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Re: Adventures in Pandemicland
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I had to upload the rest of the story in one shot as I am about to go off grid for a few days.

The Rooming House During Quarantine, Chapter 7

The pot luck dinner and the party started a trend in that house where the two weekends during their quarantine consisted of more massive dinners and parties and even week nights involved everyone having dinner together.  Everyone but Kent had some kind of work to do from their room and even Kent took it upon himself to do the cleaning and maintenance around the house.  Despite four of the five residents becoming romantically close during the quarantine, the house was quiet at night.  Andy started wearing her headgear through the night starting with the first Monday but Kent and Devin convinced her that it was silly to leave it out so much during the day.  Andy never dreamed of feeling such a fulfilled woman during quarantine, nor so while wearing her headgear, either.  Devin strapped up Chris a few times when Devin and sometimes the others were hanging around out of their rooms.

While Chris stayed away from foods that might stain his research ligatures, he enjoyed many of the culinary adventures the group came up with.  One night they had a very spicy fish dish.  The fish was one that was known to become phosphorescent while trying to attract a mate for breeding.  Following dinner while brushing his teeth, he found his ligatures were glowing even in moderate light after the meal.  He found that they absorbed light while he smiled under bright lights and gave it off in dimmer light.  When he woke up in the morning they would have exhausted themselves of light energy and would take much of the morning to get it back.  Chris realized that once he was able to get back to the University research department to get his ligatures changed, he would have to keep his mouth shut from the time he awoke until his appointment.  Geraldine's comments to Chris about the look of his braces now took on a much wider vocabulary.  She went so far as to equate their glow as an indication of the smile wanting to attract a mate.  Devin was in fact was even more attracted to his phosphorescent smile and this prompted her to want to put her headgear on him more frequently.

When the Quarantine period was over, it only meant that the residents could go out of the house.  A general stay-at-home order, due to the pandemic, meant they could not visit anyone, nor go to any events.  They were limited to grocery shopping and to going for walks for exercise.  Chris was unable to get an appointment for ligature change and so every evening he would be shining his smile at the others, extra charged from the bright sunlight during the day.  Luckily for him, they could not shine brightly enough to be noticed outside in daylight or in the grocery store.  The residents got into the habit of going out for walks as a group.  People seeing two couples and a fifth person all walking closely together sometimes had to get an explanation that they all lived together in a rooming house in order for scowls to relax from their faces.

For the first couple of months of the pandemic, Andy was not able to get an appointment for adjustment of her braces.  She wore the headgear a great deal of the time with Devin often reminding her that 'it would be all worth it in the end'.  Her braces, however, moved her teeth to the point the arch wire had been designed to do and then pretty much stopped doing anything but retaining them in their position.  With her bite improving and her teeth well aligned, the others saw a more appealing smile, despite all the metalwork it contained.  When Andy did finally get her long awaited appointment, she was told her bite was miraculously fixed in the very short time her treatment had progressed and she need not wear the headgear any longer, although Kent convinced her to wear it sometimes when they were together.  Chris finally got this ligatures changed as well as to get an adjustment and was told they would not be able to use him much longer as a test subject as he had provided them most of the feedback they could ever use in formulating stainless ligatures.

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Re: Adventures in Pandemicland
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I don't have a problem with more than one chapter being posted. I will be adding the rest of this story to TheArchive as soon as I have it ready to add.

It may take me a day or two to combine all the chapters and sort it into the appropriate categories, but it will be there soon.

It would be nice if some of the other people here would write a short story to show what their ideas are on the subject of being locked-in or how the epidemic would impact a character or group of characters.

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Re: Adventures in Pandemicland
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This is part 3 of Adventures in Pandemicland, Scene 4

It is also the continuation of The Ride-Share Driver - The Epidemic - Chapter 9 which is in the stories section here.


Many of the vendors have set up tables outside and lots of them have some sort of barrier system in place, whether it is a chain or fence or just signs on cones with arrows, to try to help maintain the social distancing rules. Most of the people shopping are maintaining a safe distance and have kept to the one-way system of movement. Not everyone is and that does give me the opportunity to see what kind of masks they are wearing.

Most of the masks are the typical cloth masks, but there are a few of the masks that have the plastic panel sewn into them. Then I see a cute-looking girl coming towards us dressed as a school-girl, blouse buttoned to the collar which is wide and ruffled, short skirt that ends mid-way between her thighs and knees and billowing around her legs with a bit of lace from her petticoat showing below the hem, white socks that end just above the knee and trimmed with a white lace band, and Maryjanes with a two-inch heel on her feet. Not really that unusual for a group of this type and size.

What does catch my eye is that, at first glance, it looks as if she has a big smile on her red-lipsticked mouth and big metallic braces on her teeth. When she gets closer to us, I take a closer look and see that there is a line running across her face just above her nose and that she is wearing a mask. The colour of her mask matches her skin-tone so well that it blends in, almost disappearing until she gets close to us. The print on the mask is just the right size and in the right place to match up with the location of her mouth and nose. The illusion created is very realistic.

I smile at her behind my mask, wishing that she could see my smile. It is a bit disappointing that I have all this nice jewellery on my teeth and nobody can see it. That might be changing very soon.


After we all stepped out of the limo, I was a little bit nervous, not knowing what to expect. I took his hand and stayed right by his side until we got to the bus. When I saw those fabulous pieces of custom jewellery, especially those earrings that looked like molar bands, I couldn't help myself and squeezed his hand. When he turned to me and saw the look in my eyes, I knew that he could tell how much I liked them, especially when he looked at my ears too. I was a bit disappointed when the jewellery was put away again, but I was pretty sure that I would see them again.

As we leave the bus and walk past all the other vendors, I feel a bit more relaxed when I see how the other people are dressed. What I am wearing fits right in with many of the outfits that other people are wearing and is actually on the more normal end of the scale. That is confirmed when I see a pretty looking girl walking towards us dressed in a schoolgirl outfit, right down to the white knee-high socks and schoolgirl skirt and blouse. The big metal braces surrounded by the bright lipstick complete the look. It isn't until she passes us that I realize she is wearing a mask over her lower face. The illusion is very convincing.

I squeeze his hand and tilt my head in her direction. He gives my hand a squeeze back when he sees her. Candie turns a corner ahead of us and heads towards another row of vehicles, this one mostly converted highway coaches. She stops beside one of them and waits until we join her at the table displaying a variety of masks, shirts and blouses, some that are custom-made. The masks with the plastic window in them are arranged by colour in stacks, all stored in resealable plastic bags.

Beside them are a couple of manikin heads with realistic-looking epidemic masks, one with a female face with over-done makeup, the other with a male face with vampire’s teeth. Hanging on the side of the bus is a sign that explains how they take three pictures of your face, one from the front and each side, and use those to create a computer image of your face that you can add details to. The idea of having our mouths scanned and having our enhanced smiles printed on our masks gives me a tingle in all the right places. The price to have a mask made is not cheap, but is still reasonable when compared to the price that other masks are selling for. If more than one custom-designed mask is purchased, the cost per mask goes down significantly.

I turn to “James” and move my mouth close to his ear. This places my body between his arms and I move our hands so that his palm is resting on my butt cheek over the strap of my garter-belt. “I have an interesting suggestion for you. How about we get a couple of masks made, using our current smiles as the design. We can get two masks made of each of our faces and then I can wear your mouth on my mask and you can wear mine on yours.”

His response is what I am hoping for. His palm rubs up and down just a little and he whispers back, "What a wild idea. I wonder how long it will take? We should get a couple of those window masks as well. Even if we don't wear them very much around people, it will still be fun to have them."

There is a wireless buzzer beside a sign that says, “Ring for service”, which I press. A petite girl sticks her head around the edge of the door and I see that she is wearing a mask that has a kittens face on it. The makeup around her eyes is done so that it looks as if she has eyes that match the mask. When she sees that she has several customers, she comes down the steps and I see that her t-shirt carries on the kitten theme.

When I explain to her what we want to do, she tells me that she can do it at a reduced price, as she won’t have to do any additional work on the computer to design the masks.

Candie Caine is practically bouncing up and down beside us, and when she hears what we are going to do and the price, asks me, “Would you mind if I did the same thing with my face and had an extra set of masks made of your designs for myself?”

“James” is standing with his side to her and is shielding where his hand is resting from their view. This time his hand drops a little lower and cups the cheek of my ass as he whispers into my ear, “Would you like a copy of her mask as well?” That is all that I need to know.

After entering our orders into her tablet and doing a calculation of the costs involved, "Kitten" lets us know that if we pay the regular price for the first two masks, the third will be free. We all agree to the deal without hesitation.

We follow "Kitten" into the bus to find that the front has been laid out as a photo studio. There are three cameras hooked up to a computer and a monitor mounted to the wall where we can all see it. While "Kitten" gets everything set up, I push "James" into a comfy chair and sit on his lap, squirming a bit until I am sitting just where I want to be. I know the bump I am sitting on is going to get bigger as soon as Candie Caine removes her mask.


My name is 'Randy' to my friends. Rachel calls me 'James' when I am wearing my uniform. We share a love of old movies, and in many of them, the Chauffeur is called 'James', as in, 'home James'. We both get a kick out of her using my nickname around people, especially when I am in uniform.

Today is no different, except for the location. She likes to do things that deliberately tease me, such as wearing her uniform with one of her numerous orthodontic creations. Right now she is using her body to tease me, knowing that there is nothing that I can do to fight back. Candie is getting ready to have her mouth scanned and I am eagerly awaiting the moment of the reveal of her braces and face-bow.

I watch as she gets into position in front of the cameras and brushes her hair back behind her ears, revealing the strap running around her neck and the ends of the face-bow not covered by her mask. For the first time, I notice that it has thin red, white and green stripes on an off-white background running diagonally across it, just like a candy cane. She looks in my direction as she grasps the loops of material holding the mask in place and slips them off, being careful that they don’t snag on her earrings.

The anticipation of finally getting to see her face-bow in person is getting to me, and it isn’t helped by the soft body that is making little movements on my lap. Rather than just pulling the mask away from her face, Candie does what amounts to a facial strip-tease, moving first one side a little and then the other, gradually exposing small bits the face-bow with each movement.

Rachel can tell that the display is having an effect on me and ups the ante by taking my hand that is away from their view and placing it just underneath the slit in her skirt on the lace of her boot. It is not a sexual act, nor is it indecent in any way, but just doing it in public where others could see what she is doing is what is causing the excitement.

‘Kitten’ is facing away from us, concentrating on her computer, so doesn’t notice what is going on with the three of us. Candie reveals a bit more of her face by lowering her mask slightly and moving the sides closer to her nose. I can see that she has a big smile on her face as she lowers the mask enough that the face-bow begins to come into view. She finally removes it completely and all the metal in and around her mouth is on full display.

The whole strip-tease only takes about a minute, but seems to take much longer.

We all shift our attention to ‘Kitten’ when we hear a  gasp and she says, “What a marvellous look. Now, give me the pose that you want to use on your mask. Use the monitor as a mirror and play with it until you are satisfied. Don’t worry about trying to let me know what it is, the cameras will capture it.”

Candie begins to move her mouth and face through a variety of positions, some revealing all of the metal, others showing and hiding different parts of her teeth and braces. Then she does something unexpected and begins to add her tongue into the picture by running it over her upper braces and the face-bow, both inside her mouth where it almost touches her teeth and outside her mouth where it runs towards her ears.

She finally seems satisfied with the variety of poses and says, “How was that? Did I do okay? I can’t think of anything else that I want to try.”

When we don't say anything for several seconds, 'Kitten' clicks the mouse and the screen begins to fill with pictures. The pictures start just before Candie brushed her hair back and ends just after she stopped using her tongue on the face-bow. There are a few that have a bit of blur, but most of them are very clear. Many of them are between poses. There are a few that could make very nice masks, but my favorite pictures are the ones that show her tongue running over the inner wire of her face-bow.

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Re: Adventures in Pandemicland
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This is the conclusion of Adventures in Pandemicland, Scene 4.

The rest of The Ride-Share Driver - The Epidemic will be in the stories section as I write it.

The Ride-Share Driver - The Epidemic - Chapter 10


I like what Candie has done with her pictures. My favorite pictures are the ones where she is revealing her braces and does a striptease. As she moves from in front of the cameras, I give my butt a wiggle before getting up from James’s lap and trade places with Candie.

There are little paw prints on the floor that show where to stand and I place my feet on them. My idea of what kind of pictures I want is a bit different from what Candie did. When 'Kitten' lets me know that she is ready, I try to keep my lips closed over my braces as I remove my mask. Just like Candie did, I want to make my pictures more about the reveal and seduction of my braces. With her having the face-bow, her reveal was more apparent from the start. I intend to make mine more about the surprise of the sudden unveiling. There is no slow removal of my mask, I just reach up and remove it.

Now is when the fun starts. James is watching me closely as the mask drops, and I have a pleasant, neutral type of smile that begins to become more seductive as the corners of my mouth turn up and I begin to part my lips slowly. The brackets on my upper front teeth rub against my lips as I raise them, revealing the band's that appear to be wrapped around them. My smile gets wider, displaying more of the sparkling metal on my upper jaw, before I part my lips more, exposing the bands on the bottom as well.

The next part is a little more difficult to achieve. I watch closely in the monitor as I part my teeth, trying to get just the right angle so that the light shines into my mouth and glints off the band's on the inside of my jaw. When the angle is just right, I run my tongue along the inside of my upper jaw and over the metal bands. Even though I don't think that the pictures will be useful as a mask, it is still exciting to do it in front of everyone. I finish off by running my tongue over the outside of my teeth, similar to what Candie did.

"Okay, Kitten, let's see what we have." Me calling her Kitten gets a chuckle from everyone. The screen fills with the sequence of pictures and I know right away which one I want. There are several pictures during the transition from when all the bands are showing on my teeth to when I finished opening my mouth that I really like. The two that I like best have the brackets and bands showing while still being partially covered by my lips. I point to those two and say, "Let me see these two. I like how they look."

