Author Topic: Fiction becomes reality?  (Read 1203 times)

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Fiction becomes reality?
« on: 25. October 2020, 00:29:09 AM »
We've recently discussed the idea of app-based compliance control for various appliances in stories, and I'd previously considered to be "just one of those things we people with the interest like". Then I came across the "Theramon" system.

From what I can make out, it is a German company (hence a few mistakes in the English), that offers a sort of microchip in the braces to detect weartime based on the temperate it experiences. There are various scientific studies available via Google searches (one of which suggested they underreport by about an hour a day), so they definitely seem to exist!

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Re: Fiction becomes reality?
« Reply #1 on: 25. October 2020, 04:49:58 AM »
Wow that's actually kind of cool that they found a safe and effective way to track wear time of removable devices! It makes perfect sense that it exists, afterall we do have a technology available these days.

I feel like this is the version of the wear-time app that is realistic and (obviously) goes over well enough to patients/their families and the orthodontists, but there's definitely room for enthusiasts to imagine more uses and possibilities

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Re: Fiction becomes reality?
« Reply #2 on: 25. December 2020, 03:03:19 AM »
I'd be so scared to go to that orthodontist

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Re: Fiction becomes reality?
« Reply #3 on: 25. December 2020, 13:32:51 PM »
There are also a digital headgear from Switzerland:

The smartgear headgear spring module is hooked into the headgear cap or the headgear neck strap instead of the traditional force module. The integrated electronic unit measures and stores wearing time, average force, as well as temperature.