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Re: Linda Jacobson: her story continues
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Chapter 20

So, one thing I completely ignored in the last chapter is that Paula, the camera operator from BD Productions, was at the house, filming them for their second 'fly on the wall' TV program. Her assistant, Sanjay, had already gone home, but Paula wanted to stay, to film them all over dinner and during their stream.

Over dinner, she had set up 3 small cameras, plus she had a hand-held one. For audio, she had a couple of extra small audio recorders that she'd placed on the table. Things had been quiet from a filming perspective since they had been in the studios, so today was really the first time she had filmed them in a more 'personal' setting. Luckily she had done this sort of filming before, so had learnt how to 'keep out of the way: the last thing she really wanted to do was to be involved in the action herself!

With dinner over, they had moved to the lounge. After changing the SD cards, she set up the small cameras around the room, and was there with her handheld, on it's 'steady-mount'. From what shye had watched earlier, and over dinner, she had decided that she was going to enjoy filming these girls!

"We ready?" asked Jenny. Paige and Callum were running tonight's stream, allowing the girls (and their fellers) to not have to worry about the practicalities.

"Yes, just say the word" replied Paige.

"The word..." replied Jenny.


"You said to 'just say the word', so I did!"

"Oh, right, yeah...". Paige started the stream, and nodded.

"Hi everyone!" said Jenny. "We have a special stream for you tonight, so let's see who's here." Jenny went over to the camera, and swung it around. "So, behind the camera tonight it's both Callum and Paige." She swung the camera around. "And sat over her on the settee we have me and my beloved Ben. Then we have Dianne, Carol and Tom. And finally we have Linda and.... oh, who on earth is THAT, with Linda...."

By now, Paige was controlling the camera again, and she started to zoom in on Linda and Zac. "Hi everyone, as you can probably guess, I have some news for you! I'd like you all to meet Zac... go on, say hello to all of our fans, Zac!"

"Hi everyone, I'm Zac!" he replied with a small wave.

Linda put her hand onto Zac's shoulder, and moved closer to him. "So, if you haven't worked it out, Zac is my new boyfriend!" and she leaned over and kissed him on the cheek

"... and the chat has officially just gone into meltdown!" said Dianne, who was watching the stream on her phone. "I think you'd better tell everyone all about Zac...."

"Ok, well Zac is a graphics designer, works for a small company in the Croydon area." Linda went on to give a shortened version of how they met at a friends get together, how she wrote a song (but didn't hint about it being their new single), how she invited everone out to dinner, and how she finally got some time alone with Zac over lunch.

"So, a quick request out to any paparazzi watching tonight: please can you be nice to Zac when he's not with me, just like you are nice to Tom and Ben, when they are with Carol and Jenny?"

There were a few questions that Callum had spotted in the chat, and he asked a few of them. mainly non-contentious stuff like 'what's your favourite food'. One was a little more difficult... wello for Zac it was: 'So, what is it about Linda that first attracted you?'. Well, he could hardly say 'her braces were a massive turn-on' could he.

"Well, she has a rather cute smile, but that first evening, when we were in a group, and she was pretty much ignoring me, I found it interesting to watch how she interacted with everyone: she has a nice, and also quite relaxed, sort of personality. She could easily have been showing off, but she wasn't, she was with people she knew, that she clearly enjoyed seeing again, and she was just 'another one of us', a normal person. I guess I've not seen the 'I'm a mega pop star' Linda yet, but I don't think that will scare me off!"

With the stream over, they chatted, drank coffee and so on, until it was time for Zac to go.

"I need to get going, I've got work tomorrow.." he said.

"And of ocouse, going to meet Northern Girls at teh airport, and no doubt do interviews isn't work?"

"Come on Linda, I wasn't meaning it like that. I know I've not known you long, but I can guess that you guys work hard - how else are you going to have become top musicians. And I also know you're going to be busy the next few weeks, I just hope you can squeeze me in sometime!"

"Don't worry, I'll make some time for you! But maybe not the next couple of days. I'll send you a few pics of what we're up to, if you like... your eyes only, of course!"

After a long kiss, during which Zac had another chance to explore Linda's lovely metal braces, Zac went on his way. Linda was feeling very happy, kinda hapy at the same level as when they asked her to joined the band fulltime. She realised that, if she wanted to make a relationship with Zac work, she was going to have to do a lot of the running, making space in her now very busy diary for him.


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Re: Linda Jacobson: her story continues
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Chapter 21

Not knowing whether the traffic there would be good or bad, the CJDL team, complete with Paula, had arrived at the airport to greet the Northern Girls quite a bit early, to then discover that the flight was running about 45 minutes late.

"Seems to me that we could this extra time we have to let Linda have a word with the press out there," suggested Paige. "I'm sure they'd like to know a bit more... although I did count at least 3 crews."

"Sounds fine by me" replied Linda. Whilst she had done the stream last night, she knew that the press would want to actually speak to her. "... although having to repeat myself 3 or more times isn't so appealing."

"Hmm, I have an idea," suggested Carol, "kinda like what we did in Korea: I'll offer to interview you for all of them. And if they have extra questions, I can put them to you. One good interview, rather than many bored ones. And it's not like I've never interviewed anyone." Carol was referring to the fact that she had not only joined Tom on his show on many occasions now, and effectively interviewed a LOT of callers, she had even sat in for Tom for a couple of days when he had been ill... and taken the opportunities to speak to (or 'interview') several other well known pop stars.