Kitten puts them up side by side and then gasps. "They are spectacular. They seem to capture the beauty of the old-style braces wonderfully. Either one would make an amazing mask. Will you let me choose which one to use when I print your mask for you?"

I smile at her, letting her see my metal-clad smile again and nod.


I know that it is my turn next and that I can't match the dazzling display that the two girls have put on, so I decide that I am going to try for silly instead. When I take my place on the paw prints, the mask is already in my pocket. The way that Rachel revealed her braces was very appealing, so I try for a similar look, only doing it in a less sensual way. Rather than look at the people watching me,  I focus on the monitor and try to make silly faces. The first one is with my tongue sticking out of my mouth, just a hint of the braces showing. The next one is with my tongue hanging out the side of my mouth. Much more of my braces are showing, as well as the pistons of my Herbst. My smile gets bigger when I see how that looks and even more of my teeth are exposed.

By now, the girls are all laughing and that starts me going as well. This works well for the cameras as I try and get a goofy look for the final group of pictures and fail. I finally give up and tell Kitten I am done.

Once again, Kitten puts the pictures on the monitor and we all look at what has been captured. The pictures of me sticking out my tongue are good, but the group with my tongue hanging out the side of my mouth are better. There are a couple that have most of the Herbst visible and I get Kitten to put those up. One shows both of the Herbst pistons clearly, including the molar bracket at the top and the attachment point at the bottom. That is the one that I select for my mask.

While Rachel and I have already made our choices for our masks, Candie still hasn't. Kitten puts her pictures back on the screen and we all look at them. I like the group of her running her tongue over the outside of her face-bow, Rachel likes when she was running her tongue over the brackets behind the face-bow. Kitten says that she likes the poses where Candie has her hands beside her face and the braces are just coming into view. After looking at the pictures that everyone else likes, she points to one that has her face-bow in full view and most of her brackets showing, along with the lower ends of her Herbst pistons. With so many good pictures to choose from, it is not surprising that we all like different looks.

The next part of the process is both hard and easy. We need to pick out the color of our masks. We all decide that we want colors that match our normal facial skin tone. Mine is easy to match because it doesn't change shade. The girls have a harder time, because they don't always use the same shade of makeup every time. They finally settle on shades that match their current look at the suggestion of Kitten, that way they can adjust their makeup to the mask if they want to.

When the subject of payment comes up, Kitten tells us that all the merchants only take cash so that there is no record of the transaction and nobody has to deal with paying sales tax. If we need to pay with credit, there is one person who is set up as a mobile bank and will get us the cash. Rachel and I didn't bring enough cash with us and Candie needs to pick up some to pay for her earrings. This works out well for us, because it will take a while for Kitten to print our masks. This will give us more time to look around at all the other stuff for sale.

We take our time wandering around the complex, checking out the various stalls, not really planning on buying anything else. We locate the mobile bank in an old armoured car that has been retrofitted to serve as an ATM, right down to the machine. There are a couple of armed guards sitting nearby, and I can't tell if they are wearing costumes or the real thing. The guns do look real.


It is so cool wandering around and looking at all the neat stuff for sale. It is even more fun seeing what all the people are wearing and trying to guess if some of the uniforms are real. The security guard at the gate is probably real, my limo driver is real, unless he has a limo so that he can play dress-up. The uniform of the girl with him is hard to tell. It looks real to the casual observer, but it fits her just a bit too nicely, as if it has been tailored to fit. The security guards might be real, but with them, it's hard to tell. I'm pretty sure their guns are real and that they know how to use them. It is legal to openly carry a gun here. Many of the other uniforms are obviously fakes, even if they are very well made.

After stopping to get the cash, we walk back to the bus with the jewellery. She takes us inside and pulls out the lined box again. After wiping the earrings, she hands me the set I had her make for me. I remove the pair that I am wearing and replace them with the new studs. There is a mirror mounted on the wall and I take a look at myself, liking how the ligatures bring attention to my ears and the brackets.

As she is wiping the second set, I check out the reaction of the girl as she watches. Her eyes are glued to them, and as the lady holds them out, I turn to her and say, “Would you like to try them on?”

I can tell that she has a huge smile on her face, even with her plain mask on, her eyes have a shine to them and the mask can’t hide the lines that show how big her smile is. She takes them one at a time and slips them into place. The design is very clever, using the bracket as a stud that goes through her ear to attach at the back and hold the earring in place securely. The tube for the face-bow is mounted on the band and keeps the bracket and wire from turning. They are just slightly larger than a real molar band would be, yet all in perfect proportion. She has tears in the corners of her eyes as she looks in the mirror.

“Why don’t you wear them until we go and pick up our masks. That way they won’t get lost and I can see how good they look.” Turning to the lady behind the counter, I say, “I’ll take both sets. Don’t worry about packaging them up, we’ll be wearing them.” She hands us each a small box to put our other earrings in, then thanks us for shopping with her after I pay her.

It’s getting late for me and I am a bit tired after doing a shift at work, so I suggest that we head over to pick up our masks even though they probably won’t be ready quite yet. The girl has a bounce in her step that wasn’t there before and I suspect that it is because of the earrings. They fit snugly, and with the bottom of her earlobes sticking out the bottom, it looks as if she has molar bands on her earlobes. They do look good on her.

Kitten is putting her display table into the storage area underneath the bus when we arrive. When she turns to us, I see that she has changed her mask and each part of it looks familiar, yet none of it is completely recognizable. I see my face-bow, Rachel's bands and James’s tongue and Herbst pistons. The rest of her mask is still the kitten, just with the rest added to the kitten’s teeth. Even the bands look as if they fit on the teeth.

“I had a bit of time to wait while I was printing all of the masks, so I played around a little. I hope that you don’t mind, but I liked so many of your pictures that I had to make something for myself as well.”

Kitten reaches around the door of the bus, picks up three bags, each one labelled for us. Mine says ‘sexy’, the next one says ‘stud’, the last one ‘wild’. When I open mine, there are four masks inside, the three that we ordered and one of the masks with the window in it.

“I included that one so that you can all let the rest of the world see your real smiles whenever you want. I also included a disk with a copy of each of your pictures. You should have a copy for yourselves. There is one last request I have. Would you mind if I used some of your pictures to make some masks for me to sell? I could trade you some more custom masks of your choosing if I sell some.”

The idea of getting more custom masks appeals to me, so I turn to the limo driver and his assistant and wait for their response to Kitten’s offer. While I have been focused on Kitten, she has moved in front of him and they have been looking at the masks in their bags. She has exchanged her plain mask for the one that Kitten made for her. When I first glance at her, it almost looks as if she isn’t wearing any mask at all, that is how well Kitten has matched her face.


When Kitten reaches out to hand us our bags, I step in front of James and take both. His arms come around me and take them from my hands and opens mine. There is just enough difference in our heights, even in my heels, that his arms end up just below my breasts and he tightens his arms slightly, causing my breasts to elevate slightly. I know that he is getting back at me for sitting in his lap earlier but that doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy what he is doing now.

I push back against him slightly and take out the top mask. It is the one that has my lips partially covering my braces. It only takes me a moment to remove the plain mask that I am wearing and replace it with the new one. As I am looping the elastics over my ears, I play with the earrings that Candie has let me wear for the time being. There is something about how my earlobes are sticking out below the band of the earring that is intriguing, as well as how the bracket and headgear tube feel against my fingers.

I feel his breath against my cheek and neck and know that he is watching me play with my ear. Just to tease him a little, I tilt my head slightly and look down at the bags in his hands. My free hand reaches into his bag and rummages around until I find the mask with Candie’s face-bow printed on it. Trying not to let him see which one I have, I remove it from his bag and turn in his arms so that I am facing him.

He has to loosen his arms to let me turn, and before he can tighten them again, I reach up and take off his mask, replacing it with the one with Candie’s face-bow-enhanced face on it. I haven’t been paying attention to the conversation going on around me, but when I hear ‘free masks’, I turn around again to find out what I missed.

Kitten and Candie are looking at me as if they are waiting for me to answer a question.

James waits a couple of seconds before answering the question. “I think that I can speak for both of us when I say that we are willing to participate, but with one condition, the masks that we have printed for our use are not to be sold to anyone else.”

Then he whispers in my ear, “Kitten wants to know if we would be willing to let her use some of our pictures on the masks that she sells in exchange for free masks.” His lips are so close to my ear that they are brushing against the earring on my earlobe. The sensation of feeling them brush above and below the band causes me to shiver slightly in his arms. His answer seems to satisfy them and I don’t have to say anything. The thought of having my mouth portrayed anonymously on other people’s faces and being able to get free masks in exchange is an appealing idea


The driver’s assistant changes his mask so fast that I don’t see which mask she puts on him. With the two of them being willing to accept the deal, I turn back to Kitten. “How do you want to keep in contact with us?”

“I have a website that I use to sell my products on. It has an email address that customers use to ask questions. You can use that one for now. If things turn out the way that I hope, we can work out a better way to maintain contact. Come inside with me and I will get you some cards that you can hand out if anyone asks where you got the masks.”

My two escorts are still distracting each other, so I follow Kitten back into the bus. After putting business cards in three bags, Kitten takes one last card and turns it over to the blank back. "I'm going to give you my personal number. I hope that you will keep it to yourself and consider giving me a call sometime. Maybe you would be willing to do another photo session with me and let me see more of your fascinating smile."

I don’t know what to say. While I am thinking about how to politely decline and explain that I am not into girls, I take a closer look at Kitten and realise that Kitten is a male. The well-done makeup, the petite build and the clothes that Kitten is wearing all made me think that I was talking to a girl. Even the way that Kitten had been talking and the soft voice gave that impression. I take a better look at Kitten, this time as a male and realise that I would be okay talking to Kitten again, on a more personal level.

It isn’t often that I find people that are interested in my braces the way that Kitten is and today I found three people. It’s obvious that the first two have each other. I tell Kitten that I will think about the offer and get in touch with a more definite answer sometime, not saying ‘No’, and giving the impression that I might be interested without saying ‘Yes’.

I notice that the driver and his assistant are waiting for me. I finally see which masks they are wearing and am a bit disappointed that he has my mask on. I don’t want to wear the same mask as him and she is wearing the one with her face on it already. Kitten sees that I am a bit upset with which mask is left for me to wear and takes my hand.

“I hope that you don’t mind, but I printed off one more mask from your photo session. I was going to wait until you left and then wear it myself, but I think that you need it more than I do.” Kitten brings out a mask from below the counter, it is one with my tongue running over my teeth behind the face-bow, and hands it to me. “It is different enough from the other mask that most people won’t even notice that it is the same mouth. Besides, they won’t be looking at his mask when they see how alluring you look with this one.”

It's been a long day and I have been fighting the urge to yawn for a while already. As I reach up to take off my mask and change it for the one that Kitten has for me, the urge to yawn is too great and my mouth opens wide. I reach above my head as I am yawning and stretch. Kitten’s eyes drop to my chest briefly and quickly return to my mouth.

I'm intrigued that he finds my mouth more interesting than my chest. Just to test Kitten's reaction, I close my mouth partially, hiding my brackets, and move my arms back, stretching my blouse tighter over my respectable breasts. Kitten's eyes don't leave my mouth. This is someone that I might want to get to know much better.

I slip the mask into place as I am leaving the bus. "If you two are ready to leave, I am too."

They lead the way back to the limo. She keeps playing with the earrings as we are walking and I can tell that she likes how they look, because, every time that we pass a reflective surface, she looks at them.

The driver opens the door for me when we arrive at the limo and steps back, allowing space for social distancing. It is interesting how the epidemic has changed how people interact with each other now.

I have to fight to stay awake on the drive to my place, so to pass the time, I use the intercom to talk to them. They explain to me that I am the first person that they have picked up using the RideShare app, and that they did mainly because of me having braces.

She has the webcam angled mainly towards her, although I can still see a bit of his face from time to time. The earrings do look good on her ears and look as if they were made just for her. Just before we arrive at my place, I decide that I have an offer that can benefit all three of us.

"Would you be willing to make an off-the-books deal? If I let you keep the earrings, would you be willing to provide me with another trip or two at no cost, as long as I keep the trip short?"

She looks at him and says, "That is an offer that we can't refuse." The smile on her face is so big that I can see all of the jewelry on her teeth, including the bands on the inside of her teeth and the tubes on her molars at the back of her mouth. His smile is just as big and I get a good look at the pistons of his Herbst.

He pulls into the driveway at my place and opens the door for me, letting me out and waits until I am inside before getting back into the limo and driving away. This has been a very good day and I have met three people who I hope to get to know better.

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Re: Adventures in Pandemicland
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Pandemic Masks, Glasses and Braces - Busy Face

It just seemed like my face was getting busier and busier.  I guess the braces didn't really count.  I sure felt them inside the mouth, but right after I got them the news media had suggested that people should consider wearing a face covering to protect from the impending pandemic.  This was before they were made mandatory.  Honestly, I was compliant with my mask as it just meant all the same store clerks I had come to know in the community would not suddenly be faced with my wired up smile.  Depending on how long the pandemic lasted, I might have completed my treatment before anyone ever saw all the steel on my teeth.  And then just as I was getting comfortable with the braces on my teeth, I'm fitted with cervical headgear.  Wearing it at night was all very well, but the goon started saying that I must get several hours more during each day.  And while I might have done that, say, in the evening, he even suggested that while we were wearing face masks in public, maybe I could wear it while doing errands.

I didn't like wearing it while having a really nice Netflix evening; I didn't like wearing it while trying to keep in touch with friends over video conferencing over Smartphone or laptop.  I didn't like wearing it when I awoke at an ungodly hour with pain in my mouth and could not get back to sleep without removing the stupid thing.  Somehow it was easier wearing the stupid headgear under a face mask, I mean one that I found that actually covered more of the face than a surgical mask, and found after a couple of trips, that I relied on these trips to complete my prescribed hours.  I had to wear my hair down and styled so there was lots of hair at the sides of my head, over my ears.

