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Adults only-Question
« on: 20. November 2019, 23:45:26 PM »
I’m curious to know if anyone has come across any Braces Fetish models/escorts that advertise for meetups. I’m talking in regards to Canada/US but I wonder if there is a market or if anyone has taken the plunge. I know there are for other fetishes, surely the online market makes money but I’m guessing the other side would too.

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Re: Adults only-Question
« Reply #1 on: 21. November 2019, 01:11:54 AM »
I ran across a woman in Indianapolis who was doing that several years ago, but I'm sure she's long out of braces. There was one in Vegas, too, and that would still be a great place to find such a thing. To be honest, most camgirls work on the side as escorts anyway. I've never "taken the plunge," but I've had (and have) enough braced women in my life that I don't really need to pay anyone. Good luck with it!