Author Topic: Braces videos paysite ?  (Read 542 times)

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Braces videos paysite ?
« on: 10. August 2019, 17:41:33 PM »
Hello everyone,

I do not know if this idea has already been submitted, but why could not we consider the creation of a site of paid videos as it already exists on patreon? This site unfortunately offers only videos headgear and facemask with fixed devices.

There is already a laboratory that manufactures ortrhodontic devices in connection with the site. A sufficient number of people willing to take a subscription would pay for eventual female models and manufactured their devices?

Who would be interested in such projects? And how much would he be willing to pay for a subscription?

Of course someone would have to do this project well, shoot videos, recruit models, etc ...

 am a french fan of braces , and girls with retainer, headgear....