Author Topic: problems accessing pictures/videos  (Read 416 times)

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problems accessing pictures/videos
« on: 18. August 2019, 00:34:23 AM »
For the past few days, every time I click on a link for a picture or video, I get a message saying that the site I'm clicking on isn't secure and I'm not able to access anything. Has anyone else had this problem or is it just my computer? And if it is just my computer, is there a way to fix it??

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Re: problems accessing pictures/videos
« Reply #1 on: 18. August 2019, 09:52:25 AM »
The problem is with anonym, which people attach to the front of the links to hide where the "click" is coming from (so they can't see 100 clicks from a forum for Braces fans).

either don't copy the part - everything before the usual http part, or delete it from the link.

It usually sorts itsself out in a few days.