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Re: Ellie & Angela
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I can just picture them together, so cute! I can’t wait for more of your stories, and they are really well written.

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Re: Ellie & Angela
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Chapter 13

It was mid-afternoon on the Friday... that time of the week when you are mentally already at home, relaxing. Instead, I was at my desk, having my last cup of coffee at work, relaxing for a few brief moments, thinking back to last night. And the night before.

For years, I've had a thing for braces, and girls with braces, but I've never had the chance to kiss a girl in braces. At school, yes, there were several girls with braces, but I just felt awkward about even approaching them, let alone hoping I could kiss one of them. 

However, in the last 2 evenings, I had taken out two different girls, both of whom had braces. Not only that, I had managed to kiss both of them. Run my tongue over and around their braces. Very different sorts of braces.

Ellie's retainers had the joy of the very smooth plastic plates inside her mouth, which still gave her a slight lisp.... which sounded very sexy to my ears. Then the feel of that smooth wire across the front of her lovely straight white teeth. I had briefly seen Ellie's retainers when she had removed them... nice.

Angela's braces were very different. No plastic plates, but they looked quite stunning, and it was interesting to feel how 'lumpy', and slightly 'sharp' they were, pushing her lips slightly outwards, and no doubt, in the first few weeks of having them, cutting into her cheeks. Whilst I had seen her elastics, they were more to the side of her mouth, so it was rather difficult to feel them with my tongue without her realising that my interest in her braces was more than just passing. I needed to take Angela out for a meal, so I could see how she coped with getting food stuck in her braces!

So, yes, two dreams fulfilled in one week!

My dreams were interrupted by my phone ringing: it was Ellie, someone I was very willing to talk to.

"Hi, Ellie!" I said, answering the call.

"Hi Juthtin! hey, what you doing tonight?". Well, I would never complain when a girl called ME up, asking what I was doing, it made a change from always being the one doing the chasing.

"Half a moment, let me look at my big and heavy diary, see if I'm free at all tonight!" I joked, making Ellie laugh. "Oh, look, you're lucky, I seem to have a slot tonight, from about 5:30 until around midnight.... What would you like to do?"

"Well, mum called me earlier, she wondered if you'd like to join uth all for dinner tonight?" It sounded to me that Ellie had 'mentioned" our recent dinner date, and her mum was wanting to play 'match maker'. Well, I would not complain on that count. Besides, I knew that both Derek and Shirly were both good company. And beside besides, it meant I would see Ellie again.

"Yes, that would be nice. What time?"

"Why don't you just come over thtraight after work - I assume you finish at 5:30?"

"Yeah, I do..."

"In that cathe, I should be there well before you, I finish at 5 on a Friday!"

"Ok, do I need to bring anything with me?"

"No, just yourthelf.....". Oh, that slight lisp was music to my ears! "By the way, thanks for Wednesday, I had a really nice time with you!" Yup, she definitely still has a crush on me, doesn't she?

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Re: Ellie & Angela
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Chapter 14

Finally it was 5:30, and it was, of course, Friday, which meant it was now the weekend, no more work until Monday morning!

More importantly, it was time to drive over to to the Jones' family house, to join them for dinner. It would be interesting to see how Derek and Shirley were, whether they were finally starting to have some closure after Simon's sudden death. It would also be VERY nice to see Ellie again.

Now, I'm feeling that some of you are having negative feelings about the fact that I am 'chasing' two different girls, but it's not that I'm going steady with either of them. Or that I've promised either of them to not see other girls. I've just been out socially with them. Oh, ok, so I've kissed them both too. Is that REALLY such a big deal? All I'm doing is effectively saving myself some time: by getting to know both of them at the same time, I don't have to wait to find out that I don't really like one of them, before moving on to the other. Besides, 'time is of the essence': if I waited around, the 'backup option' could become 'unavailable'.

I am sure that eventually things will sort themselves out, that one of the two of them will like me more, and that I will like one of them more. Even better if those both actually match up.

