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Thank to everyone who commented !

Good morning,
The points in common are many and I must say simple to list.
I am a 41 year old woman I live abroad for work I am single.
She is now back with the fixed braces for the same problems as the protagonist of this story.
As I said in the previous post, I don't write much but I always read.
I can confidently tell you that this is a story that women like too!
Good day

Glad to know you like it, despite te common problems with the main character.

Here is the next chapter, still with Braceface2015's help.

Chapter 11 The weekend after with Claire (part 2)

On Sunday morning, the sun crossing the shutter was illuminating the wall when I opened my eyes. Claire was staring at me, fully awake, with her beautiful green eyes, her head on the pillow, caressing my shoulder and arm with back and forth movements with her fingers. “Hi beauty,” she said.

-   “Hello shweed’heard’h,” I said with my matinal lispy voice, noticing a little bit of drool on my pillow.

-   “Did you sleep well?” Claire asked.

-   “Yesh, and you?” I said.

-   “Very well but my head is hurting. Probably too much alcohol last night,” Claire said.

-   “Szhe sshame for me, slhslhslh. And my d’heeszh, my d‘hongue and my schheek hurd’h sho bad d’hoday. Have you been awake for a long d‘hime? slhslhslh,” I said.

-   “About 15 minutes. I was admiring you. You are very beautiful. And I could not get off your bed alone anyway (laugh),” Claire said.

-   “Szhanksh, even if I drooled on szhe pillow. Waid’h, I’m gonna help you. Led’h me jushd’h go d‘ho szhe baszhroom firshd’h, slhslhslh,” I said.

-   “Be my guest, and I do not have the choice anyway (laugh). By the way, I’ll need you to do the same after you,” Claire said.

It was 9 A.M. I went to the bathroom and came back to help her to transfer to her wheelchair. We went to the bathroom together and I helped her to remove her catheter and clean everything. 

We both wanted to take our breakfast before going to shower, so I prepared coffee and croissants. I had to take a painkiller to eat something. Even eating something soft like a croissant was painful.

During the breakfast, I asked her, "Claire, whad'h do you szhink aboud'h whad'h did happen lashd'h nighd'h ? Are we girlfriendszh or shomeszhing, slhslhslh?" She started laughing and said "Hell no. Do you really want us to be girlfriends? Alecja, you're gorgeous and I really appreciated the moment we had. It was fantastic. But I love guys too much to become a "girlfriend" of another girl. However, as long as we're both single, I'm ready to sleep with you again at any time you want. I loved our sensuality and I really appreciated your kisses with your full-of-metal mouth."

-   “I feel relieved becauszhe I love guyszh too, I guessh. Bud’h I cand’h waid’h d‘ho kissh you and make love wizh you again, slhslhslh,” I said.

-   "So, we're on the same page. Let's say we're free to do it at any time. I'm very open-minded and you really have to feel free with me. Give me a sensual French kiss now!" she said.

-   "Shorry, I cand'h for now because I have plend'hy of, slhslhslh, foods sd'huck in my braschesh, but I'm okay d'ho do id'h again, whenever you wand'h," I said.

I gave her a small kiss on the mouth and after breakfast, we went to the bathroom to get prepared. Just after brushing my teeth and helping Claire to brush her teeth, we decided to go to my large Italian shower together where I helped her to get undressed and transfer on a waterproof stool. She was leaning her back against the wall to stay straight because she had no more abs and bad balance. I turned on the shower faucet, took off my clothes and came under the shower with her after pushing her wheelchair back. I moved my stomach near her head and she started kissing and licking me at that level, then under. I felt very aroused. I stooped down to her to kiss her tenderly on the mouth while I was touching her breast with one hand and moving the fingers of my other hand toward her crotch, caressing her in this area. She did the same. We spent an intense moment together under the shower, lasting at least 15 minutes.

After I turned off the shower faucet, I wiped myself and Claire asked me to wipe her, which I did, passing slowly and sensually on every part of her body, taking a little more time around her thighs, her breasts and her crotch. During this time, we kissed each other languorously several times. Then I helped her to transfer into her wheelchair, naked under her towel, her arms around my neck. Just after she was sitting in her wheelchair and while I was adjusting her feet on the footplate, she grabbed my head with her arms to give me another sensual kiss lasting about 5 precious minutes.

