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Re: Jennifer
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Chapter 61.

After a long, passionate kiss; both ladies leaned back for some air.  Jen ran her finger along Mel’s cheek and told her “you really are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.  Neck brace or no neck brace.  But, it is going to take some getting used to.  And don’t think I am going to let you slack on wearing it.”  She smiled broadly, the herbst appliance in her mouth much more visible than normal.  She continued “and I seem to remember someone chiding me to wear mine.  Payback will be fun.  Speaking of wearing mine, hold on.  Let me go get mine on.”  She stood and headed towards their bedroom, unbuttoning her blouse as she walked.

Mel stiffly rose from the couch and followed her.  Having deposited her blouse on the bed, Jen reached the dresser and picked up her brace.  She unfastened the velcro and aligned it on her backbrace.  As she tightened the thumbscrews that held the two together, Mel lifted Jen’s hair and said “let me help you”.  As Jen finished tightening the screws, Mel gently wrapped the neck brace around Jen’s neck and fastened the velcro straps.  Looking in the mirror, Jen saw two very attractive ladies; albeit in full hip to chin scoliosis braces.  She grabbed Mel’s hand and said “well, don’t we make quite the pair.”  Mel moved in tight behind Jen, caressing her bottom, and responded “yes, yes we do.  And while wearing this feels the furthest thing from sexy, helping you into yours turns me on so much.” 

Shifting around in front of Jen she continued “and again, we do make quite the pair; the most beautiful pair; even in our braces.” Stiffly and gingerly, she leaned in to give Jen a kiss and bumped her forehead against her partners.  She pulled back as Jen gave a little laugh.  Mel said “wow, this is going to take some practice.  Let me try again.”  She awkwardly leaned in, this time managing to give Jen a peck on the lips.  Pulling back Mel made the observation “I never really considered how hard it would be to kiss someone when neither person can turn or bend their head.”

Jen walked over, drew the blinds and dimmed the lights.  Returning, she grasped Mel’s hand.  She led Mel over beside their bed and looked her in the eyes.  She instructed Mel “lay down, and I will get you comfortable with some pillows.  And then we can practice.”

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Re: Jennifer
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Chapter 62.

An hour later Mel and Jen, each still bound rigidly in their braces, lay in bed embracing each other.  Each of them was sweaty and disheveled.  Mel looked into Jen’s eyes and said “well, it is a little different.  But we can make this work.  So, what do you want to do?  Are we going to Josie’s party?”

Jen looked at her and replied “an hour ago I would have said absolutely not.  But I am up for it now.  I don’t know if it is you; or the wine and gummy, but my mouth isn’t bothering me nearly as much as it was. I am up for going.  But I don’t think either of us need to drive.  I know I don’t; I think that gummy is working.  I can’t believe you never told me you had these.”

Mel laughed and responded “well, I used to have one a couple of nights a week just to wind down.  And especially after my ortho appointments.  But here lately, you have been my drug of choice.”

Jen reached over and squeezed Mel.  She told her “that feeling is mutual; but maybe we need to have each other and the gummies together more often.  I feel so relaxed.  But, if we are going to get over there by 8, we better get cleaned up.  I am going to shower.  Would you join me?”

After showering and putting on their undershirts, each of the ladies put on their backbraces, sans the cervical extensions.  As they applied makeup, Mel asked “so, what kind of party is this?  A tea and crumpets type of party?  Or a dancing on the bar type of party?  I guess my question is really how formal is it?  What do we need to wear.”

Jen answered “I don’t really know.  I doubt it is either.  But Josie mentioned Jello shots; so it might end up being a dancing on the bar party.”  This caused Mel to laugh.  Jen continued “I think I am going to wear a sundress.  That seems like a good compromise, a little casual and a little formal at the same time.  You know I think you look ravishing in that pink floral dress you wore the first night.  And it has some sentimental value to me.  You should wear that.”

After finishing their makeup, they went into the bedroom to finish dressing.  Mel walked over and picked up her neckbrace and began to connect it to her backbrace.  Jen looked over at Mel with a surprised look on her face and asked “are you going to wear your neckbrace?  I mean, we can get our time in over the weekend.”

Mel cut her eyes over towards Jen, unable to turn her head and said “yes, I think I am.  I am just going to jump into the deep end of the pool.  I need to get used to wearing it, and I need to get my time in, so I can kill two birds with one stone.  Plus, what kind of example would I set for my favorite patient if I scrimped on my time the very first night?  Don’t get me wrong, I am pretty nervous.  But I will have you beside me if anyone points and stares.  But all the girls at Dr. Cooper’s know we wear scoliosis braces. It will be fine I’m sure.”

Jen said “not only are you the best nurse in the world, you are also the best patient in the world.  But I think I already told you we are in this together.”  With that she walked over and picked up her own neckbrace.  “You are correct, I will be right beside you tonight.  And I will also be wearing mine.  Would you help me put it on.”  Mel finished fastening the velcro around her own neck and stepped in front of Jen.  She leaned in and kissed her.  She took the brace from Jen’s hands and answered “yes, I would like that.”

Dressed and waiting for the Uber that was in route, Mel and Jen sat side by side on the couch.  Jen said “I know we gave Josie a card earlier, but I feel like we shouldn’t arrive empty handed.  Should we stop somewhere on the way and get her something?” 

Mel answered “I think your sentiment is good; but I am not sure I am quite ready to roll into Costco with my neckbrace and facemask on.  Why don’t we grab a couple of bottles of wine out of the pantry and give them as a gift.”

Jen answered “that is actually a great idea.  Wait…. You are going to wear your facemask too tonight?”

Mel picked Jen’s facemask up off the table and answered “yes, of course.  I don’t think we should show up at our orthodontist’s party without them.  And I am hoping that they gave you some extra springs I can wear instead of rubberbands.  That way we can match. Here, open up and let me put yours on.  I will be super gentle.”

Jen was taken aback, she herself had not planned on wearing either her neckbrace or facemask out tonight.  But she wanted to make Mel happy; and she also couldn’t let her go it alone.  She shifted her body around and answered “yes, they gave me some extra springs” as she picked her purse up off the table.  She removed a small ziplock bag from her purse from which she then withdrew two small springs and placed them on the table beside Mel’s mask.  She then shifted around to face Mel and opened her mouth. 

Mel gently but quickly put the springs back on her hooks, using the same tweezers she had used earlier to remove them.  Once the mask was secured to Jen’s face, Mel leaned back and said “you look beautiful.  How does it feel?”

Jen reached up and absently touched the chincup of her mask.  She said “well, it doesn’t feel great.  But it feels better than earlier.  I think it will be bearable for tonight, but I might have to prescribe myself a few more drinks to make it through the night.”

Mel patted Jen’s hand and said “you are such a good girl; sexy, smart and funny to boot.”  Mel then picked up her mask and handed it to Jen.  She told Jen “now if you would please, would you put my mask on with the springs?”  Once secured Mel said “wow, this is pretty intense.  These springs must be stronger than the ones I tried when Christy come over last weekend.  No wonder my baby was hurting when she got home today.”

Jen rubbed Mel’s hand and told her “look, you don’t have to wear the springs.  Dr. Cooper hasn’t told you to; and you don’t have to do it for me.  Especially if they are hurting you.”  Mel returned Jen’s caress and responded “no, I don’t have to.  But I want to.  After all, you don’t have to wear a horrible herbst appliance like I do.  But you do, for me.  And that is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me.  So I am going to do this.  For you.”  At that moment, Mel’s phone pinged.  She looked down and said “our Uber is here.” The ladies both stood and slung their purses over their shoulders, and then each grabbed a bottle of wine.  Jen went and opened the door and asked “are you ready for our big adventure?”  After Jen locked the door, Mel reached down and took Jen’s free hand in her’s.  She looked at Jen and said “and with my facemask on; maybe I won’t embarrass you with any over the top displays of public affection.  Even though I want too” and winked at Jen.  “Come my lady, your chariot awaits” as they turned; hand in hand; and began the short walk to the uber at the curb.