So, it's all just a 'work in progress'. I need to be careful not to tell any actual lies: that's happened to me before, and it didn't end well. But that's different from just 'being economical with the truth'. That's what had happened last night with Angela, and I had no doubt it would happen tonight with Ellie.

Being a Friday evening, at 5:30, everyone was wanting to get home, meaning that the traffic was bad, so whilst I was sitting there in queues of traffic, waiting for the light to change or waiting for the cars in front to speed up a little, I was day-dreaming about Ellie, specifically her retainers. Whilst I liked all kinds of braces, for a variety of reasons, the thing I enjoyed the most was the whole idea of someone having to wear a pair of plastic plates in their mouth: not only would it give them a slight lisp, the thought of them constantly touching the smooth plastic plates with their tongue gave me nice feelings. Needless to say, it was even nicer if it was MY tongue that was felling the smooth plastic of the plates.

Of course, my ultimate dream would be to have braces myself... by preference some sort of removable appliance - the chunkier the better - but I'd be ok with just brackets. It would have been fun to have lived back in the 60s and 70s, when they used full bands, that must have been quite an oral sensation.

I was jerked out of my day-dream by the traffic finally starting to move again, and I got to Ellie's place about 20 minutes later. Her parents have a nice house, and I was able to park my car in a spare space in front of their house. As I got out of my car, the front door of the house opened.

"Hi Justin!" said Ellie.

"Hi!" I replied as I walked towards the door. Ellie continued to smile, letting me see the lovely sight of the silver wires over her front teeth - of course, it wasn't just the sight of the wires that was nice, it was the knowledge of what was behind those wires, inside her mouth. When I reached her, she gave me a gentle hug, and kissed me on my cheek.

"Come on in....". I followed her into the lounge, where her mum and dad were. "Cuppa?" she asked me.

"Yes please..." I replied.

"Have a chat with mum and dad, I'm doing the dinner!" Ellie said as she left the room.

"Derek, Shirley, it's always good to see you!"

"You too, Justin. Come and sit down"

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Re: Ellie & Angela
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Chapter 15

We sat at the table in the kitchen to eat dinner. I should explain that their kitchen was pretty large, as was the fairly old-looking table. I was wondering what Ellie would do about removing her retainers before eating her dinner: sadly for me, she went off upstairs and removed them.

Clearly, Derek and Shirley knew that I'd taken Ellie out the other night, and had probably guessed that, even if we weren't formally dating yet, there was a closeness between us, but they didn't embarrass either Ellie or me by saying anything about it. We did, of course, talk about Simon, and about the funeral (which had been less than a week before) and how - as I had expected - it had brought a certain level of closure to the three of them.

I did mention that I'd been out for a drink with Angela, having chatted to her at the wake, after the funeral. But I didn't feel any of them needed to know about what happened back at Angela's place after the drink.

After dinner, Ellie went and brushed her teeth, returning to the lounge with her retainer back in her mouth, where we all continued to chat.

"So, it was good to see you again, Justin, thanks for coming along," said Shirley. "hope it's not too much of a trek back home again"

"It's not too bad," I replied, "it's only about 20 miles, takes about 30 minutes or so."

"Oh, not as close as I had thought then" commented Derek.

"So, what you doing tomorrow?" asked Ellie a bit later as she came out to the car to see me off.

"Nothing planned yet, why?"

"Well, I need to go to town to do some shopping tomorrow, I'd love to buy you lunch...." said Ellie, looking at me the way a puppy looks at you when he wants you to throw its ball.

"I'd love to!" I replied.

She came up close to me, and put her arms around me: her face was inches from his. "Do I get a goodnight kiss then?" she asked. Our lips touched once more. Our tongues met between our lips, and she let me slowly push my tongue past her lips so that I could once again savour the feel of the wires across her front teeth. Wires that seemed to be conducting sparks of excitement between us. Then I managed to push my tongue between her teeth, which allowed me to feel the lovely smooth plastic of the plate of her retainer on the roof of her mouth.