But the face was plagued with more.  I found I was having trouble reading labels on products when out shopping and after that appointment to get prescription reading glasses, I started putting them on when I went to the store so they would make it easier.  They were progressive bifocals and the optometrist had told me to just wear them much of the time when I might find I needed to read something.  I felt really stupid when people I knew came up to me in the store and I had my face covering, my glasses and my headgear invisibly under the fashion face mask to boot.  I never really felt the headgear if I was wearing the face mask and glasses as most people just complimented the glasses if they even realized they were new, now that we all wore face-masks.  After a week or so it just felt normal.

After we all felt normal wearing the now legally required face-masks when we went out, we started to realize that this was the new normal.  For me, it was no different.  I wore a face mask when I went out.  I wore my headgear when I went out, and I wore my glasses when I went out, as well as if I was inside and might need to see something close-up.

One day, I ran into a friend while out shopping and we stopped and chatted for a while.  It was nice talking in person, rather than over video conferencing.  He was well built and I would certainly not mind going out with him if that were an activity that was permitted during the lock-down that went into effect when the masks became mandatory.  We could not do anything but necessary errands.  While restaurants were closed, coffee shops could remain open via the drive-through, or you could do take-out.  If they had a table and a few chairs outside, those could be used.  Noah then did something unexpected.  He asked if I wanted to go with him for coffee!  At a time when we didn't congregate, date or gather in any way, I was being asked out ... for coffee, at least.  I mean, I only knew him from zoom meetings over the laptop.  We never really even talked one on one.  The friends I knew that I zoomed with had noticed the steel appear on my teeth and had talked about it early on.  Noah was one of the friends, therefore, that knew I had braces and he had made some positive comments about a pretty smile.  I'd worn my reading glasses before I got my bifocals, when I sat up close to work on the computer, so Noah did not see anything all that different seeing me in the flesh.

He asked me to wait at the table outside while he got two coffees.  Being a coffee shop, they put them in paper cups with those lids that allow a tiny door to fold back so you can drink out of the lid.  This kind had a bulge on the side of the lid where the flap came out.  He reminded me we had to sit on opposite sides of the large table to maintain distancing, especially as we dropped our masks to drink the coffee.  Since I was used to slurping morning coffee around the face bow, I did so now without thinking.

As I put the cup down, Noah gasped and said, "Holy shit!  You have THAT for your braces!"  He paused as I froze, realizing that with all the stuff littering my face, I'd completely forgotten that the face bow was not part of the 'new normal' as was the face mask.

I pulled my mask up and put my hand over my mouth, as if covering the face bow well enough now would help Noah to forget he had even seen it.  I said, "You weren't supposed to see that.  I have to wear it more than at night and I'm on zoom so many evenings, or am snacking while I watch Netflix that errands are the best time to wear it."

Noah laughed and said, "There's no point in covering it back up, especially with your hand.  You might as well enjoy your coffee.  I've seen it now."  This seemed like a perfectly logical statement and so I pulled the mask back down with the hand that was up against it and took a nervous drink of my coffee.

Noah had done the same and then said, "I had actually been meaning to ask you out before lock-down, you know.  It was right after you got your braces.  I found you attractive before but somehow the braces just boosted that.  Um, other than a casual coffee like this, this lock-down means I can't date you, but if we had been going out, then we would be the same social bubble and we could visit each other.  Um, I guess it would be going too far to ask you to be my girlfriend, but would you be my social bubble?"

Well, I'd not thought of this.  I just knew I was not allowed to ask him out.  I think he was asking me in.  I was still nervously putting my hand to my face bow an alternately covering it and then grabbing at my face mask to pull it up and then stopping and putting the fingers back over the front of the face bow.  I smiled nervously at Noah and then said, "Yes!  Please be my social bubble."  He smiled and took another drink of coffee while I slurped at mine.  Then I said, "So that means we can spend time at each other's places – inside."

Noah added, "And not wear face masks!"

I finished my coffee with the next drink and put my face mask back over my face like you were supposed to.  A mother and her son had just passed, heading for the entrance to the coffee shop when the boy remarked, "Mummy, that lady has a big brace like Timmy has at night, only she's wearing it outside.  Will Timmy have to wear his all the time now that we have to wear face masks outside?"

The small amount of skin that had been showing outside of my face mask and glasses had been moving between shades of red but now moved to its darkest end of the spectrum.  Noah glanced around as they went through the door and said, "Yeah, we can be inside in private and not have little boys being so rude to you about your headgear."

I said, "And I usually only wear it when out doing errands or in bed.  Maybe we could do a Netflix movie together."

"Right now?" he asked.

I smiled and said, "Well, I'm still able to work half time on my computer from home, so certainly not until afterwards, so yeah, tonight."

We did part ways at that point.  Noah suggested I show up at his place for seven pm after I refused dinner as I already had it partially prepared at home.  I suggested that we should do dinner together at my place the following evening.  I actually had one more errand to do on the way over to his place and, since he had seen the headgear, wore it as I always did when I went out.  It was too annoying to wear while I worked and you never knew when a window would pop up on the computer asking for a video conference from someone else on the team.  I left at six and was barely at Noah's by seven, making one stop on the way but having to transfer buses as well.  He invited me in.  He was not wearing a mask, of course, and I hesitated and then started to remove mine.  After I put it in my purse, I removed my glasses and put them in a glasses case in my purse, while Noah was hanging up my coat for me.

When he came back to me he remarked, "Now I can get a proper look at your headgear.  It's charming!"  Just as when you are on a second date, you interpret remarks as overly positive.  And this one was just that.  I started to unhook the strap of the headgear so I could remove it and store it in my purse when he said, "You don't have to do that.  I can put a straw in your wine glass."

I took my hand away from my strap.  The headgear was annoying and distracting when I worked, just as when I tried to watch TV in the evening, but on a date, I would have to call it just plain romance killing.  I expected Noah was going to be overly polite and overly supportive, as guys are just after meeting and starting to date.  I found myself cooperating as a side effect of my nerves.  He got me to follow him into the kitchen while he got us both wine.  The straw would not stay in the wine glass, so he had to cut it in half.  He toasted me, but only took a quick sip as he focused more on my attempt to drink my own wine with the straw.  I actually had not been doing this at home.  Morning coffee was the only time I kept the headgear on in the house except for in bed.  And coffee actually was drunk mostly sitting up in bed.  He invited me to the couch and turned on the TV, scrolling through the Netflix movies that the service felt matched his taste.  He seemed to attract recommendations of romance and adventure.  As he scrolled through them, I pointed out something that looked interesting.  "Hey, maybe that one, 'The Lost Hiker' might be nice.  While we are locked in, we can watch people living completely out of doors."

Noah clicked on it and said, "Actually I was reading today that most of the more remote of the hiking trails around the world are actually still open.  It's just that you have to find one that does not require crossing any political borders, either inside or out of the country you are in."  We started watching the movie.  We were sitting about as far apart as just regular friends would do.  I took frequent sips from my wine, as did Noah and soon we were drawn into the story of a girl doing a day hike but realizing it was taking far too long to complete the loop and that soon it would be dark.  She comes across a campsite with a guy camping there.  She stops to ask directions – yeah like 'Am I on the wrong trail?'  Really all there is to ask is where she is.  He soon has her sitting by his camp fire having a bite to eat and a drink while he figures out on her map where she must have gone wrong at a fork.  Noah then looked at me as the filming made the viewer decide that there should be romance between the two hikers, and he moved himself a little closer.  I put my hand on his and moved myself a little closer to him.  He put his arm around me.

I turned a little so as to face him slightly and said, "They seem to be trying to make sure the viewer is aware she has braces.  They even focused on a face bow that is poking out of a pocket in her toilet bag."

Noah looked at me and kind of moved his head closer to mine.  I moved mine a little closer to his.  Here I was during a social distancing mandate, close to a hunk of a guy that seemed to want to become ever closer to me, while I wanted the same.  I suddenly moved my hand from his so that it could coax his body closer to mine and I felt his other hand pressing against me.  Maybe it was the wine, and, or, maybe it was the lust, but I suddenly found my lips at his.  Then a moment later I felt pressure on my face bow, pushing it in and bending it slightly up.  How could I do something so stupid as to forget the damn headgear had to come out first.  I pulled back a little and said, "Wait!  The headgear has to come out!"

Noah answered quickly, "No!  Please!  It is so hot to kiss around."  And his lips were again against mine.  Soon his tongue was on my braces.  His lips were pressed against mine with our mouths open.  We both approached this like we had been in lock-down for a year, but in actual fact it was just for a month.  Maybe, like me, he had not had much action for months before the lock-down.  We moved our grasp of each other around a lot and stroked each other and just kept kissing, and kissing.  I'm pretty sure I would have preferred to kiss him without the stupid headgear, but I have no idea, really.  That first encounter with that special someone can actually be somewhat of a failure and yet it still feels supremely erotic and romantic at the same time.

I know it was a long time before we separated because when we looked next at the movie, the guy was getting the girl settled into his tent and then climbed in after her.  The next scene, though, either introduced us to, or showed again, that the girl wore headgear, like me.  We missed a bit.  Noah looked at me after looking at her on the TV and then said, "He's a very lucky guy.  I'm speaking from experience."  After we watched a while longer and they were just waking up and he kissed her in her sleep, Noah commented, "Well, he may be lucky, like me, but I would not trade places with him.  I mean my date is prettier and almost as importantly, I get to kiss the girl when she is awake.  He's only providing shelter against a cold night, not dating her."

I said, "But this plot works better at keeping the audience engaged.  No one is watching us.  Our plot is purely for our own enjoyment and not for any audience."

He looked at me for a while as if studying me after making that last statement and I found I moved my mouth and lips around to try to make them more comfortable around the face bow.  He then remarked, "So you aren't doing that for the audience?  This audience is really enamoured with your performance."

I said, "It's not a performance.  I'm coping."  He smiled at me and I added, "But if you want to pretend it is a performance for you, then why not.  Just realize that when I take it out, the performance may change or even stop."

He laughed, "That performance will stop, but you'll probably do something just as erotic, just trying to get up and move around."

I said, "You mean like when the movie ends and I get up to..."  I stopped the sentence in the middle and looked at him.  He smiled and nodded.  I assumed he meant that the sentence did not end with a reference to leaving.  And I'm not detailing the rest after we patiently waited for the movie to get to its conclusion, which I now forget, but it seemed headgear and some strange new traction, seemed to intertwine into the movie plot.

* Link:  The movie does not exist but I wrote a story that contained an expanded version of this plot.  You can find it here!  And if you qualify for membership in the stories section you can read it, otherwise I suggest you keep posting chapters to a really cool story we can enjoy while you work up to admission to the stories section.

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Re: Adventures in Pandemicland
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Nice job!

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Re: Adventures in Pandemicland
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It's time to explore a new way to leverage on the pandemic for scenarios that may not normally seem quite believable.

Seeing Her Through The Eyes of a Dog.  Chapter 1.  She is Just Too Perfect to Let Go

Author's Note:  This story assumes you have read the stories called 'I Wish' where two people change bodies like in Friday the 13'th, the two movies.  Oh, well that's most of what you have to know from those stories if you haven't been in the stories section to read them yet.

I'm pretty sure that changing places with a really hot guy would still not have got the attention I wanted from this girl.  What I did, worked, because I appealed to the fact that the girl felt she could be open with a pet dog and pay all the attention to it that she could, unlike me or any hot guy I could think of.  Teresa was a blond haired, round faced, smooth skinned, well built student at college whom not only would not respond to any of my advances, but in fact seemed to be avoiding guys, in fact avoiding socializing.  I should point out that the majority of the time I saw her, she was wearing a face mask, which was required during the pandemic.  The exception was a few times I ran across her outside, where face masks were not required, although if just moving a short distance between two buildings between classes, one normally left them on.  She had a smile to die for.  She had big lips and large, aligned teeth, beautifully prominent.  I may have lusted after her smile but as with all beautiful smiles, my imagination tried them out with various kinds of stainless steel decoration.  Sure there were girls at college with braces or retainers, but not all were as beautiful as Teresa, had her physique, or even had her radiant smile.

Teresa lived with her parents, while I had moved to a rented house with a roommate.  My roommate was studying to be a veterinary assistant and had this habit of fostering homeless pets from time to time.  By exam week, he had a Saint Bernard living with us.  Being a mature dog, it basically moped or slept around the house much of the day, other than going for walks.  The old run-down house we rented backed onto a patch of wilderness at the edge of town.  Teresa lived a couple of blocks closer to school than we did.  I had managed, in small talk with Teresa, to determine times she would be walking to school on a few days of the week and started positioning myself just before her house to wait for her to emerge so I could catch up to her and walk with her.

Just before exam week, I realized I needed to increase my efforts to run into her because I caught her one day with her mask off.  She had smiled at something and I caught that she had braces.  Sparkly stainless steel, somewhat high on her large teeth so that they would not always show if she was just talking seriously.  When I caught up to her on the way to school after that, I found it very frustrating that she always wore a mask when we walked together, as did I, as we were not going to walk down the sidewalk staying six feet apart.  It was only a few minutes from her place to school, so every day I had  a plan of the comments I would make to find out more about her and how I could perhaps get closer to her.  It was likely to be the last time I could run into her before exams when she mentioned to me that their family was trying to adopt a dog so she would have a companion as the stay-at-home order would no-doubt be made either during or soon after exams.  She said the problem was the shortage of homeless dogs available for adoption, due to increased demand due to the pandemic and travel bans and so on.  I perked up and explained that my roommate was fostering a dog and it was just about ready for adoption and would she like me to try to hook her up.  She was very excited about the prospect.  I gave her our address and my phone number and felt that finally I would make some progress.  I had not, however, had any offer of a phone number for Teresa.

After a phone call to my roommate, we had a plan.  He would arrange for her family to adopt the dog, but just before the dog moved to their place, I would conduct a special meditation session where I projected my mind into the dog while projecting its mind into my body.  This would allow me to move in with Teresa in the body of the Saint Bernard.  Teresa was supposed to arrange for her family to come to see the dog.  What happened was that half way through exam week, her mother showed up at our door and we introduced the dog to her.  I was disappointed that Teresa did not come, but was able to confirm that all of Teresa's charm and beauty came from her mother.  This presumably included her smile, but with us all wearing masks, except for the dog, I never saw her mother's teeth, and even if I had, they would probably have been corrected, if she had the same prominence as Teresa had.