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Re: Jennifer
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Chapter 63.

Once at the car, Jen opened the rear passenger door of the little Honda SUV.  She told Mel "hand me your wine.  It will be hard enough getting in with both hands.  Be careful and don't hit your head on the door frame."  Mel handed her the bottle and turned so her back was facing the open door.  She stiffly and gingerly lowered herself until her rear end was resting on the edge of the bench seat.  She asked Jen "now what?"  Jen responded "I don't know exactly, I haven't tried getting in a vehicle yet with my neckbrace on either.  But, from getting in and out of bed enough times, lean forward, slide your butt back a little, and then swing your legs in".  As this was happening, the Uber driving was looking on wide eyed in the mirror.

Mel managed to follow Jen's instructions and successfully got in the vehicle.  She cut her eyes over towards Jen and exclaimed "Success!  But I am not sure I can scoot over.  Can you get in from the other side?"  This broke the Uber driver's trance.  He quickly asked "can I help you ladies?"  Before he even received a response, he was opening his door and getting out.  He quickly opened the driver's side rear door as Jen walked around the back of the SUV holding the two bottles of wine.  As she approached he said "if you will hand me those, I will hold those while you get in." 

As Jen tried to replicate the process of getting in the vehicle, the Uber driving could not keep from staring at the strange sight in front of him; two very pretty and elegant ladies wearing obviously stiff restrictive body braces and also sporting metal braces with very noticable masks on the their faces.  Once Jen was in the car she cut over eyes towards Mel and shrieked "Yay! We did it!  Challenge number one is in the books.  Now for number two, getting my seat belt on without being able to see what I am doing." 

Before they could reach for the seat belt though, the Uber driver leaned in a little, getting a good look at the two of them in the backseat.  Each of them was leaned back awkwardly, looking up towards the headliner.  After handing back the bottles of wine, the driver said "my name is Kevin, and I will be your driver tonight.  Could I adjust those headrests a little, it might be a little more comfortable for each of you."  Jen cut her eyes towards him and answered "thank you Kevin.  I am Jen and that babe beside me is Mel.  And I would love it if you would adjust the headrest forward some, maybe I will then be able to see where we are going."

After carefully adjusting the headrests forward; behind careful to try not to invade their space too much but still taking it all in, Kevin got back into the driver seat.  Sitting there, he could not take his eyes off the ladies in the back. He asked them for their destination.  Jen pulled her phone from her purse and quickly told him the address. As he pulled out into the residential street Mel noticed he couldn't take his eyes off them; he was looking in the rearview mirror more than he was looking at the road in front of them.  She said "not to be rude Kevin, but I would appreciate it if you would watch the road a little more; especially with this precious cargo in the backseat." 

The Uber driving quickly turned his attention back to the road.  Mel noticed his face turn red in the reflection in the mirror.  He stammered "I am so, so sorry.  I didn't mean to stare.  I was just wondering what happened.  Were you in an accident?"

Mel answered "you are forgiven.  And you aren't the first person who will be curious I'm sure.  But no, there was no accident.  We actually are both being treated for scoliosis.  That is what the neck brace you see is for; and why we had trouble getting in the vehicle.  Our braces extend down to our hips.  This is actually my first night wearing mine; I can already see there are going to be some challenges.  But this babe beside me is going to be my guide, she has had her's a good bit longer" as Mel reached over blindly and found Jen's hand.  Jen then interjected "Mel works at the scoliosis clinic; that is actually how we met.  And she did fit this torture device on me.  And she is quite the taskmaster about wearing it."  They each settled back in the seat and tried to get as comfortable as they could as Mel continued "and these fetching masks we are wearing are part of our orthodontic treatment.  The clinic I work at and my orthodontist have a working relationship.  As a professional courtesy, they offered me braces for essentially free.  So, I couldn't turn down such an offer.  I didn't really understand all it would entail, but here I am."  Jen said "aww babe, you look cute in your braces.  Doesn't she look cute Kevin? In fact she looked so cute I had to go and get a set for myself" and laughed.

Kevin could see no other way to answer than "yes, she does look cute.  You both do.  And you are both really brave.  Again, I apologize for staring, it's just not every day you see two beautiful women wearing such, well, things."

Jen replied "thank you Kevin.  And really, I know they aren't cute.  And that is not why I got them.  I got them because of Mel.  After meeting her, we quickly became best friends.  Maybe even inseparable" as she paused and squeezed Mel's hand.  "So, I had this monstrous scoliosis brace I was prescribed to wear, and Mel was a life saver. I couldn't have done it without her.  She was going through orthodontic treatment.  And I had already been urged to start but had resisted.  But seeing how easy she made it look, I decided to join her.  But she tricked me.  It is not easy" and laughed.

Mel animatedly responded "don't blame me; you are the one that surprised me with them."  Jen quickly responded "you know I am kidding babe.  There is no one in the world I would rather be poked, prodded, bent, expanded, scraped and squeezed with than you."

Kevin responded "well, I think that is great.  And you have a great attitude about it.  I mean, sometimes all we can do about life is laugh, right?"

Mel answered affirmatively "yes, sometimes laughter is the best medicine. And maybe a little wine.  And a gummy".  This caused Jen to snort laugh.

Kevin once again apologized "again, I am sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable earlier.  Can I offer an olive branch?  I am going to be working all night.  But, if you would like, I will give you a ride later at no charge if you would allow me.  It will be an off the books ride; Uber doesn't need to know anything about it.  I can give you my cell number if you would like."

Mel responded "you don't have to do that.  And again, your apology is accepted.  You were not rude at all, in fact quite the opposite.  And it is human nature to be curious.  You don't have to, really".

Kevin responded "please, I want to.  Really it is no imposition."

Jen answered before Mel could offer further protest "well Kevin, if you want to; I will take you up on your offer on behalf of both of us.  Who am I to turn down a random act of kindness?  And I will try to pay it back somewhere down the line.  So, thank you."

After Kevin had given them his number, he continued "I don't want to pry, but I do have some questions about your orthodontics. My fiance has been talking about wanting to fix her teeth for years. She actually had a couple of consults.  She was wanting to do the clear aligners, but they told her she wasn't a candidate.  She said they told her she needed braces; and I think she said something about an expander too. She keeps saying we can't afford it.  But we can; and I would love for her to be happy with her smile.  I honestly think she is scared of having braces as an adult.  What can I tell her to try to convince her?  I love her, and I want her to be happy.  And I know a new smile would do that."

Mel and Jen sat a moment thinking.  Then Jen said "that is a pretty complicated question. What if you didn't try to convince her at all?  What if we did?  I would be more than happy to talk with her, even meet with her.  I would tell her the good, the bad, and the ugly.  But I would also tell her it is worth it.  I might could even recruit a friend or two to help" as she thought of Mel and Christy.

It was now Kevin who protested "no, I couldn't ask you to do that.  That seems like too much."

Jen answered "it absolutely wouldn't be too much.  You don't know our friend Christy.  She would talk to a rock about orthodontics and teeth.  She is completely infatuated with all of it.  She is the hygienist and therapist at Dr. Cooper's, so she knows more about it than either of us.  And on top of that, she is in treatment too.  I know she would jump at the chance to try to talk someone else into braces.  In fact, I could ask her tonight.  We are actually headed to a birthday party for one of their staff; Josie.  She is in treatment too.  Actually, all of the gals that work there are in treatment or will be soon.  Heck even Dr. Cooper's wife is in treatment too.  They all have braces and wear a mask like these or very similar.  That is the main reason we are wearing them tonight; we are trying to be good patients and stay out of trouble.  So, while it IS unusual to see an adult out wearing one, there are probably more out there in bathrooms and on bedside tables than anyone would realize.  So, please, give us a ride later. And I will talk to Christy about it at the party.  And in the meantime, talk with your fiance and let us know some times that would work for her.  In the meantime, I have your number, I will text you a link to Dr. Cooper's website; and a link to a blog I started explaining the process.  That reminds me, I need to talk to Christy tonight about updating it."

