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new history!!
« on: 12. April 2021, 16:09:31 PM »
Chapter 1

Like every year, I go to my dentist for my checkup, but this year I couldn't go to the same one since I live outside my city.  Well then, I found a clinic that was close to my house.  I called by phone to make an appointment and curiously they told me that the next day I could go.

 The next day I woke up, brushed my teeth, and headed for the annual checkup.  When I entered the clinic, I was surprised by how new it was, at the back of the reception was a boy who invited me to go to the waiting room, when I sat down there were two people a boy of about 30 years who greeted me and I could see  as his mouth was full of iron and elastics, the other was a boy about my age, I couldn't see what was happening in his mouth since he didn't smile.  A few minutes later the same receptionist invited me to come to the consultation, where I sat down and prepared myself for the review.  A few minutes later the dentist came in, introduced himself and told me that he would start the checkup.  A couple of X-rays, a scan, and you're done.

 When I finished he sat up and began to tell me that he did not have any cavities but that he was concerned about my bite and a small crowding of my lower teeth.  He told me that he preferred to be seen by his colleague, the orthodontist, which he sure was nothing but that he preferred a more secure opinion.  At that moment he tells me to wait for a few minutes since his colleague is at the clinic and that he can come in.

 I wait for me and the orthodontist enters, he begins to see the X-rays, he explores me and comes to the conclusion that "I NEED BRACES".

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Re: new history!!
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Nice start

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Re: new history!!
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Great start!

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Re: new history!!
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I wonder where this will go.