So, Paige, Brian, Carol and Linda walked over to the now 4 waiting camera crews, persuading them to join them in a slightly quieter area. Paula held slightly back, to get more general shots. She had put small audio recorders onto Linda and Brian, to capture extra audio: her own camera would also be recording the audio.

Paige introduced herself. "So, you are all aware of Linda's news last night, and we know you all want to get an interview with her. And whilst those of you who get the first interviews will be happy, the latter ones will be less good, as Linda starts to get a bit bored with it all. So we have an idea. One interview for you all... but that gives you the problem of who would carry out the interview.... Carol, over to you!"

"Hi everyone, always nice to meet you guys, especially when you are good to us! So here's my suggestion: I'll interview Linda for you. I know her story, and will ask the questions in a way that Linda might be much more willing to answer. At the end, if I've missed anything, then you can give me the questions, and I can ask them, and you can edit them in how you like. That way you all get a good fresh interview, and I'm sure your viewers will be happy to see me doing the interviewing. So, what do you think?"

There was a bit of discussion, but in the end the consensus was to go with her suggestion. Carol spent a few minutes with the presenters explaining what she'd be asking Linda about, and a couple of them came up with a couple more good questions. Once again, Paula stood back from the group so that she could film what was happening more generally: they would be able to get the actual news footage form the relevant companies later on.

"Hi everyone," started Carol, "I'm Carol from CJDL, and I'm here with Linda, and we thought that, while we wait for Northern Girls to arrive, I could ask her a few questions about the announcement she made online last night. So, hello there, Linda! Now, let's start at the start: what was your big news last night?"

The cameras were now panning over and zooming in to Linda, who smiled pleasantly for the cameras, shwing off her lovely metallic smile. "Well, I have a new boyfriend. His name is Zac, and he is a graphic designer."

"So, tell us the story about how you met him..."

Linda summarised the story that we all know well now, with Carol asking a couple of questions to get a few more details. Effectively Linda repeated what she and Zac had said the previous evening on the stream.

"So, where's he from? And does he have any brothers or sisters?" One advantage with Carol asking the questions was that she knew that Linda would be ok answering them, so would give good positive answers, rather than trying to evade the question, which never looked good on TV.

"His parents live in Carshalton, and before you ask, no I've not met them yet... and for that matter, he's not met my parents either!" she said with a slight giggle. "And yes, he has a sister, she's about 4 years older than him, and apparently works as a 'retail manager' somewhere in South London, and lives in the wider Croydon area, kinda like us."

"So, last night he met all of us, everyone in the band, plus a few others: how did he feel about that?" Linda explained how, initially he had said he wasn't into girl bands, and how she had jokingly called him her 'anti-fan' on their first meeting... but how, having heard the band's new album, he was a lot more accepting of their music style. "But I think he quite enjoyed meeting everyone last night, by the end of the evening he seemed quite relaxed."

"Oooh, you mentioned the new album there: are we allowed to say anything about that, do you think?" asked Carol. She was definitely into territory where, had this been a normal interview, the response would have been a 'sorry, not something I can really talk about'. But they had decided to talk a bit about it, without really giving too much away.

"Well, in the same way that the last album was a bit of a change from what you guys had been doing before, I think our fans should expect another change, although maybe not QUITE as big a change. I've had a lot of input into this new album, I fully wrote or partly wrote quite a few of the songs, and I think you're seeing my musical tastes come through. But I think they are all still recognisable as being CJDL songs."

"Any idea when it's going to be released? And what news of a new single?" These, again, were a couple of questions that they knew the press would like, and had decided to give them a bit of a teaser.

"I believe the album will be out a few weeks before we go on tour. As for the single, I can't say a lot right now, but it is a song that I wrote, and it's going to be a bit different in terms of the 'pacing' of the song, but everyone who has heard it so far seems to like it. And I guess it will also get released before we go on tour, because I don't know about you Carol, but I want to be able to sing it when we're on tour as our single! So, when it's out, remember to buy it and stream it!"

"Ok, here's an interesting question, it came from one of the TV interviewers over there: as the 'new girl' in the band, do you still feel like you're the new girl?"

Linda smiled. "Yeah, nice question. And the answer is actually very easy: no, I really feel like I'm one of the band now. You guys were always good to me, but while we've been writing and recording the new album, there's never been any feeling that I'm anything but part of CJDL. So, I guess you guys are stuck with me for now!"

"Linda, thank you so much for answering my questions so candidly!"

"My pleasure, Carol, it's been fun." She paused a moment, then turned to the reporters. "Look, Tom and Ben - that's Jenny and Carol's boyfriends - are really appreciative of the privacy you afford them when they aren't with us. Please can I ask you to extend the same courtesy to Zac? I know you'd all have liked to have met Zac today, but he has to work, kinda like the rest of us. But I promise I'll organise a way for you guys to meet him sometime soon! Thanks!". Everyone seemed to be ok with that.

"Can I ask one more simple question?" asked one of the reporters.

"Sure, fire away! replied Carol.

