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Title: Ellie's treatment
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Chapter 1

Although I was 18 so technically legally independent I relied on my Dad a lot.
My mum had died when I was 2, I’d never really known her and my dad remarried a couple of years later. Jessica was my step mother. I’d always got the feeling she had never liked me but tolerated me. There was no awful experiences just running tension. She didn’t have children of her own and took me on as hers.

My dad travelled a lot for business and always had, Jessica often left me with grandparents while he was away – spending time with her friends and her own family instead.
I had trouble at school – always trying my hardest but struggling academically. We had multiple meetings and agreed a decelerated programme would be better for me.
I got to take the same number of classes as other peers but got longer to do them – if they had 1 year then I had 2. It would mean I wouldn’t finish school until I was 19/20 but ultimately I would pass and could go onto further education if I wanted rather than failing and being stuck.
This infuriated Jessica because it meant I was stuck at home for longer.
She always pestered my dad about me getting a job and ‘paying my way’ but we had just enough money and my dad didn’t think it was a priority while we could afford for me not to and so I could focus on my studies.
One thing I was into was my netball, it helped me to release my frustrations and gave me something to focus on that I was good at.  Jessica hated that I did this weekly, it kept me fit and healthy but she saw it as a distraction and thought I could be using my time better.

As I didn’t have a job or my own money it meant I needed help and support from my dad and Jessica. Luckily we lived close enough to my school that I could walk there and back but if I needed to go further to friends or appointments then I needed driving there.

On a bleak Monday morning I was sat at the dentist with Jessica who drove me. It was the 6 monthly check up and I had no anxieties as I knew my teeth were in good shape. Jessica insisted on coming in as she always did at any of my appointments. As the chair reclined I saw Jessica flicking through her phone, awaiting the end so we could go home. The dentist tapped away at my teeth like usual. His brow creased as he frowned and grunted slightly.
He muttered something to his assistant and then finished up his exam of me. As he raised the chair he scooted himself round to the side of me and looked between me and Jessica, “so decision time then”. I looked at him questioningly as Jessica raised her eyes from her phone, waiting for him to continue. “It looks as though your wisdom teeth have come through now, which is what we wanted but unfortunately it’s caused some crowding that we didn’t forsee…” Jessica narrowed her eyes at him with a smirk on her face as her eyes flicked over to me.
“I think the decision you need to make is whether it bothers you enough to proceed with treatment.”
I glanced between him and Jessica “what type of treatment?”, he shrugged casually “braces. I can recommend a few orthodontists that previous patients have had good outcomes with”.
I turned to face Jessica, a slightly panicked look on my face – silently communicating to her that she should shut this conversation down and we could move on with our days. Instead of following my prompt, what came next surprised me “Oh that’s a surprise, she hasn’t needed them in the past but it’s a good job you’ve picked up on it now before it’s too late. We wont be needing any recommendations though, one of my close friends is an orthodontist and I’ll make sure he takes really good care of Ellie”
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Chapter 2

We walked through the front door with Jessica still practically grinning ear to ear. She chucked her keys down and turned to me. As she spoke her voice came out practically singing with glee “Well, well, well – imagine getting to 18 without a single cavity or anything and suddenly you’ll be starting adulthood in braces.” I shrugged my shoulders slightly, trying to act like I didn’t care even though my heart was beating quicker than normal “well, only if I decide to go ahead with it. It’s not like it’s desperately needed” she snorted slightly, and her eyes glistened with joy “oh trust me, you’ll be going ahead with it if you want to continue living here and relying on us”. Anger bubbled up inside me, but I decided not to engage with an argument. I was 18, I could choose what I wanted and didn’t want by myself. Besides, even if I did decide it was the right choice, I would just get those invisible braces, nobody would know and I’d probably be finished in a couple of months. I went to get my school stuff together and walked the 10-minute journey there, silently contemplating what I was going to choose.

After a long, mentally gruelling day of classes I finally arrived home at 6pm, hoping to have dinner and complete my homework early. I saw my dad’s car in the driveway which was unusual for him to be home before me. As I pushed the front door open, I could smell dinner cooking and could hear hushed conversation between Jessica and my dad. I quickly packed my school things away and headed into the kitchen to join them where they quickly exchanged glances then fell silent. My dad recovered quickly and asked me about my school day, we chatted as we set the table for dinner. Jessica passed us our plates and we all settled at the table, casual conversation flowing.