Charlene, as the mother introduced herself as, decided she wanted to go ahead with the adoption after carefully inspecting the dog and taking it for a quick walk.  She needed a few days to get all the things they would need for it and we arranged that my roommate would bring the dog over, coincidentally, soon after my last exam.  I asked if Teresa would like to come over to see the dog in the meantime and Charlene explained that Teresa needed to focus on her exams and that was part of the reason for not getting the dog until after exams.

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Re: Adventures in Pandemicland
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Seeing Her Through The Eyes of a Dog.  Chapter 2.  Becoming the Dog

Obviously I was very excited about the adoption, as was Teresa, and I decided to go with Charlene's advice and not do anything about it until I had written my last exam.  Temporarily becoming the dog would have been good practice, except if there were complications switching back, I might find I could not go to write an exam if I was stuck in the body of the dog.  Sometimes these meditations took several attempts to work and were exhausting, requiring periods of rest before additional attempts.  To make the wait even harder, I was not able to run into Teresa at all during exam week.

Following my last exam, I explained to my roommate that I was going to attempt the mind swap with the dog.  He had finished his last exam the previous day and was just going to sit in his room, reading a book.  I settled in my room with the dog and began to meditate.  I came to, several hours later and when I opened my eyes, I was looking at fluffy paws.  I had to wake the dog, I mean the human.  It looked at itself and seemed happy with the result, not having any idea what was going on.  He was going to roll over and continue sleeping but I jumped onto the floor and tried to get him going.  I pushed my nose into his waste, licked his hand and finally he got up.  We were not sure what the result would be.  Would I try to walk around on my hind legs and he crawl on hands and knees?  Would he continually want to lick everyone while I would only offer a paw to shake?  I took his hand in my mouth, gently, and attempted to lead him into my roommate's room.  I think it mostly worked because the dog wanted to see my roommate, as this was his primary caregiver.

To explain the interaction that then ensued, I need to refer to each of the bodies by their new names.  I was now Ralph, the dog, but my old body would answer to that name, so it was to be used for him.  Rudy, my roommate quickly addressed his roommate by the name he usually used for him, which was Darin.  When he did this, I perked up my eyes and the human beside me did not react.  Rudy then said, "Ralph, come!"  My old body excitedly pranced over to Rudy and did a Hindi squat at Rudy's feet.  He then grabbed a dog cookie and gave it to my old body and petted its head.  I continued to stand at his door and looked at him.

Rudy said to me, "Darin, so did it work?"  I had no idea how to answer, so I gave a little bark and jumped my front feet off the floor once.  He said, "Yeah, just as we suspected, you can understand but not talk."  By this time my body had stood back up and was looking at Rudy for what would come next.  Rudy looked at him and said, "Ralph, speak!"  He blinked his eyes, opened his mouth and sighed.  Rudy said, "Well, at least I don't have a barking human to take for walks twice a day.  Okay, so Darin, do you want your dinner now?  How about a walk."

I led Rudy and Ralph to the bathroom.  I was able to lift the toilet seat up with my nose and then stood beside the toilet an lifted my back leg.  This worked mostly because of my height and everything went into the toilet.  I then went to the kitchen, again with both following me, and got my dog dish in my mouth and handed it to Rudy.  Ralph was following and looking interested in everything.  The problem was that if Rudy put dog food in the dog dish, would Ralph assume it was for him?  No, Ralph went and sat at the kitchen table and looked hopefully at Rudy.  I then found dog food was quite appetizing.

We had one more whole day to get used to this before I got delivered to Teresa and Charlene.  Ralph had to be walked in the wilderness behind the house to do his business, but I had to be walked so we could try leaving Ralph alone in the house to see if he tried to get up to anything.  When we peered in the windows, we found Ralph did much of the same thing he did as a dog.  He laid around on the couch mostly.  The problem came at bed time.  Ralph would sleep with Rudy, normally, although had tried sleeping with me a few times.  Rudy felt uncomfortable with a human male curling up in bed with him.  Not having fur, Ralph found it colder than before and was not able to sleep on top of the bed.  Rudy had removed his pants for the night as the belt would scratch against things if left on in bed.

The next morning I was waiting in the kitchen for my breakfast when Rudy came out with Ralph following.  He said to me, "That was really uncomfortable.  Ralph had the normal guy testosterone thing going on in his groin when he awoke, but then his canine personality did the normal process of licking the owner to wake him up for breakfast."  He laughed, but I did not seem to have a way to express laughter except to jump up and down a bit.  Ralph got his breakfast first since he was now coordinated enough to get his own, and he was as hungry as always.  After watching the other two get bowls of oatmeal, I got the same old bowl of dog kibble with some canned dog food on top of it, but had to smell the oatmeal while waiting for my own meal.  I was pleasantly surprised, however, to see Ralph could handle a spoon to eat with.  Switching bodies seemed to leave a lot of the appropriate abilities with the body.  I wondered, since I could understand speech, but could not speak myself, did this mean Ralph could speak but not understand?  I considered it and realized that I could make out sentences in my head, but the body did not have an ability to form the words.

After breakfast, Rudy had to take Ralph out for a walk and to do his business, while I was left in the house.  I guess I could have gone with them but I wanted to use the bathroom.  It took me some time to work out a way to walk up to the toilet and stand with my bum facing it, then back up and put each of my back feet on the toilet seat.  I could see this wasn't going to work.  I'd make a mess of the tank.  Then I pushed the seat up with my nose and was able to press the back of my legs against the toilet so my butt was slightly over it.  It worked and I did my business in the toilet.  The problem came when I had to flush.  I had to push the seat until it slammed down and then use my paw to pull down on the flushing lever.  What was stranger still was not using toilet paper, but soon after, needing to lay down and clean myself up in the backside with my tongue.

Finally it was time to go to my new home.  Ralph had been the kind of dog that you can walk with a leash or not and he would stay beside the person walking him until he had to do any business.  For some reason, Rudy felt with all the unknowns of our switching bodies, he would be better to walk me on a leash with a collar around my neck.  Interestingly enough be had no hesitation in walking Ralph as usual with no leash and he certainly did not want to put a collar on him.  But he did have to fuss a lot trying to get his pants back on and then to put shoes on him.  This time Ralph got left at home, but he was happy to rest after running around his owner in the woods for half an hour.  As I walked along the side walk beside Rudy, I found my excitement building.  My mind was eagerly anticipating being able to be with the beautiful Teresa and to study her braces and for that matter, the rest of her body, to study it in various states of formal and not-so-formal, or even an absence of, clothing.  I would be spending time with her in private while she dropped all her inhibitions.  Hormones were no longer working the same way, however.  I was getting quite excited, but dogs don't get extra firmness in the loins.  Rather, they just start to walk them selves into a kind of pelvic thrust stance, which Rudy mistook at one point for my having to poop.  It seemed my legs would not move at a constant speed and kept trying to take extra quick steps every time I had a thought of Teresa and spending time with her in private.  The leash was quite short and Rudy kept jerking it to keep me in pace.  It seemed he was treating me more like a dog than a roommate, but then, he'd never done this mind swap thing so had no idea exactly what had swapped.

Getting to Teresa's, her father was the one who answered the door.  I got the feeling, now seeing him and having met his wife earlier, that they had Teresa when quite young – could they have been in high school then?  As a guy, I could see myself perhaps playing a round of squash with him, or partying, or whatever, and feeling he was just one of the guys, rather than a generation older.  And he seemed really cool, too.  Both he and Rudy now had masks on.  Instinctively I walked up and held out my paw to him, with my salutation coming out as a kind of quiet 'woooof'.  He introduced himself to Rudy, "Hey, I'm Derek.  So you must be Darin."  But he was looking at Rudy when he said this.

Rudy said, "No, the dog is call Darin and I'm Teresa's friend's roommate.  My roommate is also called Darin.  I'm the one who fosters these homeless, rescued pets.  But Derek, I cannot come in because of the pandemic, so all I can do is to hand you the leash.  Are you sure you'll be okay with him.  Do you need any help or advice?  Keep in mind he is trained and is mature, so it would just be you guys that have to get accustomed to caring for a pet."  He handed an envelope to Derek saying it was a standard set of literature on adopting a dog as well as all of Darin's medical records.  He had to explain that in his last home, his name was apparently Ralph but that now he answered to Darin.  I then went back to Rudy and tried to thank him but it came out as a quiet 'woof' and a rubbing of my head against him.  I took his end of the leash in my mouth, which he let go of, and took it to Derek.

Upon seeing this, he smiled big and commented, "The dog seems to understand what is happening.  And don't worry about us.  I had a dog as a child and my parents were quite strict about how we looked after him.  I'm going to be the same with Teresa and Charlene.  Darin may not need training, but they will."

Rudy left me and Derek took me into the house.  Charlene was out in the back on the deck and Teresa came down the stairs quickly, all excited that their new dog had just arrived.  Derek was just taking off his mask and must have dropped the leash for a moment because when I saw Teresa, I suddenly felt excitement and my body expressed that by my bounding over to the foot of the stairs to greet her.

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Re: Adventures in Pandemicland
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Seeing Her Through The Eyes of a Dog.  Chapter 3.  With the Babe of my Dreams at Last

Dogs are normally careful when first meeting a stranger, but Teresa was no stranger to me, so I greeted her as you might expect a dog to do to someone they are forever running into in the street.  She petted me eagerly and said all kinds of nice things to me in the kind of voice a girl gets when talking to a cute animal.  She told me I was soft and fluffy and looked so cuddly.  She told me how pretty I was (what?) and said she hoped I would like to come and lay on her bed with her while she studied.  Wow, this being a dog really opened up the doors with a hot chick.

But this interaction had opened up yet another opportunity.  A household does not wear masks inside.  Teresa was not wearing a mask, was up close to me and looking at me, and moreover was smiling big and showing me the complete array of beautiful shiny steel on her top arch.  I could see right to the back.  The way I was staring may have made me appear cautious in meeting her now, but in fact I was studying those gems on her teeth quite intently.  I could see her molars and was glad to see her braces went right to the back and terminated in molar bands.  Further studying suggested there was extra parts on them, but I could not identify them yet.  Maybe hooks, or something.  And something else that I noticed, that I never saw on those few occasions I had seen her without a mask throughout the college term, her top teeth perhaps protruded generously into the front of her lower lip.  I noticed over the years that females posting pictures or videos on social media would 'let themselves go' when photographed interacting with a pet or a baby.  Otherwise they would try to control their smiles to kind of cover up any over-jet going on.  Her Dad made a comment to remind her that the dog might be a little timid of her until he got to know her better and not to overdo the smothering with attention.  I turned to try to tell him it was okay but it came out as a kind of whine of agreement.

Realizing that I was coming across as reserved, I told myself to never mind the braces for the moment and to just greet her like a dog.  My dog instincts had me push my head into her hand as she petted and as she started to scratch behind the hear I made a soft groan.  When she moved her hand to my belly, I stepped closer and nuzzled her against the leg.  She seemed to like this and I kept doing it, getting closer to the top of her leg, until all of a sudden I stopped myself as I realized where exactly my head was and pulled away.  The human in me said that it was very inappropriate to have any part of my body there.  I started to rub my head against her stomach as this seemed appropriate for a dog to do, until I found I was pushing up on her chest and stopped myself again.  Ralph would have been going after her face but the human instinct in me was saying we didn't know each other that well.  Still, I thought, I had to pull off this role as a dog believably, so carefully went for her face.  Touching her chin with my tongue immediately got her laughing and that pulled back her lips and opened her mouth and before I knew it, I had licked her teeth and braces.  I pulled back again, as this was just not how a connoisseur of mouths, and accessories for them, would get close to a new subject.

Teresa looked at her parents, with Charlene having come in from the back deck at hearing the commotion I was causing, and said with a big smile, "Oh, Mummy, he likes me, I'm sure of it.  Thank-you for getting us a dog.  He is wonderful."

I moved my head around to look at her parents, standing some distance back from me.  Derek just smiled and said 'great', but Charlene smiled bigger.  To my surprise she also had braces.  And yes, Teresa got her beautiful smile from her mother.  Derek's mouth was pretty boring, although his teeth that were obviously fairly naturally arranged were not particularly crooked.  Charlene then went more serious and reminded Teresa, "Now keep in mind that you agreed to do your share of the walking, honey.  He's not just a companion for doing your homework and studying with."  Charlene had that mature look of a slightly older woman with braces mounted high on her teeth where they only just appeared as a sparkly chain emerging from under the top lip now and then, or when smiling big.  I turned back to look at Teresa as she replied, more seriously, in the affirmative and as I watched her talk this way, I realized that her slightly more youthful mouth did in fact display the braces twice as often.  You may see lots of white of her teeth but you would not quite miss that she had braces, where as if her mother talked to you seriously, it was quite likely you would completely miss them.

Derek then explained to the family, "Now, since this is a new home for Darin, he will need to fully explore and sniff around the entire house before he can become comfortable in it.  We need to have someone with him all the time until we are sure he is not going to get into anything."

Charlene offered, "Okay, I'll do it.  So his name is Darin, is it."

Derek said, "Well the paper work says his original name was Ralph, but they found he answered more to Darin."

Charlene said, "Come-on Ralph, let's go explore the house together."  I decided I better practice responding to Ralph if they were going to want to change my name.  I left Teresa, perhaps a little rudely, but then a dog is hardly going to turn back and communicate that it was a pleasure meeting her, or something.  I ran ahead of Charlene and started to look around.  My dog instinct told me to sniff a lot, but in fact even though I could identify a lot of smells, like food and the scents of the family members, I really didn't care the way they thought I would.  I kind of rushed it, but every time I entered a new room, I studied it before sniffing it.  I tried to imagine what a dog would do in each of the rooms as a pet, as I had to get this right quickly to keep up my role as a pet.  In the kitchen I would sit or lay down and look longingly for my next meal.  In several other rooms I would lounge around on furniture and watch the family, or TV.  In Charlene's and Derek's bedroom, there really wasn't much reason I could see for going in.  The main bathroom, which was mainly for Teresa because the parents had an en-suite, would be where I would prefer to do my business, although I was not sure I could do it secretly without them seeing.  I might have to resort to doing it outside, but I hoped not.  Teresa's bedroom was the highlight of the house in my opinion.  There was enough space for both of us because she had a queen-sized bed and there was still lots of floor space, even if she was working at her desk.  No wonder she didn't leave home like I had done.  This was a pretty nice layout and nicely decorated, even if it was not all that pretentious.  In fact, from the outside it seemed rather small, like a starter home.  The fact that they adopted a dog, rather than ordering one through a breeder for a thousand plus, suggested they did not have lots of money to throw around.

