Author Topic: Found this "warning" to video poster about braces lovers  (Read 980 times)

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Found this "warning" to video poster about braces lovers
« on: 13. June 2018, 05:22:03 AM »

mangas marvel comics  (channel has no content)

Hello how are you, great video and good smile close up!!! Plz d'ont show your mouth open because the boys pervers look in your mouth open and think you got mouth fetish or sex!!! plz d'ont show. Okay? Good luck!!! Okay and thank you, Plz does not respond to these perverts on the comment and reports them directly. Unfortunately They have already added your video in his playiste !! Because, they are curious with sexually knowing !!! And besides, they are clever and sexual rascals who change a little perverse comments so that they handle you and avoid the big problems with you. It's called a cyber cybercrime! They do this in youtube and social networks for a long time !!! Do not lower your arms, be careful and pay attention! Think of all the women, the little girls and the victims of the world !!! Fight yourself against them !!!! Okay? Plz and thank you !! Okay? And good luck! Do not believe these sexual liars or false angels! even if they say pls pls or something else like words. Do not do anything they say.
Ignore them and report them live. Okay and by!