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Dave, Andrea, and them....
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I realise that many of you don't have access to the 'Club Area', so thought, as I was intending to finish this story in this area, I should post "the story so far" for you to read. Then my new story will make a lot more sense to you!



Chapter 1:

Let me start by introducing Dave. Full name David Michael Jones, he's in his mid 20's, and works in an insurance office. Whilst his work isn't particularly exciting, it's sufficiently NOT boring that he puts up with it, and has been there 3 years now.

David has had a few girlfriends over the years, but has been single now for about 6 months, and to be honest, is getting a bit fed up with being single, and would like a girlfriend again.

Sadly, fate has been against him, and whilst there are a couple of unattached girls in his wider social group, and he is friends with them, they don't "do anything" for him.

In terms of the sort of "perfect girl" he would like to meet, she would be a bit shorter than Dave, reasonably slim, boobies not too big, with dark brown or even black hair cut shortish.... something like a bob cut. A fringe ('bangs' for our American readers!) would be a major bonus. Must have a nice smile... and if that smile had a covering of silver, that would be a lot nicer!

Yes, Dave has a thing for girls in braces! Which is just as well, otherwise I wouldn't be able to write this story!

Dave lives in a shared flat, on the second floor of a large house, sharing with 2 other guys.

Whilst Dave often goes out, he's been at home tonight. He had a shared dinner with one of his flatmates, and they watched TV together for a bit, but Dave is now in his bedroom, with the door safely locked, and is sat in front of his PC screen.

Yes, like almost all men of that age who don't have girlfriends, Dave is looking at some porno sites, 'enjoying' himself! Needless to say, many of the pictures he is looking at are of girls with dark hair with fringes, and many of whom have metal smiles.


Chapter 2

5:30pm, only another hour before they closed for the day!

Whilst Andrea generally enjoyed working at the small Tesburys supermarket in the middle of town, it did sometimes get a bit boring. Like today. For some odd reason it had just been a very quiet afternoon.

Andrea was part of the small team that ran the supermarket. Most of them had worked there for over 5 years, only the boss was newer, but he'd already been there for 3 years! The team got on amazingly well.

Abdul was a little younger than Andrea, tall, and to be honest, quite good looking, although not really Andrea's sort.... besides, he had a girlfriend already. He did a lot of the shelf-stacking, and liked helping on the self-scan.

Ashanti was a tall girl, a couple of years older than Andrea. Very self-conscious, loved clothes and makeup and going out. Got braces last year, clear brackets on the top front 6 teeth, small metal brackets on the rest. She was really good with customers, smiling and having quick chats.... needless to say, she loved being on the till.

Travis was also a couple of years older than Andrea. Slightly overweight, not tall, but quite good looking. And married with a young kid! He was happy to do anything that was needed.

The boss was Matt. Just over 30, he too was married. He was a good manager, kept the place running, but didn't mind if there was a bit of "fun" in the quieter times. The result was that all the staff got on amazingly well, and the shop was a popular place for the local workers to come in and get their lunch and other shopping.

But being in the business area, the place was dead after about 6:00pm! As they needed to open at 7:30am (to catch the workers on their way to work), yet close at 6:30pm (to catch the stragglers on their way home) they ran a split shift system, either 7:30 to 4:00, or 10:00 to 6:30. Andrea preferred coming in early, as she then had time to do any shopping she might need before heading home, or off to have dinner with her aunt, who lived close by.

Andrea is a fairly plain girl, many might perhaps call her a little ugly. She's 5ft 6in tall, with long light-brown hair. When I say long, I mean L-O-N-G... almost down to her waist. She can't wear it like that at work, so she has various ways she puts it up: sometimes she tried a big bun on the top of her head, or a bun at the back (think ponytail, but with the hair in a sort of ball), or maybe just a long ponytail. She likes trying types of braids, but they can be harder to do whilst making it actually look good. Andrea has had long hair all her life - as a kid, she often had the longest hair at school, and was very proud of it.

Andrea is 22 years old, and is quite a slim girl. Not actually skinny, but no excess fat, and all without needing to exercise or watch what she ate.... her body just seemed to naturally want to be slim. And pretty flat-chested too. Facially, she had a longer thinner sort of very plain face.

Ah, yeah, I almost forgot: her mouth. More specifically her teeth - they were a disaster area. The main problem was that she just had too many teeth for the space in her mouth. All her lower teeth were crooked, with the two canines pushed out of line. Her large top front teeth were rotated outwards, and stuck out, with her equally large second teeth tucked in behind. Her canines hadn't properly descended, and goodness knows what her molars were like.. I think you're getting the picture here.... nice body, shame about the mouth.

Today was Tuesday, which meant that Andrea would be going around to her aunt Jenny's after work, and having dinner with her. Jenny has always had a bit of a soft spot for Andrea, and since Andrea's parents had moved away a couple years ago, they spent quite a bit of time together, getting together after work most Tuesdays and Thursdays. Jenny was a bit younger than Andrea's mum, so wasn't quite 40 yet.


Chapter 3

"Oh, hello Sparkle" says the boss as Sparkle walks into the boss's office

"Hi boss, I'm guessing you have a new 'customer' for me to sort out?" says Sparkle

"Yes, and from the surveillance information, I think you're just one to take it on."

Maybe I should explain that they've been getting some really cool IT and technology upgrades over at Fairy HQ over the last couple of years, which means that they usually now get an indication of when people will make wishes, but before they have ACTUALLY made them, all of which means they can make a much better job of fulfilling the wishes.

"Ok, so what we got then?" asks Sparkle

"Male, mid 20s, un-attached, wants a girlfriend..."

"Oh, normal stuff then. Braces connection I assume?"

"Yup, I think that he would like a girl with them. But remember you'll need to be a bit more subtle than maybe you have in the past."

Ok, explanation needed: last year there had been a BIG blow-up, where a small group of over-enthusiastic, younger, fairies had been a bit TOO enthusiastic in 'helping things along' with what was without doubt a hugely excessive use of spells and magic. To be honest, the use of magic and spells had been growing over the last 5 or 10 years, and many of the older fairies didn't like it... "never used to be like this" sort of thing.

There had been major repercussions from the actual event, needing a top team of fairies to restore some semblence of 'normality', and more importantly, making sure that the humans didn't realise that this was the work of fairies, or for that matter, that fairies actually existed.

After that there were the inevitable investigations, and committees, with the inevitable set of reports and recommendations. Yawn...

The biggest thing to come out of the whole thing was that the fairies had to revert to being a lot more discrete in the way they used their magic.... so rather than just 'magicking' something to happen, they had to more 'nudge things along' so that the same event happened, but rather more naturally.

"Subtle's my second name" joked Sparkle.

"Ok, well I just messaged you the details.... would you like to team up with Lilly, as Magic is still out on her assignment?"

(Magic had been seconded over to Norway, part of a 'culture and ideas exchange'. From what Magic had told them all, things were going really well, but she would still need to stay there for a couple more weeks)

"Yes, would love to work with her again. But I thought she was still away at Fairy University?"

"She is, but she's back for the summer break"

"Oh, great, it will be interesting to hear what's she's been up to...."

Thus it was that Sparkle was about to meet up with Lilly again, and they would be working together on this new case: David Jones.


Chapter 4

"Hey, Lilly, how are you?" asked Sparkle, as she hugged her favourite work-experience girl. Well, ok, she was a bit more than that now. Next year she would be in her second year at university, and had proven her abilities on many occasions now. In fact, she was part of the "fix-it" team I mentioned previously. But Sparkle still thought of her as "the work experience girl"!

"I am feeling ten times better for seeing you again, auntie Sparkle!" she joked. Lilly would call Sparkle 'auntie Sparkle' partly to pull her leg, but partly as a term of affection. "Mum tells me you've got a new 'customer' that I might like to help you with. Oh, I love it when I get to work with you! But where's Magic?"

"Oh, she's on placement over in Norway. I must admit, I do miss her. But you're here now, so things should be fun" she added with a smile.

"Still got your braces then, I see!"

"Yes, I have. I was supposed to get them off a few months ago, but managed to get to keep them a bit longer"

"You're not looking forward to retainers then?"

"It not so much that, it's just that I really like the way I look and feel with my braces. Makes me different. Makes me happy. Plus, I love it when the other fairies look at my silver smile."

Sparkle and Lilly chatted for a while, catching up on the various bits of gossip.

"What about Emily and Wendy?"

"Saw them a few days ago, they are being kept busy with quite a few 'customers', all pretty run-of-the-mill stuff I think. Tell you what, I'll drop them a message to let them know you're back, I'm sure they'd love to meet up"

"So, tell me about our next job then...."

"Customer is David, he's in his 20's. Not had a girlfriend for a while, and apparently is very likely to make a suitable wish fairly soon"

"I hear mum chose you specifically, so I'm guessing there must be a braces connection?"

"Yeah, it seems that our David has a thing for braces, so we need to be on the lookout for girls with braces.... here, take a look at his file" said Sparkle, passing the folder over to Lilly.


Chapter 5

Dave looked at his watch: 12:30. Which meant it was time for lunch. Dave knew it would be a littly chilly out, so he put on his coat, and walked the 5 minutes to the shops.

On the way, he decided that today he's get the £3 meal deal at Tesburys... He grabbed a chicken and sweetcorn sandwich, a pack of popcorn, and a can of orange soda, then walked to the queue, which luckily wasn't too long today.

As he waited, he looked around. He recognised the staff, they had all been there since he'd started coming in. He knew their names - that was easy, as they all wore name badges. He'd seen Travis opening some boxes near where he'd picked up his sandwiches. Abdul was, as he often was, supervising the self-scan tills, and the two girls, Ashanti and Andrea were working the tills. Although not a girl he actually fancied, Ashanti did have one thing he loved: a beautiful silver smile. She was always willing to exchange a few words with the customers, so he would try and make her smile, so he could see her braces. Shame she wore so much makeup though... the "+2" she got from the braces was matched by the "-2" for the makeup!

And then there was plain Andrea. If only she would do something to improve her looks. I mean, that long hair of hers didn't really help, but Dave doubted that she'd ever get it cut.... girls with such long hair were usually so proud of their hair, never wanting to have it cut. Like Ashanti, she was fairly chatty, and actually had a nice voice. As Dave looked over towards Andrea, he saw her smile, which she did quite often. Nice smile, shame about those teeth. They weren't so much bad as BAD. I mean, why hadn't she had braces as a teen and had them fixed? Her top front teeth stuck out, pushed out of place by the next two teeth, which were in behind them.

As Dave stood in the queue, he was joined by two invisible (to humans) others: Sparkle and Lilly.

"Hey, he's actually not that bad looking" commented Lilly. They sat gently on his shoulder, as he moved a little closer to the front of the queue. Lilly noticed Dave looking at Andrea.

"Hey, I have an idea... can I?"

"Remember to only 'nudge' him along, he's not formally wished yet"

"As if I can forget, they are always on about that at Uni...". Lilly pulled out her wand, and waved it, inserting a tiny thought into Dave's mind.

Dave smiled a tiny smile: an idea had just come into his mind: if only Andrea had braces, she'd gain 2 bonus points, and then she might score as high as 4 out of 10!

"Next please!" called Andrea, and Dave walked forward to the till.

As Dave arrived at the till, Lilly spotted 2 tiny figures sat on the shelf just behind Andrea

"Emily? Wendy?" called Lilly

Emily and Wendy both looked up, and smiled on seeing Lilly. "Lilly! hey, nice to see you!!" 