Towards the end of the meal Jessica took a long sip of water then turned towards me “so, I was filling your dad in on the news from earlier…” I stared at her silently as she continued “we both agreed it’s necessary for you to do this even though it might not be the most fun.” I stopped eating, pushing my plate away “Well, like I said earlier – I’ve not really decided yet what I’m going to do plus there will be a big cost for it so there is a lot to consider”.
Jessica and my dad looked at each other silently, communicating through their expressions as my heart began to race. My dad spoke up this time “Well, your dentist thinks it’s needed and we don’t want any adverse reactions to your oral health further down the line so it’s important you go ahead with it. We have some savings set aside for things like this that we will be happy to use – besides, Jessica’s friend is an orthodontist and when she spoke to him this afternoon he was more than happy to offer his services at a discounted rate.”
I clasped my hands together anxiously, feeling like I was being pushed into a corner here “erm, well yes I’ll think about it.” Jessica looked at me and smirked, she reached out and took my hand condescendingly and spoke slowly “Your dad and I had a serious discussion earlier. You have a tendency to avoid things that you don’t want to do. This is so important for your health and you probably cant see it right now but this treatment really will be for the best” I opened my mouth to protest again but Jessica beat me to it, she glanced at Dad before saying “We actually think it’s so important that not only will be pay for it despite you being 18 but if you choose not to go ahead, then we will have to consider how much we do for you. The lifts to your friends houses will have to stop, as will all the money we give you. This isn’t a punishment but we want you to know this is serious stuff now Ellie”. I clenched my jaw shut, trying to hide my frustration as I thought about what they were telling me. I nodded silently and started to stand up to go to my room. Jessica smiled sarcastically again “The best news is, John has a cancellation on Wednesday after school so I told him we’d gladly take that for your initial consultation”. I returned her smile tightly “great, I can’t wait”.
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I like where this is going.
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great start :-* :-* :-*
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Chapter 3

The next two days went quickly and I suddenly found myself sitting in Jessicas car outside the orthodontist. Fear was bubbling away as I did not know what I was letting myself in for. I had checked out her friends website and did not see any mention or Invisalign or clear brackets so that was going to be an interesting conversation to have.
I had begged my dad to reconsider but he said that he was thinking about me in the long run. Both him and Jessica said it was my decision – I was an adult and they couldn’t force me but they wouldn’t enable my ‘bad behaviours’ by funding my lifestyle. Since I wanted to go to school and make something out of my life I realised I had no choice. I needed to continue living with them and couldn’t afford anything else right now.

We stepped inside and the smell immediately hit me. There was a quiet buzz all around and I took a seat as Jessica checked me in, I looked at all the posters and checked out the other people in the waiting room. My knee bounced nervously as time stretched on, after we had been sat there for about 10 minutes a young woman called my name and both me and Jessica stood up. My knees went to jelly as we walked along the long corridor, Jessica placed her arm around my back – looking like a supportive stepmother but actually pushing me along.
The assistant led us into the exam room where a very tall man was seated looking at my notes. He turned to see us and smiled broadly, he reached out and embraced Jessica and then greeted me. He signalled for me to take a seat while him and Jessica chatted. It wasn’t unusual for me not to know her friends as I was often away at my grandparents but I grew more nervous as I realised how close they appeared to be. Jessica could be charming and I suddenly became more aware of how much control she had over my treatment.

After what felt like forever the chair was slowly reclined and I opened my mouth for John to examine my teeth. There was a lot of mumbling to his assistant and “hmms” or “uh-huhs”. Eventually he stopped poking around and began to sit me up “Alright then Ellie, I’ve had a good look and I’d agree you definitely need braces. I’m surprised it’s taken you this long to get in. As well as the crowing your bite could do with some work and we can definitely straighten those front teeth out. What we’ll do now is I’ll get Sarah to take you for some x-rays while I speak to Jess about the treatment plan then when you get back we’ll confirm everything with you and if you’re happy we’ll go ahead and take some impressions. How does that sound?” It all sounded like it was moving so quickly but a quick look at Jessica showed there was no getting away from it so I just nodded and meekly followed Sarah to the x-ray room. After dozens of x-rays and measurements Sarah led me back towards the exam room again, as we pushed the door open I could hear John and Jessica laughing and joking together casually. They both turned to look at me, Jessica had a huge grin on her face and her eyes were practically sparkling with joy again. John got me to sit in the chair and positioned himself between me and Jessica. The anxiety grew in my stomach as I sensed some big changes ahead.

