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Re: Jess
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The lisp makes it hard to read but great start.

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Re: Jess
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For those that appreciate the lisp, this is a very nice story. For those that don't, the author has provided a translation in Italics.

It is impossible to please everyone, but the author is doing a very good job of trying to.

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Re: Jess
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It is really a luxury that we have both versions here, great service, thank you very much! ;D

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Re: Jess
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Part 6

After breakfast both Jess and I left for work, but not before we had some nice kissing. The week went by very quickly and during the week I thought about what I should do. I couldn’t let all the initiatives with Jess, could I?

Friday afternoon, I took the plunge and while Jess and I did some chitchatting via Whatsapp, and asked if she had anything to do tonight and if not, if she wanted to have dinner together.

A little too quick I got a reply: “Love to… X Jess”

A few hours later I was sitting in a nice and cozy bar, when I saw Jess entering. Of course she was wearing her headgear and again she was dressed to impress and to show off her magnificent body.

“Hi ssweety,” she said: “Thankss fow assking me fow dinnew tonight. I wass weally looking fowwawd to ssee you again.”

As usual, not familiar with these kind of words, I didn’t know what to say and stammered: “Ehh… Hi  ehh  Jess. Thanks for joining me. I ehh, I ehhh, actually I’m  ehh a little nervous and ehhh you want something to drink?”

“I would like a dwaft beew pleasse. Thankss. And ehh thewe’ss no need to be newvouss. Jusst enjoy being togethew, jusst ass when you awe with youw fwiendss.” Jess said to comfort me.

The drinks came fast and I said: “Cheers, to a lovely evening, and by the way, your lisp has improved enormously.”

Thankss, Yess, my lissp did get much bettew duwing the week, ass iss quite nowmal. You have to get ussed to the new objectss in youw mouth. I only can’t get ussed to the tongue cwib. It pweventss me from putting my tongue in the wight possition to fowm an “Aw”, but the ss-ess awe quite good actually. I am a little wowwied that the aw won’t get any bettew. Thiss tongue cwib iss sso much biggew than they usse nowmally, sso it iss taking a lot of sspace.”

“Thanks, Yes, my lisp did get much better during the week, as is quite normal. You have to get used to the new objects in your mouth. I only can’t get used to the tongue crib. It prevents me from putting my tongue in the right position to form an “R”, but the ss-es are quite good actually. I am a little worried that the R won’t get any better. This tongue crib is so much bigger than they use normally, so it is taking a lot of space.”

Then she continued: “Ass a thank you fow tonight, I bwought you a little pressent,” while she handed me a small flat package.

After I opened it, I saw a picture of Jess inside. Of course she was wearing her headgear, but she had also that magical and mysterious look on her face. In her mouth, you saw just some tiny silver bits, adding more mystery about what was going on in her mouth. On the bottom of the picture it said: “For your eyes only”, just like the James Bond movie.

I gave Jess a big thank-you kiss and said: “I still can’t imagine that someone is so nice to me.”

Now Jess didn’t know how to react and said: “You mentioned it befowe, that thiss whole ssituation is new fow you. But awe you ssewiouss that a nice guy like you hass nevew been involved in a ssewiouss welation?”

“It’s true, of course I had some flirts, but up to now I only have had bad experiences. A few years ago it seemed to get serious with a girl, but it appeared that she was only after my money and on our third date it seemed that somebody else had more money, as she was already kissing someone else in the pub.

Next I had some online dating and one woman that I got in contact with, appeared to be lying. She said she was about my age, but when we met in real life she appeared to be almost 40 years old and had two children.

Finally last year there was Patricia, from your hockey team. In the end she used me to make another guy jealous, so she could jump into him.
So, yeah, I didn’t have many relations and they never became serious actually.”

Hearing this, Jess said: “I’m ssowwy to heaw youw bad exspewiencess, but pleasse believe me and have twusst in me. Look at it thiss way: why sshould ssomeone buy hew gwocsewiess in a sshop fifteen minutess fwom hew home, while thewe iss a ssimilaw sshop within one minute of hew home?”

“I’m sorry to hear your bad experiences, but please believe me and have trust in me. Look at it this way: why should someone buy her groceries in a shop fifteen minutes from her home, while there is a similar shop within one minute of her home?”

Then she came closer and whispered into my ear: “Being thiss unexspewiencsed.. doess it alsso mean that you nevew have been … ehh… intimate with a giwl?”

“Being this unexperienced.. does it also mean that you never have been … ehh… intimate with a girl?”