"Great to see you guys too.... what you doing here?"

"Trying to work out what to do to help Andrea here"

"Three pounds please. Card? Do you need a bag?" Andrea asked Dave with a nice smile. Well, as nice as she could do with her terrible teeth.

Dave waved his card over the card machine, which beeped. "no bag, I'm fine thanks" replied Dave with a small smile. He picked up his sandwiches, popcorn and drink, and started to walk towards the exit.

Sparkle and Lilly flew off Dave's shoulder, and went and joined Emily and Wendy.

"So, what you two doing here?" asked Wendy

"Well, our customer, Dave, needs a girlfriend, and by the sound of it, preferably with braces" replied Sparkle

"Well, there's Ashanti over there, but I think she has a boyfriend already"

"Hmm, maybe not: from what I've read, don't think she's likely to be Dave's type. So what you doing for Andrea?"

"Mainly watching and learning for the moment. No wish yet, but she's not over happy with life right now"

"I reckon she needs a complete makeover, and then some" commented Lilly

"Oh, ouch!" said Emily, "but you're probably right, to be honest. She'll be having dinner with her Aunt tonight, maybe we can start sowing a few seeds there... But what about YOU then? It's been ages since we've seen you. "I guess you're done for the year now, are you?"

"Yup....  all done for my first year, but around all summer. Hey, how about us all meeting up tonight? After you've finished with Andrea, of course?"


Chapter 6

"Hi Jenny" said Andrea as she walked into her aunt Jenny's sitting room. Andrea had a front door key, so had let herself in.

"Hello there, Andrea.... so nice to see you, as always...." said Jenny, standing up and giving Andrea a big hug.

Andrea had spent quite a lot of time with Jenny, and they had become very close - in fact they probably had a better relationship than Andrea had with her own mum... if only  because she wasn't her mum, if you know what I mean.

"So, what we having for dinner tonight then?" asked Andrea as they walked together into the kitchen. "And what can I do to help?".

Andrea always felt a bit guilty that her aunt was always making her dinner, and she never really had the chance to reciprocate.

"You can put the kettle on and make us a cuppa.... and we have chicken casserole for dinner. Just needs the rice making, and I'm quite able to cook that in the microwave for 2 minutes!" she said with a smile.

Jenny was pretty much retired now, she worked 3 mornings a week at the local doctor's, plus did a bit of work for a small charity, all of which made her life interesting, but gave her plenty of time to relax, plus be able to make dinner when Andrea came around.

Jenny's husband (and thus Andrea's uncle) had died a bit over 5 years before, so Jenny was very happy for Andrea to visit, and keep her company. On the other side, I think Andrea very much appreciated having her aunt's company, so a nice win-win.

Sitting on a shelf in the kitchen, watching what was going on was Emily. She had volunteered to come an have a look at Andrea's evening with her aunt, while Wendy went off to check on another of their "customers". A little later, the both of them were planning to meet up with Sparkle and Lilly.

Emily watched and listened as the cups of tea were made, and the rice was cooked, then followed Andrea and Jenny through to the living area.

"You sound like you're a bit down in the dumps" Jenny commented

"No so much 'down in the dumps', it's just that life's been a bit... well, kinda boring"

"You mean at work?"

"Partly that. But also outside work." said Andrea, putting another helping of the rather yummy casserole into her mouth.

Aunt Jenny smiled. She fully realised that Andrea was a bit of a 'plain girl', and that whilst she had dated a few boys, had never actually had a serious boyfriend.

"You have all your friends...."

"Yeah, but I'd like a bit more than that...."

As they ate their dinner, they chatted - well mainly Andrea chatted, and Jenny listened - she was a great listener.

Emily, sitting over to the side, was listening to the conversation, and looking at Andrea. Yes, Lilly had actually been absolutely spot on when she said that Andrea needed a makeover.

Now, with her fairy magic, Emily could have waved her wand, and fixed pretty much all of Andrea's physical issues, but would have got herself into a lot of trouble doing it too! 'Sublety" was the new watchword. Especially as Andrea hadn't ACTUALLY made the all-important wish yet.

Emily had been watching Andrea for a few days now, and had actually come to like her. She was pleasant, gentle, polite, and all the pleasant things that one would hope for. Just let down by a few aspects of her looks. What Andrea needed was someone to help 'nudge' her along. And it had become obvious to Emily that that person was right here.

Emily pulled her tablet out, and double-checked what was allowed, and it appeared that her idea was ok. Waving her magic wand (*) she implated a few simple ideas into Jenny's head.

(* Magic wands: they were indeed magic. They weren't things the fairies actually need to keep on them - heck, they would snap if they just put them in their pockets. No, they just seemed to 'appear' when needed, then disappear again when not!)

"You know" said Jenny, "I think you need to get yourself a new 'look'. Something that better suits a young 22 year-old girl like you"

Andrea looked up at Jenny. They had had a similar conversation a few times before, but the way her aunt Jenny had said it this time sounded a bit different.

"For example, your hair looks lovely, and I know you love your hair being long, but.... well, maybe you'd look a lot 'smarter' if was a bit shorter. Besides, I know it takes you ages to wash it and brush it, and keep it nice"

Andrea DID love her long hair, but yes, it did take a looking after. But..... well, she had only ever HAD long hair. The idea of getting it any shorter was... well, scarey! Emily had already picked up on Andreas feelings, but the new rules didn't allow her to take more direct action... not until she had actually made a wish. Half a moment, an alert had just popped up on her tablet.

"I must admit, I do sometimes wonder about getting it cut, I'm just unsure about how I would look. I wish I could just see how I'd look with shorter hair, but without actually getting it cut..." said Andrea

Emily suddenly became very alert. That had definitely been a wish: she could do something at last! Ok, slow things down a bit (quick wave of the wand....), she needed time to do a bit of research. Surely there must be.... ah, yes, there is.... but it's going to cost a bit.... hmmm, I think we're going to need a bit more help from aunt Jenny here.... Another wave or two of the wand. First one to help make Andrea a bit more open to change. Next one to ask aunt Jenny to help out. Final one to make time normal again

"Well, when I was at the hairdressers the other week I spotted the stylist had a new app on her tablet, that let her show people what different hair styles could look like - you should go and have a word. Tell you what, Andrea, my treat - go and have a chat, and if you like it, I'll pay for a complete restyle for you!"

Emily smiled: things were looking good, she just needed Andrea to like the idea.

"Sounds like a nice idea..."

"Well, it can't hurt to find out, can it?"

Andrea and Jenny continued eating their dinner and chatting. Emily was very happy that she had managed to move things along with Andrea a bit, so decided she could leave, and meet up with Wendy, Sparkle and Lilly....


Chapter 7

Sparkle and Lilly had had a really great evening together with Wendy and Emily. They also had an online chat with Magic, who was excited to hear that Lilly was back with them for the summer, and was looking forward to being back soon.

The following morning, after a bit of a late start, Sparkle and Lilly met up with David. He was on his way to work, and looked to be half asleep.

Once at work, Dave grabbed a strong cup of coffee, and 30 minutes later, was feeling a bit more normal. David's day was a fairly normal one. A few emails and phone calls, then lunch. Today, Dave decided to go to Franceso's, a very nice sandwich shop in the high street. A bit more expensive than the 'meal deal' at Tesbury's, but a bit nicer too. Of course, Sparkle and Emily went along too, rather hoping that there might be a member of staff at Francesco's with braces, that they could maybe work on. But no such luck.

The afternoon looked like it would be as ordinary as the morning.

"Hey, Lilly, would you be ok for the afternoon by yourself, I need to go check up on another customer. I'll meet you back here just before Dave goes home?"

"Sure, that's fine with me! See you later" replied Lilly. Through the afternoon, Lilly alleviated the boredom by taking a look through the stuff on Dave's desk, and in his drawers. To be honest, it was all pretty normal and boring - the most exciting thing she found was Dave's old watch, which he obviously no longer used.

"Lilly? You here?" asked Emily's voice. Lilly appeared out of the waste basket, where she had been reading a magazine that Dave had thrown out.

"Sorry, there was an interesting article in the trade magazine, and I kinda got into reading it..."

"Ah, so nothing exciting going on then?"

"No, nothing. But your timing is great, I think Dave's about to go home."

They followed Dave home on the bus. Lilly quite enjoyed busses: so many people in a small place, with nothing to do. Some played games on their phones. Some listened to music, others read a book or a magazine. Dave was just sitting quietly, eyes closed, relaxing. He had been up late the previous night, watching far too many YouTube videos from "The LockPickingLawyer".

After having dinner, Dave watched a bit of TV, starting to fall asleep while watching. Dave decided that maybe he needed an early night for a change.

Sparkle and Lilly watched as Dave brushed his teeth: Dave had fairly good teeth. Orthodontically, there were a few minor issues, but overall he had a pretty good bite and pretty straight teeth.

Dave then got into bed, and within a few minutes, he was asleep.

"It's a shame we can't do much while he's asleep" commented Sparkle

"Actually, we can...." replied Lilly

"What do you mean?"

"Well, we've been doing a bit of research at Uni, and we've worked out a way that we can sometimes interact with people in their dreams"

"Interact? As in watch their dreams?"

"Actually a bit more than that...". A big smile appeared on Lilly's lips. "Maybe we should have a try with Dave?"

"We allowed to? I mean, 'gentle touch' and all that stuff?"

"Hey, people aren't actually THAT stupid, they know that things they see in their dreams aren't always real"


"Yeah, like fairies...."

"You mean Dave will see us, and...."

"... and we can chat to him"

"As normal people?"

"Well, THAT seems to depend on the person. Sometime we appear like people, sometimes like fairies. That's what we're actually working on at the moment, why some see us as fairies, whilst others don't"

"I'm not sure we should" said Sparkle, after thinking a bit

"Oh, come on Sparkle, what's the WORST that could happen? Let's at least try"

Sparkle shook her head, with thoughts like "these young kids today..." running though it, when she remembered that she wasn't actually much older than Lilly!

"Oh, ok, then, but first hint of something going wrong, and we're out"


"So what do we need?"

"Well, my Uni notes would be very useful....". Lilly waved the wand that had just appeared in her hand, and a tablet appeared in her hand. She knew exactly where to look.

"Ok, hold my hand.... and ....." Lilly said a few magic words that Sparkle didn't recognise, and waved her wand. The room blurred.....


Chapter 8

..... and moments later they found themselves sitting on the settee in someone's living room. The room was quite large (unlike Dave's rather small place) and nicely furnished. Lilly turned and looked at Sparkle.

"Ok, looks like we have our wings today....." said Lilly

"But where are we?"

"Well, I'm rather hoping that we're in Dave's dream. If we are, then Dave should be around somewhere.... come on, let's go take a look."

They searched the downstairs: in the nice separate dining room, the large kitchen, and the conservatory, but found no one.

"Nice house!" said Sparkle, "I wonder whose it is?"

"I'm guessing his parent's house, the last place before he moved out. No one down here, let's try upstairs" suggested Lilly.

Upstairs, they heard some noise coming from one of the rooms. The door was open, so Lilly popped her head in, and saw Dave, sitting on the bed, reading a magazine.

"Hello Dave" she said walking in to the room.

"Erm.... hello, who are you?"

"Well, I'm Lilly, and this is my friend Sparkle..." she said, beckoning Sparkle into the room.

Dave looked at them for a moment, then finally realised that something was 'different' about them.

"Hey, ladies, is there something wrong with my eyes? I mean, it looks like you both have wings!"