“So we have had a chat, Jess is totally on board with the treatment plan – now we just need to check if you are too. I understand your Dad and Jess are paying for this which is awfully nice of them considering your age” I forced a smile onto my face as I looked between them both, wishing he would hurry up and tell me what his ‘plan’ was.
He cleared his throat and proceeded “now I won’t bore you with too many names or details that won't make sense but our thoughts are we would start off by widening your arches, we would need to position your jaws properly and we would want to align your teeth. It would mean using some appliances as well as upper and lower braces. Probably for around 18 months.”
My jaw dropped slightly; I had expected around 6 months. My teeth looked fine to me. I glanced over at Jessica who looked like she was trying to hold in her laughter. I stuttered as I tried to process this information, “Erm, well – I looked online and saw Invisalign or clear braces. Could we maybe do that?”
John looked at me sympathetically as he shook his head “I’m afraid not. Invisalign wont correct your bite and the clear braces aren’t strong enough for some of the forces we need. You’ve actually got quite a few problems and we really need to get on top of them as soon as possible to prevent any further damage.” I swallowed loudly, trying to calm my breathing down but suddenly feeling like things had totally spiralled out of control “You said appliances? What types?” John looked over at Jessica briefly and started “well, expanders, maybe some removeable appliances to correct your bite, we may have to switch to ones that stay in, probably an extraoral device. We’ll discuss them all in more detail closer to the time though.” As I sat thinking about it, I remembered the ultimatum from my dad and sighed as I agreed to the treatment. John sent his assistant off and began taking the impressions he needed.

I gagged as he did the upper jaw but thankfully the lower seemed easy in comparison. After another 15 minutes of opening, closing, prodding and poking John sat me up again. “Right, Sarah has brought in your contracts now if you could check them and sign them?” I was confused by this – I’d never heard of a contract before. My expression must have given it away because John chuckled lightly and told me “It’s standard here. We want to ensure people stick to their treatment and this ensures that happens. Also, because you’re not paying for your treatment yourself it gives your dad and Jess a bit of security that you are on board with the treatment and they can rest assured their money is being well spent.”
This made sense so I quickly flipped through the pages and signed them before handing them to Jessica to co-sign since she was down as the person paying.
John smiled cheerfully “Right then, lay back – we’ll get your spacers in today and look in the diary for a slot for you to come in for the fitting appointment.”
I followed the instructions numbly and laid back and opened my mouth again, tuning everything out as John fitted all the spacers. It was only as he sat me back up that I realised quite how many he had put in. 6 on the top and 6 on the bottom, surrounding all of my molars. I tried to feel them with my finger but John quickly warned me to leave them alone incase I pushed them out.  I sat like a child who had been told off as him and Jessica compared schedules then agreed on Sunday morning at 9am for my fitting appointment. My stomach did flips as I realised that was only a few days away. John quickly went through some aftercare advice and cheerfully wished us goodbye. Jessica continued to grin away while my mouth began to throb and I questioned how everything had happened so quickly. I made a mental note to google some different appliances John mentioned as I had no idea about orthodontics so needed to know what I’d let myself in for.
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Really great story... looking for more and it looks like she getting a mouthful of braces and other appliances.
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Great start!
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Chapter 4

Sunday morning my alarm buzzed and I quickly reached over to snooze it. Less than a minute later Jessica bound in to my room, opening the curtains quickly and coming over to my bed “Goooood Morning! Time to get up, we’ve got to leave in 45 minutes – don’t forget to brush your teeth properly, it’ll be the last time you get to do that for a while!”
Her fake cheerfulness made me resent her even more but I knew I had no choice but to get up, I rolled out of bed and gathered my clothes together then headed off to the bathroom.
I got into a hot shower and thought about how today would go. My friends had braces when we were younger but I had no real idea of what to expect. I had been online checking out different appliances but without knowing specific names or which problems I had to correct it was hard to find what I could be in for. Many of the appliances looked evil though and I was hoping I was in for something easier.
I quickly got myself dressed and then brushed my teeth thoroughly, staring at them in the mirror and imagining what they would look like in a couple of hours. I pulled my phone out and took a couple of selfies so I could do a before/after photo. I quickly sent it to my friends on our groupchat and they wished me luck for today. Jessica called for me so I quickly rushed downstairs, she asked if I wanted anything for breakfast but I was too nervous to eat so we climbed into the car.

Jessica tried to make small talk but the feeling of dread was growing more in my stomach and I could only just bring myself to respond, finally she got bored of trying to initiate conversation and said “nothing for you to worry about today, I’ve known John for over 20 years. He’s a great orthodontist and I spoke to him again last night – he’s got great plans for your teeth.” The anxiety was making me grumpy “I don’t know why you’re getting involved anyway, it’s my dads money paying for it. It’s nothing to do with you and I don’t need you calling him to check up on my treatment”. Anger flashed over Jessica’s eyes but she held it back and said calmly “It has everything to do with me, it’s OUR money – not just your dads. Anyway, me, your dad and John all talked and agreed that since your dad is away so much it’s best I take control of all of this – they’ll need our input and I can be the one to put our opinions across to make sure you’re getting the best outcomes from your treatment.” I snorted slightly “there won’t be any decisions for you to make – I’m 18 remember?” Jessica smirked slightly, “remember those contracts you signed? Did you read them?” my face faltered slightly as she continued “they essentially said since we are paying we have control and you signed your consent over for us to be in charge of your treatment as if you were a minor. You have no say over what you wear or when you wear it. If you don’t comply then there are other consequences that we can enforce and if you don’t like it then you’ll be breaching the contract and will have to pay the fine of £30,000. Do you have that kind of money?” My jaw dropped again, I hadn’t read the contracts fully but surely that couldn’t be right? They couldn’t make me do things I didn’t want to.
Jessica sneered again “you can check with John, it’s all true. He works mostly with kids who are non-compliant and whose parents have signed their rights over to John to decide whatever he thinks will be best. John is very fussy and won't stop until you’ve got the best possible outcome – he’ll use whatever is necessary. Besides, it’ll do you good to have to do what you’re told for once. You are a bit of a spoiled brat – you don’t listen or respect me. Well guess what? You’ll have to listen to me now. Why do you think I convinced your dad to choose John? We can make sure that those ‘little’ braces of yours aren’t so little. Your dad agrees that you need to take my wishes a bit more seriously – that’s why he’s happy for me to be taking the lead on this, he thinks it could be a bonding experience for us both!”

