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Re: Jennifer
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Chapter 54.

The commotion in chair 1 had also drawn Christy’s attention.  She quickly glanced at Jen and told her to go spit in the sink and then rushed over to Michelle.  She leaned over Michelle and quickly took the facemask off her and put it aside.  She laid her hand on Michelle’s shoulder and cooed “it’s ok, it’s ok.  You aren’t the first patient to shed a few tears in here.”  Christy shifted her attention briefly to Sandra and said “Sandy, please get her some tissues.”  She then turned her attention back to Michelle and asked “what is it?  Is something hurting you?”

Michelle composed herself somewhat and wiped her eyes.  Shakily Michelle answered “Itsh jusht show musch metal.  Oh gawd, i cah even shpeak”.  Hearing her new speech impediment caused her crying to return.  By now Sandy had returned with a handful of tissues which she handed to Christy.  Christy put her arm around Michelle from one side of the chair while Mandy embraced her in an awkward hug from the other side of the chair.  Christy gently blotted Michelle’s face as she whispered “let it out, let it out.”

After quickly spitting the nasty mouthwash into the sink, Jen was unable to avert her eyes from what was going on across the small room.  She desperately wanted to tell Michelle of her own reaction to getting braces, but she was unsure whether it was her place to interject herself in the situation.  Still unsure exactly what to do she took several steps in that direction and stopped.  Christy had seen Jen out of the corner of her eye.  She turned her head in Jen’s direction and subtly nodded her head up and down.   Jen interpreted this as permission to approach.  She came over and squatted down beside Michelle and laid her hand on Michelle’s.  By now the the crying had ceased and become a defeated sniffling.

Jen looked into Michelle’s red eyes and said “I understand.  I have not told anyone this.  Not even Mel.  But the first thing I did last Wednesday when I got in my car was bawl my eyes out.  So I understand, and you aren’t alone.  But know that every day since I had my cry it has gotten easier.  And it will for you too.”

Michelle sniffled one more time and replied “really?” 

Jen said “absolutely.  I cried my eyes out.  It IS all so much.  But you will quickly adjust.  And keep your eyes on the prize.  This is just a short term inconvenience for a lifetime of better health.”

Jen’s words seemed to calm Michelle.  She looked up at Jen and said “thanck ya show musch.  Thanck ya all show musch.  I am sho shorry.  I feel lie susch a baby.  My baby is over her comforting me when that ish my job.”

Mandy hugged her mom tighter and said “Momma, did you forget how you hugged me and told me it was going to be all right when I got my braces?  I haven’t”.

This caused another tear to form and run down Michelle’s cheek, but this was one of happiness.  She shifted in the dental chair and hugged Mandy back.  She said “thank you baby.  I love you sho musch.  I am sho proud of you.  You are by far my biggesht accomplishment in life”.

With crisis seemingly averted, Christy looked at Sandy and asked “how far along did you get on wear and care instructions?”

Sandy answered “I did not have a chance to get into care.  Dr. Cooper had literally just left.  We had just gotten to instructions on how to place and remove the facemask.  I did not have a chance to get get into care, hygiene or turning her expanders.”

Christy thought for a moment and looked over at Mandy, who was still hugging her mom.  Christy asked her “Mandy, do you feel comfortable with how to care for your braces?  How about turning your expander and facemask wear?”

Mandy loosened her grip on her mom and looked at Christy.  She was nodding her head up and down as she replied “yes, yes I do.”

Christy then asked her “would you be willing to help your mom the next few days as she learns the ropes?”

Mandy replied “absolutely, I was already planning on it.  Momma has been turning this torture device of mine every night, I figure it is time for some payback” as she giggled and gave her mom a big smile.  Jen noticed that Michelle actually cracked a smile back at her.

Christy then announced “then I think we are about done here.  I am sure Michelle is ready to go home.  Will you escort Michelle and Mandy up to Josie to make their followup appointment.  I will put together our standard care and hygiene package.  It will have instructions on everything as well as the break in schedule for your facemask.  I will put your facemask and elastics in the bag.  If you would go ahead Sandy and take them out front, I will meet you there with the care package.”

Sandy looked at Christy and innocently asked “doesn’t she need to put her facemask on before she leaves?”