"Oh, THOSE" said Lilly. "Yeah, they're definitely wings.... That's because we're...". At that point Sparkle tried to 'shush' Lilly.

"You can't tell him about us" whispered Sparkle

"Why not, it's a dream, anything can happen in a dream, even fairies..."

"You sure?"

"Absolutely! Now, where was I?" She added, turning back to Dave. "Oh yeah, the wings.... we're fairies, and fairies have wings"

"Oh, yeah, like fairies really exist!" says Dave

"Well, we're definitely fairies, and we're here in front of you" said Lilly, fluttering her wings sexily. "Come on Dave, humour us a bit, this IS your dream.....". Dave looked around him.

"Yeah, I guess it must be, I mean, this is my parent's place, I've not lived here for a few years. It's nice being back here though, brings back some nice memories. I can still remember bringing young Suzie back here.... nice girl, great kisser, something to do with the....". And he stopped.

"Braces?" suggested Sparkle, starting to get the idea of what they could do in a dream.

"Erm........" said Dave, sounding very embarrassed

"Don't be shy, we know that you have a thing about girls in braces" she said, smiling.

"How do you know about THAT?"

"As Lilly said, it's YOUR dream, so anything you know, we must know too....".

Dave thought for a short moment. "Yeah, I guess that makes sense."

Sparkle smiled again, this time a bit wider, so Dave could definitely see the metal in her mouth.Finally, Dave realised that Sparkle actually had a nice shiny mouth.

"Hey, that's a nice set of braces you got there! I never realised that fairies have orthodontists"

"We do, sort of. But Santa gave me these"

"Santa? You kidding me? Everyone knows that Santa doesn't really exist!"

"Yeah, same as everyone knows that fairies don't exist either.... yet here we are.....". Dave laughed out loud.

"Ok, yeah, I guess I set myself up for that, didn't I?"

"So..." said Lilly. "Back to your love of braces... do you just like them on others, or have you ever fancied having them yourself?"

"Both... not that I'll ever GET braces"

"Maybe not for real, but this is just a dream... anything could happen in a dream"


"Yeah, of course, all you have to do is have a good imagination....."

Dave's mind was racing..... "well, how about some big shiny brackets, for a start?"

"Oh, far too easy.... Sparkle, want to give it a try?"

"Ok.... here goes". Sparkle waved her wand, possibly a bit TOO energetically.... and Dave had a mouth full of stupidly MASSIVE brackets.... "Ooops, let me try again.....". This time they looked just like normal 'large' brackets.

"What happened there?" Sparkle whispered to Lilly

"Sorry, I should have warned you.... you don't seem to need anywhere near the same wish power to achieve stuff in a dream."

Dave ran his tongue over the brackets, then put his hand up to his mouth, to feel the braces. Lilly waved her wand gently, and a mirror suddenly appeared in Dave's hand.

"Oh, that's useful" said Dave looking at himself in the mirror. "Um, don't want to appear ungrateful, but I've always fancied having removables... you know, the plastic in the mouth... it kinda appeals!"

"Oh, ok" says Lilly, who waves her wand gently.

"Oh my gawd...." says Dave with a huge lisp, smiling, and looking again in the mirror.

"What did you give him?" whispered Sparkle

"A nice pair of twin block expanders"

"Instead of the brackets?"

"No, as well as...". Sparkle giggled.

"What do you think, Dave? Too much?" continued Lilly

"No, not too much at all...." replied Dave (with quite a lisp, of course), seeming to quite enjoy the experience.

"A bit more maybe?". Dave said nothing, so Lilly waved her wand again. Dave now had a facebow, and an interlandi headgear. Oh, and an even BIGGER smile when he realised what had happened.

Sparkle and Lilly had a quick whispering session.

"We think you ought to show off your new orthodontia to the world ...."

"You're kidding me? With THIS lot?"

"Why not? - I'm sure you'll enjoy the experience!" said Sparkle, who was already waving her wand. The scenery changed, and Dave found himself sitting at a table in a busy café, with two attractive young... erm.... fairies sat opposite him.

And a waitress stood next to him, looking right at him. "Tea or coffee sir?" she asked.


Chapter 9

Things had happened rather quickly for Dave, so it was quite a shock to find himself in a café, sat at a table fairly close to the door. With braces. A lot of braces. And a headgear. And a waitress asking him what he wanted to drink.

"Bwack hoffee pweath" said Dave, having quite a problem with his speech. The waitress looked puzzled, she had clearly not understood a word!

"I think he said he'd like a black coffee" said Lilly. "Can we just have some water, please?"

"No problem" replied the waitress.

"I get the feeling you are a little surprised and shocked, but something also tells me that you're also quite enjoying this" commented Sparkle.

Dave took a deep breath, and nodded. "Yeah, things kinda happened rather quickly...". To any casual observer, Dave had a bad lisp, but the fairies could understand him just fine.

"I guess it was.... you ok? Are you enjoying the experience of being braced, and out in public?"

"Sort of yes and sort of no. We *are* still in my dream, aren't we?"

"Yes, we are."

"Oh, thank goodness for that". Dave spotted that Lilly had her wand in her hand again, and was giving it a slight twitch. "Erm, what you doing now?"

"Well, I get the feeling that you're thinking you'll be ok, as long as no one you know sees you in your braces, because I doubt it's something you've ever told anyone else about"

"Hell no, of course I've not told anyone else!". If you were to measure Dave's vitals right now, you would find his heartbeat was now quite high, and he was taking deep breaths to try to keep calm.

"So it would be a bit embarrassing if someone you knew well were to.... well... kinda turn up here, and see you in your braces?"

"You wouldn't?"

"Why not?.... hey, Dave, someone has just come in that seems to be looking at us, and it's no one that *we* know..."

Dave turned around, to see his best friend John had just walked in, and was looking straight at him.

"My, you ARE getting good at this, aren't you?" whispered Lilly to Sparkle, and giggling

"It's been a while since I had such fun..... I just hope we don't get into trouble!"

"Who's going to know? Besides, I think Dave is actually very happy with what's happening!"

John was standing in front of Dave, staring, and saying nothing. It took Dave a few moments to remember that he was still in a dream - ok, a very realistic dream, but that's how some dreams are.

"Oh, hi John!" said Dave with a really bad lisp.

"What's with all the....?" asked John, motioning with his hands around his face.

"Just some bwatheth"

"It's a bit extreme, isn't it?"

"Yeah, but apparently I have thome major issues with my teeth..."

"Oh, ok... well, I need to get on....I'll see you at the quiz tomorrow, I guess?"

"Yeth pwobably".... and with that Dave closed his eyes for a moment.

The café dissolved around Sparkle and Lilly, and they suddenly found themselves being thrown backwards. They landed on the small table next to Dave's bed, and saw Dave sitting up. Now that they were no longer in his dream, Dave couldn't see them any longer.

"Holy crap" said Dave to himself, "that was scary... but rather nice!". Needless to say, Dave had a huge grin on his face.


Chapter 10

Sparkle sat there for a moment just laughing. "That was FUN!" she said "and the spells were so easy to do. It's shame that Magic wasn't here to join in"

"Mmm, she would have enjoyed it. But you can see why we've been researching this at Uni..... We can provide wish fulfilment so easily in someone's dreams"

"But that mean's it's just short term, surely?"

"True, but maybe it can also help us understand better what our 'customers' really want"

"Yeah, ok, that makes some sense. So, what now?"

"Well, I don't think we'll be able to do much more with Dave tonight, I think he just 'maxed out', if you know what I mean!", and with that Lilly started giggling, which meant that Sparkle also started giggling.

"Hey, why don't we go & see what Emily and Wendy have been up to...." suggested Sparkle after they stopped giggling


Chapter 11

Andrea took an early lunch, and went off to visit the hairdresser suggested by her Aunt Jenny. She spoke briefly with the receptionist.

"You need to have a chat with Shirley, she's the one who would style your hair. Let me go and get her, she's not due to have another customer for about 15 minutes..."

"Thank you...."

It was about this point that Emily and Wendy caught up with Andrea.

"Ah, good, she's made it...." said Emily

"Yes, but I think we may need to 'nudge' her along a bit..." replied Wendy

A few moments later, Shirley came out.

"Hello, I'm Shirly. Anna tells me you're looking to have your hair restyled. Come over here and take a seat, and let me take a good look at you."

Andrea sat down, and Shirley took a look at her hair. "So, what are you thinking of doing?"

"I'm not really sure.... I've had long hair like this for.... well, as long as I can remember"

"Well, I can see that your hair is in really great condition, so we could do pretty well anything. Here, let me clip your hair back a moment.... and I can take a picture on my tablet..... Right, so let's just set this up.... ok, so let's try a few ideas. Here's a very extreme one....", and she showed Andrea what she might look like with really short hair.

"A bit TOO extreme I think..." commented Andrea.

"Ok, how about THIS?" said Shirly, showing Andrea an image of her face with a bob cut and fringe. Andrea looked at it for a moment. "So, you don't hate that then.. let's try a couple of other ideas". Shirley spent a few minutes showing Andrea a few more ideas.

"So" said Shirley, "you can be very conservative, and just get it cut so that it's maybe shoulder length. Or do you REALLY want to make a big change, and go shorter?"

("I think she needs a bit of courage, so she can be bold.... I think that bob would REALLY suit her" said Emily, waving her wand.)

Andrea took a big breath. "I'd like to be bold, that bob cut does look good, but...."

".. but you're not really sure. Tell you what, without really cutting your hair, I can probably clip your hair up to sort of show you what it could look like. I'll need to do a tiny bit of trimming though, that ok?"

Andrea nodded, and Shirly spent a couple of minutes clipping most of Andreas hair out of the way, behind her head and out of view. The 'fake' bob cut started to appear....

("You know, it really DOES suit her, doesn't it" said Wendy. "I think she still needs a little more help" and she waved her wand.)

Shirley clipped the last bit of hair into place, then quickly trimmed off a couple of bits of hair that weren't quite the right length. A big smile came onto Andrea's face.

"You like it?"

"I didn't think I would, but yeah, I do. It's a bit extreme, but I think I need to do something a bit extreme...."

"Yes, it does seem to work well with the shape of your face.... and when I do it properly, I think you'll be very happy!"

So it was that, a couple of days later, with Wendy and Emily watching with admiration, a very happy Andrea walked out of the hairdresser's looking VERY different. Sufficiently so, that most people would have trouble recognising here - as long as she didn't open her mouth :-). She then did a bit of shopping, then went home. At tea-time, she went to see her aunt Jenny.

"Hiya, I'm here!" she called as she walked through the front door.

"In the sitting room" replied Jenny. As Andrea walked in, Jenny looked at her, but seemed unable to say anything.

"Well, what do you think?" Andrea asked her

"You look so different! Give me a moment... turn around, let me see the back....". Andrea turned around, to let Jenny take a look.

"It feels really strange, and sort-of cold around the back of my neck.. but my head feels so light now, with so much hair gone"

"I'm not surprised... you've had long hair ever since you were a tiny girl. But yes, I think it looks good: it really suits you"

The two of them chatted while they both went out, and finished making their tea, then sat down to eat it, which is when Wendy and Emily rejoined Andrea. They were sat up on one of the bookshelves when Andrea looked at them (not that she could actually see them) and smiled.

"You know, her hair looks really great, but we're going to have to do something about those teeth of hers"

"Well, we can't just 'wish them straight', can we? .... well, ok, technically we could, but we'd be in a huge amount of trouble if we did"

"Yeah, nudges.... I think we need to do a few nudges...."