My heart was pounding and my hands were clammy. I turned and faced away from her for the rest of the journey, I began to think that I wasn’t going to get the nice easy appliances. I would have to talk to my dad when he was back Friday.
Jessica pulled up outside the office and got out the car quickly, leading the way inside and cheerfully greeting John. The office was empty of any other patients and John noticed me looking around “Oh, it’s just us today – I wanted to make sure I had plenty of time to focus on the most important patient and give you the time. It’ll take a few hours anyway to get everything in. I’ve got my other assistant Amelia in today to help us out – you’re getting the VIP treatment”. I attempted to smile politely but feeling like I may be sick with nerves. Jessica glanced at me then back at John “Ellie wasn’t too sure about the contracts..” John chuckled loudly “Nothing to worry about with them, they’re really just in place for the problem patients who won't wear their appliances or headgear. I’m sure you’ll be the model patient and we won’t have to enforce them. Besides – with Jess taking charge with the decision making it means less worry for you as you don’t need to stress with what’s next. You just do as you’re told to and you’ll have a stress free experience and beautiful teeth at the end of it!” That didn’t make my nerves any less – if anything quite the opposite but I was determined not to give Jessica the satisfaction of seeing that. She had the smug look on her face as John led us both back to the exam room where Amelia was getting things set up for us.
There was trays of equipment lined up at the back but I didn’t get a good look before I was ushered down into the chair. Amelia clipped a bib onto me and perched the dental goggles over my eyes. I tapped my foot nervously as everyone settled themselves in. Jessica snapped a quick photo for my dad as I rolled my eyes. She pulled out a book and John scooted over and lowered me down ready to begin. His eyes crinkled over the top of his mask as he smiled “Ready for this then?”
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I have a request. Could you number the chapters so that it is easier to keep track of where you are in the story? It can be chapter 1, chapter 2, etc or part 1, 2, 3, etc.

