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First fake braces
« on: 09. July 2018, 15:43:45 PM »
Hi! I'm new to the site and very happy I found this forum. I've been looking for braces shop stuff for years and now planning to make the first step to order myself a set of fake braces. Please give me some hints and suggestions for the optimal result.

Which one you recommend? Clear retainer with brackets or retainer with brackets? I'd like to live as normal life as possible with the braces. Plan to keep them as much as possible. I think eating with a clear retainer with brackets is not possible - or is a bit tricky at least? If I buy retainers with brackets, I assume eating is more or less possible, but after eating a cleaning is needed (as with real braces too).

I'd like to buy a head gear too. And of course elastics. Do elastics work better with retainer with brackets? I could imagine these stay stronger at their place?

Thanks for your replies in advance! Jos foorumilla on suomalaisia, voi myös laittaa pirvaa suomeksikin.

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Re: First fake braces
« Reply #1 on: 09. July 2018, 17:35:58 PM »
I have had both types. I have found that the Essix (clear retainer) braces are better for eating even though it is harder to bite through things. The Hawley style (plate type) are harder to get used to when speaking, but are easier to bite through things with. The problem is that the brackets slid around on the teeth a small amount.

If you want to use elastics, the Essix type is much better. I used a small amount of clear dental adhesive to secure them, and could easily use elastics without them slipping out of place.

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Re: First fake braces
« Reply #2 on: 10. July 2018, 09:45:54 AM »
Thanks for the info! Have to think...

I’d like to hear some other points of view too! Thanks!

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Re: First fake braces
« Reply #3 on: 11. July 2018, 02:03:34 AM »
I suppose I am slightly different because I like retainers rather than braces.
I much prefer a plastic plate, ie. Hawley, rather than Essix type. It has never been any problem to eat with them in. In fact I like the feeling of eating with them in.
Of course you can't eat anything which is too hard and would break the wires but I have never found that to be too much of a problem.
After a time you suddenly realise that you have eaten a meal and not even noticed that you have the plate in.

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Re: First fake braces
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