Kevin glanced in the mirror briefly and said "really? That would be great.  Thank you so much.  And now I will leave you two in peace, we will be there in about 10 minutes."

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Re: Jennifer
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Chapter 64.

While Mel and Jen chatted in the backseat, Jen occasionally glanced towards the rearview mirror.  True to his word, Kevin was keeping his eyes on the road and not on them.  At one point Mel said to Jen “well, driving is definitely out of the question wearing this” as she gestured to the brace around her neck.  Jen answered “drive?  It is hard enough just riding wearing this thing.  I hope we aren’t too awkward and uncomfortable tonight.”  Mel patted her hand and said “if need be love, we can take them off.  But I really want to try to get through the night with mine.  I have made it a challenge to myself.  I need to wear it.  And so do you.  But if it gets too awkward and uncomfortable, there will be no judgement from me if you need to take it off.”

She was interrupted by Kevin, who said “we are about 3 minutes away.  Once we get there, please let me get the door for you.  And again, I apologize if I embarrassed you or made you feel uncomfortable earlier.”

Mel responded “Kevin, it is fine; you didn’t do anything wrong.  I am not sure how much either of us will be wearing all of this out in public; but if we do I am sure we will get stares.”  Jen then said more quietly to Mel “maybe we can ask the girls tonight how they handle it.  I know they get looks.  Josie even said as much; that it made her embarrassed at first.  But they seem to be doing fine now.”

The car slowed and came to a stop in front of a compact, well kept two story home in a residential neighborhood.  It appeared there were lights on in just about every room as well is in back.  Kevin stopped on the street in front of a concrete walk leading up to the front door.  The driveway was full of vehicles.  Kevin looked in the mirror and said “ladies, we have arrived.  Please let me get the door for you.”

Kevin stepped out and opened the driver’s side rear door first.  Once open, Jen scooted over and swung her legs out of the vehicle.  She tried to stand, but fell back into the seat.  Kevin reached out his hand and asked “can I give you a hand?”  Jen took his hand, and leaning forward at the waist to avoid hitting her head on the door frame, pulled herself up and out of the vehicle.  She shifted around towards him and said “well, that was certainly awkward and embarrassing.  But thank you for the help.  Mel may need a little too.”

Kevin walked around the vehicle, followed by Jen.  Kevin opened the passenger door, and put his hand out towards Mel.  Mel repeated a similar process as Jen and pulled herself out of the vehicle.  Once standing, she too thanked Kevin.  He then reached into the backseat and pulled out the two bottles of wine.  Handing them towards the ladies he said “here, you don’t want to forget these.”  Each took a bottle from him and Jen said “thank you for the ride.”  He responded “no, thank you for riding with me.  And again, I apologize if I made it a little awkward at first.” Mel jumped in and said “hmph, I don’t think you made it awkward at all.  We had a very pleasant conversation, even if it was a little off the beaten path.  I mean; it isn’t every day you have riders jump in wearing such exquisite evening wear as we have on” as she gestured towards the neck brace and facemask and did an awkward pirouette.  Kevin laughed out loud and said “you ladies are awesome.  And you both do certainly look exquisite.  I hope you have a great evening.  And please, text me when you are ready for your ride.  I am not sure where I will be; I may be in the middle of a fare across town; but I will shoot you back a text with how long away I am.”  With that he gave a faux bow, and walked back around the car and got in the driver’s seat.

Jen and Mel turned towards the house.  Jen grabbed Mel’s hand and said “well, our first public interaction in all of our gear went ok.  But I am nervous about this party.  What will everyone think?  And say?”  Mel squeezed Jen’s hand and responded “I can’t say I am not a little nervous too.  But remember, a lot of the girls in there are wearing facemasks too. I am sure we will get some questions about our scoliosis braces.  But who cares if someone does say something inappropriate?  We have each other.  Now let’s get it in gear, based on the number of vehicles and the music I hear from the backyard we are missing a party.”

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Re: Jennifer
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Chapter 65.

At the door, Jen reached over and rang the doorbell.  For good measure, she knocked on the door as well.  They stood there about 20 seconds when Mel turned her body towards Jen and asked "I wonder if they could hear us?  Maybe they are all outside.  Should we walk around back?"  Jen replied "I don't know, maybe."  She rang the doorbell and knocked again and said "let's give it a couple more seconds."  At that moment the door opened and the music became louder.  Mel turned her body to see Christy standing in the doorway with a shocked look on her face.  Christy quickly composed herself and screeched "YAY!  You did make it!  I was worried your mouth was hurting too bad Jen."  With that, she gave her a hug; feeling the hard unyielding plastic and metal brace under her clothes. She then turned to Mel and said "you get one too" and gave her a hug as well.  Christy said "come inside please.  You are the last ones to arrive.  You know some of the gals here, and I will introduce you to a few more people. Come on, follow me."

After passing through the foyer they entered the den.  On the couch were two people sitting very close together, talking intimately.  Jen instantly recognized Nikki; her pink facemask was hard to miss.  Beside her was a guy that looked around her age.  Their attention was so focused on each other, they didn't notice the three ladies approach.  Christy stopped in front of them and said "ladies, I would like you to meet Nikki and Matt.  Nikki and Matt, this is Jen and Mel." 

This broke the trance between the two on the couch; and they turned their attention towards the three ladies.  Nikki seemed a little startled and said "oh, hello.  You snuck up on us." Jen stepped over and put her hand out and said "it is nice to meet you Nikki."  She then extended her hand towards Matt and said "and it is a pleasure to meet you as well."  Matt extended his hand, shook her hand very gently, and responded "it is nice to meet you.  I am Matt Garrison; there are two of us Matt's here tonight. So if you hear somebody say 'Mattie G'; they are talking about me."  He then said absently to no one "I hate that nickname."  Nikki turned her head towards his, laid her hand on his thigh, and responded "No, it is cute."  As this interaction unfolded, Jen couldn't help but think there was something between these two.  She stepped back out of the way, and Mel stepped forward extending her hand.  She repeated the process of handshakes and introductions with Nikki and Matt.

Thinking back to Nikki's reaction to her facemask earlier in the afternoon; and Josie's comment that Nikki might need some extra love tonight; Jen said "Nikki, that facemask looks too cute on you.  You know, they are all the rage this season" as she gestured towards Christy's facemask, then Mel's and finally her own.  This drew a guffaw from Christy, and a small laugh from Nikki.  She looked at Jen and said "thank you; it definitely takes some getting used to.  And I know I look horrible in it."  Matt looked Nikki squarely in the eyes and laid his hand on her forearm. He said "no, you don't.  You are gorgeous."   

Christy broke the tension that everyone was feeling between the two when she said "everyone else is out back, let's leave these two lovebirds alone" as she turned and walked towards a set of french doors at the back of the dining area.  Jen could see a fair number of people out back.  Christy stopped beside the dining room table.  On it was a birthday cake, and a half dozen or so wrapped boxes and giftbags.  She looked at the gals and asked "can I take those bottles of wine off your hand?  I can put them in the kitchen."

Jen responded "actually, they are gifts for Josie.  Can we put them on the table with the rest of the gifts? I didn't think ahead and get her anything; and neither of us was brave enough to go shopping on the way over here wearing our facemasks and full scoliosis braces. So we got her a couple of bottles of wine out of the pantry.  But don't tell her that; we spent days thinking of the perfect gift" and smiled. 

Christy said "of course, of course.  Just set them anywhere there. And speaking of wearing your facemasks; thank you.  Each of you.  You two are such model patients.  And I don't mean to pry, but do you wear your neckbraces out much?"  She turned toward Mel and said "and I didn't even realize you wore one; I only saw Jen in her's the other day."

