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Betcha - A short story
« on: 30. July 2022, 11:48:16 AM »

By Braceface2015

Mike and six of his buddies walk into the bar on their first time off the base in a month. They all start checking out the women at the tables scattered around the edge of the room. It isn’t long before Mike points to a table with six good-looking ladies seated around it. “The tall redhead is going to ask me back to her place tonight. And the rest are going to ask for a ride home.”

The guys all look at him and start laughing, telling him there is no way that is going to happen. Mike says, “I betcha a hundred bucks each that it will happen.” While the rest of the guys head to the bar to get a round of drinks, Mike heads to the dancefloor and starts to dance where the ladies can see him. After several songs, he walks to the bar, puts a twenty-dollar bill on the bar beside his cell phone and asks the bartender to play a few tunes from his playlist.

The bartender checks out the smile on his face, looks around the half-empty bar and the empty dancefloor, and takes the money. Mike returns to the dancefloor and continues dancing, getting closer to the table with the ladies. When some slower songs begin to play, he moves next to the table and asks the third best-looking lady if she would like to dance with him.

She looks at her friends, who have been watching him dance, and then gives him a small smile. After dancing with him for a couple of songs, he escorts her back to the table and introduces himself to the ladies. One song later, he asks one of her other friends if she would like to dance as well.

His buddies watch what he is doing, then wander over to the table and ask if they can buy the ladies a drink. All of the ladies politely refuse the offer without bothering to pay much attention to Mike’s buddies. The guys return to the bar and order yet another round of drinks.

After a couple of dances, Mike escorts his dance partner back to the table. This time he asks if any of the ladies would like a drink. Both of his dance partners accept, so he walks over to the bar and gets them their drinks, returning with a pitcher and seven glasses on a tray, which he carries one-handed. It’s one of those sweet, fruity drinks that women love to drink. He fills all the glasses, handing each lady one after he pours it. The last one is his and he sips at it, while the ladies are more aggressive with theirs.

Mike’s choice of dance partners isn’t random. When he walked in, he looked for something that his buddies didn’t, ladies with a special kind of smile. It wasn’t often that he found more than one or two in a bar, and to find three ladies with that kind of smile was practically impossible. He had done his research and found out that the nearby town had a large dental and orthodontic program at the college and university, and that students and staff were encouraged to make use of the training programs. When he saw the redhead and her friends, he spotted at least two with metal in their mouths, though his first glimpses were very limited.

The first one he asked had a retainer on her top teeth, and while they had been dancing, he had seen that she had a fixed retainer behind her bottom teeth. His comment that he liked her smile had brought one to her face and he had been able to spend the rest of the dance looking at her teeth.

The second lady he asked had what he thought were Essix retainers, until he saw the little bits of bonding on her teeth and realized that she had Invisalign trays. He took the opportunity to ask her if she was taking a course, and what she was taking. She gave him more information than he expected when she told him all of them were taking the same course.

His real target is the redhead, but he doesn’t want to scare her off, so he takes his time and asks each of her friends to dance instead. He is polite to all of them, looking at each one as he talks to them. When the first pitcher is empty, he buys a second one for the ladies, leaving the bartender a nice tip in the process. When his playlist ends, the bartender starts playing it again.

As the evening progresses, each of the ladies is asked to dance, except the redhead. Every time that he returns to the table, he sits across from her where he can see her mouth from the front. It doesn't take long before two of the ladies are on the dancefloor with him, then three, and he still hasn't asked the redhead to dance.

When Mike returns from the bar with the third pitcher, the bartender has a big smile on her face, and the lavender ligatures on her ceramic braces are on full display. He’s left another bill on the bar for her, and all she has to do is change the music again, this time to some slow-dance music. She’s had an easy night behind the bar and Mike’s tips have added up. And each time he’s come up to the bar, he’s made nice comments about her new braces, making her feel good about her decision to get them.

With a fresh pitcher on the table, Mike refills all the glasses, putting fresh napkins under each one. While he was at the bar, he wrote his name, phone number and email address on the bottom napkin, and places it under her glass so that she can see it. She checks out her friend's napkins, and none of them have any writing on them. As the bar starts to empty and the music gets slower, Mike finally does something that she has been waiting for all evening. He walks around the table and asks her if she would care to dance with him before he has to return to the base.

He’s tired out the other girls by dancing with them all evening, and the two of them have the dancefloor to themselves. The bartender dims the lights as Mike starts dancing with the redhead. The next song is a romantic one and he pulls the redhead closer to him, putting one hand on her waist and the other on her shoulder. By the end of the song, she has her body against his and he is whispering in her ear.

When the next song starts, she turns her head to face him and tentatively presses her lips against his. He responds by moving his lower hand around to her back and down to her butt cheek, cupping it in his hand. His other hand goes behind her head and strokes up and down her neck. The placement of his hands has the desired effect and she presses closer to him as they slow-dance past his buddies. It is obvious that he has his tongue in her mouth and is getting seriously kissed by her.

As the last song of the evening fades from the speakers, she pulls away slightly and says, "Will you take me home, Mike, I needed a strong man like you to make me feel better about myself tonight. And if you kiss half as good as you dance, I know that you can take care of making me feel even better than I am right now." When she smiles, they all see that she has metal braces glued to her misaligned teeth.

Mike doesn’t bother to look at his buddies, just picks her up in his arms and brings her mouth to his again, running his tongue over the brackets on her teeth as he gives his full attention to kissing her the way she should be kissed.

What his buddies don’t realize is they have been set up. One of the girls he has been dancing with is his cousin, and she called him earlier in the week with a request. One of her friends had just broken up with her boyfriend after she had her braces put on. The breakup had been a long time in the making, and her getting the braces had been the final straw. She was feeling a bit insecure about her looks and the rest of them were taking her out to the bar to help her forget about her worries for a little while.

His cousin knew about Mike’s unusual fascination for ladies with braces and asked if he could help her a little. Her friend had a kink of her own, she couldn’t resist guys in uniforms, and Mike's military uniform would be just what she needed. Mike suggested he bring a few guys from the base to the bar and pull a prank on them. After he had explained that he wanted the girls to ignore his friends if they tried to join the ladies at the table, she had told everyone but the redhead what was going on and they agreed to keep the redhead in the dark about the plan. In return, Mike had promised to keep them entertained for the evening by paying for their drinks and dancing with them. He would also make sure they got home safe at the end of the night, they just had to ask him for a ride in front of his buddies.

Every time he danced with one of the ladies, the others kept telling the redhead that she should ask him to dance with her. When he finally asked her to dance with him and whispered in her ear that he thought she really looked good with her braces, then asked if he could kiss her, he also explained that his cousin had told him about her ex-boyfriend.

Her first kiss was hesitant because she didn’t think anyone could find her braces at all pleasant, but when he kissed her with such enthusiasm, her opinion changed. A little bit of prodding by her friends beforehand had also set the stage for her to ask him to take her home at the end of the night.

The ladies wait as long as they can before gathering around the lip-locked duo, to ask him for a ride home.

Mike’s buddies pull out their wallets and start counting out the bills to pay off the bet. The redhead gives him a puzzled look, but he says, “I bet them that I could get the hottest-looking lady in the bar to ask me to take her home. I did even better than that. I got to kiss her too.”

Before he leaves with the six best-looking ladies in the bar, he turns to his buddies and says, "Don't wait up for me. I'm going to be pretty busy tonight showing the best-looking lady I know, how much fun it can be to kiss with braces."

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Re: Betcha - A short story
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Definitely made me smile!

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Re: Betcha - A short story
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That was a nice fun story  I enjoyed it

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Re: Betcha - A short story
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Nice job!