Emily and Wendy chatted about what they could do. It was Emily who noticed that Jenny's teeth were actually very nice and straight.

"I wonder if Jenny ever had braces as a kid?"

"I bet she did... how can we find out?"

"Well, we COULD just get Andrea to ask her"

"Nice one.... would you like to, or shall I?" asked Wendy

"Oh, be my guest.....". Wendy waved her wand very carefully, placing a couple of very subtle thoughts into Andrea's mind.

It started with Andrea absent mindedly running her tongue over her crooked teeth. Then aunt Jenny happened to smile, showing off her lovely straight teeth. Suddenly, a few ideas all came together in one place.

"Aunt Jenny... you have lovely teeth.... did you ever have to have braces when you were young? I mean, I know mum never had braces, coz she has crooked teeth almost as bad as mine, but yours are....."

"Nice and straight? They didn't used to be, but you're right I did have braces, and looking back, I'm actually glad I did"

"So why didn't mum have braces. Or me?"

"Well, my teeth were almost as bad as yours, and back then, I had to have some quite extensive treatment. Very visible treatment. I started off with big removable plastic braces with wires all over my teeth: I had a lot of trouble speaking with them in my mouth, so I sometimes took them out.... actually, a bit more than sometimes. So they gave me big metal train-track braces instead... much bigger than what you see nowadays. With some springs and elastics."

"Doesn't sound too nice"

"It wasn't. The other kids were rather nasty to me, and I got really badly bullied: back then, not so many people had braces, and if they did, they were nowhere near as bad as what I had to have. Luckily no one ever saw the 'headgear' that I had to wear at home every night"

"Headgear? What's that?" asked Andrea

"Hmm... imagine a thick wire that's connected to the braces on your back teeth, and another bit of wire connected to it, that pulls your teeth backwards?"


"Yeah, I had an elastic strap around my neck, and the idea was to pull my teeth backwards, so it could make space from my other teeth. It must have done it's job, because I ended up with nice teeth. Just a lot of name calling and bullying along the way. Anyway, your mum saw how the braces affected my life, and she refused to have them. And refused to let you have them either"

Andrea sat quietly for a bit, thinking. Helped along by another gentle wave of Emily's wand.

"Was it really worth it, do you think?" asked Andrea

"No, and yes. At the time my life was hell. But now I'm older, and can look back on it, I think it was just about worth it...". Another small wave of Wendy's wand, to help Andrea's thoughts along....

"You know, I don't really like my teeth.... I mean, they don't look very good, do they?"

"Unfortunately, no, they don't. I guess you could get braces - I think they are probably a lot better these days. Not so obvious. And I hear that lots of adults wear braces now."

"Yeah, but I think only kids get braces for free.... I bet they're expensive"

Emily waved her wand again, this time directing it at aunt Jenny.

Jenny leaned over, and put her arm around Andrea. "Would you LIKE to have your teeth straightened?"

"Yes, I wish I could... But....". (Emily looked at Wendy: "She just wished, we can officially help her!!!")


"Well, there's no way I'll be able to afford them".

Jenny thought for a quick moment, then smiled. "Do you believe in fairy godmothers?". Wendy looked at Emily, slightly worried.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, fairy godmothers have magic wands they can wave to make things happen..."

("Was that YOU, Emily?"... "No, not me, must be her own idea")

"... and as your fairy godmother, I think I need to wave my wand....". Jenny waved her hand, as if she had a wand in it. "... and help your wish come true..."

Andrea looked at her aunt, quizzically.

"Let ME pay for them! I have no one else better to spend my money on... I'd love to be able to help you"

"You kidding?"

"Not at all!"

Andrea put her arms around her aunt, and they hugged.

"Result!!" said Emily to Wendy. "Our job is done for the moment, and without a lot of effort...."


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Re: Dave, Andrea, and them....
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This whole thing with the fairies looks like an interesting concept. I look forward to seeing more.

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Re: Dave, Andrea, and them....
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This whole thing with the fairies looks like an interesting concept. I look forward to seeing more.

hey, you now have 30 posts, go ask for access to the club area, and read the other fairy stories!

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Re: Dave, Andrea, and them....
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Great story so far, I like where this is headed!

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Re: Dave, Andrea, and them....
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I'm really enjoying this; great writing and an intriguing and creative premise - thanks again @Sparky

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Re: Dave, Andrea, and them....
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Chapter 12

"Oh my goodness" said Ashanti to Andrea the next morning as she got into work. "Your hair is amazing! Don't you agree, Travis?". Of course, like most men, Travis hadn't actually noticed that Andrea had had her hair cut.

"Pardon?" asked Travis

"Andrea's new haircut..." said Ashanti. Now that he looked, Travis could see that Andrea looked different... the haircut actually suited her.

"Oh, yeah, it suits you, you know!".

So Andrea was on the till at lunchtime, and quite a few of her regular customers were doing a 'double-take', as they realised the 'new girl' was actually Andrea, with a new haircut. A few of the customers made quick comments, all very positive, which cheered Andrea up no end.

One of the things Andrea did, as she carried out the boring job of ringing up the customer's purchases, was to look at the customers, specifically the younger male customers, and try and decide if they were married, had a girlfriend, or might even be single. It helped to make the boredom a little less boring!

So, where is Dave in all this? Well, he's gone of on a skiing holiday with his mates to the French Alps for 14 days, so didn't see the 'new Andrea'. (When Sparkle and Lilly heard he was going skiing, they DID ask if they could join him - after, neither had them had ever been skiing, and thought it would be fun to try. However, for some strange reason, the boss said no :-) ). So while Dave was away, Lilly and Sparkle were kept busy with other customers.

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Re: Dave, Andrea, and them....
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Chapter 13

Three days later, Andrea was working one of the early shifts, and was therefore able to get to the ortho by 4:30, where her aunt, Jenny met her. Andrea had been very lucky to get an appointment so soon. Needless to say Emily and Wendy were there too, just in case their skills were needed.

The lady on reception had given Andrea a clipboard with a form to fill out.... stuff like name, address, medical history, that sort of stuff.

Sitting in the waiting room, also waiting to see an orthodontist, were a couple of teenage boys. One had noticeable metal braces... noticeable for 2 reasons: first, his lips didn't fully close naturally, and secondly because his top teeth were forward of his lowers. If we had been able to look more closely, I suspect we would have seen a herbst appliance, gently pushing his lower jaw forwards, and a fixed expander widening his upper jaw.

The other boy was his slightly older brother, who used to wear similar braces, but whose treatment was now finished. His lips were more able to cover his teeth, so it was only when he spoke to his brother that anyone would be able to see the pair of hawley retainers which he wore.

Andrea, like most people, knew very little about braces, how they worked, and the different types of braces, but would, in the next few months, learn a lot.

"So" said Emily, "what sort of braces do you think she'll get then?"

"Hmm.... I hope she doesn't get those horrible new 'invisible' ones, I mean, they aren't at all shiny. Completely defeats the purpose of giving someone braces! So I'm hoping she gets fixed braces. I wonder if they'll be able to expand her upper jaw at all.... that would mean an expander too. Whatever she gets, I think it's got to to include a lot of shiny things!"

"Sounds like we're going to need to make a few 'nudges' then!"

A couple of minutes later, the two boys and their mum were called through, leaving Andrea and Jenny alone.

Andrea had just completed filling in the form, when another lady came in to the room.

"Andrea?" she asked.

"That's me..." Andrea replied

"Would you like to come with me please"

"Is it ok if my Aunt Jenny joins me?"

"Of course it is!"

Andrea and Jenny followed the young lady, who took the clipboard with the completed form from her, and led them along a small corridor, and into a room on the left.

"Good afternoon, you must be Andrea.." said the middle-aged lady, who extended her hand in greeting. "I'm Joanna Toothwrangler - feel free to call me Joanna though!"

"Hi Joanna, this is my Aunt, Jenny"

"Hello there Jenny" said Joanna, extending her hand to Jenny. "So, Andrea, would you like to sit in the treatment chair for a few minutes, so I can have a quick look in your mouth, and take some picture, then we'll sit down over by my desk, and have a chat."

Joanna turned to Jenny, as Andrea sat in the large modern treatment chair "Jenny, you are very welcome to sit on my assistant's stool, just opposite, if you like, or you can sit over by my desk... this really will only take a few minutes"

Jenny decided to sit on the assistant's stool, and take a look at Andreas teeth - she knew they were rather out of alignment, but had never actually looked at them properly.

Joanna gave Andrea a pair of dark glasses, turned on the light and moved it to point at Andrea's mouth.

"Now, I'm just going to put this into your mouth: it shouldn't hurt, but it will probably feel a bit strange, it's just to hold your mouth open so I can get a good look into your mouth....." explained Joanna, putting a lip-spreader into Andrea's mouth.

Joanna spent just a minute or two looking at Andrea's mouth, and more importantly, her teeth. She got her to bite together and open, and move her lower jaw side to side. Then, she turned and picked up the camera.

"Ok, Andrea, I need to take a set of pictures of your face, mouth and teeth from various angles.. so can I start by asking you to hold your head down a little, so I can see your lower teeth.... yes, that's excellent..." There were a couple of flashes as Joanna took pictures.

"Now, I'm just going to put a mirror into your mouth, so I can get a good picture of your upper teeth....".

With Andrea holding the shiny stainless steel mirror in position, there were more flashes as pictures were taken. Next, Joanna removed the mirror, and then the lip-spreader, and took front and side pictures of Andrea's face.

"Thank you, Andrea, that's great.... let all go and sit over by my desk and have a chat". Joanna spent a few moments looking at the images on her PC, which had been auto-uploaded from the camera.

"So, I can see that there are some issues with your teeth, and the way they bite, but before we go into that, can you tell me what it is that you are hoping that treatment can achieve for you?"

"Well" said Andrea, "It's obvious that my teeth are a bit of a mess, so I'd like them to look straighter, more normal"

Andrea and her aunt Jenny listened to Joanna, the ortho, as she explained Andrea's issues with her teeth, and her proposed treatment. Of course Emily and Wendy had been throwing in a few spells, to 'nudge' the conversation. For example, when Joanna asked Andrea how important it was to her that her treatment be as discrete as possible, their wands were working hard, ensuring that Andrea got nice shiny metal braces.

(You know, at times I really DO wonder who the fairies are actually working for. I mean, for MOST people, their preferred choice would be to have plastic aligners, but the fairies are definitely trying to get people into shiny metal braces! Ok, yeah, so fairies like shiny things, but....)

"To be honest, whilst I could possibly fix your issues using 'invisible aligners', I'm not sure you'd really get the result you need. So I'd suggest just using traditional metal braces....".

Joanna promised to send out the treatment plan, as well as the detailed costs, as soon as possible. Sadly (although it probably didn't REALLY matter that much) Andrea or her aunt hadn't done a huge amount of research, so hadn't lined up any other consultations, to compare options.

"Should we be getting her to go elsewhere too?" asked Emily

"I'm not sure. I mean, this lady seems pretty nice. And we know she's going to give Andrea some PROPER braces. Andrea just wished to 'have her teeth fixed', there was no requirement that it be done by the cheapest / best person, or with those nasty invisible aligners..."

"Ok, fair enough! She'll look so much prettier with shiny metal ones, won't she!"

Wendy and Emily felt very pleased with the result, and started thinking a bit further forward. "You know, I'm seriously thinking that we need to work with Sparkle and Lilly on this one.... their customer, Dave, wants a girlfriend, and they said he has a thing for braces... I wonder if we can find out what sort of girls Dave likes, and see if we can somehow nudge Andrea towards Dave, and Dave towards Andrea?...."

