Author Topic: A story idea for you....  (Read 510 times)

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A story idea for you....
« on: 05. January 2023, 23:07:48 PM »
So, over on Netflix, I'm watching a series called "Million Yen Women". The scenario is simple: for some (initially) unknown reason, 5 women turned up at our protagonist's house (which is plenty big enough for them all), having been sent there by someone unknown. They pay him 1 million Yen each per month (over £5000 each!!! that's a lot of money!). The "rules" are simple: he must cook them dinner every day, which they must all eat together; he may NOT ask them any questions about themselves.

So, yes, based on the Japanese "Harem" Mangas.

So, I started thinking: what if the 5 women were all in different sorts of braces, and our protagonist has a big thing for braces? They still all have to eat together, not sure about the questions bit though.

Could be an interesting basis for a braces story....

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Re: A story idea for you....
« Reply #1 on: 06. January 2023, 04:50:52 AM »
And that they cannot speak under any circumstances about their treatment, they cannot complain about their pain, nor about how they are being treated, and even less raise the idea of ​​removing them, whoever does that, will be expelled and forced to finish their treatment as most tortuous as possible. Inspired I walk.