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Re: Dream Treatment
« Reply #30 on: 26. August 2020, 20:59:02 PM »
My Dream Treatment had to start slowly with a Twin Block + Headgear with Neck- and Head-Straps
Starting for the first two weeks with 8 hours at night, the next two weeks with 12 hours, the next two weeks with16 hours and after that with23 hours for 1 1/2 years

After this I would become a Palatal Expander for upper and lower jaw for 3 months,
after this time I would get herbst together with the expanders,
after this time I would get a facemask together with the expanders for at least 2 years.

Followed by metal braces for 5 years with a lot of combinations of elastics and powerchain, together with a Interlandi headgear for the whole time

After the braces are removed, I have to wear a hawley retainer for the first year 23h a day, after that another year 16h a day and for the rest of my life 12h a day

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Re: Dream Treatment
« Reply #31 on: 31. August 2020, 19:24:49 PM »
I always wonder if "dream treatment" means that people would actually like to do that given the chance or if it's just that they like to fantasize about it, but would "chicken out" if actually given the chance...  :D

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Re: Dream Treatment
« Reply #32 on: 31. August 2020, 23:51:59 PM »
I have many "dream treatments" that I'd like to experience, so I end up writing stories that include some of them.

It's interesting that, over the years, the details of my desires have changed. Initially I had a thing about removable braces, and the feel of the plastic in the mouth - I wanted to experience removable braces, and having bought some removables, I have had that experience (albeit not from a proper orthodontist!).

From that I wanted to see what headgear would be like, and I've also experienced that too.

So what's left? Well, in one of my recent stories, the main character is getting some quite different braces - fake brackets with a herbst and a tongue crib.... that would be something to experience. Another think I'd like to try is something that same character is also trying : twin blocks.

So, for my dream treatment, I'd need to get some upper teeth that stick out a bit, and a lower jaw that needs pushing out. Probably with some other crooked teeth!

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Re: Dream Treatment
« Reply #33 on: 05. September 2020, 05:54:52 AM »
For me, this is mostly fantasy. I would love to actually experience this, but not as myself (if that makes any sense?)

It would start with a fixed tongue crib 10 months that gives me a noticeable lisp, but nothing visible except a bit of metal behind my front teeth.

Then I would get upper and lower brackets and within a few weeks of those, headgear (cervical 23 hours a day, high pull 16 hours a day). In this fantasy the ortho would wire it in for the first few weeks to force me to get used to wearing it in public. Both headgear straps would be the safety-strap style with the multiple holes. I would still have the fixed tongue crib. This would last a year.

Next the headgear times are lowered (cervical 16 hours a day only). After another 8-10 months, I only need to wear the headgear at night for another year.

Once done with the headgear, I keep the upper and lower brackets and get multiple elastics. Still have the tongue crib.

After that I would get some hawleys to wear 8 hours a day, and a really complex appliance to wear the remaining 16 (something like this but designed to retain rather than move my teeth).

After two years I would only need to wear the appliance at night, and hawleys a few times a month. This would go on indefinitely, or until I need braces again.