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° Changes - A new story.
« on: 23. July 2022, 14:35:12 PM »
I woke up a while ago and couldn't get back to sleep. I had a story bubbling around in my mind that wouldn't go away. When that happens, the best thing to do is write it and go back to sleep.

This is actually part of a larger story that I am working on, but I decided to do a short story to post as a teaser for the larger story.


By Braceface2015

Part 1

Brenda stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around her body. The smile on her face couldn't get any bigger as she looked in the mirror. This was the second time that she had real braces in her mouth. The first time had been when she was still in school and hadn't been able to fully enjoy the experience. The risk of being caught by her parents had been too great to take the chance of doing what she had wanted to do back then.

Shaun looked up from his book as he heard the shower shut off. Without realizing that he was doing it again, he ran his finger over the braces that had been put on his teeth that morning. He had been doing it all day and it had become an unconscious habit, along with how he moved his lips out, away from the brackets, every time that he closed his mouth. He couldn't believe that Brenda had tricked him into getting them put on at the same time that she had hers put on.

Brenda had another surprise for Shaun. When Shaun had been in the small room brushing his teeth for the first time after getting his braces, the orthodontist had adjusted a face-bow to fit into the tubes on her molar bands. She had been so thrilled when he had agreed to use bands instead of brackets, even though it had been a tight fit getting them around her back molars. She had been eagerly awaiting the chance to finally get to kiss Shaun while she was wearing the face-bow, and even longer to finally do everything that she had been unable to do when she was younger.

It had been a long time since she had worn headgear and was out of practice installing it. As she hooked the cervical strap to the ends of the face-bow and the gentle pull that she remembered returned, her body responded. Leaving the towel wrapped around her body, she walked into the bedroom and smiled at seeing Shaun playing with his braces. When Shaun looked at her in her face-bow, his body responded as well. It was just the response she was hoping for and one that she had seen before when she had been wearing her fake braces on one of their trips.

The day had seemed to never end, and finally they were alone in their hotel room. She walked to the bed, feeling the towel brush against her upper thighs, knelt on the edge of the bed, then walked on her knees until she was straddling Shaun's waist and pulled the blanket out from underneath her. She had lots of practice with the next part, but this was the first time that she was doing it while wearing her face-bow for Shaun.

She bent over and pursed her lips over the joint in the face-bow, pressing her mouth against Shaun's lips. He hesitantly began to kiss her, unfamiliar with kissing while wearing braces. They had kissed many times before while she had been wearing her fakes, but this was the first time that they were kissing with them both in braces. She was much more familiar with kissing while wearing braces and took control of the situation. She pressed more firmly against his lips and opened hers, moving his lips off of his brackets and opening both of their mouths, providing her access to his teeth, and more importantly, the brackets in his mouth.

With Brenda attached to his mouth, his fingers couldn't play with his teeth anymore, and they moved to her waist, then lower, until they were resting against her legs at the bottom of the towel. She lowered herself until her thighs touched the top of his, and then she finally did what she hadn't been able to do all those years ago. She was finally kissing her man while wearing a face-bow with both of them in braces, and she didn't have to worry about being caught while doing it. She could be almost as loud as she wanted to be.

Part 2

Leslie looked at all the lingerie and clothes spread out on the bed. Brenda and Sherrie had taken her to do a little shopping to get her ready for her getting her braces this morning. There hadn't been time to pick out much, but it was a good start to building a wardrobe for the week. The lingerie wasn't fancy, but it gave her somewhere to start in her transformation.

It felt different to be slipping on the lingerie, knowing that she was supposed to enjoy wearing it and that she wasn't being judged for making the choice to dress however she wanted to for the next week. Brenda and Sherrie had done her makeup before they went to the orthodontist, highlighting her features and making her look more attractive.

While she decided what to wear for the rest of the evening, she glanced at the mirror again and smiled at herself, enjoying how she looked. All traces of the person she had been when she stepped out of her truck to meet Mitchell had disappeared, to be replaced by the vision that she saw in the mirror. Letting the girls have her ligatures changed to pink really made a difference to how she saw herself.

Brenda had found a pair of earrings that had accents in them that matched the pink ligatures, and Sherrie had bought her a tube of lipstick that was the same shade. Her choice of clothes was still limited, but the girls had promised that they would go shopping for as many new outfits as she wanted. She was looking forward to wandering through stores with them. She was sure that they would draw plenty of attention. Even for Mexico, it wasn't very often that three good-looking women were seen together, all three of them wearing metal braces.

Even though all she was going to do this evening was sit by the pool, she still wanted to dress up a little and enjoy her first evening wearing real braces. It was still quite warm by the pool, so she decided to wear an ankle-length skirt and heels. The heels weren't as tall as she would have liked, but they were better than what she normally wore. The real debate was which blouse to wear. The girls had told her that they would give her a hand with giving her a more feminine silhouette, but she still had a very modest natural chest. The real question was whether she wanted to wear something tight tonight, or wait until they went shopping.