I'm just starting to read through your story and like what I see so far.
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Great start. Can’t wait to see where this goes.
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really enjoying this so far!
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Very good story!
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This is starting off well. Centering the story on Ellie and Jessica's relationship was definitely a good move.
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Can't wait to read more!
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Great start, looking forward to reading more
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Great story. Cannot wait for more.
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Wild thought: If Dad thought this could be a "bonding experience" for Jess and Ellie....
Maybe she should be bonded also.  Maybe as a surprise?
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Really nice start of this story.... Looking forward for the next chapter and excited about Ellis treatment
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Amelia turned the light on and pointed it directly at my mouth. She placed a lip spreader in that seemed far too wide and felt like it was going to split my lips, my tongue was pushed back into a holder and 2 small blocks were placed between my molars to keep my mouth open as they cleaned my teeth.
Amelia set about scrubbing my teeth, then putting some acid etching on. Even though my mouth was kept open I could still taste it and it was awful. Finally she rinsed it all away and suctioned the water out.
The blocks between my teeth were taken out and Amelia handed John something. He placed it in my mouth and fiddled around for a bit. After a while he took it back out and told Amelia to get the cement ready and give him the bottom one. He followed the same process again before returning to the top and getting me to open wide. He had me bite down on a stick for at least 10 times each side and I felt pressure in my gums slightly around my molars. Next he moved onto the bottom, getting me to bite down countless times again. Amelia carried on suctioning my mouth regularly as my jaw began to ache. After he continued to bend wires inside I realised this was my expanders. My tongue was still pushed away and my mouth wide open so I couldn’t feel them at all.  Next he moved onto placing the brackets. He put glue on my front 6 teeth, top and bottom then put the brackets on, making sure they were perfectly in place. Amelia used the light to set the glue and John asked for the archwire, I figured we were near the end and my heart began to beat quicker again – unsure of what I was going to feel in a minute.
John got me to bite down and made an unsatisfied noise. He got me to bite down a few more times and then called Jessica over to look at my teeth, I suddenly felt ridiculous laying there with the three of them peering over me and hoped this would be over with quickly “When Ellie bites down, you see how her top teeth are too close to the brackets?” Jessica hummed in agreement although I had no doubt she had no idea what he was on about. He grabbed my jaw and repositioned it “We want the top teeth in this position or they might bite off those lower brackets” I tried to swallow as I felt another adaptation was coming. “We need to add something to stop it, obviously I haven’t prepared for this today so will have to improvise a bit. I can add some turbos to the top of her back molars to change the bite or I can add some small bite blocks to the back of her front teeth. Personally, I’d rather try the front teeth until I can get something more permanent. It will mean chewing will be more difficult though?”
I looked at Jessica pleadingly, trying to convey that I didn’t want anymore difficultly than needed but she smiled slightly at me then turned back to John “Well let’s go with the front teeth then, you’re the expert – besides we want her to have the best smile and she’ll learn to adapt”.
My mouth was opened once again and John set about gluing two small blocks to the back of my front teeth. Amelia used the blue light to cure them again and then blasted all the brackets with water and suctioned it all away again. My jaw was throbbing from being open for so long, although I couldn’t tell exactly how long I had been laying there, and I was beginning to get anxious about what he had put in and how it would all affect me. After what felt like forever with them both poking around and making extra changes they finally took the lip spreader out.
I caught Jessica staring at me smugly as I attempted to keep the panic off of me face. Now I could feel everything fully I realised how full my mouth was. I had a top expander that was attached to all my back molars and pre-molars, it went across the roof of my mouth and dug into my tongue, the bottom expander also covered my molars and pre-molars and sat snugly behind my front teeth, it felt like my tongue was being pushed in an awkward place. I felt the bulky boxes behind my two front teeth and realised that because my lower teeth hit them they actually kept my jaw open by at least a cm.
I slid my tongue around my front teeth and cringed as the cold metal hit my tongue. It all felt so alien to me. All three of them were staring at me expectedly and I tried to swallow but realised the saliva was pooling in my mouth and I had to suck it back.
“I caaat cloth my moof” My cheeks were bright red and my eyes went wide as I realised how difficult it was to talk with this all. John nodded blankly “Yes, as we said – chewing will be a bit more difficult now the rest of your teeth don’t touch but it is possible – lots of people manage. Speaking is very hard at first but with more practice it’ll get a lot easier. Soon you’ll forget you even have a lisp”
I looked at Jessica, trying to get an ounce of sympathy from her but was met with patronising look instead. “Any tips for Ellie to get there quicker?” John nodded eagerly – “yes, get her to read out loud. Lots of people try and hide away so people don’t hear them but the more you practice the better it is. I know you’ll feel self conscious at first but many young people have braces and they get over that quickly. Just embrace it and remember it’ll all be worth it in the end. I’ll get Jessica over here and we can show her how to turn the expander.” He looked up briefly “I assume you’ll be the one doing it for Ellie?” Before I could respond and shoot down this suggestion she had smiled widely and nodded quickly, standing up and coming over to get her instructions. I tried to resist now, “Pleath, I can do ith mythelf, thith ith tho embarrathing”. She stood over me and patted me shoulder “it’s really not THAT bad, now open up so John can show me”.