"Hmm, that's getting a bit close to 'forcing things', isn't it?"

"Not really, I mean, Dave already sort-of knows Andrea from where she works. Of course we'll need to get Dave to notice Andrea once she has the braces - which shouldn't be too hard to do - that's when we'll need to try and 'help things along a bit'! Right, I think we're done here for the moment - we'll need to check things go ok once Andrea gets the treatment plan."

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Re: Dave, Andrea, and them....
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Chapter 14

So, we're a few more days later, a Friday. Andrea got her treatment plan, which of course she's accepted, and her auntie will be paying for, and today is the day that she gets x-rays taken, moulds done (sadly no fancy mouth-scanner for Andrea), and a couple of pre-molars extracted. oh, and a load of spacers fitted too.

Emily and Wendy decided to allocate the whole day, if needed, to looking after Andrea: after all, why should a nice girl like Andrea have to suffer ANY pain?

Andrea had taken the afternoon off, and got herself to the ortho a few minutes before her appointment at 2:30. As they walked in, Emily threw a gentle 'keep calm' spell onto Andrea.

"Oh, good afternoon, Miss Walker" said the lady on reception. "I have a feeling they may be actually ready for you....". She picked up the phone, and spoke to someone, and moments later a lady came through to reception

"Hi, you must be Andrea, I'm Sarah, I'm Ms Toothbender's assistant, I think we met briefly last week. Anyway, come on through with me...". Sarah led Andrea through to the surgery.

"Oh, hello again, Andrea. Feeling ok about today?"

"Yes, I am actually"

"Good... Well, we have a few things to do today... if you are ready, we can start by you going with Sarah to get some Xrays taken... so why don't you take your coat off, and leave it with your bag in here.". Andrea took off her coat, then followed Sarah through to a small room where there was a big machine.

"This is what we call a panoramic x-ray machine, it takes an x-ray of all of your teeth and jaws, so that Joanna can check you're all ok for treatment". Andrea had to put her chin in a rest, pushing her forehead onto another one, and at the same time bit gently onto a rubber thing, which Sarah explained was to keep her teeth open, and prevent any accidental movement. 30 seconds later, and the x-ray was done.

Back in the surgery, Joanna was looking at the x-rays on her PC screen. "They all look good, so I'll give you your numbing injections." Andrea was having both of her first upper premolars removed, to make space for her treatment. Luckily, there was almost enough space at the bottom, so she wouldn't need her lower premolars removing.

Andrea lay back in the treatment chair, with a bib over her front, and wore dark glasses. She had had injections a couple of times before, when having some fillings, but it still felt odd having the novocaine pumped into her. Andrea knew that it would take a few minutes for her top jaw to go numb, so wasn't surprised when Joanna said "Ok, so while that slowly numbs you, let's take your impressions".

Andrea had never had impressions taken before, and Wendy could sense that Andrea was getting a little nervous - Wendy wasn't too surprised by this, as she'd seen several other humans have impression taken, and she couldn't remember anyone who had actually enjoyed it, so she cast a 'relaxation' spell on Andrea, who I think quite appreciated it.

The feeling of the cold gloop being pushed into her mouth wasn't a nice one, but she was able to remain quite calm and relaxed. A few minutes later, Joanna took her lower impression, which didn't feel anything like as bad.

"Well done, Andrea, you coped better than a lot of our patients with that" said Joanna

"Thanks to a bit of help from us" added Emily, who was sat with Wendy on the big bright light, and able to see everything that was happening to Andrea.

"So, let's see how the anaesthetic is doing.." Joanna picked up a pointed instrument, and poked inside Andreas mouth. "Did you feel anything there?"

"Not a thing" replied Andrea.

"Good, well before I remove your premolars, let's fit your spacers: if you remember, these will create some space so I can fit your molar bands". Luckily Andrea had remembered to take some pain-killers: whilst her upper jaw was pretty much dead to the world for the next hour or two, her lower jaw wasn't, so the spacers on her bottom teeth would have caused some discomfort. Not that the fairies would have allowed Andrea to have ANY discomfort, they would  have ensure that the pain-killers did their job, and then some!

Without any fuss, Joanna quickly fitted the 8 tiny rubber spacers between Andrea's molars. "Don't worry if any of them fall out: if they do it just means that they have done their job. Would you like a quick rinse before I remove your teeth?".

Andrea's mouth felt a bit dry, so she rinsed her mouth out with that strangely flavoured pink water.

"Ok, well you have nice straight roots on your teeth, so this should be pretty straightforward." Joanna picked up a tool (for those of you who like the details, it was a 'dental elevator') which she used to deftly loosen Andreas two premolars, then used some forceps to actually remove the teeth, both of which came out really easily.

"She's good" said Wendy, referring to Joanna, "no messing around there!"

Sarah passed Joanna some gauze wads, which she put into Andreas mouth, to help stop the blood. Needless to say, as a result of a spell that Wendy had done, there wasn't actually much blood, and what there was stopped very quickly.

"How you feeling there, Andrea?" asked Joanna

"I'm actually feeling fine..." she replied, thanks to the help provided by Wendy and Emily.

"So, just cold drinks for the next few hours, then soft foods over the weekend, and whatever you do, try very hard not to eat where I just removed your two teeth. And as many painkillers as you feel you need."

"You know, I'm looking forward to next week, when she gets her braces on, she's gonna look so much nicer with a metal smile" said Wendy.

"Yes, Wendy, I think you are quite right. Well all that went well, didn't it. So, how about you stay with her now, then I'll come and take over at 7 o'clock?"

"I'm ok with that... see you later"

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Re: Dave, Andrea, and them....
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You know, it's about time Andrea got her braces.....


Chapter 15

With the help from Wendy and Emily, Andrea's recovery from the extractions was quick and painless. Between them, they made sure that no food got anywhere near where the teeth had been extracted, which meant they healed quickly, plus they made sure there was no pain.

Andrea had booked her appointment for mid-afternoon on the Friday, once again giving her the weekend to recover, and get used to her new mouthful of braces. So, there she was once again, sitting in the waiting room, but this time she was waiting to be called in to actually get her braces. With her upper front premolars removed, there would be plenty of roon for her top teeth to fit into place. Her lower front teeth, whilst also quite crowded, didn't need extractions to make the needed space, as there was a bit of space between her lower molars.

"Miss Walker?" asked a guy in his 20's, dressed in typical orthodontist's assistant scrubs. "Hi, I'm Andrew, please come with me". He led her into the surgery, where the ortho, Joanna Toothwrangler, was waiting.

"Oh, hello Andrea! How's the last week been? Any problems?"

"No, none at all, things seem to be healing very nicely"

"Oh, that's always good to hear. So, today's the day! You feeling ok for this?"

"Yes, I am actually. I'm not quite sure how I'll like the braces, but I'm definitely looking forward to having nicer teeth!"

"I love people with a good positive attitude! Come and sit down". Andrea sat down in the treatment chair, and Andrew fitted her with a bib. Joanna reclined the seat while Andrew passed her some dark glasses. Once again, Wendy and Emily were there, sitting on the bright light.

"I do like it up here" said Wendy, "Not only do we get a pretty good view, the lamp is nice and warm!"

"Let's start by taking a quick look at where I extracted your teeth last week... so just open gently for me..." said Joanna. Using a mirror, she looked carefully at where the 2 teeth had been removed. "Yes, they are starting to heal nicely! Let me take those spacers out while I'm here....". Using a pointy tool, she removed the spacers from Andres's mouth: they came out quite easily, and in fact, one had already fallen out by itself.

"Ok, so the first thing to do is to fit your molar bands - that's why you had those spacers, so I can get them around your teeth." She picked up the plaster models of Andreas teeth, and showed her the shiny metal bands on the molars.

"Sounds like our first job today is to make sure those bands are a perfect fit for Andrea!" suggested Wendy.

"Yes, Emily, I'd go with that....". Wendy jumped off the light, and went and took a good look at the molar bands, then put her head into Andrea's mouth, to take a look at her teeth.

"Looks pretty ok, but a bit of magic will make sure....", and she waved her wand which had just appeared in her hand, and cast a spell on the bands, which now had a gentle (but invisible to humans) glow to them.... the magic!

"Usually there's a bit of pushing and messing around, as they don't often fit first time." continued Joanna

"Not today there won't be! They will be an absolutely PERFECT fit!" replied Wendy.

Joanna picked up the plastic card that held the nice shiny new metal brackets. "Then we'll fit these brackets onto your teeth: you'll see that several of them have tiny hooks on: that's so you can wear elastics, that will help move your teeth into the right places. After that, I'll fit your archwires - that's the wire that goes through all of your brackets - and hold them in with some tiny rubber ligatures... which leads to the most important question of the day: what colour ligatures would you like? You can mix them if you want to.... here, take a look...".

Joanna passed Andrea a while load of ligatures on a wire hoop, so she could see the many colours, then she got everything ready to fit the braces.

"You don't need to decide this minute" said Joanna. "Right, so I need to fit you with the lip-spreader - I'm sure you remember this from last time...."

After readjusting the light so it shone nicely into Andrea's mouth again, Joanna tried fitting the 4 metal bands to Andrea's molars. "Well, Andrea, luck is with you today, all four of these molar bands fit perfectly!"

"Luck be damned" said Wendy, "it's 100% magic!"

"Nicely done there, Wendy!" commented Emily.

With the bands not needing any adjustments, Joanna cleaned then etched around Andre's molars, applied glue to the bands, and gently pushed them into place, followed by shining the UV lamb at each of them for a while, to cure the glue. After that, she scraped away the excess glue, then used the UV light again for another 15 seconds.

With the 4 shiny metal bands securely in place, Joanna etched her other teeth, and started the laborious job of fitting 18 brackets to Andreas teeth, which entailed a tiny bit of glue, fit the bracket, make sure it's in the right place, then use the UV lamp to cure the glue.... and repeat! After all the lovely silver-looking brackets were in place, Joanna went around, trimming off any excess glue.

Finally, it was time to fit the two archwires, one on Andrea's top teeth, the other on the bottom ones.

"So, have you decided what colour ligatures you'd like on your teeth?" Joanna asked Andrea.

"What colour does she need?" asked Wendy

"Well, I rather like the pink, but more to the point, what would Dave like to see on her? I mean, we're here as much for him as we are for Andrea" said Emily

"You know, I rather like the pink..." replied Andrea.

"Of course" added Emily, "Pink is a bit light, so will tend to stain..."

"Not if I have my way" said Wendy, her wand at the ready.

Andrea winced a little as she started to feel a little bit of pressure from the wire. Emily responded straight away, and used her magic to eliminate the discomfort. From Andrea's perspective, she just thought that the pain-killers she'd taken earlier were working well!

As the pink ligatures were put onto the brackets, both Emily and Wendy smiled: the shiny metal archwires and the shiny metal brackets with pink ligatures on looked just just perfect!

The archwire didn't yet go through her upper canines, which needed to be pulled down quite a way: instead Joanna connected some powerchain from the wire up to the two upper canines, to gently start to pull them downwards. She also had some powerchain fitted to her lateral incisors... both the canines and the lateral incisors were destined for the space where her premolars had been removed.

On her lower teeth, she had powerchains on her molars on both side, to close the slight gaps, and make a bit of space at the front of her mouth.