Following going through the motions of a detailed house tour, with Charlene explaining to me what she thought I would do in each room, and warning me of things I could not touch, (she pretended I might understand some of what she said, not realizing I got all of it), I went to look for Teresa.  She had not been in her room.  I found her at one end of the living room, beside the front door.  She had laid out a big cushion that was intended for a dog to use as a bed.  There were also some dog toys beside it.  She was trying to interest me in playing.  I was, as a result, trying to get interested in playing with them myself.  Maybe a good solitaire game, (that a dog could handle), or watching TV would be fun, but instead I was required to have a lot of fun with what I saw as childish toys.

She picked up a toy bird and showed me how you could make its belly squeak if you pressed it.  I found the stupid sound got me all excited.  I grabbed it from her and she hung on to the tail.  I pulled and pulled while she giggled with pleasure as we played tug-of-war with it.  It was my instinct to stare into her eyes as I pulled, presumably as a primal act of aggression in this play fighting.  Her lips compressed against her braces on the top and on her top teeth from below as her face got a little red with determination and this caused my eyes to move to her beautiful mouth.  A moment later she lost her grip on the toy and then tumbled over backwards onto her back on the floor, laughing.  I dropped the toy and ran to her face instinctively to see if she was hurt.  I did not see any reason she should be damaged, but dog instinct told me to stand over her with feet either side of her and to lick the face, which I did.  After one lick, my human side took over and just stared into her mouth as she laughed with her mouth wide open.  I could see the bands on her molars and connected between them on the inside was a single bar with a 'u' in it at the top of her pallet.  So she had the kind of expander that did not need turning.  That was obviously what the molar bands were for.  I certainly would not have got this view if I had dated her as a human, as I had asked her a long time ago as a human.

Charlene came in a moment later and shouted, "Oh Ralph, get off her, you're going to hurt her.  Oh honey are you okay?"  I was taken aback by her accusation.  I was going to do nothing of the sort.  I would have liked to explain that I was just taking the opportunity to study the inside of her mouth but all that came out was a squeak and a leaping off of her.  Teresa then said that I had not hurt her.  Charlene went a grabbed another toy and tried to interest me in it.  As before I was not so interested, but thought I better play the part.  It was a raw hide bone.  I thought I better start chewing on it and was surprised how powerful my jaws and teeth really were.  Instinct told me to take this treasure to a safe place.  But that was dog instinct.  Human instinct told me to go to Teresa's bedroom and wait for her to get away from her mother.  I needed to spend time with her with less interference from parents.

It was not too long before Teresa found me and cooed at me with assurances that I was a good boy.  This cooing was always done with a smile on her face.  I suspected that if I had spent time with her outside of the pandemic when there were no masks required, and did so as a human, I would not have found her smiling so much.  She was normally a pretty serious person.

She seemed to be catching up on Email on her laptop while sitting at her desk.  I just lay on the floor beside it, under the window, and chewed and watched alternately.  She did her Email with a serious, lips-together face.  I admired the way she sat up so straight in the chair and how her chest looked so ravishing under her shirt and tee-shirt bra.  At one point I heard a truck go by outside.  I was curious as to what it was so I got up and stood on my hind feet, putting my paws on the window sill.  Teresa was about to say something and then realized I was just standing there and looking and doing no harm so said nothing.

Getting back to her laptop, I soon heard a voice and then she was talking.  In sitting up beside her chair, I could see she was doing a video call with a girlfriend.  Teresa started explaining that they just got a dog.  In looking at the screen, I realized that the laptop screen with web-cam was pointing up slightly and so the caller could not see me.  I moved around behind the chair and Teresa just ignored this.  I got up on my hind legs and gently placed my paws on the back of the desk chair.  It seemed she had not felt the extra weight getting applied to the chair.  I could now see that I was in the little window that showed Teresa's side of the call, but Teresa was concentrating on the rest of the screen, where her friend was showing details of a hair trim she just got.  Suddenly the friend exclaimed, "Oh, he is big, and really cute!"  This was the kind of comment I would have liked to hear frequently when I was a human, but right now, it had that squeaky tone that girls use when they talk to each other about animals.

Teresa did not realize I was visible on the call and just said, "Yeah, he's a fully grown Saint Bernard, but how did you know he was big and cute?"  Just then she caught me in the little window that showed herself and she quickly turned her head around as if she thought there was some kind of weird digital mess-up in the app.  Verifying that I really was there, she laughed and turned back to the camera, "Oh, well that's Ralph.  Maybe I can walk him by your place tonight."  Their conversation turned to me and where I came from and Teresa added quit a bit of praise for me in terms of being smart and playful.  But it got boring shortly and I backed away from the chair and walked around to the side and just lay my head on Teresa's lap.  She stroked me and told the friend what I was doing.  Soon the call ended and by that time I had lay back down by the window and resumed chewing on my bone.

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Re: Adventures in Pandemicland
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Seeing Her Through The Eyes of a Dog.  Chapter 4.  Starting to Take Control

The family had lunch but as a dog I was not included as I ate only twice a day.  I went and lay in the bed they had arranged for me in the living room.  This was all very well but I could not see them and so I was not impressed with my bed's location.  This whole adventure with changing bodies with a homeless dog was all designed to get me attention from Teresa, so it made no sense to spend much time in the living room unless she was there.  No, I had to convince them to move the bed to her bedroom.  But then all of a sudden I realized the answer.  I simply grabbed the end of it with my mouth and dragged it up the stairs and into her bedroom.  The only space for it was where I had been laying by the window.  It took a bit but eventually I got it straightened out and I lay in it.  I knew better than to go and bug them at the table and anyway, seeing, hearing and smelling whatever food they were having would only make me hungry.

Teresa eventually came upstairs and went right past her open bedroom door without noticing I was there and headed straight for the bathroom.  A real dog would have been quite concerned about the length of time she was in there, but as a former human and connoisseur of braces, I was well aware of the time one spent after eating to clean all the stuck food out from between them and between the teeth above the arch wire.  I might have gone in to just watch her do this, but she would probably do something like abort the procedure and leave it incomplete.  Charlene called to her husband to ask where the dog bed went.  He said he didn't know and I heard no more.  Then I heard her call up to Teresa but she could not hear her mother while in the bathroom with the water pick going.  Soon I heard more feet on the stairs and shortly Charlene was standing in the doorway.

She smiled, twinkling slightly across her smile from her high-mounted braces, as she said, "Awwww, Ralphie, you got your bed moved.  Teresa will be so happy you have taken to her so well.  She was the one who wanted a dog the most of all of us.  Derek was almost against it."  She must have assumed Teresa moved the bed up after lunch.

Just then, Teresa came back from the bathroom as her Mom was looking into her bedroom door.  She said, "Mom, I was in the bathroom," assuming her mother was looking for her in her bedroom.  Her mother repeated the comment she had just made to me, which I had just blinked to and shaken myself.  Teresa replied as she entered the bedroom, "Oh, I didn't move it.  It must  have been Dad.  But that's good.  I'll be glad of Ralph's company when I'm in here."  I gave a little 'woof', which was the best I could vocalize in response to my intended response of 'and I'll be even more glad of yours, Teresa.'  But instead of coming in and laying on her bed to catch up on social media on her phone, or sit at her desk and do something on her laptop, she announced, "Okay, I'm taking Ralph for his first walk now."

Teresa bent at the knees, leaned over and said to me in an upbeat tone, "Okay, Ralph, let's go for a walk!"  Well, I didn't feel a walk was that important, but started to get up.  She added, "Hey, we'll stop by and visit Carol who you saw on the laptop this morning."  Oh yeah, of course, you get in with one of the girls and they quickly introduce you to the rest of their gang.  This could get exciting to some extent."  I then jumped the rest of the way to my feet with energy and bounded toward Teresa as her mother backed away from the doorway to let us pass.

The dog walk went rather as I expected except that in all my dreams of spending time with her in the past, I never imagined her connecting a leash to a collar around my neck and using it to give me directions to her friend's place.  To say there was a bounce in her step was correct.  I sometimes walked right behind her, admiring the wiggle in her bottom, something which would simply be rude if I were still in a human body, and then other times I went ahead of her a little and looked back as I trotted, admiring the small bounce in her chest, transmitted from the bounce in her step.  At one point we met a girl whom I knew but apparently she only just recognized.  We stopped so this girl could coo over me and pet me.  I had always been pretty sure she had some kind of steel in the back of her mouth, but did not know her well enough to ask.  Now as a dog there was an easy way to find out.  I simply, although gently, jumped up onto my hind feet and put my paws carefully on her shoulders and looked into her mouth.  The mouth opened wide with surprise and I saw an expander like Teresa's connected to molar bands and then lingual braces all around her top arch.  Before I could find out if there were tubes on the outsides of her bands, something I usually tried to survey if I got to talk to someone with molar bands, I was yelled at to get down.  Now that I think about it, Teresa had to yell my name twice, even though 'Darin' would have got my attention first time.  The girl brushed off her shoulders and then talked to Teresa about some exam.  It started to get boring so I did something that I had seen dogs do in the past.  I walked around the back of the girl and gave her a little nudge in the butt.  This got a squeal out of her followed by laughing with a counselling from Teresa to not do that to her.  Since they kept talking, I went around and did it to Teresa.  She had the much more perfect butt, but as a human I would not have been able to compare them in this much detail and from this angle.  Teresa then realized I was bored and we were on our way, and my curiosity had been settled about the girl's steel, even if I would have preferred that she just had bands and would get some dazzling sparkle shortly.

Eventually we got to a house and I was led up to the front door.  Teresa rang the bell and soon a lady came to the door, from whom Teresa asked if Carol could come and see the dog.  The mother called back into the house and shortly after, Carol came to the door.  She came out after grabbing a coat and then I was led along the porch.  The girls sat on a kind of patio love seat and Teresa gave the command to sit, facing them.  As a human, Carol would have said hi to me and that would be about it.  As a dog, she cooed to me, patted me, rubbed my tummy and let me put my paw on her knee.  She leaned toward my face and I was able to lick her on hers.  The dog in me felt satisfied that I had expressed myself, but the human in me would have preferred we talked about something more interesting, like the results I was getting in the gym with my new work-out routine.  As they talked, Teresa let my leash go as far as she could as I sniffed around the porch.  I concluded that they had two raccoons that frequented the place, some mice and a bunch of squirrels.  I didn't need to know this, but I felt the dog in me was eager to find each of these.  The human in me took over and expressed the boredom in it by laying down, managing to press on all four of the human feet.  This got some patting, but no wrapping up of their discussions.  I then took in a big breath and let out the biggest, loudest sigh I could.  There was even some hint of a growl at the end, or was it a moan.  When this didn't work I got up and started to lay my head on each of their laps in turn.  Carol had a nice scent coming from her privates – woops!  That was the dog in me again.  Okay, this was way too much information.  Carol had not been with a guy in ages.  She had thought about a guy way too much recently.  And Carol needed to shower after those kinds of private moments in her room.  This information came to me as she was telling Teresa how she was getting thick with a football player on the college team – all lies, but only Teresa's dog knew for sure.  I stopped myself from sniffing when I put my head on Teresa's lap.  I didn't want to know anything from her scent right now.

Our walk back was uneventful and I concentrated on walking while always keeping the leash a little slack and staying beside her left leg.  I even ignored a squirrel that spotted me too late and which I could have almost got if I had managed to pull away from Teresa's grip fast enough.  Really though, what would I do if I got the squirrel.  I was not hungry for a rodent that ate what ever garbage it could scavenge and I was not interested in playing with a live and terrified damn squeaky toy.  I barked at it just to make it look right.

Getting home, Teresa bragged to her parents how well behaved I was, not mentioning jumping up or poking girls in the butt, and she didn't even know about the private info I collected about Carol's love life.  I was not sure what was to happen next.  I might have suggested an early dinner, but Derek was working from home and had a report to finish from his office in the corner of the family room, while Charlene worked from a similar make shift office in their bedroom.  Both were prepared for the possibility of a formal lock down of society and were using that as an excuse to get out of their respective commutes.  Teresa started to prepare the family's dinner.  She was done exams and would have nothing to do until next semester, as did I.

Teresa had the TV on in the kitchen and the news was airing while she worked on dinner.  I was sitting watching both she working on dinner and watching the news.  Little did she know I could comprehend everything in the news.  Much of it didn't affect me in either a dog's body or my own human one.  The main story, however, was huge to me.  They announced that commencing in a couple of days and extending past Christmas, our country would have a stay-at-home order, meaning that you could only go out for essential trips like grocery shopping.  This meant college would only resume after the break in an on-line format except for certain lab classes that could not be conducted on-line.  This affected Rudy more than me.  I had told Rudy that if we got the stay-at-home order, then I wanted him to go on-line and cancel my enrolment in college.  I would resume my education after the pandemic was over.  This meant I could remain in this dog's body longer than the break if I wanted to.  I wished I had an easier way to communicate with Rudy.  I had to meditate and switch back to my old body in the middle of the night and wake him up to speak with him.  We decided we could not do this for very long as the real dog Ralph might get confused about being in a different house.

I listened as Teresa called a friend to talk about the lock-down and heard her discussing the same arrangement as I had made.  While she was on the call I heard Derek call from the family room that he was done work and could someone bring him a beer.  I was able to nudge open the fridge and pick up one of the beer bottles in my mouth, then push the door shut and jog into the family room.  I walked up to Derek's desk and sat looking at him with the beer in my mouth.  I needed to score some brownie points with this guy as he had originally not been in favor of the family getting a dog.  He seemed impressed as he took the beer from me and stroked me on the head.  His comment suggested he assumed Teresa had got the beer for him and got me to deliver it.

