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Elastics war
« on: 06. September 2018, 13:25:48 PM »
Hello guys. Just thought I would share a fond braces memory.  So my best friend and I both got braces at 17. He got his about 3 months before me. Phil was devastated and embarrassed. I on the other hand was so excited, as I had always wanted a mouthfull of metal. I loved the feeling of my teeth moving, getting upgraded to thicker wires and power chains. And it was awesome to have my best friend to talk to about it.
 Soon we both got elastics. He had his from front to back, to correct an overbite. I had them from back to front, to correct an edge bite. It was a rush when the orthodontist first stretched them on. The tight pulling sensation. I even asked if I would need reverse pull headgear.  To my disappointment she said no.
My friend was very enthusiastic about video games.  I found them to be rather boring.  He would force me to play for hours. So I came up with a deal. For every round we lost. We had to put on a set of elastics.  He was reluctant, he was a bad patient and never wore them. But eventually agreed as it was the only way I was going to play. 
I was good at this one game. A fighting game. I lost the first few rounds tho. I stretched on three pairs. He lost the next two. He smiled widely and pulled on two sets. I lost the next one. He handed me over two more. I had to win the next one I wanted to see him with more. We changed characters, and I chose my best.
Victory was mine with this character. I won three in a row. I handed him the bag. I watched as the strand of elastics got thicker. His mouth was now tighty closed with 5 elastics on each side. He started complaining about the pain. Only three more rounds I said. He nodded his head.
He won two and I won one. 6 sets each. They could bearly fit on the hooks. I asked him to try open his mouth. He pulled his jaws apart. The thick band making it hard for him. We laughed behind clamped teeth, Showing off all our hardware. I moved my jaw around to get a good feel. I will definitely be playing this again I thought.  Elastic wars.

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Re: Elastics war
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sound like a good time