I closed my eyes tightly and opened my jaw again – ignoring the pain that was beginning in my teeth. John took a small paperclip type key “now, this is an adaptation of the normal expander – usually people have 1 turn but I want you to do at least 2 each night – top and bottom. We need to work on getting the jaw wider ASAP then we can keep them in for retention. So, first put this in that slot right here and then we push” There was a click in my mouth and my tongue instinctively came up but John pushed it straight back down – right now Jessica, you try it”. She reached in and clicked it again and there was a small ache that began instantly. She moved onto the bottom which felt worse and pinched the skin under my tongue. They sat me up and I felt all around my mouth again, the reality kicking in as my jaw was held open by the blocks, filled with metal on the top and bottom inside my mouth then my lips puffed all over the brackets. A small dribble of saliva dripped out my lips and suddenly it all became too much and my eyes filled with tears which I tried to blink away furiously. Jessica looked at me with fake sympathy “You are being SO brave Ellie, your Dad is going to be so proud of you”.  John reached behind the chair again “You are doing well Ellie, Just one more thing to fit and you can get on with you day”.
The shock that they were planning for anything else to fit into my mouth was unbelievable as the chair reclined slightly again and my heart began to skip…
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John opened a plastic box and produced a lump of soft plastic with grooves for my teeth to sit, he motioned for me to open my mouth again and I obliged silently. He slipped the lump of plastic in and suddenly mouth my felt even more cramped than I thought possible.
The device was similar to a sports guard for braces. The plastic sat between my two jaws with my teeth slotting into the grooves for them. The plastic extended over my entire teeth so only my gums were visible. John slipped it out again and adjusted it before putting it back in. Without the suction in my mouth the saliva build up was awful and I had to slurp again which was so embarrassing.
“So this device needs to be worn 12 hours a day, it isn’t clipped in – it just sits in the mouth and brings the lower jaw forward to the right position. Because it isn’t secured if you move your mouth too much it may slip so its important to bite down when wearing it. It needs to go in after dinner and stay in until the next morning. Talking is difficult with this but it’s important to persevere – we want to use the least invasive methods possible’ John played around with my lips and tried to get them to close over the device but because it was so bulky this was impossible. Amelia blotted my lips as drool pooled over again and I wanted to curl up with embarrassment. “Hff lngs do I hff t veer it?” Jessica snickered slightly as I shuddered as I realised that talking wasn’t difficult – it was impossible but John somehow understood – “It’s difficult to say how long right now – probably around 9 months of night time wear if things progress well.” 9 months?! I couldn’t put up with this for 9 months for 12 hours a day! John slipped it out my mouth and back into the box then passed it to Jessica. He passed me a mirror and smiled widely “ready for the big reveal then?”
I took a deep breath and raised the mirror up to my face. My lips were puffed out and glimpses of metal poked through, you could tell me jaw was open slightly and I forced my lips open to stare at the mess that awaited me. The metal brackets seemed bigger than those I’d seen before and seemed to take up most of my teeth. I gasped in horror slightly as I realised how obvious the bands were as they extended up to my premolars and were clearly visible at all times. I didn’t dare to open my mouth to look at the expanders incase I cried right here. I quickly passed the mirror back and took a deep breath to calm myself down before trying to change their minds “Can’th we thake thomething out? Ith a loth” Jessica spoke up before John could answer “Remember your contract Ellie, this is all for your own good.” I rolled my eyes and looked at John expectantly, as if he would have a change of heart and realise Invisalign would work better. Instead he cheerfully declared “Jessica is reight and your teeth are going to be perfect at the end of this! A little short term pain and embarrassment for a lifetime of oral health seems worth it to me!” I smiled weakly, realising I was going to have no luck here and though I could just talk to my Dad later to get him to talk some sense into them both. I attempted to listen as Amelia went through some oral care instructions with me as Jessica made me smile widely for another photo– I wanted nothing more than to disappear but I had to play along or appear like a spoiled brat. Finally Jessica scheduled another appointment with John and they waved me goodbye with a stern warning from John that he would be checking my compliance with my appliance at the next visit.
We walked to the car and I slouched into the passenger seat, pulling out my phone and staring at myself in the front camera again – trying to push down the lump in my throat and thinking that it wouldn’t be the end of the world for a few months. Jessica rubbed her hands together “Now, the worst bit of the day is done – I think you deserve a treat for being a trooper there!” I quickly resisted but it was no use and I realised that it wasn’t a treat – it was just further punishment and she was determined for me to be out in public as soon as possible to prolong my suffering. I slurped back my saliva again and shrunk down into my seat, hoping to slip in and out of a few shops un-noticed then going home and nurse my ego for a bit.
Jessica chatted away how excited she was for me that the changes would be evident soon and said that my lisp was actually ‘adorable’. The resentment was bubbling away inside me as she antagonised me but I was determined not to give her a reaction.
We pulled up to the shops and I noticed how busy it was, I begged not to have to go but Jessica wouldn’t relent – she said I needed to get used to being seen and I could even practice talking. I begged her but she insisted so we went out, I kept my face low as people walked past. I tried to swallow discretely but still felt like I was gagging everytime as my mouth was so full.
After a couple of hours of wandering aimlessly Jessica finally got bored and we went home. My teeth were throbbing, my jaws felt like they were shuddering by being kept open all the time and the pressure in my upper and lower palates was growing more by the minute. I’d had enough and wanted to get into bed for a nap.
As we walked in I grabbed some painkillers, some water and then headed upstairs. I attempted to put the tablets in my mouth but couldn’t swallow them properly – it took about 5 attempts to actually get them down. I settled myself on the edge of my bed and finally summoned up the courage to get a proper look in my mouth, I picked up my mirror and opened widely. The mass of metal looked even worse now I was home and stuck with it all. I put my tongue up to the palate expander and poked it then pressed some of the brackets, a shooting pain ran through my mouth and this was the final straw – I broke into tears which escalated to sobs. They ran down my face and chin, I had to keep sucking my saliva back and ended up dribbling all over myself which made me worse. I laid down on my pillow and let the tears flow freely until I fell asleep.
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Hehehe, what a 'treatment'. Poor Ellie, it's going to get worse for her before it gets better.