In getting dinner ready to serve the family, somehow a bowl of dog food was prepared and it was presented to me by Charlene to eat in the kitchen while the family ate dinner in the dining room.  I was finished a lot faster, of course, and spent the second half of their dinner period sitting watching them eat.  Derek seemed to think I was begging, but the ladies suggested it wasn't begging if the dog sat well away from the table.  I was listening to their dinner table chatter.  Some comments from Derek were quite interesting.  He was saying, "Well, getting Ralph for free was critical.  With you two in braces, there just would not have been money for adoption or breeder fees for a dog.  I don't know why you two had to decide to do them at the same time.  It's quite a strain on the budget."

Charlene clarified, "Derek, I keep telling you.  I could not go through with it unless someone else was doing it at the same time.  Nights would have been unbearable if I went through it separately from Teresa."  I wondered what was up with nights.

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Re: Adventures in Pandemicland
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Seeing Her Through The Eyes of a Dog.  Chapter 5.  Retiring with Teresa

The family watched a movie on TV after dinner.  During one of the commercial breaks Charlene made a comment to the effect that they were just sitting privately in their home watching TV and why wouldn't they brush teeth and get their braces ready for bed.  What a strange way to refer to flossing and water picking.  Teresa made a comment that she just couldn't handle it in front of the family and would wait until she went to her room for the night.  Strange.  Dental hygiene should not be that embarrassing.  Unless, perhaps she and her mother had strange elastic configurations that criss-crossed the front of their mouths or something.  Derek made a comment that although it was very expensive treatment, that he could not see pushing their adult daughter into embarrassing herself like that.

During the movie, I mostly sat at Teresa's feet, but any time she laughed at, or talked about, the movie, I stared up into her face and her braces.  At one point I heard Derek commenting that in the next commercial break be was getting himself another beer and would anyone else like anything.  No one did.  I got up and wandered deliberately into the kitchen, with the family watching to see what suddenly got my interest, but no one followed.  I used my trick of opening the fridge, getting a beer, and pushing the door closed again with my backside.  I trotted back into the family room and put the beer on Derek's lap.  This really surprised the three humans.  Charlene offered, "We don't know anything about Ralph's past life.  His previous owner may have trained him to get a beer for him whenever he asked for one.  Charlene then called me over to her.  I sat at her side and she petted me, praising me for being so clever.  I looked into her mouth as she talked, catching that beautiful twinkle in her smile as she did so.

Following the movie Teresa got up, saying she was going to bed.  It was kind of early but I think what she meant was that she was going to shut herself in her bedroom, do whatever she had in mind, perhaps on the computer, and then go to sleep when she got tired.  Charlene commented that with the dog bed in Teresa's room, she assumed that's where Ralph would be sleeping.  Then Charlene asked if she could walk me that evening.  I got a nice walk because Charlene took me on a route that was new to me, I mean as a human I had not walked through the particular neighborhood she took me through.  She seemed concerned that I had not done my business.  When we finally got home, I was left to go to the kitchen to get a drink of water while Charlene did some chores.  I took this opportunity to go into the downstairs bathroom and do my business and was able to get their toilet to flush.  I was glad the toilet had a slow-close toilet seat and lid.  I heard Charlene call out after I flushed, "Derek, is that you?" but there was no answer.  I was worried the family would start to get suspicious of me if they caught me using the toilet, especially after I got Derek two beers that evening.

I wandered up to Teresa's bedroom and the door was shut.  I gave one bark and after a moment heard the sound of Teresa getting off the bed and coming to open the door.  As I went in I noticed she was wearing a pair of soft, warm pyjama pants and a tank top.  Her hair was down.  She shut the door tight after I was in and I stood looking at her, wondering what we were to do next.  She went over to her bed where she had obviously been on her Smartphone.  She sat back on it, leaning against the headboard and patted the bed next to her for me to join her.  I did so obediently and looked into her face.  She then reached to the other side of her and opened a drawer in her bedside table and pulled something out.  Reading glasses?  Maybe she wore contacts during the day and had to wear glasses to read in bed.  Then my jaw dropped, which doesn't have the same effect of surprise to an observer when you are a dog.  She was holding a face bow.  She took a while to get it into her braces, which suggested she had not had it that long and so had not learned to do this quickly.  She then connected a neck strap under her long blond hair and picked up her Smartphone.

She looked at me before continuing with her phone and explained, not that she figured I'd understand, "This is the most embarrassing part of my braces.  I told my parents that once my door is shut they can't come in without knocking to give me a chance to get it out.  I'm never letting anyone see me in it.  I'm not even telling anyone about it.  Ralph, I'm glad you are a dog.  Seeing this headgear won't mean anything to you."  So this was what she was not willing to wear while watching TV.  It was pretty stupid of her not to.  Treatment would go a lot faster if she wore it more.  And now that we were in pandemic lock-down, she could have worn it almost all day and no one outside her family would see it.  Surely she would not be that embarrassed for her mother to see her.  After all, she had braces too and the headgear was just more braces.  And maybe her mother had something for teeth grinding at night.  They often need them as they get towards thirty.  If you have braces, they would have to design a different kind of appliance, maybe more like a retainer or something.  It would be worse than criss-cross elastics at the front of the mouth.

I moved myself around on the bed, which is a laborious task, trying to get in just the right position, so I could see what was on the screen of Teresa's phone.  She was doing Email.  I watched as she read some, deleted most after reading, and wrote a couple, apparently to girls.  Much of the time, though, I turned my head so I was watching Teresa's face from the side.  I watched her lips as they moved frequently as she read and especially as she typed.  When her mouth was relaxed, I could see that the front of the face bow only just touched her lower lip near the bottom of it.  The bars outside her mouth slanted up her cheeks to where the neck strap clipped on in front of her ears, meeting the face bow at quite an angle.  The strap wasn't that kind the kids get with white strips of holes so they can connect it with varying tensions at any time.  Hers had metal release modules that connected to a stretchy elastic strap and had silver loops coming out of them to connect to the face bow.  The release modules were shiny steel round pieces and when I first looked straight into her face when she put it on, they almost could be have been mistaken for earrings.  Her neck pad was black, as was the elastic strap and this contrasted well with her blond hair.

As a dog, I cannot exactly say I was feeling terribly horny.  I was feeling so in my mind and the only way my dog body could express it was to keep cuddling more into Teresa, who cooed and stroked me from time to time.  After about an hour of this, she put her phone on the bedside table and said to herself that she would have to figure out how to get Ralph to his bed by the window.  I watched her, wondering what she would try.  She softly told me she needed me to get off her bed and go to my own.  I pretended to not understand.  She grabbed my collar and I looked into her eyes, making mine as sad as I could.  But Teresa only just got slowed down in her attempt to get me off the bed.  Finally she was pulling hard enough that my head and part of my relaxed body were moving anyway.  I reluctantly got off the bed and let her drag me over to my own bed and I got in it, with a big sigh.  She knelt down beside me and petted me, stroking my head and back, tickling me on the stomach, and cooing softly about what a good boy I was.  With her face quite close to mine, I felt quite an urge to kiss her, but unfortunately all that happened was that my nose came up close to hers and my tongue gently ran over her face bow and lips, at which she pulled back a bit and wiped her hand across her face bow, trying to dry it.  She then went back to her own bed and got in, reaching for her bedside light and switching it off, calling 'good night' to me.  I waited until her breathing sounded like she was asleep and then got up and crept onto her bed, using my nose to lift the covers so I could go under them.  I'm surprised my moving around to get comfortable and in the right position to be near her did not wake her.  I was not used to feeling my way around in a dog's body and in the dark, I must have positioned myself with my head in her chest.  In her sleep, she simply put her arm around me like a teddy bear.  After a while she awoke and I heard her say, "Oh, Ralph, you didn't stay in your bed.  Oh well, you're here now."  And she rolled over and went back to sleep.

As morning came and daylight started to come in through the window, we both awoke.  She was facing me on her side and I on mine, my head on one of her pillows and looking into her eyes.  Well, actually they were looking from eyes to mouth frequently.  She mumbled to me, "Ralph," smiling, "I guess you aren't that bad to sleep with.  You were no trouble.  I don't think you even snore.  I'm really glad we got you, and just in time for lock-down."  It was interesting how wonderful her smile looked with a face bow under her top teeth and braces running along the tops of them.  Her smile had lots of silver, but with a wide strip of white between face bow and braces.  And with that, I had just got the serious attention of the hot chick I had been after all this time and had just spent the night with her in her bed.  Well, that sounds great, but this dog body was not as good at feeling what my human body would have felt.  I had probably been neutered as a puppy and my body had no inclination to respond, even to a lady dog.

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Re: Adventures in Pandemicland
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Seeing Her Through The Eyes of a Dog.  Chapter 6.  Seeing Teresa's Morning Routine

With lock-down in effect, Teresa did not have anything to have to get up for, but shortly she looked at me and said, "Well, Ralph, I guess I have to get up and get you out for a walk so you can do your business, won't I boy."  I cringed inside but any reaction I had in my dog body probably did not show.  I did in fact want to go to the bathroom, but the door was shut to her bedroom and I did not have the appendages to be able to turn the knob.  And I certainly was not looking forward to the prospects of doing my business outside in public!  I would simply have to watch for an opportunity and jump at it, so to speak.

I assumed Teresa would get up, stretch, go to the bathroom, do some grooming type rituals on herself and return to her room.  Not quite.  She got out of bed, while I lay where I was to watch, ready to jump up the moment she headed for the bathroom.  My plan was to stay there after she left and hope she did not come back for me.  To my surprise, she went to her closet and started to select an outfit for that day.  Undies, bra, top, jeans, which I assumed she would put on when she returned from the bathroom.  No.  She removed her pants.  Then she removed her top.  She had worn a bra under her tank top in bed.  It was a nice supportive one, but it revealed a lot of cleavage, and all blemish-free.  She then almost made me put my paw over my eyes with her reaching around to undo the clasp for the bra at the back.  When she pulled it away, I realized that she needed very little support from a bra.  Unbelievable!  And the cool morning air on a relaxed female body that just woke up caused her nipples to stand out dramatically, and large they were.  I knew it would be polite to turn my head or something, but somehow I could not do this.  She quickly reached for her hips and grasped her panties to remove.  This was even more against decency to watch, however I did recall a human expression about collar and cuffs matching, which applied to her, before I had moved my big, doggy gaze to the floor.

Moments later she was dressed.  She removed her headgear and placed it in the drawer of her bedside table and headed for the door to her bedroom.  I followed her, tail wagging, to the bathroom, where she immediately sat on the vary plumbing fixture I was myself longing to use.  And I had to once again turn my gaze away as some clothing descended.  As a human I would have noticed the aroma of a female's urine, but as a dog I seemed to find it full of information and to be a glorious bouquet that was all about my owner.  When she was done and getting to her grooming rituals, I jumped up onto the toilet seat and admired her as many dogs do to their owners.  She looked at me and giggled, but did not tell me to get down.  I watched as she tied her hair up out of the way, washed her face and then began to apply powders, colours, eye liner, lipstick and so on.  She talked to herself, or was it me, while she did this.  She questioned why she was doing it during lock-down.  When she got to the lipstick, it was as though she had only just noticed again that she had braces on her teeth and pulled her lips together more forcefully to keep them hidden from her view, saying, "Oh Ralph, I couldn't have picked a better time to finally bite the bullet on these teeth.  I'm in almost all the time and when I am out, I wear a mask so much.  And Mom, I don't know how she brought herself to do this.  Dad's been really supportive of it all."  And then she screwed up her face at the sight of her lips, teeth and part of her braces as she did a smile to herself in the mirror.

She seemed to leave the bathroom without noticing I did not follow, then came back and looked in to see me still sitting on the toilet seat.  She said, "Okay, Ralph, back to the bedroom," leaving again.  I got off the toilet and went over to move the door almost shut and then went back and put the toilet seat up, and got into position.  I did my business as fast as I could and flushed it, hurrying to her bedroom.  As I entered she laughed, "I guess Dad had to use my bathroom.  Mom was probably taking too long and he couldn't wait any longer.  Did he make you finally leave and follow me?"  She then left again and headed downstairs, saying that Mum and Dad should be down soon and she would get breakfast for everyone, probably intending they would hear this.

I decided it was proper for the family dog to go check on the parents now.  I wandered over to their room and found the master bedroom door not completely shut.  I pushed it open and found that, contrary to Teresa's assumption that they were up and using the bathrooms, found it was all quiet and the two were still in bed.  I decided that if Derek had not been all that keen on a dog in the first place, perhaps jumping on him and licking his face was a little risky.  I jumped up on the bottom corner of Charlene's side of the bed and waited.  Nothing happened.  I carefully walked up between the two bodies and started to sniff Charlene's neck just behind her ear, which was hidden by her shoulder length hair.  This started to wake her.  She started to roll from the side that faced her away from me, onto her back.  As she did this, I was met with a most unexpected site.  Charlene also wore headgear in bed!

If I had been in a human body, she would have screamed and put her hands over her face and told me to go away, feeling mortified by being caught in her night time appliance.  However with me in a dog's body, she reacted with not the slightest bit of shame.  She just said, "Oh, Ralph, Teresa sent you in to wake us up, did she?  You'll be wanting someone to take you out for a walk, then."  No, I was not.  I had been ready for breakfast, but now, I was just frozen, staring without shame at this beautiful, mature woman, wearing headgear as she slept beside her husband.  When she had spoken, I watched her lips moving up and down her teeth, revealing none of her braces, yet with this large arch of steel from the face bow trying to impede her lower lip from meeting the top.  As she yawned, I studied the fit of the headgear.  The face bow seemed to go in closer to her teeth than Teresa's.  When she closed her mouth her lower lip had more trouble than Teresa's in moving behind the face bow and up over the top teeth.  It kind of stuck just under them, yet when she had previously spoken, it seemed to squeeze itself a little higher with the top lip coming down more than when she was not wearing it.