"Well, it's more to do with the tour than with Linda: any ideas yet what the shape of the performances will be like?"

Carol, Linda and Brian had a very quick chat. "I'm afraid it's going to be a bit of a non-answer, but let's do it." Carol and Linda got themselves back into position.

"Linda, a quick question about our tour: do we know yet what's going to happen in the performances?"

"I'm afraid not, that's one of the first things we'll be working on with Northern Girls in the next week or two. However, there's no way it's going to be two separate performances: we've already decided that we want to all perform together, as well as alone, but beyond that we just haven't decided." Linda paused and turned to the reporter who had asked the question. "That a good enough answer for you?"

"Yup, that's fine. I must admit, I'm really looking forward to seeing what you girls all do, I think it's going to be quite interesting!"

The TV crews all went away happy: whilst they had all just recorded the same interview, their questions had all be answered, and in a few cases, in more depth than they might have otherwise been answered.

Carol felt quite chuffed that she had clearly done an acceptable interview: maybe it was something she could do a bit more for the band. In fact, it was something that she repeated less than an hour later... In the meantime, Carol and Linda joined Jenny and Dianne, who were chatting with a small group of fans. After giving some of them their autographs, they too had a chat with them... and yes, Linda got loads of questions about Zac. But Linda didn't mind: unlike the press, these were the people that directly supported the band, by buy concert tickets and merchandise, and paying for their records. People a bit like she had been up until a year ago.

Finally, after a couple of cups of coffee and, and after a 45 minute delay (something to do with the jet-stream winds not being as strong as normal) Northern Girls arrived, and came into the arrivals area. Whilst everyone else was kept back, our four girls went over to Taylor, Kate, Meg and Erin, and hugged them. Paula was nearby, and filmed it all.

"It's great to see you all again!" said Linda.

"And you too... so, we're finally here! The roller-coaster is about to depart!" replied Kate.

"Yeah, but I think it's going to be a lot of fun!"

Having got pictures of the 4 Canadian girls actually arriving, as a result of Carol's earlier help, the TV crews quickly went to a quieter area where our 4 CJDL members brought the 4 Northern Girls. Brian had spoken with their entourage, including their manager, Andre, and they were all keeping themselves slightly out of the way of the cameras: they knew how important this publicity was.

Three of the camera crews had a sound guy, with a boom mic, so Carol just had to hold two radio mics in her hand.

"Hi everyone, I'm Carol, from CJDL, and I'm here with the other three members of my band to welcome the 4 ladies from Northern Girls to England! Hi ladies!" There was a big cheer, not just from the 8 ladies themselves, but also the crowd that had gathered. "I guess the first thing I should do is to get these ladies to introduce themselves...". As the four Canadian ladies introduced themselves, they all smiled, letting everyone see the shiny metalwork on their teeth. Clearly, at some point, they would need to address 'the elephant in the room': why did 8 pop stars all have braces? But Carol had decided that this would NOT be mentioned today: Northern Girls (and CJDL for that matter) needed to have a good, simple, and easily acceptable story. Without a certain level of planning, awkward questions might get asked, and embarrassment caused.

"So you're in England now to prepare for our European tour" Carol asked Taylor, the leader of the 4 ladies.

"That's right. We just finished recording our new album, but I think we've all got a lot of work ahead of us to get ready for this tour!"

"How was the recording?"

"Yeah, a few issues, if only because our producer wanted it to be 'just right', but otherwise it all went ok."

"Any plans to 'pop back home' before the actual tour?"

"I suspect we might, but that would just be for a few days. There's a lot to do, and we're used to being away from home." replied Taylor,.

"Any time for a bit of sightseeing maybe?"

"I hope so! Doing what we do is actually not a lot different from what most people do, we work hard during the days while preparing for a tour, so we need a few days off every so often. And I know there's so much to see here in London and nearby..."

Carol chatted to the other band members for several minutes, then turned to the TV crews: "Any other questions?". There were a couple, and Linda asked them. Again, the TV crews were appreciative of what Carol had done.

"I'm impressed, Carol." commented Andre. "That worked really well, and got it all over with quite quickly!"

"Yeah, I did one with Linda earlier too. But I suspect we'll have a few more interviews to do between now and the start of the tour!"


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Re: Linda Jacobson: her story continues
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Chapter 22

Last night, they had booked a small restaurant, by which I mean the place was closed, and they were the only diners. All 16 of them, plus Paula and Sanjay. How did I make 16? Well, Ben, Paige and Eleanor (fan club) were there too, so was Taylor's boyfriend, who had come over for a few days. Plus Andre and Wendy, Northern Girls' PA. The evening finished fairly early, as the Northern Girls were quite tired after their flight, but it was a chance for people to, once again, get to know each other. And a chance for Paula and Sanjay to get some good footage.

"Good morning everyone!" said Brian, as he walked into the dining room. The table was big enough for all 8 girls, Ben, plus a few others to sit around it, a small number of others were sat behind. Also Paula and Sanjay were there, filming. Todays meeting, being the first of many, would definitely be something that would want to be included in their 'fly on the wall' documentary.