Ellie knows that I had a thing for braces, and that I definitely liked her retainers, so was pretty ok about letting me investigate them with my tongue. Of course, she wouldn't be able to feel my tongue on the plastic of her retainer, but I guessed that she could vaguely work out where it was because my tongue was also touching hers a bit.

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Re: Ellie & Angela
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This is an enjoyable story, as yours usually are. My one problem is the sudden POV change in the last paragraph. Switching from first-person to third-person like that is generally ill-advised.

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Re: Ellie & Angela
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Thank you for pointing that out: I've edited it to correct it.

That's what happens when you haven't worked on a story for a while: not only do you start to forget the storyline, you forget whether you're writing in first person or third person... I seem to alternate between them in different stories. First-person can feel a lot 'closer', but you then lose the ability to 'pass comment on how others feel' when 'you' don't actually know.

Ok, need to re-do the next chapter back to first person now!!!

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Re: Ellie & Angela
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Chapter 16

I woke up at about 9 am on the Saturday, after a good sleep, with some rather nice dreams. Whilst I couldn't remember all the details, I did remember that it included Ellie, apparently wearing both brackets and a retainer, at the same time. Yes, close to impossible in real life, but strange things can happen in dreams!

After having some cereals and some coffee, I jumped into the shower, got dressed, and then went off to the supermarket not far away to do my weekly shopping. As I exited the supermarket, my phone pinged: Ellie had sent me a message, suggesting we meet in the shopping centre, at the food court, about 12:30. I replied, saying I'd be there.

It was actually convenient meeting Ellie in town, as I needed to buy a couple of bits in town too. So I arrived in town a bit before noon, did my shopping, then got to the food court several minutes early and sat down on the seat that surrounded the small fountain, in the middle of the food court.

A few minutes later a girl started to walk towards me: it took me a moment to realise that it was actually Ellie! For a start, I simply didn't recognise the clothes she was wearing. Yes, of course she looked good, but her clothes were of a slightly different style (I apologise, I'm a guy, so don't have the in-depth understanding of ladies clothes to actually explain the difference!).

More importantly, her hair looked quite different: before it was quite long, and she often just put it back into a ponytail, just to keep it out the way. When she let it down, she'd typically clip it back, or put it behind her ears, to keep it out of her eyes. But now she had a fringe, and her hair was straight, and a lot shorter, down to her shoulders. Quite a difference, but it looked really amazing, and just seemed to suit her.

"Wow!" I said. "I mean, Wow! You look very different today!" She spun around to give me a better look.

"What do you think?"

"It absolutely suits you!". I could see her face visibly relax, as she realised that I approved. "Something tells me you've decided you need a bit of a change?"

"Yeah, and why not! I let my hair grow really long back in my teens, and I guess I've been a bit to scared to actually change it."

"And the clothes?"

"I bought them this week, again, I've not bought anything for a while, so decided to treat myself, and try out something different too. You really think they suit me?"

Whilst I knew it would take me a while to really take in her slightly changed look, they seemed to 'work' ok on her. "It's gonna take me a bit to get used to the new look, but my first impression is 'it's good!'".

"Thanks, Justin.". I guess I should also comment that Ellie's speech was getting better daily: yes, there was still a slight lisp as she talked, but it was now very soft and gentle, clearly her tongue was quickly getting used to the new shape of her mouth. "So, any preferences for lunch?" she asked. "I mean, we have a good choice here!". I looked around, and instantly could see a noodle bar, an Italian, a burger place, Thai street food and a Chicken restaurant, and I knew there were plenty more. Normally, I would have deferred to my 'date's' choice, but she had asked me, so it would be rude not to choose. 

"Are you ok with noodles?" I asked. Luckily she was, so we went in, and were shown to a table.

Once more, I looked on with pleasure as Ellie took out her retainers: I was expecting her to do so quite surreptitiously, as I imagined she would still feel quite nervous about removing them in public. But clearly she decided to be brave, and let me watch as she opened her mouth, then removed first her lower retainer, then her upper retainer, putting them both into the braces box she had taken out of her handbag. After closing the box, she put it back into her handbag.