This seemed to draw Christy’s ire.  She responded forcefully “No.  She absolutely does NOT need to put on her facemask before she leaves.  She will have plenty of time to get used to it over the next two weeks.  At home.  Not here, not now.  And if Dr. Cooper finds out and gets mad about it, you can tell him it was my call and he can talk to me.”

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Re: Jennifer
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I'd love to be Michelle's husband!

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Re: Jennifer
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Honest question, am I getting too bogged down in the details?

Honest answer: yes, for some readers.  But probably not for readers on this group IMHO (H for hubristic).

I'm writing a novel that's scarily similar in some respects to your story -- I promise it's parallel thought development based on my own research into orthotropics.  I was already busy with the first major structural edit of mine when I started reading your work.

I relate to your question.

I'll probably end up excising some of the more devotee-oriented aspects of my novel as it stands currently.  It makes more sense to me to rewrite them as vignettes for this forum.  They are definitely too much for everyone else to have to wade through.

I'm enjoying your writing, and appreciate your putting yourself 'out there' for us.

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Re: Jennifer
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I am enjoying the Jennifer  story I think its very good the level of detail is good it really fleshes out the characters for us. I admit I don't go into as much detail as you partly because I'm not as skilled at writing as you are. Charlie0186 where will your novel be published? I look forward to reading it when your ready to release it.  Thanks in advance  kelly

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Re: Jennifer
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Chapter 55.

As Sandy, Michelle, and Mandy headed out the door towards reception, Christy went and grabbed a bag from a cabinet.  Jen identified it as identical to the bag she had left with the previous week.  As Christy busied herself filling it she looked over at Jen.  She said “thank you for that.  There is nothing I could have said that would have calmed her down more quickly.  I think the fact that you are a patient here, and not an employee, makes it even more credible.  And everything you said was the truth.  So again, thank you.  And I didn’t realize that getting your braces had impacted you like that.  Thank you for sharing.  I think Dr. Cooper sometimes forgets about the emotional aspects of this and focuses solely on the mechanics of everything.”

Jen replied “you are welcome.  I wasn’t sure if I should get involved, but I thought sharing my experience might help.  And yeah, I am not proud that I had my little come apart in my car last Wednesday, but I did.  If it were’t for Mel, I might have marched right back in here and demanded Dr. Cooper remove everything.”

Christy looked over at Jen and said “well I am glad you did jump in.  It helped tremendously.  And I am glad you didn’t march right back in here.  I know it is hard, especially at first, I know first hand.  But it is worth it.  Would you walk with me to reception?  I want to see Michelle out.  And I need to apologize to Sandy.  I bit her head off and it wasn’t her fault.  She was just trying to follow the rules.”

Jen followed Christy out the door and made the short walk down the hall into the reception area.  There they found Mandy, Michelle and Sandy huddled around the reception desk.  As they walked up Jen heard Josie saying “I have been wearing mine full time now for two weeks.  You will get used to it in no time.”  The arrival of Christy and Jen turned the attention of the group to them.

Christy looked at Michelle and gave her a broad metallic smile from behind her facemask and said, “did Josie get you all fixed up with your next appointment?”

Michelle answered “yesh she did.”  Upon hearing her lisp again her face reddened. 

Jen jumped in and said “Michelle, it gets better. By Monday I bet you hardly notice it, and I bet no one else will either.”  It was a bit of a white lie Jen knew, but she thought it would help.

Michelle answered “thank ya show musch.  And Joshie was telling me she hash been wearing her facshmashk full time for two weeksh.  Surely I can manage fourteen hoursh a day.”

Christy replied “you absolutely will be able to.  And you know, Josie isn’t the only one wearing her facemask full time.  Diane and I also got ours installed on Monday, so there are three of us here in the office doing it.  Four if you count Dr. Cooper’s wife.”

Sandy smiled pensively and added “and within the next two weeks, I will be joining the club.”

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Re: Jennifer
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Chapter 56.

Christy said “well, I think we are about done here.  But before that, I do need to apologize.”