Finally, Joanna removed the lips spreaders, and let Andrea have a quick rinse out, if only to make her mouth wet once again. Andrew passed a mirror to her, so she could take a look at herself.

"Didn't you say something about getting elastics?" Andrea asked.

"Yes, you'll probably need some elastics at some point, but not just yet" replied Joanna. "So, how does it all feel?"

"Yeah, I can definitely feel the brackets against my cheeks..."

"Yes, you will for a while. Over the next couple of weeks, your cheeks will get used to it, but in the welcome pack, you'll find some wax, which you can put on any troublesome brackets."

Sitting up above Andrea, on the light, both Emily and Wendy were admiring her beautiful orthodontia: it was wonderful and sparkly! And pink too!

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Re: Dave, Andrea, and them....
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Chapter 16

Before leaving the Orthodontist, Andrew, the assistant, talked her through how to properly brush her teeth. She also booked her next appointment, for 4 weeks time

While her teeth didn't actually hurt (a couple of fairies had taken care of that!), they still felt rather tender, and it was clear to Andrea that eating anything solid yet again was really out the question. Luckily she had bought some more soups, plus some nice soft food. From what she had read, the first couple of days would be the worst.

Andrea was the first home, and spent a few minutes looking at the welcome pack she'd been given. As well as the wax, there were a couple of small sample tubes of toothpaste, a normal (but fairly small-headed) toothbrush and a 'slim interspace toothbrush' (one of those tiny round toothbrushes), plus a pack of 6 tiny inter-proximal brushes. In addition, there was a cheap dental mirror, some mouthwash, and a small booklet with notes on brushing and generally looking after your braces.

It wasn't long before her 3 housemates arrived. Clearly, Andrea had had to tell her housemates what she was doing, because, just like last week, she wasn't going to be able to eat 'normal' food for a day or two.

"So, did you get them then?" asked Jane when she got back. Andrea smiled carefully, making sure her lips didn't get caught on her braces. "Oh, yeah, they look good - I like the pink!".

Next home was Martine, who came bearing a gift: a tub of nice ice cream! Not only did Andrea like ice cream, she knew she'd have no problems eating it, plus it would help reduce any swelling she had.

Emily and Wendy stayed with Andrea for the rest of the day, to make sure she was ok. After all, why should she have to suffer? Then dropped by to check on her several times over the weekend.

Andrea didn't really do a lot over the weekend, not that she normally did a lot anyway. But she did have a wander around town on the Saturday. By Sunday, whilst her cheeks were a bit sore, from where the brackets dug in a bit, her actual teeth weren't aching anywhere near as much. Plus she was getting used how to put the wax onto her brackets.

Meanwhile, Dave got back from his skiing trip on the Saturday. He had just had an amazing 2 weeks skiing in France, and by the time you add in the apres-ski, plus the couple of girls he 'had a bit of fun with', well, he was knackered. He really needed another holiday to get over this one!

Having gone with his housemates to the pub on the Saturday, he slept through Sunday morning, waking up early Sunday afternoon. He wasn't the only one having a lie in on Sunday: Sparkle had been out late with another of her customers, keeping an eye on her, and it had been not so much a late night, but an early morning. Suddenly Sparkle's alarm went off. Not the sort that's related to a clock... no, this was a 'one of your customers is going to make a wish pretty soon' alarm.

"Oh, damn!" said Sparkle, yawning, then decided that, if Lilly was a bit more awake, maybe she could handle it. A quick phone call later, and Lilly was on her way to Dave's, to see what would happen.

When Lilly got there, Dave was about half-awake... which meant he was also half asleep... which meant that with a very light wave of her wand, Lilly sent him off to the 'land of nod' again, allowing her to jump into his dream once more.

Dave seemed to be sitting in a bar, overlooking the snowy slopes. In the distance she could see a chair lift, plus people skiing.

"Hi Dave" she said. Lilly noticed that, this time, she didn't have any wings.

"Oh, hi there... erm, I forget your name, but I know I've met you before!"

"Oh, I'm Lilly.... I was with my friend Sparkle last time

"Ah, yes, I remember. That was actually fun. You gonna give me braces again?"

"No, I wasn't planning to. I just popped by to see how the holiday went"

"Oh, the holiday was a blast. Mind you, I'm completely knackered, what with all the skiing, and the apres-ski..."

"Meet any nice girls?"

"Yeah, there were a couple.."

"Nice. I bet neither of them had braces, did they?" asked Lilly

"Nah, sadly not. Hey, I have an idea..." Dave thought for several moments. "In that other dream you were in... you and your friend... you gave me braces, didn't you?"

"Yeah, we did... why, want to try them again?"

"Yeah, I would, actually, but a bit more gently...".

"Hmm, Dave was a bit of a naughty boy, but heck, this was nothing more than a dream" thought Lilly, "So what's the harm?". "Yes, I could do that. probably better if you weren't in public though" said Lilly

"Let's go up to my room then... if you're ok with that?"

"Yeah, that's ok..." Lilly waved her wand, and the surroundings changed, and they were in a nice hotel room. Lilly wasn't worried, because this was a dream, and she was a fairy, so if anything untoward happened, it would only need a tiny twitch of her finger to stop things. "So what would you like to try first? Some simple brackets?"

"Yeah, that would be nice". Lilly waved her wand, and Dave had large shiny metal brackets on all his teeth. "Mmm, yeah, they feel nice. Lilly watched as he ran his tongue around his mouth... Dave had a big smile on his face. "I know I'm only dreaming, but they feel so real!". He stood up and looked at himself in the mirror, smiling: mmm, nice!

"Want something extra?" asked Lilly. "How about a herbst?"

"Oh, yeah, please.....". Dave smiled a bit wider, and could see that he now had a herbst, which was restricting the side-to-side movement of his lower jaw. Lilly now just took the initiative, and gave Dave a fixed bite plane. Dave tongue ran over it, enjoying the experience.

"Is this the sort of thing you were wanting?" asked Lilly

"Yeth, abtholutely! Thethe bratheth are tho cool! Hey, can you thwap the bite plane for a tongue crib?"

"Sure, how's that?". Dave was quiet, as his tongue explored his mouth again. As he was feeling around, he felt something change in his mouth, on the outside of his teeth. He smiled widely and looked in the mirror: the herbst was gone, and he now had a couple of thich wires attached to his molar bands, with loops at the front, which he recognised as things you had if you had a facemask.

"Fathemask attachmentth?" said Dave with difficulty (he still had the tongue crib).

"Yeah, take a look down, on the dresser....". Dave looked down, and saw a facemask... the sort with a thick bar down the middle, and red chin / forehead pads. Next to it were some elastic bands. He picked up the elastics, and fitted them to the wire loops in his mouth, then put the facemask to his face, and looped the elastics over the screws at the front of the facemask.

"That'th tho cool!" said Dave. Lilly was actually quite enjoying this: she was getting to do loads of braces wishes, and everything she did was so nice and shiny! For some reason she was thinking about the fact that fairies could give humans braces with a bit of effort (although it was usually easier to just do something to make them get them from an orthodontist!), but the only way a fairy could get braces was the way Sparkle had, from Santa. But she hadn't yet tried doing it in a dream.... I mean, you HAD to try.

Lilly concentrated hard, and brought together several spells she knew, and... she had braces. She went and stood next to Dave, and looked in the mirror, and smiled. Yes, she had a lovely silver smile too!

"Oh, yeth, vewy nithe!" said Dave, admiring her mouth of metal. "They thuit you". It had been a while since Lilly had even been with a boy fairy, let alone get compliments from one, and she smiled wider, revealing even more sparling metal on her lovely teeth.

"Hey, I do't thuppoth you can get rid of the tongue crib now, can you?" asked Dave. Lilly waved a hand, and the tongue crib was gone. "Thanks: it WAS fun to experience it, but a right pain to actually talk with one!" Once again Dave paused as he thought. "Lilly, um, I'm not sure if I should really ask this, but...."

"Yeah? Go on..."

"Well, as well as always wanting to HAVE braces, I've always wanted to see what it's like to kiss a girl with braces. I mean, say no if you think I'm going too far, but..... can I kiss you with those lovely braces you have?"

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Re: Dave, Andrea, and them....
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Chapter 17

Lilly was in two minds, but in the end she said "Yes, ok, as long as it's JUST kissing. Any more and we're out of the dream"

"Sure, I understand.....". Dave removed his facemask and the elastics, and they turned and looked at each other. Dave put his arms gently around Lilly's shoulders, and their lips met. I think it was a slightly strange situation for both of them: Dave, a human, had never kissed a fairy before, and Lilly had never kissed  human before, but as their lips met, it all felt pretty normal. Dave's tongue gently pushed between Lilly's lips, and touched the lovely metal braces on her front teeth, then started to wander to the sides, feeling more braces. Kissing like this was actually nothing new for Lilly - although it had been a while, and she'd never done it with braces!

After probing around gently with his tongue for a while, he pulled it back, sort-of inviting Lilly to try the same. Lilly's tongue went nervously into Dave's mouth, where it felt the brackets on Dave teeth: the experience was not at all unpleasant. After a while, the kiss ended.

"Hey" said Dave, "you kiss nicely. Ummm, can I ask a favour?"

"Try me...."

"Could we try that again, but with removable braces?". Well, to Lilly, that was rather asking a child if they'd like some more sweets. She had absolutely enjoyed the expereince, and was very willing to try it again.

"What would you like? Some Hawley retainers maybe?"

"Actually, can we try something with a bit more plastic.... maybe twin blocks with loads of clasps over the front teeth, and lots of plastic?". Now, I'll be honest, I'm not sure at this point who was enjoying this more, Dave or Lilly. I mean, Dave's the one with the braces fetish, but Lilly seemed to be enjoying the experience just as much! Lilly got her wand, and waved it, getting rid of the metal brackets and so on, and gave them both some chunky twin blocks, with loads of very visible clasps over the front teeth, as well as lots of plastic inside and over the front teeth.

"Oh, wow!" said Dave, "There'th tho much plathtic in my mouth!"

"Yeth, it'th a vewy thtrange feeling, ithn't it?" replied Lilly, with a lisp as bad as Dave's. Lilly smiled to let Dave look at the braces in her mouth, then once again their lips touched, and they both explored each others mouths and braces. Several minutes later, with the kiss ended, Dave looked in the mirror as he removed the braces from his mouth, and then spent some time looking at them. Ok, so it may only be a dream, but everything felt so real to him.

"You know, I wish I could have some braces like this for real" said Dave, as he continued to admire the twinblocks.

"Hmm, not quite the wish I was hoping for, but I suspect I can do something he'll like" thought Lilly.

"Thank you, Lilly, that really was SUCH fun! If only wishing was a real thing.. but then again, who's gonna fulfil a wish to meet a girl with braces?"

"Well, you'll never know if you never try, will you?"

"Bah, wishes aren't a real thing...." he replied. And with that Lilly waved her wand, and the dream gently faded for both of them.

Naughty bit redacted!

A few moments later, Dave woke up again, half-remembering the short dream he'd just had, and smiled. Yeah, as if wishes were actually real!

"What the heck" he thought to himself. "Ok..." he said aloud, but fairly quietly. "I wish I could meet a girl with lovely shiny metal braces! Yeah, as if THAT's gonna happen!"

Lilly was very happy: she had managed to get Dave to make a REAL wish, and it hadn't actually taken a lot to  make it happen... and definitely within the rules! Well, most of it was. And the other bit she didn't think he'd say anything, however...

She called Sparkle, who was a bit more awake by now.