So, why did I just highlight Ben there? Well, the 'CJDL team' have decided to get Ben to join their 'management team', with the longer-term plan that, if things went well, Ben might take over from Brian as their manager. Ben has actually been (unofficially, and part-time) helping out for a bit now, and Brian and Lisa are feeling that it's maybe time to step back: they had originally become CJD's managers when the band was starting out, if only to make sure the 3 girls weren't 'ripped off' when they got their first record contract, and when they went on tour.

So, it's the next day: the Northern Girls and their entourage (a boyfriend included) were staying at another large house they had rented for the next few months, under 30 minutes away. They had eaten breakfast there, and come over to 'the Mansion'. Yesterday was just one of those crazy days, where not a lot actually got done. The girls were a bit jet-lagged, so had gone to bed early: today was their first day to start getting ready for the tour.

"Andre and I have been talking over the last few weeks, and between us have come up with a list of stuff we need to get decided quickly, so we can start organising stuff...". He passed around sheets of paper with a list on, which included things like 'decide band name', "tour name", 'shape of the show' and that sort of thing. "So, I'm sure individually you've had ideas for the name of the joint band, as well as the tour name, but this is really the first chance we've had to be all together. It's so fundamental to so many things that need to be done... publicity, posters, merchandise, graphics, you name it. Shall we start with the band name?"

A lot of names were said, and written down. Things like 'Eight of us' and 'Them and Us'. They did a similar things for the tour names.

"Thanks everyone" said Brian. "So, I think we all need to go away, think about it, talk about it too... I'm kinda hoping that we'll be able to work out the names maybe tomorrow or the day after. As I said, we need to make a decision on this pretty soon."

"A question, about 'logos'," asked Linda. "obviously we're going to need some sort of new logo or image for the joint band name, but I'm just wondering whether the CJDL logo needs a bit of a revamp while we're at it? I'm not saying I have an issue with our current one, but you've had it a while, and at the end of the day, it's just 'CJD' with an 'L' added to it."

The room was quiet for several seconds. "I guess we have a certain emotional attachment to it, so maybe it IS a discussion for us to have." said Carol. "Taylor, Meg, you guys... you're not so close to it, thoughts? And don't hold back, we're ok with any good critical feedback..."

While Carol had been talking, Paige had got the logo up on her tablet, and was holding it so the Canadian team could see it.

"Difficult one!" replied Taylor. "So, how old is that logo?"

"Well, we got it done when we were starting out, so about 6 or 7 years ago now" replied Dianne. "So what you thinking?"

"If I'm honest, it's still 'ok', but you guys have changed since then, haven't you? So maybe it's something to at least think about, talk about...."

Next, they started to discuss the format for their performance. Yes, they were all very happy to try anything and everything together, so obviously some new stuff, but also Northern Girls were happy to act as a 'backing band' to let CJDL sing a couple of their older songs.

"You know, I think it would be good fun for each of us, when we're playing alone, to play one or two of each others songs." suggested Erin.

"Like the idea!" replied Jenny. They chatted for a while about ideas, including having some sort of 'solo spot', and even maybe something where one of them sang with a crew-member. Plus whatever was needed for any guests.

"Ok, so kinda related, I guess we need to talk about cereals." said Linda.

"Cereals?" replied Kate.

Brian briefly explained about the recent commercials. "So, Linda suggested that they could do a version of... oh, go on Linda, you explain it!"

"How would you like to be our 'Kami Band'? We want to do a version of Babymetal's 'Gimme Chocolate!', except it'll be 'Gimme Cereals!'. And we'll probably want to do a version called 'Gimme Nabosci!' for the actual company".

"Oh, yeah, I'd LOVE to do that!" replied Meg. "You gonna get dressed up in black and red for it too?"

"Of course! I mean, how ELSE could we do it?". Linda looked at the others.

"Oh, definitely!" replied Kate. "Sounds like we have some fun learning to do!"

Paula was at the side, filming all of this: it was all very exciting stuff, the sort of things that fans never got to see, and it would be great for their eventual TV program.

After discussing a few other things, the girls all went off to the music room: Northern Girls instruments were due to arrive later that day, so Callum had organised someone he knew - who was a great drum-tech, and could easily be the guy joining them on tour - to unpack and set Erin's drums up. We are, of course, talking about 'proper' acoustic drums, rather than the electric ones that Dianne had recently bought.

"Oooh, they look nice and new!" said Erin, Northern Girls' drummer, looking at Diann's new electric drumkit.

"They are. And so much nicer than the older ones, the skins react so much more like real ones. Two bass kicks too. Want a go?" explained Dianne.

"Stupid question, of course I do! Although I'm still not a great fan of them...".

"I have a feeling you might change your mind a little bit when you've tried these, they are so much better than my old ones! Ok, let me set them up... I'm guessing you want a good rock sound to them, don't you?". She interacted with the setup screen, and picked up a couple of sticks, and had a quick play. "There you go, all yours!"

Erin took the sticks, and sat at the drums, and spent a couple of minutes familiarising herself with the layout. "Hey, can you swap these two over? And tune that one down a bit?"

"Easy... that's the joy of electric drums...." Again she made a few adjustments using the setup screen. "Half a moment, I have an idea....." more screen and button touches. "Ok, so this keyboard to the side, you can use that to tune these 3 drums up and down to your heart's content!".