Christy solemnly looked at Sandy and continued “Sandy, I am so sorry I snapped at you.  You were just following instructions.  I hope you will accept my apology.  I was out of line.  And Mandy and Michelle, I need to apologize to you two as well for doing it in front of you.”

Sandy’s face brightened and replied “thank you, it is ok.  You were right.  But thank you.  Apology accepted.”

Michelle was next to speak, she looked at Christy and then Sandy and said “you don nee to apologizsh to me.  Inshtead I need to once again thank you.  And I am shorry for my little come apart.  I caushed it all to happen.”

Christy looked at Michelle and replied “no, you did just fine.  No apology needed.  It is a lot to come to terms with.  You did great. How about I walk you and Mandy to your car.  I can give you some do’s and don’ts, and I will carry your bag with all your goodies. Sandy, why don’t you and Jen go on back to the treatment room, and I will grab Dr.  Cooper when I come back in and we can finish up for the day?”

As Christy, followed Mandy and Michelle out the door of the office, she was going over foods to avoid.  Jen looked over at Sandy and said “after you?”  Sandy smiled and turned to walk down the hall back to the treatment room.  Once there, Sandy gestured to chair one and asked Jen to please have a seat, then rolled a stool over by the chair.  Once Jen was seated, she asked Sandy “so, you are going to get braces?”

Sandy looked over and replied “oh boy am I ever” and went silent again.  Jen was curious what that meant.  Sandy read the look on her face and continued “so yeah, Monday afternoon Dr. Cooper did my my exam and imaging and worked up a treatment plan.  Tuesday morning I got a mouth full of spacers.  I have put just about every appliance known in the world of orthodontics in a patient’s mouth at one time or another.  But never all at the same time.  I guess I am just lucky.”

This only served to pique Jen’s interest more.  She asked Sandy “so, what all does that entail?”

Sandy continued “well, I will be getting upper and lower expanders like Diane.  A herbst appliance like you have.  A tongue crib like Allison has.  Because of my crowns, Dr. Cooper wants to band all my lower teeth.  He is worried brackets might not bond on them securely enough.  That is one thing I have never done, put full bands on a patient.  I didn’t even realize it was still a thing.  So, I have a mouth full of spacers.”  She opened her mouth and showed Jen her lower arch.  Jen could see a little blue spacer between each and everyone of her lower teeth.  She then tilted her head back, and showed her upper arch, which “only” had four spacers.  Sandy continued “they are killing me. As much as I dread getting everything installed, at least I can get these little devils out of my mouth. And I only have the four up top for my herbst.  At least I am not getting bands on my top teeth, they would be so much more visible.  And of course I am getting reverse pull headgear.  Everyone gets headgear it seems like.  Dr. Cooper asked the lab to put a rush on my appliances, they will probably come in late next week.  And then it is B-Day for me.  I guess I am glad I am doing it, but wow…”

She was interrupted by Dr. Cooper opening the door and entering the treatment room with Christy right on his heels.  With a big smile on his face he looked at Jen and said “Ms. Collins, it is wonderful to see you.  And thank you for coming in on short notice.  How was your first full week of braces?”

Jen heard what Dr. Cooper was saying and answered “there were some struggles, but things have gotten easier.”  But while she had been replying, her focus was on what was in Dr. Cooper’s hand.  It did not look like the Crane appliance she had googled online.  Instead, it looked like a neckbrace melded to a Delaire facemask, complete with the headstrap. She thought to herself “what in the world is that?  And what have I gotten myself into?”

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Re: Jennifer
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I really like the fact that they are getting braces just to encourage their friends

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Re: Jennifer
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Chapter 57.

Dr. Cooper seated himself beside Jen and said "before I talk to you about this new protraction device, I would like to take a look at things.  I am going to go ahead and lean you back."  Once again, Jen was leaned back in the chair.  Sandy inserted a set of cheek retractors in Jen's mouth as Dr. Cooper admired his handiwork. As he started the exam, he said "Christy explained that you did have a little irritation around your back tads.  The antiseptic mouthwash should clear that up.  And she said your hygiene looks great, which I agree with.  I don't see any major points of irritation from your herbst appliance or the hooks for your facemask.  Have they been bothering you too much?"

