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Last Saturday morning
« on: 02. April 2018, 02:39:16 AM »
I haven't worn my activator for a few weeks so, instead of taking my usual plate out and putting my bite plate in on Friday night, I thought I would have a change and go for the activator. I don't wear it too often so it feels good when I do, if you know what I mean.
I woke up early on Saturday morning to the comforting feel of the smooth plastic  and the metal bands, my jaw held rigidly in place.
I needed to drive to a bakery in the next town and get a few goodies to take to a relative.
I hardly ever wear the activator away from home in case I run into someone I know but this morning I suddenly took the risk, left it in while I had a shower and then went straight out. I could be fairly certain I would not meet anyone I knew and somehow I just decided to take the risk. The worst that could happen was that I might have to stay thanks when I paid in the bakery.
It was busy and I stood in line for a time waiting to pay. I had almost forgotten about the activator as I had been wearing it all night, until the man infant of me turned round and asked if I was local. He had his small daughter with him. I can speak quite well with the appliance when I am at home, but this was very different. I had to answer and managed to say yes. He was looking for a road on the other side of town. I knew where it was and I had to try to explain to him how to get there. I made a conscious effort to try to speak normally and not trip over my words but It sounded very obvious to me...and, of course my jaw was locked in position with only a small gap in the plastic at the front. He listened and thanked me for the directions. The experience actually felt quite good and it made me wonder what part of brace-wearing is really embarrassing.
Then it very nearly did become embarrassing because the little girl said, in a loud voice "Daddy, that mans got a brace on his teeth"!   
To my great relief, no one took any least, not obviously.

Yes..Its true.

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Re: Last Saturday morning
« Reply #1 on: 02. April 2018, 13:30:49 PM »
Well done you! Thats really brave of you to do that glad it all went well

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Re: Last Saturday morning
« Reply #2 on: 02. April 2018, 16:41:04 PM »
Good for you to go for it and wear it in public. Awesome!

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Re: Last Saturday morning
« Reply #3 on: 08. April 2018, 02:50:01 AM »
Good for you!
Maybe this is a step you kind of needed and go out with the appliance more often?