I just nodded and Jess said: “Don’t wowwy, take youw time. I will wait until you’we weady. Of couwsse ssometimess I will challenge you, but don’t be afwaid to tell me to wait. I want you to be completely at easse befowe we go any fuwther.”

“Don’t worry, take your time. I will wait until you’re ready. Of course sometimes I will challenge you, but don’t be afraid to tell me to wait. I want you to be completely at ease before we go any further.”

After this conversation we had a wonderful evening. We had a nice dinner and afterwards we decided to take a walk home, to be not disturbed by any crowds. As the evening went on, we were close to Jess’s house. We decided to sleep by ourselves tonight as Jess had to be at the hockeyclub quite early, but we agreed on meeting in the afternoon.

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Re: Jess
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great, waiting you to get the same braces

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Re: Jess
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Great job

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Re: Jess
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I love the story!!!!

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Re: Jess
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Part 7

The next day, after our matches, we saw each other again and unlike last week, we left together before all our friends left, so we could have some time together.
We went of to the beach to have some quality time. We were walking hand in hand along the boulevard when Jess said:

“Did you ssee that cweep ovew thewe? He iss taking pictuwess of me.”

Having said that Jess sprinted off to the guy. I followed her and when I was closer I heard her say: “Why awe you making pictuwess of me. Let me ssee them.”

The guy was probably somewhat overwhelmed and intimidated by the directness of Jess, that he showed hiss phone without hesitation. Jess scrolled through the pictures and said:
“SSo… ass it lookss, my headgeaw iss the weasson that you awe photogwaphing me. What you’we going to do with thosse pictuwess? Possting them online? Wathew bwutal to posst pictuwess of ssome one without pewmissssion, issn’t it? Do you think ssomeone iss weawing bwacess fow fun, huh? SSo you’we taking advantagess of ssomeone elsse’ss missewy. You look ssome kind of pewvewt, ow awe you tuwned on by women with headgeaw?”
“So… as it looks, my headgear is the reason that you are photographing me. What you’re going to do with those pictures? Posting them online? Rather brutal to post pictures of some one without permission, isn’t it? Do you think someone is wearing braces for fun, huh? So you’re taking advantages of someone else’s misery. You look some kind of pervert, or are you turned on by women with headgear?”

The guy got red and obviously didn’t know what to say, so Jess continued:
”Okay, hewe’ss the deal. I am going to delete all the pictuwess you’ve taken fwom me up to now, becausse the quality iss vewy poow. The you can take thwee pictuwess while I posse fow you, sso you have good quality picss. You will ssend thosse pictuwess to me wight away. If I ssee one of thesse picss online, I’m coming aftew you to ssue you. You can usse the fow youw own, pwobably pewvewt, bussinessss, though. Doess that ssound weassonable?”

”Okay, here’s the deal. I am going to delete all the pictures you’ve taken from me up to now, because the quality is very poor. The you can take three pictures while I pose for you, so you have good quality pics. You will send those pictures to me right away. If I see one of these pics online, I’m coming after you to sue you. You can use the for your own, probably pervert, business, though. Does that sound reasonable?”

The guy quickly agreed and Jess handed me her bag and stepped over to the side of the boulevard, so she was in front of a nice background. The pictures were taken rather quick, and Jess took the phone again to check if it were only three pics and to send them over to her own phone.

Shortly after this intermezzo, we found a nice loungebar with a view on the sea and upcoming sunset. After we sat down, Jess took off her headgear. I must have had a questioned face, because Jess explained:
“I jusst want to be a little bit lessss notable. I jusst want to be with you, while no one iss paying attention to uss. Obvioussly my headgeaw iss attwacting attention fwom guyss that I’m not intewessted in. Wight now, I’m only intewessted in you and don’t want to be disstuwbed ow disstwacted by non impowtant issssuess.”

“I just want to be a little bit less notable. I just want to be with you, while no one is paying attention to us. Obviously my headgear is attracting attention from guys that I’m not interested in. Right now, I’m only interested in you and don’t want to be disturbed or distracted by non important issues.”

We ordered some drinks and we were just chitchatting about our matches and so on. It gave me a good opportunity to look at Jess. Of course I had seen her without headgear before we  got interested in each other, but since we got interested in each other, she almost always wore her headgear. Without her headgear her braces were so neat and so discrete. Sometimes you saw something glimmer in her mouth. Just enough to keep you wandering to know what’s going on there. Of course Jess’s lisp was still there.

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Re: Jess
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I love this story!