Jen answered back the best she could with both the cheek retractor and mirror in her mouth "the fir few dayz were bah, but wax really helped.  Thingsh seem to have calloushed up in my mah now.  Mah fashmash is still sore on my chin some mornings.  And turning mah exspander still feels strange."

Dr. Cooper reassured her "that is common.  Most patients experience it.  It is nothing to worry about.  And it will continue to get better."

He leaned back, done with his exam, and gave Jen's braces and appliances a clean bill of health.  Reaching over and grabbing the neckbrace from the counter he said "well, other than the slight irritation around the tads, everything looks great.  You are doing a great job."  As he was picking up the strange looking brace, Sandy removed the cheek retractor from Jen's mouth and raised her chair back up to a seated angle.

Dr. Cooper held out the neck brace in front of Jen and continued on "so, you mentioned that the Delaire mask was still causing you some irritation on your chin.  I think this might be a solution to that problem.  You might notice this is not exactly what you saw online.  I have had my wife Allison wearing it at bedtime since it came in.  I noticed after the first few nights, despite attempts to tighten and adjust it, that she still had some movement between her head and the protraction arms of the device.  It was especially evident when she was sleeping and was not even conscious she was doing it.  This meant that she was not getting a consistent protraction angle or force.  So, I had the idea you see here.  I had the lab replace the vertical protraction arm on the stock Crane with this modified Delaire mask.  It eliminates all pressure on the chin.  But, with the forehead pad and head strap, it securely holds the head in a consistent position through the night.  Do I have your permission to contact Scolicare and see if they would have a problem with modifying your current neck brace with this protraction module?  We have collaborated on a few orthopedic/orthodontic cases in the past, so it would not be a completely new concept.  In the meantime, you could still wear your current facemask for daytime wear."

Jen quickly agreed.  Afterall, she was already wearing the neckbrace and facemask at night anyway.  After getting her permission, Dr. Cooper continued.  "It took Allison several nights to get used to the immobilization of her cervical spine, but it eliminated any and all pressure marks on her face.  She is planning to continue to wear it at night.  I think you will prefer this.  One thing I am having her do is wear springs with it instead of elastics.  Springs are superior to elastics as they offer a higher, more consistent force.  And while I would love it if every patient would wear them full time, I understand that is not practical for all patients."  Dr. Cooper interrupted himself and looked over at Christy and Sandy; "I am so proud of 'my girls' though for all doing it and setting such a good example" and gave them both a big, genuine smile.  He turned back to Jen "you are doing the right thing.  I think that this will make your protraction wear easier.  Which will mean higher compliance.  Speaking of which...' as he walked over to chair 4 and picked up Jen's facemask.  He came back and sat down and pulled out his phone.  He asked Jen "so, about how many hours a day are you wearing your mask?" 

Jen did the math in her head and responded "for the last week I am getting in about 12 hours a day." 

Dr. Cooper tapped a few times on his phone.  After looking at it a moment, he looked at Jen and smiled.  "You nailed it, according to the app, you have averaged 11 hours and 41 minutes a day.  That is the good news.  The bad news is that I really need you to get in 14 hours a day while you are undergoing active expansion and the suture is open.  Can I count on you to wear it at least 14 hours a day for the next 3-6 months at least?"

Jen had her doubts, but answered "I will do my best."

Dr. Cooper assured her "I am sure you will get your time in.  Success of your treatment is as much in your hands as mine.  And I know that you don't want to go through this whole process for nothing.  Plus, the more you wear it, the shorter the length of time you might have to wear it.  So it is a win/win.  With that said, I do want you to start wearing springs instead of elastics. Sandy and Christy can show you the routine at the end.  Now, speaking of opening that suture."

Dr. Cooper looked over at Sandy and requested "Sandy, would you get a couple of Ibuprofen and a bottle of water?" 

As Sandy stood up to go to the cabinets Dr. Cooper turned his attention back to Jen.  "So, the key to increasing the size of your airway is getting your sutures to open.  This will allow us to both widen your palate with the expander, and open it with forward movement from the protraction forces.  The sooner we can get that suture to split,  he quicker you will start to breathe easier.  Maybe get you off the CPAP sooner rather than later."

