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Chapter 1

My so called friends thought it would be a good idea to smuggle drugs via removable braces. As I was always interested in braces I quickly agreed to wear a huge plastic Van-Beek-like activator. As I learnt later, the plastic would solve in other chemical components releasing the embedded drugs.

I knew I was busted when the narcotics-dog signaled me and it didn’t take long before they discovered the drugs inside the activator. Who else would wear such a massive brace in public….

After a few days in prison I was taken for trial and the judge showed no mercy and sentenced me to five years prison, but then he added: “As I know you were only a small participant in this network of smuggling and our jails are rather filled,  I have a proposal. It seems you like braces, otherwise you wouldn’t dare to wear such massive braces in public. You won’t have to go to prison if you wear fixed braces for the same time.”

“Fixed braces,” I thought: “like the brackets that are glued to your teeth? That seems a great alternative.” And I quickly agreed

The judge closed the case and parole officers brought me immediately to an orthodontist that was coincidentally within the court building.
After a long session in the chair, where I got no clue what was installed inside my mouth, the chair came upright and the orthodontist explained:
“I’ve installed brackets on most of your teeth. Some have bands to fix other appliances. As your braces will be fixed for the long run, I had to use some larger than normal brackets. Furthermore I installed an expander on your top and bottom jaw. These expanders have bite blocks, causing your jaws not able to touch. On top of that your expanders are equipped  tongue spurs that will hurt your tongue if you touch them. On the sides of your jaws, you will find a herbst, limiting the sideways movement. Two springs connect your upper and lower canines to help you close your mouth. To finish up, I’ve installed a facebow on you upper and lower jaw, connected to a Interlandi headstrap.”

“None of your braces is removable, as the verdict is that you will wear fixed braces for the next five years. You can loosen the headgearstraps on the right side to brush your hair or so, but the left is fixed to the facebows.”

When I tried to close my mouth I noticed I couldn’t close my lips. They were held apart by the two facebows, leaving my mouth approximately half an inch open. I tried to talk, but my lips were hindered by the facebows, so I couldn’t pronounce anything understandable.

As I left the office, I saw Susan waiting for me. I knew she would be waiting for me after the trial to take me home. She looked shocked when she saw me: “Oh my Gosh! Look at you, you look monstrous. Now I know why he suggested braces as an alternative for prison. They took the metal of the bars and put it around your head.”

I just nodded, knowing she couldn’t understand anything I would say.
I was thankful that Susan took me home without further humiliation, while I was exploring what had been done. I couldn’t move my tongue without hitting the sharp spurs, causing a painful tongue, just after half an hour wearing it. That would be a long five years. The ride was silent, except for my slurring sounds, caused by the amount of saliva in my mouth.
The traffic was heavy and at any traffic light we were waiting for, I noticed people staring. I couldn’t do anything else than getting used to stares.

We finally arrived home and mumbled “Han ou” to Susan, while I got out of her car. I quickly went in and after I closed the front door, it started to drift in what had happened the last hours. I couldn’t help but started crying. How could I be so stupid. First of all stupid because of the smuggling. I could have known what risk I took and how stupid I have been, thinking I would come away with some simple brackets. Of course the impact of braces had to be more than only brackets, if it was a replacement for jailtime. How could I’ve been so naïve.

I pulled myself together, realizing things wouldn’t improve by mourning and thinking about how stupid I have been. I had to look forward, but got more and more curious what had been done. I went to the bathroom and when I looked in the mirror I immediately understood Susan’s initial shock. I looked horrible.

The two facebows held my mouth open and even as I relaxed my lips, they were stretched. I could see the silver shine through the facebows. I bent closer to the mirror and opened my mouth further. I immediately felt the tension of the springs. I looked closer and saw three spurs behind my top front teeth and three behind my lower front teeth. Now I understood what caused the pain in my tongue. I already noticed red spots on my tongue. Under my tongue and to my palette another horrible device claimed space in my mouth. I bet those were the expanders he mentioned. They were connected to some plastic covering my last molars, preventing my other molars and front teeth to touch. At both sides of my mouth I saw some pistons, forcing my lower jaw in an uncomfortable forward position and preventing any side movement. When I opened and closed my mouth a few times, I heart the squeaking noise of the springs and some clicking sounds of the herbst.

I closed my mouth as far as it allowed me and investigated further damage that had been done. I had big black straps on top of my head crushing my blond hair down and another straps around my neck, coming together into two big plastic C’s in front of my ears. On my left I saw the loops of the facebow were closed through the holes in the C’s, making it impossible to remove the straps. On the right the loops were open, so I could release the straps.

“Okay,” I thought “This will be hard to get used to, but as I cannot change anything, let’s go for it. I won’t hide because of the braces and have to look forward.” I couldn’t mention it “my braces” yet, but I was sure that wouldn’t take long.

It was then when I felt my stomach rumble. It wasn’t since this morning that I had eaten and by now it was seven o’clock. I looked once more in the mirror, let out a deep breath and left for the kitchen. I had some pizza in the freezer.
Waiting for the pizza to heat, I took my phone and texted Susan: “Thanks for waiting for me and taking me home. Now I know why you looked so shocked. I don’t mind. I know I will face a lot of stares the coming years, so I decided not to hide. Do you dare to go out with me tomorrow evening, or ….. (please be honest)”.

I took the pizza and the glass of water and dropped in the couch. After I switched on the TV, I took a slice of pizza and tried to take a bite, but as her jaws were held apart by the biteblocks, I only scraped of the toppings. I failed even a simple task like eating. “Okay, eating will be something different from now on,” and  got up to get a knife.

By cutting my pizza in small pieces I managed to get some food in my system.

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Re: Convicted
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Chapter 1

My so called friends thought it would be a good idea to smuggle drugs via removable braces.

I managed to get just ONE sentence into your story, and I laughed out loud! An excellent opening line for a story - certainly got MY attention!

I try and think of strange and wacky braces scenarios for my own stories, but NEVER had I thought of THAT one!!!! I guess I need to read the rest of the story now.....

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Re: Convicted
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Great job thinking outside the box! I'd be open for that punishment, other than the headgear!

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Re: Convicted
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Great job thinking outside the box! I'd be open for that punishment, other than the headgear!
I dunno. The tongue spikes seem worse than the headgear to me. But that's my own thinking.

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Re: Convicted
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I agree that you found a very interesting way to start your story.

I have some advice for you, and I give it to all the writers, use a good spellchecker while you are writing to catch spelling mistakes. I recommend I use GoogleDocs when I write and have the Grammarly plugin running in the background. Having someone else proofread your chapters before they are posted is also a good way to catch mistakes in your stories. All you need to do is ask.

I am definitely looking forward to more of this story from you, and more stories in the future.

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Re: Convicted
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This is certainly an interesting story, and that is a tough treatment. I like how you had a very different start to the story than anything I had ever read before. I think that this is a very good start to the story and is well written. Please go on!

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Re: Convicted
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This is indeed an great beginning of a story which will surely be great!!

I love the unusual idea.

Please go on!

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Re: Convicted
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really hoping this continues