The food was quite nice, plus we were able to talk about 'this and that'.

"Hey, would you like to go to the pictures next week sometime?" I suggested.

"Yeah, ok, that would nice. Any idea what's on?"

"No idea. Tell you what, we can both have a look, then I'll call you and we can work out what and when...".

After lunch, and after Ellie had brushed her teeth and put her retainers back in again, we had a bit of a walk around around the shopping centre together. We were walking towards one of those stalls that sells very nice ice creams, in fancy cones. "Fancy one?" I asked.

"Oh, yes.... but it's always so hard to choose what to have!"

"Tell you what, why don't I choose, and surprise you? Anything you don't like?"

"Not too keen on coffee, but otherwise pretyy much anything....". I bought 2 ice creams: one was vanilla and butterscotch, the other was chocolate chip and salted caramel, and I then let her choose which she preferred. She chose the chocolate chip and salted caramel. "Mmm, yummy...". I had wondered if she would bother to remove her retainers again, but she managed to eat the ice cream with them still in.

"Well, I ought to be getting home..." said Ellie.

"Ok, well thank you for lunch, I enjoyed it. And I'll be in touch about going to the pictures." We had a short kiss - we were in public after all - then we went our own ways.

I had just got to the car park, and was walking towards my car, when my phone rang. It was Angela.

"Hi there, Angela!"

"Hi Justin. You doing anything tomorrow? Specifically tomorrow lunchtime and afternoon..." she asked me.

"Nope, not a thing!" I replied.

"In that case, fancy going to 'The Falcon' for Sunday lunch, and a bit of a walk afterwards?"

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Re: Ellie & Angela
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Chapter 17

As I drove home, I was thinking about both Ellie and Angela. First of all, what's their feelings towards me? Clearly they both like me, and must be happy spending time with me, as each of them have suggested at our last meetings. In terms of my feelings towards them... well, the two are quite different: Ellie seems to be a bit 'cuter' and more vulnerable, plus I've known here for a longer time.. which probably means I'm trying hard to make sure I don't upset our relationship in any way. I hardly know Angela, but she seems to be  noticeably more self-confident.

They both have braces, which is a positive plus for me. Ellie also has her leg-brace, which is also 'of interest'. Strangely, that is one thing she's quite confident about: today I'd actually managed to forget about it for most of the the time we were together... clearly she had needed to unlock her knee joint when she had sat down for lunch, but she had just done it, no big deal. She was starting to get like that with her retainers, but maybe that was because she knew I liked them, and that made her more confident when taking them out in front of me.

So, would I like to have a longer-term relationship (so, boyfriend - girlfriend) with either of them? Yes, I would, but I don't know either of them well enough yet to take that big step. For the moment, I'm happy to get to know them both some more, see how things develop. Do I need to tell them each about the other... difficult one that. I think the safest way there is to not positively offer any details, but if asked, not to tell any lies.

One really pleasant side effect of all this, is that my social life had improved massively in the last week, and it looked like it might stay like that for a bit yet... it sure beat being at home alone, or just meeting friends at the pub!

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Re: Ellie & Angela
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Two girls, both with braces, interested in the same guy. I am waiting to see what happens next.

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Re: Ellie & Angela
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So, for my last couple of stories, I've been writing ahead, and letting Braceface2015 have an advanced copy, for the Archive. Whilst I know where this story is heading, I'm only writing the chapters just before they get posted, so this time he has no detailed idea what's gonna happen.

So, it's Sunday, and Justin is about to go and have lunch with Angela...


Chapter 18

I was looking forward to lunchtime today: for a very pleasant change, I was going out for Sunday lunch... with Angela. Which would mean I would be able to watch her eat. And get food stuck in her braces. Her lovely GOLDEN braces. Plus I'd get to see her remove her elastics, and maybe even see her put some new ones in again.

She had called me back yesterday evening, to tell me that we had a booking for 12:15 at The Falcon (it's proper name is "The Falcon Arms", but everyone seems to just call it 'The Falcon'!), and could I get to her place by noon.