By now, Sandy was coming back with the Ibuprofen and water.  Dr. Cooper continued "I am going to have you take a couple of ibuprofen if you haven't already, and I am going to make some turns on your expander.  First though, at least temporarily, I am going to cut the archwire between your upper to front teeth."  Once Dr. Cooper had snipped the wire, he continued "I am now going to start making turns.  I want you to tell me when you start feeling it in your nasal cavity and under your eyes.  Did you take any pain relievers before you came in today?"  Jen shook her head 'no' nervously.  The doctor continued "then in that case, go ahead and take a couple and Sandy will recline you back down."

Once Jen was reclined back in the chair with her mouth open, Dr. Cooper inserted the wrench into her mouth.  As he made the first turn he explained "I am making turns now.  It will feel strange, maybe even a little uncomfortable.  Once you start feeling the pressure behind your nose, raise your hand and let me know."  After the 4th turn of her expander she raised her hand and Dr. Cooper removed the wrench from her mouth.

He looked at Jen and asked "so, do you feel it behind your nose?"  She nodded her head up and down.  He asked "do you feel it under your eyes?"  She placed her right index finger under her right eye and responded "I feel it here, I don't feel it under my other one."

Dr. Cooper said "good, we are making progress.  Go ahead and open back up and I am going to make a few more turns.  Raise your hand when you feel it under your other eye please." 

As Dr. Cooper made turns 5 and 6, Jen was in pain.  Her eyes were watery and her lip was quivering, but she let the doctor do his job.  On turn 7 she felt pressure under her left eye and raised her hand.

Dr. Cooper removed the wrench from Jen's mouth and told her "you did great; you are doing great."  As Sandy raised the chair back up Dr. Cooper outlined Jen's new turning schedule.  "Jen, I really want to get those sutures open as quickly as possible.  We just expanded your palate by almost 2 millimeters.  I want you to start turning your expander 4 times a day; twice in the morning and twice in the evening before bed.  I expect your suture to split in the next 5 days.  You will likely feel a pop, and you should notice a gap between your front teeth. Once the suture has split, decrease down to 2 turns a day, each at night before bed.  Then, at your next appointment, we will assess where we are.  Again, you are doing great.  In the meantime, we will contact Scolicare and get to working on your new neck brace with integrated protraction module.  I am going to leave you with Sandy and Christy to finish up; and I look so forward to seeing you at your next appointment."  With that, he gave Jen a big smile, stood, and walked out the door.

Christy came and put her arm around Jen and asked "how are you feeling love?"

Jen winced a little and answered "my mouth is on fire.  I was looking forward to tonight, I'm not so sure if I am up for it now."

Christy's face was dead fallen "don't say that.  That ibuprofen will start to help soon.  Let's go ahead and get your facemask back on.  I will show you how to use the springs that Dr. Cooper wants you to start using."

After a few moments of explanation, and practice runs in the mirror, Jen had it down and had her facemask back on.  This time though it was attached with stainless springs instead of the elastics she had been using.  And much more pressure on her face.

She looked at Christy and said "I'm not sure I am going to manage with this.  How do you do it?"

Christy responded "I will give you a few tips tonight.  At Josie's birthday party.  See, I am blackmailing you.  You have to come to the party to find out" and laughed. She continued "but seriously, I do hope you come; I will be sad if you don't" and gave Jen an exaggerated pout; then giggled again.  She grabbed the bottle of antiseptic mouthwash and handed it to Jen. "Remember to swish with this every night. Sandy, would you mind finishing up in here? I will walk Jen up front to reception and give her some tips on living with the springs."

Sandy agreed cheerfully despite the barking that Christy had done earlier, and said "no, you two go on.  I am as eager as anyone to get out of here today.  It has been a long day.  Heck, it has been a long week, especially knowing I have my own braces and expander install coming up so soon."

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Re: Jennifer
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It’s nice to see an addition to a really good story after practically 2 months. Keep up the good work.

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Re: Jennifer
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It is not so easy to wait for Sandy´s treatment. What a story!

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Re: Jennifer
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Keep up the good work mr_90proof, I'm enjoying this story

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Re: Jennifer
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Chapter 58.