It was not my conscious human mind, but my dog mind that gave her a lick on the mouth.  I had not pressed hard so the lips did not move off the braces, but I moistened the face bow for her, which she dried immediately with her fingers.  She then pulled back the covers and got out of bed, with Derek finally starting to stir.  I jumped off the bed quickly after her and followed her to their en-suite bathroom.  It was big and bright and had separate shower and Jacuzzi tub.  I sat beside her as she looked at herself in the mirror, standing at the counter.  They had double sinks, so the counter was long enough for a dog to sit and watch the human looking at themselves in the mirror.  She moved her fingers to the strap near one ear and fumbled as she tried to unhook the strap from the face bow.  Considering she would have had over a decade of experience at applying makeup to herself, she showed no dexterity at operating a headgear's neck strap when it needed to be disengaged.  I noticed she even was slow to unhook the second side with the traction released, and then she pulled the strap out from behind her neck.  She put it in a drawer under the counter where she had all kinds of grooming tools.  Next she put her hands to the face bow.  Whereas Teresa would just slide it out, Charlene seemed to labor at hers, wiggling it and jiggling it and after a period in which I was almost getting bored of sitting watching her, she wiggled it out and put it in the drawer with the strap and grooming tools.  I considered: for some reason the daughter puts off treatment until she starts college, even though it would involve wearing headgear with her braces.  Her mother, prescribed a similar treatment, starts at the same time so she would not be going through it alone, and yet the two never let each other see each other wearing their headgears.  I suspected that this doing braces together for mutual support started out as a good idea, but then didn't go beyond the fixed appliances.

I did not wait for Charlene and Derek to get up and dressed.  I headed downstairs at this point and was glad I did, as I realized how much more uncultured it would be to hang around the mother of the girl of my dreams as she probably used the toilet and then changed from pyjamas into clothes, probably having no concern with standing in front of me completely naked.  I could not play my role of a disinterested dog around a naked parent of my girl.

When I got downstairs, Teresa was sitting in the living room, watching TV, waiting for her parents to come down so they could start breakfast.  Me?  She seemed to think I would be fed with the others.  She offered to take me out for a walk, but I just laid on the floor and gave a big sigh.  She seemed to accept this as an indication that there was no rush.  I guess her parents didn't take a long time to come down, by human standards, but for me the wait for breakfast was unpleasant.  As soon as Charlene emerged, Teresa started to work on breakfast while Charlene started to work on the more important task, of getting food for me.  They went with the standard diet of kibble, just enough that I would not gain weight, plus a meagre helping of something from a can that had a photo of a happy dog on it.  I ate this as you would expect – rather similar to inhaling it, but in fact I crunched on several of the kibbles before swallowing.  When the family sat down to breakfast, I sat a decent distance off and looked mildly interested.  In fact I really wanted what they had, but remembered as a human how I hated it when Ralph would do that to Rudy and I back in our house.  When Charlene got up and said she was going to brush teeth, I felt the need to accompany her.  I realized in the logical, human side of my mind, that it was Teresa that I was there to be around all the time, but the my doggy brain said that the one who fed me was special and must receive special attention also.

Sitting in her bathroom and watching her use her special braces cleaning tools, I got a special documentary accompaniment from a very pleasant female a few years older than me on the intricacies of oral hygiene when that female had darling sparkly dazzle high on her beautiful but slightly protruding white teeth.  I have to admit that I was actually kind of getting into this, with her calming voice that kept talking on the subject that she was sure I would not understand, and the display of all that beautiful and sophisticated dazzle that she was wearing in conjunction with her daughter as a kind of support.  It got rather surprising when Charlene finished off her hygiene activities by pulling out her headgear and, with a lot of trouble, inserted the face bow and connected the neck strap.  She looked at me, looking about as dorky as a mature lady looks in one of these, and by the way, sexy as hell to the mind of a guy that got off on these appliances.  She explained that she could wear it while she walked me because she would have to wear a face mask and would wear a stretchy, round-the-neck-and-face one that completely hid the headgear, back and front.  I'd mostly seen guys wearing these neck wraps that were originally created as outback hiking wear against mosquitoes.  She grabbed one from the drawer and put it on.  She was correct.  She had obliterated everything that made her attractive to me.  Oh, but wait, I guess she really did have a decent body, now that this was all there was to consider.  And to the human in me it seemed fine to me to lust after stainless steel on two different ladies, it was still wrong to do so to the Mom of the girl I found so ultimate in the body department.

She squeakily urged me to follow her down stairs to the front door, hardly bothering to explain to the other two what was up and where she was going.  Teresa did make a comment about she not being able to take the dog into most malls or stores and so the lavish face mask might not be that necessary.  Charlene grunted and ignored that comment and we were soon off.  Every so often Charlene would make a comment that sounded like she was urging me to do my business.  Sorry to say, I was fine as I had already gone in the main bathroom of the house, but at one point I lifted my leg at a tree that had obviously received tonnes of other sprays from those who regularly walked this route.  Charlene kept me away from other dogs who were anxious to greet me, and soon we were back home – soon being almost an hour in human terms but somehow it seemed only a few minutes to me.

Upon getting into the house and wiping my feet, Charlene was confronted by her daughter, who asked, quite innocently, "Mom, I don't know why you wore a face mask for a dog walk, and why you don't whip it off the moment you are back inside."

Charlene said to her daughter, "It's not about spreading virus during the pandemic.  That is just a convenient reason to be seen wearing one.  I got an extra hour in wearing my headgear because this face covering masks it from everyone."  Teresa gave a big 'um' sound.  She certainly had not liked the idea of family seeing her in her headgear and so understood her mother's technique.  Charlene then said, "Teresa, is it possible we might get up the nerve to wear these during the day, out of our rooms?  It's lock-down, so we are just locked up in this house all the time except when someone goes for groceries."

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Re: Adventures in Pandemicland
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Seeing Her Through The Eyes of a Dog.  Chapter 7.  Passing a Saturday in Lock-Down

Teresa was determined not to be seen by anyone in her headgear and now her mother was suggesting she should wear it where she could be seen.  It would only be family, mind you, but this was not something she had considered acceptable when she started this treatment.  Her Mum, who had walked the dog, wearing both headgear and face covering to mask it, left and went up to her room, when Teresa did not respond positively.

Being that nobody in the house had to work that day, it was all about how to pass the time.  Derek had some stuff he wanted to do on the Internet, and on his personal laptop, so got stuck into that.  Teresa seemed to have more of her endless social networking over her phone and laptop to get out of the way that morning.  For some reason, and this may be the fact that Charlene had fed me both meals since I moved in, I was starting, in my doggy brain, to take more interest in Charlene.  If I had been in a human body, I would have scolded myself for seeing something interesting in a woman who was early thirties while I was early twenties.  I would further have been turned off her in account of her being married, but somehow, as a dog, none of this seemed relevant.  We had just had a nice walk after she fed me breakfast and the canine part of my brain said this was very special.  She actually wore the face covering all the way up to her bedroom.  She closed the door, after me, and mumbled something to me about still having to keep it covered from her daughter if she was not game to wear them in the house.  She huffed and went on, "And Derek hardly sees it.  I come out of the bathroom after he turns the lights out and I scamper into it again as he is hardly able to open his eyes.  I guess he doesn't truly see me in it."  And I realized that I had an incredibly special opportunity to see her in her headgear that even her husband did not have because it was broad daylight.

She came out of the bathroom and sat on the bed with her pillow leaned up against the head of the bed.  She pulled a magazine out of her bedside table.  I was surprised to see that she still kept her headgear on.  Charlene looked special in it because she was a nicely matured and attractive woman.  She had obviously taken care of her face as the skin looked that of a mid-twenties girl, even if the features spoke of a bit more wisdom.  In trying to read the magazine, I'm sure she would have hidden it from me if she knew I was human, at least in mind.  It was a trashy magazine that had a headline indicating it was instructing young ladies on the best ways to perfect their smiles.  I could make out words like whitening, veneers, braces, lingual, night-time appliances, extractions and surgery.  Yeah, that is about the best of the arsenal that the ladies these days used against imperfect smiles.  She was not leafing through it but rather reading it in detail.  I jumped on the bed and sat up beside her.  As I was a pretty big dog, my face was level with hers.  Now, a human guy could not go and jump onto the bed of his fellow-girl-student's mother, sit right up beside her and look around at her head to admire the extra oral traction appliance that decorated her face, and which she hardly even let her husband see.  Yet as a dog, here I was doing just that and getting a warm smile from her, completely unembarrassed about sitting beside her daughter's admirer in bed.  I found it in fact somewhat challenging to keep my eyes on her face in this situation.  I turned my head down toward her magazine and was actually able to read the article she was looking at.

I won't go into details about the terrible logic errors in the advice about which way to go about fixing an imperfect smile.  It seemed to be giving priority to the price of the procedure, with higher being more highly recommended.  And yes, headgear was an awful long way down on the list if sorted by price.   Eventually I felt uncomfortable with Charlene as her caresses, I mean pets, were way too loving and gentle to be coming from a guy's girl's Mom.  After enjoying it for as long as I could leave it to my doggy brain, I carefully jumped off the bed and went to the door.  Unfortunately I had to make a little noise at the door to get Charlene to notice I wanted to go out.  She got up and came over to open the door, but before doing so, she bent down and took my head in her hands and told me I was such a good boy to spend this time with her, and gave me a kiss on the forehead.  I could even feel her face bow through my fir on my head.  I couldn't help doing the unthinkable.  I moved my head up as she was moving her head back and timed it just right so I could run my tongue up and over her chin, face bow and lips.  And with that I sauntered out of the door as it opened, feeling totally guilty with myself for getting this personal with this older woman when I was actually in a two-week long session of making the moves on her daughter.

And find her daughter I did very quickly.  She was in the family room doing yoga to a YouTube video.  The instructor was obviously doing the recording out of her home and her own dog was laying peacefully watching the instructor from a short way off and still in frame.  I'm afraid my human mind came up with something I would want to do in general to a hot girl doing yoga and then my doggy brain further detailed that something into a very specific interference in her practice in such a way that she could not help laughing at all my antics.  You can lick a girls braces in child's pose if you really crouch down.  You can do so upside down if you stand up underneath them in down dog, and several times during vinyasa.  Half moon works okay except that the braces go right down the middle of the tongue like a hacksaw blade.  To do it during warrior one you have to hump the forward leg, placing your paws on their waist while you stretch up toward their face.  Warrior two has the problem that they just fall over backwards as soon as you put your hands on their shoulders and face up to theirs.  A shoulder stand seemed to go well until I felt her feet going unto my rump as she turned it into a plow as a result of all the giggling.  But I think I finally got it right during corpse pose as I had figured out you have to stay calm during yoga and all I did was to lay on top of her, hind legs straddling her thighs, with my belly on hers, my groin pressing into hers, and my paws on her hands as she raised her hands at a forty-five degree angle over her head.  I had to tilt my head a long way down to line up our mouths and at that point all I could do was watch her lips as she tried to breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth, none of which revealed any steel.  It was seven minutes of laying like that before the instructor said to start wiggling hands and toes.  The instructor did not say to wiggle the groin but when she did, she then reached one of her hands down and then after touching me somewhere that she never would have thought of doing if I was in a human body, made a husky squeal of surprise.  I had no way of telling her that a male dog is permanently like that and yoga was not the turn-on practice for dogs that she may have thought it was from my previous instinctive participation when my owner did it.

I got carefully off her and was disappointed to hear that she was doing an optional wake-up flow for another ten minutes.  This represented an opportunity that I had been contemplating for some time.  I went up to her bedroom and luckily she had left her laptop on even if the screen had gone out and the CPU had gone to sleep.  I jumped on to her chair and carefully used one of my claws to press the shift key.  The laptop came to life in a moment and was in her email program.  It was hard but I used my paw to coax the mouse so the pointer was on a 'compose' button.  With a new window open, I started to type in Rudy's email address, but found that her laptop already knew of it.  She must have received an Email from him regarding my adoption.  I started to key a message but found it was quite slow.  I entered, 'It's Darin enjoying new home please cancel next term for me.'  Then I coaxed the mouse to send and off it went.

By the time Teresa returned to her room, I had moved to her bed and was almost asleep.  She sat down at her computer and read an Email that had come in, "From Rudy.  I hope you are enjoying Darin, the dog.  Please let me know if you need any help with him.  Tell him I cancelled dog training for him.  You can make your own arrangement if you think he needs any.  I miss him and wondered if I could drop by to pet him sometime."  Rudy had realized Teresa would read his answer and so referred to college as 'dog-training'.  Teresa had read the entire Email and then replied, "Rudy, sure between five and six is good because Mom and Dad are done work and dinner isn't ready yet."

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Re: Adventures in Pandemicland
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Seeing Her Through The Eyes of a Dog.  Chapter 8.  Rudy is in Distress

Around five that afternoon, the doorbell rang and Derek announced to us that it was Rudy at the door and would someone get the dog.  I bounded up to the door and Derek put a leash on me and opened it.  Rudy was standing six feet back from the door and was wearing a mask.  Derek dropped the leash and I was able to walk over to Rudy, who petted me just like he had always petted this dog when it was his.

He knelt down as he was doing this and spoke quietly into my ear.  However just as he was about to speak, Derek said, "So Rudy, take all the time you want.  I'm sure you miss him.  Just ring the bell again when he is ready to come back inside.  Maybe you want to take him for a walk."

Rudy looked up and thanked Derek, then walked me out to the street and down the road.  He then knelt beside me again and started to pet me, just so it would look good to any passersby.  He said, "Look, Darin, it's getting really hard with Ralph in your body.  He gets way to cuddly with me in bed every night and even if I try to sit on the couch to watch TV.  He is trying to get into everything now that he has discovered he has dexterous hands and stands up erect.  I had to put child safety locks on all the cupboards in the house.  And he has learned to make a bark with your vocal cords.  It's kind of like a wretch sometimes.  Is there any way you are ready to switch back?"