Being a sunday, the traffic was light, and I arrived at 11:50, so in plenty of time. When she opened the door, she leaned towards me and gave me a quick 'peck' on my lips. "Come on in," she said with a smile - a lovely golden smile.

As I walked in, I took a look at her. I would describe her attire as casual but still quite smart. Her hair remained blonde (must ask her if it's natural - I couldn't see any telltale signs of dark roots), and I realised that her hair style was amazingly like the new haircut that Ellie had just got. Her top was white with thing black horizontal stripes, a colourful skirt down to her knees, and long knee-socks. She had an elegant bracelet on her left wrist, and a couple of simple rings on her fingers. Strangely though, she had some very practical trainers on her feet: of course, she had suggested a walk after lunch.

She clearly had several pairs of glasses, because today she was wearing some very different round black-framed glasses. Yes, that was a noticeable difference between Ellie and Angela: Ellie dressed comparitively 'plainly', whilst Angela was far bolder, clearly spending much more money on her clothes (or maybe she got some of them given, to show off on her YouTube channel?)

"It's nice to see you again" I said. She smiled, letting me see a little gold between her lips, then went and grabbed a lightweight jacket.

"We might as well get there early, the worst that can happen is that we have to sit and drink extra booze!".

Lunch of course was carvery, and very good it was too: I went for the roast beef (don't get that all that often!), and a load of nicely cooked vegetables, Angela chose the pork. As we ate, we chatted, mainly about work, what I was doing, what she had been doing. Whilst we looked at the (rather nice) desert menu, we both decided not to.

After lunch, we went for a walk. It took about 10 minutes to get to the river, then it was a lovely walk alongside the river. After walking for about 30 minutes, we came across a seat, and sat down for a rest.

"You know, this was a good idea," I commented.

"Yes, it is a rather nice walk....". She took my hand in hers. "Look, I'm not 100% sure how to say this, but.... I've been in a couple of relationships this last year, but they both ended up a bit badly...".

"Oh, what happened" I asked.

"I guess it came down to a lack of trust. Keeping secrets, telling lies. Look, Justin, I'm enjoying spending time with you, but I need to ask you to be honest with me."

Ok, I could probably do that, except.... what do I say about Ellie? "Ok, well, I can think of a couple of things I maybe ought to mention."

"Do tell...."

"Well, you know I've seen Ellie a few times. When you rang me yesterday, we'd just had lunch together, and did a bit of shopping together. She wanted to show me her new haircut...". Well, that was 100% true. I just left out the bit about the goodbye kiss. But maybe that's sort-of implied. let's be honest, when I saw Angela, I gave her a goodbye kiss too.

"Is it serious?" she asked me.

"Not at the moment, no. No more serious than you and me, I guess.". Angela smiled at that news - she realised that there was definitely a chance that we could end up going out together, certainly something I think I'd be happy with.

"Ok. You said you had a couple of things...."

"Yeah... right". Oh, this is difficult. It was so easy with Ellie, but I guess I know Ellie a bit better than Angela. "You, see.... it's like this...".

She could see I was feeling awkward, so took my hand in both of hers. "Hey, I can't actually think of much that would upset me, unless you're something like a murderer... I really hope you're not a murderer!". That made me laugh, as well as making me realise that my 'secret' wasn't actually THAT bad.

I looked straight at her. "I have a bit of a thing for braces, and girls with braces.". There, I've said it!

"Ah.... right... yes, that DOES explain a few things!" She made a point of smiling widely straight at me, letting me see both her upper and lower golden braces. Yes, a nice sight! "So you like my braces then??" She didn't seem to be upset, worried or anything about my revelation. "I guess it's no worse than a guy having a thing for buxom girls or something like that."

"Yes, it IS a bit like that. I'm not sure why - in the same way that guys who like buxom girls probably don't know why either - but yes, it's a nice sight for me. And the fact that you have golden brackets makes it extra special for me."