Jennifer hurriedly made the walk across the parking lot to her car with her head down. She was still insecure about wearing her facemask in public; and was trying her best to make it to the safety of her vehicle without being spotted.  As she opened the driver door, she thought about how brave Mel was to wear her’s to work. 

Once in the safety of her car, she flipped the visor down and studied her reflection in the mirror.  Nothing looking different.  But it sure felt different.  She felt a level of pain and pressure she had not yet felt in her brief treatment.  It was a combination of pain in her mouth from the aggressive turns of her expander; and the increased pressure on her chin from the new springs connecting her facemask to her expander hooks.  She gingerly reached up to attempt to remove one of the springs from her mouth.  As she grasped it and tried to unhook it, the pain intensified.  She let go of it and received a minor amount of relief.  The second try went no better.  She decided she would just keep it on until she got home; regardless of any embarrassment she might feel from being seen by other drivers.  She hoped that Mel’s gentle hands could help her get the mask off so she could get some relief.

Arriving in her drive, she pulled in and parked behind Mel’s car.  She hurried to the front door, head down once again.  Opening the door, she saw Mel sitting crosslegged on the couch wearing her own facemask, a book in her hands.  The opening of the door had attracted Mel’s attention.  She looked over at Jen and noticed the pained looked on her face.  Concerned she asked “Hey babe, how did your appointment go? Is everything ok?”

Jen made her way to the couch and curled up beside Mel.  She went to lay her head on Mel’s shoulder.  In the process she bumped her facemask against Mel, causing a lightning bolt of pain to shoot through her mouth.  She let out a little gasp.  Mel wrapped her arms around Jen, and with concern in her voice asked once again “hey, are you ok?”

Jen, trying not to move her mouth, mumbled “I feel like I am dying here.”

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Re: Jennifer
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It's nice to see another chapter of this story.

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Re: Jennifer
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Chapter 59.

Mel squeezed Jen tight and asked “what happened?  And what can I do to make it better?”

Jen nuzzled closer against Mel and said “Dr. Cooper turned my expander 7 times, and my mouth is on fire.  On top of that he wants me to wear springs instead of elastics.  He said they provide a stronger and more consistent force, but they hurt so much more than the rubberbands.  I tried to take them off in the car but it hurt too much and I gave up.  Could you see if you can take them off for me?”

Mel released Jen and grabbed her by the shoulders, turning her towards her so that they were face to face.  She responded “of course I will, let me see what is going on here. Open up for me.”

As she looked past the facemask and springs into Jen’s mouth, Jen told her “the springs just slip over the hooks like an elastic.  But when I fumbled with them all I did was ratchet up the pain.”  Mel responded “hang on, I have an idea.”

A few seconds later she returned from the bathroom with a pair of tweezers.  She fluffed up a pillow at the end of the couch and had Jen lay down with her head slightly propped up.  She got down on her knees on the floor beside Jen and told her “open up, let’s see if Momma can make it better.”  Leaning over at the waist, her back held rigidly straight by her omnipresent backbrace, she delicately extended the tweezers towards Jen’s mouth.  Reaching in she grasped the first of the two springs and gentle pulled it off the hook, leaving it attached to the mask.  She quickly repeated the process on the other side.  She gently removed the mask from Jen’s face and laid it on the coffee table beside her.  She looked down into Jen’s eyes and asked “any better?” 

Jen returned her gaze and answered “yes, thank you so much.  I don’t think there is anything you can do about this pressure in my mouth from the expander though.”

Mel leaned over and hugged Jen again, whispering “I am so sorry my baby’s mouth is hurting.  Maybe I can do something.”  She leaned back up and quickly removed her own facemask, laying it on the table beside Jen’s.  She leaned in and gave her a very gentle kiss.  She then told her “let me get you something for the pain.”

Jen said “I already took two ibuprofen at the office, I probably shouldn’t take anymore.”

Mel answered “that’s ok, I have a little something else in mind” as she got up and headed to the kitchen.

Jen could hear Mel in the kitchen.  She heard glass clinking together, and then heard the sound of a cork popping out of the top of a bottle.  Mel rounded the corner with a full wine glass in each hand, and a bendable straw stuck in each.  She came over and handed one to Jen and said “I don’t know if you want a straw or not, but I am so used to using one all the time, it feels weird when I don’t.  Take this and let me get one more thing” as she sat her own glass on the coffee table beside the two masks. 

