Author Topic: Putting appliances off or on in public  (Read 3682 times)

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Putting appliances off or on in public
« on: 13. May 2008, 22:14:24 PM »
Did you ever happen to see someone to put out or put in a removable brace or retainer, rubberbands or even headgear?


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Re: Putting appliances off or on in public
« Reply #1 on: 14. May 2008, 22:28:06 PM »
Never seen headgear, but I've seen plenty of people put in or take out retainers and elastics in public. I did with my elastics back when I had braces, and I think I may have also taken out and put in my bite plate at least a few times in public.

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Re: Putting appliances off or on in public
« Reply #2 on: 12. June 2010, 09:36:34 AM »
Retainers and removables devices, several times, headgear, I only saw once, from far away, a kid who was wearing it in public... casualy going to a big ortodontic clinic.

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Re: Putting appliances off or on in public
« Reply #3 on: 26. May 2020, 18:34:26 PM »
Never headgear but I take off my elastics several times un the cantine and I saw some people do that todo and also with Invisaling or retainers. One of my classmates un elementary school wore a Bimler and he took off everyday yo eat

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Re: Putting appliances off or on in public
« Reply #4 on: 26. May 2020, 23:20:24 PM »
I have never worn retainers for real but I had always wanted them. I was only ever interested in removables and having all of the plastic.
When I finally had retainers made it was a huge thrill to go away and wear them full time.
To start with I would only take them out to clean them when no one was watching but on a driving and camping trip, I went to the washrooms in the morning after an overnight stop and forgot to take them out first.
There was a row of sinks and I was the only one there so I took my top plate out and put it on the sink while I cleaned my teeth. Just as I was going to go on to brush the plate with toothpaste, someone else came in and came to the sink next to me. I can still remember the buzz it gave me as I made it look perfectly normal. I carried on and cleaned the plate and then put it back in.
I could feel the eyes on me but I just decided that we were unlikely to ever meet again so there was no chance of any problems or awkward questions.

At school, one of my friends had a retainer. He would always take it out before playing sport. I was envious!

One time, I was at an airport and I suddenly realised that a boy nearby was playing with an appliance in his mouth and every time he wanted to talk to his parents he took it out, then put it back in again.
It was the first time I had seen an activator like the one I now have. (Its in my avatar pic).

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Re: Putting appliances off or on in public
« Reply #5 on: 27. May 2020, 18:22:48 PM »

For Headgears only once or twice, because in France it is in principle not worn during the day only at night unlike some countries.

For retainers it is more frequent. I remember that at the primary school several girls of my class wore it, at midday we went to lunch in the canteen and one of the girls took it away to eat ... she put it in a glass because she had not storage box apparently. I found it repulsive.

There was also another girl in my class who had one, she made it come and go in her mouth and it made noise. Strangely she did not bother me, she was a very pretty girl.

Later (adolescent stupidity) I made fun of girls who had braces. we had lots of nicknames like "Barbed wire" for example ...

Otherwise I have a lot of devices: activators, bionator, headgears and facemask but I never put it in public.
 am a french fan of braces , and girls with retainer, headgear....