"So, did you get the wish ok?" asked Sparkle

"I did. I jumped into a dream with him..." (she omitted to say that she had sent him back to sleep so she could do so, nor did she dare say what had happened in the dream!). "It sounds like he had a great time over in France. I sowed a very tiny seed - to be honest, Dave did most the work himself, and when he work up, he wished to 'meet a girl with lovely shiny metal braces'"

"Well, from what Emily and Wendy have said, Andrea has some lovely shiny braces. And she's obviously on the lookout for a guy. So I think we need to get planning with Emily and Wendy. Well done, by the way!"

When Dave came out of his room soon after, he found a small cardboard box in the kitchen, apparently delivered by the postman. After making himself a cup of tea, he went back to his room, taking the small box with him. In the privacy of his bedroom, Dave opened the box. In the top of the box was a letter:

"Dear Dave,
  you DID wish for these, and it's always nice to fulfil a wish. However, given the circumstances of the wish, I think it's better for the both of us if this remains OUR little secret, and you say nothing about this to ANYONE else, and that includes fairies! To help encourage you with this, I put a spell onto the braces: if you should say anything, then the braces will instantly disappear, and no one will be any the wiser. But I'm sure you won't let that happen, will you? Lilly x"

Dave carefully removed the wrapped objects out of the box, to find a pair of beautifully made twin blocks, just like he had been wearing in his dream. Yes, this was definitely something he wanted to keep secret! (But it was strange, after having read that note, he was never actually able to ever find it again!)

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Re: Dave, Andrea, and them....
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Chapter 18

So, Monday morning, Andrea's alarm went off quite early: she was on the earlier shift today, so needed to be in work for 7:30. The early shift did have 2 advantages: the busses were pretty quiet this early, and she'd finish at 4pm. But today, Andrea felt a bit apprehensive. Whilst she had told people at work she was getting braces, she was still a bit worried whether she'd manage to cope ok.

"Hey" said Ashanti, "you got your braces... how they feeling?"

"A bit sore over the weekend, but a lot better today, thanks. Although my cheeks feel a bit tender"

"Don't worry, give it a week or two, and your cheeks will hardly notice them! And remember, wax is your friend - I assume they gave you some?"

"Yeah, they did" she said, smiling, and letting Ashanti see the wax she'd already put on.

At 7:30, the shop was fairly quiet, so Ashanti went on the till, while Andrea helped doing a bit of shelf filling, along with Abdul. By about 8-15am, things were getting busier, and Andrea went onto the till to help. She found it a little bit awkward, as when she spoke to the customers, her lips kept catching on her braces, but things quietened down by abot 9:30, and she was able to take a quick break, to put some vaseline on her lips, and wax on her front brackets.

Yes, Wendy was there watching over her, but there's only so much you can do to help someone who just got braces... at least she was able to use a couple of gentle spells to make the experience a little less painful.

One of the things she did was to get her boss, Matt, to look at Andrea. Matt could see that Andrea was struggling a bit, so asked Abdul to swap with Andrea for a while, letting Andrea to look after the self-checkout tills, which required a lot less talking. Wendy could tell that Andrea was a bit more relaxed.

Emily arrived shortly after midday. "How's it going, Wendy?" she asked.

"Struggling a bit, so I got the boss to put her onto the self-checkout, which doesn't need as much talking, so hopefully a little less painful on her cheeks and lips"

"Yeah, I hear the first week can be hard, but we need to get her back on the tills again oover lunchtime, in case Dave come in I hear he's back from his holiday"

By 12:40 Andrea was back on the tills again (she was so good and quick at doing the till), which is when Dave joined the queue, which was fairly long. Needless to say, a certain two fairies were with him, so they left him for a moment, and went to join Emily and Wendy, flying past Andrea so they could take a quick look at her mouth.

"You know, she looks quite a bit different, what with her new haircut, and those braces!" commented Sparkle. "Those braces are lovely and shiny - Dave's gonna be in for a pleasant surprise when he sees her! How's she coping?"

"Not too bad, I managed to get her off the tills for a while earlier: talking rubs those large metal brackets against her lips so much. With a little bit of help, her boss has been quite understanding" said Wendy, "but of course she needed to be on the tills in case Dave came in"

"He almost didn't, it took a couple of nudges to make it happen, but we managed it" said Lilly.

Dave looked over at who was on the tills today: he instantly recognised Ashanti, but there seemed to be a new girl on the other till. Nice haircut! It wasn't till he got a bit closer that he realised it wasn't a new girl, it was actually Andrea. Then she happened to smile... and her mouth looked strange, like she had braces! As the queue moved forward, and he got closer, he confirmed that she did, indeed, have braces.

"Wow, what a transformation!" thought Dave. First of all, her new haircut looked amazingly nice, so much better than when she had it really long, and used to have it in braids, or in a bun, or whatever. But those braces, they were nice. And a bit bigger than some you now see. Dave was a bit worried that he might end up being served by Ashanti, but he needn't have worried: two fairies were on the case to make sure he was served by Andrea!

Dave put his sandwich, drink and yogurt on the till for Andrea to scan. Lilly threw a nudge at him. "I like your new look" he said. A chill of excitement went down Dave's spine. Andrea looked at Dave, and smiled: it wasn't often she got such compliments. Of course, that gave Dave a great chance to look at her braces: not only did she have slightly larger than normal brackets, he could see little extras, like the powerchain attached to her canines, pulling them down towards the gaps created by the extracted premolars.

Lilly then threw a nudge at Andrea. Usually Andrea didn't really bother with any smalltalk when on the tills at lunchtime (mainly because they were so busy), but with the help from the nudge she replied "Not seen you for a couple of weeks...."

"Yeah, been on holiday" Dave answered briefly.

"Oh, alright for some" replied Andrea, smiling again. As she spoke, she was scanning Daves purchases. "That's 3 pounds 50 please....". She was about to ask Dave if he wanted a bag, but remembered that he never did, so didn't bother asking. Dave swiped his card against the card terminal, but at the same time tried to look at Andrea. Well, she may only be a 2, but with the '+2' for the braces, and another '+2' for the new haircut, she was scoring a far more respectable 6. In fact, he decided, she deserved another '+1' for the way she had just smiled at him: not a forced smile, but a very natural smile.

"Thanks" said Dave with a smile back at Andrea, and he picked up his purchases. As Dave left the shop, he felt MUCH happier than when he had entered the shop. Wow, what a transformation! Who would have thought that a new haircut and braces could make such a positive difference?

Also, Andrea felt a little happier: one of her customers had not only spoken to her, but had been quite complimentary to her. Whilst Dave knew that she was called Andrea - because of her name badge - of course she had no idea who he was, or what he did for that matter. From the way he was dressed, she guessed he must work in one of the many offices in the area.

"Nicely done there, Lilly" said Wendy as she joined her, "you just missed one tiny thing..." and Wendy waved her wand.

"You know" thought Andrea, "he's not that bad looking.... but I bet he has a nice girlfriend..."

"Good enough" said Wendy!

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Re: Dave, Andrea, and them....
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The fairies have gotten Andrea and Dave to interact! Something I like about your stories is that you're willing to take things slow.

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Re: Dave, Andrea, and them....
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Yes, Andrea has finally interacted with Dave, as Dave, rather than "as another customer". Let's see if the girls can take that last step.....

Chapter 19

A couple of days later, Emily called Sparkle "Hey, Andrea's working the late shift tomorrow, finishes at 6:30, I think if you can make Dave oversleep, so he's late to work, and has to work a bit late to make it up.... then with a bit of luck we can get Dave to 'accidentally' meet Andrea outside of work".

(It goes without saying that Dave had been to Tesbury's every day to buy his lunch, and with a bit of help from a certain group of fairies, managed to be served by Andrea each time! I think Ashanti was starting to wonder why she kept dropping her change and so on...))

"Sounds like a plan, and shouldn't be too hard to do... maybe a couple of extra drinks tonight at the pub..."

"Yeah, or get him and his flatmates to have a late video games playing session?"

"Oh, yes, I like that idea....." said Sparkle. They chatted a little more, then hung up.

"Hey, Lilly, that was Emily: we're gonna try and get Dave to accidentally meet up with Andrea after work tomorrow, so we need him to go to bed late tonight, then be late to work. We were thinking a late games session"

"Oh, yes, can I do that please? I love watching humans playing games.... they usually have to collect nice shiny things!" asked Lilly.

"No problems with that. Then I'll be there tomorrow morning to make sure he wakes up late, so probably misses a bus or two, and is late to work..."

"Ok. I'm quite looking forward to tomorrow evening, trying to get the timings right should be fun"

"Yes, maybe I'll go take a look and see where things are, and how long we'll need to allow for each of them to get to where they can meet."

So Sparkle went to Dave's office just before going-home time, and timed how long it took him to walk the different bits of his route to his bus stop. She had asked Emily to do the same with Andrea, and they got together briefly, to exchange notes. They realised that, if they could get Dave to take a very slightly different route, he would need to pass by where Andrea worked.

Lilly had even more fun that night. She started by persuading Dave and his 2 flatmates to go to the pub, where a very slight magical nudge got them not only talking about playing games, but discussing who was better... thus it was that when they got home, they all started playing video games. They were actually reasonably evenly matched, so it didn't take a lot of magic to  persuade them to 'have another game so I can get my own back'. And, of course, they drank more beer as they played. It was gone 1am before they all went to bed.

Lilly messaged Sparkle (as she might well be asleep) to report how things had gone, then decided that maybe it was time for her to go back home to bed.

Sparkle woke up the following morning and saw Lilly's message. Excellent! She had worked out that Dave needed to be about 45 to 50 minutes late to work. Dave's company ran a limited flexible-hours system, so if they started late, they would generally just work late: several people used this regularly, to avoid the rush hour, but Dave would normally get in at around 9am.... but today he wouldn't!

So, Sparkle sat in Dave's bedroom, waiting for his alarm to go off. Already she had heard one of his flatmates getting breakfast. When the alarm went off, Dave turned it off, and without any help from Sparkle just turned over and went back to sleep again. As he slept, Sparkle used the 'go into dreams' spell that Lilly had used before... yes, being able to go into a customer's dreams could make things so much easier... In his dream, Dave was alone in his lounge, playing a video game, although THIS one was a slightly 'naughty' one. Sparkle smiled, and stayed silently behind Dave, just watching what he was up to. Oh, what a surprise, the girl on the screen had braces, and headgear.....

"Ah well" thought Sparkle, "that should occupy him for a little longer...", and she decided to leave the dream. She applied a very light spell, to keep him asleep for a bit longer: she could hear someone else moving about the flat, and she didn't want Dave waking up from the slight noise. She was a bit worried that Dave's flatmate might actually come in and check on him, so went out to see him: he was making a cup of tea, and having some simple breakfast, so she put a 'don't disturb Dave, he's ok' spell onto him.

A while later, she woke Dave up. He looked at his clock.

"Oh, damn, I'm a bit late.... that'll teach me to drink and play games so late" he groaned. From his attitude, this was clearly not the first time he'd done this, and he didn't rush to get to work. Things went so well, that Sparkle didn't need to do any more magic to get him to work at the new 'correct' time.

Back in the office, Sparkle met up with Lilly, then together they went and chatted with Wendy and Emily.

"So, Dave was just nicely late to work, so with a little bit of 'guidance' should leave work at the right sort of time" Sparkle

"How you going to make sure he walks the right way tonight?"

"Already in progress, looks like there's a problem than needs fixing, something like a water leak, and they'll be closing the other footpath" explained Sparkle. "Needs must and all that!"