Jen took a sip of wine through her straw as she watched Mel walk over to the kitchen table and grab her purse that was hanging on a dining room chair.  She set it on the table and rummaged through it for a moment until she pulled a brown bottle from it.  Jen thought it was a vitamin bottle.  Mel came back to the sofa, picking up Jen’s legs so she had a little room, and sat with Jen’s legs across her lap.  She looked at Jen and said “I have something that might help if you want it.”

Jen asked “what is it?” 

Mel smiled and said “a gummy, a special gummy that might dull the pain.  It is delta-8, a half of one might help if you want.”

Jen responded “I didn’t know you liked those?  I have never had one.  I mean, I smoked a little pot back in college, but I haven’t had anything like that in twenty years.  Is it gonna zonk me out too much?  And is it legal?”

Mel unscrewed the cap as she replied “Yes, it is legal.  Heck, I order them online and they ship it to me in the mail.  And no, it won’t zonk you out too much.  But it will relax you.”  She took one of the gummies out of the bottle and bit it in half.  She reached over with the half still in her fingers towards Jen’s mouth.  Jen obediently opened her mouth and Mel placed it on Jen’s tongue.  As Mel chewed the half she still had in her mouth she said “half for you, and half for me.  It will take about an hour for it to kick in. In the meantime, get ready for your massage.  We are going to start at your feet and work our way up from there” as she wrapped her hands around Jen’s right foot and gave her a sly smile.


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Re: Jennifer
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Chapter 60.

As Mel massaged her feet, Jen let out a contented sigh and said “that feels so good. And I just realized something.  I have been so absorbed in my own little pity party, I didn’t even ask you about your day.  So, how was your day?”

Mel grabbed Jen’s foot and tickled her sole.  Jen tried to pull it back,unsuccessfully, and started squirming.  She exclaimed “you know i am ticklish.  Quit it.”  Mel quit the tickling and started laughing.  She looked at Jen and told her “my day was interesting.  But it just got a lot better watching you squirm.”

Jen asked “so, what does interesting mean?”

Mel answered “ well, you know Friday is brace fitting day.  Today, I got to fit one of my coworkers with their own brace.  You have met Lilly our receptionist.  She has a curve in her thoracic and cervical similar to yours.  So, I fit her with her own Wellington brace.  It looks almost exactly like yours, it just doesn’t have nearly as beautiful and sexy model to wear it as yours does”. Jen let out a little “awwww” as Mel continued.  “Dr. Wellington has prescribed 16 hours a day wear for the cervical extension for her, so she is going to have to wear it to work once she has finished her break in period.  She is pretty bummed about that.  I promised her it would be ok, that I was very close with someone that has to wear one, and she is living her best life.”

With that, Mel pinched Jen’s toe and leaned over and kissed her again.  She then continued “at the end of today I had my monthly exam.”  She went back to rubbing Jen’s feet.

After a few moments of silence, Jen asked “well, how did it go?”

Mel replied “it went fine.  Hang on.”  She lifted Jen’s feet and stood.  She looked down and said “I will be back in a minute” and went into their bedroom. Jen was curious what was going on, but laid there in silence wondering what in the world Mel was up to.  A few minutes later, Mel emerged.  She was not wearing her top anymore, her colorful brace on full display.  But now, attached to it, was a white cervical extension.  As Jen instinctively sat up in confusion, Mel answered her look.

“I was so jealous of how sexy you look in yours, I had to get one for myself.”  She came and stiffly sat down beside Jen.  She turned her whole body towards Jen on the couch, who sat opened mouth and speechless.  “Actually” Mel continued “Dr. Wellington said he thought he spied a little cervical rotation developing in my neck.  So he prescribed me this for 12 hours a day.  I can’t wear it at work due to how strenuous it can be at times.  So I will have to wear it pretty much all the time I am with you.  I hope you still think I am pretty.”

Jen leaned over and wrapped her arms around Mel and gave her a tight embrace.  She leaned back and stated “you are the most beautiful person in the world”.  It was her who leaned in and initiated the kiss this time.