I wanted him to know I understood so I turned my head towards his and licked his mouth.  Somehow this reminded me of what he must be going through with my old body.  This felt natural to my doggy brain but my human mind felt it was much the same as it must be for Rudy when my body was like this with him.  I couldn't say much else.  I started to walk toward home until the leash was taught and then stopped waiting for Rudy to follow.  He commented that he hoped I understood.  He also stated assumptions.  He said, "So you'll attempt a switch-back maybe over night?"  I barked.  He said, "So we'll check in with the family tomorrow to see how Ralph handled living with them after the switch back?"  I barked.

I might have been very disappointed at all of this, but in fact it was a combination of boring and frustrating being in Ralph's body .  The boredom is probably obvious.  The frustration came from being with a really hot chick, who had braces and wore headgear no less, but then my arousal to all this was limited to a mind recalling how my human body would react if I was in it.  I needed to build on what I had done.  I needed to use the fact that Teresa had adopted our dog, and the fact that the dog would act rather strange starting tomorrow, to offer to help them to deal with him.  No, wait.  I could go further.  I could explain the mind swap and then appeal to her on the basis that she had already spent the night with me while wearing headgear.  I'd have to break all this to her slowly.

Getting back to the house and being admitted, I ran to the kitchen.  Charlene and Teresa were working on dinner and Charlene immediately started to get my own dinner ready when she saw me.  Teresa came and petted me and even gave me a hug.  I licked her while she was smiling at me just so I could run my tongue over her braces again.  This was an experience that I soon would not be able to have.  I then did the same to Charlene when she put my food dish down.

Soon after I had eaten and before the rest of them had finished, I was able to sneak off to the bathroom and do my business.  But sitting and watching them doing dishes, seemed even more boring as I thought of the prospects of returning to my own body that night.  I guess I rather made a fuss of Charlene when she had finished dishes and she correctly judged that I wanted to be walked.  She commented to Teresa that since she had fed me, she was the one I approached when I needed my walk.  She said to Teresa, "It worked out well last time I walked him.  I'm going to wear my headgear again on the walk.  I really need to wear it more and this is the one chance I get other than when sleeping.  I really wish I was brave enough to wear it in front of you guys."  To make it look right, I chased Charlene up to her bedroom, as she tried to explain to me why we were not heading for the front door.  I sat at attention in the bathroom and watched this erotic show of a mature woman clumsily putting her face bow onto her braces and then securing it with a neck strap, after which she covered the whole lot up with a pandemic face covering.  Charlene petted me and thanked me for being so patient, assuming the sitting at attention was a continuing campaign to get her to walk me.

I enjoyed the walk.  Charlene cooed nice things to me and even started thinking out loud.  She said, "I just have to get up the nerve to wear this headgear around the family.  It would really help if Teresa were to wear hers.  Derek's had a few glimpses of me in mine, so he would not be so hard to wear it in front of, but Teresa is a different story.  Humiliating yourself in front of your offspring is just devastating.  I should just bite the bullet when I get home.  Watching TV in the evening is the perfect time to wear it.  Everyone is watching the TV, not me.  Well, Ralph.  At least I don't have to feel self-conscious in front of you.  It probably doesn't mean anything to you."  I turned my head and woofed at her but she did not interpret it as my contradicting her.

Getting in the front door, Charlene knelt down and fondled my feet... I mean she wiped my feet with a rag so I would not track dirt into the house.  But she cooed nice things about how good and so patiently I was to let her do this to my feet.  Then she stroked my head before getting back up.  I took that opportunity to press my nose into hers and then to move it to one side and grasp the strap to the face-mask in my teeth.  I pulled and it came off her ear and then I continued pulling and it came off her other ear.  Charlene let out a little squeal and I whipped my head around so she could not get the face-mask back.

She was standing by this time and Teresa had seen her Mom in headgear for the first time.  She said, as Charlene placed her hand right over the front of her face in shame, "Oh Mom, your headgear doesn't look so bad.  Wait... take your hand way."  Charlene did so and Teresa considered it, "I feel so dorky in mine, but it looks fine on you."

Charlene said, "Well honey, I have been telling you we need to get comfortable wearing them in front of each other.  Look, why don't you get yours and we can all watch TV together."  I then handed Charlene back her face mask which she took as she made a huff at me in reaction to my bad behaviour.  I followed her into the family room with Derek behind me.  Charlene sat on the couch and patted the seat beside her to invite me onto it.  I lay on it with my head on her lap and then lifted it to look into her face and headgear as she said, "Ralph, I would not have got up the nerve to just go put on the headgear and come down to watch TV when Teresa was refusing to wear hers, but that stunt you pulled with taking my face mask off after the walk seems to have done the trick after all."

Derek had stopped in front of her and was taking in the sight of his wife in cervical headgear in the better light of the family room and said, "Yeah, we're paying so much each month, if you can just wear it to watch TV in the evening and shorten the treatment time, it could really help our family budget.  That Dog seems to be pretty useful, what with getting me a beer and now getting you and Teresa to speed up your treatment, I'd say he is becoming quite an asset to the family."

Charlene looked up at her husband and complained, "All you think about is money.  You said nothing about how bad I look in this."  And as she was saying this, I leapt off the couch and went to the fridge to get a beer for Derek.  This freed up the spot on the couch beside Charlene and he took it.

He replied to her, "Honey, it's a headgear, not a fashion accessory.  I would not be able to compliment how you look in it with a straight face.  It looks like you are getting your teeth fixed.  But Teresa maybe said it best, 'you look okay in it.'"  I handed Derek his beer and then Teresa entered the room.  I looked over at her after Derek took the beer from my jaws and saw that she had put her headgear on as her mother had been urging.  I trotted over to her as she was approaching us and she stopped to pet me as Derek commented, "Oh Teresa, good for you.  I was just saying to your Mom how it will really help the family budget with you two speeding up this teeth fixing, and yours looks fine on you, too.  You don't need to be hiding away in your room all the time to wear it."

As Teresa was heading for another shorter couch, Charlene said, "Oh, honey, you actually look good in yours.  I guess your youth helps."  Teresa gave her mother a look that said she had just been told a pile of dog poop.  I jumped up on the couch beside her, sitting and facing her, then I licked her lips and face bow.  Charlene quickly said, "Oh honey, watch the dog doesn't break your braces."

Teresa sneered and said, "Mom, he's been doing that since we got him and he is never rough on me.  It's not doing any harm."  She paused and looked at her father who was considering her, probably thinking what a pity it was that his daughter had to look such a dork just because their family had not been able to put her through this when she was in middle school.  She then said, "Dad, would it be okay if I had a couple of beers while we watch TV?"  He nodded and grunted 'uh huh.'  I then jumped off the couch and ran to the fridge.  I was finally able to get a beer for my Teresa.  I ran back, jumped on the couch and lay down with my head over her lap and dropped the beer.  Okay, this was not quite romantic because the bottle dropped between her legs with the cap at her crotch.  Nevertheless, she smiled big and gave me a big thank-you as she picked it up and unscrewed the top, taking a big drink by holding it to her face bow and puckering her lips around it.

Charlene had watched this, expecting having the beer was just an excuse to remove the headgear in order to drink, so she could leave it off for most of the movie.  She cautioned, "Oh honey, watch you don't dribble it all over yourself!"  Teresa swallowed the beer and put the bottle down on the coffee table and then smiled at her Mother, who then said, "Well, I think I might as well join you two, but what is the command to the dog to get you a beer?"  I needed no command.  I leapt off the couch and ran to the fridge for my third beer-fetch run.  Charlene cooed wonderfully to me as I held the beer in front of her and she praised me with the face bow sticking out over her lower lip and her top lip pulled back in a big enough smile to show her entire chain of braces.  I stood and watched this for a moment as though I was waiting for a tip, so she petted me on the head and I ran back to lay on the other couch next to Teresa.  Given that this was my last evening with these two lovely headgear-laden women, I wished I could have a beer also, but Rudy had always reminded me how bad alcohol was for dogs.

Charlene had removed the top to her beer and was carefully trying to replicate the pose of the mouth that Teresa had done while her husband watched with curiosity.  She took a wee little sip first try, then took the bottle away and wiped the face bow with thumb and forefinger.  She then wiped the lips with the back of her hand.  She tried again and this time was able to take a decent drink without getting dribbles on her lips.  It was easier for Charlene to drink from a beer bottle than Teresa because the former had her face bow projecting a little less and the latter had her face bow a little lower relative to her top teeth.

When the movie was over and we went to bed, I was perhaps a little too affectionate with Teresa.  I watched her intently as we lay in bed and she worked on her Smartphone.  I kept scooching my body up so my head could touch hers and then gave her little licks around her face bow.  She giggled, partly from intoxication and partly from my attention, and accused me of liking the taste and smell of the beers she had drunk while watching the movie.  She eventually put the light out and after she was asleep, I crept out of bed and to the dog bed by the window on the floor.  I curled up in it and began to meditate.

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Re: Adventures in Pandemicland
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Seeing Her Through The Eyes of a Dog.  Chapter 9.  Something Weird about Teresa's Dog

The next morning I awoke to find I was in bed and was not alone.  I was spooning someone with my front paw over the person and holding them in approximately the belly area.  I quickly realized, though, due to some strange new appendage Teresa didn't have, that it was not her, and coming to, I realized I was in bed with Rudy, and as I jumped out of bed, I realized I was in my old human body.  That was a relief, but I was alarmed at how I had been cuddling with Rudy.  My jumping out of bed had awoken Rudy, who turned over and looked at me.

I croaked, "What the heck?  What was I doing to you?"

Rudy said, "Oh, Darin, thank goodness.  Yes, I don't think Ralph was yet used to having long arms and he didn't know where to put them.  Now you know why I told you I wanted you two switched back.  Ralph didn't mean to bother me like that, but man, I sure wish it was a female that wanted to do that dog/human swap thing.  At least I could have pretended it was enjoyable intimacy."

I said, "Rudy, I'm sorry.  I didn't really think through the dog side of things.  Well, at least you don't have to take me out in the woods first thing in the morning any longer."

He laughed and added, "Nor wipe your butt for you.  So do you mind having a shower, please.  I couldn't bring myself to bath you like I do Ralph."  I agreed and went to the bathroom to shower.  Over breakfast, Rudy told me about some of the difficulties of having a dog in a human's body and I laughed.  When I started to tell Rudy of some of the experiences I had myself, in a dog's body, he was jealous.  Of course I left out all the intimate observations of the two ladies, such as headgears and Charlene's magazine but I did tell him the kinds of things I learned if my nose got near human ladies' privates.

Soon after breakfast Rudy got a text from Charlene.  She explained that Ralph was acting very strange and wondered if he might be passing their house that morning and could he stop by to see if he could explain what Ralph was doing.  I asked him to text back that Darin would be by and would likely be able to explain it.  As soon as we had finished breakfast I headed over to Teresa's.  This was the first time ever I had a legitimate excuse to go call on her.

She answered the door with a mask on her face, as I wore also.  This was so sad because I would still have enjoyed watching her smile flash that glorious display of braces to me as she talked.  She came outside with Ralph on a leash and suggested we should go for a walk with him.  He pooped and peed shortly after we started as Teresa was trying to explain how Ralph had awoken and seemed uncomfortable and then insisted on smelling every inch of the house like he had never been in it before.  Teresa remarked that it was the first time she had ever seen Ralph pee or poop on a walk with her.  She then explained how Ralph had awoken in some kind of panic and threw all the covers off and started barking, then ran away from her, off the bed and to the door.

I said, "Oh!  Yes.  I know what happened.  Ralph thinks he woke up in a strange house.  I know why that happened, but it is a long and strange story.  Are you ready for it?"  She urged me to continue.  I carefully explained how one could arrange a mind swap if one had the appropriate meditation skills.  She repeated several times though my explanation the question of what this had to do with Ralph.  I finally said, "Teresa, Ralph's doggy mind had been swapped out over the last few days and it was swapped back in over night."  Teresa challenged me that Dog's don't meditate.  I explained, "No, probably not, but taking the meditation one step more advanced, one of the minds involved in the swap actually controls the whole thing and only needs the dog to be asleep.  The other mind involved in the swap is a human."

Teresa gave a little yelp and exclaimed, "You mean some human's mind might have been in my dog's brain!"

I said, "Teresa, I happen to know that Ralph's mind was in fact swapped out with a human, otherwise I could never have dreamt up that explanation."

I soon changed the subject.  I said, "Teresa, you don't know how long I have wanted be friends with you.  Ralph has turned out to be a fantastic reason to get closer to you.

Teresa stopped and made Ralph stop.  She turned and looked at me with a smile obvious just in her eyes.  She said, "Oh, Darin.  I didn't know how to tell you.  Surely you realized I was avoiding guys.  It would have been just too hard to have a social life while getting my teeth fixed.  I was going antisocial for a year."  Then she stopped and covered her face mask with her hand and gave a little yelp and said, "Darin, I got braces, but they have been covered by a face mask all semester."

I said, "Yes.  And they're really hot on you."

She said, "How can they be hot?"  Teresa still didn't quite believe all of this.

I clarified, "Teresa, I once got to see you without a face-mask on, even if you didn't see me at the time and I decided your braces were really hot, but hotter still might be any accessories you happen to have."

Teresa's face first dropped and then perked up as she ventured, "You'd still be pursuing me if we didn't wear masks and I flashed steel at you every time I talked or smiled?"

I said, "I treasured my time with you.  I'm really going to miss it now.  I'm going to miss you.  We can't exactly visit since we are in lock-down.  But is it possible I could video call with you sometimes?"

Teresa then stepped up to me and hugged me.  Ralph seemed worried about this and carefully stepped up onto his hind feet, placing his paws one on each of our shoulders and attempted to lick our masks.  Teresa started giggling and said, "Sure.  You might make better conversation than a dog."

We walked Ralph for a very long way that morning.  I don't think either of us wanted it to end.  But finally I had to leave Teresa and Ralph at her door and return home.  At least now I had her Email address, phone number and some kind of developing friendship with her.  On the way home I mourned the loss of my position in Teresa's household.  I could not curl up with her on her bed to watch her lips dance around her face bow, nor cuddle up to her lushes body all night.  About all I could do with her in person was to walk Ralph and dream of her smile behind the face mask.