"Hmmm... I don't suppose that might explain why you've been seeing Ellie too, would it? You're attracted to her braces too, aren't you?" Hell, I couldn't really deny that one, could I?

"I can not deny it, yes..." I took a breath. "So, you're ok with my 'strangeness'?". Angela smiled again for me.

"Well, it's going to be easier for me to smile for you than having to make my cleavage look bigger," she joked. "I guess it's my turn now, isn't it? I have a bit of a secret, and I really hope you're going to be ok with it. The good news is that I'm not a murderer either. However, I am a mother: I have a ten year old daughter..."

Woah, talk about 'little secrets': that was a rather big little secret. But half a moment, where IS the kid? Ok, I've not seen a lot of Angela's house, but a 10 year old in a house is gonna be hard to miss.

"Ok... I'm guessing she doesn't live with you then?"

"No, she doesn't. Maybe it's easier if I explain the full story."

"Sure, go on..."

"So, I met Chris when I was 17, and a few months later I found I was pregnant. Back then we thought we were madly in love with each other, so he proposed to me, and we got married shortly after I was 18. Sally arrived about 3 months later." She paused a moment. "I'm not really sure why, maybe it was to do with the fact that she had just 'ruined my life', but I never bonded with her. On the other hand, Chris did: Sally was the apple of his eyes, and he ended up giving her a lot of love that I didn't seem to be able to give her back then". Again she paused, and I decided to remain quiet, and let her continue her story.

"Chris and I lasted just over 5 years. We separated, then divorced, and I was quite ok with his suggestion that he should take custody of Sally. So, she officially lives with him, and his mum and aunt both help out - which wasn't too hard, as Sally had started school by then."

"I assume you get to see her regularly?"

"Oh, yeah, luckily our separation was surprisingly civilised, so whilst there's an official document in place, we're pretty flexible about looking after her. So, initially, I had problems bonding with Sally, but a couple of years ago, when she was about 8, she started to become her 'own person', and we started to get on really well, and we both quite enjoy each other's company now. She's a bright girl too, and amazingly mature for her age."

"How did she cope with the divorce?"

"Amazingly well. She knows that she's always welcome at my place, and she sometimes brings her friends back to play after school. So whilst I officially have her every other weekend, I'll often help out by taking her at other times, I can usually plan it around my work quite ok. And sometimes she'll call me, and ask if she can come over after school - maybe she and her dad exchanged words in the morning! As long as Chris and I both know, it's not a big deal. She has her own bedroom, and she keeps plenty of spare clothes at my place."

Well, yes, this WAS a bit of a biggie, and how I REALLY felt about it might actually depend on what this 'Sally' was actually like. Some 10 year olds can be a right pain, but I remember my cousin, she was pretty ok when she was 10.

"You've not run away then?". I smiled at Angela's comment.

"No, not yet, I'll maybe do that when I meet her!"

"Oh, don't worry, she really IS a cutie, I'm sure you'll get on ok. And when she's not there... well, you've seen: I'm my own person. So, if I can put up with your braces interests, you gonna try and accept that I have a daughter?"

"I'll give it a go..."

"Thanks!". She leaned over to me, and put her lips to mine, and moments later we were kissing, with my tongue exploring her braces. now that Angela understood my love of braces, she seemed to be very relaxed about letting me investigate her golden brackets with my tongue.

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Re: Ellie & Angela
« Reply #40 on: 25. November 2022, 22:35:45 PM »
I do enjoy being able to 'read ahead' on Sparky's stories. It does give me a chance to catch anything that might be incorrect in his story and point it out.

It gives both of us the opportunity to improve our writing skills.

I appreciate the effort he puts into his stories and although I may not always 'get into' them, I still do enjoy reading them. I have always said, "Write what you feel like reading, not what you think other people want to read."

With this story, I can't wait to find out what happens next. I find it interesting how he is doing one chapter (or more) with Ellie and then the next with Angela.

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Re: Ellie & Angela
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I have always said, "Write what you feel like reading, not what you think other people want to read."

