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My metal adolescence (Story Spin-off).
« on: 24. December 2022, 04:36:16 AM »
This is a spin-off of the story "The treatment of my dreams", I know I haven't finished it (and if I'm going to finish it, just give me time, I'm going slowly, very slowly, but surely), but I really wanted to of writing this story, and by the way, I already uploaded a chapter of the original story, and I hope to write more.
 Without further ado, my metal adolescence.
 Hello, maybe you already know me, or maybe you don't, maybe you have seen me in the newspapers, or on social networks, or on TV, or you have read my book (by the way, only €4.99), or you have seen on the street but they don't recognize me, well, this is me, Megan Smit, and I'm “Metalen gezicht meisje”, or the metal face girl, they only speak English, my story full of metal, pain, looks, embarrassment (other people's, not mine), but a lot, a lot of satisfaction.
 My orthodontic story begins at a very early age, I have always liked the dentist's office, it is my happy place, so much so that my parents are, well, they were well-known orthodontists, especially for their express treatments, and for their invisible treatments, even they contributed a lot during the development of invisalign, and you may wonder, why did they "go"? which is strange considering that my older brothers had almost no problems, what's more, my brother Virgil didn't even wear braces, with his removable braces, it was more than enough, on Teun's part, he did wear braces, but it was such a simple treatment I'm even embarrassed to comment on it here.
 Since I was a child, I had to use braces, my Headgear along with my Van de Beek, it was like makeup for a woman, I went out with it without having to, I even went to school with it, the good thing was that they never asked me anything, because I didn't I could answer, and my peers never made fun of me, maybe because of the orthodontic culture here, but to be honest, I would have liked a little attention, I enjoy it, and to this day I travel the world (every chance I can). , I'm not a millionaire either), trying to get attention, and not because my parents didn't give me enough, which they did, and I even consider myself a spoiled girl, but because those strange looks, those looks of shame or even pity I just love them, not to say it in a stronger way.
 But where all my metal history began in my mouth (my history seriously, because my childhood is a joke compared to today), was when I was 14 years old.

 D: Megan, can you leave the office?
 Megan: Yes dad.
 M: What are we going to do? We've already tried everything, and his bite isn't corrected one bit.
 D: And Megan hates surgeries so much, she hurts what happened in 2007.
 M: We lament about it every week, what were we to know that the anesthesia made her see her surgery on her leg?
 D: And if we take her to the psychologist again?
 M: And for what? We tried to pull out a tooth, and she almost fell into a coma from terror.
 D: I love my daughter very much, but it's frustrating that we can't correct her bite correctly.
 M: We haven't tried anything yet.
 D: NO.
 M: For our daughter.
 D: I refuse, if I do that treatment, we would lose all the image we have built, we are fast and invisible orthodontics, doing something like that... it would be ironic, we do comfortable treatments, but we have a daughter with a mouth full of metal.
 M: Do you see any alternative? Also, Megan has used Headgear and is used to it.
 D: It's not the same 1 Headgear to 4, and the Van de Beek, you can take it off, not a herbst, not the expanders and not a tongue crib.
 M: Yes you can.
 D: But in her case it does not apply, she would be much more traumatized.
 M: What do we lose? Also, look at the advantages, a treatment without surgery and extractions, what is worse? Surgery? Or using devices for at least 3 years?
 D: The gadgets, that's why people look for us.
 M: But there are people who hate surgeries like Megan.
 D: No, there are people who hate surgeries, Megan dies of a heart attack knowing that she would have an incision.
 M: For that very reason, or will patients believe that Megan's treatment is the only possible solution to her dental problems?
 D: Well no, not really.
 M: Shall we make the decision?
 D: Well, if it doesn't work, we've already tried everything.
 M: Megan, come in.
 Megan: Yes mom.
 D: Mom and Dad have been talking, and we need to change your treatment.
 Megan: Again? Make up your mind.
 D: This time it's final, we'll solve your dental problems once and for all, love, go get the braces.
 M: Which ones?
 D: Well, the ones that we are going to place on Megan.
 M: We don't use that.
 D: You were the one who proposed the idea.
 M: Well yes, but I didn't think it would go that far, besides we don't use that, remember the “quick and invisible braces”.
 D: Yes, if I remember, well, well, it will be tomorrow, so get ready Megan, you will have a very complicated treatment, so call Virgil and tell him to take Megan to McDonald's to eat hamburgers, she will not eat them again for a long time.
 Megan: Easy dad, I'll call him.
 D: Thank you daughter.
 M: She is very calm, other girls would be terrified.
 Megan outside before calling Virgil.
 Megan: Hi Virgil, I need you to come get me.
 V: I'm in college, and I'm talking to a girl about the entrance exam.
 Megan: Call him another day.
 V: I can't call him another day, he's sexy.
 Megan: Well, then don't complain when my parents punish you.
 V: Wait, wait, I'm going there.
 Megan: It's for you to take me to McDonald's.
 V: Children of…
 Megan walking into the office.
 Megan: It's coming, I wasn't too happy.
 D: Let me guess, he was with a girl.
 Megan: What do you eat that you guess?.
 M: That Virgil will never get a stable girlfriend, his most stable relationship lasted 5 days and it was in elementary school.
 Megan: Hahahahahahahahaha, too bad she was too young to remember.
 D: Poor Virgil.
 M: Hey, you're not much better, do you know how long it took him to talk to me? 8 months, and it was only to ask me to borrow a pencil, if it weren't for me, your father would be lonelier than a mushroom.
 D: Oh, so we're telling each other the truth, well, your mom didn't stop wetting the bed until she was 11 years old.
 M: It was a promise of marriage.
 D: About the date too and you said it, and stop laughing, or do I remind you of Bubu?
 M: Oh yes, daddy, mommy washed Bubu and he died aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
 Megan: Respect Bubu, I still mourn him.
 D: How do you mourn a teddy bear?
 Megan: A special teddy bear, who has a special place in my heart.
 M: You are 14 years old.
 Megan: And is it that age changes love?
 D: Because of the teddy bears, yes.
 Megan: Do I remember Aruba daddy?
 V: I'm here, let's go to McDonald's before I regret it.
 M: Thank goodness you arrived.
 Megan: Yeah, we were just telling each other the truth, hey by the way.
 D: You'd better go, it's getting late.
 M: Yes, the hamburgers are not going to get cold.
 Megan and Virgil: Okay, see you tonight.
 M: Why do these things always come up with Megan?
 D: Who do you think she inherited it from?

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Re: My metal adolescence (Story Spin-off).
« Reply #1 on: 27. December 2022, 06:31:30 AM »
This is a really good story, even better than the treatment of my dreams story IMHO.