As the two ladies set the bottles of wine on the table, Mel answered "well, I just got mine this afternoon.  So this is all new for me; but I figure I need to get used to wearing it one way or the other.  Plus, what kind of nurse would I be if I didn't set a good example for my favorite patient?"  She stepped over and wrapped her arm around Jen's waist.  Jen then answered "this is the first time I have ever worn mine out of the house.  And today is only the second time I have worn my facemask out. But we are in this together, all the way in this together" as she wrapped her arm around Mel's waist.  "I am expecting to get some looks; our Uber ride was pretty interesting; but it worked out in the end" Jen continued.  "Our rider couldn't take his eyes off the freak show in the back seat at first; but after talking a little while things actually seemed pretty normal.  Actually, something came up in our conversation I need to talk to you about later tonight; I think you would be all for it."

Christy gently slapped Jen on the arm and said "stop that; you two are the furthest thing from a freak show.  Ya'll are too cute together is what you are.  And it is so awesome you have each other to go through all of this with.  I will admit; it was a bit of a shock to see each of you tonight wearing everything.  And maybe it gave me a bit of PTSD thinking back to wearing a Milwaukee brace myself for six years.  But I get it; I got a ton of stares back then; and I have gotten a ton of stares this week since I began wearing my facemask full time.  And a few awkward, even inappropriate, questions and comments.  But the heck with those folks, I am doing this for me, not them.  I know all of the other girls have had some of the same; we have talked about it at the office.  Speaking of which; let's go outside with the rest of them.  Maybe you can help me figure out what is going on with Josie. She is usually leading the charge towards the margarita machine; but tonight she says she isn't in the mood to drink."

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Re: Jennifer
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So, this story got much more complex and much longer than I thought it would.  But it is relatively close to being done.  There are a lot of possible spin offs with the characters in it.  Any interest in their stories?  Or are you as tired of them as I am?

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Re: Jennifer
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If you feel the story is finished, end it however you want.

You can also just leave it with 'To be continued someday' so you can come back to it if you want and move on to a different story.

Someone may feel like they want to do a spin-off with some of the characters, or maybe use them to extend the story beyond what you have written.

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Re: Jennifer
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Chapter 66

As Jen and Mel followed Christy out onto the back patio Christy said "I will make some introductions and get you both a drink; I will start with my Matt".  Maybe it was the accountant in her, but Jen quickly assessed the scene and did a headcount.  Seated around an outdoor table to her left, Jen saw Sandy, Allison, Diane and an older gentleman whom Jen guessed was Diane's husband.  Allison and Diane were wearing facemasks.  Diane's looked the same as from Monday; a blue Grummons mask.  But the mask on Allison's face was different.  Tonight she was wearing a Petit facemask; the chincup and forehead pad were a light blue floral print design. 

To the right was an outdoor bar.  Clustered around it were 9 twenty-something year olds; 6 women and 3 men.  One of them was Josie, though she had her back to them.  Beside her was a man with his arm wrapped around her waist.  Jen assumed this was Josie's husband. The group was bantering back and forth at each other.  Due to their apparent similar ages, Jen guessed the rest of the group were friends of Josie's from outside of work.  Everyone seemed to have a drink in front of them or in their hands except for Josie.  Behind the bar was a man with a salt and pepper beard that Jen pegged as being somewhere in his forties.  Even with Jen's feelings towards Mel; she couldn't help but think the tall, rugged looking guy was awfully handsome.

As the ladies followed Christy she made her way towards the bar.  Allison saw them however and she gave a wave and a loud "Hey ya'll!".  Christy stopped and turned towards them.  Christy said "you know that motley bunch of ladies over there; and that debonaire chap is Diane's husband Peter." Jen and Mel smiled over at them and waved.  Jen exclaimed "I will be over to talk shortly" as Christy continued on towards the bar.

Once near the bar, but still outside the crowd of people clustered around it, Christy stopped and asked "so, what do you girls want to drink?"  Mel asked "well, what do you have?".  As Christy started naming off a laundry list of drinks, Jen stopped her and said "how about we start off with the house specialty?"  Christy smiled and said "excellent idea.  The margaritas here are to die for."  She walked over behind the bar and wrapped her arm around the handsome man standing there and asked "can we get two top shelf margaritas for my friends?"  Christy then gestured for the ladies to come over closer.  There, Christy said "Mel and Jen, I would like to introduce you to the best bartender in the world.  This is my Matt, not to be confused with the other Matt" and laughed.  Christy kept talking "he is awfully handy to have around.  In addition to being a first rate bartender; he is also my yardboy and general handyman." She then held up her hand in an exaggerated motion like she was going to whisper and said "and I am also sleeping with him."  This caused Christy to burst out in laughter.  Matt took it all in stride shaking his head.  Looking down at Christy he said "don't make me cut you off young lady."  This caused more laughter from Christy. 

Matt turned his attention to Jen and Mel.  He said "it is a pleasure to meet you.  I am Matt, I am this crazy things husband; not just some piece of meat she keeps around for her own pleasure."  This caused Christy to laugh even harder than before.  He continued "Let me whip you up a couple of margaritas.  Salt or no salt on the glass?"  Mel answered "surprise us".  Matt smiled, and Jen noticed he too wore metal braces.  He answered "as you wish, but first, let me get you all a little treat."  He reached into the minifridge built into the bar and withdrew three red jello shots.  He handed one each to Jen and Mel.  The third he held up above Christy out of her reach and said "are you going to behave yourself?"  Christy stepped over and hugged him, burying her orthodontically encumbered face into his chest and replied "yes, I promise."  She stepped back, looking up into his eyes, and playfully said "Now gimme!".  Matt handed her the shot. 

Christy held the little cup up towards Mel and Jen and said "I'd like to make a toast. To my new friends!".  Mel and Jen stuck the little plastic cups out so they all touched.  Christy then said "now, down the hatch."  She leaned her head back and deftly maneuvered the plastic shot cup over the bar of her facemask and between the springs protruding from her mouth and plopped it in her mouth.  Jen watched as Mel tried unsuccessfully to lean her head back.  Mel said "dang it, this neckbrace is an adjustment."  Despite not being able to tilt her head, she got the shot down.   When it was Jen's turn, she lifted the little shot cup up towards her mouth.  As she went to put it in her mouth, she hit her facemask.  The little plastic cup collapsed in and the jello shot popped up and out of the cup, landing on the ground.  Jen's face turned as red as the jello.   She twisted around at the hips to see if anyone other than Christy and Mel had seen her mishap.  Christy noted the embarrassment on her face, and said "hey, no problem.  It didn't get on your dress.  We have plenty more."  She went over and grabbed another one from the minifridge.  She walked back over to Jen and told her "open up."  Jen did as she was told and Christy popped the shot out of the cup and into her mouth.  Jen swallowed the shot and said "thank you.  That was so embarrassing."  Christy replied "it absolutely was not.  I promise you I will do much more that is much more embarrassing before the night is over.  Is that your first time trying to eat something wearing your facemask?  Because it is different; it takes a little practice.  And not only that, I can only imagine it is even harder wearing the brace."  Jen thought for a second and answered "yes, I guess it is the first time eating in my mask.  I have been using a straw to drink when I wear it.  But I haven't tried to eat anything.  And as for the neck brace, everything is harder with it on." 

Christy looked at her sympathetically and said "well, I am sure you will get the hang of it.  Speaking of practice..." Christy grabbed another jello shot from the fridge and handed it to Jen "the only way I have found to get better at something is to do it."  Being much more careful this time, Jen opened her mouth and maneuvered the cup over and around her facemask and springs.  She successfully popped the shot into her mouth and swallowed it.  She looked at Christy and said "thank you, those are awfully good.  But I also think I could get in trouble with them."

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Re: Jennifer
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Chapter 67.

Christy waited until the girls had their drinks; margaritas, salted glasses, and of course a straw in each.  Matt had also made her one.   With glass in hand, Christy loudly cleared her throat trying to draw the groups' attention.  It did not work.  She then loudly exclaimed "attention everyone, attention everyone".  Once the group had turned their attention towards the trio, Christy said "I hate to interrupt the fun, but I would like to introduce you to a couple of our friends.  This is Jen and this is Mel."  Christy went person by person introducing everyone.

