Author Topic: Are Braces Embarrassing?  (Read 14114 times)

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Re: Are Braces Embarrassing?
« Reply #45 on: 20. July 2020, 00:53:29 AM »
Times are changing. At one point braces were very uncommon with children and almost never seen with adults, than braces got more common with children and some adults started getting braces. Now in some countries it seems to be that most children get braces at some point and even in adults it is not very uncommon. People get embarrassed if they stand out from the group, so since more adults are getting them and in some countries most people will know at least one adult who wears braces. People tend to respect adults wearing braces and envy them for having the courage to fix their crooked teeth.

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Re: Are Braces Embarrassing?
« Reply #46 on: 20. July 2020, 18:10:36 PM »
Not embarassing at all! They absulotly in most of people mind

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Re: Are Braces Embarrassing?
« Reply #47 on: 20. July 2020, 19:31:14 PM »
I had Damon clear braces for about 18 months as a middle-aged man. I was embarrassed about them for about the first 6 months even though they were fairly discreet. After that, I stopped caring.

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Re: Are Braces Embarrassing?
« Reply #48 on: 09. August 2020, 17:56:43 PM »
For me, it is embarrassing when I cant talk well because my bite turbos or when I got anterior rubber bands. It is also frustraiting when a friend gets Invisaling or when someone who got braces later then you is debrace before

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Re: Are Braces Embarrassing?
« Reply #49 on: 11. August 2020, 14:41:27 PM »
I think nowdays due to them being more normalised its only when it either affects speech or is some kind of headgear. I wouldnt say braces are embarrassing but a potential lisp would be.