Erin played again. "Which key was it to take the snare down?" she asked. Dianne pointed, but let Erin make the change. "Ok, yes, I see what you mean, THAT is nice!"

While Erin was trying out the drums, the rest of the girls had been checking out the (many) guitars that Callum had found and plugged in - at Callum's request, Linda and Carol had brought along a couple of their older guitars. Dianne sat down at the old acoustic drum kit, and quickly checked it out.

"So, have you guys had a chance to work on any of our songs?" asked Taylor.

"A couple... 'Yellow snow' was one of them. We just liked the name!" replied Jenny.

"Ok, in that case, how about we give it a go?"

About an hour and 3 songs later, they decided to take a break.

"You know, your new drumkit isn't that bad. I mean, still not as good as my acoustic set, but not half bad!" commented Erin


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Re: Linda Jacobson: her story continues
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Chapter 23

"Hey, Linda, you got anything planned for tonight?" asked Jenny.

"No, why?"

"Well, Ben and I were going to team up with Taylor and Phil, and go out for a nice meal. Just wondering if you and Zac want to join us. I was going to tip Sarah off, let her and her pap friends get some pics, so it would be a great opportunity to introduce Zac to them."

"Good idea! Let me call Zac, see if he's up for it....". She got her phone out and called Zac. "Hey, Zac, would you like to come out with us for dinner tonight?" Linda asked Zac.

"Who's us, then?"

"Jenny and Ben, plus Taylor and her boyfriend Phil. It's actually a good opportunity for you to finally 'meet the press'... because it won't just be you they're interested in!"

"Hmmm..." commented Zac.

"Look, Zac, if you're wanting to go out with me, you're going to have to accept that the press and photographers are part of my life. And our experience is that things always work out better when we're upfront, and proactively give them photo ops."

"Yeah, I guess you're right. Doesn't make it any less scary though!"

"Don't worry about it, we've got to know most of them now, especially Sarah's friends, and they are actually nice guys. So, you up for it?"

"Sarah? Who's she?"

"A very friendly photographer: in the same way we give Tom quite a few exclusives for the radio, we  give Sara first dibs on some good photo ops, like tonight. Don't worry, she's very much on our side. Ages ago, Jenny had her long hair cut, ended up being an ambassador for a wigs charity, and Sarah did a load of stuff for the charity for free - big win-win for everyone involved. So, yeah, Sarah's one of the 'good guys'!"

"So, yeah, I guess so. So where, when, and what sort of dress code?"

"Here at the mansion, we'll organise transport from here. Can you make it for say 6-30? And smart casual, what you wore out when I treated everyone would be just right..."

"Can you make it, say, 6-45, give me time to get home and change. I mean, I have my hair and makeup to do too!" he said, pulling Linda's leg.

Linda laughed. "Just trying to imagine you in makeup, to the level we wear on stage..." Linda smiled at the thought. "Ok, 6-45 is fine! See you later.... love you!"


"Go on, say it, it won't hurt you!"

"I'm at work..."

"Yeah, so am I! Come on...."

"Ok... I love you too...." said Zac softly.

Zac arrived a few minutes early, and Linda introduced him to the Northern Girls. They had organised themselves into small groups of 4 and 6 to go out for meals tonight, in different places.

Jenny had spoken with Sarah, to tip her off about where they would be, so she would be waiting with a small group of paps, ready to take their pictures. Clearly, they would be interested in Taylor, as well as Linda and Zac.

An UberXL arrived soon after, and they all went off to their restaurant. Jenny messaged Sarah on the way, so they could all be waiting for them when they arrived.

Sarah was waiting with 3 other photographers where Jenny had told them they would arrive. The Uber pulled up, and Jenny was the first to get out, along with Ben. They waited a moment to let the small group of paps get ready for them.

"Hi everyone! Nice to see you all." The cameras started clicking. "Ok, so name checks, wouldn't want you getting them wrong, would we? So, you know me and Ben by now, so let me introduce you to Taylor, and her boyfriend Phil: she's the 'frontman' for Northern Girls...".

Taylor got out of the Uber with Phil, and they stood there letting the team take their photos. "Hi guys, nice to meet you. I'll guess you must be Sarah... you're the only lady here!"

"Hi Taylor! Yes, that's me!" replied Sarah.

"And now, the couple I suspect you REALLY want to meet. CJDL member Linda, and her new boyfriend, Zac!". Jenny had got good at introducing people.

Linda and Zac got out, and stood there, letting the team take their photos. "Ok, Zac, we need to give then something worthwhile!" said Linda quietly to Zac. Linda knew that they wanted something a 'bit more interesting than just standing there', so she started by putting her arm around Zac, and giving him a bit of a hug - she could hear the cameras working hard. Next she put her hand up to Zac's face, and smiled. "Go on, give them a nice smile!". Finally, she moved in for a kiss, which she held, to make sure they all got some good pictures.

"So, Zac, say hi to Sarah, she's the one that organised this reception for us. Oh, and that's  Bill, and that's Sanjay... you'll get to know them after a bit!". Linda waved at them all.

"So, you guys gonna be ok with the same 'rules' for Zac as you do for Ben and Tom... so leave him alone when he's not with me?" The team of paps agreed.