Once done, Jen looked at Josie and said "Happy Birthday Josie!"  Then surveying the entire crowd she told them "and I will go ahead and apologize if I forget a few names.  I am pretty bad at it, especially after a few cocktails."  Mel then piped in, also wishing Josie a happy birthday.  Noting the looks on a couple of faces, to break the ice Mel then said "and yes, while it is very subtle and easy to miss, we are in treatment over at Dr. Cooper's; that is how we met these dynamos."  This drew a laugh from one of the girls.  Jen and Mel looked at Carrie as she smiled, displaying a set of metal braces on her own teeth.  Looking back at them she said "well then, you ladies fit right in.  Braces seem to be more contagious around here than Covid ever was."  One of the girls, a pretty blonde named Jamie, took two steps backwards and asked "do I need to keep 6 feet away from everyone?  I don't want to wake up in the morning with braces."  Carrie answered "no, you should be safe.  But you better not pass out tonight."  This drew a smattering of laughter from the group.

Christy took charge of the party once again.  Looking at the group in front of her she said "everyone is here, let's go ahead and start making our way inside so Josie can blow out her candles and open her presents."  Looking over at the table she loudly said "did ya'll hear that?  Let's go ahead and start making our way into the dining room."  As the group at the bar filed by, Christy stopped Josie and said "but first, you need to come with me.  I need your help with one of your presents".  Christy then led Josie inside and around the corner out of sight.

Not having had a chance earlier to give a proper hello to Sandy, Allison, or Diane; nor meet Diane's husband Peter; Jen took a detour and headed over towards the table with Mel in tow.  As she approached, she saw everyone standing up.  But Allison really caught her attention.  She awkwardly rose from her chair, hopping on one leg.  As she was reaching for a pair of crutches that Jen had missed seeing earlier, Jen noticed a black leg cast on Allison's right leg.  It started at her toes and disappeared upward under her dress.  As Diane helped Allison get the crutches under her arms and then maneuver around the table, Peter grabbed Allison's drink for her.

With Sandy in the lead clearing a path, Allison crutched behind her, with Diane and Peter bringing up the rear.  They stopped as they got to Jen and Mel.  Jen said "ladies, it is great to see you!"  Sticking her hand out towards Peter she said "and it is a real pleasure to meet you.  And this is Mel" gesturing to her girlfriend standing beside her.  After the brief introduction, Jen turned her attention to Allison and asked "What happened?".   Allison looked at Mel and Jen and answered "It shounds crazhee, but I don't even really know.  I woke up Wedneshday morning at 5:30 like normal and notished my right leg was killing me.  When I went to stand up my leg jusht buckled.  Rob took me to the doc in a box right away.  Shomehow I managed to get a stressh fracshure in my patella AND the socket of my tibia, as well ash having shome ligament damage.  Sho, they slapped thish gigantic casht on me for the next 6 to 8 weeksh.  It goesh all the way up to the top of my thigh, and it sucksh.  Chashing after my kidsh ish hard enough with two good legs.  And I can't drive.  It really sucksh.  The good newsh ish they said I don't need surgery."

Jen hugged Allison and said "I am so sorry.  Please let me know if there is anything I can do."  Allison responded "thank you, I don't think there ish anything. Well, unless you have some bubble wrap you could wrap me in, I sheem to be an acshident waiting for a place to happen lately."  Jen wasn't sure what this meant, and she didn't have time to ask as the crowd continued to make their way inside.

Jen and Mel were the last ones to enter the dining room.  It was a tight squeeze with nearly 20 people there, but the crowd parted to let Allison through so she could take a seat at the far end of the table.  Sandy pulled another chair in front of her and helped prop her leg up on it.  Jen noticed that Nikki and Mattie G had come to the dining room from the den as well; he was standing behind her with his hands on her hips.  The look on Nikki's face was one of happiness and contentment; a very different look than the one Jen had seen on her face earlier in the afternoon at Dr. Cooper's.  The group made small talk and sipped drinks as Christy's Matt lit the 26 individual candles on Josie's cake.  Jen then noticed what was on the cake.  It was a big, white toothy grin with a bracket on each tooth.  Across the top it said "Happy Birthday" and along the bottom it said "Josie!!!"  Jen thought to herself that Christy must have been in charge of buying the cake.

Jen and Mel were taking in the scene from the edge of the crowd; their backs toward to the den.  They didn't see Christy appear from around the corner, but they saw several people turn and look that direction.  So, they did the same.  Jen saw Christy, a big smile on her face behind her facemask, walking towards them with Josie on her heels.  It took several steps to notice that something was different with Josie.  She had a huge smile on her face.  And her pink facemask was gone.  Once in the dining room, Josie slipped around the table so that she was standing in front of her cake with her husband Todd behind her.  Christy then said to the group "Dr. Rob didn't want to impose on us tonight; but he did have one surprise present for Josie.  He is letting her out of facemask jail for the weekend!"

From across the crowd Nikki shouted "hey, it is my birthday too!  I want out of facemask jail!."  Carrie coughed and uttered "Bullshite! We celebrated your birthday last month."  Nikki made an exaggerated pout.  That quickly turned back into a contented smile as Mattie G rubbed his hand up and down her upper arm. 

It was then that Todd, Josie's husband, said "Thank you Dr. Cooper.  But are you sure this isn't a present for me instead of my smokeshow wife?"  It took a second for everyone to grasp what he was saying.  There were several laughs.  Then Josie realized the innuendo in his comment, and the look on her face changed from one of elation to irritation.  She turned around and softly hit Todd on his chest.  She chided him "don't be inappropriate!".  He looked back at her innocently and asked "what?  I have just missed doing this for the past two weeks" as he leaned in, put his hand behind her head, and gave her a big kiss.  Despite Josie's irritation just moments before, once their lips met she responded in kind.  They stayed locked together for several seconds.  Finished, he pulled back, looking in her eyes, and said "happy birthday babe, I love you so much."  This drew "awws" from several of the women around the table. Jen noticed that Mattie G leaned down and briefly kissed Nikki on the top of her head as the rest of the crowd launched into singing Happy Birthday to Josie.

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Re: Jennifer
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Chapter 68.

After Josie had finished blowing out the candles on her cake, she looked around at the crowd with a smile on her face.  She said “thank you all for throwing me such a great party.  I feel so loved.  And some of ya’ll have been asking me why I haven’t wanted a drink tonight; if something was wrong.  Nothing is wrong.  It’s the exact opposite.  It has been so hard keeping this a secret since I found out Tuesday.  But I think this is the perfect time to let the cat out of the bag. 

I am pregnant. 

Me and Todd are going to have a baby!”

The crowd erupted in excitement, especially from the women.  All were talking over each other at once, excitedly clapping and shouting out questions and congratulations.  It took several minutes for everyone to settle down enough to be heard.  It then became a steady stream of hugs, congratulations and questions for Josie; and excited conversation all around.

It was about 20 minutes before some semblance of calm was restored.  Josie looked at the crowd and once again thanked them.  She then said “This really is the best night.”.

Christy slid over beside Jen and said “this is so exciting.  I guess I need to go ahead and start planning the baby shower now.”  Jen laughed and asked “did you know anything about it?”  Christy replied “absolutely not. That floored me.  Remember me asking you to see it you could figure out what was wrong with Josie? I guess this answers it; she is gonna be a mama. I am so happy for her and Todd.”

Christy then realized in all the excited that the birthday cake and presents had been completely forgotten.  Christy slid over by the table and said “ladies and gents! Ladies and gents!  This is so exciting, and we have all night to celebrate this incredible announcement.  But Josie still has some presents to open; and there is cake and ice cream for anyone that wants it”.

After all the presents had been opened; and the cake was nothing but some leftover crumbs and icing, the group broke back into smaller groups.  Josie filtered around talking with everyone, Todd by her side.  Out back, Matt had set up a folding plastic table with beer pong.  There was a competitive game going on between two couples.  Carrie was a very engaged onlooker; alternately cheering them on or good naturedly trash talking.  Christy had cleared off the dining room table; and there now was a game of Never Have I Ever being played there.  Both games and their participants were being lubricated by margaritas, beer and jello shots.