Then I dried my hair and held the hairdryer for Claire to dry her own hair. She did her hair loose herself, holding the brush with her two paralyzed hands.

Then we went to my bedroom to get dressed. I took Claire’s outfit from her bag. She asked me to dress her entirely, as she wanted to play an intimate game. I put her panties on first. I enjoyed lifting her legs then her body, taking advantage to caress her everywhere. I put her bra on then, taking, of course, the advantage to touch her firm breasts. She asked me to put her sheer shiny flesh-colored tights on. I took her left leg, lifted it up gently and started pulling up the tights very slowly along her leg to the middle of the leg. Then I did the same for the left leg. It was not easy at all because her legs were completely inert, except the moment when her left leg suddenly started shaking during 5 minutes. A little embarrassed, she apologized. She said these spasms regularly happen in the paralyzed parts of her body and she could not control them at all. I felt so sorry for her that she had to endure that kind of thing in addition to the rest. Claire wrapped my neck with her arms again and I lifted her butt up to pull up the tights to the waist. I let her sit on her chair then. I put her short black shorts on, caressing her soft thin legs covered by tights, and her sleeveless yellow t-shirt. I laced her black corset above her t-shirt as she wanted and I finally put her black 9 cm high-heeled strappy sandals on her paralyzed feet. She was so stunning with such a look.

I got dressed myself then, choosing to wear a white long low-cut dress on the legs, with a lot of small yellow and blue flowers, with sheer flesh-colored tights under and brown solid buckled T-strap thin 11.5 cm high-heeled sandals with no platform. I did my slightly curly hair loose and put in my contact lenses.

Of course, we congratulated each other for our looks.

We were both ready at 11 A.M.

Claire gave me a hand to prepare the meal for lunch: homemade lasagna. I took another painkiller to relieve the pain. Of course, food got stuck in my braces, but I brushed my teeth just after the meal.

We took our coffee in the living room, sitting very close, caressing and kissing sometimes. Claire suggested going for a walk outside and having a drink. It was a sunny and very hot day (+ 28 °C).

I felt so confident with her that I said yes, without hesitation, despite my silversmile.

We prepared ourselves and went out for a walk in the big park of the city with our sunglasses on. We took Claire’s stuff with us to put in the car so she could go after the walk. Due to the distance from my home to the park, we had to go there by car. Claire preferred to take her car because she is used to transferring in and out. I helped her to do it and she drove to the park.

Arriving at the parking lot, Claire took a disabled spot near the park’s entry. While I was helping her to get out of the car, I felt suddenly aroused the moment I took her legs to adjust them in her wheelchair. They were so soft with the nylon covering them that despite the fact we were outside, I could not resist the temptation to caress them. This seemed to please her and she grabbed my head to approach with her own and gave me a tender kiss on my mouth, whereas we were in public and everybody could see us. I replied to her kiss by giving her a short but intense kiss.

The park was crowded with Sunday walkers. We walked (and rolled) for an hour, as friends but with a few discreet gestures between us testifying of our new ‘complicity’. Even if no one cared, I was a little embarrassed to smile with my teeth even though I was spending an amazing afternoon with my best (and almost girl-) friend. We then moved to the terrace of a bar to have a drink. The waiter, a tall and sporty brown-haired handsome man, who was about our age, came to us and asked, “Hello there. How could I help you two beautiful ladies to get refreshed on this beautiful and hot day?”

-   “Please bring me a glass of Coca-cola zero with a slice of lemon, with no ice because I’m not that hot for the moment,” Claire replied, looking at him with charming eyes and a wide smile.

-   “A glass of Coca zero with a slice of lemon for the charming chilly lady, and for you, beautiful eyes?” he said slightly provocatively.

I was looking for a drink with no “t” or “s” to avoid feeling stupid with my lisp or something but I did not want ‘vodka’, the first word coming.

-   “Hmmm… a cold lemonade,” I replied shortly, without articulating too much to avoid letting him see my teeth.

-   “Do you want a slice of lemon too with it?” he asked.

-   “Yesh, pleazh, slhslhslh,” I replied, unable to avoid lisping and slurping and started blushing because of the embarrassment suddenly created.