"Thanks guys, I'm still very new to all this... so go gently on me, will you?" said Zac, trying to break the ice a little. More clicks.

"Can we have some pics of you three girls, please?" asked Sarah.

"But of course..." They got themselves into position, then had a bit of fun. "Hey, faces together and smile, girls!" suggested Jenny. The three of them smiled, letting the paps see their metallic smiles.

"That's a lot of metal you have there!" said Bill.

"You sound like you understand braces there, Bill..."

"Oh, my teen daughter has them, not over keen on them. So yeah... as I said, a lot of metal."

"If you think we have a lot of metal, wait till you see the other five. We all have braces!"

"Eight girls with braces: that's gonna be quite some sight!" said Bill.

Something clicked in Jenny's mind. She looked at Linda and Taylor. "Eight girls in Braces?... that could be a good name for the band! Thanks for the idea, Bill!"

"It's gonna cost you...."

"Tell you what, how about we do a selfie with you for your daughter? And we'll record you a video message for her too."

Bill smiled. "Oh, she'd LOVE that! She's a big fan....".

"Ok, Sarah, want to take some pics, pass them on to Bill?". The three girls gathered around Bill, so that Sarah - and the others - could take pics. "So, what's your daughter called?" asked Jenny.

"She's called Lily."

"Lily... nice name.... Ok, Bill, ready?". Bill got his camera ready to record video, and nodded. "Ok, so hello there, Lily, I'm Jenny, and this is Linda, and we're half of CJDL. And this lady is Taylor, she's the frontman of Northern Girls, I suspect you'll be seeing a lot more of her in the next month or two. So, your dad - Bill - has come here to take our pics, and he told us that you have braces too, but aren't so keen on them. Well, we're here to tell you that braces are actually very cool, and you should never be ashamed of showing them off, be proud of having them! Besides, they aren't forever, and when you're done, you'll have an amazing smile!" With that, all three of them smiled at the camera, once more showing off their metal smiles, then finished by waving at the camera.

"Thank you, Jenny, she's gonna be amazed when I show that to her! Thanks!"

"Ok, guys, we need to get going, I'm sure we'll be seeing you all again soon! And remember to give Zac his space, will you..."

"So, Ben, you've obviously been through all this: what am I letting myself in for?" asked Zac over dinner.

"Well, for a start, you can expect to see those pictures in the papers and online over the next few days. To be honest, from what I saw, there's nothing there to be ashamed of. If you bump into any of the paps, just be nice to them, and remind them if needed about not taking your picture. I've actually had a couple of nice chats with some of them: at the end of they day, they just need to do their job, same as the girls have to do their job. When you're with Linda, trust Linda: I've seen her handle the press, and she seems to have got pretty good at it."

"Do you ever get people in the street coming up to you?"

"Not all that often. If I've got the time, then I'll maybe have a quick chat to them. If I'm busy, I'll kinda acknowledge them and continue on, but being polite. Oh, by the way, if you get any problems, public or paps, do let us know. Take their picture if you need to. I had a bit of an issue with a photographer from one of the dailies in the early days: Jennifer just kicked him and his reporter out of their next press conference, making it clear why! No real issues since then."

"Yeah, Linda told me about that one. So what sort of stuff can I expect when I'm with Linda?"

"Depends on what she's doing. When they go and 'meet the fans', then the fans are mainly there for them, but may want to take some pics of you as a couple. Be nice to them, make their day, and they'll love you for it. One of the things I often do is to help 'organise' their fans, maybe taking pics with their cameras for them - although Paige tends to do that if she's there."

"If in doubt, just ask me..." said Linda. "As far as official photographers go, we can usually guess where they will be, so we always try to build in a few minutes for them. If we just bump into someone, then we'll give them some time if we can: most of them really appreciate that, take their pics quickly, and let us get on with things. So, yeah, it was weird for me at first, but I'm pretty used to it now. Although, if you need to speak to an expert, then speak to Jenny!"

"When Ben's with me, he just assumes that we will get 'accosted' by someone at some point. If we have time, we'll stop briefly - our fans are important, and without them, we'd have no tour... and without the tour, we'd be pretty poor!"

"Don't you get money from selling CDs and streaming..."

"Yes, now we're more successful, it's better, but is still quite small compared to what a tour can bring in...." explained Jenny.

"This next tour is going to be a big one, the money involved is what you'd expect to see in a medium sized business." explained Ben. "Do the maths: ticket price times size of audience is a BIG number. But there's a LOT of expenditure too. But at the end of it all, the band is going to - hopefully - make some serious money... which will pay for all of our time over the last few months working on their music, plus the next couple of months getting ready before the tour, and the 3 months ON the tour. And I'm sure they are going to need some 'down-time' afterwards... they usually do!"

Linda thought about that: yes, she'd definitely have (more like NEED!) a few weeks off, and then she might be working on 'Singer behind the Mask'... Yes, she really WAS hoping they would let her do that, it would be so different, but the idea of her being solo, no band to work with, well that was actually a bit scary!

"So, yes, your life will be different, but take it in your stride, and you may find you enjoy the experience. At the end of the day, I guess it's all part of the 'going out with Linda' package! By the way, if you need any help, or want to talk, I'm here for you, and I'm sure Tom would be ok too."