Jen and Mel sat watching on inside; laughing out loud at times at of some of the antics they saw and questions they heard.  Nikki was in the thick of it; a margarita in front of her; seated across from Mattie G.  She seemed to have completely forgotten about her facemask; the one that just hours before had bothered her so much.  On one of her turns, Nikki looked across the table into Mattie’s eyes and said “Never have I ever kissed a girl with braces”.  The statement was clearly aimed at Mattie.  And while Jamie did drink, drawing several raised eyebrows around the table, Mattie just smiled back at Nikki.  He didn’t drink, meaning he had never kissed a girl with braces.   He then felt a foot brush against his.  The other players at the table were oblivious as the foot, Nikki’s foot, seductively ran up his leg towards his inner thigh and then back down it.  Looking at him, Nikki sensually lowered her head, bit her bottom lip and then said “we might need to do something about that.”

It was at this time that Josie made her way over to talk with Jen and Mel.  Due to how loud and raucous it was around the table, Jen and Mel stood up and walked into the kitchen.  They each hugged Josie and told her how excited and happy they were for her.  Josie told them that she might have some questions  along the way about her pregnancy, and Jen said she would be there to offer any answers she could.  After they had finished with baby talk, Jen asked “it’s none of my business, but what is the story with Nikki and Mattie?  They act like they are in love; but Mattie just said he has never kissed a girl with braces, which Nikki most obviously has.  Just confuses me.”

Josie shrugged her shoulders and responded “I am as confused as you.  I tried to set them up together last year, and there just wasn’t any spark there.  I mean, I think Nikki may have a little crush on him.  And they have always been friendly towards one another.  But I always got the sense that Mattie just wasn’t that attracted to her, um, sexually.  But tonight they can’t keep their eyes, or their hands, off of each other.  Ever time I come in the room I expect to find them undressing each other.  It blows my mind.”

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Re: Jennifer
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Chapter 69.

Their conversation was interrupted by a pair of bickering women entering the kitchen. There was a guy following along behind the pair seemingly trying to act as peace keeper.  The look on his face was one of exacerbation.  Jen recognized the louder, more animated of the pair as Carrie.  Jen couldn’t recall the other girls name; she was pretty but had seemed very shy earlier when they had met.  Throughout the party she seemed to just try to blend into the back ground.  Jen did remember the guys name.  He was Mike, and he was the shy woman’s husband. 

Carrie marched into the kitchen and announced “Josie, tell Maggie she can not leave!  This thing is just getting started.  And they won the last round of pong, the champions can’t just pack it in and leave; they have to defend their title!”  Maggie ignored this outburst and looked at Josie.  Head lowered she meekly said “Joshie, thank you for inviting us.  We had a great time, but I really need to get home.  And again, congratulations.”  As she spoke, Jen noticed her lips made a few unnatural movements; it seemed as if she was trying to talk without showing her teeth.  . 

Josie looked over at Maggie and said “aww, don’t leave!  It is only 10 oclock.  What do you have to do in the morning?”  Maggie answered “um, nothing really, i jusht need to go home and take my contactsh out.”  Once again, like earlier, Carrie coughed and uttered “bullshite!”.  Josie looked over at Maggie and asked “do you have your glasses with you?  If so, take them out here.  If you need, I have an extra empty contact case and saline in my purse.”  Maggie seemed flustered having had her bluff called and said “no.  I mean yes I have my glasses.  But no, I need to go home.”  Josie looked at her with concern and asked “what’s going on, what’s wrong.”

Carrie didn’t give her a chance to answer, chiming in immediately “she is scared to put her headgear on here. So she is going to go home and hide.  Which is dumb.  Just look around.”  At the mere mention of the word headgear Maggie’s cheeks got red.  At this point Mike interjected himself a little deeper into the drama.  He put his hand on Carrie’s arm.  Sternly looking her in the eyes, he forcefully said “I know you are best friends and you are just riding her, but be nice to my wife, she is still sensitive about her braces.”

Carrie backed down, apologizing “I’m sorry, I’m sorry Maggie.  But there is no reason to go home.  I miss my friend.  You never want to leave the house anymore since you got braces.  I thought we were doing this together?  But I hardly see you anymore because you are always holed up at home hiding.”  She unslung the bag that was over her shoulder and started unzipping it.  She continued “I am about to put mine on.  Heck, half the people here have to wear one.  Look at Nikki over there.  I haven’t seen her laugh this much since, well, maybe ever.”  Eyes still downcast Maggie said “i just don’t think I can.  Mine is so much worse than yours.  It looks like a train derailed on my face.”   Josie told Maggie “no, it does not look like a train derailed on your face.  There may be a few more pieces to yours, but it means you don’t have to wear these awful lip shredding hooks like the rest of us.  If I put mine back on, will you do the same and stay a little longer?  Really, I think you are making this out to be a lot bigger in your mind than it really is.  We are all friends here.”

Despite trying her best to hide her smile, Jen had noticed that Maggie did in fact have something in her mouth and on her teeth.  But her smile didn’t seem to be quite as metallic as everyone else’s at the party.  Jen wondered if Maggie had clear braces, which surprised her as she remembered Christy saying that Dr. Cooper hated using clear ceramic brackets.  She was curious about this.  The statement about there being extra pieces to her headgear piqued her curiosity as well.  It seemed like Maggie’s treatment was a little different than what everyone else here was undergoing.

Head still down Maggie responded “no, I absolutely am not going to let you put yours back on.  You just got a break from it.  And it is your birthday.  And your baby celebration.  I am not letting you do that.”  By now, Carrie had attached a blue delaire facemask to her own braces and looked at Maggie saying “see, no big deal!  Please stay!”

Mike now took charge of the conversation.  He reached down and put his hand under Maggie’s head, gently cupping her chin.  He lifted it up so that she was looking into his face.  He told her “kitten, they are right.  You don’t have to leave.  I know how much the headgear bothers you.  And I know it is uncomfortable and inconvenient.  But it is going to be just as uncomfortable and inconvenient at home as it is here.  And you are too incredible; beautiful, funny, sexy, smart and sweet; to hide away from your friends for the next year.  Have you had fun tonight?”

Maggie replied “yes of course.  I have had a blast.  Well, until this conversation”.  Still looking at her husband, she let a smile slip onto face, revealing she did in fact have clear brackets on her top teeth.

Mike continued “then why don’t we stay and you can keep having fun.  Put your headgear on, for me if nothing else.  Because I want you to be happy.  I will help you with it, and I will be beside you the whole night.”

Mike looked at Josie and asked “do you think Mrs. Thomas would mind if we used the upstairs bathroom?”  Josie answered “I am sure not, just ask her.” 

Mike scanned the dining room and den and did not see her.  He stepped out on the back patio and saw her and Mike behind the bar in conversation.  He approached the bar and said “I am sorry to interrupt.  But Mrs. Thomas, can Maggie and I use an upstairs bathroom?  I need to help Maggie with her braces.”

Christy turned towards him and answered “NO!  You can not call me Mrs. Thomas.  I am Christy.  Mrs. Thomas is Matt’s mother.  But yes, of course you can use the upstairs bathroom.  Is everything ok?”

Matt answered “yes, everything is fine.  I need to turn Maggie’s expander and help her put her headgear on.”  Christy beamed and said “I am so proud of her.  And she is doing so good.  Please tell her I said that.  And aren’t you just the sweetest.  Do you need a hand or do you have it under control?”  Matt replied “I should be fine, I have been doing it every night for the past month.  Thank you” and he turned and walked back inside.

Once back in the kitchen Matt walked up behind Maggie.  He leaned down with out a word and gently kissed her on the lips.  He then told Maggie “let me go out to the truck and get your bag.  Meet me at the stairs”.

It took less than a minute for him to return with Maggie’s purse and a bag from the orthodontist.  Jen recognized it was the exact same bag that every patient at Dr. Cooper’s seemed to leave with.  This made her think back to earlier in the afternoon, and she wondered how Michelle and Mandy were doing.  She wondered if Michelle had been able to come to terms a little better with her braces.  Her thoughts were broken when Mike once again leaned in and kissed Maggie.  He looked at her lovingly and said “come on, I will take good care of you.”  Taking her hand, he walked her up the stairs, around the corner and out of sight.