He stared at me for a few seconds, probably questioning, and said loudly, “And a lemonade with a slice of lemon too for the shy hottie! I’m bringing you this straight away ladies!” and he left.

-   “Handshome bud’h quid’he heavy, slhslhslh,” I said to Claire.

-   “I could say yes for one night,” Claire said, laughing.

The waiter brought us our drinks 5 minutes later and we spent two hours chatting. During this time, Claire told me the waiter could not stop looking in our direction and thought he could have a crush for me.

At that moment, Claire went to the toilets. The waiter took the opportunity to come and talk to me. I immediately started feeling embarrassed.

-   “Hey you, what’s up?” he said.

-   “Hmm… No… I’m fine, I’m fine,” I replied, starting blushing.

-   “Well, I’ll be honest because I’m not fine. I’m a little confused because I find you very attractive and I really like you,” he said.

-   “Oh…” I could not reply more, being probably red like a tomato.

-   “That’s all? Are you okay?” he said.

-   “Yeah yeah … bud’h… I’m…” I said stammering, with really nothing to say in response.

-   “Well, I’m sorry. I have to go back to work before my boss sees me. Here is my number. Please call me if you want to have a drink with me. My name is Andrew by the way,” he said.

He gave me a paper with his hand-written number on it and went back to work, without any more glance.

I told Claire what happened after she came back and she started laughing, saying she was right about her feeling.

-   “And what are you going to do?” she asked.

-   “I dond’h know becauzh of my lishping and shlurping, whischh are very embarrasshing, nod’h led’hing me d‘ho d‘halk properly,” I replied, looking down, whereas Claire was gently caressing my knee and thigh over my tights.

-   “Okay, I understand, but you won’t stop living because of this tiny problem. You won’t stop meeting guys during the time you have these braces on. And I understood you every time you spoke on that weekend, there’s no problem in fact,” Claire said.

-   “Yesh, you’re righd’h. I’ll consider calling him,” I said.

After 30 minutes, we decided to go back to our home at 6 P.M., without seeing Andrew again.

Claire drove me to my flat. She pulled her car over in the disabled spot in front of my building. First we did a hug and then we kissed languorously for long minutes for the last time of the weekend, our tongues still touching through the tongue crib and Claire still exploring with hers the appliances in my mouth.

-   “I will miss this, my beauty,” she said.

-   “Sho I do. Szhank you for szhish fabuloush d‘hime my dear, slhslhslh. I cand’h waid’h d’ho shpend anoszher momend’h wiszh you,” I added.

-   “Thank you Alecja. This was also fabulous for me. We’ll do it again soon. Good luck for work tomorrow,” she said.

I got out of the car and gave her a last kiss through the window. She then left, leaving me feeling so fine on the pavement.

When I was walking back to my building, I saw Mrs. Jenkins, my 70-year-old neighbor, who watches all the time for everything that happens. She probably saw me kissing Claire, and asked me if she was my girlfriend, when I was entering the building. I denied it, saying she was just a friend, and went on my way.

At my apartment, I began feeling anxious about my day of work the next day and was especially thinking about the reactions of my colleagues when they all see my new metal smile. We talked a lot about this with Claire during the weekend and despite her comforting words and the fact it was not a big deal, I started freaking out.

This made me lose my appetite and I took a slight meal. Anyway, my teeth were still hurting. My tongue and my cheeks were hurting a lot too, injured by the contact with the appliances despite the use of wax. Maybe I talked with Claire and kissed her a little bit too much on the weekend.

I brushed my teeth, took another painkiller and a pill for anxiety and went to bed to watch a movie. But I could not stop thinking of the really good times with Claire on that weekend and still excited, I enjoyed a moment of lonely pleasure. I fell quickly asleep after that, near the middle of the movie.

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Great next chapter of this story. Looking forward what's going on with the girls and the treatment of course

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I enjoy this dynamic. Thanks for sharing!

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Great story Radian! Really builds the tension for all the new challenges. Particularly like the bisexual element. Don’t stop!

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Really enjoying this story Radian! You build the tension well for the next challenges faced by the characters.

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Great story. Can’t wait to read more!