"So Taylor, what's it like for you guys over in Canada?" asked Zac

"I get the feeling we do things a bit differently. We don't interact with our fans like these guys do. And watching these two handle the photographers earlier, wow, that was an eye-opener for me! Maybe we four need to get trained up by these girls!"

As they chatted, they exchanged stories about fans, performances, dealing with the press and TV.

"So, Zac, how are you feel about going on TV with Linda then?" asked Ben.

"TV? You kidding me?"

"No. I'm sure they'd love to have you. I've been on TV with Jennifer a couple of times, and it was ok."

"I'm assuming they'll want us to go on TV at some point?" asked Taylor.

"Yes, there was talk about maybe next week, all eight of you, but still waiting to hear. They don't know what they are letting themselves in for, do they? So, by then, we'll need to have a group name, and the name for the tour. We'll probably get Carol to tell the world on Tom's show."

"Ah, yes, he's a DJ on a local station, isn't he?"

"That's right. I know he'd like you four to join him in the studio sometime..." said Ben.

"Don't worry, I'm sure Carol will be there too," explained Linda, "in fact she'll probably be the one talking with you most of the time. She often sits in with Tom during his show, and even did a couple of the shows when he got ill - with a bit of help of course! Probably one of the more relaxed bits of radio you'll get to do!"

"Yeah, we have a good relationship with a couple of the guys at CBKZ, our local station."


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Re: Linda Jacobson: her story continues
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Chapter 24

It's the morning after, breakfast time. Brian and Lisa are already having breakfast, and the other girls are slowly coming down to join them. Some mornings they would be a lot lazier, but today they knew that Taylor, Kate, Meg, Erin planned to get around there are a 'reasonably sensible time', so they wanted to be ready for them.

"Hi mum... dad. Hey, dad, we think we might have a name for the band, and one for the tour..." said Jenny.

"Ok, and it is?"

"So, last night you know how I went out with Linda and Taylor for dinner, meeting some paps on the way. Of of them made a comment about us being 'Eight Girls with Braces'. I mean, it just works in so many ways!"

Carol smiled. "Yeah, like it!"

Brian smiled. He was used to Jenny's often slightly strange ideas - of which this was another one - but she was right, it would work ok. And there would certainly be no issues with ANY other band using a name anything like it. And it was very different. And simple too. "Ok... I can see a lot of plusses for the name, so what about the name for the tour?"

"Well, 'The Orthodontic Tour', OBVIOUSLY!" said Jenny.

"Yeah, we're gonna need to make a few orthodontic pit-stops during the tour to get our ligs updated..." added Linda.

Just then, Dianne walked in. "I heard something about band names and braces... what have I missed?" Jenny explained again.

Dianne sat down at the table, and grabbed the coffee cafetiere, and poured herself a coffee. "Yeah, that works, both of them do" she replied with a smile.

"Is everyone happy with those names?" asked Brian. "More importantly, anyone NOT happy? I guess it's something you need to talk over with Northern Girls when they get here, but given the way you were all thinking yesterday, I think they are going to like it too! As ever, you manage to surprise me, but heck, why not! It's certainly going to give you something to talk about when you go on TV and the radio!"

"So, how was your evening out last night?" Linda asked Dianne a couple of minutes later. Dianne had gone out with Erin and Meg for the evening.

Dianne smiled: she seemed happy. "I bumped into Mike last night, we ended up having a really nice chat.... and...."

"... and?" said Linda. "Come on, you can't keep us on tenterhooks like that!"

"... and we're going to give things another try. Take things gentle..."

"Oh, wow, that's great! Sounds to me like a bit of a break from each other has healed a few wounds."

"You're probably right there. I felt so angry when we split up, but I've been feeling a lot better about things recently, so when we saw each other, there was no bad feelings. I know I've missed him, and I think he's missed me too..."

"Hey, kid, I'll be rooting for you!" said Linda, "both of you. He's a good guy is Mike." Linda had gotten to know Dianne quite well recently, and knew that there had been a 'big hole' in her life since she and Mike had split up.


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Re: Linda Jacobson: her story continues
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How odd, I thought I had already posted chapter 25, which is the last chapter. That's what happens as you get older, you start to forget things, or miss things!


Chapter 25

Zac joined everyone for dinner the following evening: Linda was really trying hard in her relationship with Zac, and would have just gone out with him for the evening, but was rather tired after a busy day.

"So, Linda told me you were trying to decide whether you want to keep or change your logo..."

"Yes, I'm divided right down the middle: part of me want to remain 'loyal' to our existing logo, the other half is thinking that maybe it's time for an upgrade!" commented Carol.

"Well, I hope you don't mind, but I've been thinking about logos for you, and had a word with my boss, with the result that he let me spend the afternoon coming up with some very basic ideas. They are nowhere near finished images... how do I describe it? Well, I guess if you guys are looking to come up with a new song, you'll maybe grab a guitar, and start strumming, see what tunes, what words come into your heads. Or maybe like Linda out for a chinese meal with her friends, and she starts thinking about ideas for a song about her friends. What you have is little ideas, concepts, there's a lot more work to be done before you have an actual finished song. Or logo..."