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Re: Jennifer
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Sorry if it has gotten too complicated to keep track of everyone.  It has gotten hard for me to tell the story coherently.  But by chapter 75;  maybe a couple sooner, we will have a conclusion of sorts.  Just as an FYI some of ya’ll might have noted my tribute to the original OG’s.  Carrie, who isn’t embarrassed or ashamed of her braces and headgear.  And Mike, the chivalrous knight who protects his wife (spoiler alert), right before he bones her in the bathroom while she is wearing her complicated headgear.

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Re: Jennifer
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... and Maggie wont forget to change her contacts into glasses as well...

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Re: Jennifer
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Chapter 70.

Jen looked over at Mel and said "I am going to go find Christy; I need to talk to her about a few things.  And maybe get another drink.  Care to join me?"  Mel said "of course babe".

Jen and Mel found Christy out by the bar.  Once there Mel looked at Matt and asked "care to refresh a few drinks?"  As Matt took their glasses, he responded "two top shelf margaritas coming up mi'ladies."  As Matt worked on the drinks, Jen said "Christy, have you heard from Michelle?  Any idea how she is doing tonight?"  Mel asked "who is Michelle?"  Jen then realized that she had not told Mel about her earlier.  After explaining what had happened at Dr. Cooper's that afternoon Mel said "aww, I hope she is doing better."

Christy answered with "no, I haven't.  I should have checked in with her; but I have been so focused on this party it completely slipped my mind.  I didn't even think to grab her number before I left this afternoon."  Jen said "well, I have her cell number.  Think it is too late to send her a text?  Heck with it, I am going to do it."  She pulled out her phone and typed:

J: Michelle, this is Jen Collins; from Dr. Cooper's earlier today.  I apologize for texting so late.  But I am here with Christy and we are thinking about you. We hope you are doing well and your mouth is not hurting too bad.

Jen slipped her phone away and said "well, at least she will know we are thinking about her.  Now, I need to recruit you for something.  I already volunteered you, but I think you will like it.  Earlier tonight on our Uber ride, our driver Kevin talked about how his fiance wants to fix her smile, but he thinks she is intimidated by the idea of getting adult braces.  I told him I would be happy to talk to her about it.  And I told him I had a friend I thought would be more than willing to assist.  That friend is you.  Care to try to talk someone into starting treatment?"

Christy smiled and said "is it that obvious I am obsessed with teeth?  Ok, maybe that is a rhetorical question. Absolutely, I would love too.  Just let me know what I need to do."

Jen pulled her phone back out.  She typed up a message to Kevin telling him that her and Christy would love to talk to his fiance about orthodontic treatment.  After hitting send on the message, she copy and pasted links to Dr. Cooper's website and the blog she had put together and sent those as well.  Her phone then pinged.  She looked down and it was a response from Michelle.  It said:

M: Thank you for checking on me.  I am pretty miserable.  And this facemask sucks.  But thank you for checking on me.

Jen held her phone up so the other ladies could see it.  Mel said "aww, poor thing."  Christy cocked her head and said "I have an idea.  It worked with Josie last Saturday.  Maybe it will work tonight."  She pulled her phone out and handed it to Matt and said "babe, will you take a picture of the three of us please?"  To Mel and Jen she said "squeeze in here and give me a big smile."  Matt took a picture of the three of them, big metallic smiles visible behind the facemasks on each of their faces.  Matt showed Christy his handiwork and Christy exclaimed "perfect!".  After adding Michelle's number to her contacts, Christy typed up a text of her own to Michelle:

C:  I promise it will get better.  You are doing great.  And it might not seem like it tonight, but having to wear a facemask is not the end of the world.  Try to get some sleep tonight; and we will check in with you tomorrow. 

She attached the photo of the three of them at the bottom and hit send.

Christy looked at the two ladies and said "well, that is two good deeds done.  Now, I have a question for the two of you.  What is it like having to wear those scoliosis braces?" 

Jen went first, telling Christy her story.  She included the highs and the lows.  She finished with the fact though that by now, she was completely used to wearing the back brace; that she oftentimes forgot she was even wearing it during the day.  She finished by saying that the cervical extension was not so easily ignored, but it was tolerable.  Mel then gave her story.  She included a lot of clinical background; tidbits from research papers, and what she had seen in her patients.  Once done Christy asked "so, those braces you are wearing are actually able to improve curves without surgery?"  Mel confirmed that was the case.  Mel then asked "you seem pretty interested Christy.  Any chance I could schedule you a consultation?"

Christy balked "no, I just am curious.  Well, actually...  I have told you how I had to wear a brace?  It never improved my spine, it just kept it from progressing and getting worse.  I still have scoliosis.  And I have noticed my back has started to bother me a little more the last few years."

Mel jumped in "you absolutely need to come see me.  At least get a consult.  Spinal curves do not fix themselves.  In fact, just the opposite.  They usually get worse with age.  And letting it go just makes eventual treatment longer and more intense.  At least come in and see what Dr. Wellington says.  He might be able to just prescribe you a stretching and exercise protocol that can improve things."

Christy responded "knowing my luck, I doubt that is the case.  But I will make a deal with you.  If you two will schedule a set of myofunctional therapy appointments with me I will come see you at Dr. Wellingtons.  Do we have a deal?" 

Mel smiled and said "yay! Of course we have a deal".  Mel stuck out her hand and shook with Christy.  She then said "I am going to hold you to this.  There will be no 'I had too much to drink last night' tomorrow morning" Christy laughed.  She then said "I may regret it, but I am a woman of my word.  I do wish that I knew what it felt like to wear one before I jump in with both feet."

Mel took a step back and looked both Jen and Christy up and down.  She walked over and put her hands on Jen's hips; then repeated it with Christy's.  Jen and Christy looked at each other with confused looks on their faces.  Jen raised her eyebrows and shook her head back and forth, letting Christy know she didn't know what was going on either.  After roughly measuring each of the ladies up Mel said "Christy, you and Jen are really close to the same size.  Why don't you try Jen's brace on?  I know that Jen would love a little break from it anyway.  And you could get a feel for what it is like.  What do you say?"

Christy asked "would that not be weird?"  Mel smiled and said "no, it wouldn't.  And Christy, we are at a birthday party where half the guests; adults; are wearing orthodontic headgear.  So, even if it is a little weird, aren't we already in that neighborhood?" This drew a laugh from Christy.  She said "ha, I guess you are right.  How about we go upstairs?  You can let me see what I have gotten myself into."

As they made their way up the stairs with Christy in the lead she said "before you strap me in, let me slip into the restroom and tinkle."  At the top of the landing they turned right.  As they approached the closed door to the bathroom they heard noises from inside.  There was a mix of guttural noises and moans emanating through the door.  Christy stopped.  She turned around, a wide-eyed horrified look on her face.  She held a finger up to her lips and gestured with her head for the ladies to keep following her. 

She opened the door to her bedroom.  Once they were all in the room, Christy looked at the two ladies and asked "Are Mike and Maggie doing what I think they are?  In my bathroom?  In the middle of a party?"  The two ladies both agreed that it did sound like the couple was in fact having sex in the bathroom.  Christy said "I probably should be mad at them.  But you know what, I am not.  Maggie's confidence and self-esteem have just been battered since she got braces.  I am glad she is having a good time.  At least it sounded like she was having a good time.  I might be having to plan two baby showers here pretty soon."

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Chapter 71.


In the upstairs bathroom, Mike handed Maggie her purse.  She sat it down on the vanity and dug around in it; pulling out a contact lens case, saline, and a case which held her glasses.  She sat everything over to the side.  Maggie then pulled the plunger up on the sink so nothing could slip down the drain if she had a mishap.  Mike watched as she then leaned over the sink and cupped her left hand under her right eye.  With her other hand she placed her index finger in the corner of her eye and pulled it taught in the direction of her ear.  She popped her eye open, and the hard contact lens that had been in her eye landed in her cupped hand.  She rinsed it off and placed it in it's case.  She repeated the process with her other eye, though this time it took two tries before the lens popped out of her eye and into her hand.