So, when I finished my Serina (the witch) story, someone did ask if I was going to continue it. So, taking what Braceface2015 said there, I decided that I AM going to continue it at some point. It will be a MASSIVE fairies / witches (and the other 5 realms too) crossover, but with very little braces content, but should be fun to write. And I CAN say that the witch's prophecy will be fulfilled!

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Re: Ellie & Angela
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Chapter 19

Luckily where the seat was, was pretty quiet: I think I'd have been a bit embarassed if someone had come along and seen us when we were snogging!.

The afternoon was rather pleasant, so we gently walked back to her house.

"Come on in for a coffee?" she asked.

"Yeah, I could do with a drink... although I could also do with an 'empty out' first."

"Ok, I'll get the kettle on. Bathroom is to the left at the top of the stairs." I walked up the stairs, and looked to the left: the door was a little ajar, and I conformed it was the bathroom. I went in, and closed the door behind me, out of habit flicking the lock. I lifted the toilet lid and seat (yeah, it's a woman's house, isn't it!), and started to do what I needed to do. As I did so, I looked around the bathroom. Yes, I could see evidence that a second person sometimes lived here. A second toothbrush for example; a couple of plastic bath toys; kiddie's shampoo, and a few other similar things.

Then my eyes spotted something: it couldn't be Sally's, otherwise it wouldn't bet there... which meant it MUST belong to Angela. A 'little secret' that she forgot to mention. A tiny blue padded 'pillow' with plastic 'straps' with holes in attached to it. And a bent bit of double wires. Yes, a facebow and a cervical strap!

Angela wore headgear! If you remember, I had seen the headgear tubes on her molar bands the other day, and had wondered. But today, I had hit gold!

I finished doing what I had come up to do, did up my zip, flushed the loo, then washed my hands. Oh yeah, don't forget to drop the seat again! Then I picked up the facebow, and looked at it: whilst I had seen many pictures of facebows and neck straps online, this is the first time I'd ACTUALLY seen one, touched one. Looking in the mirror, I smiled widely, putting the ends of the facebow into my mouth, then closing my lips around it. Oh, yeah! Nice! Whilst I'd often wondered what having braces would be like, I'd never thought there would be anyway I would ever get to see, to touch, to put into my mouth, a real facebow.

I picked up the strap, and hooked it on one end of the facebow, then put it around my neck, and connected the other end. With my lips I made sure the front of the facebow was on my top front teeth. Once again, I looked carefully in the mirror: I was wearing a headgear! Just a shame there were no braces to go with it. It still felt good though! VERY good! If you know what I mean....

I realised that I needed to get back downstairs again, so quickly removed it, but decided to take it down with me. It would be interesting to see Angela's reaction to me finding it. Of course, what I was REALLY hoping was that she might put it on. Yes, seeing her in headgear would be a wonderful sight!

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Re: Ellie & Angela
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Keep up the good work @sparky, really enjoying this story!

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Re: Ellie & Angela
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Chapter 20

I walked into the kitchen, with the headgear in my hand. Angela was looking away from me, making the coffee.

"I thought we weren't supposed to be keeping secrets?" I said, jokingly.

Angela turned around. "What do you mean?" she asked. I held up the headgear, and as she saw it, a slight look of shock came to her face. "OMG, I left it in the bathroom this morning, didn't I!"

"Come on, Angela, I'm a guy who has a thing about braces, and you never thought to mention this little detail?" I made a point of smiling very obviously.

"Erm, yeah, right.... but it's not the sort of thing you go telling people about, is it?"

"True. But for that matter, I don't go around telling people about my love of braces. I think you should be punished for not telling me. I reckon you should put it on!"

There was silence for a few seconds, until Angela realised I was actually quite serious about my request.

"Please?" I added. I offered the headgear to her, and she took it from me. She had obviously had it for a while, as she opened her mouth, and slipped the ends of the facebow into the tubes of her upper molar bands without really thinking about it. Then she deftly attached the neck strap on one side, carefully fed it under her hair, and connected the other side. As she then looked at me, I could tell she was feeling rather awkward about it.