Once again, Dave went and bought his lunch at Tesbury's, where Andrea worked. "Hello again, Andrea" he said today - it was the first time he had ever used her name, and as far as Andrea could remember, the first time ANY customer had used her name. Of course, the comment had been prompted by a certain fairy (whose name starts with the letter 'L') waving her wand.

"Hi" she replied, with a lovely silver smile. Andrea didn't particularly suspect anything: there were LOADS of people who came in regularly on a lunchtime, and occasionally one of them would say something. The good news for Andrea was that, a couple of days on, and her cheeks and lips were starting to get used to the braces, and didn't feel quite as tender as they had on Monday.

Dave paid for his lunch (having enjoyed the views once more of Andrea's lovely braces on her crooked teeth), completely unaware that 'anyone else' was there, watching over them both, then walked back to the office.

So, having arrived late, he would need to work late, until about 6:30. Well, 6:28 to be precise, not that HE knew that, but a couple of fairies did, and intended to make sure he left work exactly at that time.

The four fairies met together at about 6pm. "Ok, we all ready, and know what to do?" said Sparkle. "In that case, let's go and get this operation done!"

With Sparkle and Lilly watching over Dave, they managed to get their timings almost spot on.... he was only 15 seconds late leaving.... a quick call to Wendy to update them....

Over with Andrea, Emily and Wendy were watching what she was doing. Things were quite quiet, and they could sense that her boss was possibly going to let Andrea leave a few minutes early! But Wendy managed to 'persuade' him that maybe she should stay, and why not let Travis go early instead. Problem averted.

Finally, Andrea was about to leave, and Wendy got the call that they needed to delay about 15 seconds. That was easy, they just made it a bit more difficult for Andrea to put on her coat. yes, timings were right to within a couple of seconds.

Andrea says 'goodnight, then walks out of the shop, almost straight into the path of someone... well, not just ANY someone, it was Dave. Who would have said nothing if Sparkly hadn't 'nudged' him with a simple spell. Dave suddenly realised that it was Andrea

"Oh, hello, Andrea" said Dave

Andrea probably wouldn't have said anything if Emily hadn't also 'nudged' her a little. "Oh, hello there" replied Andrea, who had just realised who it was. They both started walking in the same direction, but it was clear that neither of them would say anything, So Sparkle tried another light 'nudge'. Dave looked over at Andrea, and thought about saying something, but thought twice about it, and remained silent.

"Oh, come ON Dave, this is your chance!" shouted Lilly, getting a bit annoyed. She waved her wand and threw a spell at Dave. Not so much a 'nudge', but more like a hefty boot applied to his bum!

"Hey, Andrea, I don't suppose you'd let me buy you a quick drink before we both go home?". "Good boy, Dave" said Lilly.

Andrea replied "Umm..." but nothing more. "Oh, COME ON, Andrea, he's just asked you for a simple drink, all you have to say is 'yes'!!!! You can't let us down now..." said Lilly, and she threw a very hefty boot up her bum too! The other three had noticed that Lilly had just cast two spells that perhaps 'overstepped the mark'.

"Yes, ok, that would be nice" replied Andrea. "Atta girl, Andrea!" shouted Lilly, punching the air. She threw a gentle spell at Dave, telling him to take her to 'The Golden Cup', a nice pub not far away.

"Didn't see a thing!" said Emily, glaring at Lilly, then looked the other way

"I didn't hear anything either" added Wendy, also trying to distance herself.

"Well, if anyone asks, I think I was in Norway at the time, visiting Magic!" added Sparkle. "Look, Lilly, those were rather more than just nudges.... and you know what the rules say..."

"Oh, I know the rules a lot more than you might think - I did help to write them!"

"What? You're kidding?"

"Not at all. It was all part of 'Operation Custard Tart', when I helped to sort out the aftermath of what happened last year"

"'Operation Custard Tart'? You do make things up, Lilly!" said Sparkle

"I am not kidding.... yeah, it was formally called.... hmm, what WAS it called?.... something stupid like 'operation clean wide brush', but those of us doing the actual 'sorting-out' thought it was stupid, so I said jokingly 'we should just call it 'Operation Custard Tart', and it kinda caught on. And yes, I was part of the group that wrote the rules: when we saw what the 'suits' had written, we said 'no way!', so our boss said to us: 'ok, if you reckon you can do a better job....'. So we did!"

"Oh.... right....". Sparkle felt completely put in her place. "Anyway, you were doing more than 'nudges' back there, so you were breaking your own rules!"

"And rules are there to be broken. Think of it like a speed-limit: it says 30, but almost all humans go at 35 or 40, as long as its safe and there's not a police car behind them! The rules are there to... oh, hang on, my phone's ringing.... it's Tats... 'Hi there, Tats, how ARE you?........ Well, I'm still at work, but we're on our way to the pub, always good to mix work & pleasure!............. Yeah, why don't you join us?........ The Golden Cup...... Yeah, and you'll get to meet some of my colleagues.......... ok, see you soon!'"

"Is there something you've not told us about this pub we're following Dave and Andrea to?" asked Emily.

"The Golden Cup is a good place, with the very convenient added advantage that there's a fairy bar there as well as the human one!"

"You really ARE pushing your luck, aren't you?"

"Not really... we're well into overtime, and I don't know about you, but I'm not getting any paid overtime, so we're really watching over them in our spare time"

"I give up, I really give up!" said Sparkle.

When they all got to The Golden Cup a couple of minutes later, Tats was waiting for them, and followed them all inside. They found a table, and Andrea sat down while Dave went to get them some drinks

"So, Tats, this is Sparkle, and Emily and Wendy.... everyone, this is Tatiana"

"Oh, hi! Lilly has told me about you all, it's lovely to finally meet you all!" said Tats. She turned to Lilly: "By the way, Grandma sends her love"

"Oh, nice, how is she?"

"She is feeling very well, thank you. Hey, what you doing tomorrow tea time?" asked Tats

"Erm, probably having tea with mum.."

"Would you like to join me - I'm having tea with grandma, I'm sure she won't mind"

"Yeah, ok..."

"Hold on, let me give her a quick call, just to make sure". Tats got her fairy phone out, and pressed a few buttons. The call was answered quite quickly. "Oh, hi there, Grayson, it's Tatiana here, is grandma available?".... "It will only take a minute".... "Thanks"..... "Grandma! Hey, you know I'm having tea with you tomorrow, would you mind if Lilly joins us?"..... "Yes, that right"..... "Oh thanks grandma, see you tomorrow! Goodnight!"

"Um, excuse me" said Sparkle, "but I get the feeling we're missing something here....

"Oh, ok... Tats, should I explain, or would you rather?" said Lilly.

"Please do...." replied Tats

"This is Princess Tatiana, currently 25th in line to the throne, she lives at the palace when not at uni, and her grandma is... well, she's Queen Tinkerbell" explained Lilly

"Oh, I'm 26th in line now... Auntie Sybil has just had another one...."

"Hmm, want to get a bit closer to that throne?" joked Lilly, "For a small consideration, I'm sure we can do something to 'move you up the list a bit'"

"Don't tempt me! But no thanks, I'm actually quite happy to get further away from the throne! And don't anyone DARE use the words 'princess' or 'highness' to me unless we're at the palace! I'm just 'Tats' or 'Tatiana', ok?"

"Hi Tats, it's lovely to meet you!" said Sparkle. "So, you're going to be having tea tomorrow with her majesty, Queen Tinkerbell?" she said to Lilly.

"So it seems!" replied Lilly.

Just then a fairy arrived at their 'table above a table': she was in a simple outfit, and like all the fairy staff there, were - for some odd reason - wearing roller boots. "What would you like to drink tonight, ladies?"

"Do you have that 'Elven Fizz' on tonight?" asked Lilly

"Yes, we do" replied the fairy waitress.

"In that case, five of those, please!" said Lilly. The waitress wheeled off to get their beers.....

"So, how do you two know each other then?" Sparkle asked Lilly and Tats.

"Well, we were flat-mates at uni last year, plus we...." replied Tats, who then turned and asked Lilly: "am I allowed to tell them?"

"You might as well, I was just telling them...."

"Oh... yeah, we worked together on 'Operation Custard Tart', sorting out those rather over-enthusiastic fairies up in the north east. The bosses actually wanted to boot them out from the fairy service, but we went up and had a few words. Yeah, that was quite a wild weekend, wasn't it? But they understood what the problem was.... and they've been really good fairies since, haven't they?" explained Tats.

"Yeah, they have, which was a very pleasant surprise!" added Lilly

"So, who's your 'customer' then?" asked Tats

"Well, Sparkle and I have been working with David, and Emily and Wendy have been working on Andrea, but we've been working pretty much together the last few days. Andrea is a bit of a plain girl, recently got her hair done, it's made a big improvement, plus she's just got some really nice metal braces to fix her teeth. And of course, she's looking for a guy. Now Dave is your average sort of guy, he's looking for a girl, but he has a thing for girls with braces, and we're hoping that his love of braces will trump the fact that Andreas is, to be honest, a bit plain"

"Ah, yeah, I remember you saying something about working with a team that specialised in braces things, half a second..." Tats quickly left the other fairies, and flew down to look at Andrea, then came back again. "Yeah, doesn't her mouth look so lovely, with those nice sparkly braces on her teeth!"

Down below, Dave was sat at the table opposite Andrea: he had introduced himself, explaining that he worked in a big building just a few minutes from Tesbury's. They discovered that, whilst they actually lived about a mile from each other, they both would have to catch a bus (different busses mind you) from the same bus stop. As they continued talking Dave was saying anything he could to make her smile, and thus allowing him to see her lovely silver smile. Dave didn't seem to be too worried that she was otherwise a fairly plain girl, her silver smile made up for it. As they chatted, they drank their beers. Andrea felt pleasantly relaxed too, she felt safe in the pub with Dave. All too soon, they had both almost finished their beers.

"Would you like another?" asked Dave, hopefully.

"No, I think I'd better get going, but thanks, I've enjoyed chatting".

Up above them, Lilly had spotted that they were finishing their drinks, and picked up her phone, quickly typing on it.

"What you up to there?" asked Sparkle

"Just sending Dave a text, to make sure he gives Andrea his phone number" replied Lilly

"Sending a text to a human? You can't do that!"

"If you know the right spell you can.... and it's gone!"

"No, I don't mean 'you can't', I mean 'you can't'! He'll now have evidence that we fairies really exist..."

"Don't worry, it's a magic text, it will disappear as soon as he's read it!"

Dave's phone pinged, and he looked at it: a new text. He read the text: "Hey Dave, ask Andrea out for a date.... maybe dinner? And make sure you give Andrea your phone number before you leave! Lilly". Of course, as well as being a magical text, it did invoke a bit of a nudge on Dave.

Lilly? the name was familiar to Dave, but he was having trouble placing it. When he looked at his phone a moment later, the text had gone. But she was right. "Hey, Andrea, I was wondering... can I take you out for a meal sometime?"

Andrea still seemed a little hesitant to respond, so Lilly's wand twitched again, just a tiny nudge.

"Yes I'd like that... I'd like that a lot" she replied.

"In that case, would you like my phone number?"

Above them, all of the fairies had been watching what was happening. "Well" said Emily, "it looks like our work is pretty much done here, another good result, in spite of Lilly's over-enthusiasm earlier. Great teamwork, Sparkle and Lilly, it's always nice working with you guys!"

=== The End ====

(well until the next story!)