As Maggie removed her lenses, she wished she could still wear soft contacts.  She really hated wearing the hard contacts.  They had been a thorn in her side for almost ten years.  They were expensive and uncomfortable.  They took much more maintenance than soft lenses.  And she couldn't wear them for more than 8 or 10 hours before they just got too uncomfortable and she had to remove them.  But as much as she hated them, she hated wearing her thick glasses more.  So she put up with them, she had no choice.  She just wished she could wear soft contacts again.  But her eyesight had deteriorated in her teen years.  She had high myopia and severe astigmatisms now, which meant that soft contacts just wouldn't correct her eyesight enough for her to function anymore.  Ever since she got them, it seemed her life revolved around her hard, rigid gas permeable contact lenses.  Well, that was until she got braces.

With her contact lenses in their case, everything was a blur to Maggie.  She reached over towards the vanity and blindly groped for her glasses.  Mike reached out and put his hand over hers.  He whispered "I've got them."  Gently, he slid the thick lensed myodisc glasses onto her face and the world came into focus for her.  She looked at her husband and embarrassingly said "thank you."  He looked her in the eyes, which appeared smaller in the thick lenses, and softly answered "you are welcome".   He gently kissed her. 

Every night for the past month had been a similar experience.  Every night she would remove her contacts, and he would then help her with her expander and headgear.  And every night he had to look on as his beautiful wife tried to disappear into the floor.  Even in front of him, the man that loved her, the man that would die for her, she was mortified.  For reasons that Mike could not understand, Maggie had never realized how beautiful she was.  He could still replay the first time he saw her in his mind.  He knew right then she was special.  He thought she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen then.  And he still felt that way.  If anything, he found her even more beautiful now.  But she didn't share this opinion of herself.  And since getting braces he had seen her self-esteem plummet even more.  He had tried everything he could think of to try to lift her spirits and get her out of her funk, but so far nothing had worked.  He hoped that time would help heal her fragile psyche. 

This was all despite the fact that Maggie had clear braces on her top and bottom teeth; of course except for the molar bands; but they weren't very visible when she smiled.  But she so rarely smiled since she had gotten them, it didn't really matter that her braces were actually very discreet.  And despite the fact that she did have the expander screwed into her mouth, she had overcome her lisp very quickly. Maggie had been terrified of getting braces, and she had absolutely refused to start treatment if she had to wear all metal braces and the very visible facemask hooks that Dr. Cooper normally used on patients.  So he made some compromises in his treatment plan for her.  He had fitted Maggie with clear braces, and he had developed a protraction method that eliminated the need for the hooks.  But, like most things in life, compromises come at a cost.

With her heavy, thick glasses now on her face, Mike picked up the wrench.  Without saying a word, Maggie leaned her head back and opened her mouth as far as she could.  Mike made one turn on her expander.  And then a second.  Once he was done, he enveloped her in a hug.  Maggie replied very softly "thank you."  After holding Maggie for nearly a minute he released her; his vulnerable, scared and hurting wife. 

He picked up the facebow.  Even though he had been doing this for a month, it was still tricky.  Unlike a normal facebow that slid into molar tubes from the front; this facebow had a u-shaped bend at each end of the prongs that went into her mouth. It actually slid into the backside of the molar tubes.  More than once Mike had thought it was very much like a fish hook being impaled on each side of his poor wife's mouth.  Maggie opened her mouth, and Mike carefully inserted the facebow.  Being careful not to poke her; he had done so a couple of times in the past already; he placed the facebow as far back in her mouth as he could, all the way past her molars.  He then slid the facebow forward, into the tube on one side of her mouth, and then the other.  He then reached in with his fingers and locked the spring activated mechanism that would keep it from sliding out of the tubes accidentally on each side.  This was to keep from possibly injuring her; maybe even putting out an eye; if the facebow slipped out during sleep, sports, or other activities.  Sandy had been very adamant when she was teaching them how to install the headgear that they must latch the headgear on; patients back in the 60's and 70's had actually lost eyes because of them.

With the modified facebow installed, Mike looked down at his wife.  She had her head down, avoiding eye contact.  He kissed her on the forehead and said "you are doing great." He then picked up her red Petit facemask from the counter and placed it up to her face.  Just as the facebow had been modified where it went into Maggie's mouth, the other end was modified as well.  The outer bow had been shortened, and there was a double bend in each end.  It looked like a little W at each end of the facebow.  Mike took an elastic and hooked it on one of these litte W bends, then attached the other end to the horizontal bar on the facemask on that side.  He took another elastic and repeated it on the other side.  He picked up one more pair of elastics and put them on as well, except this time he crossed them across to the other side of the facemask, increasing the force from the elastics.  With the four elastics now in place, Maggie grimaced; the facemask pulling the facebow forward, the facebow pulling her maxilla forward.  They were almost done.  Mike leaned in again and kissed Maggie on the top of the head and whispered "you are doing so great."

The final step was to strap everything in place.  Mike picked up the Interlandi headgear and gently fit it over and around his wife's head.  The white plastic c-shaped plates that lay in front of each of Maggie's ears clashed with the black straps, and her strawberry blond hair and lightly sunkissed skin.  From the counter he picked up more elastics.  These were larger, and much stronger, than the ones he had used earlier.  He hooked one to one of the two hooks that had been integrated into the chincup of her facemask, and then hooked it to the second post of the c plate of the Interlandi headgear.  He repeated this on the other side.  Then he took another of these stronger elastics.  He hooked it to the chincup and then hooked it to the 4th post on the c plate, increasing the force being exerted on Maggie's chin. Again, he repeated it on the other side.  She now had 4 strong elastics pulling up and back on her poor chin, magnifying the discomfort she felt.  Dr. Cooper had explained they needed to try to control Maggie's prominent chin while bringing her maxilla forward, and thus the need for the interlandi headgear.  But, he told them, they could use the chincup of the facemask to accomplish this and avoid another separate appliance.  And the interlandi would eliminate the need for the headstrap that other patients wore at night to secure their facemasks.  And that was the last thing that Mike had left to do.  He reached over and grabbed a strap from the table.  He snapped it to the forehead pad of Maggie's facemask, and then snapped it onto the top of the c plate on each side of his wife's head, securely holding the mask to her face.  Finally, his wife was wearing her headgear.  The same headgear she would need to wear for at least 34 hours this weekend to catch up on missed time from earlier in the week.

Maggie turned and looked at herself in the mirror. Between the glasses, facebow, facemask, and interlandi headgear little of her face was actually visible.  A tear welled up and ran down her face.  But with her heavy glasses trapped beneath the intimidating mass of straps on her head, and knowing how hard they were to get back on when she had her headgear on, she didn't even try to wipe her eyes.  Mike saw the hurt and embarrassment in her face.  It was the same thing every night.  He wished he could do something to take away her pain. 

Mike slid up against Maggie and nestled his face in her neck.  He kissed her low on the neck and then whispered "I." He then moved up a little higher on her neck, managing to avoid the strap from the Interlandi, and he repeated the kiss.  He whispered "love".  He then made his way up to her ear.  After nibbling on it for a few seconds he whispered "you".  Without saying a word he started working on unbuttoning her top. Despite the glasses and headgear, he still found this creature the most seductive thing he had ever seen.  And if he was being honest with himself, seeing her so vulnerable was a turn on for him.  He had tried this before at home in the past month, and Maggie had always rebuffed him.  Once she had even asked him "how can you even look at me when I wearing this?" With her headgear on, she wanted to hide from the world, even from him it seemed.  Since getting her headgear, intimacy between them had become a thing of the past.  Mike realized that Maggie found herself too ugly to make love, and this broke his heart. 

But for whatever reason, tonight was different.  Maggie turned, and actually looked up at him.  She then reached down and grabbed his belt.