"Mmmmm, VERY nice! I've seen pictures of girls and adults with headgear, but it looks SO much nicer in person." I lifted my hand, and very gently touched the facebow, then ran my fingers across the front, where the two thick wires joined. She smiled a little, letting me see the relationship between the facebow and her braces: the facebow was maybe only 5 mm in front of her teeth and braces, so sat nicely between her lips when she closed them a moment later. I leaned forward, and put my lips to hers, around the facebow, and gave her a quick peck. I did it again, but this time kept my lips on hers, and ran my tongue along her facebow: because of the way the wire was between her lips, my tonge was also gliding over her soft lips. "You OK?" I asked after I finished the simple kiss.

"Yeah. I've never even considered the idea that I might ever kiss someone with this in my mouth."

"And how did it feel?"

"Strangely nice. But I think you might need to do it again, so I can really make my mind up!" Well, I wasn't going to turn down an invitation like that, was I? I put my lips to hers, and once again felt the facebow's thick wires with my tongue, then went a bit further, and felt her brackets, just underneath the facebow. As my tongue moved down a bit, it met her tongue, and our tongues played together for a while. When the kiss finished, she smiled again. "And how was it for YOU?" she asked.

"Oh, definitely very nice!" I replied, rather playing down the REAL effect it had on me. Angela looked a lot more relaxed now.

"Come on, let's grab our coffees and go and sit down." As she turned to pick up the mugs of coffee, I hastily 'rearranged' myself, trying to hide the evidence of how I was feeling.

I followed her back to the lounge, and we both sat on her settee. Sitting next to a girl - or maybe I should say a woman, she is 28 after all - in a headgear was rather nice, and definitely NOT something I had expected would ever happen to me. A sudden thought came to me, making me smile.

"What's so funny?" asked Angela.

"Well... I was sort-of wondering if Ellie ever had to wear headgear."

"Oh, Justin, you NAUGHTY boy!", and she leant over, and we started to kiss once more. As we kissed, without really thinking about it, my hand moved towards her breasts, which I gently rubbed through her clothes. Her breasts were pleasantly sized: not too small, nor too big either, a nice handful. And very soft to the touch too. Angela seemed to be ok with what I was doing, so I didn't stop.

The kissing was interesting, as we both started discover what you could - and couldn't - do when one of you was wearing headgear. As we continued to kiss, I could feel a hand gently rubbing my crotch: it discovered that I was indeed very aroused. In the same way Angela was ok with me feeling her boobs, I was ok with what Angela was doing too.

"It's clear my braces are having an effect on you.." commented Angela.

"You're not too surprised after what I said earlier, are you?"

"No, I guess not. Maybe if I'd known the other night, I might have put my headgear on for you.". That comment made it very clear that any worries Angela had had about wearing her headgear in front of me had completely disappeared, and that she was quite enjoying the effect she was having on me.

Once more, our lips met, and my tongue was feeling the metal of her facebow, as well as the metal of her brackets and archwire.

We kept touching and feeling each other's bodies... Angela's hand moved downwards, and she was soon able to confirm exactly how I was feeling. My hand also moved down her body, and confirmed exactly how SHE was feeling.

We looked at each other. "Do you want to?" she asked me.

"That's a stupid question," I replied, "of course I do!" Needless to say that my second brain - the one between my legs - had taken over the thinking from my primary brain.

<15 minutes later>

We just lay there, holding each other and kissing. Yes, we were still on the settee.

"Maybe we shouldn't have let ourselves get carried away like that?" I said.

"Why not. I enjoyed, it, and I'm guessing that you did too? And we are both adults, and we both have.... physical needs...".

"Yeah, but..."

"Hey, just enjoy the moment....". Angela seemed a lot more relaxed about what had happened than I had. I mean, it WAS only our second 'date'.


Ok, so I sort-of copped out on this chapter. I was going to be rather naughtier with the "action" (which would have been published elsewhere), and post a redacted post here, but I was having problems writing it. So this is what you get - I'm sure you can fill in the missing 15 minutes yourselves!