I do like the idea of the stepmother being put in braces- What's fair is fair!
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Poor Ellie got to feel sorry for her although I know we would all think she looks hot if we saw her. I totally agree Jessica should,d end up having treatment too  just remember karmas a bitch!!
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you wrote a great story. I would like to read more about Ellis' treatment. When are you going to continue writing?
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I woke up a couple of hours later – it was now early evening and I could hear Jessica chatting away. My heart sped up as I hoped we didn’t have visitors – I couldn’t face seeing anyone right now. I quickly nipped to the bathroom and splashed some cold water on my face to attempt to control the swollen, red eyes. I crept down the stairs, trying to figure out who she could be talking to. As I got to the bottom Jessica was turning the corner – ready to come upstairs, the phone was pressed to her ear “Ah here she is! Hold on, we’ll video you”.
My eyes widened and I shook my head quickly but Jessica persisted “It’s your Dad, he wants to see you!” The ringing came loudly through as we waited for my dad to accept the video and suddenly his face popped up on the screen, “Ahh hello darling! Rough morning?” he chuckled slightly at himself but I couldn’t bring myself to humour him, my face was long and grumpy and he quickly changed tactics “come on then, let me see what my money is buying me!” 
I attempted to smile but it came out more as a grimace. I thought that would be enough but Jessica’s fingers lifted my lips and I stood there like an idiot as the pointed out all the new additions to my mouth. Finally the show was over and she stopped talking. Dad’s face looked as shocked as mine but he quickly recovered “Well, it seems like a lot but you’re beautiful as always! Besides, it’s not forever is it?” The bluntness of it made me want to cry again, I wanted to scream that it didn’t matter if it was forever or 2 months – I still had to face everyone I knew looking and sounding like an idiot and I was mortified. Instead I nodded again and quickly said my goodbyes and went to hide away watching tv for a bit.
My phone was buzzing away in the group chat so I picked it up and read all the questions about my braces. I decided to bite the bullet and took a selfie, attempting to show them off in their fully glory without looking totally ugly. I watched as they all saw the photos and began typing, then stopped typing, then began again.
They were all shocked by the ‘heaviness’ of them but attempted to reassure me that weren’t TOO bad. My mouth was still throbbing and my predicament was sinking in now. A few more tears slipped down my cheeks as I wallowed in my own self pity.
After a while Jessica came in to get me for dinner. She had made pasta which was soft. I picked up a piece and put it in my mouth but quickly realised the bite blocks meant my molars weren’t touching which made eating impossible. On top of this it seemed the food gravitated towards my palate expander. I tried to mash a few pieces of pasta around my mouth and swallowed them but it was taking forever. My front teeth were so tender but I decided to try and use them to eat. This was slightly more successful but it still wasn’t pretty and it would be a while before I would be happy eating in front of others. I caught Jessica smirking throughout the meal and shame burnt through me, my cheeks red and my shoulders slumped up. She offered me a nice cool smoothie which actually helped then sat me down to do the expanders. I tried to protest explaining John had done them earlier but she assured me she’d checked and he said to carry on tonight as normal. My mouth felt like it was going to shatter as she pushed the key backwards but I didn’t give her the satisfaction of groaning with the pain. Finally she was done and she ushered me upstairs to brush my teeth before putting in the night time appliance. I clicked it in and almost immediately the aching increased in my jaws. I decided to ask if she would relent and let the pain settle before I started wearing this ‘ieeff hhrrss fooo moos’ Her face broke into a smile “oh sweetie, that’s so cute. John said talking with that would be difficult, he wasn’t kidding was he?” My face burned with shame and I reached up to take the appliance out but Jessica quickly pushed my hands down “no no, I know it is a bit tricky but John said it’s important you wear it for 12 hours every day after dinner. You’ll get used to it. You can still text all your friends. Besides, you don’t want him to think you’re not listening to his instructions – you are on the compliance plan after all…” Her tone of voice indicated she would have no problem reporting me as an uncompliant trouble maker so I sighed in resignation and trudged off to my bedroom. I sunk down onto my bed, thinking about tomorrow and how everyone would react at school. Tears welled up in my eyes again but this time I let them flow freely and sobbed into my pillow, staying in this position until I’d tired myself out and fell into an unrestful sleep.
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If I imagine that I could only mumble to communicate with all the equipment and then in the evening I would also have something like a tennis ball in my mouth that makes it completely impossible to speak, in connection with the pain - I would probably never leave the house again.
And this stepmother who is playing her position to the max. Elli is really at her mercy. On the one hand, I don't want to swap places with her, on the other hand, you might be grateful to her stepmother afterwards, when everything turned out great.
I'm really glad that I only had elastics for my fixed braces.