"Ok, that makes a lot of sense. So I know how I write a song, so how does a graphic designer come up with a logo?" asked Jenny.

"Well, a lot is going to depend on exactly what you are working on. Let's take a sports shoe company: they need a logo that has no relationship to their company name, but gives out the 'ethos' of what that company is about... so we'd probably run a couple of 'brainstorming sessions' with the customer. Find out who their target customer is: young or old. What values do those people have, and that sort of thing..."

"So, I guess you're talking about the 'Nike tick' sort of thing?"

"Yeah, exactly who I was thinking about, I'm sure they spent a LOT of time understanding what their business is about. But for you guys, that's not really so relevant."

"How so?"

"Well, YOU are the product. We KNOW who you are. We KNOW your target audience and so on. You have a band name which really HAS to be part of any logo you use..."

"Ah, yes, right...."

"So, I went back to basics, and just let my mind go wild, tried to come up with a few different ideas. I'm thinking that maybe I can plug a USB stick into your TV after we've finished in here, and walk you through what I did..."

"Hey, Zac, thank you!" said Linda. "It's odd, and I suspect it's like this for all of us, but it's not often I get to see what someone I know actually DOES in their job! So I'm looking forward to see what you have come up with!"

So, maybe an hour later, they have all settled into the lounge, and Callum has set up the usb stick in the TV, and passed the control over to Zac. "Ok, so, do you guys remember what your first band logo was?" asked Zac.

"Well, pretty similar to what we have now, I guess!" replied Dianne.

"Bzzzt! Sorry, wrong answer!" said Zac, smiling. "Think back a bit...."

There was silence as everyone thought. Callum smiled, because he'd already seen the image that Zac was about to show.

"Half a moment, you're not thinking back to when we were 'Just Three Girls' are you?" asked Jenny.

Zac smiled. "Well remembered, Jenny! I did a bit of digging online, and found THIS...". He showed a picture of a an old poster, with a simple logo for 'Just Three Girls'. The next image was a closeup, the last one was an aspect corrected view, that showed the logo nice and square.

"Wow, nice one, Zac! I'd forgotten all about that one..." said Carol.

"It's very simple, only just a logo, rather than simply words. I'm guessing knocked up buy a friend at school or college who could draw a little. But it does it's job! So, why DID you change the name?"

"I think that might have been me" said Brian. "I guess my thinking was that it was a big 'generic' for a band. Needless to say it was Jenny that came up with 'CJD'!"

"Well, I think she did well. Yes, I think you were right Brian, 'Just Three Girls' is a bit generic. Nice, but still generic. Ok, so this is the earliest CJD logo I was able to find, and as you said, Dianne, not THAT different from what you have now, apart form the added 'L' for Linda." The next picture showed the current 'CJDL' logo. "Ok, so I decided to do two things. The first was to play with the current logo, see what simple tweaks I could do. After that, I just went 'blue sky', and let my mind wander. Kinda like Linda at the restaurant!"

The next few images took the existing logo, played with different colours (rather than the simple black currently used). He paused at one where he put the four girls faces into the letters.

"A interesting idea, but doesn't actually work that well... but you never know till you try it, do you?"

"Hey, just like writing a song! Tell you what, I'm looking forward to seeing your new ideas..."

"Well, that's what we're going to next. So, think of these as very raw ideas, concepts. Maybe you like a specific idea. Maybe you think that 2 of the ideas could be merged. Maybe you like the image, but not the colours. I'm kinda hoping that at the end of this, if nothing else, you'll know whether you want to keep your current logo, of do something new: if that's all I do tonight, then this work will have been worth it!"

Zac showed the girls maybe 30 very simple ideas, very quick sketches if you will, all very different. "So, I then looked at those, and chose 4 of them, to go a bit further. Still very raw, but a bit more developed...". Zac showed them more pictures, and was watching the girl's reactions as he displayed the different images.

"So, I took that last idea, and went a bit further...." This time, the logo incorporated their their upper bodies, then a version with just their faces. "Of course, once you HAVE a logo, you can do some silly things, just for one purpose... maybe for a specific tour..." The last image was very similar to the previous one, with their faces in the logo. Except this time they were all smiling, and showing off their braces! There were smiles and giggles all around.

"Hey, Zac, thanks for doing that!" said Ben, "Some VERY different ideas there. Jenny, you weren't sure the other day about the logo, has this helped you in any way?"

"Yeah, Zac, that was very thought provoking, and my thoughts now... yes, I think it IS time for a change. I'd like to go through those again tomorrow, try and work out which bits of what I like..."

"You know, you're right, it DOES feel like the way we create our music, and what you showed us, well, an interesting set of ideas." said Carol. "I'm with Jenny though, it's made me be 100% certain that we need a new logo for the band. Dianne? You were not so sure the other day..."

"So what's the next step then?" asked Ben.

"We need to make it official: I'll get your initial ideas, then get a couple of the other guys to add their ideas in, then get you over to meet everyone and see what they have done. I'm assuming there's no problems with... well, paying us for our work?"


So, looks like the band will have a nice new logo for their tour!

With Northern Girls now joining our 4 ladies, I'll end this story about Linda, and move the story over to a new one, called 'CJDL on Tour', which will follow the band's journey through the tour preparations, and into their tour.