Each time that she tried on a blouse, she smiled at herself in the mirror, displaying her braces to get the full effect of what other people would see. Her final choice was an off-the-shoulder blouse with sleeves that billowed around her arms before fastening at the wrists. The fabric over her chest was loose, hiding her modest bust, before snugging over her belly and exposing her belly button.

After one last check to make sure that she was satisfied with how she looked, which included doing a spin to see how much her skirt swirled around her legs, she smiled, opened her hotel room door, and walked out onto the deck by the pool, on her way to the hotel bar, where she intended to spend the evening smiling at anyone that looked her way. It would be the first night that she would get to show off her new braces, and she was sure going to enjoy having them on her teeth for as long as she could.

Part 3

Sherrie had spent a long time planning for this evening. It was the first time they had come to Penasco without any of their regular friends, and she wanted to make the most of it. It was their tradition to spend at least one night at the bar dancing and relaxing alone, without their friends around. Mitchell liked to dance and was quite a good dancer. Whenever he was on the dance floor, there was always a good-looking woman dancing with him, and not always Sherrie.

Mitchell had a reputation for always managing to find a braced lady to dance with. Tonight that was going to be her, at least for part of the time. She had chosen to go to the bar that had the bartender with the metal braces. She had been the one that had helped to make this whole week possible. Sherrie had promised her that they would stop by at least once so that the bartender could see what Sherrie's new braces looked like.

Everyone at the bar calls the bartender Chiquita because she is short. To make up for her short height, she wears platform wedge heels at work, which does pleasant things to the rest of her swimmer's body, particularly to her upper body, which is the reason that she coaches competitive swimmers instead of competing herself.

Mitchell enjoys it when Sherrie wears one of her costumes, and wonders if she brought one with her for this trip. With it being the first time that their regular friends aren't with them, he expects that she packed something special this time. He's got his dancing shoes on, along with semi-casual pants and a button-down shirt, his normal dancing outfit.

Sherrie's costume is a little unusual this time. It's a loose knee-length skirt, platform stiletto heels with tan stockings and garterbelt, and a loose diaphanous white blouse with a black bustier underneath. She takes the time with her make-up, using it to draw attention to her face, and in particular, her mouth.

When she was at the orthodontist getting her braces put on, she had asked for a couple of bags of elastics that she could wear with her braces that were just tight enough to stay in place without putting any pressure on her teeth. Each bag is a different color that corresponds to what configuration it is meant to be worn in. For tonight, she is going to wear the silver elastics that form a box from her top and bottom canines to the teeth behind them. She can still drink and eat without them getting in the way, and still have them visible most of the time. She really would have liked to have grey powerchains as well, but the risk of her teeth moving was too great.

As soon as she walked out of the bathroom, Mitchell knew that he was going to have a very good night. She was dressed to attract attention, and she sure had his. He could hardly wait to get her on the dance floor and show off her new braces. And if Chiquita was working, maybe he would get a chance to dance with her too and call her Chiquita Hermosa again. He really liked how she smiled when he did that the last time.

Part 4

Sparks looks at his collection of toys, trying to decide which ones to wear. He had quite a bit to think about. The assistant at the orthodontist had really surprised him when she said that she could get her cousin to make him some better-looking fake braces for cheap. The big question was, what did he want to be made. Usually he wore a plain set of Hawley retainers when he travelled. His collection included a set of brackets on a Hawley retainer, a set of brackets on Essix retainers and the plain Hawley retainers.

It had taken a little while for him to straighten out the misunderstanding in the morning, but once she understood that he wasn't the one getting braces, things had taken an interesting direction. She had made a couple of minor adjustments to his Hawley retainers and they had fit so much better when she was done. It hadn't taken very long to make the changes, and they had talked about what the others were doing in the other rooms.

After he admitted that he wished that he could have joined them, but couldn't get things ready in time, she smiled and said that she might have an option so that he could enjoy his 'week with braces' in a different way, at least for part of the time. That is when the subject of fake braces had been discussed. The big question was, what kind of braces did he want.

She had shown him a whole bunch of pictures of real braces and devices on the computer, and then had told him which she thought her cousin could make into fake braces for him. All he had to do was decide on what he wanted and she would see if her cousin could make it.

The fake braces that he had were okay for discrete wear, but he wanted something that would stand out more visually. He was torn between asking for fakes with a Herbst appliance, or something that he could wear a face-bow with. Or maybe an expander, though it wouldn't be visible, but it would give him a noticeable speech impediment, which might be just as much fun.

She had made one suggestion that had intrigued him. Rather than have all the brackets nicely lined up, she could have a set of Hawley's made that would make his teeth look worse than they already were by staggering the brackets a little and adding a few bends to the archwires.

He slipped in each set of fakes that he had and smiled at himself in the mirror. Each time, the image of what he could look like with something more extreme flashed through his mind. The big question was, how extreme did he want to go. And how many different fakes could he have made before 'the week with braces' was over?