I am looking forward to the sequel.
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Hi metalfoxy, I weally like whewe thith ith going. Thankth fow the latetht chaptew!
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I like to see how the different writers come up with ideas to put into their stories.
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I really hope Jessica gets her just desserts soo  ide live to see her suffering as much as poor Ellie
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I like to see how the different writers come up with ideas to put into their stories.

Yes, this story is just so different from what I write, but that has got to be good! Variety makes life so much more interesting!
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Chapter 8

I woke up the next morning, my eyes still slightly swollen from the crying last night. A feeling of anxiety filled me and I had to breathe deeply to stop myself heaving as the gross taste of metal and plastic filled my mouth. I quickly took the night-time appliance  out and then I lay in bed, swaddled up in the blankets trying to think of ways of get out of going to school today. Finally, Jessica came in and light flooded my bedroom. “GOOD MORNING” I grunted in acknowledgement as she sat on the edge of my bed. She smiled kindly at me ‘I know today you’re supposed to be at school, but I bet you’re pretty sore. Do you want to hang out here today? We can watch some tv, I’ve got a bit of work to do and you can let that pain settle a bit before facing everyone tomorrow – I understand it must be daunting having everyone see all that. You can practice talking some more too, get that lisp down a bit?” Relief flooded over me and I gently hugged Jessica, thinking that maybe she wasn’t all that bad – that maybe she understood how it was to be a teenager with all this metal shoved in there “yeth, thath wouth be greath, thanths”. She smiled sweetly at me and left me to get up and dressed.
I went downstairs where Jessica had got me some yoghurt and painkillers ready. The cool juice felt great in my mouth and I managed to get a few spoonfuls of the yoghurt down without too much trouble. I ran my tongue gingerly across my teeth and they throbbed with even this light touch. I tried to get my lips to close to cover the braces but the big brackets constantly pushed my lips apart with the shiny metal gleaming through – I would need to practice before tomorrow to stop people from staring at me. I felt self conscious enough at home let alone going out in public like this.
The morning went on quickly as I watched junk tv and topped up the painkillers every 4 hours. Jessica was typing away on her computer but suddenly the doorbell went and she jumped up eagerly. My heart rate increased dramatically as I sensed something was going on and I was proved right as 2 of her work friends walked in, I could hear them talking quietly and I sensed by their cooing that they were talking about me. I quickly sat up, getting ready to try and escape to my room but just as I was about to stand up the women appeared in front of me
“Hey sweetie, how are you?” I tried to smile quickly with my lips shut as much as I could manage and mumbled a “fine thanks”. They stood there, clearly trying to get a peek and after a few seconds Jessica spoke up “I was telling these two about your new braces – I said it was a big adjustment but Helen’s daughter is about to get braces too so I thought I’d show yours off, of course hers won't be anywhere near as extensive as yours” she quickly turned towards her friends “ Ellie is a special case you see, she needs a LOT of work done. Unfortunately we are having to foot the bill since she’s still in school so John – you know John? Well he is doing the treatment” Both women’s eyes widened slightly as Jessica talked and finally the older woman said “well that explains why they’re so…erm..well…THERE. John is quite infamous for some brutal methods isn’t he?” Jessica smiled slightly then turned back to me “yes, well – as I said Ellie is a very special case and we wanted to make sure she followed everything properly”. The women murmured in approval and then said their goodbyes as they settled down to work. My cheeks were burning red with embarrassment and I suddenly knew that tomorrow wouldn’t be as straight forward as I had hoped. The anxious feeling started up in my stomach and I knew I was in for a long road ahead.

The following morning came around and despite my hopes that I would be able to stay at home again, Jessica came in and woke me up ready for school. I tried to muster some enthusiasm but felt sick with nerves. Jessica insisted on driving me this morning and I was sure it was to make sure I actually went in. As the car got closer to school my heart rate sped up and I felt my palms get sweaty. Jessica pulled up outside and I turned to her, pleading for some more time off. She smiled, pretending to care “Today is going to be hard, the next few weeks will be hard but delaying it isn’t going to help either. Is it embarrassing having all that metal in your mouth? Yes. Could it be worse? Yes. Is it the end of the world? No. Take a deep breath and in you go.” I groaned but realised I wasn’t going to win this battle so gathered my bag and got out, trying to keep my head down as much as possible.

My friends all saw me and came over to inspect my mouth, they couldn’t hide the shock of it and although they offered me lots of support the tears still gathered in my eyes.
Throughout the day I attempted to stay as quiet as possible, only answering if absolutely needed and I kept my head down. Most people saw the braces and although they did a second glance they didn’t say anything which definitely helped.
At lunchtime I managed a yoghurt but didn’t do anything else for fear of embarrassing myself. By the end of the day even my friends had got used to my new look and I began to think it wouldn’t be as bad as I first thought.
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