setting, I had put on my new sunglasses to reduce the glare.

I realized that I was sitting just like the character in my story, dressed like her, and my boyfriend had just arrived at my door unannounced. I even had the glasses on. I couldn't let him stand out there, so I carefully stood up and walked to the door. The door was unlocked and partially open to let the evening breeze in, so he could have opened it himself, but my story said that my character had let the boyfriend in, so he waited until I opened it all the way. There was no way that I could have possibly written the kiss that followed, I just hadn't ever experienced one like it before.

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Re: Reading a story
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Enjoying reading. Keep it going.

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Re: Reading a story
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This is definitely a bit different of a story. But I’m really enjoying it, can’t wait to see where this goes!

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Re: Reading a story
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I agree that the way some people write is hard to read. I am trying to write this story in the past tense and still find myself switching to the present tense too often. I have gone back and corrected that several times already.

Usually I write a story in the past tense, but sometimes it's nice to make things different, by writing it in the present, kinda like an ongoing commentary.

But yes, if your story goes more than a couple of pages, you have to be so careful about things like the tense. Another one is getting names wrong.... in my latest posting I had to make a last minute edit when I got a character's name completely wrong! I have so much respect for people who write proper book-length stories!

As for this story.... I'm aware of the sort of the conversations that were happening with MikeB, so it makes this story so much more interesting!

Keep up the good work!